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Your Guide to Living Well in Atlanta


Meet the star chefs who trace their roots to Buckhead

+His Protégés

Bonus: 4 pages of top chefs from the neighborhood

Child’s Play: Sweet children’s boutiques Holiday Fit Tips

“Our Bank Takes the Cake” “Our grandmother would have never believed it! Her original recipe that we all loved as kids has led to our thriving cheesecake company, which produces more than 40,000 cakes a day and provides desserts to top retailers and restaurants in the country. A business like ours needs a banking partner that understands how to provide the customer service, flexibility and financial products needed to be successful. We have a great partnership with Georgia Commerce Bank. The bank took the time to understand our business and get to know us personally as the owners of a family-run business. They created a banking relationship that is tailor-made for the way we run our operations. As siblings, we don’t agree on everything. But we are all glad we made the switch to Georgia Commerce Bank.” — Dina Birch, Margret Sapp and David van der Blom Atlanta Cheesecake Company Co-Founders

Georgia Commerce Bank has seven locations in metro Atlanta. Acworth • Buckhead • Cumberland Johns Creek • Marietta Peachtree Corners • Woodstock Seth Gray

Christin Nally Viola

Tripper Mansfield

Senior Vice President Commercial Lending

Senior Mortgage Consultant

Senior Vice President Private Banking

2970 Peachtree Rd., NW, Suite 100 • Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 240-5000

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©2013 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

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Let us spread seasonal cheer with that bubbly feeling. Let us set the evening aglow with a candlelit dinner. Let us make your post-shopping ritual a cocktail of your own design. Let us show you more ways to make your favorite time of year last forever.

We invite you to plan your holiday celebration with us at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta or The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta’s most elegant locations for inspired events. To learn more, please contact Kurt Schwan, our Director of Catering at 404-495-2621 or visit or


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Atlanta Activewear 404.532.1975

Located in Virginia Highland 996 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta 30306 Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get social. Follow us @AtlActivewear

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Stirring the Pot

Good news if you’re hungry: Buckhead has plenty of cooks in the kitchen Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

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Home Puttin’ on the glitz A revamped Buckhead townhome shines with urbane style TRAVEL NEAR: Go on spaliday The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead’s spa level offers an escape that’s close to home



36 fashion TRAVEL fAR: Highfalutin holiday Vacation like a celebrity at the Regent Palms Turks and Caicos The gift of art Looking for a unique and memorable present? Try a work of art.


to the nines Learn where to go when dressing your little one head to toe

Out of Africa 10 Degrees South brings Cape Town to Buckhead

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


Your Guide to Living Well in Atlanta

Serving Buckhead, Brookhaven, and Sandy Springs November/December 2013 | ISSUE 19 P.O. Box 11633, Atlanta, GA 30355 For advertising rates call: 404-538-9895

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Carly Cooper Once an incredibly picky eater, Carly Cooper had her first taste of food writing nearly a decade ago when her Carly and her Atlanta Sports husband, Dan Cooper & Fitness magazine editor—Simply Buckhead’s own Allison Entrekin—asked her to fill in for dinner and an interview at chef Joe Truex’s now-defunct restaurant, Repast. For this issue, Cooper reunites with Truex, currently executive chef at Watershed on Peachtree, along with eight other culinary leaders, to discuss Buckhead’s booming dining scene. A senior copywriter at a digital advertising and marketing agency by day, Cooper is also a contributing editor to Atlanta Magazine’s restaurant blog, Covered Dish, and writes Simply Buckhead’s Local Salute column. Her work has appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Eater Atlanta, AirTran Airways Go, The Atlantan Brides, and DailyCandy, among other outlets. And it’s worth noting that since her first meal at Repast, Cooper’s palate has broadened significantly.

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November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

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It was no easy feat coordinating the schedules of 15 of Atlanta’s top chefs for our November/December cover shoot. After all, when they aren’t busy running the kitchens of our favorite restaurants, many are making appearances at special events and even on television shows. But once this group of culinary greats, including the godfather of Buckhead restaurants himself, Pano Karatassos, gathered for their time in front of the camera, they were all jokes and smiles. All alumni of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, the chefs caught up with each other on life. Many took a moment to capture personal photos on their phones with the man whose guidance helped groom them into the super chefs they are today.

Q Evon

Producer: Giannina Smith Bedford Chief Photographer: Sara Hanna Photographer Assistant: Tyler Welbron Makeup: Julian Reynolds, Julian’s Cosmetics & Skincare Hair: Studio Todd G, Kelly Conarro

Simply Buckhead staffers present for the landmarkshoot couldn’t help but tweet their excitement (and stare!).

3145 Peachtree Rd, NE • Ste 177 • Atlanta, GA 30305 404.995.0155 •

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

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Letters from our tweet hearts and facebook fans! Follow us @SimplyBuckhead and on Facebook @SimplyBuckhead, why hello to you too! Great publication, keep it coming. –@_Professionista

What a beautifully written article. No one has been able to articulate what I do as eloquently as you have. Thank you so much. –Dr. Tim Kelly Congratulations on your magazine. You’re doing excellent work.  –Heather Lindell I think the July/August cover turned out really well and we have received some great feedback from Club members. –Jennifer Parker, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group I am very proud of Simply Buckhead, it has grown so much! It is a great publication. –Debbie Cohan, Chocolate Ooh La Las I just wanted to say thank you for the great feature on Celebrity Cruises in the latest publication. It was an amazing piece. –Lauren Bernath, The Reynolds Group The [Local Salute] article is lovely and gets the word out for Boxerstock as well. Thanks for helping our rescue. –Sandra Edgemon, Atlanta Boxer Rescue Both the writer and the photographer were fabulous. I can’t believe how well the photos and the [restaurant review] article turned out. Great things are happening at Joy Café—I appreciate everything you have done to make that happen. –Joy Beber, Joy Café Got your new issue yesterday. I liked [ Joanne Hayes’] article about Alaska. Good job. –Jules A. Cohen

@SimplyBuckhead thanks for featuring us! Love the article! –@ImpeccablePig @SimplyBuckhead photo shoot with some of the best chefs in our city! #novemberissue –@ReynoldsGRP Making history. Photo shoot of Atlanta’s most impressive chefs— who all worked for Pano. No pic. Wait for @SimplyBuckhead. –@BuckheadLife @SimplyBuckhead thanks for the follow! Love your magazine! –@EllaVive1 I know amazing marketing channels when I see them, and lately I’ve been referring all my biz friends to @SimplyBuckhead. Hands down great! –@deelitephoto Excited to be in @SimplyBuckhead! Thanks Guys! –@PieShopATL Hey—I know her! @jennbradley rocking out a chiropractic article (and modeling) in latest @SimplyBuckhead. –@allipal Loving the latest issue of @SimplyBuckhead. Check out @RootsJuices @DaviosAtlanta & @theangrychef on page 56! –@AshHess

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o one succeeds alone. It takes a family who shares your vision, friends who are willing to point out pitfalls, mentors who offer advice (and pay for lunch when you’re broke). It takes faith that God has a purpose for your life. Photo: Sara Hanna Photography It takes a person, a group or a company willing to risk something on you. And it is only when you are hoisted onto these many shoulders that you can spread your wings and fly. The chefs we assembled for our landmark cover shoot can certainly attest to this. Today, they are all big names in the dining world (who didn’t watch Kevin Rathbun just win “Chopped”?), but once upon a time they were relative unknowns, and Buckhead Life Restaurant Group Founder Pano Karatassos gave them a terrific opportunity. For our cover shoot, these highfliers all reunited—and it was amazing to witness. You can read their stories on page 63, plus flip through a feature about Buckhead’s of-themoment chefs. Some are new to the neighborhood, while others are old-timers—but all sizzle on the dining radar. On a personal note, I can also attest to the importance of being given a chance. When I met Simply Buckhead Publisher Joanne Hayes four years ago, she took a gamble and hired me to edit her soon-to-launch magazine. She believed I could do it, so I believed in myself. There have been times when I’ve felt like a fish out of water— leading a staff meeting while nine months pregnant (I gave birth the next morning), toting my two young children to cover shoots and writing editor’s notes that grew ever more personal (I’ve had to remind myself this isn’t my diary). But perhaps I wasn’t a fish out of water after all—I was a bird who was learning to fly. And so it is with bittersweet emotion that I announce this is my last issue as editor-in-chief of Simply Buckhead. The winds have led me to new opportunities, and the infinitely capable Giannina Smith Bedford will assume my role. But even as I continue to spread my wings, I will never forget Joanne, Sonny, Alan, Giannina, Jennifer and the many, many others who have lifted me up these last four years. I am grateful that I’ve been so far from alone.

Allison Weiss Entrekin

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


16 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

E V E N T S | L O C A L S A L U T E | T R A V E L | a p p rove d

Simply now

travel far

Highfalutin Holiday, Page 26

“Turks and Caicos conjures images of azure waters, lavish accommodations and an exclusive vibe favored by the well-heeled and well-known.”

Designed by architect Rafael Amuchastequi, the Regent Palms Turks and Caicos evokes the classic estates of famed British stage and costume designer Oliver Messel. Photo: Courtesy of the Regent Palms

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


18 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

S IM P LY n ow

e ve nts

Above: The St. Regis Atlanta's Astor Holiday Rink invites guests and non-guests to skate to the sounds of festive holiday music. Right: Warm up with s'mores and hot cocoa at the St. Regis Atlanta's outdoor Piazza fireplace. Photos: Courtesy of The St. Regis Atlanta

The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead's culinary team creates house-made desserts, finishing last-minute decorative touches as guests watch.


Photos: Ben Rose Photography

Hotels host the holidays Ditch the kitchen and indulge in a   holiday meal at a luxury Buckhead hotel


he holidays often conjure up images of days spent slaving away in the kitchen to create a picture-perfect meal. Skip the flour-dusted hair and mounds of dishes by letting some of Buckhead’s most lavish hotels treat you and your family to a no-fuss feast.

Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta The Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta transforms into a Nutcracker-inspired setting this holiday season, complete with giant nutcrackers to welcome you at the door and hot chocolate and cider in the lobby during December. Festive offerings include prix fixe menus at The Café & Bar on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ($55 per person; $25 for children 6 to 12) as well as a four-course New Year’s Eve prix fixe dinner ($85 per person). If you prefer to take the holiday feast home, the hotel is cooking up a Thanksgiving meal-to-go complete with a free-range herb-roasted turkey with sage gravy and fixings like cranberry orange chutney, sautéed green beans with

almonds and crispy shallots and much more. You can also let the Mandarin do the cooking on Dec. 25 with the Christmas Day meal-to-go, which includes a honey pineapple-glazed Virginia ham, a seven-spice rubbed free-range hen and many sides. Pick-up for each of the holiday meals ($250-$450) begins at 10:30 a.m. on both holidays.

The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead A Buckhead landmark hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead continues its tradition of hosting numerous holiday happenings. From Thanksgiving Brunch complete with more than 100 selections to Christmas Brunch, which entertains guests with live music and caroling by the Dickens Singers, the hotel brims with holiday cheer. Christmas brunch also includes an appearance by Santa and a knee-high buffet for kids. The hotel invites diners to its lavishly decorated environs for the à la carte Christmas Eve Dinner from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 24. Brunch events

are $99 per adult, $49 per child. Call 404.240.7035 for reservations; brunch and dinner reservations may also be made through

The St. Regis Atlanta The St. Regis Atlanta continues its holiday revelry in 2013 with a life-sized gingerbread house in the lobby; Astor Holiday Ice Rink; and hot cocoa, s’mores and Coca-Cola in holiday-themed bottles beside the Piazza’s outdoor fireplace. To celebrate some of the biggest nights of the season St. Regis-style, dress in your holiday best and save your appetite for the hotel’s Thanksgiving Buffet, fourcourse prix fixe Christmas Eve Dinner or Christmas Day Buffet. You can also start the New Year off with a culinary bang at the New Year’s Day Brunch. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day buffets and New Year’s Day Brunch are $125 per person; $59 per child 12 and under. Christmas Eve Dinner is $130 per person or $170 with wine pairings; $52 per child.

Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta 3376 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30326 404.995.7500 The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead 3434 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30326 404.237.2700 The St. Regis Atlanta 88 West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta 30305 404.563.7900

– Giannina Smith Bedford

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Get at Buckhead Life’s Celebrated Restaurants All gift card purchases get

20% more dollars applied to your own card or new cards.


’Tis the season for time travel Get into the holiday spirit with the Atlanta History Center

Complimentary gift boxes available.

Voted Atlanta's Most Unique Gift • Never expires • Works like a debit card • The gift that keeps giving year-round • Replacement for lost registered cards •

Purchase at any of our restaurants or: | 404.237.2060

Offer valid through January 31, 2014. Applies to purchases in $25 increments. Additional restrictions apply.

20 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Any parent who ventures outside their home during the final months of the year knows the metro Atlanta area is no slouch when it comes to holiday activities. While there is no shortage of fun to be had, only a few places offer more than sweets and toys to their young visitors. Enter the Atlanta History Center’s annual holiday program, The Holiday Spirit, where kids can explore a variety of fun and educational activities. In addition to musical performances and craft projects, children can join immersive performances involving historic characters at both the Swan House (showcasing the holidays in 1933) and the Smith Family Farm (taking visitors back to the 1863

Above: The Swan House's Morning Room and main hall envelop visitors in holiday cheer. Right: Young guests watch as a historic character prepares a holiday meal in Smith Family Farm's open-hearth kitchen. Photos: Courtesy of Atlanta History Center

holiday season). Never one to miss a good party, Santa Claus will also be in attendance. The program is free to members and included in the cost of general admission for nonmembers ($16.50 for adults; $13 for seniors and students; $11 for children 4 to 12). – Catherine O’Connor Hough

The Holiday Spirit Saturday, Dec. 14 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.814.4000

Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and face. It’s simple to have beautiful eyebrows everyday once you have had the Perfect Brow experience by my team of experts. You will marvel at the incredible difference the eyebrow makes on your overall appearance. Well-shaped eyebrows will give you an instant lift and make you look years younger.

Voted Best Brow Waxing in Atlanta for 2013! Upscale Relaxing Environment! Pampering Brow Sessions! No Rush Services!

Threading • Waxing • Tweezing Skincare Services • Brazilian Bikini Waxing Lash Extensions and Make Up Services Also Provided

Call For An Appointment 404.816.LEZA (5392) 56 East Andrews Drive • Atlanta, GA Tues 11-4pm • Wed 11-6pm • Thur 11-7pm • Fri 11-6pm • Sat 10-4pm

Runners of all abilities gather at West Stride before a group run.

/// FREE EVENT ///

Photo: Courtesy of West Stride

Turkey Trot Don’t look like a turkey, trot like a turkey! On Nov. 23, Buckhead’s West Stride invites runners of all levels to take part in a free “I Stride for Turkey” annual group run. Strategically planned for the week before Turkey Day, the jaunt will be the perfect excuse to get that second helping of sweet potato

Burn off some holiday heaviness with a neighborhood group run

casserole at your Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 28. The run is also the week before the Atlanta Half Marathon, allowing racers-in-training to get in a final long run before the big day. Starting at 8 a.m., “I Stride for Turkey” begins at West Stride in Buckhead and offers courses of various distances,

from 4 to 8 miles. What’s more, fluids are provided along the route to ensure you stay well hydrated (nobody likes a thirsty turkey). Following the completion of your jog, enjoy post-run coffee and treats and Pre-Atlanta Half Marathon Expo specials at the store. – Giannina Smith Bedford

West Stride Nov. 23, 8 a.m. 3517 Northside Parkway Atlanta 30327 404.467.1010

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When you donate to


this Holiday Season it might be a gift that saves a child’s

liFE Your gift to CURE creates quite an impact. on a scientist’s grueling search for a cure. on a family’s frightful battle. on a child’s tomorrow. This year, include CURE in your holiday giving.

