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Picture book Age 4+

Pol the Pirate Mouse Tingue Dongelmans & Denise van Leeuwen Pol has a lazy eye, so she has to wear an eyepatch. It makes her look cool, like a pirate. Her family just moved from the city to the country, but Pol wanted to stay with her friends. She leaves their new house in search of more pirate gear. As she wanders, her surroundings become increasingly strange and scary‌

Original title: Pol de piratenmuis 19 x 25 cm | 32 pages Publication date March 2019

Heartwarming tale

about moving to another city and making new friends. Will also be turned into an international animated series by Submarine!

Board book Age 3+

First Day at School Fiep Westendorp Every day a new group of toddlers goes to school for the first time. This cheerful board book, with timeless art by Fiep Westendorp, paints a vivid picture of daily life in a classroom. From drawing, eating fruit snacks and playing with dolls to reading time, staying for lunch and playing with building blocks: Fiep helps kids get excited to go to school!

The perfect gift for toddlers!

New addition to the very successful Fiep Westendorp board book series.

By o of Ho ne lland' most s famou illustr s ators

Original title: Naar school met Fiep 15,5 x 15,5 cm | 30 pages Publication date April 2019

Fiction Age 8+

Professor S. and the King’s Addiction

elling Bests Erik r autho er’s rd Sche young t for debu ders! rea

Erik Scherder, Fred Diks & Mariëlla van de Beek

Zhé’s grandfather, renowned professor S., has gone missing. She calls her best friend, Brian, for help. Together with her dog Pavlov they get transported in the professor’s time machine to the future. They end up in a strange place called Brainland. In Brainland, everyone has access to the coolest, newest technology, but the country is not doing well. Their king, Lobulus, is addicted to videogames, and has stopped looking after the country and its residents. Is Zhé’s grandfather even in Brainland? How can they ever track him down? And how are they ever going to get out of there?

Original title: Professor S. en de verslaafde koning 13,5 x 21,5 cm | 192 pages Publication date March 2019

An exciting fictional story combined with easy to understand information about how the brain works. Erik Scherder,

a neuroscientist,

who has written several bestselling books about the brain.

Fiction Age 10+

Travis Montgomery’s Travel Journal Victoria Farkas & Irene Cécile Loads of beautiful illustrations, for fans of the Treehouse books or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Learn about space and space travel.

It’s the year 2173. When people go on holiday, they don’t go to Spain or Thailand anymore; planet Mars is the place to be. Twelve year old Travis Montgomery is about to embark on a three week family trip to Mars. During his travels, Travis keeps a journal. The trip, however, does not run smoothly. When their guide decides to quit, it appears to be the end of a disasterous trip. Or can Travis use his knowledge of Mars to turn the tide?

Original title: Het reisdagboek van Travis Montgomery 13,5 x 21,5 cm | 144 pages Publication date May 2019

Non-fiction Age 11+

HOT : TOPaIC n you


Annemarie Bon & Wendy Panders

c What nline & o trust, ne? of fli

For curious readers A lot of people believe the craziest things. But what is true and what isn’t? How do journalists and scientists do their jobs – as searching for the truth is their main goal. There are all kinds of theories out there, propagated by people who will tell you they know the truth. Scientists, however, never say they know the truth, they just work with a theory until a better theory becomes available. This book doesn’t contain one easy answer to all kinds of questions, as life isn’t that simple. But this book can help you learn how to separate truth from nonsense.

Original title: Fake! 17 x 24 cm | 160 pages Publication date May 2019

aged 11 and up.

Lots of illustrations by Wendy Panders, examples available. Rights sold to Germany (Klett Kinderbuch) before publication!

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Singel Publishers - Volt spring 2019 (Bologna)  

Singel Publishers - Volt spring 2019 (Bologna)  


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