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Southern Africa Luxury Association AFRICAN HOPE

Silvana Bottega is the CEO and a founding director of the Southern Africa Luxury Association (SALA). Having completed a trilingual Masters degree in European Politics and Policy, Silvana secured a place on the sought after WPP fellowship programme designed to cultivate high-calibre management talent. Eternally seeking new knowledge she has studied at the London School of Economics, UCT, the European University Institute, and attended 5 summer courses at different universities and colleges in France and Italy. After her studies, she spent five years in Asia Pacific based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. During this time she handled regional business across Asia Pacific with responsibility for Harley Davidson, Motorola, Unilever and Coca-Cola. An anomaly for the brand industry, she was was entrenched as Client Director within the businesses of

Silvana Bottega

Harley Davidson and Motorola to assist operations management and market entry strategies across first and second tier cities in China. At the same time, she was involved in global knowledge management


and held regional training sessions on brand strategy processes. After WPP, she took up a role at Lowe

Southern Africa   Luxury  Association

as Channel Planning Director for all key clients for the Greater China office creating brand activation and high-growth strategies for multi-nationals looking to radically grow market share. She was responsible for channel for Johnson & Johnson (Baby), Nestea (Coca-Cola), Ovaltine, Dumex and 3 key brands on Unilever. She was regularly used on regional pitch teams to build key client relationships and has also had extensive experience working on financial services (DBS in Singapore, HSBC Asia Pacific) and telecommunications (China Mobile, Nokia and Motorola). Silvana has the ability to deliver on many aspects of brand strategy, brand discovery, strategy formulation, product development, brand engagement, retail analysis and brand experience. Since she returned to South Africa, she has focused on brand strategy for luxury and artisan businesses, as well as assisting in strategies whereby wealth management companies can reach out and grow their affluent client base through collaboration. In South Africa, she writes for numerous publications including Prestige, Opulent Living, Live Out Loud and Private Life. For the last 3 years she has committed herself to philanthropy, giving her time to run the Southern Africa Luxury Association. Her passion for accelerating artisan talent in South Africa has seen her help to build awareness around the craftsmanship and skills available in South Africa through her work with Aidan Bennetts, Keith White, Ardmore, Avoova and the like. Her family own vineyards in Stellenbosch and she is involved with the marketing of The Idiom Collection of wines that has resulted in the development of a rare wine parfum du vin and a gourmet wine salt. Contrary to popular belief, she is not a socialite.

FROM  OUTSIDE  IN The  thing  about  African  luxury   is  that  there  is  nothing  tired  or  over-­worked  about  it.   It  is  fresh,  rising  up  from  a  new  sense  of  optimism   about  the  continent  and  that,  coupled  with  its  fusion  of  so  many   GLVSDUDWHFXOWXUHVODQJXDJHVFRXQWULHVDQGLQźXHQFHV means  that  it  has  something  entirely  new  and  refreshing   to  offer  to  a  world  that  is  perhaps  jaded   IURPPDQ\\HDUVRIVXSHUźXRXVFRQVXPSWLRQ In  Africa  there  is  still  an  infectious  joy  about  rising  wealth,   still  a  wonder  at  the  multifarious  richness  the  world  has  to  offer.   At  last  some  of  Africa’s  vast  creativity  has  an  outlet   and  the  stream  of  idiosyncratic,  lively  and  beautiful  things   coming  out  of  the  continent  is  a  tonic  to  all  of  us.    

Lucia Van Der Post FOUNDER

Financial  Times  “How  To  Spend  It�

Contributed  for  SALA  WEALTH  SUMMIT

Event Partners

Wealth  Management  Partner

Sanlam Private Investments (SPI) is a private client wealth management business which engages on an individual basis with high net worth individuals and families to design, deliver and personally manage bespoke investment solutions for both South African and international clients. SPI












investment stockbroking

and class

advice, &



fiduciary and tax services, a range of nontransactional banking services, and South Africa’s first specialist art advisory service. Established





Cape Town with eight branches offices around South Africa, SPI currently has a staff complement of 160, and R60bn assets under management and administration.

Venue  Host

Elegant and legendary, the Sandton Sun offers guests a distinguished and memorable stay. Linked to the Sandton Convention Centre and the Sandton City Shopping Centre, this hotel combines business services, contemporary dining and fashionable shopping, appealing to both leisure and business travellers. Located in the heart of Sandton CBD this hotel is 40 minutes by road from O.R Tambo International Airport and 900m from the Gautrain Station, and offers convenience and easy access to the city’s finest amenities. The Sandton Sun’s illustrious history is enhanced by great staff, seamless service and world class facilities, including a luxurious




Suite and beautifully appointed dining venues. The accommodation also offers the ultimate in creature comforts, emphasized

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Financial Media  Partner

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Online media  partner

Finweek is South Africa’s leading financial weekly magazine focusing on investment. With its brisk, creative and authoritative analysis of business and investment issues, it’s an essential business tool in the daily battle for competitive advantage. Today’s business decision-makers have to cope with increased pressure on their time and are expected, more than ever before, to succeed in the face of stiffer competition. Finweek provides relevant information in quick bytes, along with award-winning investment advice.

For readers of Private Edition, wealth is a means to a more exciting end. Luxury is both tangible – yes, the limited edition watch, an exceptional wine or property – but also the intangible: the absence of routine, a singular experience or sighting, a moment of extreme exhilaration. If a story in Private Edition is about art, it is likely to be a commissioned work or the discovery of rare talent. If it is a superbly engineered car, chances are the Private Edition buyer has had a hand in its final look and feel. Readers tend to experience life from a different perspective: domestic flight may mean high altitude ballooning; yachting may be a race against time and nature. Features tell stories about courage, power, leadership, broken records, benchmark setting, new thinking and men and women who make the jump between ordinary and extraordinary. Printed on top-quality paper, and a design that’s contemporary, clean and powerfully visual, the magazine is a masthead above others in a similar genre. The magazine enjoys an ABC registered circulation of over 15 000 magazines posted directly to brand partners who have a client base of high net worth individuals. Alongside the direct distribution to core partners, it’s also distributed to Relais & Chateau properties, a select group of hotels and lodges, to business class Emirates travellers, and is available in BA’s SLOW lounge.

Luxury Society is the world’s most influential online community of top luxury executives. Based in Paris, with members in more than 150 countries, Luxury Society informs and connects CEOs, managers, journalists, consultants, designers and analysts from across the luxury sector, in industries as varied as fashion, design, art, jewelry and timepieces, beauty, travel and hospitality, yachting, private aviation, automotive, private banking, real estate and personal services.

Special thank  you  to: Sunday  Times Prestige Live  Out  Loud Opulent  Living Business  Day Financial  Mail Moneyweb Wealthwise Visi


Marc Ashton EDITOR

Marc Ashton is editor of Finweek magazine and an award winning financial journalist. In August 2011 he was tasked with the repositioning of Finweek to broaden its appeal, introduce new engaging content and bring financial news to life for the reader. The publication reaches an audience base of 30,000 on a weekly basis. Prior to joining Finweek, Marc was also involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and founded the Rival Pioneers entrepreneur support community and sits on the investment board for the Mzansi Gold angel funding network. He was crowned Telkom Classic Financial Journalist of the Year as well as the Small Business Journalist of the Year for 2011. Recent accolades also include winning the Sanlam Best Newcomer to financial journalism and the Telkom Classic Small Business Journalist of the Year in both 2009 and 2010 respectively.



