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CHIRALITY Capital Consulting MENTAL Health Awareness LONG & FOSTER Real Estate Agent Mack Home Renovations


Serving all of Maryland and the District of Columbia Chapter 13)

“I have attended a few seminars on Estate Planning, and I was aware that I needed to start this process sooner than later. I was fortunate to attend an Estate Planning seminar presented by Suren Adams. I was very impressed with her professionalism, her impeccable knowledge of the subject matter, and the ability to present the information in an understandable language. Suren’s noteworthy credentials speak for themselves, and her service costs are comparable to others in the area. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is interested in the Estate Planning process. I guarantee that once you attend Suren’s seminar, you will not delay in starting the process today!”

- C.H. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

“Mrs. Adams: We want to thank you very much for the diligent work your office has done in finalizing our Trust package, to include notifications to our investment organizations and trustees. We could not be happier for the great legal work you and your staff has done for us. Again, many thanks for bringing everything together in our Trust.”

- R.G. & D.G (District Heights)

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Welcome to Simply Bowie


Wow, it seems like yesterday we were saying Happy New Year and Now we are in the month of May/June Issue. This is the most exciting issue so far this year with incredible Front Covers and articles. The highlighted articles featured are Mack Home Renovations, Chirality Capital Consulting, and Long & Foster with Lakeesha Washington.

There are some intricate articles such as LGBT Coming out to Parents, and why is church attendance down with millennials! Simply Bowie Publication will touch on all subjects for the community.

This is the month of May, Mental awareness month to take care of yourself and seek help! This article gives a drill down 7 steps on how to manage stress and more.

Remember, life is beautiful to live your full potential, so hit those festivals and enjoy the month of May!

Enjoy this special Edition

Who we are At MACK Home Renovations, we take pride in every detail, ensuring your home reflects your unique style and needs. With our extensive knowledge of industry trends and the local market, we personally guide you through the entire process, from selecting the materials and finishings down to the finer details of our craftsmanship. We are confident in the value this investment will add to space and your overall home equity. Our Services: Painting Drywall Plumbing Flooring Lighting Accent Walls Electrical Plumbing Natural Stone Bathroom Renovation Tile Work & Installation Unfinished Basements Kitchen Renovation Call: 202-386-4454
8 | May/June 2024

MACK REALITY Continuing a Legacy

Brian Magee is a man who understands the importance of investing and generational wealth.

His company, MACK Home Renovations, was created in 2023 and is already gaining popularity in the DMV due their competitive prices, humble beginnings, and his downto-earth service. The Deanwood, D.C. based company prides themselves on being neighbors as well as home renovation experts.

Magee grew up hearing talk about real estate. His father, an investor in real estate for 40+ years, would discuss investing with his family at the dinner table. He would sometimes take his son to see the properties he was working on, which were stripped down to the beams.

Years later in 2007, after receiving a BS degree in education from Bowie State, Magee was offered a position in property management to oversee houses his father owned. He completed his first investment property fix and flip in 2019 in with his father and his brother.

“That just snowballed after my first renovation,” he said. “Then I started branching out more, doing my own investment properties, doing my own flips. From there, I moved into renovating for clients.”

When he took the job as a property manager, his salary was less than a starting educational salary in his field. But Magee says that the pay comes second to learning and perfecting his craft. “I want to be great at what I do. I’m not pursuing money,” he said. “I believe that if you pursue the best version of yourself, then money will always follow you.”

For Magee, renovating is about putting his best work into the world.“I love watching the transformation, “ he said. “When it comes together, it all makes sense, and I can see it so vividly.

May/June 2024 | 9

It’s satisfying to be able to turn over a property and give somebody a great product.”

Even after the house is sold, Magee will update and fix houses that he’s worked on previously. “There’s been times when I’ve sold properties and I’ve gone back, even after documents are signed off, I’ll go back and fix things because my name is on it and it’s bigger than the check,” he said.

His hands-on approach involves helping clients directly, walking them through the process and helping them pick out tile selections

and other necessities for their house. Magee contributes his success to his team, which he says has been there for him since day one. “I can go into a property and we both know how each other works and what we both want. Everything starts falling into place,” he said.

The most important part of building generational wealth for Magee is continuing smart practices not just for his future, but for his children, and their children. “It’s about establishing something that my kids can grow into,” he said.

