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A PLACE of INNOCENCE and ADVENTURE By Ben Fogle, Broadcaster, Traveller, Adventurer


he Isles of Scilly are like dazzlingly precious stones cast into the Atlantic Ocean off the toe of England. An island archipelago painted with brush strokes of greens and blues of every shade and hue. A land of beaches, flowers and pristine waters. I first visited the islands nearly 15 years ago where I was seduced by their charm and adventurous spirit. The Isles of Scilly is an archipelago of contrasts – from the rugged exposed granite outcrops, storm lashed and battered by the Atlantic Ocean, to the dazzlingly white sandy beaches with their azure blue bays. These are the islands that time forgot, a land as conducive to the slow travel movement as they are to adventure. With one of the most temperate and mild climates in the UK, the Isles of Scilly have become a magnet for outdoor pursuits from stand-up paddle-boarding, sailing and scuba diving to my personal favourite, gig racing. Pilot gigs were the early lifeboats that used to row out to help pilot ships or rescue survivors from the hundreds of vessels that have been wrecked in these rock-infested waters. As I experienced myself, gig racing has become a national sport. The World Pilot Gig Championships are a must if you want to experience the quintessential Scillonian experience. I have been lucky enough to return to the islands many times for both work and pleasure, and the islands and their people never fail to charm me with hauntingly beautiful Atlantic allure.

Ben Fogle has presented numerous TV programmes including New Lives in the Wild, Extreme Dreams, Countrywise and Crufts. Ben has rowed the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Antarctica on foot and run across the Sahara. He’s also written six best-selling books.


mySc illy The Isles of Scilly are full of wonderful characters; islanders with family ties that go back generations. To each of them, Scilly holds a particular lure, and each has a story to tell‌


myScilly stories throughout

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Memories of Scilly  Sky, sea, sand by Carl Farran. Isles of Scilly Photography Competition winner from 2016. Thank you to everyone who sent us some wonderful photos of their visit to Scilly last year – more than 1,000 entries in total! If you’re coming to Scilly in 2017, make sure you look out for the annual Isles of Scilly Photography Competition online. If you enter and win, you could win a holiday to Scilly in 2018.  v photographycompetition



or 2,200 residents, Scilly is a year-round destination – each season punctuated by familiar sights and experiences. From tiny fields full of flowers and lashing Atlantic storms in winter through to the arrival of puffins, Walk Scilly and the Gig Championships in spring; from exceptional island hopping, dazzling beaches and coastal adventures throughout summer to migrating birds, seal pups and foraging feasts in autumn, this pocket-size archipelago is a place to be enjoyed across all four seasons.


The islands awaken


irdsong, re-birth and breath-taking beauty: As the days draw out and sun climbs higher, the islands spring into life. There’s a buzz in the air as the restaurants and cafés open their doors, the “tripper” boats return to the water, and the harbour welcomes back the Scillonian III in March. Immerse yourself in mother-nature as the seabirds flock to our shores and the coastline comes alive with alliums, wild primroses, and sea thrift. Breathe in the heady coconut scent of gorse, listen out for cuckoos calling and survey the puffins as they return to breed. Watch storm petrels swoop, Manx shearwaters thrive and swallows dive. Walk Scilly week in early April beckons the start of the new season, closely followed by the World Pilot Gig Championships and Scilly’s various artistic and cultural celebrations in May. Come, re-energise and rejuvenate. Peel away the complexities of life and be inspired by Scilly’s captivating, unspoilt beauty with a spa break, wellness weekend, art course or writing holiday.



Sea pinks or thrift

Walk Scilly 1st – 7th April

English bluebells Dwarf pansy Orange birdsfoot Tormentil Elm trees in flower FAUNA

Spring squill

Daymark Music Festival 14th – 16th April World Pilot Gig Championships 28th April – 30th April Scillonian May Day Celebrations Folk Festival 25th – 29th May

Puffins Manx shearwater Swallows Cuckoos Early bumble bees Painted lady


Puffins are one of the most popular seabirds to be spotted on Scilly between April and July. They breed on a number of the uninhabited off-islands.

Red admiral



For beaches, boating and water-borne adventure


h, summer on Scilly. Nothing quite beats it. Fall in love with the archipelago’s intense beauty, yet laid back island charm; the calm, crystal blue waters and unspoiled swathes of sparkling sandy beaches and heathy grasslands. It’s perfect for seaborne adventures, such as the world-renowned endurance swim-run, Ötillö. Summer on Scilly is all about being on the water, or close to it. These islands pulsate to the rhythm of the sea and the bays, coves and quays come alive with seabirds and boats of every shape and size. This is the time of year to boat to the “off-islands”, explore the edge of England at Bishop Rock, and follow the islanders in their favourite sporting pursuit – pilot gig racing. Or get out on the water yourself. Hire a kayak, grab a paddleboard, have a sail, take a dip, go fishing, swim the islands and have a go at coasteering. Snorkel with seals, dive the shipwrecks or simply find an uninhabited beach and soak up the blissful peace.

SUMMER EVENTS Scilly Comedy Festival 10th – 13th June Tresco Triathlon 11th June Otillo Swimrun World Series Qualifier 17th – 18th June August Bank Holiday Events 26th – 28th August

Throughout the summer enjoy regular guided walks and slideshows, follow pilot gig racing every Wednesday and Friday evening, and look out, too, for touring theatre companies and island fetes throughout the season. To keep up-to-date on everything that is happening pick up a What’s On Guide from the Tourist Information Centre and follow @ScillyTIC on Twitter.


Heather bell & ling Camomile Lousewort Birds foot trefoil Honeysuckle Common centaury Purple loosestrife Wall pennywort Sea holly FAUNA LESSER WHITETOOTHED SHREW

There are no common shrews on Scilly, but there are large numbers of the much rarer lesser whitetoothed Scilly shrew, which may have originally been stowaways on ships.

Puffins Manx shearwater Pipistrelle bats Seals Ocean sunfish Peregrine Scilly shrew Hummingbird hawk moth



Experience a Scilly brimming with wildlife


o many, autumn is the best time to visit Scilly. For artists, the light is intoxicating; for walkers, the wildlife is bountiful and the scenery is stunning; for food lovers the foraging is fabulous and for all of us, the sunrises are simply spectacular! Come in September and you can feast on the islands’ rich variety of Scillonian produce at the Taste of Scilly festival and discover how St. Agnes is nurturing the return of our precious seabirds. Escape too, to uninhabited islands long lost to past Scillonian populations and soak up the islands’ compelling maritime history.We recommend you also visit Tresco Abbey Garden, brimming with unusual sub-tropical plants and flowers. In mid-October, we wrap up our season with a long Walk Scilly Weekend, where you can wander the length and breadth of all the islands, admiring fields of belladonnas on St. Martin’s and wonderful and curious migrating birds. If you’re lucky, you might also spot seal pups on our beaches!

AUTUMN EVENTS Taste of Scilly September Scilly Swim Challenge 2nd – 6th September Walk Scilly Weekend 12th – 16th October Ben Waters on Tresco 13th – 16th October


Fungi Hawthorn berries Honeysuckle berries Rosehips Blackberries FAUNA


Scilly is home to the UK’s largest colony of the rare Atlantic grey seals. They can be spotted year-round, but they pup across our islands throughout autumn.

Cetaceans – common dolphins/harbour porpoise Gannets Curlew Seals Jellyfish Dragonflies




The season for scented narcissi


uiet, cosy and quintessentially Scilly. Winter is the time of year when Scillonians draw breath and visitors enjoy a true taste of island life. A time to enjoy windswept walks and appreciate the low winter light raking across the isles, to hunker down as the storms whistle through, and watch the slate grey waves whip the rocky coastlines. And a time to come together in cosy island pubs, huddle around log fires, and enjoy the Scillonian banter! For Scilly’s flower farmers though, winter is a busy time of year. From the end of October through to early March, varieties of scented narcissi, from paperwhites to erlicheer, are grown in tiny fields – the dainty stems protected from strong Atlantic blasts by tall pittosporums. The farmers, too, are protected against the elements in yellow oilskins as they pick and sort the flowers by hand. Every day, boxes of these delicate flowers are sent to the UK’s mainland – a glorious reminder of Scilly out of season. ■

WINTER EVENTS Scillonian Christmas Street Party 22nd December


Western gorse Hart’s tongue fern Narcissi Golden-hair lichen Dark wood violet FAUNA

Linnets Goldfinch Bumble bees Hedgehogs Woodcock OYSTERCATCHER

Oystercatchers are hard to miss with their black and white plumage, long orange bill and very loud “peeping” calls. Individuals have two main techniques when feeding. Those with shorter, blunter bills hammer their prey through the shell. Others with longer, pointier bills prise the shells apart.





Step onto a sub-tropical archipelago that is like nowhere else in England. Get active or get away from it all as you experience the simple pleasures of island life.


ade up of five inhabited islands and around 140 uninhabited islands and islets, the Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles off the western tip of Cornwall. Legend has it that they are the remains of the mythical land of Lyonesse and certainly, the islands were once joined together as one, known as Ennor. The rise in sea levels in around 500AD and the formation of the tightly clustered archipelago, is what gives the surrounding shallow waters that iridescent hue and glow. With so few natural predators here, nature and wildlife thrive. It’s wonderful to come face-to-face with seals, sparrows, seabirds and Scilly shrews. You can bask on white-sand beaches and stroll across wild, Atlantic-hewn landscapes. With regular tripper boats it’s easy to islandhop between the hub of St. Mary’s, the pearly beaches of St. Martin’s, the world-class Abbey Garden on Tresco, rugged little Bryher and the wild western outpost of St. Agnes.There are plenty of opportunities, too, to tuck into mouth-watering local produce, explore a rich and diverse heritage and rub shoulders with the islands’ creative and enterprising community. Experience the authentic heart of the Isles of Scilly. GETTING TO SCILLY IS PART OF THE ADVENTURE Nowhere else in England will you arrive on holiday on a 17-seater Twin Otter aircraft, or an 8-seater Islander plane. Across the water from Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter airports, every seat has spectacular view, as you cruise at around 1,500 feet along the Cornish coastline. It’s all the inflight entertainment you need! There is a passenger ferry which sets sail daily from Penzance for Scilly and returns every afternoon, during the season. Look out for porpoises, dolphins and the occasional minke whale that accompany the ship, along with a raft of seabirds. Quite simply, a magical holiday experience.



140 uninhabited islands and islets

ISLAND HOPPING IS WHAT YOU DO One of the most enjoyable things to do on Scilly is to hop onto a “tripper” boat and go explore. It’s the best way to get a real flavour of island life. All the islands are really close together, just a 15-25 minute boat ride, so it’s perfectly feasible to stay on one island for your entire holiday and visit all the others whilst you’re here.You can do an island a day. Go it alone or book a guide; it’s up to you. Walking is the way to go, particularly on the “off-islands” and you’ll soon discover that each has its own character and everyone has a favourite. No doubt you’ll soon be debating which is yours! ADVENTURES IN, ON AND UNDER THE SEA Life on Scilly revolves around the sea. It dominates everything lly ci yS m we do – particularly when we’re having fun.If you enjoy the sea, then Scilly is the Steve Hicks, tripper boat skipper place to be. In the summer, the islands come alive “I've been an island with a whole raft of water sports to enjoy in, on boatman for 22 years and and under the water. was in the Merchant Navy for 20 years before that. Experience snorkelling with our amazing It's a dream job – I could Atlantic grey seals, where these beautiful, have to work for a living.” inquisitive animals love to nibble your flippers. Or head out with one of the islands’ dive masters and go in search of treasures and a fascinating maritime history amongst the myriad shipwrecks that surround our archipelago. Join Scilly’s regular sea swimmers for a refreshing dip in our magnificent waters – around the shore line for the less experienced; from island to island for the hardy! Or for those with a real thirst for thrills, why not have a go at coasteering off our impressive headlands? Or simply hire yourself a little boat, kayak, canoe or paddleboard, grab a fishing rod, and go explore some remote coves and uninhabited islets.

ISLAND HOPPING ESSENTIALS St. Agnes Boating Offers wildlife safaris, scheduled and sea taxi services between St. Agnes and the other islands. Book online using our peace of mind transfer service and we guarantee to meet you even if you are delayed! 07990 742982

St. Mary’s Boatmen’s Association Ten large boats providing a full range of services from direct ferry runs to seal and seabird sightseeing, also evening trips. Groups catered for. Discounted fare options. Services run seven days a week. 01720 423999

Tresco Boat Services Daily trips to explore the islands throughout the season, and year round transfers to your destination on Tresco, Bryher and St Martin’s. Seek out birds and seals on our wildlife tours, take a trip to Bishop Rock lighthouse, or hop on a gig spectator boat to cheer on our local crews. 01720 423373

Knowing what’s on! Tune into Radio Scilly (107.9FM) every morning just before 9.15am to hear the trips of the day, or pop into the Tourist Information Centre on Porthcressa for the latest What’s Ons. There are also lots of display boards across the islands. Scilly is very active on Facebook and Twitter too: Follow @ScillyTIC @RadioScilly and @ScillyBoating Call the TIC on 01720 424031 or email



ALL AT SEA WITH THE WILDLIFE Scilly is awash with wonderful marine life. Even the less appreciative aficionados won’t fail to be impressed. We recommend anyone coming to Scilly to book onto a water-based wildlife safari and enjoy our sea life up close. For a start, one never tires of watching the seals watching you – either bobbing their heads up out of the water or checking out their human observers from their rocky island bases. The arrival in April of breeding puffins off Annet and the Western Rocks is also another major draw to Scilly, and an amazing sight to behold. They stay on the islands until mid-July. The Isles of Scilly host an outstanding and internationally important assemblage of seabirds, namely cormorants, gannets, shags, great and lesser black-backed gulls, herring gulls, oystercatchers, kittiwakes, storm petrels, fulmars, razorbills, common terns and guillemots. All just waiting to be discovered. And not forgetting of course, the Manx shearwaters, which have made a magnificent return to the islands following the much heralded success of the internationally-acclaimed ‘Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project’. ■

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Every inch of the Isles of Scilly is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – over 60% of which is managed by the the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, itself a local independent charity. Its small professional staff team restores and maintains habitats for the benefit of people and wildlife on Scilly – including the permissive paths across all of the uninhabited islands, much of the coastlines and headlands of St. Agnes, Bryher and St. Martin's and on St. Mary's, the nature trails of Lower Moors, Higher Moors and Holy Vale.

“A journey that is an adventure in itself ”

JOURNEY TO THE EDGE of E N G L A N D Gavin McOwan, Guardian Travel writer


ew place names are as definitive as Land’s End, the sliver of Cornwall that crashes into the Atlantic at the westernmost tip of Britain. Yet this dramatic headland is merely the jumping-off point for a trip to the Isles of Scilly, a journey that is an adventure in itself. And if you travel from London, as I did, aboard the Night Riviera Sleeper from Paddington Station to Penzance, it becomes one the most epic journeys you can make without leaving these shores. Chugging out of busy central London in the evening then waking to peer blearily (there is a friendly little bar on board) through the blind to see the greenery of Cornwall rushing by is a wonderful way to start a holiday. From Penzance Station, it is only a 10-minute walk to the terminal from where, for seafarers, the ferry sails to Scilly. For those who appreciate loftier views it’s a short drive to Land’s End airport, where I boarded a plane to St. Mary’s. Just 15 minutes later, the pale-gold sandy beaches and Caribbean-like blue waters of the Scilly archipelago were glistening below us. But it was not only the physical journey to Scilly I found enchanting. Arriving from the mainland, it felt like journeying back in time. It is so isolated and small – with a population of just 2,200 across five inhabited islands – that the sense of community is very strong, and also incredibly welcoming. Getting around the islands is as much fun as getting there. The rhythm of the day is dictated by the tides and thus the timetables of small water taxis and “tripper” boats that join the islands. The easiest way to discover them is to take a morning boat and spend the day island-hopping. Journey times and distances are short, and wherever you are you can usually see the other islands, which adds to the intimacy of the place. And if when walking the islands you pass a gorgeous, deserted beach (you’ll never be far away from one of the finest in the whole country), stake your claim. You may well have it all to yourself for the day! ■




Rat Bags A harbour view to inspire the very best of new designs. This is Rat Bags, the Canvas Shop, run by sisters Carol and Helen, and home to colourful, handmade bags, clothes and hats. They’re made from leftover cuts of canvas that are used to make and repair sails for boats.

“It’s amazing to me that any work gets done as I would spend my days gazing out of the window.” Anne Clarke, Handmade



Island Guide

An island to explore


hether you arrive by ferry or flight, your very first taste of the islands will be to set foot on the island of St. Mary’s, and with it a small step back in time. Take time to explore all 2.5 square miles of it. With its thriving community life, an abundance of activities and diverse terrain, this, the largest island of the archipelago, is more than just a pitstop on your way to the off-islands. Stock up on local food and island-inspired souvenirs from Hugh Town’s galleries, shops and eateries lined up along a narrow isthmus between Porthcressa Beach and Town Beach, and take the time to learn about the islands’ fascinating history at the charming museum. The capital, Hugh Town, is no bigger than a tiny mainland village and rush hour is when visitors flock to the quayside to catch the inter-island boats. Stray just a pebble’s throw from the hub and you can enjoy a range of water sports, discover archaeological wonders, scale to the highest point of the islands and follow nature trails through shady reserves to sandy coves. Boasting such an inspiring landscape that changes dramatically with the seasons, it’s little wonder that St. Mary’s is a hive of artistic activity the whole year round.



You can come face-to-face with some of the islands’ most talented artists at the Phoenix Craft Studios, Glandore Gallery and Porthloo Studios, watch them work and browse their beautiful pieces. While community life tends to revolve around the quay and the town, it’s easy to escape to the rest of the island.There are just nine miles of road so little need for cars, although hiring a golf buggy or taking a guided tour by bus or taxi is a lovely way to get your holiday underway. However, with more than 30 miles of walking and cycling trails to explore, including 10 miles of coastal paths circumnavigating the island, it’s fabulously do-able to head out and explore St. Mary’s under your own steam – on foot, by bike and by horse! Head to the flower farms at Trenoweth, pause at Peninnis Lighthouse, seek out the sub-tropical

Island Guide

ST. MARY’S ESSENTIALS Glandore Gallery Small seaview gallery overlooking beach, offering landscape and seascape greetings cards and quality giclee prints. Distinctive original ink and watercolour paintings by local artist, Stephen Morris. Watercolour cards and prints by the late Nan Heath.

Island Sea Safaris Island Sea Safaris operate a morning or afternoon RIB wildlife sea safari, taking you around and amongst the islands and rocks of Scilly, to look at seal colonies, sea birds, wreck sites and many areas of historical interest. 07747 615732

Scented Narcissi Locally grown, beautifully presented narcissi, courier delivered from Oct-Apr. In summer, visit our exhibition showcasing the development of this important industry over the decades in Scilly. Shop online or by phone. 01720 423767

myScilly Francis Hosken, flower farmer

Isles of Scilly Flowers We grow scented narcissi and show pinks all year round. Handpicked by us on The Flower Farm at Trenoweth, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, and delivered to your home by first class post. 01720 422666

Phoenix Craft Workshops, Porthmellon Business Park Take a 10 minute stroll to Porthmellon and visit this thriving cooperative of artists and craftspeople. Locally produced gifts and souvenirs. Tuition and workshops available for all ages and abilities – call for details and bookings. 01720 422900

Kings of the Castle Kings of the Castle is a 0 to 8 yr old soft play facility. Serving hot and cold drinks, a variety of milkshakes and snacks in a relaxing atmosphere. Dan Marcus kingsotcastle

Kernow Coasteering Try coasteering along the remarkable stretch of coastline at Peninnis Head. Jump, swim and scramble your way along the craggy coastline for an incredible adventure that will be the highlight of your trip to Scilly. 07734 343954 isles-of-scilly

Come wind, come rain; come winter on Scilly and the fields of scented narcissi are hand-picked, graded, packed and posted. Once the islands’ economic staple, few flower farms remain. But those that do, carry on the farming traditions so distinctive of Scilly.



mySc illy

Susan Seddon, sock maker & mystical artist “Scilly has allowed me to relax, slow down and become the person I needed to become. Painting and sock making is my creative me. Painting takes me on a journey, one that I never know where it’s going to go.”

