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Your Guide to Living Well in Atlanta


nightlife Then & Now Dominique Wilkins, Cynthia Bailey, Ed Roland, Tom Glavine and Lauren Taylor Baker heat up the night

12 restaurants worth trying Lenox Mall’s New Look

“Our Bank Takes the Cake” “Our grandmother would have never believed it! Her original recipe that we all loved as kids has led to our thriving cheesecake company, which produces more than 40,000 cakes a day and provides desserts to top retailers and restaurants in the country. A business like ours needs a banking partner that understands how to provide the customer service, flexibility and financial products needed to be successful. We have a great partnership with Georgia Commerce Bank. The bank took the time to understand our business and get to know us personally as the owners of a family-run business. They created a banking relationship that is tailor-made for the way we run our operations. As siblings, we don’t agree on everything. But we are all glad we made the switch to Georgia Commerce Bank.” — Dina Birch, Margret Sapp and David van der Blom Atlanta Cheesecake Company Co-Founders

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Let us celebrate a magnficent day of retail therapy with champagne under the stars. Let us introduce you to a southern classic like you’ve never tasted before. Let us bring you nose-to-bottlenose with creatures of the sea. Let us show you more ways to make a long weekend last forever.

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July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

S I M P LY B UC K H E A D ® |

j uly / au g us t 2 0 1 3



buckhead after dark

We take a quick jaunt down memory lane to create a greatest-hits list of Buckhead’s nightlife spots—from then until now.

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Contents /// HOME



Holistic home A Buckhead residence that’s part travelogue, part Zen retreat







TRAVEL NEAR: Girls who bluff A South Carolina spa getaway is ideal for mother-daughter bonding


TRAVEL fAR: Canadian cool Escape the summer heat by heading north to Toronto


Honor roll Rialto director Leslie Gordon gets a knight(hood) to remember


Bhojanic does Buckhead Beloved Decatur gem adds exotic touch to Shops Around Lenox

“A lot of aging is attitude; it’s how you approach life. My personal goal is to live to 120.” Local author Steve Franklin shares the secrets of making it to 100, page 46

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Your Guide to Living Well in Atlanta

Serving Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Vinings, Decatur and Virginia Highland JULY/AUGUST 2013 | ISSUE 17 P.O. Box 11633, Atlanta, GA 30355 For advertising rates call: 404-538-9895

/// featured contributor

Olivia Putnal

Little Redfish Lake on the Gulf of Mexico

Lot for sale in Exclusive, Gated Community with Million Dollar Homes on Scenic 30A between Destin and Rosemary Beach

Betty Krika 850.865.2232 • Colleen Krika 904.314.5210



Olivia Putnal’s obsession with writing dates back to middle school, when she and her friends dreamed of starting their own magazine in New York Photo: Graceology City. When Photography reality set in a few years later and she graduated from Florida State University’s Creative Writing program, she did in fact head to the Big Apple. For three years she wrote about all things fitness, fashion, lifestyle and home for A Southern girl by birth, Putnal now resides in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood with her fiancé. Putnal’s work has appeared in Jezebel and on, Yahoo. com and In this issue of Simply Buckhead, she talks with breakout fashion designer (and Ansley Park native) Abbey Glass, and in her article “We Love Lenox,” she dives into the history and future of the beloved Lenox Square Mall.

Publisher and Founder Joanne Hayes Editor-In-Chief Allison Weiss Entrekin Creative Director Alan Platten Creative Production Assistant  Sandra Platten Senior Account Executive  Cheryl Isaacs Account Executives  Dee Flores Kyle Wilcox Garges Associate Editor Giannina Smith Bedford Contributing Writers Kate Abney Wendell Brock H.M. Cauley Carly Cooper Jennifer Bradley Franklin Ashley Hesseltine Curt Holman Catherine O’Connor Hough Amanda Matte Olivia Putnal Kelly Skinner Chief Photographer Sara Hanna Photographer Robert Loughran Photography Assistant Austin Holt Graphic Designer Michael Baker Copy Editor

Ellen Glass Legal Counsel

Scott I. Zucker

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July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

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HOLLY group PURCELL Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta the

When NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, MLB legend Tom Glavine, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey, Collective Soul rocker Ed Roland and socialite Lauren Taylor Baker gathered for our cover shoot, it was nothing short of a party. The shoot took place at The Club at Chops, a private dining room with a membership so exclusive, its waiting list has a waiting list. Roland came prepared with his own box of cigars, and Editor-in-Chief Allison Weiss Entrekin got behind the bar to shake up a few drinks. When a staffer asked Bailey if she wanted a glass of wine, she just laughed. “I’m a ‘Housewife’—of course I do!” At the end of the all-day shoot, the cast and crew toasted the upcoming cover—and vowed to keep their roles in it a secret until it hit stands.

Producers: Allison Weiss Entrekin, Sara Hanna and Joanne Hayes Assistant Producer: Sonny Hayes Chief Photographer: Sara Hanna Photography Assistant: Austin Holt Stylist: Molly K. Webb Stylist Assistant: Taylor Wynne Hair/Makeup: Alyson Hoag, Rebecca Bussert, Candace Collier, Chelsea Counts and Lindsay Farlow of Authentic Beauty Ladies’ drinks provided by: Vixen Vodka All other beverages: Chops Lobster Bar

Chief Photographer Sara Hanna chats with the group about the cover concept.

Wardrobe Details: Cynthia Bailey: •R oland Mouret dress, available at Jeffrey Atlanta, $1,865 •B rian Atwood heels, available at Bloomingdale’s, $262.50 •A lexis Bittar earrings, available at Nordstrom, $195 •G ivenchy bracelets, available at Nordstrom, $58, $45 and $68 Lauren Taylor Baker: • Parker dress, available at Tootsies, $415 • Brian Atwood heels, available at Bloomingdale’s, $227.50

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• Kate Spade earrings, available at Nordstrom, $98 Tom Glavine: • Wardrobe Glavine’s own Ed Roland: • J.Crew shirt, available at J.Crew, $88 • Barbara Blank bow tie, available at Bloomingdale’s, $55

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• J.Crew jacket, available at J.Crew, $425 •T he Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s pocket square, available at Bloomingdale’s, $18 • J.Crew pants, available at J.Crew, $225 •T o Boot New York shoes, available at Bloomingdale’s, $299 Dominique Wilkins: • Wardrobe Wilkins’ own


Holly Purcell

Holly Purcell

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Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta 404.574.2490

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200 Glenridge Point Pkwy, Ste 100 | Atlanta, GA 30342


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

S I M P LY B UC K H E A D ® |

j uly / au g us t 2 0 1 3

Letters from our tweet hearts and facebook fans! Follow us @SimplyBuckhead and on Facebook Now I’m yearning for my New England family and a few mean margaritas. Loving the May/June issue! –@southsprouts We love #atl and @SimplyBuckhead! –@WildDunesResort

Thank you for the great feature about our book in the current issue of Simply Buckhead. Helen and Sara did a wonderful job telling our story. We appreciate this special opportunity to be included in your publication. –Cheryl Mure, author, Ahoy, Titanic Just got the May/June issues yesterday, and they’re beautiful! You must be so happy with the growth and continued success of the magazine. We’re lucky to have [publisher Joanne Hayes] and such an outstanding publication in Buckhead! –Jenn Thomas, executive director, Buckhead Business Association I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful, professional, hospitable experience Cynthia Bailey and I had on the set of the Simply Buckhead photo shoot for the July/August issue. Cynthia was very pleased, as was I, with the experience. –Marcus Jackson, Caliber Enterprises Looks like the mag is going great! I see it all over now! –Zach Hawkins, president, Sinless Cocktails

I wanted to thank you again for an excellent shoot! You made the whole process effortless and fun. You were beaming with joy and made the day an awesome experience. The day was so delightful—I am now highly endeared to the Simply Buckhead team! –Lauren Taylor Baker Thank you so much for featuring me in your May/June issue of Simply Buckhead. Kate and Sara did a great job! I have had great response from the article! It was an honor to be featured in your magazine –Nancy Goodrich, Nancy G’s Cafe

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Nightlife. My definition of this word has certainly changed over the years. When I was in my 20s, “nightlife” meant getting ready around 9 p.m., showing up at East Andrews or Front Page News around 11 p.m., walking to a second place (Pool Hall, Twisted Taco) Photo: Sara Hanna Photography around 12:30 a.m. and then taking a taxi home for lights out around 2:30 a.m. Then I had children. During the first years of their lives, a big night—make that a huge night—was having friends over to our home and staying up past 10 (at which point I couldn’t stop yawning). By 11 p.m.—the hour I used to head out the door—I was fast asleep. Nowadays, as I’ve settled into mommyhood a bit, I actually hire a babysitter and leave my house on occasion, but I’m much more likely to linger over a fun dinner at Hal’s with friends than walk from bar to bar. In fact, as I worked on this issue’s cover feature, I realized I’ve never stepped foot inside some of the newer places that our inthe-know nightlife gurus recommended. (Last time I was in Rose Bar, it was called Beluga!) Apparently, I’m in need of a refresher course on what’s hot in Buckhead’s nightlife scene. If you’re like me, you’re in luck. We assembled a panel with megawatt star power to talk about Buckhead’s after-hours scene—past, present and future. NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins waxed poetic over the good ol’ nights at Chops Lobster Bar. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey told us about her favorite cocktail at Del Frisco’s. MLB legend Tom Glavine reminisced about places like the old Raccoon Lodge and Bell Bottoms. Socialite Lauren Taylor Baker gushed about girls’ nights at Tin Lizzy’s. Rocker Ed Roland got downright sentimental talking about The Cavern, a Virginia Highland live music venue he and his band Collective Soul used to play at in the ’90s. I hope you enjoy the feature. Do what I did: Pour yourself a glass of wine, kick back and flip through the pages. If it’s after 8 p.m., you can call it nightlife.

Allison Weiss Entrekin

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Sure, we have a lazy river. Of complimentary drinks at sunset. Follow this with a chef’s breakfast the next morning, then complimentary bikes and boxed picnic lunch along a mile of unspoiled beach. Sometimes grown-ups have all the fun.


florida 866.398.4432

Located on Peachtree road at W Paces 3050 Peachtree road NW atlaNta, Ga 30305 404.846.1552 Located by the Perimeter maLL 90 Perimeter ceNter W duNWoody, Ga 30346 770.671.0052

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For details on group and event dining, visit 13287_S5_FreshDining_Ad_Buckhead.indd 1


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

10/22/12 2:12 PM

E V E N T S | L O C A L S A L U T E | T R A V E L | a p p rove d

Simply now

travel far

Canadian Cool, Page 28

Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team, is also a major concert venue. Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber is booked for two shows in July.

“Toronto gets downright frosty in December. But in the summer and fall, temperatures average in the 60s and 70s, making it an ideal time to explore a foreign country so close to home.” July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


5 Chefs | 5 Sommeliers | 7 Years | 1 Goal

NO KID HUNGRY Sunday, August 18, 2013

Join Share Our Strength’s Give Me Five benefit to support our No Kid Hungry campaign’s fight to end childhood hunger in America. Cherokee Town & Country Club 155 W Paces Ferry Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305

$275 per person l $2,500 per table of 10

CHEFS ROBERT FASCE, Cherokee Town & Country Club Chef Chair DAVID GROSS, Cook Hall WHITNEY OTAWKA, Farm 255 JASON SHELLEY, Ocean Prime DANIEL ZEAL, Georgian Room at Sea Island

SOMMELIERS SILVIO GARCIA, Cherokee Town & Country Club Sommelier Chair RAMIEN BALOUCH, Bistro Niko ANDREW CARTER, Livingston Restaurant + Bar ANDRES LOAIZA, Aria STEVENSON ROSSLOW, Wrecking Bar Brewpub Join us for this highly anticipated annual dinner featuring five of Georgia’s finest chefs who will prepare an exclusive and tantalizing five-course dinner with wine perfectly paired by five of Georgia’s best sommeliers. Each extraordinary course will be accompanied by commentary from our chefs and sommeliers. One in five children in America struggles with hunger, but together, we can make No Kid Hungry a reality. | 770.436.5151



July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

S IM P LY n ow

e ve nts


Movie Night! Catch a flick al fresco   at Chastain Park and   Town Brookhaven


t’s the perfect ending to a long summer day: a movie screening outdoors. Lucky for Buckhead residents, we have our pick of two family-friendly meadow-side movie nights. In July, the Chastain Park Summer Movie Series plays host to a slew of flicks airing at the Hilltop Meadow at Chastain Park and at the middle lawn at Town Brookhaven. Presented by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and Town Brookhaven, the movies will be held every Thursday at sunset, and will alternate each week between the two locations. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and join local movie buffs for a range of blockbuster flicks on these picturesque greens. Have kids and a pup in tow? No problem! Everybody is welcome. Plus, the free films appeal to a large audience (meaning children and parents can enjoy the show). Billy Crystal and Bette Midler dole out the laughs in Parental Guidance (July 11, Brookhaven), Emma Watson channels teenage drama in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (July 18, Chastain), and Audrey Hepburn heats up New York City in the Truman Capote classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s (July 25, Brookhaven). Not that you needed reminding, but Town Brookhaven is chockablock with food options—many of which will be offered at discounted rates during the series, so arrive hungry. Guests are welcome to bring picnic baskets and vino to both locales; just make sure to keep the consumption restricted to the film’s designated lawn. Who needs Netflix when you can catch up with the neighbors and get outside? Enjoy the show!

– Kelly Skinner


Soak up the low-key vibe and mingle with fellow film buffs al fresco during the Chastain Park Summer Movie Series.

