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Publisher’s Corner

Hello March Welcome to Simply Bowie Home Issue


Through Art with Greta ChapinMcGill Remodeling Projects That will Boost Your Home Value

4 | March/April 2024
Beyond Blessed Industries 8
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5 | March/April 2024 PUBLISHER Veronica Fountain CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Michayla Maxwell, Ebenezer Nkunda, Lauryn Forbes CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Tracey M. Connor, Valeria Bottdeva LAYOUT & AD DESIGN ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Walt Disney Magical Place to be Married The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Your Wedding Night Lingerie Tent Ideas for Outdoors Weddings 22 27 32 22 27 32

PUBLISHER from the Letter

Hello March

Welcome to Simply Bowie HOME ISSUE

This remarkable issue is pack with great articles specifically on Home; such as How to Elevate your Bathroom, Remodeling ideas for Kitchens, and check out New Homes, New Construction in Bowie, Md. Bowie Metro is growing tremendously with retail and residential.

What’s buying a home without achieving art from Overdue Recognition Art Gallery located at the Bowie Town Center. Want a fabulous night out on the town, then visit M Lounge Events located at Bowie Town Center.

What an exciting issue, Simply Bowie Publication and now you can pair your reading with the March/April Simply Annapolis Publication as well. Enjoy the month of March with our dynamic publications.


6 | March/April 2024
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REFLECTIONS Through Art with

Article by Ebenezer Nkunda

Photos by Tracey M. Connor

Greta Chapin-McGill

Greta Chapin-McGill, a seasoned artist of profound talent, believes that as an artist, one must concentrate on the work being produced at the present time. She has lived a more exploratory life than most. Now an established artist, wife, and mother, January brought significant developments for Chapin-McGill, setting the stage for her endeavors in 2024. Among her upcoming endeavors, she is showcasing a new exhibition at the Art of Noise in Washington, DC, scheduled for March, followed by another exhibition in May at a gallery in Oakland. To prepare for these upcoming shows, the artist is developing a new body of work inspired by her recent journey to Egypt. Additionally, she is set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Banneker-Douglass Museum. None of this was on the radar when Chapin-McGill first started with art. Reflecting on her early aspirations, the abstract artist stresses the importance of focusing on the present moment rather than projecting into the future and how that point of view led her to where she is now. Growing up, Chapin-McGill’s parents wanted her to do something in the arts, as it was common for black parents to put their daughters in some type of artistry class, such as vocal lessons, dance lessons, or in Chapin-McGill’s case, art lessons. At 12, she started taking art classes at the prestigious Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC; from then on, she loved it.

The soon-to-be lifetime achievement award recipient hadn’t planned to pursue an art career, but life had a way of setting her on that path. She emphasizes following the universe’s cues: “If the universe presents something to me, that’s where I’m headed. I won’t question it and wonder, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’”

Chapin-McGill explains that her life always guided her toward art. From Saturdays spent at the esteemed Corcoran Gallery to starting high school at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, formerly known as Western High School, where she was mentored by the renowned abstract artist Leon Berkowitz, a key figure in The Washington Color School movement, her entire journey was shaped by art in all forms.

9 | March/April 2024

As a young child going to school in DC, it was common for class field trips to take place at the many museums and Smithsonian exhibits in the area. There, she explored contemporary and abstract pieces. Chapin-McGill was captivated by color, form, shape, and nature, driving her to continually seek creative inspiration. Unbeknownst to her then, these experiences laid the foundation for her lifelong commitment to art.

Chapin-McGill didn’t stray from where she grew up for university and felt she needed to broaden her artistic horizons. After studying art at Howard University, she traveled to Italy, where she spent three transformative years. There, among the art of the Renaissance and investigating the likes of artists that inspired her, and immersed herself in the history of the city’s sculpture and architecture and, more importantly, gained a deeper understanding of art’s active place in shaping and beautifying the world. Her exploration extended

to New York, where she gained insights into fabric design and the fashion industry, further shaping her artistic vision.

