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volume five - issue three - November / December 2010


EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief

DESIGN Creative Director

Sheridan Student Union Inc.

Michael Burton

Josiah Gordon

PRINTER Chris Beetham

Editor at Large


Bryan Myers

Philina Chan Tyler Doupe Mike Luciani Jenn McBride Satesh Mistry Hermione Osmers Meng Tian Zhang

Unique Media Solutions

Sales Team


Jayme Bennett Chuck Erman Josiah Gordon

Jaclyn Arduini Michael Burton Tyler Doupe Chloe Fox Jennifer Horn Matt Main Jenn McBride Sarah Munn Bryan Myers Ashley Santoro Riley Wignall Little Creative Minds


SPECIAL THANKS Ryan Bolton Kyle Brownlee David Burton Chuck Erman Josiah Gordon The Lemieux Family Kathy Muldoon Gillian Saunders Stephen Sills

Travis Online Michael Burton Chris D’Alessandro Matt Main Stephanie Martyniuk Bryan Myers Curtis Sindrey


Photographers Kevin Bryan Luis Mora Brooke Wedlock

Illustrators Taryn Gee Satesh Mistry Gabe Sapienza Drew Shannon Meng Tian Zhang

Riley Wignall

Hermione Osmers

Taryn Yu

Josiah Gordon

Riley took on the daunting task of our personal question. What she encountered was awkward conversations and creepy dudes. But she did a great job with it. The personal question is always a challenge, and with the great work that she did – we tip our hats to her. Thank you Riley for everything you do.

Hermione has been hard at work contributing to the TRAVIS world. She’s been designing, illustrating, and having things thrown at her while working in our creative nook. She’s done a bang up job so far and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Hermione for your design work, and thanks for catching the odd spelling error too.

Taryn has given the edge that we’ve always needed. The illustration edge that is, and she’s taken the incredible task of working on our ongoing story. She’s taken a story written by children, and made it into something incredible. Not that it wasn’t awesome before. Without her creativity – we’d be lost. Thank you Taryn for your incredible ability and talents.

The man behind it all. The man who does the work but doesn’t get all the glory. Josiah, our guru of all things TRAVIS related - here’s to you. Josiah does the work of what three people should be doing. He’s fallen asleep on his computer and pulled all nighters just to keep this magazine together. Thank you Josiah, we still don’t know how you do it.

To contribute to travis please e-mail /travismag 1


Paul Lemieux takes centre stage for this month’s cover. We thank Paul and his family for having us over on such short notice, and on a Sunday. Check him out when he stops by Sheridan on Nov. 25 for some Movember festivities.

Issue Three

There is only one thing to say, and that is thank you. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this magazine in some way. You are the ones that make this magazine possible - you are the ones that make Travis what it is today. Look what we can do with a little time, effort, and creativity. We’ve got things rolling, we can’t stop now.






Student Profile

by Sarah Munn & Ashley Santoro

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Kevin Bryan DESIGN BY: Mike Luciani


MTV’s PAUL Lemieux


HealtH AND NUTrition

by Michael Burton

by Jennifer Horn

by Bryan Myers

by Jaclyn Arduini


Words on culture by Jenn McBride

Whoopsies! So in our last issue (the Rob Dyer Issue, Volume 5 Issue 2) we may have forgotten to credit two illustrators in our personal question and health and nutrition sections. Sorry about that. Hermione and Louise have gotten over it, but this is our official apology. Thanks to our readers for catching that. Also, our sincere apologies to Brooke Wedlock for not giving her the time any photographer would need for a proper shoot. Sorry Brooke, our bad. Thanks for not slandering our name, we appreciate it.



editor’s rant I yell and throw things

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“You gotta floss more,” the dental hygienist said. It’s the typical dentist advice. She jokes around with me as she inspects my lateral incisor. I’m kicking back in the dentist chair with my mouth wide open. I’m wearing sunglasses because she’s shining that awkward light bulb into my mouth. My mouth is lit up - a cave of plaque and gingivitis. “Oh,” she says. She pauses and prods at the inside of my mouth. I can see her eyebrows lower, she’s found something of interest. “You’ve got a callous on the inside of your mouth.” Gross, I know. “Do you bite your cheeks?” I tell her no and I have no clue as to why the inside of my cheek is rotting away. “You might be doing it in your sleep, have you been stressed out lately?” Come to mention it, my jaw has been hurting quite a bit lately. And now that I think of it – I have been feeling a little stressed out. I’ve been biting my cheek at night. Clenching my jaw because apparently even when I sleep, I’m stressing about this magazine. Life is busy, but you have to stop and smell the flowers once in a while. You’ve got people to see, class to go to, and assignments to hand in. When you pick up this magazine - sipping coffee, hitting the gym, or just lounging on your sofa, we hope you can Get Loose with us. What’s the point of life if we just can’t get a little crazy once in a while? Do something unexpected - make a giant hamburger, play some Mario Party, or head out for some drinks. So this is it, we’ve dedicated an entire issue to getting loosey goosey. Sounds crazy you say, farfetched even? Not this time ladies and gentlemen. Today we pay tribute to the various ways Sheridan gets away from the everyday stresses of life. Students, faculty, even television professionals have their own ways of getting loose. How about you? Yes you, how do you get away from it all? We’d love to hear it from you. Shout it in the hallways, grow that mustache, and high five everyone you see. Lets hear it Sheridan, how do you Get Loose? /travismag 5

sound check MUSIC REVIEWS

Plebian Grandstand How Hate is Hard to Define

Underoath Ø

A Day to Remember What Separates Me from You



Stop what you’re doing. Yes, stop reading this magazine and Google How Hate Is Hard To Define. This French metal band called Plebian Grandstand is incredible, I mean really incredible. The entire album is an experience, and a serious gem if you haven’t checked it out already. This band takes that feedback inspired sound from Converge, and spins it in a more frantic and aggressive fashion. Call it dramatic, call it epic, call it whatever you want. Check it out if you like the more aggressive side of music, or if you want something that will piss off your neighbours. M.B.