It’s Showtime! Parental Guidance July 11 Town Brookhaven The Perks of Being a Wallflower July 18 Chastain Breakfast at Tiffany’s July 25 Town Brookhaven Chastain Park (at Hilltop Meadow; parking in the green lot) 4469 Stella Drive N.W. Atlanta 30327 Town Brookhaven (at the middle lawn) 4330 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30319

Larger Than Life Experience the world of living sculptures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

The 19 “living” sculptures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden require so much extra grooming that seven temporary workers were hired to help with maintenance. Photos: courtesy of Atlanta Botanical Garden

Between video games that mimic real life, 3-D movies that practically reach out and touch us, and the world of endless interactive apps, let’s face it—it’s hard to really impress kids these days with anything that doesn’t involve a screen. Thankfully, the Atlanta Botanical Garden has achieved the impossible with an exhibit that’s sure to wow kids and parents alike: Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger Than Life. Created by Mosaiculture of Montreal, this exhibition features enormous plant sculptures created out of nearly 120,000 living plants and flowers. The first exhibit of its kind in the country, Imaginary Worlds showcases 19 different “living” sculptures—the largest standing 25 feet tall—and includes pieces like a friendly ogre, a pair of cobras and a unicorn. Admission is $18.95 for adults, $12.95 for children 3-12, and free for Garden Members and children under 3. Tickets can be purchased in person or online at – Catherine O’Connor Hough

Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger Than Life Tuesdays-Sundays 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Mondays Exhibit ends October 31 Atlanta Botanical Garden 1345 Piedmont Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30309 404.876.5859

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead




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Saturday in Stitches Learn the ins and outs of knitting during a free beginners workshop

Call one of our offices nearest you for help from an experienced REALTOR® W W W. H A R R Y N O R M A N . C O M AT L A N TA N O RT H 770-622-3081

AT L A N TA P E R I M E T E R 770-394-2131

BUCKHEAD 404-233-4142

B U C K H E A D C H A S TA I N 404-233-1492

B U C K H E A D N O RT H 404-814-9000

BUCKHEAD NW 404-261-2700

C O B B M A R I E T TA 770-422-6005

EAST COBB 770-977-9500


I N TOW N AT L A N TA 404-897-5558

N O RT H F U LTO N 678-461-8700

SANDY SPRINGS 404-250-9900


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Remember watching your grandmother’s fingers fast at work making your next winter cap? Now you can learn the joys of this pastime during the Atlanta Knitting Guild’s workshop for beginners at the Sandy Springs Branch Library. Free and open to the public, the three-hour class takes place in the library’s community room, where novice knitters will learn to “cast on” stitches on their needle, knit and purl stitches and how to bind off. Does all this sound intimidating? Don’t fret. There is no knitting expertise required to attend, but students are asked to bring size 8 or 9 bamboo or wood needles and a ball of medium- or worsted-weight yarn

in a light color (no black). Following the informative workshop, students go home with a pamphlet directing them to an Atlanta yarn shop should they want to continue learning the craft. With a maximum class size of 12 students, registration is required. To register, call 404.303.6130. – Giannina Smith Bedford

Aug. 3, 3-6 p.m. Sandy Springs Branch Library 395 Mount Vernon Highway N.E. Sandy Springs 30328 404.303.6130 sandy-springs-branch6

Greater Atlanta home inspirations are brought to life at MODA Floors & Interiors For inspiration, tour our showroom and link into a library of design resources.

1417 Chattahoochee Ave. Atlanta 30318 404.477.3744 Carpet • Area Rugs • Hardwood • Natural Stone • Designer Tile • Window Coverings

CLIENT: MODA PUB: Simply Buckhead SIZE: 4.375” x 5.875” (NON-BLEED) DATE: 1/17/13 CONTACT: Don Patton, Art Director PHONE: 404.451.1096

Manicure • Pedicure • Waxing • Gift Certificates Bridal Parties Welcome Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm • Sunday 12pm-6pm BUCKHEAD 256 Pharr Road • 404.814.2121 Complimentary Valet Parking

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VA HIGHLAND 1062 St. Charles Ave • 404.249.0013

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0!34! )3 /52 0!33)/. &2%3( 0!34! )3 /52 /"3%33)/.


American sterling flatware Replace missing pieces New & Estate in stock • Over 1,200 new & used patterns • Large selection of sterling holloware & gifts • Bridal Registry

Atlanta’s premier source for fine sterling silver

404.261.4009 / 800.270.4009 2OSWELL 2OAD .% !TLANTA '! 0HONE


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

We buy sterling silver. Careful appraisal for maximum value.

3164 Peachtree Rd, NE Atlanta, GA 30305

S IMP LY n ow

Local Salute story:

Carly Cooper

Pet Projects Gov. Nathan Deal, Cemal Özgörkey, Armagan Özgörkey, The Coca-Cola Company CEO and Chairman Muhtar Kent and Oglethorpe University President Lawrence Schall.

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital helps those in need

Culture Cometh The Özgörkey family donation supports a new Campus Center at Oglethorpe The Özgörkey family, including Oglethorpe University Board of Trustees member and alumnus Cemal Özgörkey, recently donated a large sum of money to the school in support of a new Campus Center—a place for cultural exchange. As immigrants from Turkey, the Özgörkeys believe Oglethorpe was instrumental in their success, explains Cemal, chairman of Özgörkey Holding, one of the holding companies for Coca-Cola Bottling Co. “Oglethorpe has given so much to us for 33 years; this was an opportunity for our family to give back,” Cemal says. “The Campus Center is a different type of classroom—students from different cultures, nations and religions can get to know

each other in a more relaxed way. This is very important.” In appreciation of this gift, Oglethorpe dedicated the Lupton Hall bell tower to Cemal’s late mother, naming it The Lale Özgörkey Bell Tower. “The Bell Tower is a symbol of the campus and a part of this city; my mother is a symbol of the love and commitment of our family,” Cemal says. “When I hear the bells ring, I think ‘Mom.’” Scheduled to open in August, the Campus Center will replace Emerson Student Center and feature a dining hall, full-service Starbucks, bookstore and other multi-purpose meeting spaces. For more information, visit

Buckhead resident M. Duffy Jones, DVM, started Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital in 2005. Though the veterinary clinic is for-profit, Jones and his “Director of First Impressions,” front desk manager J.R. Mounts, work with many local rescue groups and often assist elderly citizens with their pets when they can’t afford to care for them on their own. “There are so many studies on how pets can improve people’s health,” Jones says. “I felt I needed to do my part in keeping the pets healthy, which, in turn, would hopefully keep the people healthy as well.” Recently an elderly client was diagnosed with cancer and ended up in the

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital front desk manager J.R. Mounts and veterinarian Duffy Jones pose with one of their clients.

hospital. She was extremely worried about what would happen to her dog Callie, since her family was unable to care for it. Mounts offered to keep Callie and even videotaped Callie at his house so her owner could see how happy she was. “She started crying when she saw the video and told her family she felt at peace knowing Callie was going to live with J.R.,” Jones says. The woman passed away a few days later. For more information, visit

New Benchmarks Buckhead Coalition celebrates anniversary with community donation To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Buckhead Coalition, a nonprofit civic group composed of CEOs of major local companies, is donating more than 40 park benches to the Buckhead community this summer. Each bench features a plaque that reads, “Commemorating 25 years of civic service. Buckhead Coalition 1988~2013.”

“A bench is an item that brings people together, young and old,” says Sam Massell, Buckhead Coalition founding president. “It can be used by everyone in the neighborhood and serve as a legacy for the Coalition.” Each of the 41 Buckhead Neighborhood Associations, such as those in Peachtree Park and

Underwood Hills, will be offered a bench and can choose where it will reside. Massell points out that most of the communities have pocket parks—a natural choice for the bench location, as it can easily offer a place for relaxation. For more information, visit

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


S IMP LY n ow

TRAVEL ne ar

Girls who bluff A South Carolina spa getaway is ideal for mother-daughter bonding


s the youngest of three and the only daughter, I was always spoiled with girly pampering, thanks to my mother. I got my first pedicure at 12 and first facial at a mere 15. When I turned 16, it was off to New York City for a shopping-filled celebration, and upon high school graduation, four jet-set days in Paris. Not too shabby, I must say. So now that I’m—ahem—a grown woman, it was time for this princess to pay back her queen. My indulgent treat: a girls-only spa getaway to The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, S.C. An equidistant 4-hour drive from Atlanta and High Springs, Fla. (where my mom lives), this conservation-minded retreat is set on 20,000 acres of maritime forests, saltwater marshes and moss-draped oaks between Charleston and Savannah. Hidden at the end of five-mile Old Palmetto Bluff Road, the property resembles a Lowcountry-inspired “Pleasantville,” complete with immaculate landscaping and porches embellished with rocking chairs. Palmetto Bluff ’s colorful past includes serving as the lavish playground for the family and friends of Richard T. Wilson Jr., a wealthy New York banker who built a mansion on the grounds in the early 1900s. Today, Palmetto Bluff is dotted with quaint cottages, luxury vacation homes and a village operated by Auberge Resorts that features shops and a picturesque waterside chapel—a top destination for weddings. Next to the


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Giannina Smith Bedford

ruins of the Wilson mansion is The Inn’s Main House, which includes the River House Restaurant and an inviting wraparound screened porch overlooking the May River. The grounds also include a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, canoe and kayak club, equestrian facility, lawn and racquet club and an awardwinning spa, the true object of our visit. After checking in, we golf-carted away to our delightful one-bedroom cottage suite. Although we immediately fell in love with the spacious screened porch, wide pine-plank floors and comfy living room, we took one peek at the sumptuous bathroom and we were gaga. The steam shower, freestanding bathtub and marble-topped vanity had me planning a complete bathroom renovation for my home. After settling into our lovely lodgings, we poured two glasses of wine and dove right into girl talk while intermittently oohing and ahhing (in our best South Carolina drawl) at the spectacular view of the May River. We could have sat and sipped all night, but instead motivated each other to hop on the Inn-provided bicycles for a brisk ride to dinner at the River House. Following a feast of ricotta agnolotti with preserved Meyer lemon, broccolini and San Marzano tomatoes (for me) and wild Alaskan halibut with pearl pasta, braised purple artichokes, olive oil-packed tomatoes and lemon thyme nage (for Mom), we were in foodie heaven. And thanks to our friendly

conversation with the maître d’ and laughs with the waiter, we were awed by the flawless, yet fun, service. Post-dinner, we walked arm-in-arm to the outdoor firepits and roasted marshmallows under the twinkling sky, enjoying the excited squeals of two sugared-up boys making s’mores with their parents. The next morning began with a striking orange-yellow sunrise bursting through the white shutters. If this wasn’t enough to get us out of bed, remembering it was spa day did the trick. A hearty breakfast of homemade biscuits and eggs at Buffalo’s, the casual village eatery, and we golf-carted our way to the private island that is home to the 9,500-square-foot Spa at Palmetto Bluff—no doubt this destination’s top gem. Housed in a Southern mansion-style building, the spa boasts eight treatment rooms, each with its own veranda, soaking tub and mindeasing view of a nearby bird rookery. From the second we approached the welcoming reception area we were waited on hand and foot. We slipped on plush robes and ascended the grand staircase, trading goodbyes to go enjoy the spa’s signature “scrub, tub and rub.” Beginning with an exfoliating body scrub, the treatment progressed with a soak in the scented waters of a claw-foot tub on the private veranda. Watching the egrets and herons fly across the freshwater estuary, euphoria hit me. It could have been the softness of my ex-

From left to right: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff’s Main House welcomes visitors with a spacious porch; cottages are decorated in Lowcountryinspired design, including a porch ceiling painted blue-a typical custom in the South; the award-winning Spa’s treatment rooms open up to a screened-in private veranda overlooking the water; the author (right) and her mother.


foliated skin, the comfort of the warm water or the fact that I still had a one-hour massage to look forward to, but here’s the truth: My satisfied bliss stemmed from knowing that, not too far away, my best girlfriend was also enjoying this pristine moment of relaxation. Just as the mental buzz silenced and my usually tight neck muscles took a vacation, it was back to the treatment room for the concluding massage. I could barely use my legs at the end of the treatment, but I managed to find my way to the “relaxation room,” where my scrubbed, tubbed and rubbed mom awaited me with a smile of elation and herbal-infused drink in hand. We sat in the den-like room dishing on what just transpired, again wishing we could sit there all day gabbing. Instead we spent the remainder of the daylight hours exploring the property, lunching at the May River Bar and Grill and relaxing in our cottage in a state of complete delight to be pampered and together. That evening we topped off our stay with another gourmet dinner at the River House, where our server remembered our names and drink orders (me: South American red wine; Mom: a dirty vodka martini with cocktail onions and blue cheese-stuffed olives). We cheers-ed each other and vowed to make this mom-daughter spa getaway an annual affair. After all, isn’t that what a queen and her princess deserve? n









V EN I V I D I V I C I 1 0 3 W ES T







C O MI N G S O O N !

The Inn At Palmetto Bluff 1 Village Park Square Bluffton, S.C. 29910 843.706.6500

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


S IMP LY n ow


Canadian cool Escape the summer heat by heading north to Toronto


ah, it’s summer, that time of year when Atlantans’ fancies turn toward getting the heck out of the heat. Temperatures that slide over the 90-degree mark make us think of cooler climes, perhaps of a destination that any other time of the year might be chillier than one would like. One place that matches that criterion well is Toronto, the Canadian city that gets downright frosty in December, when thermometers have been known to plunge into the single digits. But in the summer and fall, temperatures average in the 60s and 70s, making it an ideal time to explore this foreign city so close to home. So pack a passport, lace on comfortable walking shoes and head north. Toronto boasts the requisite big-city attractions to entertain couples on romantic weekends as well as families with kids in tow. One of the premier destinations is the iconic CN Tower, a 1,815foot spire deemed the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere and a wonder of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Elevators whoosh visitors up to a platform with panoramic and sometimes ear-popping views of the city and Lake Ontario. A segment of the floor is also finished in glass for a decidedly heart-pounding perspective. Those who go for extreme


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

feature: H.M.

thrills can take an Edge Walk, a tethered tour around the outside of the viewing platform; the more sedate may opt for a meal in the revolving restaurant. Wonder what Atlanta’s next football stadium might look like? Check out the grandfather of retractable roofs at the Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome), home of the Toronto Blue Jays since it opened in 1989. Introduce the kids to the new Chinese pandas at the Toronto Zoo, where a new Giant Panda exhibit includes an interactive center tracing the endangered creatures’ history. Speaking of history, Toronto has lots of it, and its story is well told at Fort York on the water’s edge, where buildings from the War of 1812 still stand. Along with tours and exhibits, there are demonstrations by the Fort York Guard that retell what locals dub “the war of Southern Aggression.” This summer, another piece of history sails into the harbor with the arrival of the Tall Ships 1812 Tour, a somewhat delayed celebration of the war’s bicentennial. The waterfront area also features the Harbourfront Centre where art galleries, theaters, shops, restaurants and marinas make it an ideal spot for a stroll. Foodies won’t want to miss the St. Lawrence Market that occupies a block where vendors have operated since the

Toronto’s shoreline spans 26 miles along four of the five Great Lakes.


