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Chris loves cars, which is something no one else at Travis really knows anything about. With that being said we want him to write about cars, but we just don’t know how to make it happen. Regardless, he still managed to impress us with two awesome articles this month on his other passion: pop culture. Check out his two articles this month: In The Spotlight (pg. 44), and Anatomy of a Comeback (pg. 42).

Camille Llossa writer Camille is new to the Travis family, nevertheless, she wrote the kick-ass article about the Student Union. Her mission was to figure out what the student union is all about and what they do to help students. Turn to page 22 to find out!

Ryan Grant head trainer + coach Ryan Grant, the head trainer and coach of the Grant Brothers Boxing and MMA Gym in Toronto, let us shoot our UFB photo shoot at the gym. While we were there we got a great look at what a UFC-level training facility looks like. Check out the shots on page 32, and thier site:

Special Thanks Ryan Grant, Kevin Bryan, Chuck Erman, MC Lancelot, DJ Wristspect, T-Rexxx Office Oakville Campus 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON 905.845.9430 ext.2300 @travismag

Steph Martyniuk photographer Steph spent the summer at an internship in New York City’s meat packing district. But she still made time to come back and give our fashion section an overhaul, in conjunction with Luis Mora, a fellow Travis photog. Take a look on page 40, you might even see some familiar faces!



Volume Six, issue One


Mature Student by Tania MacWilliam


Who the Hell Is...


Travis Challenge




UFB: Ultimate Frosh Bash


Morning Must Haves

by Camille Llosa


Luis Mora DESIGN

Tyler Doupe Make sure to follow us on the world wide web at travismag. com or on that stupid twitter site at Please understand if you follow us, we will stalk you. No joke.

by Riley Wignall

by Bryan Myers

by Bryan Myers

by Bryan Myers


Random Words

by Chris D'Alessandro


Your school’s officially approved on campus tour company!


99 Yorkville Ave, Suite 212, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3K5 • Telephone: 416.928.3227 • Fax: 416.922.0869

Ont. Reg 2970024

Connect With Your Sheridan SU Health & Dental Plan TAKE A GOOD LOOK Look closely at your Plan and you’ll notice that eye exams, eyeglasses or contact lenses, and laser eye surgery are covered. Now that’s seeing 20/20!

In addition to vision care coverage, your SU Health & Dental Plan covers you for things like prescription drugs, vaccinations, health practitioners, dental care and travel coverage. These are all important health-care services that aren’t covered by provincial plans like OHIP. Your Plan’s collective approach to health makes preventive care more accessible and affordable, while also covering you for the unexpected.

The Member Services Centre is there to assist you from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Toll-free: 1 866 358-4430

Editor's Letter A few short days after we wrapped up the first brainstorming meeting for this issue, my girlfriend and I loaded up my (grandma’s) car and embarked on a month-long road trip across the continent to attend two of the largest music festivals in North America: Sasquatch and Bonnaroo. While the festivals were spectacular (and gloriously dirty), it was the journey that was the most memorable. We drove down California’s Highway One, camped at the edge of the Grand Canyon, climbed a mountain in Banff, and even found time to be in the audience of The Price is Right in Hollywood. Feel free to read about all of this and more in detail on the Travis Blog ( It took some time once we got home to adjust to stationary living. Our wardrobes no longer come out of the trunk of the car, snacks aren’t conveniently an arm’s length away from the driver, and writing can’t be put off indefinitely. After a week or two of playing Donkey Kong Country on my girlfriend’s couch, it was time to get organized. Organized and determined, like Riley, who is training for a 10k run (Travis Challenge on page 26). I dusted off my notebooks, and corkboard, and finally caved to start using Google Calendar effectively. At present, I’m shakily organized, only a few days on the organization wagon, but I’m convinced I’ll be able to maintain it. The theme of this issue (The Comeback Issue) is photographer Kevin Bryan’s unknowing contribution. As we were sitting in the SU office one day, he told me that he heard a rumour that the Frosh Week band was Death From Above 1979, who made a huge comeback this summer along with countless other bands. Other people heard this rumour too, undoubtedly from Kevin. Well, they aren’t playing at Sheridan this year, Down With Webster did. Which was great, except for the fact that they aren’t making a comeback because they really haven’t left yet. We made it though, and came up with a lot of other cool comebacks (like Tania McWilliam's article on Mature Students, page 20). As we sat in the disinfectant-scented studio in Television City, California, Drew Carey took an unexpected moment to talk about goals and the importance of having and setting them. It seemed a little ironic as we waited for people to bid on popcorn makers and brand new cars, but in retrospect he’d made an interesting point. Whether it’s training for a 10k race or a second career or even driving across the country, goals are what drive us to do great things.

Amount of books the average Canadian reads per year: 19


Amount of books Bryan has already read this year Current read: Cell by Stephen King


He has read all 7 Harry Potter books, which amounts to the average 13 books. excluding the Harry Potter books

the CORRECTIONS Jonathan Franzen

Longest book read: The Corrections at 609 pages


Shortest book read: Of Mice and Men at 103 pages

5 / 48

sound check


Bon Iver Bon Iver Folk Rock First off, it’s Bon EE-vair, not Bon I-vurr, as in "Bon Hiver" which is French for "Good Winter". Justin Vernon’s second album is every bit as good as his first, For Emma, Forever Ago. Vernon graduates from indie-acoustic school and heads into the post-secondary academy of instrumentation. There’s a lot more going on this time musically, while maintaining the same soulfulness. Where the first album was conceived in a lonely Wisconsin cabin, performed by a total of four musicians, Bon Iver manages to feel lonely in a crowd with almost three times the amount of instrumentation. B.M.

Black Veil Brides Set The World On Fire Glam-Metal A glam-metal album that’ll have you toe-tapping over head-banging. It will take loyal fans a few listens of the entire album to come to terms with the sound change. Once past that, they’ll enjoy an album that is more mainstream with better production value than the last (Josh Abraham - Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver, Korn), yet retains the same rebel outcast message that garnered Black Veil Brides their huge fan-following. Did we mention they’ve got a track on the latest Transformers soundtrack? T.M.

Diamond Rings Special Affections Electro-Pop Diamond Rings is what pop music would sound like if it had to come up in the indie rock scene. It’s DIY-glam. Armed only with a drum-machine, a keyboard, and a guitar, Diamond Rings is a one-man pop act. Diamond Rings aka John-O brings rock lyrics to pop music akin to an independent Katy Perry, Rihanna, or Britney. Special Affections is a great symbol of what one determined musician can do with just Garageband and a little free time. Instrumentally simple, but extremely catchy and fun. B.M.  / @travismag

The Postelles The Postelles Rock The Postelles aren’t anything new. Bands like The Strokes, The Bravery, and The National have all taken The Postelles’ brand of New York tinged indie rock around the world long before the band released their debut album. Coproduced by the band themselves and The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr., the band relies on an already tired sound. With a few relatively strong tracks like "Whisper Whisper" and "White Night", the album may prove to be successful but their musical ideology is far from original. C.S.

