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Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio’s latest crime thriller stars James Nesbitt as a Northern Irish police detective on a mission to hunt down an assassin known as “Goliath”.


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Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar return as ITV’s crime solving duo DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan. In this series the pair investigate a cold case with alarming links to the police force. PAGE 2




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James Nesbitt stars in Jed (Line of Duty) Mercurio’s latest crime thriller, set in Northern Ireland. He plays a police investigator who is on the hunt for “Goliath”, a serial killer he believes also murdered his wife. It’s been 20 years since Goliath first struck, but it’s not necessarily a cold case, as he’s still out there wreaking havoc. 3hrs 45

Classics Drama Crime & Investigation War Action & Adventure Romance Comedy Saucy Cinema Horror & Thrillers

192740 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £19.99


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British TV Classics Drama Adaptations Comedy Crime & Investigation Sci-Fi, Cult & Thrillers TV Sale

Series 4 ITV’s crime solving duo DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan are back. This time the pair investigate a cold case with alarming links to the police force. Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar star.


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Music & the Arts Trains & Travel Documentaries Special Interest Sale

192811 2 DVDs Cert TBC £19.99 £14.99


Series 1-4 Box Set

New Releases Box Sets Country & Folk Easy Listening Rock & Pop Nostalgia

192812 8 DVDs Cert TBC £42.99 £34.99

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Easter Special – Biblical & Historical Bargain Box Sets Easter Gift Sale Family Entertainment Bargain Box Sets

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The Return of the Soldier

Cry Freedom

It’s in the Air

Political drama based on the life of South African activist Steve Biko. Kevin Kline, Denzel Washington star. 2hrs 31

1938 Ealing comedy. Hapless George’s dreams of flying are continually thwarted. George Formby stars. 1hr 23. Subtitles

191948 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £12.99

192779 £9.99

192707 DVD Cert U £12.99 £11.99

192571 DVD Cert E £14.99 £12.99

192631 DVD Cert TBC £14.99 £12.99

Van Helsing

The Cruel Sea

Fantasy action adventure starring Hugh Jackman as the monster hunter extraordinaire. Kate Beckinsale co-stars.

WWII drama about a Royal Navy corvette battling U-Boats in the Atlantic. Jack Hawkins and Donald Sinden star. 2hrs. Subtitles

Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Lincoln Lawyer

192700 2 DVDs Cert 12 £14.99 £12.99

139975 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

He travels around our small island journeying from Dover to John John O’Groats. 2hrs 40

James Bond (Roger Moore) is on a mission that has him skiing off cliff edges! 2hrs 3. Subtitles

Intricately-plotted Legal thriller based on the bestseller by acclaimed crime novelist Michael Connelly. 2hrs

170807 DVD Cert E £14.99 £8.99

144715 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

141893 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £6.99

Harrowing WWI drama starring Alan Bates, Julie Christie, Glenda Jackson and Ann-Margret. 1hr 38


Dachau – Death Camp War and military documentary about the notorious – and first – WWII concentration camp.

Anna Karenina Christian Duguay directs this awardwinning mini-series adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic starring Vittoria Puccini. 2hrs 56


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ROME Biblical & Historical Stories


The incredible story and a moving account of Mary of Nazareth the mother of Jesus. From her early formative years to the wrenching pain of seeing her son crucified this is a story of joy, sorrow and hope. 3hrs 25

Mary Beard takes in the archaeology and history of the ancient world, in this BBC documentary. 7hrs

Richard Harris and Alec Guinness star in this epic, action-packed film history of the English Civil War. ‘Compulsive… some mighty battles mightily well staged’ – Radio Times Guide to Films. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

168359 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £15.99

Julius Caesar Revealed 192031 DVD Cert E £19.99 £12.99

192783 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

122701 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


Richard III

Jacob – The Bible

Ian McKellen stars in a Shakespeare adaptation set in an alternative, 1930s fascist England. 1hr 44

TV biopic, directed by Peter Hall. Starring Matthew Modine, Sean Bean, Lara Flynn Boyle and Joss Ackland.

167412 DVD + BLU Cert 15

£19.99 £10.99

191395 DVDs Cert E £12.99 £8.99

Six Centuries of Verse

Jesus of Nazareth – Special Edition

Anne of the Thousand Days

Read by Jane Asher, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ralph Richardson, and others. 6hrs 40

Robert Powell stars in this sumptuous and deeply moving account of the life of Christ. 6hrs 14. Subtitles

Epic starring Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold, Anthony Quayle, Michael Hordern, Irene Papas.

138073 2 DVDs £19.99 £8.99

123844 2 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £7.99

191358 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £8.99

Cert E

Anne Frank

Bible Prophecies

TV mini-series telling the tragic story of Anne Frank and her secret war diary. Starring Ben Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn.

Does God have a plan for the world? Documentary looking at the prophecies hidden in the text of the Bible. 1hr 10

191696 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £7.99

188580 DVD Cert E £15.99 £9.99


Gospel According to Matthew Pier Paolo Pasolini’s neo-realist adaptation of the life of Jesus. 2hrs 17. Subtitles

137225 DVD + BLU Cert U

£22.99 £15.99

Elizabeth 1 Supermodel Lily Cole stars as the Tudor queen in this historical docudrama. ‘Exceptional’ – Independent. 2hrs 15

192032 DVD Cert TBC £17.99 £12.99

The Pope – The Most Powerful Man in History

Historical epic based on the biblical story. King Xerxes takes Esther, a Jewish woman, to be his wife and the new Queen. But his aides are plotting to exterminate the Jews. Can Esther persuade Xerxes to save her people?

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Liam Neeson narrates the history of the revered role. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

The story of two men who struggle against Emperor Nero to spread Jesus’s message to the world. 1hr 43

190300 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

188571 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

189790 DVD Cert 12

£15.99 £9.99

The biblical epic and a powerful love story about courage in the face of adversity. 1hr 31


The Story of the Jews Simon Schama explores the Jewish story from ancient times to the present day. 4hrs 55. Subtitles

138433 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £8.99


Kings & Queens

Biblical epic from Darren Aronofsky with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. 2hrs 18. Subtitles

Cambridge University’s Dr Nigel Spivey tells the stories of 12 great monarchs. 4hrs 36. Subtitles

143413 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

107514 2 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

Cert E

DVD Cert 15

£15.99 £9.99

Captured by Babylonians in 605 BC, Daniel remains devoted to God, inspiring fellow prisoners. With his life at stake he only has his faith to stand between him and the lions den. 1hr 23

180308 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

Bargain Box Sets E SAV


Winner of an Emmy and numerous other awards, this riveting tale of ambition, debauchery, and intrigue remains one of the most popular and acclaimed dramas in TV history. 10hrs 48. Subtitles

131625 5 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £16.99


Rank Organisation short documentaries that record aspects of life in Britain during the 1960s. Originally screened in cinemas, they came to replace the newsreels. 9hrs

444680 4 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £17.99


137296 3 DVDs


27 DVDs Cert 12

34 BBC productions with Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins, John Gielgud, Derek Jacobi, Michael Hordern, Prunella Scales, John Thaw, Brenda Blethyn and Leonard Rossitter. 99hrs. Subtitles

132749 38 DVDs Cert 12 £129.99 £74.99

£89.99 £47.99

Cert E

The Very Best of I Love Lucy

A Fine Romance – Complete

Outside Edge – Series 1

Get ready to love Lucy with the very best episodes featuring the queen of comedy. 7hrs 30

Real life spouses Michael Williams and Judi Dench star in this delightful ITV romantic comedy series. 10hrs

Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall star in the ITV comedy based around a rural cricket club. 9hrs 30

171033 4 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £12.99

133588 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £15.99

133270 4 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £15.99

The Civil War Produced and directed by Ken Burns. This is a comprehensive history of the American Civil War. 15hrs 15

171295 6 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £27.99

Doctor Who – Beneath the Surface Three feature-length films. Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison star. 6hrs 53. Subtitles

618794 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £14.99



£29.99 £15.99


World War II – 1939-1945 Remastered Movietone reels that had them flooding to the cinemas for news during WWII. 16hrs

164541 6 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £13.99

Complete Thames TV’s spine-chilling and downright scary series. Includes Chelsea Murders as well as Quiet As a Nun, Dying Day, A Dog’s Ransom, Rachel in Danger, Limbo Connection and more. 23hrs 24

191932 11 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £52.99





This exceptional volume presents 45 memorable films offering fascinating insights into various aspects of British military life, with many unseen since their original screening. This 3- disc set features coverage of significant military achievements from throughout the 1960s. 7hrs 30



Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac is one of television’s most popular detectives. Full-throttle excitement, ingenious plots, finely drawn characters and incomparable locations – this series has it all. 75hrs 11. Subtitles








Deadly Dilemmas Are you more likely to survive being overweight or under? Explore the scientific rationale behind the correct choice.

169032 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert E

Bomber Command

Marple – Series 1-6

Starsky & Hutch – Complete

The story of the men of RAF Bomber Command told in graphic detail by the few survivors.

Julia McKenzie and BAFTA award-winning Geraldine McEwan play Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. 35hrs 10

TV’s coolest buddy cop show, fuelled by full-throttle car chases and offbeat humour. 66hrs 36. Subtitles

166498 3 DVDs £14.99 £8.99

139039 15 DVDs Cert 15 £69.99 £45.99

136042 20 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £27.99

This epic BAFTA-winning 1970 BBC drama remains a TV classic. Each episode focuses on one of Henry’s six wives, it made a star of Keith Michell, who put in a brilliant, award-winning performance as the Tudor king. 8hrs 55. Subtitles

133226 4 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £14.99

Cert E



Volumes 1-6 The ultimate collection for Tom and Jerry fans – featuring over 17 hours of their award-winning fur flying antics! That’s over 17 hours of cat and mouse feuds. How can you resist? 17hrs 54

126327 6 DVDs Cert U £39.99 £18.99

Bargain Box Sets E SAV

Volume 1


Classic steam action from the once extensive rail network of the industrial West Riding of Yorkshire and East Yorkshire including Leeds, York and Scarborough.

A fascinating look at the railways in Britain through the 20th century. The episodes include: Waterloo Sunset; Rails in the Isle of Wight; Vintage Southern; From Bewdley to Blaenau and more! 7hrs 30

192061 4 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99




Series 2 Michael Portillo swaps his copy of Bradshaw’s handbook for its American equivalent: an 1879 edition of Appleton’s Guidebook to the railroads of America and Canada. 9hrs 40. Subtitles

188294 8 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £13.99

180315 4 DVDs Cert E £34.99 £23.99

Music Collections Betjeman – The Collection John Betjeman travels around Britain in search of our finest architecture. 9hr 35. Subtitles

169687 3 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert E

At Home with the Braithwaites – Complete

Danger Man – Complete

Travelling Man – Complete

David Nixon’s Magic Box

ITV comedy drama starring Amanda Redman and Peter Davison. 22hrs 10

Classic 1960s espionage drama starring Patrick McGoohan as agent John Drake. 55hrs 25

Leigh Lawson is Alex Lomax, an ex-police detective serving a prison sentence. 10hrs 50

Magic, music and laughs – unseen since the 1970s! All existing episodes. With Anita Harris. 11hrs 54

191867 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £37.99

189835 19 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £64.99

442180 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £16.99

190082 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £18.99



Diana – Complete

Dynasty – Complete

Old Country – Complete

The ‘King of Cool’ in five films: Tom Horn, The Towering Inferno, Bullitt, The Cincinnati Kid and Never So Few.

BBC series set on board the Ark Royal, filming the daily life of the crew in 1976. 5hrs 26. Subtitles

Jenny Seagrove and Kevin McNally are the couple battling class difference and war. 8hrs 40. Subtitles

Joan Collins stars in the show that epitomised the glamour and greed of the 1980s. Subtitles

Jack Hargreaves explores rural life, history, traditions and folklore in Thomas Hardy country. 25hrs

137753 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £17.99

132727 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £15.99

163495 3 DVDs £29.99 £8.99

137465 58 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £74.99

188403 8 DVDs Cert E £44.99 £32.99

144492 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £10.99



5 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £10.99

Rock’n’Roll Jukebox

BBC Sailor – Complete

A fascinating collection of 60 films from the pre1910 period of cinema is presented here. Includes a selection of 35mm films, plus a restored and tinted version of Edwin S. Porter’s The Great Train Robbery. 3hrs 7. Subtitles

The world’s five favourite operas in one complete five-disc set. Enjoy Bizet’s lively Carmen and Verdi’s Egypt-set Aida, Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Puccini’s Tosca performed by the Canadian Opera Company and Verdi’s Nabucco. 8hrs 49


Steve McQueen Collection

Cert 12

Opera Collection

Complete Cult ‘60s drama about two PIs whose partnership hits a snag when one is killed. Hopkirk is now a ghost only Randall can see. He continues to solve crimes, and keep an eye on his wife! 21hrs 40

192240 8 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £28.99



Filmed at the legendary ‘Little Darlin’s’, Kissimmee, Florida, this collection comprises 88 live performances from 36 rock ‘n’ roll greats, including Del Shannon, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Coasters and The Dixie Cups. 5hrs 40


5 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £10.99

Brilliant Box Set The star of the Olympics is back in all 14 digitally re-mastered episodes! Starring the incomparable Rowan Atkinson. Plus two specials celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series. 7hrs 26. Subtitles

135868 4 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £13.99



Complete Collection All four series of the popular ITV crime drama adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories and starring Jeremy Brett as the sleuth Sherlock Holmes. 39hrs 16

190379 16 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £34.99

World’s Greatest Ships

Four documentaries on their music and personal life, during their early years. 4hrs 9. Subtitles

Rob Bell presents this fascinating series. Features HMS Victory, Mary Rose, Golden Hind. 4hrs 15

169647 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

182050 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £13.99

189148 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £13.99

143378 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

Christopher Robin

Oliver Twist – Restored Edition

Treasure Island

The Moonraker

Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell star in this fantasy adventure based on A.A. Milne characters. 1hr 44

David Lean’s classic adaptation of the Dickens classic, stars Alec Guinness as Fagin. 1hr 50. Subtitles

Bobby Driscoll stars as Jim Hawkins while Robert Newton steals every scene as pirate captain Long John Silver. 1hr 36

George Baker stars as a Cavalier, and a thorn in Oliver Cromwell’s side, in his mission to rid Britain of the royalists. 1hr 19

191722 DVD Cert PG £22.99 £6.99

139005 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

131984 DVD Cert U £17.99 £6.99

133030 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Story of the great Mario Lanza, one of the world’s most famous tenors. 1hr 22


Fantasia 2000 A semi-sequel to Disney’s 1940 classic. Features animated interpretations of classical music. 1hr 11. Subtitles

188186 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £24.99

Grease – 40th Anniversary

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Greatest Showman

Smash hit musical with John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Grease is the word! 1hr 46. Subtitles

Continuing the story of Max and friends, after their owners leave them for work or school each day.

Fictionalised biopic of circusman PT Barnum. Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams star. 1hr 45. Subtitles

192268 DVD Cert PG £8.99 £7.99

190778 DVD Cert U £19.99 £8.99

187843 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Hachi – A Dog’s Tale

Little Women

Snoopy Come Home – The Movie

Hachiko, a dog in 1920s Tokyo, entered Japanese folklore for his loyalty to his master. 1hr 33. Subtitles

141850 DVD Cert U £19.99 £5.99


Box Set

Diabolical do-badder Dick Dastardly, his snickering canine cohort Muttley and their Mean Machine take on rivals, including Penelope Pitstop and the Ant Hill Mob in all 34 episodes. 6hrs 58

Puccini’s greatest operas: La Bohème, Tosca and Turandot. Performed by the world-famous Royal Opera House, and starring some of the greatest opera singers. 6hrs 6. Subtitles

612008 3 DVDs Cert U £26.99 £13.99

The first two series of the Emmy Awardwinning Netflix drama about the British royal family. Claire Foy stars as a young Queen Elizabeth with Matt Smith as Prince Philip. 19hrs 18. Subtitles

616562 7 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £20.99

The Beatles Collection

Mario Lanza – The Best of Everything

Series 1 & 2

She was unquestionably Britain’s funniest and best-loved female TV star, with brilliant character monologues, comic songs and observational comedy. She also produced funny, often poignant dramas. 16hrs. Subtitles

169263 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £22.99

Adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel starring Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon. 1hr 54. Subtitles

130678 DVD Cert U £19.99 £7.99

Charlie Brown is bereft when his beagle leaves with Woodstock. 1hr 17

164669 DVD Cert U £7.99 £5.99

Box set containing six popular musicals, including State Fair, The King and I, The Sound of Music, Carousel, South Pacific and Oklahoma. Starring Julie Andrews, Rod Steiger, Yul Brynner, Gordon MacRae, Deborah Kerr. 13hrs 15

191627 6 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £21.99

Easter Gift Sale

This special collection celebrates the cases that DS Jones solved with DSI John Barnaby. Featuring 38 films and an interview with Jason Hughes. Highlights include the episodes Vixens Run and Blood Weddings. 55hrs

136530 30 DVDs Cert 15 £149.99 £64.99

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Champions. – Liverpool F.C. Season 2019-20

Hilarious tale of the Knights of King Arthur and their quest.1hr 28. Subtitles

Re-live the ecstasy of Liverpool winning the Premier League. 5hrs 16

135488 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

3 Movie Box Set

Miss Potter

Remake of the 1994 Disney animation, voiced by Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Beyoncé. 1hr 58

Renée Zellweger is Beatrix Potter in this charming costume drama biopic. With Ewan McGregor. 1hr 51. Subtitles

192472 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £19.99

191721 DVD Cert PG £22.99 £11.99

621616 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

A Dog’s Way Home

Robin Hood – Special Edition


From the author of A Dog’s Purpose. A dog travels 400 miles to find her human family. 1hr 36

Disney animation with Robin as a fox, Little John a bear, and Friar Tuck a badger. 1hr 23. Subtitles

190003 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

138947 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

Yesterday, everyone knew The Beatles. Today, only Jack remembers their songs. Danny Boyle directs. 1hr 51. Subtitles

191059 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Fred Astaire Collection Easter Parade, Broadway Melody of 1940, Finian’s Rainbow,The Band Wagon. 7hrs 28. Subtitles

The Alastair Sim Collection The Green Man, Folly to be Wise, Geordie, Left, Right & Centre and Laughter in Paradise. 7hrs 27

130104 5 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £18.99

4 DVDs Cert U

191092 6 DVDs Cert E £22.99 £18.99

187983 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £15.99

The Lion King


Four acclaimed musicals, featuring Elaine Page in Cats; Donny Osmond and Richard Attenborough in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; Love Never Dies; and Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar.

All three film adaptations of the bestselling bodice rippers by E L James. Includes Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

£24.99 £14.99

A Doggone Triple Pack Three movies: A Doggone Miracle; A Doggone Christmas; and A Doggone Adventure. Woof!

