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PAPER 2019

April 6 – May 16, 2019

I was honored to be invited to be the juror of this exhibition at the Silvermine Arts Center and to be associated with such an outstanding organization. The opportunity to see the diverse range of thoughts, styles, forms, and materials represented in submissions—which numbered 402 artists and which were drawn from around the country—was inspiring, as was the consistent excellence visible within the various approaches and techniques the artists chose to employ. Printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, collage, and assemblage were all represented in the submissions, thus testifying to the vitality of art made with paper and the infinite possibilities the material allows. As a juror, I both had the enviable task of seeing the full range of submissions and the difficult job of making hard choices from this group in order to curate an exhibition that I felt would best reflect the diversity and strength of contemporary works on paper drawn from the works submitted. In the end, I chose 88 works by 67 artists. My goal was to show a variety of works that reflect different concerns, methods, aesthetics, styles, processes, intentions, and possibilities, yet which are all fundamentally connected to paper. For some of the artists in the exhibition, paper may be essential to their practice and a material they have engaged consistently in their work for some time; for others, however, their primary association may be with other methods, such as sculpture, installations, painting, or even film, thus allowing for different frames of reference when they engage paper. This diversity is reflected in the works themselves; both formally and intellectually, nothing binds these artists together other than their deep interest in experimentation and the excellence of the work they have made with paper. This show is but a brief survey of just some of contemporary works made in paper drawn from the outstanding works submitted; we are keenly aware that it is possible to imagine many iterations of such a display, all vital and important, which speaks to the deep pool of talented artists working today in paper. In selecting the awards, I wanted to represent the possibilities for working with paper. I therefore chose an artist who made drawings, one who made photographs, one who made prints, and one who made large-scale sculptures. I hope you enjoy this exhibition. Curator – Jennifer Farrell, Associate Curator Drawings And Prints, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC. 2 2

Exhibiting Artists Angela A'Court, NewYork, NY J.L. Abraham, New York, NY Dustin Adams, Idaho Falls, ID Tommy Anastasio, Palm Coast, FL Theo. A. Artz, Philadelphia, PA Chellis Baird, New York, NY Sandra Baker, South Windsor, CT Anita Gangi Balkun, West Hartford, CT Justin Barfield, Covington, LA Lisa Berger, Newtown, CT Miriam Bisceglia, Woodstock, NY Mariella Bisson, Woodstock, NY Emily Blundell, Westport, CT Sonia Bombart, Weston, CT Larissa Borteh, Chicago, IL McCormick Brubaker, Menands, NY Nina Buxenbaum, Bethel, CT Jennifer Cadoff, New Rochelle, NY Helen Cantrell, Old Lyme, CT Ann Chernow, Westport, CT Marcia Cooper, Brooklyn, NY Aurélien Couput, New York, NY Ivy Dachman, Croton on Hudson, NY Marina Daneva, Stamford, CT Elysa DeMartini, Stamford, CT James Dormer, Fort Collins, CO Katharine Draper, Norwalk, CT Alanna Fagan, Milford, CT Arlene Farenci, Glen Ridge, NJ Ecka Blaire Faulds, Hastings on Hudson, NY Donna Forma, Southport, CT Sally Frank, North Salem, NY Catherine Freudenberg, New York, NY Leslie Fry, Winooski, VT

Hanneke Goedkoop, Rowayton, CT Vincent Hawley, Staten Island, NY Fran Henry-Meehan, Southport, CT Kate Holcomb Hale, Arlington, MA Lauren Horelick, Arlington, VA Renée Hughes, Simsbury, CT Leandre Jackson, Philadelphia, PA Mary Janacek, Fairfield, CT Christina Kang, Morgantown, WV Judith Orseck Katz, Westport, CT Elisa Keogh, Norwalk, CT Barbara King, Hastings on Hudson, NY Lara Knutson, Long Island City, NY Karleen Kubat, Hamden, CT Carole P. Kunstadt, West Hurley, NY Nancy Lasar, Washington Depot, CT Liz Leggett, Westport CT Wayne Madsen, Noblesville, IN Victoria Manning, Brooklyn NY Ellen Mason, Sarasota, FL Mary McFerran, Croton NY Kiyoshi Otsuka, Bronxville, NY Maryanne Pollock, Washington, DC Gina Randazzo, Hastings On Hudson, NY Barbara Ringer, Ridgefield, CT Gerald Saladyga, New Haven, CT Susan Siegel, Woodstock, NY Marisa Silverstein, Hastings on Hudson, NY Taro Takizawa, Syracuse, NY Job Tibay, Norwalk, CT Lynne Tobin, Providence, RI Evan Venegas, Flushing, NY Gregg Welz, Norwalk, CT 3 3