Island Guide


Oriel Hicks, glass artist It started as a holiday job and continued as a love affair, not just of the islands: Oriel married a local boatman, Steve. “Through my glass sculptures, I’m lucky enough to be able to give visitors a lasting memory of Scilly.”

serenity of Carreg Dhu garden and discover the Iron Age burial chamber at Bant’s Carn and the ancient settlement at Halangy Down. Feel the sand between your toes on Pelistry Bay, and clamber over to Toll’s Island at low tide for a real Swallows and Amazons adventure. Gaze at the unusual ‘loaded camel’ rock on Porth Hellick – where you’ll also find a memorial dedicated to Sir Cloudesley Shovell, a British Admiral whose body was washed up here in 1707, when four ships foundered off Scilly in one of the greatest disasters in British maritime history. If you want to up the ante, you can try a huge range of coastal adventures. Get blown away on a windsurfing or sailing excursion with the Isles of Scilly Sailing Centre, or explore the many coves and islets by kayak or paddleboard.Take the plunge

into the cool, clear waters on a sea swimming or coasteering trip or saddle up and explore from the woods to the cliffs on horseback. The most popular sport on Scilly is gig rowing – handed down by 19th Century oarsmen who rowed their boats out to incoming ships to compete for the job of piloting them into harbour.You can see the traditional six-oar pilot gig boats in the sheds on Porthmellon, or watch them being raced twice a week from April to September. The islands’ biggest annual event is the World Pilot Gig Championships, every early May Bank Holiday weekend, which attracts rowers from around the world for a weekend of competition and revelry. However you choose to see the sights of St. Mary’s, its history and heritage is impressed into every cranny of the landscape. Take in panoramic



 Stephen Lewis – Sunset Bant’s Carn

views from the Garrison headland, once the frontline of England’s defences. Up here you can play on the field that is home to the world’s smallest football league, and admire the iconic Star Castle – now one of the most prominent hotels on Scilly – that harks back to the �6th Century. Most people access the headland via the historic Garrison Gate, but follow your nose for adventure and you can get here through Sally Port, a low passageway hidden within the heavily fortified walls. Head to Old Town too and lap up the sheer beauty of Old Town Bay which is flanked on one side by a tiny medieval candlelit church. It’s little wonder that the former British Prime Minister

Harold Wilson, and Augustus Smith, founder of Tresco Abbey Garden, chose its quiet, secluded graveyard as their final resting place. From Old Town Bay in the south to Bar Point in the north, any excursion around St. Mary’s is bound to work up a thirst and appetite, so it’s fortunate that the island has a wealth of tasty pit stops criss-crossing its paths. It even has its own microbrewery and a vineyard. Aside from Hugh Town’s cluster of cafés, bars and eateries, one of the finest venues is the award-winning Juliet’s Garden. Sip a local tipple or tuck into platters of local produce while you soak up the views and watch the sun go down over the harbour. Idyllic! ■

“The island has a wealth of tasty pit stops criss-crossing its paths.”

Island Guide

ST. MARY’S ESSENTIALS Kaffeehaus Salbei A unique Bavarian café on Scilly. It specialises in delicacies such as Apfelstrudel, fresh German Bread, German beer and smoked sausages. Open daily from 11am-5pm. We are in the Scilly Food Guide for both our food and our relaxed ambience. 01720 422440 Sage House, High Lanes, St. Mary’s

Juliet’s Garden Restaurant & Bar Perfect seaside eating – homemade and imaginative dishes served inside or out on our terraces, enjoying unrivalled views of the sea, boats and harbour. Open daily and most evenings. Fabulous food. Fabulous view. Finalist of the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2016/2017. 01720 422228

The Mermaid Inn Your first port of call on St. Mary’s. You will always find real ales flowing in our traditional bar and quality cuisine in our contemporary restaurant and bistro. Open every day for food and drink. The islands’ number one watering hole. 01720 422701

Star Castle Hotel The castle boasts two award-winning restaurants: The Dining Room and The Conservatory. Menus feature locally caught seafood, offer up to five courses and change daily. Wines are selected from around the world for their excellence and value for money. Locally produced Holy Vale Wines are also available to enjoy. 01720 422317 / 423342

Bishop & Wolf The Bishop & Wolf is a family run pub, where a warm welcome awaits you. We believe in freshly cooked meals using local produce where available. Why not come in and join us for a drink, a chat, or a meal? 01720 422771 Hugh Street, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0LL

Holy Vale Vineyard & Winery Situated on St. Mary’s. Holy Vale is open (March to October) weekdays, 12:30 – 16:30, for tours, tastings, “the story of wine exhibition”, Cellar door shop and Robert’s lobster lunch. Lobster lunches and weekend or evening visits must be booked in advance, please call to book. 01720 422317

Will Wagstaff: ornithologist, naturalist, author and guide “Having led tours to many parts of the world, I always return to Scilly – my myScilly home for over 35 years. Year-on-year, the variety of birds we see during the seasons still amazes me.”

“The Paper Shop” (CJ Mumford) Serving the islands’ newspaper, magazine and periodical requirements since 1904. Confectioner, stationer, tobacconist and bookseller – including Scilly’s longest-running publication “The Scillonian”. Scilly’s only National Lottery outlet. 01720 422438



Island Guide

 David Davenall – Cromwell’s Castle

Sub-tropical sophistication


he second largest of the Isles of Scilly,Tresco can often feel like your own private island. Here you can lose yourself in world-class gardens or lap up luxury in an award-winning spa. Freewheel from castle to cove along the lush southern flanks, or explore the wild northern territory where you can hear the ocean bellow from the great cave of Piper’s Hole. The jewel of the island is Tresco Abbey Garden, a botanical paradise planted amidst the ruins of a Benedictine priory. Its incredible 20,000 plant species have been collected from as far and wide as New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and South America, and many of them can’t survive anywhere else in the UK. Red squirrels were introduced to the garden in 2013, and it’s also home to the fascinating Valhalla museum – a collection of figureheads collected from shipwrecks around the islands. However, the gardens aren’t the only attraction with international acclaim: Tresco’s Pentle Bay



and Appletree Bay jostle for attention amongst the world’s best beaches, and the migratory birds that flock to Great Pool attract ornithologists from all over the globe.The island is well endowed with heritage, too; discover a Bronze Age tomb on Tregarthen Hill, climb to the top of Cromwell’s Castle that guards the channel between Tresco and Bryher, explore King Charles Castle just a little up the hill and check out the Blockhouse at Old Grimsby. A magnet for gastronomes, the island is famous for the quality of the beef reared on its farmland, while Tresco Stores is often referred to as ‘Fortnum’s on Sea’. Bag a table at the Ruin

Beach Café or The New Inn and you’ll find that a remarkable amount of ingredients on the menu are sourced from the island alone. The array of excellent local produce – from fish to fudge – is showcased at the annual Tresco Food Festival, part of the Taste of Scilly celebrations held across the islands in September. So roll up beachcombers, walkers, foodies and adventure seekers.Tresco is perfectly kitted out for an island escape with a lick of luxury. Hire bikes, browse island-inspired artwork, sink into spa life or strike out on foot. Or simply drop a crabbing line off the harbour wall and watch the boats putter to and fro as the serene world slips by. ■

“An island escape with a lick of luxury.”

Island Guide

TRESCO ESSENTIALS The Ruin Beach Café Sophisticated yet relaxed beachfront dining. The wood-fired oven sits at the heart of the restaurant, producing delicious Mediterranean-inspired food using local ingredients including Tresco beef and Scillonian fish. The terrace is perfect for an afternoon cocktail as the children play on the beach below. Booking essential for evenings. 01720 424849

Andrew Lawson, head gardener, Tresco Abbey Garden

Tresco Island Spa The perfect destination for those looking to truly unwind. Our beautifully appointed Spa features an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and fully equipped gym. Friendly therapists are on hand to talk through our range of ila treatments, from a simple pedicure to a marine flora body wrap. Day passes available. 01720 424075


“Tresco and I go back some 40 years – via family holidays and a gardening obsession. As a young boy it was an ambition to work in the UK’s most tender garden. And here I am; my passion and privilege.”



Island Guide

Endless beaches


eel the sand between your toes on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Snorkel with seals in aquamarine seas. Climb breath-taking cliffs and gaze upon seabird colonies on the Eastern Isles. Enjoy the freedom of wild coastal adventures or the simplicity of bucket and spade days. It’s no secret that St. Martin’s is a beach paradise. With mile-upon-mile of white sands backed by marram-topped dunes and palm trees, its beaches are not only amongst the best in Britain, but some of the finest in the world. Saunter along the sandy expanse of Lawrence’s Bay, unpack a picnic on Bread and Cheese Cove or launch into the iridescent seas lapping Par Beach. Beyond beach life awaits miles of spectacular coastal path where nature abounds. Climb to the iconic Daymark atop Chapel Down and you’ll not only discover a scattering of ancient burial sites but you’ll also be rewarded with sightings of the guillemots and other seabirds that inhabit the colonies of the Eastern Isles. By all means kick back and soak up your surroundings, but if you’re up for a bit of adventure



then take the plunge with playful flipper-nibbling mammals on a seal snorkelling trip, get up-close to the colonies of Atlantic grey seals on a boat trip to the offshore islets, or grab your fishing nets for rock-pool rambles. St. Martin’s isn’t only rich in natural beauty; the 120 or so residents are industrious folk behind all sorts of enterprises including an award-winning dive school and Fay Page’s island-inspired silver jewellery. Beyond Higher Town’s tangle of lanes you’ll discover St. Martin’s Boutique Vineyard, where you can take a tour and sample vintages made from the Rondo and Seyval grapes. Business booms year-round at Churchtown Farm,

where scented narcissi thrive in the frost-free winters, making Christmas the busiest time of year for flowers to be shipped to the mainland. The extensive beach-life is bound to stir up a healthy appetite, and there are plenty of places to indulge in tasty local cuisine. Dom and Emily lay on hearty pub grub alongside a platter of live music events at The Seven Stones Inn, while Polreath Café serves cream teas and cracking lunches. Dine in style at Karma St. Martins, fill your picnic basket at St. Martin’s Store & Post Office, or tuck into pasties, quiches and tasty treats from the famous Island Bakery. ■

“Its beaches are amongst the finest in the world.”

Island Guide

ST. MARTIN'S ESSENTIALS Fay Page – Open Studio This beautiful studio, made from reclaimed materials and ship’s timbers displays lovely jewellery that is made in this workshop by the sea. This popular brand, inspired by the sea and island life, is worn across Scilly, the UK and beyond. Lovely new designs for 2017. 01720 423017

The Seven Stones Inn Recently refurbished, family run free house, taking pride in serving a good pint with arguably the best pub view in the world. Home to live music, comedy, theatre & film screenings. Lunch & supper served daily.

The Island Bakery Artisan breads, traditional Cornish pasties, filled rolls, hot savouries, pies, tarts, a selection of cakes, fair-trade coffee and homemade lemonade all freshly prepared and handmade on our premises using the finest Cornish ingredients. 01720 422111

Scilly Flowers Scilly’s postal flower service – pop into Churchtown Farm to order gift boxes of island grown, scented flowers and find out how this innovative flower farm works. 01720 422169

01720 423777 The Seven Stones Inn, Lower Town, St. Martin’s


Anna Cawthray, diver

Fay Page, jewellery maker

“I eat, live and breathe St. Martin’s. I love the island and its connection with nature. Everything we do is ruled by the weather and tides – you can't change it, and nor would I.”

“I came to Scilly every year from childhood. It was a world away from Yorkshire and I pined for the islands year-round. My workshop on St. Martin’s is almost an extension of the Scilly shrine that was my teenage bedroom.”



Island Guide

Wild beauty


xperience mighty seas and rugged cliffs, glassy coves and white-sand bays. At just one and a half miles long by half a mile wide, Bryher competes with St. Agnes for the accolade of the smallest island, yet it packs an amazing amount of diversity into its petite form. Here you can take a walk on the wild side and storm-watch atop the granite stacks of Shipman Head, or feel the shore tremble under thunderous waves pounding Hell Bay. On the other side, you can experience the serenity of the southern shore with its shell-strewn beaches lapped by turquoise waters. One of the finest spots to soak up the island panorama is from Samson Hill. In fact, you can easily circumnavigate the entire coastline via Bryher’s seven hills – none of which rises above 150 feet. If you prefer beach life you can pad along the powdery sands of Green Bay or castaway on a kayak, paddleboard or sailing dinghy. Time your visit with the Equinox tides and you can even walk to neighbouring Tresco. You don’t have to be a creative type for this wild little island to captivate your senses.Yet countless artists have committed the scenery to canvas, while Michael Morpurgo and Sam Llewellyn are amongst the authors who’ve penned Bryher into their novels. The film adaptation of Morpurgo’s ‘Why the Whales Came’, starring Helen Mirren and David Suchet, was subsequently filmed here in 1988.



Despite its rugged appearances the island boasts a sophisticated edge and is home to the award-winning Hell Bay Hotel. Dip into this haven of barefoot luxury for a spa treatment, gorge on island seafood in the Crab Shack, or book a suite for full-blown immersion into the chic coastal lifestyle. There’s no shortage of self-catering accommodation and B&Bs dotted around the island, but if you prefer the more elemental pleasures of island life, there’s nowhere better to stay than under the stars on the campsite. As well as its scenic virtues, it’s Bryher’s foodie assets that lure visitors for much of the year.

Whether you’re tucking into lobster dogs at Island Fish or a crab sandwich at the pub, you can often point to the farmer or fisherman who supplied what you’re eating. Bryher shop – the only one on the island – is stacked with island produce (try a slice of the famous island tattie cake) and you’ll also come across plenty of honesty stalls brimming with goodies from fresh veg to Veronica Farm Fudge. This abundance of island produce is showcased at September’s Tresco Food Festival, which is part of the Taste of Scilly celebrations, an annual event that welcomes visitors to celebrate alongside this tight-knit, enterprising community. ■

“Dip into this haven of barefoot luxury.”

Island Guide

BRYHER ESSENTIALS Veronica Farm Fudge A family run business, producing a quality fudge with all natural ingredients sourced locally and ethically where possible. We use milk, butter and cream from Troytown Farm on St. Agnes. Contact Kris Taylor

Bryher Boatyard Bryher Boatyard offers catamaran motorboat, and sailing boat hire throughout the islands. Visit our Chandlers shop which stocks fishing supplies and gifts, and our free shipwreck aquarium stocked with local fish and lobsters.

Image: James Churchill

01720 422702

 Chris Fay – Sailing the Isles of Scilly

Mark Pender, Bryher fisherman


“I come from generations of Scillonian fishermen. Every morning I head out to sea to bait and haul pots. A way of life that has no equal.”



Island Guide

Rugged simplicity


elcome to a tiny island of mighty contrasts. Beauty and isolation are behind the independent spirit of this wild little island where you can discover stunning coves and contemporary cuisine juxtaposed with Bronze Age burial sites and barren heathland. Beyond the shores of St. Agnes lies nothing but shipwrecks, seabird colonies, rugged islets and 3,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean. Maroon yourself on Britain’s most southwesterly outpost and step into the footsteps of a modern-day Robinson Crusoe. The only one of the inhabited isles to be separated from the rest of the islands by a deep-water channel, St. Agnes is connected to the diminutive island of Gugh by a sand bar which is inaccessible at high tide. Amble barefoot across ‘The Bar’ before the tide floods in and for a few hours you’ll be castaway on Gugh with only wildlife, the Bronze Age Obadiah’s Barrow and the nine-foot-tall ‘Old Man’ standing stone for company. However, don’t let the remoteness of St. Agnes fool you into thinking it’s purely a place to watch the sunset or count shooting stars. Beyond its natural environment you’ll discover buckets full of panache and a creative, talented community.



A magnet for wildlife, St. Agnes is also the location for the globally significant Seabird Recovery Project, through which the island has recently witnessed the first storm petrel and Manx shearwater chicks to breed on Scilly in living memory. Nowhere is the island’s hard-working ethos more evident than at Troytown Farm, where the Hicks family not only runs a campsite and holiday cottages, but also makes delicious farm produce including more than 30 flavours of ice cream from their small herd of Jersey cows that graze by the Atlantic. For an island of such small proportions,

St. Agnes isn’t short of things to see and do. Of all the beaches, Periglis is the shell collector’s paradise, its coarse sandy crescent boasting breath-taking views to Annet, the Western Rocks and Bishop Rock Lighthouse.The most iconic landmark is the tower of the decommissioned lighthouse that was built in 1680. But as you wander around the island you’ll also encounter extraordinary rock formations located on Wingletang Down, a church with stunning stained-glass windows depicting brave local seamen, and a stone maze on Castella Down, which was left by a lighthouse keeper centuries ago. ■

“Beauty and isolation are behind the independent spirit of this wild little island.”

Island Guide

ST. AGNES ESSENTIALS Troytown Farm & Dairy Troytown’s tiny dairy herd provides creamy milk for delicious ice cream and dairy produce. Farm reared pork & beef also available – visit our farm shop to try some, or we can deliver anywhere in Scilly. 01720 422360

myScilly Tim Hicks, dairy farmer “My roots have always been on St. Agnes and deep in the land I farm. Tending our tiny herd of dairy cows is my life; it’s wonderfully hands on and deliciously rewarding.”



Let your


Today’s Scilly has an adrenaline-lined streak


here’s a reason why Scilly has been discovered as a scuba diving, snorkelling and coasteering Mecca, why it attracts hundreds of gig rowers and sea swimmers each year to take on island-to-island challenges, and why brave kayakers and paddle boarders attempt to circumnavigate the islands or even head back to Cornwall from Scilly itself. It’s because the Isles of Scilly, whilst one of the most relaxed and friendly places in the UK ever, is also the perfect archipelago for adventure. Are you ready for yours to begin?





After competing in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series Qualifier in June last year, sportsman and journalist Tarquin Cooper recalls his adrenaline-fuelled weekend and provides a unique insight into the adventurous side of Scilly.


he Isles of Scilly had long held a special place in the back of my mind before I finally had the perfect excuse to visit. I’d heard of the white-sanded beaches just beyond the horizon; of wild and windswept rugged coastlines crying out to be explored. Who could not be enticed by a call to visit this enchanted archipelago just beyond the western tip of Britain? My chance came in the form of an invitation to take part in ‘ÖTILLÖ’, an adventure race devised originally in Sweden, in which competitors swim and run their way around a number of islands. It was the first time this endurance race had ever been hosted in the UK, and Scilly provided the perfect backdrop. As I stood on the start line in a pair of trainers and a wetsuit alongside my race partner, other trail runners, open-water swimmers and adventurers, there was more than the usual doubt about what I had let myself in for. Well, with these friendly isles as the venue, I shouldn’t have worried.




Through hell and, literally, high water, experienced sea kayaker Rich Harpham fought the swell and journeyed to Scilly from Land’s End.

I From birds-eye view to fish-eye view, we traded the sweeping aerial perspective of the islands gained from our Twin Otter plane for the views of the human otter – an enticing underwater world of clear waters and colourful kelp swaying in the current. Along the way, we ran along stunning coastal paths, passed historic ruins and enjoyed some big and challenging open-water swims – and it was quite the adventure to discover the islands from this new perspective. ÖTILLÖ returns to Scilly in June 2017 – and most likely for years to come. The field this year is set to be bigger as the event grows in stature, and even if you’re not willing (or mad enough!) to compete, this is a spectacle to be embraced, whichever island you find yourself on.The atmosphere and support from residents and holiday makers was, quite simply, second to none.

like a challenge and this was one I’d cherished for some time: completing the 3� nautical mile journey from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly by kayak rather than the more conventional methods of travel. I, together with my small team of fellow kayakers and our support boat, set off from Lamorna on the South Coast of Cornwall and paddled into the four-metre swell. Land’s End was our first landmark, and we took obligatory ‘selfies’ before putting our heads down. There’s no denying, it was strenuous stuff and it wasn’t long before we were beginning to feel the effects of fatigue. But then the Royal Navy rescue helicopter did a fly by and its crew gave a standing ovation which rejuvenated us. The feelgood factor continued when the Scillonian passenger ferry passed us with a long toot of the horn. After seven hours, we began to see something on the horizon. A mirage? Thankfully not! At last, the Isles of Scilly were in sight. We paddled into St. Mary’s harbour and headed for the beach amongst the gigs in Hugh Town.We were elated. We’d done it! After a shower, some (excellent) local beer and food, we got some much-


WILD SWIMMING needed sleep. The crossing had taken 9 hours and 40 minutes due to the conditions – but we more than made up for it during our two-day stay on the islands. We explored the rocky outcrops and sheltered bays around Samson and Tresco and, despite a storm that blew through, it was a paddling heaven with big swells and clear tropical waters. There are a number of places on my adventures that have left me with a strong desire to return. The Isles of Scilly is high on this list. I can’t wait to explore more of the archipelago by kayak or stand up paddleboard, and enjoy once more the crystal clear waters and the warm sub-tropical air.


