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To many it was a triumphant success, to some it was a devastating loss with some even attending rallies, and the others who chose acceptance. BBM also recently assigned VP Sara Duterte as DepEd Secretary, and many other announcements during his briefing. With this, his term starts, and the general populace are waiting for him to take action as the newly appointed 17th President of the Philippines.

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When campaign period started, they were both criticized Robredo was questioned by many of her firmness with decisions and the political stance she sides with, while Marcos was criticized by his upbringing, education, and his relationship with his father who was a dictator, and the rest of his family’s affairs

brown outs, but nevertheless, VP Leni Robredo served alongside the president for six years.

And thus the time came for the voting to commence, it lasted for a week but results came quick At last, the votes were reviewed, and BBM gained the most amounts of votes, with a large lead against Robredo of 16,594,010 votes, almost half of her votes.

During her time as Vice President, she started many programs to alleviate poverty and the damage of natural crises, such as the Angat Buhay program. Meanwhile, through the use of social media, Marcos organized a historical revisionism of sorts, doing interviews in his social media pages and attracting netizens to increase his cult following.

For all intensive purposes, although it is to be acknowledged that there were many candidates Ping Lacson. Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao and so on, there were actually two main leading and opposing individuals, Leni Robredo and the incumbent winner Bong Bong Marcos

FiveSenses FiveSenses FiveSensese-Literary Folio CREATOON CMEMES REATOON MEMES

Joshmond Ivan Supapo

These two political rivals go way back in 2016, when they both ran for vice president, which is won by Leni Robredo, with an incremental lead of 263,473 votes There were notable events during those times, such as BBM’s recounting of votes, and unproven conspiracies of cheating and


As Duterte’s term as president, of which is filled with declarations and major controversies, was nearing its end, it was almost time to get ready for the upcoming elections. Starting with COMELEC assignations, voting registrations, and postponements, it was starting to take shape.

rating, with BBM notably topping most of them The candidates also attended interviews, while BBM refused to take part in some of them, due to their supposed “bias” against him

They gathered their followers and faced each other through popularity



Last 9 th of May 2022, the Filipino people have casted their vote and exercise their right to suffrage through the 2022 Philippine Election Hours after the voting end, Commission on Elections (COMELEC) then started to transmit partial and unofficial results starting by small percentages onwards The partial and unofficial results by COMELEC, showed a huge gap between the candidates for presidency and vice presidency with Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr and his tandem, Sara Duterte Carpio leading the aforementioned national positions And Robin Padilla as the lead senatorial candidate in the Senate’s Magic 12

The Office of the Vice President, according to outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo is already ready for transition OVP also then announced that one of its projects at the height of the pandemic, Bayanihan E Konsulta, a free teleconsultation services with thousands of volunteer doctors, nurses, and all other medial and non medical professionals, is set to end its operations on the 31st of May 2022 Ending their respective 6 year terms, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Vice President Leonor “Leni” Gerona Robredo is set to leave the office on the 30th of June 2022

Following is the proclamation of President Elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who garnered 31.6 million votes (58.8% of the total vote turnovers) and Vice President Elect Sara Duterte Carpio who garnered 32.2 million of votes (61.53% total vote turnovers), 16 days after the election, on the 25th of May 2022 at the Batasang Pambansa, b h Phili i C

After two years of quarantine and online classes due to the pandemic, the FEU Cavite Tamaraws once again held a face to face Fiambrera for students and teachers wearing their Filipino attire from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in celebration of its 13th year founding anniversary at FEU Open Ground on March 24, 2022

familiar with each other and there were also some who had their first time to see and talk to each other with amazement Although the program was limited for the attendees, everyone was delighted as the program started

Just like the pre pandemic Fiambreras celebrated by the FEU Cavite Tamaraws , students from different courses once again showcase d their talents by singing and dancing Filipino mu s ic The Hospitality Management students also served a variety of mouth watering Filipino

Nicole Mae Sarmiento


Photo Source: News Line Philippines

Alongside COMELEC in canvassing the vote turnovers is the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) and its volunteers who manually counts each vote in making sure that there is no significant irregularities between the transmitted partial and unofficial results of COMELEC and their count. The PPCRV poll transparency server venue was moved to the University of Santo Tomas.

Truly, an end of an era

Justine A. Wong

@ 13

It was exciting to see that teachers and students were reunited for the first time since the pandemic In the said event, there were some teachers and staff as well as students who were already




Some students, faculties, and staff in FEU Cavite HED sign the official statement of support to the Robredo Pangilinan tandem on May 6, 2022, three days before the election day at FEU Cavite HED Building, Ground Floor. This is as follows from the colleges and universities' student bodies around the country in releasing their support for their chosen candidates in the National Election.


It was exciting to see that teachers and students were reunited for the first time since the pandemic In the said event, there were some teachers and staff as well as students who were already

During the “Tamaraws for Leni Kiko Statement of Support” event, the student leaders who organized the event provided free campaign materials for everyone, and sponsored anonymously. There are students who attended the event that shares their reasons why they will vote for VP Leni Robredo and Senator Kiko Pangilinan in the upcoming election.