1800s. The current multi-level venue, considered one of the top markets in the world by food gurus, features stall after stall of produce, meats, cheeses, seafood, breads, coffees and gourmet delights. There are places to linger over a peameal bacon sandwich (stuffed with a local favorite akin to Canadian bacon) while watching the locals and visitors mingle in line to grab a bag of local produce or a pound of freshly caught fish. Beyond the downtown district, Toronto is a maze of neighborhoods that are easily navigated on the city’s superb trolley system. Visitors can hop-on and hop-off to check out these enclaves where restaurants, markets, shops and entertainment are a bit off the beaten path but worth the ride. Many of the areas have distinctively ethnic flavors and names—Little Italy, Greektown, Little Portugal, Chinatown—where the city’s diverse populations celebrate their heritages. One of the best ways to explore these areas is with a Foodies on Foot tour that highlights the best regional markets and restaurants. Worked up a sweat yet? Catch a ferry to the Toronto Islands, where beaches, picnic areas, bike paths and an amusement park sit within sight of the skyline, and the chilly water will raise goose bumps big enough to last all the way back to Georgia. n

Above: Trolleys whisk visitors to the city’s ethnic neighborhoods; half the city’s population was born outside Canada. Below: The St. Lawrence Market has been compared by some to Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

Toronto close-up Details about Toronto attractions, including information on hotels and events, are online at

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S IMP LY n ow

simply appr oved

Natural Body Spa: Barr-Co. Fine Shea Butter Lotion

Woo Skincare & Cosmetics: HollyBeth Geranium Jasmine Lavender Body Lotion This organic—and locally made—lotion ($37 for 8.5 ounces) features the heady scent of the flowers mentioned in its title, and the sweet almond oil makes it extra-moisturizing. 2339 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.477.5000

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Sweet Peach Waxing & Sugaring Studio: Peach Hand & Body Lotion This light lotion ($12 for 8 ounces), smelling of fresh sliced peaches, is absolutely peachy keen. The blend is created just for studio owner Raquel Souza, and it makes the perfect soother post-waxing or sugaring appointment. 776 North Highland Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30306 404.875.5700

White Salon and Spa: CosMedix Hydrate + Daily Moisturizer The summertime rays in Georgia can be intense, so it’s more important than ever to protect your face from the sun this season. Local cosmaceuticals company CosMedix’s Daily Moisturizer ($46 for 30 grams) is SPF 17 and contains powerful antioxidants to help maintain your skin’s youthful glow. 2973 Grandview Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.816.7500

Lotion up Creams to help keep your summer skin glowing story:


Jennifer Bradley Franklin   Photo: Sara Hanna

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Summer is in full swing, and that means you’ll be baring even more of your body’s largest organ: your skin. Here are some of our favorite lotions and creams, sold right in our neighborhood, to help keep your epidermis moisturized and healthy this season.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry InvisalignÂŽ Certified

Sara Hanna Photography

International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Michaela McKenzie, DDS Buckhead Business Association 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipient

770-993-9217 Located in the Heart of Buckhead

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


A Time For Reflection

770.455.7770 Custom New Pools • Design Services • Renovations • Weekly Service • Repair

H O M E | F A S H I O N | W E L L N E S S | t as t ema k e r

Simply stylish

Holly Hutcher-Shamir with her rescue pooch, Buck, on the outdoor patio of her Buckhead home.


Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Holistic Home, Page 34

“There is nothing in my house that I don’t love or that doesn’t have a story behind how it became part of the design mix.” July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


SIMPLY stylish



home Right: Holly HutcherShamir, who used to work in the designer fashion industry, is now a naturopath, holistic wellness consultant, Gyrotonic instructor and author. Below: Reach this Bobby McAlpinedesigned home with stucco façade by crossing a picturesque bridge above a small creek.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

A Buckhead residence that’s part travelogue, part Zen retreat feature:


Giannina Smith Bedford   Photos: Sara Hanna

olly Hutcher-Shamir has journeyed through the fashion houses of Italy and the antique markets of Asia. While buying couture for Saks Fifth Avenue, Donna Karan and other noted designers, she spent time in Milan. She also lived in Singapore and China with her husband Nachum Shamir, CEO and president of Given Imaging Ltd., son Jordan and daughter Alix. So when the family moved to Atlanta in 2006, Hutcher-Shamir wanted their home to showcase their international adventures but also be a peaceful sanctuary where they could live life to its “full potential,” something she teaches others to do in her second career as a naturopath, holistic wellness consultant, author and Gyrotonic instructor. Hutcher-Shamir selected a 10,000-squarefoot home designed by Bobby McAlpine and built by Buckhead’s Benecki Homes in an attempt to bring these lofty goals together under one roof. “The energy of the home

feels good. Every place you look, you see a different design feature and the overall feel and décor represents all the different countries we have lived in. There is nothing in my house that I don’t love or that doesn’t have a story behind how it became part of the design mix,” says Hutcher-Shamir, a founding partner of One Heart Connection, a holistic living consultancy, and co-author of The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century. Roaming the dark wood floors, you’ll notice that the barrel ceilings and unique arches convey a customized European design that makes the home feel “boutique” despite its size. Embracing this character, Hutcher-Shamir filled the rooms with Italian furniture, including contemporary low-slung sofas from B&B Italia, a sleek Maxalto master bed and a long and lean Driade table in the breakfast area.

Left: The formal living room’s contemporary Italian couches by Maxalto and Brazilian coffee table face a fireplace topped by a round, hand-beaten metal art piece Hutcher-Shamir purchased in Canada. Right: Illuminated by a Cellula chandelier, the dining room’s 30-foot ceiling opens to a second-floor balcony that echoes the curvature of the wall. Below: A Pablo Picasso lithograph “Picasso Mother Child” hangs in the formal living room.

“Our home is a safe haven,we can return to [it] unconditionally to regenerate our souls.” dog” is thought to offer protective qualities. One of the dining room’s only European invaders is the central B&B Italia dining table. While technically Italian, Hutcher-Shamir insists it’s “Italian à la Japanese style.” The contemporary-European-meets-antique-Asian theme continues in the formal living room, where a crystal Cellula chandelier illuminates a room done in Italian furniture and a retrofitted antique French fireplace mantel. A colorful fish painting by Vietnamese artist John Hung Ha sparkles with real gold, drawing attention to the intriguing six-faced jar resting on the shelf below it. This “priceless” artifact, which Hutcher-Shamir says was likely dug up in China in the 15th century, is another one of her beloved items. Hanging inconspicuously nearby is a subtle work by none other than Spanish artist Pablo Picasso entitled “Picasso Mother Child”; it was given to Hutcher-Shamir by her grandparents. s

Walk into the dining room, however, and Italy turns to Asia. A red antique Chinese wedding chest set against the wall makes a powerful statement, topped by a Chinese warrior’s helmet given to Nachum by Chinese clients. Flanking the chest is a sculpture that was once part of a Thai temple and a 17th century figure from a Burmese temple—this captivating sculpture is one of Hutcher-Shamir’s favorites. “[It] embodies the serenity that collectors aspire to find in a Buddha’s face,” she says. The room’s Oriental relics also include a framed list of Sutras, or Buddhist precepts; a long Chinese sideboard Hutcher-Shamir had made from a single piece of wood with no glue; and a valuable bird-embellished pottery piece once used for spice trading in the Philippines. Another piece of Asian antiquity that Hutcher-Shamir brought home from China sits atop the sideboard— this faded turquoise sculpture called a “moon

Above: This ancient six-faced jar is one of Hutcher-Shamir’s most prized possessions.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


SIMPLY stylish


A colorful ghost chair by Kartell adds pizzazz to Alix Shamir’s spacious bathroom, complete with a freestanding tub by Waterworks.

Holly’s Top Three   Home Must-Haves 1. Outdoor space in which to spend time. 2. Lines, curves, interesting materials and textures. 3. Lots of color.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

No matter what room you find yourself in, the house is enlivened with global accents like Thai silk window treatments and Persian carpets. Even the outdoor pool area is dotted with Buddha statues and spheres. The home’s interior also showcases art by many of Hutcher-Shamir’s friends, including Dayton, Ohio, artist Mike Elsass and English painter Victoria Bennett, who did the praying Tibetan lama hanging in the main stairwell. Head up to the kids’ rooms and the mood changes. Nineteen-year-old Jordan’s room is strewn with sports memorabilia and collegiate banners, while 18-year-old Alix prefers Red Hot Chili Peppers and music festival posters. To see Alix’s girly side, wander into her enormous bathroom complete with a framed print of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s overlooking a large stand-alone tub—a fixture Alix uses daily. “It’s not just a room, it’s a cave; it’s my lair,” says the soon-to-be college freshman. To visit another unique lair, head all the way downstairs, where the family gathers for movies in the orange and brown-styled movie theater (complete with a small stage and theater door), pool tournaments with friends in the game room and intense workouts in the gym. Some of this calorie burning takes place on the intimidating Gyrotonic Expansion System, or what HutcherShamir calls the “couture of movement.” Having practiced Gyrotonics for almost a decade, she says, “This has changed my life. This is my therapist. It ignites all the energy systems.” From the international flair in the stylish décor to the rooms offering space in which to play hard and work hard, the Hutcher-Shamir abode fills its role as a place where the family can be themselves and live life to the fullest. “Our home is a safe haven,” Shamir says. “We can return to [it] unconditionally to regenerate our souls.” n

Above: A coffee table made of prisms and a hanging metal ellipse the Shamirs purchased on Maui adorn the eclectic family room, which adjoins an open kitchen. Below: One of Holly Hutcher-Shamir’s favorite pieces, this alabaster statue from the 17th century was once attached to a Burmese temple. Shamir says the figure “embodies the serenity that collectors aspire to find on a Buddha’s face.”

Mosaic’s successFuL reModeLing Process

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Solution Seeker. ConSenSuS finder. owner. And the beSt guy to bring the wine.

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July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


SIMPLY stylish


A digital rendering of Lenox Square’s future look, to be completed this holiday season.

We love Lenox In honor of this Buckhead mall’s expansion, we pay tribute to its history and upcoming improvements story:



Olivia Putnal


enox Square will always be one of the most legendary landmarks in Buckhead. The mall opened its doors in 1959 as an outdoor shopping center with 60 stores, and it’s now an indoor shopping mall spanning 1.5 million square feet with 250 retailers. This winter, just in time for the holiday season, the mall will unveil its newest improvements, including an all-glass exterior facing Peachtree Road. Lenox Square is also home to the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Show and the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting, two of the Southeast’s most beloved holiday traditions.




Photos: courtesy of Lenox Square

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Past Until the 1940’s, the land upon which Lenox Square now sits was an area known as the “Ottley Estate” or “Joyeuse,” consisting of trails, pastures and forests owned by banker John Ottley. When developer Ed Noble from Oklahoma’s Noble Foundation acquired the land in 1956, much changed. In 1957, groundbreaking events took place for what is now known as Lenox Square. Noble persuaded Richard Rich of Rich’s department store to move into the area, and behold, Rich’s Department Store (now Macy’s) became the anchor of the open-air shopping experience on August 3, 1959.

Present Throughout its history, the mall has undergone a number of huge renovations. In 1972, Lenox Square was enclosed and upgraded with the addition of Neiman Marcus and 30 other retailers. It also went through expansions and renovations in 1979, 1980, 1986, 1993-1995 and 2007. Today, it’s anchored by the major department stores Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s and owned by Simon Property Group.

Future Once again under renovation (since September 2012), the mall’s newest incarnation is sure to result in the sleekest, most modern Lenox Square yet. According to the director of marketing and business development for Lenox Square, Lauren McNulty, the mall’s updates will improve the shopping and dining experience. “The new food court will incorporate new furniture and lighting, and will

now be open to the level above, creating a more inviting dining experience. New restaurants—announced at a later date—will be added to our food court dining options as well,” McNulty explains. The exterior of the mall facing Peachtree Road will become an all-glass entrance with a new roundabout, fountain and extensive valet parking area. Mallgoers will also enjoy the addition of the boots company UGG, Californiabased Sprinkles Cupcakes and other popular designers like Vince Camuto, Invicta, Tumi and Bachrach. The repositioning and revamping of current tenants Nike, Lacoste, Armani Exchange, Brookstone, Original Penguin, Carol’s Daughter and Karen Millen are also in the works. n

Celebrate with Lenox—an Independence Day Tradition! This year, Lenox Square will host its 54th annual Legendary Fourth of July celebration. In addition to games, fireworks and food, the celebration includes a performance by Wesley Cook, winner of the “Atlanta’s Next Legend” contest!

Benefitting the provision of arts-infused educational programming for children

SAT U R DAY, SE PT E M B E R 7, 2013 GRAND HYATT BUCKHEAD 3300 PEACHTREE ROAD NE ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30305 Featuring an open bar, silent and live auction, dinner, a special puppetry performance, and more! Tickets: $200 | Tables: $2,500 Tables include 10 seats and special recognition. Questions? Call 404.881.5118 Purchase tickets, preview and bid on auction items online before String Fling! Visit Exclusive String Fling media sponsor:

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Tough Chicks

s To train for agility and coordination, Terri Moss (left) helps our writer with jabs and crosses.

Buckhead Fight Club brings girls inside the ring story:

Jennifer Bradley Franklin   Photos: Sara Hanna


f this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight,” are the first graffiti words I noticed on the wall at Buckhead Fight Club. Tucked into a subterranean space in a shopping center on Buford Highway (technically considered Brookhaven, though some local residents may argue the point), this gym is nothing if not gritty, and it’s certainly not the kind of place this girly girl would typically troll for a workout. However, I rolled into a “Boxing Chicks” (read: women-only) fitness class ready for a challenge.

