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EDITORIAL Manfredi Danielis (IT) Vaclav Huk (CZ) Meropi Karakioulaki (GR) Flavius Eugen (RO) Matteo Van Dijl (BE) Charlotta Lahnalahti (FI) Lidiia Zhgyr (UA) Britta Thiemt (DE) Eva Ullman (DE) Louise Van Benschop (NL)


Dear everyone, When reading this, you have probably just survived your first day of General Assembly. Today, you stepped out of your comfort zone, you learned, you shared your knowledge with others and you stood up for your beliefs. You were not just another teenager today; you were a politician, a future leader. It is pretty cool when you really think about it, how much can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. You all arrived at the session on Thursday as confused strangers and now you are friends, friends who have written complex resolutions on some of the most important topics in the European society. The transformation has not been completely effortless; we bet you’re feeling quite beat right now, but it’s a good kind of fatigue, it means that your brain is processing all the new impressions. Now we only have one day left of this session, so it is time to bring out that extra energy that we didn’t even know we had and go out with a bang. Because, no matter how exhausted you are right now, you will miss the session when it is over. Enjoy every moment! Love, Monigrun Sigrun Fagerfjäll(SE)

CONTENT Page 4: Why so serious? Page 6: Florcan & Co. Page 8: The Clash Page 10: Let’s brainstorm a bit more Page 12: EYP Soulmates Page 14: How to become the best speaker in the General Assembly Page 16: We are EYP. Silly, silly EYP Page 18: Plants in mind Page 20: Superstitions on EYP Page 22: Wake up call Page 23: Sing, Delegates, Sing! Page 24: The Journo Life Page 26: Oh resolution, where are thou, my fair resolution Page 27: Hashers 3.

Why so serious? Considering that EYP is mainly said to be academical and about achieving and challenging yourself, as an individual there is a lot more to learn from both sides, fun and serious. Whether it is crossing the boarders of your comfort zone when delivering a speech or participating in a new game you have not tried before, they both matter. EYP is about learning about yourself and finding new interests in the fields of topics and free time activities, that EYP has to offer to the multicultural delegates. The more academical 4.

parts of EYP can be identified as the committee work and the GA. The possibilities to proceed in EYP are vast and to succeed, academical knowledge on the topic is necessary. It is highly recommendable to make research on the topic, so that your committee will fully manage in committee work. Searching for key words and history on the topic are very useful methods to share with fellow delegates also in committee work. Chairs are experts on the topic and the committee journalists write topic articles giving their own opin-

ions on the matter – with talented delegates a successful equation is guaranteed. To find the committee’s cohesion, teambuilding is the way to go. Did you wonder at first if the silly games were only to embarrass one another in front of everyone? We have all done that, but when getting into the mood and realising later how the teambuilding is essential on the side of entertaining, its meaning is brought to a whole new level. Occasionally sessions hold EYP parties, offering a relaxing environment to get to

know other delegates and officials. The organisers have put a lot of effort into finding the right venue, the DJ and programme. Many parties include a theme that is presented in the welcome letter and ought to be followed when choosing your outfit. Despite the fact that the parties are arranged to be a break from committee work, some people can be found discussing their topics, even in the middle of the dance floor. However, it is possible to combine these two in Eurovillage. When facing other countries’ culinary favourites, most popular drinks and traditional costumes, one might find hidden treasures from the midst of many Eu-

ropean countries that you suddenly cannot live without. When presenting a foreign country, one learns so much and when encountering a person from that specific country, the joy is irreplaceable. However, some loving criticism can be expected but should not be taken seriously when concerning the “My Mom does this better “- utterance and such. People appreciate other’s effort that has been put on the country table – the better the food, the more new friends you find! During the session, in the newspaper and after the session has ended, you find many smiling faces in the hundreds of pictures that the journalists

have taken. This can be said to be the final proof that when you leave EYP with a smile, it will always stay when you recall your memories together with the people you now call your friends. Charlotta

“EYP is about learning about yourself and finding new interests in the fields of topics and free time activities, that EYP has to offer to the multicultural delegates.”