Les Aupiais EDITOR

Private Edition

Les Aupiais is the editor and creative vision behind a quarterly publication that offers a window into the world of the understated wealthy, Private Edition. One of South Africa’s most versatile, experienced and creative media figures, Les has worked in front of and behind the cameras. Her expertise was acknowledged nationally in her role as former reporter, now guest presenter and director on South Africa’s most influential investigative news programme, Carte Blanche. She is uniquely placed to advise companies on media and communication strategies and on how to handle radio and television interviews under pressure in her media training courses. Les has worked successfully with large corporations, with executive management teams, and has handled one-to-one coaching. Her way with words has seen her craft copy and steer the brand tonality for well-known commercials with a client list including Rezidor, Shimansky and One&Only. Her knowledge of what constitutes the exceptional in South Africa has secured her the role as former senior scriptwriter and final mix on SABC3’s magazine show Top Billing as well as Top Travel. She was the former Bureau Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, the Editor of award-winning Sunday Life, quarterly magazine Icon and currently editor of award-winning magazine Private Edition. In her spare time, she has lectured executive short courses at Wits business school, Rhodes Business School and the Graduate School of Business and was a director/script writer on educational videos for the University of Cape Town. Using her insight, garnered from years working in the limelight, she is a media consultant/trainer/coach to several top companies including: Engen, Shell, Mastercard, Virgin Active, Singita and La Motte.

About SALA

Charter The purpose of the association is to encourage interaction and collective thinking within the region’s premium lifestyle and luxury industry, something we hope to accomplish by providing fresh industry intelligence while creating regular opportunities for informed debate, networking and collaboration between our members through a series of events. We are thankful to all of our members who have pledged their support since SALA’s inception. The association is a section 21 non-profit. Details of members is available on

Directors Silvana Bottega, THE IDIOM COLLECTION Timothy George, MALUS Richard Schafer, CAPE COBRA LEATHERCRAFT

LuxuryLabs SALA will be hosting intensive half-day workshops in 2012 with brands to improve their strategies in the luxury and wealth management arena. Enquiries are welcomed from brands who are looking to understand how to conceptualize, market and develop a luxury brand narrative that resonates with consumers, media and key stakeholders.

BUSINESS TO BUSINESS. The SALA Briefing is a carefully orchestrated opportunity for industry leaders and senior management in the South African luxury and premium lifestyle communities to gather and engage in topical debate and informal networking. SALA is committed to the creation and exchange of insights and these quarterly events are the Association’s primary vehicle for maintaining this important dialogue. The 4 major events across the year are intended to host between 60-80 guests and are well attended with often more than 100 attendees. We regularly host international senior management officials in SA and invite members to suggest speakers and topics that are of relevance to the industry.

BUSINESS TO HNW CLIENT. SALA discretely choreographs sets of brands with similar goals, ambitions and values so that they can optimize their efforts in market and reach out to HNW consumers through collaboration. Depending on the involvement needed, SALA takes a management fee for the event per brand for involvement, driving the event management process and the client list in a neutral manner. Depending on the nature of the brand and scale of the ambition of the project, we can work to create intimate settings for UHNW’s and more elaborate displays that build awareness across a broader clientele. We are able to handle the event PR in-house should budgets be nominal, engage best-practice suppliers and often work with the PR companies already on retainer. We work across sector in a discrete manner and minimize conflict by focusing on matching brands with similar brand equity or alternatively based on their specific client wealth tier needs.

Accelerator The SALA Accelerator identifies nascent South African luxury brands - from any category - that display the creativity and potential to succeed on both local and international stages. Dependent of the location and quantum of private and/ or public sponsorship SALA will task and work with independent agencies to provide professional resources and advice relevant to the brand in question so that it might be ‘accelerated’ along its trajectory towards recognition and success. During a primary session with a brand we assess and analyze what that brands needs might be in terms of assistance in their development and growth. For some it may be a pragmatic distribution strategy to reach out to HNW clients, for others whilst their product quality may be strong their businesses may need collateral development, for some brands we script their brand story and enhance their customer experience design and help them position themselves vis-a-vis competitors. For other accelerator brands it may be the definition of values that can be filtered through their organization or, for most, it may be basic PR and communications planning for the luxury sector in SA to ensure they are more clearly seen as worthy of being noticed. SALA has assisted in the acceleration of the following talent: Avoova, Keith White, Aidan Bennetts, Ardmore Ceramic Art, Haldane Martin as well as The Letterpress Company.

THE SPECTRUM  OF  WEALTH 07 / 03 / 2012 8.30 am............... OPENING  ADDRESS

SESSION 1,  The State of Wealth in South Africa








Silvana Bottega, CEO, SALA

Marc Ashton, Editor, Finweek 9.15am............... WHO THEY  ARE       HNW  &  ULTRA  HNW’s  IN  SA:  THE  RICH  LIST,  DEFINITIONS  of  WEALTH,  MARKET  SIZE  &  VALUE Marcia Klein, Editor, Sunday Times Rich List 9.35am............... WHERE  THE  WEALTHY  LIVE     WEALTH  IN  ASSETS:  High  net  worth  areas  by  purchase/rental  dynamics.               Samuel Seeff, Chairman, SEEFF 10.00am...............WHERE  THE  WEALTHY  SPEND     CONSUMER  INSIGHT  &  RETAIL  DYNAMICS:  Targeting  the  HNW  consumer  effectively             Nicole Greenstone, Retail Executive for JHB, HYPROP 10.20am...............Q  &  A 10.35am...............NESPRESSO  BREAK    

SESSION 2,  Managing Wealth in South Africa

11.15pm...............BUILDING WEALTH  THROUGH  INVESTMENT   Daniël Kriel, CEO, Sanlam Private Investments 11.35pm...............THE  SECURITY  OF  WEALTH  IN  EMERGING  MARKETS             Jarred Glansbeek, CEO, RisCura 11.50pm IMPACT  INVESTING  &  PHILANTHROPY   Marc Van Olst, Social Investor 12.25pm...............BEHAVIOURAL  PATTERNS  OF  THE  AFFLUENT             Andrew Bradley, Chief Executive, Old Mutual Wealth

SESSION 3,  Following Your Passion

2.35pm................ Take to the Road: BUILDING DEALERSHIPS  IN  SOUTH  AFRICA  FOR  LEADING       AUTOMOTIVE  BRANDS,  THE  DAYTONA  STORY                       Justin Divaris, Managing Director, Daytona 2.55pm................ Take to the Skies: PRIVATE  AIRCRAFT  AS  A  PASSION  INVESTMENT     TAKING  EXECUJET  TO  NEW  HEIGHTS  IN  AFRICA             Ettore Poggi, Managing Director, Africa, Execujet 3.15pm...............Q  &  A 3.25pm...............GODIVA  BREAK     3.55pm................