Having swum for her home country for most of her youth, Katia Vastiau now travels all over the world, feeding her wild swimming hunger.


had been longing to visit the Isles of Scilly ever since I moved to the UK. Friends raved about the amazing waters and last summer, finally I made it. The natural beauty of the archipelago hits you immediately, but the true gem appeared as I walked across St. Martin’s: endless white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters! A swimmer’s paradise that looked like it had just been plucked right out of the Caribbean; even the vegetation here is lush and more tropical – although the same is not so true for the water temperatures… a refreshing �5˚C! Our group, guided by Adventure Scilly, started with an acclimatisation swim along the shore of St. Martin’s – the visibility was amazing. I chose to wear my wetsuit, whilst some of the others just wore their



swimming costumes. Whatever the attire, everyone wore the same beaming smile!  One day was spent swimming from Tresco to Bryher, having a picnic on the beach, then swimming up to the pristine white sand of Samson. Off shore from Tresco, we got to swim with a colony of seals, and after 20 minutes of being shown up by their aquatic skills, we went on towards Bryher, ready for a bite to eat. There’s something about sea swimming that clears your head and freshens you up, leaving you with physical and mental satisfaction and a huge appetite!  I had a fantastic swimming holiday venturing between the islands, but even if you’re someone who fancies only an occasional dip, do so! The amazing scenery above and below the water simply adds to the delight of seeing the islands from a new perspective.


Pete Hicks is Scilly’s Lifeboat Coxswain and Captain of the Lyonnesse Lady (the interisland freight boat). He’s also a passionate kitesurfer…


rom the age of 5, I’ve been boating, fishing and messing about on the sea around Scilly. In my late teens, having already progressed to sailing high-performance dinghies, I got the chance to learn how to kitesurf here on the islands. I signed up. The weekend came for the course and it was blowing hard: perfect conditions for discovering what kitesurfing was all about and with three-time British freestyle champion Mike Smith demonstrating his exceptional skills, I was hooked from the off. Since that weekend, I’ve kitesurfed in numerous locations and I have come to realise that I live in one of best places – if not the best place – to kitesurf in the UK. When the wind is right, the tides allow, and the sun shining, it’s



SCUBA magazine editor Simon Rogerson, gives us a glimpse of what he describes as the “true jewels” of the isles.


ying �8 miles south west of the Cornish coast, the Isles of Scilly have a unique marine ecosystem, fed by the nutrientrich water of the open Atlantic. The islands and offshore reefs form a dynamic mosaic that is home to wonderful species of fish, invertebrates and marine mammals. These islands are legendary among divers, who visit to experience the dramatic reef walls, or perhaps to connect with the past by visiting shipwrecks. These waters are the final resting place of HMS Colossus, which was driven aground in a gale while returning from the Battle of the Nile in �798.Today the wreck’s debris trail is a living museum, where brightly coloured ballan wrasse swim between cannons and other artefacts. Thanks to the location and lack of pollution, the water here is unusually clear and supports a swaying forest of kelp to a depth of about 18 metres. It’s in this zone where you are likely to encounter one of these island’s most likeable inhabitants, the Atlantic grey seal.These impressive pinnipeds are hardy mammals that favour harsh offshore environments, but in the warm climate of Scilly their mood seems to soften and they are known for the games they play with visiting divers and snorkellers – their favourite trick is to sneak up behind you and gently nibble on your flippers. As you venture deeper, the granite walls of the reef become dominated by fields of anemones, forming an ecosystem that supports many different

"THE TRUE VALUE OF THESE ISLANDS LIES IN THE WEALTH OF NATURE THEY SUPPORT." truly brilliant. Such is the geography of the islands that there’s always a beach that you can get rigged up from and head out into the shallow and clear blue waters. Then you’ll blast along with a huge smile on your face! The most consistently best spot for kitesurfing on Scilly is across St. Martin’s Flats where winds blowing from the south east direction all the way round to westerly make it a real freestyle heaven. When the easterlies blow, head for Tresco in particular Pentle Bay at low tide as upwind of the beach there’s a sand bar where waves form. Kiting here is best for competent riders who know their limits, can launch, land and pack down themselves and have due regard for changing conditions and other water users. There are no kite schools or shops so bring all the spares you may think you’ll need. If this sounds like you, you’ll be in for the rides of your life!




Big time adventurer Lizzie Carr came back to her favourite place in the UK to conquer a personal fear. creatures. The pale light does not reveal their natural lustre, but if you shine a torch onto the reef you will see it come alive in vivid shades of red and yellow. If I had to choose a single marine creature to represent the Isles of Scilly, it would be the humble jewel anemone, Corynactis Viridis. Individually these tiny anemones seem insignificant, but when you see colour-coordinated colonies covering great swathes of rock, the effect is profound.Their capacity for prolific budding (or asexual reproduction) means that specific colours dominate patches of rock, as different colonies vie for space on the reef. They form a sort of living wallpaper, in every imaginable hue. The Isles of Scilly have seen their share of treasure hunters over the years, but surely the true value of these islands lies in the wealth of nature they support, above and below the waves.


oasteering is an experience that goes against the grain.You have to put into check everything your parents told you not to do on the beach as a child, and have faith in the expert guidance of someone who not only ignored that advice, but went on to make a career out of it. Basically, it’s about climbing around the coastline’s rocks and when you can climb no more you either jump in or swim until you are met with more rocks to clamber round and jump in from. I’d intended to try it for a few years, but a mix of circumstance and fear had stopped me. It’s one of those irrational fears – fish swarming under my feet and not being able to see them. However, last summer I was on a mission to challenge myself, so I headed out to the UK’s adventure Mecca – the Isles of Scilly. Our guided group, led by Kernow Coasteering, started from Peninnis Head on St. Mary’s and, despite being somewhat preoccupied, we all still noticed the breathtaking views. Soon came the first jump, off a rock that stood about five feet from the water. I was terrified, but kept a cool exterior as I plunged into the water. It was exhilarating, but I was still trying to fight my fears. So when we approached the ��ft, �5ft and ��ft jumps, I barely let myself think before leaping off. I was on the edge of my comfort zone and, as much as I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t enjoying it, I was getting addicted to the thrill. More climbing, swimming and jumping ensued and I was really starting to find my feet. A 3�ft jump wrapped things up and it was then that I knew I’d reached my limit. So back I went to the safety of dry land, still feeling rather pleased with myself. It was an experience that I not only enjoyed, but one that also genuinely helped me overcome my fear.Would I do it again? Undoubtedly, and I’d make sure I did the 3� ft rock next time!


At the age of 27, with deteriorating sight, Dean Dunbar was advised to get a guide dog. A few years on, he decided to paddle, blind, from the Isles of Scilly to Cornwall.


had first heard about the so-called Celtic Crossing, from the Isles of Scilly to Sennen Cove on the westernmost tip of Cornwall, from a friend. I knew immediately it was a challenge I had to complete. Being a big 5�km crossing, the weather and sea conditions had to be perfect. So we opted for a window of opportunity in June. It was warm, the tides were favourable and the wind negligible. Having arrived on St. Mary’s, we readied ourselves with a late afternoon stroll through Hugh Town, excellent fish and chips, and a reflective moment sitting on the beach enjoying the evening sunshine. The paddle the following day was going to be hard, not only because it was a good distance, but also because we didn’t want to leave this idyllic place. One night on the Isles of Scilly was not enough! The next day, at first light, we left St. Mary’s and paddled out through the glassy waters of the archipelago, towards the Eastern Isles. Even if I couldn’t see the beauty of the water, I could feel

it with every movement – and I could sense that I was heading east by the sun on my face. As we reached the last island before the open sea, the boys spotted a seal colony, and paddled off to investigate. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see much, so the team told me to continue paddling towards the sun. A few minutes later, I heard a double whistle. This surely meant trouble. We had pre-arranged emergency signals – a double whistle blast meant “come back” and a single blast meant “wait”. Another double blast sounded again, and then another, so I got a fix on the direction – 20 metres above my head! I was much relieved to fathom that, rather than my paddling mate Carl, this was the call of a seabird! That was the first of the wildlife, and throughout the paddle, the guys spotted puffins, dolphins and many more seals. The team’s goal was to get the blind man from the Isles of Scilly to Cornwall on his paddleboard, standing, kneeling or even lying. And this, we achieved in style – standing all the way in a total of 8 hours and �� minutes! ■


Book your adventure You can find out more about Scilly’s adventure sports by looking at our website or by calling our Tourist Information Centre. We recommend you book onto organised activities or enjoy lessons with one of the islands’ skilled instructors.

M +44 (0)1720 424031� 



“As part of the Walk Scilly Festival, I have seen seabirds, eaten foraged food, taken moonlit boat trips and experienced a warm Scilly welcome.� Fi Darby (Blonde Two),





Writer for the Western Morning News Martin Hesp has walked the Isles of Scilly all his life. Here, he shares his favourites for us all to enjoy.


here’s something very special indeed about walking across islands, and the Scillonian archipelago offers some of the finest easy hiking to be found anywhere in Britain. Not only are the islands sublimely beautiful, but they have, for the most part, been left untouched by the ravages caused by the internal combustion engine. If peaceful walking with fantastic sea views is what you like, then the Isles of Scilly are a dream. Each of the five inhabited islands is circumnavigated to some extent by its own coast path, and there are countless lanes and footpaths weaving in between. Throughout the year, these byways are bedecked by swathes of wild flowers and sing with birdlife. Rarely are you far away from the crash of the big green waves that constantly beat upon the westerly coasts of the islands – and, always, you can breathe what must be the cleanest, most unpolluted air in Europe. Added to this, the archipelago has its own enviable microclimate, so even walking here in the depths of winter can be a stunning, scenic, treat. No wonder a large proportion of visitors to Scilly say that walking is their favourite pastime during their stay.

Bar Point

8 9




Being a bit larger than the other islands, 6 St. Mary’s boasts several walking routes, although the big one you should try is the 10-mile circumnavigation. But let’s start with an excellent shorter 5 walk for those who’ve 4 popped out to the islands for just a day visit. Basi1 cally, this takes 2 you around the south-west corner and includes Hugh Town, the harbour, the historic Garrison peninsula (1), Porthcressa Beach (2), and another even bigger peninsula, Peninnis Head (3), St. Mary’s most southerly tip, before heading back to town. The walk takes just over two hours, so it really does make for an ideal stroll, taking in some of the best views in Scilly, before you have to jump back on the boat. An excellent longer walk circumnavigates the north-western part of St. Mary’s. This area boasts some of the best hiking routes in the archipelago and offers something of everything Scillonian. There’s classic coastal walking, fabulous lonely beaches, windswept oceanic woodlands, ancient monuments, stunning views and quiet leafy lanes. It also begins in the island “capital” of Hugh Town. Simply take the road that runs alongside Town Beach (4), carry on around the bay called Porthmellon (5) where St. Mary’s famous racing gigs are housed. Just behind the gig sheds there’s a track, which is actually the beginning of the island’s coast path. Past the boats we walk, up to Juliet’s Garden Restaurant and Bar (6) – and just past this panoramic eatery, there’s a track on the left that will introduce you to the northerly territories. We pass the golf course and the remains of the


3 ancient village at Halangy (7), walking on to the real north coast where we are treated to wondrous views of St. Martin’s and Tresco. Next there’s a particularly beautiful flower farm where the path descends past tiny fields before entering a woodland of Scotch pines. The path runs between the low cliffs and the trees, and after half a mile comes to Helvear Down where two chambered tombs (8), collectively known as Innisidgen, overlook Crow Sound. We keep to the coast path, which is now beginning to head southeast, rounding Block House Point into the lovely Watermill Cove (9). Next comes Pelistry Bay (10), commonly regarded as one of the best bathing beaches on Scilly. The coast path continues south – and if you wanted to walk back to the airport to catch your return flight you could do worse than follow it! Otherwise go up Pelistry Lane, then inland to Holy Vale (11) so that you can take the shortcut that runs over to Rocky Hill. Now it’s simply a matter of heading west back down to Porthmellon and into town.




6 5 4


Few islands in Europe can boast such beaches as St. Martin’s, with sand so fine and soft it used to be exported so that the scribes of yesteryear could dry their ink with it before the days of blotting paper. From Higher Town Quay (1) fork right and walk along the dune-lined path past St. Martin’s Vineyard and continue along the curving white beach to English Island Point (2). Here, the island begins to show its more rugged face as the path wends its way across rocky downs towards the 11-metre-high Daymark (3), painted with bright red and white stripes. Now we turn westward along St. Martin’s wilder northern coast, passing Bread and Cheese Cove (4), then aptly named Wine Cove (5), which introduces us to the splendid white sweep of Great Bay (6). Leave the coast path here and head south, then walk west along St. Martin’s main lane which traverses the central ridge. Head towards Lower Town Quay (7) where you can enjoy a drink in the luxurious surroundings of the Karma St. Martin’s hotel or nearby in the excellent Seven Stones Inn. The stretch along the southern underbelly of the island between Lower Town and Middle Town is one of my favourite places in Scilly – more Madeira than St. Martin’s, perhaps. From here you can to return to Higher Town, where it’s simply a matter of turning right down to the quay.


Great Bay




The circumnavigation of this beautiful island is almost half-a-dozen miles if you follow the coast path, further if you criss-cross the tiny lanes, and more if you meander along the many paths through the Abbey Garden (1). We landed at Carn Near (2), the low-tide quay located at the island’s most southerly point and walked over the dunes, past the heliport and past Abbey Pool to reach the path that leads up the east coast. This eventually climbs up the suitably named Blockhouse Point (3). Apart from the blockhouse’s half-ruined ramparts, there’s nought but views – the white sand beaches of Tresco’s eastern edge, the various other easterly isles of Scilly – dominated from this angle by St. Martin’s – and the horseshoe bay of 6 Old Grimsby which nestles 5 quietly to the north west. The islands’ Sea Garden Cottages are situated along the northern shore of this bay. You can either follow the coast path past these and head for the northern moors, or you can make a figure-of-eight out of the route by heading inland past St. Nicholas’ Church (4) then crossing the hill to the other coast at New Grimsby. From here, turn up the north west coast to gain impressive views of Cromwell’s Castle (5) which dominates the straits that divide Tresco and Bryher. Having won the Battle of Tresco in an English Civil War skirmish in 1651, the Roundhead’s built this fortification to defend the channel from the marauding Dutch. Next we climb to King Charles’ Castle (6) situated a few hundred yards above on the highest point of the island and, from there, we make our way to the most northerly limits of Tresco, before returning back down the eastern shore past the beach at Gimble Porth (7). Cross between Old Grimsby and New Grimsby once again and a lane will take you down the island’s western edge, introducing you to the impressive woodlands of the Abbey where you can spend the rest of the day enjoying this magical sub-tropical garden.

Pentle Bay


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Arriving on St. Agnes 9 means disembarking at 8 the recently-refurbished quay at Porth Conger (1). The island’s main road is a tiny track just big enough to cater for a small tractor and it climbs away from the quay, passing the pub as it goes. At the shoulder of the hill it heads inland to run along the central ridge before coming to a halt at Troy Town Farm (2) in the west. But we leave this central track just past the pub and follow the tiny coast path down towards the sandbar that connects St. Agnes with its sister island, Gugh (pronounced to sound like the name Hugh). If time and tides allow, cross the sandbar (3) and take a turn around this small off-isle – the reward is wonderful views of St. Mary’s and there are all sorts of interesting ancient remains. But be warned – at high tide the bar disappears and Porth Conger and the big bay known as The Cove turn once again into the channel that separates Gugh. For the main walk around St. Agnes, we continue down the shore of this channel along the island’s little coast path all the way to Beady Pool (4) under Wingletang Down. A 17th-Century merchant ship went down near the cove and part of its cargo contained countless numbers of brown and black and white beads, which can occasionally still be found upon the shore. Magical Wingletang has a southerly appendage in the form of a cape that stretches around Grandfather Hugh’s Point, Horse Point (5) and a rock called The Beast. It’s well worth enjoying a wander around this, especially on a stormy day when, no doubt, you’ll be wowed by the waves. Now we walk north up the west coast. Just above

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Porth Askin (6) there are some big wind-etched rocks. Around St.Warna’s Cove, we find ourselves on the southerly slopes of Castella Down (7). Keep an eye out for the weirdest shaped rock of them all – the Nag’s Head looms inland of the path and looks something like a cross between a horse and an angel. Just beyond this, threading our way between the big stacks called Camper Dizzle Rocks, we come to the island’s famous Troy Town Maze (8) before wandering up the coast past Carnew Point (9) and the island campsite to reach the old lifeboat house in Periglis Cove (10). At this point you could leave the coast and walk up New Lane. At the top you’ll find Coastguard’s Café (11) up near the Old Coastguard Houses, and you’ll see the grand old lighthouse, Britain’s smallest school, St. Agnes Post Office and Stores and another tearoom, Covean, at Higher Town. This will bring you back to the shoulder of the hill where you left the island’s “main road” so now it’s simply a matter of strolling back to the landing quay past the conveniently placed pub.





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Bryher encapsulates all that is best about Scilly. For a clockwise walk around the isle, disembark along the beach from either landing quay, Church (1) or Bar (2), and head left to a particularly strange and beautiful corner of Scilly. As you pass Veronica Farm and enter the area known as Southward (3), Bryher takes on an altogether Caribbean air. Then, head south to round the flanks of Samson Hill (4) heading for Works Point. Just around the corner there is Rushy Bay (5), one of the most popular beaches in the archipelago. The next section of the path takes you around Bryher’s south 2 west peninsula known as Heathy Hill, then north around Great Porth (6), past a 1 few houses and an art gallery. Still heading north, we pass the multi-awardwinning Hell Bay Hotel after which we come by the reed beds of Great Pool (7) which, in the right season, offers fruitful opportunities for birdwatchers. There’s a chance here to climb Gweal Hill (8), which I recommend you do for the fabulous views. Finally, we walk right around the wild north of the islands – past Hell Bay (9) where the sea never rests, then out to Shipman Head Down, before wandering south past the island’s pub (10) back to Church Quay. ■

Walk Scilly Festival Come join us for fabulous guided walks across the islands. Walk Scilly Festival: 1st – 7th April Autumn Walk Scilly Weekend: 12th – 16th October

M +44 (0)1720 424031� 





t’s hard not to fall in love with the Isles of Scilly, or indeed on the Isles of Scilly! And planning a wedding, considering a civil ceremony or seeking to renew your vows is very easy on the islands. There are six Anglican churches across Scilly, including one on each off-island. You can contact the Scilly Chaplain, Perran Gay, on 01720 423911 or email There is also a Methodist Church and Catholic Church on St. Mary’s. Additionally, there are a host of licensed venues across the islands including hotels and restaurants, as well as the Register Office right on Porthcressa Beach. Planning the rest of your special day couldn’t be easier either. Catering arrangements can be made through all the hotels and many of the restaurants, talented photographers abound and there is no shortage of florists (or indeed flowers) on the islands. There’s even a specialist wedding cake baker and a bridal hairdresser.