Foster The People Torches Alternative It only takes one song for a band to make it onto the charts. "Pumped Up Kicks" has been just that for indie-electro-kids of Foster The People, having their single blasted all over from rock radio stations to mall music. Although their album Torches is a fun listen for fans of artists like MGMT and Vampire Weekend, it’s a little like having déjà vu. It’s fun and easy to forgive the recycled beats but we’ll stick to just hearing it on the radio. J.B.

Fucked Up David Comes to Life Punk No one said evolution was easy; this is especially true for Fucked Up. More than 30 albums later, the band has blossomed rather than self-destructed. Their sound now flirts with the mainstream. Spread over four acts and set in the 1970s, David Comes To Life tells the story of David Eliade, a young factory worker in the fictional English town of Byrdsdale who meets and falls in love with political radical Veronica Boisson. When she’s accidentally killed in a demonstration, David faces an existential crisis, seeks solace in past lovers and questions his own guilt. The record is a strong release for a band with a string of strong releases, including their 2009 Polaris Prize winning album The Chemistry of Common Life. C.S.

Interested in anything you see here? Be the first to ask for any CD at the Student Centre and it’s yours for FREE!

7 / 48

sound check


Death Cab for Cutie Codes and Keys Indie Death Cab has spent their time wisely over a three-year hiatus to produce their seventh full-length album Codes and Keys. The album’s single, "The Tourist", set high expectations for the album and the album sure doesn’t disappoint. Frontman, Ben Gibbard, said that this album isn’t a guitar-based record, but instead uses a vintage keyboard palette. With that said, the keyboards overshadow the guitar a lot on this album but it’s got all the makings of the Death Cab albums we’ve grown to love. K.R.

Jill Scott The Light of the Sun Neo-Soul The Light of the Sun is a voyeuristic look into neo-soul artist Jill Scott’s diary, setting the last four years of her life to music. As always, she shares with us her innermost deepest emotions in "When I Wake Up." Scott’s light-hearted and fun "All Cried Out Redux" shows her resilience after divorce. She expresses caution about love in "Some Other Time." Still having faith in love after heartache, Scott sings with an honesty that makes her so endearing in "So in Love." She works through unanswered questions and offers up a prayer in "Hear My Call." T.W.

Tyler, The Creator Goblin Hip-hop Your mom’s never liked your obsession with rap music. Tyler, The Creator’s album Goblin, isn’t going to change her mind, and she might even be justified to be wary this time. Odd Future’s frontman, Tyler, The Creator, is obscene, angry, and downright childish. Lighting up the internet with a ton of controversy between Chris Brown, and B.o.B, Odd Future is what the East Coast/West Coast rivalry would look and sound like in the schoolyard. At 19, Tyler, The Creator has already made a name for himself. J.B.  / @travismag

VARIOUS Artists Rave on Buddy Holly Tribute They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case then Buddy Holly would be sincerely flattered. Well-known artists such as The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, Paul McCartney and more got together and paid tribute to the pop-icon’s songbook with this album, released in June. The album covers his greatest hits, from "Dearest" to "Raining in My Heart". For the most part, the bands succeed in doing justice to his work while filling it with their styles. The songs aren’t imitated too closely, and they give you a fresh view of his music. K.R.

U2 Music From Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark Show-tunes With the longest preview period of over 182 performances and the largest budget for a Broadway production, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has become a $75 million dollar circus tragedy, but with it’s soundtrack produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Morrissey), and with lyrics by Bono and The Edge, there may be hope yet. The U2 members say the album, billed as "Music From Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" with no reference to Broadway or U2, "is a kind of sampler of what we've been up to with 'Spider-man.'" In a short essay in the CD booklet, they say they chose from 18 songs and 20 pieces of score to create this 14-song album. C.S.

City and Colour Little Hell Alternative / Indie I want to like this album, I really do, but this time around I just feel like this could be a collection of the weaker B-sides from Bring Me Your Love. The lyrics are a little self-indulgent, the music isn’t anything to write home about. There are a few strong tracks, notably the single, but otherwise, this lacks the originality that Dallas Green is known for. B.M.

Interested in anything you see here? Be the first to ask for any CD at the Student Centre and it’s yours for FREE!

9 / 48



David Brooks The Social Animal In his 400-plus page book, Brooks takes a look at how we are dependent for fulfillment as a person on the web of social experiences we encounter from birth to death. These experiences shape our character, our personality, our intelligence and our happiness. Pulling from hundreds of new and well-worn studies, Brooks fleshes out the crux of his argument through the use of a narrative device. Not just a voice, but literally inventing characters and plot through which he can illustrate the findings of these studies in practice. C.L.

David Wise Tiger Trap - America's Secret War with China Wise has been writing about espionage for almost 50 years, and is considered one of America's foremost experts on intelligence. Tiger Trap: America's Secret Spy War With China, his first solo outing in eight years, tells the real-life stories of how Chinese spies have used sex, betrayal, and deceit to successfully steal some of America's most tightly guarded secrets. Those who have an interest in espionage will find very few tantalizing revelations in Tiger Trap's pages. Those who are new to espionage will likely wish they had stuck with their Bond films. Readers beware of this trap. J.T.

Chelsea Handler My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands Sex, vodka, men and ecstasy, that’s just the beginning of comedian and late night talk show host Chelsea Handler’s book, My Horizontal Life. The book is a collection of her one-night stands and the adventures that got her there. Nothing is kept a secret this time around. Handler writes the way she delivers her jokes, vulgar, sarcastic and unbelievably hilarious which makes this book a laugh out loud read. For anyone who walks the straight and narrow, this is not the book for you. J.L.

George R.R. Martin A Dance With Dragons The popular HBO show A Game of Thrones may have just wrapped up its first season, but George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has been unfolding for the past 15 years and has only told half its story so far. With the long anticipated fifth book of the series, A Dance with Dragons, still being warm off the press, fans of the show may want to check out the latest installment of this critically acclaimed series. J.B.  / @travismag



Midnight in Paris Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams Well on it’s way to becoming Woody Allen’s highest-grossing film in 25 years, Midnight in Paris is full of his trademark wit. Gil and Inez (Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams) want different things. She wants a home in Malibu while he longs for a life in Paris. He loves the rain, while she’d rather take a taxi as soon as the clouds appear. The only thing they have in common is the belief that a different life would be more satisfying. The beautiful Parisian scenery and traditional French music make Allen’s newest film a charmer. K.R.

X-Men: First Class Oliver Platt, Kevin Bacon, January Jones X-Men: First Class takes us back to a simpler time in the X-Men legacy, before alliances had been made, a time when Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr were the best of friends, before they became Professor X and Magneto. This prequel provides a thorough back story to non-comicbook-junkies. First Class has just the right combination of comedy and action, and is a fun ride from start to finish. Mysteries are explained (nicknames and battle scars), and even Wolverine has a cameo. X-Men fans won’t be disappointed. K.R.

Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel The title pretty much sums what you’re about to see. Not that this is a bad thing. Diaz is hilarious as Elizabeth Halsey, quite possibly the worst/best teacher ever. After being dumped by her sugar daddy, Halsey is forced to return to her teaching position much to her chagrin. After meeting the new substitute teacher (Timberlake) who comes from a wealthy family, Halsey decides she needs to raise money for breast enhancement surgery to win him over and constantly turns down advances by the resident and of course lovable gym teacher (Segel), Bad Teacher may not be up for any Oscars, but it is definitely worth a laugh. C.D.