Underoath has come a long way from where they started back in 1997. Their first record was a strange and dark production. Now, they are metalcore superheroes. This Christian band from Tampa, Florida is now releasing their seventh studio album and naming it Ø. This album is a big step for this band as their longtime drummer Aaron Gillespie will not be on this record. For this go around they recruited former Norma Jean member Daniel Davison behind the drums. I’m still trying to get songs from They’re Only Chasing Safety out of my head. Wish me luck. M.B.

This band is catchy. Very catchy – and their last full-length entitled Homesick pushed A Day To Remember to bigger and better things. Now it’s time for their next effort entitled What Separates Me from You, and I’m sure this baby is jam-packed with sing-a-longs and breakdowns. Think of it as Fall Out Boy with a few more fist pumps, and with band members that are nowhere as attractive as Pete Wentz. This record has been creating some intense buzz after the release of their first single “2nd Sucks.” Pick it up, learn the lyrics, and go see them live. M.B.

Lower Than Atlantis Far Q

Allo Darlin’ Allo Darlin’

Bilal Airtight’s Revenge


Indie Pop


If you’re looking for something new to pick up you should grab Far Q by Lower Than Atlantis. This U.K. band brings a good mix of pop, punk, and rock into one super milkshake of a band. It would be easy to simplify this band as rock, but it seems like they have an incredible array of influences from every genre of music. This is a really great listen for those who have grown bored with what is being passed around these days. Fast, upbeat, and even thrashy at times – pick it up. M.b.



Pop-culture nods and excessive bounce fill this album like an overinflated red utility-ball. You know the ones. Allo Darlin’ fills the musical space between the Pooh Sticks and Camera Obscura, and do it so well that this album throws down a 60’s guitar pop, horn stabs, Afro-pop, ukulele, and a cavalcade of sing-along lyrics. It’s audacious for any band to cut this much joy into an album, but Elizabeth Morris and her band did it anyways. For some reason “Henry Rollins Don’t Dance” didn’t find its way onto this, which is its only bum note. T.D.

As you may have heard Bilal’s sophomore album was put on ice by Interscope and has sat there for the better part of the last decade. Well this isn’t it. However, Bilal’s label troubles with Love for Sale did provide the inspiration for this official follow-up. This is easily one of the most distinctive neo-soul albums out there. The rest of the Soulquarians should be scrambling to keep up. I know I am. Go check it out if you are into this sort of thing, but keep dancing your pants off. T.D.

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download it

buy it

literary love BOOK REVIEWS

The Moses Expedition

First Step 2 Forever

Juan Gómez-Jurado

Justin Bieber

This is a thriller-mystery novel that is sure to please. The story centres on Father Anthony Fowler, a priest who sets out on an expedition in search of the Ark of the Covenant. Readers who have previously enjoyed books like The Da Vinci Code, Sandstorm, or The Confessor will find similar elements in The Moses Expedition. This book however, manages to remain unique. Praised for its historical foundation and engrossing suspense, Gómez-Jurado’s latest novel looks like a great way to break the monotony of daily classes, tough schedules, and early morning wake-up times. S.M.

Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert

Amazon has a video of J-Biebs hocking this book. He has difficulty even describing what it is. He “wrote it for you,” and “it’s full of exclusive pictures and, you know, a lot of cool stuff.” Nevertheless, this book is going to be huge, as Bieber has a massive fan base. At the end of the video he says, “go buy my book,” which grinds my gears. It’s cool that he’s 16 and this famous, but I can’t imagine what he is going to talk about for an entire book. Puberty maybe? Amazon suggests you also read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, which is First Step 2 Forever’s alternate title. B.M.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

Jon Stewart

Eat Pray Love is a colourful, true tale of the author’s journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia. Though this book isn’t brand new, it’s gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. If you’re a lover of food, culture, and language, then you’ll love this. Gilbert’s memoir is easy on the brain with likeable, real characters anyone can relate to. Take a break from studying and get loose with this relaxing read. Oh, and if you like it a lot, give the movie a try too. S.M.

Jon Stewart fans get ready. In fact anyone who likes to laugh, get ready. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race. Phew, what a mouth full. Set up much like an elementary school textbook, Earth (The Book) is a hilarious learning tool about humanity for aliens. Jon Stewart takes his classic sarcastic approach to humans and our history. This is a great coffee table book and a fun gift for friends or family who like a good laugh. Take your mind off essays and projects, heal your tired self with the world’s best medicine – laughter. S.M.

