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Kerala the most desired Tourist Destination The seventh edition of Kerala Travel Mart brings together the business fraternity and entrepreneurs behind the tourism products and services of Kerala. Anagha P

The lush green valleys, emerald backwaters, exotic wildlife and the colours of the enchanting art forms of Kerala has made it one of the most desired tourist destination in Asia. To promote God’s Own Country as Asia’s new age destination and India’s most popular tourism brand, KTM 2012, the largest tourism event in the subcontinent, brings together the business fraternity and entrepreneurs behind the tourism products and services of Kerala


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



in seventh edition which would be held at Le Meridien Convention Centre, Kochi from September 27 to 30.

first-hand experience of the destination. “KTM is one of its kinds with a unique public-private partnership. Through this

In its seventh year, KTM expects to host

biennial event it would present Kerala

close to 900 delegates from 50 coun-

– God’s Own Country to the world to

tries free of cost. This largest gathering

promote it as Asia’s new age destina-

is designed, planned and scheduled to

tion,” said N Prashanth IAS, MD, KTDC.

facilitate meetings involving Buyers, Sellers, Media, Government Agencies and others. Besides Seminars, Press meets, Post-Mart FAM Tours and cultural evenings, it gives the participant a

According to the officials, KTM 2012 will be one of the biggest tourism event, as the number of domestic buyers who have registered has doubled from the

“We are expecting buyers from almost 50 countries, a majority of them from Germany. The largest number of domestic buyers would be from Gujarat, Delhi and Mumbai” Riaz Ahmed General Convener and President KTM Society T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


October 2012


The Kerala Travel Mart (KTM), a biennial expo to promote Brand Kerala, will be held at Le Meridien Convention Centre, Ernakulam from September 27 to 30. In its seventh year, KTM expects to host close to 900 delegates from 50 countries free of cost Mr. A.P. Anil Kumar Chief Patron- KTM H’ble Minister for Tourism

response recorded at the last KTM. “We are very much excited. KTM is becoming bigger and bigger. For KTM 2012 we have a rough budget of more

home-stay, hotels, specialty hospital, resorts, travel agents, adventure tour operators and other specialized travel packages.

than Rs. 15 crore. Hotels in and around

At KTM 2012, there will be 108 tables,

Kochi have set aside 800 rooms, free

296 modules and 12 houseboat parking

of cost, to accommodate the guests.


We are also having a post-mart tour for all interested buyers to the properties they wish to see,” said Riaz Ahmed, president, KTM.

KTM, launched in 2000 has been conducting this grand event for the last twelve years with the participation of Buyers from around 50 countries and

The KTM Society has 599 members

other parts of India. Each Mart sees

in the state with profiles that include

about 1000 selected Buyers who come

airlines, ayurveda centres, farm-stay,

into contact with around 300 Sellers.

“In KTM international buyers, sellers, and domestic travel agents will participate. We aspire to provide them a fabulous experience,” E M Najeeb Vice Chairman, KTM.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M




“Kerala will emerge soon as the most sought after travel destination in the world.” As the state gears up to host Kerala Travel Mart for the seventh time, Metro Mart catches up with N Prashanth IAS, Managing Director of KTDC who is also the Vice Chairman of KTM, to find out what new developments are taking place in God’s Own Country. Anagha P

Kerala is currently ranked amongst the top 10 destinations in the world. What makes Kerala such a popular destination? Kerala evokes a lot of excitement in the minds of people around the globe. The greenery, backwaters, sandy beaches, wilderness and the friendly nature of Keralites are the elements that appeals tourists. Trivandrum is one among the most attractive spot in Kerala. Being the capital city, it has a lot to offer the visitors. It is a very ancient city where every nook


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



and corner of it has some history to say. There are temples, palaces, beaches and hills, which attracts all kinds of travelers. What are the initiatives planned by KTDC to get more visitors to Trivandrum in the coming year? We have hotels and guest houses in all the popular spots of the city. In Ponmudi, we have Golden Peak, Mascot in the heart of the city, Chaithram near the Railway station are some of them. Right now all our ventures are under

N Prashanth IAS Managing Director, KTDC

renovation. We are upgrading our existing facilities. We wish to oer a thrilling experience to every guest who checks



October 2012


in to KTDC projects. The introduction of seaplane would be the most amazing initiative that we could offer for our clients. With the support of the government we would be able to launch this project soon. Providing a scenic seaplane tour would entice tourists. What are the new projects planned by KTDC to excite

takes first steps to offer better facilities


for the tourists. Hence, we now focus

We are opening a new restaurant in Mascot - ‘Coffee Gate’ with unique vari-

those areas which are not so popular but worth visiting.

eties of new generation snack foods like

The State Government has made exten-

burger and kebabs. I am sure this would

sive plan for KTM-2012. How does this

be better than most of the coffee shops

benefit Kerala?

in the city.