It highlights the strong volunteerism of students in campaigning for their bid for the National Election 2022, especially for the students, the youth. They are first time voters who are eager to feel and taste the good governance. Students showing their support for the Robredo Pangilinan tandem emphasize how they carefully choose whom to vote from being reminded of the FEU Cavite core values which are Fortitude, Excellence, Uprightness, and Compassion.

It might not be a hundred percent support for their endorsed candidate, they believe that even having different preferred candidates from some of their fellow tamaraws, they hope for having the same goal of bringing good governance in the country to eradicate corruption and injustices and give a bright future for them young ones.


Adreana Rose Ison

The event was filled with happiness and hoped as they chant and sing some campaign songs for the Robredo Pangilinan tandem in the event’s place and during the parade from the FEU Cavite Higher Education Building to

face to face Fiambrera for students and teachers wearing their Filipino attire from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in celebration of its 13th year founding anniversary at FEU Open Ground on March 24, 2022

FEU Cavite Basic Education Building inside the Metrogate Silang Estates, Silang, Cavite


dishes from Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao that were shared by everyone while talking and laughing In the evening, teachers and staff had their Fiambrera too by having a simple gathering Apparently, everyone really enjoyed the program and hoping that the upcoming events would also be held face to face


After two years of quarantine and online classes due to the pandemic, the FEU Cavite Tamaraws once again held a


Tracy Carbonell


Groups of scientists, environmental organizations, students, activists, netizens, and other concerned individuals across the globe gather this month to annually protest about climate change with a theme of #PeopleNotProfit this year.

On April 22 when Earth Day is celebrated, climate activists continue to demand on halting fossil fuel industry and switch to renewable energy. Ukrainian members of Fridays for Future, a group of youths for global climate strike moveme say that These citizen c One of emails t

and doing protests online by posting to educate more people and signing petitions

awareness of how important taking actions to save our future.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) this February, the world is running out of time to save the planet from the intensifying climate change This urgent matter already had goals and commitments set in the past by aiming to maintain and limit temperature increase, but it is insufficient and impossible to achieve by 2025 at this rate

Scientists taking part in these rallies have been viral on social media due to the urgency and fear in their voices, compelling that their voices be heard from decades of being ignored To be able to convince governments worldwide for more aggressive action, Scientist Rebellion protesters have also made as insistent measures which caused some of them to get arrested



For this year’s Earth Hour on March 25, environmentalists encourage communities to be informed about their responsibility and commitment to our planet and raise

Word has spread out to different nations and protesters hope it reached the policymakers and governments as well Peter Kalmus, a NASA Scientist, speaks his fear that they are being ignored, yearning to be heard, “We’re not ating ” sity of gency,




Photo Source: JB Saulog

The 4th Type

Growing up, I never tried to excel in my studies. I would say it came naturally to me, following the trope of “Filipino Female Firstborn” – the overachiever as they would put it. The final year before college, I encountered my first academicrelated dilemma. I would describe it as the lowest point of my life. At that moment, the realization hit me. I am lacking the 4th type.

Children should be taught to face failures sometimes and make them understand that it is perfectly fine to lose to improvise. Parents should teach children not to chase perfectionism. Let them be aware that success begins when they are willing to move out of their comfort zone and do what others think might be impossible for them. If they are unable to hold out against challenges in life, they may not be able to utilize their potential to its extent. It is known by many names - grit, fortitude, tenacity, and self-sufficiency.

But one thing is for certain.



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I was drowning in a puddle.

Café Silangan is an in house café that will operate daily for the FEU Cavite Community, Metrogate Silang Estates Community, and the public inquiring about FEU Cavite It soft opened on March 28, 2022, at FEU Cavite HED Building Café Silangan serves coffee and tea along with sandwiches, pasta, and pastries baked by students and is soon to offer all day breakfast. The Café operates not just for business but mainly to cater to the in house internship of Hospitality Management Students as part of the curriculum It also serves as additional laboratory facilities for Bar and Beverage Management Subjects and Barista Courses. According to Ms. Pamela Michelle V. Rivera, Program Coordinator of Hospitality Management, “Café Silangan allows the students to appreciate the program and give them the feeling of how it’s like working in their profession ” The Café is not only for Hospitality Management Students, other programs can contribute to the development, design projects, and activities to help in the operation of the café Café Silangan incorporates locally produced food and ingredients like Barako Coffee or locally known as “Kapeng Barako” Hungry? Wait there's more! Local rice cakes, herbs, seasonal fruits, and vegetables grown in FEU Cavite Farm will also be part of the menu of the café. Wanna feel the cool breeze of Silang while satisfying your cravings? Come and visit Café Silangan

Brewing Now!

The 4th type of intelligence teaches people how to swim and free dive in the deepest waters so nobody should ever drown in a puddle again.