Interested in anything you see here? Be the first to ask for any CD or book at the Fuse and it’s yours for free! /travismag 7


Amazon Kindle $189 The Kindle has changed, and it’s a good thing. It’s advertised as smaller, lighter, faster, and with 50 per cent better contrast. At only 8.7 ounces, the new Kindle is incredibly lightweight. The page-turn rate is fast and conducive to limited student-relaxation time. Although the Kindle is still only available in black and white, it’s still the same colour as your everyday book. Bottom line, the new Kindle is better than its predecessor, and those who aren’t attached to old-school reading will fall in love. It’s still a little pricey, and might be better suited for your Christmas wish list. S.M.


illustrations by satesh mistry

NIKON COOLPIX S3000 $150 Getting loose sometimes includes taking pictures, depending on what you’re into. Check out the Nikon COOLPIX series. Perhaps the most student-friendly option is the S3000. The price for these little guys are pretty affordable, and makes for another good wish list item. The S3000 is super-slim and comes in many colours. It’s a 12-megapixel camera, which results in some seriously high-resolution images. It even has a motion detection feature, which helps you take still and action shots. Definitely a fun gadget for students to get their hands on. S.M.

PlayStation Move $99 PlayStation - the popular gaming system brought to you by Sony has now come out with their latest genius invention, PlayStation Move. It was first compared to Wii but now you are literally in the game. Whether you’re cutting a wacky character’s hair or shooting zombies - you can see yourself during game play. The system comes at a reasonable price, as long as you already have a PlayStation 3. Get into this one, fellow gamers! A.S.

Apple TV $119 Imagine having a small box connected to your television with only a few cords that can stream your favourite YouTube videos, movies, music, and photos. Mr. Steve Jobs has made your dream a reality. Apple TV isn’t new but it has a new look and a much smaller price tag. At $119 you get the little magic box that uses your home network to stream content from iTunes, right to your television. Say goodbye to movies on your laptop, and say hello to your big comfy couch. A.S. /travismag 11


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Love and Other Drugs

Release Date: November 19

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway

Release Date: November 24

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint

Harry returns along with Ron and Hermione for the first of this two-part final installment of this worldwide phenomenon. Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters have taken over the Ministry of Magic, making the world of wizardry a dangerous place. The trio now sets out to find and destroy Voldemort’s secret of immortality – the Horcruxes. Without the aid of professors or the protection from Dumbledore, the group must now depend on each other to take down the dark lord. The day has finally come for Harry’s last battle. Will you be there? M.M.


The Next Three Days

Release Date: November 24

Release Date: November 19

Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi

Starring: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks

Largely based on Rapunzel, Tangled follows Princess Rapunzel and wanted bandit Flynn Rider on an animated 3D musical comedy. A woman named Mother Gothel steals Rapunzel from her parents’ castle and is locked away in a hidden tower. Years later Flynn scales up the tower to hide from guards, but ends up having his jewels stolen by Rapunzel. She promises to return them only if he takes her to the kingdom. From here, the two find an adventure full of laughs, heart, and hair. Check it out if you have a thing for Mandy Moore. M.M


Sometimes you have to get loose before you find what you’re looking for. Based on the book Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, Jamie Randall is a successful smooth talking salesman in the pharmaceutical business. In between selling male enhancement drugs and being a lady-killer, he comes across the free spirited Maggie Murdock. They both end up lusting for one another, agreeing not to get too attached. The pair begins to develop feelings for one another, and this leads to some serious drama. Randall has to choose what he wants more, the job he’s best at or the girl he wants to be with. M.M.

John Brennan had the perfect life until his wife was arrested for a murder she never did. Three years pass in her sentence and Brennan is struggling as a college professor, a father, and a man trying to prove his wife’s innocence. With no chance of getting out, he attempts to commit suicide and looses all hope. Vowing not to let his wife’s life go on like this, he comes up with the plan to bust her out of prison. After researching every nook and cranny of the jail, he attempts the near impossible for the woman he loves. Is it romance? Find out for yourself. M.M.


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Release: November 16th, 2010

Release: November 16th, 2010

Mix free-running, knives, and back flips and you have Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. This game is a direct sequel from the last, and even includes previous protagonist Ezio. This game will let players develop a brotherhood, and recruit and manage amateur assassins. A stealthy game mode called Wanted is being thrown into the mix where online players are put into a game of cat and mouse. Each player’s goal is to find and kill a target, but without being seen by the person hunting you. Sound fun? Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed. M.B.

So get this, Doctor Doom has set out to capture the Infinity Gems, which will lead to the capture of the Infinity Gauntlet. If he succeeds – he will take over the world. Daunting, isn’t it? Your task, stop Dr. Doom with all your favourite Marvel characters but in miniaturized toy form. This button mashing classic is perfect for small get-togethers and parties. It’s going to be a riot, and includes the likes of Captain America, Spiderman, and the Silver Surfer. You’ll have quite the selection to choose from for your butt-kicking adventures. But if you ask me, go with the Hulk. He rules. Hulk Smash! M.B.

Tron Evolution

Sonic Colours

Release: December 7th, 2010

Release: November 16th, 2010

There’s a really sweet movie coming out called Tron. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, everyone has. At least the nerds have - like myself. From what I hear, this game will be released right alongside the film, and will have a soundtrack produced by none other than Daft Punk. It’s supposed to be an action adventure type game – with traditional racing elements seen in the original. It’s also going to include some RPG and character achievement elements, for those who want to battle with their friends. It’s sure to be a hit – and will be just as flashy as all the movie trailers online. I’m excited, I don’t know about you. M.B.