Run by Terri “The Boss” Moss, a former Women’s International Boxing Federation strawweight titleholder, this gym is no joke. In my first class, we warmed up by skipping rope to get our hearts pumping and improve our coordination. As we started to drip, I learned about the other women in the class. One who works in government finance told me that she regularly runs, but nothing gets her in shape faster than working out here. It’s a sentiment Moss herself echoes. “It does the most for your body that you can get out of a workout. Boxing burns fat out of the muscles,” she says. “If you’re punching 1,500 times in an hour, even if you only have a 12-ounce glove on, that’s going to burn the fat.” She’s a living testament: She’s a grandmother of two and has a physique any 20-something would envy.


t Moss’ own cut muscles are a testament to how effective her boxing workouts are.

After the warm-up, Moss gave each of us a pair of two-pound hand weights and we got into the ring, bobbing and weaving to the motivating tunes of Kanye West’s “Stronger” and “Hot Stuff ” by Donna Summer. My biceps and triceps were burning like crazy: I was on my way to becoming a believer. Next, we got out of the ring, put on gloves and did shadow boxing exercises, punching the air with jabs and crosses. We then made contact with the pads Moss held for us, improving agility and coordination with each punch. Any built-up aggression I may have been storing dissipated after striking the boxing bags hanging around the expansive, 15,000-square-foot gym. Finally, we finished with intense abdominal exercises to strengthen our core. I was a sweaty mess and already starting to ache.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Even though the workout was first-rate, what I really noticed was the sense of camaraderie among the women: Each of the regulars goes by an affectionate, teasing nickname (given to them by classmates or by Moss herself ) and it was common to hear words of encouragement called out in between swings. They weren’t decked out in the hundred-dollar workout pants so popular at area gyms. Rather, these “Boxing Chicks” were dressed however they felt comfortable (gritty, well-worn tee shirts and old soccer shorts) and came ready to work hard. “Women don’t box because they’re trying to tap into an ego thing; they box to prove something to themselves,” Moss explains. “Most women are dealing with something in life outside of the ring that’s really breaking them down, so they stumble into the boxing ring and they feel welcome.” For me, the champion was right on the money: Finding my inner fighter was empowering and my intensely sore muscles were a testament to how effective the workout is. While I didn’t actually fight against anyone else my first night at Buckhead Fight Club, I fought against my inclination to quit when it got tough, and that was enough. n

Buckhead Fight Club 3293 Buford Highway Atlanta 30329 678.322.7511 Unlimited Boxing Chicks fitness classes are $125 per month and more advanced training (for those who aspire to spar with another student) is $150 per month.

Please visit us at our new location, same shopping center


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SIMPLY stylish

tast e ma k er

Glass it up New designer Abbey Glass talks personal style, her fashion line and traditional Southern inspiration story:

Olivia Putnal


s an Ansley Park native and Paideia School graduate, 26-year-old fashion designer Abbey Glass remembers scanning the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue in Phipps Plaza in high school and during her summer breaks from college. “I made friends with the personal shoppers. They filled the dressing room with the latest Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Zac Posen gowns for me to try on. That first Chanel gown I tried on changed my life.” Since her encounters with Chanel back in the day, she’s spent a year at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and landed internships with Calvin Klein Collection and Marc Jacobs. In March, Simply Buckhead was there when Glass debuted her own gowns and style sense at the W Atlanta – Buckhead during her first-ever fashion presentation. (Note: Glass’ first line is forthcoming, but those who can’t wait may contact her directly with custom orders.

Who is your fashion inspiration? I really look up to people with a strong sense of self and a love of


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

nostalgia without compromising creativity. I love Miuccia Prada’s view on women and the world. She explores such interesting relationships between people and their environment. I am also very inspired by Christopher Kane’s incredible imagination with fabrics and shapes, and the great focus that has led him to such commercial success.

good care of their bodies that they look good in anything!

How would you describe your style? My style is classic, feminine and, at times, Southern, but always with an unexpected quirky edge. I like to be polished and love luxe fabrics, but always need to mix in some vintage finds for inspiration.

Tell us about your go-to fashion essentials. What’s your everyday wear? I own a lot of eclectic clothing, but when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, comfort and simplicity are hard to compete with. My go-to shirts are my white Equipment Femme button-down or my ultrasoft James Perse t-shirt.

Who’s your target market? The refined and confident 20-somethings, but also the polished and whimsical 40-somethings. I want my clothing to be intergenerational. How would you describe Buckhead fashion? I always see women in Buckhead wearing classic, polished outfits with a sexy flair. The Buckhead woman dresses with color and isn’t afraid to wear patterns with a punch. So many women in Atlanta take such

What do you like most about fashion in the South? I love that most of the well-dressed women in the South really look comfortable in what they are wearing, that classics are always relevant and dressing is not so trend-driven.

What are your fashion goals for the future? I’m at the very beginning of starting my own clothing line. Many don’t succeed in this business, so it would be amazing to make it past the first stages. It’s been my dream to design for my own namesake collection and work on collaborative projects with artists who inspire me. I would love to build my brand to a point of national and international presence. n

After Abbey Glass’ first runway presentation at the W Atlanta-Buckhead (top left), the designer was all smiles. Photos: Ben Rose

Spotted in Buckhead: Here’s where Abbey Glass goes Boutique Shopping: Labels Resale Boutique 3202 Paces Ferry Place N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.841.8444 Brunching: Anis Café & Bistro 2974 Grandview Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.233.9889 On a Dinner Date: Pasta Vino 2391 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.231.4946 Getting Pampered: Keune Hair Cosmetics 3344 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30326 404.816.3344

O N S TA G E | L I T E R A RY | A RT V I E W

Simply arts & entertainment

art view A Room with a View, Page 48

A childhood spent near the sea and a love of nature have provided inspiration for many of Buckhead artist Winston Crawford Wiant’s colorful works.

“I’ll just bring out a canvas and start ... but my paintings still rarely turn out like I mean them to.” -Winston Crawford Wiant

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



on stage



Rialto director Leslie Gordon gets a knight(hood) to remember story:

Curt Holman


eslie Gordon initially overlooked the news that she’d received a French knighthood. The director of Georgia State University’s Rialto Center for the Arts at first assumed that the big brown envelope that arrived at her Peachtree Hills home was some kind of magazine. “We were using the dining room table to throw everything in the world on, so the envelope sat there for almost two weeks,” Gordon recalls. “My husband was trying to get me to clear off the table, so I finally opened the envelope and started reading it. When I saw the words referring to ‘your medal,’ I said ‘Whaaat?’ I was overwhelmed.” That’s how Gordon learned that France’s national Order of Arts and Letters bestowed on her the honor of Knight, or Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. The French government established the knighthood in 1957 to recognize people who had contributed significantly to furthering the arts in France and throughout the world. Gordon’s fellow knights include movie star George Clooney, singer Kylie Minogue and Atlanta’s Michael Shapiro, director of the High Museum of Art. “With over 27 years of experience in cultural affairs, Leslie Gordon has raised the bar of the artistic scene in Atlanta, notably by bringing a French flair to the city,” said Denis Barbet, Consul General of France in Atlanta, when he presented Gordon with her medal on March 27, 2013. “Her sensitivity, fine taste, enthusiasm and extraordinary competence has not only helped establish the Rialto as one of the most distinguished cultural institutions in Atlanta, but has also played a significant role in strengthening cultural relations between France and the American Southeast.” Before joining the Rialto in 2003, Gordon worked at such jobs as director of cultural affairs for the City of Savannah and was one of the producers of Atlanta’s Cultural Olympiad from 1992 to 1996. “I look at my career as working for the arts within organizations that are not primarily in the business of producing arts,” says Gordon. “In Savannah, I worked for a municipality. For the


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Photo: courtesy Rialto Center for the Arts

Cultural Olympiad, I worked for a sports organization. Now I’m at a university doing the arts.” Gordon works to ensure that the Rialto meets its potential as a cultural beacon for Atlanta, not just Georgia State, with programming that primarily draws on jazz, dance and international music. In addition to the 833-seat theater space, Gordon uses the walls of the lobby for a new, curated visual arts series every two months. Gordon says, “My job is making sure that we’re making our budget, that funds are raised and that everyone’s happy on the staff. People say to me, ‘Your job’s fabulous: You get to see all these artists!’ And sometimes I answer, ‘Yes, but I also have to

make sure there’s toilet paper in the restroom.’” Although the knighthood completely took Gordon by surprise, she attributes it to her international outreach. She says, “We build relationships with the consuls here. I have a history of doing French and Francophone work at the Rialto,” including hosting innovative choreographers from France, as well as artists from French-speaking Quebec and West Africa. Gordon acknowledges that a French knighthood isn’t the same as a stereotypical English knighthood, and includes no castle or banner men in the bargain. She quips, “You get a gorgeous medal and a tiny lapel pin, but you don’t get to go to the front of the line at a French movie.” n

Simply Buckhead half WEEBLES.pdf 1 4/18/2013 2:03:04 PM











One of the 7 wonders of the art world

Girl with a Pearl Earring In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, visitors will be able to see one of the most recognized paintings in the world, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. This exhibition features thirty-five Dutch Golden Age masterpieces from The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. The High is one of only three US venues for this exhibition and the only one in the Southeast.


This exhibition is organized by The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague. Generous support for this exhibition is provided by the Sara Giles Moore Foundation, Sharon and Chip Shirley, The Friends of Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Alfred and Adele Davis Exhibition Endowment Fund, and an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Image: Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632–1675), Girl with a Pearl Earring (detail), ca. 1665, oil on canvas, The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



L it erary

Young at Heart Local author shares secrets of making it to 100 story:


fter extensive research, Brookhaven resident Steve Franklin believes he has discovered the secret to a long life. And he’s not shy about sharing it. In fact, it’s the basis of his new book, Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life. A former business professor at Emory University, Franklin first started thinking about living a long and prosperous life several years ago when he met Lynn Peters Adler, then 94, who told him her goal was to see 100. When he attended her centennial birthday party, he had the inspiration to start asking people how they did it. “I also started asking questions about money, work and life,” says the 65-year-old (who will be 66 July 21). “I got the idea to interview lots of centenarians who have lived through many economic cycles.” The result is Franklin’s book, coauthored with Adler and crammed with information culled from taped interviews and surveys of more than 500 people who have celebrated their 100th


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

H.M. Cauley

birthdays and four who passed the 110year mark. Among those who participated were Besse Cooper, 116, recognized as the world’s oldest woman, and Walter Breuning, 114, the world’s oldest man. The stories are separated into categories that cover career, money, time management, sharing wisdom, the passage of time and, of course, secrets to longevity. “It’s not rocket science; there are no secrets from the tomb,” Franklin says. “It’s just good, timeless advice.” The top question was, “What is the number one reason you think you’ve lived so long?“ “By far, the answer was about attitude and how they thought about life,” Franklin says. “I found that there really are two kinds of people: those who appreciate and enjoy life and those who don’t.” The respondents also urged moderation. “They talked about eating sensibly and exercising—moderately, but none of them had ever been on a controlled exercise program,” Franklin says. The seniors offered insight into financial affairs, such as the importance of savings, managing debt, and investing

for the “really, really long run.” The recently released book, published by John Wiley & Sons, will put Franklin on the speaking circuit to share not just the information he gathered, but his enthusiasm and personal dedication to the topic. “A lot of aging is attitude; it’s how you approach life,” he says. “My personal goal is to live to 120.” n

Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life is available at and

Fabulous Mountain Property Just a couple of hours hours away! Summertime temperatures 15+/- degrees below Atlanta.

Multi-range long views from this wonderful family home in Sky Valley-on the Atlanta side of Highlands. Six bedrooms, seven baths, open kitchen and living room, game room area. Amenities include championship golf course. Includes four lots and fully furnished. $1,625,000. MLS 76019

Authentic Beauty

The signature view of Whiteside Mountain. 1.41 acres just minutes from Main Street in one of Highlands’ best areas, neighboring a premier 50-acre estate. Reduced drastically to $295,000. Comparable lots are often double this price. MLS 67112.

Bert Mobley

828.200.0846 • Highlands, NC 28741 •



“It’s Mythic. It’s Artful. It’s Hot.” -CREATIVE LOAFING

metamorphoses MARY MARY Z ZIMMERMAN IMMER RMAN ovid ovid by

based on the myths yths of

JULY Y 2-2 2-20 -20


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



art vie w

A room with a view Local artist creates colorful nature landscapes from city home story:

H.M. Cauley


uckhead artist Winston Crawford Wiant lives in the city, but a quick review of her lush landscape paintings shows that her creative urges are not influenced by skyscrapers, traffic or crowded street scenes. Instead, the 38-year-old mother of two draws on her love of nature, nurtured during her years growing up in Florida’s Amelia Island Plantation in a home filled with artistic energy. “My mom was a painter, so I grew up around it,” Wiant says. “That inspired me to major in art at college (at Brenau University in Gainesville, Ga.), but honestly, I didn’t really take art seriously until I had kids.” Before her first daughter arrived five years ago, Wiant worked in fundraising for Shepherd Center, and before that, in membership for the High Museum of Art. But being at home with a baby—and a second who arrived two years ago—inspired her to use oil painting as a creative exercise. “I needed an outlet, so I started painting in earnest when the kids were napping or in school,” she says. She manages her materials in a small side room and dreams of the day when she’ll have a separate studio. Until then, she’ll simply paint where she can, when she can. “I’ll just bring out a canvas and start. I work from both photographs and memory, but my paintings still rarely turn out like I mean them to.” One reason for the unpredictable end result is that Wiant frequently adds new work on


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

canvases she’s discarded, a technique that creates a multilayered image. “It started out as a way to reuse a canvas, but then became fun,” she says. “For instance, I just started another painting on top of an abstract that had been leaning on the wall for a few months. Now, a lot of the older colors are showing through.” Layering also plays a role in Wiant’s new interest in abstracts. “I do love animals and landscapes, but last year, I got into abstracts and have had a huge response,” she says. “I just started playing around with it and got into lots of layering.” Occasionally, Wiant creates commissioned works of specific sites or scenes. One of her favorites is a painting of the Fox Theatre that hangs in husband James Wiant’s Buckhead office. She also donates works to various local auctions, such as the annual Trinity School art gala, and has been featured in small shows at Buckhead’s Anne Irwin Fine Art. But the majority of her followers find her by word of mouth. “I’m not in a gallery, and I don’t know if I’m ready for it,” she says. “I’m happy now selling on my own. Maybe when the kids get older and I have more time, that will change.” Wiant’s artworks sell from $450 to $1,800—a price range that makes her work popular among young buyers, she says. “The prices are fairly economical, and that’s good,” she says. “People my age can’t afford to go out and spend a lot on art.” n

The artist’s affordable paintings include lush landscapes heavily influenced by her love of country and coastal areas.

