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2017 Inaugural Exhibition

Legacy of Silvermine: Artists, Art, and Community

February 26 through April 9

2017 LEGACY ARTISTS - Years in Guild Linda Adato


Suzanne Benton


Rosamond Berg


Ann Chernow


Alberta Cifolelli


Carole Eisner


Arthur Guagliumi


Constance Kiermaier


Liana Moonie


Enid Munroe


Jens Risom


Lucy Sallick


Susan Sharp


Judith Steinberg


Florence Suerig


Marjorie Tomchuk


Bonnie Woit


Jean Woodham


Silvermine Arts Center 1037 Silvermine Road New Canaan, CT 06840

Welcome! Silvermine Arts Center, in its ninety-fifth year, is proud to launch the inaugural exhibition, “The Legacy of Silvermine: Artists, Art and Community.” This year, we honor eighteen longtime Guild members - internationally and nationally acclaimed sculptors, designers, painters, printmakers, and collagists - who have given their passion, service, and dedication to Silvermine Arts Center. They, in turn, have expressed their gratitude to Silvermine for providing a nurturing environment for dialog, lasting friendships and a valuable resource for art production, education, and exhibition. In the years leading up to our Centennial Celebration, we will honor over sixty longtime Guild Artist members. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these artists and their contributions to the many facets of Silvermine’s livelihood: The Guild, the Gallery, the School of Art, the Outreach Program, and the Board of Directors. And a special thanks this year to all who were involved with the Institute for Visual Artists, an exciting and flourishing monthly lecture series that ran for 18 years. Concurrent with this exhibition, an IVA-inspired panel discussion will be held on Sunday, March 19 from 2 to 4 pm. We enjoyed co-chairing this exhibition, with the support of Guild members, Jeffrey Mueller our Gallery Director, and the staff. To the New Canaan Community Foundation, Donor Advised Fund, we extend a special thank you for making this exhibition possible. With joy and appreciation, Mindy Green and Karen Neems Co-Chairs, Guild of Artists, Board of Directors

LINDA ADATO Printmaker Brooklyn, NY Member since 1975

“Silvermine is a great place to meet and connect with other artists.� Artist Statement

My etchings depict diverse architectural themes: New York City skylines, buildings and bridges, and from my own backyard. I work in the printmaking technique of intaglio in which the areas etched are below the surface of the plate. I start the image abstractly from observation and develop it as I go, in an open-ended journey from idea to final print. Linda Adato immigrated to the US in 1962 and attended the University of California at Los Angeles where she received at BA and MA. She has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. Among her awards are those from the National Academy of Design, Boston Printmakers, Audubon Artists and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. Her work is in the collections of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, British Museum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, DeCordova Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Duxbury Art Complex Museum, Mississippi Museum of Art, New York Public Library and other institutions. She is represented by The Old Print Shop, New York, NY and other galleries. Adato served as president of SAGA, The Society of American Graphic Artists, 2007-2010.

SUZANNE BENTON Mask maker, Printmaker, Painter Ridgefield, CT Member since 1983

“Silvermine is enduring. It talks back to its artists.” Artist Statement

A fascination with the intersections of the personal and the archetypal has carried me through life’s journeys. In making art and teaching throughout the world, I’ve sought to learn and reconfigure unquestioned myths, expanding my art and understanding in the process. Whatever awareness I’ve attained now abides in my work. Suzanne Benton is a native New Yorker who has shared her many-faceted art for over 30 years and in 30 countries. Exhibiting widely (150+ solo shows and representation in museums, and private collections worldwide), she’s a highly recognized metal mask maker and mask performance artist, printmaker, painter, lecturer, and workshop leader. A trans-culturalist and feminist pioneer based in the States, her venues stretch from New York City to villages in remote parts of Africa, India, and Nepal, and to philosophy and education portals from Calcutta to Cambridge. She is a former Fulbright Scholar (India), and recipient of many grants and artist residencies, as well as author of The Art of Welded Sculpture and numerous articles.