UNFORGETTABLE Each of our islands has its own perfect setting for a ceremony. Pictured here are David and Chloe Francis. Photo by: Jason Mark Harris

“Nobody will believe you're in the UK when they see your Instagram.” Amanda Statham, Travel Editor, Cosmopolitan

CELEBRATION ESSENTIALS Chris Hall Photography I work internationally but am based in the islands during the summer season. I work in many aspects of photography but specialise in creating beautiful, contemporary imagery for weddings, families and seascapes. 07748 404751

Celebrate on Scilly – St Mary’s Your first port of call for weddings, civil partnerships or renewal of vows is the Registration Service. Contact us for information about the legal preliminaries to civil ceremonies, what venues are available, flowers and much more. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. 01720 424321



ISLAND FEAST S Food and travel journalist Rosemary Barron serves up her favourite fare from land and sea around the Isles of Scilly.


atching the sailboats in St. Mary’s harbour from the sunny terrace of Juliet’s Garden Restaurant and Bar, it’s hard to imagine that, a generation ago, the islands were covered – just about top to toe – in early-spring daffodils and narcissi. The flower trade is now more honed and supports the livelihoods of a few, leaving much of the land to skilled and innovative food producers and cooks. Your lunch – be it hot-smoked duck salad, scallops or crab – won’t have travelled very far to reach the café kitchen. Salakee Farm, where Kylie Carter and Dave Mumford tend their plump, free-roaming ducks, is a waddle away, and you can see the last home of the shellfish from your terrace table. On St. Martin’s, Val and Graham Thomas have transformed her family’s flower farm into a vineyard. Grapes are not new to these islands (Val remembers an aunt describing the table grapes she grew in the 1920s) but wine is. With a short growing season, they grow mostly white varietals – Siegerrebe, or ‘victorious grape’, Cheval Blanc, Reichensteiner and Madeleine Angevine.This working vineyard is worth a visit, not only for the wines but also for its unusual flora – a result of generations of bulb-growing – and the apple juice made from the indigenous Scilly Pearl. You will find the wines in



many Scillonian restaurants, including the elegant dining room at Karma St. Martin’s Hotel, and in The Seven Stones Inn, where owners Emily and Dom Crees make good use of other excellent products of the islands. A fisherman friend provides Dom with John Dory, plaice, cod, mullet and, appropriately for an island where inclement weather can scupper boat deliveries, he smokes chicken, duck and fish for the days when supplies run low. His crusty bread is from the Island Bakery, a short walk away along a lane fragrant with herbs. Owner Barney McLachlan adapts his working life to the boat times: “My pasties quickly disappear in the mornings soon after the tripper boats arrive; my cakes and scones do the same in the afternoon, just before the boats head back!” The lamb and beef reared on St. Martin’s nutrient-rich pasture is on many Scillonian menus. There’s a long tradition of foraging, too – shellfish and sea weeds from the rocky coves, honey from bees enjoying a diverse flora and wild berries. St. Martin’s Store stocks much island produce supplemented by Scillonian Fayre and small roadside stalls with eggs, Scilly Salt, garden produce, honey and preserves for sale, with ‘honesty boxes’ alongside. Jason and Sarah Poat, owners of Polreath Tearoom, enjoy their simple life that’s so in tune with their environment. A Robert Francis, hotel owner, lobster fisherman lunch of garden-grown greens and home and wine maker baked pies in the shade of their beautiful “The sea is my life. I enjoy nothing more than going old vine, is a delight. to sea at sunrise, catching Across on St. Agnes, a small dairy lobsters in my fishing herd of Jersey and half-Friesians have boat around the islands an enviable view over the magnificent, and bringing them back low-lying Atlantic coastline as they graze. to the Star Castle for our guests to enjoy.” They provide the island’s milk and the myScilly wonderful clotted cream that tops local scones and cakes. This is also the secret ingredient to Troytown Farm’s rich, creamy ice cream, flavoured according to season or fancy (my favourite is fragrant rose petal). Nothing is wasted: farmer Sam Hicks feeds the remaining whey from the cream production to 10 plump pigs who, with the four beef cattle, live outdoors year-long in the fresh, clean air.

“Your lunch – be it hot-smoked duck salad, scallops or crab – won't have travelled very far to reach the café kitchen.”



 Megan Gallacher – Juice with a view


Graham Thomas, Island winemaker

“Being married to a Scillonian, it was inevitable we'd retire to the islands. We established St. Martin’s Vineyard in 2000. Creating unique wines that reflect our stunning landscape and which meet the approval of our visitors is my passion.”

The handsome bull, Ding Dong, gets the chance to travel, too – he’s sent by freight boat to other islands to service the cows. St. Agnes may have a tiny population but, in good island tradition, you will never be far from fresh produce and refreshment: in Coastguard’s Café, enjoy a locally-sourced lunch on the terrace overlooking the wild beauty of Santa Warna Cove; in Covean Cottage Café, tuck into homemade scones and jam with clotted cream and local apple juice. The roadside stall at Tamarisk Farm and St. Agnes Shop are also worth a visit to stock up on locally produced island goodies. Over on Bryher, the island’s shop makes and sells traditional Scillonian Tattie cake, not to be missed, alongside Bryher’s other island specialties – Veronica Farm Fudge, the Bryher Banger from Hillside Farm and treats from the sea from Island Fish… its delicious potted crab, found on many island menus, is made by Amanda Pender, sister of fisherman, Mark. Their day on Bryher starts at 6am, when she gives Mark a list of the orders that have come in from the islands’ restaurants. A late order necessitates a text to Mark on his boat, a far easier option than the only one available to her mother – she had to go to a clifftop and wave to her husband out on the water. Amanda spends her workday preparing the crabs, lobsters and fish for restaurants and potted crab – mixed white meats, spices and butter – for cafés, delis, the farmers’ market, and passing visitors. Nearby, the Crab Shack, a seasonal pop-up in a former barn, is the ideal place to try Mark’s crab, mussels and scallops. Caught that day, cooked quickly and simply in butter, and served with salad, bread and wine, they are a true “feast of the sea”. In the kitchen of Hell Bay Hotel, a short walk further west, chef Richard Kearsley also appreciates the Penders’ excellent seafood, and prepares lemon sole with island potatoes, grilled mackerel with garden greens, and a fine bouillabaisse. He sources his beef and many of his vegetables and fruits from Tresco, just across the water. Alongside Tresco Abbey’s magnificent garden is a beautiful,



“Our diet becomes a regime of seafood and… cream tea. Tea, scones and clotted cream are a daily ritual, reinvigorating after a day of cycling.” Sabine Bouvet, Air France Madame


Dave Mumford, duck farmer and producer “Our island-reared ducks roam free of predators on the family-owned farm, their lives – and flavours! – even more enhanced by the sea-fresh air. The epitome of Scilly, right there!”

walled kitchen garden. This is where gardener Emma Lainchbury grows a wonderful array of herbs including thyme, fennel, a variety of sages, rosemary, basil, parsley as well as fruits and vegetables – asparagus, artichokes, shallots, beetroot, loganberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb, broad beans – for the Abbey’s kitchen. The islands’ chefs, including those of Tresco’s three restaurants – The New Inn, Ruin Beach Café,The Flying Boat – quickly snap up any remaining produce. Thanks to the warming Gulf Stream, year-round flowering also attracts bees that busily go about producing superb honey. St. Mary’s, and in particular Hugh Town, is the hub of Scilly and where you will find The Farm Deli,Tanglewood Kitchen and Kavorna Cafe, all ideal for picking up supplies for a picnic: rare-breed pork sausages, quiches, store-made cakes and cookies. There is also a raft of cafes and restaurants to enjoy a pit stop. Further around in Old Town is the Old Town Inn with its vast cider collection or Old Town Café which hand makes its own pasties. Up the hill, you can enjoy bistro food with a view at the golf club or mackerel pate at Juliet’s or inland, stop by Kaffeehaus for a slice of delicious apple strudel before you explore nearby ancient Iron Age settlements. Fine Scillonian ingredients are also to be found in Tregarthen’s Hotel and St. Mary’s Hall Hotel – confit of duck leg, house-smoked peppered-mackerel – whilst the Star Castle Hotel Conservatory restaurant serves up brill with samphire and home-made honeycomb with clotted cream. Star Castle owner Robert Francis has recently planted nine island acres with vines – 60% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay, 10% pinot gris – a welcome addition to the gastronomy of these lovely islands, where visitors return again and again. ■ Taste of Scilly To find out more about food and drink, and our yearly food festival on Scilly, please visit our website or phone the Tourist Information Centre.

M +44 (0)1720 424031� 



DISCOVER THE DESTINATION ON YOUR DOORSTEP Fly with Skybus to the Isles of Scilly from Exeter, Newquay and Land’s End or sail on Scillonian III from Penzance.

MAKE YOUR ESCAPE Discover more at or call 01736 334220 #flyscilly

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PLAN YOUR PERFECT HOLIDAY Welcome to our listings section for 2017 – everything you need to know about getting to Scilly, getting around Scilly and staying on Scilly. This section of the Guide will help you plan your visit to Scilly – from booking your accommodation and checking the available travel options, to offering advice on how to get to where you want to go once you arrive on the islands. Check the grid map of St. Mary’s and the map on the back cover to help orientate yourself. You’ll soon realise just how small (but perfectly formed!) and easy to get around these beautiful Isles of Scilly really are.


CONTENTS Getting to Scilly.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 76

 Chris Ogilvie – Hugh Town cottages

Arriving on Scilly.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 77


Staying on Scilly.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .78 Accessible Scilly.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .78 Using Our Listings .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 80


Find Accommodation.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

St. Mary’s.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .82

Tresco .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 111

St. Martin’s .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 114

Bryher.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 116



St. Agnes.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 117

Camping.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 118 St. Mary’s Map.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 120





Planning your journey to Scilly is where your adventure begins. You can fly with Skybus from Land’s End, Newquay or Exeter, or you can sail on the Scillonian III from Penzance. Both services are operated exclusively by Isles of Scilly Travel.




Belfast City Liverpool Manchester


Fly with Skybus Flights operate regularly to St. Mary’s (Scilly’s main island) from Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter Airports. A shuttle bus operates to and from Land’s End airport and Penzance Railway Station. You will fly in either the 17-seater Twin Otter or 8-seater Islander. There is plenty of parking at all airports, and a dedicated Park & Ride service in Penzance.


Birmingham Stansted City Gatwick

Newquay Exeter Land’s End

Sail on Scillonian III The passenger ferry operates from March to November (daily in high season) from Penzance to the Isles of Scilly. Although tides occasionally dictate travel times, generally speaking the boat leaves Penzance at 9.15am, arriving in St. Mary’s just before noon, and leaves St. Mary’s at 4.30pm arriving back in Penzance just after 7pm.

Isles of Scilly Travel Call 01736 334220 or visit

Scilly Parking Scilly Parking offers secure car parking for customers travelling on the Scillonian III ferry. Passengers are taken to the quay with their luggage and collected on return at no extra cost. Overnight accommodation on site. Dogs are welcome. Book online or call for our friendly and reliable service. Est 2007 01736 740277





Mobility Matters Isles of Scilly Travel always endeavours to support passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. If you require travel assistance please inform them when you book. If you’d like to know more please call 01736 334220 or email

Great Western Railway Offers a combined ticket that sees you travel by train to Penzance, including by night sleeper, and then connect either directly onto the ferry or onto a flight from Land’s End via a short transfer. The special deal is available from selected stations.

Smuggler’s Inn at the Airways Hotel is just 300m from Newquay airport. Comfortable, quiet and relaxed. Family run by old Scillonian boatmen John Hicks and Rod Cresswell. Home cooked lunches and dinner. Very good rates for rooms and for peace of mind parking while you’re away.

0345 7000 125 01637 860595

ARRIVING ON SCILLY A warm, Scillonian welcome awaits when you arrive on St. Mary’s, Scilly’s gateway. Don’t imagine a major port, however! The island is tiny; the beautifully redesigned airport a breeze to navigate; the quay and harbour is quaint, and you and your luggage will be on your way to your holiday accommodation in no time. By air...

By sea...

On arrival in St. Mary’s you’ll be escorted to the The Quay on St. Mary’s is a hive of activity arrivals hall where your luggage will appear particularly when the Scillonian III arrives almost as quickly as you do! alongside. As you disembark from the passenger Awaiting you in arrivals will be a team of ferry, follow the path from the quay to where your shuttle bus drivers who will ask where you’re luggage can be collected. booked in to stay and will take you there. They If you’re staying on St. Mary’s, and your know all the accommodation across St. Mary’s, luggage is clearly labelled with your holiday so you won’t need to provide directions; just the address, it will be collected off the quay and name will do! A small flat rate will get you there delivered to your accommodation by local and back at the end of your holiday. hauliers who simply “do the rounds”, without Staying on St. Mary's? Grab your luggage – any intervention from you. You’ll be free to just the drivers will help you – and hop on one of walk off the ferry and head straight into Hugh the shuttle buses. They go to different Town or wherever you want to go! parts of the island, depending on It costs just £1.40 (2016 prices) per Bryher where you’re staying, so make sure piece of luggage so great value for you’re on the right one! money. If you prefer you can opt to Bryher, St. Martin’s, St. Agnes? collect your bags from the quay. Tresc o There’ll be a shuttle bus waiting at Bags for Bryher, Tresco, St. the airport for anyone heading off Martin’s or St. Agnes must be clearly St. Martin’s to holiday on St. Agnes, Bryher or St. labelled with your name, holiday Martin’s. Just let one of the drivers know, address and with colour-coded grab your luggage – the drivers will help island labels (available at Penzance St. Agnes you – and hop on to the appropriate Quay) to ensure they end up on the mini bus for a lift down to St. Mary’s right island! Quay and your connecting boat. The off-island boat services Heading for Tresco? If you’re staying on always meet the Scillonian and your luggage is Tresco, a member of their team will simply meet transferred seamlessly on to the correct island you at the airport and whisk you away on the boat. Once delivered there, your bags will be Tresco Shuttle – you’ll be met on the island and taken, generally by tractor, to where you are your luggage taken care of too. staying by your accommodation host. Sailed to the islands? The Harbour Master’s office will be delighted to advise on visitor moorings at St. Mary’s, Tresco and St. Martin’s and a variety of other anchorages. We listen on VHF Channel 16 and the working Channel is 14.

Toots Taxi & Tours A friendly, reliable and comfortable taxi service. Available for quay pickup/drop offs; meeting the Scillonian etc. Brand new six-seater taxi for 2017 and large mini-bus for special Toots Tours and events. Working 7 days a week, daytime and evenings.

D.J. Cabs Reliable first class service from Scillonian taxi company operating 7 days a week. Airport and Garrison pick up. Meet and greet service from Scillonian and airport. 2 x 9 seater vehicles catering for up to 16 passengers. Dogs free.

01720 422142 or 07570 624669

01720 423775





Self Catering

There is a good selection of hotels on St. Mary’s, ranging in size and rating, plus two hotels (one each) on Bryher and St. Martin’s. So whether you're looking for a central location with easy access, or an off-grid island retreat, you'll be able to find a lovely hotel in the perfect spot that suits you. Many are dog-friendly too.

Stay in a traditional Scillonian granite cottage, a converted barn, a farmhouse or a chalet. From stunning 5-star Gold award homes to more modest 2-star accommodation, Scilly’s wide-ranging self-catering options provide the perfect bolt hole from which to enjoy a holiday. Most provide Wi-Fi; some allow dogs.

B&Bs and Half Board


Across the islands you’re spoilt for choice for B&Bs and guesthouses offering half-board options and a slice of Scillonian life. From the hub of Hugh Town to the beach-front of Bryher or Tresco, choose from cosy fishermen's cottages, town houses rich with heritage, beautiful converted barns or secluded hideaways.

Choose from one of five campsites, some award winning, on four of the islands – St. Mary’s, St. Agnes, Bryher and St. Martin’s. Glamp it up in style or retreat to a yurt. Pitch a stone’s throw from the beach, on a farm, or nestle amongst woodland or in rural fields. You can enjoy breath-taking views from them all.

ACCESSIBLE SCILLY For visitors to the Isles of Scilly with limited mobility, and/or for those with young children, there are a range of services and facilities available. Most people get around the islands on foot, but if that’s not an option for you or one of your party, we recommend that you look at, and book, alternative options in advance of your holiday.

You can hire pushbikes (with trailers) and golf buggies (for those aged 25-75 years; driving licences required) on St. Mary’s and Tresco. There are also a number of private hire vehicles on St. Mary’s, a Community Bus and a “Buzza Bus” on St Mary’s (for those registered to use it via Cornwall’s Age Concern). The off-islands – Tresco, St. Martin’s, St. Agnes, Bryher – have only a mixture of concrete roads and unmade roads that are not suitable for public transport. They are only accessible by boat and getting on and off can be tricky with several steps. (The boatmen are lovely though, and will always assist where necessary.) Pushchairs and

lighter standard wheelchairs can be lifted onto boats – electric wheelchairs would be a challenge. Remember when booking your flights or the passenger ferry to Scilly, as well as your accommodation, to discuss your particular requirements. Check their access statements for more detailed information, too.


Please also contact our Tourist Information Centre (Tel: 01720 424031 or email if you need help. The TIC team is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and will be very happy to help you.

p l e h s u t Le

Visit our website or call the Tourist Information Centre to check accommodation availability

Tourist Information Centre

 T  he official visitor website for the Isles of Scilly

 O  fficial Tourist Information Centre for the Isles of Scilly

 B  rowse more than 300 accommodation options across all five islands

 xpert local advice  E and help with all aspects of your visit to Scilly

 earch for availability using  S our new online search tool  ilter by date, island, F accommodation type, and size of party

 aving trouble finding  H accommodation – call the TIC to access the latest availability

 ind restaurants, activities F and things to do

 ighly Commended at the  H Cornwall Tourism Awards

r u o Y k o o B liday Ho M +44 (0)1720 424031 




VisitEngland’s ratings made easy!

Everything you need to make an informed decision about where to stay on Scilly.


Simple, practical, no frills. Well presented and well run. Good level of quality and comfort. Excellent standard throughout. Exceptional, and with a degree of luxury. You can find more details about the VisitEngland assessment scheme at






VisitEngland’s ratings are used throughout the islands. VisitEngland and the AA assess hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and campsites to the same criteria, awarding one to five stars or pennants.

The Isles of Scilly Approved Accommodation Scheme (IOSAAS) means that the properties have been independently assessed to meet industry “safe, legal and clean” requirements.

This scheme recognises efforts made to reduce impact on the environment. Energy and water efficiency, recycling, minimising waste and use of local produce are all taken into account.


These are included by our accommodation providers to give you more assurance and information about their offer, including schemes such as the Good Hotel Guide, Trip Advisor and Alastair Sawday’s.

TRAVEL • TRANSFERS • ACCOMMODATION • INSURANCE • ALL INCLUDED Isles of Scilly Inclusive Holidays are based on Bryher and we have been providing quality holidays for 30 years. You’re in safe hands. Just one call and we arrange everything for you, so you can simply relax. Just call us on 01720 422200 and let us make your holiday.

Call us or visit the website for the latest deals and availability. 01720 422200 /

Property Name




1SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £300-£550 PUPW – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip iscing elit. Integer quis porttitor justo. – Ut cursus dui justo, vel lobortis lectus faucibus vitae. Sed metus nisi, pretium eget suscipit non.

1 Property type

HO Hotel B&B Bed & Breakfast SC Self Catering

2 Price

E. T. 01720 422904


dfopstuvwxyYWVTS 4


Details are given in pounds sterling Per Person Per Night (PPPN) or Per Room Per Night (PRPN) for serviced accommodation and Per Unit Per Week (PUPW) for self catering accommodation. This is given in ranges from the lowest price in low season to the highest price in high season.

3 Rating

Our smaller adverts can’t fit in the symbols for all the accreditation that a property may have gained. If in doubt, please check websites or pick up the phone.

4 Facilities


We have had to limit the number of icons, so please check when booking if you have particular needs.

As the Isles of Scilly are an off-shore destination, we advise you to take out holiday insurance to guard against delays due to weather or other eventualities. Please also check your accommodation’s individual cancellation policy. Cancellation insurance is advisable.

5 Map reference

This indicates where, on St. Mary’s, the property is located (see page 120). There are no map references for properties on the off-islands.

Key to facilities Hotel, B&B and self catering...

a b b d e f

Disabled access Green Tourism Gold Green Tourism Silver

Sea views Single rooms Ground floor bedrooms

(does not necessarily imply

suitability for disabled)

g Evening meals available to non residents Special diets catered for h Packed lunches available i Licensed j k Guest lounge Tea & coffee making l in lounge m Tea & coffee making n Real fire o Heating all rooms p Heating included in price q WiFi

HB Half Board FA Flexible CS Campsite

r Broadband s Televisions t Washing machine u Tumble dryer v Ironing facilities w Dishwasher x Hairdryer 2 Children minimum age y Cot z Outdoor swimming pool Z Indoor swimming pool Y Gardens / patio X Linen hire W Linen provided V Electricity included in price Dogs welcome / accepted U by arrangement Open over Christmas and/ T or New Year S Midweek booking all season Midweek booking early R and late season only

... and campsites

B Hot and cold water C Handwash basins D Showers E Washing up facilities F Gas exchange G Electric hookup H Freezer pack I Food shop J Disabled access K Equipment transport L Towing of trailers M Telephone N Washing machine O Tumble dryer P Sea views 2 Children minimum age Q WiFi


Please note: accommodation providers are not bound by the details published in their listings. Please always check for latest prices and availability.