Proposed and conceptualized by Dr Paul Stoltz, he described the 4th type of intelligence as Adversity Quotient (AQ), the ability to face adversity and resist setbacks using rational decisions. We are often misguided by the assumption that someone’s success is determined by their smartness. Though it is true that academic excellence is one way to measure someone’s intelligence, it takes more than that to go through a rough patch in life and come out of it with a sound mind.

Adversity Quotient can determine as far as who will give up in face of troubles and abandon their families against those who are resilient to shortcomings and will continue to strive forward in life. Similar to the other type of intelligence, it is advised for parents to help develop their children’s AQ at a young age. They should be taught about something I learned the hard way – to be adaptive to the ever-changing environment.


TAMasterpiece: Arts

"My Heart" By: Rhiannah Shyenne Peña "Enriching Your Dimension of We" By: John Baraquiel Saulog DIGITAL ARTS CATEGORY WINNER DRAWING CATEGORY WINNER

After a thorough evaluation of judges under the TAMasterpiece Arts, the winner of the Digital Arts Category is Riannah Shyenne Peña from 1st year of BS Psychology, and John Baraquiel Saulog from 4th year of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management for the Drawing Category.

Along with celebrating Valentine’s Day, the Psychology Society has conducted a college wide art competition that portrays the creativity of HED students from February 5 26, 2022. The event is entitled as TAMasterpiece: Art and Music contest with the theme of “Enhancing Mental Health Through Creative Expression: Self Love”

The said art competition has two categories: digital arts and drawing The participants showcase how talented, skilled, and creative a tamaraw is. Criteria were based on the participant’s Creativity (30%), Technical Component (30%), Overall Characteristic (20%), and Visual Impact (20%).

Mental health is as important as physical health. One of the things a person can protect their mental health is self love, and under self love, there are various choices a person can make in exercising a healthy relationship within their inner selves

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022 simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan6 FEATURE

"Enhancing Mental Health Through Creative Expression: Self Love"

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What’s in the WReality? hat’s in the Reality?

by: Noeme Anonuevo

For a student like me, the Internet has become a necessity, if not the most important thing According to the scholar blogs website, the Internet provides us with endless access to information, entertainment, and distractions at the tips of our fingers Also, the Internet is one example that can provide a supernatural stimulus The said website also mentioned that it can lead one to think that supernatural stimulus or an exaggerated version of reality is better than natural or reality based stimulus FEU Cavite is active in taking their students to come and participate in their organized events that focus on socializing and giving fun activities as well as experiencing university life. Some chose to have fun in a face to face set up, and some chose to stay at home and use devices to participate in the said event. As for my personal experience, being in online based classes gives so much comfort when it comes to socializing and attending events, but it doesn’t mean that I gain experience and perceive much information in my comfort zone. Until now, I am thinking What’s in the Reality?

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In James Clear's book, Atomic Habits, he mentioned supernatural stimuli, which are an exaggerated version of reality Maybe you are wondering what it is I was about to get bored but decided to get saved by grabbing the mentioned book and deciding to read it It took me a few minutes to think about what a supernatural stimulus is We perceive through our five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight And this topic prompted me to lean back in my chair and consider what I had missed inside my cramped quarters I look at my laptop for a few minutes I’ve been using this thing so much that it's become my partner in everything I can attend events and classes by looking at the screen I gain some friends, knowledge, and fun by using it So, what I am saying is that we students from FEU Cavite have had more than two years to perceive an artificial stimulus to study and learn, to attend classes and events, to socialize, to have fun, and so on It also affects our behavior to become more creative and innovative As our university offers limited face to face classes, I was one of the students who stayed in the online class set up and still use devices and the internet to attend classes During the session of one of our laboratory activities, I was thinking about what it would feel like to be in a classroom again What things could my eyes perceive if I was there in the lab? What does the coffee at our university taste like? What does the wind in my university feel like if it touches my skin and I hear those birds outside? And these kinds of feelings that I should feel inside the university have already been induced artificially by this medium sized device, which is my laptop We, as online students, perceive limited stimuli and experiences

by: Adreana Rose Ison

sounds so empty. Going back to the better normal, students finally hear laughs and voices. These noises are way different but better from the unwanted construction noises and non stop loud music from the neighborhood.

Inside the café, there were finally students taking breaks from their classes Drinking their hot and cold coffees while talking with each other about stuff In online classes, students can still talk to their classmates, sharing their perspectives about how hard that one subject is for them or sharing how funny those videos for the required subject are while typing the word “HAHAHA” yet

From several events and activities on the campus, students became less anxious than before They start participating in live events, activities,

and even classes, just like in the pre pandemic era Just like how things usually move before Where student laughter can already hear in hallways again, and not in virtual laughing emojis on synchronous classes anymore And the classroom will not be empty again, filled with students not by air alone

During the first few weeks of face to face classes, students are still having second thoughts about going back to school. Fear of risking their health was still one of their reasons. Getting anxious from another adjustment withholds them to stay where they currently are


Students of FEU Cavite Higher Education Department finally have been given the chance to step foot on the campus on this School Year’s Second Semester. It is the first time for some, some are not, but it is no doubt that most of them waited for this moment for a long time.

