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U.LAB MAGAZINE INTRODUCTION This is the first edition of the u.lab multi-media magazine. As you scroll through, you can click on almost any picture or text in the document to access more information – including videos, blogs, articles and more. Inside, you will find: • Information about u.lab • Stories and first-hand accounts of impact • Upcoming events and important dates


U.lab is a global action learning platform that launched in 2015, delivered through MITx and edX. Led by Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, u.lab is co-facilitated by a team from the Presencing Institute (PI), an awareness-based action research laboratory that Otto and his colleagues co-founded to advance profound societal innovation and change.


Experience is not what happens to us—but what we do with what happens to us. It’s that inner doing —that inner choice— where the future of this planet and the future of our evolution is battled out. In 2016, in the wake of Brexit and Trump, I have seen various examples of subtle personal-political awakening and activation of grassroot networks. 2017, I believe, will be a key year—anything is possible, anything can happen, good or bad.

Otto Scharmer


Designed to blend open access with deep learning, u.lab is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that was first launched in early 2015 as an MITx course on edX. It has since drawn over 90,000 registered participants. According to the exit surveys, 93% found their experience “inspiring” (60%) or “life changing” (33%); and 62% of those who came into the u.lab without any contemplative practice have one now.


One-third of the participants had “life changing” experiences? How is that possible in a mere eight-week online course? The answer is: it’s not. u.lab isn’t just an online course. It’s an o2o  (online-to-offline)  blended learning environment that provides participants with quality spaces for reflection, dialogue, and collaborative action. U.LAB-FACILITATORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD

U.LAB FRAMEWORK U.lab teaches a framework and methodology that individuals, teams, organizations, and even larger social systems can use to respond to disruptive change with compassion, curiosity, and courage. In a time where prejudice, fear, and blame are the dominant responses
in our political and economic systems, this approach promises a more inclusive and sustainable path forward.



Week 1


storify first livesession

co-evolving/ movement building

Office Hours

Week 2/3

Week 6



Week 4 presencing

Week 5


HUBS U.lab invites participants to create a place in their own communities to learn together with other people. We call these places hubs. A hub is any space where u.lab participants gather together to engage in dialogue, reflective practices and prototyping. Hubs complement the online part of the u.lab with a place based, in-person component. Over 600 self-organized hubs have formed since January 2015! In the first year of u.lab, many hubs were primarily places people gathered to take the course. More recently, many hubs have evolved into vehicles for turning local ideas into action. The u.lab team offers support to hub hosts via frequent hub host calls. While some calls are hosted without an agenda, others have a theme (u.lab in education, u.lab in business). Sometimes guests are invited. Recently, Kelvy Bird joined to talk about how she sees her work as a graphic facilitator. For u.lab participants who want to become hub hosts, a group of experienced hosts co-created a guide that includes practical instructions on how to begin.

U.LAB SCOTLAND 3 Reasons why Scottish government chose for u.lab as a platform for public transformation and a link to u.lab Scotland community news:

The Brabant Hub Province government, the Netherlands

Concordia University u.lab Social Innovation Hub


STORIES OF PROFOUND CHANGE U.lab gallery: stories from participants of u.lab 2015 and 2016, about prototypes, impact and experiences.





Beginning in April 2017, 
the u.lab team will host free monthly
 global live-streamed
sessions, each focused on the transformation and evolution of our democratic, economic, and educational systems. Live sessions will take place on: April 13, May 11, June 8, September 14, October 12, November 9 and December 14. In the next three years, u.lab will: • Continue its innovation lab strategy to prototype solutions across sectors; • Consolidate the expansion of u.lab activity sparked by MOOC participants and u.lab volunteers; • Continue cultivating the global, multi-local community of change makers with methods, engagement and increasingly user-generated tools. To sustain this work going forward, we have kickstarted a crowd-funding campaign:


ADDITIONAL PATHWAYS FOR PRACTICE The Presencing Institute offers capacity building programs for individuals and teams throughout the year.

Upcoming in-person programs include:

In 2017, we will use these funds to create content for a new civic media and public conversation platform.

WANT TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT? Start with the introduction-course: ‘Awareness-Based Systems Change with u.lab How to Sense and Actualize the Future’

* The Presencing Foundation Program (PFP) in Oxford, Berlin, Cape Town and US. * For alumni of the PFP, there is an Advanced Program in Design & Facilitation of Theory U/Presencing taking place in Berlin in March 2017. More info here. * Social Presencing Theater basic and advanced courses are offered in multiple locations in 2017. More information here.


The year ahead will no doubt bring unprecedented challenges - and opportunities. We look forward to working together in service of a more just, inclusive, sustainable society.

u.lab team


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u.lab Magazine  

This is the first edition of the u.lab multi-media magazine. As you scroll through, you can click on almost any picture or text in the doc...

u.lab Magazine  

This is the first edition of the u.lab multi-media magazine. As you scroll through, you can click on almost any picture or text in the doc...

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