A power-packed event, KTM 2012 will

We have collaborated with Central

have buyer-seller interactive sessions,

Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT),

panel discussions, knowledge-sharing

Kochi and they have developed 25

sessions, networking dinners and FAM

varieties of ‘Fish Maid’ products under

trips. By adopting the Public Private

the project, “Responsible Harvesting

Partnership (PPP) model we would

and Utilisation of Selected Small Pelag-

boost Kerala tourism. Through KTM

ics and Fresh water fishes.” This will be

2012 the tourism sector in Kerala will

offered to the food lovers.

showcase its services to the global

KTDC has also decided to have new projects in Muzhappilangad, Alappuzha, Bakel, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Chennai.

travel industry. Kerala, the God’s own country, our product will be presented to the world. KTM 2012 will promote Kerala as Asia’s new age destination and India’s most popular tourism brand.

We always want to be the first one who


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M





Thiruvananthapuram The sandy beaches, long stretches of palm fringed shorelines, breezy backwaters, historic monuments and rich cultural heritage embraces sightseers across the world to Trivandrum. The city also holds the pride of the culture and heritage of Kerala. Here one can ďŹ nd lavish malls in the bustle of the town which would entertain


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



The capital city of God’s Own Country – Thiruvananthapuram, the southernmost district of Kerala carries a wealth of history and an abundance of tourism and recreation activities.

Anagha P the youth and also ancient landmarks

beauty of Trivandrum makes it an ideal

that narrates the past. Home to fasci-

destination for nature lovers and adven-

nating beaches and grandiose palaces,

ture bus alike.

there are many tourist destinations in Trivandrum that make a tour of the city a fascinating experience.

For all the globetrotters who land in this amazing city, Metro Mart provides you a brief details about the must see tourist

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the

destinations in Trivandrum which would

west and the state of Tamil Nadu in the

make a tour of the city a fascinating

east and the Western Ghats, the exotic




October 2012


Must See Spots Museum and Zoo

Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple

An architectural splendour located in the heart of the city in the midst of greenery. The Napier Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Reptile House and the Shri Chitra Art Gallery are all within the Zoo complex amidst a well This enchanting temple is one among

laid-out garden and park. There is a lake

the 108 sacred Vishnu shrines in India,

and a boat club jointly operated by the

the presiding deity in here is Lord Vishnu

Department of Museums and Zoos and

reclining on Anantha the serpent. The

the District Tourism Promotion Council.

pure Dravidian style of architecture, stone carvings and mural painting of the temple attracts tourists of all categories

The Museum offer glimpses of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. The museum

to the temple. Kuthiramalika Palace Museum The palace was built by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma - the King of Travancore, who was a great poet, musician, social reformer and statesman. This rare specimen of workmanship in the traditional Travancore style of architecture also has exquisite wood carvings. The museum hosts a rare collection

showcases an excellent collection of bronzes, historic ornaments, ivory carvings and chariots, and life-size figurines of the Kathakali dancers in full costume. The zoo offers a rare opportunity for

of mannequins, paintings, mirrors,

the visitors to experience an unparalleled, picturesque and panoramic sylvan landscape with a wide range of animal collections. The zoo has 75 different species of animals not only from India but also from abroad. chandeliers, furniture and other items. The royal thrones in ivory and Bohemian Crystal makes for few of the most attractive pieces of art in the museum.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


The Sree Chithra Art Gallery located near the Napier Museum displays paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Svetlova and Nicholas Roerich and exquisite works


from the Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore

ter of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

schools of Art In India.