Open and caring, those are the few words that com ists may be motivated but it’s the organisers who re questions: 1. What’s your name? 2. What’s your r of the session, 4. What’sd the lowest point of the you be? 6. Can you give a message to the delegates

1. Krystyna 1. Lorcan 2. Venues 2. Evening Program 3. When we came up with the 3. Florcanisers! Florcanisers (fusion Lorcan + 4. The afternoon tiredness after Florian) the dishes 4. Finding out about the tiny 5.Small fish, so quiet 5 -8000€ budget problem 6. “Appreciate your cutlery” 5. Elephant, they are so cute 6. “Clean up your mess”

How do they do it? Why is everything so efficient and perfect? They are both friends and EYPers, they have had the chance to become long-term friends, while at the same time keeping their EYP related personalities. Just think if this session would last for months, how bonded with your committee members would you be? Together with EYP 6.

1. Ju 1. Angie 2. International 2. Evening Program eryth 3. Unspeakable Golden rule stuff 3. Wearing a m 4. Running up and down all day wings at the sam with decorations bending 5.Eagle, so majestic 4. Sitting outsid 6. “Go on with EYP!” 5. Elephant, the 6. “Grasp the op being h Germany Members Pia, Kerstin, Franziska and Maximiliam they spread emotions on the dance floor, tired after a hard day of work. When “And we danced” by Macklam-

ore, song of the IYF in Menden 2012, came up the mood suddenly transformed, with all of them celebrating past emotions and memories. It must be an indescrib-

an & Co.

me into mind. The chairs may be wise, the journaleally make a difference. Manfredi asks them some role at the session? 3. Tell me the funniest memory e session? 5. If you were a an animal what would s?

1. Florian 1. Rebecca 2. Sponsoring 2. Teacher Support 3. Gossiping about bar couples 3. Singing Macarena in the with the team on Tuesday hangout room 4. Being mistaken for a dead 4. Cleaning after Eurovillage person 5. Giraffe, I’ve always been the 5. Timon, or whatever that anishortest in my class mal is called 6. “I like how you dance” 6. “Check out spotted Aschaffenburg”

ulia 1. Ugnè l help with ev2. Pressroom orga! hing 3. Painting a heart on my own mustache and back during party me time, gender 4. Waking up super early cupid! 5. Cat, you just sit and observe de in the cold 6. “Do as much as you can and eneir life is calm joy the people around you” opportunity of here. able emotion, the living together, the working together, for days, weeks, months, bonding more than any other team could ever understand. The song “thrift shop” followed, DJed

by Julia Hartmann. She worried that her music abilities would not satisfy German taste. Satisfied by the outcome she granted herself a prize, singing the lovely “sixteen going on sev-

enteen” while Max and Anna performed classical dance moves with a broom. What a special and equipped team. With their two fire hydrants, three basketballs and one “Florcaniser” in the press room they have proven to be real hidden motor of this session. We will miss you. Manfredi




“Fish come from the sea and it’s delicious!”

SAND Would you rather go skiing to the silver and graphic Alps, or sunbathe at a beautiful golden beach, by the sea? Would you rather make a snowman and enjoy the view of icicles or go snorkeling, and gaze full of amazement the exotic creatures of the sea? Well, that’s quite a dilemma. Snow or Sand? There’s a debate! The mountain and the sea are two geographic areas that have some similarities, but also many differences that make people prefer the one or the other, according to their culture, their believes and the environment they have grown up in. For example, you should never expect from a Mediterranean to hate swimming and sunbathing, or from a Central European to hate skiing or ice-skating. THE DEBATE: Greek: Mountains are useless. They just stand there doing nothing. Also, they block the


sun from reaching the beach on time! German: What are you talking about? The sea is the useless one. It is full of water you cannot even drink! It never freezes; it is impossible to ice-skate on it! Greek: Mountains are so tall and arrogant, it’s like they try to reach the sky! German: Well then, the sea is a looser, because being so deep, it’s like it tries to reach the bottom! Greek: Fish come from the sea and it’s delicious! German: “Milka” is made from the milk of


ays Debate:


