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 Maximaal drie ankeilers - unique selling points - liefst in een regel

Rights Guide Bij een of twee ankeilers de overgebleven sterren weghalen Singel Publishers Frankfurt 2016

 Oplages, nominaties voor prijzen etc.

Vertaalde titel Tekst over het boek Offictiunt pore dolore, optatus desequosae dolenda nihillandent faces estibus magniae niat aspernat aut ut quiatur modi tem

Gustaaf Peek Godin, held

alibus in est, quam, consequam volo est lantinc ipsunto quatemquis sitiorita cumquia perferibus esti abo. Iqui dolupie netusdae lant ut laut exera sitiatu ribusandae consedisi occupta erovit fugitis eos expersp ernatioIl ipsae parcips untoribus utatur? Quiatis cimus. Milibus re pres namet fugitis andus re dolorest pro venes simaxim eos conest, aboreratis aliqui odit mos eum ilictem quibeaquiae sit et quam et repro qui.

‘Mooie quotes.’ Vrij Nederland ‘Ondanks de heikele kwesties die ’t Hart in haar karakter blootlegt, is het een liefdevol portret van een moeder met bizarre trekjes.’ De Morgen

Original title Godin, held

‘Verrassend liefdevol. Een prachtboek.’ HP de Tijd

Novel | 274 pages |Querido

n i j g h & v anRights d i sold: t ma r

Gustaaf Peek (1975) debuteerde in 2006 met roman s i n g e lde  P u bArmin. l i sDaarna h evolgden rs


English sample translation available

d e  a r b e i d e r s p e r s

Dover, genomineerd voor de bng Nieuwe Literatuurprijs, en Ik © Maria Hermes

was Amerika, dat bekroond werd met de bng Nieuwe Literatuurprijs en de F. Bordewijkprijs.

DVA (Germany)

Foreign rights:

a t hPatricia e nadeeGroot um | p.de.groot@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

De geus

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

Uitgeverij Q

literary fiction

Auteurs Naam

Roman Querido

h a s j o i n e d S i n g e l P u b l i s he r s   -   Rights represented by 2 Seas Agency

Annelies Verbeke

Charles den Tex Bot – Highly acclaimed author,

who also writes short stories,

whose work has been compared

essays, plays and screenplays

to that of John Grisham, Michael

* Translated in 22 countries

Crichton and Michael Ridpath *

* Nominated for prestigious

Three-time winner of the Golden

literary prizes * Over 25,000

Noose * Over 15,000 copies sold

copies sold * English and

* English sample available

French rights sold * English translation available

Anneloes Timmerije & Charles den Tex

Elfie Tromp

Finding Her – Based on a true

Underdog – Writer of novels,

WW II love story * Timmerije is

columns and plays * Nominated

a journalist and award-winning

for the BNG Literature Prize 2015

author of historical non-fiction

and the Dioraphte Literature

* Den Tex is a major thriller

Prize 2016 * ‘Sneaky sharp

author whose books have sold

formulations, tragicomic

over 1,2 million copies * Over

sentences you won’t find with

25,000 copies sold * English

anyone else.’ NRC Handelsblad *

rights sold * English translation

English sample available


Bram Dehouck

Esther Gerritsen The White Raven – Two-time

Brother – Gerritsen was

winner of the Golden Noose

awarded the Frans Kellendonk

* Previous book A Sleepless

Prize for her oeuvre in 2014 *

Summer was nominated for

Gift of the Dutch Book Week

the Crimezone Best Thriller

2016, printed 700,000 copies

Award and its film rights were

* ‘Esther Gerritsen writes

sold * ‘Very few Dutch thriller

witty, raw novels about human

authors are able to match his

shortcomings.’ de Volkskrant

authorship.’ Trouw

* German and French rights sold

Jaap Robben

Kristien Hemmerechts You Have Me to Love – Winner

The Woman Who Fed the Dogs

of the Dioraphte Prize, the ANV

- Hemmerechts was awarded

Debut Prize and the Dutch Book

the Flemish State Prize and the

Seller Award * Film rights sold

Frans Kellendonk Prize for her

* Over 30,000 copies sold *

complete oeuvre * Based on a

English, German, Turkish and

true story * 15,000 copies sold

Czech rights sold * English

* English, French and Swedish

translation available

rights sold * English translation available

n e w a d d i t i on

Thirty Days – Belgian novelist

 Panoramic and pan-European novel about the MH17 disaster  Current, relevant and gripping

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Pieter Waterdrinker Poubelle Wessel is a Member of the European Parliament. At the height of the Maidan uprising in Kiev, he travels to Ukraine. While his marriage simmers along, Wessel wallows in the decadent, promiscuous Ukrainian society. But then the ghosts of his past in Russia come back to life. He is sucked into the war in Eastern Ukraine. Poubelle is a panoramic novel that exposes the issues of our time. In his acclaimed, lyrically sharp style, Waterdrinker paints a shocking portrait of an unstable and over-privileged Europe and the contemporary human condition. This is an important book that takes a fresh and unique look at Europe and the prelude to the MH17 disaster.

‘A Grand Dutch Novel’ nrc Handelsblad ‘A book that should be read’ Het Parool Original title Poubelle

‘Masterful’ Vrij Nederland

Pieter Waterdrinker

Novel | 420 pages | Nijgh & Van Ditmar

(1961) lives in

English sample available

Moscow. His publications include the novels Liebmans Ring, A Dutch Romance and The German Wed-

Foreign rights:

ding and the short-story collection Montagne Russe.

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

© Julia Klotchkova

His work has been translated into English, German

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

and Russian, winning international acclaim. He has

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

been nominated several times for awards including the Libris Literature Prize and the prestigious impac Dublin Literary Award 2011.