To see more of Wiant’s work, visit or email

Clean craft corner Get Out. Get Active. Be Inspired. Live Your Passion.

Wipe up paint

Pressure wash Andy ____________________

Thanks for a great first year in the ATL!

1248 West Paces Ferry Road, NW Atlanta, GA 30327 (404) 343-1764


Your home, cleaned just how you like it.

1248 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta GA 30327

Because your standards aren’t standard. (404) 228-4837 •

(404) 343-1764

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


R E V I E W | d ri n k s | F O O D I E J O U R N A L | t a s t e m a k er | R E ST A U R A NTS

Simply delicious

Bhojanic’s ASD-designed Buckhead location marries clean minimalism with exotic elegance.

restaurant review

Bhojanic Does Buckhead, Page 52

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Bhojanic brings the flavors of Northern India to Shops Around Lenox. July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 




Above: The ASD-designed space is soothing and spa-like. Right: Bhojanic’s Chicken 65 is a tasty, non-fried version of the classic.

Bhojanic does Buckhead Beloved Decatur gem adds exotic touch to Shops Around Lenox feature:

Wendell Brock   Photos: Sara Hanna


halis are to India what meat and threes are to America. A thali lets you sample from all the pots in the kitchen. At Bhojanic in Buckhead, these homestyle combination plates are served on big compartmentalized stainless trays— a perfect introduction to the pleasures of chicken tikka masala (Tandoori bird in tomato cream sauce), saag paneer (creamed spinach and cheese) and alu gobi (potatoes and cauliflower dyed yellow with turmeric). When three of us stopped in for lunch at this second location of Archna Becker’s beloved Decatur restaurant, my friend Sonny quickly reasoned that if we all ordered a thali, we’d be able to try just about everything on the menu that day. A seasoned businessman, Sonny knows an efficient model when he sees one, and when his platter of goat curry, bhindi masala (sautéed okra with caramelized onions) and other tasty veggies arrived, I took one look at my rather plain-looking chicken biryani and had to admit he was right. After two meals at this North Indian restaurant, I’ve come to admire the flavorful, long-simmered, aromatic home cooking over


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

the sometimes contrived fusion cocktails (Masala Mojito, anyone?) and tapas. Designed by ASD, the new Bhojanic gives the recently refurbished Shops Around Lenox a touch of exoticism. Outside, a modern-looking wooden trellis frames a patio bedded with crunchy gravel pavement; it’s a stylish place to meet friends for drinks and bites. The interior is an appealing minimalist space that calms the nerves like a spa: soothing greens and yellows, light woods, jeweltoned pillows, tasteful Indian fabrics. If you aren’t in the mood for alcohol, consider a mango lassi, a delicious sweet-tart yogurt-and-fruit smoothie that’s an Indian staple. It’s cooling to the senses, easy on the tum-tum and quite addictive. The cocktails here play on the aromatic nature of the cuisine and sometimes riff on Latin classics. The Masala Mojito perks up rum and lime with a bit of heat; once I swirl in the sprinkle of spices, it tasted pretty good. A better option perhaps is the Pisco Float, a riff on the South American standard Pisco Sour of grape brandy, lemon and sometimes egg whites. Bhojanic’s pisco pour adds a slick of Malbec to the surface, imparting the drink

with a gemlike sheen and a woozy kick. Among the tapas, we liked the Chicken 65. Seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chiles, it’s billed as a “nonfried version of the original.” It’s good, but why mess with perfection? The fried version at Zyka in Decatur is better in my opinion. From the list of chat (Indian street food), the Samosa Chat was a wonderful smash-up of potato-and-pea samosas topped with tamarind and mint chutneys and cool yogurt. We wanted to try one of the little crispy puffed rice things, and our server, Jessenia, recommended the dahi puri, which was a bit like the Samosa Chat, only smaller and more delicate. If you aren’t famished and want a light starter or a cocktail nibble, it’s perfect. As for the entrées, I’ve had better, more complex biryanis, but I really loved the intensely flavored goat curry and wanted to sop up every drop of the gravy with rice. Likewise the shrimp curry, cushioned by a lovely tomato sauce redolent of garlic, ginger, onions and curry leaves. Indian desserts can be an acquired taste, so Bhojanic offers a pistachio cheesecake slathered with mango puree that will cer-

Left: Served in a stainless-steel, compartmentalized tray, this thali showcases (clockwise from top left corner) mandarin orange and mixed bean salad; jasmine rice pulao topped with papadam (lentil crisp); raita (spiced yogurt with cucumber and tomato); alu gobi (potato and cauliflower with a ginger and tomato sauce); goat curry in a ginger, garlic and onion based sauce; and bhindi masala (sauteed okra with caramelized onions). Above: Samosa Chat combines potato-and-pea samosas with tamarind and mint chutneys and cool yogurt.

“After two meals at this North Indian restaurant, I’ve come to admire the flavorful, long-simmered, aromatic home cooking.” tainly do the trick if you want something sweet. We loved the more traditional gulab jamun, a donut-like fried dumpling floating in a beguiling rosewater syrup. Bhojanic announced its Buckhead satellite more than a year ago, but time and again, the vagaries of construction and permitting delayed its opening. We are delighted that it’s finally here. Like many just-opened restaurants, it still seems to be working out the kinks. I dined here with a friend who used to live in India and another who frequents the curry restaurants of London, and both were perfectly satisfied but never wowed. Servers seem distracted, not very engaged by the food, and a bit insecure about answering questions. Still, Bhojanic Buckhead is already doing a brisk business, and it’s easy to get in and out and have a solid and affordable meal. For years, Atlanta’s Indian offerings were basic, and basically all the same, so it’s exciting to have newcomers like Chai Pani, Cardamom Hill and Bhojanic. In Decatur, Becker seems to have her own built-in cheering section, and we expect she’ll conquer Buckhead, too. For now, I’ll just have a mango lassi and a thali, say a toast to Sonny Boy and curry on. n

Left: For the traditional dessert gulab jamun, donut-like dumplings are dunked in rosewater syrup. Above: The Pisco Float is topped with a splash of Malbec; the mango lassi is a healthy yogurt shake that will make you slurp-happy. Below: Pistachio cheesecake is drizzled with mango coulis.

Bhojanic Buckhead 3400 Around Lenox Drive, Suite 201 Atlanta 30326 404.841.8472, Lunch and dinner: Tapas and appetizers: $3.95-$8.95. Entrées and thalis: $11.95-$17.95. Bottom line: Casual North Indian spices up Lenox.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



drin ks

BREW crew In the midst of a craft beer revolution, East Decatur Station is hopping to attention


Kelly Skinner


ou know it as the home of Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen and The Corner Pub, but now, East Decatur Station (on College Avenue between Decatur and Avondale Estates) also lays claim to two brand-new breweries: BlueTarp Brewing Co. and Three Taverns Craft Brewery. Let the summer sippin’ begin!

BlueTarp Brewing Co.

Brian Purcell checks on a batch of Belgian ales.

Thomas Stahl was working as a researcher in biochemistry at the University of Georgia when he first discovered his passion for brewing. “I asked my boss for a month off so I could go to the American Brewers Guild. Next thing [my boss] knew, I had quit!” Eight years later, Stahl and his uncle, Rick Castellucis, are getting ready to open the tasting room at their newly minted brewery, BlueTarp Brewing Co. The small, homegrown operation—the two built nearly everything, including the boiler room, in the 4,500-squarefoot space by hand—launched in late 2012 with their red ale (BantamWeight). When their 2,250-square-foot beer garden and 1,500-square-foot tasting room open to the public in July, anticipate a new neighborhood gathering spot to beat the heat.

BlueTarp Brewing Co. currently offers three flavorful beers: Mother Hoppin’, BantamWeight and Hopsided IPA. BlueTarp Photos: Austin Holt

Happy Anniversary Red Brick! Bottles up! Longtime Atlanta staple Red Brick Brewing Company is celebrating the big 2-0 July 27, which officially makes it the oldest brewery in the state. To commemorate the achievement, the craft brewers are launching their 20th Anniversary Ale (an imperial stout that’s been aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels). Now the brewery is working toward another achievement: becoming the first brewery in the state that is Georgia-certified organic. “Our whole goal is to help Georgia farmers get in the beer game. We’re trying to be innovators in the industry in that regard,” says Jason Topping, Red Brick sales manager.

Location: 731 E. College Avenue, Decatur 30030 The sips: Mother Hoppin’, a rich double IPA heavy on the hops; BantamWeight Ale, a mellow, easy-to-drink red ale; and Hopsided IPA, a citrusy, slightly hoppy brew.

Three Taverns Craft Brewery

Ryan Castellucis and Thomas Stahl take a break from brewing at BlueTarp Brewing Co.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Turn west out of BlueTarp, walk two minutes, and you’ll find Brian Purcell putting the finishing touches on his ambitious large-scale brewery project, Three Taverns Craft Brewery. Named for a Roman travelers’ resting spot on the Appian Way (a Roman road dating back to biblical times), Three Taverns focuses on crafting Belgian-style beers that blend Old World methodology with an explorative American approach. Lodged within a rustic, sprawling 8,500-square-foot space designed by Decatur architect Jeff Wren, and boasting a 30-barrel brewing system, beer aficionados can look

forward to tours and tastings when doors open in July. “I never thought this would become more than a hobby,” reflects Purcell, who has been home brewing for 10 years. “I remember thinking, ‘What would it be like to feel a sense of calling in my vocation?’ and ‘Could I marry my passion with my vocation?’” Apparently so. Location: 121 New Street, Decatur 30030 The sips: Launching with Single Intent, a light, Belgian-style single ale, and A Night In Brussels IPA, a hoppy Belgian/American-style IPA.



Now Open! Full service b ar live music Festive patio

BuckheaD 404.841.8472 3400 Aroun d L en ox D r, Buc khead, GA 30326

TradiTional indian food in a n o n T r a d i T i o n a l aT m o s p h e r e

D e c at u r 404.633.9233 1363 C l airmon t R d, D ec at ur, GA 30033

w w w. b h o j a n i c . c o m

Shops Around Lenox Next to Crate & Barrel™

Just North of N.Decatur and Clairmont Rd Intersection

Domestic & Imported Cheese Specialty Tastings & Private Events Fine & Specialty Wines And More 404-523-2300 3655 Roswell Road, Atlanta 30342

Business Legal Services + Dispute Resolutions Real Estate Landlord/Tenant Employment Construction Collections

Scott I. Zucker, ESQ

404.364.4626 Direct One Securities Centre 3490 Piedmont Road, Suite 650 Atlanta, GA 30305

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead



foodie journal   | Culinary News & Notes story:

Ashley Hesseltine Primo Patties The Hakatamaki (white fish, Shiso leaf and yuzu ponzu) at Umi is almost too pretty to eat. Photo: Ben Rose

fishy business Y

anglaise—those come from Ito’s wife ou know what they say: There’s aland pastry chef, Lisa, who is also an ways more fish in the sea. ’Tis true MF Sushi vet and former apprentice with two new sushi spots docking in to François Payard at Le Bernardin in Buckhead. Umi, located in the courtNew York City. yard adjacent to the St. Regis Hotel Around the corner in the old MF terrace, is the product of master chef Buckhead space is Amura, a popuFuyuhiko Ito (an MF Sushi vet), who’s lar Florida import. It serves unique created an incredible menu of nigiri eats like the Bata fish carpaccio with and specialty rolls, as well as tempting pomegranate ponzu and old standbys eats like baked lobster tempura, saulike the spicy tuna roll in a swanky téed foie gras and diver scallops with space with white tablecloths and soy ginger sauce. The modern-rustic neon light accents (don’t vibe is courtesy of worry; they’re trendy, not Atlanta designer Umi Tattletale-esque). Order and artist Todd 3050 Peachtree Road N.E. from the list of more than Murphy and his Suite 1 Atlanta 30305 30 sake selections or sip a installations of a 404.841.0040 cocktail like the Crouchwhite oak sushi bar, ing Tiger Drinking Dragluminescent ceiling Amura on (tequila and lychee and wood paneling. 3280 Peachtree Road N.E. liqueur) while you watch As for the temptAtlanta 30305 talented chefs whip up ing after-dinner 404.477.3888 your dishes. You’ll soon be treats like green tea saying, “MF who?” soufflé with crème

So many burgers, so little time (plus, it’s bathing suit season). Get your fix in smaller portions at The RitzCarlton, Buckhead on Wednesday nights (6-10 p.m.). Take a seat at the communal table and feast on gourmet sliders ($4-$9) like pork belly and fried oyster, Wagyu beef, black bean with avocado, and foie gras with grilled peach and sunnyside-up quail egg. Equally as intriguing is the new ostrich burger at Buckhead’s Tantra, available on Wednesdays. The sixouncer comes with Udderly Cool gouda and pickled vegetables on a Buckhead Bread Company bun, Feast on fresh plus a side of jalapeño paneer tater meat with BurgerFi’s brisket burger. tots for $14. The best part: While Photo: Brandon Amato comparable to beef in flavor and protein content, ostrich has about half the calories and fat of beef, pork and even chicken. But if you want the real deal, make the trip to BurgerFi at Emory Point. The rapidly growing franchise serves fresh, never frozen burgers made of all-natural Angus beef from humanely raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free cattle. Create your own meaty masterpiece or choose one of the specialties like the B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day) burger with American cheese, hickory bacon drizzled with maple syrup, fried egg, hash browns, grilled diced onions, and ketchup or the VegeFi (made from BurgerFi Emory Point quinoa). The quality eats also include hot 1520 Avenue Place, Suite B-140 dogs, freshly cut French fries, onion rings and Atlanta 30329 frozen custards. 404.665.4400 Sliders get swanky at the Ritz. The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead Photo: courtesy The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead 3434 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta GA 30326 404.237.2700 Tantra 2285 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30309 404.228.7963

Cooking Accouterments

Step up your meals after a trip to Petite Auberge’s new olive oil and vinegar boutique. The shop and tasting bar within Atlanta’s original French restaurant in Toco Hills sells 30 flavored and infused extra virgin olive oils in flavors like black truffle and Tuscan herb, and balsamic in selections like dark chocolate and coconut (pour on ice cream for a delectable dessert). You can also taste the infusions in menu items like the chocolate crêpe praline with orange chocolate sauce (made with blood orange olive oil) and grab a bottle on the way out ($11-$29). To add a different kind of punch to your plate, try a dollop of Curry Ketchup, a spicy collaboration by Ron Eyester of Rosebud and The Family Dog, and Emily G’s Jams. Find the condiment with a kick at Rosebud (Eyester has been using it in his restaurants’ dishes for years), Pine Street Market, Lucy’s Market, d’Vine Wine Bar, The Cook’s Warehouse and The Beehive for about $7. Petite Auberge 2935 North Druid Hills Road N.E. Atlanta 30329 404.634.6268 Rosebud 1397 North Highland Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30306 404.347.9747

You’ll fall in amore with Amura.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Photo: Sweet Peach Blog Courtesy of Green Olive Media

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



tast emaker

H&F Bread Co. Head Baker Robyn Mayo is a master at the art of high-quality carbs.