10 | May/June 2024



CHIRALITY CAPITAL CONSULTING is an industry leading strategy and technology consulting firm that provides a full range of professional services in the areas of strategy, business transformation, and technology. These services assist government agencies to deliver quality solutions that are cost effective, meet the agency mission, and enhance the quality of public services to the taxpayer.

We combine our core values with expert capabilities to deliver a comprehensive, best-value solution.









8(a) Certified Owned Minority Small Business


In a landscape saturated with conventional approaches, Chirality Capital Consulting (an 8(a) small business consulting firm)stands out as a pioneer, redefining the essence of business consulting through innovation and a tailored service model.

As 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of its inception, the journey of Chirality Capital Consulting began under the visionary leadership of CEO William Lash, Sr. Over the past decade, Chirality has thrived under the guidance of a diverse and seasoned leadership team, including Hanani Wade, Suzanne Roberts, Jide Awe, and Trinh Cao. Together, they have diligently worked to build upon Lash’s vision, propelling the firm to the forefront of successful small business consulting for the Federal Government.

The genesis of Chirality stemmed from Lash’s astute observation of a critical void within the consulting sphere,

drawing upon his wide range of experiences in the tech industry. Recognizing this gap, Chirality emerged as a solution, offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing business transformation, data analytics, project management, and cutting-edge technologies.

The firm’s name, inspired by the Greek word for hand, “kheir,”reflects its philosophy of working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve successful outcomes, a notion beautifully illustrated in their analogy of collaborative partnership.

The path to establishing Chirality was not without its hurdles. Lash recounts the initial challenge of building credibility without past performances, emphasizing the continuous effort required to prove their capabilities.

“Honestly, just getting the opportunity or chance to demonstrate your ability to provide customer service

12 | May/June 2024

as a new small business can be tough,” said Lash. “Every day, we have to go and prove ourselves.”

However, Lash’s strategic decision to engage in the Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé program played a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles. This decision was pivotal in developing trust and rapport with early clients. “The advantage of being a smaller firm enables closer client relationships and mutual growth,” said Wade, Managing Director of Operations.

As a boutique firm, we try to make sure we bring the best version of our clients as they grow in their space, and we do the same,” added Wade

Today, Chirality’s combined expertise in professional services strategy, business transformation, and technology guides and empowers a growing team of nearly 50 consultants to deliver exceptional results.

Chirality prides itself on its diverse services, underpinned by a deep commitment to understanding and addressing each client’s unique needs. This client-focused approach and the firm’s adaptability and constant learning philosophy have enabled Chirality to deliver impactful solutions that foster organizational growth, innovation, and resilience.

Lash emphasizes “the importance of providing solutions andlistening to and truly understanding client needs.”

This practicehas been instrumental in establishing the firm’s reputation for innovative problem-solving.

“It’s about trying to provide a certain strategy. With Chirality, the focus is ‘how can we ensure that we implement and execute and provide real results,” said Lash.

“It’s not just about completing the solution but also listening to your client’s needs through building

May/June 2024 | 13

trusted relationships based on honesty, integrity, team collaboration, and strong communication with our customers,” added Lash.

Looking ahead, Chirality remains committed to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and methodologies, aiming to shape the future of consulting. The firm’s dedication to making a tangible social impact and inspiring a new generation of thinkers underscores its aspiration to build a legacy beyond entrepreneurial success. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and community contribution, Chirality is poised to continue leading the charge in transforming the consulting industry.

As Chirality Capital Consulting celebrates ten years of visionary leadership and transformative solutions, its journey from humble beginnings to industry leadership

is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and a client-centric approach. As Lash says, your network is your net worth. The firm’s ability to navigate the complexities of the consulting world while championing the needs of its clients and the community sets a benchmark for the industry. Chirality’s commitment to thinking outside the box and driving change ensures its place at the forefront of consulting, promising a legacy of lasting impact and continued success.

In reflecting on a decade of achievements, Chirality Capital Consulting commemorates its past successes and looks to the future with an unwavering determination to continue pioneering unique solutions. As the consulting landscape evolves, Chirality stands ready to lead, innovate, and inspire, championing a brighter future for its clients and the broader community.

14 | May/June 2024


The Diabetes and Endocrine Wellness Center, LLC. We will consider it an honor to participate in your care and the care of your loved ones. At The DEW Center, our provider is up to date on the latest techniques and technologies. Make an appointment with us today.