The Taste of TLaughter he Taste of Laughter

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It is odd to wear the worn out and tight school uniforms again, or even clothes one usually wears to school Quite strange to receive the daily allowance before stepping out of the house The sunlight against our bare skin is unusual, since we spent most of our time indoors Not to mention the protocols we have to follow from entering the school shuttle to entering the school, the classrooms until leaving the campus It feels new but familiar Different but the same

But fear doesn’t last forever


It was February 2022 when limited face to face classes were back again after staying in class virtually for 2 years. And even if years have gone by, it feels just like yesterday.

It is weird seeing our classmates and instructors to the flesh even if their cameras are off, hearing them talk and make sounds even if their microphones are muted. We are in the same classroom after all. We all have been in a classroom before, no doubt. But why does it feel foreign? Is it the masks? The 1 meter distance we have to maintain? The campus’ silence? The limited movements we are allowed to make? Maybe


Finally, they can identify the flavor of laughter, those voices longing for a company a long time ago. The taste of laughter is sometimes sweet and sometimes strange Strange but not weird, strange like these mixed flavors will make you want to have more

But what’s special is that even though our faces are shielded by our masks, we can see each other’s relief and happiness through our eyes We can feel the buzz of excitement without using words Probably it is the notion that we are already a step closer to the new normal though this is undeniably out of the ordinary we are used to It is the gratefulness that we finally get to cherish this opportunity to make up for what we have missed for the past two years

Fiambrera started with a Hip hop dance number from FEUC’s Dance company which is then followed by Folk Dances that were performed by the HRM Students Both dance numbers were impressive as they all showed their harmony and synchronization of their dance steps Aside from that, many students and professors were seen to be wearing national costumes

by: Nicole Mae Sarmiento

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022 simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan9 FIVESENSES

A Sweet Scent of ASuccess Sweet Scent of Success for Batch f2022! or Batch 2022!

The event highlighted the exquisite foods and dances of the Philippines well and it was refreshing to be a part of such event Through Fiambrera, we got to hear and watch our talented fellow students and we also experience different cuisines from different parts of the Philippines

Apart from this, students from different levels and departments also sang beautifully You can hear some of them singing song covers, and some are singing their own written songs After each performance, you can hear the applause and cheers from the audience as their talents were undeniable and deserves recognition

FEU Cavite is set to conduct its very first Face to Face Commencement Exercises 2 years after the pandemic started It is set to happen on the 1st of July 2022, at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)

On the 24th of March 2022, FEU Cavite held an event called Fiambrera that showcases many cuisines and dances from different parts of the Philippines as a part of the 13th Founding Anniversary of the Institution Many students that are featured during the event performed while the students from the HRM Department have prepared foods from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

And for the exciting part, we get to taste different dishes from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, prepared by the students from HRM Department They have booths that are decorated according to which island they represent The Luzon Booth featured some sweet delicacies such as turon and puto, while the Visayas Booth offered some savory dish like batchoy, and lastly, Mindanao served exotic foods as well

On the 30th of May 2022, The Office of the Registrar announced on its official Facebook Page the schedule of activities for FEU Cavite HED Graduating Batch of 2022, after two years of conducting contactless virtual graduation and pre graduation activities Activities such as Recollection, Graduation Ball, Baccalaureate Mass, and many more are back! On the same day, it also sent congratulatory emails to the final candidates for graduation of Batch 2022

Prior to this announcement, graduating HED Tamaraws have already been reunited with each other last 6th of May 2022, when they have been gathered for the Graduation Pictorial Everybody was thrilled to see and hear from each other You would see smiles all over their faces and hear exchanges of greetings and cheers echoing across the happy halls of FEU Cavite It was truly a celebratory moment for everyone!

As the semester falls to an end, the first batch of K12 and the new college also begin to smell the sweet scent of victory and will eventually taste the fruit of their hard work Congratulations, Batch 2022!

Fiambrera: Highlighting the Philippine FCulture iambrera: Highlighting the Philippine Culture

by: Ashley Rose Orence

Discover, Contribute, Learn

Research: RLearn esearch:

The said event was divided into two parts the first part includes general procedure in conducting and writing research papers while second part includes discussion on research methodology and two researchers have presented their research papers

by: Angel Alyssa Herrera

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022 simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan10 FIVESENSES

On the 20th day of May 2022, a successful event entitled TRANSCEND: A Research Colloquium enabled students to learn the nature, concepts, methods, techniques, and strategies in writing and presenting research papers The event was facilitated by Mr Joshmond Ivan Supapo, an FEU Cavite professor and the student publication, Simbuhan’s adviser.

As part of the event, it is a great honor to hear those discussion and learn from the respected speakers regarding the important research aspects that is valuable to the undergraduate students Furthermore, it is proudful moment to hear and witness the successful research papers conducted by the hard working students of FEU Cavite.