1 1 17 Pe r im e t e r Ce nt e r We st • S u ite N -402 • Atlanta, GA 30338 | 770 986 0035 • 800 443 2873 • 7 7 0 9 8 6 0 0 3 8 Fa x www.curec hildhoodc

CURE 056 13C Simply Buckhead Ad Nov/Dec.indd 1

22 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

10/18/13 8:27 AM

S IMP LY n ow

Local Salute story:

"I wanted the toughest challenge that I could pursue in service, and earning the title 'Marine' was that challenge," Marshall Lauck says.

Carly Cooper

The Few and the Proud

Marine veteran Marshall Lauck now supports the cause through marketing efforts at Buckhead’s JWT For Marshall Lauck, chief operating officer at JWT (a marketing and advertising agency with an office in Buckhead), joining the U.S. Marine Corps signified brotherhood, leadership and challenge. He completed an operational assignment at Camp Lejeune, N.C., before becoming a marketing officer for the Marine Corps Recruiting Command. After seven years as a Marine, he joined Kraft Foods, where he spent five years in brand management. These experiences led Lauck to JWT, where he was hired in 2006 to lead the Marines account. “I know firsthand the type of commitment that young Marines make each day, and we owe it to the Marine Corps to provide a brand message that lives up to the ideals that they serve,” he says. Last year, Lauck was promoted to COO, yet he continues to sup-

port the Marines through JWT’s work with Hire Heroes USA—an organization that creates job opportunities for veterans and their spouses. He is also on the board of the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF)—a group that seeks to honor fallen service members by challenging Americans to adopt the character of 1st Lt. Travis Manion. TMF provides mentoring for veterans and support for survivors and hosts fundraising events that foster a sense of community among these groups. “As a veteran with a family, I have experienced the tremendous impact of these organizations and am proud to do what I can to help people find an outlet to serve and then realize the full potential that comes from a service experience,” he says.

Visit or

A victim of abuse, Shaquita Smith views acting as therapy. In between speaking at nonprofits, she's looking for investors for her indie action-thriller, "Global Network."

Miss Georgia USA contestant overcomes childhood abuse with pageantry and acting

Fighting Victimhood with Confidence Shaquita Smith, 23, represents Buckhead as a state finalist in the Miss Georgia USA pageant Nov. 21-23, but Smith is more than a beauty queen. She’s an actress, writer and motivational speaker who turned an unfortunate childhood into a source of confidence. Smith was sexually abused by her uncle as a child and channeled her pain into acting. She was president of the International Thespian Society at Minor High School in Alabama and won the Lou Godwin outstanding actress award. She even wrote and directed a play inspired by her story, called “The Breakthrough.” “What I like about acting is that I hold the key to my audience’s emotions,” she says. “In a split second you can make someone feel loved, angry, hurt or just depressed.”

Her journey into the world of pageantry was similar. “I wanted to get into pageantry because I thought I wasn’t beautiful and I believe that pageants can help you gain confidence and help you be the best person you can be,” she explains. Today, Smith speaks at domestic violence events and works with nonprofits such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, helping others recover from abuse. “You were once a victim, but now you’re a survivor,” she says. “When you have been abused, mentally it can harm you for life. Stop and get help. Don’t keep your feelings inside because you never know how it will come out in the end.” The Miss Georgia USA pageant will be held at the Woodland Performing Arts Center in Cartersville. For more information, visit

Your Wish Is Our Command Buckhead resident spearheads fundraising for Make-A-Wish Georgia John Inhouse, managing director of Merrill Lynch Buckhead, has been working with Make-A-Wish—a nonprofit organization that grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions—for 11 years. A board member for the local chapter and chairman of the 2013 Walk for Wishes fundraiser, Inhouse has helped raise more than $300,000 for the organization. “Make-A-Wish has changed my life,” he says. Inhouse leads the Merrill Lynch fundraising team,

encouraging his colleagues to donate airline miles to offset the cost of wishes that involve air travel. The company also hosts bake sales, holiday gift-wraps and shoe shine programs. “We do anything we can to raise money to help a child,” he says. Earlier this year Inhouse and the Merrill Lynch team granted the wish of Eli, a 4-year-old with a Wilms’ tumor, a rare type of kidney cancer, who wanted to go to Disneyland. Inhouse and his team held

a party for Eli at their office before sending him on the trip of a lifetime. “Getting to know [Eli] and seeing how happy he was was intoxicating,” Inhouse says. “Make-A-Wish is the ultimate attitude adjustment—how can any of us be having a bad day when the Wish children are always happy and smiling?” Inhouse plans to sponsor another Make-A-Wish child this year. For more information, visit

Inhouse and the Merrill Lynch team sponsored a trip to Disneyland for Eli, a 4-year-old with kidney cancer, pictured above with his family.

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S IMP LY n ow

TRAVEL ne ar

Left to Right: "The Exotic" dessert at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead's Café is exactly that— complete with passion fruit foam; yoga books come standard in spa-level guest suites; once you arrive in your ninth-floor room, sip water from a cored apple.

Go on spaliday The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead’s spa level offers an escape that’s close to home


fter several nonstop months of juggling work and two toddlers, my husband and I needed a spa getaway. What we didn’t need was to take a lot of time getting there. We managed to snag a night of free babysitting (thanks, Aunt Christina!), and every moment counted. Our solution? Reserve a suite on The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead’s ninth-floor spa level—which is about four minutes from our house, door to door. If you didn’t know The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead has a spa level, that might be because the hotel just unveiled it this year. The experience starts before you arrive, when a Spa Concierge calls to coordinate your treatments—as a spa-level guest, you have priority access to appointment times. Each of the spa-level guest suites is specifically

Ring In the Holidays at The Ritz! Here are a few of the Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead’s holiday happenings (see more in our Featured Event section, page 19): Tea with Santa: A Buckhead tradition. Santa oversees the festivities, including musical entertainment and caroling by the Dickens Singers. Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Nov. 29 to Dec. 22; and Monday, Dec. 23. Seatings at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. $52 per adult, $47 per child. Teddy Bear Tea: Children may bring a favorite teddy bear to tea. Storytellers and the Dickens Singers entertain, and Santa stops by to say ho, ho, ho! Children enjoy hot chocolate and seasonal treats and take home a keepsake holiday teddy bear. Dec. 1, 8, 15, 21, 22 and 23 at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. $47 per adult, $52 per child.

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Photos by Ben Rose, except main photo by Ron Starr

Allison Weiss Entrekin

oriented for health and relaxation, with amenities like air purifiers, sound machines and yoga mats and blocks. The signature in-room amenity is a cored apple filled with water that you can sip from a straw, and the minibar is stocked with healthy snacks. I particularly loved the bag of rosemary bath salts ready to be poured into the giant soaking tub. But my absolute favorite part? Instead of having a spa treatment, then putting on my street clothes and riding the elevator back to my room (total zen kill), I checked into a suite on the same floor as the spa, donned my robe and Okabashi slippers and padded just a few steps to the spa entrance. The walk back was just as seamless. Perfect. Once we checked into the spa, we found ergonomic chaises in the dimly lit waiting area, plus candied fruit and energy bars for snacking. An attendant brought us glasses of bubbly to sip while we relaxed. Then our therapists, who happen to be extensively trained in deep-tissue therapeutic massage and reflexology, came in to collect us for our individual treatments. I’m fortunate that I have experienced more than my fair share of massages (occupational perk), and the one at the Ritz was up there in my top five. My therapist, Alex, must be a mind reader. He sensed where I was tense and worked on those areas before I could even open my mouth to ask. I think I grew an inch after he stretched and rubbed the muscles around my neck (a problem area for me).

After our treatments, my husband and I halffloated back to the room, where we showered and dressed for a proper dinner in the hotel’s Café. When the elevator delivered us to the first floor, we were greeted by the sounds of a singer crooning into a microphone near the bar; we turned a corner, and a Café hostess led us to our table in the bustling dining room. We ordered appetizers—butter lettuce with goat cheese, apples, Marcona almonds and prosciutto for me; North Atlantic tuna crudo for my husband. We followed it up with diver scallops (me) and Atlantic halibut (him). Then my favorite part: dessert. I savored “The Exotic”—passion fruit foam, poached meringue, tropical chutney and tangerine granita—while my husband opted for roasted strawberries, white chocolate crémeux and strawberry basil sorbet. I wish I could say that on our big kid-free night, we proceeded to paint the town red, but these tired parents retired to our room, turned on our noise machine and enjoyed a full night’s sleep. The next morning, we rolled up our blackout curtains, shocked by the fact we’d managed to snooze till 9. The other shocking part? The way Buckhead looks from nine stories up. What a bustling and beautiful part of town we live in, so full of energy and life. We watched the action below for a while, then made our way home. We had only journeyed two miles, but in our minds, we had gone half a world away. And really, that’s all that mattered. n

Peachtree Battle Shopping Center


It’s what we


Feast of the Seven Fishes about Buckhead. Come Live the Life.

New Year’s Eve

Ace Hardware Another Broken

Izzy Maternity Joe May Valet

Egg Café Bank of America Baskin Robbins Burger King Café Lapin CaJa Popcorn Cartridge World

Jalisco’s Junko Hair Design LaRo Jewelers Maki Fresh--Sushi Master Shoe Repair Mint Julep Mori Luggage & Gifts

Chico’s Children’s & Prep Shop European Alterations

nadeau furniture with a soul Nail Shadow

Festivity For Eyes Optical Framers On Peachtree Frolic Boutique GNC Nutrition Gramercy Atelier

Natural Body Spa Paper Affair Pasta Vino Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors Peachtree Battle Barbershop

H&F Bottle Shop


Richard’s Variety Store Rite Aid Starbucks Talbots WhiteHall Tavern Woo Skincare & Cosmetics Zoës Kitchen

Now Open J. McLaughlin Mud Monkey on Peachtree

Peachtree Road and Peachtree Battle Avenue

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S IMP LY n ow


Spacious interior and exterior areas allow spa services to be offered en-suite.

Vacation like a celebrity at the Regent Palms Turks and Caicos


holiday T

Tropical floral touches and period pieces create a clean and inviting environment in each guest room. Photos: Courtesy of the Regent Palms

urks and Caicos … It dances off the tongue, conjuring images of azure waters, lavish accommodations and an exclusive vibe favored by the well-heeled and well-known. Christie Brinkley, Keith Richards and Bruce Willis are all rumored to own homes here, and mega music star Prince is often spotted on Turks’ Providenciales Island, partying at the Gansevoort or retreating to his own mansion. But if you can’t scrape together the millions you need to own a home in this jewel of the British West Indies, taking up residence at the Regent Palms may just be the next best thing. Set on 12 lush acres on the edge of Grace Bay Beach, one of Providenciales’ most picturesque shorelines, the Regent Palms embodies a classic British colonial style accented with modern and tropical touches. Handcut Barbadian coral facades and flickering gaslights (lit by hand each evening) adorn the resort’s five build-

26 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

feature: Giannina

ings, which house 72 one-, two- and three-bedroom suites. The spacious guest suites—each with more than 1,500 square feet of living space— are almost like apartments. The full kitchens are outfitted with Viking appliances (private chefs are available for hire) and the living rooms open onto travertine balconies or spacious terraces, many overlooking the $1.8 million serpentine infinity pool and the vast ocean beyond. It doesn’t take long to grasp that the Regent Palms isn’t a typical resort. Rooms are anything but hotel cookie-cutter. Instead, they convey the feeling of a distinguished home decorated in a fashionable but livable style with custom mahogany furniture, marble floors, milled crown moldings and wainscoting. For a serious splurge ($5,830 per night during high season), opt for the penthouse suites reached via keyed elevator access. Equipped with an interior “water room” featuring a waterfall shower, these suites offer

Above: The pool features a hot tub “island” and terrycovered chaise lounges. Right: The Regent Spa was conceived by Angel Stewart of Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage and The Golden Door fame.

Smith Bedford an adjacent Sun Suite with an outdoor shower, garden and Jacuzzi as well as two expansive travertine terraces. When dining outside the comfort of your adopted home, the Regent Palms’ restaurant, Parallel23, is a journey to culinary bliss. Enjoy a cocktail made from fresh-squeezed seasonal juices at the Green Flamingo bar, where you can also order a cigar off the Cohiba menu. Then, settle at a table on the outdoor terrace. Surrounded by lush bougainvillea and lit by candles, the romantic ambiance delights even before the seafood, steak and risottos hit the table. Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with the artfully arranged Caicos conch ceviche or sea bass with root vegetable and ginger sauce. After you’ve had your fill, close the evening with a little “moon bathing.” This pampering experience invites guests to relax in a chaise lounge by the pool, surrounded by candles, to stargaze with Champagne and petits

> >

do you see the world

differently? At The Galloway School, students age 3 through grade 12 are encouraged to explore their interests and discover their individual strengths. Schedule a tour today. Discover Galloway - Open House December 8, 2013 - 1-3:30 p.m. RSVP at

215 W. Wieuca Rd NW | Atlanta, GA 30342 | 404.252.8389

LifestyleMag_revised.indd 1

10/22/13 10:28 AM

0!34!)3/520!33)/. &2%3(0!34!)3/52 /"3%33)/.

fours while enjoying a shoulder massage. Absolute heaven. If the mini massage opens Pandora’s box for a more complete therapeutic experience, head to the Regent Spa. Named the World's Leading Spa Resort in 2012 by World Travel Awards, the 25,000-square-foot spa is an Eastmeets-West retreat spread over an acre. Stand-alone treatment rooms named after natural elements surround a mesmerizing reflecting pool. Guests can also enjoy services in tented cabanas in the garden or in spa suites ideal for couples. Utilizing Sothys and Zents organically formulated lines, signature treatments include the Mother of Pearl Conch Polish, which uses handcrushed local queen conch shells to soften the skin, and the indigenous

island Zareeba treatment, an herbal steam cleansing that concludes with a toxin-releasing massage. If the Regent Palms’ inviting guest rooms, world cuisine and “moon bathing” extravagance doesn’t make you feel like a VIP, the spa’s on-point service and exquisite attention to detail most definitely will. You might not have the musical chops of Prince or claim the magazine covers of Christie Brinkley, but the richness of Turks is still very much yours for the taking. n

The Regent Palms Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Island, BWI 866.877.7256


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S IMP LY n ow

simply appr oved




Season’s greetings Stationery as festive as the holidays story:

Jennifer Bradley Franklin   Photo: Sara Hanna


Buckhead’s local stationers and paper stores have just what we need to say “Happy Holidays” with style. Here are some of our favorites.



1. & 4. Breathless Paper: Irreverent Greeting Cards (starting at $3)

2. Calliespondence: Cheers Tags ($18 for 12)

3. 3226: Custom Holiday Photo Cards

Sometimes you need a little wit to lighten the mood, and local greeting card company Breathless Paper manages to do just that. Cheeky greeting cards (such as one emblazoned with a line-drawn liquor flask and the words “Holidays bring the family together” and another with a cozy scarf that says “Stay warm … and don’t eat the yellow snow”) are perfect for all the jokesters on your list.

“Cheers!” really says it all when it comes to a holiday greeting. These adorable turquoise and gold foil-stamped gift tags—which look particularly festive ribbon-tied to a bottle of wine, a hostess gift or a tin of cookies—fit the bill for any holiday you’re celebrating.

Sara Weinberger creates adorable printed treasures out of her store in the heart of Buckhead (the name is easy to remember—it’s the same as her street address). This stylish double-sided tri-fold card, printed on Hahnemühle photo rag paper, is a popular design for showcasing family photos from the year. Order your own custom greeting and you might be in celebrity company, since many Atlanta sports stars are clients.

