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Cap ou PACA?

Issue #3 Random Report// Bring it on// Committee Coverage Pictures of Delegations// SR7 Gossip Girl// Work Hard, Party Harder Lonely Hearts// A Good Laugh

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Members of the Press Team: Sigrun Fagerfjäll (SE) Justine Gensse (FR) Marie-Jeanne Lagarde (FR) Artemis Triki (GR) Dilge Imer (TR) Julia Fischmann (AT) Andrej Zemtsovski (SE) Juliette Maigné (FR) Claire Andreani (FR)


Dear fellow participants of the 7th Region- page 18 my yearning is satisfied, at least a al Session of EYP PACA, bit. Finally, some of you have been kind Writing this I’m not sitting in the pressroom enough to assist us in the task of brightening or in a room at our beloved youth hostel. I’m up your days of PED a bit by contributing to sitting in my own room in Sweden, it’s snow- this issue with your funniest jokes. ing outside, and I can’t help feeling a little bit of PED (Post EYP Depression) when thinkThe Press team wishes you a pleasant last ing back on those sunny days in Marseille. I read and hopes to see you soon at another even miss the long nights with my laptops, EYP session! just like you probably feel a little bit nostalgic about those long hours in committee Over and out, work. In the last issue of Cap ou PACA? we look back to SR7 and remember the good times we had together. On pages 6-9 and 1214 you can read love letters to the committees from your journalists where they bring up the highlights from teambuilding and committee work. On page 5 Artemis gives us a recap of the epic dance battle and on pages 16-17 Julia remembers the Europarty. Have you been yearning to find out the random facts about- and the dirty secrets of the participants of SR7? Well at least I have. In the Random Report on page 4, SR7 Gossip Girl on page 15 and Lonely Hearts on

Sigrun, Editor


Random Report by Andrej Alexander Teusch, LIBE Q: What is the song of your life? A: Eye of the Tiger, BAM – BABABAM Q: What animal are you? A: A Unicorn!!! (Kids these days - sigh)

Arthur, Jury Q: What are three things you would bring to a deserted island? A: Iphone, knife and a girl that likes me. I am single :(

Nico Polasek, LIBE Q: What animal are you? A: A female lion, because they hunt and are totally OG Q: 10 years from now you are in jail. Why? A: Forgot to pay my bills.

Rachael Liss, FEMM Q: What is the average air speed velocity of an unlade swallow? A: 8 km/h *stares with confidence *

Giacomo Gianni, AFCO. (aka Sandwich guy) Q: How many sandwiches can you eat a day? A: Probably 7

Mathilda Loussert, ENVI Q: What is the song of your life? A: I GOT A HANGOVER!

Sarah Maurin, ITRE Q: How much wood can a wood chucker chuck if a wood chucker could chuck wood? A: Chuck?!

Soundouss Lyamani, CULT Q: What is the song of your life? A: Imagine by John Lennon Random fact of day: Imagine is traditionally played at sessions. Arthur Barden, AGRI Q: What is the song of your life? A: Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi

Olivia Bizot, ENVI Q: What animal are you? A: A giraffe, because then I will taller than all other animals!


Bring it on by Artemis

The second day of the SR7 was dedicated to committee work; all delegates (without exceptions) worked really hard from the morning till noon. With the help of their Chairs they outlined the problems of their topics, expressed their opinion and proposed commonly-accepted solutions. So, after lunch they were so tired they couldn’t proceed; that was the time when our amazing organisers gave the solution: a dancing competition between committees and voilà, everyone got back in action. Just half an hour was enough for all of them to come up with creative choreographies that rocked the stage and spread waves of envy among famous dancers around the EYP world. AGRI, FEMM, AFCO, LIBE, ENVI, CULT, ITRE with their talented members danced like amazingly-synchronised professionals (although, they had time for only 2 rehearsals) and made the crowd cheer in enthusiasm. At the end of the competition, Lina and Arthur, the Jury, gave out awards to all the committees for their participation in this fascinating event and for the effort they’ve put into their performances, which produced such