Everyone’s favourite hedgehog is back in Sonic Colours. Sonic is sent off to be a hero at Dr. Eggman’s newest evil theme park. He’s out to release its alien inhabitants – who are called Wisps. I also hear that the Wii version will include 3D, and 2D elements – while the DS version is taking advantage of those fancy double screens. So expect some super fast game play, and some of the same old Sonic goodness that Sega is known for. Early reception from the game has been incredibly positive, and I really think this game will push Sonic back into the spotlight. Watch out Mario. M.B. /travismag 9

15 Minutes of (student) Fame Kyle Brownlee by Bryan Myers, photography by Kevin Bryan

One Sheridan student has been perfecting his ability as a drummer and musician. It just so happens that the lovely world of YouTube has taken serious interest. The game face. That expression everyone makes when they’re rocking out. For most of us it’s some mix of slack jaw scowl and a mean squint. I think that’s what separates musicians from regular people. I’m not a musician, my game face is horrible. Kyle Brownlee, he’s got a good game face, and boy can he drum. Brownlee is 18 and currently taking Media Fundamentals here at Sheridan College. Hailing from the small town of Georgetown, he’s had over 10-million views of his 36 videos on YouTube. All Brownlee did was start posting videos of himself tearing through Rock Band songs on expert, and that quickly got him noticed. Not to mention he racked up a ton of followers, and even scored himself some sponsorships. Not too bad for playing Xbox right? “My cousin Graham is an all around musician, and I was really intrigued by his drums when I was a little kid. I had my parents ask him to teach me how to play, since I was too shy,” he said. “Then I took lessons from him for around two years. I’ve played for 10 years now, and I taught myself rudiments and techniques for the last eight. Neil Peart was also a big influence to me because he influenced my cousin. Now that I’m independent with my music choices and style of drumming, Shannon Lucas of The Black Dahlia Murder is my main influence. He never makes a mistake,” he said. I’ve watched Brownlee play Rock Band, and he too almost never makes a mistake. He admits that when he started playing Rock Band, he wasn’t that great. He would upload videos of the actual drum charts from the game instead of playing them. “People would watch the chart before deciding to buy the songs. I then started learning how to edit videos, and merged my game play footage with a camera view of me actually playing the game.” “As I kept playing, I got really good. As of now I’m ranked first


in the world overall for Rock Band 2 Score Duel.” He’s modest about his Rock Band talent, “I still feel like just an average kid who is going through college, as if Rock Band never even existed.” As Brownlee improved people started really paying

I parted with Rock Band a while ago and I don’t think I’ll go back attention to his videos. At times he was streaming live video feeds of him playing, with up to 2,000 simultaneous viewers. “As much as YouTube seems gigantic and hard to get noticed in, it really just takes time and effort. It’s not necessarily skill or talent,” Brownlee said. But what has really changed for Brownlee? Not much, other than he’s saved a bunch of money through endorsements. “Drums are the most expensive instrument to play. Your gears get worn down all the time and they break. I’ve broken countless cymbals, drumsticks, and drumheads. I’m a hard hitter. Shannon Norton, his girlfriend is also from Georgetown and said that her Rock Band skills pale in comparison to Brownlee’s. “I can’t play Rock Band drums to save my life, but I can play guitar on medium,” she said laughing. “I guess it’s cool when people recognize him and I’m there. Or when people that I go to school with ask me if he can sign their Rock Band stuff. Some of my friends have begged me to put a link from his YouTube channel to theirs. Other than that, it’s just like dating a regular person,” Norton said. Brownlee isn’t just a Rock Band prodigy - he’s also a damn good drummer.

His current band is an unnamed project that is hitting the studio to record an EP after Christmas. “I parted with Rock Band a while ago, and I don’t think I’ll go back. I quit once and returned for songs that were available from my favourite band. But after a week of playing those, I quit again for good. I want to focus more on actual drums, and my band,” he said. “I’m teaching myself guitar as well, and trying to get into Media Arts next year, so I’m really busy with my life. I play Call of Duty and NHL every once in a while with friends, but lately my Xbox has been in my basement collecting dust.” Brownlee even offered his advice to people interested in getting noticed on YouTube. “Make your videos interesting. Make things unique and build a brand for your videos, that’s what makes them appeal to your

viewers. Don’t pester people for comments, friend requests, or subscriptions. Earn them. That’s the best way to have devoted friends that actually care. Present yourself and your videos professionally, regardless of the content. If you don’t take the time to proofread your text or subtitles, it takes away from your credibility.” Good advice if you ask me. And if you want to take a look at Brownlee’s retired videos – his user name is “ssblind73”. But don’t expect a new Rock Band video anytime soon. He’s busy getting loose with his friends, writing new music, and pushing the limits of his own abilities as a drummer. /travismag 13

Who the hell is

illian G Saunders We all get loose. But for one member of our faculty things are a bit different. Introducing Gillian Saunders, the personality behind the dance department of our Theatre program here at Sheridan. by Jennifer Horn, photography by Brooke Wedlock



There’s always something to learn when interviewing someone new. This time around I learned the power of an icebreaker. I am going to log this in as Rule # 21, utilize your accent to get the conversation rolling. I’ve slowly become unaware of the fact that I sound different to everyone else around me. To me, the South African accent is not a very pleasing one. But without fail, it will always be the first thing on the conversation agenda. The first few minutes I spent talking with Gillian Saunders involved dodging chatty students and looking for a quiet place to sit. I wasn’t able to tell immediately, but my interviewee had a few uncommon twangs in her voice. I didn’t want to assume, but she acknowledged my accent immediately. “Where’s the accent from?” she asked. She understood how I felt about this accent business. “I get that all the time, people think I’m from South Africa. Probably because I’ve lived all over the place, it’s a mix of everything,” she said smiling. She swiped her access card along a door near the art wing, and we stepped into a silent room where her English accent was clear as day. Saunders was born and raised in England. She spent the first 10 years of her life in Liverpool with her working class family. For the next eight years after that she lived in London with her rich and prestigious family of ballerinas. Her story similar to Billy Elliot. Humble beginnings that later led to a life of status and distinction.