 His previous novel Magdalena sold over 100,000 copies  Went straight into the bestseller lists

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Maarten ’t Hart The Mother of Ikabod In the German magazine Der Spiegel Maarten ’t Hart was described as a ‘wunderbar altmodischer Erzähler.’ In these highly autobiographical stories this wonderful, old-fashioned storytelling proves to be ideally suited to catch the folly and absurdity of modern life. Seemingly mundane events such as the sale of a house, a solemn funeral, a church service, a meeting at a train station, a visit to the market or a casino all end tragicomically. Or sometimes just oppressively. Yet in all these stories a light tone prevails; they tell us that life is basically a farce which unfortunately, on occasion, ends in tragedy.

‘In all these surprisingly exciting and indeed quite witty stories something important is at stake.’ nrc Handelsblad ‘Why wasn’t ’t Hart awarded the P.C. Hooft Prize a long time ago?’ Het Parool

Original title De moeder van Ikabod Short stories | 288 pages | Arbeiderspers

Maarten ’t Hart (1944) has published more than © Tessa Posthuma de Boer

thirty books, many of which have

Foreign rights:

been translated into German. His

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

classic novel A Flight of Rainbirds

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

sold more than 1 million copies.

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

Last year Magdalena was published, a universal story recognizable to every mother and son.

 Until now unpublished novella by one of the greatest Dutch authors  Beautifully illustrated  Haasse’s work is translated into 25 languages

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Hella S. Haasse Irundina When Hella S. Haase and her husband lived in Paris in the eighties, Irundina, a young Portuguese woman, worked at their home as a maid. As a young girl from a poor family in impoverished Portugal, she had come to France illegally to earn money for the family members she had left behind. As an undocumented immigrant – constantly on the run and unwanted everywhere – she remained strong and full of hope for a better future. Irundina’s gripping story is depicted by Hella S. Haasse in a compassionate way without being sentimental. ‘Few authors have put Dutch literature on the international stage with such grace and certainty, as Hella S. Haasse.’ Jury report Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren On other work: ‘The Scarlet City is rich historical

Original title Irundina

fiction written with panache.’ New York Times

Hella S. Haasse

Novella | Illustrated | 90 pages | Querido


2011) is one of the most highly regarded and most often translated authors in the Netherlands.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

She wrote an impressive oeuvre

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

and won many prizes, including

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

© Jerry Bauer

the Constantijn Huygens Prize, the P.C. Hooft Prize and the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren.

 ‘One of the most talented authors of his generation’ – Het Parool  A novel like a string quartet. Compelling and intimate. Intense and polyphonic.

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Christiaan Weijts The False Season The entanglements in a mysterious summer class of conservatory students end in a sudden drama, of which, years later, the traces are still discernable. The charismatic leader, a renowned composer at the time, now drives a taxi. And one of the violinists struggles with a mysterious illness. In the corridors of the Paris underground the latter falls under the spell of a viola player, who turns his musical career around. Especially when they audition together to play on board of a replica of the Titanic, traveling along the shores of a confused Europe.

The press on Euphoria: ‘Dazzling pages (..) A novel with such an upstanding level as Euphoria is unusual, even though we are accustomed to such novels from this author.’ Vrij Nederland Original title Het valse seizoen

‘The most intelligent Dutch novel of the year’ Humo

Christiaan Weijts

Novel | 456 pages | De Arbeiderspers


is a writer and freelance journalist. He won the Gouden Ezelsoor and the Anton Wachter Prize for his debut © Merlijn Doomernik

novel, Art. 285b. His novel Euphoria (2012) earned him the bng New Literature Prize and was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 Vandermeeren recently published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine  Shortlisted for The Golden Noose 2016  Movie rights recently sold to Eyeworks

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Hilde Vandermeeren Silent ground Glasgow, 1983. One stormy November night, six-yearold Rosie Thompson disappears from the bedroom she shares with her twin sister. No trace of her can be found. Her younger sister, Eve, grows up in a family that’s suffered great loss. Thirty years later. Eve is working as a maths lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Her life is turned upside down when someone leaves a message in a chapel: “I’m sorry about what happened to Rosie Thompson. May God forgive me.” The police investigation draws a blank, so Eve decides to take action herself. It becomes a quest for survival.

‘A fresh and fluently written page-turner.’ flanderstoday.eu ‘Excellent, excellent, excellent! I enjoyed every moment!’ Josh Pachter, American crime writer and translator

Original title Stille grond Thriller | 288 pages | Uitgeverij Q

© Lona Aalders

Hilde Vandermeeren

English sample available

(1970) has written over forty books for children and young adults, winning many literary awards in the Netherlands and Flanders. She began her career as a thriller writer with her first psychological novel When Everything Becomes Dark. Her new thriller Scorpio was published in 2016.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 An impressive family novel  Shows the opulence of an experienced writer

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Marc Reugebrink The House of the Salmon After a discussion with his chef about the taste of wild versus farmed salmon Marcel, the owner of restaurant L’Ange perdu, decides to look into the matter. He travels to Norway to visit a salmon farm. During his visit he learns that his mother has passed away. While cleaning up her apartment he is shocked by the realization that his mother, against whom he had always rebelled, was the only one who could help him discover who he is. And that he hardly knew her. He has to invent her from head to toe in order to give himself a past. Meanwhile his ambitious chef bends the restaurant to his will, with all due consequences. ‘In his new novel Reugebrink seems to have found his true storyteller’s voice, even more so than in his last. Not just the part set in Norway is full of coleur locale and set to paper with an abundance of flair, when he writes about Marcel’s quest into the past of both his parents and his sister who died prematurely in a car accident, he manages to hold the reader in his fascinating grip.’ **** Knack

Marc Reugebrink

Original title Het huis van de zalmen Novel | 272 pages | Querido

(1960) is a

writer, poet and essayist. He was born in the Netherlands but has lived and worked in Belgium for years. His work has been nominated for and awarded © Koen Broos

with several prizes. His third novel The Big Delay was nominated for De Inktaap and the Gerard Walschap Prize and won The Golden Owl.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 Love and war on multiple fronts  Emotional and intellectual strength comparable to Destination by Tim Parks