impressive results. Also, after a long pause, the Jury went on to announcing the -so awaited- winning committee : It was FEMM, of course, and everyone in the theatre clapped and screamed hysterically. Nora and her delegates ran up to the stage and took the BIG prize : 3 packets of jelly. After all, victory is sweet, they say. A minute later the spectators kept asking for an ‘’encore’’ and FEMM was ready to satisfy them. However, the time had elapsed and Orgas refused; the dancers were sent back to the committee rooms to keep on working with their resolutions.

helping us learn how to make pizza in a funny way. Definitely one of the most unexpected choreographies. LIBE : Nicolas and his gang really showed us what cooperation means, by forming the name of the committee with their bodies. Good job, guys! CULT: ‘’Who let the dogs out’’, was the song you chose and it surely matched to your performance. One simple word for it: intense. ENVI : Short but efficient-even though we expected more from you.

EXTRA: A short discription of all the choreographies we saw in this magnificent event. AGRI : Tatia leads, delegates follow and a unique atmosphere is being created, making the crowd dance to their rhythm. AFCO : Synchronisation, energy and enthusiasm are the proper words for their performance. Also, the longest of all, by far. 2 minutes of pure dancing. FEMM: The winners’ secret combination: creativity and determination in a superb mixture that boosted excitement to the full. ITRE : Thank you for

“After a long pause, the Jury went on to announcing the, so awaited, winning committee...”



Moist Solutions for an Arid Topic by Andrej

Deep in the school of Marseilleveyre you will be able to find the committee of ENVI working hard on how to deal with one of the largest threats to the EU: an unsustainable water supply for the population and industries, due to waste and inefficient use. ENVI believes that water should be of equal access and quality for everyone at any time, and this is the ambitious aim of the ENVI committee. To achieve this aim ENVI is thinking of pushing forward standards for industrial machines, so that they will utilize water more effectively. Raising awareness about the subject will also have to be done


in order to educate the younger generations so that they will use water while keeping waste at a minimum. To really engage in the topic, the committee played a game of Fruit Salad with important key terms such as water, thirst and drought. Needless to say, things got pretty intense and the group thermometer went up to “It’s getting hot in here!” Things were getting set for a long day of committee work to solve the arid issues with moist solutions - pun intended. Many tough hours later people were getting tired and sleepy, this was evident on their faces but also on the group thermometer but everyone managed

to pull through to the end of the day. I can proudly say that ENVI finished first of all committees and the resolution is superb and has good concrete solutions to tackle the issues. I must congratulate my committee after seeing them dancing at the Euro Dance Battle. All of them shined with energy and with big smiles, so I must say that I am bit sad for not being part of rocking the stage like they did. Last but not least, I wish ENVI a successful debate tomorrow in General Assembly and may their hard work turn fruitful.


Chez AFCO by Artemis Comme je suis une journaliste, je suis ici pour vous présenter toutes les choses que j’ai vues pendant ma visite chez les AFCO. Pour commencer, je voudrais dire quelques mots pour les membres de cette commission. Donc je vais commencer maintenant. Mohammed (ou Momo ou Monsieur le Président): Un des chairs de la commission. Il est capable d’utiliser le français de façon exceptionnelle (parce qu’il vient de Suisse) et il est le coordinateur des discussions. Il a beaucoup de talents, ce n’est donc pas bizarre qu’il ait été sélectionné pour être le Président de la SR7. Félix: L’autre chair d’AFCO. Il essaye toujours de parler en français, pour que tous puissent le comprendre sans aucune difficulté. Il est très motivé, informé, patient et concentré, car il veut que tout soit parfaitement organisé Lina: Elle est blonde (ce qui n’est pas très important) et elle peut parler français et anglais très bien; sa contribution au dialogue était immense. Selon moi, c’est possible qu’elle devienne une diplomate facilement après quelques années. Jade: elle est très jolie et chic. Elle habitait à Chypre, mais