Available at: Marguerite’s on Dresden 1430 Dresden Drive N.E., Atlanta 30319 404.841.9171

Available at: Marguerite Peele Fine Stationery 2300 Peachtree Road, Suite C-103 Atlanta 30309 404.352.8158

(starting at $2.50 per card)

Available at: 3226 3226 Roswell Road N.E., Atlanta 30305 404.869.8588

5. ECRU Stationery & Design: Angel Holiday ($4.50 each)

6. Exquisite Stationery: Printed Wood Greeting ($12.50 each)

Buckhead-based couture stationery designer Jessica Clark created this stunning “Peace on earth, good will toward men” card in the shape of an angel as a custom card for a client last year. The result was so lovely that she decided to recreate the 5-by-7-inch cotton paper letterpress card in both the original cranberry-red ink and with a silver foil stamp. She customizes the printed greeting on the inside and can even mail them for free, a service sure to generate goodwill this hectic holiday season.

Former St. Regis Director of Catering Harrison Rohr has carved out a new niche for himself turning out refined stationery, cards and invitations for a dedicated clientele from his Buckhead studio. This inventive holiday greeting features a real walnut wood-panel card printed with white and yellow ink on letterpress, tucked inside an Italian paper envelope. It’s unexpected and fun!

Available at: ECRU Stationery & Design (by appointment only) 3040 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta 30305 404.913.3278

28 November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

DID YOU KNOW? The most popular seasonal cards are Christmas cards, with some 1.6 billion units purchased (including boxed cards). Thanksgiving trails far behind, with 15 million units sold. Source: Greeting Card Association

Available at: Exquisite Stationery (by appointment only) 480 East Paces Ferry Road N.E.Suite 11, Atlanta 30305 404.869.6201


Big Canoe Realty offers new and resale homes, priced from$200,000 to 3 million +. Homesites are also available. Visit our website - Ask about our Fall Specials Simply Buckhead ad1-2pg.indd 1

Office: 770-893-1715 Bob Baker - cell: 770-605-4427 Bob Thomas - cell: 678-296-6409

10/16/13 10:05 AM

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckheadâ&#x20AC;&#x192;


Buckhead’s team for total wellness. PROVEN SCIENCE IS THE CORE OF OUR APPROACH.

Jamie Bodner

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

Laura Bodner

Certified Personal Trainer & Licensed Professional Counselor


Lose Fat + Get Stronger in 3 months Guaranteed or your money back! ▲ PERSONAL TRAINING ▲ GOLF FITNESS CLASS ▲ Tennis Fitness Class ▲ Pilates on Reformer ▲ Pinnacle Pump Weight + Cardio Class ▲ Nutrition Counseling ▲ Infrared Sauna ▲ Weights + Cardio Class with Kinesis ▲ Licensed Wellness Counselor Located in Buckhead at 3215 Cains Hill Place NW


H O M E | F A S H I O N | b ea u t y | W E L L N E S S | t as t ema k e r |

Simply stylish


Puttin’ On The Glitz, Page 32

“Our pied-à-terre in Atlanta represents our taste in contemporary urban living.” - Robin Visceglia

Nail-headed custom chairs surround the glass-and-iron breakfast table. Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY stylish


Above: Previously done in an oriental motif with burgundy and dark greens, the newly redesigned living room showcases silk custom drapes, mirrors from Jerry Pair and The Charles Stewart Company sofa purchased at Ainsworth-Noah. Right: The townhome’s traditional red brick and limestone entrance is a contrast to its more modern interior. Below: When she isn’t in Atlanta, animal-lover Robin Visceglia spends her time at Stillwater Farm in Cashiers, N.C., where she breeds Gypsy Vanner horses.


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Puttin’ on

the glitz A revamped Buckhead townhome shines with urbane style feature:


Giannina Smith Bedford   Photos: Sara Hanna

wenty-four years after purchasing her Buckhead townhome, Robin Visceglia decided it was time to glam it up. Yes, she’d done a few updates here and there over the years, but in 2010 she went for a complete facelift—one that was out with the old and in with the new. “The house was very dark and dreary and everything was dated,” says Lynn Monday of Monday’s House of Design, who oversaw the project. “[Visceglia] and I pulled colors and fabrics and she got the purveyors … We used lighter colors to brighten and make the house more cheerful, to give it more strength, and to modernize it and bring it up to date.” Visceglia was raised in Roswell, Ga., and is an Atlanta real estate investor. But when she isn’t brokering deals in town, she is teaching Iyengar yoga or breeding horses in

Cashiers, N.C., where she owns equestrianfocused Stillwater Farm. (Monday decorated her rustic 1905 Cashiers home as well.) “We are fortunate enough to have two lovely homes, which are total opposites in design and feel,” Visceglia says. “Our farm is a working horse-breeding operation complete with a circa-1900 farmhouse, while our pied-à-terre in Atlanta represents our taste in contemporary urban living.” Although the townhouse’s exterior is traditional red brick and limestone, the interior—which houses four bedrooms, four baths and two half baths—impresses with a stunning Hollywood-esque feel. The palette of taupe, cream and splashes of pink and purple sets the stage for theatrical accents in leopard prints, silver and glass—a huge departure from the outdated 1980s vibe.

Above: The kitchen is equipped with a Wolf range, drawers with stainless steel fronts and dark gray custom cabinetry.

“We basically gave it a totally new fresh look.”

Right: A pantry and refrigerator—hidden behind tall and narrow cabinet doors— flank the entrance to the kitchen.

In her upstairs master bathroom, she went with a St. Regis-inspired look. Upscale and traditional with a modern twist, the master bath’s heavy gold fixtures became brushed nickel and the carpeted floors were ripped out to lay down carrera marble. Visceglia and Monday worked with Waterworks on the master bath redesign and enlisted Creedon Cabinets to create custom cabinetry with a diamond shape detail. “[Terry Creedon] took some of my drawings and did a great job of creating the cabinets with some nice detail work,” Visceglia says.

While Visceglia and her husband, retired corporate jet designer Jacques Escalere, had a hand in nearly all the redecorations, Monday was given creative license in the living room. The only requirement was a leather sofa for easy maintenance (Visceglia has four Bouvier des Flandres pooches: 12-year-old Sadie, 10-year-old CBear, 9-year-old Daisy and 4-year-old Bijou). Selecting a white leather nailhead sofa by The Charles Stewart Company, Monday filled the alluring space with custom chairs painted platinum and covered in Schumacher & Co. animal


“It was a 1983 house that had gold and crystal fixtures. All the typical things you would see from 1983 with the gold bathtub and heavy, heavy chandeliers,” Visceglia says. “We basically gave it a totally new fresh look.” All the outdated hardware was upgraded, but the overhaul of the kitchen and living room was the major focus. Visceglia consulted Peachtree Hills-based Design Galleria to help redesign the asymmetrical kitchen. They removed the island, which Visceglia says “cluttered” the space, and moved the doorway to create a more symmetrical layout. This included splitting the refrigerator and freezer into two different 24-inch units and adding a coffered ceiling to make the small kitchen look larger. “In a small kitchen you have to think about how much you are going to cook, and for me it was making it caterer-friendly, but we can still cook a meal if we want to,” Visceglia says. “When we are in town, we like to go out to dinner.” For the countertops, Visceglia selected white marble with a hint of purple, which inspired the regal taupe-and-purple chairs encircling the breakfast table. She also replaced the tile flooring with tumbled marble, which extends into the foyer.

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY stylish


print fabric, a glass-and-metal coffee table purchased at Ainsworth-Noah and a Lucite side table. “Robin told me to run away with the living room. She said, ‘Just do it,’ so I went to [ADAC] and gathered up everything and threw it all in there,” Monday says. Monday’s creativity hit the mark, as the living room is one of Visceglia’s favorite places to sit with a glass of wine and a book. It also showcases many of the homeowner’s favorite décor items, including a white cast-paper piece of a female figure by Frank Gallo and a black-and-white painting of Marilyn Monroe that Monday purchased from Asheville, N.C.-based artist Kristin Thomas. Overall, the townhome’s transformation took about a year to complete, and Visceglia says she wouldn’t change a thing. “I just love the way it is right now.” n Above: The wood-paneled study is decorated with framed horse paintings and photos of Visceglia’s four Bouvier des Flandres pooches.

Below: Complete with traditional dining table and chairs from The Charles Stewart Company that are covered in platinum leather, the dining room is brightened up by North Carolina artist Doug Gifford’s paintings of dahlias.

Lynn Monday’s tips for invigorating   a monochromatic palette: 1. Wardrobe inspiration. “Add a pop of color from a choice in your wardrobe—a color you like and look good in.” 2. Seasonal hues. “Add seasonal color throughout the year—red and green at Christmas, or maybe silver.” 3. Color sourcing. “A colorful garden seat, pillows or art can liven up the space. Those are the three areas where you can add color inexpensively.”

Done in Waterworks fixtures, the redecorated master bathroom leads to a large walk-in closet with a window seat.


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

4. Animal accents. “Animal prints are neutrals, so they don’t upset the balance of almost any palette. They really can add an elegant and worldly feeling to a room. Whether it be a zebra rug or cheetah pillow, it can give it a touch of class.”

Greater Atlanta home inspirations are brought to life at MODA Floors & Interiors For inspiration, tour our showroom and link into a library of design resources.

1417 Chattahoochee Ave. Atlanta 30318 404.477.3744 Carpet • Area Rugs • Hardwood • Natural Stone • Designer Tile • Window Coverings

CLIENT: MODA PUB: Simply Buckhead SIZE: 4.375” x 5.875” (NON-BLEED) DATE: 1/17/13 CONTACT: Don Patton, Art Director PHONE: 404.451.1096

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY stylish


To the

nines Learn where to go when dressing your little one head to toe story:

Olivia Putnal 


Sara Hanna


hether you’re looking for investment pieces that can be altered with your child’s age, shoes to fit your daughter’s super-narrow feet or a gift for an upcoming baby shower or birthday party, these Buckhead children’s boutiques have got you covered.

Baby Braithwaite Designer Nancy Braithwaite founded the luxurious Baby Braithwaite first as a nursery showroom, expanding to a brick and mortar store in Midtown in 2005. In 2012, the store moved to its current Buckhead location with the goal of creating a peaceful shopping experience for parents with little ones. Now the shop is run by Nancy’s daughter and Buckhead resident Chaffee Braithwaite. You may recognize the shop for its nearly iconic bear topiary or, more importantly, its wide range of designer clothing, gifts and accessories for babies. With brands like Kissy Kissy, Bella Bliss, Baby Bjorn, Ralph Lauren and more, parents and gift-givers will find home-fromthe-hospital hat and bootie sets, high chairs and more.

Gretchen’s Children’s Shop As the oldest children’s clothing store in Atlanta, Gretchen’s Children’s Shop has been in Buckhead since 1952. Now owned by Anne Ames, Gretchen’s offers clothing and gifts for newborn babies, 16-year-old teens, and everyone in between. To help make your shopping


experience stress-free, the store is mostly organized by age groups to allow for easy searching. Children’s brands such as Madame Alexander, Gund and Cover Me Blankets are just a few of the designers the store carries.

McCall Wilder Designs Athens, Ga., native McCall Wilder couldn’t understand why it was impossible to find a timeless, well-made christening gown for her son back in 2001. Thus, she founded McCall Wilder Designs, which simply began as a small in-home service and has now grown to a boutique and atelier nestled in the East Andrews shopping district. McCall Wilder’s Boutique carries ready-towear clothes and accessories for everyone from newborns to teens. Most importantly, it’s one of the only places in Atlanta that offers custommade, hand-embroidered items—all made in the USA and hand-embroidered in Atlanta. Choose from fabrics like Swiss batiste, piqué linen and Irish linen. From newborns to teens, Wilder strives to help parents extend the life of their children’s investment pieces by altering garments to fit as kids age.

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Pretty Please Guided by her sister’s Destin, Fla., Pretty Please store, Shayla Wingfield opened her own shopping experience for children and parents in March 2011. The sisters call their stores “The Palace of Precious Treasures,” and each is designed to resemble a castle, has oversized dressing rooms to accommodate strollers, a playroom for the kids, a separate shopping area for teens and designers like Luna Luna, Kate Mack, Biscotti and Splendid, to name a few. It seems the sisters have thought of everything! In addition to clothing, Pretty Please has a design gallery, where shoppers can find age-friendly furnishings, gifts, lighting and art.

Sprong Shoes Finding the perfect children’s shoe, especially for narrow or wide feet, can prove difficult. That’s where 8-yearold Sprong Shoes comes in. Owned by Stephanie Teichner, Sprong not only pleases kids with a wide range of fun accessories like headbands, hair bows and mini CamelBaks, it also has

a wide selection of footwear brands and narrow and wide sizes for little ones. From athletic shoes to dress shoes, Sprong’s sizes extend from newborn to kids size seven in brands like Teva, Juicy Couture, Jumping Jacks, Morgan & Milo, Hunter, Nike, Kenneth Cole and many more. n

Baby Braithwaite 102 West Paces Ferry Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.869.8665 Gretchen’s Children’s Shop 1246 West Paces Ferry Road N.W. Atlanta 30327 404.237.8020

s Haute holiday: Buckhead’s McCall Wilder offers specialorder pieces that may be fully customized. Pictured here is a multipleat dress in Swiss Bearissima with Swiss scalloped edging and hand-embroidered rose buds starting at $280; and a boy’s tartan plaid yoke John John with mother of pearl buttons starting at $108.

Want more? Don’t forget about these other Buckhead child-friendly shops: Buckles 3145 Peachtree Road N.E. Suite 193, Atlanta 30305 404.365.0746 Kangaroo Pouch 56 East Andrews Drive N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.231.1616

McCall Wilder Designs 110 East Andrews Drive, Suite 3 Atlanta 30305 404.841.9263

Kazoo Toys 3718 Roswell Road Atlanta 30342 404.500.1027 KazooToysAtlanta

Pretty Please 3716 Roswell Road Atlanta 30342 404.254.3187

Mint Julep 2535 Peachtree Road Atlanta 30305 404.814.9155

Sprong Shoes 375 Pharr Road N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.846.8506

Ona 3400 Around Lenox Road, Suite 206A, Atlanta 30326 404.812.0002


Now Through January 12, 2014

your source for great Holiday Gifts!


• soaps • jewelry • clothing

Moneyville was created by The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. MONEYOPOLIS is a registered trademark of Ernst & Young. The MONEYVILLE trademark is used under license.

Presented Locally By Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of FCAC.


Meet the Holidays

Fall/Winter Programming Día de los Muertos | November 1 Diwali | November 2 & 3 Thanksgiving | November 23 & 24 Holiday Trains | December 6-13 Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe | December 7 & 8 Hannukah | December 14 & 15 Christmas | December 21 & 22 Kwanzaa | December 28 & 29 Noon Year’s Eve Ball | December 31 Día de Reyes | January 4 & 5


Custom Order Sofas - Great Prices!


6450 ROSWELL ROAD, SANDY SPRINGS 24,000sf 404-255-2548 open 7 days

Visit our sister store: Kudzu Antique Market in Decatur VOTED ‘BEST OF ATLANTA 2013’ !

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SIMPLY stylish

be aut y

Giannina loves … Salon: Sugarcoat, Buckhead Favorite treatment: The Essie Mani-Pedi by Rhonda Anderson Why I love it: “The Essie Mani-Pedi is the ideal combination of pampering and efficiency. The manicure includes an Essie Hydro-Masque—a moisturizer with aloe vera extract, algae extract and spearmint oil—and the pedicure offers an exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin silky-smooth. The Essie was the first service I received at this adorable Pharr Road nail salon when I walked in seven years ago and it continues to be my go-to treatment. The décor of pinks and whites and chatty technicians makes Sugarcoat feel like a girly retreat where you can not only get your nails done, but also dish with gals on the latest gossip. What’s more, the shop’s selection of cute accessories and own brand of nail polish helps your nail stop double as a quick dose of retail therapy.” Sugarcoat 256 Pharr Road N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.814.2121

Giannina Smith Bedford Associate Editor

Staff picks: Beloved Run (don’t walk!) to our tried-and-true pampering places Whether you’re a lifetime Buckhead resident or a recent transplant, finding stylists and technicians you can trust is essential. A few of our staff members wanted our readers to know where you’ll find us on the regular—and if we had it our way, every day. Now … enjoy!