Our Care Center is conveniently

• Diabetes –Type 1, Type 2, Prediabetes

• Insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring and interpretation

• Insulin resistance and related disorders including PCOS

• Metabolic syndrome

• Obesity

• Cardiovascular risk reduction

• Thyroid disorders (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules)

• Osteoporosis, Vitamin D deficiency, Paget’s disease and metabolic bone disorders

• Adrenal nodules

• Hormone related hypertension

• Lipid disorders

• Pituitary disorders

• Male Hypogonadism

• Menopause

• Endocrine disorders of pregnancy including gestational diabetes and thyroid disorders

located in Largo, Maryland.

EMBRACE THE OUTDOORS A Guide to Spring and Summer Festivals in Maryland

After a season that brought snow, rain, and gloomy days to the area, the clouds have cleared and it’s time to spend more time outdoors. Sometimes it’s hard to find activities to fill up all the weekends the warm season brings. Fortunately, spring and summer bring outdoor festivals that you can enjoy whether alone, with friends, or with the entire family. To assist, we have curated a list of fun and varied outdoor experiences from April to June in Maryland.. Whether it’s food, wine, music, or crafts, there’s a weekend filled with activities to suit your needs.



Street Food Festival

When: April 6 & 7

The fourth annual Baltimore Street Food Festival takes place on April 6th and 7th at Power Plant Live. An entire city block will be filled with local food vendors, and all food items at this event will be $5 or less, making it a great deal for the real foodies out there. Attendees will have the chance to sample the best food Baltimore has to offer. Alongside the culinary delights, there will be many festive activities , including eating competitions and the chance to dance to live music. Children can also enjoy a designated play area while adults partake in the festival’s wine and beer offerings. Organized by A Taste of Your Town, the festival aims to introduce residents from all over Maryland to new foods while providing a memorable weekend.

Baltimore Old Time Music Festival

When: April 19 & 20

The Baltimore Old Time Music Festival offers fun for the whole family from April 20-21 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The festival will feature musicians from across the country, providing a weekend filled with concerts across multiple stages. Attendees can even sign up for workshops to learn instruments from the musicians themselves, regardless

of their skill level. The festival concludes with a square dance celebration, ensuring a perfect end to the weekend festivities.

Savor Bowie Spring Food, Wine, and Music Festival

When: April 20 & 21

Presented by Concerts for Causes, the 2024 Savor Bowie Food, Wine, and Music Festival takes place on April 20 and 21 at Bowie Town Center. The festival features dishes prepared by local chefs and complimentary wine tastings from established wineries in the area. Alongside delicious food and wine, two stages will host live music, providing the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family to explore culinary delights.

Tales of Southern Maryland

When: April 21

Taking place at the Maryland Veterans Museum at Patriot Park, Tales of Southern Maryland is a daylong event showcasing the best businesses in Southern Maryland. Explore the diverse community of Southern Maryland and sample food from local restaurants along with specialty drinks crafted for the event. Proceeds from the event benefit the Maryland Veterans Museum. Attendees can enjoy live music and shop from local vendors as well.

16 | May/June 2024


First Sunday Arts Festival

When: May 5 & every first Sunday of the month until November

Since 2001, the First Sunday Arts Festival has taken place on the first Sunday of every month from May to November. Featuring up to 130 vendors selling pottery, jewelry, clothes, furniture, paintings, and more, the festival offers a diverse array of goods. Food trucks and entertainment provide additional enjoyment for attendees.

Bethesda Fine Arts Festival

When: May 11 & 12

The 2024 Bethesda Fine Arts Festival will be held on May 11 and 12, featuring live entertainment, art, and food from local Bethesda restaurants. The festival showcases fine art from artists across the nation, offering the perfect opportunity to explore and shop for new art while having a good time listening to the live music from musicians from across the region.

Rosé Soirée Wine Festival

When: May 11

The Rosé Soirée offers a beautiful backdrop of the Annmarie Garden for a delightful festival experience. This 21+ event

features tastings of rosé wines from around the world, along with local vendors, arts and crafts, food trucks, and live music. Mark your calendar for May 11 and gather friends for a good time at the Rosé Soirée Wine Festival.

Arbutus Arts Festival

When: May 19

The 51st Arbutus Arts Festival is a one-day event that appeals to all ages, making it the perfect place for a family outing. The festival features a children’s corner where young ones can participate in arts and crafts and a beer garden where adults can relax and mingle. Completed with live music, the festival promises to have something for everyone to enjoy.