elle connait seulement 3 mots grecques: ‘’kalimera’’ (bonjour), ‘’yeia sou’’ (salut) and ‘’kalispera’’ (bon nuit). De plus, son anglais est exceptionnel. Rahima: J’adore les lunettes qu’elle porte et son style. Elle est très positive, amusante et surtout folle (‘’crazy, pour utiliser ses propres mots). C’est le meilleur modèle pour mes photographies. Louise: elle est toujours calme, mais très bien préparée pour le sujet de sa commission; elle est également capable de défendre, c’est donc un membre essentiel pour le progrès du dialogue. Tina: elle vient de Croatie et veut étudier le droit. Elle est très enthousiaste pour la session et drôle. Son rêve? Devenir policière. Giacomo: l’italien d’AFCO. Il est le traducteur de la commission et un membre flexible et coopératif. Il a une addiction pour les sandwiches, mais il est très sportif, comme je l’ai vu au Teambuilding. Raphael: Il joue le rôle d’un expert pour la commission. Très sérieux et avec un point de vue concret et suffisamment développé. Le seul des garçons qui porte des lunettes. Tanguy: Un peu timide, mais

–quand il exprime son opinion- il est évident qu’il connait beaucoup de choses sur la fédéralisation de l’Union Européenne. J’aime beaucoup ses jolies écharpes. Samy: Il aime rigoler tout le temps. Je l’ai vu dormir à la présentation des experts et envoyer des messages pendant le Committee Work.



All About ITRE by Juliette

The topic that ITRE, supervised by Soran, has debated with great interest is about building long-term energy infrastructures respecting its principles of justice and sustainable development. All together, putting much effort into their tasks, ITRE tried to clarify the prompt and their topic so as to understand their topic perfectly and not get sidetracked. After many questions, answers and general agreement, Julia clarified and reformed the prompt for everyone: in 2020 what should Europe do to construct permanent infrastructures that have equality of participants and can absorb sustainable development? It is however necessary to emphasize the complexity of the topic, for young European citizens who do not have a lot of knowledge about energy infrastructures… To this topic, ITRE found many solutions, and worked really hard all day long to come up with general ideas as well as important details: a quick teambuilding break was appreciated by the 10 involved delegates. Making sure that nobody was excluded from the discussion and that every single delegate was taking part of the debate, Soran admirably led


the way and gave his committee the motivation to pursue their engagement in the conversation, in spite of the tiredness from the night before. Trying as well to deal with the stressful atmosphere of committee work day, they slowly found, as a group, the right track by themselves, through listening and comprehension. One of the ITRE delegates confessed “committee work is my favorite part of a session, I think it’s the most interesting part” . In fact, when Camille, one of the chairs asks a few feedback questions about how the delegates felt about their committee work, only a couple of them gave a five or a four out of five concerning their position towards English, which is for almost all of them a second language. Thank to Soran’s ideas of teambuilding to relax everyone about the amount of stress they are bearing, and make them feel better about the General Assembly coming up tomorrow, all the delegates eventually told me they were glad of their committee’s composition and proud of the work they did, even though there were some harder moments, and assured me that they all had a fantastic time overall.


LIBE-Licious by Marie- Jeanne

La toute première session de 7 des 8 charmants délégués de LIBE promet d’être remplie de surprises. A ceux qui se demandent comment former une cohésion de groupe, Camille, leur chair, semble connaître parfaitement la réponse… A peine arrivé, chacun se dévoile à travers des aspects quelques peu… incongrus de sa personnalité. Bien que Camille n’ait pas passé 2 jours seule dans le désert (une idée machiavélique de ses délégués pour un abandon futur ?), il est toujours intéressant d’apprendre des nouvelles qui s’apprêtent à changer votre vie … Saviez-vous qu’Audrey venait d’Agen, et que sa mère fabriquait des pruneaux… ? Intéressons-nous maintenant aux potins…Hormis le fait que vous aviez tous remarqué que le ténébreux Nico n’est pas indifférent à la belle Camille, en revanche vous ignoriez peut-être que certains délégués ont célébré leur première soirée européenne en urinant du haut de leur balcons ? C’est vrai, Sefo ? C’est ce que l’on racontait ce matin dans la salle de LIBE, où la petite mine de chacun témoignait de la nuit folle de LIBErté qu’ils avaient dû passer. Biens heureux ceux qui ont su

