FIBER 2020

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Fiber 2020

April 4 -June 13, 2020

Cover Artist | Mo Kelman


FIBER 2020 – Curator Statement As a museum curator, the bulk of my efforts center on internal projects, affording limited opportunities to expand my curatorial lens outside the institution’s walls. And so, when I was invited by Roger Mudre to jury the Fiber 2020 exhibition, I happily accepted. Many thanks go to Roger and the entire team at Silvermine Arts Center for this opportunity to explore today’s vibrant fiber art ecosystem. When curating an open call exhibition like Fiber 2020, I aim for a balanced group of artworks that will be in dialogue with each other, that will collectively activate the gallery, and that will offer ample opportunities for audience engagement. I look for objects with a strong point of view, ones that are visually arresting and invite deeper discovery. But above all else, I seek those special works that artfully unify content, material, and technique. This union is the “special sauce,” and the submissions for Fiber 2020 delivered in countless ways. The objects in Fiber 2020 span a broad spectrum—from wearable and functional to political and sculptural—and they all demonstrate a drive to pursue new avenues of making. Some works innovate with material to comment on today’s sociopolitical issues or to respond to our natural environment. Others demonstrate a profound engagement with fiber, propelled by a desire to understand how the media can best serve their specific expressions. Still more honor past craft traditions with fresh takes on time-honored techniques. As a microcosm of the broader fiber arts field, Fiber 2020 is an impressive group of works that clearly demonstrates the strength and vitality of global textile arts and design. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to be moved by what they see as they bear witness to the power of fiber to capture today’s material culture. Beth C. McLaughlin, Chief Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.



Christine Aaron Larchmont, NY

Confluence III Burnt drawing with handstitching on indigo dyed gampi, 16.5" x 15.5", $1,200 5

Liz Alpert Fay

Sandy Hook, CT

Striped Bees and Polkadot Trees 6

Punch needle embroidery, silk, cotton, rayon and metallic threads mounted on linen, 32.25" x 32.25", $6,000

Sasha Baskin

Baltimore, MD

Jenny, Rejected Cotton and silk thread, natural dye, and screenshot, 50" x 43", $1,500 7

Meg Bloom

New Haven, CT

Whirl Kozo and wire, 60” x 48” x 48”, $3,000 8

Deborah Boschert Lewisville, TX

Conversations Art quilt collage, 40”x 40”, $2,400 9

Eva Camacho-Sanchez Florence, MA

New Era Wet felting and hand-stitching, 12"x 26", $2,500 10

Ann Cofta

Woodside, NY

Long Island City (Night) Fabric with hand quilting, embroidery, and appliquĂŠ, 18" x 18", $3000 11

Delaney Conner New York, NY

Visage 4 Punch needle, 24" x 18", $1,450 12

Delaney Conner New York, NY

Visage 3 Punch needle, 24" x 18", $1,450 13

Jennifer Coyne Qudeen Redding, CT

The Village at Dusk Monoprint on recycled tea bags and machine stitching, 22� x 36�, $1,550 14

Peggy Dembicer Avon, CT

Central Figure in an Investigation Beadweaving with macramĂŠ and metal tangs, 20" x 16", $25,000 15

Cheri Dunnigan Naples, FL

Vortex Sterling silver and pearls, 8” x 10” x 4”, $7,000 16

Kimberly English Forsyth, GA

Surrogate Found placemat and thread, 54” x 24” x 24”, $850 17

Francine Evan Norwalk, CT

Hooked IV Fiber, 28"x 19", $1,750 18

Teri Figliuzzi New York, NY

Riverside Woven wet cyanotype digital prints stitched with metallic thread , 19" x 15", $750 19

Leslie Giuliani Weston, CT

Embroidery 1 Embroidery on paper , 10” x 8” ,$150 20

Leslie Giuliani Weston, CT

Embroidery 2 Embroidery on paper, 8” x 10”, $150 21

Leslie Giuliani Weston, CT

Embroidery 3 Embroidery on paper, 10” x 8”, $150 22

SE Gilchrist

Livingston, TX

Untitled I Cotton thread, 17” x 11”, 1,275 23

Kay Healy

Philadelphia, PA

Brittany's Flights, Guam to US Screen print, acrylic on cotton and poly batting, 24" x 54" x 2", $2,000 24

Fran Henry-Meehan Southport, CT

Untitled Monotype, 30” x 22”, $750 25

Dani Ives

Rogers, AR

Portrait of a Hippo & Her Oxpecker Companion Needle felted wool fibers on linen fabric, 28"x 24" , $6,500 26

Ruth Jeyaveeran Brooklyn, NY

What Came Before Merino wool, mohair/silk yarn, and linen thread, 96” x 96” x 8”, $8,000 27

Mo Kelman

Providence, RI

Cloud and the Space Between 28

Mixed media, shibori-dyed, shaped silk, wood, steel wire,cordage, and nails 44" x 81" x 15.5", $5,500

Natalya Khorover Pleasantville, NY

Iron Vessel Enough Repurposed single-use plastic and stitched, 18�x 18�, $1,280 29

Sandra Lauterbach Los Angeles, CA

Red Jasmine Textile with machine stitching, 31� x 33�, $1,400 30

June Lee

Philadelphia, PA

Weight of Human Thread on resin cast and sculpy, 24”x 13”x 12", $20,000 31

June Lee

Philadelphia, PA

Today as History of Tomorrow Thread on ceramic and hand painting, 11”x 9” x 15", $4,500 32