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Guido van Heulendonk No One from Belgium A Belgian man is making his way to England with his lover to attend his daughter’s wedding. The party itself beckons, but so does the past. Their own and that of the location, Hastings, where a thousand years before a battle was fought which would be the seed of presentday England. Against this backdrop their own history gradually unfolds, with its own tragedy and turmoil, its own war and peace. Conquerors and defeated, occupiers and oppressed: No One from Belgium has them all. A book that does not shy away from the great themes and harsh truths, but offers everything to make them palatable: emotion, mystery, compassion, humour. ‘No grand words, no great dramas, but a sensitive portrait of a man looking back on a seemingly succesful life.’ **** Leidsch Dagblad ‘I began to forget that it was all just fiction, no small feat for this highly reflective writer.’ Kees ’t Hart in De Groene Amsterdammer

Original title Niemand uit België Novel | 208 pages | Arbeiderspers

Guido van Heulendonk (1951) has a unique voice in Dutch literature. His work has been translated, filmed and awarded with several prizes, including the Golden Owl for his novel © Koos Breukel

Horses are also Pigs. His previous novel, And Then, When I am Gone, was nominated for the ECI Literature Prize 2015.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 Leaving Las Vegas meets Notes on a Scandal  A female Bukowski  Uncompromising debut  In its second print run and a critical success

l i t e r a r y f i c t i on on

Stella Bergsma Pussy Album Eva van Liere, 37, teacher, woman, poetry lover, junkie. She loves life desperately, but the feeling isn’t mutual. She lost her relationship and her job because she had an affair with a student. She cannot remember whether it happened because of who she is, or whether she became who she is because of all that happened. Word fetishist, misanthrope, liquorlicker. Beware: she fucks back, makes cunt imprints on your new couch and screams her name from the rooftops. And yes, her life derails completely. And yes, she starts an affair with the student anyway. Maybe his love could save her. Or is Eva a fallen woman who will never get back on her feet? Who never wants to get back on her feet?

‘The kind of existential despair Madame Bovary and Anne Karenina would envy.’ Humo ‘A feverish, well-written story.’ Trouw Original title Pussy Album

‘Prose with balls.’ de Volkskrant

Stella Bergsma

Novel | 288 pages | Nijgh & Van Ditmar

is a writer,

columnist, poet and lead singer of a band. In 2013 her collection Cupcakes,

Foreign rights:

with poetry and lyrics, was published

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

and last year she translated poetry © Koos Breukel

by Charles Bukowski. She writes columns for de Volkskrant on sex and other uncomfortable issues.

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 The long-awaited follow-up to the successful debut No Ordinary Indo Girl  On the complex, intimate relationship between mother and daughter  Forthright and recognizable

m l ietmo era i rr y f i c t i o n

Marion Bloem Her Right Hand Sonia’s mother Melanie has memory problems. ‘She really shouldn’t live on her own any more, it is dangerous,’ a neighbour says. As her mother took care of Sonia, she now cares for her mother. They share a strong bond, but not without complications, partly due to Melanie’s difficult childhood, her past in the Japanese camps and the revolutionary time in which she had to give up on many of her childhood dreams. Her Right Hand is a frank, respectful portrait of a brave, colorful woman. Marion Bloem based the book on her own mother.

‘It must have been a difficult task to paint a nuanced and even loving portrait. Marion Bloem managed this with skill.’ nrc Handelsblad ‘The respectful way in which Bloem describes her mother is impressive.’ **** Hebban

Marion Bloem

Original title Haar goede hand Memoir | 288 pages | Arbeiderspers

(1952) is a

writer, filmmaker and artist, best known for her debut novel No Ordi-

Foreign rights:

nary Indo Girl. Her work was trans-

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

© Ivan Wolffers

lated in many languages. She is the

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

daughter of East Indian parents. She

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

writes about her cultural background, love, passion and everything related to these matters.

 Number 1 bestseller, over 150,000 copies sold  By the uncrowned queen of literary non-fiction  Shortlisted for the Libris History Prize 2016

l ilti etrearrayrnon y f i- c f itcitoi on n

Annejet van der Zijl The American Princess On 13 April 1927, Allene Tew boarded the Mauretania in the harbour of New York. She was leaving behind everything she’d ever dreamed of as a young country girl – fame, fortune, motherhood and the love of her life. She’d lost almost everything. Tew was known as ‘the richest and saddest widow in town’, but she had a whole new life ahead of her: a family, a future as a real princess, Russian countess and godmother of the Dutch queen Beatrix. The American Princess is a reconstruction of a fascinating life, set in America and Europe, Victorian and modern times, industrial and Russian revolutions and two World Wars. But above all it’s the personal story of an exceptional woman who had the courage to follow her own, inimitable path to the bitter end.

‘With The American Princess, the Dutch ‘queen of literary

Original title De Amerikaanse prinses

non-fiction’ has outdone herself.’ ***** nrc Handelsblad

Literary non-fiction | 280 pages | illustrated | Querido

Annejet van der Zijl

English and German rights sold

has written several bestselling titles since 1998. 2004 saw the publication of Sonny

English sample available

Boy, of which more than 600,000 copies © Anja van Wijgerden

have been sold in the Netherlands alone.

Foreign rights:

The book has been published in Bulgaria,

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Sweden, and has been made into a hugely successful major movie.

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 The third part of the triptych after Paul the Apostle and Jesus  The first two books sold over 50,000 copies

lnon i t e-rf iacrty i on fiction

Fik Meijer Peter the Apostle. Student, Teacher, Myth Peter was Jesus’ leading disciple, but what do we really know about him? Fik Meijer follows Peter through the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. The fisherman from Capernaum seems destined for a great career in Jesus’ movement, but first he has to evolve - through trial and error. His weaknesses emerge, his faith repeatedly falls short. Yet after the crucifixion of Jesus he becomes the leader of the congregation in Jerusalem. Then he disappears. The Acts focus on Paul from there on. What happened to Peter? Did he preach in Jerusalem, Corinth, Babylon or Rome? At the beginning of the second century stories were told that point to the latter. The tradition was formed that Peter died in Rome and was buried in the Vatican. Also he is said to have been the first bishop of Rome. The current pope sits on the Sedes Petri, the chair of Peter. By analysing the most important texts from the beginning of the second century Fik Meijer tries to distinguish fact from fiction.