Discover, Contribute,

Now that second semester S Y 2021 2022 has already ended, we are congratulating all FEU Cavite students by striving and working hard for this semester For those students who have written and defended their research paper, we are proud of you. Congratulations Tamaraws!

Ang unang destinasyon tuwing kami'y may Piktyurpildtrip.dito at doon, kahit na naiinip. Ito'y mga alaala ng aming kabataan. Ako'y AkoKailanlalongpandemiya,Ngayo'yorasKami'ymarahilMaramiParkenangungulila,ngKalayaan.nangnagbagosa'minglahat.nagkolehiyo,ay'dinasapat.may'dinakabalik.tayolalaya?aynasasabik.


Minsan ay bagong taon, madalas tuwing pasko. Kahit walang okasyon, bumibisita rito.

Habulan at takbuhan, tambay kahit mainit. Chismisan at tawanan, 'kay dami ng mga hirit.

Written by Leanette Faye Puno

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan11

Sa Aming Kalayaan...


Photo Source: Google Images

Habang ako’y nakatingala sa langit At dinadama ang paghampas ng hangin sa pisngi, Pinagmamasdan ang kapayapaan ng lugar


Tila mga batang nakawala sa kanilang tahanan

Photo Source: Google Images

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan12 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022E-LITERARYFOLIO

Dama ang kapayapaan sa lugar na aking napuntahan

Kung saan makikita ang simbolo ng ating bayan

Kung saan saya sa kanilang mata’y hindi makakalimutan

Written by Angel Alyssa Herrera

Tawanan, kwentuhan, at pati na rin ang paglalambingan ng magkasintahan

Ito ang lugar na ninanais kong balikan Upang masaksihan muli ang tawanan at kasiyahan

Dinig ang tunog ng dyip, motorsiklo, at iba pang sasakyan

Puno ng pananabik at kasiyahan sa pakikipaglaruan

Butterflies are guiding me towards you, Enchanted trees completed the amazing view.

Photo Source: Google Images

Written by Adreana Rose D. Ison

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan13 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022E-LITERARYFOLIO

It’s almost midnight yet I still can’t find you 'til I decided to return home and eat my cold tofu. I swear, tomorrow, I will continue finding you, And experience a night in Salitran with you, my boo.

I can almost feel the fresh night air through my tee Hoping that I could find thee.

Salitran is the name of this part of the city. Imagine this great scenery; A fun and sweet night trip with you and me... together, we’ll eat with some popular beanery.

Salitran Nights

I have arrived in an unknown city Windows open while driving at the speed of fifty

Along the trip, cars are being queued With my radio on, it's just me and my anxiety, finding you

Everywhere I turn my gaze is comforting, it’s as if I am being welcomed at home. There are some minimal changes in the surroundings, But still the ambiance remains divine.

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan14 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022E-LITERARYFOLIO

Words are not enough to describe how I feel. To say that I feel ecstatic is an understatement, but I know for sure that I am relieved, because who wouldn’t feel that way when you experience His divine mercy?


Written by Ashley Rose F. Orence

Photo Source: Google Images

It’s just a normal day, yet I feel a bit nervous. The nostalgia is seeping through me, for I haven’t been in this place for a long time. As I began to walk, I can sense the familiar feeling of peace.

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church

Muli akong nag iwan ng amor seco sa paligid Na kanilang muling makikita kahit saan man tumingin Ito ay tanda na ako’y kanila’y kapiling At tutuparin anu mang hilingin

Gaya ng bayang ito Tahimik ako’t tila misteryoso Gaya ng bayang ito Ang maganda’t saganang paraiso


Photo Source: Google Images

Written by Noeme Anonuevo

Mula sa malayo tinanaw ko ang bayang masagana Puno ng kulay ang kanilang agrikultura Masasalamin ang kapayapaan ng bawat isa Nag uudyok ang bawat ngiti sa kanilang mukha

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan15 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022

Ang araw na ito’y kanilang pagsasaya Bilang anibersayo nang pagdalaw ko sa kanila Ang unang araw na pag lakad sa simbahan nila Ay taon taon kong ginagawa para gabayan sila

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan16 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022

Photo Source: Google Images

Isang bukiring ipinangalan sa paraisong Eden Ang matatagpuan sa munisipalidad ng Bailen Pag aalaga at pamamalakad sa mga likas na yama’y ipinapanumbalik Katumbas ng matamis na yakap at halik.


Written by Tracy Carbonell

Tulay ang dunong at tamang pagkakaintindi sa ekosistemang sakahan Upang makapaghatid masagana at masustansiyang yaman.