Shark Night 3D Sara Paxton, Katharine McPhee Is this a good movie? No. Should you see it? Hell yes. Who doesn’t want to watch a movie about a group of kids who go up to a lake for the weekend only to find that it’s infested with killer sharks? It’s everything that’s great about movies. It’s a popcorn flick. It’s cheesy, under-acted, over the top, unnecessary, not plausible and so much fun. It’s even in 3D. Is it Jaws? Of course not! It’s Piranha meets Snakes on a Plane. My only gripe is that it may set sharks back a ways in terms of environmental protection. C.D.

11 / 48



Alice - Madness Returns PS3, XBOX 360, PC After falling down the rabbit hole once again, Alice finds herself in a dark and twisted incarnation of Wonderland. Fire-breathing doll-babies and leeches infest the gloomy landscape but there is a selection of unusual weapons (from a pepper grinder to a teapot cannon) at Alice’s disposal while she battles to restore peace and maintain her sanity. Unfortunately, a lot of basic ideas are recycled from the original that makes for some occasionally dull areas. Regardless, Wonderland is still a great visual journey with lots of nooks and crannies to search through. Madness Returns' blend of 2D and 3D storytelling makes for a compelling playthrough despite a few minor bugs. J.B.

Gears of War 3 XBOX 360 The epic conclusion to the Gears of War trilogy delivers on all fronts. The campaign will wrap up the story that begun in the 2006 original title. This time around players have the ability to play through the entire campaign in true four-player co-op. New features like ammo and weapon swapping keep the action hot. So do the new executions, which are bloodier than ever. A revamped Horde Mode and the new Beast Mode which allows players to play as the Locust are nice additions. A welcome change for multiplayer are dedicated servers which greatly improve online play. Hardcore gamers should have no problem investing time in Gears 3. C.D.

RAGE PS3, XBOX 360, PC Gamers have been awaiting the arrival of Rage, the latest title from ID software, for a few years now. You could sum up Rage as "beautifully violent." The graphics, setting and gameplay would all agree. In terms of plot you could compare Rage to games like Fallout or Borderlands, it’s there but very open-ended, but it plays much closer to Far Cry. You emerge from a shelter to find a wasteland overrun by mutants. From there, you’ll explore an open world while upgrading weapons, gadgets and vehicles. While there are RPG elements to Rage, it’s a shooter at heart. You’ll be thankful of that as you encounter the deviously smart enemies through the game. Easy on the eyes and bloody good fun. C.D

Dead Island PS3, XBOX 360, PC You know, when you imagine a tropical paradise, you usually don’t picture flesh hungry zombies. You can sum up Dead Island as an open world Left 4 Dead. You and three friends can team up together to survive your Caribbean getaway. Dead Island is primarily a first person hack and slash as guns are somewhat scarce on the island. However, each playable character has unique upgradable abilities. In addition, you’ll be able to invest some time in side quests as well as exploring all the exotic locations the island has to offer. Dead Island also boasts a brilliant multi-layered damage system which shows unique gore in real time. Swim-up bar or not, Dead Island is worth paying a visit to. C.D.  / @travismag


THERE REALLY IS AN APP FOR THAT Budgeting Tool Available on iPhone, Android and PC Students have hard time budgeting, and coming back to school doesn’t make it any easier. Luckily, it’s a fresh new year, and a good time to tell yourself you’re actually going to stay on track. is here to help, after plugging in a little banking information on their secure website, tracks your spending and interprets it into various categories that you can customize. It also allows you to create budgets and shows you when you’re getting within range of the limits you set. Overall, it’s really easy to use, and displays the information in a way that’s easy to understand and interpret. So far, it’s managed to make us more aware of our spending habits. B.M. Budgeting Master Available on iPhone, Android and PC Similar to, except it requires a little more will power. For those wary of punching in their banking information, is an option. The obvious flaw is that you have to punch everything in manually and tag what category it goes under, so that $80 bar tab could be billed as a "business lunch" or simply omitted if you’re not particularly strong-willed. The upside however, is that caters to our plugged-in generation and features an achievement system that caters to our enjoyment of reward-based systems. B.M.


Cut the Rope $1.99


Nike+ GPS $1.99

Peggle $1.99

Adobe Photoshop Express FREE

Shazam $5.99

SoundHound FREE

Word Lens FREE

Wurdle $1.99

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LETTER FROM YOUr STUDENT UNION PRESIDENT On behalf of the SSU team, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to Sheridan. Whether you’re a brand new face, or a returning student, I want to extend my warmest greetings and wish you a very successful and fun year. This is a very exciting time as everyone returns and the campus becomes busy once again. As many of you have noticed, we have been very busy over the summer. We have made significant changes to serve you better. Some of the things we are excited to present to you include: Our newly re-designed website is the hub for information and also functions as a social platform where you can connect with us and each other. Please sign up at Union Square at Trafalgar Campus, includes a variety of food options including The Marquee, Union Burrito, The Coffee Loft, and a newly re-designed atrium. Union Central at Davis Campus, which features Union Fresh, The Bruin Coffee house, and an open concept atrium where you can eat, study, or just sit and relax between classes. Our student lounge in the brand new Hazel McCallion campus, is located immediately outside our office. You can come to study or to hang out with friends. As well as brand new evening programming at both The Marquee and The Den. As mentioned, our website has been completely redesigned. It is the central source for all information about the services and programs we offer. We have also integrated a social networking platform which enables you to connect  / @travismag

with your peers. Please sign up and visit us often so that you’re always in the loop. We encourage you all to get involved during your career at Sheridan. Whether you want to attend an event, volunteer for a service or work for us, the Student Union wants to improve your experience. We invite you to stop by and meet our team. It is my personal guarantee that you’ll always be greeted by a friendly face. Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions or concerns. I’m always here to help. Looking forward to meeting each and every one of you,

Monique Pereira President Sheridan Student Union 905.845.9430 x2301

Main Entrance Ray Lawson

Entrance Parking Bus Terminal



7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, ON L6V 1G6

Coffee Bookstore ATM

Child Care

Computer Lab McLaughlin Road

Library Copy Centre Security SU Offices Annex Building

Bruin Coffee ATM Union Fresh


The Den

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B Wing McLaughlin Building

Student Union

Centre for Healthy Communities (CHC)

Learning Commons

Steeles Avenue

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4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

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Dr . Ce nt re Vi ew


Ra th bu rn Rd . W

Bus Terminal City Centre Dr.

First Floor Cafeteria Hazel McCallion Campus

Coffee Bookstore Student Services SU Offices and Lounge

Duke of York Blvd.