Fik Meijer

Original title Petrus. Leerling, leraar, mythe Non-fiction | 276 pages | Athenaeum—Polak & Van Gennep

(1942) is the widely

read and highly praised author of

Fik Meijer’s books have been published in 15 countries

numerous books and articles on ancient history. Over 75,000 copies of his books

Foreign rights:

© Erik van ’t Woud

were sold. He is in high demand as a

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

guest on radio and television for his

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

knowledge about maritime history.

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 Shortlisted for the Libris History Prize 2016  Military adventure set in the glorious Golden Age  Successful combination of history and thrilling literature  Innovative research in combination with a compelling literary style

non - f i c t i on

Machiel Bosman The Predator King November 1688. The fleet is gathering off the coast of the Netherlands, ready for the crossing of forty thousand men. It is the greatest military operation in the history of the Republic. The Prince of Orange stands on the eve of an uncertain adventure with potentially catastrophic consequences: an autumn invasion, at the end of the war season, when the North Sea is ravaged by storms. His aim? England. His mission? To dethrone the king, his father-in-law. His wife? The Scottish princess Mary Stuart. They await an easterly wind…

‘Breathtaking how Machiel Bosman unravels the myth in an insightful study that reads like a novel.’ Vrij Nederland

Original title De Roofkoning Non-fiction | 224 pages | Athenaeum – Polak & Van Gennep

© Koos Breukel

Machiel Bosman (1972) is a historian in the

English sample available

tradition of the great storytellers. His Elisabeth de Flines (more than 15,000 copies sold) was nominated for the ako Literature Prize and the Grote Geschiedenis Prijs for historical books.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 A new culture for our concept of economy

non - f i c t i on

Victor Broers Truth, Values & Prosperity Europe is at a turning point. The current political and economic crisis has revealed the weaknesses of our economic system and the mistakes in our way of economic thinking, based on the ideal of a free market, competition and the illusion of continuous growth. It approaches economy as an abstract science detached from culture, applicable to the whole of Europe. However, what we considered to be our (economic) reality for years on end is considered more and more as an outdated story in which the people have lost faith. The discussion about solutions for the debt problem and the design of Europe seems stalled. Victor Broers describes the changes taking place and starts a search for a new leading concept. A new story that enables a transition to a new system, to think differently and to keep the prosperity we have obtained in a sustainable way. He started the project ‘Redesigning Europe’ and talked to economists, politicians, thinkers, philosophers and others about ideas far beyond the story that designed our economy and present-day Europe.

© G. Snoeijer

Victor Broers

Original title Waarheid, waarden & welvaart Non-fiction | 240 pages | Uitgeverij Q


studied Law at the Amster-

English sample available

dam University and immersed himself in economics at the

Foreign rights:

London School of Economics.

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

He worked as an advisor for

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

the Ministry of Finance and

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

wrote books on the credit crisis and Thomas Piketty.

 A Bible for Darwinists  An antropological reading of the Bible

non - f i c t i on

Krijn van der Jagt The Way Up The Way Up introduces the reader to a new interpretation of the Bible. The author looks into what is behind the texts. He wants to understand the way the writers of the Holy Scripture thought. It seems that in most cases the cultural context of the ancient Near East is a key to understanding new and surprising insights. Van der Jagt connects the Bible with evolution. Many people think these two are contradictory. For example: the words spoken by Jesus that if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also, is often seen as a sign of weakness. In evolution the strong conquer the weak. Often it is forgotten that for evolution the survival of the individual is not important, it is the species that matters. Collaboration between and care for members of the species offers more advantages in the long run. Some Biblebooks entail insights that have stimulated the cultural evolution of mankind.

Original title De weg omhoog | Non-fiction Illustrated | 308 pages | Athenaeum—Polak & Van Gennep

© Anna van der Jagt

Krijn van der Jagt (1945) studied social sciences

Foreign rights:

and theology. He has a PhD in

Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

antropology. As a translating

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

consultant for the World As-

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

sociation of Biblical Societies he has advised translators of the Bible in Africa and Asia as of 1978.

 Step-by-step instructions for 50 projects  An ode to all kinds of cabbage in 70 recipes

non - f i c t i on

Pascalle Bonnier en Mathijs Kok Do It Yourself & Some Cabbage Making your own stuff? Pascalle and Mathijs show you how easy it is to do it yourself. From sewing to sawing, from knitting to concrete processing. They show you how to make an ordinary chair into a rocking chair in no time and how to turn a tire into a comfortable footstool. The book consists of four chapters: From Scratch, Upcycle, Hack and Repair. This beautiful and practical book entails step-bystep photo’s, shopping lists and handy tips. With their third cookbook Pascalle and Mathijs dive into the world of cabbage. Not only the hip kale, but every cabbage that is cheap and easy to get. Cabbage is healthy, cheap and locally grown. Experimenting in their small kitchen resulted in 70 tasty and simple cabbage dishes. Everything in this book is made by them: the concept, recipes, photographs and design.

Both titles: Illustrated | 224 Pages | Nijgh & Van Ditmar

Pascalle Bonnier studies Product Design. She makes documentaries and books.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl

© Atelier Kok & Bonnier

Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl

Mathijs Kok is a filmmaker, photographer and designer. He studied Graphic Design. Together they wrote the bestselling cookbooks Some Oatmeal and Some Nuts.

Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

 On wolf and men  By the winner of the ako Literature Prize 2003 and the Libris History Prize 2014  His previous book sold over 40,000 copies

non - f i c t i on

Dik van der Meulen The Children of the Night The relationship between wolf and mankind has always been paradoxical. The wolf, comrade in prehistory and forefather of all dogs, evolved into the devil in person after antiquity. For centuries it has been combatted by all means at hand - until a recent reversal. Nowadays, more and more people call the wolf ‘the crown on modern nature policy’. The Children of the Night is the account of the search for the wild wolf ánd for the wolf in man – with unexpected results. Aside from a symbol of cruelty and gluttony the wolf proves to be the symbol of mystical powers and sexual primal instincts; an animal that besides fear also invokes admiration and affection.