résister aux charmes fou de leurs camarades délégués, refusant les fameuses avances du ‘Honey, tell me that you love me’ au risque de se faire déshabiller. La température est encore montée d’un cran durant l’après-midi, et les insatisfaits ont pu se contenter en passant délicatement la balle à son voisin... donnant lieux à des situations quelques peu… suggestives (Les tétons de Nico n’ont qu’à bien se tenir). Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que l’apothéose de la journée fut le moment de la découverte d’une passion commune : LES PIEDS. Saviez-vous que le meilleur moyen de passer des objets d’une rive à l’autre du Rhône était d’utiliser la « chaussure volante » ? Eva a expérimenté cette nouvelle technique, y laissant certes ses converses et nouant quelques dizaine de fois ces lacets… Après quelques risques de chute majeur, la perte d’un pied… Ils devraient songer à déposer un brevet, histoire de ne pas se faire voler l’idée. Cependant, un mystère reste à élucider... d’où tiennent-ils leur obsession incessante pour les Licornes? LIBE, le monde merveilleux des Panda(rie)s, vous réserve encore

de nombreuses surprises… Le script de l’épisode exclusif des ‘Feux de LIBE’ du 16 Novembre était le suivant « Le Roi Nico, navré de ne pas plaire à la belle Camille, va tenter sa chance auprès de Sandra. Malheureusement pour lui, elle est éperdument amoureuse de la même personne que lui : Camille. La briseuse de cœur sauvera cependant Nico, l’aidant à échapper aux griffes d’une femme-meurtrière en l’emmenant dans une forêt magique, où il s’enfuit avec une licorne eblouie pas sa corne d’une taille démesurée. » Nous attendons avec impatience le prochain épisode, afin de découvrir les dessous de la relation entre Nico et la Licorne… En un mot, pour chacun, la journée de vendredi se traduirait par : Energique, Joyeuse, décontractée, froide (climatiquement parlant !), dynamique, patiente, drôle, great… and TOTALY OUT OF CONTROL !








Once a FEMM, Always a FEMM


by Claire

The excitation is at its paroxysm even if it has to compete with tiredness. Everyone is tense doing their best to make the best resolution EYP has ever known. When you enter the room you immediately notice the resolute faces and the air is charged with electricity from all the concentration. Sofian is the experimenting one. It is his third session whereas the others are all EYP virgins. He is really calm and ready to give a hand whenever it is needed. There are only two boys in the FEMM committee but they are not afraid of confronting the girls in the debates. On a subject that deals with sex inequality it is always good to have both the two sides of the story. The girls are so motivated. They feel this subject running through their veins and, for what might be the first time, really express their opinion about what upsets them in the world of advertising. Rachael, Lou and Corina are “friending” up while discovering that they have the same opinions about a lot of things. And as a matter of fact Mathilde, Greta, Anaïs and Frederica are in agreement as well. As you could have understood by now the


FEMM committee are 100% in the game. Just a friendly reminder that they won the Dance Battle with a dance routine that totally blew everyone’s mind. If you enter their room without knocking you might find them making weird animal imitations. Alexandre can actually do a pretty good chameleon, even if it looks like he just hit the wall and stay hanged to it. One of their chairs can be found in the previous issue under the nickname of “weird animal” but she is better known as Nora. She is more like an older sister than a mom to the delegates but they are all in love with her craziness. But do not worry, she is also such a good chair and she knows the topic from every dimension. The other one chair can be found wearing Sunday clothes all weekend long since it is a habit from her country. Her name is Sandra and she comes from Ireland. If you want to know if she is getting tired just watch if she is poking people, that is the key to the mystery. No one has ever seen her smile at the “Hey Honey Tell Me That You Love Me” game. Would you like to enter the myth by realising this miracle? Those eleven people composed the FEMM committee, which is

ready to totally rock this session and show everyone that their cause needs to be fought for.