Main Entrance Zellers

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Burnha mthorpe Rd. W  / @travismag

Main Entrance Entrance Parking Bus Terminal Cafeteria Coffee Bookstore

Student Union

ATM Computer Lab Library Copy Centre Security SU Offices Coffee Loft ATM Union Burrito The Marquee


1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON L6H 2L1 17 / 48




MATURE STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE by Tania MacWilliam illustration by Sabrina Smelko  / @travismag

As many students are entering the hallowed halls of postsecondary education for the first time, an increasing portion of adults are making a second pass at college and university for a variety of reasons, whether to advance one’s career, explore different careers, or just expand one’s knowledge. Graduation might not be the end of your academic career. The first day of college is exciting. Full of new adventures and burgeoning opportunities. The halls are filled with students clamouring to find their classrooms, relying on other lost souls for directions. They are filled with carefree wonderment and a sense of new-found freedom. They are no longer confined by the rules of high school. And they generally aren’t worrying if they forgot to turn the stove off or if they remembered to pack their child’s lunch. Or are they? There has been a 14 per cent increase in non-direct entrants, or mature students, in the last six years according to the 2005 and 2011 Colleges Ontario Environmental Scans. The latest environmental scan shows that 24 per cent of college students are over the age of 25. This means that there are approximately seven mature students in every 30 student class room. A mature student is someone who returns to the classroom after taking a break from their studies. They often return from being in the workforce or after raising a family. Sometimes they have been laid off, other times they want a career change. No matter the reason for re-entering school, adult learners bring life experience and face a whole new set of struggles compared to their directfrom-high-school counterparts. The idea of returning to school can be intimidating to a mature student. Potentially sharing a classroom filled with recent high school graduates, whose brains are still fresh and whose spirit is not yet jaded by life’s hardships, might seem like more than you can handle. Rest assured, many before you have slayed that dragon and lived to tell about it. One of the struggles many mature students face is keeping up with advancing technology. And with Sheridan being an “Institute of Technology” you better be prepared to encounter plenty of unfamiliar technology. Nancy Harris of Sheridan’s counselling services knows first hand the intimidation a person feels when learning new technology. When the hourglass spun on the screen of her Macintosh computer she had no clue what it meant. “I was so embarrassed I shut down the computer and didn’t go back to it for two days,” says Harris. But have no fear, the ITSC, or Instructional Technology Support Centre, is available to help when your disk gets stuck, when your computer won’t turn on or when you need help installing the latest software. You can obtain their services by visiting their desk in the learning commons of Trafalgar campus located in the C-Wing or room B195 at Davis campus. So maybe you are technologically savvy but are otherwise rusty. Perhaps anything you learned in school years ago was replaced with more practical knowledge, like how long to leave a lasagna in the oven and which band-aids are the least “ouch-y”. Sheridan

offers assistance to help mature students transition back into learning. The first service Sheridan provides is a mature student orientation which addresses common struggles and offers tools to help keep you on top of school work. Think of it as a mature student boot camp. Once you begin your academic year you can also find support in Mature Student Connections. You will be kept apprised of workshops and meetings specific to mature students. Developing friendships is important, and here you can meet other students who face the same challenges as you. Friends will help you move the contents of your cluttered apartment in the pouring rain, but befriending a classmate can be doubly beneficial. Not only can you exchange notes and quiz each other for tests, only college friends can understand the stress academia can put on your already stressful life. To be added to the mature student connections mailing list contact counselling services at Another service that mature students can benefit from is a peer mentor. A First Year Connections peer mentor is a senior student who can give you tried and true advice on navigating your first year of college. They will keep you informed about events, important dates and help you connect with other students. Stop by the student advisement centre located in room B104 at Trafalgar and room B231 at Davis campus to learn more. Among the challenges a mature student faces, is maintaning a balance between home life and school. According to the 2007 Colleges Ontario Environmental Scan, 11 per cent of college students have at least one dependant, which works out to approximately three students per 30 student classroom. A parent can be riddled with guilt when they return to school. This stress can interfere with their ability to focus on assignment

I was so embarassed, I shut down the computer and didn’t go back to it for two days deadlines. A good way to combat this is to stay organized. Pick up a free student planner from the student union located above the campus bar – The Marquee at Trafalgar and The Den at Davis campus. It already has all the important dates laid out and lots of room to pencil in your assignment due dates. Write a reminder at the halfway point so you aren’t scrambling the night before an assignment is due. Another tip to help keep the home/school life balance is to keep a whiteboard at home for the whole family to see. Share your class schedule, designated study times, chore expectations, your children’s extracurricular activities and most importantly, schedule quiet time for yourself. This is key to college survival. If you don’t, you will burn out. Finally, if you are having a rough go at balancing your life and scholastics, it might be a good time to reach out to Sheridan’s counselling services. Regular drop-in hours are Monday to Friday from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. Just sign the sheet posted outside of room B103 at Trafalgar or room B230 at Davis campus. Remember why you are returning to school. Focus on your goal and embrace the journey. Hopefully this investment will bring you success and it will be the last time you need to do this. Welcome back, and good luck! t 21 ⁄ 48 21 / 48

WHO THE HELL IS written by Camille Llosa, illustrations by Sabrina Smelko

Health care? You bet. Free legal advice? Why the hell not? A random club for your niche interest, say anime or improv? You got it! Juno and MMVA award winning bands performing at your campus’ frosh week? You betcha baby!  / @travismag


ell, it’s a body. A buxom, bitchin’ governing body that is. Really, what is more bitchin’ than a group of dedicated hot-youngthings wanting nothing more to make your experience satisfying and fulfilling – your student experience that is. Get your minds out of the gutter people. “We’re here to improve the student experience in every way Monique Pereira we can,” says Monique Pereira, President President of the SU, “We’re really trying to stress that your experience at Sheridan doesn’t have to be 100 per cent about class. You can have that really great student life experience outside of class too, and that’s what were here to provide.” You may have seen their signature white and blue posters around campus, advertising everything from ‘Pint and a Pound’ nights to elections. If your anything like most students, the posters become a smear of blue and white as you rush from one class to the next, inadvertently spilling your scalding Timmies all over your laptop – damn. Since 1975 the SU has existed to advocate on behalf of students and to provide them with services and facilitate meaningful social interaction. In a nutshell, they are here to serve you, the student. They are the ones responsible for implementing the health and dental plan. They have an on-staff lawyer available for free legal consultation for issues particular to students. They have a food bank for students who find themselves in times of need, and advocate on behalf of students regarding academic issues. They offer volunteer opportunities and connect students with convenient on-campus employment that works around your schedule. They even publish this glossy rag you are reading, dear friend. And of course they run the ever necessary, ever popular pub night. Despite all of these services, many students are still unaware of the exact role and function of the SU. “Sometimes I think it’s the challenge of a commuter school,” says Shannon Weber, the SU General Manager. Emma Alguire & Ashley Farquhar “We have so many people Vice Presidents who come from far away, and

just want to go to class and go home. We are always looking for more ways to interest students to stick around campus. Most of the work for events and services is done mainly behind the scenes and is not widely communicated,”says Karen Nguyen, member of the Board of Directors for Davis. The challenge is finding new and different ways to connect with students through mediums that are a part of their daily life, like social networking. This year, the SU has hired a Marketing and Communications manager, Dan La Cute who is working to re-brand the website and connect with the student body through social media like Facebook, Twitter and the SU’s own social site, The Wire. Shannon Weber “I think kids weren’t aware General Manager of all the SU does because the message wasn’t always as clear as it could be. That’s one of the reasons my position opened up, because there wasn’t a marketing and communications person here for a few years,” says La Cute. Revamping student communication is a large part of the SU’s direction for the coming year. Pereira notes that communicating with students on their playing field is advantageous to the SU, “That’s the direction that communication has gone in the past couple of years,” she says. “And that’s where we will be communicating most of our messages.” Pereira wants to improve participation and encourage students not only to interact with the SU but with each other. Dan La Cute So how does this bodacious Marketing & body of student government Communications Manager work? Not to get too technical on you, but it kind of looks like this... You have your board of directors, an elected board of 10 volunteer students who oversee the strategic direction of the SU. Then you have the elected executive body made up of the President and the Executive Vice Presidents (EVP) of Trafalgar and Davis campus’. Then you have the professional staff, the people who run the dayto-day operations of the SU. Here you have the GM, office, events, operations, creative, financial and communications managers not to mention a bevy of students who volunteer. This past February, governing structure of the SU underwent an overhaul. Prior to that, the Chuck Erman executives were also sitting on the Events & Programming board of directors. Meaning, the Manager people who made the decisions, like budget and services, were also