Kanilang taglay ang organiko at masusing pamamaraan Upang tayo at kalikasa’y parehong makinabang Kung gayo'y ang mayroon tayo’y mas masarap pahalagahan Dahil ito’y produkto ng pagbibigay importansiya sa pinagkunan

Kanilang ipinapairal ang sustenabilidad Madiskarteng paggamit ng imbentaryo, kanilang ikinaunlad

She, in Tagaytay

She could hear a lot of noise in her head. She doesn't know what to do. She rode a bus with nowhere to go. She heard another passenger, "Olivarez Tagaytay, manong". She paid for her fare, "Olivarez Tagaytay, manong". She alighted from the bus. She went to a small sari sari store inside the jeepney terminal. She asked the vendor

Written by Leanette Faye Puno


Photo Source: Google Images

where to go. She was answered by another customer, "Ay, maganda sa picnic grove". She went on to ride a jeepney, her destination: Tagaytay Picnic Grove. She looked out the window. She could hear a lot of noise, but now coming from outside. She listened to be distracted: "Bayad po", "Hala naiwan ko camera ko", "Uy kamusta na pala si ano". She still doesn't know what to do, but at least she now knows where to go.

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan17


Written by Angel Alyssa Herrera

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan18 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022E-LITERARYFOLIO

Photo Source: Google Images

While sitting in the car and watching the movements of the trees, cars, motors, and bikes, a bridge is waiting to welcome us As our car reach the bridge, I noticed a monument that speaks a lot of history of the place. Looking back and not letting it disappear in my sight, I realized that a bridge and a monument represents a strong and brave Filipinos in the history. And that bridge is called Puente de Isabel II Bridge in Cavite

Written by Adreana Rose D. Ison

Photo Source: Google Images

“Entrance fee: 100PHP They'll take a picture, then forget the history.” No million cost of sentimental paintings and baroque architecture are worthwhile than a hundred pesos entrance to Museo de La Salle.

simbuhan@feucavite edu ph fb com/Simbuhan19 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 SEPTEMBER 2022E-LITERARYFOLIO

A Million Value

I am standing behind my mama while she’s digging in the soil, planting her favorite red flower. She said that she would grow numerous types of flowers and plants to make a wonderful paradise for everyone. Every night, I lit up my lantern to see fireflies wandering around my mama’s garden. I can hear crickets singing that magically puts me to sleep, and the aroma of the flowers wanders through my nose and calms my body. The beauty of my mama’s place shines through the moonlight that I can see in the night sky

Written by Noeme Anonuevo

Secret Paradise

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Photo Source: Sonya's Garden

I closed the book that I was reading. The pictures that I saw previously already fed my eyes. But this place has more to say. I looked at the place and roamed. Butterflies surround bloomed flowers, the sounds of the water, the fresh air that hugs my skin and sways my hair, the plate of organics that serves you as a healthy being, and the crickets that sing every night to genuinely invite you to bed, simply bringing you into the world of paradise One of the secrets that the little girl planted in her garden was calmness and peace of mind

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As I was walking in the street of Imus, I notice an old man looking at the church. I couldn’t help but walk towards the entrance of Imus Cathedral. There is a wedding ceremony inside the church but here I am standing right in front of the Imus Cathedral having this curiosity of why an old man is crying with a smile on his face. “Do you know how old this church is?” I became speechless when an old man speaks I couldn’t answer him or even ask him, instead I just stood there waiting for him to speak “This church is 168 years old, the wedding of my family and even my own wedding happened in this church Now, seeing my daughter having her wedding in this church became more memorable to me. I just realized that as the church gets old, the people I know also get old. I just wished that the people I know were also stronger as the church is.” I couldn’t help but ask, “May I know why you are crying here outside?” His face is full of sincerity, “Because I remember my wedding, and I see the figure of my wife on my daughter. It makes me sad knowing my wife didn’t make it, but I am also happy that now I can finally be with her.” I smiled at him with tears in my eyes while watching him leave. The church that I was just passing by in Imus became memorable and beautiful to my eyes and heart.


Written by Angel Alyssa Herrera

Along the Promenade

Tattiana was ready to give up--- her career, her life, everything. Not until a nine year old girl reaches out to Tattiana and dares for her only to quit when the flowers and grasses in Promenade des Dasmarinas withered. “How is that supposed to happen if it were all artificial and will never wither?” Tattiana asked her, confused while staring at the flowers beside the man made waterfalls, surrounded by colorful lights, perfectly fitting from the darkness of the night. The little girl smiles and says, “Exactly my point!” and starts walking away from her. Tattiana began speaking loudly to ask who she is. The little girl stops for a while without turning towards her and says, “It

Photo Source: Google Images doesn’t matter who I am...” she paused for a second, “...but it does matter to the old version of you who always walks through this promenade to wish for whom you wanted to be who you are right now. So, why would you want to quit when there are so many reasons to keep going?”

Written by Adreana Rose D. Ison

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Written by Ashley Rose F. Orence

Photo Source: Google Images tary to each other. Irish teaches Nathalie that it’s okay to be relaxed sometimes, while Nathalie teaches Irish the value of taking things seriously. They both like spending time after class at their favorite place; Café Agapita. It is the perfect hang out spot for them because they can study there and do their homework or just hang out with each other. They also love the food that is being served and the ambiance there, so they never get bored in that café.