SESSION 4,  Offshore Aspirations

4.00pm................ BUILDING A  RETAIL  FOOTPRINT  IN  AFRICA  &  BEYOND Maurice Mdlolo, +PQMN 7XMZI\QVO7NÅKMZ Liberty Properties (Sandton City) 4.20pm................ THE  ART  &  SCIENCE  OF  WEALTH  &  HAPPINESS                     Michael Jordaan, CEO, First National Bank 4.45pm................ Q  &  A 5.00pm................ END  OF  DAY  1


The State of Wealth in SA


WHO  THEY  ARE HNW’s  &  UHNW’s  in  SA:   7KH5LFK/LVW'HŚQLWLRQRI:HDOWK Market  Size  &  Value Marcia Klein EDITOR

Sunday  Times  Rich  List Marcia Klein is the editor of the Business Times and Money & Careers sections of the Sunday Times. These are by far the biggest financial publications in SA. Marcia has been a financial journalist for more than 20 years, and has worked for both the Business Day and Sunday Times in both reporting and editing roles, and has, over the years, covered almost every sector of the economy. Her experience has made her a key member in the compilation of the Sunday Times’ annual Rich List that is based on the share values of holdings in listed companies. The list is compiled in association with Who Owns Whom, whose researchers analyse the holdings of directors of all JSE-listed companies. The Sunday Times is South Africa’s biggest-selling weekly newspaper reaching over 3.2 million readers.

      THE  TOP  20


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 Patrice  Motsepe             12 Lakshmi  Mittal     13 Nicky  Oppenheimer   14 Christo  Wiese   15 Laurie  Dippenaar Rembrandt  Trust  (Rupert  Family)     16   17 Ackerman  Family  Trust   18 Stephen  Saad   19 Bruno  Steinhoff     20 GT  Ferreira  

2012  MOVE-­UPS  ? Royal  Bafokeng  Consortium     Giovanni  Ravazzotti Cyril  Ramaphosa Michiel  le  Roux Adrian  Gore Jannie  Mouton Paul  Harris Giuseppe  Zannoni Koos  Bekker Bill  Venter     Source:  Sunday  Times  Rich  List

  1   2   3

Ivan  Glasenberg Nicky  Oppenheimer Christo  Wiese

INDUSTRIES  TO  WATCH  ?   1   2   3   4   5

Retail Private  Education Mining IT/Telecoms/Media Finance

WHERE  THEY  LIVE Wealth  in  Assets:  Laying  the  foundation   for  long-­term  growth  in  property  prices

Luxury Property Terminology

Samuel Seeff CEO


Seeff  Properties


Path to ascent.



Elements of success.



Everything you want.

ZENITH Samuel Seeff is Chairman of Seeff Properties, a position he has held since 1997. He is also director of all the Seeff companies.


Super-luxury, beyond imagination.

Samuel joined the Seeff Properties family business in 1984 and


became a director in 1987 at the age of 24. In 1992, he was


promoted to Managing Director of Seeff Residential Properties. He was a founder shareholder and is director of ooba, the largest mortgage origination business in South Africa. Samuel is also a founder shareholder and current director of the joint venture business between the Estate Agents Holding Company and Independent Newspapers (Cape). Samuel has been a Trustee of Ikamva Labantu since 2004. In 2007, Samuel was appointed a Trustee of the South African Holocaust Centre. He was the recipient of the PA Nedbank Lifetime Platinum Award in 2010. Samuel matriculated from Herzlia High School, Cape Town in 1980 and graduated with a BComm degree from the University of Cape Town in 1983. The Seeff

 2    3    4    5      6      7      8      9 10      

(CT)  R14,708  261         (JHB)   R14,266  773 (CT)   R10,712  762 (CT)   R10,544  055 (CT)   R10,340  484 (JHB)      R8,710  727 (JHB)      R8,319  103 (KN)                  R8,256  675   (CT)        R8,159  386 (JNB)      R7,452  186

 Source:  Financial  Mail  (Feb  2012),  Lightbridge

Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in August 1995 and was subsequently bought out by Brait SA at the end

Clifton      Sandhurst   Steenberg     Bantry  Bay   Llandudno   Westcliff     Hyde  Park   Pezula       Bishopscourt   Dunkeld    

of 1996. In March 1999 the Seeff Family again bought back


their business. Seeff currently trades as a licensed operation


with more than 200 branches across Southern Africa, including

  2    3    4    5

Namibia, Mauritius, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Seeff Properties is renowned for securing exclusive marketing mandates of some of the country’s most prestigious properties and reaching highs of R110million for prime penthouses.

Property as an asset class in South Africa is revered. /MV\ZQĂ…KI\QWV WN  \PM QVVMZ KQ\QM[ LZI_ KIZL [MI^QM_[ QV Âť[INMÂź value areas as well as traditional selection based on proximity to schools continues to see supported sales. Many areas continue to provide consistently delivered returns for investors, although buyers are now having to actively seek out opportunities where one can have a long-term return. Analysis over time is key.

Fresnaye    Camps  Bay   Constantia     Sunset  Links     Clifton    

(CT)  (JHB)   (CT)   (CT)   (CT)  

 up  7,25%          up  4,87%  up  3,59%  up  2,86%  up  2,47%


  2    3    4    5

Atholl      Oaklands   Parktown  North     Parkview     Saxonwold  

(CT)  (JHB)   (CT)   (CT)   (CT)  

 up  9,28%        up  8,61%  up  5,16%  up  5,07%  up  4,98%

6RXUFH%DVHGRQ\HDULQźDWLRQJURZWKFinancial  Mail  (Oct  2011),  Lightstone

WHAT THEY  SPEND  ON Consumer  Insight  &  Retail  Dynamics:   An  evolving  elite Nicole Greenstone currently serves as the Group Asset Manager for Hyprop Investments Limited which owns regional and super regional shopping centres across South Africa. The Hyprop investment portfolio includes high-profile shopping centres such as Hyde Park Corner, Canal Walk, The Glen, The Mall, Southcoast Mall and Stoneridge. The Company operates in four segments: retail, office, hotels and listed property securities. Nicole has been with Hyprop since October in 2003 and has 19 years of experience working in property management. She has a BA Hons and a Higher Diploma in Education. She has also finished her National Diploma in Real Estate, with a focus on Valuations. The jewel in the Hyprop crown is Hyde Park Corner - a niche shopping centre that excels at bringing together elite

Nicole Greenstone GROUP ASSET  MANAGER

Hyprop Investments  Limited

and premium brands for an exceptional customer experience. Addressing the evolving requirements of the high-end shopper, the centre has matured from “trendsetter” to the definitive standard for fashion-conscious boutique shopping and boasts over 130 leading speciality retailers. The Grande Dame of South African retail, Hyde Park Corner, located in the heart of Johannesburg’s affluent northern suburbs, is positioned as the definitive destination centre for discerning shoppers. The centre houses a dynamic tenant mix, reflecting a distinguished blend of leading international and local brands.