I always say that ballet picked me. I didn’t pick it. “I always say that ballet picked me, I didn’t pick it,” she said. “It wasn’t my dream. I wasn’t one of those little girls who said they wanted to be a ballerina when they grew up.” She gives her grandmother credit for introducing her to the art of dance, as she was the one who took her to a local church for classes. “I cried on the step. I wouldn’t go in. I didn’t go back until I was 7 years old.” After a year of dancing, she finally succumbed to her teacher’s pleading and began her training in classical dance.

From there, she auditioned for a position in the Royal Ballet School. The year she applied almost 2,000 other girls had made it through to the final audition. Only 19 were chosen to enter the esteemed school. Saunders was one of them. She trained with the school for eight years, and at the end of each school term she would visit her family. She moved to Canada one year after graduation, which didn’t improve the already distant relationship with her family. When she visited her family one summer she realized how little she knew about her older brother and sister. “It becomes important within your craft to have family around.” “You become so insular and almost self absorbed, you’re not the best creative person that you can be. You need those outside influences. It’s the only thing that kept me sane in the business.” She visits them every year now. Saunders danced for the National Ballet School of Canada for five years, after which she transitioned into musical theatre. “Everyone always assumes that if you are a dancer, you can do any style. But because I was classically trained, I nearly had to throw my training away.” She went on to learn a variety of different styles of dance including hip-hop, tap, and jazz. After leaving the National Ballet School of Canada, she performed in The Phantom of the Opera for three years, and then Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Saunders toured around the country, and in her last year with the show she gave birth to her son. Now retired from performing, a friend from the ballet company asked her to teach

evening classes at his studio in downtown Toronto. She had never drawn up lesson plans or instructed classes. She was usually the one attending them. But after her first day of teaching, she knew that all the years spent training and performing had finally led her to this place. “I thought to myself, ‘this is almost too easy for me’. It comes naturally, just flowing out of me. It evolved organically and it just felt like it was meant to be.” Another friend suggested going for an interview at Sheridan College to be a part of their dance department. When she walked in, she didn’t even know what she was interviewing for. She made quite the impression though. A week later they hired her as the head of the dance department. “I guess they trusted me,” she said laughing. “But I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants.” Saunders has been with us at Sheridan for nine years now. Her job entails running the department, hiring faculty, managing the program, and marking the student’s dance performances. Last year she joined the panel of judges for So You Think You Can Dance Sheridan and hopes to be a part of it again this year. “I feel my brilliance is in my teaching ability. I know that I can get through to my students on a level that they can understand and not feel threatened. I make them the brave person that I never was.” She feels so passionate about teaching that the only way she admits to being able to Get Loose is by doing exactly that. Work is her comfort zone, and if she has to do a couple dozen pirouettes to feel relaxed, then start counting. /travismag 15

TRAVIS ASks A Personal Question... by Riley Wignall, illustration by Meng Tian Zhang


Reading week and midterms are long gone. That middle of semester scramble to complete projects, tests, and oral presentations has blown by and left us face-to-face with more finals in December. “But Travis,” you protest - as your pyramid of empties stops construction.“There’s got to be more to life than essays and deadlines.” We hear you Sheridan, loud and clear. We dared you to prove it with our latest personal question, how do you Get Loose? “What do you do to get loose?” I ask. She stares at me, and then bursts out laughing.“Do you realize how dirty that sounds?” Some gentle rephrasing might just be in order. Next.

“I go exploring, since I’m new here. I found this one place, well it’s kind of a secret. It’s this little graveyard, but not a graveyard. It’s cool, not as morbid as it sounds.” Right.

The gods of literature marked her for questioning, she was reading a book by my favourite author. She didn’t notice I’d been glancing at her for five minutes, and she probably wouldn’t any time soon. I clearly had no choice but to intervene, and catch her as she turned the page. “Uh, hi?” Smooth. I asked my question and she stared at me like I was insane, something I wouldn’t argue with. She held up the book, showing it like an offering. “This.” I should have seen it coming. No plot twist there.

Admitting that I write for Travis always feels as though I’m revealing some secret part of myself, like my superhero alter ego. I feel vulnerable, but it’s my free pass for weird encounters with strangers, or for strangers to question me. This guy hears me mention my secret life, and strikes up a conversation. We end up talking Sheridan’s GSA, some Monaghan’s controversy, and I had to ask.

Tim Hortons workers, they’re as much a part of Sheridan as the bookstore or long lines on pub night. Today is the day that I decide to pay tribute to them. I look down at my coffee - a medium with milk, two sweeteners. It slides across the counter into my waiting hands. “What do you do to relax, to get loose?” This coffee concocter, this muffin master, she looks at me and laughs. “I come to work. I see too many people.” Someone who enjoys Tim’s colossally long lines? That’s possible? They’re giving out free candy at the library book sale. They’re also giving out answers to personal questions. I happen to be in the business of asking. Over the array of neon gumballs and cubic caramels, I strike up a conversation. She’s in first year of Visual and Creative Arts, and like the Queen song, she likes to ride her bicycle.

