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Educational Market

Lighting Design

A revolution in home wiring systems.

A new market experience for sellers and buyers.

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Re Volt


Almost all of our electronic devices can now be run off of low volt DC power. Cell phones, computers, power tool battery chargers, LED lighting, and even some larger products like microwaves have been designed to run off of low volt DC. Most homeowners are terriďŹ ed to do electrical work themselves, especially when dealing with cutting into their walls and tampering with 120 volt equipment, but that can now all change. Hardwiring for plugs and devices can be safe and easy, and Re-Volt is here to make that happen!

Voltage necessities in various rooms of the c ommon home.


Electricians install Re-Volt electrical box before drywalling is added



Low Volt Outlet


High voltage 120-220 v

M ixed voltage 5-220v

Low voltage 5-24v

High Voltage AC Cord

Embedded Low Voltage Cord

Low Voltage DC Cord

Drywallers use punch to mark out where wall can be cut out for transformer

Initial Research After putting together a comprehensive book of my research involving all aspects of residential systems, structures, trends, and history, three major elements of my findings began to peak my interest. I decided to pursue physical and systematic designs that would aid homeowners in difficult renovations, create a stronger bond between the contractor and the homeowner, and incorporate elements of DIY and emerging technologies.


Focus on main elements of New Housing Era Ease of Do It Yourself

Rebounding Real Estate Market

Ease of DIY

The New Housing Era

Access to

Access to Emerging Emerging Technologies Technologies Overdue National Rebuild

Lower disconnect between main stakeholders in residential system

Focus on most difficult renovation types that involves behind drywall work.




Tape Measurer Multi-tool

Drywall Multi-tool

Drywall Dust Collector

Outlet Box Cutting Jig

Sconce Box Cutting Jig

Inner Wall Access “Door” Cutting Jig


Drywall Fasteners



Dremel router attachment

USB with attached LED and Resistor

Borer for cord groove

Wire Input


1st Electrical Prototype

2nd Electrical Prototype

Thermostat Wire

5 Volt DC Transformer

24 Volt AC Doorbell Transformer


Final Prototypes Dremel

Used to cut groove in drywall for embedding of thin low voltage wire

Low Volatge Transformer

Takes common 120 volts alternating current and transforms it down to safe 12 volts direct current

Re-Volt Electrical Box

No need to touch 120 volts

Provides track for transformer to slide onto and easily make connection with 120 volt nodes

All 120 volt parts are built into the transformer and Re-Volt electrical box and connect when the two are joined.

120 Volt Nodes

Hardwired into transformer

Re-Volt Outlet

Designed to hold weight easily install electrical cord and allow plugs to plugin with ease.

5 Volt DC USB Outlet

Plugs into Re-Volt Outlet and uses 5 volt resistor to step 12 volts down to 5 volts for various electronics charging

5 Volt Resistor

Re-Volt Sconce Plugin

Provides halogen like lighting as well as tracks to easily change out different styles of sconces

120 Volt Nodes

Secure hang for slide on cover

Tracks allow any sconce cover made for the Re-Volt system to slide on, stay secure, and change the mood of a room.


Please watch the 1 minute Re-Volt concept video at

Educational Market


Project Brief

My Objective

Design a market in downtown Syracuse that reflects the surrounding programs of the city and creates a new form of market experience.

Create an educational environment that plays with the speed of the circulation to accentuate various programs throughout the space. Use the structural elements to form modular pieces that the booth tennants and visitors can interact with, as well as support a second floor of catwalks that visitors can use to look down onto the activities, demonstrations, and galleries below.

11 11


Upper left: Blue highlights catwalks. Gold highlights educational areas that catwalk users can view. Red highlights circulation paths to direct catwalk traffic through educational area. Upper Right: Blue highlights structural elements that hold catwalks, as well as manipulates circulation speeds by their various thickness and length. Bottom Left: Colors indicate three major program zones, the exterior layer being booths, the second layer being exhibit/ gallery spaces, and the interior layer being a free zone as well as seating for events. Bottom Right: Shows catwalk layout on site.

On each exhibit space, a garage door like mechanism can be lifted in order to extend the space into the free zone as well as open the space up for large events and performances. When the door is down it can also be used as a screen for projections, lighting elements or curtains for theater or musical acts.

Strcutural pieces allow booths to be customized by the tennants. Various divider pieces can slide in and out of tracks to allow for more space, storage elements, lighting change, and privacy.



Lighting Design


Salt Works Lamp

Built with locally sourced reclaimed wood from Syracuse, this lamp was designed to accentuate the beautiful grain and unique solid wood like construction. With a soft underglow and a wide ceiling array, this lamp is perfect for bedrooms or accents in relaxing settings. This lamp was chosen by Salt Works Inc of Syracuse for further prototyping with the intention of becoming a future sales item.