Coffee Sponsor

Twenty five years ago, Nespresso pioneered the concept of portioned premium coffee and patented an exclusive system for perfectly mastering the preparation process of the espresso, from the selection of the rarest coffee beans right through to the exquisite moment of tasting. A perfect espresso is the fruit of a complex alchemy between coffee of exceptional quality and freshness, and water at high pressure to bring out its body and intensity, and to reveal all the subtleties of its aromas. Coffee, Machine and Nespresso Club are the inseparable components of this ingenious alliance, which allow you to discover, in the comfort of your home, an unequalled espresso, cup after cup.

Managing Wealth in South Africa



Daniël Kriel CEO

Sanlam Private   Investments

Daniël Kriel has been CEO of Sanlam Private Investments (SPI) since 1 March 2005. Prior to Sanlam, Daniël worked with ABSA Consultants and Actuaries for several years, where he developed South Africa’s first retirement and risk cover plan for blue-collar workers. While at ABSA, he also headed the first empowerment initiative in the employee benefits industry. Daniël joined the Sanlam Group in 1998, and was responsible for marketing, institutional sales and retail distribution at SIM before being appointed as CEO of Sanlam Private Investments in 2005. He is an exco member of Sanlam Investments, and serves on a number of boards of both local and international group companies. Under Daniël’s leadership Sanlam Private Investments has become one of the leading private client investment managers and stock-brokers in South Africa, and grown an expanding international footprint. SPI manages and administers some R60 billion and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of renewal in the private client industry. It is also one of the fastest growing companies in the Sanlam stable. Daniël holds a BA (Law) from Stellenbosch University and an LLB from RAU.

“Wealth is both a privilege and a responsibility. Our client relationships are rooted in trust and tested over time. The management of wealth requires a unique and ever-evolving combination of experience, integrity and insight, and an increasingly holistic and international perspective.”


Jarred Glansbeek CEO


Jarred Glansbeek is the founder and CEO of RisCura. RisCura is a global, independent financial analytics provider and investment consultant. RisCura services institutional investors with over $200billion in assets under management, as well as a significant number of asset management, hedge fund and private equity firms. The RisCura Group, in addition to investment consulting, has divisions that are leading providers of independent valuation, risk and performance analysis services to investors. Jarred established RisCura in 1999 to fill the financial industry’s need for a liability aware, independent risk-based consultant. Prior to this he was a director at the FirstRand Group. In the1990’s he pioneered and implemented liabilitydriven investing while being part of a team managing new product development, derivatives, structured products and quantitative pension fund solutions at the FirstRand asset management units. Today, RisCura offers a comprehensive suite of services that meet these needs through its five autonomous and distinct business units - RisCura Analytics, RisCura Consulting, RisCura Fundamentals, RisCura Fund Service and RisCura Transition. Jarred is regarded a thought leader in the pension fund industry and is a pioneer of liability-driven investment processes. Jarred is a regular speaker at conferences and events around the world.


Impact investing  arena

Over the past 5 years, Marc has been involved in the Philanthropy and Impact Investing Sectors in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Tanzania. While he was a Partner at McKinsey, he led engagements to support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a programme to reduce Maternal Mortality in Namibia, The Global Fund to assess the performance of their grants for HIV/AIDS and an agency in Botswana to raise funding and roll our HIV prevention and treatment programmes. Since leaving McKinsey in 2010, Marc has been working alongside Dr Mamphela Ramphele to support a number of programmes tackling Education, Health, Sustainable Economic Development and Social Trauma in the Eastern Cape. Through this work, Marc has formed relationships with a number of Corporate donors and grant making organisations (e.g. Ford Foundation) and Social Venture Funds. Marc also runs a Venture Capital fund with his Partner, Hlumelo Biko. The fund concentrates and actively manages a portfolio of investments in young companies with exciting innovations that have a significant social impact as well creating real economic returns for investors. Marc serves on the Board of the state-run Tehnology Innovation Agency (TIA) where, as a member of the investment committee, he helps to allocate state funding to innovations that can improve the lives of South Africans. Finally, Marc is involved in a civic action movement called ChangeSA that seeks to build real solutions to the challenges that threaten our young democracy. Marc holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch. After graduating, he developed a successful patent in the Mining Industry that he sold in 2001. This patent won the SABS Chairman’s award in 2000. After a career as an inventor, Marc joined McKinsey & Company where he worked across a broad range of sectors in Southern Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi.

According to the 2010 Barclays Wealth Global Giving: The Culture of Philanthropy report, South Africans are the second-most generous nation when it comes to using their money for good causes, and rank fourth in volunteering their time to worthy causes. Of the 2000 high net-worth individuals surveyed in 20 countries, 41% from the US said philanthropy was one of their top-three spending priorities, followed by 37% of South Africans and 32% of Saudi Arabians.

“You probably already know that our societies and systems are imbalanced and unsustainable. The pursuit and implementation of ideas to bring equality and humanity to our world is the greatest N]TÅTTUMV\IVLIKPQM^MUMV\QV\PQ[[QVOTMTQNM_M¼^M been given.” Francois Bonnici, Head of the Bertha Foundation. “Treat your social investments the same way you would treat any other business investment - fund meaningful projects, use the best people to ensure impact and review progress regularly.” Marc Van Olst for the Sunday Times


Champion of Health Champion of Children Champion of Conservation & Our Land Champion of Entrepreneurial Spirit Champion of Arts, Design & Culture Champion of Talent Champion of Crisis


Andrew Bradley Chief Executive

Old Mutual  Wealth

Andrew Bradley is the Chief Executive of Old Mutual Wealth. Prior to this he was CEO of acsis, an independent asset consulting and financial planning company. His earlier experience includes executive roles at Brait, Fincorp and Investec. He has also served as chairman on the boards of the South African Savings Institute (SASI), the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI) and the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), as well as being a board member of the Association of Collective Investments (ACI), the international Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) Council and the South African Rugby Players Association (SARPA). Andrew has B.Com from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, an LLB from the University of Natal, an AMP from Harvard Business School and is a Certified Financial Planner. His passion is to come to terms with all the issues relating to financial wellbeing. He has co-authored three books in the area of financial planning and investments.

Sponsor: Chocolates  for  guests

Since its creation in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, Godiva Chocolatier has become one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world. A passion for innovation and luxury combined with a truly memorable experience contained in each mouthful has made Godiva legendary. Fresh, natural ingredients blended with the craftsmanship and dedication of Godiva’s employees, have resulted in the company’s appointment as official supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium. Today, Godiva’s expert Master Chocolatiers use their precious talents to create innovative recipes with the freshest ingredients. Flavours are enticing, textures are delicate and the decorations eye-catching. Arranged in stunning and contemporary packaging, these delectable chocolates are available at sophisticated Godiva boutiques in select cities around the world. Opening a box of Godiva chocolates is a sensory experience in itself, one to be savoured. Let your fingertips dance over the unique textures of the ballotin - the silky ribbon, the embossed Lady Godiva. Remove the ribbon and lift the lid. Let your nose breath in the magnificent scent of premium chocolate. Now open your eyes and be enthralled with a wonderful selection of tempting shapes and textures in mouthwatering white chocolate, silky milk chocolate and sophisticated dark chocolate. Carefully make your choice and taste – from velvety melt-in-your-mouth to a crunchy delight, each piece will stimulate the senses. Indulge yourself and enjoy. Godiva Chocolatier welcomes the approach of SALA members to explore its gift catalogue for premier events and personal gifts.