Joanne loves … Salon: The Perfect Brows by Leza Favorite treatment: Brow Design by Leza Bennett Why I love it: “I love Leza because this is a true ‘spa’ brow design experience. She combines threading, waxing and tweezing the brows, depending on the client’s skin type and hair growth (in my case I only need to go once a month). My brows have grown in fuller and thicker than ever and I am totally brow-obsessed since I met Leza. I had no idea how much my eyes could ‘pop’ with proper

brow shaping and now they do. Each session is about 20 to 30 minutes and ends with a light massage with a cooling roller. Leza also sells her custom-made products—my must-haves include a brow brush and powder to perfectly line my brows with my daily makeup application.” The Perfect Brows by Leza 56 East Andrews Drive Atlanta 30305 404.816.5392

Joanne loves … Salon: Woo Skincare and Cosmetics Favorite treatment: Makeup Application

Joanne Hayes

Why I love it: “I love Woo Skincare and Cosmetics for the team of professionals who always recommend the appropriate products for my skin and age. When I moved to Atlanta a little over four years ago, the change in climate and lifestyle required a change in products. Many top lines are featured here, including MAC, Yves Saint



November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Laurent Beauté, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown. I also purchase my long-favorite skincare line, Dermalogica, here. I can park right in front and dash in conveniently.” Woo Skincare and Cosmetics 2339 Peachtree Road Atlanta 30305 404.477.5000


Olivia Putnal

Olivia Putnal Fashion and Beauty Writer

Olivia loves … Salon: Van Michael Buckhead Favorite treatment: Full foil highlights by Kara Koplan and cut by Harlow Jenniges

beauty spots Raquel Souza creates a paste so natural, you could eat it. Photo: Raymond Adams

Why I love it: “When I moved to Atlanta over two years ago, I was in need of a colorist and stylist I could trust with my super-blonde locks. I was intrigued by Van Michael’s approach—clients have a color specialist and a separate stylist. Each focuses on his or her specialty. Off the bat, both Kara and Harlow made me feel comfortable and right at home. Kara has found the perfect shade of blonde to please my slight OCD, and brighten up my natural dirty-blonde color. Harlow helps me take better care of my strands to achieve my dream of healthy, shiny hair for my wedding next June. Kara and Harlow both teach me what products and tools to invest in and what routines I should make habits for my extra-fine hair. Extra bonus? Neck and hand massages with each visit!” Van Michael Buckhead 39 West Paces Ferry Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.237.4664

Allison Weiss Entrekin Editor-in-Chief

Allison loves … Salon: Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio Favorite treatment: Brazilian sugaring by Raquel Souza Why I love it: “Despite giving birth twice, I am a pain-phobe, and Raquel’s sugaring technique makes this a near-pleasant experience. Her paste is created with sugar, water and lemon juice, and it sticks to hair, not skin. She also removes it in the same direction as hair, which means no bumps or ingrowns. Plus, Souza is just calm, professional and pleasant.” Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio 776 North Highland Avenue N.E. Atlanta 30306 404.875.5700

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 




Pavel Stuchlik, Jamie Bodner, Pam Lasier and Jenny Busing, photographed in Buckhead’s Triangle Park, say the holidays needn’t throw off your wellness regimen.

Holido’s & Holidont’s How to survive thrive this holiday season story:

Jamie Bodner, Owner and Trainer, Pinnacle Fitness

Jennifer Bradley Franklin   Photo: Tyler Welbron


he holidays can be a time of joy with friends and family. But throw in a dash of stress and a bit of overindulgence, and it’s easy to feel un-merry. We tapped some of Buckhead’s leading health and fitness experts for their tips—what to do and what to avoid—to feel your best this festive season.

Holido’s Walk it out. “Whether it be an evening stroll with the family, taking the stairs or parking in the back of the parking lot, take those extra steps (literally) each day and they will add up against all the holiday temptations.” – Jamie Bodner Scope it out. “If you’re traveling, it’s best to have a plan. Check out what workout facilities will be near you. Many places offer a complimentary first class, so it is a great time to try new classes.” – Jenny Busing Blissful nothing. “Every day make yourself absolutely unavailable to everyone for at least 15 minutes. Find a quiet place, ideally a place in nature


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

that you can visit, and then just sit. The power of sitting and doing nothing is that there is no judgment; there is only the present moment.” – Pam Lasier App attack. “Download an app (or two!). There are plenty of available phone and tablet apps that can help you stay on track during the holidays. Use them to track your calories, running/walking mileage and other activities.” – Pavel Stuchlik

Holidon’ts Be a Scrooge. “There is nothing worse than having someone over who only eats two carrot sticks, is in a terrible mood because they are starving and only talks about how many calories are in every cookie.

Our Panel of Experts

Enjoy yourself!” – Jenny Busing Neglect giving thanks. “Don’t overlook gratitude. It’s quite simple. Make gratitude a habit.” – Pam Lasier Forget to feel good. “Don’t underestimate the benefits of enhancing your mood. After a workout, our bodies release neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, which naturally lift your spirits. Your workout will do much more than burn calories—it will help spark holiday cheer!” – Jamie Bodner Push it too hard. “Don’t overextend yourself. You want to be happy and healthy over the holidays. Adding too many extra miles or workouts could make you prone to injury.” – Pavel Stuchlik

3215 Cains Hill Place N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.228.3705 Jenny Busing, Managing Partner, SVELTE 3944 Peachtree Road Atlanta 30319 404.889.5963 Pam Lasier, Founding Partner and Life Coach, THRIVE 2950 Mt. Wilkinson Parkway S.E. Suite 1010, Atlanta 30339 404.973.0074 Pavel Stuchlik, Former Pro Cyclist and Studio Co-Owner, Orange Theory Fitness 857 Collier Road Atlanta 30318 404.455.0402

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Happy Feet Boutique... Fabulous shoes and Luxurious pedicures – the perfect pair – in a fun trendy atmosphere.

shoes and pedicures

Buy a pair of shoes $100 or more and Receive a Complimentary Peachy Heeling Pedicure

beautiful OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


Located in Town Brookhaven 705 Town Blvd. Ste 430 Atlanta, GA 30319

404.846.2777 705 Town Blvd . Ste R440 . Town Brookhaven . Atlanta, GA 30319 | Open 7 days a week

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY stylish

tast e ma k er

Former architect Soodi Kick now helps her clients build healthy lifestyles through her work as a certified nutritionist. aphy

The aisles of Nuts ’N Berries in Brookhaven are stocked with sometimes hard-to-find natural supplements and vitamins.

“Kick” starting health through diet Nuts ’N Berries Nutritionist Soodi Kick spills her secrets story:


Jennifer Bradley Franklin   Photos: Sara Hanna

oodi Kick’s life has been a study in opposites: Born in Persia and raised in the U.S., she started out as an architect before falling in love with nutrition. She and her husband, Mark, have lived in Brookhaven for 34 years. The pair started Nuts ’N Berries, Brookhaven’s beloved health food and vitamin shop, in 1980 as an extension of pursuing a healthy lifestyle for their own family. Now the petite, spritely grandmother of four is a Certified Nutritionist and sees clients regularly—many of them from Buckhead—helping shepherd them into greater health and wellness.


What inspired you to get into natural food and supplements? My family’s health was the initial motive, but I soon fell in love with the idea of taking care of our bodies and staying healthy. I couldn’t walk away from it. What kinds of conditions can you help address with nutrition and supplements? Most of my clients are people who want to make some changes in their lifestyle and food plans. They’re interested in trying simple steps of eating better and addressing their total health and healing, rather than targeting single-symptom remedies. These can range from healthy weight loss to reducing cholesterol, modifying blood pressure, improving digestion and reducing allergies to increasing immune system function.

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

For a health food store novice, how would you recommend someone approach it? We shy away from something we are not familiar with, but it’s a shame to stay away from good healthy food choices or supplements to take. I would suggest to a person with little or no knowledge of healthy food to pick up free magazines available at most health food stores and read an article or two to get some ideas. Also, at Nuts ’N Berries we have eager employees to walk with customers through the aisles, show them options and explain basic things. What’s your favorite tip for clients on staying healthy during the holidays? I tell my clients to be wise and sneaky at the same time. You can make a nice plate of food even when you have only a few good

choices. Load up with salad or cut veggies, a small wedge of good cheese (if it’s allowed in their diet), a small piece of fish or chicken and fresh fruits for dessert. I always suggest that my clients go to these kinds of events full and that will give you the willpower to make better choices. What inspires you about nutrition? I feel totally excited to share my knowledge and experience of good eating habits with others. To me, it is an honor to be in a place where you can make a difference in people’s lives. n

Nuts ’N Berries 4274 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30319 404.254.0330

One store for all your holiday shopping Featuring + Supporting Over 60 Local Artisans Home







1187 howell mill road atlanta ga 30318 l 855-ATL-MADE l Westside Provisions District l Next to Kolo Collection

“Finally, a Gym that Believes in You More than You Do” The reason we are one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the country is because we have a few basic beliefs. We believe that a fitness program that constantly changes and pushes you to the best of your ability is the best fitness plan yet developed. We believe we all work better together as a team, that competition helps us stay focused and accountability makes us honest. We believe that helping you attain your goal should be our goal - and we’re there every step of the way during every workout. Finally, we believe the potential of every person that steps through our door is greater than what they believe - whether you’re a mother of two, a man in your 50’s, a conditioned athlete or a beginner who wants to get better.

Results. Guaranteed. Iron Tribe members are as young as six and reach to over 70. The point is this: we believe any able-bodied person can work out at Iron Tribe Fitness. That means you! You’re invited to find out for yourself by calling us at phone number below. When you do, we’ll make you this outrageous guarantee: If you’ll give Iron Tribe Fitness just 120 days, then we’ll personally buy you TV’s most popular (work out at home) P90X program it you are not totally blown away with your results at Iron Tribe Fitness. Amber and Jim Bob Jones Managers

404.858.9945 699 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast

If you have and desire to gain these kind of results (even a maybe) then pick up the phone right now and call the phone number below.

Need more information? We’ve made it easy! Request our free special report at

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this Holiday Season!

Discover Buffalo Bill and the Art of the West is exhibition is organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, the Toledo Museum of Art, and the Portland Art Museum, Oregon, with the special collaboration of the musée du Louvre. is exhibition is made possible by Lead Patron Anne Cox Chambers, the Fay and Barrett Howell Exhibition Endowment Fund, and Friends of the Tuileries Garden. Images: Gaston de la Touche (French, 1854–1913), A Water Fountain in the Tuileries (Jet d’eau aux Tuileries) (detail), 1890–1913, oil on canvas, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, dépot au Sénat, RF 2256. Charles Antoine Coysevox (French, 1640–1720), Hamadryad (Hamadryade), marble, Musée du Louvre, Paris, département des Sculptures MR 1819. Photos: © RMN-Grand Palais/Art Resource, NY.

The Art of the

Louvre’s Tuileries Garden e Tuileries Garden, the world-famous Parisian park enjoyed by millions, is re-created on the Museum’s piazza only at the High this holiday season. Your “Paris on Peachtree” experience begins on the Museum’s piazza, as a tree-lined path leads you into the exhibition, which features more than 100 works of art as well as an immersive video that virtually places you in the French garden.

is exhibition is co-organized by the High Museum of Art and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. e exhibition is made possible by e Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, the James M. Cox Foundation, e Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, a Patron of the High Museum of Art, e Fraser-Parker Foundation and the Isobel Anne Fraser– Nancy Fraser Parker Exhibition Endowment, e Imlay Foundation, Inc., the Terra Foundation for American Art, and an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Generous support for this exhibition is also provided by Sarah and Jim Kennedy, V. Kay and M. Douglas Ivester, Margaret and Terry Stent, and the Friends of Go West!


This unparalleled collection from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, celebrates legendary western icons such as Annie Oakley, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, and Chief Sitting Bull; objects from Native American cultures; and artworks by Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington, and N. C. Wyeth, among many others. Images: omas Moran (American, 1837–1926), Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park (detail), 1893, oil on canvas, Museum purchase, 4.75. Albert Naegeli (American, born Germany, 1844–1901), William F. Cody, ca. 1894, cabinet card, Museum purchase, Mary Jester Allen Collection, P.6.124


Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort Picture a storybook wedding on an intimate island against the backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Add to that everything you and you guests could possibly want to enjoy as you prepare for that magical day. This is Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort - casual elegance on the most beautiful of South Carolina’s barrier islands.



November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Simply arts & entertainment

Stumped for holiday gift ideas? Consider something that lasts. Buckhead’s art galleries and centers offer a range of options, such as this 10-by-8-inch piece “What a Saint” by Georgia artist Karin Jurick, featured in the “Small Works Show” at Anne Irwin Fine Art $1,650.

art view The Gift of Art, Page 48

“Buying art for another person is not as difficult as it sounds.” November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



L it erary

Mystery + history = A Gregg Loomis thriller Buckhead author and attorney pens page-turners story:


uckhead resident and suspense writer Gregg Loomis never finds himself groping for ideas. They come from everywhere: his extensive European travels, his stint as a race car driver, his 40-plus years as a lawyer, or the morning’s headlines. “I can pick up the paper or a magazine or turn on the History Channel and find two good plots,” says Loomis, a 75-year-old grandfather of five. “It doesn’t take much; in fact, I can be overwhelmed with material. Just look at the mayoral race in New York!” Loomis’ books have sold half a million copies and have been printed in seven languages. The author of eight novels also finds that a good idea usually pulls him back into the past. “I’m very drawn to history, so almost all my books have some historical basis,” says the Emory University and law school graduate. “I read a great deal more nonfiction than fiction, and I’ve traveled all over Europe to learn history. It’s more engaging to stand where Caesar stood than to read about it.”


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

H.M. Cauley

Since 1995, Loomis’ love of history has inspired Hot Ice, The Gates of Hades and several with the word “secret” in the title (The Pegasus Secret, The Bonaparte Secret). His next work, released Nov. 16, is The First Casualty. Published by New York-based Mysterious Press/Open Road, the story was inspired by the controversy over global warming. “It’s about Nikola Tesla, the genius who invented alternating current, and the bad guys who get their hands on his work,” Loomis reveals. “It starts in Tesla’s era, then jumps to World War II.” Loomis started his professional life in the early 1960s as an Atlanta litigator handling cases involving real estate and insurance. But after 20 years, the urge to write thrillers struck. His first novel, Voodoo Fury, was published in 1991, and it wasn’t until 1995 that he turned out another. Now, after a steady stream of seven books, he splits his time between writing and legal matters. “I try to put in no fewer than three or four hours a day; 1,000 to 1,500 words—that’s my goal,” he says. “I think part of my motivation has been

to extricate myself from the law, but I still have a small practice. You can’t just tell a client, ‘Goodbye, go find someone else.’” Being a member of the bar and writing thrillers seems like a full agenda, but Loomis is constantly thinking about the next novel he’ll turn out. He’s already sketching an outline for a page-turner about a real-life murder in the Bahamas during World War II, the period when the exiled Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the former king and Wallis Simpson) ran the islands. “I’ve always had in the back of my mind that I’ll write a sweeping, revolutionary story—a 1,000 page epic,” he says with a laugh. “But the truth is, as long as thrillers keep selling, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do something else.” n Information about Gregg Loomis is on the author’s website,

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckheadâ&#x20AC;&#x192;



art vie w

s Christine Bray’s 12-by-9-inch oil on board “A Little Bird Told Me” is part of the “Small Works Show” at Anne Irwin Fine Art. $575.

s The annual Work of Our Hands Artists Market at the Cathedral of St. Philip showcases more than 85 craftspeople who offer a range of gift ideas.

s “Magnimopus” by artist Nancy Westfall is a playful painting on paper board at the Gregg Irby Fine Art gallery. $128.