“If you enter FEMM’s room without knocking you might find the members making weird anomal imitations. Alexandre can actually do a pretty good chameleon, even though it looks like he just hit the wall and stay hanging on to it.”


XOXO AGRI by Dilge

Gossip Girl here, welcoming you to the SR7, where the AGRIs, who were selected especially to achieve brilliance, are the center of attention. Which means you have a lot of catching up to do and I am here to help you. Rumour has it AGRI tangoed at the session in the school of Marseilleveyre. Guess that means all the other committees were jealous of the superb committee existing of Laura, Coralie, Claire, Lavinia, Manon, Ana Sofia, Alexandre and two native English speakers: Olivia and Arthur chaired by Tatia. What was it we said about appearances? Yes, they can be very deceiving. But most of the time, what you see about AGRI, is what you get: Excellence! AGRI drove attention to themselves being the most talented committee of the session in the Dancing Battle. Word is, N’s committee got down on the floor to win the battle. Watch it FEMM, nothing can stand in the way of a unique committee that is trying to protect the forests and bears in mind that even your resolution is printed on a paper that was made from the “trees”. Some say ambition is danger, some says ambition is a silly song. Some say ambition is all around

us. It lifts us up where we belong. But when it comes to AGRI, we all know ambition is making seven points of debate per resolution. It is simple and obvious: WE ARE THE BEST! They say a leopard can’t change his spots, buts some things do change. The conference that has just started can come to and end. CAP OU PACA can lead to something groundbreaking. And whether delegates are shaking it out on the sultry dance floor of EuroParty… or studying on their resolutions, no one can debate/discuss like the gifted AGRIs. Grab your session papers and memories. This one looks like a huge PED. Until then, you know you love me, XOXO… Gossip Girl



Who let the CULTs out? by Julia

Other committees beware, because now that they have been released, they are unstoppable! A very enthusiastic streetfighter-game right at the beginning broke the ice in CULT very quickly. If you heard the shouts of HAIDUKEN, SONIC BOOM and the very graceful YOGA FLAME (legendary by Morgane) in the courtyard, you have already heard of CULT. Name-games were also great fun, since then Zac hasn’t managed to get rid of the label “zoophile” (rumour has it that it’s true!). Adelaide made it clear from the beginning: she rocks. However, she was spotted at the Europarty with a pink strawberry hat. Very sweet! Also, it must be said that the committee on culture and education is a team of excellent chicken pilots, all led by Maxime. Their chicken-inspired performance for the video competition was also legendary, with Antoine in the main role as “le coq”. Fun is definitely never missing, be it during teambuilding, committee work and also coffee breaks, there are some marvellous entertainers in this committee! The delegates of CULT do not hesitate to take the initiative and have great ideas for games but also contributions to the debate. Maria, Miss Italia,


brings a nice international breeze into the committee. Already during the collection of facts, the discussion was on fire and CULT’s marvellous chair Pauline had difficulties stopping the motivated delegates. Now, the next objective is that during the debate, not everyone talks at the same time. Tensions, which arose during further discussions, were put aside during resolution phrasing. Under the pressure of the last few hours, emergency energies were mobilised and CULT worked together as a great team, writing their resolution. “Right Roxane” lived up to her name and brought a lot of input. Former quiet people, such as Alice in the wonder-boots and princess Soundouss became very active during the discussion and contributed an important part, also as mediators. Delegates of CULT however do not only know how to have fun at teambuilding and how to save a resolution, they also know how to PARTY!!! They definitely were the most active delegation dancing and jumping around at the Euro-party. SPOTTED! Very different characters come together in this group. The talkative, the quiet, the considerate, the one

with a strong opinion, the centre of attention, the well-informed… This committee has a lot of potential and if it joins forces and listens to each other, then you can await an amazing resolution from them! CHERS CULTs, BONNE CHANCE POUR L’ASSEMBLE GENERALE!! Best, Jolly Julia, your Journo