The museum displays dolls, masks and

The Science & Technology Museum: One of the most informative and edu-

paintings. Padmanabhapuram Palace The palace which was once the seat of the rulers of Travancore is now a part of the Western coast of Tamil Nadu. Located in 65km south-east of Thiruvananthapuram, this historical monument

cating spot in the city. Located about 100m west of the Mascot Hotel, the Museum is open from 10am to 5pm daily and entry is Rs.2. Priyadarshini Planetarium The 40 minutes special shows on universe screened at the Planetarium

reminds us of Kerala’s rich heritage and history. Koyikkal Palace: It is one of the most ancient palaces and features traditional Kerala architectural style with slanting roofs and a court-

amuses the visitors. The planetarium

yard within. This palace also has two

also offers a view of night sky at any

museums called the Folklore museum

given time and of any desired place in past and in future within a time span of 12500 years. With a seating capacity of 184 people, the museum is an equal favorite of children, adults and scholars of cosmology. Chacha Nehru Children’s Museum

and the Numismatics museum. The

The children’s museum, at Thycaud, has

Folklore museum houses a wide range

been named after the first prime minis-

of musical instruments and models of



October 2012


folk arts and the Numismatics museum has an astonishing set of ancient coins gathered from dierent places. Kovalam Beach

the ingredients for relaxation and for spending an ideal evening. The sculpture of Jalakanyaka - Mermaid by Kanayi Kunhiraman is an added attraction. Azhimala Beach The thick coconut groves and the silver splashes from the emerald sea make Kovalam an exotic location to relax. This globally popular beach is just 16 kms away from the city. The light house beach, Hawah Beach and the Samudra beach are three parts of the famous Kovalam beach. The boundless blue

The silent sandy beach residing near to

waters of the Arabian Sea and miles of

Kovalam is around 20 km from Trivan-

white sands washed away by the surf at

drum city. Azhimala is known for the

the feet of the stalwart palms and the

Ayurvedic Resorts. The Azhimala Devi

rocky promontories, makes this beach

temple besides the beach is a fascinat-


ing view.

Shanghumugham Beach


The ideal ocean spray of Kerala, the Shanghumugham Beach is very near to the International Airport and is easily accessible from the Kovalam Beach, Veli Tourist Village and Akkulam Tourist Village. The vast stretch of white sand and the serene atmosphere, away from

About 2 km south of Kovalam, Vizhinjam

the hustle bustle of the city, provide all

is a ďŹ shing harbour, with a light house.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



The Portuguese have built a church in

Samadhi of Sree Narayana Guru, the

Vizhinjam near to the sea shore, which

great social reformer and philosopher,

is still functional and is referred as the

attracts devotees in thousands. The

Old Vizhinjam Church. It is located in the

clis and mineral water springs at the

Vizhinjam ďŹ shing harbour area.

Papanasam beach are tourist attrac-

Veli Tourist village

tions. Thiruvallam

The tourist village set on the outskirts

En route to Kovalam, this serene back-

of Trivandrum by the side of the placid

water stretch is famous for its Canoe

waters of Veli lake attracts the tourists.

Ride. There is an ancient temple here

The boat club provides facilities for

on the banks of the Karamana River,

pedal-boating, row boating, swimming

which is dedicated to the Trimurthis of

and get together.

the Hindu pantheon. A shrine of Para-


surama, built entirely of granite is found in this temple. Akkulam

Varkala is a pilgrim centre and a tourist

One of the most popular picnic spot

attraction that lies 41 km north of Trivan-

in the city, Akkulam is developed on

drum city by rail and 51 km by road. The

the banks of Akkulam Lake, which is



October 2012


an extension of the Veli Lake. The calm and serene atmosphere and its natural beauty are a fascination for tourists. The Boat Club, which started functioning in 1989, now operates speed, safari, pedal and row boats from Akkulam to Veli Tourist Village. A traditional style

Lion Safari Park, Crocodile Rearing

Kettuvallam(house boat) is available

Centre, boating and mountaineering fa-

for overnight stay. The swimming pool

cilities would thrill the travelers. Neyyar

at Akkulam is equipped with glider and

dam has now become a popular picnic

other playing facilities. The Children’s

spot which is just 32 kms away from the

Park is a unique amusement spot and

city. The panoramic view of the moun-

has several new rides that have been

tains and the lake would be a delightful

included recently.

visual which one can cherish forever.

Meenmutti and Kombaikani Waterfalls

Aruvikkara Dam

The global tourists would love to visit

This picturesque picnic spot is on the

the two magnificent waterfalls on the

banks of the Karamana River. Aruvik-

upper reaches of the Neyyar reservoir.

kara Reservoir is known for its scenic

A trek of two kilometers, through dense

beauty which provides the tourists a

forests, would take one to Meenmutty

relaxing and cooling ambience just 16

Falls, and a further two km, to the Kom-

kms away from the heart of the city.

baikani waterfalls.


