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R eflections Dateline: Fall 1985 Morgan is M an of



Thomas C. Morgan of Phi Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana State University is the 1985 recipient of the Ellsworth C. Dent “Man of the Year” Award. The Dent award is the highest honor bestowed upon an undergraduate member of the Fraternity. The presentation was made at the Sigma Tau Gamma Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, August 24 in Wagoner, Oklahoma.


Brother Morgan, an Amite, Louisiana native, served an unprecedented two terms as Student Government President and ran unopposed for his second term of office. While administrator of the SGA, he initiated numerous programs for the betterment of student life at SLU including the Student Government Loan Program, the Student Organizational Grant Program, the Student Capital Outlay Fund and the Free Legal Counseling Program. He also represented his fellow students from all Louisiana state colleges and universities while serving as the only student trustee on the Louisiana State Universities and Colleges Board of Trustees. A pre-law major, Morgan has maintained an excellent academic record while serving his school and his chapter. In his chapter, Tom has served nearly every capacity, from parliamentarian to his current position as president. He also served the Fraternity as the chairman of the Constitution and Laws committee at the 31st Grand Chapter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brother Morgan is a Wilson C. Morris Fellow.



Note: Thomas C. Morgan was elected President-elect by the 44th Grand Chapter delegates. He will become the 37th National President in 2012.

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This issue of The SAGA was partially funded by the “William P. Bernier Endowment for Educational Publications, as funded by Marvin M. Millsap” and Alumni Loyalty Fund contributions. 2

saga Fall ‘10

McCune Metrics Expands to Include Dashboard

In the coming school year, the Dashboard will create a baseline for communication. Every chapter will be “touched” twice a month by a regional volunteer, once for a chapter officer and once for an advisor, creating a relationship between them. This promotes increased knowledge of the Fraternity’s program and prevents any communication confusion. Visit the McCune Dashboard at:


to the


Reflections________________________ 2 Chapter News_____________________ 4 Chapter Eternal__________________ 14 Alumni News____________________ 15

On the Cover:


Officer contact and chapter information is also available to all registered users through the Dashboard, which includes advisors, district directors, regional vice presidents, staff, collegiate members and alumni. This will increase the quality and quantity of communication between staff, collegiate members and alumni members.

McCune Metrics Expands to Include Dashboard________________ 3 44th Grand Chapter Review ___ 5-14 Chapters Honored_____________ 5-7 Phired Up Productions____________ 7 Board of Directors_______________ 8 44th Grand Chapter Politically Dynamic____________ 9 Brown is Ellsworkth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year______________ 10 Schermer Elevated to the Society of Seventeen__________________ 11 New Wilson C. Morris Fellows Honored_____________________ 12 Individuals Honored_____________ 13 Heiman Leaves Board after 16 Years of Dedication_________________ 15


The Dashboard is available on the Fraternity website to any registered user. It includes a section for each Vice President’s division with the basic needs and deadlines for that particular division. The most important feature of the Dashboard is the realtime information about the completion of particular items.



A new online component, the McCune Dashboard, has been added to the McCune Metrics to serve as a roadmap for chapter officers. The Metrics has long served the Fraternity as an assessment tool to score chapters on program implementation, academic success, membership and more. It will continue to collect information on chapters and guide the awards program. However, the Dashboard has been added to help many chapter officers know the basic requirements of their positions in a more digestible format.

Volume 81 • Issue 4 (475-360) • Fall 2010

Kara Fox (White Rose Sweetheart), Ian Adams, Dallas Young and Spencer White celebrating Sigma Tau’s 90th Birthday at 44th Grand Chapter opening event.

Host Committee

The 44th Grand Chapter would not have been such a successful event if it were not for the help of the Cleveland alumni and collegiate members who volunteered their time. Thank you to the following: Frank Loucka, Beta Upsilon ’69, Paul Mueller, PMF, Beta Upsilon ’71, Jerry Bajbus, Beta Upsilon ’70, Bill Wilson, WCMF, Beta Upsilon ’96, Bernie Domann, Beta Upsilon ’86, Tim Smith, Beta Upsilon ’91, Joe Jerdonek, Beta Upsilon ’65, Bryan Berg, Beta Upsilon ’13, Joe Olivo, Beta Upsilon ’13, Javier Castillo, Beta Upsilon ’12, Danny Sheehan, Beta Upsilon ’11, Rich Barker, Beta Upsilon ’12, Dale Zabukovec, Beta Upsilon ’74. Fall ‘10 saga


Chapter News A lpha Chapter (University of Central M issouri)




The Alpha Chapter at the University of Central Missouri has been very successful recruiting this semester. On September 15, the chapter pinned 21 new associate members. Pictured at left is the entire Alpha Chapter after the pinning.