SUN the mountain cows! Greek: Admit it, there is nothing like sunbathing, laying on the soft sand, under a clear blue sky, listening to the melody of the waves… German: There is nothing more poetic than skiing, the silence of the mountains, the magnificent view and the clear air! Greek: You can water ski, though. German: It is not like the real thing and you’ll even get wet. Greek: But if you stay in the sun the water goes away, leaving a fresh feeling on the skin. German: All that remains on your skin is salt, besides the sun is a ball of fire that destroys the skin and causes cancer. Greek: (laughing) Then

why am I not dead yet? German: Because you are a burnt Greek zombie, just as scary as the sea, which is full of sharks and jellyfish. Greek: Well then, what about the wolves in the mountains? What about the infinite cold, the disastrous snow and ice? German: What are you talking about? Snow is so beautiful, everything looks like a winter wonderland, it is so romantic! And you have to admit you like eating ice. Greek: Not ice, icecream! The dialogue went on and on for ages. In the end, the German snowman was melted by the sun and the Greek sand-castle was washed away by the sea.


“You are a burnt Greek zombie, just as scary as the sea, which is full of sharks and jellyfish.”


Let’s Brainstorm a Bit More The first day of General Assembly just passed, but you definitely still remember a lot from your Committee Work. I would like to make use this genuine moment when your minds are still full with clear memories on what you have done. A big part of the resolution writing process was based on the usually quite efficient process of Brainstorming. Can you imagine doing it all without having dozens of post-its 10.

to talk about? And this is what Brainstorming is about. Every single idea is appreciated, each point of view is enriching. Realise its potential and try to brainstorm also outside of EYP. Your work will get much more effective and eventually you will not lack ideas any more. History of Brainstorming starts from the year 1939. Alex Faickney Osborn, an American advertising executive, designed this meth-

od in order to make his business meetings more efficient. He found a “classic� way of problem solving rather inhibiting. During his researches he invented four rules, which became a basic brainstorming principle. After he applied those rules into his business conferences he realised the main advantage. Quantity produced quality by giving rise to original ideas. Lot more suitable solutions were founded.

• No criticism of ideas • Go for large quantities of ideas • Build on each others ideas • Encourage wild and exaggerated ideas Consequently, Brainstorming became a frequent group problem solving method in business and advertising industry. Nowadays it is used in almost all large companies across a wide range of departments. Utilising rules invented almost 50 years ago it was developed into an accessible method, used at all levels of management. Thus, what can you learn from their experiences? Brainstorm. Brainstorm when you have to write an article, when you try to invent something new or just when you have to make an important

decision. After a while you will get used to it. And when you do, your life just gets easier. You will not have creative problems anymore and your way of thinking is going to expand a lot. Nevertheless, there are many ways to conduct a “Brainstorm”. You do not necessarily need post-its, even writing down as many points as you can on a sheet of paper is enough. The topic does not really matter, just think and write. Write down everything that comes to your mind. When you are done with writing, sort it out and choose the main ideas. And then use them for anything you need. How simple it is. Obviously, Brainstorming is not the only useful thing that EYP tries to pass on. If you stay with us, you will find that you will actually learn much more. How much you will take is just up to you, but I en-

courage you to use your time here as effectively as you can. Maybe after several years, while composing your job application and writing all over your “brainstorming A4”, you will recall the words I just wrote. Every EYP position has its special needs and brings great experience. And this is exactly the reason why we all are here for. To share our experiences and without a doubt to educate ourselves. So do the same. You can start with trying a “Brainstorm” the next time you have to write a simple essay. Vàclav

“If you stay with us, you will find that you will actually learn much more. How much you will take is just up to you, but I encourage you to use your time here as effectively as you can.” 11.

