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Plastic Surgeon Case Study:

Bam Construction, Culcheth School Client: Sector:

Bam Construction /Culcheth School Construction: Education

Repairs: Site:

Door, window, brickwork, wood and metal repairs Culcheth High School, Warrington

The Challenge The contractor, BAM construction, called upon Plastic Surgeon to combat the inevitable snagging in the final run up to the handover of the new school building in the North West. There was damage to a variety of internal and exterior finishes and fittings.

The Solution Plastic Surgeon’s finishers were able fill, rub down and colour match scratches and gouges to external metal doors, composite window frames and the IPS (integrated panel systems) in the washrooms, as well as repair

areas of brickwork, timber cladding and render around the site. Elsewhere, the finishers made practically undetectable repairs to the highly insulated lightweight metal framing system that had suffered repeated minor damage.

The Result BAM’s site management team was very impressed with Plastic Surgeon’s work, which avoided them having to re-order some quite large components and wait for them to be made, with all the delays and extra cost this can involve, which they reckoned could have been two or three times higher than the amount paid for the 11 visits by Plastic Surgeon. BAM’s Project Surveyor, Hayley Gilmour, said: “Until you actually start looking at the situation of having to replace something like an IPS unit with all the disruption, and then see the ease with which Plastic Surgeon can sort it out, you don’t realize just what a good option repair is over replacement. The site manager was amazed at the range of items that Plastic Surgeon could put right.” The school, built under the BSF Pathfinder programme, will be able to accommodate a total of 1250 pupils in the 11-18 age range.

Sustainable Repairs At the same time as providing clients with a comprehensive cosmetic repair service addressing virtually every type of product and substrate, Plastic Surgeon is also addressing important aspects of the sustainability agenda. For while the company’s ethos of ‘repairing rather than replacing’ represents a saving of approximately £3 for every pound spent, this approach also significantly reduces waste going to landfill and therefore helps cut a customer’s carbon footprint. Uniquely, Plastic Surgeon has developed its VisibilITy software which translates each finisher’s job report, sent from their palm pilot, into the equivalent weight and other statistics on a data base that participating customers can utilise for their own sustainability reporting.

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Total Landfill Savings for this project:


2.51 tonnes

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Plastic Surgeon Case Study - Door, Window and Brick Repairs - Bam Construction  

The contractor, BAM construction, called upon Plastic Surgeon to combat the inevitable snagging in the final run up to the handover of the n...

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