ST. MARY’S – Hotels

Star Castle Hotel & Vineyard HO | 38 Rooms and Suites | Jan-Dec | £83-£193 B&B PPPN £93-£219 DB&B PPPN

ST. MARY’S – Hotels


A world apart, but not a world away…

Enjoy a family-run gourmet hotel steeped in history that exudes a friendly and professional service. There’s a warm welcome waiting for you at this excellent four-star family run hotel. The castle began life back in 1593, when it was built in the shape of an eight-pointed star, occupying magnificent views of the surrounding islands. Back then it served to protect the mainland of Britain from invaders, and today the castle, and its views are much better enjoyed over a glass of wine or two from the castle ramparts. The Star Castle Hotel sits in four lush acres of secluded sub-tropical gardens and offers a range of facilities that include an indoor heated pool and unlimited complimentary golf and tennis. There’s a choice of beautifully styled accommodation providing guests with the choice of either pretty garden rooms (many with sea views, private verandahs or gardens) or historical rooms within the castle that ooze cosy character and charm. The hotel is renowned across the islands for its fine cuisine and offers a choice of two award-winning restaurants specialising in local produce including fresh lobster and crab, collected daily from the hotels fishing boat. The Star Castle offers the perfect ingredients for a very special wedding celebration with licensed rooms, fabulous food and stunning photo opportunities. VisitEngland



Good Hotel Guide 2017 The

Editor’s Choice Award Wedding Hotel Star Castle, St Mary’s

Each day begins with a sumptuous breakfast, the dungeon bar offers a light lunch option as well as a Cornish cream tea and children will love the delicious high tea that is part of the family package offered. Even dogs are welcomed and catered for at the Star Castle! Hotel owner, Robert Francis, produces a selection of fine wines from the hotel’s vineyard & winery. Not only do these excellent pinot noirs, pinot gris’, chardonnays and rosés now take pride of place on the wine list, but the vineyard itself is fast becoming one of the must-see locations on St Mary’s. The setting is spectacular and visitors can enjoy wine tastings, a glass of chilled wine and fresh lobster for lunch, or they can admire the vines and soak up the very special atmosphere of the Star Castle’s HolyVale Vineyard. The Isles of Scilly are so peaceful and picture perfect that most people visit just to wander and marvel at the tropical setting and the whitest beaches you’ll find anywhere outside of the Caribbean. But if you feel the need to be a little bit busy, there’s a host of events and activities to take part in throughout the year, such as the Walk Scilly Festivals in April and October, and the Folk Festival in May. The Star Castle Hotel offers special packages to make the most of these events, as well as their very own Spring and Autumn Gourmet Wine Weekends. Star Castle Hotel, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0JA E. T. 01720 422317/423342





ST. MARY’S – Hotels

St. Mary’s Hall Hotel


HO | 26 Rooms | Mar-Oct | £80-£145 B&B PPPN £95-£160 DB&B PPPN

Real Food - Real People - Real Scilly An elegantly refurbished townhouse set in its own Mediterranean style garden. Stay with us for a relaxing, revitalising and indulgent break. We are situated just minutes from sandy beaches and a 5-minute level walk from the town and quay. Call us or book online; our friendly and experienced staff are on hand to arrange every aspect of your holiday. Short breaks or longer stays available throughout the year. Let your holiday begin with your first call.

Taste the ‘spirit’ of Scilly, enjoy freshly cooked seasonal foods straight from our imaginative menu at Spirit Bar & Restaurant; locally produced ingredients and rare breed meat from our own home farm, complemented by an extensive wine, beer and spirit selection. Time to indulge - time to relax - time for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our island paradise.

– Super king size beds in all double rooms – Rooms are all en-suite with baths and power showers – Residents’ library & lounge – Special events catered for S P I R I T o f S C I L LY VisitEngland



St. Mary’s Hall Hotel, Church Street, St. Mary’s TR21 0JR E. T. 01720 422316



ST. MARY’S – Hotels

Tregarthen’s Hotel


HO | 32 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £70-£145 B&B PPPN £120-£160 DB&B PPPN

Breathtaking views and a warm welcome With outstanding sea views, sumptuous cuisine and the best position on St. Mary’s, just yards from the Quay, Tregarthen’s Hotel is the perfect base for a truly unforgettable holiday or short break. – Luxury Hotel Rooms – Panoramic Sea Views – Restaurant with Fresh Local Food – Spacious Lounge and Bar – Garden Terrace and Patio – Delicious Food Served All Day – Close to the Town and Quay – Interconnecting Family Rooms – Free Guest WiFi – Luxury Self Catering Cottages

Overlooking the clear waters of St. Mary’s Harbour and enjoying stunning panoramic vistas of the islands of Tresco, Bryher, Samson and St. Martin’s, Tregarthen’s boasts the best views of any hotel on St. Mary’s. Many of our bedrooms have breathtaking sea views and can accommodate families. With St. Mary’s Quay on our doorstep, a lounge, restaurant and an elegant garden terrace and patio overlooking the ocean, there is no better place to experience the unspoilt beauty of Scilly.

Tregarthen’s Hotel, Garrison Hill, St. Mary’s TR21 0PP E. T. 01720 422540





ST. MARY’S – Hotels

Schooners Hotel


HO | 12 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £52-£101 B&B PPPN £85-£118 DB&B PPPN

Schooners waterfront hotel offers a central location with spectacular sea views, exceptional food, friendly experienced staff and a relaxed atmosphere. Located on Hugh Town beach, Schooners has uninterrupted views across the harbour to the off islands. We are close to the quay for island boating, the town for pubs, shops, restaurants & St. Mary’s beautiful sandy beaches. – Quality meals, new inspiring menu daily – Superior quality beds for a comfortable night’s sleep – Quiet beach location – Close to quay for island boating – 9 rooms have prime sea views over the harbour – Licensed bar with beach patio – Top floor library with panoramic island views – Free Wifi throughout the building – Family room – Restaurant – Beautifully decorated rooms all en-suite – Knowledgeable warm and friendly staff VisitEngland




With our central & waterside location right on the beach coupled with our renowned excellent cuisine, we are sure you will be back time and time again. All rooms have en-suite, Wifi , hot drinks facilities. TV with DVD. The bar opens onto the beach patio. A beautiful spacious lounge on the top floor overlooking the harbour.

Schooners Hotel Thorofare St Marys Isles of Scilly TR21 0LN E. T. 01720 422682 E5

ST. MARY’S – Hotels

Bell Rock Hotel


HO | 23 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £59-£79 B&B PPPN £79-£119 DB&B PPPN

A warm welcome awaits you... Established for over 100 years. Looking after our guests with friendly attentive service. Relaxed and informal. Quiet location on level near Porthcressa and Town Beaches, only 100 yards. – Indoor heated swimming pool – Some top floor rooms have sea views – See all rooms and offers at – Owned and personally managed by resident proprietors on Scilly and local Manager – Full English Breakfast cooked to order between 8-9.15am – Enjoy a wide choice of evening meals between 6-8pm – Comfortable lounge Free WiFi for guests is available throughout the hotel. Relax in our Lounge or Bar. All rooms are en suite with comfortable beds, TV’s, radio alarms, tea & coffee, hair dryers, etc. Very convenient quiet central level position. Relax in our lovely pool. Dine in our Restaurant and enjoy our Chef’s daily changing menus - Excellent value – The most southerly hotel in England - A four star rated one bedroom flat for 2 adults is also available in the hotel with all facilities. Bell Rock Hotel, Church Street, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JT E. T. 01720 422575



The Atlantic


HO | 24 Rooms | Mar-Oct | £120-£200 B&B PRPN

The Atlantic is a waterside property overlooking the harbour. Located in the heart of Hugh Town it provides a great base from which to explore the Islands. – Fantastic views over Hugh Town’s picturesque harbour – Central location close to ferry and airport – Comfortably furnished en-suite bedrooms – Waterside restaurant and terrace – Freshly prepared and locally sourced meals served throughout the day – Historic granite, maritime style building that is characteristic of Hugh Town’s architecture The Atlantic is a quaint hotel and bar in the heart of Hugh Town. The restaurant with its breath taking views and locally sourced daily changing specials provides the perfect place for dining throughout the day. Outside there is a terrace – enjoy light lunches and aperitifs alfresco! With coastal views to be enjoyed from many of the bedrooms and also from the terrace, The Atlantic is a great place to relax and also a good base from which to explore the islands.

The Atlantic, St. Mary’s TR21 0PL E. T. 01720 422417





ST. MARY’S – Half Board Bed & Breakfast / Bed & Breakfast

Carntop Guest House


HB | 3 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £55 B&B PPPN £75 DB&B PPPN

Wingletang Guest House


HB | 8 Rooms | Mar-Oct | £36-£46 B&B PPPN £60-£67 DB&B PPPN

– Quietly situated on the outskirts of Hugh Town – 3 beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms – Halfboard 4 evenings per week often using own produce Church Road, St. Mary’s TR21 0NA E. T. 01720 423763




– Comfortable twin, double & single en-suite rooms – Tasty breakfast choices, cooked as you like it – Debit and credit cards accepted – Delicious fresh home-cooked evening meals – Efficient friendly service, licensed bar Ideally situated close to sandy beaches, shops, churches, museum, bus tours and boat trips. Traditional warm welcome and excellent value. Please contact us for more details: David Walsh & Jacqui Ramsden The Parade, St. Mary’s TR21 0LP E. T. 01720 422381 VisitEngland

Call the Tourist Information Centre +44 (0)1720 424031

Belmont B&B



A friendly, family run B&B located in a quiet area on the outskirts of Hugh Town, within easy walking distance of restaurants, shops, beaches and the quay. We aim to make your stay with us as enjoyable and relaxing as possible with a warm welcome, comfortable rooms and great breakfasts. – Well equipped bedrooms, all en-suite – Comfortable guest lounge with reclining sofas – Enjoy a full English breakfast or something lighter – Dining room always available with fridge & microwave – Family room has separate bunk room with own TV/DVD Marian, Steve and Kenny look forward to meeting you.



Colossus B&B



B&B | 2 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £31-£44 PPPN

B&B | 6 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £37-£47 PPPN

Marian & Steven Gibson Church Road, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 423154





– Scillonian family run B&B with breakfast award; quiet location 5 mins walk to restaurants, coast walks, beaches, quay (10 mins) – Double or twin rooms; TV/DVD – Complimentary Wi-Fi and Beach Towels, Guest Fridge; TRIP ADVISOR - BOOK ON LINE or Call Carmen Stevens, Pilot’s Retreat, St. Mary’s TR21 0PB T. 01720 423361

fhmoq@svxYS Crebinick House



B&B | 4 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £39-£49 PPPN – Extensive choice of award-winning breakfast – Ideal Hugh Town location for all amenities – En-suite bedrooms equipped with every comfort – Guests’ lounge and free WiFi Phillip and Lesley Jones, Church Street, St. Mary’s TR21 0JT  T. 01720 422968



ST. MARY’S – Bed & Breakfast

Freesia Guesthouse


Greenlaws Guesthouse


B&B | 3 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £45 PPPN

B&B | 4 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £45 PPPN

– Friendly family run guest house a few feet away from Old Town Beach – 3 Luxury ground floor en suite rooms with sea views – WiFi – Outside Patio Area – Beach Towels Provided Ian & Heather Stewart, Old Town, St. Mary’s TR21 0NH T. 01720 422045

Freesia is a family run Four Star Silver Awarded guesthouse situated in the centre of Hugh Town.


– All bedrooms are en-suite and well equipped – Complimentary WiFi in all rooms – Short walk to beaches, restaurants, shops and harbour – Extensive choice for breakfast – All special diets catered for by prior arrangement – New roof terrace open for all our guests – Wet weather clothing, rucksacks and beach towels provided – £76 per night single occupancy Carole & Peter Green, The Parade, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 423676


dimqsvx3YWSR Penhallow

Pelistry Cottage



B&B | 4 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £40-£48 PPPN




B&B | 4 Rooms | Jan-Dec | From £35-£44PPPN

– Double/Twin Ensuite Rooms – All Day Access – Room & Guest Fridge, Tea/Coffee in rooms – Beach Towels/Hair Dryers – WiFi A warm welcome awaits at this beautiful Grade II listed cottage. Full English breakfast or lighter options are available using local produce wherever possible. T. 01720 422506

dehklmoqrsvx8YS Rose Cottage B&B



B&B | 3 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £40-£50 PPPN

4 Star Silver Guest House with Breakfast Award. 6 minutes from town centre. Comfortable bedrooms all en-suite, lounge, sitting room and large garden with seating. Room fridges, guide books, games and beach towels provided. Cath and Kevin Sherris Pilots Retreat, St. Mary’s TR21 0PB T. 01720 422945

dehkmoQsuvx0Y The Old Chapel B&B



B&B | 2 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £45-£55 PPPN – 18th century converted Wesleyan Chapel, lots of character, located in Old Town – 2 spacious bedrooms, beautifully appointed – Close to Beaches, Restaurants, Nature Reserves, Pottery and Galleries – An ideal location to explore the islands E. T. 01720 422100



– Sea views from every room – Four star rating with Silver Award & Breakfast Award – All rooms are ensuite – Perfect harbourside location – Free WiFi Our conversion of two traditional harbourside cottages provides purpose finished, high quality ensuite bed and breakfast accommodation. All our rooms have sea views across the harbour and to the off islands beyond. Ideally situated on the flat and just a few minutes walk to the restaurants, pubs, shops & off island boats and 20 yards from nearest beach. Karen and Jeremy Phillips Rose Cottage, The Strand, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 422078








ST. MARY’S – Bed & Breakfast

Tolman Guest House


B&B | 3 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £35-£48 PPPN

Giles and Julia welcome you to Tolman House a small established Guest House with a stunning waterside location in the quiet hamlet of Old Town with panoramic views of the coastline. – Stunning sea-views overlooking Old Town Bay – 4 Star Silver Award – Quiet location – Perfect for special occasions – Close to the scenic Coastal Pathway – 10 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Hugh Town The comfortable en-suite rooms are centrally heated; all have TV/DVDs and hospitality trays. All the bedrooms have a sea-view as do the gardens and the relaxing sunny lounge. In our light and airy dining room with beautiful views of the bay enjoy a hearty Full English Breakfast or a lighter option (using local produce whenever available) and a choice of our homemade preserves. Children over 12 are welcome. Sorry no pets and non-smoking. We look forward to hearing from you. Giles & Julia Grottick, Tolman House, Old Town, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0NH E. T. 01720 422967



Phklmosx@YTS The Wheelhouse


B&B | 9 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £47-£57 PPPN

Westford House B&B



B&B | 5 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £42-£48 PPPN

Superb beachside guesthouse with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable en-suite rooms with sea views. Enjoy stunning views from our breakfast room, patio and garden. Located just five minutes from the quay, the perfect base to explore Scilly. The Wheelhouse, Porthcressa, St. Mary’s, TR21 0JG  T. 01720 422719

defhikmoqsvx@YS Good to know Puffins arrive on the islands in April and leave in July. Take a boat trip out to Annet and the Western Rocks during these times.


– Very conveniently located, a short level walk from popular beaches, shops, restaurants and harbour – Comfortable, well equipped double & twin en-suite rooms, with TV and free Wi-Fi. All day access – Friendly Scillonian proprietor – Bright guests lounge with TV, window seat and lots of local information. Always available Enjoy your Isles of Scilly holiday on St. Mary’s with Jo & Alan at Westford House guesthouse. We offer you friendly Bed and Breakfast accommodation in our 1820’s, 3-storey, Grade II listed, Georgian townhouse. Character combined with modern comforts and a relaxed atmosphere for a home-away-from-home feeling. Your perfect holiday is our goal!! Joanna Holwill, Church Street, St. Mary’s TR21 0JT E. T. 01720 422510 VisitEngland





ST. MARY’S – Bed & Breakfast

Blue Carn Cottage


B&B | 2 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £40-£45 PPPN

Evergreen Cottage


B&B | 5 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £40-£44 PPPN

Character granite cottage where friendly, thoughtful hospitality awaits you as we continue the tradition of Scillonian flower growers welcoming guests into our historic farmhouse. Peaceful, comfortable, and only one minute away from the beautiful bay & beach. See our recommendation in Lonely Planet. Mrs Anthea Roberts, Old Town, St. Mary’s TR21 0NH E. T. 01720 422214

Enjoy your stay on the Isles of Scilly in a Grade II listed 300-year-old cottage combining character with modern comforts. Relax in our comfortable guest lounge, or simply enjoy our pretty garden where you can unwind and watch the world go by surrounded by sub tropical plants and flowers. The Parade, Hugh Town, St. Mary’s TR21 0LP T. 01720 422711

cfhiklmoqstuvxyYSHM V7 ehikmqrsuvxYWUS Lynwood Guesthouse


B&B | 4 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £40-£45 PPPN




B&B | 2 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £42 PPPN – Quiet location near Porthcressa Bay – Easy walk to beaches, restaurants and quay – Simply-furnished rooms with a coastal feel – Light and airy lounge – Full English breakfast prepared with Cornish produce – 2016 Visit England ROSE Award

A warm welcome awaits you at Lynwood; an elegant 1830’s Scillonian town house with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Lynwood has been lovingly restored by its owners, Jan and Dave Parr, and is centrally situated to offer easy, level access for the quay, beaches, shops and the excellent restaurants and pubs of Hugh Town. The tastefully appointed guest bedrooms are all en-suite, bright and airy and offer hot drink making facilities, hair dryers, colour TV and radio. Excellent breakfasts can be chosen from a varied menu and special diets catered for.

Rams Valley, St. Mary’s TR21 0JX T. 01720 422517 E.

hkmoqsvx8YS Santa Maria Guest House



B&B | 5 Rooms | Apr-Sept | £39-£49 PPPN

Church Street, St. Mary’s TR21 0JT E. T. 01720 423313 VisitEngland

The Santa Maria Guest House has a ‘Four Star Quality in Tourism Grade’ awarded by Visit England.

hmoqrsvx8YS Shamrock B&B



B&B | 2 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £40 PPPN We have one family room and one double/ twin room. We serve a full English breakfast but special requirements can be catered for. Disabled friendly.

We are a short distance from the shops and restaurants including the Quay where all tripper boats depart for the off-islands. All our rooms are en-suite and have WiFi and Flat Screen Digital TVs. Our rooms are tastefully appointed and we can accommodate guests in single, twin, double and family occupancy. To view our Guest House please go to our website listed below. Jackie Chesterman 44 Sally Port, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0JE E. T. 01720 422687

Tracey Guy, Shamrock, High Lanes, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 423269


We are centrally located within Hugh Town, St Mary’s and have beautiful 180 degree Sea Views overlooking Porthcressa Beach and the islands beyond.







ST. MARY’S – Bed & Breakfast

Shearwater Guest House




B&B | 6 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £35-£43 B&B PPPN

B&B | 7 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £39-£46.50 B&B PPPN

– Ideally situated on the level to all amenities, shops, town, beaches, harbour – On the level walking 5 min from the quay – Complimentary WiFi for our guests – Bosuns Locker Guest TV lounge, also has a guest fridge – Guests can enjoy our front patio area A warm welcome awaits you at Shearwater which overlooks a flower and tree lined park. Our five en-suite bedrooms and one family room with its own private shower room and toilets all have newly decorated bathrooms. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate making facilities are in all bedrooms along with TV and hairdryers. A home cooked hearty Full English Breakfast or a lighter option including fresh fruit is served daily. Open all year except Christmas and New Year. Bob & Tina Hayes, Shearwater Guest House, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 422402

Ideally situated on the level overlooking Town Beach and with all Hugh Town amenities and restaurants within easy walking distance.




Browarth B&B




B&B | 2 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £36-£40 PPPN

Unrivalled views from our Guests’ Lounge towards Tresco, Bryher and the Harbour. We offer a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere and have a reputation for high standards of comfort, good food and personal service. Complimentary WiFi available. Anjeric is the perfect base to enjoy Scilly. Judy and Barry Archer Lower Strand, St. Mary’s TR21 0PS E. T. 01720 422700

Ram’s Valley, St. Mary’s TR21 0JX E.  T. 01720 422353 M. 07776 076975

IOSAAS APPROVED B&B | 2 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £35-£49 PPPN

Patti and Andy Brooks T. 01720 422441 H6

dhokmqrsvxYS Nancherrow B&B

Comfortable, friendly and welcoming B&B with sea views over Porthcressa and beautiful garden. Double bedded en-suite room with bath and shower. Drinks facilities, fridge, TV & radio. Aga cooked English Breakfast, 8 mins walk to quay and 5 mins to the shops.

Conveniently located on the outskirts of Hugh Town. “Nancherrow” is a small, friendly, family run B&B offering double & twin-bedded, en-suite, accommodation.

IOSAAS APPROVED B&B | 1 Room | Mar-Nov | From £47.50 PPPN


IOSAAS APPROVED B&B | 2 Rooms | Apr-Oct | £34-£38 PPPN

Victoria Hitchens E.  T. 01720 423072 or 07901 793373

E. T. 01720 423338


Annet Cottage




– Peaceful beachside location with stunning sea views, 15 mins stroll from Hugh Town. – Hospitality trays, TV/DVD/WiFi hairdryers all rooms. – Splendid breakfasts, great choices, diets catered for. – Location and house pictures on our website.

– Clean comfortable B&B – Ideally situated in a quiet cul-de-sac – Close to the town, beaches and the quay – Private outside seating area to rooms – £60 single occupancy


Our bedrooms are en-suite or have private facilities.




ST. MARY’S – Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

Northwethel Guest House IOSAAS APPROVED Santamana

IOSAAS APPROVED B&B | 2 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £35-£39 PPPN

B&B | 4 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £30-£36 PPPN

– A warm, friendly welcome awaits you at Northwethel – Situated in a peaceful location – 10 minutes walk from several beaches, the harbour and local amenities – Modern, spacious en-suite rooms – Outside decked seating area new for this year E. T. 01720 423415

A small, friendly guesthouse with panoramic sea views just a short stroll from the centre of Hugh Town and its beaches. A great place to unwind with tastefully decorated rooms and hearty breakfasts. See our excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.