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the very same people who were mandated to carry them out. Not exactly what you would call the most accountable or transparent system. “Last years board, even though they were in the old system, were forward looking enough to recognize they needed to make a change, “ says Weber. Shelley MacNeill An outside consultant found & Dan Casey some flaws in the board’s structure, Operations Managers and the decision was made to restructure it with more autonomy. “This is how most corporations are set up,” adds Pereira. Now this group approves the budget and provides strategic direction to the president, without actually being involved in the daily grind of running of the SU – or getting paid a salary. “There is now an increased accountability for the things we do and the decisions we make. It’s a better representation of the student population because it basically makes sure that everything we do is for the best interest for the most number of students possible,” says Pereira. Ashley Farquhar, Executive VP for Davis and an SU member since last September, where she was VP of Clubs was a part of that forwardJosiah Gordon looking group who saw that a change Creative Services needed to be made. “In the past there was a confusion of who reports to who. Now there is more accountability, and no one is making his or her own agenda,” she says. So, now that you know who the hell the SU is, why the hell should you care? “Because its your money,” says La Cute. The money he is talking about is the $63.50 per term that every student pays as a part of you tuition, the SSUI activity fee. With 17,000 students paying $127.00 annually that’s more than $2.1 million a year. That money goes to pay for activities, events, services and the pay-cheques of the employees of the SU. It’s basically like paying your taxes. You want to see those dollars at work for causes you care about and want to use. “Ultimately everyone pays this fee,” says Pereira. “We’d like to see more students take advantage of this contribution.” So how can you make your voice heard? Vote damn it! Last years voter turn out was less than 10 per cent – far from stellar, far from even being acceptable. “We’d definitely like to increase that. We’d like to see more candidate turn out as well,” she says. Indicative of this dismal student Hanh Ngo participation is the fact that Financial Manager Trafalgar’s incumbent Board of Directors wasn’t even voted in, they  / @travismag

were acclaimed. Not for some shady reason, but for the simple fact that they were the only five people to show up at the meeting. C’mon Trafalgar, get your act together. As for services you’d like to see, the SU does regular student surveys that give them directions of pursuit. This year’s biggest change will be the food-services facelift at Trafalgar and Davis. Overwhelmingly students were unhappy with the food selection on campus, so this year the The Den and The Marquee are being renovated and reinvigorated. The Marquee will be a full service restaurant and bar. Pizza Pizza and The Sizzler outside the doors have been nixed, and are Mark Brotto being replaced with a burrito stand. Human Resources & Ay dios mio! Services Manager The Rec Room will be more of a grab-and-go operation along with a gourmet sandwich and wrap kiosk. Both will have refurbished full service Coffee Lofts, complete with comfy seating (hallelujah!) and places to showcase student art. This also means more jobs for students. As for what we can expect for events next year, Chuck Erman, Events manager says, “Awesome ones.” It’s hard to tell if he is being sardonic or serious, but with more than a decade of events planning for colleges under his belt, it’s sure to be epic. “Were going to have some new events coming through this year. Some reality TV celebrities, award winning bands and DJ’s as well,” he says. Erman has his ear to the ground, keeping a keen eye on pop culture for events inspiration. “You have to look at anything the students are watching. The more ideas you have the better the events are,” he says. And that’s what the SU does too. They want to know what you want and what your interested in – they want ideas from you. So next time a survey comes around, or an election in underway – don’t just roll your eyes - participate, because Maria Arias & Gail Knowles after all, they are here for you, Office Managers and you’re footing the bill. t


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Travis Challenge written by Riley Wignall photography by Drew Graham

It starts with a couch surfing epiphany. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, but suddenly, it was there. Maybe it was my jeans getting snug or the awareness that summer was alive and well and I was getting stir crazy. I’m not an athlete, or even an athletic person. I’m an internet addict and a coffee guzzling machine. When I decided to take up running, I wasn’t sure entirely what to expect, how to go about it, or what kind of goal I had in mind. Over the course of about a month, one clear challenge emerged from all the others: to run a 10-kilometer road race in October. To do that, I would have to train for it.  / @travismag

GREEN LIGHT To try and get my overall fitness level up, I started going to the gym about five days a week. I’d go with my sisters, and eye the people there the way prey eyes a sleeping predator, with caution and contempt. It was clear with my mismatched workout gear and tired graying running shoes that I was an animal from another herd. The morning after my first workout I lay in bed, every muscle putting up a wall of pain. When I sneezed, I winced. When I climbed stairs, my legs and butt made me well aware of all the work I had been doing. Voluntary suffering was the game, and I was winning on a scale that would make Charlie Sheen look pathetic. The really hard part was negotiating myself off the couch, out of my house and over to the gym. It took buckets of mental effort to drown out the bad thoughts, the lazy thoughts, the I’d-rather-be-sleeping-or-onFacebook thoughts. I remember thinking, if only becoming a good runner was like a montage. You would get glimpses of yourself sweating, having a breakdown, eating healthier, avoiding relapses and then BAM— a gold medal. As it is, every day you need mental stamina to coming back for more punishment. There are entire chapters of running books dedicated to the mental side of the sport. Your mind and body have to work together to carry you to the end of any challenge. It will literally change who you are. That was a question I wanted answered: Who will I be at the finish line?

THE GREAT OUTDOORS I was possessed then, in a not-so-temporary fit of insanity. Training was in full swing. Friends would text me, starting with, “you’re probably at the gym but…” and 90% of the time, they were right. I had a truce with the treadmill, but I also knew the best way to train for a road race would be to take a jog through the urban jungle. This is how I found out that running outside is running inside’s evil twin and it’s out to get me. It felt three times harder to fill my lungs, and it wasn’t long before my breath was ragged. The tiniest hills were huge mountains. I felt as though I was shuffling. Someone’s grandma could’ve painted racing stripes on her walker and kicked my ass. I started to realize how far 10K really is (Note: REALLY FAR). While I was outside, my inner voice was lecturing me.