Angela A’Court

Red Plant Screen print on handmade paper, 14" x 11", $500 4

J. L. Abraham

Plea/Sure (Visual) (color) Woodcut, 30� x 30" each, $2800 12" square blocks, 16 stages/unique 5

Dustin Adams

Bison no.1 Platinum/Palladium print, 8� x 11� $600 6

Thomas Anastasio

Mariner Ocean I (Vert.Diptych) Sumi-e ink, graphite, silverpoint, silver-leaf, gesso on Unryu, 30” x 11”, $1,575 7


Theo. A. Artz

someChromos_I_b (1 from 7 piece series) Print collage on wood panel, archival/UV-protected materials, 19.5� x 30.75�, $5,500 8


Chellis Baird

Fold Encaustic monotype, rice paper, glue, 10.375” X 13.5”, $350 9

Sandra Baker

Journeys I Collage, 25” x 32”, $1,200 10

Anita Gangi Balkun

Page Flutter Triptych 1 2 3 1906 book pages, wood blocks, 4.5� x 15.5", $450 11

Justin BarďŹ eld

Insulated Pipe (tiled) Silkscreen, varnish on rusted paper, 23" x 26�, $1,000 12

Justin BarďŹ eld

Propane Tank (tiled) Silkscreen, varnish on rusted paper, 12� x 68", $800 13

Justin BarďŹ eld

Scrap Pile Rusted paper and wheat paste, 54" x 54" x 30", $3,000 14

Lisa Berger

Part of the Equation Acrylic, pastel, ink transfer, pen on archival paper, 14� x 11�, $1,200 15

Miriam Bicseglia

Hero Ink, wax, and collage on clay coated paper, 35� x 23�, $900 16

Mariella Bisson

Swimming in Ink, The Blue Hole Monoprint on paper, 19.5 X 23.75", $3,000 17

Emily Blundell

Neil in Sunroom Graphite and pastel on paper, 38" x 28", $600 18

Sonia Bombart

Sing, Sing, Sing Mixed media on paper 34.5" x 37.5" $2,000 19

Larissa Borteh

Dual Mind Ink on paper, 12” x 9”, $400 20

Larissa Borteh

Whiplash Ink on paper, 12” x 9”, $400 21

McLKormich Brubaker

Summer Cottage Photography, 20” x 30”, $500 22

Nina Buxenbaum

Scarlett's Dolls Graphite and pastel on paper, 30" x 40", $3,000 23

Jennifer Cadoff

Mind Games #11 Ink on 140-pound hot press watercolor paper, 60� x 44.5�, $5,000 24

Jennifer Cadoff

Sky Tapestry Ink on 140-pound hot press watercolor paper, 22” x 22”, $1,500 25

Helen Cantrell

Suburbia Back Yards Woodcut, 36" x 36", $2,000 26

Ann Chernow

Laura Copper plate etching/aquatint, 11” x 14”, $400 27

Marcia Cooper

Split Pull Gouache, color pencil and marker on paper 7� x 9.75� $1750 28

Aurélien Couput

Thatched Cottage in Normandy Intaglio (soft ground with chine collé). 11.5” x 14”. $500 29

Aurélien Couput

A view near Volterra Intaglio (soft ground with chine collé), 11.5” x 12.75”, $700 30