The gift of art


H.M. Cauley

Looking for a unique and memorable present? Try a work of art.


h, the holiday shopping season: One of the most stressful times of the year, particularly if you’ve got a list full of finicky family members and friends. Change the game plan a bit, and this year, give them something they’re sure to remember: an original piece of art. Buying art for another person is not as difficult as it sounds, says Gregg Irby, owner of Buckhead’s Gregg Irby Fine Art. “A lot of times, something about a piece will remind you of the person you’re buying for.” But art is usually a highly personalized purchase, points out Anne Irwin, owner of Anne Irwin Fine Art on Miami Circle. “You might feel anxious buying art as a gift, so I tell my clients if they want to have something under the tree on Christmas morning, take it home. If the person doesn’t like it, bring it back, and we’ll trade it out. Another option is to give a gift card so they can come in and select exactly what they want.” If there’s one reason to give the gift of art, it is for its one-of-a-kind appeal. “With art, you’re giving someone a piece that has nothing to match it in the whole world,” Irwin says. “It’s been painted by someone with a lot of passion for what they’re doing, and no one will paint it again.” Peruse the selection of works at three local art stops and imagine how stunning an oversized canvas will look topped with a big red bow!

Anne Irwin Fine Art

For 20 years, art maven Anne Irwin has kicked off the holiday season with her “Small Works Show,” a collection of about 100 works no bigger than 20 by 24 inches. Irwin solicits submissions from the 30 artists she works with, and most create original paintings, sculpture or pottery pieces.


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

“I let the artists use their own creativity, keeping the pieces small,” Irwin says. “We also try to keep the prices low: The range is $1,500 and below, with the majority of works priced below $1,000.” The works are hung salon-style around the gallery and unveiled to the public with a free opening reception Nov. 22.

Gregg Irby Fine Art

For nine years, Gregg Irby has supplied the Buckhead art scene with abstract creations by the 25 artists she represents. For many, the gallery, tucked into a little house behind Sardis Church, is still undiscovered, but those who ferret out the offbeat location will find a wealth of emerging painters who work with what Irby calls “an edge.” “If it’s a traditional scene of landscape, it’s not just the usual pastoral,” she says. “There’s always an added attention to color and texture, some boldness.” Many of Irby’s artists, like Buckhead residents Nancy B. Westfall, Eileen Power and Ritva Porter, are local, but others hail from as far as California and Montana. Their works in a range of sizes are priced from $40 to $2,400. “They make great gifts for the person who loves abstract art, or the someone you want to catch the abstract bug,” she says.

Work of Our Hands   Artists Market

Gift ideas galore can be found from more than 85 artists represented at the Work of Our Hands market at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip. This is the 11th year for the four-day event that draws submissions from artists across the Southeast. Their works are equally varied: Shoppers will find an array of fine art, paintings, glass works, wood pieces, pottery, jewelry, sculptures and more.

“We have a committee of volunteers from across the Episcopal diocese who go out and look for new artists, but some have been with us for years,” says Charlotte Cameron, one of the event organizers and the art program director at Emmaus House and Holy Comforter Friendship Center, two Atlanta nonprofits that benefit from the market. “You’ll see everything from home items and clothing like linens and scarves to metal sculptures made out of recycled items like egg beaters or carburetors.” The selection also comes with a broad price range, with items starting at $10 and going as high as $5,000. Sale proceeds are donated to local organizations that support arts and crafts programs for marginalized people. While the event is free, an opening night reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres on Nov. 21 has a $15 suggested donation. n

Anne Irwin Fine Art 690 Miami Circle Atlanta 30324 404.467.1200 Gregg Irby Fine Art 3725 Powers Ferry Road Atlanta 30342 404.941.9787 Work of Our Hands Artists Market Nov. 21–24 Cathedral of St. Philip 2744 Peachtree Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.403.1344

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regal collections .indd 1

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November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

R E V I E W | d ri n k s | F O O D I E J O U R N A L | t a s t e m a k er | R E ST A U R A NTS

Simply delicious

10 Degrees South brings safari chic to Roswell Road.

restaurant review

Out of Africa, Page 52

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

“10 Degrees South is a highly original destination restaurant where food and wine from the tip of the Southern Hemisphere are celebrated with flair.” November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 




Left: The bobotie—sweet ground-beef curry baked with a savory custard crust—is reason enough to visit 10 Degrees South. Above: Sosaties—skewers of delicious beef filet with an apricot curry sauce and yellow and white rice—are a lovely marriage of sweet and salty. Below: Get your head out of the sand and try the ostrich medallions, pan seared in a red-wine and rosemary sauce.

Out of Africa 10 Degrees South brings Cape Town to Buckhead feature:

Wendell Brock   Photos: Sara Hanna


ith regards to 10 Degrees South, I’m afraid I’ve been a bit of an ostrich. If I remember correctly, I tried the Cape Town-inspired restaurant shortly after it opened in 1998, at the suggestion of South African friends living in Atlanta, and found the spicy mishmash of colonial influences to be confusingly fusion: Asian spring rolls and Dutch boerewors sausage; curried beef and peri-peri (Portuguese hot-pepper sauce); biltong jerky and boozy Don Pedro shakes. Go right ahead. I’ll just stick my head in the sand. As it turns out, ostriches miss out on some pretty good grub. After 15 years on the scene, restaurateur Justin Anthony’s Roswell Road establishment—which he owns with his father, Derek, and his mother, Diane—is a highly original destination restaurant where food


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

and wine from the tip of the Southern Hemisphere are celebrated with flair and fun. Thanks to the hard work of Diane, a fabulous self-taught chef, Atlantans are now familiar with sosaties (skewers of filet served with rice and apricot curry sauce) and boerewors (lean beef sausage). And thanks to Justin’s wife, Kelly, a designer, the original bungalow has been appended with a soaring front dining hall of chocolate browns and dark woods; recessed ceilings fans and wicker chairs—and plenty of romantic safari chic. Last year, the Anthonys opened YEBO, a South African place with a Southern twist and a Zulu name meaning “yes,” at Phipps Plaza. But it is 10 Degrees South that remains the jewel in the crown, and it is where we found ourselves on a recent night, thoroughly seduced by exotic flavors, flickering candles and enthusiastic service.

Never mind that we were hungry as jackals: Promoting South African wine is part of the culture here. So before we could pose a query on the peri-peri, we got the hard sell on South African reds—particularly the Rupert & Rothschild 2009 “Classique.” “Try a glass,” we were encouraged in so many words. “If you like it, we’ll have the rest of your bottle reserved for you. At $45 a bottle versus $12 a glass, it’s a better value that way. But, hey, no pressure!” We acquiesced. And sure enough, the big, full-bodied R&R was the perfect match for the luscious, spicy food that followed. Intent on sampling the quirky South African standards that 10 Degrees is famous for, I was distracted by the rave the server gave the grilled calamari. (“You can get that anywhere!” I sniffed as he walked away, yet I had been too weak to resist his pitch.) Indeed, it is the seasoning that makes it memorable: generous splashes of salt, lemon, butter and pungent capers. The zing was a nice foil for the fruity apricot condiment that came with the sosaties,

Right: The Don Pedro is a traditional South African dessert drink of booze and ice cream; try it with Amarula, a South African cream liqueur with a delicate nuttiness. Above: Lean boerewors sausage is slathered with tomato and onion sauce. Right: Di’s Delight is a moist fruit cake, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

“10 Degrees South is not inexpensive. It is, however, a classic.” unctuous chunks of beef on a bed of yellow basmati and plain white rice. The only strikeout amongst the apps was the chicken spring rolls—thin little cigars with a peppery filling and a crust that was a bit doughy on the inside. Happily, the piquant peri-peri perked it up. At this point, we looked at our empty glasses, did a little math, asked for our remaining half-bottle of red and proceeded to attack our main courses. My guest’s ostrich medallions were good in a beef bourguignon kind of way: tender, sauce-slathered and rich, as well they should be at $38. They were ordered medium rare, but how could you tell with all that gravy? Boboties—thought to have made their way in spice-trading times from Indonesia to the Netherlands, then down to Africa— are the national dish of South Africa. Well, I may not be an expert on South African cuisine, but I’ll wager that nobody but nobody makes boboties like 10 Degrees South. Combining the best elements of shepherd’s pie and a savory meat pasty, the dish consists of tantalizingly sweet curried ground beef surrounded with a custardy crust, and it’s to Di. (Sorry, Chef.) Love, love, love this stuff. Though we hardly had room for another crumb, in the name of research, we had to try Di’s Delight, a fruity sponge cake served warm with a melting scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sip or two of Don Pedro. The former is good in a figgy pudding kind of way; the latter is a South African dessert

Dining from a different perspective: Owner Justin Anthony (above), a South Africa native, opened 10 Degrees South in 1998 with his parents Derek and Diane.

drink of ice cream blended with your liqueur of choice. (Kahlúa, Amaretto, etc.) We chose Amarula, the South African cream liqueur made from marula fruit and imbued with a delicate nuttiness. Di’s Delight and Don Pedro are worth trying if you crave something sweet and unique. Nothing creative. Just the kind of stuff our parents enjoyed when “Continental” cuisine was in vogue. One final word about 10 Degrees South: At $169.56 (plus tip) for three appetizers, two entrées, a bottle of wine and two desserts, it is not inexpensive. It is, however, a classic. If you, like me, have viewed it with cool indifference all these years, maybe it’s time to get your head out of the sand and indulge in its romantic ambiance, delicious food and South African bonhomie. n

10 Degrees South 4183 Roswell Road Atlanta 30342 404.705.8870 Appetizers: $10-$16. Entrées: $21-$38. Bottom line: Atlanta’s original temple of South African cuisine is still a great place to worship.

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



drin ks

Three of Buckhead’s top wine experts take the guesswork out of your holiday wine selection

Pour over these W

hen you’re hosting a holiday dinner party, selecting the right wines can be a daunting task. Few wines complement the full spectrum of flavorful dishes you create for your guests. To save you time, we went to Atlanta’s top wine experts and asked them to handpick their best bets for a palate-pleasing Champagne, white and red wine that pair well with a robust seasonal meal. Cheers! story:

Karina Timmel

Who: Ian Mendelsohn

Who: Anthony F. Alvarez

Who: David Clapp

general manager, Vine & Tap

senior vice president and general manager, Tuxedo Wines & Spirits LLC

founder and president, Dantanna’s Restaurants

Vino savvy: Opening Buckhead wine bar Vine & Tap in November, Mendelsohn is no stranger to the business—he is the former wine director of the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and beverage director of the St. Regis Buckhead. Holiday best bet:

NV Gaston Chiquet Champagne Region: Champagne, France Why it’s good: “The wine smells of freshly baked bread, along with ripe pear, quince and a beautiful lingering acidity that is mouthwateringly long.” Pair it with: “I tend to start with Champagne as it is always a good way to begin a meal and will go with many of the appetizers, vegetables and soups.” How to serve: “In a chilled Champagne flute—perfect simplicity.”

Wine smart host comment: “I have chosen Gaston Chiquet because it is a small grower of Champagne with an incredible history dating back to their first planted vines in 1746, making their first vintage in 1919.”

Vino savvy: Alvarez has been known to conduct, on average, 225 wine events each year. He oversees all operations of Savi Provisions, including the new Buckhead location of the specialty food and wine store.

Vino savvy: With numerous restaurant properties under his belt (including a location in Buckhead), Clapp maintains a handson approach in the selection of Dantanna’s wines—a wine list that spans 100 wines, including 50 by the glass. 

Holiday best bet:

Holiday best bet:

2007 Ripoll Sans Closa Batllet

2011 R. Stuart Big Fire Pinot Gris

Region: Priorat, Spain

Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Why it’s good: “The Priorat region of Spain is a relatively undiscovered jewel. This wine provides a blend of minerality, exotic spices and deep black fruit.”

Why it’s good: “It has the acidity to cut through some of the creamier parts of the meal and the balance to pair perfectly with almost any sides you choose to serve.”

Pair it with: “It will sing with your traditional turkey, but will also balance well with Black Forest ham, roast beef or a pork loin. Fresh grilled vegetables, cranberries and mashed potatoes will make this pairing perfect.”

Pair it with: “For turkey, I love pinot gris. It also pairs great with fish, oysters and chicken, and I even love it with a nice pork chop.”

How to serve: “Let it breathe and/or decant for an hour before serving at approximately 63 degrees.” Use a wine thermometer to determine your vintage’s exact temperature.

Wine smart host comment: “This particular wine is reminiscent of an old vine throwback blend from the legendary French region of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.”

How to serve: “Serve the Big Fire at about 45 degrees.”

Wine smart host comment: “Pinot gris is the favored white wine to pair with food by many experts. It has a perfect balance of texture and acid without overwhelming or being overwhelmed by most anything.”

Where to buy:

Where to buy:

Where to buy:

Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits 2161 Piedmont Road N.E. Atlanta 30324 404.881.0902

Savi Provisions 3655 Roswell Road N.E., Suite 130 Atlanta 30342 404.523.2300

Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits 2161 Piedmont Road N.E. Atlanta 30324 404.881.0902


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead


Full service b ar live music

buckhead 404.841.8472 3400 Ar ound Lenox Dr, Buckhead, GA 30326

Tw r aw d iw. T i obnh a loi jnad ina ni cf .oco o dm in a n o n T r a d i T i o n a l aT m o s p h e r e

Shops Around Lenox N e xt t o C r at e & B a r r e l ™

book your holiday part y at bhojanic

404.633.9233 1363 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

d e c at u r

private dining and oFF premise

J u s t N ort h of N . D e c at u r and Clairmont Rd Intersection

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foodie journal   | Culinary News & Notes story:

Ashley Hesseltine

Edible Arrangement ’Tis the season for giving and gorging, so why not bestow presents people can have and eat, too? Combine locally made goods for a tasty basket. All-natural Souvei spreads are handmade here in Buckhead by Sona Sukumaran and inspired by her Indian heritage and travels around the world. The robust tomato and tamarind chutneys ($7-$10) are clutch condiments for burgers and dogs or glazes on broiled meats, while the apple cranberry spread spices up holiday appetizers, sandwiches and even ice cream. Gift a sampler pack ($19) and let recipients taste a flavor rainbow. Find Souvei at Nuts ’N Berries and Sherlock’s Wine Merchant in Brookhaven; order online at Photo courtesy of Mae’s Bakery

For cooking enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with fancy olive oils and vinegars. Pick up both at Oli+Ve with locations in Buckhead, Roswell and the newest in Vinings Jubilee. The extra virgin olive oils (including flavor infusions like basil and blood orange) are some of the finest from around the world. White and dark aged balsamics with flavor selections like chocolate and espresso can be used in cooking or even drizzled over dessert. You can always customize a gift set (or let the experts do it for you) and peruse rubs, sea salts, olives, pasta, dipping trays, coasters and more in the store. The best part of the shopping: All oils and vinegars are out for the tasting.