“Traveling is essential for an artist,” ChapinMcGill says. “If you don’t expose yourself to new experiences, you won’t find new inspiration. Historically, most artists are constantly on the move,” she adds. In her creative process, she draws inspiration from the lives of renowned artists by delving into their lives through any medium possible. Whether it be documentaries, books, or art pieces. She describes this process as tapping into her “historical DNA,” a means of mentoring herself by studying successful figures who are not present to guide her. Throughout her life, ChapinMcGill has consistently enriched her historical DNA by studying and admiring various artists, delving into their lives, and understanding their creative processes.

10 | March/April 2024

When viewing a piece of art, the desire for a personal connection is universal. Greta ChapinMcGill’s creations, rooted in her ancestral spirit, unfold into visions that resonate with viewers on various levels – through the color hues or the chosen subject matter. Chapin-McGill aims for her art to evoke diverse interpretations and understandings. This philosophy leads to her artistic style, aptly named “Abstractly Real.” While her pieces may be abstract, they contain elements viewers can relate to, often incorporating human forms. Identifiable elements like faces serve as conduits to deeper connections and interpretations. She aims for her art to be enduring, inviting viewers to discover new aspects and meanings over time, as this is the essence of art—it persists and finds new meaning through the ages.

Greta Chapin-McGill’s artistic journey, spanning from her formative years in Washington, DC, to her current prominence as an accomplished

artist, exemplifies a life intertwined with creativity and exploration. As she prepares to unveil new exhibitions and receive accolades in 2024, ChapinMcGill’s unwavering commitment to her craft and her unique artistic vision continues to resonate with anyone who encounters her work.

The abstract artist emphasizes a historical trend regarding art, examining that artists are responsible for making the world beautiful and pushing humanity forward, and she takes hers seriously. Her daily routine reflects this dedication: she begins her day with coffee, immerses herself in painting, walks in the park, and often indulges in gallery crawls or visits to new exhibits. Her studio becomes her sanctuary, where she can be found late into the night, always creating. For Chapin-McGill, art is not just a passion but a disciplined practice; she paints every day, recognizing early on that consistency is vital for artists to hone their craft and make meaningful contributions to the world.

11 | March/April 2024
12 | March/April 2024 CHAPINMCGILL.COM (856) 465-2096
the Annapolis in surrounding Maryland area


that will Boost Your Home Value

According to the real estate website Redfin, in January of 2024, home prices were up 7.2% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $483 thousand. On average, homes in Bowie sell after 39 days on the market compared to 51 days last year. To gain insight into how homeowners can achieve a favorable return on investment(ROI) through home improvement projects, we interviewed a business owner dedicated to ensuring homeowners undertake the appropriate remodeling projects to maximize their returns. In this article, we dive into Entrepreneur Bobby Alexander’s road to home improvement and how he recommends homeowners get the most bang for their buck on their homes.

Meet the Owner and the Business

Bobby Alexander was born in Seattle, Washington, and raised in Tacoma and Fort Lewis. In addition to being in the military for a few years, Mr.Alexander moved to Metro-Atlanta and Kansas City before finally making his way to the DMV ten years ago. He first worked in the apartment industry for years as a maintenance worker, taking care of properties for different management companies. However, 12 years ago, Mr.Alexander began doing remodeling work on the side for private homeowners while still working his day job for extra money. It slowly turned into a business as Mr.Alexander started developing a client base and getting more tools, eventually giving him the means to quit his day job. This opportunity led to the birth of “B. Alexander’s Home Improvement” about three years ago. In 2024, Mr.Alexander is looking to hire new employees as the business continues to grow.

13 | March/April 2024

Navigating what projects to choose

There are a number of projects homeowners may want to start in order to increase the value of their home. For those that don’t know where to start Mr.Alexander has three things that he thinks are in the ballpark of where homeowners should begin. “Depending on if your home has bad or old plumbing, or wiring that is in bad shape, focusing on your electrical and plumbing fixtures will give you a good start to increasing the value of your home,” Mr.Alexander said. “In addition, aesthetically, bathroom and kitchen remodels dealing with anything cosmetic like the need for painting,

drywall, or style updates can also add to the value of your home,” Mr.Alexander explained. Mr.Alexander made it clear that the basics of any house are just as important to keep up to date as the styling and appearance of a home.