Do you realize how dirty that sounds? “How do you get loose?” He watches science documentaries. No one can say we’re not a well-rounded bunch here at Sheridan. His friends call him Waffles. Actually, everyone calls him Waffles, even his teachers. He is sitting in the back seat of the car as it cruises up Trafalgar. He’s talking about the great newspaper storm of 2010 and how his girlfriend stopped it. Don’t ask. It’s nighttime, the street lights flash by and in the spirit of things I ask him the personal question. “I don’t know,” he said thoughtfully, “I guess I listen to music. I drive in my car and blast it. Like, club beats.” Party on Waffles. Party on. /travismag 17

Story by Michael Burton Photos by Kevin Bryan

We had the opportunity to hang out with one of the coolest and funniest TV personalities out there - Paul Lemieux of MTV Live. The catch, we didn’t go out for coffee or get drinks at some hot spot around town. We went to his parents’ house, hung out in his basement, and even met his family. How is that for getting loose?


is on for Sunday dinner, alongside Mrs. Lemieux’s homemade French fries. Maybe a house party after? A fancy bar? Nope. This is how Paul Lemieux gets loose – spending the weekend with his family in St. Catharines. “I don’t really like the going out scene, I just like to get away from the city. I grew up in the suburbs and it’s what I like,” Lemieux said sitting on a sofa in his parents’ basement. During the workweek, Lemieux is one of the hosts of MTV Live and is affectionately referred to as Paul The Intern. But Lemieux isn’t an intern anymore - in fact he hasn’t been an intern for quite some time. The name has stuck with him, despite being a full-time employee. It was back in February of 2006 that Lemieux had his first


interview with MTV, just after graduating from Niagara College. “I was very quiet. One of the guys didn’t want to hire me because he said I was too quiet. Luckily the two other girls in the interview liked me and it worked out.” Since then Lemieux has made an incredible impact on MTV and has had opportunities that would make just about every media student jealous. One of his first interviews was with Shia LaBeouf – an experience he remembers being incredibly nervous for. Since then he’s developed the unique ability to make just about any guest laugh on his own segment One On One. The list of people he’s interviewed is incredible, and audiences are falling in love with his unique breed of awkward humour.


“Over time you get comfortable with it and you realize they are just people and they do this every day. They probably are not going to remember you.” “But with One On One, it’s just a character. I feel that it’s not really me, so there is nothing to be nervous about. It just works, it’s weird,” he said. He’s interviewed the Jonas Brothers, had a goal scored on him by Patrick Roy, and even asked Ronnie OrtizMagro from Jersey Shore how the sex was in jail. Yet people are still asking him when he’s going to get paid. He’s wearing a plaid dress shirt tucked neatly into his pants with his hands folded on his lap. He’s got a big smile on his face that’s simple and honest. He’s just a nice dude from St. Catharines. He doesn’t have a giant ego, he’s just an incredibly kind and quiet guy. Lemieux is coming out to Sheridan despite his fears of club life on Nov. 25 as the closing event of our Movember festivities. He is going to take this opportunity to get loose with us. But right now, on this lazy Sunday afternoon the only thing on his mind is hot tub lounging, family dinner, and watching some football. This is getting loose at its finest. Between all this, Lemieux explained how he went from an everyday intern, to a regular personality on MTV. “I kind of had a bond with one teacher at school. He actually got me the interview with them, he got me in the door,” he said. “That was right around the time MTV was launching, I didn’t even hear about it. He knew I had an interest in music and he thought it would be a good fit for me.” “I think I got lucky enough because I started at a time when MTV was short staffed. I just did what I had to do, but I guess people noticed my work ethic. For a kid fresh out of school I consider myself pretty lucky. I don’t think a lot of kids get that opportunity. I didn’t really want to be

on camera, it kind of happened. So I’m going to ride with it for now.” Lemieux is just a normal guy, and not even five years ago he was in the same spot that every student is going to face once we graduate. Finding work, making an impact on the industry – it might be a little scary, but sooner or later you’re going to have to leave Sheridan. You can all relate to his story. He took a simple internship and turned it into a career. “Its hard to be quiet but noticeable,” Lemieux said. “There is a fine balance between wanting it too much, and going out of your way to really do anything yourself. Take initiative, you got to find the balance so you can do your own thing but other people will notice. At the beginning of the first couple years there was nothing I wouldn’t do, but I try to still do whatever. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who won’t do anything anymore.” “I’ll get naked as much as they want me to, or go out in drag,” he said. Despite all the ridiculous things he’s said and done on television, his father Michael Lemieux is incredibly proud of all his accomplishments. “Who has a job that you can laugh all day and get paid?” his father said. “I think he’s doing fine, he’s having a good time.” For now Lemieux is going to keep pushing forward at MTV and ride what he has created for himself. Where he will be in five or ten years, he has no clue. “It doesn’t feel like a job when I walk through the doors, and that’s a nice feeling. It’s not like going to the grocery store to stack tomatoes.” His advice to anyone who wants a job in a competitive industry such as television - work hard. “Find something that you like and stick to it. People will notice you. You don’t have to go too far out of your way to show them who you are.” “They’ll just know, and everything will work out in the end.”t

...OR GO OUT IN DRAG /travismag 21


by Michael Burton



tudents might not appreciate the long hours and hard work that goes into putting on a college event. Pub nights, concerts, and karaoke – all these things take a whole bunch of effort. It gets even more complicated when the SU puts on one of the best events you will see on any college campus in Canada. So You Think You Can Dance Sheridan is the most anticipated Sheridan event of the year. It involves lights, stagehands, cameras, and most importantly dance. But how did this event grow into what it is today? Chuck Erman – our very own Events and Programming Manager is the man behind the mystery. He is the reason this event has such an incredible reputation, and he's the glue that holds the entire evening together. “The event came to life when I first came to Sheridan,” Erman said. “There was a group of kids that would set up in the commons or in the bus loop and start break dancing. A whole group of kids usually formed around them. We realized there was a culture for dance at this campus, especially with our theatre program.” “So we decided to create an event that showcases this talent at Sheridan,” he said. This is the third and final year that Sheridan will be seeing this spectacular event. For one single night of work, the preparation involved usually takes about eight weeks of planning.