Special Sauce

What are the holidays without a dessert binge (or a few)? Mae’s Bakery has this portion of the season covered with mouthwatering cookies, muffins, Whoopie Pies and more; plus your soon-to-be addiction, XK Macarons—flawless French pastries in seasonal flavors like pumpkin dark chocolate for fall. Or show your loved ones how much you really care about them (and their sweet teeth) with a custom, made-from-scratch gingerbread house. Call and share your home “specs” with the bakery, then give someone his or her (edible) dream home. Complete your thoughtful gift basket with accouterments from Lucy’s Market. Throw in some fruit or pinecones for holiday flair, fresh flowers, local goods like honey, cheese biscuits, and almond butter, or even a seasonal candle (the Evergreen candle is to-die-for). Mission accomplished. Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Nuts ’N Berries 4274 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta 30319 404.254.0330


Sherlock’s Wine Merchant 4062 Peachtree Road Atlanta 30319 404.949.9945

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Oli+Ve 3263 Roswell Road N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.841.1012

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine

Cold weather hits and you want to cozy up with moonshine and a juicy burger (or is that just us?). At Stillhouse in the East Andrews Entertainment District, those are the specialties, and the dimly lit, comfortable restaurant is made for hibernating. Choose from more than 50 varietals of the once-outlawed liquor including a pumpkin spice selection for the season, or throw back a Hot Buttered Shine— the bar’s take on hot buttered rum (with moonshine, of course). For your gourmet patty pairing, the Skeeter Branch duck burger (two ground duck patties with green tomato relish, pickled beet, Stillhouse spinach, duck confit and goat 56 East Andrews Drive N.W. cheese) hits the spot. It’s so good, Atlanta 30305 it should be illegal. 678.244.3601

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Since there’s no such thing as too much delicious dough (and we’re not talking money), rejoice for Avellino’s Wood Fired Pizza, set to open in Brookhaven this winter. The original Avellino’s in Decatur is known for its traditional, quality pies, but the new outpost will specialize in slightly crispier crust (thanks to a hotter oven) with temptations like margherita and Mt. Vesuvius (hot capicola, habañero, mozzarella) and a more extensive bar. Non-circular dishes include Italian pastas, salads, hero sandwiches and desserts. The Avellino’s Wood Fired Pizza authentic eatery uses the freshest 1328 Windsor Parkway, Suite B local ingredients, so expect the Atlanta 30319 very best when you feast.

Mae’s Bakery 2770 Lenox Road, Suite B4 Atlanta 30324 404.565.0938

Lucy’s Market 102 West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta 30305 404.357.0052

All performances live with the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra

December 6 – 29, 2013 at the Fabulous Fox Theatre



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Groups of 10 or more call 404-873-5811 x207

AT L A N TA N O RT H 770-622-3081

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BUCKHEAD 404-233-4142

B U C K H E A D C H A S TA I N 404-233-1492

B U C K H E A D N O RT H 404-814-9000

BUCKHEAD NW 404-261-2700

C O B B M A R I E T TA 770-422-6005

EAST COBB 770-977-9500


I N TOW N AT L A N TA 404-897-5558

N O RT H F U LTO N 678-461-8700

SANDY SPRINGS 404-250-9900

W W W. H A R R Y N O R M A N . C O M Anne Tyler Harshbarger; photo by Jim Fiscus. Additional photos by Charlie McCullers.

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tast emaker


memories Madeline Leonard, granddaughter of Henri’s Bakery Founder Henri Fiscus, helps carry the torch for this Buckhead institution story:


Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

Henri’s Top 10 Holiday Items: 1. Henri’s famous gingerbread houses (unassembled, assembled or decorated) 2. Decorated gingerbread men (small and large) 3. Bûche de Noël (Yule log) 4. Specialty Hanukkah challah bread 5. Fresh peppermint bark pound cake 6. Holiday fruitcake 7. Seasonal rum cake 8. Assorted holiday cookie trays 9. Praline and chocolate pecans 10. Henri’s holiday stollen


Kate Abney

How long have you managed the family business? I took over when Grandfather died in 1974. He passed away the day before his 80th birthday. I loved him so much. At the time, I was in my early 20s, working as a flight attendant for Delta. I was traveling when I got the news. That was a very brave career move for such a young woman. But you essentially grew up in the bakery. What are your earliest memories? I remember getting all the cake pans down and pretending to ice cakes. Grandfather made me all this icing, and I added little fondant flowers he imported from Europe. It was such a mess. What’s changed since that time? A lot has changed … but never the recipes. We’re very blessed to still

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

uckhead-based Henri’s (pronounced on-ree’s) is renowned as one of Atlanta’s oldest and most prestigious bakeries, long revered for fusing European and Southern flavors with finesse. Founded in 1929 by French-born chef Henri Fiscus, Henri’s has grown with our community, popping up in spots across Midtown, Buckhead and Sandy Springs. Since 1967, this local institution’s flagship has resided on Irby Avenue, serving up fresh, housemade treats beloved by business execs, college students (who come for the tailgating trays of sandwiches and school-spirit cookies), teenagers and moms toting kiddos—who, thanks to the free cookies, are committed to Henri’s for life. But they’re not the only ones. Politicians ( John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Herman Talmadge) and celebrities (Ryan Seacrest, Kate Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Bette Midler and more) have all found a place for Henri’s in their hearts. Five of Fiscus’ grandchildren are still involved—including Henri “Ray” [Lewis] Fiscus, who bakes in Buckhead, secretary/treasurer Suzette DiNardo, Sandy Springs location manager Michelle Teilhaber and Jessica Mimi Veerkamp, who helps from afar in Florida—but the eldest sibling, president Madeline Leonard, pretty much runs the show. Here, we asked her to reminisce and give us some insights on the holiday rush. have employees who worked with Grandfather. When he hired someone, they never left! What are some of your most popular treats? Definitely the chocolate éclairs. Actually, [Anne Rivers Siddons’] book Peachtree Road describes going to Henri’s for sandwiches and éclairs. And Emily Giffin’s book Love the One You’re With mentions getting sandwiches and shortbread cookies. So does [Haywood Smith’s] The Red Hat Club. What do you sell the most of during the holidays? The cornbread dressing, the full turkey dinner (we make close to 100 at Thanksgiving!) and the pies. Pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, chocolate chess. We do all sorts of

Christmas cookies, round peppermint pound cakes and petits fours. We also make Parker House rolls and a fruit bread shaped like a bear … it’s great as a centerpiece. Anything else? Our gingerbread houses are a big tradition; we do the whole kit starting around the first of November. Last year, we did a demonstration … it was so funny, everybody got into it. We have one customer who makes them every year with her grandchildren. The holidays are the time of year when we see the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren … four generations of people who love Henri’s. n


For details on group and event dining, visit

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featured restaurants  A sampling of great eats in and around Buckhead written: Photos:

Wendell Brock


Amanda Matte

Sara Hanna

n Café Sunflower In a town that’s burger-crazed and churrascaria-packed, chef-owners Lin and Edward Sun’s casual, mid-priced kitchen is an anomaly: a veggie haunt that samples freely from world cuisine with mainstream diners in mind. Here, patrons take delight in consistently delicious salads and soups; soy-based replicas of everyday grub like burgers and ravioli; and a stellar lineup of original dishes. The food is freshly prepared, beautifully presented and accessible to both hardcore vegans and omnivores. Lunch entrées: $9-$12 Dinner entrées: $12-$18

n Hal’s “The Steakhouse” Looking on the outside like a highend strip joint topped with a Bourbon Street balcony, Hal’s has built its cachet around its loyal clientele, old-school style, impeccable service and terrific food. Owner Hal Nowak is a New Orleans native, and in his eponymous enterprise—with its shrimp rémoulade, oysters bordelaise and booze-soaked bread pudding—he has created Atlanta’s answer to Galatoire’s.

This may be your grandparents’ favorite restaurant, but in an age where everything old is new again, it also boasts a youthful clientele that appreciates its straightforward food, strong drinks and speakeasy atmosphere. Appetizers and salads: $8.95-$23.95 Entrées and steaks: $23.95-$49.95

n Jalisco After nearly three decades, Jalisco remains a giddy, guilty pleasure trip through a tunnel of cheese. This Tex-Mex institution at Peachtree Battle is better than an El Paso taco kit but not exactly a showcase of the sophisticated techniques and ingredients of the Mexican larder. Without apology, Jalisco is what it is, a place with consistently good, standard-issue burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and even a “Hamburguesa Mexicana.” (It’s topped with nacho cheese.) This is not a place where the kitchen thrives on change and creativity. For the most part, the menu is the same as it has been since Jalisco opened in 1978. Lunch specials: $5.45-$8.50 Entrées: $8.95-$13.25 404.233.9244 Above: Inviting and casual, inside and out, Pasta Vino triumphs with classics like eggplant Parmesan. Below Left: Hal’s famous bread pudding swims in a pool of whisky sauce.

n Little Bangkok Little Bangkok is a decidedly humble hole-in-the-wall, yet many Atlanta ethnic-foodies insist that it is their favorite go-to joint for casual Thai. Not the fussy business of intricately carved radishes and gilded bowls. Not the throwaway curries and stir-fries of lastchance airport concessions and mall food courts. Little Bangkok is that happy place somewhere in the middle—a spot where the spring rolls are always crispy and the pad thai always a plate of tangy-sweet comfort, and where adventuresome diners can savor the green-peppercorn bite of spicy catfish and the sweet, Rice-Krispie weirdness of mee krob. At its best, Little Bangkok


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

is like a brief, belly-pleasing adventure to the Land of Smiles. Entrées: $7.95-$17.95

n OK Café Just as I send diners to Bone’s for the definitive steakhouse experience, I suggest OK Café as a classic diner with a strong Southern twang. The offerings here are anchored in time and tradition: Root beer floats and cherry lemonade are called Black Cows and Pink Ladies. Meat-and-twos and veggie plates laden with silken collards and exquisite mac and cheese are meant to be washed down with sweet iced

Above: Jalisco’s low-calorie chicken fajita salad. Right: Starfish’s spicy tuna tartare.

tea and sopped up with a perfect corn muffin. Fat slices of meatloaf encrusted with tomato sauce; roast turkey with cornbread dressing and gravy; chicken pot pie with an adorable little “OK” stamped onto its puff-pastry blanket—this stuff draws a crowd. If you don’t want to play the waiting game, you’d better arrive before 11 a.m. or between the lunch and dinner rush. After a quarter-century, OK Café never goes out of style. Appetizers: $3.75-$7.99 Burgers and sandwiches: $3.99-$12.99 Mains: $11.50-$15.99

n Pasta Vino You can surely find trendier pizza parlors or posher places to eat Italian in Atlanta. But if you are looking for old-fashioned linguini with clam sauce or chicken Florentine in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with a loyal following, this Buckhead favorite has got you covered. The restaurant is beloved by many for its home-style cooking, casual ambiance, reasonable prices and a staff of servers who have acquired faithful customers of their own. Owner Nancy Powell treasures her crew, most of whom have been on the job for more than 10 years. Given the refined state of Italian dining in America today, Pasta Vino is not likely to win any awards for innovation or inspiration. But it remains a perfectly fine, frequently delicious, middle-ofthe-road trattoria. Starters and salads: $2-$10 Entrées: $10-$22

n Pig-N-Chik Co-owner Jim Graddy tells me he learned the art of the pit on his granddaddy’s pig farm in Manchester, Ga. Graddy remembers cooking whole hogs all night long over hot coals, and when I tear into his pulled-pork sandwich—a delicious pile of pink, smoke-tinged meat between two thick slabs of white bread—I believe him. Graddy has proudly transported his family’s traditions to his casual Southern ’cue counter. Man, is the food good. The fresh-tasting coleslaw (with just a little mayo) and excellent new potato salad are just the things to cut the richness of the succulent pork. Some other tasty go-withs are fried okra, long-cooked collards, mac and cheese and Brunswick stew. I’m sated. I’m sauce-splashed. I need a moist towelette and a nap. Entrées: $8.13-$23.79

n Starfish Starfish—which can look just a little lost on the block that houses Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch—is exactly the kind of sushi joint I have been trolling for. In a city where Japanese cuisine can be hit-or-miss and sometimes not the freshest, chefowner Seung K. “Sam” Park’s reticent little pearl is a superior catch—cute and compact as a bento box but with just a hint of luxury. At dinner, we were delighted to see how the kitchen plays around with untraditional ingredients like truffle oil and balsamic vinegar, slicing fish as thin as carpaccio and arranging it in dazzling presentations.

Little Bangkok menu items (clockwise from top left): mee krob, yum woon sen, fried catfish, tom ka soup, pad thai, fried spring rolls and nua num tok (center).

When our flounder sashimi arrived, the server told us to place a dab of the ponzu jelly spiked with cilantro, jalapeño and lime on a strip of the fish and roll it up. Exquisite. Starfish isn’t the kind of place that announces itself with screaming klieg lights or red carpets. But in this culture of excess, sometimes being a little bit under-the-radar can be very seductive. Lunch Entrées: $7-$16; Dinner Entrées: $12-$30

n Woodfire Grill After a three-hour, four-course dinner with cocktails and wine, we can report without hesitation: The Woodfire team

remains at the top of its game. We decided to investigate by checking in on a crucial Tuesday. Woodfire is closed on Mondays, so Tuesday night is the swing shift, when the week’s new dishes are being tweaked, wine pairings selected and the staff is on high alert to absorb it all and not go blank when customers ask what the orange mayonnaise-y stuff in the bouillabaisse is. (It’s the classic aiolilike French sauce called rouille.) While it could use a bit of a makeover on the design end, the food and service show no signs of wavering. First and second courses: $8-$18 Main courses: $20-$42 Five-course tasting menu: $70 Seven-course grand tasting menu: $90

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 



SOS_SimplyBuckhead_9x5.875.indd 1

10/17/13 11:28 AM

Spend a day or evening on the Town! Discover over 40 shops, services and restaurants. Town Brookhaven is truly your one stop shopping and dining destination with a blend of interesting boutiques, delicious restaurants and useful services. HOLIDAY ON THE TOWN

Restaurant & Bar Tantra restaurant in Buckhead features a contemporary American menu highlighted with the exotic flavors of Persian and Indian cuisine. The menu is crafted by Executive Chef Terry Dwyer.

2285 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30309 404-228-7963 | 62â&#x20AC;&#x192;

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Thursday, December 5th 5:30pm-8pm Join us on the green space for the annual holiday tree lighting! Visit with Santa! Enjoy sleigh rides, musical entertainment and merchant specials!

Check out our fall events! Conveniently located on Peachtree Road adjacent to Oglethorpe University.

SI MPLY B UCKHEAD cover story

what’s cooking in buckhead?

Stirring the Pot Good news if you’re hungry: Buckhead has plenty of cooks in the kitchen


in the family

Buckhead has long been synonymous with great dining. Pano Karatassos helped found Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in 1979, launching dozens of culinary careers in the process. More recently, the neighborhood has experienced a restaurant renaissance, with new doors opening, hot chefs touting the 30305 ZIP code and national magazines paying close attention. Buckhead can be sure this is no passing trend—a new generation of young chefs is growing up among us, whipping up delicacies before they’re old enough to whip out their driver’s licenses.


Read on for Buckhead’s chef stories—past, present and future.

66 buckhead’s top chefs

69 pint-sized chefs

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story

in the family

what’s cooking in buckhead?

Bistro   Niko

103 West


Hilary White

gary donlick

Taka Moriuchi

Gerry Klaskala

Executive Chef/Owner, The Hil at Serenbe

Executive Chef, Bistro Niko

Executive Chef/Owner, Taka Sushi and Passion

Executive Chef/ Owner, Aria

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef and Executive Chef, 103 West (BL’s first female executive chef)

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef and Executive Chef, 103 West; Executive Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s

Former: Sushi Chef, Bluepointe

Former: Executive Chef, Buckhead Diner

Doug Turbush Executive Chef/Owner, Seed Kitchen & Bar, Stem Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef and Executive Chef, Nava; Executive Chef, Bluepointe

Shaun Doty

Joey Riley

Executive Chef/Owner, Bantam + Biddy, Chick-a-Biddy

Executive Chef/Owner, Kaleidoscope

Former: Line Cook, 103 West

Former: Executive Chef, Buckhead Diner    

Ian Winslade Executive Chef, Murphy’s Former: Executive Chef, Bluepointe

Carvel Grant Gould former Executive Chef, Canoe Former: Line Cook, Buckhead Diner

Tomas Lee Executive Chef/Owner, Hankook Taqueria and Takorea Former:

Sous Chef, 103 West; Executive Chef, Corner Café; Executive Chef, Buckhead Diner

Pano Karatassos

From Kevin Rathbun to Hilary White, many of Atlanta’s best chefs rose through the ranks at Buckhead life Restaurant Group.


Buckhead   Diner

Founder and CEO, Buckhead LIfe Restaurant Group For more than three decades, Pano Karatassos has been developing unique dining concepts and grooming restaurateurs in the process. Born into a Greek family, he grew up in Savannah, where he helped his father run an import food store called Pano’s Food Shop. Today he helms an empire that includes eight Buckhead restaurants.