Greyfriars Bobby Kay Walsh and Laurence Naismith star in this true story about a dog who refuses to leave his owner’s grave. 1hr 27. Subtitles

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Bob Hoskins stars with Jessica Rabbit, the world’s sexiest cartoon character. 1hr 45. Subtitles

192535 3 DVDs Cert U £15.99 £11.99

132004 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

Clayhanger – Complete

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Carry On Camping

While You Were Sleeping

Arnold Bennett’s epic story of life, love and family conflict, starring Janet Suzman. 21hrs 40

Disney Oscar winner stars Angela Lansbury, and Bruce Forsyth sings Portobello Road! 1hr 52. Subtitles

Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Joan Sims, Terry Scott and Charles Hawtrey on fine form! 4hrs

Acclaimed, cleverly scripted romcom with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. 1hr 40. Subtitles

133432 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £27.99

620703 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

142560 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

191701 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

137931 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

The Doris Day Collection - Vol. 1 Six films including: Love Me or Leave Me, Calamity Jane, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. 10hrs 52. Subtitles


6 DVDs Cert PG

£19.99 £16.99

The Gene Kelly Collection Four signature musicals: Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris, Anchors Aweigh, On the Town. 7hrs 52. Subtitles

136326 4 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £14.99


Volume 1 187672 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £18.99

192669 £12.99 DVD Cert E

Marvel at nature’s epic and powerful forces as this stunning BBC series reveals how perfectly our planet is set up to nurture life. David Attenborough narrates the story of Earth’s power and fragility.

192494 2 DVDs Cert PG £22.99 £18.99


192808 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £22.99

A study of the queen of crime’s ten most iconic works (she wrote 66 novels) in chronological order, from Murder on the Orient Express to And Then There Were None and Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case. 1hr 7



Thirteen films and shorts, including many previously thought lost forever! 5hrs 45


Volume 2


New Releases


Series 2 The ITV crime drama starring Morven Christie returns. Lisa Armstrong is forced to do menial police work and is at a low ebb. But a new case involving a shocking murder in a loving family brings her unexpectedly back to the front line.

192737 2 DVDs Cert TBC £22.99 £18.99

Series 2 The stylish detective duo are back and Miranda is finally starting to put down roots. Her partnership with Max has found it’s rhythm. Sit back for more mysterious cases and special guest stars.

192612 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

Series 1 191310 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

Series 1 & 2 192738 4 DVDs Cert TBC £39.99 £29.99

Lost Girls & Love Hotels

The Warrior Queen of Jhansi

An English language teacher begins a tumultuous affair with a yakuza gangster in Tokyo. 1hr 33

Epic true story of a 24-year-old Indian freedom fighter who led her army against the British Empire.

192664 £12.99

192699 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £14.99

DVD Cert 18


The BBC’s latest Nordic Noir is a true crime drama based on the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. It is a sensitively created series, written and directed by award-winning Tobias Lindholm (Mindhunter), and it follows the painstakingly complex investigation carried out by Jens Møller, the Head of Homicide for the Copenhagen Police. It was the most popular crime drama ever broadcast in Denmark.


State Secret Classic political thriller starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Glynis Johns, Jack Hawkins and Herbert Lom. 1hr 40

192711 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £11.99

The Buddy Holly Story (Reissue) Gary Busey stars in this biopic of the 1950s rock ‘n’ roller, who died tragically in a plane crash.

192713 £9.99 DVD Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert 15

Stars in Your Eyes


Musical comedy directed by Maurice Elvey and written by Talbot Rothwell. Dorothy Squires stars. 1hr 36

British thriller from the Boulting brothers starring Tony Britton, Peter Cushing, Virginia Maskell and Spike Milligan. 1hr 18

192753 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £15.99

£19.99 £16.99

The Lady Is a Square Classic 1950s musical comedy starring Frankie Vaughan, Anna Neagle and Janette Scott. 1hr 34

192754 £12.99

192759 £12.99


DVD Cert U

192686 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

Following the death of her mother, Pixie plans an audacious heist in Ireland. Comedy directed by Barnaby Thompson, starring Olivia Cooke in the lead role. Co-starring Colm Meaney, Dylan Moran and Alec Baldwin.

192624 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99


192712 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £11.99

Music documentary on the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, and how it came to be a hub for influential musicians such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas and Papas. Presented by Jacob Dylan.



Robert Morley and Maurice Evans star as the celebrated duo in this sumptuous costume drama from British film legends Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat. With Peter Finch and Eileen Herlie as the D’Oyly Cartes.



New Releases


Series 8 Brilliant Emmy Awardwinning French detective drama centred around Laure Berthaud, a Paris-based murder investigator, and her team of misfit cops.

Series 3

192495 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

Series 2

Talon, the lone survivor of a race called Blackbloods, seeks vengeance for her clan’s slaughter. Fantasy adventure, starring Jessica Green.

Complete 192496 16 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £64.99

192665 4 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £22.99

Kevin Costner stars in the TV Western as patriarch John Dutton, who battles to protect his Montana ranch from developers, an Indian reservation and America’s first national park. With Luke Grimes.

192751 4 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

Series 2 9hrs 45. Subtitles 191765

3 DVDs Cert 12

£24.99 £21.99

Series 1 7hrs 30 191547

3 DVDs Cert 12

Series 1 & 2 £24.99 £19.99


8 DVDs Cert 15

£39.99 £32.99


Mäedchen in Uniform The pioneering and internationally acclaimed 1958 lesbian love story. 1hr 27

192637 DVD+BLU Cert PG

£19.99 £14.99

The Secret Hero

The Weapon

Multi award-winning drama based on the true story of a man who takes a stand against the Nazis to protect his family.

When Erik finds a gun, he becomes a target in this British thriller starring Steve Cochran and Lizabeth Scott. 1hr 17

192634 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £13.99

192760 £12.99 DVD Cert PG

FBI: Most Wanted – Series 1 The Fugitive Task Force tracks and captures notorious criminals on the most wanted list.

192736 4 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £24.99

Sing As We Go! Basil Dean directs this musical comedy co-written by J.B. Priestley. With Gracie Fields as a Lancashire millworker. 1hr 16

Where No Vultures Fly Anthony Steel protects elephants from ivory poachers in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. 1hr 43

192755 £12.99

192756 £12.99

DVD Cert U

DVD Cert U

Honeymoon Classic 1950s Michael Powell drama starring Anthony Steel as an Australian farmer travelling in Spain with his new bride.

192761 £12.99 DVD Cert PG


192816 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £17.99

Series 1 A violent death, a missing spouse and a chain of shocking revelations in HBO’s much talked-about drama mini-series.The psychological thriller stars Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman.

192570 2 DVDs Cert TBC £27.99 £25.99


Series 10 The smash-hit BBC police procedural with a light touch returns, as D.I. Neville Parker attempts to solve more mysterious murders on a sun-soaked Caribbean island. Starring Ralf Little. Subtitles

Series 4 Volume 2 BBC documentary which sees restoration experts revive an array of antiques, ornaments and furniture from disrepair back to its former glory, to the delight of their owners!

192741 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £26.99

192614 3 DVDs Cert TBC £19.99 £14.99

Russell T. Davies’ new fivepart drama for Channel Four follows a group of friends navigating life, love, friendship and the AIDS crisis in London in the 1980s. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Fry, Keeley Hawes and Olly Alexander. La!

Series 9 191362 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £13.99

Series 8

192666 DVD Cert 18 £22.99 £19.99

192815 £9.99 DVD Cert PG

Domestic goddess and TV chef Nigella Lawson celebrates home cooking and shares the rhythms and rituals of her kitchen. Plus, she reveals the inspiration behind many of her recipes. Mouthwatering TV!

192690 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

192081 £29.99 £26.99



Series 4 Volume 1 7 DVDs Cert E


Astronauts are sent to uncover the secrets of an Earth-like planet. When they crash land, they embark on a life-or-death mission to work out if they’ve landed on Earth or it’s duplicate. Gerry Anderson directs. 1hr 37


188350 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99


DVD Cert 15

The comedian and travel enthusiast Griff Rhys Jones pulls on his hiking boots and heads out into the wilds to explore New Zealand. He enjoys the stunning local landscapes, and witnesses the impact of Maori heritage. 3hrs 5


192742 £12.99


Tina Turner overcame impossible odds to become one of the first female African American artists to reach a mainstream international audience. Her road to superstardom is a story of triumph over adversity.



New Releases

Touching on universal themes such as guilt, grief and isolation, Alan Bennett’s masterful monologues star Imelda Staunton, Monica Dolan, Martin Freeman, Tamsin Greig, Sarah Lancashire and Lesley Manville.

192688 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £21.99

Belgian WWII drama. A small band of resistance fighters known as the Bad Eggs are recruited by the US military to supply uranium from the Belgian Congo in order to help develop the first nuclear weapons. 1hr 38

192814 £12.99 DVD Cert 15

The BBC’s acclaimed true-crime drama stars Tahar Rahim as serial killer Charles Sobrhaj, alongside Jenna Coleman as his girlfriend. Billy Howle stars as a Dutch diplomat who begins a quest to bring him to justice.

192739 3 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £18.99


191774 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99


Alice Roberts explores the UK’s past through the stories of its towns, examining key periods in history by delving into the secrets of places that encapsulate them. 4hrs 30. Subtitles


Series 3



New Releases


Series 3 Tim Roth stars as a former Metropolitan Police Officer with some dark secrets. The series opens with the family returning to England… for one last reckoninng. 4hrs 50

Jodie’s son dies in a tragic accident, but his body is never found. Years later she spots a young man with the same distinctive features. What lengths will she go to in order to try and prove that he is her missing son? Thriller starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Jill Halfpenny and Jonas 3.21 OUT ON 15.0 Armstrong. 2hrs 15

Complete Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks star in the epic three-series revenge drama set in Little Big Bear, in the Rocky Mountains.

192668 8 DVDs Cert 18 £44.99 £39.99

Steven Van Zandt stars as a man who testifies against the Mafia and starts a new life in Norway. 17hrs 45

192714 7 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £36.99

Series 1 192648 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

DVD Cert 15

Anna Friel stars as in the ITV crime drama. Marcella goes undercover in Belfast.

191326 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99

Series 1-3 191325 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £29.99

£19.99 £17.99

The original vampire slayer Abraham Van Helsing receives a letter from his former student Dr John Seward requesting his urgent assistance in Whitby, where his fiancée Lucy is showing all the signs of vampirism.

192608 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99





Series 3


192667 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £21.99

As Japanese troops advance on Shanghai, Lieutenant Xie Jinyuan leads an army of 800 young and inexperienced officers to defend the city. Chinese war drama, based on historical events. 2hrs 27. Subtitles

192639 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99


GeorgE Pre-Order DragoN and the

After her farmer husband is brutally murdered, Mary, now a widowed homesteader leaves everything behind to hunt down her husband’s killer. High quality, old-fashioned revenge Western.

An epic fantasy adventure, starring Patrick Swayze and James Purefoy. In 12th century England the noble knight George begins a quest to find the King’s missing daughter, Princess Lunna. 1hr 29

OUT ON 12.04.21

OUT ON 26.04.21

192805 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £13.99

192801 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99

OUT ON 31.05.21

Turkish documentary folllowing three stray dogs living on the streets of Istanbul. They search of food and companionship before they befriend a group of young Syrian refugees. An ultimate love letter to dogs.

192748 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £14.99

OUT ON 26.04.21

Margot Robbie stars as a femme fatale, during the Great Depression, who lures lovestruck teenager Finn into a life of crime. They are on the run from the law after a series of robberies. The pursuit intensifies following the death of a bystander during a gun battle. 1hr 41. Subtitles

In 1917 in Fátima, Portugal, ten-year-old shepherd Lúcia and her young cousins Francisco and Jacinta claim to have witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Their claims are denounced by the Catholic Church. Faith-based drama based on true events. Sonia Braga and Harvey Keitel star. 1hr 53

192797 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

OUT ON 19.04.21

192787 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £14.99

Long-married George and Margaret Blackledge are devastated by the loss of their adult son. In the midst of grief, their daughter-in-law remarries, and she and her infant son move in with her new in-laws. 1hr 49. Subtitles

192745 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

A pair of overworked New Orleans paramedics find themselves dealing with unsual casualties, victims of a new synthetic designer drug with time-travel powers. Sci-fi thriller starring Jamie Dornan. 1hr 42. Subtitles

OUT ON 05.04.21


192762 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

OUT ON 26.04.21

Dual Format

A widow grieving the death of her husband receives a deadly ultimatum from the privileged sons of a local land developer to sell her beloved property. Devilishly dark and gritty heroine revenge thriller.

Gullible schoolboy Tyler is caught up in the drugs trade when he comes under the influence of local drug dealer Simon. British drama written and directed by Henry Blake. 1hr 30


OUT ON 19.04.21

192767 DVD+BLU £19.99 £14.99

Cert 15

OUT ON 05.04.21

192804 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £13.99


Series 21

A former Confederate soldier, now bounty hunter, has a battle trying to reunite children with their mother. Val Kilmer leads the cast in this action Western set in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War.

OUT ON 26.04.21

192800 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99

In a portrait of a British icon, this is the story of David Bowie and the creation of his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, the turning point that cemented his career as one of the world’s greatest cultural icons. 1hr 44

Neil Dudgeon returns in the blockbuster crime drama, set in the not-sotranquil village. The first episode introduces John Barnaby’s father, Ned, portrayed by Christopher Timothy. 6hrs

192645 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £21.99

OUT ON 19.04.21

192806 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £14.99

OUT ON 19.04.21

Complete Series Series 2 Sky’s popular vampire fantasy romance delivers sex, death, fire and blood, and a time travelling war between good and evil. Adapted from Deborah Harkness’s bestsellers, starring Matthew Goode, Trevor Eve and Lindsay Duncan. 5hrs 44

OUT ON 12.04.21

192670 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £22.99

Series 1 4hrs 30 188207

2 DVDs Cert 15

£24.99 £22.99

When the Berlin Wall falls on November 9, 1989, superspy Martin Rauch must deal with the consequences. Acclaimed awardwinning stylish and clever German spy drama. 6hrs. Subtitles

192643 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £21.99

‘83, ‘86 & ‘89 19hrs 30. Subtitles A global sensation with a blend of spy thriller, Cold War tension and 1980s pop culture.


6 DVDs Cert TBC

Larry Lamb, Phil Davis, Marion Bailey, Lesley Sharp and Adjoa Andoh star in this British comedy drama about the class divide. Two working class couples go on a day trip to Brighton which ends in disaster.

OUT ON 07.06.21

192802 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99

OUT ON 26.04.21

£39.99 £34.99

ITV’s acclaimed drama, created by Simon Nye, focuses on Alice’s honest, raw, blackly comic journey of grief and life after Harry’s sudden death. Starring Keeley Hawes, Joanna Lumley and Nigel Havers.

192743 2 DVDs Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99

OUT ON 26.04.21

Series 14

In 1859, slave Shields Green escapes from his owner’s plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. He heads north, pursued by bounty hunter Luke McCabe. Historical action drama starring Bruce Dern. 1hr 35

OUT ON 05.04.21

192799 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £14.99

Detective William Murdoch and his team are back, as they tackle Toronto’s toughest mysteries, from the serious and historic to the comical and unusual. Yannick Bisson stars.

OUT ON 17.05.21

192823 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £25.99


Film Classics

Tommy Steele plays himself in this 1957 ragsto-riches tale of a young sailor who discovers a certain way with the guitar. The smash hit pop movie includes no less than 14 hit songs! Featuring Humphrey Lyttleton. 1hr 20

192541 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

Based on a short story by Graham Greene, this classic wartime propaganda thriller is all about invading German paratroopers disguised as British troops. It encouraged citizens to be on the lookout! 1hr 33. Subtitles

This classic Oscar-winning (Best Musical Score) MGM musical stars Howard Keel and Betty Hutton, and features the songs Anything You Can Do and There’s No Business Like Show Business. 1hr 43. Subtitles

134785 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

135134 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99



The Man Upstairs

Silent Running

Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Laurence Olivier and Jean Simmons star in the epic tale of a bold gladiator slave. 3hrs 7

Richard Attenborough stars as a scientist haunted by his past in this classic 1950s drama. 1hr 24

623472 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

Douglas Trumbull directs this sci-fi classic, with Bruce Dern. A space botanist goes rogue with two robots.

192723 £12.99

192551 £9.99


DVD Cert U

This Happy Breed

The French Connection –1&2

The Ten Commandments

David Lean directs Noël Coward’s epic of a working-class family over the course of two decades. 1hr 45

132495 2 DVDs Cert U £15.99 £11.99


The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel Alexander Korda’s sequel continues classic tale of heroism. 1hr 16. Subtitles

168313 £9.99 DVD Cert U

Acclaimed urban crime thrillers set in New York and Marseilles. 3hrs 33

Cecil B. DeMille’s epic starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner. 3hrs 42. Subtitles

623563 2 DVDs Cert 18 £14.99 £8.99

623577 2 DVDs £15.99 £8.99

Cert U

The Green Man Launder and Gilliat’s 1956 British black comedy stars Alastair Sim, George Cole and Terry-Thomas. 1hr 16. Subtitles

191534 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

The Scarlet Pimpernel

A Man for All Seasons

The Titfield Thunderbolt

Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon star in this brilliant take on Baroness Orczy’s classic adventure story. 1hr 33

One of the finest British films of all time, Paul Scofield stars as Sir Thomas More. 2hrs

Stanley Holloway and John Gregson star in Charles Chrichton’s delightful railway comedy. 1hr 20. Subtitles

168312 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99


£17.99 £14.99

124524 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

The Ship that Died of Shame

A Kid for Two Farthings

Where Angels Fear to Tread

A tense Ealing thriller with an all-star cast including Richard Attenborough in sinister form. 1hr 28

Carol Reed’s classic drama is a delightful urban fairy tale set soon after WWII. Celia Johnson stars. 1hr 31

Helen Mirren, Rupert Graves and Helena Bonham Carter star in this E.M. Forster adaptation. 1hr 48

133870 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

190253 DVD+BLU Cert U £19.99 £9.99

139216 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99


Film Classics

Oscar winner Robert Donat takes a dual role as both the ghost of an 18th-century laird and his 20th-century descendant in this clever, delightfully playful romcom. Jean Parker and Eugene Pallette co-star. 2hrs. Subtitles

Dirk Bogarde and Dorothy Tutin star in the Dickens classic. 2hrs 21. Subtitles

Ten Little Indians

The Black Cat

Hugh O’Brien and Shirley Eaton star in this 1965 adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie murdermystery. 1hr 28

Basil Rathbone of Sherlock Holmes fame stars in this classic 1941 horror film based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe.

133710 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

192758 £12.99 DVD Cert 12

166876 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99


The Girl on the Boat

The Battleship Potemkin

Norman Wisdom stars in this rarely seen 1962 British comedy by P.G. Wodehouse. 1hr 28

Eisenstein’s masterpiece is one of the most influential silent films ever made. 1hr 6. Subtitles

133793 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

610117 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Ursula Andress stars as goddess Ayesha in the 1965 Hammer classic, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. 1hr 41

133450 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

WWII-set comedy, starring James Robertson-Justice and Leslie Phillips. A happy-go-lucky bunch of Brits in a German PoW camp find their new acerbic fellow prisoner is a key officer who must be got out at all costs. 1hr 34

169553 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

An angel who comes to London is forced to pawn her harp. She meets cynical pawnbroker Joshua Webman and subsequently changes his life. 1950s comic fantasy starring Diane Cilento. 1hr 16

192120 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

168314 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

A Tale of Two Cities – Special Edition

Thriller with Cyd Charisse as a woman trying to foil an international jewel thief in the Moroccan desert. She tries to spirit a priceless jewel out of the country, but an undercover agent is on her trail. With Leslie Phillips. 1hr 28

192719 DVD Cert U £15.99 £12.99

They Came from Beyond Space

A Town Like Alice

The Culpepper Cattle Company

Aliens land in Britain, in this 1960s B-movie sci-fi horror. Robert Hutton and Jennifer Jayne star.

Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch star in this WWII romantic drama from 1956. 1hr 52

A worthy example of a certain kind of early-1970s Western: unromantic, honest and violent. 1hr 32

192750 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £14.99

169526 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

168375 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

130520 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

The Third Man

Zulu Dawn

Jumping for Joy

Beautifully restored, this British noir stars Orson Welles. Based on the novel by Graham Green. 1hr 40

The prequel to the war epic Zulu, starring Burt Lancaster, Peter O’Toole and Bob Hoskins. 1hr 53

The Outlaw Josey Wales – (Special Edition)

170810 2 DVDs Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

138715 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

Frankie Howerd stars in this 1955 British comedy. With Stanley Holloway, Joan Hickson, Alfie Bass and Lionel Jeffries. 1hr 24

Once seen, never forgotten. Michael Caine and Stanley Baker star in the stirring true story of Rorke’s Drift, where in 1879, a handful of British soldiers fought a fearful battle against over 4,000 Zulu warriors. 2hrs 13. Subtitles

124050 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

192224 £12.99 DVD Cert U

The Long Arm Celebrated and influential British crime film. Jack Hawkins is D.S. Halliday, a Scotland Yard crime buster! 1hr 33

Hard-edged Western with Clint Eastwood as a man on a path of lethal revenge. 2hrs 11

132028 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

A cowboy defies the law in order to live a free man. Oscar winner Kirk Douglas ignites the screen with one of his most personal roles. With Gena Rowlands and Walter Matthau. ‘There is no greater Western’ – New York Times. 1hr 47

189665 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £8.99


Film Drama DVD +

Nearly a thousand miles away BLU from their beloved Moscow, Chekhov’s three sisters live in virtual exile. Laurence Olivier’s graceful, meticulous and witty rendering of Chekhov’s masterpiece, stars Joan Plowright and Derek Jacobi. 2hrs 40


139960 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99


189391 DVD+BLU £19.99 £9.99

Good Will Hunting

The Ottoman Lieutenant

Spring & Port Wine

The Resistance Fighter

Oscar-winner from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. With Minnie Driver and Robin Williams. Subtitles

Historical drama and love story set in 1914, telling the story of a rich American nurse.

1969 British classic with James Mason, Rodney Bewes, Susan George and Hannah Gordon. 1hr 37

Polish WWII war drama following the build-up to the Polish uprising against the Nazis. 1hr 54. Subtitles

192322 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

187577 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £6.99

133021 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

Gregory Peck and Orson Welles lead the cast in this epic adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic novel about Captain Ahab, skipper of the whaling vessel Pequod. Directed by John Huston. 1hr 51. Subtitles

191195 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

192457 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

Cert 15



15:17 to Paris

Epic story of how a meagre soldier rose to become Emperor of France. Isabella Rossellini and Gérard Depardieu star.

Sheila Hancock stars as Edie in this heartwarming drama about a woman who finds happiness in her later life. 1hr 41

Clint Eastwood directs a true story of three men who became heroes by thwarting a terrorist attack. 1hr 34

191165 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

192149 4 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £16.99

187916 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

192396 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

The Secret – Dare to Dream

Jersey Boys

Danger Within

Feature film of the multi award-winning Broadway musical about 1960s pop group The Four Seasons. 2hrs 14

A group of British officers in a World War II PoW camp plot their escape. Richard Todd leads a starry cast. 1hr 36

141066 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

192542 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

Young Adam

Judgement at Nuremberg

Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan and Emily Mortimer star in a compelling thriller. 1hr 34

192674 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £13.99


Critically acclaimed and deeply unsettling Victorian ghost story based on the novel by Susan Hill. Be prepared for unexpected surprises to make you jump out of your seat! An original TV adaptation directed by Herbert Wise.

A German spy with information that could jeopardise the D-Day landings is stranded on a small Scottish island. Ken Follett’s WWII spy thriller, starring Donald Sutherland, Kate Nelligan, Christopher Cazenove. 1hr 53. Subtitles

Starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Marlene Dietrich. 3hrs 5. Subtitles

144352 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

Katie Holmes stars in this romantic drama based on Rhonda Byrne’s bestseller. 1hr 41. Subtitles

Jungleland Action thriller in which a bare-knuckle boxer travels crosscountry for one last fight. Jack O’ Connell stars. 1hr 30. Subtitles

192146 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £10.99

192625 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £12.99

Fanny Hill

The High Command

Shelley Winters and Oliver Reed star in this 1983 softcore version of a British classic by Gerry O’Hara. 1hr 38

191657 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

1936 rarity about a British commander in Africa facing a family scandal. James Mason stars. 1hr 25. Subtitles

192724 £12.99 DVD Cert U

Crime & Investigation Movies E SAV


Trilogy – Restored

The scandal that brought down President Nixon is the focus of the Oscarwinning political thriller. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford star as Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. 2hrs 12

Multi award-winning trilogy, directed and adapted by Francis Ford Coppola, from the Mario Puzo books. With Marlon Brando, James Caan, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro et al. 8hrs 46. Subtitles

623654 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

623532 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £19.99 DVD + BLU

Basic Instinct 2


Sequel to the popular 1992 thriller starring Sharon Stone.With David Morrissey and Stan Collymore. 1hr 55. Subtitles

A jewel thief falls for his partner’s wife. Stars Michael Caine, Nanette Newman and Leonard Rossiter. 2hrs

619959 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £7.99

DVD+BLU Cert 12

188705 £22.99 £9.99

The Vanishing

The Good Liar

George Sluizier’s disturbing masterpiece is regarded as one of the best suspense thrillers ever made. 1hr 2

Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren star in the adaptation of Nicholas Searle’s thriller. With Russell Tovey and Jim Carter.

191956 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £9.99

191193 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

145400 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


The Conversation – Special Edition Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal eavesdropping drama starring Gene Hackman. 1hr 49

Man Hunt Fritz Lang’s WWIIset political thriller stars Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett. 1hr 45. Subtitles


137456 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £8.99


Damascus Cover

The 39 Steps

A spy receives an assignment to smuggle a scientist out of Syria. With John Hurt. 1hr 33. Subtitles

190877 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £7.99

£19.99 £9.99

Death on the Nile Peter Ustinov stars as detective Hercule Poirot in this classic Agatha Christie adaptation.

192144 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £8.99

158615 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

A man is held over the murder of two girls. Thriller starring Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman. 1hr 47. Subtitles

150127 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £6.99

On the Waterfront

Chase a Crooked Shadow

The Island of Dr Moreau

‘I coulda been a contender’. Elia Kazan classic stars Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger. 1hr 43. Subtitles

Herbert Lom, Anne Baxter and Richard Todd star in this gripping suspense thriller. 1hr 24

Adaptation of HG Wells’ classic, starring Marlon Brando,Val Kilmer and David Thewlis. 1hr 39

623153 DVD Cert £9.99 £7.99

132496 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £9.99

187776 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99


Restless Natives 1980s Scottish crime comedy starring Bernard Hill and Mel Smith. Two friends embark on a dubious enterprise. 1hr 15

192747 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £14.99

A Killer Next Door Thriller based on the true story of John List, who killed his family and then disappeared. 1hr 30

192576 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

If you’re an Agatha Christie fan, you’ve got a treat waiting for you. This critcally acclaimed whodunit boasts a stellar cast, including Toni Colette, Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis.

1959 adaptation of John Buchan’s classic starring Kenneth More, Sid James and Joan Hickson. 1hr 31 Subtitles



Under Suspicion

Before a major race in Italy, O’Donovan, is hired by a British racing team to headhunt the designer of a rival team. When he fails to do so, he vows to steal the team’s designs instead. Stanley Baker and Anthony Steel star. 1hr 26

191338 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99



War Films

Esther, a Jewish teenager, tries to flee Nazi-occupied Norway. However, when she is confronted by Nazi officers she poses as a boy and is soon put to work at a local farm. What will happen when her identity is revealed? 1hr 41

The first major feature film to portray British troops in action during the Korean War, this classic British war film stars George Baker, Stanley Baker, Harry Andrews, Michael Medwin and Michael Caine. 1hr 18

132506 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

191042 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £7.99

Winter War

A Call to Spy

Empire of the Sun


True story based on one of the final significant battles at the end of the war. A triumphant story of the human spirit.

World War II drama, inspired by the true stories of three women who worked as spies in Churchill’s Secret Army. 2hrs 4

Spielberg’s adaptation of JG Ballard’s autobiographical tale of a boy caught up in the Far East in WWII. 2hrs 26

WWII thriller about a mission by two Czech resistance fighters. Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan star. 2hrs

192537 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

192165 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £8.99

137315 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

181180 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99


Summer of ‘44 – The Final Battle for Germany

Cross of Honour

Gene Tierney, Bruce Cabot and George Sanders star in this classic war film set in a small African outpost during WWII. 1hr 30

134082 £7.99 DVD Cert PG

Multi award-winning German war drama, based on a true story. 1hr 4. Subtitles

192148 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

English and German planes shoot each other down during WWII and band together to survive. 1hr 44. Subtitles

136197 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £5.99

Acclaimed Winston Churchill biopic, starring Gary Oldman, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance. Directed by Joe Wright, this stirring wartime epic co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas. 2hrs 5. Subtitles



The Guns of Navarone Gregory Peck, David Niven and Anthony Quinn star in the WWII classic. 2hrs 30. Subtitles

130998 2 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Yangtse Incident The true story of British frigate Amethyst valiantly running the gauntlet of Chinese guns along the Yangtse River. 1hr 48

131844 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Three films: The Butcher of Prague; 194; Normandy: The Last Rescue. 5hrs 50

190205 £9.99 3 DVDs Cert 15


Enemy Lines

Night of the Fox

Action-packed WWII thriller, set in 1943, about a covert mission into Poland, behind enemy lines. John Hannah stars.

Jack Higgins WWII drama, about the D-Day landings, with Michael York, John Mills and George Peppard. 1hr 36

191804 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

169845 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99

We Go in at Dawn Action-packed British drama about the World War II mission to save Operation Overlord.

191266 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

The Silver Fleet

The Day Will Dawn

Wartime Dutch Resistance drama starring Ralph Richardson and Googie Withers. 1hr 28

Hugh Williams, Ralph Richardson and Deborah Kerr star in this British wartime drama. 1hr 35

170364 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

170362 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

The Four Feathers

Victory & Hell WWII War Stories

189266 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

A British officer resigns his post just before battle and is accused of cowardice. Starring John Clements and Ralph Richardson. 1hr 50

137972 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Action & Adventure Movies

5 kings versus 5 queens but only one winner! Anna Richardson and Simon Williams present another series of chess matches, featuring some of the most renowned chess players from around the globe. 3hrs 52

192746 DVD Cert E £21.99 £15.99

The Final Stand Acclaimed Russian war film, set during the Battle of Moscow in October 1941, directed by Vadim Shmelyov. Subtitles

192679 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £12.99

The Great Alaskan Race Amazing true story of Togo and Balto – Alaskan huskies who must race against time to save lives.

192602 £9.99 DVD Cert PG

Barb Wire Pamela Anderson is the tough, glamorous heroine of this cult action/ sci-fi adventure. 1hr 38. Subtitles

187822 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £8.99

Robert the Bruce

No-holds-barred Western about a widow avenging the murder of her husband and two sons. 1hr 35

Historical epic covering the turbulent time after William Wallace’s victories depicted in Braveheart. 2hrs. Subtitles

166776 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

191040 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

Welcome to Sudden Death

The Negotiator

Speed 1 & 2

Jon Hamm and Rosamunde Pike star in a thrilling spy drama with plenty of twists and turns. 1hr 47

Double bill of Sandra Bullock action films. With Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper and Jeff Daniels. 3hrs 51. Subtitles

189390 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £6.99

159670 2 DVDs Cert 12 £14.99 £8.99

192725 £12.99 DVD Cert 15

Michael Denison stars as an RAF pilot in this 1949 British war movie, based on a novel by Nevil Shute. He patrols the English Channel for U-Boats. He sinks one but it turns out to be a British submarine and he is charged. 1hr 24

190883 DVD Cert 12A £19.99 £8.99

6 Guns

The sensational sequel to the Van Damme classic. Starring Michael Jai White.

Rosamund Pike and Daniel Brühl star in this gripping political thriller which details the shocking but true story of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight at Entebbe airport in Uganda. 1hr 47. Subtitles

Charles Bronson Collection Ten to Midnight, Kinjite – Forbidden Subjects, Messenger of Death and Murphy’s Law. 6hrs 12. Subtitles

133464 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

Die Hard – 1-5 Legacy Collection

Total Recall – 30th Anniversary Edition

Bruce Willis stars as John McClane in all five action-packed thrillers. 9hrs 44

Paul Verhoeven’s classic sci-fi drama. Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger star.

162214 5 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £15.99

192167 2 DVDs Cert 18 £17.99 £10.99

Legionnaire’s Trail


Mickey Rourke stars in an action drama. Two Roman legions, in Emperor Nero’s reign, are snowbound and dying.

A tale of romance, heroism and revenge set amidst the last days of Pompeii. Kiefer Sutherland stars. 1hr 44

192028 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

140238 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £6.99


John Wayne – Signature Collection

John Ford’s 1934 Western is widely regarded as one of the best ever made. John Wayne stars as The Ringo Kid. 1hr 35

The Searchers, Chisum, Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo and Cahill United States Marshal.

136328 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99


166409 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99


134827 4 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £14.99

True Grit A drunken U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger help a woman hunt her father’s murderer John Wayne and Glen Campbell star. 2hrs 8. Subtitles

131656 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


Romantic Movies

1944 romantic comedy musical in which Betty Hutton plays the Allison twins both of whom are in love with crooner Johnny Cabot, played by Bing Crosby. Sing along to Accent-Tchu-ate the Positive. 1hr 40

A defiantly old-fashioned romantic drama tinged with fantasy. Christopher Reeve plays a sad Chicago playwright who travels back into the past to meet a woman (Jane Seymour) he sees in an old photo… 1hr 39

164462 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

189660 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Alison Steadman and Davd Johns star as a pair of elderly singletons who, in spite of a discordant initial meeting, strike up a friendship while out walking their dogs. Ups and downs follow in ‘A complex, tender, beautifully acted drama’ – Saga Magazine. 1hr 42

192640 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99


A Matter of Life and Death David Niven stars as a British bomber pilot in a doomed aircraft who accidentally survives. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Mrs Miniver A housewife and her family endure the Blitz. Oscar-winning classic stars Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. 2hrs 8. Subtitles

133720 DVD Cert U £19.99 £7.99

107956 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

The Holiday

The Seagull

A favourite festive home-swapping romcom starring Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black.

Glossy adaptation of Chekhov’s classic play starring Annette Benning, Elizabeth Moss and Saoirse Ronan. 1hr 35

192515 £9.99 DVD Cert 12


188548 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Send Me No Flowers Rock Hudson and Doris Day team up for their third and final film together. 1hr 36

Summerland Romantic wartime period drama. Gemma Arterton, Penelope Wilton, and Tom Courtenay star. 1hr 35. Subtitles

170140 DVD Cert U £9.99 £6.99

192274 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

I Know Where I’m Going! A sumptuous romance set on the Isle of Mull, starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey. 1hr 31. Subtitles

133711 DVD Cert U £9.99 £6.99

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ‘One of the freshest and most satisfying of movie musicals’ – Radio Times Guide to Films. 1hr 42. Subtitles


The Quiet Man

Jeanne Moreau stars in this tense psychological drama directed by Tony Richardson.

Multi Oscar-winner. John Wayne plays an American boxer who returns to Ireland. Maureen O’Hara costars. 2hrs 9. Subtitles


623609 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

DVD+BLU Cert 15

£19.99 £12.99

137854 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Singin’ in the Rain

Brief Encounter

Doctor Zhivago


Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds star in a 60th-anniversary edition of one of the best-loved musicals ever. 1hr 38. Subtitles

One of the finest romances of all time, starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. 1hr 47. Subtitles

Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Alec Guinness and Tom Courtenay star in famed David Lean’s adaptation. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

Nominated for six Oscars, this stunning romantic drama is directed by Todd Haynes and stars Cate Blanchett. 1hr 59

136324 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

133562 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

121033 2 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

166560 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

Film Comedies

Six of his most famous films: School for Scoundrels, Privates Progress, Naked Truth, Too Many Crooks, Brothers in Law and Make Mine Mink. ‘One of the unsung greats of British cinema – Empire 9hrs 5. Subtitles

A drag queen named Lola comes to the rescue of Charlie Price who, after inheriting his father’s shoe factory, needs to diversify his product if he wants to survive. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton and Linda Bassett.

136638 6 DVDs Cert U £34.99 £22.99

High Spirits A haunting comedy ghost story starring Darryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole, Beverly D’Angelo, and Steve Guttenberg.

191792 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £8.99

It’s Great to Be Young! John Mills stars in this 1956 feel-good British comedy as a cool, trumpetplaying teacher. 1hr 34

133997 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

A Run for Your Money Donald Houston, Alec Guinness, Joyce Grenfell and Moira Lister star in an Ealing Studios classic. 81mins

192522 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Ladykillers Classic Ealing Studios comedy starring Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Katie Green and more!

DVD Cert U

192305 DVD Cert U £17.99 £10.99

Book Club

42nd Street

Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Diane Keaton star in this classy comedy. 1hr 44. Subtitles

Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers and Dick Powell star in a glorious musical with dazzling songs. 1hr 26. Subtitles

187923 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

124072 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

192757 £12.99

Award-winning director Anthony Asquith’s classic adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s famous comedy. Margaret Rutherford, Joan Greenwood, Michael Dennison, Edith Evans and Michael Redgrave star. 1hr 31

167613 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sparrows Can’t Sing

Classic Coen Brothers comedy masterpiece. George Clooney, Holly Hunter, John Turturro star. 1hr 42

Charlie (James Booth) finds his home wrecked and his wife (Barbara Windsor) missing… 1hr 34

Bob Monkhouse and Kenneth Connor star in this comedy caper. With Shirley Eaton and Charles Hawtrey. 1hr 25

143276 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £7.99

170825 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

192545 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

The Great Dictator

Ladies in Lavender

Up the Chastity Belt

Controversial social satire masterpiece starring Charlie Chaplin, in his first pure talkie. 2hrs 5

164424 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Judi Dench and Maggie Smith nurse a shipwrecked Polish violinist at their Cornish idyll. With Charles Dance. 1hr 39. Subtitles

122307 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

Dentist on the Job

Frankie Howerd plays Lurkalot, serf to Sir Coward de Custard. Racy follow-up to Up Pompeii! 1hr 31

134052 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman Enjoy a helping of 70s British sauce with the handyman who’s always ‘on the job’! 1hr 16

132053 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

The Producers – 50th Anniversary Edition Classic Mel Brooks’ comedy, starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. 1hr 25. Subtitles

187760 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

THE PALEFACE Michael Caine and Roger Moore star as conmen. By a strange quirk of fate, they bear an uncanny resemblance to a pair of nuclear scientists. British comedy thriller with John Cleese, Patsy Kensit and Jenny Seagrove. 1hr 32

131555 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £8.99

A cowardly dentist hides behind the skirts of beautiful Calamity Jane. A comical spoof Western featuring classic laughout-loud scenes, starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Robert Armstrong star. 1hr 27. Subtitles

132811 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

Collection Five comedies starring the British actor, Richard Hearne. The films are: Tons of Trouble; The Butler’s Dilemma; The Time of His Life; The Madame Gambles; Something in the City. 6hrs 28

190267 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £14.99


Saucy Cinema NEW

While his boyfriend returns home to Denmark, architecture student Manuel heads home to celebrate his parents’ wedding anniversary. While there, Manuel’s lover reveals he wants to end their relationship.