EYP Soulmates “Louis, I think that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.” About friends who found each other through EYP and overcame all the obstacles of the long distances. At EYP sessions, about 80 to 350 young people gather to share a unique and unforgettable experience. Needless to say, the participants of the session will get to know each other during its course and, in many cases, become friends. However, EYP-friendships are not like usual ones. Often, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of kilometres are separating two friends, so direct, offline contact is rather rare. Their everyday lives are almost completely separated, even if they 12.

come from the same country. Of course there are phones, emails and Facebook. But still, staying in touch might turn out more difficult than you might think. For this article, organisers Krystyna Kotthaus and Sebastian Rieger agreed to do a little interview. They have been best EYPfriends since they attended an organiser’s weekend for the International Summer Forum in Menden. Although they both went to Dalberg Gymnasium, they had not re-

ally been close before. During one night of the orga-weekend, they both could not sleep and ended up sitting in the same room. After

“However, EYPfriendships are not like usual ones. Often, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of kilometres are separating two friends, so direct, offline contact is rather rare.”

overcoming a little bit of awkwardness, they started a deep conversation that went on for over an hour. According to Krystyna and Sebastian, this was when they really got to know each other and found out that they “have quite a lot in common, but are also quite different in many ways.” When they were asked if it would be an issue for them if somebody will not reply to a message for weeks, Sebastian said that even if it was about something extremely important, “it would not seriously damage our friendship. If you are committed, really fit together in a friendly way and if you really like each other, the friendship will definitely work out.” Some might say that EYPers who only know each other for a couple of days cannot be considered proper friends. But although the experiences may

be short, they are also more memorable and intense: when bonding over teambuilding, surrounded by the EYPcraziness, you get to know each other in a very different way than if you go to the same school. “You can be different with EYPpeople. In school, you’re a bit more composed and in EYP, you can just let loose.” So EYP-friends do not only talk about EYP and they often think alike and understand each other as well. After all, that is what connects friends. When asked for some advice on “long-distance-friendships”, Krystyna said: “For an EYP-friendship to really work, you need to make sure that you visit the same sessions to build up the relationship.” If you do spend a lot of time together, if you forgive your friends when they wait a few weeks un-

til they reply to your Facebook message, if you genuinely like and understand each other, you might build what Krystyna and Sebastian share: “We’re like brother and sister,” they said, or “EYPsoulmates.” So not only do you make a lot of acquaintances and Facebookfriends through EYP, you might also find friends for life. Britta

“When bonding over teambuilding, surrounded by the EYP-craziness, you get to know each other in a very different way than if you go to the same school.”


How to become the best speaker in the General Assembly The time of the General Assembly is here and everybody wants to make a really good impression. Having a speech in front of an audience can be really hard, especially for beginners in this field. It can actually be as demanding as sports. But don’t worry! By following the tips below and adopting a little bit of self-confidence, you will amaze the entire Bavaria. Before the General Assembly: • Get enough sleep! Make sure to get to bed before 1:00 a.m. You really don’t want to become incapable of stopping your eyes from closing during the debate rounds. • Make sure you read the whole resolution and prepare several attack speeches. Also, make sure that you are prepared for your own role in the General Assembly and that you have a thorough understanding of your topic. • If you are not good at improvising, you should write down the points of your speeches. Do not write the whole speech, because it is really disturbing for the audience to

watch you reading your notes out loud. • Your goal should be to have fun during the General Assembly. Listen to your fellow delegates’ speeches and get informed about the crucial topics on the agenda. You really don’t have to be anxious; it is an interesting procedure that will offer you a lot of experience and wisdom. • During the General Assembly: • You should pay attention while the presenting committee is reading out the resolution, so that you can refresh your memory about its basic points and actually decide if you are in favor or against it. If you are the delegate reading the resolution,