Neyyar Dam

Peppara located 50 kms away from

Hills, valleys and the transparent water

the city is emerging as a big attraction

bodies give a spectacular experience for

to wildlife enthusiasts and ornitholo-

the nature lovers at Neyyar Dam. The

gists. It was established in 1938 over an

Dam is located across the Neyyar river

area of 53 km² on the Western Ghats.

flowing south of Thiruvananthapuram.

Elephants, sambars, leopards, lion-tailed


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



Visit’ places in India by the ‘National Geographic Traveller’. This exotic island is now a high-in-demand tourist destination of India. Poovar is admired for its estuaries, lakes, rivers and beaches overflowing with the pristine beauty of nature. macaques and cormorants are com-

Santhigiri Ashram Santhigiri Ashram situated amidst of syl-

monly seen here.

van surroundings at Pothencode, 21 kms


away from Thiruvananthapuram, the

The foggy hills in Ponmudi would spread

capital city of Kerala. Santhigiri Ashram,

a cool breeze to beat the scorching heat

founded by Navajyothisree Karunakara

of the city. As the hills come awake you

Guru is well known for its spirituality beyond Religion and traditional Indian Medical treatment systems. White Lotus which has been built as the sacred monument for Karunakara Guru

can begin a pleasurable exploration

is a superb place to

of the wooded paths. The visitors can


enjoy trekking, bird watching and the charming deer park.

Agastyakoodam It is one of the highest peaks in the


Western Ghat at a height of more

Poovar, located 38 km from Trivandrum

than 1800 meters in the shape of a

has been named as one of the ‘50 Must

sharp cone. The place is noted for its abundant ayurvedic herbs and medicinal


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



plants. Another major attraction of this

Balaramapuram is famous for its hand-

magnificent peak is the Neelakurinji,

spun cloth. Weaving is a cottage indus-

a flower which blooms only once in

try here with cooperative activity. It is 13

twelve years. Located at the eastern

km south of the city towards Kanyaku-

side of Trivandrum, this peak is an ideal

mari on National Highway 47.

place for trekking and commands wonderful vistas of the surroundings. Balaramapuram

Kanyakumari Kanyakumari is located in the tip of India, where the three seas, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean get united. It is aka Cape Comorin and is located at a distance of 87 km from Trivandrum. Lakhs of tourists, round the year are lured by the serene beauty of this place and the spectacles of sunrise and sunset. Though sunrise can be

How would you like to travel? AIR Thiruvananthapuram international airport is connected by flights from major cities in India and abroad. RAIL Thiruvananthapuram is a major railheadconnecting several important cities and places in India

viewed throughout the year, sunset is


sea there are two rocks known as ‘twin

Thiruvananthapuram is connected by good motorable roads to all places in South India.

rocks’ both contributing to the rich

Thiruvananthapuram is: 708 km from Chennai 253 km from Thekkady

visible only from October 15 to March 15 from this southernmost tip. Amidst the

Indian heritage with the monuments of Swamy Vivekananda and Saint Thiruvalluvar. Visit, explore and enjoy. Relish the warmth and uniqueness of the city and

220 km from Kochi

make it a part of your heartbeat. You

523 km from Thanjavur

will find a distinct travel experience that

469 km from Trichy

is yours alone.

360 km from Wayanad T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


October 2012



Upcoming! - The Shopping Carnival of Kerala The 6th edition of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival, organized by the Government of Kerala, would be starting on December 15, 2012, and concluding on January 31, 2013. Right from handicraft manufacturers of Kerala to luxury brand establishments, there would be a huge participation in this shopping festival. V Viswanath

This festival brings large institutions as well as individual shop owners under one banner. Heavy discounts and special events provide an opportunity to indulge the shopping desires of locals and tourists alike. The merchant enterprises would have the chance to promote their products among local residents and also to connect with shoppers from across the world. Apart from being an international tourist destination, Kerala, is also developing as an international trading centre. The expected 30 million consumers would provide the partners and associates of GKSF an unprec-


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



edented visibility and extra mileage for

were conducted until now, witnessed a

the brands.

heavy inflow of tourists. In each consec-

This annual trading festival was first conducted during December 1, 2007, to January 15, 2008. The five seasons of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival that

utive year, the participation of traders and consumers has increased remarkably. During the 46 days of shopping fiesta, various government departments coordinate to conduct the festival in a



October 2012


professional manner. An official website

ence the natural beauty of Kerala. The

and a mobile portal for the event make

charming tourist destinations in Kerala

it more popular. A number of schemes

could be an additional bonus for the

are introduced by the government that


would benefit the domestic and tourist shoppers.