Robyn Mayo leads H&F Bread Co. to even more scrumptious success story:

Kate Abney


ounded in May 2008 by James Beard Award winner Linton Hopkins, H&F Bread Co. is a pillar of the Buckhead culinary empire that includes Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch Public House and H&F Bottle Shop. In early 2012, the operation moved from a jewel box of a bakery in Buckhead to a state-of-theart facility on the Westside more than 20 times larger, allowing it to serve 200-plus wholesale accounts in the metro area—from coffee shops like Belly General Store to fine dining restaurants like Bone’s to casual eateries like Farm Burger. Thursdays and Fridays at the bakery are the most prolific, as the team of nearly 100 preps for farmers markets all over the city—from Peachtree Road to Grant Park. They’re led to success by new head baker Robyn Mayo, a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute and former pastry chef at Canoe and The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. Here, we learn what she’s got bakin’.

You’ve been at H&F Bread Co. since Day One and were promoted to head baker in 2013. Of what are you most proud? Our buns are our claim to fame these days. We make about five to six different kinds—four-inch burger buns, 3 1/2-inch buns, sliders, silver dollars, lobsters, hot dogs. We recently made 11,000 burger buns in one day! Holeman & Finch’s burger is considered one of the best, if not the best in Atlanta. But many other burgers in town compete for the title because they, too, use H&F Bread Co.’s famous bun. Yes, it’s funny to read about, but it’s often true. We think the healthy competition is fabulous, because we’re here for the community anyway. Overall, our purpose is to get good food out.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Besides that burger bun, what else should we try? Definitely the Pain au Levain; it’s our signature. It has all-natural leavening and no physical yeast, and is similar to a sourdough, but we also add a little whole wheat flour for depth of flavor and a bit darker color. The ciabatta is always a go-to, and I really love our Southern sandwich bread, which is a buttery, egg-enriched bread that we love to toast for grilled cheeses, BLTs and pimiento cheese sandwiches. H&F is at all the best farmers markets, including Peachtree Road. What can we look forward to this summer? People love the cinnamon twists, our multigrain sandwiches are always hot sellers and, of course, there are our famous pretzel twists. The kids go crazy for them. I think it’s because they can walk around with them in their hands

bread box breakdown H&F Bread Co.’s Bread of the Month club starts fresh in July.

at the market. We recently had an incident where we ran out, and there were a few tears. So sad! But we can always count on regular deliveries with your bread box program (see sidebar)—it’s one of the first things you implemented as head baker. Where can people sign up for it? You can go to [Restaurant] Eugene, the pub [Holeman & Finch], sign up online or here at the bakery, or even go to the Bottle Shop. You can join in at any month, or you can set up a three- or six-month program. It’s a fun little thing. n H&F Bread Co. 1401 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard N.W. Atlanta 30318 404.350.8877

Pay $40 for a three-month subscription ($75 with pastries) or $75 for a six-month plan ($135 with pastries). Regular subscriptions include two bread varieties—one traditional and one seasonal—available for pickup at the Westside HQ during the first week of each month. The seasonal breads aren’t regularly available at retail locations, which makes this program extra-special. JULY: Ciabatta, Cheddar Jalapeño

Sourdough Batard, Peach “Unfried Pie”

AUGUST: Marble Rye Loaf,

Potato Thyme Sourdough Rolls, Jalapeño Cheddar Croissant

SEPTEMBER: 100% Whole Wheat Batard, Buttermilk Yeast Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls OCTOBER: Brioche Buns, Oatmeal Pumpkin Seed Wheat Bread, Fruit Danish

NOVEMBER: Pain au Levain Batard, Vosges Rye, Cheddar Bacon Biscuit DECEMBER: French Baguette, Stollen, Sticky Toffee Muffin

Would you like to be able to change in the easiest way possible?

This is your invitation to change anything in your life in a way that is fun, easy and works for you.

Why not give it a try? Call for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Betsy Sexton Health & Happiness Coach


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featured restaurants  A sampling of great eats in and around Buckhead


Wendell Brock


n Café Sunflower In a town that’s burger-crazed and churrascaria-packed, chef-owners Lin and Edward Sun’s casual, mid-priced kitchen is an anomaly: a veggie haunt that samples freely from world cuisine with mainstream diners in mind. Here, patrons take delight in consistently delicious salads and soups; soy-based replicas of everyday grub like burgers and ravioli; and a stellar lineup of original dishes. The food is freshly prepared, beautifully presented and accessible to both hardcore vegans and omnivores. Lunch entrées: $9-$12 Dinner entrées: $12-$18

n Hal’s “The Steakhouse” Looking on the outside like a highend strip joint topped with a Bourbon Street balcony, Hal’s has built its cachet around its loyal clientele, old-school style, impeccable service and terrific food. Owner Hal Nowak is a New Orleans native, and in his eponymous enterprise—with its shrimp rémoulade, oysters bordelaise and booze-soaked bread pudding—he has created Atlanta’s answer to Galatoire’s.

Amanda Matte

This may be your grandparents’ favorite restaurant, but in an age where everything old is new again, it also boasts a youthful clientele that appreciates its straightforward food, strong drinks and speakeasy atmosphere. Appetizers and salads: $8.95-$23.95 Entrées and steaks: $23.95-$49.95

n Jalisco After nearly three decades, Jalisco remains a giddy, guilty pleasure trip through a tunnel of cheese. This Tex-Mex institution at Peachtree Battle is better than an El Paso taco kit but not exactly a showcase of the sophisticated techniques and ingredients of the Mexican larder. Without apology, Jalisco is what it is, a place with consistently good, standard-issue burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and even a “Hamburguesa Mexicana.” (It’s topped with nacho cheese.) This is not a place where the kitchen thrives on change and creativity. For the most part, the menu is the same as it has been since Jalisco opened in 1978. Lunch specials: $5.45-$8.50 Entrées: $8.95-$13.25 404.233.9244 Above: Inviting and casual, inside and out, Pasta Vino triumphs with classics like eggplant Parmesan. Below Left: Hal’s famous bread pudding swims in a pool of whisky sauce.

n OK Café Just as I send diners to Bone’s for the definitive steakhouse experience, I suggest OK Café as a classic diner with a strong Southern twang. The offerings here are anchored in time and tradition: Root beer floats and cherry lemonade are called Black Cows and Pink Ladies. Meat-and-twos and veggie plates laden with silken collards and exquisite mac and cheese are meant to be washed down with sweet iced tea and sopped up with a perfect corn muffin. Fat slices of meatloaf encrusted with tomato sauce; roast turkey with cornbread dressing and gravy; chicken pot pie with an adorable little “OK” stamped onto its puff-pastry


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

blanket—this stuff draws a crowd. If you don’t want to play the waiting game, you’d better arrive before 11 a.m. or between the lunch and dinner rush. After a quarter-century, OK Café never goes out of style. Appetizers: $3.75-$7.99 Burgers and sandwiches: $3.99-$12.99 Mains: $11.50-$15.99

n Pasta Vino You can surely find trendier pizza parlors or posher places to eat Italian in Atlanta. But if you are looking for old-fashioned linguini with clam sauce or chicken Florentine in a relaxed

Clockwise from left to right: Jalisco’s low-calorie chicken fajita salad; OK Cafe’s meatloaf, shown here with macaroni and cheese and broccoli, is stellar; Woodfire Grill’s mint chimichurri with huckleberry.

and inviting atmosphere with a loyal following, this Buckhead favorite has got you covered. The restaurant is beloved by many for its home-style cooking, casual ambiance, reasonable prices and a staff of servers who have acquired faithful customers of their own. Owner Nancy Powell treasures her crew, most of whom have been on the job for more than 10 years. Given the refined state of Italian dining in America today, Pasta Vino is not likely to win any awards for innovation or inspiration. But it remains a perfectly fine, frequently delicious, middleof-the-road trattoria. Starters and salads: $2-$10 Entrées: $10-$22

n Woodfire Grill After a three-hour, four-course dinner with cocktails and wine, we can report without hesitation: The Woodfire team remains at the top of its game. We decided to investigate by checking in on a crucial Tuesday. Woodfire is closed on Mondays, so Tuesday night is the swing shift, when the week’s new dishes are being tweaked, wine pairings selected and the staff is on high alert to absorb it all and not go blank when customers ask what the orange mayonnaise-y stuff in the bouillabaisse is. (It’s the classic aioli-like French sauce called rouille.) While it could use a bit of a makeover on the design end, the food and service show no signs of wavering. First and second courses: $8-$18 Main courses: $20-$42 Five-course tasting menu: $70 Seven-course grand tasting menu: $90

All Photos: Sara Hanna Photography, except above: Nicolas Quinones

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


There are many, but only one is truly Authentic.

Brazilian Wax Only $35! Full Body Wax Only $65 Call for Details

10 Locations in Metro Atlanta

3174 Peachtree Road Buckhead - 404.841.2456 6601 Roswell Road Sandy Springs - 404.303.3000 (Abernathy Square) 950 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 260 Midtown - 404.554.8060 (at The Plaza Midtown) NEW LOCATIONS! Newnan - Athens - Kennesaw Marietta (2) - Lawrenceville - Alpharetta

SI MPLY B UCKHEAD cover story

d a e h k c Bu

after dark Our neighborhood’s buzzing nightlife scene...

Then & Now From historic Irby’s Tavern to the infamous “Studio 54 of the South” to today’s posh hotel bars, scenic patios and craft cocktails, Buckhead’s nightlife has long been an integral part of what makes the area such a dynamic place to live. After all, Buckhead at her core is a social creature—after cranking out a tough day at the office, she knows how to let her hair down. Here, we take a quick jaunt down memory lane to create a greatest-hits list of Buckhead’s nightlife spots—from then until now. Cheers!


Kelly Skinner   Portrait photos: Sara Hanna

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


cov e r story buckhead nightlife then & now

Buckhead Theatre was designed by the famed architecture firm Daniell and Beutell and was built for $250,000 in 1930.

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

In the   Beginning:

Irby’s Tavern It all started with a land deal: Henry Irby bought 202.5 acres surrounding what is now the intersection of Peachtree, Roswell and West Paces Ferry Roads in 1838, then promptly opened Irby’s Tavern—which became a neighborhood marketplace and meeting point for area farmers. A buck’s head was mounted either over the tavern door or on a post in the yard (no one knows for certain) and served as a marker for farmers and neighbors looking to meet up at “the buck’s head.” Just like that, Buckhead (and its knack for shopping and socializing) began.

A New Era:

Buckhead Theatre

Decades went by, Irby’s Tavern came down, and a new icon of Buckhead’s social scene was born: Buckhead Theatre. Originally opened in 1930 as a movie theater, the Spanish Baroque-style building has been a fixture on Roswell Road ever since. “In the ’40s, I was in high school at


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

North Fulton. My cousin and I would sell Coca-Colas in the morning, then we’d head over here at night. It was the happening place; the movies were a Buckhead event,” says Theatre owner Charles Loudermilk. In Loudermilk’s day, sodas and candy bars were a nickel and movies were a dime. Throughout the next several decades, the space transformed from movie theater to concert venue, eventually becoming The Roxy in the mid-’80s—a nationally acclaimed performance hall opened by legendary music promoter Alex Cooley that attracted such acts as Sister Hazel, Phish, The Bravery and Collective Soul (see our interview with Ed Roland on page 68). Four years ago, Loudermilk purchased the building and set out to restore the Theatre to its former glory—years of concerts had taken their toll on the historic venue. Some $6 million later, the Buckhead Theatre is up and running as a bigger, better concert hall and event space. Besides updated technology and an upgraded space, the recently re-opened venue still shows off its original doors as well as a dazzling new 10-foot LED marquee. “I’m committed to keeping Buckhead Theatre here and making it work,” Loudermilk says. Here’s to another 80 years.

Dominique Wilkins Still Scores a Great Time in Buckhead Back in the ’80s, NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins kept a steady presence on the Buckhead scene. Along with teammates Spud Webb and Doc Rivers, the nine-time NBA All-Star made the rounds at Chops Lobster Bar, Rupert’s and Limelight for late-night sips and post-game socializing. “All the people in Atlanta would be at these spots. When you’re a young guy, these were the places to go,” Wilkins, 53, recalls. “More importantly, it was very upscale in Buckhead, especially from a nightlife standpoint. The restaurants always were great, no matter where you went.” As the current vice president of basketball operations for the Atlanta Hawks and color analyst for the Atlanta Hawks games for Fox Sports South, Wilkins still enjoys the Buckhead scene, but opts for a more casual evening—like riding his Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic custom motorcycle with a group of friends to spots like Prime, Chops Lobster Bar, Twist and Atlanta Fish Market. At the bar, he’ll order a glass of red wine (he’s a collector with a penchant for Petite Syrah) or a “stiff glass of water.”