Art in the Park When: June 1

Presented by the Carroll County Arts Council, the annual Art in the Park festival is held rain or shine on the first Saturday of June at Westminster City Hall. Featuring art and craft displays from regional artists, as well as workshops, the event offers something for everyone to enjoy alongside food and live music.

Western Maryland Food Truck Festival

When: June 8 & 9

The Western Maryland Food Truck Festival kicks off in June at the PVAA Sports Complex in Cresaptown, MD. With offerings from food trucks across Western Maryland, from snow cones to seafood boils, there’s something for every palate through the doors at the sports complex. Activities such as a disc golf tournament and cornhole competitions add to the festival’s appeal, making it a pleasure filled day.

Festival of the Arts

When: June 14 & 15 & 16

Taking place at the Downtown Columbia Lakefront, the Columbia Festival offers a weekend of art and entertainment for all ages. Completed with the classic fair foods and more from local vendors, there will be much to choose from while enjoying the festivities. With a children’s section, juried arts and crafts show, workshops, and live music, the festival promises a fun-filled experience.

Drink Maryland

When: June 22

The Drink Maryland festival is a part of a summer event series that offers attendees the chance to explore the local craft beverage industry firsthand. From wineries, breweries, and distilleries, guests can sample products, purchase bottles, and engage with artisans. The event also features a variety of food vendors for attendees to enjoy and local artisan booths to peruse.

May/June 2024 | 17
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Understanding the Decline of MILLENNIAL CHURCH ATTENDANCE

In recent years, there has been a notable decline in the number of millennials actively participating in traditional religious institutions, particularly churches. This is a trend that dramatically contrasts with the religious attitudes of older generations.

This may strike as unsurprising. Millennials have a number of concerns to attend to in their day to day lives, and they may find that carving out time to worship during their few days off from the daily grind is not the most effective use of their time.

There are a number of concerns that have contributed to this trend. Whether it be because of a lack of spiritual optimism, or recent health concerns prompted by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, churches are seeing a decline in the retention of the younger members of their congregations. They are also struggling to keep older generations in the pews. According to research conducted

by the American Survey Center, Millennials and Gen Zers are much less likely to report attending worship services as they grow up. Less than half of millennials (45 percent) and Gen Zers (40 percent) say they attended church weekly.


Without consistent attendance from older members of the congregation, religious and civic organizations face the threat of atrophy. Not only that, but we are now living in a time that appears as dire as ever, and there is no denying the imminent threat of a faithless general population. While there has certainly been a decline of millennial presence in various congregations, many religious organizers have not lost faith in the strength of their

20 | May/June 2024

practice and the members of their church. These leaders continue to work steadfastly to engage the older generations to return to service each week while continuing to accommodate the ever-changing needs of Gen-Z. Religious leaders must also recognize that they must remain cognisant of the needs of the younger generations, as they recognize the importance of welcoming young adults to ensure that their congregations are able to withstand the trials of time.

Robert Lagrant, Chairmen of the Deacon’s Ministry at the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, recognizes just how valuable it is for churches to remain open to the change of the times, “It’s incumbent on us to make sure that we change the packaging to be relevant and timely to a new generation that has a new set of needs…I think that there has to be an appetite and a proactive decision to do more because we understand that you people go so many places now, so we have to identify what it is that will really draw individuals to the church. Sometimes we have to open the doors to compel people to come in rather than just opening the doors and hoping that they come in.”

Thankfully, all hope has not been lost. While millennials may not be seeking refuge in the organized religious practice that churches promise to provide, they are continuing to nurture their spiritual practice in alternative ways, hence the uptick in popularity of belief systems such as astrology, or the easy “spiritualism” of yoga, meditation and general self care.

While these are certainly invaluable alternatives, few of these activities are successful in fostering the deep relationships and communal support the church has the unique capability to provide. Actively participating in a congregation gives one the opportunity to embed themselves in a community– an opportunity that can not as easily be found in more solitary alternative spiritual practices. This perpetuates the undeniable value that churches–and communal worship spaces in general–provide to their surrounding communities, making the engagement by older generations more important than ever.

