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Motorized Wheelchair For Home Care Understand The Advantages &Â Disadvantages

Introduction After a patient has progressed from the hospital bed and needs to be ‘prepared’ to move around, wheelchairs become very important. Selecting the right wheelchair ensures comfort during recovery and maneuverability that enables them to move freely – anywhere. Motorized wheelchairs are propelled by a motor and are fast and more convenient than the standard wheelchairs. They incorporate batteries and electric motors that can be controlled by the patient or the attendant. There is a small joystick near the armrest that helps maneuver. Well, these power chairs come in various types depending on their use.

Advantages of using motorized wheelchairs • Minimal effort – In motorized wheelchairs, users make use of a joystick to move forward. This is exactly why minimum effort is needed to control it. • Independence – With an electric wheelchair, you do not have to manually push it or you do not require a caregiver to push you around. You have the freedom to go at anytime and anywhere – by yourself! • Adaptable for severity and disability – Since these chairs are propelled by motors, they can be used for severely immobile patients too by using special controls. • Going up hills and ramps – Since the wheelchair is powered by a motor, it has enough power to climb up a hill and ramps. • Distances – These chairs have a battery pack and the distance you can travel depends on the power in the batteries. So before you move out, check the batteries.

Disadvantages of using motorized wheelchairs • Maintenance and repair – The cost of maintenance and repair of a motorized wheelchair is much higher than the standard manual wheelchair. • Initial expense – Electric wheelchairs are typically more expensive than the other types • Size – Electric wheelchairs are larger in size than the standard ones and may not be sustainable at home. • Weight – These wheelchairs are heavier than the stand ones and hence are less portable. • Limited power – If your batteries are not recharged properly, you may be out of batteries before you get home.

Conclusion Wheelchairs definitely offer patients with a means to independence. They can keep up with their daily schedules and social lives and not have immobility of body parts hamper their lifestyles. This in itself is a great esteem booster. Well, motorized wheelchairs are convenient for the caregivers too and do not take too much strength to move patients around. Sliverline Meditech, is a leading Suppliers and Exporters of Motorized Wheelchair In India & Other Home Health Care Products at affordable price. Feel free to call us at +91-79-2689 0389.

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Motorized wheelchair for home care – understand the advantages and disadvantages  

Sliverline Meditech, is a leading Suppliers and Exporters of Motorized Wheelchair In India & Other Home Health Care Products at affordable...