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story buckhead nightlife then & now

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Above: Limelight was known for its decadent displays, including the admission of a live panther on its opening night in 1980. It welcomed guests like Andy Warhol (above right) and unlikely dance partners Russ McGraw (a gay activist) and Anita Bryant (an anti-gay activist) pictured below right. Photos: Guy D’Alema

Tom Glavine Raises a Glass to Evenings in Buckhead Ask legendary Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom

Golden Years:

Limelight and More Buckhead’s nightlife scene came into its own—and made a name for itself on a global scale—in the ’80s. Leading the charge was Limelight, a mega-sized nightclub opened in 1980 that was billed as the largest entertainment complex in the world, owing to its massive square footage and overall splendor. (Binders on Piedmont sits on the main floor of Limelight’s former location.) Besides boasting more than 100,000 watts of audio power and thousands of lights that moved with the audience, the space had, among other things: a glass dance floor with two sand sharks swimming beneath ( James Bond villain style); a snow machine, a confetti machine and a fog machine; a movie theater that aired old black-and-white flicks; and a green room for celebs. Everyone from Rod Stewart and Ann-Margret to Herschel Walker, Andy Warhol, Burt Reynolds, Kirstie Alley, Anita Bryant and Eartha Kitt stopped by to check out the “Studio 54 of the South.” “It was a visual paradise,” says


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

the club’s house paparazzo, Guy D’Alema, who wrote the 2012released book: Limelight … in a sixtieth of a second. “It was the club of the ’80s; it was the Sodom and Gomorrah of the nightclub scene. It had no competition. When Limelight came on the scene, it shut everybody down. That was the place to be; it was the place to go. Anybody who was anybody entertainment-wise wanted to come to the club just to see it.” D’Alema started shooting at the club in its early days (it closed in 1987), noting that the typical wait time to get in on weekends was four hours, and even then, you couldn’t be sure you’d make it through the door. “There will never be another Limelight, mainly because that generation [the free-love, post-Vietnam generation] doesn’t exist anymore in the nightclub scene,” he muses. “That was a unique set of people in a unique time in American history.” In the ’80s, Buckhead dominated the nightlife scene not just with Limelight, but with other attractions as well. Down the street, low-key watering holes like Five Paces Inn and Churchill’s attracted a laid-back crowd (and still do), while surrounding clubs like Confetti’s (a Top 40 dance club north of Buckhead on Roswell Road) kept the music bumping.

Glavine where he used to go out in Buckhead, and he’ll quickly rattle off names. “I used to hang out at Raccoon Lodge quite a little bit. They had that great outdoor patio, which was always fun. I did Tongue & Groove a little bit and Metropolitan Bistro once in a while. Bell Bottoms was fun with the ‘80s music,” Glavine, 47, says. Back in the ‘90s, when Glavine was throwing gamewinning pitches left-handed (he racked up 305 wins in his career), Glavine and his teammates enjoyed making the rounds in Buckhead. “There was a place to be on any given night. Buckhead was such a cool, fun place to be. Everything was within walking distance,” he says. Though it’s been years since he hung up his No. 47 Braves jersey (that number is now retired), baseball is still very much a part of Glavine’s life: He’s a broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves and is predicted to be on the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Based in Alpharetta now, Glavine still makes his way down to Buckhead occasionally for a date night with his wife. They’ll head to The St. Regis Bar or Chops Lobster Bar, where Glavine will order a steak and, on occasion, a glass of cabernet sauvignon (he and his wife like Silver Oak and Altamura) or a vodka cranberry. “And, I’ve never thought about it,” he muses, “but I actually drink right-handed.”

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story buckhead nightlife then & now

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Ed Roland Remembers Buckhead’s Nightlife

Czar Ice Bar

Above: Czar Ice Bar gets its name from its solid ice bar top, which is 4 inches deep and 27 feet long. Above right: Havana Club opened its current 15,000-square-foot venue in 2009.

“In the early ’90s we played at The Cavern. That was really the place to play,” says Ed

Buckhead Booms:

The ’90s and early 2000s By the ’90s, Buckhead Village had come into its own with more than 50 bars and clubs within its perimeter along Peachtree, Piedmont and West Paces Ferry Roads, earning a reputation as a wild party hub on scale with New Orleans’ infamous Bourbon Street. Favorite “it” spots included dance clubs Tongue & Groove and Havana Club (both of which still exist—albeit in new locations), Lulu’s Bait Shack (on Peachtree Road) and two-story contemporary sports bar East Village Grille (on Buckhead Avenue). Down the road and next to the mall, The Tavern at Phipps opened its popular restaurant and patio in 1992—and still remains a go-to for A-listers and Atlanta’s well-heeled (cue “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast). A couple of blocks over, Stephen de Haan, president of East Andrews Entertainment District, opened East Andrews Café in 2002, then quickly developed the surrounding spaces into a buzzing entertainment enclave. That area has only continued to grow with the


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

addition of spots like Prohibition (where you can sip Gatsby-inspired cocktails), live music venue Andrews Upstairs and, most recently, Czar Ice Bar (a sushi spot and lounge boasting a sleek, modern aesthetic).


Buckhead Gets a Makeover As a new generation came to enjoy Buckhead’s nightlife—and the drinking that went with it—the Buckhead Village area experienced some unwanted side effects: noise, complaints and crime. In 2006 developer Ben Carter, with the support of Buckhead boosters, started buying up businesses in Buckhead (like Lulu’s Bait Shack, Havana Club and East Village Grille) with the intent of turning them into a luxury mixed-use development on par with Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. In 2009, that project stalled, and the eight-acre site stayed in limbo. Now, California developer OliverMcMillan has taken over the Buckhead Atlanta project and is aiming to have a string of retail stores open by this holiday season.

Roland, frontman for bands Collective Soul and The Sweet Tea Project. Though most of his late-night hours were devoted to playing shows back then, Roland did squeeze in the occasional meet-up at Fado on Peachtree Road, where more often than not, he’d sip on “something from Kentucky,” likely a Maker’s Mark, neat. Today, the veteran rocker and Buckhead resident is readying the release of the debut album for his Americana act, The Sweet Tea Project, which boasts a range of banjos, trumpets, mandolins and ukuleles. (“It’s not your typical Collective Soul sound,” he says). His nightlife tastes now lean more toward, well, sweet tea. As the dad of a young son, Roland, 50, notes that these days, a night on the town typically consists of “taking my son to Phipps for a movie, then getting dinner at Tavern,” or having a “date night at Aria.” Next year, fans can look forward to two additional albums from Roland: The Sweet Tea Project’s second album and Collective Soul’s new album, the latter of which will be released in conjunction with the band’s 20-year anniversary. “To be in the music industry and still make music together and like each other for 20 years is quite an achievement,” Roland says. “We’ll be touring all of 2014, so I’m enjoying Buckhead while I can.”

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Ed Roland

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story buckhead nightlife then & now

Left: A Buckhead fixture since 1994, Tongue & Groove reopened in Lindbergh City Center in 2008. Above: Rose Bar attracts a crowd with its outdoor cabanas and indoor dance floor.

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Raise Your Glass:

Buckhead Nightlife Now Despite Buckhead Village’s transformation, Buckhead’s nightlife scene is still alive and well, albeit in a less concentrated area. Though East Andrews remains a popular socializing spot (its new moonshine bar, Stillhouse, is forthcoming), and several of Buckhead’s old mainstays continue to draw imbibers, a slew of new bars and clubs have sprouted up all over the area, bringing in a young, trendy clientele. Newcomer Del Frisco’s Grille (in the former Craft space) draws big crowds on the weekends with its double-decker patio, signature cocktails and expansive menu selection. Likewise, Zaza Pachulia’s foodie hangout Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro on East Paces Ferry is a mustvisit spot with its roomy booths, live DJs, hookah and delectable menu items (truffle mac ’n’ cheese, anyone?). The low-key vibe, solid Mexican eats, icy cold margaritas, and prime patio space at Tin Lizzy’s Cantina ensures it’s always a hit. Across the way, The IVY Buckhead on Roswell Road


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

regularly packs out its patio and fills its lodge-like setup with Buckhead’s young and beautiful. Speaking of whom, our cover girl Lauren Taylor Baker (see profile, right) certainly fits that description. She’s often out on the Buckhead nightlife scene and says, “I feel like out of all the areas in Atlanta, Buckhead is more likely to be the one that’s avant-garde in a more fabulous way.” You’re likely to see her busting a move at Rose Bar, which she loves for the lounge element and for one of her favorite DJs in the city, DJ Johnny D. Other places to drop it like it’s hot? Tongue & Groove’s gleaming 8,600-square-foot party place is a go-to for singles to mix and mingle— nonstop music and themed party nights like Southern Hospitality Thursdays and Glam Slam Saturdays add to the appeal. Likewise, the 15,000-square-foot Havana Club on Piedmont Road packs a full house with its cigar selection, salsa lessons (free on Saturdays) and three themed rooms. The dance fest continues down Piedmont at the swanky twostory Gold Room nightclub, accentuated by banquet seating, a floating DJ booth and an upstairs, glass-enclosed bar area where onlookers can sip while viewing the scene below.

Lauren Taylor Baker Rocks Buckhead’s Bar Scene It’s a rare weekend out in Buckhead that selfmade branding guru and socialite Lauren Taylor Baker, 28, isn’t hitting the town. She shares her fun with her 70,000 Twitter followers (@bravenewlauren) and says her entire social life is wrapped up in Buckhead. She admits her love affair with the area “started with Phipps and Lenox.” She says, “Now, I feel like Buckhead is finding its voice and coming into its own … to me, Buckhead is essentially the center where fashion and fabulous things happen in Atlanta.” Lately, Baker’s favorite spots have included Yebo (where she recently threw her legendary birthday bash); The St. Regis Bar (“it has a timeless elegance mixed with a new-Atlanta feel”); Tin Lizzy’s (where she and her gal pals catch up over margaritas); Rose Bar (“it’s a lounge element, but also where you can go and dance”); and Del Frisco’s Grille (“I love walking in and feeling like this is the new Atlanta”). If you want to spot her, look for a tall blonde in a bright-hued dress and sky-high heels.

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Lauren Taylor Baker

Like Baker’s style? Try her favorite cocktail, the rose-hued Taylor Made (Vixen Vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lemon and pomegranate liqueur) created especially for her by Yebo Mixologist Nick Stephansen.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


cov e r story buckhead nightlife then & now

Haute Hotels Sure, Buckhead’s packed full of nightspots, but have you considered trying one of the area’s tonier sipping sites? Enter the posh hotel bar. The oldest hotel in the area, The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead (which opened in 1984) still sets the standard high with The Lobby Lounge. Live jazz and a steady flow of Atlanta’s power players keep this meet-up spot timelessly cool. Whether you order a classic martini or one of the bar’s bubbly cocktails (the Georgia 9’s a sweet summery refresher), you can expect top-notch service that’s synonymous with the brand. Likewise, the dark woods and plush seating at The St. Regis Bar (a go-to for our cover stars and a regular spot for visiting celebs) make for Southern glamour with a modern twist. Go for a highball of the 2012 St. Regis Special Selection 3.0 bourbon (specifically made for this location) post-Drybar appointment and ease into the evening with an edge of elegance. Or, wind down after work with a drink at the Bourbon Bar at InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta. Admire the polished digs while sipping on an impressive list of 70 bourbons (plus 20 types of rye) or an inventive craft cocktail like the Lock, Stock ‘N’ Barrel Aged (a rotating cocktail aged in-house). Got a hankering for a snack? Refuel with a bite (or a Southern-inspired feast) from chef Art Smith’s flavorful menu next door at Southern Art. One of the city’s best patios sits on a perch at Whiskey Blue, the modern upscale lounge at W Atlanta – Buckhead. Linger inside and take in the art deco décor, or enjoy the fresh air on comfy sofas overlooking Lenox and beyond, a pineapple margarita in hand. The Lobby Lounge Photo: Ron Starr

Let’s Not Forget Sandy Springs…

{three} sheets

In the ’80s, after patrons had their fill at Buckhead bars like Limelight or Confetti’s, they’d head north for Sandy Springs, where they’d chow down on fat steaks at the fine-dining resto Beef Cellar, which served beef by the ounce as late as 3 a.m. Today, Sandy Springs’ hidden jewel is small-plate sensation {three} sheets. Tucked inside a shopping complex off Sandy Springs Circle, it’s a destination in itself with a plush red lounge area downstairs and a spacious porch perched up top. And, like Beef Cellar, the menu’s not too shabby either—nibble on truffle-drizzled deviled eggs, seared New Bedford scallops and heavenly grilled-cheese sammies in between gulps of your favorite craft cocktail.

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Late-Night Noshes When the after-hours hunger pangs set in, Buckhead’s restos step in to save the night! Looking for succulent sustenance? Put your name in the hat for one of Holeman & Finch’s notoriously juicy, gourmet burgers—the restaurant preps just 24 per night and serves them at 10 p.m., so be there early. But that’s not to say you night owls have to go home at 10—this restaurant serves its offal-loaded menu until 1:30 a.m. Craving something sweet? Reward a calorie-scorching night of dancing (shout-out to you, Tongue & Groove) with a midnight snack at Buckhead Diner. The James Beard Award-winning white chocolate banana cream pie makes for a satisfactory treat, and they’re open till midnight. Who knows? You may bump into a celebrity taking a late-night reprieve while you’re there (Kevin Bacon, Alyson Hannigan, Ryan Seacrest and Ben Stiller have all stopped by when they’ve been in town). Prefer pizza? Soak up some of that booze with a personal pie at The IVY Buckhead and get The IVY Buckhead Photo: Ron Starr back in the game.