you should speak clearly and slowly. • Make as many attack speeches as possible! They indicate that you have your own personal opinion about the topics, and that you pay attention during the whole procedure. A good attack speech includes points that are opposing the main idea of the whole resolution. Do not make an attack speech if you only disagree with one clause. • You should also make as many points of debate as you can, that can either ask for clarification of a clause, or express your opposition towards a specific solution. • Avoid talking to the delegates sitting next

to you, because in that way you lose all your concentration and cannot participate during the debate. • If you have already been too active during the General Assembly, make sure that you encourage your fellow delegates to participate to the procedure and give them the chance to be heard too. Their opinions are as important as yours. • Make sure you have eye- contact with the audience, that way you will be able to capture their attention. • If you forget or mess up your words, do not panic. Just take a deep breath, smile and think that you are basically addressing to your friends, people of your

age that would not criticize or judge you. • Speak slowly and as clearly as possible. • Do not use any German! Try to use your best English vocabulary and accent, without any exaggeration. • Be friendly and, under no circumstances, insult a speaker. • Try to use enough sensitivity and “catchy phrases” in your sum up speeches.

schedule to meet them again at another session. • Feel free to cry at the end of the session! Just believe in yourselves and accept the challenge! Only those who try hard will be rewarded. Meropi

After the General As- “Your goal should sembly: be to have fun in • Feel proud about the General Assemyourself because you bly.” got through a great challenge. • Be sure that you are, officially, a true EYPer now! • Say goodbye to your amazing friends and 15.

We are EYP. Silly, silly EYP “According to sociological research, at least 6 months are needed to achieve collective cohesion in a group of people. Using games, conversations, challenges and debriefings it is possible to create a full-fledged team from a group of strangers with two days of intensive teambuilding.” • Krakow Regional Session 2011: Some parents take their crying children away from the park where EYPers are playing the Allele game. • Kyiv 1st Francophone Session 2012: 6 delegates escape from General Teambuilding. • 4th Inter-Rail Tour of EYP-Ukraine – 28 delegates out of 39 delegates do not come to the Committee Work after a day of teambuilding. You may think that this small list of EYP fails is just an invention to entertain curious readers. Unfortunately, your Media Team, al16.

ways filled with creative ideas, is far from resorting to such tricks. The reason why I make this example is different. I’ll now guess how you imagined this session before arriving here: official suits, diplomatic debates, controversial positions and sophisticated topics; “the smarter – the better.” Notwithstanding the significant background for these expectation, the reality appeared to be slightly different: casual outfits, awkward games, lots of shouting and laughter, rolling on the floor; “the sillier the better.” I bet you were embarrassed at least once playing

an EYP game in the last 2 days. Moreover, I know from my own experience: everybody was embarrassed in the beginning, but still thousands of youngsters become involved into EYP from year to year. Thus, which force makes them follow these silly activities that seem abasing and useless to the majority of people? First of all, I should bring to your notice that nothing is done without purpose in EYP. Activities, which involve a group of people, require careful preparation and facilitation. According to sociological research,

at least 6 months are needed to achieve collective cohesion in a group of people. With the means of games, conversations, challenges and debriefings it is possible to make a tight knitted team from a group of strangers in 2 days of intensive teambuilding. Some games are meant to break the wall that divides people into individuals. Some make them acquainted with each other. Further, the group passes the stage of gaining trust, when trough various approaches people learn that they are not alone and any problem can be easily resolved. Problem-solving games allow building a model for future discussions and, by comparing strengths and weaknesses, finding a common solution. Secondly, each del-

egate’s perception has a subjective perception of the activities performed. Although all the games without exception are thoroughly developed, not every participant become an EYP-er if he or she feels that something is abasing them. After all, there might be people who are not meant for EYP, and this is absolutely natural. Thirdly, we are all young and, fortunately, our heads are not filled with prejudice. We learn fast from bright examples and forget quickly what is written in sophisticated books. We are constantly chatting outside of the classrooms in an atmosphere of ease, but we are hardly involved in conversations with teachers in schools under the pressure of their authority. We have versatile opinions and

we are able to prove them, but mostly, we only do it when we find it interesting. Also, we are brave enough to take a step forward to development, even if this step is a silly childish game. Therefore, I am proud, that 86 delegates, present at our fabulous session, have the courage to assume EYP as it is; with all its Jellyfishes, Little Frogs, Ninjas and Funky Chickens, in order to boost their analytic, debating skills and ability to work in a team. And, by the way, nobody escaped yet! Lidiia