192796 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Beach Volleyball Detectives – Part One Haruka and Wakana are hot young female Tokyo Police detectives. 1hr

Sexy Time Trip Ninjas Oscar winning Yojiro Takita directs this hilarious and sexy ninja adventure! 1hr 05

Beautiful Secret

The Stud

Popular, beautifully filmed anthology series, continues to enthrall gay cinema audiences. A voyage of emotion-soaked selfdiscovery, where same-sex attraction is celebrated in compelling stories. 1hr 54

Joan Collins stars as Fontaine, the wife of a London nightclub owner. 1hr 32

192662 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

Casino 45

Dirty Work

Tokyo Fetish

In Italy1945, the war is finally over and two soldiers decide to celebrate their return by visiting a brothel. 1hr 28

Arabella’s new boss has a hidden side, and she is lured into a world of secret pleasures and very dark desires. 1hr 41

Three curvacious, seductively reserved Japanese girls and a cavalcade of choice costumes. 1hr. Subtitles

192142 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

192143 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

189600 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

191383 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

190882 DVD Cert 18 £29.99 £9.99


All About Them



A gorgeously filmed homo-erotic tale set over a long hot summer in Buenos Aires. 1hr 45. Subtitles

Erotic French drama. A couple have been together for four years but both fall for the same woman. 1hr 26. Subtitles

Paula, an aboveaverage student, is secretely in love with her classmate, Charlotte. 1hr 44. Subtitles

A groundbreaking drama in which two strangers meet, taking you on an intimate and haunting journey. 1hr 48

180164 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

190338 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

190902 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

146627 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

Erotic drama filmed across Europe. Four fabulous girls work for Luna, a sensual and severe she-boss. They are sent to various European capitals to get information needed to build a nuclear bomb. Inspired by Charlie’s Angels!

190345 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99



192630 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £12.99

The Bitch 1hr 29 192629 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £12.99

Tsumugi & The Secret in the Attic – Double Bill Two explicit Japanese sado-masochistic erotic dramas. 1hr 47. Subtitles

Amazon Hot Box Thrilling erotic drama from Redemption, renowned for their popular explicit films. 1hr 22

190344 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

192140 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Orpheus Song

The Last Match


An erotic film and a modern day variation on the Greek myth. Two men, one gay, become gym buddies. 1hr 12

Cuban teens meet while playing football at a ground in Havana. They’re both committed to others. Subtitles

A group of teenagers allow their sexual curiousity to run riot one summer. Their games become depraved. 1hr 30

191488 DVD Cert 18 £11.99 £9.99

140932 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

191639 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £9.99

Italian gay-themed LGBT drama that follows the life of an adolescent in Rome. He wanders the streets of the city, and gets involved in impromptu relationships, causing pain to himself and to others.

192795 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Roller Derby is a highly competitive, aggressive and always entertaining full contact sport for women. The Adelaide Roller Derby League is sustained by a diverse group of women who take to the track with valor and vitriol. 1hr 43

191235 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Horror Movies & Thrillers NEW

Witchcraft and magic are prohibited and socially outlawed in today’s America. This gripping mystery-thriller shows what can happen in a modern society when irrational fears and old prejudices take over.

192681 DVD Cert TBC £14.99 £12.99

188471 4 DVDs Cert 15 £12.99 £11.99

The 70s

188472 4 DVDs Cert 18 £12.99 £11.99 DVD + BLU

Crone Wood

The Sentinel

The Reptile


Blair Witch meets The Wicker Man in this disturbing horror film about a pagan cult and ritualistic murder…1hr 25

Classy horror, starring Ava Gardner, John Carradine, Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken. 1hr 27. Subtitles

A Cornish village is afflicted by a strange and deadly reptilian curse in this Hammer Horror classic. 1hr 30. Subtitles

A boy witnesses a murder, but no-one believes him. Thriller starring Mark Lester, Susan George and Lionel Jeffries. 1hr 28

180346 DVD+BLU Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

192577 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99

189453 DVD Cert 18 £13.99 £9.99

156361 DVD+BLU Cert 15 £22.99 £12.99

192543 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £10.99

The Haunting of Margam Castle

The Blumhouse of Horrors

Fear in the Night

The Night Walker

Frankenstein Created Woman

Silver Bullet

The Owners

Horror about two parapsychologists who travel to Wales to study a haunted building. 1hr 30

10-movie set that redefined the genre. Enjoy spine-tingling films such as Get Out and more! 15hrs 50

A wealthy woman is terrorized by dreams of her jealous, blind husband who died in a recent fire. 1hr 22

Peter Cushing stars in what is believed to be the best Hammer production ever made. 1hr 26

Gruesome murders plague Smalltown, USA. A search party tracking down the murderer is slain. Is it a werewolf? 1hr 30

A group try and rob the home of a wealthy elderly couple. Horror with Rita Tushingham and Sylvester McCoy.

192107 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

192435 10 DVDs Cert 18 £34.99 £29.99

187891 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £9.99

136216 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

150000 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

192678 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £12.99

Musical comedy directed by Maurice Elvey and written by Talbot Rothwell. Dorothy Squires stars. 1hr 31

192573 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99


Panic in the Streets

Dan Duryea, Zena Walker and Mickey Rooney star. Do You Know this Voice?; Dancer Tomorrow; West II; and 24 Hours to Kill. 5hrs 14

192151 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £9.99


Skin Collector

The 60s

1960s British horror. After disfiguring a patient, crazed plastic surgeon Dr Rossiter takes refuge with a circus in France. Starring Anton Diffring, Erika Remberg and Donald Pleasence. Sidney Hayers directs. 1hr 28. Subtitles

A murder victim has a deadly virus. Can Dr Reed stop the spread before it’s too late? 1hr 36. Subtitles

Peter Cushing, Joan Collins and Ralph Bates star in this 1972 British suspense thriller from Hammer Studios. 1hr 30

133453 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

After the premature death of her estranged husband, Emma regains custody of their young daughter and hopes to rebuild their relationship after many years apart. But an evil force begins a campaign of torment.

192694 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

Based on a true story. In 1944, a recovering American serviceman is sent to a remote cottage in Essex where he is instructed to monitor German airwaves. An evil presence lurks in a nearby rectory. Terrifying!

189028 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £9.99

The Curse of Dracula This horror is a contemporary spin on the notorious classic novel by Bram Stoker. 1hr 23

192580 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99

Milos, a semi-retired porn star, is lured back to his profession by an old industry contact. Ultraextreme horror parable replete with graphic scenes of rape, torture, child abuse, murder and depravity. 1hr 35. Subtitles

191459 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99


Family Entertainment NEW

Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo star in this fantasy adventure directed by Brenda Chapman. Siblings escape to London on a quest to improve the fortunes of their parents, who are broken with grief. 1hr 34



OUT ON 05.04.21

The Incredible Journey

Mr Benn – 50th Anniversary

Family adventure about two dogs and a cat in search of their family. 1hr 20. Subtitles

1970s children’s show about an ordinary man and his amazing adventures. 3hrs 51. Subtitles

620680 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

192574 DVD Cert U £14.99 £11.99

The Adventures of Robin Hood Errol Flynn stars in one of the greatest swashbucklers. With Olivia de Havilland. 1hr 38. Subtitles

123436 2 DVDs £12.99 £7.99

Cert 12

192784 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £15.99

The Adventures of Rupert Bear – Collection 78 colour episodes of the popular British children’s TV show set in Nutwood!


£15.99 £12.99

The Stone Tape 1970s cult sci-fi ghost story starring Jane Asher. ‘One of the smartest and scariest ghost stories ever made’ – Guardian. 1hr 30

The Von Trapp Family – A Life of Music

Pollyanna Disney family drama based on the classic novel by Eleanor H. Porter. Hayley Mills and Jane Wyman star. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

163580 DVD Cert U £14.99 £7.99

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Sci-fi adventure, based on Jules Verne’s novel. Kirk Douglas and James Mason star. 1hr 58. Subtitles

132861 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99


OUT ON 12.04.21

136793 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

169211 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99


192744 £9.99

188526 6 DVDs Cert U £49.99 £20.99

Based on Agathe Von Trapp’s Memories Before and After The Sound of Music. 1hr 35

Colin Firth and Julie Walters lead the cast in this beautiful adaptation of the Frances Hodgson Burnett classic, produced by the makers of Paddington. Set in post-WWII England, a young orphan is sent to live with her uncle and his fierce housekeeper in a mansion on the Yorkshire Moors, where she discovers a magical garden.

Corbin Bernsen directs this heartwarmer. After losing his wife Alice (Marilu Henner) in a mysterious bike accident, grief-stricken Joe forms an unexpected bond with a dog that wanders into his garden and refuses to leave. DVD Cert TBC

The Ghost of Greville Lodge George Cole and Prunella Scales star in an entertainingly eerie family ghost story. Subtitles

Must-See Musicals 15 classic musicals featuring iconic stars such as Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Doris Day and Howard Keel. 18hrs 34. Subtitles

192174 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £12.99

166549 10 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £28.99

Fairy Tale – A True Story

Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion

Two girls attract national attention when they claim to have found fairies in their garden. 1hr 30

164096 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

New Captain Scarlet – Series 1-2 Gerry Anderson’s hero is at war with the evil Mysterons. 9hrs 32. Subtitles

158782 8 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £27.99

Animation based on the comic book series by René Goscinny. 1hr 21

191320 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £10.99

Sister Act & Sister Act 2 Whoopi Goldberg stars in these hit comedies, with Maggie Smith, Harvey Keitel. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

191705 2 DVDs Cert PG £14.99 £8.99

Family Entertainment E SAV



Complete Much-loved ITV series starring Jon Pertwee as the scarecrow and Una Stubbs as Aunt Sally. Includes A Cup O Tea an a Slice O Cake, and Worzel Gummidge Down Under. Pure nostalgia! 28hrs 51


Series 3

75th Anniversary Edition

All aboard! 2hrs 24

190334 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Series 1

The Wicked Witch of the West vows revenge, while Dorothy sets off on the yellow brick road to see the Wizard, hoping he can tell her how to get home. 1hr 38. Subtitles

190332 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

163373 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £7.99

Series 2 190333 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

191236 9 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £36.99 DVD + BLU

The Addams Family They’re creepy and they’re kooky…With Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Allison Janney, Bette Midler.

191288 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £9.99

Tom & Jerry Adventures – Volume 1 A collection of 14 episodes from the Hanna-Barbera classic. 1hr 29. Subtitles

147687 DVD Cert U £7.99 £5.99

Swiss Family Robinson

Tales of Beatrix Potter

John Mills stars in the classic Disney adaptation of a shipwrecked family. 2hrs 6. Subtitles

The Royal Ballet brings Peter Rabbit and a host of other characters to life. 1hr 25. Subtitles

131981 DVD Cert U £15.99 £6.99

Complete Collection All eight films of the phenomenally popular J. K. Rowling adaptations. Starring Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman, Michael Gambon, Robbie Coltrane, Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes. 18hrs 52. Subtitles

136639 16 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £39.99

A History of Magic

Lassie – Box Set


Jurassic City

Three Lassie films that started it all – Lassie Come Home; Son of Lassie and Courage of Lassie. 4hrs 31. Subtitles

Set in the medieval period, this lighthearted comedy was written by Terry Gilliam and Charles Alverson. 1hr 44. Subtitles

Deadly raptors run amok on the streets of L.A. in this Jurassic sci-fi feature written and directed by Sean Cain. 1hr 25

156341DVD + BLUCert U £22.99 £11.99

131016 3 DVDs Cert U £15.99 £11.99

164209 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

166628 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99


Animal Farm

Peter Rabbit

Lionel Jeffries directs a heartwarming tale of a boy who is deprived of love. With Patricia Neal and Britt Ekland. 1hr 40

George Orwell’s tale as a live action film with voices by Pete Postlethwaite, Kelsey Grammar et al. 1hr 30

Big screen adventures with the lovable rabbit and his friends, in a tale inspired by Beatrix Potter. 1hr 35

Lotte Reiniger – The Fairy Tale Films

140025 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £7.99

187785 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

187735 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

The Call of the Wild

Top Cat – Complete

Wish Upon a Unicorn

Harrison Ford stars in a beautifully filmed adaptation of the Jack London classic. 1hr 35. Subtitles

Top Cat, supercool leader of a gang of alleycats, is more than a match for Officer Dibble. 12hrs

Delightful family drama about two young girls who accidentally stumble upon a unicorn.

192022 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £10.99

620119 5 DVDs Cert U £49.99 £17.99

192185 DVD Cert PG £11.99 £8.99

Her distinctive animation style is evident in these lovely films. 3hrs 12

140598 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

A mesmerising tour of the British Library’s exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter.

188388 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £8.99


British TV Classics E SAV

Complete Set in the darkest, most depraved days of Rome, this outstanding 1968 ITV drama series follows the rule of six Emperors – Augustus, Germanicus, Tiberius, Sejanus, Caligula and Claudius. 5hrs


130277 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

Secret Army – Complete

The Spoils of War – Complete

BBC WWII drama about the Belgian resistance during German occupation. 38hrs 4. Subtitles

1980s drama about two very different northern families returning to life after WWII. 16hrs 40

132588 12 DVDs Cert 12 £74.99 £27.99

167431 5 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £21.99



Two 15-year-olds are able to defy the laws of time after they discover the Time Barrier, an anomoly enabling them to go back in history. Classic 1970’s children’s adventure series. 10hrs 44

Charles Dance, Art Malik, Peggy Ashcroft,Tim PigottSmith and Geraldine James star in this prestigious ITV drama series set during the turbulent final years of British rule in India. 13hrs. Subtitles

192702 5 DVDs Cert U £39.99 £29.99

Impossible Peace This series investigates what went so wrong after the Treaty of Versailles that WW2 broke out two decades later. 8hrs

194798 3 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert E

George & Mildred – Complete Insatiable Yootha Joyce and hen-pecked Brian Murphy are the Ropers! 15hrs 25

130087 6 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £22.99



133567 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £15.99

Hazell – Complete

Taggart – Atonement

Blake’s 7 – Collection

Nicholas Ball stars in his best-known role as a tough, charismatic private detective. 18hrs 20

The popular longrunning ITV crime drama stars Blythe Duff, John Michie and Alex Norton.

Cult 1970’s British sci-fi show from the mind of Terry Nation. Gareth Thomas stars. Subtitles

444528 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £22.99

133380 DVD Cert 12 £7.99 £3.99

191333 20 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £44.99

Complete Joyce Grenfell – The BBC Collection

Van Der Valk – Complete

We’ll Meet Again – Complete

Strangers & Brothers

Some of her most famous songs and sketches. 3hrs 35. Subtitles

Barry Foster stars as the Dutch detective whose exploits enthralled ITV audiences. 32hrs 30

Susannah York and Michael J Shannon star in this WWII story of love and courage. 11hrs 40

Nigel Havers, Cherie Lunghi, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Wilkinson star in this WWII drama. 11hrs

125126 DVD Cert U £19.99 £6.99

188154 11 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £67.99

240482 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

139250 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £11.99

Cadfael – Complete

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy & Smiley’s People

Ghost Stories – Volume 4

Derek Jacobi stars in ITV’s adaptation of the medieval mystery novels by Ellis Peters. 16hrs 28. Subtitles

133568 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £17.99


Acclaimed BBC John le Carré adaptations, starring Alec Guinness. 10hrs 50. Subtitles

135263 4 DVDs £12.99 £9.99

Cert 15

BFI ghost stories including 1976’s The Signalman 1977’s Stigma and 1978’s The Ice House. 1hr 35

135461 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

The classic BBC adaptation of R.D. Blackmoore’s ever-popular Exmoor romance, first broadcast in 1976. Starring Emily Richard, John Sommerville and Patrick Troughton. 4hrs 20. Subtitles

188016 2 DVDs £24.99 £8.99

Cert 12

British TV Classics E SAV


The groundbreaking Seven Up! returns to document the lives of the original group of now 63-yearold adults who’ve been revisited by filmmaker Michael Apted every seven years since the age of seven. 1hr 47

Nine acclaimed BBC plays: Heart to Heart, All on Her Own, Separate Tables, French Without Tears, The Winslow Boy, The Browning Version, After the Dance, The Deep Blue Sea and Adventure Story. 12hrs 34. Subtitles

190991 DVD Cert E £24.99 £17.99

134268 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £18.99

Complete The complete collection of all seven series of the Hammond family saga. Broadcast on Sunday nights, on BBC One, the TV phenomen took Britain by storm in the 1970s. 76hrs 7. Subtitles

E SAV 5 0 £1

169679 27 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £44.99

The Frankie Howerd Pilots

London’s Burning – Complete

Rich Man, Poor Man Complete

Poirot – Series 1-13

Wish Me Luck – Complete

Ivor the Engine – Complete

Includes Up the Convicts, made for an Australian audience, about a penal colony. 3hrs 18

ITV fire-fighting drama about work and personal lives of Blue Watch, based in East London. 57hrs

Classic mini-series based on Irwin Shaw’s novel, starring Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss. 30hrs 15

Hercule’s detective work takes him from England to the Med. David Suchet stars. 84hrs 10. Subtitles

Jane Asher and Kate Buffery star as women working for the British intelligence services in WWII. 19hrs 10

All 24 episodes of the animated children’s classic by Oliver Postgate. 2hrs 47

188964 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

138450 20 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £59.99

191748 9 DVDs Cert 12 £54.99 £44.99

138851 35 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £69.99

132796 6 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £22.99

192051 DVD Cert U £19.99 £15.99

The Life and Times of David Lloyd George TV drama charting the life of the controversial liberal leader. 9hrs 6. Subtitles

191694 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £19.99


Microbes and Men BBC drama series about the founders of modern medicine. Arthur Lowe stars. 5hrs 30

163509 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £7.99

Mitch – Complete

Going Straight

Joe 90

All ten episodes of the gritty, hard-hitting 1980s ITV crime series starring John Thaw as Mitch. 8hrs 20

The BAFTA-winning sequel to Porridge. Fletch (Ronnie Barker) leaves jail to face life on the outside. 2hrs 53. Subtitles

Supermarionation drama from Gerry Anderson about the double life of a young boy turned spy! 12hrs 28

130519 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

120807 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

188067 5 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £19.99




The Further Adventures of the Musketeers

Upstairs, Downstairs – Complete

BBC drama with Joss Ackland, Brian Blessed, John Woodvine. 6hrs 40. Subtitles

Classic 1970s period drama starring Jean Marsh, Nicola Pagett and Gordon Jackson.