Preparation for this year’s Grand Kerala Shopping Festival is on full swing. The

Sri. A.P. Anilkumar, the Tourism Minister

government has decided to utilize

of Kerala, stated that the government

Akshaya Centres for registration of trad-

aims to make the shopping festival

ers. Event management groups provide

beneficial to the tourism industry also.

necessary professional support for the

Efforts are taken to maintain a link

shopping festival.

between the trading sector and tourism sector during the shopping extravaganza. The minister viewed that GKSF has garnered credibility and confidence of the public. The distinct characteristic of this shopping festival is that, along with shopping, the consumers can experi-

Extensive media coverage and promotional activities are planned. The estimated retail outlet participation is about 10,000. Prizes worth over 300 million rupees are expected to be distributed between consumers and traders, through daily and weekly draws and Mega prizes. The shopping festival also provides a platform for traditional Kerala handicrafts, handloom and curios. GKSF would provide a boost to trade and commerce across the state. Community participation, business interest, and cultural events, all put together makes everyone look forward to this ‘Festival of Festivals’ – The Grand Kerala Shop-

U V Jose Director, GKSF


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


ping Festival.



GKSF-6 to be a scintillating shopping extravaganza The sixth edition of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival is here to transform Kerala to be an International shopping experience “GKSF has emerged as a great shopping event globally,” said Tourism Minister A.P. Anil Kumar while releasing the logo of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF) which will be held from December 15, 2012, to January 31, 2013. “The result of the previous season is a proof of the wider public acceptance of this exotic shopping festival. GKSF Season 6- targets 10,000 registrations. There will be marketing and promotion, IT solution, logistics and trade shows and exhibitions. The main highlight of


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



this year will be the thematic exhibitions

said P. Bala Kiran IAS after signing the

like Handicrafts and Handloom fest, Coir


and Coconut fest, Tribal fest and Craft fest in association with the respective state and central public sector undertakings,” he added.

As per the MoU signed with Akshaya, GKSF will use the services of over 2,000 Akshaya centres spread across the State to facilitate online registration. The reg-

To enable online registration for GKSF,

istration will be done under the supervi-

this Government of Kerala initiative

sion of the Logistic agency handling the

which is into its sixth season, has signed

event. To encourage online registration,

up with Akshaya to enable online

a discount of 5% is being offered by

registration of Merchant Establishments

GKSF to Merchant Establishment who

at Akshaya e-Centres. The MoU was

does their registration online.

signed between U.V. Jose, Director of GKSF and P. Bala Kiran IAS, Director of Akshaya. “We are grateful that Akshaya has been

Over 100 Akshaya Centres will also be customised as ‘Logistics Hubs’ to ensure effective distribution of GKSF merchandise and gift/discount coupons.

selected as the logistic hub for GKSF,’



October 2012


for 15 days during the Christmas and New Year period. “This year there will be a facelift to the festival by giving it a wider perspective. Through various promotional activities, maximum number of national and international tourists will be attracted to the festival and efforts will be made to

Vijayan Thomas Chairman, KTDC

promote the state as a commercial hub. Tourists will have the facility to purchase local products like coir, cashew, marine

Director of GKSF gave a brief idea on

products, spice, handloom and handi-

the highlights of GKSF 6. “With the sup-

crafts from the production centres,” he

port of our Minister we have gathered


enough sponsorship and offers for this season. By bringing the merchants over the globe together, GKSF will soon become the grand shopping festival across the world,” he explained.

As part of the festival, prizes of 101 kg gold, sponsored gifts and GKSF merchandise instead of discount coupons will be given to the customers. There will also be ‘scratch and win’ prizes,

U.V. Jose also said that a mega exhibi-

sponsored gifts on a daily basis, weekly

tion will be held at Kochi in association

draws and a mega draw of one kilogram

with partner states and other countries

gold for one person and 500 gram gold for two persons. Automobiles, banks, electronics, FMCG, hotels, jewellers, spas, supermarkets and textiles are the major segments which will participate in the festival. The inaugural ceremony will be held at Kozhikode and closing function will be at Kollam. Suman Billa IAS, Secretary, Tourism and

Rani George IAS Director, Kerala Tourism


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


Rani George IAS, Director, Kerala Tourism gave felicitations.