Original title Kinderen van de nacht | Non-fiction Illustrated | 352 pages | Querido

Dik van der Meulen (1963) writes about a wide range of subjects. In 2003 he won the ako Literature Prize for his biography on Multatuli. His © Tanja Askani

biography of King Willem II was awarded the Libris History Prize in 2014.

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

b e s t s e l l e r

Marente de Moor Fireside Stories  Winner of the J.M.A. Biesheuvelprijs 2016  A collection of stories by the winner of the European Union Prize for Literature 2014  T he Dutch Maiden sold over 70,000 copies and will be translated in 10 languages After her great novels De Moor has now ventured into stories, which are no less intense and imaginative than her previous work. The people she describes in their everyday lives all long for intimacy, but it’s not that easy to find. Against the background of their comfortable homes and habits this absence of intimacy is tragically clear. Only their imagination offers them consolation.

Original title Gezellige verhalen Rights sold: Turkish (Kalem Culture Association)

Short Stories | 248 pages | Querido

 b e s t s e l l e r

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer La Superba  Winner of the Libris Literature Prize 2014  Over 65,000 copies sold  Important literary novel with great social relevance An astonishing literary novel that pays homage to a city like no other: Genoa, La Superba. An expat poet is the reader’s charming – and sometimes not so charming – guide to the labyrinthine city and its inhabitants, a man who stumbles across a leg in the dark and, by the end of the book, finds its owner. He is chasing a fantasy femme fatale, who in a bizarre twist becomes more than just a figment of his imagination. But the love story is doomed to end tragically. La Superba investigates, explains and unravels the illusion of a better life elsewhere, and shows how people get lost in their search for love and happiness. Original title La Superba Novel | 346 pages | De Arbeiderspers

Rights sold: World English (Deep Vellum), German (Aufbau), Macedonian (Antolog) English translation available, Italian sample translation available

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl | Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl | Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

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Gustaaf Peek Goddess, Hero  Over 40,000 copies sold  Shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize and longlisted for the Gouden Boekenuil and the ECI Literature Prize in 2015 What is love? The heart is unpredictable, and humans are contradictory creatures. Tessa and Marius have been in love all their lives. They meet at school and are unable to forget one another. For years they get by on secret meetings in hotel rooms. A romance with many names: infatuation, affair, obsession. She is his goddess, he is her hero. This is their story unveiled, told from end to beginning, from the final touch to the first meeting, from the final word to the first glance. An honest and poignant novel about the mysterious and all-too-human aspects of love. Original title Godin, held

Rights sold: German (DVA) and French (Phébus) English sample and German translation available

Novel | 274 pages | Querido

 b e s t s e l l e r

Toon Tellegen What the Hedgehog Really Wanted  Over 10,000 copies sold  Life’s major themes are broached in moving and amusing encounters between animals  Tellegen’s books have been translated in 21 languages One day the hedgehog, who often feels lonely, decides to invite everyone over. But at the same time it shies away from the idea, as it’s always afraid of doing something wrong. And what if the elephant really does show up, wouldn’t it break everything? And what about the frog’s croaking, will anyone even hear what the hedgehog has to say? What is actually worse, unexpected visitors or losing sleep over visitors you’re expecting? No, there’s a world of difference between wanting something and getting it. Maybe the hedgehog should just enjoy being alone. Original title Het verlangen van de egel Novel | 156 pages | Querido

Rights sold: Japanese (Shinchosha), Korean (Book21). Complex Chinese rights under offer. English sample available

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Arnon Grunberg The Cache  Movie rights sold  Over 10,000 copies sold  Written as part of a scientific experiment about creativity Could there be a lovelier, more perfect reality than physical reality as we know it? For Lillian there is no doubt about it: real life is to be found online – outside that there is nothing but socially appropriate behavior. The renewal, or rebirth, of humankind will take place within that better reality, but first the old human must disappear. As receptionist for the cyber-security firm BClever Lillian moves stepby-step in the direction of her ideal: living without a body, being nothing more than pure intelligence; leaving the animal kingdom behind. English sample and German translation available Rights sold: German (Kiepenheuer & Witsch), Hungarian (Gondolat) Arnon Grunberg is represented by the Arnon Grunberg Agency (info@arnongunbergagency.com)

Original title Het bestand | Novel 172 pages | Nijgh & van Ditmar

 b e s t s e l l e r

Bart Moeyaert Collected Love  Internationally-acclaimed writer and poet with a substantial network in many countries  Bart Moeyaert’s work has been translated in 21 languages  A rtistic director for the Dutch and Flemish Guest of Honour exhibition at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016

Poems about love – but not just about love. About here and now, about a room, a morning, a hand, about words and how inadequate they can be when you want to say what it is about.

Original title Verzamel de liefde Poetry | 41 pages | Querido

English sample available

Foreign rights: Jolijn Spooren | j.spooren@singeluitgeverijen.nl | Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl | Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

b e s t s e l l e r

Joke van Leeuwen A Song of Inexperience  Shortlisted for the Libris literature prize 2016  A compelling and thought-provoking migration novel

1847. Luck is against the young and impoverished Odile and her husband, Koben, and they have to abandon their farm. So why not accept the offer from the Society for Overseas Settlement, who are dangling the prospect of a golden future on the other side of the ocean? Together with fifty fellow countrymen, they dare to make the crossing, full of hope, only to be abandoned to their fate in a tropical land following an exhausting boat journey. Will they adapt or stick to their old habits? Will they succeed in making a new and better life for themselves? Joke van Leeuwen’s books have been published in over 15 countries.