Wendy Craig won a BAFTA playing a struggling mum in this ground-breaking BBC comedy. 4hrs

166414 2 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £8.99

188361 21 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £37.99

139251 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £6.99

Not in Front of the Children

Best of 1990-1999 Collection of 80 episodes from Britain’s longest-running television soap, covering the whole of decade with landmark episodes selected from each year. 35hrs 50


10 DVDs Cert PG

£59.99 £34.99

Best of 1980-1989 190368 10 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £24.99

Best of 1970-1979 190367 10 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99

Best of 1960 –1969 190366 10 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99


TV Drama AVE S 4 UP

Original Series Classic BBC series about a 1930s vet’s practice in the Yorkshire Dales. With Christopher Timothy as James Herriot, Robert Hardy, Peter Davidson, and Carol Drinkwater. 75hrs 50. Subtitles


33 DVDs Cert PG



£129.99 £49.99

Volume 1 Britain’s first rural-based soap opera, set in a West Yorkshire farming community. 10hrs 50

131945 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £16.99

2020 Series

Volume 2 10hrs 50

Gorgeously filmed adaptation of the classic novels based on the early career of newly qualified vet James Herriot, set in the deepest depths of rural Yorkshire. Superb British cast includes Diana Rigg and Samuel West. 4hrs 20



2 DVDs Cert 12

138445 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £16.99

Volume 3 13hrs 20

£24.99 £19.99

Series 3


Volume 4 13hrs 20

Julie Stiles stars in the third series of the intoxicating drama about sun, sex, sea and lives of the rich and powerful. 5hrs 51

138447 4 DVDs Cert U £39.99 £21.99

138446 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £24.99

Volume 5 13hrs 20 170779 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £15.99

192660 2 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

Series 2 190299 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £19.99

Series 1 & 2

190523 6 DVDs Cert TBC £39.99 £24.99



The State Within – Complete

The Last Kingdom – Series 1-4

Six Million Dollar Man – Complete

Kojak – Complete

The Kettering Incident

The Spanish Princess

Strike Back – Complete

Golden Globe nominated political thriller with Sharon Gless and Jason Isaacs. 5hrs 51. Subtitles

Lavish BBC history drama based on the wars between the Saxons and Danes in the 9th century.

Lee Majors is Steve Austin, who uses his superpowers to fight crime and space aliens. 112hrs 20

Telly Savalas is the Greek-American cop investigating Manhattan homicide cases. 96hrs 10

Tense thriller set in Tasmania, about one woman’s journey to find the truth about her past. 6hrs

Based on The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. 7hrs 28. Subtitles

Drama series based on the novel by former Special Forces operative Chris Ryan.

617676 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £7.99

192086 14 DVDs Cert 18 £59.99 £52.99

137879 40 DVDs Cert PG £199.99 £139.99

163535 30 DVDs Cert 15 £119.99 £49.99

187726 3 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

190337 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £10.99

23 DVDs Cert 18

Unforgotten – Series 3

The Good Karma Hospital – Series 1-3

Doctor Who – Inferno


Johnny Jarvis – Complete


Acclaimed ITV crime drama, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

189392 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99


Amanda Redman leads the cast in this sunny ITV medical drama set in India.

191329 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £29.99

The Doctor is invited to observe an experiment that goes wrong. Jon Pertwee. 2hrs 47. Subtitles

137500 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £6.99

Sky drama about the accident at the Soviet nuclear plant in 1986. Starring Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard. 5hrs. Subtitles

190240 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £16.99

Nigel Williams’ hit sixpart drama superbly captures the mood of late 70s/early 80s Britain. 5hrs. Subtitles

187820 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Cert 15

Award-winning Wild West story, from the 1790s to the 1970s, Richard Chamberlain and Timothy Dalton star. 20hrs 48

134816 6 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £18.99

191728 £74.99 £47.99

Rome – Complete Ciarán Hinds, Indira Varma, Polly Walker and James Purefoy in the BBC/HBO drama. 18hrs 30. Subtitles

616858 11 DVDs Cert 18 £69.99 £29.99

TV Drama

Series 1


Series 3

Based on Matt Ruff ’s novel, the drama follows Korean war veteran Atticus Freeman as he travels through 1950s Jim Crow America with his girlfriend Letitia and his uncle, George.

All 38 episodes of the classic 1960s American TV drama series about stagecoach drivers on the American frontier. Starring Wayne Rogers, Richard Eyer and Robert Bray. 13hrs 44

Olivia Colman stars as Queen Elizabeth II. 8hrs 45. Subtitles

192569 2 DVDs Cert 18 £27.99 £25.99

Endeavour – Series 1-7 Shaun Evans and Roger Allam star in ITV’s hit detective series, the forerunner to Inspector Morse.

The Rector’s Wife Lindsay Duncan stars in the adaptation of Joanna Trollope’s bestselling novel about passion, betrayal, escape and love. 4hrs

191554 17 DVDs Cert 15 £64.99 £49.99

188952 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99


The Bridge

Rufus Sewell, Charlotte Rampling, Hayley Atwell, Michael Gambon and Michelle Dockery star in a thrilling spy drama. 3hrs

Swedish and Danish police team up to investigate a found on a bridge. Hit BBC Nordic Noir. 9hrs 40. Subtitles

140067 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

135279 3 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £13.99

Series 3 192508 5 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £32.99

Series 2 192469 6 DVDs Cert TBC £39.99 £32.99

Series 1 12hrs 21 192468 5 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £32.99



The Lotus Eaters – Series 1 1970s BBC drama series set in Crete about a couple with a mysterious past. 7hrs 42. Subtitles

132605 3 DVDs £15.99 £7.99

Cert 12

Jonathan Creek – The Grinning Man There’s a “haunted” room in a gothic house. Alan Davies, Sheridan Smith star. 2hrs. Subtitles

140445 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £6.99

192100 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £29.99

Series 2 9hrs 42. Subtitles

192323 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £16.99

192685 8 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £36.99

Silk – Series 1-3 Maxine Peake and Rupert Penry-Jones star in this smart drama about an ethical female defence barrister. 18hrs. Subtitles

139569 6 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £20.99

Rumpole of the Bailey – Complete

Island at War – Complete The German invasion changed the Channel Islands overnight in WWII. Philip Glenister stars. 6hrs 49

Bodyguard One of the most talked-about BBC dramas in years. Stars Richard Maddon and Keeley Hawes. 6hrs. Subtitles

166861 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

188208 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99

Danielle Steel’s The Ring

Rosamunde Pilcher’s Four Seasons

All 44 episodes of the BBC series with John Mortimer. 37hrs 30. Subtitles

Adaptation of the popular WWII drama about two German siblings separated by the conflict. 2hrs 51

133581 15 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £32.99

164117 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

Series 3 Leslie Manville and Samantha Morton are rival brothel owners in 18th century London.



Upstairs Downstairs – Series 1 & 2 One of the most loved TV dramas brought back to life! 5hrs 48. Subtitles

164299 4 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £12.99

Tour of Duty – Complete

Michael York, Tom Conti, Frank Finlay and Juliet Mills star in the adaptation. 5hrs 56

133541 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

A U.S. Army platoon struggles against the merciless, bloody tactics of the Viet Cong. 48hrs 36

136399 15 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £59.99

Series 2 James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal star in the 1970s-set drama about the porn industry.

192517 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

191124 3 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £19.99

Series 1 & 2

Series 1

190192 4 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £24.99

191123 3 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £15.99


TV Adaptations E SAV

Lethal White A Cormoran Strike thriller.

192179 DVD Cert 15 £13.99 £10.99


Strike Trilogy Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil. 7hrs 23. Subtitles

The Jane Austen Collection

Prime Suspect – Complete

The Singing Ringing Tree

Maigret – Complete

BBC dramas: Emma; Persuasion; Pride & Prejudice; Mansfield Park; Northanger Abbey; Sense & Sensibility. 9hrs

Helen Mirren stars as the tough DCI Jane Tennison in the acclaimed ITV drama. 24hrs 24. Subtitles

The cult German version of the classic Grimm fairy tale. Wonderful in its strangeness! 1hr 10

Michael Gambon stars as George Simenon’s detective in twelve episodes of mystery and intrigue. 10hrs

156781 9 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99

134520 10 DVDs Cert 18 £44.99 £18.99

134169 DVD Cert U £14.99 £8.99

126325 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £18.99

Hard Times

Paradise Postponed

Sharpe – Classic Collection

BBC adaptation of John Mortimer’s classic, with Michael Hordern and Annette Crosbie. 9hrs 56

14 movie-length ITV adaptations. Sean Bean stars as the dashing British hero. 25hrs. Subtitles

191689 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £19.99

190378 8 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £24.99

132066 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £8.99



Complete Motley Hall, ancestral home of the Uproar family, is a wonderful, old Elizabethan building. To the casual observer it is unoccupied, but it is actually the home to five ghosts. 4hrs 12

137918 3 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £11.99


Acclaimed BBC adaptation tells the racy tale of a whore, wife, thief, felon and penitent who survives on seduction, cunning and wit. Starring Julia Foster, Kenneth Haigh and Ian Ogilvy. 2hrs 16. Subtitles

190907 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £9.99

192359 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £21.99

The 1977 BAFTAwinning adaptation of the Dickens’ novel. Timothy West, Edward Fox and Patrick Allen star. 3hrs 20. Subtitles


The tempestuous marriage between Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII is at the heart of this lavish adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s bestseller about family, power, love and betrayal. Jodie Comer stars. 7hrs 34. Subtitles



188017 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky Timeless classic about 1930s London starring Sally Hawkins and Zoe Tapper. 3hrs. Subtitles

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Behaving Badly

Tara Fitzgerald, Toby Stephens and Rupert Graves star in Anne Brontë’s 19th century tale. 2hrs 38. Subtitles

Judi Dench stars as a woman wronged in this witty drama. With Frances Barber, Douglas Hodge and Joely Richardson. 4hrs

612230 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £6.99

445368 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

187999 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £7.99



TV adaptation of Michael Frayn’s award-winning stage play. Daniel Craig and Stephen Rea star. 3hrs

Rufus Sewell stars in this 1994 BBC drama adapted by Andrew Davies from George Eliot’s classic. 6hrs 25. Subtitles

Anne of Green Gables

Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected

164683 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

445363 2 DVDs £9.99 £6.99

Series 1-4 A feel-good series about a family’s adventures on a gorgeous Greek island when they uproot from England in the hope of a better life. Based on Gerald Durrell’s popular Corfu trilogy. Subtitles

189697 8 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £24.99

Cert PG

Elle Ballentine, Martin Sheen and Sara Botsford star in this beloved children’s classic. 1hr 25

169541 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

Sinister, dark and macabre adaptations of Roald Dahl’s clever short stories.

167656 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £36.99

Acclaimed adaptation of Anaïs Nin’s erotic stories. Set in Tangier in 1955, a group of strangers cross paths when they begin to explore their true sexualities and relationships with each other. Juno Temple stars.

192443 2 DVDs Cert 18 £19.99 £15.99

TV Adaptations

Series 1

Series 5

A high-ranking member of the Secret Service goes missing. Classic BBC John Le Carré’s spy adaptation about the rise and fall of Magnus Pym. Starring Peter Egan, Ray McAnally, Peggy Ashcroft and Alan Howard. 6hrs 14. Subtitles

Lighthearted crime series set in 1960s Melbourne.

189988 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £17.99

Murder Mysteries – Series 1-3 & The Crypt of Tears 27hrs 30

122059 3 DVDs £15.99 £8.99

192446 11 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £29.99

1950s-set ITV crime drama with Robson Green and Tom Brittney.

191556 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

Series 1-4 18hrs 45. Subtitles

189654 8 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £34.99

Cert 15



Dr. Finlay’s Casebook – Complete

Miss Marple Collection

The Forsyte Saga – Complete

Murder She Said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Ahoy and Murder Most Foul. 5hrs 51

Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves lead the cast in the classic ITV adaptation. 11hrs 39. Subtitles

191903 22 DVDs Cert 12 £129.99 £74.99

132759 4 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £16.99

123826 4 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

The Crow Road

Hornblower – Complete

All surviving episodes of the BBC classic. Starring Bill Simpson, Andrew Cruickshank.

Bill Paterson and Peter Capaldi star in this acclaimed BBC adaptation of the Iain Banks novel. 4hrs. Subtitles

141785 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99



Young Montalbano – Series 1 & 2 Spin-off series of the Italian drama Inspector Montalbano. 20hrs. Subtitles

Taboo BBC period drama set in 1814, starring Tom Hardy as James Delaney to returns to Britain after 10 years in Africa. Subtitles

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Multi-award winning adaptation of Jeanette Winterson’s novel, with Geraldine McEwan. 2hrs 45

P.D. James – Death in Holy Orders / The Murder Room Martin Shaw is Adam Dalgliesh. 5hrs 51. Subtitles

166356 6 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £26.99

180099 3 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £11.99

615196 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

130587 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

The Flame Trees of Thika

House of Cards –Trilogy

Decline and Fall

The Mill on the Floss

The Way We Live Now

Ioan Gruffudd and Robert Lindsay star in the 18th century seafaring adventure. 13hrs 6. Subtitles

Hayley Mills stars in an ITV series about an Edwardian family moving to East Africa. 5hrs 50

The acclaimed drama, starring Ian Richardson as corrupt politician Francis Urquhart. 10hrs 42. Subtitles

David Suchet, Jack Whitehall and Eva Longoria star in the BBC adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic. 3hrs. Subtitles

George Eliot’s tale about Maggie Tulliver. Emily Watson, Cheryl Campbell and Bernard Hill star. 2hrs. Subtitles

David Suchet stars in Anthony Trollope’s epic tale of Victorian power and corruption. 5hrs. Subtitles

133684 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £15.99

132281 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

137614 3 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

169851 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

442456 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

619413 DVD Cert 12 £24.99 £8.99

Acclaimed period drama – winning Golden Globes, BAFTAs and an Emmy – based on Evelyn Waugh’s novel, starring Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Laurence Olivier, Claire Bloom and John Gielgud. 11hrs 3. Subtitles

132685 4 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £12.99



Series 1 Award-winning dystopian drama based on Margaret Atwood’s novel. Elisabeth Moss stars.

192298 4 DVDs Cert 15 £27.99 £13.99

Series 2 188336 5 DVDs Cert 15 £27.99 £16.99

Cert 15

Fantasy drama mini-series starring Ray Winstone. When mysterious Elzevir Block shows up with talk of a diamond that would make the owner the richest person on Earth, John’s thirst for adventure is awakened. 1hr 30

192680 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £12.99


TV Comedy Series 2 A cash-strapped couple feel like they’ve won the lottery when they inherit a country mansion – until they meet the occupants. Return to Button Hall for the hit BBC comedy, where the spirits are restless. It’s literally a livein nightmare!

Series 5 Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi return in the hit BBC drama about late life romance. With Sarah Lancashire. Nicola Walker and Timothy West. 3hrs 48. Subtitles

191726 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

192489 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

Series 6

Series 1-3

Christmas Special

16hrs 55. Subtitles

163781 10 DVDs £34.99 £24.99

2hrs. Subtitles

Cert 12

The Phil Silvers Show – The Very Best of

169498 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

David Jason stars as Granville in the muchloved BBC sitcom. Is Arkwright haunting the shop?

191230 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

Series 5 188341 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £11.99

Series 4 190438 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £11.99

Series 1 190016 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

To the Manor Born – Complete

Fawlty Towers – Complete

Mrs. Brown’s Boys Live Tour

The Best of Spike Milligan

As Time Goes By – Complete

My Uncle Silas – Complete

All three series of the popular BBC comedy starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles. 11hrs 43

All 12 episodes, plus outtakes, John Cleese commentary and cast interviews. 6hrs. Subtitles

Experience the nation’s favourite – and outrageous Irish mother hen. 2hrs 7. Subtitles

The Eurovision Joke Contest, insects auditioning for Attenborough and more. 1hr 25. Subtitles

Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer star as former lovers who reunite after 40 years. 32hrs 10. Subtitles

Classic tales about the crafty old rural rogue, starring Albert Finney and Sue Johnston. 4hrs 35

170717 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £10.99

190390 4 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99

122461 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

136095 DVD Cert 15 £21.99 £5.99

613156 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

166191 11 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £31.99

136410 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Morecambe & Wise – The BBC Collection

Cannon and Ball – Series 7

Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister

One Foot in the Grave Complete

All nine series and five Christmas Specials. 47hrs 45. Subtitles

All 38 episodes of the sophisticated BBC comedy. Starring Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne. 19hrs

An Audience with Jasper Carrott – Complete

The Worker – Complete

Join Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, with big name guests, for a mix of sketches and entertainment. 5hrs

The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin – Complete

TV comedy starring Richard Wilson as Victor Meldrew. All six series plus Xmas specials. 1hr

134467 20 DVDs Cert PG £99.99 £32.99

192181 8 DVDs Cert PG £22.99 £19.99

Everything from Spaghetti Junction to the Jersey Police! 2hrs 30

All 25 episodes of the 60s sitcom with Charlie Drake as the bane of his local labour exchange. 12hrs 10

137939 2 DVDs £12.99 £8.99

Definitive collection of the satire on modern life. Leonard Rossiter stars. 14hrs 5. Subtitles

616692 5 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £18.99

133841 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £7.99

130517 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £27.99

188301 12 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £24.99

The Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy calls it the greatest ever sitcom! 3hrs


Cert E

TV Comedy

This classic show focused on glamour, laughs, and celebrities such as Frankie Howerd, Cillia Black, Diana Dors, Dudley Moore, Harry Secombe, Tommy Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Kathy Kirby, Julie Rogers, and more!

192460 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £22.99

Till Death... Johnny Speight’s wicked satire on prejudice and bigotry. This spin-off sees Alf Garnett retired in Eastbourne. 2hrs 54

188658 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £10.99

Blackadder Re-Mastered Ultimate edition of the classic comedy with Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry. 13hrs 55. Subtitles

134470 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £19.99



Meet the Larkins: henpecked but crafty Alf and his domineering wife Ada, aimless son Eddie, daughter Joyce, and exGI son-in-law Jeff. starring David Kossoff and Peggy Mount. 16hrs 10

Comedy crime drama about a retired detective, who has opened a restaurant. But the crime cases keep on coming though. Richard Griffiths stars. 32hrs 40. Subtitles

136069 6 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £24.99

A Bit of Fry & Laurie – Complete Artful, witty comedy, elaborate wordplay, and subtle innuendos. 12hrs 47. Subtitles

Porridge – Complete Classic comedy series about the prison inmates of HM Slade. Ronnie Barker stars. 10hrs 55. Subtitles

618235 5 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £24.99

132762 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £15.99

All Gas & Gaiters

Two Ronnies – Complete

The Kenny Everett Video Show

Tony Hancock Collection

Barker and Corbett. ‘It’s goodnight from me.’ ‘And it’s goodnight from him.’ 70hrs 12. Subtitles

The subversive DJ hit our screens in 1978, with his anarchic mix of sketches, music and dance. 15hrs 35

All 39 surviving episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour plus the Face-to-Face interview. 18hrs 3. Subtitles

136076 27 DVDs Cert 12 £124.99 £39.99

188411 6 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £32.99

130005 8 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £22.99

The ecclesiastical rivalries at St. Oggs Cathedral enchanted a generation of viewers. Enjoy this classic once again! 5hrs 30

132601 2 DVDs £15.99 £6.99

Cert U

Upstart Crow – Series 1-3 & Xmas Specials Ben Elton’s sitcom stars David Mitchell as Shakespeare. 10hrs 40. Subtitles

181903 16 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £44.99

The Thick of It – Complete Armando Ianucci’s deliciously wicked political satire starring Peter Capaldi. 12hrs 28. Subtitles

Keeping Up Appearances – Complete Popular BBC sitcom about Hyacinth Bucket; that’s ‘bouquet’ to you. 19hrs 22. Subtitles

188342 3 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £22.99

136239 8 DVDs Cert 18 £37.99 £22.99

Get Smart – Series 1-5

The Diary of a Nobody

Executive Stress – Complete

Classic spy sitcom. Maxwell Smart is the missing link between Bond and Clouseau. 50hrs 36. Subtitles

Hugh Bonneville stars in this classic BBC adaptation by Andrew Davies. 1hr 56. Subtitles

Penelope Keith, Geoffrey Palmer and Peter Bowles in a classic BBC sitcom. 7hrs 50

617480 25 DVDs Cert 12 £139.99 £62.99

180017 DVD Cert U £19.99 £8.99

189309 £12.99

130170 8 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £22.99

3 DVDs Cert PG

Series 1

Series 1


An often inebriated ex-cop turned hit man thinks he’s losing his mind when a talking unicorn appears. Adaptation of the bestselling adult black comedy graphic novel by Grant Morrison. 5hrs 38

Billie Piper stars in this highly original drama series about a woman whose mask slips and she has to face the consequences. Can anyone survive the truth about oneself out in the public domain?