Mistakes to Avoid

When homeowners take on these remodeling projects, there are a few mistakes that they can run into during the process. One mistake often stems from homeowners falling victim to fancy remodeling trends. “Homeowners add in these high-end appliances or electronic features that are great, but they don’t match what’s in the surrounding neighborhood. This sometimes makes homebuyers not interested in the price homeowners are trying to sell at due to the home being upgraded more than the rest of the neighborhood. Another issue that can arise is when homeowners try to manage their own remodeling projects. “If people want to save on expenses that’s fine, but they don’t usually know how things work when contracting and taking on large-scale remodels, which can cause delays, extra costs, or cause things to be done out of order,” Mr.Alexander said. To negate this issue, Mr.Alexander definitely thinks it’s worth your while to allow professionals to handle the organization and coordination of larger projects. Minimizing

14 | March/April 2024

Remodeling Costs Homeowners not accounting for unanticipated costs that could come with the projects is something that can occur to those who don’t know much about estimating costs. “In a lot of older homes, people run into problems like wanting to replace a faucet fixture in the kitchen, but it’s been there for so long it causes you to replace something else which could eventually cascade into replacing some of the plumbing for a project they assumed would be simple,” explained Mr.Alexander. This can cause homeowners unanticipated stress due to footing a larger bill than they assumed they would have to. In order to negate this issue, Mr.Alexander finds it extremely important for homeowners to leave room for error within their budgets. “A simple rule of thumb is for homeowners to add 25% to whatever their budget is so there is room for unexpected costs. Always anticipate something going wrong because the larger the project the more likely something will go wrong which often is just due to the age of the home,” Mr.Alexander said. Conclusion As the housing market continues to fluctuate there are a few things homeowners can do to aim for a higher ROI. Mr. Alexander has luckily given several insights and tricks throughout this article. His business B. Alexander’s Home Improvement offers services that range from

handyman services, to wall mounting, fixture installation, window treatments, fence and deck staining/painting, and furniture assembly.

“When it comes to importance, I’d rate energyefficient upgrades, and exterior remodeling first with kitchen and bathroom remodeling following behind,” Mr.Alexander said. Whether you’re taking on a remodeling project yourself or hiring a professional to do it, it’s important to know which aspects best boost your home value.

15 | March/April 2024
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Beyond Blessed Industries, a brand spearheaded by owner Natasha Stovall-Rolle, has been redefining the culinary and event planning space in the DMV area since 2007. What started as a weekend catering endeavor, born from Natasha’s passion for cooking, quickly evolved into a multifaceted business, now encompassing multiple event venues.

18 | March/April 2024

The journey of Beyond Blessed Industries mirrors its founder’s resilience and faith. Transitioning from catering part-time to full-time during a pivotal phase, Natasha saw her business flourish, propelled by an exceptional team and her flair for creating unforgettable experiences. Her venture’s growth is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her craft. From there, she found her next venturevenue ownership. Her first venue, The Grand Ballroom opened in Glen Burnie, and due to her success, she was then offered the opportunity to own a second venue, Grand Occasions, in Laurel.

Specializing in comfort food, Beyond Blessed Industries is a haven for those seeking a taste of home. Natasha’s culinary skills, inherited from a lineage of cooks and chefs, bring authenticity to every dish.

My cooking style is from my grandmothers. Both of my grandmothers were family cooks. My dad is a [retired] chef in the military. So cooking is ingrained, and all of my children actually have the gift as well. I never went to school for cooking - it’s just something that came naturally, - she says.
19 | March/April 2024

This holistic approach to catering and event spaces has made Beyond Blessed Industries a favorite for a multitude of events, particularly for multicultural weddings and celebrations that require a unique understanding and respect for various cultural nuances. According to Natasha, this knowledge and familiarity is important in making customers comfortable with having their event in one’s space. With an understanding of different cultural requirements, her venues stand out as ideal choices for clients seeking a personalized and culturally knowledgeable event experience.