You haven't eaten properly. Your shoes suck. You’re so tired. Stop stop stop! The only reason I survived was because I had my new best friend, the iPod blasting music into my ears. Music was my gasoline. I decided an alternative to the race might be dropping dead. It’s around this time of deep personal doubt that I got an email from the editor of the very magazine you’re reading, wondering if I was still willing to write that article, the one about the month of 10K training? It was a sign, and it was back on like (the editor’s copy of) Donkey Kong (Country Returns, which was and probably still is very much on).

STEPPING UP Determined to get serious, I went to purchase a pair of REAL running shoes. The ones I was working out in were three years old and

if only becoming a good runner was like a montage clunky, I might as well be frolicking around barefoot for all the support they were giving my feet. The salesman at the runner’s store watched me walk. Then he simply asked for my size and brought me a pair. I slipped them on, and jogged a small lap around the store to give them a test drive. They were lightweight and comfy. I could see myself blowing over the finish line at top speed like a freakin’ Pegasus in those wonderful shoes. It was magical, or at least downright awesome. However, when I tried them at the gym later that day, my dreams were crushed. Jogging steady for only about twenty minutes, I thought I was going to puke: not so magical after all.

HOT HOT HEAT I was in another slump, bored with the gym. My sister and I decided to try hot yoga. If you’re not familiar, it’s yoga, on steroids and crazy pills. Did I mention it was HOT? In the dead silent studio, it was like a swampy, humid, summer day without any wind. If

27 / 48

the heat had been a celebrity, it would have been the product of a threesome between Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt. The instructor said the only rules were to try and stay in the room the whole time, and to lay down if you felt dizzy or nauseous. Uh oh. Suddenly, my arms and legs were a Rubik’s Cube that I could not figure out how to solve. The 40-degree heat forced concentration you couldn't ask of 100% orange juice. I was hyper-aware of every drop of sweat pouring out of me, like a Gatorade commercial. My pounding heart swallowed my head whole and I kept forgetting to breath. Half way through the 90-minute class, I was coming to come to terms with my mortality, and so was everyone else. The red faces of my comrades were stony, glistening with a lacquer of sheer will power. Then I met my own stare the mirror. I was smirking. Smirking. I had tapped into madness and whoever it was in the mirror was a stranger. Someone ready to make it to the finish.

owning friend got mono, and suddenly, I was free on Father’s Day. This is how I ended up enrolled in my first run ever, with less than a week to really, really train for it.

THE WATERLOO CLASSIC Come race day, I got up early, thinking that if someone had told me a month before that I would be getting up at 7AM to willingly go run, I would have had a lot of expletives for them. At the race, I discovered a sub-culture of the human species: THE HARDCORE RUNNER. People with lean hard muscles. Knee braces. Matching, colour coordinated workout gear. I saw a pregnant lady doing warm up stretches. In my mind, I imagined I was in a huge stadium alone, up against only myself. Soon, the race started. I jogged, but the magnetic pull of the herd made my pace faster than it should have been. I didn't want to slow down, in fact it turns out I have a competitive streak. I thought I was doing pretty well, staying strong. Then I saw the sign that marked the end of the first

I was across the finish line, beating my personal best time by over two minutes At the end of it all, we walked out of the studio, basically showered in our own sweat. I felt light as a feather. The air was cool and fresh. Life was a waking dream. I felt strong, powerful and accomplished. There was not a drop of anxiety in my whole body. It was the hardest thing I’ve done. Both my sister and I bought the two-week beginner’s pass.

STEREO TO MONO It had come to the attention of myself and my family that there was a 5K and 10K run called the Waterloo Classic taking place on Father’s Day. My sisters and my mom had signed up, but I had plans to go up to a cottage with my friends for that weekend. Then my cottage-  / @travismag

kilometer. ONLY the first? The rocket fuel drained out of my limbs. It was an uphill battle from there, literally. In known memory I had only jogged/ walked 5K three times before this race. My face was scrunched into a grimace, my legs were pleading to stop. Pain by Jimmy Eat World blasted over my headphones. When I finally lifted my head and saw the finish line, my heart EXPLODED all the way down into my feet. My legs were pumping HARD. Before I knew it, I was across the finish line, beating my personal best time by over two minutes. The explosion that carried me across the finish line and brought me home.... it was unlike anything I'd ever felt. I can’t wait to go for it again. t



You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers... Which we found on the internet...

with travis



Does it require a larger crane? How do they get that one down? Oddly enough, they do use a second crane to get the initial crane down. For a standard tall building, a second mobile crane exists that can reach to the top of most skyscrapers and lift the first crane down. For really, really tall buildings, two cranes are used who work as a team to climb the building, like steps, lifting each other up and down the building. Alternatively, some cranes can be dismantled into small enough parts that the crane can just be put away and sent by elevator down the building. Our original hypothesis, building construction workers factor in the crane into the design and use it’s pieces for things like the elevator shaft or similar building supports.

It’s called “semantic satiation”. For some reason, if one says a nonsense word over and over it fails to achieve the same effect. You need to use a real word to lose it’s meaning. The mind deconstructs the word into sounds. For example, if you say “canoe” over and over, it will lose it’s meaning, but only to you. An outsider will still be able to tell you’re chanting about a type of boat. Oddly enough, if you just think of a word over and over without saying it, it won’t lose any meaning nor will it sound like nonsense in your mind. It has to actually be spoken for the semantic satiation to take place.

CAN YOU CRY UNDERWATER? This one’s tough, and I don’t think there’s any real answer to this one. First off, to want to cry while underwater seems improbable, most people generally sob (which requires air), maybe if you have an air supply (or a really good Air Supply song) it would work, but we’re starting to create a pretty specific scenario. After scouring the internet for an answer most people think that it is possible, and you can sweat underwater too! The tears mix in with the water so there’s no proof. This is great for people that cry in public but don’t want others to know, they can simply cry, then blame the eye-redness on the chlorine! Our hypothesis has something to do with the water pressure keeping the tears in, but we’re not quite sure how it would work exactly so we’ll trust the experts on Yahoo Answers. 31 / 48

UFB: Ultimate Frosh Bash

written by Bryan Myers photography by Luis Mora  / @travismag

UFB: Ultimate Frosh Bash

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UFB: Ultimate Frosh Bash irst impressions aren’t anything to go on. When I first meet DJ Wristspect and his MC, Sir Lancelot, both of them wordlessly glance up from their cell-phones to look at me before returning their attention to their phones. A couple hours later, and Lancelot is buying a round of praline milkshakes that the burger joint staff has firmly stated couldn’t be done. That kind of convincing should speak for the level of MC I’m in the presence of. Ultimately, those kinds of people skills are a tool of the trade. We’re shooting the cover of this issue at the Grant Brothers Boxing and MMA Gym in Toronto. It’s a pretty sweet location. We have gathered in the back part of the gym by a full-size boxing ring that reminds me of the one on the Rocky films, and in front of an MMA cage, that might as well be the one that UFC fights go down in. In the main section of the gym, three guys are training, punching pads, and dancing around like boxers do. It’s an experience, that’s for sure. DJ Wristspect is from Oakville, about a ten-minute drive away from the school. Just looking at him today, he doesn’t let on that he’s an international act. And by international, I don’t mean Canada and the US. International means places like China, Europe, South America, and North America. He’s performed in countless venues, one of which being the Playboy Mansion. So far this sounds like a pretty exciting lifestyle. Getting to spend time travelling the world, playing in exclusive venues, doing what you love. And for the most part it is. But Wristspect explains that being a DJ isn’t just fun and games. Today, Wristspect admits he went to bed around five and had to get up at seven to Skype with some overseas clients. A large portion of his day is spent arranging meetings, finding new music, setting up and dismantling equipment, and preparing for shows, all just leading up to those few hours where he is in control of the music. So what does Wristspect sound like? He’ll sound like whatever you want him to, essentially. His varied taste in music allows him to cater to crowds young and old. Depending on the demographic Wristspect could play just about anything. “A chart-hit in North America may not work for European audiences,” says Wristspect, “even a hit in Toronto might not move people on the West coast.” Wristspect admits he listens to a healthy mix of house, jazz, hip-hop, 60s, 70s, and classics. The trick seems to be finding a way to tie elements of different genres together to  / @travismag