Richard Briers and Felicity Kendall star as Tom and Barbara Good – the good-humoured couple the nation fell in love with when they turned their back on the rat race for a self-sufficient life…

192709 2 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

192671 2 DVDs Cert 18 £22.99 £20.99

166827 4 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99


TV Crime & Investigation

Series 2


Collection 10

Series 1

Crime drama based on the Italian detective novels by Andrea Camilleri. Subtitles

ITV crime drama adapted from the hugely successful novels, starring Stephen Tompkinson. 6hrs. Subtitles

192598 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

192308 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

445149 23 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

Series 1 14hrs 59

Collection 1-10

A team of special agents combine their skills to solve major crimes on the streets of New York. 12hrs


191331 5 DVDs Cert 15 £26.99 £24.99

P.D. James – The Adam Dalgliesh Chronicles

Agatha Christie’s The Seven Dials Mystery

Roy Marsden plays Commander Dalgliesh of London’s Met Police. 38hrs 40

International treachery, romance and murder in this TV film, starring John Gielgud. 2hrs 13

188362 16 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £64.99

166869 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

192309 20 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £69.99

Sherlock Holmes Douglas Wilmer’s performance in this celebrated BBC series is possibly the closest yet to Conan Doyle’s original vision. 10hrs 50

164076 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £21.99

Father Brown – Series 1- 8

Peter Wyngarde stars as Jason King, head of an elite team who solve the crimes no one else can. 23hrs 20

Cult 1960s detective drama starring Anthony Quayle as Criminologist Adam Strange. 13hrs 20

Mark Williams and Sorcha Cusack star. Adapted from the stories by G.K. Chesterton. 90hrs

135363 8 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £36.99

136552 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £20.99

191407 26 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £49.99

Rebus – The Definitive Collection

Shetland – Series 1-5

Michael Kitchen is a hardworking senior policeman in Hastings during WWII. 46hrs 40. Subtitles

190985 10 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £49.99



136560 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

Strange Report – Complete

Foyle’s War – Complete 192682 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £12.99

Series 2


Department S – Complete

Luke Evans stars in ITV’s latest true crime drama. In 2006, police detective Steve Wilkins reopened two unsolved murder cases. Pioneering forensic methods revealed microscopic DNA that appeared to link the murders to a string of burlaries committed in the 1980s. The perpetrator of those robberies was still serving time. Could this prisoner also be a serial killer? With Keith Allen.

Ken Stott and John Hannah star in all five series of Ian Rankin’s novels. 20hrs 45

ITV’s adaptation of Ann Cleeve’s crime novels. Douglas Henshall is detective Jimmy Perez. 26hrs

169564 9 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £22.99

189729 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £36.99


Death Comes to Pemberley

Rufus Sewell stars as the Italian detective in three film-length episodes of the BBC series set in Rome. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

612435 2 DVDs £19.99 £8.99

Cert 15

Cert 15

Three-part BBC adaptation of P.D. James’s bestselling homage to Pride & Prejudice. 3hrs. Subtitles

139199 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder – Complete 1920’s-set crime drama. Hugh Burden is the shabbily-dressed investigator.

134781 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £22.99

Midsomer Murders – Troy’s Casebook 29 cases from the British detective drama. Daniel Casey stars. 47hr 51

191343 18 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £69.99

Rosemary & Thyme – Complete Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris star in the popular ITV crime drama. 19hrs 20

190377 6 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £22.99

TV Sci-Fi, Cult & Thrillers



Doctor Who – Fury From The Deep Animated version of the lost six-part serial starring Patrick Troughton.

192097 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

Groundbreaking 1970s BBC sci-fi thriller in which the Doomwatch team strives to save the planet from the neverending threat of science gone wrong. On DVD for the first time ever! 17hrs 10

The wolves are running! Magical award-winning BBC Children’s drama. 2hrs 45. Subtitles

618261 DVD Cert U £14.99 £5.99


Sci-fi drama based on the novels by Philip Pullman, stars Ruth Wilson and Lin Manuel Miranda. Subtitles

Cult 1970s Japanese TV series with Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, and their exploits in an ancient world of magic and sorcery, as they accompany the Buddhist priest Tripitaka. 37hrs 11. Subtitles

192498 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

Series 1 & 2 192499 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £32.99

164480 7 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £12.99

The Box of Delights

Series 2

Frank Herbert’s Dune – Digitally Remastered Emmy award-winning TV adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi classic.

192166 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £13.99

Star Trek: Picard – Series 1 14 years after retiring from Starfleet, Picard returns. Patrick Stewart reprises his iconic role. 8hrs 9

192597 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £26.99


192447 12 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £49.99


Robin of Sherwood – Complete

The Complete New Avengers

Night Gallery – Complete

BAFTA winner! Ray Winstone, Michael Praed, Jason Connery star. 21hrs 40

The 1970s spin-off from the original Avengers series. Stars Patrick MacNee and Joanna Lumley. 22hrs

Spine-tingling 1970s series starring Vincent Price, Roddy McDowall, Leonard Nimoy. 32hrs 11

445171 8 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £39.99

620618 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £24.99

166807 10 DVDs Cert 12 £79.99 £42.99

Complete Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea – Complete Sci-fi adventure meets Cold War thriller in Irwin Allen’s 60s TV classic. 90hrs. Subtitles

445432 31 DVDs Cert PG £89.99 £49.99

SeaQuest DSV – Complete

Undermind – Complete

Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi drama set under the sea. Guest stars William Shatner. 43hrs 5

Crime drama meets science fiction in this chilling and intriguing series. Rosemary Nicols stars. 9hrs 10

190032 18 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £44.99

134887 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £16.99

This spectacular set includes series one, two and three of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour – a true treat for anyone who appreciates the art of suspense and cinematic genius. 74hrs 48


24 DVDs Cert 15

£99.99 £69.99





Mysterious World

The 10th Kingdom

Arthur C. Clarke debunks myths and legends about some of the planet’s strangest phenomena. 5hrs 25

Dianne Wiest, Rutger Hauer, Ann-Margret star in a fantasy series set in a magical kingdom. 7hrs 27

136967 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

192715 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

Tales of the Unexpected – Complete All 112 episodes, originally transmitted between 1979 and 1988. 47hrs 5

188068 19 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £64.99

Out of This World Surviving episodes of the 1962 sci-fi series, forerunner of BBC’s Out of the Unknown. 52mins. Subtitles


140177 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99


Hosted by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock, who opens and closes each of episodes in his inimitably dry, humorous monotone. 111hrs 35 DVDs Cert 12

£149.99 £79.99


TV Sale

A unique celebration of the lives, careers and professional experiences of four iconic actors and friends: Dame Eileen Atkins, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Joan Plowright and Dame Maggie Smith.

187733 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

The Aphrodite Inheritance

Cartoon sitcom set in Bedrock with Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. Yabba-dabbadoo!11hrs 48

BBC thriller – a mix of greed, mystery and mythology. With Peter McEnery and Brian Blessed. 6hrs 50

Outstanding BBC retelling of the true story of the1914 Endurance expedition to the South Pole. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

620117 5 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £14.99

139255 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £7.99

167514 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

Dr. Finlay’s Casebook – Series 1

Tandoori Nights – Series 1 & 2

The Twilight Zone – Complete

Saeed Jaffrey stars in the spicy comedy about a curry house owner and his wayward family. 6hrs

Enter the cult classic sci-fi series, created by the legendary Rod Sterling, in its entirety. 77hrs

167491 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

188052 28 DVDs Cert 12 £79.99 £57.99

134964 3 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £9.99


The Golden Globewinning period drama, and two-part special, Return to Cranford, features a galaxy of British stars including Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton and Philip Glenister. 8hrs. Subtitles

441894 3 DVDs £19.99 £9.99


Cert 12

Volume 1

Frank Ross is out. Free from prison, he’s after the man (or woman) who grassed him up… A hardas-nails ITV thriller series in the vein of The Sweeney. Starring Tom Bell and Brian Croucher. 5hrs

Popular crime drama with Commissioner Martin Beck investigating homicides in Sweden. 7hrs 18. Subtitles

190129 3 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £12.99

Volume 2 190130 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £13.99

124579 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Flintstones – Series 1

Popular 1960s medical drama starring Bill Simpson and Andrew Cruickshank. 10hrs


The Quatermass Experiment

1990 – Complete

Penda’s Fen

Edward Woodward stars in the BBC’s cult dystopian drama set in a nightmarish 1984-style Britain. 14hrs 40. Subtitles

The cult classic TV play directed by Alan Clarke, considered to be writer David Rudkin’s finest work. 1hr 30. Subtitles

122098 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

167534 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £11.99

167074 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Dark Shadows – Original TV Series

Dad’s Army – Complete

Tales of Para Handy – Series 1 & 2

This acclaimed remake was BBC TV’s first live drama for over 20 years. Starring David Tennant. 2hrs 26

Original 1960s ‘soap horror’ series that inspired Tim Burton’s hit movie. 7hrs 8

136954 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £7.99

Plus three Christmas specials. With Arthur Lowe, Clive Dunn and John Le Mesurier. 39hrs. Subtitles

130006 14 DVDs Cert PG £44.99 £24.99

Love on a Branch Line Michael Maloney stars in this British mini-series based on John Hadfield’s bestseller. 3hrs 18

191441 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

Hannay – Complete

Classic BBC series about the Vital Spark crew. With Gregor Fisher. 9hrs. Subtitles

188465 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99

All 13 episodes of the action-packed series, following the exploits of Major Richard Hannay. 10hrs 53

167626 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £18.99



Christopher Eccleston, Mark Strong, Gina McKee and Daniel Craig star in the BBC’s BAFTA-winning drama, following the lives of four friends from Newcastle from 1963 to 1995. 10hrs 29. Subtitles

Busybody Ida is hired by Dr Robert Price and his wife. She soon discovers that Robert is the son she gave up for adoption when he was a baby. Popular sitcom starring Molly Sugden. 15hrs 25. Subtitles

132331 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £10.99

189117 5 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £13.99

TV Sale

LOVEJOY Complete


Series 1

Take home a great deal of a great dealer! Enjoy every episode of the acclaimed BBC series starring Golden Globe winner Ian McShane (Deadwood) as a dashing crime-solving antiques dealer. 62hrs 56

Alan Davies stars as the scruffy amateur detective with a natural talent for solving puzzles. All four series (and the Christmas specials) of this ever-popular BBC drama series are included. 23hrs 55. Subtitles

Heartbeat spin-off about Matron and other hospital staff as they tend to the sick and face challenges both in and out of the workplace. Wendy Craig and Linda Armstrong star. 5hrs 41

134471 9 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £16.99

134375 21 DVDs Cert 12 £109.99 £44.99

Circles of Deceit

Little Dorrit

Nancy Astor

Four TV thrillers starring Dennis Waterman, Leo McKern, Peter Vaughan and John Hannah. 6hrs 30. Subtitles

Tom Courtenay, Claire Foy and Amanda Redman star in this 2008 BBC adaptation of the Dickens classic. 8hrs. Subtitles

Award-winning BBC series about the life and times of the first woman in the House of Commons. 8hrs 10. Subtitles

187860 2 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £11.99

623479 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £11.99

617011 3 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Harlots – Series 1-3

Together – Series 1-2

Liverpool 1 – Complete

BBC period drama set in and around London brothels in 1763. Starring Lesley Manville.

Groundbreaking hit daytime soap, first shown in 1980-81. On DVD for the first time!

Vice Squad drama starring Samantha Janus as a successful Met cop who moves to Liverpool. 12hrs

192465 6 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £35.99

192036 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £32.99

166460 4 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £9.99

Cert 12

443466 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

Succession – Series 1

Outlander – Series 5

The Onedin Line – Series 1

Golden Globe winning satire about family. Brian Cox stars as a media mogul. 9hrs 31. Subtitles

Acclaimed time travel period drama, based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon. 11hrs 39. Subtitles

191214 3 DVDs Cert 15 £27.99 £14.99

192034 4 DVDs Cert TBC £29.99 £22.99

The BBC’s classic yarn of 19th century love and passion on the high seas. 12hrs 22. Subtitles

The Last Kingdom – Series 4 BBC drama set in the 9th century, during the wars between Saxons and Danes.

192085 4 DVDs Cert 15 £27.99 £15.99

Chandler & Co. Two friends have no idea what a dramatic turn their lives will take when they set up a private detective agency. 10hrs 14

125118 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £13.99

163502 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £8.99

Joint Account – Complete

The Brothers – Series 1

Prince Regent – Complete

Classic BBC sitcom about a couple facing life changes. Hannah Gordon and Peter Egan star. 7hrs 10

Drama about the Hammonds– their lives, loves and their haulage business. 7hrs 59. Subtitles

Drama series about the life and times of George IV. Peter Egan and Susannah York star. 6hrs 40. Subtitles

166440 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £8.99

123643 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £5.99

166444 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £9.99

Series 1

The Hidden Truth

Mark Williams stars as Father Brown, the crimesolving, mild-mannered, intuitive Catholic priest, in this acclaimed drama based on the stories by G. K. Chesterton. 8hrs 6. Subtitles

Fascinating documentary looking at historical cases from the 1950s and 1960s of suspected UFO sightings, offering a critique of the United States Air Force’s responses to such sightings.

139523 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £9.99

192121 DVD Cert E £15.99 £11.99

A lecherous hotel owner is shocked to discover that the ghost stories he enjoys scaring his guests with may actually be true. At times sexual farce, at others, ghostly thriller, this is Fawlty Towers, plus ghosts! 2hrs 32. Subtitles

163498 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £6.99

33 37

Music & the Arts

In celebration of 25 years of one of the world’s most popular stage musicals, this event at London’s O2 Arena sees a star-studded cast of over 500 actors and musicians performing songs from the show. 2hrs 50. Subtitles

443314 2 DVDs £24.99 £8.99

Cert E

Dolly Parton – Song by Song

Shakespeare Globe Collection

The Story of the Kinks

The stories behind the legendary country singer’s most famous hit songs. 1hr 54

Twenty-one classic productions, plus a bonus of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus on disc.

Follow the story of how The Kinks became one of the most successful bands of their time.

166423 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

191072 23 DVDs Cert E £139.99 £109.99

190728 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

Benjamin Britten – Death in Venice


Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim – BBC Proms

Thomas Mann’s tale of desire and decay is retold by Benjamin Britten in this tragic opera.

188476 DVD Cert E £24.99 £19.99

Kevin Macdonald’s heartbreaking film. If you watch one Whitney Houston documentary, this is it. 1hr 55. Subtitles

188267 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

Perform Liszt, Schubert, Wagner and Widman. 1hr 41

192251 £17.99 DVDs Cert E

Welcome to My World Part 3 Episodes 9-11 Features exclusive interviews and unprecedented access to the team who work with the violin maestro and help make his concerts so memorable.

169255 DVD Cert E £15.99 £14.99


Part 2 Episodes 5-8

Part 1 Episodes 1-4

191055 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £22.99

167544 DVD Cert E £15.99 £14.99

The musical duo are back with this recording of final show of their UK arena tour at the O2 Arena.


Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation of Mozart’s opera is a sublime rendering of one of the composer’s best-loved works: a celebration of love, forgiveness, and the brotherhood of man. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

192491 DVD Cert PG £13.99 £10.99

Both Sides Now: Live in London 138768 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

192192 DVD + BLU £19.99 £9.99

Cert U

Bob Dylan – World Tours: 1966-1974

Matt Monro – The Man and His Music

Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show

Dylan’s tours seen through the lens of tour photographer Barry Einstein. 2hrs

An insight to what made fans admire both the voice and the man. 3hrs 40

Unique cinematic journey through the brotherhood of the legendary rock band.

Filmed in 2020 at the 3Arena in Dublin, this is an unforgettable performance.

169394 DVD Cert E £9.99 £8.99

138774 2 DVDs £17.99 £8.99

192583 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £12.99

192564 DVD Cert E £15.99 £13.99

Tchaikovsky – The Ballets (The Royal Ballet)

Jacqueline du Pré – In Portrait

Twelfth Night

The Roman Plays

Critically acclaimed live performance of Shakespeare’s comedy, recorded at the Globe Theatre. 2hrs 30

The box set includes Shakespeare’s Coriolanus; Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra, and Titus Andronicus.

190560 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

190559 4 DVDs Cert E £37.99 £27.99

Contains: Swan Lake; Sleeping Beauty; and The Nutcracker. 7hrs 53. Subtitles

188290 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £22.99

Cert E

Portrait of one of the most charismatic and best loved performing musicians of the 20th century.

169261 DVD Cert E £24.99 £19.99

André Rieu at Schönbrunn,Vienna ‘The Waltz King of Europe’ headlines this special concert. 2hrs 30

445448 £14.99

DVD Cert E

Magic of the Musicals André Rieu and his orchestra perform 18 popular songs from stage musicals. 1hr 33. Subtitles


DVD Cert E

£14.99 £13.99

Trains & Travel 2 FOR


Join railway historian Colin Maggs as he explores every corner of Hampshire to see what remains of county’s old branch lines. 1hr 40

188967 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Branch Lines of Gloucestershire

The best of Scottish mainline steam and branch lines including the mighty A4 Pacifics at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen.This four-disc collection of documentaries is 100% archive footage.

192063 4 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £26.99

137147 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Lost Film of the Settle-Carlisle Railway

Marsden Rail 36: North from Crewe

World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys – Series 1

Ais Gill Summit, Dent Head Viaduct, Garsdale, Ribblehead, Helwith Bridge. 1hr 45

The West Coast Main Line north of Crewe in the 1960s. A glorious ride!

Travel picturesque rail journeys, narrated by Bill Nighy. 4hrs 20

192695 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

191647 DVD Cert E £16.99 £12.99

Britain’s Railways – The Home Front War Years 1944-1945

Michael Palin revisits his groundbreaking travel programmes, beginning with Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole and Full Circle. Fans, including David Attenborough and Joanna Lumley, reflect on his achievements.