GRAMOTSAV 2012 Since its inception, Sree Chithra International Foundation has been bathing in limelight for its philanthropic activities. Continuing its relentless effort to serve the society, Sree Chithra International Foundation is organizing ‘Gramotsav 2012’ at Haripad, Alappuzha from September 28th to 29th, 2012. Pooja Jayan

The spirit of philanthropy is deeply imbedded in this event. Lectures and seminars on career guidance, women’s empowerment, Indian democracy, job fair and youth will be organized in association with government departments and other leading institutes. Ministers, Heads of department, dignitaries, will attend the different seminar sessions. To brush up the creative talents of students, painting contests will also be conducted. The event will be held at Bhuvi Convention Centre, Haripad. Inspired by Late Padmanabha Dasa Sree Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varma, the former Maharaja of Travancore, Sree Chithra


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



International Foundation took form

empowerment, Relief at the times of

with the intent to endow with seless

Natural calamities. Sree Chithra foun-

service in socio-cultural arena. While

dations total dedication towards the

turning the pages of history, one could

damped lives of the poor and destitute

point out that Sree Chithra International

has helped many to rise above their

Foundation has been working for uplift-


ment of the poor and downtrodden people especially women and children in rural areas. It is involved in Child Care and education, literacy for illiterates, Water for poor communities, Health Care interventions, HIV/AIDS awareness, Capacity building initiatives, Women

Perhaps the most decisive moments in a students’ life are the times they have to make up their mind regarding the future course of action they need to follow for a better career. Barring a few, most students do not have access to information and guidance that will assist them to pick out a career best suited for them. In this world of competition students must keep abreast of the developments in the society and sort out opportunities available to them for standing out in their ďŹ eld of choice. Keeping this in mind, career guidance seminars are arranged to enable children to take proper decisions and move forward in the right direction. The career guidance seminars will be an eye-opener for students who are on the threshold of making the vital choice in

Ramesh Chennithala

choosing a right career.



October 2012


For the disabled, mobility is the key to

aspects of women empowerment, legal

independence, education, and self-reli-

rights for women protection and to

ance. A person given the gift of mobility

safeguard women.

is independent to travel and work. Sree Chithra International Foundation has decided to distribute wheelchairs for disabled people in different areas.

Job fairs present an unparalleled opportunity for anyone looking for a new job. They are one of the most effective ways to land on a new job. Therefore a job

In the twenty-first century, religion

fair is staged by Gramotsav where rural

has become an increasingly important

jobseekers can meet, interact and have

factor in national security. Seminars

interviews with several top employers

are designed to give participants an

under one roof that serves as a dual ad-

opportunity to carefully examine the

vantage. Various exhibitions will be held

nature of religion and national security

as a part of the event. To soothe your

at Gramotsav. Seminars on religion and

mind a musical fete by popular playback

national security will open up wide vis-

singer G. Venugopal is set up.

tas of topics on religion including its role in conflict, terrorism, peace operations, and development.

Sri. Ramesh Chennithala, President of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) and Member of Kerala Legisla-

Gramotsav has set motivational semi-

tive Assembly from Haripad rendered

nars to empower women. Seminar on

his guidance and support to make this

‘Sthree Suraksha’ will discuss various

event a grand success.

Grand Opening


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M





Mix ‘n’ Match Mania is back again! Czarina, the popular boutique, is all set to re-create the fashion storm of last year. Mix-n-Match Mania, a brand new concept that the boutique introduced last year, will be held once again from October 8 to 18. The boutique has a huge collection of ready-to-wear kurtis, leggings, dupattas and churidars – all being sold separately. Customers can mix and match and create their own sets according to their taste and fashion sense. The unique Mix ‘n’ Match Mania will thus allow customers to explore and create their own fashion styles. One of the highlights of the Mix ‘n’Match mania is the huge collection of dupattas. They are available in every imaginable colour, texture and size. The collection ranges from plain to truly fancy dupattas. There is also an exciting range of handbags and jewellery to ensure that you have the perfect accessories with your outfit.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



The Mix ‘n’ Match Mania will be a great

Mix ‘n’Match Mania is thus ideal for

shopping experience for college girls

those who are on a budget or require a

as well as working women as they

large number of trendy Indian sets.

need extensive wardrobes. The mix ‘n’ match concept will allow you to have several new sets of clothes at a minimal price. This is because you can give your old clothes a new look by shopping at Czarina’s Mix ‘n’Match Mania. For