The Bylet Guest House

IOSAAS APPROVED B&B | 6 Rooms | Apr-Nov | £36-£43 PPPN

Sonia Fletcher, Santamana, Jacksons Hill, St. Mary’s T. 01720 423024 E.

The Midas Suite


B&B | 1 Room | Apr-Oct | £40 PPPN Enjoy a peaceful relaxed stay in our spacious suite. Private entrance into your lounge/ conservatory. Large bedroom and shower ensuite. Sea, rural and town views from gardens and patios. Close to all amenities. Generous continental breakfast at your leisure. Debra Cole E. T. 01720 423052

– A warm friendly welcome awaits you at the Bylet – We are conveniently situated for all amenities – Hugh Town 5 mins Harbour 8 mins Beaches 4 mins – Extensive breakfast menu – All rooms ensuite/private facilities – Complimentary refreshment tray in rooms – Lounge and secluded garden are always available – Self catering also available at The Bylet

PfhkoqstvxY Porthenor B&B

IOSAAS PENDING B&B | 1 Room | Jan-Dec | £45-£52 PPPN Situated on the coastal path in Old Town and just yards from the beach. Sit and enjoy breakfast with spectacular views overlooking Old Town Bay. Private entrance to modern tastefully appointed ground floor room. Quality linens and superking/twin bed. E. T. 01720 422167

Miss Lisa Williams The Bylet, Church Road, St. Mary’s, TR21 0NA E. T. 01720 422923/422479

efhklmoqsvx&YS Gatehouse Cottage


★★★★★ GOLD

fhimopqrsvx@Y Holy Vale Farmhouse


★★★★★ GOLD

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 8 | £845-£1900 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £500-£2100 PUPW

– A beautifully presented former farmhouse, ideal for larger families – Spacious open-plan accommodation – Private garden and terrace, perfect for al fresco dining – Lovely rural position overlooking vineyards – Free use of road legal golf buggy

– Historic Cottage located at the entrance to The Garrison – Private gardens with terrace – Beautiful interior equipped to highest standards Duchy of Cornwall T. 01579 346473



E.  T. 01720 422431 C4





ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

The Guard House

★★★★★ GOLD

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £600-£2600 PUPW


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £600-£2600 PUPW

– Historic Guard House located on The Garrison – Private garden terrace with panoramic sea views – Beautiful interior equipped to highest standards

– Former gun emplacement in secluded location on The Garrison – Private garden with panoramic sea views – Beautiful interior equipped to highest standards – Unique secluded location, the perfect hideaway

Duchy of Cornwall T. 01579 346473



Duchy of Cornwall T. 01579 346473 C4

Customs House

★★★★★ | ★★★★ GOLD SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 5-6 | £615-£1995 PUPW



Bella Self Catering Apartments ★★★★GOLD

SC | 4 Units | Apr-Sept | Sleeps 2-4 | £494-£1198 PUPW

– Three stunning harbourside apartments, all with sea views – Moorings (sleeps 6), Spinnaker (sleeps 5) & Topsail (sleeps 5) – Modern and stylish, superb location – Grade - II Listed Landmark Building – A perfect base for a luxury Scilly holiday E.  T. 01720 422431

dpqstuvwxYWVT Cornerways

Four Star Gold Award Winning Apartments F5

★★★★ GOLD

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £300-£500 PUPW Well appointed twin bedded property with patio and sea views. 2 mins from Porthmellon Beach, close to Hugh Town.

All our apartments have Wi-Fi access and digital TVs. In addition we provide a welcome basket, bath towels, hair dryers, dressing gowns and slippers. To view all our apartments please go to our website listed below.

Mrs Margaret Pritchard, Jacksons Hill, St. Mary’s TR21 0JZ E.  T. 01720 422757

Jackie Chesterman 44 Sally Port, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall TR21 0JE E. T. 01720 422687

dfoqsmtuvxYWS Demelza

Only a short walk from the amenities of Hugh Town and the beaches of Little Porth and Porthcressa. Some of our apartments have 180-degree sea views. Our apartments Bella Vista, Little Bella, Bella Maria and Bella Bryher, are finished to a high standard and have attained a 4 Star Gold Award quality standard by "Visit England".



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Nov | Sleeps 2 | £410-£640 PUPW


Garrison House Apartment ★★★★ GOLD SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 2-4 | £500-£1500 PUPW Stunning sea and harbour views. Close to the Quay and town. Two ensuite double bedrooms. Secluded garden with deck, BBQ and panoramic views.

Sarah Sibley Jackson’s Hill, St. Mary’s E.  T. 01720 422803

Phil & Kath Roe E.  T. 01720 422972



A really friendly & relaxed base to explore these beautiful islands. Our delightful garden apartment is perfectly located for harbour and local beaches.






ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Glandore Apartments


★★★★ GOLD

Enjoy the wonders of Scilly from the comfort of your armchair. This spacious and tastefully decorated two bedroomed waterside apartment offers stunning uninterrupted harbour views and total relaxation Find us on Facebook.

Enjoying a quiet beachside location at Porthloo, Glandore is a large detached house in its own private garden, just a minute’s walk from the beach and 15 minutes from town. Three modern fully equipped apartments, two with magnificent sea & country views, one on the ground floor with private entrance, garden and patio.

Karen J Snowball T. 07905 520559 E.

T. 01720 422535

defopqstuvwxYWV Old Town Cottage

Lower Anchorage

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 5 | £775-£1350 PUPW

SC | 3 Units | Jan-Nov | Sleeps 2-3 | £375-£820 PUPW



★★★★ GOLD Samson at Mount Flagon



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £425-£620 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £460-£900 PUPW

A beautifully renovated cottage just a few yards from the beach, blending traditional character with modern style. A perfect base for a relaxing Scilly holiday.

Sea Views to off islands. Beach 75 yards. 3/4 acre garden. Quiet location – easy access to Hugh Town and quay. 2 en suite bedrooms – 1 with double bed, 1 with twin beds.

Old Town, St. Mary’s Mrs G Sibley T. 01720 422302 E.

John & Ann Derbyshire, Mount Flagon, Porthloo, St. Mary’s E.  T. 01386 792065

oqsvxWVTS Tean





Sylina Self Catering ★★★★GOLD PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £795-£1995 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 2 | £420–£690 PUPW A spacious ground floor flat decorated and equipped to the highest standard. All linen and towels provided. Patio area with table and chairs. 3/4 acre tiered garden. Well behaved dogs welcome. Sue and Clive Kirby T. 01720 423657 M. 07824 381550 E.

fmoqstuvwx&yYWUS Tresillian



SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £650–£880 PUPW A traditional stone built cottage within 100m of Porthcressa Beach. Spacious+comfortable, full central heating+open fire. Large bright well equipped dining kitchen with dishwasher.

Samantha Mallon McFarland’s Down, St Mary’s TR21 0NS E. T. 01720 422129

Mrs Nan Fellows, 3 Buzza Street, St. Mary’s T. 01527 66689 E.


– Private south-facing garden, comfortably furnished – All bedrooms ensuite; cot available – Beautifully equipped inside to the highest standards – Large south-facing conservatory – Peaceful location close to coastal path and Bar beach Brand new for 2017, Sylina is the perfect place to stay for a relaxed, self-catering get-away-from-it-all holiday on St. Mary’s. Situated at the quieter north end of the island, it’s within striking distance of deserted beaches and wonderful coastal walks. Changeover day is Thursday, but short breaks of three or more nights are available from October to mid-April.






ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Sandpiper Holiday Apartments

★★★★GOLD | ★★★

SC | 5 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-7 | £405-£2075 PUPW

Holiday in beautiful and superbly appointed self-catering apartments. – Beautiful Holiday Apartments equipped to the highest standards – Waterside locations – Easy access for boating, shops and restaurants – All bedrooms are en-suite – Free WiFi available throughout – Owned, managed and serviced by a local resident family Owned & operated by a local family our apartments will provide you with the opportunity to make the most of Scilly whilst enjoying our modern centrally located waterfront apartments. Our holiday apartments are situated in some of the finest locations on St. Mary’s, enjoying outstanding island views, including St. Mary’s harbour. Guests enjoy easy access to St Mary’s quay and the boats that will take you island hopping, as well as to the islands restaurants, pubs and retail outlets. Our apartments have free WiFi access and come equipped with both washing and drying facilities. As a local resident family we believe that Sandpiper apartments offer the best possible place to stay whilst you explore Scilly.




Jill & Jon May, Sandpiper Apartments, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0NA E. T. 01720 422122


2 The Wrasse

4 Rosevean House


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £445-£595 PUPW


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £390-£980 PUPW

A beautiful modern luxury flat located in the heart of the town on St. Mary’s, close to Porthcressa beach.

– Conveniently located on the outskirts of Hugh Town. – A modern, well maintained, 2-bedroomed property. – Tastefully furnished and decorated. – The private, south-facing, courtyard garden is ideal for relaxing or dining.

Everything included for a wonderful self catering experience. Keith & Dilys Waite T. 01685 388309 M. 07976 530682 E.

Mr M Littleford T. 01720 423102

opqrstuvwxWVTR 6 & 10 Harbour Lights




optux6WVYTR 6 Lower Strand



SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £350-£1200 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-6 | £450-£1050 PUPW

– Stunning sea views – Superb quiet and central location – Two lovely apartments sitting on Town Beach

– Bedrooms: 2 Twin 1 Double – Very well equipped comfortable terraced cottage – Superb views over St Mary’s harbour and town beach – Just minutes from shops, restaurants and quay for boat trips – Children of all ages well catered for

– Open all year. Linen, wi-fi & utilities included 6 & 10 Harbour Lights, Thorofare, St. Mary’s TR21 0LN E.  T. 01206 247119



Sue Richards T. 01720 422904



ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Annet, Mount Flagon


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £450 - £575 PUPW

A well maintained ground floor flat in quiet area, close to shops and quay. Large comfortable lounge, double bedroom. Well equipped kitchen, bath plus shower. Patio available for guests. G.M. Osborne, Porthcressa, St. Mary’s T. 01720 422986

Ann Hughes E. T. 01425 655729




SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £500-£590 PUPW

fopstvxYWVR Buzza Ledge



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-6 | £610-£1330 PUPW

– Situated between Hugh Town and Old Town – Both apartments are on the ground floor – Hoopers to the left of the front door; An Tigeen to the right – My aim is that you relax and be happy on holiday

– Superb elevated location with stunning sea views – Three bedroom split level house, four star rating – Private garden and sun deck. Free Wi-Fi – Reduced low season rates give economy for smaller groups – Convenient for beach, town and harbour

Declan Ridsdale, St. Mary’s E.  T. 01720 423183 / 07796 301544

E. T. 01720 422078

JPfopqstvxYWVTS Carnwethers Country House Cottages


SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Nov | Sleeps 2 | £450-£520 PUPW

Annet is a cosy, twinbedded apartment at Mount Flagon. We are dog-friendly and situated just off the coastal path below Harry’s Walls. There is a large garden with a private seating area for you to enjoy.

Avoca Holiday Homes




dopqrstuvxYWUTS Corners



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £595–£1110 PUPW

SC | 4 Units | Mar-Nov | Sleeps 2-5 | £630-£1400 PUPW

– Modern duplex apartment in the heart of Hugh Town – Bright and airy luxury accommodation – Handy for shops and restaurants. Only a short walk to quay and beaches – Perfect for couples sharing or families E. T. 01720 422431

Carnwethers is the perfect place for a peaceful and restful holiday ‘far from the madding crowd’ in ‘upcountry’ St. Mary’s but just a 10 min bus ride or 35 min stroll through the nature trails into town.


Set in an acre of award winning gardens and located above the beautiful, secluded Pelistry Bay, Carnwethers offers comfortable and contemporary accommodation in four cottages. B&B accommodation also available. Our facilities include solar-heated outdoor pool, croquet lawn, games room, library, laundry and sauna. Ideal for couples, families, walkers and wildlife lovers. Large group bookings for special events welcomed with exclusive use of facilities, call for details. Pelistry Bay, St. Mary’s TR21 0NX L Graham T. 01720 422723 M. 07811 453109 E.







SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £645-£1515 PUPW – Attractive granite house on Old Town Bay – Only 15 minute stroll to Hugh Town – Perfect for a relaxing family holiday – Secluded patio garden overlooking the beach E. T. 01720 422431





ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Dunmallard (Upper Flat)


Light spacious first floor flat in quiet position behind museum in Church Street. Separate lounge, kitchen diner, double bed, bathroom with electric shower. Friday changeover. Close to shops, beaches and amenities.

E.  T. 07974 139049







fpoqtvx9YWVS Island View Holiday Home



SC | 1 Unit | May-Sep | Sleeps 4 | £520-£1020 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 5 | £600-£1025 PUPW Three bedroomed house with stunning sea views. Quiet location only four minutes from the beach, harbour and shops. Furnished & equipped to a high standard. Changeover Thursdays. Mr & Mrs M. Easton T. 01372 458753 E.

– Superb views over Porthmellon Beach, harbour & islands – Watch idyllic sunsets – Private patio & garden areas – Seconds from beach – Minutes from town & country walks & nature trails Debbie Edwards T. 01720 422955 E.




SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £735-£1585 PUPW

dfoqrstvwx6YWS Norwethal Flat



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £370-£598 PUPW

– Attractive granite cottage with enviable position – Sea views across Porthcressa Bay with south facing patio – Two minute walk to Hugh Town and the quay – Perfect for a relaxing holiday

Norwethal Flat is a modern light airy one bedroomed flat in a quiet area close to all amenities. Porthcressa & Town Beach are only a 3 minute walk away, with the shops and harbour only 5 minutes’ walk. E.  T. 01720 422028 |

E. T. 01720 422431


Lena Heslin, Gunner Rock E.  T. 01720 422595

E. T. 01720 422431


Gunner Rock


Spacious 3 bedroomed accommodation. The flat is furnished to a high standard and set in its own garden. 100 yards from Porthmellon Beach and convenient for town and harbour.

– Centrally located beach-side bungalow – Sea views across Porthcressa Bay – Two minute walk to Hugh Town and the quay – Perfect for a relaxing holiday.


dmopqstuvx&YWVT SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £425-£950 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £795–£1620 PUPW



Sea views from every room. Recently modernised 1st floor apartment in quiet location next to Garrison Walls. Lounge/diner, kitchen, shower room, 2 bedrooms: double ensuite & kingsize/ twin room. Only a few minutes walk to quay, beaches, restaurants & shops.

E. T. 01720 422431


Fairview (5 Moonrakers)

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £460-£700 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 2 | £400-£575 PUPW




ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Oystercatcher, 7 Godolphin House★★★★ No1 & No2 Porthcressa View SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £435-£955 PUPW 12 Silver Street A bright and airy ground floor flat, well located just a short level walk from beaches, the harbour and amenities of Hugh Town. A great base for a perfect Scilly holiday.


SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-6 | £682-£1450 PUPW

E.  T. 01720 422431

Dave & Sarah Bulmer, The Bank, St. Mary’s T. 01470 562411 E.

– Luxurious accommodation – Centrally located for shops, restaurants and the quay – 12 Silver Street enjoys sea views – Electricity included – Out of season offers – Each property sleeps 6 guests comfortably with either Friday or Saturday change over At Porthcressa Properties we have everything you need to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible; comfortable beds, DVD player, iPod dock to well-equipped kitchens, every need is catered for. The open-plan layout downstairs provides a spacious, airy living area, then step outside the front door, cross the road and you’ll find yourself on beautiful Porthcressa beach, perfect! Lesley Mills, 57/61 Adrian Road, Abbots Langley, Herts, WD5 0AG E. T. 01923 270533



fpqstvxWVTS Pilots Gig Flat



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £350-£800 PUPW – Superb uninterrupted sea views across to Tresco, Samson & Bryher – Well appointed 2 bedroom holiday apartment – Close to quay, shops & restaurants – Fully equipped to a high standard – Perfect location for a relaxing holiday





SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £695-£1095 PUPW

Ideal central location for beaches, town, shops and launch boats. Overlooking tranquil park, you have uninterrupted views of the Garrison and Star Castle. Arthur and Hilary Miller E. T. 0117 318 0990 M. 07771 667544




emopqstuvwxyYWVUTS The Barn



SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 2 | £480-£750 PUPW

SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £600-£850 PUPW

– Secluded hideaway, tranquil yet central – Private grounds. Garden with panoramic views over Lower Moors & sea views towards Old Town – Conveniently situated for beaches, town, harbour – Relaxing retreat, perfect for a peaceful holiday on Scilly

Each cottage accommodates up to six people in two rooms each with a double and a single bed. In a quiet area with private decking and landscaped gardens. Electricity is payable by £1 coin meter. Tracey Guy, Shamrock, High Lanes, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 423269



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £750-£1150 PUPW

– Grade 2 listed townhouse centrally located – Sunny courtyard at rear of property – Handy for off island boats – Two bedrooms: one kingsize and one twin Please contact Heather, Phil or Lucy E. T. 01720 422045

Shamrock Cottages



Louise Parker E. T. 01720 422594 W4





ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

The Crow’s Nest, 6 Spanish Ledge★★★★ The Dairy Flat


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £375-£595 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £475-£720 PUPW

– Top floor apartment in converted granite house – Centrally located in the heart of Hugh Town – Ideal for couples sharing or single travellers – Light, bright and airy

– Central location for shops, restaurants and the quay – Panoramic sea views from lounge & bedroom – Twin single or king size bed option – Linens, Towels, Electricity & Wi-Fi included

E.  T. 01720 422431

Mick & Yve Peck, The Dairy, Higher Strand, St. Mary’s TR21 0PT T. 01720 422446 E.

qsvxWVT The Hideaway



SC | 1 Unit |Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £395–£610 PUPW

dfipqrstvwxyWVTR Trevean


SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Dec | Sleeps 8 | £1600-£1800 PUPW

– South facing twin bedded apartment – Central location for shops, restaurants and the quay – Fully modernised and well equipped

– Large town house sleeps 8 – Easy access to shops and restaurants – Close to beaches – Handy for off island boats – View of harbour

5 Harbourlights, Thorofare, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 422431

Mrs Rosemary Sharman E. T. 01929 472181 day / 471210 evening





Albany, Thurleigh and Waverley



SC | 7 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £275-£395/£455 PUPW | Sleeps 6 | £710-£1120 PUPW

We have six flats, Albany and Thurleigh, each accommodating 2 persons; and a bungalow, Waverley, which sleeps 6. For more information please see our website. – All accommodation is of a high standard with fully equipped kitchens – Guests are met on arrival by island owners – Welcome tray and fresh flowers provided – Linen and towels provided and changed when needed throughout your stay – Wi-Fi available at Albany and Waverley – Washing machine and tumble dryer in Waverley – Open all Year Albany is situated on Church Street in Hugh Town. The apartments are comfortable and welcoming and retain some of the features of this 200 year old house. Thurleigh ground floor apartments are accessed from Porthcressa Road, just one minute from the beach. Shops, restaurants and the Quay are a short, level walk away. Waverley is a detached bungalow on Church Road just 10 minutes walk from Hugh Town. The bungalow has been refurbished to a high standard and offers families and groups a relaxing stay. For more information about facilities, please see our website. Issy & Alfie Trenear, Thurleigh, Church Street, St. Mary’s, TR21 0JT E. T. 01720 422601




G6 F6 I6

ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Beggars Roost, 3 Rosevean 3 Porth Cressa View

★★★ ★★★★

SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-6 | £400-£1300 PUPW

– BEGGARS ROOST detached house sleeping up to 6, takes dogs by prior arrangement with large garden and fabulous views – 3 PORTH CRESSA modern terraced house completely refurbished in 2015, sleeps 6 plus one dog by prior arrangement – 20 paces from the beach! – 3 ROSEVEAN light and airy top flat opposite the Chaplaincy Gardens sleeping up to 4, refurbished 2016 The three properties are very different but all are close to beaches, walks, shops and boats. Many returning visitors. Full details and video tours on our website below. Book early (from May onwards for 2018). Jill Peay, Men-A-Vaur, Main Street, Poundon, Bucks, OX27 9BB E. T. 01869 278926



Greystones 1, 2 and Cedar Cottage

★★★★ | ★★★

SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-6 | £360-£1525 PUPW

Our comfortable Greystones Cottages and superior Cedar Cottage situated on the historic Garrison, offer a perfect base for a quiet and peaceful stay on these beautiful islands. All offer excellent facilities and garden areas. Cedar Cottage has stunning views overlooking the sea and off-islands. We are only 10 minutes walk from Hugh Town, its facilities, the quay and nearby beaches. Dogs welcome in Greystones 1 & 2 but not in Cedar Cottage. T & B Moulson The Garrison, St. Mary’s TR21 0LS E. T. 01720 422670


G6, I5, E6


Seaways Farm Holiday Homes


★★★★ | ★★★

SC | 6 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-5 | £500-£1300 PUPW

Established over 40 years ago, the holiday houses at Seaways Flower Farm, Porthloo and Bant’s Carn offer a choice of houses, cottages, chalet or apartment with unrivalled sea views in secluded locations. – Magnificent sea views – Beautifully restored farm buildings, 3 properties with big gardens – 4 Cottages adjacent to the popular Juliet’s Garden Restaurant & Bar (wifi available) – Children & Dogs Welcome/Centrally heated for winter holidays. – Broadband available in all properties (except Summer House) – Bang & Olufsen televisions in each property with cable for own devices. Whether you choose The Loft, Orchid, Barley, or Summer Houses, fifteen minutes’ walk from Hugh Town, or Standing Stone and Standing Stone Terrace, set in rugged isolation at Bant’s Carn a 40 minutes stroll from the quay, our converted farm buildings are beautifully restored. Enjoy the surroundings of a traditional Scillonian flower farm. Moments from the beaches, Seaways offers peace, comfort, relaxation and style. Walk along the coast at sunset, picnic on the beach, or go for a sail and look up at your cottage on the cliffs. Whatever you do with your day, you’ll be glad to end it at Seaways. Mrs Juliet May, Seaways Flower Farm, St. Mary’s TR21 0NF E. T. 01720 422845







ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Scilly Self Catering

SC | 54 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-10 | £270-£2345 PUPW

ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Let us make your visit to the Isles of Scilly truly memorable Whether you seek a romantic spring break for two, a summer holiday with the family, an autumn wildlife expedition with friends or a winter hideaway to write your next novel, we have the perfect accommodation for you. We offer expert advice to help you choose your ideal holiday home. We provide the largest selection of holiday homes on St. Mary’s. We cater for all tastes and budgets. We can also organise your travel to the islands.

