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Fiction Age 8+

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Professor S. and the King’s Addiction A journey through your brain

Erik Scherder, Fred Diks & Mariëlla van de Beek English sample available

Zhé’s grandfather, renowned professor S., has gone missing. She calls her best friend, Brian, for help. Together with her dog Pavlov they get transported in the professor’s time machine to the future. They end up in a strange place called Brainland. In Brainland, everyone has access to the coolest, newest technology, but the country is not doing well. Their king, Lobulus, is addicted to video games, and has stopped looking after the country and its residents. Is Zhé’s grandfather even in Brainland? How could they possibly track him down? And how are they ever going to get out of there?

Original title: Professor S. en de verslaafde koning 13,5 x 21,5 cm | 192 pages Publication date March 2019

An exciting fictional story combined with easy to understand information about how the brain works Erik Scherder is

a neuroscientist

who has written several bestselling books about the brain

Non-fiction Age 11+

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FAKE! Everything you should (not) believe about fake news, mindfuck and conspiracy theories

Annemarie Bon & Wendy Panders A lot of people believe the craziest things. But what is true and what isn’t? How do journalists and scientists do their jobs – as searching for the truth is their main goal? There are all kinds of theories out there, propagated by people who will tell you they know the truth. Scientists, however, never say they know the truth, they just work with a theory until a better theory becomes available. Fake! doesn’t contain one easy answer to all kinds of questions, as life isn’t that simple. But this book can help you learn how to separate truth from nonsense.

Original title: Fake! 17 x 24 cm | 160 pages Publication date May 2019

For curious readers aged 11 and up

Lots of illustrations by Wendy Panders German sample available

Picture book Age 4+

Fiep on the Road Fiep Westendorp & Annemarie Terhell Traffic on the road can seem like a mess, with cars, bicycles, busses, trams and pedestrians going in all directions. And yet, everything is actually very organized: everyone – from lorry drivers and mailmen to sushi delivery boys and fire fighters – knows the rules by heart. Like how traffic coming from the right has right of way, and how the green light means ‘go’. The boy on his longboard, the guide dog and the train conductor know the rules too. In this book they share all their adventures on the road.

Playful introduction on how to be safe on the road Unique combination of photography and Fiep Westendorp’s timeless illustrations

With interv iew fun fa s, and c cts reativ DIY’s e

Original title: Fiep in het verkeer 18 x 25,4 cm | 120 pages Publication date September 2019

Fiction Age 7+

PDF available upon request

The Wonderous Story of The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-ExupĂŠry, Tiny Fisscher & Mark Janssen

The little prince lives on a tiny planet when, one day, he decides to travel. He visits seven smaller and bigger planets. The seventh planet he visits is planet Earth. There, in the middle of the desert, the little prince meets a pilot and tells him all about his tiny planet. About the flower he cared for, that he misses dearly, about the marvelous people he has met, and about a fox who taught him many wise lessons. For eight days, the little prince and the pilot are together, but then they run out of water. If they don’t want to die of thirst, they will have to find a well. But do they have enough time?

Original title: Het wonderbaarlijke verhaal van de kleine prins 17,5 x 25 cm | 96 pages Publication date September 2019

With enchanting illustrations by Mark Janssen For the first time the complete text has been rewritten specifically for children

Fiction Age 9+

The Berries part 1:

A field hockey fanatic in a football family Annemarie van der Eem & Madeleine van der Raad How do you survive as a hockey fanatic in a football family? Ten-year-old Lon struggles with this every day, as her dad is famous soccer player Jhon Berrie. At the Berrie residence it’s all about one thing and one thing only: football. And Lon? She loves playing field hockey at her new club, Shoot Out, where there is never a dull moment. How do you make new friends? Do those strange men in the club cafeteria perhaps have something to do with the recent series of burglaries in the neighbourhood? And what crazy adventures will Lon and her team go on at the annual hockey club sleep-over? Original title: De Berries deel 1: Hockeygek in een voetbalfamilie 13,5 x 21,5 cm | 176 pages Publication date June 2019

Also approv ed non-ho by ckey players

The first part of a new series Full of funny and sporty illustrations

Picture book Age 4+

I am NOT afraid! Rick Meijer & Esther Malaparte Perfect book for Halloween

Learn to confront your fears by changing your perspective

Lana is about to enter the haunted house at the fair. Just a few more steps… Then, all of a sudden, everything goes dark. What’s going on? Where did her classmates Yasmin and Saar suddenly come from? Slowly, goosebumps travel across Lana’s arms. Then the doors of the haunted house open… Do you dare to enter the haunted house with Lana? Watch out! Is that a spider? Or could it perhaps be something else? Nothing is what it seems when you look at it through Lana’s eyes.

Original title: Ik ben écht niet bang 21 x 29 cm | 32 pages Publication date October 2019

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