ROSAMOND BERG Painter New Canaan, CT Member since 1967

“I liken Silvermine to an oasis, there is nothing like it.” Artist Statement

My work explores the movement of the life spirit through visual rhythms of color and form. Influenced by my love of Asian art and its connection to nature, I’ve been inspired by nuances, colors, principles, and infinite beauty of ocean waves, trees, and other elements of our natural world as well as to natural sound, the music of the universe. Rosamond moved to Connecticut in the late 1960’s, where she raised a family and took classes and exhibited at Silvermine Guild Arts Center. She has exhibited at the Allan Stone Gallery in NYC since 1977, as well as the Thomas Segal Gallery in Boston, MA. Group exhibitions include the Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover, MA, the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, CT and the Lending Collection at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY. Her work is currently in the archives of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., the permanent collections at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY, the Allan Stone Projects permanent collection, and many private collections. A lifetime member of the Silvermine Guild of Artists, as well as the American Society of Marine Artists, Berg has been influenced by her love of Asian art and its connection to nature, particularly Chinese brush painting, which she continues to study.

ANN CHERNOW Painter/Printmaker Westport, CT Member since 1966

“Silvermine is a great place to show.” Artist Statement

My work is based on impressions related to images from movies of the l930s and l940s. I use actual films, studio publicity material, fan magazines and other memorabilia as channels into memory, metaphor, and private reverie. My intent is to create a universal gesture, an image relevant to contemporary incidents that conveys the human condition through depictions of dramatic moments in the past. “Chernow’s aesthetic vision defies pigeon-holing. She works in the tradition of artists who can be termed ‘painter/printmaker,’ showing a dedication and consistency of production as did Reginald Marsh and Isabel Bishop.” -- Herbert Lust Ann has shown her prints, drawings and paintings extensively over the past 30 years with one-person shows throughout the continental US and aboard. She has also taught at, Kincannon Fine Arts in Dallas, and Uptown Gallery in New York City, to name a few. Her work can be found in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum, New York Public Library, San Diego Museum of Art, Savanah School of Art and Design, Yale University Art Collection, among many other. Ann is a long-time member of Uptown Gallery, Los Angeles Printmakers, Westport Art Center, Amity Art Foundation and Albert Merola Gallery.

ALBERTA CIFOLELLI Painter/Printmaker Westport, CT Member since 1974

“Silvermine is The Guild, the oldest and largest artists’ organization in the country.” Artist Statement

My work is intensely personal and alludes to life events, many of my own. Working with memory and imagination, I paint flowers and landscapes, subjects not often taken seriously. It is an unrealistic use of color and imagery that aligns me with the Symbolist movement and that drives the work into fantasy and metaphor. Alberta Cifolelli has a long career of exhibiting throughout the United States and Japan. In 1990, The National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibited Cifolelli’s painting, “Cleavage,” now part of their permanent collection, in the monumental Four Centuries of Women's Art. She has had over 50 solo exhibitions in New York City and various U.S. galleries and museums and is included in over 300 public collections including the United Nations, Vassar College, and PepsiCo. In 2007, she was named one of 18 Distinguished Alumni of the Cleveland Institute of Art in celebration of the Institute's 125th Anniversary. The Archives of American Art at The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C have Cifolelli’s letters and archives. Cifolelli was the Institute for Visual Artists chairman throughout the 1990’s and will have a major exhibition at CUNY in 2018.

CAROLE EISNER Sculptor Weston, CT Member since 1974

“The word ‘receptive’ comes to mind when I think of Silvermine.” Artist Statement

I work in steel. I find the properties of steel, the intrinsic strength and permanence of steel, important for my work. I can assemble, weld the pieces together, cut and reassemble by welding the components back together. I love combining found, ancient steel scraps, which are loaded with history and reference a previous life of functionality, but now will be reconfigured into an abstract construction which will reflect today’s concerns and become art. Carole Eisner has worked with scrap and recycled metal for 40 years creating elegant, abstract forms welded in steel. The artist’s compositions reflect the surprising malleability she finds with metal. Eisner’s larger-than-life works and small scale sculptures have been exhibited in dozens of public parks, corporate plazas, cultural centers, museums and waterfronts all along the northeast corridor in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida, as well as in Belgium and France. Eisner has had over 20 solo shows and 20 group shows- a testament to the mass appeal of her work and the natural marriage between her sculptures and the climate of public spaces. Eisner is represented in private, public and corporate collections, including the Guggenheim.