★★★★ | ★★★★ GOLD

4 - 4 star Gold holiday homes An Treath Avoca, An Tigeen Avoca, Hoopers Bay Tree Cottage Beach Moorings The Cabin, The Bank Christmas House Far Horizon 2 Goldolphin

Sleeps 6 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 10 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4

£515–£1605 per week £395–£595 per week £395–£595 per week £730–£1700 per week £480–£685 per week £475–£1030 per week £1245-£2345 per week £485–£1010 per week £475–£895 per week

Holly Cottage 1 Minalto 2 Minalto 3 Minalto 4 Minalto 4 Silver Street Verona

Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 6

£693–£1455 £525–£835 £440–£730 £440–£730 £380–£620 £560–£1285 £725–£1440


3 star holiday homes Aft Cabin Altamira Ground Flat Altamira Top Flat Anchor Cottage Armorel Cottage Avona 3 Buccabu Escallonia 1 Golden Bay Jasmine Cottage Lower Ganilly

Sleeps 2 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 4

£350–£490 per week £570–£1045 per week £515–£865 per week £437–£863 per week £485–£1335 per week £445–£600 per week £380–£560 per week £515–£1580 per week £450–£1000per week £555–£775 per week £385–£995 per week

4 Myrtle Cottages Rosevean Flat 1 Seascape 4 Spanish Ledge 1 Springfield Court Spy Hole Tremelethen Farm Cottage White Cottage White Cottage Flat

£480–£965 £405–£795 £285–£495 £390–£490 £550–£1190 £270–£675 £435–£720

Safe Harbour 14 Silver Street 2 Spanish Ledge 3 Spanish Ledge Sunny Creek Tean

Sleeps 6 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 3 Sleeps 2

£650–£1120 £485–£600 £450-£835 £315–£605 £425–£775 £445–£670

Sleeps 5 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 4

£360–£755 per week £815–£1315 per week £375–£985 per week


1 - 2 star holiday homes Belladonna Sleeps 6 Buccabu 2 Sleeps 2 The Cabin, Pentland Sleeps 2 Lifeboat View Sleeps 2 Merrick Sleeps 6 Porthloo Chalets 1 & 2 Sleeps 4 Seaview Moorings 1-5 Sleeps 2

per week per week per week per week per week per week per week

per week per week per week per week per week per week per week

per week per week per week per week per week per week

| IOSAAS | ★ | ★★

Sleeps 2 Sleeps 6 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 2 Sleeps 4 Sleeps 2

£390–£575 £560–£1285 £485–£655 £440–£580 £465–£775 £420–£705

per week per week per week per week per week per week

Scilly Self Catering Back Lane, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0JR E.

01720 422082 VisitEngland



ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

6 Godolphin House


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-3 | £375-£695 PUPW

Dunmallard (Lower Flat)


SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Sep | Sleeps 2 | £370-£485 PUPW Comfortable, quiet and spacious ground floor flat, near beaches, harbour, shops & local amenities. Non smoking. No pets. For further pictures and information please see Mr & Mrs Elliot Dunmallard (Lower Flat), Church Street, St. Mary’s T. 01458 272971

– Spacious Flat, centrally situated – Near Beaches, good views – Underfloor heating, non-smoking


Godolphin House is a modern block of nine self contained flats, a short walk to the shops of Hugh Town and close to three sandy beaches. 6 Godolphin House, on the second floor, and overlooking the chaplaincy gardens, has been completely renovated, attractively furnished and is well equipped to provide a high standard of accommodation. Two double bedrooms. Saturday changeover. Mrs. A. S. Hogg Church Road, St. Mary’s TR21 0NB E. T. 02476 450455



Kirklees Holiday Flat



SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 2 | £500 PUPW A well appointed ground floor flat, centrally located close to Hugh Town and amenities and Porthcressa Beach. Kirklees offers a double-bedded room, bathroom with shower, lounge/ dining room and fully equipped galley kitchen. Changeover Wednesday. Free WiFi. T. 01720 422623 E.

dosvxYWR 2 Bay View Terrace



SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-12 | £380-£1170 PUPW

fpqrsvxWV 22 Sallyport



SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £600-£880 PUPW Sea views from sitting room and balcony. One twin and one double room. Quiet location close to centre of Hugh Town and harbour. Bookings Saturday to Saturday. Andrew and Be Combes, Hugh Town, St. Mary’s T. 01720 423930

– Ideally placed close to Porthmellon Beach – Double-fronted property with shared gardens – Spacious, excellently furnished & well-equipped – Families welcome; choice of 3 units – Shared laundry; cot available upon request – Please visit our website for many more details

dopqstvxYWV Ajax



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £450-£750 PUPW

Careful owners of dogs welcome by prior arrangement in the House and Chalet (but not Flat)

Ajax is a superb flat for four people. Perfectly situated just a stroll from Hugh Town, Ajax has stunning, panoramic views across the bay, out towards Tresco and the off islands. Regularly used by the owners, Ajax is maintained to high standards, with a newly fitted kitchen in 2010 and bathroom in 2012.

Porthmellon, St. Mary’s E. T. 07999 856128


Mrs E Johnson, The Strand, St. Mary’s TR21 0PS T. 0208 6589426 E.





ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

8 Buzza Street


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £375-£625 PUPW

Baker’s Flat


SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Nov | Sleeps 4 | £495-£860 PUPW – Wifi – Centrally located for shops, restaurants & beaches – Children welcome – Close to quay for all your boating needs – Friday to Friday change over Liz Osborne E.  T. 01720 423066

– Attractive cottage near Porthcressa Beach – Centrally situated – Comfortable & cosy, Non-Smoking


A cottage, probably built in excess of 150 years ago, one of a row of typical fisherman’s cottages situated very close to Porthcressa Beach and centrally situated for the town’s amenities, has been very tastefully renovated, attractively furnished and well equipped to provide accommodation of a high standard. One double bedroom. Wednesday changeover. Mrs. A. S. Hogg St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0HX E. T. 02476 450455 VisitEngland

Bounty Ledge



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6 | £525-£1010 PUPW Fully equipped, spacious maisonette at a beachside location. Fantastic sea views, with a panoramic view of St Mary’s harbour. Three bedrooms, double, single and a twin with a fold up bed. Shops, beaches and quay all within a few minutes walk. Mrs Jackman, Lower Strand, St. Mary’s TR21 0PS T. 01720 422124

osvxWS Brunswick, 3 Telegraph



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £350-£700 PUPW

Bylet Holiday Homes



SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £295-£550 PUPW

Situated at the North of the Island 1.5 miles from Hugh Town. Quiet setting in spacious gardens. On main bus route (seasonal). Close to Bar Point, Bants Carn ancient village and Golf Club. Perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Don and Judi look forward to welcoming you to well appointed 1st floor accommodation with distant sea views and garden. Low season Short Breaks available, advice for travel. D. Williams The Bylet, Church Rd, St. Mary’s TR21 0NA E.  T. 01720 422479

James & Sue Sherris, Content Farm, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 422496

fopsvx8YWT Captain’s Cabin




★★★ Church Hall Cottage



SC | 1 Unit | Feb-Nov | Sleeps 2-4 | £410-£760 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 5 | £570-£750 PUPW

A very comfortable first floor flat quietly situated near beaches and harbour. Electricity included.

Traditional 3 Bedroom Cottage in Hugh Town, next to Museum and close to beaches and shops.

Captain’s Cabin, Rams Valley, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0JT E.  T. 01720 422966


Mr D Townend, Church Street, St. Mary’s E. T. 07900 016113 H6





ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Flat 1, Spanish Ledge


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £220-£615 PUPW

Flat 4, Kenwyn


SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £220-£410 PUPW

– Central, modern furnished first floor flat – Sleeps 4, double and twin bedrooms – Lounge/diner, shower room

Studio flat for 2 close to beaches, town and quay. Sea views. Linen and towels provided. Start/end days Sat or Tues. Short breaks available. No smoking. Mrs C Smith T. 01823 412845 E.

Flat 1, Spanish Ledge, Hugh Town, St. Mary’s E. T. 01872 271387 M. 07735 205566





Harbour Lights and Smugglers Ride ★★★ Jolly Rock View (2 Moonrakers) ★★★ SC | 4 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 1-4 | £350-£1250 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £556-£900 PUPW Enjoy the harbour and lighthouse views from this light and spacious 2 bedroomed apartment. In a quiet position by the historic Garrison walls yet close to shops, restaurants, beaches and the quay for exploring the other islands and wildlife trips.

– Open all year – Availability listed on website – Free WiFi Superb holiday apartments quite literally on the beach with fantastic sea, harbour, and town views. A variety of tastefully converted accommodation, whether it is a romantic hideaway or a one or two bedroom flat. Local shops and restaurants are on the door step, with the quay and other beaches a few minutes walk away. With our weekend and out of season short breaks this gives you an ideal opportunity to enjoy our milder winters and mingle with the locals. Alternatively storm watch from the comfort of your armchair as most flats have sea views. Alison Clifford E. T. 01202 722910


deopqrstuvx&yWVTS Minmow Holiday Flats




Lunnon Farm Cottages


SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-5 | £385-£995 PUPW Attractive and secluded cottages, each with private garden or patio, on a working flower farm near beautiful southern coast of St. Mary’s, about 1½ miles from Hugh Town. Porth Hellick, the nearest beach, 5 minutes walk. Nature trails, coastal path and other beaches very close. Penny Rogers T. 01720 422422

efmosvxyYWTR Morgelyn



Relax in a tranquil country location. Close to Bants Carn, Bar Point and golf course, bus 2 mins walk. Restaurant 15 mins. Jane Lishman McFarlands Down, St. Mary’s TR21 0NS T. 01720 422897

Spacious comfortable split level ground floor self catering accommodation near the centre of Hugh Town with fantastic views across the road to the Green and the harbour. Mr. K. Simpson, The Strand, St. Mary’s T. 01720 422561


SC | 2 Units | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 2-4 | £360-£460 PUPW

SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £288-£449 PUPW


E. T. 01720 423523




ST. MARY’S – Self Catering



SC | 2 Units | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 2-6 | £275-£820 PUPW



SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £795–£895 PUPW South facing beachside bungalow with garden running up to the footpath following the sea wall to Porthcressa and Little Porth beaches.

Peacehaven is set in two acres of its own grounds just above Watermill Cove on the north east of the island. Ideal for couples & families for a quiet relaxing break.

1 Little Porth, Hugh Town, St. Mary’s Mrs M.C. Feast T. 01527 893619

S Paulger, Helvear, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0NS E.  T. 01720 422326




Revenue Cutter, No 9 Harbour Lights★★★ Riviera House ‘Top Flat’



SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 3-4 | £300-£840 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-6 | £395-£1200 PUPW

– South facing views, centrally located in Hugh Town – Large open plan lounge/ diner and kitchen – Fully equipped and inclusive of all charges – One double, one bunk room, Monday C/O

– Centrally located, views overlooking park – Free WiFi, very well equipped – Two double (one with en-suite toilet) and one twin bedroom – One min walk to beach, 5 mins to quay – High chair and travel cot available Chris & Debbie Etheridge T. 07977 175677

AK Athawes E.  T. 01634 290210

ortvx&WVS Rocky Hill Chalets



SC | 2 Units | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £340–£670 PUPW

Seascape, 1 Moonrakers



SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £450–£835 PUPW Breathtaking panoramic sea and town views. Fantastic quiet location below the Garrison wall, but close to quay, beaches, restaurants, pubs and shops. Ground floor apartment. Two bedrooms both with vanity units, lounge/diner, shower room and galley kitchen. Terraced garden. Unlimited fibre broadband.

Ideally situated on flower farm with private lawns within large garden close to town, beaches and nature trail. Mid week bookings early season. Debbie Edwards, T. 01720 422955 E.

E. T. 01720 422082

fostxvYWUR Sunnyside Holiday Flats




SC | 3 Units | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 1-4 | £330-£705 PUPW

dfopqrstuvx0YWV Trelawney



SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-3 | £290 - £560 PUPW

Self catering holiday flats, sleeping four, four and two persons, open from Easter to October. Located in the centre of St. Mary’s, one mile from Hugh Town. Pleasant walks in all directions to beaches, coastal footpaths, nature trails and moorland.

A beautiful Victorian townhouse, with high ceilings, large windows and a comfortable feel, converted to a high standard. Situated close to the quay, shops and restaurants of Hugh Town and Porthcressa and Town beaches. Perfect for couples.

E.  T. 01720 422903

Julie Havlin, Church Street, St. Mary’s TR21 0JT E. T. 01209 719893







ST. MARY’S – Self Catering



– Traditional granite cottage in the heart of Hugh Town – Five minutes walk to the quay, one minute to the beach – Well equipped with contemporary décor and furnishings – Central heating, free WiFi and private courtyard garden Mr & Mrs Beck E T. 01227 472128


4 Well Cross


SC | 1 Unit | Mar-Jan | Sleeps 7 | £550-£1250 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £570-£1345 PUPW


Modern furnished house, with Sky TV and WiFi, situated close to Town Beach. Within 5 minutes of quay. Small courtyard with benches. MP Burton Well Cross, Hugh Town, St. Mary’s T. 01720 423523



4 Golden Bay Mansions

Fisherman’s Arms, 7 Smugglers Ride

– Ideally placed spacious apartment with stunning views – Two bedrooms, double and twin – On the beach, two minutes walk to shops and quay – Linen, towels and electricity included – Availability, photos and video on our website

– First floor apartment located on, and with direct access to, Town Beach with views over the Harbour – Books Tuesday – Tuesday – Linen, towels & electricity included in price – Free Wi-Fi available for visitors

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £500-£1200 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 2-3 | £485-£625 PUPW

Angela Walker. Bute Lodge, 182 Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 7AD T. 020 8940 9808 E.

T. 01720 422510 E. D5



7, Spanish Ledge

Banfields Holiday Flats

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 1-5 | £400-£950 PUPW



IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 4 Units | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 2 | £345-£505 PUPW

– Centrally located, spacious, well equipped ground floor flat – 2 large bedrooms & lounge – New kitchen/diner – 2 minutes walk to beaches, shops & harbour – Linen, towels & electricity all included in the price E.  T. 01720 422510



Carn Ithen Cottage

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Sleeps 4 | Jan-Dec | £540-£1020 PUPW Situated in Old Town, close to beach and nature trail. Luxury two-bedroomed accommodation (superking/ twin and double both with ensuite showers). Large comfy lounge/diner, kitchen (welcome hamper), utility room and garden. Visit our website for more information. Trench Lane, St Mary’s TR21 0PA E. T. 01720 422917



– Visit our website for details/vacancies/video tour – Linen provided. Laundry facilities in each flat – Two flats have their own private patio gardens – Free broadband WiFi. T.V’s in bedrooms – Flats serviced by on site owners Situated in Church Street, near beaches, boats, shops, and restaurants, this 1840’s house has been carefully converted into three comfortable, well equipped flats: ‘Top Deck’, ‘Midships’ and ‘Quarter Deck’, with each retaining some of the features of this nineteenth century building. The ‘Flatlet’, with patio garden, is to the rear of the owner’s house, next door. Roger & Kathy Banfield, Church Street, St. Mary’s, TR21 0JP E. T. 01720 422731



ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

Chy Carn

Glenmoor Apartment

– Luxury extremely well appointed five bedroom house – Spectacular views, perfect location, large garden. Mon C/O – Minutes from beaches, town, quay and coast walks

A luxury apartment ideally situated a ten-minute walk to St Mary’s Harbour, Hugh Town and the picturesque Old Town Bay. We have created a home from home, relaxing environment for your comfort and enjoyment.

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 10 | £1595-£2652 PUPW

Leonie Marks, Hospital Lane, St. Mary’s E.   T. 01621 892873  M. 07980 977917



Harry’s Lookout

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £775-£975 PUPW A new property for St. Mary’s situated near to the Garrison with superb harbour views. One double and one twin bedroom both with en-suite facilities. Outside eating area also enjoys harbour views with the rest of the property having all modern conveniences. Mr P Lethbridge, Garrison Hill, Hugh Town, St Mary’s E. T. 01720 422245

dfmopstuvwxYWVUT Peninnis Farm Luxury Camping



Sylvesters Lane, Church Road, St Mary’s, TR21 0PB E. T. 07789 816261



Lyonnesse House

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 5 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £430-£995 PUPW

– – – – –

Children and babies well catered for Dogs welcome in some apartments Mid-week and weekend changeovers Linen and beach towels provided Wifi and I-pod docks

A Grade II listed family residence, sympathetically converted in 2013 into 5 stunning apartments, 4 of which have magnificent views over the harbour and off-islands. Locally owned and managed, Lyonnesse offers a high standard of contemporary self-catering accommodation in an enviable location, convenient for the town, quay and beaches. Full details and on-line availability can be found on our website.

SC | 7 Units | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 6 | £600-£1285 PUPW

Mrs M Woodcock, Lyonnesse House, Strand, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0PS E. T. 01720 422113

– 3 bedrooms - king, twin & bunks (max of 6 guests) – Wood burner, electricity & water supply in all tents – All linen & towels are provided (inc beach towels)


Our custom designed safari tents are spacious & fully furnished with excellent kitchens, comfortable bedrooms & stylish shower rooms. This is Glamping at its very best with all your home comforts to hand! Come & enjoy the farm’s spectacular coastal backdrop & far reaching views, ideally located just minutes from Hugh Town, the harbour & stunning beaches. Whether it’s a romantic retreat or a family adventure - we have an excellent farm holiday experience to offer! Peninnis Farm, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 421008 M. 07584 655470


IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | From £745-1145 PUPW


Strand House

IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 10 | £1000–£2700 PUPW A luxury seafront holiday cottage, centrally located with direct beach access. Consisting of four double bedrooms (two en-suite), two single bedrooms, bathroom, dining room, lounge, fitted kitchen, utility room and private terrace. Sat c/o. Euan Rodger T. 07799 706573 E.






ST. MARY’S – Self Catering

The Crow’s Nest, Smuggler’s Ride

An Oberva

Fabulous location, IOSAAS APPROVED fantastic sea view. Sunny flat with double bed and shower. Direct access through courtyard to the beach. Overlooking harbour and within ten minute walk of the quay, three beaches, shops, restaurants and pubs.

Modern first floor flat in Hugh Town. In a quiet position yet two minutes from Porthcressa Beach, and five minutes from shops and quay.

IOSAAS PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £250-£800 PUPW

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 1-2 | £240-£530 PUPW

Stella Carter  E.  T. 01235 520317



Julia Berryman An Oberva, Porthcressa, St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly T. 01326 574113


Auriga Apartment

Blue Wren

Luxury apartment having panoramic views over Porthcressa Bay. Family, double and twin en-suite bedrooms on 1st floor, lounge dining room & fitted kitchen on 2nd. Saturday c/o. 5 mins walk from quay.