Beta Gamma (Youngstown State University) Ryan Meditz, CSM, Beta Gamma ’13 (Youngstown State University), was appointed as a student trustee to Youngstown State University’s board of trustees. Ryan, who is studying Spanish and International Marketing, will represent the student body during his two-year term, which will conclude in 2012. Ryan heard about the position through Student Government Association meetings, where he serves as parliamentarian and a Williamson College of Business Administration representative. He realized the position’s importance and wanted to serve as a student trustee.

Lambda ’10 (State University of New York – Plattsburg), and Zachary William Eck, Epsilon Lambda ’10, were initiated in the fall. Chris Kraski, Beta Iota ’11 (California University of Pennsylvania) was initiated in the spring.

“The board of trustees and the administration think very highly of student opinions,” said Ryan. “My main goal and focus is to represent the student body to the best of my ability.” In addition to his role as a student trustee, Ryan is a University Scholar, a member of the American Marketing Association, the Spanish Club and the Economics Club. He also serves as executive secretary for the Beta Gamma Chapter.

Mu (Southeastern Oklahoma State University) Pictured at right are brothers who participated in the Local Durant Trash Off, where members of the community come together to pick up trash around the university campus all the way to the highway.

Five Gamma Sigma A lpha I nitiates Five members of Sigma Tau Gamma were initiated this last academic year into Gamma Sigma Alpha, a national Greek academic honor society. To be eligible for membership into Gamma Sigma Alpha, junior or senior Greek students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Andrew P. Fedick, Epsilon Omicron ’11 (Monmouth University), Raymond Allen Slamb III, Epsilon Omicron ’11, Thomas Santosuosso, Epsilon

P hilmont Scout R anch R angers Four rangers working at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico found out that they were Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity brothers and became fast friends. Pictured from left are John A. (Jac) Cottrell, Beta Alpha ’13 (University of Missouri), Robert Elli Kutten, Beta ’12 (Truman State University), Bradley Allan Davis, Beta ’10 (Truman State University) and Matthew Paul Bohn, Gamma Theta ’10 (University of Missouri-St. Louis). The 137,500 acre Philmont Scout Ranch, near Cimarron, New Mexico, was established by Waite Phillips of the Phillips Petroleum Company. The Boy Scouts of America own and operate Philmont Scout Ranch where more than 35,000 Scouts and Scout Leaders camp annually. Philmont Rangers are responsible for the instruction and safety of campers at this mountainous and rugged high adventure camping facility.

Gamma Chi (M ichigan Technological University) Gamma Chi brothers volunteered at the city of Houghton’s Community Family Fun Day hosted on September 2, 2010. The brothers worked along side other community volunteers to hand our hot dogs and run the games. 4

saga Fall ‘10

Beta K appa Honored as Top Chapter The Edward H. McCune Distinguished Chapter Award is the Fraternity’s highest honor for excellence in chapter achievement. It is awarded annually to the top Sigma Tau Gamma collegiate chapter. Chapters are measured in the areas of recruitment, retention, leadership, scholarship, community service, brotherhood programming, risk management and financial management. This year’s Edward H. McCune Distinguished Chapter Award was presented to the Beta Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. The Beta Kappa Chapter excelled in every aspect of the McCune Metrics by succeeding with perfect scores in the Operations, Executive and Programs Divisions. They accomplished a 3.05 GPA while giving leadership to many other campus organizations, making them the winner of the W.T. Hembree Campus Leadership Award as well. Beta Kappa Chapter earned runner-up recognition for the Emmet Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award. The Beta Kappa Chapter participated in year-round recruitment efforts, hosting an event at a Milwaukee Brewers game over the summer. They completed 1,217 hours of community service and raised more than $1,200 for charity. They volunteered their time with the Boys and Girls Cub, Operation: River Watch, Relay for Life, Organ Donation, Polar Plunge, Ecuador Donation Drive and other organizations. The chapter hosted their annual alumni luau prior to their White Rose Formal and also participated in many social and brotherhood events.

Runners-Up: Four excellent chapters earned runner-up honors in the Edward H. McCune Distinguished Chapter competition. They are presented here in Greek alphabetical order. Delta Chapter (Emporia State University) focused their successful year on leadership, recruitment and brotherhood. The chapter was also