Timothy Magee Executive Chef, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails Former: Executive Sous Chef, Buckhead Diner

Eli Kirshtein feature:

Giannina Smith Bedford

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Opening The Luminary at Krog Street Market Former: Line cook, Buckhead Diner

Chops   lobster bar


Thomas Minchella

Kevin Rathbun

Executive Chef, McKendrick’s Steak House

Executive Chef/Owner, Rathbun’s, kevin Rathbun Steak, KR SteakBar

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s; Executive Chef, Chops Lobster Bar

Adam Olejniczak Executive Chef, Atmosphère Bistro

Former: Executive Chef, Nava; Executive Chef, Buckhead Diner; Corporate Chef Overseeing Nava, Bluepointe and Buckhead Diner

Pano’s   & Paul’s

Pano I. Karatassos Executive Chef, Kyma; Corporate Chef, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group Former: Cooked at Pano’s & Paul’s, The Fish Market at Lenox Square, 103 West


Veni Vidi Vici

Riccardo Ullio

Gerald “Wayne” Rheinlander

Executive Chef/Owner, U Restaurants (Fritti, Sotto Sotto, Escorpion) Former: Line cook to Sous Chef, Pricci

Scott Serpas

Rusty Bowers

Ted Lahey

Executive Chef/Owner, Serpas True Food

Executive Chef/Owner, Pine Street Market

Executive Chef/Partner, Table & Main

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef, Nava

Former: Sous Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s

Former: Sous Chef, Pricci

William Neal

Jamie Adams

Architect of Events, Innovation and Development, Affairs to Remember

Executive Chef, Veni Vidi Vici

Chef, West Egg Café Former: Executive Sous Chef, Veni Vidi Vici

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s; Sous Chef, Chops Lobster Bar

Ryan Delesandro Executive Chef, Chops Lobster Bar Former: Sous Chef and Executive Chef, Nava

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s

Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef, Fish Market at Lenox; Sous Chef, Pricci


Kirk Alan Parks

Bruce Logue

Marc Sublette

Pastry Chef/Partner, Rathbun’s

Executive Chef/Owner, BoccaLupo

Former: Pastry Chef, Nava

Former: Sous Chef, Pano’s & Paul’s

Executive Chef/Owner, Viande Rouge Steakhouse, Trattoria one.41 Former: Line Cook to Sous Chef and Executive Chef, Pricci’s; Chef de Cuisine, Pano’s & Paul’s

Hilary White, Gary Donlick, Doug Turbush, Ian Winslade, Taka Moriuchi, Gerry Klaskala, Joey Riley, Timothy Magee, Kevin Rathbun, Scott Serpas, Ryan Delesandro, Kirk Alan Parks, Pano I. Karatassos, Gerald “Wayne” Rheinlander –Sara Hanna Photography Shaun Doty –Angie Mosier Ted Lahey –Iain Bagwell

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story

what’s cooking in buckhead?


top chefs An in-depth look at the faces behind the food

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

The Artist feature:

Carly Cooper


Gerry Klaskala

The   Adventurer Tyler Williams Woodfire Grill   executive chef

Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and bringing chef-driven culture to our city. Six years ago, bulldozers took away several blocks of what many considered the center of Buckhead nightlife. Pano’s & Paul’s closed shortly thereafter, and people worried the area had lost its luster. But today the cranes are moving once again, and nationally recognized restaurateurs like Ford Fry and Kevin Rathbun have flocked to the area, choosing Buckhead as home for their newest hotspots. The chefs who follow set the standard for Buckhead dining. They’ve studied under the best culinary artists around the world; they’ve won awards; they’ve raised our expectations; and they’ve set the tone for what’s to come. These are Buckead’s top chefs.

Though Woodfire Grill Executive Chef Tyler Williams was born in Michigan, this 2012 Rising Star is a “Buckheader” through and through. His current residence is off Peachtree and Pharr Roads, and his culinary home is on Cheshire Bridge. Williams previously worked with Anne Quatrano at Bacchanalia and then at Abattoir. (Before that, he cooked with Graham Elliot at his eponymous Michelin star restaurant in Chicago.) It was at Bacchanalia that he developed his “globally influenced, full flavor” style of cooking. “I get in a creative element where I try to let my artistic juices show on a plate,” he says. Yet Williams, 33, takes care not to get so absorbed as to ignore the

Photo: Erin Brauer Photography


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead


nce characterized by its steakhouses, Buckhead has become a well-rounded culinary destination. It’s a place where diners know what they want. Many eat out more than in, and as a result, have come to expect a certain level of excellence, from the food to the service. In Buckhead, people work hard and play harder. Sure, we want our steak and lobster, but we also crave new experiences, foreign flavors and the next big thing. Buckhead is a community town, where neighbors mingle at the restaurant bar and chefs come to know the regulars—and often, their orders. Here, relationships are formed, tastes are developed and memories are made at the dining table. In 1979, Pano Karatassos opened Pano’s & Paul’s on West Paces Ferry, launching

customer. “Every night I make my rounds and interact with the guests,” he says. “You can’t lose focus on what’s important, and that’s the people in the dining room.” Williams, who is known for his adventurous, playful style (think White Oak Pastures lamb keema with green garbanzo, English pea, shawarma and sprouts), attributes the opportunities he’s given in part to culinary TV shows. “TV helped with introducing people to a higher level of cuisine and more adventurous food. People care more about who the chef is at a restaurant and the personality behind it than they did in the past,” he says. “A faceless name on a restaurant only goes so far—you have to feel engaged and connected.”  n

Aria owner and   executive chef While many of Atlanta’s most successful restaurateurs have put down their spatulas, turning over their kitchens to a new crop of chefs and stopping by only to offer tips or tweak menus, Aria Executive Chef and Owner Gerry Klaskala can be found by the stove night after night. “It’s what I love to do,” he says. “People are always chasing happiness, but I found it!” Klaskala’s first love was painting, but when he discovered the art of cooking, his career took off. Though he studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and worked in Boston and Savannah, Klaskala really earned his chops as executive chef of the Buckhead Diner. He opened Canoe in 1995 and then returned to Buckhead to launch Aria in 2000. “When I first started in Buckhead, there were probably fewer than 20 restaurants. Now look at it—the dining scene has exploded!” he says. During this time, Klaskala has continued to push his contemporary American fare forward, earning accolades like the AAA Four Diamond award and Mobil Travel Guide Three Stars along the way. “The dining public is much more curious these days, and the clientele is well traveled,” says Klaskala, who is also a founding chef of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. “But I was doing farm-to-table 25 years ago. Vegetables have always been very important.” n

The Sushi   Savant Taka Moriuchi Taka Sushi owner   and executive chef

Taka Moriuchi, owner and chef at Taka Sushi, did not take the traditional route to culinary fame. Originally from Hiroshima, Japan, 51-year-old Moriuchi sold shoes and owned a convenience store before immigrating to Atlanta and learning the craft of sushi making.

The   Founder Linton Hopkins Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch founder A 2012 James Beard Award winner (for Best Chef in the Southeast) and founder of Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch, H&F Bottle Shop and H&F Bread Co., chef Linton Hopkins has a lot to be proud of. Food & Wine magazine named him one of its Best New Chef All-Stars this year; he opened three outposts of H&F Burger in Turner Field, making his elusive, only-24-a-night hamburgers accessible to the public; and he was invited to harvest vegetables in the White

The Fire Man Joe Schafer King + Duke   executive chef

He worked at Soto in the mid ’90s, and then partnered with Kevin Rathbun to open Bluepointe in 1999 before opening Taka Sushi in 2002. Today, top chefs like Linton Hopkins

House Garden with Michelle Obama. But the accomplishment most near and dear to Hopkins’ heart is the growth of the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, a tradition he established in 2005 with six vendors that now features more than 60. “It’s been a powerful story of what Buckhead is,” says the 47-year-old Brookwood Hills-bred chef. “It’s become its own self-sustaining entity.” He describes Buckhead as an “open, diverse, giving community that puts family first.” He says the palate of its residents is both local and global and credits the area with the start of the modern independent chef. “This is where Buckhead Life Restaurant Group started. It’s where Kevin Rathbun earned his chops and Anne Quatrano started Bacchanalia,” he explains.

teur Ford Fry’s newest venture, King + Duke. Schafer prides himself on using primitive cooking techniques; he even built his own smokehouse at home. On most days he can be found tending the fire and expediting the food at King + Duke’s 24-foot hearth. “When you’re cooking with fire you have more freedom,” he says. “[But] I have to be on my game all the time. Once I get in a rhythm, I don’t want to step away.” The 33-year-old Georgia native appreciates what he calls the

Photo: Courtesy of Restaurant Eugene

“I love how impactful food is in creating a community,” he adds. “Let’s be proud of Buckhead and build the Buckhead we want it to be together. It’s not about glitz—it’s about foundational food and community building, and restaurants are a vibrant part of that.”  n

“sophisticated palate” of Buckhead diners. “They have a certain demand for knowledge and an expectation of a certain way of dining,” he explains. “They want to know what’s in a dish and how it’s prepared, and they don’t want [the server] to have to run back to the chef to find out. “We treat them the way they want to be treated and we want to make them feel at home. I like that they seem to appreciate what we’re doing [at King + Duke] and don’t balk at the cost.”  n

The Rebel Drew Van Leuvan Seven Lamps   executive chef and managing partner

Perhaps it’s his history—having trained under world-renowned chefs like Guenter Seeger, Joel Antunes and Jean-Louis Palladin—but Seven Lamps Executive Chef Drew Van Leuvan, 38, takes great pride in offering something “radically different from most Buckhead restaurants.” “[The typical Buckhead diner] wants bread service; we do pickles,” he says. However, the Rising Star, formerly executive chef at ONE Midtown Kitchen and Toast, says there are plenty of people who want to dine in an eclectic environment like that of Seven Lamps. “We’re in the middle of all the highend shops and there’s nothing else like us here,” he says. “There’s plenty of room, plenty of people and lots of money. The future [for Buckhead’s dining scene] is wide open.”  n


With a resume that includes JCT Kitchen, Parish and Murphy’s, it’s no wonder 33-year-old chef Joe Schafer was chosen for the coveted spot at the helm of award-winning restaura-

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

and Tyler Williams are quick to name his unassuming sushi spot among their favorite Buckhead haunts. “Buckhead is the brand and heart of Atlanta’s dining scene,” he says. “It is sophisticated, but it doesn’t matter if [a restaurant] is high-end; it just has to be well done.” Moriuchi has hosted numerous celebrities at Taka, including John Travolta, Kiss, the Dixie Chicks and Jake Gyllenhaal. “The 30305 ZIP code denotes status, fame, style and dreams,” he says. “The people are well educated with culinary knowledge. They love to go out to eat something new.”  n

Photo: Richie Arpino

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


cov e r story

what’s cooking in buckhead?


top chefs

The Family Man Pano I. Karatassos Kyma executive chef

Perhaps more than any other Atlanta chef, Pano I. Karatassos, 42, has an appreciation for Buckhead dining. His father, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group Founder and CEO Pano Karatassos, is credited with bringing chef-driven restaurants to the city, and young Pano was cooking in his kitchens at the ripe age of 16. “I work for the greatest chef and restaurateur the city of Atlanta has ever seen, and I just happen to be his son,” he says. “To see him continue to work six-and-a-half days a week is the greatest inspiration.”

Photo: Sara Hanna Photography

But Pano success is not a result of nepotism. True, he worked at Pano’s & Paul’s and the original Atlanta Fish Market at Lenox, but he also fine-tuned his skills at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, including The French Laundry, JeanGeorges and Le Bernardin. He’s grown five Buckhead Life Restaurant Group concepts, includ-

The Humble Chef Chris McDade KR SteakBar   chef de cuisine

A native Atlantan, Chris McDade was working in New York at Danny Meyer’s Maialino and vacationing in Italy when chef and restaurateur Kevin Rathbun called, inviting him to spearhead the kitchen at his Italianinfluenced Peachtree Hills steakhouse, KR SteakBar.


McDade, 31, had worked as souschef at Rathbun’ s in 2008 and was happy to say yes to the Iron Chef, whom he greatly admires. “The

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

ing Mediterranean spot Kyma, and isn’t stopping anytime soon. “When the time comes, we’ll have something new and fun for Buckhead, as we’ve always done,” he says. “The rebirth of Pano’s is a restaurant we’d like to do, and it’s probably one of the only concepts we have guests constantly asking us for.” He believes Buckhead Life Restaurant Group has found success by tapping into a clientele appreciative of upscale service. “In Buckhead, the restaurants that still have a stronghold are the white tablecloth, server in uniform, knowledgeable about wine and food, higher end, and still cutting edge and on top of trends,” he says. “At Kyma—and at Buckhead Life—our purpose is to serve and be hospitable.” “Buckhead has been the home of great dining for the past 30 years and will continue to be that home in the future,” he says.  n biggest thing I’ve learned from him is humility. If you’re humble and honest, you don’t have to be afraid to say you don’t know something,” he says. “[Rathbun] likes it if I walk the floor, talk to guests, get their feedback and take it to heart to change things for the better. You want to be able to make the people who come in happy.” Though KR SteakBar has barely been open a year, McDade says the restaurant already has plenty of regulars—people who sit at the bar, enjoying his edgy Italian fare, such as lamb sausage with cane syrup, three to four days a week. “This neighborhood has really embraced us. We love being a neighborhood spot,” he says. n

The   Southerner Joe Truex Executive chef at Watershed on Peachtree Born in small-town Louisiana, Joe Truex, executive chef at Watershed on Peachtree, has worked in culinary centers around the world (New York, Las Vegas and Switzerland, to name a few), but he still considers himself a Southerner. Truex, 48, started his career at the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans and worked under famed chef Daniel Boulud at the original Le Cirque before returning to Atlanta to open Repast, an Old Fourth Ward restaurant specializing in macrobiotic fare, in 2006. When Truex was asked to take over Watershed from chef Scott Peacock, he felt like it was his opportunity to embrace Southern fare. “I cook from my experiences. Each one of the dishes [on Watershed on Peachtree’s menu] has some kind of connection to my life,” he says. “I’m ready to claim the South in general, and Watershed gives me a great platform to do that.” Truex finds comfort in taking familiar, classic flavor combinations and presenting them in a fresh light. “My creativity comes in the craftsmanship of cooking,” says Truex, who resides in Ardmore Park. “I am really happy to be where I am right now—in my life and in my career—and being in this part of town is a part of that.”  n

pint-sized chefs

Shot on location at The Viking Store and Showroom

They might be young, but these kids are preparing meals some adults wouldn’t dream of tackling. While cooking is still just a hobby, they each have aspirations of taking their chef skills to the next level. feature:

Seven-year-old Hailey Hamilton became something of a sous-chef at 3, using a plastic knife to help her mom cut mushrooms for salads. Over the years, the Brookhaven second-grader’s culinary bravado has expanded to chocolate-chip pancakes with chocolate glaze and whipped cream (her favorite meal is breakfast). She loves making up her own recipes and even decorates serving plates for the ultimate showmanship. “My mom and dad cook all the time,” she says. “Cooking is like science and I love science. I also love art, so it’s fun to be creative and do little swirls and stuff. I always like to have a sauce, or I use strawberry jelly for decoration.” Although she’s never taken an official cooking class, Hailey accompanies her dad, a creative director for a digital advertising and marketing company, to The Cook’s Warehouse in Brookhaven on a weekly basis to pick up new kitchen tools. She was recently invited by Thaddeus Keefe, owner of Buckhead’s 1KEPT Kitchen and Bar, to visit the restaurant and learn from the chefs. “If I could make anything, I would like to make lobster bisque,” says Hailey, who hopes to appear someday on Fox’s “MasterChef Junior.” “That looks delicious and then I could put the little lobster claws next to it.”  n

Giannina Smith Bedford   Photos: Tyler Welbron Kora Miliotis has cooking in her blood. The daughter of Kathleen Miliotis, pastry chef at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in Phipps Plaza, and Christopher Miliotis, chef at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro at Perimeter Mall, Kora started mixing brownie batter and making cupcakes at just 3 years old. Today, the 9-year-old whips up everything from Tuscan bread to wonton soup, but her passion is baking. “I like baking because at the end my cupcakes are pretty and yummy,” the thirdgrader says. “I love sweets.” An avid fan of the Food Network, Kora aspires to be on Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri’s new cooking show, “Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off,” but for now, she’s practicing her competition skills at local events. In 2012, Kora’s butternut squash ravioli won first place at the Taste of Atlanta Iron Chef Kids Cooking Competition. She also entered Share Our Strength’s kids baking contest last year, and although her Rice Krispies treat cupcakes didn’t earn her first place, she is considering participating again next year. “I would love to be a great chef, but I have other dream jobs too. Like becoming a CSI agent,” she says. “I can always help out my mom and dad at work.”  n

Brookhaven junior Rachel Weigle doesn’t let the fact that she has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair keep her from doing what she loves: cooking. The 17-year-old started cooking with her Aunt Julie during the holidays and looks forward to it every year. “I like the feeling of accomplishing something and being able to see other people enjoy what I have cooked,” she says. At the urging of her sister Sarah, Rachel took up cooking classes at the Young Chefs Academy in Sandy Springs in January 2012 and recently completed phase I of the Young Chefs Academy MasterChef Program. A pasta lover, Rachel’s favorite recipe to prepare is Guy Fieri’s Veggie-Packed Pasta. She enjoys making homemade pasta and recently celebrated her birthday with a pasta-making themed party at Young Chefs Academy. Rachel has big goals for her cooking future: She plans on learning how to make different kinds of dog biscuits and eventually opening a business to sell them. “I have cerebral palsy and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do this,” Rachel says. “Here I am a year and half later cutting up garlic and making meals for my family.”  n November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


He’S BACK! The Viking Store is a one of a kind cooking school, retail store, special event venue and designer appliance showroom...

