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Bal a nc e d Body with a few drops of coconut oil and rub directly into temples.

Melaleuca Also known as tea tree oil, this essential oil is a multipurpose powerhouse. A staple Native Australian plant, Melaleuca has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.

Winter Wellness Tip Melaleuca is a great oil to have in your toolbox for seasonal issues. Use 1-2 drops combined in a carrier oil such as coconut oil and apply to bottoms of feet for an immune supporting boost.

One wonderfully surprising way to use Melaleuca is to put 1 drop on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in your ear overnight. This is a very effective remedy for sinus and ear health when you need it most.

Clove Clove, one of the highest anti-oxidants in the world, is an oil that supports cellular health and rejuvenation. This is a great time of year to keep this powerful oil in your body on a daily basis for immune system support when seasonal threats are floating around.

Winter Wellness Tip

Use clove for immune support by rubbing 1-3 drops into the bottoms of your feet for 30 seconds one to two times a day. If mouth sores are something you battle with during wintertime, clove is an excellent choice for relief and will help promote a speedy recovery. Try using 1-2 drops in water for a mouth rinse as needed.

Oregano With the many strong compounds found in oregano, you will find it to be a versatile oil in helping your body attack an array of possible seasonal issues that would often leave you feeling down for days. Oregano is a great oil to use when you really need to be well. This is a powerful oil to use at onset of symptoms.

Winter Wellness Tip Consider using 1-2 drops of oregano diluted and rubbed into bottoms of feet two times a day as a routine for illness prevention during the fall and winter. If you start feeling symptoms coming on, you can up your routine to 4-6 times a day to get ahead. To change up this routine and chemistry, you can also try thyme essential oil and use similarly.

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Irritated Throat Soother: Mix 1-2 drops clove essential oil and 1 drop melaleuca oil in a shot of water. Gargle and swallow. Use up to 4 times a day.

Seasonal Threats Remedy Tea: 2 drops each: peppermint, lemon, melaleuca, and oregano essential oils into a mug. Pour in hot water and inhale the steam until cooled. This is super strong, but will really help clear airways!

Seasonal Mind and Body Booster 1 drop each of grapefruit and wild orange essential oil in 6-8oz of drinking water each day. This adds great flavor to water while giving a healthy and happy brain boost during the winter months. Heidi works with dĹ?TERRAÂŽ Essential Oils and is a Diamond Wellness Advocate. Heidi is a Certified AromaTouch Instructor and an experienced essential oil educator, and through her passion has helped thousands find safe, natural, and effective health solutions through the highest quality essential oils. She lives in Cayucos, California with her husband and twin boys. Catch one of her free essential oil classes and connect with her at heidikatesdesk@ and my.doterra. com/LoveLiving

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Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.

Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.