awarded the Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award and was runner-up for the Hembree Campus Leadership Award and the Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award. The Delta brothers participated in yearround recruitment by hosting events such as BBQs, volleyball, bowling nights, and dinners. They worked hard to help their new members follow the Path of Principles and become initiated Sigma Tau Gamma Brothers. The chapter also enjoyed many brotherhood, alumni, family and social events. They still remained dedicated to community service, however, donating time to St. Jude’s and the Emporia Library Spring Cleaning. Iota Chapter (Kent State University) worked on building a strong brotherhood. After recruiting new members, the Iota brothers focused on following the Path of Principles Manual. They also enjoyed many brotherhood activities such has having cookouts, sporting events and completing community service together. The chapter also enjoys spending time getting to know their alumni by hosting cookout events before college football games. Beta Gamma Chapter (Youngstown State University) centered their efforts on academics, winning the Emmet Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award. They earned a cumulative 3.10 GPA. Beta Gamma was also runner-up for the Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award, the Hembree Campus Leadership Award, Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award and the Robert Nagel Jones Charitable Projects Award. The Chapter was devoted to community service volunteering for more than 525 hours. The brothers also stayed busy participating in many intramurals and brotherhood events. Beta Zeta Chapter (University of Central Oklahoma) was also the winner of the Robert Nagel Jones Charitable Projects Award, volunteering 2,875 hours and $3,575 to community services and organizations. Besides philanthropy, the Beta Zeta brothers hosted many successful recruitment events throughout the school year and summer, such as minor league baseball games, volleyball nights, movies, games and cookouts. The chapter also hosted their IHOP to the Sig Tau House during finals week of each semester. This event is open to anyone on campus who needs a break from studying to have some pancakes prepared by the Sig Taus. The Beta Zeta Chapter was also awarded the Emmett Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award. Fall ‘10 saga


Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R evie

The top college chapters from across the United States were honored when Sigma Tau Gamma gathered in Cleveland, Ohio August 5-8. Brothers also spent quality time together enjoying a baseball game at Progressive field, where the Cleveland Indians beat the Minnesota Twins, and celebrating Sigma Tau’s 90th birthday.


Chapters Honored at 44th Grand Chapter

M auer M an-Mile Award The Christopher Mauer Man-Mile Award was presented to the Beta Chapter of Truman State University for scoring the highest number of travel miles to the Grand Chapter. The number of undergraduate registrants is multiplied times the number of miles from the chapter’s campus to the Grand Chapter site. Beta Chapter traveled a total of 5,440 man-miles to get to Cleveland. The chapter received a plaque and a $500 honorarium that will help them attend future meetings. The award is named in honor of our late 34th National President, Christopher Mauer, who advocated participation in national meetings and regional meetings as an excellent means of building chapter brotherhood and fraternal knowledge.

Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award Thomas M. Hutsell, Beta ’27, was the Fraternity’s first executive officer. He established the first chapter award, which was named the Efficiency Cup. The Thomas M. Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award continues with that tradition. This year it was awarded to the Delta Chapter at Emporia State University for excelling in meeting their financial obligations, as well as submitting record updates and membership forms in a timely manner. The Delta Chapter received perfect scores on the McCune Metrics regarding record keeping and financial obligations. Runners-up for this award included: Gamma Chi Chapter (Michigan Technological University), Delta Xi Chapter (Carnegie Mellon University), Epsilon Rho Chapter (Salisbury University) and Beta Gamma Chapter (Youngstown State University).

E. K ennedy Whitesitt Communications Award The E. Kennedy Whitesitt Communications Award was presented to the Gamma Chi Chapter at Michigan Technological University for their newsletter, Tech Tau, and their website. This award is named in honor of E. Kennedy Whitesitt, Epsilon ’32, who served as the Fraternity’s executive officer from 1954 to 1967. It began as a chapter newsletter award, but now recognizes the many forms of communication available in the digital era.

Runners-up included: Beta Kappa (University of WisconsinLaCrosse), Delta Omicron (Christopher Newport University), Gamma Beta (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) and Alpha Phi (Southeast Missouri State University).

Beta K appa Shows Campus L eadership The Beta Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse won the W.T. Hembree Campus Leadership Award. This award recognizes chapters that excel in campus leadership. Each member of the Beta Kappa Chapter is involved in at least one other campus activity while more than 25 percent of them hold leadership positions within those organizations. Their leadership positions include Order of Omega President, Chief Justice of Student Court, IFC President, Science and Health Senators, and many more. Also, 100 percent of the members held an elected or appointed position or served on a chapter committee within Sigma Tau Gamma. The W. T. Hembree Campus Leadership Award is named in honor of the Fraternity’s 12th National President, W. T. Hembree, Epsilon ’42. Brother Hembree continues to serve Sigma Tau Gamma as an Emeriti Trustee and member of the Foundation Investment Committee. Runners-up included: Delta (Emporia State University), Beta Gamma (Youngstown State University), Epsilon Rho (Salisbury University) and Gamma Pi (Stephen F. Austin State University).