Cynthia Bailey Keeps It Real in Buckhead When she’s not stealing the scene on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or working on her multiple passion projects—The Bailey Agency School of Fashion (which may become a franchise soon), Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey, The Cynthia Bailey Model Search and Miss Renaissance Pageant—fashion icon and supermodel Cynthia Bailey knows how to kick back. “I recently discovered through NeNe Leakes, my castmate and partner in crime, that Del Frisco’s Grille has the best cocktail—it’s called Apartment 5D. It’s so yummy and you can customize it the way you want to; it’s the perfect way to start the night,” Bailey, 45, says. Though Bailey lives in Glenwood Park with husband Peter Thomas, she’s a regular face on the Buckhead scene. “Most of my castmates do the

Leave the Driving to the Experts

majority of their shopping and dining and enter-

Enjoyed a little too much of Buckhead’s nightlife? These upscale taxi services will get you home in style. By Amanda Matte

Marcus and Saks,” she laughs. After long days of

tainment in Buckhead. NeNe alone lives in Neiman filming throughout Buckhead for “RHOA” you

Designated Driver Alternative This service will take you home in the comfort of your own car ... a perfect option for those who don’t want to find a way back to their vehicle in the morning, only for it to be booted! 404.713.1780


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Uber This on-demand, 24/7 service charges your credit card directly for either a “Black Car” or SUV option.

may find Bailey and her co-stars noshing on sushi

Mandarin Oriental and the classic elegance at

(Text an address and city to: 827-222).

at Twist or catching up over drinks at The Tavern at Phipps. When it’s just Bailey and her husband, she appreciates the low-key vibe of the The St. Regis Bar (which is where she’s prone to bring out-of-town friends).

Buckhead Nightlife: My View

Cynthia Bailey

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



Professionals in The arT of animal GroominGtm Since 1975

the pet set-buckhead 2480 Briarcliff Rd • Atlanta 30329 404.633.8755 the pet set-midtown 976 Piedmont Ave • Atlanta 30309 404.249.6668 the pet set-mobile 404.633.8755

$10 Off first service fOr any first time client! K9 Puppy & Adult Training Classes Beginning July 8th

Make reservations and appointments at


Walk on the Wild Side By Giannina Smith Bedford Following a career in corporate America, Kenya Walton took up longdistance walking with her 15-year-old miniature pinscher, Yogi, and a longtime friend. The trio got up to walking 10 miles a day and, as a result, Walton lost 30 pounds! She noticed how much Yogi loved being outdoors and decided she wanted to help other pets stay healthy and live a long life. In January 2013, she founded Walk N’ Out Pet Services, a pet sitting, animal transportation and dog walking company serving Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Vinings. “I have been an animal lover all my life and have had dogs ever since I could remember,” Walton says. “I even studied veterinarian medicine at University of Missouri for a couple years and worked in a Veterinary hospital.” Calling herself a “walkologist,” Walton is a professional walker who focuses on the total health and healing of pets in an enriching environment. Offering personalized service to fit clients’ schedule and lifestyle, Walk N’ Out concludes all of its outings with a follow up email to the pet’s parent and a customized bandana with Fido’s name to commemorate the outing. Walton says she loves being part of the pet industry and being able to interact with different types of dogs and their humans on a daily basis. Although Walk N’ Out is only in its first year of business, Walton already has plans to expand its paw print in Atlanta and beyond. “Eventually I would like to franchise Walk N’ Out Pet Services with walkologists in Miami and St. Louis,” she says. For more information about Walk N’ Out Pet Services please visit or call 470.246.1235.


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Simply happening Murphy’s Restaurant

Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. Judging by its impressive in-restaurant wine shop of 1,400 bottles and a fully stocked cellar, Murphy’s takes fermented grapes seriously. Learn just how seriously at the Virginia Highland restaurant’s Tuesday wine tastings, where patrons enjoy 8 to 10 wines centered on a specific region or theme. Pull up a chair to the crescentshaped wine bar for a staff-selected wine tasting on July 16 or a red-only wine tasting on July 23. For us budget-conscience winos, you won’t want to miss the July 30 event focused on value wines. Most wine tastings are $20 per person, but special events can vary. Reservations are required and can be made online or by calling 404.872.0904.


Taste Wine Around Town Swirl, sniff and sip at one of these intoxicating venues Woodfire Grill

Imperial Fez

July 18 and Aug. 15, 6 p.m. The third Thursday of each month, Buckhead’s Imperial Fez offers a wine tasting paired with some of the North African restaurant’s unique appetizers. The events showcase vineyards from around the world: July’s tasting features wines of Northern France while August’s highlights Spain. The tasting includes four wines and four appetizers for $25 a person. Afterward, tasters are invited to stay for dinner, so prepare to grab a floor pillow, eat with your hands and enjoy the sights and sounds of the nightly belly dancing performance, which kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Call 404.351.0870 for reservations.

July 18 and Aug. 15, 6-8 p.m. Discuss the intricacies of wine with Woodfire Grill co-owner and wine director Nicolas Quinones and sommelier Patrick Guilfoil during the restaurant’s new monthly wine tastings. Available at the bar and in the dining room from 6 to 8 p.m. every third Thursday through August, the tastings include eight wine pours focused on Photo: courtesy Woodfire Grill a specific theme or region. In July, explore Burgundy-style Pinot Noirs, and in August focus on Oregon’s finest Pinot Noirs—inspired by Guilfoil’s June visit to Oregon Pinot Camp, an annual seminar that brought together 50 Oregon wineries with 250 wine professionals from around the world. Tastings are $20 per person; there are no pairings included, but those attending are welcome to order as they please. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 404.347.9055 or emailing

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead


SIMPLY happening

simply buzz

Events, exhibits, galas and more


Giannina Smith Bedford The 2013 AJC Decatur Book Festival

Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta

Photo: courtesy of AJC Decatur Book Festival

Photo: Ben Rose

Weebles: Coast to Coast Photo: Jason Koerner

n Weebles: Coast to Coast at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta June 8-Sept. 8 The Children’s Museum of Atlanta 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive N.W. Atlanta 30313 404.659.KIDS Take the kids on a trip through each of the 50 states, all while staying close to home. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta exhibit “Weebles: Coast to Coast” includes 70 interactive activities allowing young travelers to go on a variety of pretend adventures. They’ll power a riverboat down the Mississippi, snorkel the reefs of Hawaii and even hit a homer at Fenway Park. The 2,500-squarefoot exhibit is designed for children 4 to 10 years old who can plan their imaginary trip with a giant U.S. map and touch-screen kiosk. Entrance to the exhibit is included in regular admission, which is $12.75 plus tax for adults and children. Babies under the age of 1 receive free entry, and admission for members is complimentary.

n Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta Aug. 26 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta American Cancer Society Center 250 Williams Street N.W. Atlanta 30303 404.420.2997


Don your stilettos and join other well-coiffed Atlantans at the fashion event of the year. Celebrating its 21st anniversary, Jeffrey Fashion Cares Atlanta is put on by a notable list of Buckhead residents, including event chairs Lila Hertz and Jeffrey McQuithy, who is also owner of Buckhead’s Vis-À-Vis The Salon. Simply Buckhead’s Joanne Hayes and Allison Weiss Entrekin serve on the planning committee. The stylish soiree includes a pre-show cocktail reception, fashion show, silent and live auctions (items include a trip to New York City with an exclusive tour of the Vogue offices), and an after-party all benefiting the Atlanta AIDS Fund (AAF) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Greater Atlanta Affiliate. Taking place once again in the spacious lobby of the American Cancer Society Center in Downtown, the charitable event highlights Jeffrey Kalinsky’s fall/winter collection, including designer duds from Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Jason Wu. Since their inception, Jeffrey Fashion Cares events in Atlanta and New York have grown into some of the largest combined AIDS and breast cancer benefits in the country, raising more than $11 million in more than two decades. Tickets are $500 and available online at

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

n The 2013 AJC Decatur Book Festival Aug. 30-Sept. 1 101 E. Court Square Decatur 30030 866.633.5252 ext. 3346 Held Labor Day weekend in the heart of downtown Decatur, this free annual event is one of the largest independent book festivals in the country. Since 2006, it’s brought together more than 900 authors and 260,000 attendees for book signings, author readings, panel discussions, an interactive children’s area, live music, parades, cooking demonstrations, poetry slams, writing workshops and much more. This year some of the well-known names attending include John Lewis, Jason Mott, Marcia Clark and Naomi

The Deadfields

Wolf. Along with planning the weekend’s event, the nonprofit AJC Decatur Book Festival spends the entire year promoting literacy and interest in books through fundraising and literary events.

n Rhythm & Brews July 25 and Aug. 29 The Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn at Heritage Green 6110 Bluestone Road Sandy Springs 30328 404.851.9111 Doesn’t get much better than kickin’ back with a cold brew and enjoying live rhythms in the outdoors. You can take part in this soul-pleasing experience the last Thursday of July and August at The Sandy Springs

Society Entertainment Lawn at Heritage Green. The happy hour concert series, Rhythm & Brews, showcases a variety of bands with regional roots. Americana/ folk-rock group The Deadfields takes the stage on July 25 followed by blues-rock band Old You on Aug. 29. The concert kicks off at 6:30 p.m., but gates open at 6 p.m. so get there early and snag a spot. Admission, purchased at the door, is $5 for ages 21 and up, $2 for ages 13-20 and free for kids 12 and under.

n SUNDAZE at Whiskey Blue Atlanta Sundays in July and August WET Deck at W Atlanta – Buckhead 3377 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30326 678.500.3190 As the mercury rises, spend Sunday afternoon cooling off poolside at the WET Deck of W Atlanta – Buckhead. This free weekly pool party, appropriately named SUNDAZE, takes place from noon to sunset every Sunday until Labor Day at the hotel’s chic infinity-edge pool overlooking Peachtree Road. With cocktail and VIP bottle service, chilled towels, DJs and gourmet bites, you’ll feel like a pool prince or princess by day’s end. Pool-goers will also be treated to surprise treats like champagne toasts and “boozy” popsicles.


We are a Motorsports Country Club similar to that of a golf club, where you can purchase membership – but instead of a golf course, we have a winding road course with elevation changes, where you can drive your sports car fast and legal.

75% of our clientele is made up of your neighbors with sports cars who want a place to drive fast and legal, not racers per se. We are not the same social club or country club that your friends belong to. We are a Motorsports Country Club that focuses on bringing the family unit back together by providing activities for the entire family.

Activities range from cars on track, gokarts, horseback riding, pool, fire pits, in and outdoor play areas, tennis court, a fitness center, club house, restaurant, hiking and mounting bike trails, and rental garages.

Rental racing go-karts Starting at $20 for all ages Corporate Programs starting at $99 per person

call 404.933.3436 email surf

cheers to cure A B E E R & W I N E TA S T I N G


CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER Friday, July 19, 2013 6:00pm - 9:00pm City Club of Buckhead Ticket Price: $50 Enjoy a beautiful evening in Buckhead as you sample international red, white, and sparkling wine, as well as craft beer.

raff le tickets

Raffle Tickets will be available for $10 and include fabulous prizes such as: THE ULTIMATE STAYCATION Includes hotel stay at Courtyard

Marriott, dinner for 4 at City Club of Buckhead, Lunch for 2 at Cook Hall, spa package, and tickets for 8 to IMPROV from East Andrews Entertainment.


GOLF PACKAGE Includes round of golf and lunch for 4 at The

River Club in Suwanee, TaylorMade Hybrid, TaylorMade golf bag, box of Pro V1 balls, and a golf umbrella. BRAVES EXPERIENCE Includes four Braves tickets to the

game of your choice (with certain exclusions), hotel stay at Hyatt in Midtown, Fox Bros gift certificate, and a personal training package. FISHING TOUR Includes guided fishing tour and Maggiano’s

gift certificate. WINE & DINE PACKAGE Includes top shelf wine tasting

for 8 and dinner for 4 at Villa Christina. MONTANA RETREAT Includes a week-long stay at a

beautiful lake house in Montana plus one airline ticket (date exclusions may apply).

ALL PRO CEEDS FROM THE EV ENT B ENEF I T CURE CH ILDH O OD CA NC ER . Founded in 1975, Atlanta, Georgia-based CURE Childhood Cancer is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research and through supporting patients and their families. With cancer as the second leading cause of death in children, CURE dedicates nearly $2 million annually to specific research projects aimed at solving cancers which affect children. Through innovative programming, CURE Childhood Cancer also provides crisis oriented support to patients and their families, addressing their most critical and urgent needs. PRESENTING SPONSORS


SILVER Berkshire Settlements, Inc. Croft & Bender LLC


IN-KIND Georgia Crown pH Wine Merchant Winebow, Inc

SIMPLY happening

c ha ritab le

Eryn Flanagan, Alana Israel and Crandall Richardson.

Ken and Sandy Lidrbauch.

Jessica Williams, Jarvis Martin and Arthi Nataraajan.

Tami Fricks and Wynn Frith.

Photos: Robert Loughran

Buckhead Wine Festival

M Darnell Crawley and Simply Buckhead’s Sonny Hayes.

Margaret Long and Gillian Newberry.

ore than 800 foodies and wine enthusiasts gathered at Andrews Entertainment District for the Buckhead Wine Festival. Attendees enjoyed plenty of sips, VIP wine seminars and live entertainment. Sponsored by Simply Buckhead, the event collected approximately 252 pounds of food for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Lily Arfa, Rebecca Rosenberg, Morgan Trepte and Amanda Vitebsky.

Simply Buckhead Senior Account Executive Cheryl Isaacs at the Simply Buckhead booth.

July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY happening

sc e n e

Is it playtime yet?

Buck, a rescue dog, waits semi-patiently while we photograph his gorgeous Buckhead home. (Read about it on page 34.) photo:


July/August 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Sara Hanna

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Historic Building - 16,000 Sq. Ft. Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors, Inc. 2395 Peachtree Road, NE - 30305 404.846.9411

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500+ Lots from Three Great Estates + Outstanding Consignments Sale to be held at Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery.

September 21 “Dante’s Down the Hatch” Extravaganza Auction Total Liquidation of Atlanta Landmark Restaurant Entire Contents of Restaurant + Vintage Automobiles Sale to be held on-site at Dante’s Down the Hatch. Register early, as seating is limited. View photos at Call 404.869.2478 for details.

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