ARTHUR GUAGLIUMI Collage and Assemblage Northford, CT Member since 1965

“I like the fact that Silvermine does outreach into public schools. As an art educator and artist, I like what happens in those settings.” Artist Statement

Although I have worked in stained glass, watercolor and printmaking, over the years my efforts have focused mostly on the exploration of collage and assemblage using diverse and non-traditional materials. My most recent assemblages are based on separate serial images placed on a single plywood framework. Sometimes narratives are played out on one single motif such as body language imagery, cave drawings, and mythological symbols. I have always thought of my artistic activities as explorations of process rather than finished works: I am driven more by the work ethic. Arthur Guagliumi was born in New Haven, CT where he developed his interest in the visual arts. He majored in Studio art in college and received his CT Teaching Certification, then went on to get a Doctorate of Fine Arts Education at Columbia University. He joined the Art Department of Southern Connecticut State University in 1967 where he taught for 48 years. He was actively involved with the CT Art Education Association, New Haven Paint and Clay Club and the Guildford Art League. During the 1960s he was a member of several galleries in NYC and has shown extensively throughout New England.

CONSTANCE KIERMAIER Painter and mixed media artist Rockland, ME Member since 1969

“We worked hard for Silvermine and formed close relationships; there was a real camaraderie between the artists.” Artist Statement

l still continue to think of art as magic. In my lifelong exploration of this magic, as a painter and maker of boxes, collages and constructions, I find that I delight and surprise myself in the process of seeking to delight and surprise. This discovery is the ultimate enchantment. Constance Kiermaier earned a BFA from the Yale School of Fine Arts. She worked as a commercial artist, raised four children, and is a prize-winning collagist, box maker, printmaker, painter and teacher. She has generously shared her love of art, acting as a mentor and guiding spirit for countless students, many of whom went on to become professional artists and guild members. Kiermaier’s work has been shown at multiple solo and group exhibitions in New York, Maine, Rhode Island School of Design, the Mills Gallery in Boston, and at Yale University. Her many prizes include the Faber Birren Award, and grants from the New England Foundation/National Endowment for the Arts and Weir Farm Foundation.

LIANA MOONIE Painter Greenwich, CT Member since 1978

Liana and her husband, Clyde were the Founding Donors of the Silvermine Arts Center Endowment

Liana told us in 2016, “Silverrmine and I are the same age, we are sisters! From my heart, I invite you to participate in the Silvermine Endowment Fund to make it bigger and better for the artists and for the community.” Artist Statement

My paintings spring from a love of Nature. I feel the need to portray the emotional impact more than the natural scenes themselves. In expressing my impressions in abstract form, I am consciously freeing form and color from Nature to focus on the essential order of things as I see and feel them. Born in Italy, Liana Moonie was raised in a creative environment and introduced to watercolor by her father, a painter. She later moved to the U.S., where she studied with artists Robert Brackman, Edgar Whitney, and William Maxwell. Her work evolved from representational to semi and fully abstract styles. Liana’s unique voice finds expression in many media: watercolor, oil, pastel, collage, encaustic, woodcut, etching, monoprint and monotype. Moonie’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions locally and internationally, and appear in public and private collections. Her awards and prizes include the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) Award for Lifetime Achievement, and the National League of American Pen Women Owl Award. She has generously served as Director of numerous art organizations in Connecticut and New York, and established the NAWA permanent collection at Rutgers University. Her work was most recently exhibited in August of 2016 at the New Canaan Library H. Pelham Curtis Gallery.

ENID MONROE Assemblage New York City, NY Member since 1957

“Silvermine is THE art center of our section of CT and the Northeast. I have enjoyed my relationship with Silvermine more than any other art organization.� Artist Statement

My work is usually inspired by where I am living. In Japan, it was still life, in Mexico it was landscape and in New York City, where I am living now, it is mostly collages. In Connecticut where I have lived, it was all of the above. Enid Munroe is well known regionally for her paintings, works on paper and assemblage series. She was also a teacher, and taught at Silvermine from 1974-1978. She has been included in numerous invitational and juried exhibitions both nationally and regionally. Her works in are leading public corporate and private collections including Brooklyn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield MA, Hudson River Museum, the Hearst Corporation, Clairol, and the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York. Munroe is the author of An Artist in the Garden: A Guide to Creative and Natural Gardening (Henry Holt & Co, 1994) and has been active in regional art events including the founding of the annual Pequot Library Art Show, Southport. She is a member of Westport Arts Center and a former trustee of Silvermine Guild.