SR7 Gossip Girl by Dilge and Artemis

Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Marseilleveyre’s elite. For a scandal to really blow up , all it needs is an unexpected turn. We heard that some delegates are not mature enough to hold their pee. Pop-quiz: What do you get when you see a delegate pee from the balcony of the hotel, a billion dollars and organisers staring in that guy’s disgusting habits? People will forget about it someday, but will you? Watch it boys, past is always with us, just waiting to mess with the present. And when it does we’ll be watching. What’s the difference between gossip and scandal? So glad you asked. Anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a day’s worth of buzz, but in order for gossip to birth a true scandal, it requires right person to be in the wrong place. Seems like poor A and S miss home. Word is, A brought reindeer cheese in a tube and made the whole journo room smell like dead animal. Spotted: A beautiful blond phoenix rising from the ashes of a major public humiliation. Obviously, the oranges in the Eurovillage made N’s day. Rumour has it, because of the water came out of N’s mouth poor participants

of SR7 had pretty hard times and slipped over. Take it easy N, getting high on oranges is unacceptable, especially if you’re causing innocents get hurt. Though, usually, the person you’ve become is not the person you want to be… N seems happy with the weird poses of himself during the team-building. You can always turn around and try again N. And maybe the next time you won’t be so alone when it’s over. Too late to turn back now. M is always up for a good flirt: One of his closest friends actually told us that he can choose up to five victims per night. I spotted him a while ago getting very intimate with a Princess I. Is there something more to that story or was it just a one-night stand? Watch out girls you might be the next on the list. But by playing with fire M you might end up burning yourself… badly. Obviously, delegates weren’t the only ones who have listened to my suggestion. Spotted: a dancing jury in the middle of the night. Seems like he couldn’t get enough sleep, just like the other officials. You know you love me.

Write down your gossip here:

XOXO Gossip Girl


Work Party H Fancy with a shocking detail was the theme of the Europarty of SR7. Delegates got remarkably creative: furry boots, blue lipstick, Venetian masks, red contacts, body-paint glowing in the dark, funny socks and high-heels, coloured wigs, joker-faces, Santa Clause hats, nothing was missing! On a leopard cat-walk (a wildcat-walk, literally and metaphorically), delegates could show off their beautiful dresses and special detail. It was a very colourful show and a lot of fun to watch. And the winner iiiiiiiissss?? Everyone, if you ask me! Dear delegates, you were fabulous! Once this pompous parade was over, the party could get started! After a day full of strenuous committee work, difficult moments and last minute resolution phrasing, the delegates went wild on the dance floor. One could almost physically see the tension fall off of their shoulders. A definite musical highlight was Waka Waka right at the beginning; you could see some potential Shakira-background-dancers there! For the journo Andrej (Andrésh, en français s’il vous plaît!) “Every day I’m shuffling” seems to actually hold true, he is master of that discipline. The Macarena was a great hit, almost everyone participated! Delegates are also very busy train-of-love drivers! And there seems to be a little cotton-eye Joe in every one of you. Mister classical dancer was also present, showing off a fabulous disco-fox! During the last two, very romantic songs, snuggling was in the air! The dear “drageurs” of the committee CULT were SPOTTED! Dear delegates, you are very much in the EYP spirit of “work hard, party harder!”, congratulations!!