put on a seamless show. Wristspect tells me that a big challenge as a DJ is to be the first to turn people on to a new song, especially one that’s going to be big. I can understand this sentiment, music can be pretty personal, a lot of songs on your iPod are there because of the personal connection you have with whoever turned you on to a certain band or act. Being a DJ means having the opportunity to spread music to a larger audience. Instead of the introduction of a song being a one-on-one experience, DJ aims to have a similar effect over a lot of people. When you really like a song, you want to share it, and being a DJ means you’re in control of what songs are going to get played, and trying to make that connection to the audience. “I try to find a way to make things that I think are cool, cool to other people,” says Wristspect. MC Lancelot has a similar story to Wristspect. For those who don’t know, MC means Master of Ceremonies, but the letters have

Lancelot talks about what it is that Wristspect does. When it comes to DJing, the DJ mixes in a new song every minute to minute and a half and that means Lancelot's job is to smooth over those spots. “I’ve got to have something to say every two minutes, and factor in birthday requests,” says Lancelot, “my brain is working so hard that I’m sweating.” Last, and certainly not least, is T-Rexxx, the host of Much Music’s Rapcity, and a huge personality who will be hosting the Ultimate Frosh Bash (UFB… get it?) at the Davis Campus.

T-Rexxx is the co-founder of One Love TO, a charity organization that celebrates diversity, as well as, an organization that helps youths get involved in basketball worldwide. T-Rexxx has spent a decade following his passions and working with charities and organizations that he truly believes in. It’s only fitting that he’d be the one to revive Much Music’s Rapcity, an outlet for Canadian hip-hop. Hope you had a great time at UFB #1! Who do you want to see at UFB #2? Let us know @travismag and @Sheridan_ SSUI, #SheridanUFB. t

come to signify a lot of other titles, from Microphone Controller, to someone who “moves the crowd”. Recipient of the 2011 Canadian Club MC of the Year, Lancelot has turned his love of music and entertainment into a full-time career. As with Wristspect, being an MC is no slack job, it’s a business that operates seemingly around the clock. “It’s a career that I never thought would be a reality,” says Lancelot. He shows me a variety of clips from shows he’s MC’ed. Parties that look wild, packed rooms with excited looking crowds. It’s what you’d expect from a guy who’s hosted parties for the likes of Google and Blackberry. Last year, Lancelot opened for the one and only: Justin Bieber. Eventually, the conversation strays from what the life of an MC and DJ are like to music in general.

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Sheridan Fashion

Morning Must-Haves Fashion isn’t simply about what you choose to throw on in the morning, it’s a lifestyle. What your daily essentials are is just as important as what you’re wearing, whether it’s your favourite set of headphones or the crumpled old book you can’t put down, the things that make up your day act as accessories to your personal style. photography by Luis Mora & Steph Martyniuk  / @travismag

Culture & Lifestyle

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Culture & Lifestyle

Chantelle Hermiston Crafts and Design: Textiles student

Culture & Lifestyle

Steph Martyniuk photography student & Travis photog

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Culture & Lifestyle

Bryan Myers Journalism dropout turned editor-in-chief

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Arthur Porte Media Arts student

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COMEBACK written by Chris D’Alessandro, illustration by Colin Davis

Culture & Lifestyle

What makes a great comeback? It’s easy enough to say that we the people decide which comebacks get to stay and which ones we send back into obscurity. So what is it that we like to see?


here are a few things to consider when thinking about all of the comebacks that have either failed or succeeded. We like to see people who truly deserve to win. We love underdogs, upsetting expectations and true blue heroes. We love to see the old take on the new. Most of all we love seeing comebacks by those who disappeared before their time had rightfully come. There are some things we hate to see too. We can’t stand being pandered to, or insincerity for that matter. We hate seeing people on top who don’t deserve to be there. We can’t stand a half-assed effort. For all the mediocre things we accept in our culture, we are clever enough to turn down a bad bill of goods. We live overstimulated and over-saturated lives. Therefore, we need to be selective about what we bring into our personal spectrum, let alone bring back. That’s why we cast away Charlie Sheen so easily. We smelt a rat. Okay, we all had a laugh when we saw him spiral into a pit of complete and utter insanity. After a week though, "winning" became purely pathetic rather than funny. I’m not a fan of Two and a Half Men, but what people really wanted to see was for him to get back to work. We wanted to see him recover and go back on TV, maybe even do another great movie (after all Charlie starred in both the original Wall Street and Platoon). Instead what happened was an overpaid, overmedicated millionaire asking people to shell out $80 to watch him rant about drug and hooker binges. No thanks, Charlie. The people voted, and the tour fell apart. Contrast this with Robert Downey Jr. He was as much of a wreck as any one person could possibly be, similar to Sheen. Throughout the 1990s, Downy was in and out of rehab as well as arrested and jailed for drunk driving and heroin possession. The difference here is that when Downey hit rock bottom, he improved. He gave us memorable performances in modern classics like Iron Man, Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes. Charlie Sheen has yet to prove anything to us. Speaking of movies, there are few mediums where we see as many comebacks. It’s easy to see why movie studios bring back so many of our favourite franchises of yesteryear. The hype and internet chatter usually stands alone as sufficient marketing for a passable opening weekend. Sometimes a franchise needs a reboot too. The Spiderman movies for instance became so convoluted and thin that the forthcoming reboot is a much welcome sight. The 2009 version of Friday the 13th was much the same way. The last few Jason movies were such odd deviations on the franchise that it was nice to see our favourite horror icon return to his roots. The term "re-imagining" can be a red flag in movies however. Part of what we enjoy about comebacks is reliving the great memories that we have in our head. We remember how great it was then. Don’t screw with our memories. It’s about seeing that thing that we loved

comeback and be every bit as good as we remember it being. Take the reintroduction of muscle cars for example. Granted you may not have been around to remember when classic muscle cars were new. However, our parents were certainly quick to educate us about the certain 'great white shark' status that these cars had. So, when cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger came back, they lived up to our imaginations. They even look like their 1960s ancestors inside and out. There was something really exciting about watching these legends of the past return to challenge the current status quo. We love to fantasize and debate on these kinds of things. Could a Shelby GT500 take on a BMW M3? It’s kind of like asking 'Could Ali take on Tyson?' It’s important for something to not lose its edge in the process of coming back. It happens with music all the time. Chinese Democracy by Guns n’ Roses is perhaps the greatest musical comeback failure of all time. The album took fifteen years to make and by the end, Axl Rose was the only remaining original band member. For all of his egomaniacal promoting, nobody was