What sets Beyond Blessed Industries apart is their deep industry knowledge and connections make each event a seamless and personalized experience. “I’m able to tap into different resources to assist clients with making their dreams come true. So having the time in the industry helps to be able to create a wonderful experience for them at any of our locations, as well as the knowledge of the different types of events that they host,” she says. They also pride themselves in being able to realistically examine needs when it comes to catering and event options. “I can kind of foresee what they need in regards to their menu that will also save them money,” she says.

20 | March/April 2024

Beyond weddings, her venues cater to a diverse array of needs, making each celebration a testament to her versatility and attention to detail. Looking ahead, Beyond Blessed Industries is on the cusp of expanding its culinary offerings with the launch of a restaurant, Illusions Restaurant and Bar, opening March 2024.

Natasha, building a legacy while balancing her roles as a businesswoman, wife, “mom of three beautiful daughters, and MeMe of 4 wonderful boys”, infuses Beyond Blessed Industries with a warmth that transcends the business realm. As the brand continues to expand, it continues to stay true to its core values of faith, family, and the love and joy of cooking.

For those looking to experience Natasha’s culinary and event venue expertise, Beyond Blessed Industries can be reached at their website, as well as on Instagram at

The event spaces and restaurants can also be found on Instagram. | @thegrand.ballroomllc | @grandoccasionslaurel | @illusionsrandb

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Henson McKann 410-570-7724 Located In Annapolis, MD *In-Person Appts Available (Distanced & Safe)


Magical Place to be Married

22 | March/April 2024

Tree of Life

That’s right, you can actually get married in front of the one and only Tree of Life over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. As a ceremony-only experience, offered exclusively in the evenings after Park closing time, it’s a beautiful, lush experience that takes place under the starry skies. There are no set specifications on the number of attendees to be accommodated, as couples and Disney consultants work together on the final count.

23 | March/April 2024

Beautiful VENUE for an Enchanting Wedding in Paris


Paris is called the City of Love for a reason, wherever you turn there is beauty to carry you into a romantic reverie. So much poetry encompassed in one city, so many monumental architectures, fashion haven for the modern bride. It is easy to surrender to the spellbinding charm and decide to plan your wedding in Paris. Because there are so many iconic places and choosing one might prove harder than you can imagine; we’ve curated a list of our personal favorites, offering you first-hand experience.


Opulence in its finest form. If you are considering a romantic grandeur entwined with luxury, this wedding venue in Paris is guaranteed to bewitch your senses. We would recommend an outdoor garden ceremony which gives you many options to tailor your fine art bridal vision, and a potential dinner in le salon d’Été. For Meghan and Peter’s wedding , the ceremony was held in the garden and their reception continued at the Hotel le Marois.

25 | March/April 2024

Weddings On the Water specializes in intimate family affairs in beautiful water centric environments. Based in Annapolis, Weddings on the Water designs and executes events personalized to each client. Our comprehensive services, insight and dedication are sure to make every occasion memorable and truly special. We coordinate weddings, vow renewals, engagements, birthday parties and more. We can host our Guests of Honor and their loved ones in our luxurious waterfront home. Let us help you make the Chesapeake Bay your family’s event destination!

26 | March/April 2024Weddings on the Water Annapolis
AND COORDINATING Intimate Waterside Weddings & Celebrations HOSTING COORDINATING OFFICIATING AREA INFORMATION BOOK A CONSULTATION CONTACT 3731 Thomas Point Road Annapolis, MD 21403 410-204-4515


First comes the engagement, then the wedding day. Your first night with your partner as a married couple. It’s an special moment when you can really show them how much you love them. Part of making your wedding night special means choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie. Your lingerie ascents your curves and shows off all your best features in a way that makes the night pure magic.