Only 4 jigs needed to construct lamp.


Prana Lamps

Prana Lamps is a small batch lighting design business I recently created. This lamp was the first company design with a finalized production process. The base is made from pine and the shade is made from drafting mylar. This lamp was inspired by Japanese lanterns and traditional shaker furniture.

1st Prototype

Finalized Design

Sculamp The Sculamp is a sculptural interactive ambient mood light that allows you to play with the way the shade illuminates a room. This product was the outcome of a small batch manufacturing project that challenged teams of four to start a mock small batch company from scratch, focusing on market research, material sourcing, production processes, material waste management, and client collaboration.





Production Proces




Phonoform The Phonoform is a hand made 30 plus piece functional sculpture inspired by the experimental composition “Friendly Foliage� by Masonic Meadows. The song takes unique sounds and builds them into harmonies that one would not expect. The Phonoform reflects this unique joining of sound and the element of surprise. When opened, the Phonoform reveals a speaker that automatically plays music as well as a volume dial.

Volume Control



Salt Works Chair

This chair was also built with reclaimed wood for Salt Works Inc. The inspiration for this design came from the forms of adirondack chairs as well as various modern furniture pieces. Throughout the chair you will find unique joinery, angles, and structural elements.

Half Lap Joint

Prototype 1

Prototype 2

Speech Table

Hand Made Custom Sliding Door Mechanism

Hand built using 10 types of hardwoods.

Edge Glued Solid Hardwood Table Top

Hand Chiseled Wood Inlay

Dovetail Joints



Lathed Mahogany handle, brass tube rivets, and hand cut copper, brass, and nickle-silver pieces joined with hand made copper rivets.

Mahogany and maple, hand formed and cut brass and copper pieces joined by rivets, brass tube rivets, and lapis stone.


Mahogany and maple, hand formed brass and copper pieces joined by solder, a steel spring, and brass tube rivets.

Wax investment casted brass, hand cut and formed copper, blue enameled copper, threaded steel, and brass tube rivets.

Hand sculpted wax investment casted ring base, and a red enameled copper top joined by a copper rivet.

Hand sculpted wax investment casted brass, and red enameled copper joined by copper rivets.

Meditation Pagoda



Building Blocks Nearly infinite ways the blocks can fit together!

Building Block

Dado Jig

Hardware Design The objective of this project was to produce a mixed media experimental hardware piece. This hinge like object is made from maple, welded steel, and bent aluminum bar. The steel handle can slide back and forth with rubber band recoil, while the maple panel and joined bent aluminum bar can swivel 180 degrees, locking with the steel handle at three points.


Aluminum and Silicone Casting



Digital Fabrication

Functional Tile: Wall Fruit Squeezer The ojective of this project was to design and physically produce a functional tile set. My approach was to move away from the common rectiliniar froms, and design interlocking tiles that would only look complete once they were joined with others in the set. The function of the tiles is an on the wall fruit juicer. Once the Rhino file was complete, renderings were done using Keyshot, and a mold was produced using a CNC machine.


.50 .31 .03 .27 .13 .06




.06 .13



.63 .06 .05 .08

.08 .06 .07

.25 .75














.11 .14



.22 .11

.11 .14


.22 .11 .02

.02 .06








.25 .23 .13


.06 .03


.31 .55




Flip Camera Cover Reproduction The objective of this project was to reproduce an intricate piece of a product. Using Solidworks, I was able to perfectly copy the front cover of a flip camera, and then produce the physical piece using a 3D printer. Using Solidwork’s automatic drafting funtion, I was able to quickly produce detailed plans of the cover, while using Keyshot to make high quality renderings.

.02 .02

.11 .14


.05 .06

The Energy Baton This was a project done in collaboration with Three Birds, a non-profit company focusing on K-12 alternative energy education, and MESA, an after school engineering program at the University of Maryland. The overall objective for this project was to design various interactive exhibits and activities that could educate across multiple age groups. Along with being a major contributor to the project, I was tasked with designing and fabricating the “Energy Baton�, a device that represents the amount of energy produced from the various alternative energy stations, using an embedded variable brightness LED strip. The base and two ends of the baton were fabricated in Solidworks and then 3D printed. The baton was specifically designed to be easily disassembled for the addition of the components MESA installed. Our designed educational system has sparked an international design competition promoting education for alternative energies, and has greatly promoted Three Birds.



SW Thank you for your consideration! Silas Wallerstein 603.244.6550

Portfolio 2014 Silas Wallerstein  
Portfolio 2014 Silas Wallerstein