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Hang-out Spot

Nathalie and Irish have been friends since high school. Ever since they met each other, something in them just clicked and they knew right away that they would be friends forever. Nathalie is a straight A student and possibly the most organized person in their class. On the contrary, Irish is a free-spirited student, she cares about her grades but as she says most of the times; “come what may.” Although they are complete opposites, they are complemen

Until March of 2020 came, Nathalie and Irish stopped coming by Café Agapita due to the spread of a new virus. They also stopped hanging out with each other because of the new safety protocols. That was two years ago. Fortunately, the two best friends are now able to see each other again since the protocols are getting more lenient. They don’t meet up as much as they did before, but it is still better than not being able to, as long as they both stay careful and safe.

Written by Ashley Rose F. Orence


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Kadadating ko lang sa Our Lady of Candelaria Church, kapansin-pansin na may karamihan ang tao sa loob ngunit hindi lahat ay naparito upang manalangin. May ilang kumukuha ng litrato sa altar ng simbahan dahil punong-puno ito ng mga santo at ang kakaibang pagkakagawa nito ng altar. Umupo ako sa may bakanteng pwesto, sa katabi ng matandang nakasuot ng belo. Ipipikit ko na sana ang mga mata ko upang magsimula sa pagdadasal nang biglang nagsalita ang babae, “Maganda ang araw ngayon, parang masarap maglakad-lakad.” Pagkasabi nya nito ay tumayo na sya at umalis. Hindi ko na lang binigyang pansin ang matanda at ako ay nagdasal na. Nang matapos ako ay lumabas na rin ako ng simbahan. Naglalakad na ako papunta sa may terminal ng dyip ng bigla kong naalala yung sinabi ng matanda. Totoo nga na maganda ang klima ngayon at minsan lang naman ako lumabas, hindi rin naman ako nagmamadaling maka-uwi kaya nagpasya akong maglakad na lamang pauwi. Pagkadating ko sa aming bahay, sinalubong ako ng aking nanay na nag-aalala, mayroon daw kasing dyip na naaksidente malapit sa amin. Nang marinig ko iyon, ay napatingin ako sa mga litratong nakalagay sa ding-ding. Tsaka ko lamang napagtanto na ang matandang babae sa simbahan ay kamukha ng aking lola na tatlong taon ng pumanaw. Imbis na matakot o kilabutan sa aking reyalisasyon, bahagya akong nalungkot dahil maaaring nagparamdam sya upang ipaalala ang nalalapit nyang kaarawan, matagal na din kasi nung huli naming syang binisita.

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G I N G E R B R E A D.

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It looked like a home that caught the eye of every child and beautifully rested at night under the stars. I entered the house full of excitement to see the inside of the house for the first time. I was fascinated. It was too huge for me to live in this place A lot of stuff and collections are everywhere. The things on the wall fed my eyes. I excitedly run to the terrace where I can see the candy village. It is a playground where children may enjoy playing with their mates. It is an open area for them to play in. This is the playground that I dreamed of when I was younger.

Written by Noeme Anonuevo

I watch my steps as I walk to the staircase leading towards the huge front door. I am fascinated by the gigantic candy canes standing on either side of me. I looked up and saw the terrace. As I stayed in that position, I read the big letters that had assorted colors:

I immediately go outside when I remembered the well that built my dreams. I stare at it as I saw a young girl on her knees with her palms together while her eyes were closed. She desperately utters her wishes into the well. You can see on her face how big her dreams are. I read her lips saying, "I wanted a magical place where I could bring all my playmates, friends, mama and papa, and have the sweet treats that we like. Please give it to me for my birthday”. The young girl stood up and took something from her pocket. It consists of candy cane and spiral candies. She kissed them and threw them down the well.

She is happy to live in the house she wants to have. With just a simple glimpse, she’s standing right in front of the well all grown up and her gingerbread house is loved by many inspiring children and adults. She welcomes everyone, saying, "Everybody is welcome to visit the place that is made of dreams and imagination."

After a few minutes of staring at the place that I made, I go downstairs to see the huge teddy bear that I got from the special person in my life. It is sitting on the huge sofa and still has enough space for everyone to sit beside it. I took a few more steps before I got into the huge bear area I sit beside it and hug it for a long time. I whispered, "I miss my dad, Mr. Teddy Bear."

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The Gingerbread House


Why are people suddenly talking to me? “Ah, wala po.”

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I was utterly shocked at his words. “Pasensiya na po, ‘di ko po napansin na nagsasalita ako ng malakas.”

I chuckled a bit at the local then returned my gaze on the peaceful sight, but the lady in front of me looked at me as if I’m crazy. “’Te, may kasama ka ba?”

Hala. The chilly weather shivers I already had heightened, preventing myself from looking beside me.