May/June 2024 | 21


a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Realty in Annapolis, MD and the nearby

DARCY L. | 2/2/23

We reached out to Milissa during a very difficult life stage; new baby, new jobs, the interest rates were going off the charts and we needed to move closer to family for support. We had started the process of building a new home, so the sale of our old home was time sensitive, adding to our stress. Milissa listened to our needs and wants, painted the picture

FUNK DOC TA | 5/29/22

I met Milissa over 15 years ago, and she has been wonderful from the start. We’ve been involved in three separate transactions for with her and the service is always the same, exceptional. We continue to use her services and refer her to others. Definitely goes above

CONTACT ME Direct: 301.672.3687 Office: 410.224.2200
sellers with professional, responsive
attentive real estate services. Want an agent who'll really
a home?
an agent who knows how
it sells? Give me a call! I'm I'm eager to help and would love to talk to you.
listen to what you
to effectively market your


Mobile: (202) 215-5956

Office: (240) 737-5000

Keller Williams Preferred Properties

1441 McCormick Drive, Suite 1020, Upper Marlboro MD 20774


I'm here to help you throughout your entire home buying and selling process. Trying to do it all on your own can be burdensome. I'll find you homes within your price range, help you find buyers, assist you with paperwork, and more.

My dedication to exceptional client service does not cease with the completion of the sale. I pride myself on providing continued client satisfaction long after the initial transaction as I continue to serve your best interest. In an ever-changing market, I know that it is imperative that both buyers and sellers are consistently provided the most up-to-date information necessary to make the most accurate of decisions. -

I look forward to working with you!
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Buyer’s Representative Customer Service Seller’s Representative Comparative Market Analysis Negotiations Hi! Our top-notch customer service and commitment to our clients is second-to-none. WORK WITH US Why

Local Golf Charity EMPOWERS GIRLS

Golf clinic builds confidence among youth and raises scholarship money for college

Sandy Milligan has taken his passion for golf and turned it into a way to teach young people— especially young Black girls—how to win at the game of life.

He developed the Black Heritage Tour Golf Challenge in 2020 when he was a coordinator for the First Tee Junior Golf Program. Through the effort, he realized he could raise money for college scholarships while “creating an environment

enabling training and development for African American youth.”

Sportsmanship, integrity, judgment, work ethic, respect, leadership, loyalty, and responsibility are some of the values Milligan tries to cultivate in his golf clinic, tour, and scholarship programs. These qualities are especially important in molding the next generation of Black women leaders. “We use fundamental drills to transform beginner

24 | May/June 2024

golfers,” he says. “Mastering fundamentals lends to self-assurance and success.”

Milligan’s golf clinic serves more than 100 junior golfers for the season, and the junior tour attracts 40 junior golfers from the Greater Washington area each week on a seven-stop tour during the summer months. “We’re constantly attempting to reach out and assist more deserving and underserved juniors,” Milligan explains.

Each year Milligan funds three $1,500 scholarships to golfers attending a Historically Black College or University. Among these are young women golfers, including Alana Giles who is attending Maryland Eastern Shore University and Chanah Zaab attending Bowie State University.

The Black Heritage Tour Golf Challenge raised $8,000 last year and is aiming to double funds in 2024.

May/June 2024 | 25


In the dynamic world of real estate, finding a professional who not only understands the market but also their customers can seem like an impossible task. Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, LaKeesha Washington has brought her nearly two decades of real estate expertise to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, serving counties in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Though her background is in education, she noticed a gap in the real estate experience when she was trying to purchase her first home. She vowed to create a different narrative—one rooted in integrity and genuine care for her clients. “I didn’t want anybody else to experience what I experienced in real estate,” she said. With her roots firmly planted within Long & Foster Real Estate, her business grew through word of mouth, simply by providing the customer service she believes all clients deserve.

26 | May/June 2024
Article by Lauryn Forbes Photography by Crank Media

Whether one is looking to buy, sell, rent, or even invest, LaKeesha provides a multitude of services for clients in every walk of life. However, what sets her apart is her passion and skill when it comes to staging properties. She is a certified home stager, so her clients need no longer worry about the initial state of their home. Whether things need to be added, removed, or tweaked, LaKeesha has mastered the intricate art of making homes camera-ready. With this, she utilizes a professional photographer to make sure all angles are accounted for. “I typically tell people your pictures are the first showing of your home. When they make the appointment to see it in person, that’s the second showing,” she said. Some techniques she uses are keeping things clean, neutral, and pleasing to the eye to avoid overwhelming the buyer. To LaKeesha, it is important to “have enough furniture where they can still visualize themselves in it, but not too crowded - just to give them a good starting point.” Other factors such as natural light, windows, and furniture staging also play a large role in how she markets a home, ensuring that her properties stand out in such a competitive market.