“We are all young and, fortunately, our heads are not filled with prejudice.�



A small step for you, a big leap for the environment

Global warming has become a major issue over the past few years. The future prospects are getting worse, on a scale ranging from another Ice Age to massive floods. Everything seems to be possible. Do you feel powerless as an individual against this invincible enemy? You aren’t! But even small steps in the right direction can take you to the destination. This session, themed “plan(t)s in mind” is setting a good example. Using one single plastic cup instead of drinking from multiple paper cups is a great attempt to help the environment. As the Head Organizers reminded us, turning off the light when leaving a room is also very important, because this small click will save a lot of energy. Avoid opening windows in heated rooms, as precious energy might be lost otherwise. Girls please consider letting your hair dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer. 18.

Electronic devices may be turned off, but that does not necessarily mean that they are not consuming energy. Remember to put out the plug and start using power strips. When going to the supermarket, pay attention if the packing of the product or the product itself is made from recyclable material. Moreover you can carry your groceries in reusable woollen bags instead of taking plastic bags. Travel is an important aspect, too: CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced by choosing trains over planes. Although it might be more comfortable to take the car, you should try to cover short distances by biking or walking.

In order to save trees, always check twice if you really need to print out a paper, and if you do, make sure to use recycled paper. As you hopefully know, oceans are an important part of our planet’s ecosystem. o support nature even more you should consider driving an electronic car, creating a compost heap in your garden as well as installing solar cells on your roof. You can measure your eco footprint online for more personal advice. To conclude, I hope have realized that there are quite a few things you can do in order to preserve the beautiful nature of our green planet.

in mind Eco - Movies “Cinema is an excellent medium for environment-oriented thinking popularization” Shortly after the film “An Inconvenient Truth” appeared on the screens, it became obvious that cinema is an excellent medium for environment-oriented thinking popularization. This astonishing film is partly famous for a detailed interview with Albert Arnold Gore, the ex-vicepresident of the USA, about the concerns of the modern fragile ecosystem of the Earth. The film has gained an Oscar and Albert Gore gained a Nobel Prize shortly after that. The example of this outstanding movie has inspired me to research films about ecology deserving attention: The Cove (2009) This controversial documentary film about Japanese fishers who hunt dolphins

also received a Motion Picture Academy award for The Best Documentary Feature and infuriated the Japanese government. The plot is set around Ric O’Berry’s life, he is a marine mammals’ trainer. He makes the viewers plunge into the problem of indiscriminate killings of dolphins, when, being extremely anxious about this problem, he starts turning to the local authorities, companies and establishments, hoping to resolve it. Home (2009) Another documentary film from 2009. It is a result of the joint work of Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a world famous photographer of nature. The film itself consists of a set of scenes from various places on the Earth shot from bird’s-eye view. There are no actors and all the narration about an ecological catastrophe

threat is done from behind the frame, making the viewer especially attentive and sensitive to all seen. The film had a shattering effect on society and was even prohibited in some countries. Carbon Nation (2010) This film was shot specially for the audience of people who deny global warming. The authors are insisting that only believing in the consequences of the climate change is never enough to battle for ecology. The story illustrates various methods of inexpensive production of energy, pure air, water, and economy connected to it. The director is convinced that these values are versatile enough to convince everybody of the fact, that the environment is endangered. Lidiia


Superstitions on EYP Flavius & Charlotta

Did you know people who had participated in the EYP before you did? Did your school promote EYP or did local EYPers come and present the idea to you? The first session is always a life changing situation and forms your own idea of EYP in your mind. Later you might become the one sharing your experience with others. What happens after the first impression – to stay or not to stay? Before joining EYP, the new delegates are most likely to have preconceptions about EYP. This is mostly be20.

cause of either rumors or lack of information, thus they become quite scared before

“Delegates develop their debating, arguing, interpersonal as well as social skills, ergo preparing them for a possible future as political leaders” the session starts and throughout its course. However, after the first day of teambuilding, they find out that EYP is not at all like they have imagined.