Ivy Dachman

Untitled Flashe on Yupo, 12" x 9", $500 31

Marina Daneva

Beans Monoprint, 14� x 11�, $450 32

Marina Daneva

Bean Shells Monoprint, 14� x 11�, $450 33

Elysa DeMartini

Inside/Out Cardboard, Site Specific, $800 34

James Dormer

Thoreau I Lithograph, 8.5” x 6.5”, $550 35

James Dormer

Thoreau III Lithograph, 8.5” x 6.5”, $550 36

James Dormer

Thoreau IV Lithograph, 8.5” x 6.5”, $550 37

Katharine Draper

Woven Series #1 Monotype, 24” x 24”, $900 38

Alanna Fagan

Heading South Mixed media print on VFR flight map, 12” x 12”, $1,200 39

Arlene Farenci

Allegro Wood lithography (Mokulito), 18� x 18�, $500 40

Ecka Blaire Faulds

Suspension Oil pastel on paper, 7.5” x 9.25”, $1,100 41

Donna Forma

Hive Handmade paper, 48" x 38" x 60", $10,000 42

Sally Frank

Landscape Past I Woodcut on handmade paper, 41” x 50”, $3,400 43

Catherine Freudenberg

Dodo Birds Courting edition 2/12 Solar Plate, 31.5" x 40.5", $2,250 44

Leslie Fry

Panoply Collage on monotype, 40” x 26”, $2,500 45

Hanneke Goedkoop

Random Order III Watercolor on vellum 12" x 12" $1,200 46

Hanneke Goedkoop

Oceans II Watercolor on vellum, 12" x 12", $1,200 47

Vincent Hawley

Letter Fragment 2 Mixed media on styrene paper, 48� x 34�, $2,170 48

Vincent Hawley

Letter Fragment Number One Mixed media on styrene paper, 30� x 20�, $800 49

Fran Henry- Meehan

Remains- Winter Garden Series Monotype/chine colle', 22� x 30�, $950 50

Kate Holcomb Hale

Is the fluid draining? Charcoal, paper and acrylic paint, 94" x 58" x 25", $2,750 51

Laueren Horelick

Syria Escape Route Handcut paper, 9" x 11", $1,750 52

RenĂŠe Hughes

Meaningful Resistance Monotype, 6" x 6", $250 53

Leandre Jackson

Girls in Hydrant Film, digital print, 11” x 14”, $400 54

Leandre Jackson

Gospel Praise Film, digital print, 11” x 14”, $400 55

Mary Janacek

London's Brook Watercolor, cut and torn paper, paste, 18� x 18�, $800 56

Christina Kang

Deaths in the West Reductive woodcut on Kitakata paper, chine colled onto white fabric, 90" x 26", $500 57

Christina Kang

This is not where I want to be Screenprint and black thread, 21” x 14”, $650 58

Judith Orseck Katz

Panerai 2 Ink, 14” x 19”, $2,500 59

Elisa Keogh

Stuck in the Middle Photography (Polaroid), 4.25� x 3.375", $200 60

Elisa Keogh

Unhappy Meal Photography (Polaroid), 4.25� x 3.375", $200 61

Barbara King

The Spinal Cutouts II Paper strands, thread, yoga mats, seamless paper, 96" x 96�, $5,000 62

Lara Knutson

SpringSky Paper, glass microspheres, pigment, 22” x 30”, $1,200 63

Karleen Loughran

IMG 2455 Solar plate print, 7” x 5”, $200 64

Carole P. Kunstadt

PRESSING ON: Homage to Hannah More, No. 52 Antique sad iron, linen thread, paper Dimensions, 6” x 3.75” x 6”, $1,500 65

Nancy Lasar

Ladder-Back and Passion Flower Graphite and mixed media on rag on panel, 42" x 48", $4,500 66

Liz Leggett

Mobility Oil, oil stick & graphite on paper, 50� x 38�, $2,000 67

Wayne Madsen

Pirate Ships 07 CNC plotter pen 21” x 40” $750 68

Victoria Manning

Untitled Gelatin silver print (chemigram), 7� x 5�, $300 69

Ellen Mason

Tension-diptych Ink on rice paper, 21.5” x 29.25”, $1,800 70

Mary McFerran

Atom Machine stitching, watercolor, textile pieces on handmade Mexican paper, 18� x 16�, $500 71