Daytona Group

Justin Divaris has a business degree and is the CEO of the Daytona Group. Justin is an entrepreneur with a passion for sports cars. He spearheaded the successful launch of Aston Martin in South Africa and as well as achieving record sales for Rolls-Royce since taking over the brand. Justin has built a powerful network of exotic and sports vehicle clientele over the years and has placed a major emphasis on the relationship marketing of all the brands in the Daytona stable. Daytona has embraced this concept in the knowledge that high-end clientele consume exclusive brands from vastly different retail and service arenas, yet these brands often reflect similar needs, desires, buying patterns and personalities. Daytona has established a group of companies that provide the worlds most sought after brands and in doing so, has catered for different needs of its valued clients.

PRIVATE AIRCRAFT 7TVIEHMRK]SYV[MRKWXSVIEGLRI[LIMKLXW8LI)\IGYNIX7XSV] Ettore Poggi joined ExecuJet at Lanseria Airport in 2002 as Managing Director for South Africa, affiliated to the ExecuJet Aviation Group based in Switzerland. As a member of the Group Management Committee, some of his varied responsibilities include general management, marketing and sales activities to promote a range of private luxury jets, supplier relations, and human resources. ExecuJet offers a broad range of professional services such as new and pre-owned aircraft sales, aircraft management on behalf of the owner, charter, FBO and maintenance. The staff complement has grown to 285 rapidly over the last few years, with the construction of the Cape Town facility being completed in 2009.



Born in Johannesburg to Italian parents in April 1954, Ettore spent his school years at Maritz Brothers College, Observatory. He continued his education at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Ettore joined Persetel Africa in 1982, later to be renamed Comparex, and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange a company which is the largest supplier of IT services in Southern Africa. Starting as a Systems Engineer, he carried out installations of major computer systems at large financial institutions, and provided ongoing support and maintenance on those systems. From Regional to National Engineering Manager, he was responsible for roughly 300 hardware and software engineers countrywide, and was then promoted to Chief Executive of Operations. With his final rise to Regional Chief Executive, the Gauteng region of 1600 employees fell under his control, representing 70% of group revenue and profits. Ettore’s major areas of responsibility included general management planning and reporting, sales, outsource activities and after sales support and maintenance. The company’s revenue increased from R600 million to R1,600 million during his tenure.


Offshore Aspirations


AFRICA &  BEYOND &YMPHMRKEVIXEMPJSSXTVMRXMR%JVMGEERHFI]SRH Maurice Mdlolo has a twenty-year track record in property management and development which makes him the ideal candidate to steer Liberty Properties current developments and aggressively seek third party mandates. He has in-depth knowledge of the property industry and proven negotiating skills which lend strategic insight to the company’s property management, leasing and property development units. Liberty Properties has a retail, commercial and hospitality portfolio of over 1.5 million m² valued at more than R24 billion. Maurice joined Liberty Properties in 2010 from the Broll Property Group where he was Group Executive

Maurice Mdlolo CEO

Liberty Properties

Director responsible for retail operation as well as CEO of Akhona Broll Properties. He has also held senior positions at Motseng Marriot, Woolworths, Eskom and Caltex. He has a BA degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of South Africa. Maurice is also part of the executive team ensuring Liberty Properties retains its position of strength in South Africa and beyond its borders.

THE ART  AND  SCIENCE  OF  WEALTH   AND  HAPPINESS (V1MGLEIP.SVHEERLEWQSVIXLER]IEVWSJI\TIVMIRGI[MXLMRXLI½RERGMEPWIVZMGIWWIGXSV having started his career as a Management Trainee and Corporate Banker with Deutsche Bank in Hamburg and then Frankfurt. His educational achievements include an MCom in Economics and a PhD in Banking Supervision. Dr Jordaan has a long standing track record with the FirstRand Group, having joined the Class-of programme with Rand Merchant Bank in Johannesburg in 1994. This was a project-based programme with experience gathered in the Credit and Corporate Finance divisions of Rand Merchant Bank, ending as personal assistant to the then Managing

Michael Jordaan CEO

First National  Bank

Director, Paul Harris. Dr Jordaan has held various CEO positions throughout the FirstRand Group. From 1996 to 1999 he was responsible for convening, establishing and then heading up Origin, the Merchant Bank for Individuals that has subsequently been rebranded as RMB Private &ERO*VSQXSLI[EWMRWXVYQIRXEPMRXLIVITSWMXMSRMRKERH6QTVS½XXYVREVSYRH of FNB HomeLoans, before then taking on the position of CEO of, FNB’s Internet banking and rewards business, that grew from inception to 500 000 customers. Jordaan moved to FNB in 2002 to head up FNB’s Customer Solutions Division. He took over as CEO of FNB in 2004. The business comprises over 30000 staff in 6 African countries. Jordaan was selected in 2008 as a World Economic Forum Global Leader and is widely acknowledged as infusing MRRSZEXMSRMRXSIZIV]FYWMRIWWLI[SVOW[MXLERHPIEZMRKETEXLSJTVS½XEFMPMX]MRLMW[EOI8LI result is not just a wealth of knowledge accumulated over time, but happiness in a family life with a wife and 3 daughters.

Partner: VIP  Dinner,  Okapi  Launch Named after the nearly extinct and mythical Okapi, an animal that is a blend between a zebra and a giraffe, is Okapi. The brainchild of Hanneli Rupert, these rare items use Africa as a point of inspiration and aim to preserve African culture by using only African leathers and working with high-end artisans. Okapi accessories, like the animal, are an amalgamation of elements. They are 100% African, made in collaboration with the finest craftsmen and artisans the land has to offer. With an emphasis on job creation and small business development Okapi aims to showcase the manufacturing and design skills available in Africa whilst simultaneously contributing towards the upliftment of local communities. Okapi uses fair trade and organic materials whenever possible and is aimed at becoming a globally competitive luxury goods brand with an ethical backbone. The line is available at Rupert’s African concept store Merchants on Long Street.