They quickly discover the world of knowledge and interesting debate with interesting co-delegates, the world of fun and open-mindedness, but also a world of formality as well as cultural exchange. In EYP, delegates develop their debating, arguing, interpersonal as well as social skills, ergo preparing them for a possible future as political leaders. During Eurovillage, delegates are presented with the possibility of getting to know traditional customs – from a culinary point of view, to dances or peculiar songs –

from all over Europe. In order to blow off some steam, during the night it is possible for the delegates to attend parties organised by the lovely officials. Throughout the session, the delegates prepare in committee work for GA. During the committee work, they have heated discussions on paramount problems or conflicts concerning Europe. When the resolutions are finished, we start GA, where every committee presents their results and debate on the matters in question. Attack and defense

speeches, open debate and sum-up speeches are the means through which the delegates express their and the committee’s points of view. When interviewing AFET they agreed that friends were the most common way of hearing of the EYP – only one out of 10 said that she had heard of the organization from a teacher. An international delegate, Milica Simeonovic (RS), confessed that she enjoys the light atmosphere that the German session can offer her as a foreigner and maybe

expected the situation to be different. All things considered, it can be said that the EYP might seem a little bit intense, it can be noticed that our environment is very supportive as well as challenging. Some delegates have had meetings in other organisations, in several different roles, but all agree that the EYP is more worth it.

“It can be noticed that our environment is very supportive as well as challenging”


Wake up call

I suppose that many of you have already experienced how it feels to be tired at the General Assembly during today’s debates. To help you with this problem tomorrow, I have prepared a short list of advices. Bear those in mind and your experience on Sunday may be different. Be prepared We all know that the farewell party is coming, and we are all looking forward to that. But remember that tomorrow, the GA will continue and we have to be ready for that. Enjoy the party, but try not to party too much. If you get at least six hours of sleep, you will accomplish the first condition to be fresh during tomorrow’s discussions. Pay attention One of the best ways to stay awake is to participate in the debates. Be active, use your direct responses and deliver attack speeches. Take notice of what the others say or, which is an even better way; plan a constructive criticism with your committee. Do not get dehydrated Remember to drink enough water. A proper drinking regime is one of the most powerful weapons when fighting tiredness. Take a sip of water at least once every 10 minutes. Your body will not lack anything, but you will have to visit the bathroom quite often. And honestly, who can fall asleep when he has to go to the bathroom?

by Flavius

Coffee Coffee is the “classic” drink to stay awake, but not the recommended one. Almost everybody drinks coffee at EYP sessions, but remember not to drink too much. You are going to be sick, you will sweat and your heart will rumble. That is not the best sensations to feel while presenting an important speech.

Move Move while sitting in your chair (now really referring to a piece of furniture), get up, deliver a speech or just ask a question. Use coffee breaks to go outside, if possible, and breathe a bit of fresh air. Stretch your arms and legs regularly and share massages with your fellow delegates. 22.

Sing, Delegates, Sing! As a reward for your great success in Committee Work, your press team has prepared a special treat for you today: A session song! Melody: Imagine Dragons “It’s time”, Lyrics: Aschaffenburg Media Team So this is what you meant when you talked of EYP? Well, now it’s as if we have been missing something in our lives before… Aschaffenburg! This session rocks and gives us everything that we could ask for I don’t ever want to go back home I don’t ever want to leave you guys ‘Cause after all We simply love Aschaffenburg! It’s time to admit, isn’t it? We just all have this idea on our minds In our heads: that we’re all equally cool It’s undeniable: Aschaffenburg’s uniting us. So this is how you feel when everyone’s a friend

And everything is so much fun that we just cannot let it end…

It’s undeniable: Aschaffenburg’s uniting us.