192689 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

OUT ON 05.04.21

Joanna Lumley’s India

Travels with Palin Box Set

Join the Ab Fab star on a lively voyage around all corners of India, her birthplace. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

Over 100 countries; 20 DVDs covering Michael’s 20 globestrotting years! 43hrs 30. Subtitles

192452 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

187598 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £11.99

611781 20 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £49.99

Manx Electric Railway

On the Right Track – Vol. 13 14 films about made by British Transport Films. Track 125; Rubbish by Rail; Careful Charlie! 4hrs 15

Riding the Wentloog Intermodal

Isle of Wight Railways in Colour 1953-94

Riding the DCR Scrap Train – Cardiff to Derby

Definitive archive led long-form documentary. 2hrs 10

Sit back and enjoy a history of the Manx railways, which opened in 1893. 2hrs 15

The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

190274 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £11.99

Daventry to Wentlook via Nuneaton, Gloucester and Newport. 3hrs 33

Gorgeous history programme, featuring lines closed between 1953-1966. 56mins

Via Newport and Tamworth. The train is a rake of 17 JNA bogie boxes. 4hrs 30

191129 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

188629 DVD Cert E £11.99 £9.99

Julia island hops her way to Chios, the island of her heritage. 2hrs 24. Subtitles

191546 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99

190234 2 DVDs Cert E £14.95 £10.99

192060 DVD Cert E £16.99 £13.99

189786 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £12.99

Inverness to Perth 191382 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Aberdeen to Inverness

191381 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Bo’ness to Aberdeen 191380 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

History of the railway that runs runs from Douglas to Castletown and Port Erin, a distance of over 15 miles. Produced with the Isle of Man Railways, this DVD also takes you on a journey along the line today. 1hr 30

190601 DVD Cert E £12.99 £8.99

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: Series 1-2

Riding the DRS Inverness Intermodal

The hit series goes behind the scenes at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

This 118-mile railway is one of the great railway journeys of all time! 3hrs 45

192470 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £21.99

189787 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

Peterborough to Loughborough Part 1 A cab ride via Oakham and Melton Mowbray.

191378 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Loughborough to Manchester Part 2 191379 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99



80th Anniversary

OUT ON 10.05.21

3hrs. Subtitles

This incredible box set features 3 new documentary films about The Blitz. With interviews from those who were there. Story of the Blitz; Secrets of the Blitz; The Blitz Across the UK.

166445 DVD Cert E £19.99 £6.99

192749 3 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £15.99

166468 DVD Cert E £19.99 £6.99

Bettany Hughes Top 10 Treasures

American Invasion

Looking for Lennon

Bettany examines amazing and valuable treasures from Ancient Egyptian civilization. 4hrs 30

Michael Brandon tells the story of the young Americans based in Britain during WWII. 1hr 30

Documentary on John Lennon’s early life and the tragedies that shaped him and his music. 1hr 33

192453 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

139068 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

192561 £12.99 DVD Cert E

The Lost World of Tibet

The Edge

BBC documentary focusing on life in Tibet before the Chinese occupation of 1950. 1hr 30. Subtitles

441532 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

Test cricket like you’ve never seen it before! With Andrew Strauss, Kevin Pietersen, Alastair Cook, James Anderson. 1hr 31

190262 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99


Six More English Towns 3hrs 49. Subtitles 166467 DVD Cert E £19.99 £6.99

Another Six English Towns 3hrs. Subtitles

191974 DVD Cert TBC £14.99 £8.99

A Fanatic Heart – Bob Geldof on W.B.Yeats

Princess Margaret – The Rebel Royal

Heavy Horse Power with Martin Clunes

Geldof examines the life of one of the greatest poets. 4hrs 40

Definitive BBC documentary on the Queen’s sister’s life. 1hr 58. Subtitles

You don’t have to be the horsey type to enjoy this celebration of big old carthorses!

£19.99 £12.99

189387 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

138052 DVD Cert E £9.99 £7.99

149952 DVD Cert E £15.99 £9.99

Peter Ackroyd’s Venice

Rudyard Kipling – A Secret Life

Audrey – More than an Icon

10 Extraordinary True Stories


The historian, journalist, and novelist explores the architecture, art, music and theatre of Venice.

Revealing film lifting the lid on the private life and devastating secrets of the author. 50mins

Oscar winner and humanitarian. But who was the real Audrey Hepburn? 1hr 36. Subtitles

Ten films based on real events, starring Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland, Lloyd Bridges and more!

138127 DVD Cert E £19.99 £12.99

191385 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

192553 DVD Cert E £15.99 £13.99

164047 10 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £16.99

Three BBC series featuring the gardening legend: The Cottage Garden, The Paradise Garden in which he shows you how to created a secluded haven, and The Ornamental Kitchen Garden. 8hrs 36. Subtitles

126316 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £11.99

This film tells the real stories of 19 men and women in WWII, allowing them to talk about the part they played in the nation’s defence, in their own words, creating a unique collection of accounts. 1hr


2 DVDs + CD Cert E

Volume 2 Jack Hargreaves examines rural life in Britain: its traditions, history and folklore. 13hrs 32

187626 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £19.99

Volume 1 187529 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £19.99

No Greater Love Michael Whyte’s award-winning documentary on daily life at a central London convent. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Documentary on Liverpool icon Kenny Dalglish. In his own words he looks back over his career, highs and lows. 1hr 26

190374 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £7.99

Epic award-winning documentary series about the bloodiest war in American history, the conflict between the Northern Union and the Southern Confederacy which shaped the US today. 6hrs 40

188474 DVD Cert E £22.99 £12.99

Special Interest Sale

Dan Cruickshank presents this unique and engrossing record of life in early 20th century Britain. Film-makers, Mitchell and Kenyon, roamed the UK filming the everyday lives of ordinary people. 2hrs 56. Subtitles

123093 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

Classic Steam Engines Flying Scotsman, Duchess of Sutherland CIty of Truro, Princess Margaret Rose and more. 3hrs 45

189186 4 DVDs £12.99 £6.99

Cert E

Flying Scotsman A celebration of the legendary locomotive in North America 1969-72, and The Inaugural Scotsman 1999.

165351 4 DVDs £19.99 £4.99

Cert E


Award-winning director Ken Burns’ chronicle of WWII. The war touched the lives of every family on every street in every town in America and demonstrated that in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives. 15hrs

1970s TV series which follows Scottish climber and author Tom Weir as he travels around Scotland exploring its landscape, natural history, geography and the life and times of its local people. 19hrs 14

139389 6 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £21.99

166432 12 DVDs Cert E £69.99 £16.99

Scotland: The Edge of the Land – Series 1 & 2 An aerial journey along Scotland’s coastline, from the comfort of your sofa! 4hrs 24

166433 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £10.99

London Can Take It! Seven films from the Imperial War Museum’s archives taking a look at life in London. 1hr 47. Subtitles

169665 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99

My Rembrandt Acclaimed fascinating documentary on the life and paintings of the 17th century Dutch Old Master. 1hr 37

192052 DVD Cert E £15.99 £12.99

Les Misérables – History of the World’s Greatest Story Victor Hugo’s classic tale – from book to stage and screen. 1hr

137153 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

The Friendly Invasion A total of 3 million US Forces were stationed in Britain during WWII. This is their story. 1hr 3

130057 DVD £14.99 £7.99


World War II – 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly Churchill’s dangerously dark obsession with Hitler’s Europe. 2hrs. Subtitles

166453 DVD Cert E £19.99 £3.99

Inside the Human Body

Concorde’s Homecoming

Best of British – Red Arrows

Extraordinary BBC documentary giving an inside view of the human body using CGI. 6hrs. Subtitles

A loving record of her final return to its home in Filton, filmed across the West Country. 1hr 20

Footage of the Red Arrows performing their most famous routines including the Diamond 9. 1hr 3

443099 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

120203 DVD Cert E £12.99 £8.99

131813 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

1950 59 mins

1958 1hr

191902 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

166475 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1954 58 mins

1960 1hr

194810 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

191900 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1955 59 mins

167496 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

130784 DVD Cert E £12.99 £8.99

Detailed story of the boy, the man, The King, with a voice that rocked the world! With rare footage and photographs. 1hr

166696 £8.99 DVD Cert E

The Broads – A Norfolk and Suffolk Treasure Discover the story of life as it used to be on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. 1hr

139492 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1968 1hr

1970 57 mins

166478 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

191899 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1969 58 mins

1976 57 mins

194807 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

166479 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99 167498 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1956 58 mins 1957 1hr

Dibnah demolishes some old industrial chimneys. With unseen footage. 57mins

The Elvis Story

1977 1hr

191901 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99 166473 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

The Ups and Downs of Chimneys

1978 1hr



166481 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

1979 58 mins 194808 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99


CD – New Releases I Won’t Crumble with You If You Fall • The Windmills of Your Mind • Popstar • No Hole in My Head • Talking Reality Television Blues • I Won’t Lie • This Is the Sea • One More Cup of Coffee • Samson and Delilah • Mother Earth • I’m Growing Old • Lazarus Man… and more!

OUT ON 23.04.21

Chas Hodges – Right at Home Street Games • Daisy Rag • You Can in the Summertime • Little Toe Rag • I’m So Tired • ‘Arry ‘Arry ‘Arry • Bad Boy • Chazzajig… and more!

521425 CD £13.99

Judy Collins – Voices/ Shameless Born to the Breed • My Father • Since You’ve Asked • Mountain Girl • Bright Morning Stars… and more!

522579 CD £11.99

522593 CD £12.99

The Desert Song

Nat King Cole – After Moodnight

The Riff Song • French Military Marching Song • Romance • Then You Will Know • I Want a Kiss • It • Desert Song • Sabre Song • Brass Key… and more!

522614 CD £14.99

Just You, Just Me • I Should Care • Sweet Lorraine • Sometimes I’m Happy • Caravan • It’s Only a Paper Moon • You’re Looking at Me… and more!

522616 CD £11.99


Fever • Where Do I Go from Here • Whee, Baby • My Man • You Deserve • Manana • Hallelujah, I Love Him So • You Don’t Know • Louisville • I’m Looking’ Out the Window • It Keeps You Young • Let’s Call it a Day • Black Coffee • I’m a Woman • Ain’t We Got Fun… and more!

522603 CD £10.99

Midnight Cowboy – John Barry Iconic soundtrack to the Oscar winning movie, featuring the hit song ‘Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson.

A Bridge Too Far Soundtrack to the film masterpiece. Music composed and conducted by John Addison. Includes a rhapsody, as a homage to the fallen.

522594 2 CDs £22.99

522595 2 CDs £22.99

Sam Cooke – Wonderful World: The Hits

Magic Sam – Everything Gonna Be Alright

You Send Me • Bring it on Home to Me • Chain Gang • Win Your Love for Me • Everybody Loves to Cha Cha… and more!

All Your Love • Love Me with a Feeling • Look Watcha Done • All Night Long • Easy Baby • 21 Days in Jail… and more!

522618 CD £12.99

522634 CD £12.99

La La Land • Unforgiven • Apology • Stuck in My Car • Vision of Nowness • Here You Are • Automatic Rainy Day • Kissing Asphalt • Insincere • Sonic Superslide • Throw Me a Curve • Talking Myself Down • Daisy Chain… and more from the fourth studio album by the US band.

OUT ON 15.05.21

It Ain’t Necessarily So • Right Now • Won’t Be Long • Who Needs You • Are You Sure • Today I Sing the Blues • Maybe I Am a Fool • Sweet Lover • By Myselr • Over the Rainbow • Love Is the Only Thing • All Night Long … a celebration of her career with a selection of her hits.

522601 CD £14.99

Ennio Morricone – Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Neville Staple – Return of Judge Roughneck

Iconic music soundrack to Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Western, composed by Ennio Morricone.

The heart and soul of The Specials and Ska’s reigning Rudeboy, Judge Roughneck himself, Neville Staple!

522596 3 CDs £32.99

522597 CD £12.99

Inspirational – Just Great Songs One Direction, Tom Walker, Leona Lewis, Shawn Mendes, Take That, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Paloma Faith, Westlife, Beach Boys.

522602 3 CDs £10.99

Club 15 from Hollywood Presents the Andrews Sisters

Alexander Tchaikovsky: Orchestral Music,Vol.1

A companion set to The Andrews Sisters in Hollywood, and a collection of live broadcasts.

One of the most respected composers at work in today, but little known outside Russia.

Stunning music work celebrating Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

522557 CD £12.99

522559 CD £13.99

522560 CD £13.99

If You Want Me to Stay • Reckoner • Dreamland • One More Heartache • Avalon • Isn’t it a Pity • I Don’t Know Why • Are you Gonna Go My Way • Loving the Alien • Maybe… 10 instrumental tributes to some of his favourite songs by George Harrison, Bowie and others.

OUT ON 23.04.21

522615 CD £12.99

522635 CD £12.99

Carl Davis: The Great Gatsby Ballet

So Many Sides of You • Lay Your Lovin’ on Me • Secrets • Just My Imagination • Stand Up • Games • If You Think You’re Lonely Now • Where Do We Go from Here… This album gave Womack his first US R&B charttopper, and became the best-selling record of Womack’s career.

OUT ON 30.04.21

522636 CD £12.99

CD – Box Sets Cosmic Fringes • True • Fat Pop • Shades of Blue • Glad Times • Cobweb • Testify • That Pleasure • Failed • Moving Canvas • In Better Times • Still Glides the Stream • On Sunset • Old Father Tyme • Round the Floor • Serafina • Into the Sea • Pure Sound • Fat Mix … and more!

OUT ON 14.05.21

522640 3 CDs £17.99

521536 3 CDs £7.99 £4.99

Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band – Big Time Operator

The Shadows – 60 Essential Recordings

True Love Ways – 60 Rock ‘n’ Roll Classics

One of the most popular and entertaining groups of the British R&B boom era.

Apache • Feelin’ Fine • Man of Mystery • Stranger • Teenage Love • Jean Dorothy • Jet Black … and more!

Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka … and more!

I’m Not in Love • Live Is a Minestrone • I’m Mandy Fly Me • Brand New Day • Dreadlock Holiday • The Things We Do for Love • Iceberg… and more!

522592 4 CDs £34.99

522553 3 CDs £8.99

522554 3 CDs £8.99

Greatest Ever Reggae

Janet Baker – The Beloved Mezzo

Vera Lynn – 60 Recordings

Essential 10CC

Dad, I Didn’t Know I Loved You ‘Til I Saw You Rock ‘N’ Roll!

100 Hits – 70s Heart Throbs

Dreamboats & Petticoats – Music that Lives Forever

522534 3 CDs £9.99

512757 3 CDs £5.99

521176 5 CDs £9.99 £5.99

522350 4 CDs £14.99

Greatest Ever 70s

Borodin Quartet – Russian Chamber Music

Philip Glass – Solo Piano Music

Mozart – Violin Concertos

This set includes music by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich Rachmaninov and Schnittke.

Glassworks • Mad Rush • Metamorphosis • The Hours • Wichita Vortex Sutra • Olympian • How Now … and more!

Mozart’s violin masterworks, performed by the Hungarian Chamber Orchestra amongst others.

522490 8 CDs £19.99

514022 3 CDs £12.99

522463 5 CDs £19.99 £14.99

She sings Mahler, Elgar, Berlioz, Chausson, Schubert, Schumann, Bach and Handel.

We’ll Meet Again • The White Cliffs of Dover • Alone • I’m in the Mood for Love • It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie Heaven … and more!

522379 4 CDs £9.99

515188 5 CDs £18.99 £16.99

521466 3 CDs £9.99

522330 4 CDs £9.99 £8.99

Gold Collection Glenn Miller

Moonlight Serenade • In the Mood … and more!

522581 3 CDs £9.99

Bobby Darin, The Hollies, Bobby Vee, Brenda Lee…over 100 tracks!

Kris Kristoffersen

The Three Degrees

Bobby McGee … and more!

When Will I See You Again … and more!

522585 3 CDs £9.99

522587 3 CDs £9.99


Ralph McTell

Dr Hook

The Nolans

Without You • Everybody’s Talkin’ … and more!

Streets of London • Hesitation Blues… and more!

Sing Me a Rainbow • Hey Lady Godiva … and more!

Who’s Gonna Rock You • Attention to Me … and more!

522580 3 CDs £9.99

522582 3 CDs £9.99

522586 3 CDs £9.99

522588 3 CDs £9.99


Gold Collection

521324 3 CDs £9.99

S73001 3 CDs £8.99 £4.99

Featuring hits by Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Rob Orbison and many more

Featuring Desmond Dekker, Peter Tosh, Dave & Answell Collins, Bob Marley, John Holt, Bad Manners, Ken Boothe.

A Picture of You • What Love Will Do …and more!

It’s Now or Never Elvis Presley • Cathy’s Clown The Everly Brothers • Apache The Shadows • Only the Lonely Roy Orbison • Tell Laura I Love Her Ricky Valance • Three Steps to Heaven Eddie Cochran • True Love Ways Buddy Holly • Misty Johnny Mathis … and more!

Includes the Bay City Rollers, David Essex, Leif Garrett, The Jacksons, Smokie, The Walker Brothers and Shawaddywaddy.

Featuring Curtis Mayfield, Carly Simon, Rose Royce, Hot Chocolate, Chic, Faces, Aretha Franklin, Cliff Richard, Van Morrison and more!

Joe Brown

Gold Collection

Young Guns Wham! • Girls Just WAnt to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper • Give it Up KC and the Sunshine Band • Down Under Men at Work • The Lion Sleeps Tonight Tight Fit • Footloose Kenny Loggins • I’m in the Mood for Dancing The Nolans • Star Kiki Dee… and more!

CD – Country & Folk Come What May • Dance the Night Away • Memories Are Made of This • Take Good Care of My Baby • Our Special Absent Friends • Remember Me • Perfect • Forever Young • Love Can Build a Bridge • Try to Remember • Smile • Magic Moments … and more!

Take Me Home, Country Roads • Leter Your Love Flow • Blanket on the Ground • Rose Garden • Wichita Lineman • Islands in the Stream • Stand by NEW Your Man • Crazy • You Needed Me • The Most Beautiful Girl • Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue • How Do I Live … and more!

522590 CD £13.99

Johnny Cash – Milestones of a Legend

All were US Top 20 Country Albums chart hits, with I Wouldn’t Want To Live If You Didn’t Love Me a US No.1 single and The Ties That Bind and We NEW Should Be Together US Country Top 5 hits. Unlike many other Country singers, Don Williams enjoyed global success.

522604 4 CDs £14.99

Glen Campbell – Old Home Town

The Very Best of Don Williams

I Heard that Lonesome Whistle • Country Boy • So Doggone Lonesome… and more!

Tennessee • Rag Doll • A Lady Like You • Ruth • Sweet Sixteen • Letter to Home • Faithless Love • Wild Winds… and more!

519286 10 CDs £19.99 £16.99

521964 2 CDs £10.99

I Recall a Gypsy Woman • Amanda • The Shelter of Your Eyes • We Should Be Together • You’re My Best Friend • Say It Again… and more!

Brenda Lee – Sings Country: Volume 2

522610 2 CDs £12.99

Pete Seeger – Absolutely Essential

Edmundo Ros – The Centenary Collection

Hank Locklin – The Essential Recordings

Hammer Song • This Land Is Your Land • Casey Jones • Strange Death of John Doe • Old Riley… and more!

Cuban Love Song • The Nearness of You • Jalousie • Brazil • What a Difference a Day Made… 100 tracks!

Send Me the Pillow that You Dream On • Let Me Be the One • The Same Sweet Girl… and more!

511851 CD £6.99

521442 3 CDs £7.99

384810 5 CDs £14.99 £11.99

513800 2 CDs £6.99

Bobby Goldsboro – Very Best Of

Anthology of English Folk

Kenny Rogers – The Very Best Of

The Best Of Roger Miller

Country – Now 100 Hits

Hank Williams – 40 Greatest Hits

I Can See Clearly Now • Sweet Memories • My Sweet Baby • Run to Me • Here I Am Again… and more!