Hard, Harder

by Julia


Lonely Hearts by Dilge



…is an orga. …takes shower once a year. …is 17 years old. …would like to be a monk. …likes gingers and girly girls. …doesn’t wear any underwear.


…is an orga. …loves American TV series. …is 16 years old. …breaks her bones often. …likes tall guys with brown, curly hair and clear eyes. …wears all kinds of underwear.

Soran... chairing ITRE. ...loves to “get down” while playing Honey Tell Me That You Love Me. …is 19 years old. …likes shady ladies. …wears boxers.


…is the journalist of ENVI. …can hold his breath more than 5 minutes. If you know what I mean. …is 18 years old. …loves danger. So that, he likes wild girls. Roar! …wears slips.


…is in the jury. …is super sexy, of course. …is 20 years old. …likes brunettes and smiley girls with nice, brown eyes. …wears boxers that are not so thin and also not so slim.

Arc’hantael… …is an orga.

…likes to disappear in the middle of the team-building games. That’s why she has a reputation as “Arc’hantael: the Absent”. …is 17 years old. …likes wild guys (just like Andrej?). …wears thongs.


…is chairing LIBE. …has a twin brother which looks just like him. Watch it ladies, don’t mistake him for his brother. …is 19 years old. …likes girl with character. …wears boxers. …leaves home without wearing underwear sometimes.

If you want to get in touch with one of these hotties, just drop us a line on and we will set you up!

A Good Laugh C’est une fleur qui court et qui se plante

Un jour un homme trouve une lampe dans le désert. Il la frotte et un génie Matthias en sort. -Je t’accorde un vœu. (ENVI) -Ce n’est pas trois d’habitudes ? -Quelle est la -Si mais moi je suis un petit génie. différence entre un -Huuuuum… Je voudrais aller en Australie. marteau et un pneu ? -Un avion en première classe tout frais payé. -Aucun ils sont tous les deux -Non, j’aime pas l’avion. en caoutchouc … sauf le -Un navire cinq étoiles alors ? marteau. - J’ai le mal de mer … Mais dis-moi toi qui est génie tu pourrais pas me construire un pont entre ici et l’Australie ? Marie (Orga) -Je t’ai dis je suis un petit génie j’ai pas les moyens. -Bon ben alors est-ce que tu peux me donner la clé pour C’est un mec résoudre le cerveau féminin ? qui rentre dans un café -Ton pont tu le veux deux voies ou trois voies ? et qui dit : « C’est moi ! ».

Manu (ORGA)

-Quel est le futur de « il baille » ? -Il dort

Arc’hantaël (Orga)

-Qu’est ce qui est jaune et qui court vite ? - Un citron pressé

Sarah (ITRE)

Et en fait c’était pas lui.

Marie (ORGA)

-How you do you wake up Lady Gaga ? -You poker face ! (poke her face)

Marie (Orga)

-What do you call an alligator with a vest ? -An Investigator

Carina (FEMM)

C’est un papier qui se noie et qui dit : « J’ai papier ! J’ai papier ! » !

-Pourquoi les sœurs japonaises sontelles fans des Beatles ? -Parce qu’elles sont John Lennon (jaunes les nonnes)

Manu (Orga)

Alexandre (FEMM)

-Why did the mushroom go to the party? -‘Cause he was a Fungi! (Fun guy)


-Tu connais la mère du phoque ? «La Mother phoque»

Lou Millet (FEMM)


Foyer SocioEducatif Marseilleveyre

Amicale des Anciens Eleves de Marseilleveyre

Cap ou PACA? - Issue 3  

The third issue of "Cap ou PACA?", the newspaper of the 7th Regional Session of EYP PACA. Brought to you by: Sigrun Fagerfjäll (Sweden) – Ed...

Cap ou PACA? - Issue 3  

The third issue of "Cap ou PACA?", the newspaper of the 7th Regional Session of EYP PACA. Brought to you by: Sigrun Fagerfjäll (Sweden) – Ed...