Mary Ann Lomanco Larchmont, NY

Mop with Clothespins Dyed cotton kitchen mop, mini clothes pins, glass beads, wooden dowels, and satin ribbon, 24" x 14" x 9�, $4,500


Elaine Longtemps Brooklyn, NY

Trail of Tears-The Long Walk Rope, paint, printed text, fabric, beads, and feathers, 53" x 29" x 43, $3,500 34

Kari Lonning

Ridgefield, CT

Giant Round and Hairy Dyed rattan reed, and encaustic medium, 10” x 13” x 13”, $4,000 35

Melissa Lusk & McCrystle Wood Cincinnati, OH

Samba Wool and linen, 65.5” x 30”, $4,500 36

Saberah Malik Warwick, RI

Habitats Unknown Polyester fabrics, dried leaves, 5” x12” x 12”, $2,200 37

Tara Marchionna Brooklyn, NY

Prairie Storm I Cotton fiber and dye, 28"x 37", $1,800 38

Ruben Marroquin Bridgeport, CT

View from Norwalk Embroidery over Belgium linen, 48” x 35”, $5,000 39

Juliet Martin Brooklyn, NY

Rosy Hand-woven fabric and inkjet fabric prints, 20� x 16", $250 40

Kathrine McClelland San Francisco, CA

Hairflip Felted wool, 19"x 24", $2,000 41

Julia Mitchell

West Tisbury, MA

Grass Triptych Wool, silk and linen tapestry, 58" x 88", $30,000 42

Kate Narker

San Francisco, CA

The Horse Emotion Jacquard woven cotton, 70” x 46” x 2”, $4,000 43

Ellen November

San Luis Obispo, CA

Santa Monica Fiber incorporating upcycled materials, 23” x 30”, $795 44

Ellen Ramsey Seattle, WA

Obi I Wool, silk, rayon, and cotton , 42” x 36” x 2” , $3,750 45

Sage Reynolds

Staten Island, NY

It All Adds Up Paper tapestry, 28.75" x 22.5", $625 46

Sage Reynolds

Staten Island, NY

Red Fish Paper tapestry, 19.25" x 27.25", $550 47

Michael Rohde

Thousand Oaks, CA

Enough Tapestry handwoven with alpaca and cochineal, 46” x 35”, $5,000 48

Theda Sandiford Union City, NJ

Caribbean Friendship Bracelet Mixed media cotton rope, yarn, chenille and recycled sari silk, 96”x 12”x 12”, $4,500


Ellen Schiffman Weston, CT

Resilience Cotton twill tape, 40”x 34”, $4,200 50

Rebecca Schnopp Cambridge, MA

I have found you, but we will still die Lemons, thread and needles, 16” x 26” x 3”, $1,000 51

Karen Schulz

Silver Spring, MD

Objects in this Mirror Cotton fabric, 67”x 70” , $9,000 52

Adrienne Shishko Brookline, MA

Triptych 2 Fiber, wood, and metal, 78" x 44" x 39", $3,200 53

Arle Sklar-Weinstein

Hastings on Hudson, NY

Emergent I : Fertile Fields Fiber; 3-D quilt form, 40”x 40” x 3”, $1,595 54

Gerri Spilka

Philadelphia, PA

Wave Riding in the Delaware Procion mix dye printed, painted, and machine quilted, 94� x 46�, $6,000 55

Missy Stevens

Washington, CT

Protective Garment Thread, beads, and velvet, 14.5” x 16.5” x 3”, $5,000 56

Missy Stevens

Washington, CT

Seen & Received, An Almanac Thread, fabric, wire, and beads, 44.5” x 57” x 2", $24,000 57

Caron Tabb Newton, MA

My (un)Comfort Zone Mixed media: newspaper, chicken wire, and safety pins, 35” x 47” x 68”, $12,000 58

Mary Tooley Parker

Yorktown Heights, NY

Home Yarn, silk, roving, metallic ribbon, hand dyed wool, and other fibers on a linen foundation , 27�x 28.5�, $900


Kurt Treeby Buffalo, NY

Disposable: Best Products Peel Project Plastic canvas, yarn, and tissue box, 5.5” x 20” x 22”, $1,000 60

Betty Vera

North Adams, MA

Glow (Ascending) Cotton and Jacquard tapestry, 59”x 47”, $9,000 61

Regina Vorgang Ventura, CA

Life Lines Table Runner 18 Handwoven churro wool, 44" x 20", $690 62

Jenny Walker Avon, CT

To Be Honest Embroidery on fabric with text from Craigslist, 23” x 14”, $2,000 63

Caroline Wayne Cambridge, MA

Holding Pattern (Formerly Tickbait) Felt, glass beads, and faux pearls, 9" x 16" x 16", $9,250 64

Invited Artists


Roz Chast

Ridgefield, CT

Bird at Home Hand-hooked rug, wool, burlap, 22” x 27”, NFS 66

Helena Hernmarck Ridgefield, CT

Wool Illusion, 2016 Wool, linen, cotton, plastic, 35 1/2” x 35”, NFS 67

Norma Minkowitz Westport, CT

My Star Crochet, stitching, 21.4” x 23.75”, $4,000 68

Norma Minkowitz Westport, CT

From The Ashes Sculpture, 24” x 20” x 20”, $12,000 69

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