THE FACETS  OF  LUXURY 08 / 03 / 2012 8.50 am............... OPENING  ADDRESS



Silvana Bottega, CEO, SALA Richard Schafer, Director, SALA

SESSION 1,  The Facets of Luxury in South Africa

Les Aupiais, Editor, Private Edition 9.25am............... THE POWER  OF  LUXURY     DIMENSIONS  SHAPING  GLOBAL  LUXURY  &  PREMIUM  BUYING  TRENDS  IN  SOUTH  AFRICA Andrew Tymms, Partner, Bain 10.00am...............THE  MEANING  OF  LUXURY     CULTURAL  &  SEMIOTIC  INSIGHTS  ON  THE  VALUE  OF  STATUS  IN  SA             Dr Inka Crosswaite, Semiotic Analyst, Added Value 10.20am...............THE  DESIGN  OF  SOUTH  AFRICAN  LUXURY     DEVELOPING  LOCAL  PRODUCT  &    EXPORT  STRATEGIES  TO  MEET  INTERNATIONAL  DEMAND             Trevyn McGowan, Founder, Southern Guild Haldane Martin, Founder, Haldane Martin 11.00am...............THE  DESIGN  OF  INTERNATIONAL  LUXURY     THE  VALUE  OF  PROVENANCE  TO  ATTRACT  GLOBAL  AUDIENCES             Rob Dodds, 0MILWN 5IZSM\+PI\MI],¼)`                                    THE  POWER  OF  PORSCHE  DESIGN  TO  RESONATE  ACROSS  MARKETS             5QKPIMT/ZQNÅVHead of Market, Porsche Design 11.40am...............CHATEAU  D’AX  BREAK



SESSION 2,  Africa Rising: Unlocking Local Assets

12.05pm...............THE STRENGTH  OF  THE  NICHE   12.10pm...............THE  STRENGTH  OF  THE  GROUP   12.15pm...............THE  STRENGTH  OF  THE  ELITE  

Tony Romer-Lee, CEO, Liz McGrath Collection Graham Wood, MD, Southern Sun Hotels Lindy Rousseau, +PQMN 5IZSM\QVO7NÅKMZ;QVOQ\I





SESSION 3,  Pricing Luxury in South Africa

2.05pm................ PRICING TO  COMPETE     BUILDING  VALUE  IN  THE  SOUTH  AFRICAN  PREMIUM  WINE  SECTOR Michael Fridjhon, Founder, Reciprocal Wine Trading 2.25pm................GOLD  IN  THE  21st  CENTURY             Alan Demby, CEO, SA Gold Coin Exchange   3.15pm............... Q  &  A 3.25pm............... NESPRESSO  BREAK 3.45pm................

SESSION 4,  World-class Design & Artisan Talent

3.50pm................ SOUTH AFRICA  &  BEYOND:  GLOBAL  EXCELLENCE  N  ARCHITECTURE                   Stefan Antoni, Director, SAOTA 4.10pm................ DESIGNING  THE  FUTURE:  A  FASHION  FORWARD  CONTINENT Hanneli Rupert, Founder, Okapi 4.30pm................ LEVERAGING  PROVENANCE:  AFRICA  FROM  WITHIN                     Zeze Oriaikhi, Founder, Malee 4.50pm................ Q  &  A    &  Close. 5.00pm................ END  OF  DAY  2

The Facets of Luxury in SA


THE POWER  OF  LUXURY (MQIRWMSRWWLETMRKKPSFEPPY\YV] TVIQMYQ FY]MRKXVIRHWMR7SYXL%JVMGE “Luxury is not unknown to South Africa: as one of the top sourcing countries for platinum, diamonds and gold globally, South Africa has long participated in the luxury sector’s value chain, and many of the renowned international luxury brands have already set foot there. Luxury groups are starting to give South Africa the closer look it deserves. They are cautiously investing in “Africa’s gem”, encouraged by favorable macro-economic drivers such as strong GDP growth, increasing urbanization and high ease of doing business (actually higher than China!)… They are also drawn to a growing potential for domestic demand, driven by the emergence of a well-off class. There is a need to compare and contrast the development of luxury in South Africa with other fast-growing markets, and analyze what business enablers need to be put in place to further encourage luxury groups to invest there, eventually positioning South Africa as a new high water mark on the global luxury map.”

Andrew Tymms PARTNER


Andrew Tymms joined Bain & Company in 1995 where he has built up invaluable consulting experience working in their London, Sydney and Johannesburg offices. He is a member of Bain’s global Consumer Goods, Retail and Private Equity practices and has significant experience across a variety of retail sectors including luxury products, general merchandise, apparel, restaurants and hotels. He has lead over 20 commercial reviews for leading Private Equity funds on retailers in these sectors. Andrew has profound insight and understanding of the diamond industry where he worked with the leading diamond industry players for over 8 years. He also has functional experience focused on development of growth strategies, customer proposition development, retail category roles and guidelines and supply chain/ store implementation. Before joining Bain, Andrew worked for Marakon Associates from 1993-1995. He has a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree with honors from the University of Melbourne.


Added Value   (Kantar  Research)

Dr Crosswaite is the semiotics analyst at Added Value. Before joining Added Value, in 2005, she was a lecturer at UCT and at the University of Stellenbosch, specialising in research methodology, semiotics and cultural studies. Her experience has spanned ethnographic research, the analysis of consumer culture, local and global trend analysis as well as research development. Her applied insight to understand the nuances behind the cultural meaning of ‘status’ has been used to inform brand strategies for leading automotive companies like Audi through to financial services companies looking at engaging with affluent clients. Dr Crosswaite applies semiotic theory to analyse how material objects, like brands, acquire meaning in different cultural contexts. She also takes a passionate approach to applying semiotics to the analysis of brand communications and brand positioning. Having studied a large variety of industries, the geographic scope of her work has dealt with Africa, Europe, Asia, the US and South America. Dr Crosswaite received her Doctorate from the Faculty of Social Anthropology at UCT.

THE DESIGN  OF  SOUTH  AFRICAN  LUXURY Developing  local  product  and  export  strategies  to  meet  international   demand Trevyn McGowan

Haldane Martin




Haldane Martin  Design

SourceSA was established in 2003, by Trevyn and her husband Julian, with the aim of promoting South African design to the global marketplace. 2011 sees the launch of the Southern Guild Design Foundation, in association with ArcelorMittal, where the focus will be on assisting and driving the design industry. The initiative is a dynamic way for SourceSA to leverage its existing business mandate, further supporting the export of South African design. With an invited list of 45 of the top designers each year, new products are launched at the Joburg Art Fair. The Source client base includes many of the most important names in design retail around the world including The Conran Shops, Anthropologie, Jamie Oliver, Bergdorf Goodman, Terrain, Urban Outfitters, Soho House among many others. In addition to exporting product and designing spaces, Source also assists in presenting exhibitions of South African design in collaboration with highly regarded names such as Sir Terence Conran, Li Edelkoort and Keith Johnson at his gallery in the Rockerfeller centre in New York.With the aim of bringing local design to the attention of a South African audience, in 2010 Source undertook a major campaign in partnership with retailer Boardmans, bringing 200 products from 44 designers to nationwide consumers. The collection is ongoing with regular updates every season. Trevyn is a member of DNA, Design Network Africa, and with her husband they have worked on a programme for the Danish government working in 15 countries throughout Africa.

Haldane Martin is a furniture and interior designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. His iconic designs have won numerous awards, the most recent being the Elle Décor ‘South African Designer of the Year’ 2010. His work has been exhibited internationally and is featured extensively in both local and international design publications. Haldane was also a guest speaker on the main stage at Design Indaba in 2007. The ethos of his designs meet the needs of the whole human being by designing iconic furniture and spaces that are meaningful for the spirit, beautiful for the soul, and nurturing for our bodies and the earth. He qualified as an Industrial Designer in 1992.