Original title De onervarenen Non-fiction | 240 pages | Querido

English translation available

 b e s t s e l l e r

Guus Kuijer The Bible for Unbelievers  Over 65,000 copies sold  Part 2 shortlisted and part 3 longlisted for the ako Literature Prize 2014  Retelling of Bible stories by one of the Netherlands’ most popular writers

The Bible is a fascinating book. Western culture is unimaginable without the Christian holy book. However, many people, particularly those who did not grow up within the Christian tradition, have never read it. And that is a great shame, as it contains some of the most beautiful stories in world literature. Guus Kuijer retells these tales for both non-believers and believers, relating them from the points of view of the women, the slaves, the have-nots and the underdogs. Original title De Bijbel voor ongelovigen 288 pages | Athenaeum – Polak & Van Gennep

Rights sold: English (US, Seven Stories Press), German (Antje Kunstmann), Italian (La Nuova Frontiera). Guus Kuijer’s books have been translated into 21 languages. English and German translation available

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Abdelkader Benali

Bernlef Out of Mind – Award-winning

classic for a new generation of

author * Over 750,000 copies

readers * Over 100,000 copies

sold * ‘A remarkable study

sold * A novel full of humour,

in the mental dereliction of

passion, shame and cultural

oldish age.’ The Sunday Times

confusion * Rights sold to 13

* Rights sold to 17 countries *


English translation available

Merijn de Boer

Louis Paul Boon The Hunting Lodge – Voted as

Minuet – One of the greatest

one of the greatest literary

Flemish writers of the twentieth

talents of the Netherlands *

century * Minuet has been

Masterful love story * ‘You

described as ‘the sublime

seldom come across a writer

pearl in Boon’s crown’ * Blackly

with such boldness.’ **** – NRC

comedic novella * A captivating

Handelsblad * ‘Completely

book about our loneliness and

original.’ **** Het Parool

helplessness in a hostile world * Rights sold to 10 countries


Pauline Broekema Character – Bordewijk’s

The Bosch House – A family

masterpiece * Has lost none

chronicle * Boundaries of time

of its power and readability

and place fade as not only a family

75 years after publication

comes to life, but a whole era * The

* The film adaptation of

history of the tobacco pioneers

Character won an Oscar

on Sumatra, a farming life on the

* Rights sold to 9 countries

Zuiderzee, idealists in a charming

* English translation available

and leafy village near Utrecht and the violent end of a naïve dream * English sample available

Maria Dermoût

Anne Eekhout The Ten Thousand Things – A classic

One Night – Incomparable

novel that has inspired readers

sense of style * Haunting and

across the world * ‘An offbeat nar-

poignant novel about the love

rative that has the timeless tone of

between parent and child *

legend.’ Time * ‘A mesmerizing list of

Echoes of Kafka, Borges,

objects and events, memories and

H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen

thoughts, with the distant archi-

King * ‘A work to be gnawed

pelago as their source.’ nrc Handels-

upon.’ **** De Volkskrant

blad * Rights sold to 13 countries * English translation available

f i c t i on

Wedding by the Sea – A modern

Anna Enquist

Kees ’t Hart Teatro Olimpico – Kees ’t Hart

best-loved writers * Psycho-

writes novels, essays, stories

analyst and a classically trained

and poems * Fabulous novel

pianist * In the stunning short

about dreams and ambitions

novel Counterpoint, Bach’s music

* Two theatre producers are

forms the backdrop to a story

invited to put on a play at the

about motherhood and loss

famous Teatro Olimpico in

* Rights sold to 10 countries

Vicenza * ‘The wittiest novel of

* English translation available

the year.’ ***** NRC Handelsblad

Arthur Japin

Frans Kellendonk The Winged Man – Award-

Mystical Body – Kellendonk’s

winning author of novels, short

work is widely regarded as

stories, screenplays and plays

among the best writing in

* Translated in more than 15

modern Dutch * A modern,

countries * Spectacular histori-

literary classic * An iconic

cal novel about imagination and

novel about the AIDS generation

passion * Over 30,000 copies

* Rights sold to Scritturapura

sold * Rights represented by

(Italy) and Gallimard (France)

Rogers, Coleridge & White *

* English sample available

English sample available

Lieke Kézèr

Natalie Koch The Absentees – Convincing

Untraceable University – The

and confident debut * For

final part of the trilogy went

fans of Jennifer Egan * Novel

straight into the bestseller

on ambition, opportunities,

lists * Three magical novels,

loss and letting go * Lifelike

one gripping family history

characters that get under

* ‘Natalie Koch picks up

your skin

where J.K. Rowling left off.’ Pink Bullets * English sample available

Hans Koeleman

Tessa de Loo Olympians – Literary debut

The Twins – A monumental

by an olympic athlete * A look

novel * Two sisters, one

into the soul of an athlete *

German and one Dutch,

Novel related to John

reunited after World War

L. Parker Jr.’s Once a Runner,

II * Over 600,000 copies

on what it means to be an

sold * Made into an Oscar-

athlete and the road to the

nominated movie * Rights


sold to 26 countries

f i c t i on

Counterpoint – One of Holland’s

Nicolien Mizee

Nescio Amsterdam Stories – A

one of the Netherlands’

small, refined body of work

wittiest authors * Humorous

* Proven classic – the best

story about love and loss

of the treasure trove of Dutch

* Description of Mizee’s

literature * ‘A significant Dutch

life and family at times

writer.’ Publishers Weekly

of blossoming love and

* Rights sold to 17 countries

imminent separation

* English translation available

Jamal Ouariachi

Els Quaegebeur A Hunger – Winner of the BNG

Woodstock – Sex, drugs

Literature Prize 2015

and a bad conscience * Her

* Longlisted for the Libris

previous book sold over

Literature Prize 2016 * ‘A

10,000 copies * For readers

literary spectacle.’ *****

of Anne Tyler and Jonathan

Het Parool * ‘An immense

Franzen * ‘From cover to

book.’ ***** Algemeen

cover in one day’ Vogue


Roos van Rijswijk

Thomas Rosenboom

Unholy – Van Rijswijk writes

Public Works – Over 400,000

columns, plays and stories *

copies sold * Made into a

Winner of the Anton Wachter

major movie in 2015, soon

Prize 2016 * ‘Subtle and

available worldwide on

daring novel about a bond

Netflix * The only author to

as fragile as a cobweb.’ ****

have won the prestigious

de Volkskrant * ‘A subtle,

Libris Literature Prize twice

understated, idiosyncratic

* German, Danish, Hungarian

novel.’ **** NRC Handelsblad*

and Slovak rights sold

English sample available

Henk van Straten

Theun de Vries

Praying and Falling –

Moergrobben – A historical

Shortlisted for the BNG

adventure novel based on the

Literature Prize 2015 *

life of Jheronimus Bosch *

Powerful story about loss,

Over 10,000 copies sold * ‘The

consolation and looking for

work of this quiet and humble

something to hold on to *

man belongs to the great

‘Stunning.’ **** Het Parool

world literature.’ De Groene

* ‘An intense experience.’