Kiyoshi Otsuka


Kiyoshi Otsuka

Untitled 7127 Acrylic on paper, 8.75” x 12”, $300 73

Maryanne Pollack

Grow Mixed media on Paper, 30" x 22�, $1,400 74

Maryanne Pollack

Movement for Maurice Mixed media on Paper, 30" x 22�, $2,800 75

Gina Randazzo

Public Books #1 Pigment print, 17” x 22”, $600 76

Gina Randazzo

Public Books #2 Pigment print ,17” x 22”, $600 77

Barbara Ringer

Ringer (3 of 5) Photos in vintage album, 25" x 9", $750 78

Gerald Saladyga

Nagasaki Road Mixed-media paper, 30" x 22", $1,800 79

Gerald Saladyga

Hiroshima 1945 Mixed-media paper, 30" x 22", $1,800 80

Susan Siegel

Elephant Drypoint and Etching, edition 2/35, Anthony Kirk Editions, 10” x 12”, $950 81

Susan Siegel

Elk Drypoint Artist Variant, edition 6/10, 7” x 10”, $700 82

Susan Siegel

Rabbit Drypoint and Etching, edition 4/35, Anthony Kirk Editions, 22” x 18”, $1,500 83

Marisa Silverstein

Rupture III Handcut paper, 26" x 19" x 1�, $2,100 84

Taro Takizawa

Bleeding Black Lithograph, 16� x 10", $400 85

Taro Takizawa

Beyond Reflection (AP) Relief print,17� x 24", $600 86

Job Tibay

Terrain Acrylic Sinamay print & Sinamay on paper, 14” x 11”, $150 87

Job Tibay

Winterscape Acrylic Sinamay screen print & Sinamay on paper, 14” x 11”, $150 88

Lynne Tobin

Line Drama Ink on paper, 110” x 24”, $3,000 89

Evan Venegas

MA0718 Watercolor on paper, 40” x 20”, $2,100 90

Gregg Welz

Jewels II Drawing paper, 32” x 32”, $3,500 91

Silvermine Arts Center is a nearly century-old organization dedicated to excellence in art and art education that inspires creativity and builds community. Located on five bucolic acres, Silvermine encompasses a School of Art with over 4,000 annual enrollments; an Outreach Education Program serving 1,000 under-resourced students annually; a Guild of over 300 professional artists; an outdoor Sculpture Walk; a permanent print collection; and five free, public galleries exhibiting contemporary art. Silvermine has been a place for artists to gather since 1906 when visionary sculptor Solon Borglum moved to the area and held annual exhibitions in his studio and weekly artist-critiques called the Knockers Club. In 1922 The Silvermine Guild of Artists was incorporated as a not-for-profit to provide a permanent and supportive community of artists. Guild members represent artists that have a high level of accomplishment and are selected through a jurying process. Our Galleries have exhibited and involved art luminaries such as Joseph Albers, Gabor Peterdi, Milton Avery, Elaine deKooning, Clement Greenberg, Louise Nevelson, Larry Rivers, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Faith Ringold, James Rosenquist, Chuck Close, Philip Johnson, and many others. The Galleries continue to expand on our heritage by presenting visually compelling exhibitions of art by emerging and internationally recognized artists, accompanied by programs that encourage appreciation of art and its role in society. Our layered, approach includes programs tailored to make our exhibitions meaningful, accessible, and enjoyable for diverse audiences of every age and background. Many of our landmark exhibitions are juried by distinguished guest curators. All of our exhibitions offer opportunities for visitors to connect with art and each other through an exploration of ideas. What attracts artists, students, and visitors to Silvermine is the pivotal role it plays as an inclusive gathering place that deepens understanding through the arts. Silvermine is grateful for the generosity of its supporters. Gifts ensure excellence now and for generations to come. Inquires on how you can make a difference, should be directed to Robin Jaffee Frank, or calling 203.966.5617 x21.


Board Of Trustees Chair Rose-Marie Fox Vice Chairs Robin Jaffee Frank* Barbara Linarducci* Secretary Shirley Leung Treasurer Grace Tang Board Members Mark Carta Stephanie Joyce William Hilson Joseph J. Kais Rob Mallozzi Emily McDermott Karen Neems Guild Co-Chairs David Dunlop Roger Mudre* * Ex-Officio

Honorary Board Cynthia Guest Roger Mudre Sally Sheehy Leonard Tow

Gallery Staff Gallery Director Roger Mudre 203.966.9700 x26 Gallery Associates Zach Dunn Teresa Gay Leslie Cullen


Silvermine Silvermine Arts Center

1037 Silvermine Road New Canaan, CT 06840

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