JENS RISOM Furniture Designer New Canaan, CT Member since 1954

Risom summed up his stylistic philosophy and his approach to interiors in his statement that, "good design means that anything which is good by itself will go with other things." Danish-born designer Jens Risom is widely considered to be a pioneer in introducing Danish modern furniture to the United States. Throughout his long career Risom consistently created furniture for the home and office that combined a simple, well-crafted Scandinavian modernity with a streamlined American sensibility of curves and angles, adhering to a fundamental Danish approach to modernism and the human need for warmth, beauty, and simplicity. After emigrating to the United States in 1939, he met Hans Knoll and after traveling the country, together, they created a line of furniture for Knoll Company in 1942. Risom designed fifteen pieces including armchairs, stools, and the enduring Risom Lounge Chair, made of wartime materials of cedar wood and surplus parachute straps. Many pieces are in the Risom collection for sale today through Design Within Reach. In the 40’s and 50’s Risom designed for Georg Jensen, Richard Avedon and Levitt & Sons. In the 60’s he focused on designing office furniture and in 1973 started his company, Design Control. Jens Risom a member of the Guild of Artists for an astonishing sixty-two years, had a show of his furniture on display in Vassos Gallery in 2014.

LUCY SALLICK Painter and Printmaker Westport, CT Member since 1975

“I was privileged to have serious and talented students, many of whom became Guild members, who not only wanted to learn the fundamentals but who also wanted discussion about the ideas behind art, how they are conveyed, and what they mean in history and to contemporary society.” Artist Statement

Within the genres of still life and landscape my subject matter is personally meaningful. “Multiple images” (many landscapes on a page) is a long-standing theme. It suits a desire to capture ‘reality’ which, of course, is my interpretation. Earlier works of pictures about pictures, paintings within paintings, multiple views on the canvas, are meant to be “read,” not as pages of a book, but with a view to the over-all within which are subtle shifts of the eye, states of mind. A painter and printmaker, Lucy Sallick was active in the 70‘s and 80‘s Women’s Art Movement and a founding member of the women's cooperative gallery, SoHo 20. Represented by the G.W. Einstein Gallery in NY, her solo exhibitions include those at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Douglas College at Rutgers University and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Davison Art Center at Wesleyan University, and the Wadsworth Atheneum and has been reviewed in Art in America, ARTnews, Art New England, and the New York Times, among other publications. She taught painting at Silvermine Guild School of Art (19771990) and at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts (1984-1995).

SUSAN SHARP Painter Easton, CT Member since 1982

“I am so grateful to Silvermine for the significant role it has played in my development as an artist and look forward to many more years as an artist member and supporter of the Guild.” Artist Statement

My approach to painting is intuitive and a continuing process of self discovery. Working flat, several layers of fluid paint are applied to either paper, mylar or wood panels, imbuing the works with an inner light. Scale shifts and unexpected juxtapositions combined with overlays of the linear and graphic, navigate disparate worlds. The density of the woodlands surrounding my Easton home, the weight and transparency of water as well as topographical drawings and photos done while flying are all sources of inspiration. The ambiguity expressed in my works is what compels me to paint Susan Sharp’s paintings have been seen in numerous solo exhibitions in New York and Connecticut and in many group exhibitions in private galleries and public institutions nationwide including the Silvermine Art Center, the Housatonic Museum of Art, and the Stamford Museum. She is the recipient of awards from the Silvermine Arts Center, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and the Stamford Museum. Sharp’s paintings are included in distinguished private collections as well as such public collections as the State of Connecticut, General Electric, Chase Manhattan Bank, Kidder Peabody Corporation, the Town of Fairfield, CT, Huntington Bank, Pullman & Comley and the Housatonic Museum of Art.

JUDITH STEINBERG Sculptor and Painter Stamford, CT Member since 1978

“Silvermine is an important part of my life. I cherish the friendships and camaraderie I feel when gathering with the community.” Artist Statement

"Take your broken heart, make it into art." Carrie Fisher said it. Meryl Streep quoted it. This quotation beautifully summarizes the enormous changes in my work and life since my husband’s death three years ago. In his absence, my focus has changed from primarily three-dimensional abstraction to two-dimensional, narrative paintings. Surprised by this change, I welcome the new life that’s being generated in my studio. Judith Steinberg has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. She has had solo exhibitions at the Stamford Museum, the Gallery of Contemporary Art (Sacred Heart University), the Hurlbutt Gallery, the Flinn Gallery, SOHO20 in New York, and De Amsteltuin sculpture garden in the Netherlands. Her studio explorations began with photography and have taken her to drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, three-dimensional work, and now back to painting. Steinberg is an elected member of the Silvermine Guild as well as the Sculptors Guild. She has had public installations on Governors Island, in White Plains, Armonk, and Hartsdale, NY; Stamford, Wilton, and New London, CT; and Weston, Massachusetts. She completed a large, outdoor commission for Sacred Heart University and has permanently installed three large sculptures in the Robert Webb Sculpture Garden in Dalton, Georgia.