Amsterdammer * German,

NRC Handelsblad

Hungarian, Polish and Czech rights sold

f i c t i on

The Half-Brother – By

Joost Zwagerman

Otto’s War – Van Zomeren is

Gimmick! – Over 200,000 cop-

the author of a large oeuvre of

ies sold * By the 2008 winner

literary novels, autobiographical

of the Gouden Ganzenveer

prose, short stories, poetry, thrill-

oeuvre prize * Modern clas-

ers and nonfiction, with nature

sic and a must read * Zwa-

as the most important theme *

german’s books have been

Breakthrough novel of a literary

published in many countries,

writer * Over 20,000 copies sold *

including Germany, France,

Rights sold to Rowohlt (Germany)

Czech Republic and Japan

Charlotte Van den Broeck

poet * One of the most

Prize for best Flemish

frequently included poets

debut * ‘Chameleon is a

in Dutch anthologies *

precocious but certainly

‘Gruwez is an eloquent poet

not premature debut

with a humorous eye for the

that regularly makes us

saddest details.’ **** Het

turn a different colour.’

Parool * An anthology of

**** De Morgen

twenty years of work

Hester Knibbe Work in Stuttering –

Archaic the Animals – Has pub-

Rozalie Hirs embraces

lished fifteen books of poetry

beauty in multiple ways

to date * Winner of prestigious

of reading, a multiplic-

Dutch prizes including the Her-

ity of possibilities * Her

man Gorter Prize (2000), the A.

playful, hyper-lyrical ap-

Roland Holst Prize (2009) and

proach and mix of voices

the VSB Poetry Prize (2015) * Ar-

and styles give meaning

chaic the Animals is about guilt,

to words like music *

shame and other uncomfortable emotions, but also about

English sample available

vitality in all its forms

Victor Schiferli

Pagina 1

nde spreekstem, de verhaal van zijn eigen aal van zijn generatie en maken Bres tot een hoogjke dichter.’ De Morgen

kt aan zijn dichtbundel e buitenstaander die zijn d om hem heen scherp k.’ de Volkskrant

Leonard Nolens Bres

b Poëzieprijs 2008:

Leonard Nolens


gend, ritmerend, bezwen hartstochtelijke poging

t oeuvre. Naamloos in at verbonden zijn Nolens’ it maniëristisch, geeft en ik en de ander.’ n r c

bundels en dagboeken, ntijn Huygensprijs en Een fractie van een kus, en sublieme introductie’ ).

Gedichten Querido Querido

Breach – Nolens received

The Man from Before – A

many prizes for his work,

tight and thematic series

including the Constantijn

of poems * Melancholic

Huygens Prize for his oeuvre

and witty, written in an

in 1997 * Published in French,

extremely concise and

German, Polish, Italian * Win-

controlled form * The

ner of the VSB Poetry prize

poet’s own black-and-

2008 * Considered a landmark

white photos are included

in contemporary Dutch poetry

* English sample available

* English sample available

po e t r y

Cloakroom – Award-winning

the Herman de Coninck

Leonard Nolens 14:14

Luuk Gruwez

Chameleon – Winner of

Rozalie Hirs

f i c t i on


Koos van Zomeren

Maud Vanhauwaert

Leo Vroman Each Time I Shall Weep – Vroman

Winner of the

won all the Dutch poetry prizes


available, including the P.C. Hooft

Hugues C. Pernath

Prize, a prestigious oeuvre award

Prize 2015 and

* Vroman created a unique poetry

the Herman de

oeuvre characterized by his sharp

Coninck public

observations, which sparkle with

award * Also

humour and originality * Anthol-

nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize and the Ida Gerhart Prize *

ogy of the best, most touching

English and Spanish translation available

and unique poems

Britta Bolt


We Are Parallel –

Anna Levander The Morten Trilogy – For

driven detective series, set in the

lovers of series such as

city of Amsterdam * Written in

Borgen and House of Cards

English by Amsterdam-based

* Written by two Dutch

authors * Rights sold to Mulhol-

political journalists and spin

land Books (UK), Hoffmann und

doctors * A political trilogy

Campe (Germany) * TV rights sold

with thriller-like elements

to Endor Productions * English

* TV rights sold


Posthumus Trilogy – A character-

version available

Henk Boom

Martin Bossenbroek The Boer War – Winner of the 2013

Boom writes for several newspa-

Libris History Prize * The full story

pers * His book The Great Turk

on the Boer War * Never before

was nominated for the prestigious

has the Boer War been described

Literature Prize * The Pos-

in such a vivid and comprehensive


sessed Visionary tells the story of

manner * Rights sold to Jacana

five hundred years of controversy

(South Africa), C.H. Beck (Germa-

surrounding Hieronymus Bosch

ny), Seven Stories Press (US) and

* Rights sold to Parthas (Germany)