Summer • Honey • I Can’t Stop Loving You • Everybody’s Talkin’ • What a Wonderful World • And I Love You So… and more!

78 songs by The Albion Band, Amazing Blondel, Martin Carthy, Sandy Denny, Fairport Convention, Lindisfarne and more!

Lady • Desperado • Lay Down Beside Me • Puttin’ in Overtime at Home • Just the Way You Are • We’ve Got Tonight… and more!

King of the Road • Loving Her Was Easier • Green Green Grass of Home • Jody and the Kid • Train of Life… and more!

Islands in the Stream • Take Me Home, Country Roads • Ring of Fire • Dance the Night Away • Let Your Love Flow… and more!

Move it on Over • Mansion on the Hill • Lovesick Blues • Wedding Bells • Mind Your Own Business… and more!

522016 2 CDs £11.99

511981 CD £7.99

521464 5 CDs £15.99 £12.99

512139 3 CDs £9.99

511850 CD £6.99

522243 5 CDs £14.99

521164 2 CDs £9.99 £4.99

What a Friend We Have in Jesus • In the Garden • The Light of the World Is Jesus • The Old Rugged Cross • Near to the Heart of God • Near the Cross NEW •Sweet Hour of Prayer • I Love to Tell the Story • Where He Leads Me • He Is So Precious to Me • Goodnight Prayer … and more!

522611 CD £10.99


Walk the Line Johnny Cash • It’s Only Make Believe Conway Twitty • Oh, Lonesome Me Don Gibson • El Paso Marty Robbins • Crazy Arms Jerry Lee Lewis • Take These Chains from My Heart Hank Williams • He’ll Have to Go Jim Reeves • Rose Marie Slim Whitman … and more!

522383 3 CDs £7.99

Meet Jo Stafford The Handsome Stranger • Use Your Imagination • Where, Oh Where • You Don’t Remind Me • Tennessee Waltz • My Heart Cries for You… and more!

513142 CD £7.99

I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline • The Love You Gave Dolly Parton • I’m a Honky Tonk Girl Loretta Lynn • All Alone Am I Brenda Lee • When I’m Gone The Carter Family • The End of the World Skeeter Davis • A Satisfied Mind Jean Shepard • Hoot Hog or Die June Carter… and more!

522384 3 CDs £7.99

CD – Easy Listening The groundbreaking composer’s pioneering masterpiece was a response to our tempestuous political climate and the enduring need for compassion; it was inspired by, and features text adapted from, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

OUT ON 09.04.21

Four albums dating from 1974 to 1977 from the imperious Johnny Mathis, all originally released on Columbia. All four made the US Top 100 Albums chart, NEW whilst in the UK three were Top 40 albums. The single When A Child Is Born (was a Christmas No.1.

522638 CDs £12.99

Tonight • Just in Time • Gigi • Let Me Entertain You • Another Autumn • The Sound of Music • Summertime Love • Mack the Knife • Happy Talk •Small World • I’ve Grown NEW Accustomed to Her Face • Till There Was You Moon River • Sayonara • Shalom… and more!

522609 2 CDs £12.99

522605 CD £9.99


Max Bygraves – Tulips from Amsterdam

Peter Sarstedt – Discoveries

The Great Lanza – Mario Lanza

A Sleepin’ Bee • MoonRiver • When the Sun Comes Out • Happy Days Are Here Again • My Coloring Book… and more!

O Sole Mio • Lolita • Mattinata • Granada • The Loveliest Night of the Year • I Love Thee • My Song, My Love • Toselli Serenade… and more!

522606 CD £12.99

522499 CD £10.99

522210 CD £6.99

Hayley Westenra – River of Dreams

40 Most Beautiful Arias

Chant – Music for Paradise

Buddhist Chants & Peace Music

Pokarekare Ana • The Water Is Wide • Shenandoah • Both Sides Now • Songbird • Amazing Grace • Summer Rain • Danny Boy… and more!

Sung by Maria Callas, Placido Domingo, Jennifer Larmoré, Kiri Te Kanawa, José Carreras, Cecilia Bartoli and more!

A stunningly beautiful album of chant music performed by the monks of the Cistercian Abbey, restores calmness and serenity.

Beautiful music for reflection and relaxation from the Far East. Sit back and let the soothing sounds envelope you and calm your senses.

522319 CD £7.99

521360 CD £7.99

Cowpuncher’s Cantata • You’re a Pink Toothbrush • Heart of My Heart • Mister Sandman… 40 tracks!

512491 2 CDs £5.99 £4.99

511608 CD £7.99

Norma • Strings Attached • Where Is My Love • God’s Gift to Nashville • The Note • Only a Ghost • Let the People In… and more!

Barbra Streisand – Birth of a Legend 1961-62

521950 2 CDs £10.99 £9.99

What a Wonderful World • Only Love • Morning Mood • Natasha’s Waltz • Balade Pour Adeline • Jerusalem of Gold • Music of the Spheres • The Last Rose • Parlez-moi d’Amour • The Impossible Dream • Tales from the Vienna Woods • Love Me Tender • Song of the Volga … and more!

521372 2 CDs £14.99 £8.99

Andre Rieu – Romantic Moments II

Paul Robeson – The Essential Recordings

Evergreen melodies, film soundtracks, ballads and classical songs that have touched the world.

Ol’ Man River • Steal Away • Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho • Water Boy • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • Lazybones… and more!

521389 CD+DVD £14.99 £8.99

Greatest Last Night of the Proms – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Mozart, Ravel, Verdi, Wagner, Beethoven, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky.

522386 10 CDs £15.99

Heap Big Smoke • Five Foot, Eyes of Blue • Charley My Boy • I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped • I Ain’t Gonna Take it Settin’ Down • Enjoy Yourself • Here W Pretty Kitty • Ai-Ai-Ai • NE Oh Babe! • Teardrops from My Eyes • Yeah, Yeah,Yeah • Shepherd Boy • Until Sunrise • Basta … and more!

522607 CD £10.99

Ludovico Einaudi – Undiscovered Fuori Dal Mondo • Other Nature • Elegy for the Arctic • Resta Con Me • Lady Jane • La Nascita • Inizio • Choros… and more!

521478 CD £7.99

522483 2 CDs £12.99

Simon Mayor – The Art of Mandolin

Billie Holiday – The Essential Collection

Bolero • The Girl with the Flaxen Hair • Primavera • Brezairola • Maple Leaf Rag • Anouman • Lord Mayo… and more!

I Wished on the Moon • Miss Brown to You • What a Little Moonlight Can Do… and more!

522432 CD £12.99

511737 3 CDs £12.99 £7.99

Lulu’s Back in Town • The Lady Is a Tramp • Walkin’ Shoes • The Cuckoo in the Clock • Shenandoah Valley • Hooray for Love • Lullaby of Birdland • I Love to Watch the NEW Moonlight • Waltz for Young Lovers • I Don’t Want to Walk Without You • Time Was • Blue Moon • Her Face … and more!

522608 CD £10.99


CD – Rock & Pop The Rhythm of the Heat • I Have the Touch • None One of Us • Family Snapshot • D.I.Y. • The Family and the Fishing Net • Intruder • I Go NEW Swimming • San Jacinto • Solbury Hill • No Self Control • I Don’t Remember • Shock the Monkey • Biko • On the Air… and more!

522639 CD £14.99

Everly Brothers Essential All I Have to Do Is Dream • Claudette • Wake Up Little Suzie • Bye Bye Love • Devoted to You • Love Hurts… and more!

512647 2 CDs £12.99 £8.99

Ringo Starr – Zoom in EP Here’s to the Nights • Zoom in Zoom Out • Teach Me to Tango • Waiting for the Tide to Turn • Not Enough Love in the World… and more!

522532 CD £10.99

The Very Best of The Four Preps 1956-1962 – Twenty-Six Miles

Abba – Icon

Big Man • Got a Girl • Lazy Summer Night • Down by the Station • The Big Draft… and more!

Waterloo • I Do, I Do, I Do • Mamma Mia • Fernando • Dancing Queen • Knowing Me, Knowing You • The Name of the Game • Chiquitita • S. O. S. … and more!

522503 CD £10.99

512589 CD £6.99

Europe – Gold

Bette Midler – The Best Bette

The Final Countdown • Rock the Night • Lyin’ Eyes • Paradize Bay • Wings of Tomorrow • Love Chaser • Danger on the Track • Carrie … and more!

522583 3 CDs £9.99

522589 CD £19.99

That’ll Be the Day • It Doesn’t Matter Anymore • Peggy Sue • True Love Ways • It’s So Easy • Heartbeat • Oh, Boy! • Raining in my Heart • Think it Over • NEW Maybe Baby • Early in the Morning • Buddy’s Song • Goodnight Irene • Walk Right Back • Linda Lu • Someday … and more!

522613 CD £12.99

522612 CD £12.99

In the Mood • This Ole House • Beast of Burden • Just My Imagination • The Rose • When a Man Loves a Woman • Hello in There… and more!

511967 CD £9.99

The Wanderer • Looking Up • Nightlife • Breakdown • Grand Illusion • Running for Cover • Cold Love • Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ • Stop Me • I Believe in Jesus • Nightlife (Le Flex Sunset Remix) • The Wanderer (Figo Sound Full Mix) … plus many more re-mixes!


Sweets for My Sweet • It’s All Been a Dream • Sugar and Spice • Saints and Searchers • Needles and Pins • Saturday Night Out • Don’t Throw Your Love NEW Away Again • No One Else Could Love Me • When You Walk in the Room • Missing You • What Have They Done to the Rain … and more!

The Crickets – Three Albums Bubblegum, Pop, Ballad and Boogies; Remnants; and A Long Way from Lubbock are their three iconic albums.

Now 60’s – Girls

Sting – Duets

The Supremes, Dusty Springfield, Cher, Lulu, Dionne Warwick, Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw, Carole King, Shirley Bassey, Aretha Franklin and more!

Little Something • It’s Probably Me (Eric Clapton) • Stolen Car (Mylene Farmer) • Desert Rose • Rise & Fall • Whenever I Say Your Name (Mary J Blige)… and more!

522398 2 CDs £12.99

522637 4 CDs £14.99

Live at the Royal Albert Hall – Bryan Ferry

Bang! The Best of Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Sympathy for the Devil • I Love How You Love Me • Baby I Don’t Care • It’s My Party • The Tracks of My Tears… and more!

Welcome to the Pleasuredome • Relax • War • Two Tribes • Ferry • Born to Run • Power of Love • Rage Hard … and more!

521969 CD £9.99

522508 CD £8.99

The Drowners • To the Birds • My Insatiable One • Metal Mickey • Animal Nitrate • So Young • Pantomime Horse • Stay Together • My Dark Star • We Are the Pigs • Killing of a Flashboy • Heroine • The Wild Ones • New Generation • The Asphalt World • Still Life … and more!

522591 2 CDs £9.99

Rick Wakeman – The Red Planet The acclaimed progressive rock studio album by the ex-Yes keyboardist performed with the English Rock Ensemble.

522509 CD £12.99

522399 CD £12.99

Helen, Dusty, Susan, Carol & More – Early Brit Girls Vol. 2

Bonnie Tyler – The Best Is Yet to Come

The Loco-Motion Vernon’s Girls • Kiss n Run Helen Shapiro • Who Does He Think He Is?… and more!

Dreams Are Not Enough • Hungry Hearts • Stuck to My Guns • When the Lights Go Down… and more!

514075 2 CDs £6.99

522535 CD £12.99

All the Young Dudes • One of the Boys • Momma’s Little Jewel • Sweet Jane • Jerkin’ Crocus • Sea Diver • Honaloochie Boogie • Rose • Drivin’ Sister • All the Way from Memphis • Whizz Kid • I Wish I Was Your Mother • Roll Away the Stone • Foxy Foxy • Trudi’s Song… and more!

522584 3 CDs £9.99

CD – Nostalgia Sherry • Walk Like a Man • Big Girls Don’t Cry • Candy Girl • Marlena • New Mexican Rose • Stay • Rag Doll • Silence Is Golden • Bye Bye Baby • Toy Soldier • Girl Come Running • Let’s Hang On • Working My Way Back to You • You’re Ready Now • I’ve Got You Under My Skin… and more!

A companion set to ‘Philco Radio Time Starring Bing Crosby’, the songs are from the Chesterfield radio series and largely drawn from hits by other artists so most are new to CD including duets with Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Fred Astaire, Bob Hope, Patti Page.

Duke’s Place • I’m Just a Lucky So and So • Cottontail • Mood Indigo • Do Nothin’Till You Hear from Me • The Beautiful American • Black and Tan Fantasy NEW • Drop Me Off in Harlem • The Mooche • In a Mellow Tone • Take the ‘A’Train • You Know Something… and more!

522617 CD £11.99

522556 2 CDs £12.99

513000 CD £7.99

Chuck Berry – Reelin and Rockin

Gilbert and Sullivan – Favourites

Otis Redding – The Platinum Collection

Complete Clint Singles and More 1961-1962

The Best of The Beverley Sisters 1951-1962

Reelin’ and Rockin’ • Maybellene • Too Much Monkey Business • Carol • Around and Around… and more!

Malcolm Sargent conducts 26 favourites from The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, The Mikado and more!

Dock of the Bay • Mr Pitiful • I Can’t Turn You Loose • Shake • You Left the Water Running • These Arms of Mine… and more!

Compilation of A and B-sides of a number of Country and Western singles that Clint released in the 60s.

The Ferry Boat Inn • Teasin’ • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus • Willie Can • I Dreamed • Long Black Nylons … and more!

The Biggest Aspidistra in the World • Rochdale Hounds • What’s the Good of a Birthday • In a Little Lancashire Town… and more!

512114 CD £8.99

512173 CD £7.99

522505 CD £10.99

522189 CD £6.99

513041 CD £7.99

Ray Conniff – Musicals in Rhythm

Tony Bennett & Count Basie – Swinging Together

Gershwin: Plays Gershwin

Oklahoma! • People Will Say We’re in Love • Surrey with a Fring on Top • Oh,What a Beautiful Morning…

Lullaby of Broadway • Ol’ Man River • Life Is a Song • Jeepers Creepers • Just in Time • When I Fall in Love… and more!

Swanee • Sweet and Low Down • That Certain Feeling • Looking for a Boy • When Do We Dance? • Clap Yo’ Hands… and more!

522627 CD £11.99

522192 CD £6.99

522555 3 CDs £8.99

Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool Move • Jeru • Godchild • Budo • Venus de Milo • Rouge • Boplicity • Israel • Deception • Rocker • Moondreams • Three Little Feelings … and more!

522624 CD £11.99

Golden Age Porter: Let’s – 25 Years of Misbehave – Signature Sounds Cole Porter Josh Ritter, Chris Smither, Lori McKenna, Heather Maloney, Suitcase Junket and Winterpills.

522552 2 CDs £19.99

Let’s Misbehave • Love for Sale • You’re the Top • I’m in Love Again • Miss Otis Regrets • You’ve Got that Thing… and more!

522196 CD £6.99

522501 CD £10.99

Driven by the 60s – Various Artists Shout Lulu • Delilah Tom Jones • Pictures of Matchstick Men Status Quo • Wild Thing The Troggs • Beggin’ Timebox… and more!

521430 5 CDs £9.99 £8.99

511215 CD £4.99 £3.99

Gracie Fields – Sing as We Go

Reginald Dixon at the Organ

Harry Farmer – Get Happy

The Music of Jerry Allen and His Trio

Robin Richmond – Organising!

50 hits from the resident organist at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

South Rampart Street Parade • Mexican Madness… and more!

Buffoon • Butterflies in the Rain • Blue Danube Song… and more!

Six tracks with his Organ Grinders Swing and 20 with his Hammond Organ.

522272 2 CDs £10.99

522598 2 CDs £10.99

522599 CD £8.99

522600 CD £8.99

We Remember Them Well – Vera Lynn We’ll Meet Again • The White Cliffs of Dover • When They Sound the Last All-Clear • My Son, My Son… and more!



Volume 1 Counterspy; Little Red Monkey;The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk; and Ring of Spies. 5hrs 17. Subtitles

188510 £12.99 4 DVDs Cert PG

Volume 2 6hrs 22

Three heartwarming family films, with gorgeous cinematography starring a horse as the lead character! The films are A Horse for Alex, Saving Winston, and Lucky Dream Champion. 4hrs 34

138900 16 DVDs Cert 15 £69.99 £32.99

188516 4 DVDs Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99

Sherlock Holmes – The Definitive Collection

Triple Box Set

30 slapstick British comedy greats starring Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtry, Sid James, Joan Sims et al. Includes Carry on… Sergeant, Nurse, Cleo, Screaming!, Doctor, Up the Khyber, Camping, and more! 43hrs 20. Subtitles

192414 3 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £10.99

Chuck Norris Collection

Nicolas Cage – Triple Film Set

Winnie the Pooh – Collection

James Bond: Ultimate Edition

Steven Seagal Legacy Collection

Dirk Bogarde – Volume 2

Three action-packed movies: Missing in Action, Code of Silence and Lone Wolf McQuade.

Three actionpacked films in this collection: Left Behind;Vengeance; and Humanity Bureau.

Triple bill of featurelength Disney cartoons following the friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Sean Connery in Dr No. Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day. 5hrs 50. Subtitles

Five films: Under Siege, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Hard to Kill, Nico: Above the Law and Executive Decision.

Five classics: Hunted; Boys in Brown; Penny Princess;The Spanish Gardener;The Singer Not the Song. 7hrs 53

230533 7 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £18.99

136941 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £8.99

187750 3 DVDs Cert 15 £12.99 £9.99

191709 3 DVDs Cert U £15.99 £11.99

191624 3 DVDs Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

166593 5 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £13.99

139376 5 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £9.99

Jean-Paul Belmondo Collection

Cary Grant Collection

Ingmar Bergman’s the Faith Trilogy

Sid James Collection

Breathless, Pierrot Le Fou, Le Professionnel, Stavisky; A Double Tour. 8hrs 26. Subtitles

Four classics: Night and Day, Destination Tokyo, North by Northwest, Arsenic and Old Lace. 9hrs 35

Three classic films: Through a Glass Darkly;Winter Light; and In the Silence. 4hrs 20. Subtitles

Triple bill: The Big Job;The Lavender Hill Mob; and Make Mine a Million. Arthur Askey co-stars. 4hrs

142914 5 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £18.99

136155 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £14.99

190765 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £13.99

125110 3 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £10.99

Basil Rathbone stars in this collection of 14 acclaimed 1940s films. 16hrs

The Muppets – 7 Movies

Dirty Harry Collection

Box set of seven films with Kermit and other much-loved characters created by Jim Henson.

Clint Eastwood in five films as Lieutenant Harry Callahan, the San Francisco cop. 8hrs 26. Subtitles

191715 7 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £24.99

623538 6 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £21.99

Playboy – Cinema Collection Erotic stories designed to get you hot under the collar from Playboy. 7hrs 11

139983 5 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £20.99

Six of some of her best films: In This Our Life; The Old Maid;The Great Lie, All This and Heaven, Too; and Watch on the Rhine. Co-stars include Olivia de Havilland, Mary Astor and Claude Rains. 10hrs 42. Subtitles

132816 6 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £15.99