The Mix ‘n’ Match Mania is not just restricted to ready-mades – there are materials available too. Kurti and churidar materials are sold separately and are available in several designs.

example, you could just get a smart new

For those who would like to opt for

kurti from Czarina’s Mix ‘n’Match Mania

more traditional Indian wear, Czarina’s

and team it up with a legging or churidar

sari boutique too has a brand new col-

in your wardrobe. Or buy one of the

lection with the latest designs.

stunning dupattas and match them with

Czarina General Hospital Jn 0471 2573795

any kurta and leggings that you already have to create a brand new outfit. The



October 2012



New HQ for ISBA at Technopark- TBI The Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks (STEPs) and Business Incubators’ Association (ISBA) will open its new headquarters in the Technopark-TBI, Trivandrum. Dr. K C Chandrasekharan Nair, Managing Director, Technopark- TBI has been selected as the new Secretary General of ISBA and Dr. Deepanwita Chatopadhyaya as the new President. This secretariat will suggest possible alternative policies to the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology, to promote incubation infrastructure and incubation companies in the country. “Technopark-TBI has picked up a rapid pace in the last three years and in this period more than 70 companies have K.C. Chandrasekharan Nair


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


come under incubation. The success in Visit:

bringing the ISBA secretariat here will

Entrepreneurship Development Board

create more opportunities for entrepre-

(NSTEDB), the Department of Science

neurs in the near future,” said Dr. Nair.

and Technology, Govt of India for set-

The selection of Technopark TBI, to house the ISBA Secretariat, was done by the SBA general body. “This is a big achievement for Kerala IT in the last decade which has given rise to many new investments and new innovative technologies that are making waves in the IT industry. We hope this would provide a viable platform to attract young talents to cherish their

ting up policies conducive to promote incubation infrastructure in the country and measures for promoting incubation companies. P H Kurian, IT Principal Secretary congratulated Technopark-TBI for their efforts in popularising incubation activities from Kerala and bringing in a reputed incubation organisation such as the ISBA to Kerala.

dreams in the IT field and create success,” he added. P.H. Kurian, Principal Secretary IT, Govt of Kerala appreciated Technopark TBI for their efforts in popularizing incuba- the simple way

to find

tion activities from Kerala and bringing in a reputed Incubation organization like ISBA to Kerala. The Indian STEPs and Business Incubators’ Association (ISBA) was set up in 2004 as a registered professional body to promote business incubation in India. It aims to promote business incubation activities in the country through exchange of information and sharing of

what you are

looking for

experience among related organizations engaged in the promotion of start-up enterprises. The Secretariat will be the nodal agency in the country that will be responsible for suggesting possible alternatives to the National Science and Technology



October 2012


4 APPS You Like 1. Evernote Information collected from various sources can be captured in a single place. Notes and itineraries can be synchronized across devices and shared with others. Text within images can be searched for. Web pages, maps and scanned travel documents can be stored. Photos and recorded audio can be saved in Evernote. Evernote makes it easier to remember your various schedules and tasks.

2. Angry Birds Use a slingshot to launch birds to dish out revenge on the pigs. This is a challenging, yet comic-styled game. The elegant graphics and simplicity of the game makes it a great game. As one advances through the levels, additional types of birds are available with special abilities to destroy the various structures that the pigs are stationed. The game has been considered one of the hit mainstream games.

3. NewsHunt It enables subscribers to read the regional newspapers they choose on their mobile. It enables access to the latest news as and when it is reported, since the content is continuously updated. The application works across all operators and is supported by over 1500 handset models. Various English, Malayalam and other language newspapers are available in NewsHunt.

4. Scandit- Barcode Scanner Barcodes can be scanned faster with Scandit. The performance of Scandit is reliable irrespective of the size of the barcode, bad lighting, uneven surface, etc. Comparison shopping is an experience that Scandit provides. Review of products is also made available. GS1 the international barcode standardization organization, has endorsed Scandit, as its preferred technology for mobile barcode scanning.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M




Connoisseur of art: Soorya Krishnamoorthy This article sheds new light on the multifarious personality of Soorya Krishnamoorthy , the man behind the largest and longest cultural festival of Asia- Soorya festival. This man has created his own niche in the field of arts and brought Trivandrum to the world map of culture. Unfazed by the difficulties this staunch devotee of Lord Ganesha stuck to art, keeping its purity to its best. He opens up his mind in a chat with Pooja Jayan. Excerpts: Soorya festival 2012 and concerns This is the 36th year of Soorya Festival. The festival which commenced on September 1st will be a year-long extravaganza. After holding cultural programs in Chennai, Madurai and Bangalore, the festival has come down to Thiruvananthapuram. This time we didn’t get Kalabhavan, Kairali, Sree so we had to go for Theerthapada Mandapam. We transformed the auditorium to a theatre setting so that films can be screened.