“It’s an event that is unique,” Erman said. “It’s something that is hard to explain, you just have to come.” “We’re trying to build the experience for the dancers and students that get to perform to such a huge stage. It’s something that no other campus will have because it was created by us.” Set to perform on the evening alongside the competition is the A2D2 dance crew. For the judges panel expect Tre Armstrong from So You Think You Can Dance Canada, as well as Sheridan’s own Gillian Saunders from the theatre program. “If you’re just a fan of dance you’re coming to see a show, you’re not just seeing students participating, you’re seeing them on a huge scale. It’s something for everyone. Anyone that has come in the last two years can’t believe that it was actually at Connexion,” Erman said. The grand prize of the event is $1,000, with second and third walking away with $300 and $200 respectively. “We want to showcase talent and the people who are passionate about dance and take it seriously,” he said. “It’s the last year, if you want to see what everyone has been talking about it’s the last chance to come see it. You don’t want to miss it.” The big day is Nov. 23 so get your tickets as soon as possible. We’d love to see who at Sheridan thinks they can dance. t

THIS IS THE 3rd & FINAL YEAR... /travismag 23

photography by Luis Mora, style by Luis Mora &

Here is your dosage of Travis fashion, by students, for students. Fashion is an expression, and there are a good bunch of students at Sheridan that have seriously good tastes in clothing. Like what you see? Pick this stuff

up at Flat Spot, Surf Paradise, 220 King. While you're there, take a look at some of the styles and brands they’ve been working with for this season. Layers are cool this year, as well as keeping warm. We’re going to go

with stuff that you can wear comfortably outside, without freezing your fingers off. Go ahead, get loose, go shopping and pick up something you actually like this holiday season. t

Flat Spot Skate Shop 222 King St. West, Hamilton ON

Surf Paradise 678 Guelph Line, Burlington ON

#220 King 220 King St. West, Hamilton, ON

( Nike SB, Vans, Converse )

( Obey, WESC, Deathwish, Life Time, Comune )

( Insight51, WESC, Brixton ) | 905.527.7217 | 905.639.2925 | 289.389.1817


sweater Zara $100 shirt Lauren Moshi $98 jeans BDG $60 boots Spring $60

Sean Andrew First Year Photography jacket Gap $69 shirt Gap $19 scarf Gap $29 jeans Gap: $79 shoes Gap $69 After a long week of school and work I'm really into spontaneous nights out with friends, having drinks, and listening to good music. The easiest way of getting loose after a long week is just being able to hang with friends.



$45 Brixton




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Steph Martyniuk First Year Photography pants H&M $14 shirt Jacob $45 jacket Aritzia $110 boots Aldo $120 rings Forever 21, BCBG, vintage necklace Stoneridge I'm juggling school, working a part time job, and playing on the varsity volleyball team this year. There's nothing I' d rather do than relax, sink into bed with a white tea, and watch a good episode of Hellcats. /travismag 29

Drew Grav-Graham First Year Photography hoodie H&M $39 plaid shirt H&M $29 I really get stoked for hitting the gym, the rock climbing gym that is. Climbing is one of the things that lets me escape, because you have to be focused mentally, and physically.




$49 $59

Old Navy



Death Wish


Life Time Undefeated

$34 $32


Nike SB



$149 /travismag 31

H&M Urban Outfitters

$39 $62

Coolway American Eagle


Dr. Martens


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Neffy American Eagle


American Eagle




Anielika Sykes First Year Photography sweater second hand $5 shirt H&M $20 boots Steve Madden $130 I bought a baby leopard over the break. There's nothing better than coming home, getting loose with her, and watching some HBO. /travismag 33

A Random Number of Words ABOUT CULTURE



I think we all know that people Photoshop their Facebook pictures, but is it wrong? Maybe we are more sick and twisted than the last generation. Or are things just changing for the worst? The blind date is dead. Hell, dating is dead. It is survived by an about me section, a true to life profile picture, and a relationship status. I sat down with University of Guelph Human Sexuality Researcher, Amy Muise to talk about the death of traditional dating. She knows sex, relationships, and all that fun stuff in between. She sees how social networking is dramatically changing the game of sex, and relationships. “On Facebook, people have to stay somewhat close to their true selves, but often we put our best foot forward,” she said. My mind instantly went to a picture I saw of a girl who had altered her chest size to the point that the surrounding doorframe became liquefied. Photoshop does wonders these days. It was awkward to look at. I couldn’t help but wonder what good can come from putting your profile picture through the Photoshop ringer. The reason - Facebook is shallow, and Western culture would rather medicate poor self-esteem issues than solve the problem. We don’t add strangers based on the fact that we both have cats, or we both like the same movies. They look good and that in itself is enough to break down the barriers of privacy settings. Let’s face it, we do tend to spruce ourselves up a bit for some extra online attention. But is it a bad thing? One survey from Men’s Health Magazine said that of the 3,000 people they talked to, 23 per cent have said that they sent a friend request to an attractive stranger. Depending on how people react to these friend requests, you could be labelled a cyber stalker, or get asked out on a date. But chances are that you’ll fall into the first category, because you didn’t work up the guts to start a real conversation. That’s what normal people should do.