So, if you’re looking for help choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at how to select bridal lingerie that will fill your night with newlywed bliss.

27 | March/April 2024

When to Buy Wedding Night Lingerie

Before you rush out to buy your wedding night lingerie, take a look at the time frame you’re dealing with. You’ll want to make sure that you’re buying wedding lingerie at a time that makes sense. The reason for this is that many women fluctuate in weight in the months leading up to their weddings. When they buy lingerie too early, they wind up with lingerie that doesn’t actually fit. After your dress fitting, you’ll be able to call a lingerie store to schedule an appointment.

Know Your Body

So, you know that it’s the right time to shop for lingerie. What happens next?

After you’ve set up your appointment at a lingerie store, you’ll want to think about how the lingerie will look on your body. Your lingerie store associate can help you with this. You should be thinking about styles that fit your body and that accentuate your best assets. For example, you can curve hugging lingerie that shows off your body or you can go for subtle, modest styles that hint at what lies below. Either way, be sure to choose something that complements your body type. If you feel comfortable in your outfit, you’ll feel more relaxed on your actual wedding night.

Finally, it’s important to make sure you get lingerie that’s the correct size. Most lingerie stores will help you make adjustments before your big day if necessary, but you should try to choose lingerie that’s well-fitting right off the bat.

Get Creative With Your Style

Now that you know what looks good on your body, it’s time to think about what you want to wear. There are many different colors, materials, and styles that you can choose from.

To start, think about what type of person you are. Your lingerie should show off who you are or how you want to be on your wedding night. Or, it can play into fantasies that you and your partner have secretly been harboring.

Next, try experimenting with different styles. You should give the same amount of attention to your wedding lingerie as you gave to your wedding dress. After all, this is a special night and is a great time to be bold and sultry in something that makes you feel great.

After that, you’ll want to think about what color you want your wedding night lingerie to be. Think about the colors that really make you glow. These colors should complement your skin tone. You can also choose colors that are a favorite of your partner. If you know he or she loves you in red, why not choose to wear something in that color on your wedding night?

Finally, plan out the material that you want your lingerie to be. You should choose a material that makes you feel sexy and that works well with your body. You can choose from silk, cotton, satin, lace, see-through materials, and so much more.

28 | March/April 2024

Different Types of Wedding Night Lingerie

There are many different types of lingerie out there that you can choose from. Each one looks a little bit different and will complement a different part of your body.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common types of lingerie you might come across. Here are several ideas to help you pick out the perfect wedding night lingerie.


Babydolls are classic, loose-fitting, simple dresses that are extremely short and designed to be worn as lingerie. They can be sleeveless or can have small capped sleeves.

The Allure Babydoll is a great choice for anyone that wants to feel sexy but does not want to wear something form-fitting. The loose fabric falls gracefully over your body making you feel light and airy.

Bridal Teddy

Bridal teddies are sometimes called bodysuits thanks to their one-piece design. Typically, teddies look like a one-piece but are made out of sheer, lacy material.

These are one of the most popular styles of lingerie. The Never Say Never Deep V Bodysuit is perfect to wear as you play with your partner. Crafted with all-over floral lace, highlight your chest with a deep

v neckline, complimented with a silk waist tie to accentuate your curves.

Short and Cami Sets

Sometimes you want to go for a matching look. In this case, shorts and a camisole are a great option. These are stylish sets of shorts and camisoles that are made to match one another.

You can choose any style or material that you like for these. You can purchase sheer or silk sets for a revelaing look or can go for something a little more modest. They’re great, too, because they are flattering on just about any body type. The Cosabella X Journelle Charlotte Cami And Tap Short Set is made of 100% silk, with delicate lace trim around the neckline and leg openings. Available in the color Cielo, it makes for the perfect ‘something blue’ on your wedding night!

Wedding Night Underwear

Every bride needs a pair of panties to match her bra on her wedding night. When choosing panties, you can choose to go for a classic look or something with more romantic, such as floral lace.