Sponsor: Media  Lounge Lifestyle is the bedrock of luxury. As any well-travelled contemporary Italian furniture aficionado will tell you, Chateau d’Ax is one of Europe and the world’s highly regarded furniture brands. With over 140 Chateau d’Ax stores in Italy and a combined total of over 300 stores worldwide, this reputable, innovative leader in the world’s luxury furniture market is now available in South Africa. The product’s distinguished, elegant lines are true to its Italian design and a commitment to exceptionally highquality forms the cornerstones of this acclaimed




furniture. Catering to the discerning buyer,

the finish of the brand excels

not just in the intrinsics of the fabric and technology used in its production, but equally in the service that clients receive in the showroom. Chateau d’Ax will be extending its reach with numerous outlets across South Africa in the next 18 months with a view to reaching into more neighbouring African markets.

THE DESIGN  OF  INTERNATIONAL  LUXURY The  value  of  provenance  to  attract global  audiences

The power  of  Porsche  Design   to  resonate  across  markets


Chateau D’Ax

Rob Dodds is the Group Executive Shared Services for Ellerines Holdings Limited. He is also in charge of Public Relations and Store Development for the brands, as well as running the Property Portfolio for African Bank. Rob first entered the world of marketing when he joined 3M. Soon after, he headed up Sales and Marketing for the firm. Amongst other projects, Rob was responsible for launching Post It notes in South Africa. Rob was then head hunted first by Aramis, which he ran for a year, and then by Clinique. After running the cosmetics giant for a year he transferred to Canada as the largest affiliate country to Clinique USA. In only 3 years he was able to turn Clinique into the most successful cosmetics company in the region. Rob then transferred to the USA to take up the position as South West Regional Vice President for the Estee Lauder Company. A position he would hold for four years, before being promoted to Senior Vice President for Origins in North America. In this capacity, for four years, Rob developed retail portfolio and did roll out, before returning home to South Africa. Here he joined Edcon, for which he cultivated the Prato and Temptations brands. Rob also started looking into Property Development in his personal capacity and consulted in Zambia regarding retail store development before taking the job at EHL. Rob graduated from the University of Pietermaritzburg with an Agricultural Degree.


Porsche Design Michael Griffin is a serial entrepreneur with a track record for success. After a career creating leading strategies for key cellular manufacturers including Nokia and Motorola in Africa, he has taken on a new mandate in the luxury sphere to grow the footprint of Porsche Design across South Africa with 10 stores in key locations, aiming for a forecasted yearly turnover in excess of R240million. The first few months of 2012 marking a successful launch of its first store in Hyde Park Corner, has set the business on the right track for achieving that mandate. Porsche Design Group is a majority-owned subsidiary of Porsche AG in Stuttgart Germany, and is one of the leading luxury brands in the high-end men’s and woman’s fashion and accessory segments. It stands for products that combine function, timeless and purist design with impressive technical innovations. Porsche Design products are sold worldwide exclusively in Porsche Design stores, shop in shops, top-quality department stores and luxury retail outlets.

Africa Rising:

Unlocking Local Assets


FACTORS AFFECTING  GROWTH  IN   THE  HIGH-­END  MARKET   The  strength  of  the  Elite

The strength  of  the  Niche

Lindy Rousseau

Tony Romer Lee




The Liz  McGrath  Collection  

Lindy Rousseau is the Group Sales and Marketing Manager of Singita Game Reserves, overseeing the Sales, Marketing and PR of the group across the globe. She has held this position since 2008. Initially Lindy worked as a development chemist for Colman Foods for two years but the lure of the excitement and challenge of marketing proved irresistible. Lindy then enrolled for a Marketing Diploma at Damelin, and on completion of her studies, made the move to the creative and energetic world of marketing. After spending a further 10 years with Colmans, and reaching the position of Marketing Director, Lindy joined the tourism industry in 1998 when she accepted the position of Marketing Director at the newly opened Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town. Two years after joining the company, the Cape Grace was voted Best Hotel in the World by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. This was followed by a new chapter in Rousseau’s career, when in 2003 she started her own successful business as a marketing consultant specializing in the tourism industry, retaining Cape Grace as an anchor client. Other clients included the Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, the Victoria Falls Hotel, Software Colours, Highlands House and the British Hotel in Simons Town. Lindy grew up in Cape Town, where she went to school in Bergvliet, and spent 5 years completing a BSc Honours Degree majoring in Food Science at the University of Stellenbosch (US).

Tony Romer-Lee is the CEO of The Collection by Liz McGrath, which includes The Cellars-Hohenort, The Marine, The Plettenberg and Beachyhead Villa. Romer-Lee was previously GM of the One&Only Cape Town. He began his foray into the industry at Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom where he studied hospitality and after making the move to South Africa, he spent five years as General Manager of the Cape Grace in Cape Town, where he was widely recognized for his strong leadership and forward-thinking management skills. After almost three years as Senior General Manager at Singita’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Tony held the position of GM at the One&Only Cape Town, before taking up the mandate to oversee the operations and management of The Collection by Liz McGrath, that are all Relais&Chateaux properties.

The strength  of  the  Group

Graham Wood MD

Southern Sun  Hotels

Graham Wood was appointed Managing Director of Southern Sun Hotels in September 2008. Previously he held the position of Divisional Director Resorts of Sun International limited. This position required strategic and operational leadership responsibilities for the African hotels including sales and marketing. Graham began his career in the hospitality industry in 1996 when he was hired by Sun International as a project accountant at the Sun City Resort. He successfully worked his way up the ladder within Sun International over the following 12 years ranging from Financial Manager of Operations to Chief Financial Officer, to Director of Operations at Sun City Resort in 2003. Graham was educated in Durban, where he matriculated in 1986 from Durban High School. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and furthered his studies at various academic institutions in South Africa and abroad. He is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Pricing Luxury in South Africa



R6,133 840


Up 8% from last year. With 19% less cases on offer.

Reciprocal Wine  Trading  

Michael Fridjhon is South Africa’s leading wine authority, an internationally recognised wine judge and the country’s most widely published wine writer. He has over 35 years experience across every sector of the industry and has occupied key positions in retail, wholesale, and production. His fine wine and liquor consultancy has numbered amongst its clients almost all of the major multinationals as well as government departments. An authority on wine and the wine business, he lectures internationally and his product masterclasses are presented to capacity audiences. In 1986 he co-authored (with Andy Murray) a book entitled Conspiracy of Giants, which has become the standard text at Oxford and Berkeley for post-graduate studies dealing with the relationship between government and business in the liquor sector. Michael is a former advisor to the Minister of Agriculture (1996 – 1999) where he was instrumental in securing a fund of just under R400m to be used for the economic, political and social transformation of the wine industry. From 1999 - 2001 he served as chairman of the SA Wine Industry Trust and during his term of office South Africa’s wine exports more than doubled. Michael is Chairman of the Judges at the South African Trophy Wine Show (Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show). He has also been Chairman of the Shiraz and Chenin Challenge panels and has judged at the International Wine Challenge, the International Wine and Spirit Competition, the Australian National Wine Show, the Royal Sydney, the Tri-Nations Challenge, the Five Nations Challenge, and competitions in Chile, Slovenia and the United States of America. Chairman of the SA Food & Wine Writers’ Guild, he has run a regular wine column for almost 30 years in addition to contributions for WINE Magazine, The World of Fine Wine (UK) Decanter (UK) La Revue du Vin de France, Wine Business International and Australian Gourmet Traveller. He has also written the Penguin Book of South African Wine, co-authors the annual Icons guide, and has contributed to the John Platter Guide, The Oxford Companion to Wine, the Hugh Johnson Wine Companion, and the Global Wine Encyclopaedia. He is currently Visiting Professor of Wine Business at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

Source: Nederburg  Auction  Reserve  Prices

September 2011




SA Gold  Coin  Exchange

Typical of many succesful entrepreneurs, when Alan Demby entered the arena of gold exchange, he had a nominal initial starting capital of R1500. Fueled by a passion for collecting coins, during a period of compulsory conscription in the army, he quickly learnt their value and how to trade them.