Adapted and Directed by Jon Ludwig Based on the classic television special

It’s the perfect place for corporate and social events of any kind - whether you’re looking for a corporate team building experience, meeting space, entertaining clients or celebrating an anniversary - we can custom design a special event that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Clay Walker

Your one stop shop for all things gourmet!

To book your unique event, please call 404.745.9064. View our class calendar at Gift cards are available at

Nov 7 - Dec 29 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and all elements from the 1964 television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © and ™ under license to Character Arts, LLC.

Supported in part by:


404.873.3391 1404 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30309 team building • recruiting functions • holiday parties • supper clubs • birthday/anniversary parties • bridal/baby showers • bachelorette parties • client appreciations • company meetings • facility rentals

1745 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Limited FREE Parking • MARTA Accessible Advance purchase is highly recommended as many shows sell out quickly. Major funding is provided by: Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council and the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.


Simply happening 1

Holly Jolly Shopping


For an alternative to milling around the mall, check out one of these local holiday markets 3


Spotlight 1. Elegant Elf Marketplace Nov. 16 and 17, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday; 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday Lake Forest Elementary School 5920 Sandy Springs Circle Sandy Springs 30328 404.403.3881

Shop amidst a winter wonderland at the Sandy Springs Society’s third annual Elegant Elf Marketplace Presented by The Sandy Springs Society. The two-day event features the works of artisans and vendors from around the world, including handmade jewelry, fine art, pottery and handbags. While shopping the wide variety of goods, stop by the Polar Express Café for a signature homemade soup, sweets or a beverage. Tickets are available at the door for $5 (children 12 and under are free), and proceeds benefit the Sandy Springs Society’s five mission areas: education, the arts, the environment, heritage preservation and social services.

2. The Atlanta International School’s German Christmas Market Dec. 7, 12-6 p.m. Atlanta International School 2890 North Fulton Drive N.E. Atlanta 30305 404.841.3879

Along with hosting its admissions open house activities on Dec. 7, Atlanta International School dedicates the afternoon to its free annual German Christmas Market, “Weihnachtsmarkt.” Reminiscent of the markets that operate throughout December in German-speaking countries, the event includes European food and beverages, traditional beeswax candle dipping and Christmas craft activities for kids. There will also be photo ops with Christkindl and St. Nikolaus, gift items from more than 40 vendors and live family-friendly entertainment, all benefiting the school.

3. Peachtree Road Farmers Market Holiday Artist Market

4. Northside Methodist Preschool Holiday Gift Show

Nov. 30 and Dec. 14, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Cathedral of St. Philip 2744 Peachtree Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.365.1078

Nov. 15 and 16, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Northside United Methodist Church 2799 Northside Drive N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.351.1107

Whether you’re a regular at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market or have a hard time getting out of bed in time to make the Saturday morning gathering, don’t miss the annual holiday artist market. On Nov. 30 and Dec. 14, the market heads inside the Cathedral of St. Philip, which transforms into a festive bazaar of turned wood, glass, fabric, jewelry, metal work, handmade baskets and more. Along with the wide array of items—all handmade locally—the free market features artisanal foods and farmers market vendors dishing out tasty snacks while you shop. It’s gift and grocery shopping all in one!

Celebrating its 29th year, the Northside Methodist Preschool Holiday Gift Show will once again showcase the goods of more than 75 vendors in Northside United Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall and Gymnasium. From crafts to the original works of local artists, the show includes items for all ages. For those who can’t wait to see what’s in store, there is a special Ladies’ Preview Night scheduled for Nov. 14 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Admission to the Preview Night and Holiday Gift Show is $3 for ages 14 and up with proceeds benefiting the Northside Methodist Preschool Scholarship Fund. The Show is the largest annual fundraiser for the school.

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY happening

simply buzz  

Children learn about dollars and cents at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s Moneyville exhibit. Photo: Jeff Roffman Photography

Events, exhibits, galas and more

This lithographic poster of Col. W.F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody is one of the items on display at The High Museum of Art’s Go West! exhibit.


Giannina Smith Bedford

Puppets tell the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at The Center for Puppetry Arts. Photo: Clay Walker

Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (pictured with his wife Mary) will be the guest speaker at the Bethany Christian Services Fellowship Dinner Fundraiser.

Photo: Courtesy Strobridge Lithography Company

n Moneyville at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta Sept. 28, 2013-Jan. 12, 2014 The Children’s Museum of Atlanta 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive N.W. Atlanta 30313 404.659.5437 It’s never too early to start learning about money. Kick start your child’s financial savvy at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta’s exhibit Moneyville. The educational traveling exhibit was developed by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and is made up of five major exhibitions areas: The Money Factory; The Bank; To Market, To Market; Dollars and Sense; and Global Trade. Each area is aimed at exploring the history, science, math and economics behind money. Interactive activities, games and simulations also help develop kids’ economic capacity, math skills and problemsolving strategies. Did you know that the ancient Aztecs used chocolate for money? Learn all about it at this informative exhibit that is making a stop in Atlanta as part of a multi-year tour to children’s museums and science centers. Tickets are included with museum admission ($12.75 plus tax for ages 1 to 100).


n Go West! Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West at The High Nov. 3, 2013-April 13, 2014 The High Museum of Art 1280 Peachtree Street N.E. Atlanta 30309 404.733.4444 Travel back to the Wild West during The High Museum of Art’s Go West! Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Straight from Cody, Wyo., this collection impresses with masterpieces and historical treasures. Explore paintings, sculpture, photographs, frontier firearms and more as you imagine what life was like during this storied part of history. The exhibition conveys the way images and tales of legendary names like Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and Chief Sitting Bull influenced American identity and character. Highlights include artwork created for Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West show. High admission is $19.50 for adults; $12 for children (ages 6-17); and $16.50 for seniors and students.

n Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the Center for Puppetry Arts Nov. 7-Dec. 29 Center for Puppetry Arts 1404 Spring Street N.W. at 18th Atlanta 30309 404.873.3391

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Celebrate one of the holiday season’s most beloved characters at the Center for Puppetry Arts’ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Adapted and directed by Jon Ludwig, the annual show brings to life the timeless 1964 stop-motion animated special through puppetry on the Mainstage Theater. Rudolph is joined by friends Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snow Monster, among others, in this classic holiday tale. The show is recommended for ages 4 and up. Tickets are $9.25 for members; $16.50 for non-members. Select performances Nov. 23-Dec. 29 are $13.25 for members; $20.50 for non-members.

styles of numerous acclaimed local designers—from Courtney Giles of Courtney Giles Interior Design to Kelly Wolf Anthony of Anthony | Wolf. There will also be a gourmet café presented by Savi Provisions and a specialty gift shop featuring Georgiabased designers and vendors. A portion of the proceeds from the Showhouse benefits the Southeastern Horticultural Society. Hours are Thursdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays 1 to 5 p.m. Advance tickets purchased before Nov. 14 are $20 per person; $25 at the door or online after Nov. 14. Groups of 10 or more are $15 per person, and children 10 and under are free.

n 2013 Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse and Marketplace Nov. 15-Dec. 8

n Bethany Christian Services Fellowship Dinner Fundraiser Nov. 22

Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse 58 Blackland Road N.W. Atlanta 30342 404.252.6670 Enjoy tours, weekend workshops and seasonal events at the 2013 Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse and Marketplace. Presented by Dovetail Homes, the month-long open house showcases a newly built, LEED-certified Buckhead home The Deadfields decorated in the discerning

Peachtree Presbyterian Church 3434 Roswell Road N.W. Atlanta 30305 404.842.5800 Since November is National Adoption Month, Bethany Christian Services of Atlanta—a nonprofit serving adoptive and foster families across Georgia— hosts a fellowship dinner fundraiser at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. From 6 to 9 p.m., guests enjoy a catered dinner, live entertainment and silent auction with items such as resort

stays and sports memorabilia. The evening also includes an appearance by former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, who will address the crowd with a personal message: Perdue and his wife, Mary, have served as foster parents for eight newborns awaiting adoption. There is no charge to attend the event, but guests will have the opportunity to make donations.

n Lee Harper & Dancers at Westminster Dec. 14 The Westminster Schools 1424 West Paces Ferry Road N.W. Atlanta 30327 404.355.8673 or Take in the merriment of the season with a free holiday concert on Westminster’s Buckhead campus. Held at the Kellett Theatre in the Broyles Arts Center, the show features the performing arts department of The Westminster Schools joined by Lee Harper & Dancers II (youth company), Ms. Harper’s Westminster Middle School Dance Class and the Westminster Middle School Chorus. Celebrating 34 years of her dance school and performing companies, Lee Harper is Artist in Residence at Westminster Schools. Concert doors open at 12:30 p.m. and the entertainment begins at 1 p.m.

Sure, we have a lazy river. Of complimentary drinks at sunset. Follow this with a chef’s breakfast the next morning, then complimentary bikes and boxed picnic lunch along a mile of unspoiled beach. Sometimes grown-ups have all the fun.


florida 866.398.4432


Photography by Sara Hanna Photography and Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta.

Gown by Anne Barge Atelier

Floral • Events • Interiors • Gardens

404.817.7773 Call us for a complimentary consultation.

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There are many, but only one is truly Authentic.

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10 Locations in Metro Atlanta

3174 Peachtree Road Buckhead - 404.841.2456 6601 Roswell Road Sandy Springs - 404.303.3000 (Abernathy Square) 950 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 260 Midtown - 404.554.8060 (at The Plaza Midtown) Newnan - Athens - Kennesaw Marietta (2) - Lawrenceville - Alpharetta


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SIMPLY happening

c ha r itab le

Attendees check-in before enjoying puppetry-inspired fun inside the Grand Hyatt ballroom.

Eric and Pam Hansen

Jim Schwarzkopf, Bill Maner and Tracy and Bill Hull Patty Dees and Andrew Crigler

Daniel and Sherry vom Saal Carli McDonald and Kristen Scalzitti

Photos: Robert Loughran

Center for Puppetry Arts

String Fling

T Beau Brown and Dean Smith

he Center for Puppetry Arts celebrated its 35th year with a large soiree held at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. As guests sipped cocktails and perused silent auction items, puppeteers strolled by and introduced their playful sidekicks. Dinner included entertainment and a live auction; the evening raised more than $200,000 to support the Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s field trip sponsorships, distance learning program, arts education programs and more.

Daniel Summers Jr. and Joanne and Sonny Hayes Heather and Wesley Defoor, Diane Gray, Tim Mulvey, Jann and Kevin Kern, Kerry Traubert and John Revouri

Javetta and Horace Campbell and Renee Dobbs

Dr. Sherry Taylor, Dr. Mary Lynn Realff and Hilary Meredith

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Fabulous Mountain Property Just a couple of hours hours away! Summertime temperatures 15+/- degrees below Atlanta.

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Phenomenal long-range vistas from this meticulously maintained home in Highlands Country Club. From the Tennessee ranges to Whiteside and Chimney Top, the panorama is spectacular. Four full bedrooms (and bunkrooms too) and five baths. Two levels with great family space. Two-car garage. MLS 78048. $1,895,000.

The signature view of Whiteside Mountain. 1.41 acres just minutes from Main Street in one of Highlands’ best areas, neighboring a premier 50-acre estate. Reduced drastically to $295,000. Comparable lots are often double this price. MLS 67112.

Bert Mobley

828.200.0846 • Highlands, NC 28741 •


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Large Format Printing

Vehicle Wraps Exhibits

Signage Wall Murals


... and Much More

SIMPLY happening

c ha r itab le

Sheridan Smith and Mike Wilson

Stacey and Bert Weiss spoke about Bert’s Big Adventure, the event’s beneficiary

Ashley Perkins and John and Rosemary Brown

Castle Cares Casino Night

Photos: Dee Flores

T Attendees tried their hand at casino games like blackjack and craps.

his festive gala hosted by Castle Painting was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead, with proceeds benefiting Bert’s Big Adventure. The 280 attendees enjoyed an evening of casino fun provided by premier sponsor Monte Carlo Productions. Mirko Pasta Buckhead, Hal’s Steakhouse, Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Cibo e Beve and Savi Provisions Buckhead all donated prizes of $1,000 or more, and the top prize was the “Weekend Stay-cation” package, complete with a 2014 Jim Ellis Maserati Quattroporte weekend driving experience and a hotel stay at the Intercontinental. Bert’s Big Adventure assists families who have a child with chronic or terminal illness by taking the entire family to Disney World.

Holly Morton, Andrew Knutson and Kelly Brown

Mirian Costa and Jason Swillum

Bert and Stacey Weiss and Laura and Miguel Castillo

Jessie’s Girls provided the evening’s musical entertainment

November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead 


SIMPLY happening

sc e ne

Svelte in the City

Buckhead’s health pros say you can stay hot this holiday season. Read their tips on page 40. photo:


November/December 2013 | Simply Buckhead

Tyler Welbron

2013 ExecuCare







Meet the Bank Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction “Highest Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking in the Southeast Region" At First Citizens, putting our customers first is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’re honored that they rated us “Highest in Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking in the Southeast Region,” according to the most recent J.D. Power & Associates Retail Banking Satisfaction Study.SM First Citizens offers all the convenience and services of a large bank, combined with the personal attention and responsiveness of a community bank. We’ve been focused on helping individuals and businesses succeed for over 100 years. Are you satisfied with your bank? Get to know First Citizens. Call or visit our Buckhead location today.

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Give your Angel a Halo

Buckheadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premier Custom Jewelry Design

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The key To an exTraordinary life is quite literally a key.

Simply Buckhead November/December 2013  

Simply Buckhead is the definitive resource for Atlanta's most dynamic intown neighborhood. With a commitment to journalistic excellence, the...

Simply Buckhead November/December 2013  

Simply Buckhead is the definitive resource for Atlanta's most dynamic intown neighborhood. With a commitment to journalistic excellence, the...