FOR ALL OF HIS EGOMANIACAL PROMOTING, NOBODY interested in the latest album by "The Axl Rose Band". This was primarily because it was punishing to one’s ears. So what is the greatest musical comeback? The only band that meets all the aforementioned criteria is Rush. Toronto’s legendary rock trio had their careers suddenly ended when drummer Neil Peart’s wife and daughter passed away in 1998. It wasn’t until 2002 that Rush returned, and they were more popular than ever. Still musicians and song writers of the highest calibre, Rush played SARS-stock and sold out soccer stadiums in Brazil. Yes it was because they’re earnest, talented and our heroes. It was also because they were just as good, if not better once they came back. But there’s more to it than that. Rush had decided they were already back. They knew themselves that just getting to the point of playing together again was a miracle. "One Little Victory" was even the opening track on the 2002 album Vapour Trails. Comebacks then are determined by each of us. We can be a democracy of one if we choose. Comebacks after all are about succeeding after failure, and a beginning after an end. We’ve all had our failures and we’ve all met our ends. Choosing to pick ourselves up and strive to succeed the next time around is what makes a truly

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In the Spotlight

by Chris D’Alessandro

Foo Fighters  / @travismag

Who is going to be our Led Zeppelin? Our Pink Floyd? Our Nirvana? Most of us in our early twenties have that one band that’s gotten us through thick and thin. In the age of iTunes the variety is so vast that it’s near impossible to choose just one band, In The Spotlight aims to examine a few predictions of which band will end up on repeat on the oldies stations of the future.


e can speculate all we want, but only time will decide what music defines our generation. One thing is for sure, we will surely be mocked for our over saturation of pop music, child star worship and watered down family friendly gangster rap. So who is going to be our redemption when our offspring look back on the music of our generation? It’s going to be the Foo Fighters. If you don’t believe me, watch last year’s MTV movie awards. More importantly, watch the show from the year before that and so on. The musical performances consist of

of music that is pure and honest. In today's world, that is progressive. Like other generations great bands, Foo Fighters are massively popular. Even though the band is able to play venues of any size, they've sold out the largest venues in the world. This includes Madison Square Garden and the Air Canada Centre. Most impressive of all however, Foo Fighters have sold out Wembley Stadium two nights in a row. On sheer numbers alone, this band will be remembered for years to come. Foo Fighters just have mass appeal. The band has fans

Dave Grohl is just good people boy bands, girl bands, rappers and the Foo Fighters. They are rock and roll evangelists and that last great hope for good music in the mainstream. There are a few arguments against why the Foo Fighters are not The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Nirvana of our generation. Firstly Dave Grohl was already in Nirvana. That argument falls apart when you consider other rock legends who have been in more than one memorable band. Examine the band history of Eric Clapton or Robert Plant for example. Dave Grohl is just good people. He told the producers of Glee that they were not allowed to use any Foo Fighters songs. That’s keeping it real. People may also argue that The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana were influential and progressive and the Foo Fighters are not. True, the Foo Fighters are not progressive. What they are however is regressive. We live in a world of drum machines, synthesizers, auto tune and other computer generated noises that don't actually exist. The last Foo Fighters album, Wasting Light, was recorded in a garage, on tape, and completely analog. The Foo Fighters have gone back to a form

ranging from hardcore metal heads to ten year old kids. What will cement them in history will of course be the music itself. Think of some of the Foo Fighters hits. It's easy to conjure up fond memories when songs like "My Hero," "Learn to Fly," and "Times like These" come over the radio. These songs are part of our lives and that is why they will be remembered forever. The Foo Fighters are now rock and roll canon. Even if you want to, you can't separate them from rock history. They will live on and they will be remembered. Bieber will fade away into obscurity. The Foo Fighters have been here for 17 years and they're not going anywhere. t

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words by Julia Langlois, illustrations by Sabrina Smelko

The summer’s over but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can stop working on that beach body. The freshman fifteen isn’t just for freshmen anymore. Are you already being tempted by delicious caf food? All that time in the gym, Zumba classes, and hot yoga shouldn’t go to waste, even with ever-piling homework and a whole new set of temptations and stresses, here are a few C A L C I -Y UM -Y U M

You’re still growing (puberty might be over, but your body still has a few surprises left), which means you need calcium, and lots of it. By eating foods high in calcium (such as dairy, almonds, and oranges) and doing weight bearing exercises like running or weight lifting you’re helping your body build bone mass. Stronger bones equals a stronger body, you do the math. Although the internet is most interesting during the early hours of the morning, allow your body to get some sleep. Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to weight gain. You’ve heard it a thousand times yet there you are, at 2 am, awake and craving a pizza pocket or Jamaican patty. It’s simple, the longer you’re awake, the more food you’ll crave. Additionally, sleep helps burn

calories faster than sitting around watching TV, according to the TV in the lobby of my building, and if that’s not accurate, I don’t know what is! Be mindful of your alcohol intake. The occasional beer is okay but try not to drink in between, before, (during) and/or after class. Alcohol is full of empty but delicious calories that will take residence on your double As; abs and ass. Follow the simple water rule. For every drink of alcohol you have, counter it with a glass of water. This will hydrate your body and keep hangovers at bay. You don’t get overweight by eating too many carrots. Your body needs food but that doesn’t mean eating everything you can get your hands on. By filling up on

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Decoding Food BYE -BYE B O O Z E

You don’t have to sabotage your diet or vital organs when eating out Avoid words like these: Battered, Breaded, Buttered, Cheesy, Creamy, Crispy, Fried, Glazed, Gooey Melted, Smothered, Maynards.

These words are as healthy as they sound ( except for maybe Broth and Seared ): Roasted, Baked, Broiled, Broth, Fresh, Multigrain, Rubbed, Seared, Grilled, Seasoned.

Quick Tips ++ Eat every few hours to avoid sending your body into starvation mode, which stores fat in your tissue.


++ Drink water throughout the day. ++ Be mindful of what you’re doing to avoid habitual snacking.

whole grains and foods high in fiber (like fruits and vegetables) you’ll stay fuller longer. This means you won’t be reaching for that last piece of cake. Don’t worry though if you slip up and reach for it, it’s okay to let yourself indulge from time to time. You’re a hard working student and you deserve a treat. Lastly, you spend all day sitting down during class when your body wants to

++ Keep a food journal to avoid consuming pointless calories.

move. To maintain your weight you have to consume the same amount of calories your body puts out. If you weigh 150lbs you’re going to burn roughly 85 calories an hour sitting and chances are your morning Tim Horton’s run has more than that. Not only will exercise get your body jacked up, it pumps your brain with endorphins that will give your body a natural high that helps you focus. What more could you really ask for? t


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Vol 6 Issue 1: The Comeback Issue  

1st issue of the 2011/2012 school year. Featuring DJ Wristpect, MC Sir Lancelot and T-Rexxx host of Much Music's Rapcity. Student Profiles,...