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SimĂŁo Da Silva

Undergraduate Portfolio, 2018

Simão Da Silva


Work Experience Bradford Building Division co-operative student 05/2016 - 09/2017, summers

• designed public packages on AutoCAD to ease the permit process for decks, accessory structures, and swimming pools • attended site inspections for projects of all scales • applied by-laws and the ontario building code to real situations • adapted to new roles when necessary

Aiming to obtain a 14 week full time co-operative position and apply design knowledge and problem solving ability to real projects.

56 Depeuter Crescent, Bradford

Education Laurentian University, MSoA

bachelor of architectural studies 09/2015 - present

• recently completed an in-depth public market design • course work in Northern Building, Wood Structures, Writings in Architecture, and Cities in Canada

Holy Trinity High School Canadian Tire

promotional sales 06/2015 - 01/2016

• organized shelving units and base layouts for optimal visibility and access • quickly adapted to retail work and assisting customers one-on-one • memorized the layouts of each department to locate products

diploma with honours 09/2011 - 06/2015

• achieved honour roll every semester of high school • 2015 ofsaa soccer gold medal

Skills Achievements • Founder’s Design Award, 2017 • F. Jean MacLeod Architecture Scholarship, 2016

• notably proficient in Rhino, CAD, Photoshop, and Revit as well as hand drawing

• Laurentian University Annual Bursary, 2015-present

References Interests Mark Baechler, OAA

My goal as a future architect is to continue to decipher the complexity of human interaction through design. Ever-changing social constructs generate unique scenarios which I am curious to understand and create within. I am interested in the past and the place, and how that threshold can be studied until something unfolds.

assistant professor 705.675.1151 ext 7202

William Wong, OBOA

chief building official 905.778.2055 ext 1511

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Northern Art Gallery


Little Italy Market


Warming Hut


Elgin Greenway Pavilion



Design Build



Kivi Park Chalet


2x Lumber Bed Frame



Northern Art Gallery, 2018

The project stems from site mapping of established pedestrian routes and analyzing the neighbouring contextual buildings. An opening on the southern building’s facade created the opportunity to bring in light into the site and refract it downwards into a grand atrium space. A free public exhibition and art studio are strategically arranged upon entry, responding to an understanding of art galleries as social organizations which can enhance the quality of life in a community and address pressing societal issues.

a. b.

Graffiti Site Material



Contrasting local materials urge spectators to enter the gallery, who are then drawn to the vertical circulation by a transparent, monumental cut through the structure. The project takes cues from geology; a fissure or crystal emerging between rocks is reflected through the materiality.

Site Analysis; Circulation and Density

Sectional Model


Little Italy Market, 2017 a. b.

Mapping Plan Concept Vignette

This mapping depicts the atmosphere and phenomological effects of Sudbury’s historic community, Little Italy. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis developed this overlay of shadows, sounds, materiality, and other spacial characteristics.

The neighbourhood was inseperable from its mining roots and the Italians who built the urban fabric. In order to revitalize the area, a contemporary market regarding artesians making outerwear and clothing accessories from upcycled industrial materials was proposed. The robust material exploration begins to inform the architecture of the adaptive reuse project, with tensile membrane canopies shading the structure and creating outdoor market space.


Warming Hut, 2016 As our first year design build, the potential of the humble 2x2 was pushed to create a shelter for ice skaters on Lake Ramsey in Sudbury. The unique sculptural form was achieved through scale model iterations. Each joint connection was calculated and then chiseled from a template.

To begin our site analysis we surveyed the Old Canoe Club along the shoreline, and in order to understand the site myself and three students chose to section through it. The drawing is 36� x 96� done entirely in 2B graphite.

Profile of the Shelter

b. c.



Light Assembly

Above & Below

Elgin Greenway Pavilion, 2016 a. b.

Materiality Model Profile

The mining industry is what established the “Nickel City”, so the locally sourced metal panels emerging from the rock have several meanings. The pavilion’s theme is a museum which itself changes with time as it is exposed to Sudbury’s harsh conditions.

Sudbury’s Elgin Street carves through the downtown along the railroad and also in front of the McEwen School of Architecture. The city has proposed a total overhaul, promoting better pedestrian circulation and downtown breath-ability with a landscaped nature path. My pavilion’s design came directly through its site: on the edge of a railroad beside a rock.

Iterative Sketches



a. b.

Section Model





Kivi Park Chalet, 2016 a. b. c.

Section Plan Render

Sudbury’s Kivi Park is a public space featuring all season trails and sports facilities. Several months of ecological on-site research helped cultivate my approach for the project, with a new sturcture acting as a chalet with snowshoe rentals and a dining hall.

Upon snowshoeing the trails one emerges from the overhanging forest and out onto Kivi Ridge; a large plateau with a 360 degree vista. The idea of a clearing became my concept and the building tries to preserve the spacial properties of an opening within a dense forest using walls of varying opacities and material.


2x Lumber Bed Frame, 2016 a. b. c.

Profile Sketch Junction

Exploring the potential of construction lumber through my first-year design build, the warming hut, directly led to this project. Made of only 2 x 12 and 2 x 4 material, each joint on the frame is only connected by wooden dowels. It was designed specifically for ease of assembly and for the lumber to be reuseable once it no longer serves this purpose.




Thank you.


Simao Da Silva Portfolio 2018  

Selected works from my undergraduate degree at the McEwen School of Architecture.

Simao Da Silva Portfolio 2018  

Selected works from my undergraduate degree at the McEwen School of Architecture.