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M



Soorya Krishnamoorthy Art for sale Art is never a commodity for sale. When art becomes business, the person who performs it can never be called an artist. Art is a blessing of God. It should be used to do good to the society and not to garner money or fame. A genuine artist is someone who uses his art for the betterment of the society. It’s sad that artists do not work for their passion but sees art merely as a means to amass wealth. The most divine form of art in the world is the lullaby of a mother. It has the power to put her little one

The role of an artist is to make people cognizant of the world around them. Take the example of Charlie Chaplin, we laugh at his gestures. Its not mere entertainment, he is showing us the grim realties of life through his art. His greatness lies in this context; he successfully brought out the truth of society in the most humorous of ways. A life devoted to art Everybody is born for some mission. After a certain point in life you recognize it.

to sleep. Her true love for the child is

When I realised god chose me to foster

embodied in her singing. It exemplifies

art and culture I resigned my job as a

the selflessness of art.

scientist and devoted my life to art.

Art as a source of entertainment No art is for entertainment. An art is for a purpose and that is education and

I’m striving hard to fulfill my mission through every possible measure. Women and Soorya festival

enrichment. We have molded a wrong

Women form majority of the partici-

concept that art is for entertainment.

pants in Soorya festival. Even if women



October 2012


artists do not have their performance on stage, they come to be a part of the fest just because they consider Soorya festival as their home. There is an unwritten rule in Soorya that every woman should

so they astray people from genuine art. The media people are doing great sin as they go behind film stars ignoring the true artist who devote their life for art.

be treated with reverence. May be the

We proudly give Padma Shri to Kajol,

respect given to women in Soorya fes-

but artists like O Madhavan, P Bhas-

tival has attracted more women to be a

karan, Thoppil Bhasi, etc. who have

part of the event.

summoned their life for art, is brushed aside. This is like mocking genuine art.

Art and Science Art and science search for truth. If sci-

Moments close to heart

ence searches for the truth of universe,

The legendary Malayalam playback sing-

arts search for the truth within our spiri-

er K J Yesudas has been participating in

tual self. A scientific invention is for the

this event for 36 years now. Once I got

betterment of society and not for the

a call from him from Australia after two

scientist alone. Same is the case with

hours of his desperate effort to reach

genuine art; it’s for the improvement of

me as my phone was switched off while

society not the artist.

I indulged myself with a movie. He said that Australian government has decided

Media and art

to honour him and he was asked for a

Unfortunately our society and media

concert to be presented at one of the

give undue significance to films and

prestigious stages across the globe.

cricket. Media has given the pinnacle of importance to film stars and cricketers and every bit of information about them is made sensational news and by doing


October 2012 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A M


But the concert was scheduled on October 1st, the date which he renders his mellifluous voice for Soorya festival for decades. He said he’ll only say an


yes after my consent and added that he

and art enthusiasts. I am really thank-

is ready for delivering his performance

ful to those people who helped Soorya

one or two days after October 1st. I was

Festival to disseminate art and culture.

flabbergasted at the value he gives for the fest. It is just because of such dedi-

Message to younger generations

cated artists Soorya festival has become

Younger generations should not be car-

popular across the globe.

ried away by glamour. Amid the young

Soorya festival as a record breaker

people where is true love? Love has surrendered miserably before materialistic

The festival is executed without per-

comforts. Where are young writers who

manent staff or managerial body. Yet,

write about pure love? Still, M T Vasude-

records are broken. Two mobile phones

van Nair or ONV has to write on pure

and a mail address connect me to differ-

love at this age. It’s simply because they

ent parts of the world.

carry genuine love in their heart which

Soorya has 36 chapters across the globe and nowhere we have office or paid staff, despite this every event happens on time. The entire work is done by volunteers

the newer generation lack. Relations have become worthless amidst today’s youth. It is high time youth should understand that material comfort is not what matters, it is true love which matters the most.



October 2012


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