The Never Say Never Brazilian Thong is made with Cosabella’s luxurious floral lace with self-tie silk ribbons that can be tied to your preference, or untied as the night goes on. Pair with the matching bra is a striking shade of white that says “just married”!

29 | March/April 2024

The Morning After

After staying up all night with your new parter, you’re going to want to catch up on your beauty sleep. When you decide to awake from your newlywed slumber, you can throw on a one-piece loungewear to sip your morning coffee together. The Magnolia Romperis crafted from all-over sheer floral lace with a front button closure for easy wear. The thin spaghetti straps let you show off your skin and the high leg openings show off your stems and provide a cheeky fit coverage in the rear. Also, available in a lace robe to throw over your wedding night lingere.

30 | March/April 2024
The HOME Issue & WEDDING Issue REAL WEDDINGS by Transformation Photographer Wedding Cake Corner THE #1 LOCAL PUBLICATION! Local Community • Social Media • Digital Media • Events • E-Newsletter • Podcasts • Website • Mobile LATEST EDITIONS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT SIMPLYMAGAZINES.NET @Simply Bowie & Simply Alexandria @SimplyBowieMagazine Simply Magazines CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST ISSUE COMING IN MAY/JUNE SIMPLY ANNAPOLIS REACHES 65,000 READERSHIP/DISTRIBUTION. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS WITH Featuring: • PINTEREST PICKS FOR MOTHER’S DAY & FATHER’S DAY BEST GIFTS • HOW TO GET BEACH BODY READY • SIGNATURE BARS WITH GREAT VIBES • ENJOYING ALL SEASONS IN THE WASHINGTON DC METRO AREA RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY 301.346.5634 It’s the KD Transforming Lives with Design Outdoor Kitchen MARCH/APRIL 2023 The HOME Issue & WEDDING Issue REAL WEDDINGS by Transformation Photographer Wedding Cake Corner MAY/JUNE 2023 It’s Maryland Crab Season Farm to the Table Capital Multi Health Group Dr. Anyinke Atabong Hidden Gem Pitboys Restaurant Excellence on Purpose Coach Manny


Top Quality + High Style + Trend Forward


Honeywood is a boutique rental company offering a one-stop-shop for all of your rental needs. Make your day one to remember with our luxury rentals, including sailcloth and clear frame tents, specialty furniture, premium restroom trailers, trendy tableware and more. We pride ourselves on our professional staff, quality rentals and top-notch service.

Located in Annapolis, serving Maryland, Delaware, D.C., Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

Planning an outdoor wedding?

Overwhelmed by the stress, logistics and costs of sourcing rentals from multiple vendors? Looking for an array of highstyle rentals all from one place?

33 | March/April 2024

Reach out today for a complimentary consult!

Host the wedding of your dreams with our luxury tent packages!

Honeywood’s packages offer the rentals you need to host an incredible tented wedding, all at a great price (a savings of 15-20%!). With this option, there’s no need to worry about scheduling vendors from tent, furniture, lighting, tabletop and décor companies, allowing you to focus on what really matters — enjoying your big day! Each package comes complete with one of our premium translucent sailcloth tents, featuring skyscraping peaks, beautiful star-stitching and wood beam accents (or clear top frame tent upgrade), along with the following rentals:

Ceremony chairs + arbor, dining tables + chairs, linens, lux place settings, a dancefloor, lounge pieces, bars + cocktail tables, and more! The best part: you choose from the listed rentals that fit your vision. So go ahead, have fun selecting your favorite pieces, everything below is included.

These packages are completely customizable. Rentals, such as tent and furniture can be upgraded for price difference, guests and unneeded rentals can be credited at discounted rate. Note: we take on limited packages per week, so please contact us in advance for availability.

34 | March/April 2024
inventory options are first come, first served.
REMODELING Projects that will Boost your Home’s Value Spring Tasting Wine Best Athletes of our Time M Lounge Studio MARCH/APRIL 2024

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