Though the majority of her clientele tends to skew toward single black females followed by married couples, LaKeesha affirms that she is open and eager to help everyone. What sets her apart is her honesty and integrity in conducting real estate transactions. Though some may find realtors to be pushy toward a certain outcome, LaKeesha prefers to give her clients all of the information they need so they can make the most informed decision. “I pride myself on being honest. Sometimes it may take you a year to buy a house, and that’s okay,” she said. She would rather that than have any of her clients experience buyer’s remorse. “You just really want people to, you know, be happy, be excited about going into their home and not feel like they should have looked at more houses or that they jumped too soon. You never want that,” she said. Her approach isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, LaKeesha Washington is your dedicated ally in the ever-changing real estate landscape. To begin this process, she encourages any and everyone looking to purchase a home to get pre-approved. By knowing a budget upfront, one can navigate the home-buying process with confidence.

May/June 2024 | 27

To take the next step in your real estate journey, the best way to reach LaKeesha is by phone, at (443) 223-7952, and she can also be reached through her website at

LONG & FOSTER 9300 Lottsford Rd Ste 500 Largo, MD 20774 443-223-7952

so excited to help you on your journey to

I am an award-winning, full-time REALTOR connoisseur, with 18 + years of real estate experience, specializing in the DC, Maryland and Virginia real estate market. As a 27-year military spouse, I have lived in various parts of the country and have experienced all aspects of the real estate business, from interior design, land purchase, new construction and home resales. I am ready to put my wealth of knowledge and awardwinning expertise to work for you! You can expect a patient, informative, and drama-free experience when you select me to assist you in finding your next piece of real estate paradise. Call or email me today for a free consultation. I look forward to providing you with outstanding service!

becoming a
Lawrence T. Jones, LCPC Clinical Director Therapy for Men Therapy for Teens Pre-Martial Counseling Supervision Request an Appointment 9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 100, Largo, Maryland 20774 240-701-1109 ADVERTISEMENT Visit SIMPLYMAGAZINES.NET to enjoy your FREE DIGITAL ISSUE today! PH: 301-346-5634 goes with you. Wherever you go, FREE FREE Simply Magazines @SimplyBowieMagazine MARCH/APRIL 2024 M LOUNGE STUDIO Spring Tasting Wine Remodeling Projects that will Boost your Home’s Value Best Athletes of our Time MARCH/APRIL 2024 M LOUNGE STUDIO Spring Tasting Wine Remodeling Projects that will Boost your Home’s Value Best Athletes of our Time MARCH/APRIL 2024 M LOUNGE STUDIO Spring Tasting Wine Remodeling Projects that will Boost your Home’s Value Best Athletes of our Time


So, you’ve learned something new about yourself that you feel you should share with your closest friends or family. Maybe you’ve had suspicions about your sexuality since you were a child and had that very close friend that you just loved hanging out with, or you realized a few weeks into a new partnership with a member of the opposite sex that you are not as interested in them as you thought you would be. Whatever the case may be, you’ve now reached a crossroads where you feel that the appropriate next step would be to come out of the closet.

Coming out of the closet is always going to be daunting, regardless of whether or not you anticipate that those you are coming out to will accept you with open arms. You are actively choosing to disclose a deeply intimate and personal thing about yourself to the public, and in doing so you are opening yourself up to the possibility of ridicule and judgment.

It is totally natural to feel anxious about the prospect of coming out, and what is to come after you’ve done so. Maybe you are practicing how you’re gonna tell your parents again and again in the mirror, or you’ve written out what you want to say on index cards. Whatever the case may be, the process of preparing oneself to come out can be grueling.

The truth is, there is no set perfect way to come out of the closet. The only “right” way to come out is to do it in a way that feels comfortable and apt for your situation.

While this is true, there are certainly preparative measures that you can take to try to make your coming out go over as smoothly as possible. For one, if you anticipate that your coming out will have a negative response, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for how you intend to deal with it. Establish a support system ahead of time with someone who you trust in case things don’t go the way you hope.

For some, an in-person, sit down conversation with the person or people that they wish to come out to seems most ideal. For others,

the prospect of coming out via email or text message seems a lot more appealing. This is also a great option if you’re worried about saying things the correct way, or want to give your person some time to process what you’ve told them and think through their response. If you are choosing to come out in person, try to do so in a space that feels safe to you, and has minimal distractions. Remember that the information you are choosing to disclose may come as a shock to your loved ones, and be prepared to answer any follow up or clarifying questions that they may have.