– Ideal for a relaxing peaceful holiday

IOSAAS PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6-8 | £800-£1600 PUPW

IOSAAS PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £480-£600 PUPW

– Has transport links on the doorstep Blue Wren is a detached and private modern self-catering studio suite situated in a beautiful part of the island within short walking distances of woods, white sandy beaches, golf course and archaeological sites.

Sheila & Chris Thomas, 7 Porthcressa Road, Hugh Town TR21 0JL E.  T. 01720 422637


Alison Hessing T. 01720 423591 F6


Bodilly Cottage

Schiller Holiday Suites

– Traditional Scillonian cottage, elegantly converted into a striking property – Open plan upper floor living space with sea views – Two double beds convertible to twins – Luxury kitchen and bathroom – Prime location in Hugh Town

– Changeover day Saturday or Monday – Modern, Spacious Accommodation for 2 people – Luxurious bathrooms – WiFi in all rooms – 10 mins walk from beaches & the quay

IOSAAS PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £920-£1320 PUPW

Sarah McBride E. T. 01720 423162




5 Harbour View Mansions

PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Apr-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £800-£1200 PUPW – Spacious second floor harbourside apartment – Stunning sea views of St. Mary’s harbour, Samson, Tresco & Bryher – Central location for shops, restaurants and the Quay – Perfect for couples sharing or families

Good to know Gig racing, an island tradition for generations, takes place on Wednesday and Friday evenings from April to September.

E. T. 01720 422431 E5


IOSAAS PENDING SC | 2 Units | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 4 | £495-£695 PUPW

E. T. 01720 423523




ST. MARY’S – Self Catering | TRESCO – Half Board Bed & Breakfast

Tregarthen’s Holiday Cottages


SC | 4 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 3-5 | £250-£1700 PUPW

– – – – –

4 Harbourside Cottages Sea Views Family Friendly All newly refurbished Short Breaks Available

Search for availability using our new online search tool.

The newly refurbished cottages at Tregarthen’s are located in a prime position at the bottom of Garrison Hill, just yards from the Harbour.

Filter by date, type of accommodation, size of party and island.

Each is a traditional cottage, refurbished and equipped to a high standard. A lovely place for a holiday on the Isles of Scilly with family or friends. Short breaks available outside of peak season. St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0PP T. 01720 422540 E.



Visit the official website C4

New Inn


B&B HB | 16 Rooms | Jan-Dec | £60-£160 PPPN

The New Inn is our comfortable and cosy island pub. Offering award-winning accommodation, food and drink, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind into island life. – Ensuite accommodation by the night or for longer breaks – Choice of B&B or dinner, bed and breakfast rates – Enjoy the bustling bar or relax in the cosy and stylish Residents’ Lounge – Seasonal heated outdoor pool and sun terrace – Occasional live music, ale and cider festivals All our rooms are light and airy; many enjoy sea views across the harbour. Little treats like freshly ground coffee, homemade biscuits and REN toiletries make our rooms the perfect retreat. Enjoy our hearty Cornish breakfast before exploring the beautiful private island of Tresco, or relax in our seasonal heated pool or cosy residents’ lounge. Our accommodation quality has been recognised by the AA and Visit England; our food and drink by the AA, CAMRA and the Michelin Guide. VisitEngland

Tresco Island Office, Tresco TR24 0QQ E. T. 01720 422849





TRESCO – Half Board Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

Sea Garden Cottages

SC | 7 Units | Sleeps 6-10 | Jan-Dec | £1800-£6995 PUPW SC | HB | B&B | 9 Units | Sleeps 2-3 | Mar-Dec | £160-£260 PPPN

TRESCO – Half Board Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

★★★★★ GOLD

Ranging from one bedroom cottages perfect for a couple’s retreat to larger cottages ideal for a getaway with friends and family, these cottages capture some of the best views on Scilly. – Stylish contemporary cottages available by the night or the week – Self catering, or B&B/half board at The Ruin Beach Café – Views across Old Grimsby harbour, St Martin’s and the Eastern Isles – Access to Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco Island Spa and the on-site indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym The nine beautiful one bedroom cottages offer a bright and airy open plan lounge and kitchen with terrace. Upstairs a large sea-facing en-suite bedroom with balcony makes the most of the spectacular views. The seven larger cottages can sleep up to ten people, featuring three or four bedrooms and a separate snug room downstairs. The luxurious living and dining space with garden make these cottages perfect for sharing with family or friends. The cottages are all splendidly appointed, with original artwork, solid oak flooring, bespoke kitchens, WiFi, satellite television and log burning stoves. Above all, each property is individually designed to take full advantage of the stunning sea views. “From the terrace of my cottage on the north-east of the tiny island of Tresco, I looked across a neat lawn bordered by pink flowers to a swaying sea.” – The Times

Tresco Island Office, Tresco TR24 0QQ E. T. 01720 422849






TRESCO – Self Catering | ST. MARTIN’S – Hotel

Flying Boat Cottages


SC | 12 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 6-10 | £1600-£6000 PUPW

These beautiful New England-style beachfront cottages provide luxurious self-catering accommodation overlooking New Grimsby and Bryher. – Gorgeous, contemporary cottages right on the beach – great for catching the sunset – Perfect any time of year, with balconies and terraces for long summer days and wood burners for cosy winter nights – Includes access to the Tresco Island Spa facilities and Tresco Abbey Garden Situated on Tresco’s west coast these cottages are the ideal base for exploring the island, whilst the Flying Boat restaurant, bike hire, Island Office and Tresco Stores are just moments away. The cottages are superbly appointed, with oak flooring, wood burning stoves, original artwork throughout, WiFi, satellite television and stunning sea views from the living rooms and master bedrooms. Tresco Island Spa, with its indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and gym is right on your doorstep, with tennis courts just moments away. VisitEngland

Tresco Island Office, Tresco TR24 0QQ E. T. 01720 422849



Karma St. Martin’s


HO | 30 Rooms | Apr-Nov | From £220 B&B PRPN

Boasting some of the fi nest beaches in the British Isles, St. Martins is an idyllic hideaway just waiting to be discovered. Just two miles long, the island is the perfect base for walking, diving, snorkelling with seals and taking time out to relax. – Beachfront – Dog Friendly – Freshly caught seafood & fish served at the Cloudesley Shovell Restaurant – Wine Lounge with wine dispensing machine – Karma Spa Built to resemble a stone hamlet of cottages, Karma St. Martins is a contemporary 4-star hotel; just a stones throw from the beach. A total of 30 rooms, include king size or twin beds, family interconnecting rooms and a honeymoon suite. The majority of the rooms take in the breath-taking ocean views. All rooms have complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, tea/coffee making facilities, mini-bar, safe, bathroom amenities, hairdryer and bathrobes. The Cloudesley Shovell restaurant is at the heart of the hotel, and offers panoramic ocean views. The chefs use only the freshest fish, caught daily by local fisherman. Organic vegetables from the islands farmers compliment the dishes. The open plan bar has a calming vibe and is the perfect place to relax. Lower Town, St. Martin’s, Isles of Scilly TR25 0QW E. T. 01720 422368


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ST. MARTIN’S – Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

Polreath Guest House




SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £650-£2040 PUPW

B&B | 3 Rooms | Apr-Sep | £55-£60 PPPN Delicious home-cooking, stunning gardens, far-reaching sea views, comfortable bedrooms and friendly hosts; just a taste of what’s to come when you stay at Polreath. VisitEngland BREAKFAST AWARD. Evening meals available 3 nights a week. Tea Room open Sunday to Friday. E. T. 01720 422046

– 2 minutes from Lower Town Quay, beach, hotel and local pub – Amenities beyond the standard expected – Quality bedding, towels, robes and beach towels – Personal service - meet & greet, pre-arrival collection of provisions – South facing decking with sunbeds, teak table, chairs and gas BBQ With a traditional granite exterior and a contemporary chic interior, Teania offers a truly five-star experience on St. Martin’s. Owner/operators Dawn and Keith Bradford, who have extensive professional experience in the hospitality industry, are very much hands on in ensuring you get the most out of your holiday. Dawn Bradford St. Martin’s, TR25 0QW T. 01720 423213 E.



Visit the official website

Middletown Stable


dfoqstuvwx&yYWVTSK ★★★★

SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £300-£750 PUPW

– Warm and cosy all year round – Sheltered garden – All linen and towels provided – Washing machine and tumble dryer Jo Williams E.

Merrions Holiday Cottage & Chalet

★★★★ | ★★★

SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4 | £425-£750 PUPW Cedarwood chalet and traditional granite cottage. Both modernised to a high standard. Large private gardens and breathtaking views to the South across Highertown Bay. Two mins to nearest beaches and amenities. Comfortable and well appointed. A warm welcome awaits you. Val Thomas T. 01720 423418 E.



Carron Farm Self-Catering Holidays

The Stables, St. Martin’s

– Stunning sea views from IOSAAS APPROVED all three properties – Two traditional granite cottages and one cedar wood chalet – Beaches just 2 minutes walk away – Each property has its own garden – Linen and electricity included

A two bedroom cottage ideal for a family and a single bedroom cottage perfect for a couple, both with garden. Close to bakery and post Office, Wi-Fi, comfortably furnished, dogs welcome. Pick up / drop off.

SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 4-5 | £470-£695 PUPW

Carron Farm, St. Martin’s, Isles of Scilly TR25 0QL T. 01720 422893


IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £485-£1075 PUPW

E. T. 01326 563811




BRYHER – Hotel / Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

Hell Bay Hotel


HO | 25 Rooms | Mar-Nov | £125-£350 DB&B PPPN

Comfort, beauty, peace and seclusion. The stylish and relaxed award winning Hell Bay Hotel is the highest-rated hotel on Scilly and stands on the western shores of Bryher, surrounded by white sandy beaches. – 3 Rosette restaurant – Treatment room – Outdoor heated pool – Sauna and Jacuzzi

– – – –

Seasonal pop-up Crab Shack WiFi Beautiful sea views 3 par golf and tennis court

Handsomely-appointed rooms and great cuisine are complimented by one of the finest private art collections in the South West. New England and the Caribbean meet Cornwall, with Lloyd Loom and Malabar fabrics set against cool ocean blues and greens. The head chef uses local, seasonal and regional ingredients to create classic combinations of fresh, uncluttered flavours. Hell Bay is perfect for a romantic getaway or for a memorable family holiday, where children can even choose their own egg for breakfast from the hotel’s free-range chickens. During the summer months a pop-up crab shack operates offering the best Bryher crab along with scallops and mussels. To avoid disappointment booking early is essential. Hell Bay, Bryher TR23 0PR E. T. 01720 422947

Soleil D’Or


dfghijkmpqrsvxyzYUS ★★★★

B&B | 3 Rooms | Mar-Oct | £50-£60 PPPN Welcome to Soleil D’or, enjoy all that Bryher has to offer whilst staying in a small, friendly guest house. After a relaxing night’s sleep, enjoy a home cooked breakfast in our dining room which commands stunning views over Tresco Channel. E. T. 01720 422003 / 422010

Atlanta, Glenhope & Glenhope High


SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-6 | £705-£1380 PUPW – Picturesque traditional Scillonian granite cottages with large gardens – Ideal for couples, families or groups of friends – Close to Great Porth Beach – Dogs welcome – Atlanta changeover on Saturday; Glenhope & Glenhope High changeover on Wednesday T. 01720 423394 E.



White House Holidays

Hillside Farm

The Fo’c’sle and The Crow’s Nest are two stunning four star gold award apartments. They are situated in a unique position right on the eastern edge of Bryher, with spectacular sea views from every window overlooking Tresco Channel. E. T. 01720 422010

– Magnificent panoramic sea views and beaches close by – Seasonal vegetables grown on the farm plus farm reared pork – Private decking area and gardens Ruth Eggins Clemmies and Bracken Cottages, Bryher T. 01720 423156



★★★★GOLD SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £540-£1200 PUPW

★★★★|★★★★GOLD SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-4 | £300-£1175 PUPW

BRYHER – Self Catering | ST. AGNES – Bed & Breakfast / Self Catering

Bryher Holiday Chalets

★★★★ Harbour View


SC | 2 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2-6 | £735-£1275 PUPW

SC | 3 Units | Jan-Nov | Sleeps 4-5 | £350-£1120 PUPW

– Recently refurbished, comfortable, well equipped modern chalets with panoramic sea views – Dogs welcome – Friday changeover – Ideal for couples, families or groups of friends – Reduced rates from November-March

– Quiet and sheltered beachside location – Fabulous views – Well equipped with towels and linen provided – On site bar-café – Dogs welcome by arrangement

T. 01720 423394 E.

Chris Hopkins E. T. 01720 422222



Veronica Farm Holidays IOSAAS APPROVED Chafford SC | 3 Units | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 2 | £250-£999 PUPW Sleeps 4 | £250-£1239 PUPW

IOSAAS PENDING SC | 1 Unit | Jan-Dec | Sleeps 8 | £1300-£4200 PUPW

Gareth Tibbs Veronica Farm, Bryher T. 01720 423951

A fantastic holiday house situated in a 1/2 acre of private garden with stunning sea views across Tresco Channel. Furnished to a high standard, 120 metres from the nearest beach and close to the island’s quays, perfectly placed for island hopping. T. 07927 421268 E.



Three traditional farm cottages with sea views and private gardens. Farm location with fresh eggs and fudge available. Free Wi-Fi and a delicious welcome cream tea.

Hellweathers B&B, St. Agnes IOSAAS PENDING B&B | 2 Rooms | Mar-Oct | £50 PPPN Hellweathers B&B has beautifully refurbished, fresh guest rooms and stunning views to Bishop Rock Lighthouse and the rugged Western Rocks. The garden leads straight onto a golden sandy beach which is perfect for swimming, relaxing, paddling or playing. E. T. 01720 423207


Looking for somewhere to stopover on the mainland before catching your ferry or flight to Scilly?

dfhmopqrsx&WVK Good to know Scilly is great for dogs, with ample coastal and inland walks. Please note that they are not permitted on Porthcressa Beach, Porthmellon Beach or Old Town Beach from May to September. Dogs must be kept on leads on Tresco.

Troytown Farm Cottages IOSAAS APPROVED SC | 3 Units | Sleeps 2-4 |Jan-Dec | £350-£1030 PUPW Troytown Farm has three holiday cottages, in a beautiful location at the heart of the farm, overlooking the breathtaking Atlantic coast. St. Agnes is a tiny, unspoilt, friendly, island community; A truly unique place for an unforgettable holiday. Laura Hicks E. T. 01720 422360




CAMPING ON SCILLY Whether you choose to camp on Scilly with just your basics or glamp in style, you’ll be transported not only back to nature but also back in time. There are five campsites from which to choose, two on St. Mary’s, and one each on St. Agnes, Bryher and St. Martin’s. Some have their own beaches, some are on a farm; some are exposed to the elements, others are nestled away – but all of them share equal charm and beauty as well as a certain simplicity and tranquillity.

Garrison Campsite - St. Mary's

CS | 120 Units | Apr-Oct | £9.50-£11.90 PPPN Readi-Tents | Sleeps 2 | From £130 for 3 nights Readi-Tents | Sleeps 4 | From £220 for 3 nights

- “A cut above many other sites in Scilly.” Lonely Planet Guide 2011 - Dogs accepted by prior arrangement only Our peaceful site is situated on the historic Garrison, with views across Porthcressa to Peninnis Head. The site has various size enclosures offering space, shelter and level pitches. Two toilet blocks, laundry, onsite shop, wifi and electric hook-ups provide an enjoyable and relaxing holiday base to explore these beautiful Islands. For hassle-free camping, we have a few fully equipped family tents available to rent. Ted & Barbara Moulson E. T. 01720 422670




Peninnis Farm Luxury Camping - St. Mary’s


St.Martin’s Campsite


CS | 50 Pitches | Mar-Oct | £10.50-£12 PPPN

CS | 7 Units | Mar-Oct | Sleeps 6 | £600-£1285 PUPW

– 3 bedrooms - king, twin & bunks (max of 6 guests) – Wood burner, electricity & water supply in all tents – All linen & towels are provided (inc beach towels) Our custom designed safari tents are spacious & fully furnished with excellent kitchens, comfortable bedrooms & stylish shower rooms. This is Glamping at its very best with all your home comforts to hand! Come & enjoy the farm’s spectacular coastal backdrop & far reaching views, ideally located just minutes from Hugh Town, the harbour & stunning beaches. Whether it’s a romantic retreat or a family adventure - we have an excellent farm holiday experience to offer!


Bryher Campsite

CS | Apr-Oct | £10.50 PPPN (Under 4s free) Bell Tents | Sleeps 5 | £325-£500 PUPW

– Daily Telegraph’s Top Coastal Campsite – Breathtaking ocean views and laid back atmosphere – Bring your own tent or rent a Bell Tent – Short stroll to beautiful beaches, shop, boat hire, pub and honesty stalls Nestled in a sheltered valley Bryher Campsite enjoys panoramic views of the Atlantic, Cromwell’s Castle and Tresco Channel. The spacious site has a laid back, pitch-where-you-like vibe and excellent facilities, including a separate games field. New for 2017: Rent one of our fully kitted-out Bell Tents for a week or short break. “You might find yourself coming back forever” – MoyaW29, TripAdvisor Tom Matthews & Joanne Hulands, Jenford, Bryher, Isles of Scilly, TR23 0PR E. T. 01720 422068


Welcome your day to the sounds of nature, breakfast on freshly baked croissants and ease yourself into your flip flops. St. Martin’s campsite is set in a wonderful location, only a moment’s walk away from Lower Town quay, fresh local produce stalls, our famous pub, cafes and bistros, just a few of the many attractions our island has to offer. Dogs welcome out of school holidays by prior arrangement. Ben & Caroline Gillett E. T. 01720 422888

Peninnis Farm, St. Mary’s E. T. 01720 421008 M. 07584 655470


– Welcoming, peaceful, relaxed and family friendly – Right on your own ‘campsite beach’ – Spacious, private and sheltered site – Excellent facilities kept to a very high standard – So good you’ll want to keep coming back


vxUSABCDEFHIKLMNOPQ Troytown Farm Campsite - St. Agnes


CS | Feb-Nov | £9.50-£10.50 PPPN Bell Tents | 5 Units | Sleeps 4 | £330-£500 PUPW

Wake up to the sound of the sea, spend your day relaxing by the clear water and white sands of the campsite’s own beach, then watch the sunset from your tent. In a stunning location, on the waters edge, the campsite enjoys incredible panoramic views of the ocean. For truly carefree camping, fully equipped bell tents are available to rent. Our little farm and dairy provides our visitors with homegrown produce and our famous ice-cream. Laura Hicks Troytown Farm, St. Agnes E. T. 01720 422360
























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The Quay

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Lifeboat House


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Harry’s Walls

The Old Quay

St gh Hu

4 Star Castle

Town Beach


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Ch urc hR d alley ams V The Parade R d R Porthcressa

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Porthcressa B ea ch

Hugh Town

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Ho spi tal Ln

Buzza Tower

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1/4 Mile

KEY Police



Post Office



Town Hall

Lifeboat station



No dogs allowed

Historic site

Tourist Information Centre

(May to Sept)

Deep water moorings

Hospital & Health Centre

Play park / Sports facility


Public telephone

Radio mast




Register Office

Disabled toilet

Indoor swimming pool


Baby changing

Golf course / Pitch and putt

Bird watching hide

Islands’ Partnership Steamship House, Hugh Street Hugh Town, St. Mary’s Isles of Scilly TR21 0LL 01720 424036





1 mile

White Island

St Helen’s

St. Martin’s


Lower Town Old Grimsby

Hell Bay


New Grimsby

St Martin’s Bay

Higher Town

Ravens Porth Lawrence’s Bay

Rushy Point

The Town

Par Beach

Lizard Point Great Porth


Green Bay

Pentle Bay

Norrard Rocks

Appletree Bay

Eastern Isles

Carn Near

Bar Point


Cornwall due East 28 miles >

Toll’s Island Pelistry Bay To Bishop Rock Lighthouse

St. Mary’s


Deep Point

Porthmellon Hugh Town Porthcressa

Porth Hellick

Old Town Old Town Bay

St. Agnes Annet


Peninnis Head

Porth Conger

Higher Lower Town Town

Key Wingletang Bay

Visitor Information Telephone 01720 424031

Giant’s Castle

Scillonian III Scheduled inter-island routes Boat trips and excursions

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Isles of Scilly 2017 Islands Guide  

A beautiful cluster of islands just off the coast of Cornwall, UK. A place like nowhere else in England.

Isles of Scilly 2017 Islands Guide  

A beautiful cluster of islands just off the coast of Cornwall, UK. A place like nowhere else in England.