Source: McKinsey  Quarterly  

“Checking Africa’s  Vital  Signs”,  2010

After the army, Alan took an office full time when personally concieved and initiated the formation of the Gold Club in 1980. In 1989, he bought the Gold Coin Exchange from SAGE Holdings and later also bought out Eli Levine and took over the Gold Coin Exchange completely in 1992. Alan opened the first Scoin Shop in 1999. It was the first retail chain of coin shops in the world. Eleven years later there would be 30 countrywide and another four stores in the UK. The company was nominated as a top 300 Company by the DTI in 2003, even before it secured exclusive rights in 2004 to sell Nelson Mandela Medallions. Through these rights, Scoin have contributed over R2 Million to the Nobel Institute, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the FW de Klerk Foundation. In 2008, Alan set his sights on the UK in the aim to expanding the Scoin footprint internationally capitalizing on its growing retail presence and capacity to generate revenue and awareness online. Alan completed his B.Comm at WITS in 1967.


Stefan Antoni DIRECTOR


Stefan Antoni set up an architectural practice in 1987, which today is known as SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects. He is regarded Stefan Antoni as one of a number of architects who have contributed to setting a new DIRECTOR standard of design and professionalism in the top end of the domestic market in South Africa. He SAOTA completed his Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Cape Town in 1985 with a first class pass. Stefan is an extremely energetic and dynamic leader, with extraordinary creative talent and valuable negotiation and management skills. SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen is driven by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl and Greg Truen who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their buildings and an innovative and dedicated approach to the execution of projects internationally, nationally and locally. SAOTA is a firm of approximately 90 talented, young architectural designers and technicians including an in-house CGI and marketing team and a strong support of administrative staff. The company has received numerous awards and commendations from some of the most respected institutions worldwide.

Fine Wine  Partner:  Speaker  Gifts

The vision of the two proprietors of Waterford Estate, Kevin Arnold and Jeremy Ord, was to create a unique wine experience, and build a winery that would ultimately offer a limited range of world class wines that capture and reflect the intrinsic passion of its owners. The winery, situated in Stellenbosch, was formed from quarried local bedrock and styled in the warm terracotta tones of classic Bordeaux chateaus of France. In the centre of a magnificent courtyard lies the Waterford fountain which is the symbol of the Estate and central to the Waterford philosophy - “The Waterford Way”. This philosophy encompasses more than just the farm and its wines, it is a place where life and family are celebrated and cherished, while prosperity and abundance are honoured.


Merchants on  Long  &  Okapi Hanneli, a painter by trade, began her career in the arts in the United Kingdom having graduating with honors from Wimbledon School of Art. She was a winning finalist in the Nationwide Mercury Awards for Art as well as an Exhibiting finalist in the Salon ‘Works of Art’ series. After a two year period in Athens and Florence, where she helped co-ordinate the first Athens Biennale and staged two solo shows she moved back to Cape Town to start an accessories line Okapi and the African concept store Merchants on Long. The Okapi range is designed, made and packaged entirely in Africa and is available at Merchants on Long. Located at number 34 on Cape Town’s famous Long Street, this salon store is a destination shop offering a rigorously edited range of top African design, fashion and art. Merchants on Long sources its stock exclusively on the continent, ensuring that all purchases contribute to the growth of the African market.

Champagne Partner:  VIP  Dinner

Offering absolute pleasure, reaching the ideal, the quintessence of delight… Ruinart glorifies champagne and opens up a world of refinement and timeless grace. Ruinart’s art is to sublimate the raw material and turn it into the finest work of art: an exceptional champagne. Ruinart awakens the sensibilities of champagnelovers and initiates alike, and reveals to all the expression of champagne in its finest, most accomplished and perfected form.

Event Partners

Wealth  Management  Partner

Sanlam Private Investments (SPI) is a private client wealth management business which engages on an individual basis with high net worth individuals and families to design, deliver and personally manage bespoke investment solutions for both South African and international clients. SPI












investment stockbroking

and class

advice, &



fiduciary and tax services, a range of nontransactional banking services, and South Africa’s first specialist art advisory service. Established





Cape Town with eight branches offices around South Africa, SPI currently has a staff complement of 160, and R60bn assets under management and administration.

Venue  Host

Elegant and legendary, the Sandton Sun offers guests a distinguished and memorable stay. Linked to the Sandton Convention Centre and the Sandton City Shopping Centre, this hotel combines business services, contemporary dining and fashionable shopping, appealing to both leisure and business travellers. Located in the heart of Sandton CBD this hotel is 40 minutes by road from O.R Tambo International Airport and 900m from the Gautrain Station, and offers convenience and easy access to the city’s finest amenities. The Sandton Sun’s illustrious history is enhanced by great staff, seamless service and world class facilities, including a luxurious




Suite and beautifully appointed dining venues. The accommodation also offers the ultimate in creature comforts, emphasized

Event Partners SALA is  proud  to  be  supported  by:

Wealth Management  Partner

Venue Host

Sanlam Private Investments (SPI) is a private

Elegant and legendary, the Sandton Sun

client wealth management business which

offers guests a distinguished and memorable

engages on an individual basis with high


net worth individuals and families to design, deliver and personally manage bespoke

Linked to the Sandton Convention Centre and

investment solutions for both South African

the Sandton City Shopping Centre, this hotel

and international clients.

combines business services, contemporary dining and fashionable shopping, appealing

SPI provides a comprehensive and holistic suite








to both leisure and business travellers.




Located in the heart of Sandton CBD this



hotel is 40 minutes by road from O.R Tambo


International Airport and 900m from the

fiduciary and tax services, a range of non-

Gautrain Station, and offers convenience

transactional banking services, and South

and easy access to the city’s finest amenities.

Africa’s first specialist art advisory service. The Sandton Sun’s illustrious history is in

enhanced by great staff, seamless service

Cape Town with eight branches offices

and world class facilities, including a

around South Africa, SPI currently has a staff


complement of 160, and R60bn assets under

Suite and beautifully appointed dining

management and administration.

venues. The accommodation also offers the








ultimate in creature comforts, emphasized

SALA Wealth Summit  
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