Setbacks to this process come in a variety of different forms. For some, coming out is difficult because they struggle to identify what they wish to “come out” as. Nyx Ahmad, a sixteen year old who also happens to be genderqueer, struggles to figure out which label they feel most comfortable proclaiming themselves to be “When I was coming out, I found myself getting tripped up on labels rather than the experiences that I was having what should have been a really exciting moment for me was overshadowed by my concern about whether or not I was calling myself the right thing.”

While the idea of labeling oneself and announcing your identity is certainly appealing, the fact of the matter is that there are no words that will be able to holistically capture and describe one’s identity. Being queer is an experience that transcends language; it manifests itself in one’s day to day life, and it is as integral to one’s being as their race or cultural upbringing. This doesn’t necessarily make the prospect of coming out any easier for a queer individual, but it does solidify the importance of doing so as an assertion of self acceptance and pride.

Above all else, try not to panic if you do not get the response that you want immediately from those you’ve decided to come out to. Whether you feel an intense sense of relief after doing so or not, the fact that you’ve decided to come out is something you should be incredibly proud of.

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7 TIPS to Keep Your Mental Health in CHECK

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, observed in March, it is crucial to prioritize both physical and mental health. While strides have been made in advocating for self-care, understanding what self-care truly entails is essential. Self-care involves engaging in activities that rejuvenate and enhance overall wellbeing, encompassing both physical and mental health. Establishing a self-care routine can aid in stress management and bolster energy levels. It is imperative to treat mental health with the same significance as physical health, recognizing the mind as a vital organ in need of care.

Although therapy is no longer as stigmatized as it once was, accessibility remains a challenge for many. Not everyone has access to healthcare professionals, but there are various ways individuals can prioritize their mental health independently. The sensation of burnout is relatable to many, yet simple habits integrated into daily life can mitigate the risk of mental health deterioration.

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Here are some self-care tips to incorporate into daily routines for maintaining mental health throughout Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond:


Exercise significantly impacts positive mental health. Incorporating physical activity into daily routines, such as a 10-15 minute walk or evening stretches, can alleviate tension and stress, promoting mental well-being


Eliminate items that do not bring joy, whether clothes, mementos, or furniture. Organizing personal spaces can easily be neglected amid life’s demands. Creating a clutter-free environment can induce a sense of relief and tranquility. Consider the advice of professional organizer Marie Kondo: “Does this spark joy?” Discard items that do not elicit joy, leaving only those that bring happiness.


When you are feeling down, it is easy to remain in one place for an extended period. While staying in bed or on the couch may seem appealing, it isn’t beneficial all the time. Instead, find a trail to walk and engage with nature. Research indicates that 90-minute walks in nature can reduce activity in the brain associated with continuous negative thoughts.


Practice guided meditation to reduce stress levels. Finding and maintaining a place that feels calm to you, where you will not be disturbed, and committing time each day to sit can be beneficial in finding a way to let your mind wander and let go.


It’s easy to find your anxiety levels up in a stressful situation. Breathing exercises are a helpful tool to bring anxiety levels down and something you can do anywhere you find yourself. Breathe in for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and exhale for three seconds. This is just one type of breathing exercise available. You can find more here, whether you need to settle your anxiety, calm your nerves, improve sleep, and more.


To enhance your mental health, it’s important to ensure you nourish your body properly. It’s easy to skip meals or opt for nutritionally deficient foods when overwhelmed, but some simple tips can assist in managing your eating habits when it’s challenging to focus on your mental well-being. According to Everyday Health, individuals with depression can improve their moods by consuming foods high in nutritional value. Conversely, highly processed and caloriedense foods may exacerbate depressive symptoms due to their lack of essential nutrients. Prioritize fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and regular meals throughout the day for optimal mental and physical well-being.


Writing serves as a healthy release of feelings, beneficial to anyone who engages with pen and paper. We experience a range of emotions, and when those feelings veer toward the negative, it can be challenging to manage them. Self-care journals offer a multitude of options, some including prompts to help pinpoint emotions and provide a healthy outlet for processing them. Journaling in the morning can help set intentions for the day, while journaling at night allows for reflection and the opportunity to record the day’s emotional journey.

By incorporating these self-care practices into daily routines, you can prioritize mental health and promote overall well-being throughout Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.

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