Facebook creepers are like Russian nesting dolls. They come out from under the virtual woodwork. Somewhere between manipulating your boob size and giving yourself a digital nose job, your friend request button is actually getting more action than you are. Digitally altering yourself into an unrecognizable state is only setting you up for embarrassment, and your new friend will be disappointed. It’s about expectations versus reality, and away from the screen reality will always win. Plus there’s that fear of the awkwardness you will experience when you’re discovered as a Facebook creep. It’s a heavy load to bear.

Your friend request button is getting more action than you are One fabricated face going out with another, a Mexican standoff between two really good-looking people. They are both trying to figure out exactly which part of you will show up on Friday night. I was even approached over Facebook for a job in which I would be paid $50 for 15 minutes of work. It sounded fantastic - so I replied in my most professional writing voice and accepted. Turns out it was for a foot fetish website. I was requested to step in a slice of cake. I like cake, so I checked it out. When I figured out what was going on, I quickly withdrew my acceptance. Case

in point - Facebook eliminates any sense of intimidation, and that’s frightening. Because of photo altering software and the anonymity of the Internet, we have the ability to play with different identities. I could live vicariously through a Megan Fox clone, but I’m not really into brunettes. This becomes an issue when some poor sap on the other end starts to like your alter ego. He’s at the meet my mom stage, and you’re just soaking up the sweet rays of attention. I was reading The Internet Dating Guide where they list this little gem as a pro to the digital blind date. “It can be fun. Imagine meeting a millionaire?” Yes that does sound fun. But imagine your physical self meeting that millionaire. He doesn’t live in that bazillion dollar mansion. He’s in his mother’s granny suite, has back-pimples, and is really good with Photoshop. Disappointed yet? That same Men’s Health survey said that Facebook releases everyone’s “inner freaks.” If the above-mentioned foot-in-cake story isn’t proof, maybe the fact that 5 per cent of respondents have used Facebook as the middleman for cheating. “I think that it makes the booty call much easier,” said Amy Muise. “It is definitely less intimidating to message someone than to actually call them for hookups or dates.” I’ll agree that it’s easier, but cyber sex will never trump the real thing. And as a girl, I can attest that we don’t like virtual pokes. We like dinner, coffee, and lame jokes. Men like that sort of stuff too right? So boys - for next time, poke numbers into a phone and have a real conversation, followed by the aforementioned dinner. But if things get too real, keep in mind you will always have the de-friend button. t /travismag 35




by Jenn McBride & Two Creative Little Minds, illustrated by Taryn Gee & Gabriel Sapienza


TO BE CONTINUED... /travismag 37

healtH & nutrition by Jaclyn Arduini Kinesiologist, 3rd year Athletic Therapy, illustrations by Drew Shannon

Every one knows that the holiday season is the worst time of year to maintain your weight and fitness level. Here are some simple things that you can do with friends and family to try to keep those holiday pounds off. Remember that energy in, is energy out. Try keeping active enough so that you can break even on the scale once January hits. I know it seems a little crazy, but don’t just abandon your workout routine when Santa comes along. And yes, hitting the dance floor is a great way to burn off those winter pounds. Well, as long as you’re drinking like a responsible adult. And we all know you’re doing that.

38 /travismag 39

When Getting Loose Goes Too Far by Chloe Fox

The legal majority of us have let go of all safety measures and allowed the consumption of alcohol take us into a world of our own. At the time, it’s a blast. You’re fighting a serious battle with non-living objects, almost everything is hilarious, and you’re on a serious mission to keep the walls from falling down. So how do we know when we’ve gotten too loose? This is when getting loose goes wrong.

The Beer Goggles People say that when you’re drunk you find others more attractive, giving you a fuzzy image through your very own “beer goggles.” I mean sure, being less shallow is something everyone should take into consideration. But when you wake up next to someone who resembles the Elephant Man, that’s a dilemma.

Reality Becomes No More You may be too loose if alcohol has an impact on your opinion of reality. Jumping down a flight of stairs sounds amazing when you think you can fly. But as your feet hit the ground and your bones pierce your skin, you just may begin to rethink this.

The Hangover No not the movie. The thing about drinking is we tend to forget the science involved with our bodies. Yes, you will feel it the next morning, and that is always a sign that you’ve gone too far. Go ahead, get some greasy breakfast.

The Work Christmas Party Disaster The one place where you shouldn’t be too loose is at your employer’s Christmas party. Getting loose can be a good thing, when done in proportion. Just don’t kiss one of the cashiers again. I swear it’s not a good idea.

You Actually Woke Up Feeling Like P.Diddy What does that even mean? But for the individuals who understand this phrase – you’ve learnt your lesson. You shouldn’t even be listening to Ke$ha anyways.


WHAT MOVES YOU Break away from ordinary. Scion has arrived with a new family of cars made for self-expression. With loads of ways to customize your Scion, we’ve given you the means. The next step is yours. Visit Oakville Scion today.




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tC THE 2011 SCION xD, xB, tC




Vehicles shown are special project cars, modified with non-Genuine Scion parts, accessories and colours. Modifications with these non-Genuine Scion parts or accessories will void the Scion warranty, may negatively impact vehicle performance and safety and may not be street legal.

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How do you get loose? We asked a few people, including Paul Lemieux from MTV! We also interview the top ranked Rockband Drummer in the whole...