Seuil (France) * German transla-

and Machado (Spain)

tion and English sample available

Matthijs van Boxsel

Hans Dijkhuis

The Portable Encyclopae-

The Flat Earth – The rich

dia of Stupidity – A light-

history of a mythical notion

hearted study with a clever

described in detail with

approach to foolish things *

reference to examples from

The Encyclopaedia has been

myths and old writings * The

published in 17 countries

Argonauts, Odysseus, SintBrandaan, Jesaja, Jesus and Mohammed all lived on a flat planet Earth

non - f i c t i on

The Possessed Visionary – Henk

Corina Duijndam

Bibi Dumon Tak Animals in Wartime – A monument

sociologist, lecturer and essayist

to the ancient bond between man

* She carried out research for six

and animal * A collection of

months among young people in the

beautifully written scenes from a

northern banlieues of Paris * Duijn-

hundred years of military history,

dam describes her experiences with

in which love often conquers *

the youth in suburbs of Paris and

War animals are the heroes of

Amsterdam * Currently researching

this book, the protagonists in

the interaction between radical

stories of heroism, dedication,

Islamic and anti-Islamic groups

fearlessness and loyalty

Wiesje van der Flier & Philip Scheltens

Hannelore Grünberg-Klein

The Alzheimer’s Mystery –

As Long As Tears Remain – The

Research into the origin and

gripping story of author Arnon

treatment of Alzheimer’s

Grunberg’s mother * Memoirs

* Unique: passionate, world-

about her childhood in Berlin,

renowned researchers from

the subsequent war years and

the VUmc Alzheimer’s Centre

how she survived Auschwitz

* About the study of Alzheimer’s

* Rights sold to Kiepenheuer

disease, which affects people

& Witsch (Germany)

all over the world

Mirjam van Hengel

Joke Hermsen

The Beauty of it All – On the

Kairos – Hermsen studied

love of Leo Vroman, one of the

literature and philosophy * She

greatest Dutch poets, and his

writes novels and essays on

wife Tineke * Van Hengel was

art, literature and philosophy *

Vroman’s editor * Through let-

Often invited as a speaker * Over

ters, diaries and conversations

130,000 copies of her books have

this powerful love story was

been sold * Kairos was shortlist-

reconstructed * English sample

ed for the Socrates Philosophy


Book of the Year Prize * ‘Brilliant essays.’ – Vrij Nederland

Abel J. Herzberg

Marcel Hulspas Amor Fati – Highly personal

Mohammed and the Birth of Islam

essays * Includes some of the

– Hulspas is a science journalist,

earliest and most impressive

columnist and reviewer who has

reflections on the Holocaust

written extensively on the subject

* Translated into German,

of pseudo-science * A nuanced

English, Hebrew and Italian

and realistic picture of the Prophet * A new, unique view of Mohammed * German rights sold to WBG * English sample available

non - f i c t i on

Coloured Reality – Duijndam is a

Erik Scherder

Olga Majeau

Keep your brain running

memoir * Search by a great-

– How exercise keeps your

granddaughter for the life and

brain young * Over 65,000

fate of her forgotten great-

copies sold * German and

grandfather * German rights

Spanish rights sold * English

sold to BtB * Rights repre-

sample available

sented by Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency

Henk Schulte Nordholt

Barbara Stok

China and the Barbarians –

Vincent – Graphic novel

Schulte Nordholt is a sinologist

about one of the greatest

* He lived and worked in China

Dutch artists ever * Over

for years * ‘A clever and astute

10,000 copies sold in the

book that shows how the Chi-

Netherlands * Rights sold

nese Communist Party is using

to 14 countries * English

classical culture to redesign

translation available

society.’ ***** NRC Handelsblad * English material available

Christophe Vekeman

Ben van der Velden

Johnny Paycheck – Untold

The Rhine – Van der Velden

story of one of the most prom-

worked as a journalist and

inent and talented artists in

foreign correspondent at NRC

the history of country music

Handelsblad for many years

* The story of a hardcore ver-

* The Rhine as a political

sion of Johnny Cash * On the

and cultural boundary within

spirit of country music and

Europe * German translation

the ‘outlaw movement’


Ysbrand van der Werf Everyone Sleeps – Van der Werf is a researcher at the VU medical center and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience * Focusses on the combination of fundamental research and its applicability * Everything you need to know about our night’s rest

non - f i c t i on

A Perfect Isolation – Narrative

 Maximaal drie ankeilers - unique selling points - liefst in een regel n i j g h & v an d i t ma r Querido

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Spui 10

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Auteurs NaamSingel Publishers

Gustaaf Peek Godin, held

Maria Vlaar

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ipsunto quatemquis sitiorita cumquia perferibus esti abo. Iqui dolupie netusdae lant copies ut laut exera Reading sitiatu ribusandae consedisiMartijn occupta erovit fugitis Prins m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl eos expersp ernatioIl ipsae parcips untoribus utatur?

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et repro qui.

may apply for a subsidy towards the translation costs. The Dutch Foundation for Literature exists to promote interest in

‘Mooie quotes.’ Vrij Nederland

Dutch language literature abroad. Further

Roman Querido

Foreign publishers wishing to publish

aliqui odit mos eum ilictem quibeaquiae sit et quam

and application form are ‘Ondanks de heikele kwestiesinformation die ’t Hart inan haar be foundon www.letterenfonds.nl. karakter blootlegt, is het eentoliefdevol portret van

een moeder met bizarre trekjes.’ De Morgen Contact details

for the Dutch Foundation ‘Verrassend liefdevol. Een prachtboek.’ HP de Tijd for Literature:

Original title Godin, held Novel | 274 pages |Querido

Nieuwe Prinsengracht 89 1018 VR Amsterdam The Netherlands t +31 (0)20 520 73 00

Peek fGustaaf +31 (0)20 520 73 99

(1975) debuteerde in 2006 met post@letterenfonds.nl de roman Armin. Daarna volgden www.letterenfonds.nl Dover, genomineerd voor de bng Nieuwe Literatuurprijs, Fiction: Victor Schiferlien Ik © Maria Hermes

was Amerika, dat bekroond werd v.schiferli@letterenfonds.nl met de bng Nieuwe Barbara den OudenLiteratuurprijs en de F. Bordewijkprijs. b.den.ouden@letterenfonds.nl

Non-fiction: Mireille Berman m.berman@letterenfonds.nl Poetry: Thomas Möhlmann t.moehlmann@letterenfonds.nl

Rights sold: DVA (Germany) English sample translation available Foreign rights: Patricia de Groot | p.de.groot@singeluitgeverijen.nl Maria Vlaar | mg.vlaar@xs4all.nl Martijn Prins | m.prins@singeluitgeverijen.nl

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