Time should stop! Orgas and chairs and journalists are making this a success.

There’re so many awesome people What am I gonna do without you? Aschaffenburg? Aschaffenburg?

I don’t ever want to go back home I don’t ever want to leave you guys ‘Cause after all We simply love Aschaffenburg! It’s time to admit, isn’t it? We just all have this idea on our minds In our heads: that we’re all equally cool It’s undeniable: Aschaffenburg’s uniting us. It’s time to admit, isn’t it? We just all have this idea on our minds In our heads: that we’re all equally cool

It’s time to admit, isn’t it? We just all have this idea on our minds In our heads: that we’re all equally cool It’s undeniable: Aschaffenburg’s uniting us. It’s time to admit, isn’t it? We just all have this idea on our minds In our heads: that we’re all equally cool It’s undeniable: Aschaffenburg’s uniting us. Britta


The Journo life Matteo & Charlotta

Every EYP session is different. The editors, delegates, the co-journalists: they differ every time. Thus, we cannot generalise how it is to be a journalist. Nevertheless, every journo-experience is equally important. Challenging yourself every time helps you grow as a person, it brings you to your own foundations. The amount of qualities the perfect journalist should posses are numerous. First of all, we are expected to be humorous at any given time of the day. This may sound like an easy task on the first day, but when coming across with the amount of hours of sleep we lack it needs deep concentration to show witty emotions. However, some intelligence is also expected from us. How else would a journalist come up with ideas for the session magazine? You can perceive a journalist as an endless think-tank. Brainstorming after brainstorming in every session and he is still expected to come up with new ideas. On the other hand being a journalist also has its advantages. Although we belong to the official’s team, we are not frowned upon when acting out. The work is also clearly visible at the session, which gives a constant reward for our work. The inspiring delegates and the session theme, give us a base from which to write. These articles are written in the darkest moments of the night with coffee and junk food as our only fuel. The difficulties we face, we face them together. The press team can be seen as a family. The editors, who we adore, have become our parents and our fellow journalists become our sisters, brothers, aunts, nephews. To conclude: go out there, try your best and succeed. With the help of the media team, your family, around you, there is no chance of failing. We can personally tell you that being a journalist here in the lovely Aschaffenburg is a great experience and we like to believe that it was partly because of you. 24.

“Challenging yourself every time helps you grow as a person, it brings you to your own foundations.�


Oh resolution, oh resolution, where are thou, my fair resolution by Manfredi 24. 26.

And here we move towards day two When we will discuss about the EU Please distinguish problems from solutions Otherwise we will never get resolutions Get out the post-its and let’s brainstorm Tighten the circle and keep yourself warm Political, legal, environmental and stuff Just don’t let the economics be rough Pull yourself up, we need some clauses Even if the debate has awkward pauses Speak your mind, have no fear Just remember, there’s no voting here Don’t be afraid to take a stance But give the fundamental treaties a glance Oh, my god it’s now coffee break Just don’t forget the institutions at stake Don’t be scared by those in the jury Relax, chill, they won’t judge in a fury Better would be if you don’t fall asleep So you should not start counting the sheep And let me please add still one rhyme Always, always, keep a watch on time Otherwise don’t just throw the point away Just keep it in mind to bring up in GA Follow these tips and you’ll be fine It will be impossible to miss the deadline Just remember, the EU is no charity Invading Turkey? No, that’s just insanity And don’t forget that awareness campaign After all the EU is not sovereign Exchanges and incentives are ever so cool Together with new institutions they rule Write all your conclusions on a flipchart Wow, my gosh, this stuff is quite smart!


Flavius continues his epic journey through the hashtags’ world. ENVI I




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Newspaper of Aschaffenburg 2013 Regional Selection Conference of EYP Germany. Brought to you by Sigrun Fagerfjäll (SE) and Monica Mantovani...

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