FLORENCE SUERIG Sculptor Greenwich, CT Member since 1982

“Silvermine is a great gallery and has a great history.” Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the dancer’s body moving through space. My thoughts of love, joy, and sorrow are expressed through my hands. They seem to move into the clay on their own as the earth informs me. The forms of my work are sometimes simple, at other times complex, but always abstract. I invite physical participation from the viewer, trying to evoke a desire to enter the sculpture, to find mystery in the openings, to linger, and begin to feel the soul of the piece; then, perhaps the viewer’s imagination will wander playfully across the sometimes erotic surfaces. After a successful 35-year career as a fiber artist, Suerig began working in clay in 2000. She has exhibited at venues including the American Craft Museum (Now Museum of Arts and Design) in NYC; Craft USA Triennial at Silvermine in ’08; ALL FIRED UP at Westchester Community College, NY and the Minor Memorial Gallery in Kent, CT. Her sculptural works are the result of several years of intense exploration of the medium and reflect sensitivity to form, surface, and line. Recently Suerig has concentrated on making marks on canvas and paper with color and line gesture as if dancing in space.

MARJORIE TOMCHUK Collagraphs (handmade paper embossings) New Canaan, CT Member since 1971

“The Guild continues to thrive and acts as an art focal point in Fairfield County”. Artist Statement

I continue to use abstract concepts to express my visual designs in a textural and dimensional way. My pressed paper art is mostly inspired from visions found in nature and sometimes it is based on a design, reflecting outer space. Marjorie Tomchuk, Canadian by birth, has resided in the United States since 1953. She attended the University of Michigan, earning a BA and MA. She taught art in Tokyo, and studied at Sophia University, learning woodblock printing from Toshi Yoshida. She also lived in Frankfurt, Germany for two years, where she created etchings in the studio of Helga Kaiser. Since 1970, she has lived and worked in New Canaan, CT. Tomchuk’s art was carried by Lublin Graphics, 1968-1976. Since then, she has been an independent artist producing self published editions of graphic work. In 1980, she had a "mill" installed in her studio and began producing unique embossings on artist-made paper. She has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. In America, her work can be found in over 30 museums.

BONNIE FORD WOIT Painter/Printmaker New York City, NY Member since 1972

“Silvermine is about nurturing the arts and the artists, connecting those who went before us and those who will come after.” Artist Statement

A Partnership With Nature In my work the trees are symbols. They are also emissaries from nature leading me into a relationship with its forces; its unity, light and beauty. The paint represents the human part of the relationship as it tries to express what it feels and still retain its own nature as paint and human gesture. The shifting focus represents the motion and oblique glimpse we get of nature, but also provides a way to represent the unity of energy, matter and time. Bonnie Ford Woit is an artist living in New York City, best known for her large abstract paintings that draw inspiration from the experience of looking at trees. Her paintings have been shown in many exhibitions over the years, including one-person shows at Ingber Gallery in New York, the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and in Vassos Gallery at Silvermine. Group shows include Four Winner’s Show at Stamford Museum, and shows at United Nations Headquarters, the Dubai Biennial, and Gallery BAI in NYC. Many of her works are in private collections, including IBM, Orient Express, Sapolin Corporation as well as in Denmark, Spain, Sweden, and France. She is a past vice president of the Board at Silvermine, as well as the founder of the Institute for Visual Artists.