Standing before me and other tourists and locals are two huge boulders perched on the riverbed side-by-side. Locals call it the mag-asawang bato, and I wonder why they were convinced that the weird natural sculpture is a couple. What if they are siblings? One more thing that makes me wonder is as to why the river is called “paliguan ng aso” when dogs can be barely found around the area. Let alone bathing in the running clear water. In fact, you can see more children. Why can’t it be called paliguan ng bata instead? “Neng, ang dami mo namang tanong,” said the local I didn’t realize was sitting beside too. “’Wag mong masamain, magandang may kuryosidad ka. Ang kaso, hindi ba pwedeng gan’yan na lang ang mga bagay-bagay at hindi kailangan ng pinanggalingan o kwento? ‘Di ba’t mas maganda ‘yung may misteryo pa rin?”

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Written by Tracy Carbonell

Talk about “misteryo”.

“E, sino ‘yung kausap mo? May signal ka?”

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Our journeys are all unique, we have our own stories to write Our own ways to pave We can make our own routes to where we want and deserve to be It can be either mysterious, certain, or personalized We do not have to be contained on choosing what the society only tells us we can. Like Malibiclibic Falls and its unexpected hidden beauty under the green plains, we can construct our own direction to bring us somewhere customized, nature and perfectly fit for us. Somewhere we can shine the best.

Malibiclibic Falls’ streams of three rivers of different towns clashing onto one another represent the waves of challenges and opportunities can come from different directions and may cause us to overflow. To get lost and feel out of control, until it will grow us weary and push us to choose a course to take. The birth of this beauty was not because it chose either of those two, like we also can. The trail of running water continuously gushed on the riverbeds, as if it collects everything it needs to have enough resources to support the uncertainty. Until one day, the waters found its own way to pour out its excellence, naturally originating a magnificent outcome.

It seems that our lives all depend on two choices. Thinking about it is pressuring, because life is so broad, and we only get to choose from two directions. But do we?

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Where are you going?

Written by Tracy Carbonell




CreaToon Memes Winners


FEU Cheering Squad successfully clutches the championship title by rocking their Queen themed routine in their green and gold costumes Their well executed performance reaped them a score of 727 5 (93 in stunts, 361 5 in dance, 91 in pyramids, 90 5 in tosses, 91 5 in tumblings), at last taking home the crown and title after taking the runner up places in the past competitions FEU Cheering Squad also tops in stunts, dance, pyramids, tosses, and tumblings which are all the categories this year


Photo Source: Justin via TieBreaker

Times FEUCheeringSquadreceivingtheirawards

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) finally hosts Season 84, including the Cheerdance Competition this year UAAP’s yearly events is one of the matters that have been affected by the pandemic, leading the Season 83 to be cancelled last 2020

FEU Cheering Squad Brings Home the Title in UAAP Season Cheerdance Competition


At May 22, 2022, Far Eastern University Cheering Squad halts the 13 year drought of championship by winning the 2022 UAAP Cheerdance Competition at Mall of Asia Arena

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Adamson University Pep Squad garnered a score of 688 35 which gave them the silver finish after being in the third place in the past competition National University Pep Squad accomplishes the bronze title, who formerly won the title consecutively these past six seasons University of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe wins the fourth place, followed by UE Pep Squad, UP Pep Squad, DLSU Animo Squad, and Ateneo Blue Eagles


Tracy Carbonell


FEU students were given the chance to vote for their favorite performances among the contenders through Microsoft Forms which resulted FEU SHS to garner 88 11 points that resulted them to be the champion for the contest With the score of 84 75, FEU IAS followed suit to be the 1st runner up As the 2nd runner up, FEU IE reaped a score of 83.22.

FEUC DC represents the South showcasing their talents by performing an interpretative dance of a spoken word poetry and a hip hop dance number. The team is led by Jonielyn Separa, joined by Adreana Rose Ison, Joseph Pio Gamalong, Elisha Keith Laudit, Erica Mae De Luna, Jo an Alren Victoria Buere, and Crisha Ann Marie Arpon since only seven (7) members are allowed to join per dance group.

Tracy Carbonell


FEU Cavite Dance Company (FEUC DC) braved to shine in FEU Sayawit on February 11, 2022, streamed at FEU Central Student Organization’s (FEUCSO) Facebook Page. This is FEUC DC’s first ever participation as this event organized by the FEUCSO that involves other FEU campuses under FEU Manila’s Management including FEU Manila, FEU High School, FEU Cavite, FEU Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance (FEU IABF), FEU Makati, FEU Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts (FEU IAFRA), FEU Institute of Nursing (FEU IN), FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences (FEU IAS), FEU Institute of Education (FEU IE), and FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (FEU ITHM).


FEU Sayawit is an event that focuses on producing choreography and concepts wherein creativity is being evaluated Original Pinoy Music or most commonly known as OPM is mainly the main theme of this event Sayawit from the word itself, it also involves Battle of the Bands where participants can shine through songs.

FEU Cavite Dance Company Debuts in FEU Sayawit 2022

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