JEAN WOODHAM Sculptor Westport, CT Member since 1980

“Fellowship with other artists is the most meaningful part of my relationship with Silvermine.” “Artists do what they do,” Woodham says, “because they can’t bear to do anything else.” As respected art historian and critic, Burt Chernow describes her work: “It is about life and possibilities” …” a crisp starkness and a spirit of wholeness” there is “a quiet eloquence and unifying aesthetic sensibility to her distinctive oeuvre.” In 1955 Jean moved to Connecticut where she directed the sculpture program at Silvermine and was president of the prestigious Sculptors’ Guild for three years. She won first prizes and exhibited at the Whitney Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Art, High Museum, Wadsworth Atheneum, Aldrich Museum and numerous Sculpture Guild shows, in addition to shows in Mexico, Brazil, England, and Japan. Jean Woodham's first New York solo show in 1959 resulted in five sales and glowing reviews in the New York Times and elsewhere. She went on to selfrepresent and became one of the first artists, male or female, to use welding and industrial know-how to create huge outdoor sculptures all around the world. Jean translated her models into massive works in her own studio. Smiling, she said, “If it’s under a half ton, I can work alone.” She worked in a three-story studio in Westport making over 150 sculptures for public and private collections, including the United States Atomic Energy Agency, General Electric, NYNEX, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, the World Bank, Auburn’s Goodwin Hall Fine Arts Center.

THE INSTITUTE FOR VISUAL ARTISTS: The 2017 Inaugural Exhibition, “Legacy of Silvermine: Artists, Art, and Community,” pays tribute to the Institute for Visual Artists, a stimulating monthly lecture series that ran from 1985 through 2002. Under the leadership of Guild artist, Bonnie Woit, at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center, the Institute’s programming addressed concerns of artists, as well as relevant issues related to artistic output and the art world in general. The speakers were established and emerging artists, art critics, curators, and other art professionals, including Robert Altman, Gregory Amenoff, Will Barnet, Antonio Frasconi, Suzi Gablik, Cleve Gray, Lester Johnson, Michael Mazur, George McNeil, Jed Perl, Gabor Peterdi, Joan Semmel, Joan Snyder, and William Zimmer. The mission was to provide enrichment for both the professional artist and the interested public in the region, creating a unique context for experiencing art and community, bridging the boundaries of age, gender and professional experience. “In all the panel discussions, we try to balance and have old and young, that is, established and emerging artists, as well as male and female artists. One of the most touching things on both sides has been the discussion between an artist like George McNeil who is 80 years old and the young artists in the audience.” - Bonnie Woit It takes a hardworking team and a uniquely bonded community to accomplish inspirational goals such as these. A very special thank you to each of the artists who were deeply involved with the IVA: Bonnie Woit, Alberta Cifolelli, June Ahrens, Carol Borelli, Marilyn Clements, Joyce Gilbert, Karen Klick, Evelyn Kurt, Janet Levine, Sandy Maegher, Nancy Reinker, Tina Rohrer, Barbara Rothenberg, Susan Sharp, Judith Steinberg, Shaw Stewart, and Florence Zolan. And thank you to Guild panelists, including Mary Bailey, Vincent Baldassano, Suzanne Benton, Ann Chernow, Natasha Cohen, Dolly Curtis, Robert Dancik, David Dunlop, James Grashow, Lou Hicks, Eve Ingalls, Constance Kiermaier, Janet Levine, Robert Loebell, Lucy Sallick, Enid Munroe, Victoria Munroe, Jan Murdock, Adam Niklewicz, James Reed, Robert Reed, Scott Richter, Tina Rohrer, Gay Schempp, Janet Slom, Florence Suerig, Jane Sutherland, C. Derek Ullman, Joan Wheeler, Jean Woodham and many others. Your dedication and ideas are an inspiration to us all.

AN INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE Charitable Giving is one way that we as individuals express our values and translate our passions into actions.

Art is vital and Silvermine is ART! Silvermine invites you to join two most generous guild members in Legacy Giving. Hilda Kraus who remembered Silvermine most generously in her will. Liana Moonie for her generosity and foresight in founding Silvermine’s Endowment Fund. Both women realized the critical importance of Planned Giving to Silvermine’s future and through their gifts made a lasting impact on our organization. We miss them dearly. Please consider being a part of our Legacy and help sustain the financial foundation of the Silvermine Arts Center for generations to come. Whether large or small, a donation made today or deferred, ensures that you will be a part of the future family of Silvermine and therefore live forever in our heART. Barbara Linarducci, Director of Operations, would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding planned giving 203 966-9700 ext. 15

Silvermine – where art cultivates life

Liana Moonie

Hilda Kraus

Honoree at the Living Art Gala - 2016

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