A lpha is Most Improved Chapter The Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award recognizes chapters that have achieved the greatest degree of one-year advancement in chapter quality. The award is based on criteria from the McCune Metrics. The 2010 Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter is the Alpha Chapter at the University of Central Missouri. The Alpha Chapter started the year fresh by moving into a new chapter house. They hosted an open house and luncheon for their alumni and held their annual alumni golf tournament in the spring. They worked hard on improving their GPAs, membership recruitment and brotherhood. They participated in many intramurals and social events with other sororities and fraternities. The chapter also completed more than 800 hours of community service and raised more than $1,225 for local charities. This award is named in honor the late Earl A. Webb, Alpha ’41, who gave 60 years of service and leadership to Sigma Tau Gamma and was affectionately known as Mr. Sig Tau. The runners-up for this award included: Epsilon Rho (Salisbury University), Delta (Emporia State University), Gamma Chi (Michigan Technological University) and Beta Gamma (Youngstown State University).

Robert Nagel Jones Charitable P rojects Award

W. T. Hembree, Epsilon ’42, presents the Hembree Chapter Leadership Award to Bryan Ehnert, CSM, Beta Kappa ’11, Chapter President.

The Robert Nagel Jones Charitable Projects Award was presented to both the Gamma Pi Chapter at Stephen F. Austin State University and the Beta Zeta Chapter at the University of Central Oklahoma. These chapters were honored for exemplifying their selfless service to others. 6

saga Fall ‘10

The Gamma Pi Chapter donated 7,468 hours to community service last year. They raised $18,965 at their Haunted House last fall. They also participated in philanthropy events, such as the Big Event, Pumpkin Patch and Fight Night. The Beta Zeta Chapter devoted more than 2,875 hours to community service this last year. They also helped to raise $3,575 for charity. The Chapter donated its time and money to such organizations and events as: Habitat for Humanity, Shack-a-thon, Buddy Walk, Buddy Lounge, Broncho Builds, The Big Event, LCOS Community Theatre and Make Promises Happen. The late Robert Nagel Jones, Beta ’29, was the 9th National President. He was a prominent St. Louis attorney. In 1966 Brother Jones guided the incorporation and organizational structure of the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. Runners-up for this award included: Beta Gamma (Youngstown State University), Epsilon Rho (Salisbury University) and Alpha (University of Central Missouri).

Emmett Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award The Emmett Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award recognizes chapters that achieve intellectual excellence. This year’s winner was the Beta Gamma Chapter at Youngstown State University. The Beta Gamma Chapter participated in the Roskens Scholar Program and has a study

plan to help them achieve academic success. The chapter received a 3.10 GPA. Emmett Ellis, Alpha ’20, was the leader of the Founders. He was both the first president of Alpha Chapter and the first National President. Ellis was himself a scholar who earned a Ph. D. in Mathematics and eventually returned to his alma matter as a professor of Mathematics. He was as highly revered at the University of Central Missouri as in Sigma Tau Gamma, evidenced by the fact that the largest campus residence hall is named in his honor. The runners-up included: Alpha (University of Central Missouri), Beta Kappa (University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Delta Xi (Carnegie Mellon University) and Beta Zeta (University of Central Oklahoma).

Distinguished A lumni Chapter The 2010 Distinguished Alumni Chapter went to the Cleveland Area Alumni Chapter/Beta Upsilon Alumni Association. Beta Upsilon alumni invested time, talent and treasure supporting a struggling college chapter and renovating their chapter house at Cleveland State. They also proved extraordinarily wonderful hosts for the 90th Anniversary Grand Chapter. Cleveland alumni posted greeters at the airport and the host hotel to welcome delegates and guide them to the services they needed. They provided transportation to events and organizational support for those events. They exemplified Sigma Tau Gamma brotherhood throughout the Grand Chapter meeting.

P hired Up P roductions Inspires Grand Chapter Earlier this year, Phired Up Productions, an education firm that provides recruitment support for fraternities, sororities, and other membership organizations, teamed up with our national Fraternity to enhance Sigma Tau Gamma’s expansion efforts. Woody Woodcock, Phired Up’s Director of Organizational Development, gave a two-part presentation at the 44th Grand Chapter that taught social excellence and stronger recruitment practices.

The second part of the presentation was geared more towards recruitment leaders. This Dynamic Recruitment seminar featured strategies for improving the effectiveness of new member recruitment, both in quality and quantity. Many of the ideas on the Fall Recruitment Checklist, which is a useful resource provided on the Sigma Tau Gamma website, were inspired by Woodcock’s presentation and covers many of his main points.

The first part of the presentation was available to all attendees of the Grand Chapter and focused on social excellence. According to Phired Up, social excellence is “a desire to intentionally connect with others and the ability to engage in deep, meaningful conversation, while acting in a responsible and respectable manner with high expectations of others.” This fun and interactive presentation strengthened brotherhood by encouraging those who had never met before, to network with each other. Brothers from across the nation bonded as they learned about one another and engaged in social excellence.

Some useful tips that Woodcock presented included being more normal, because some practices that fraternities and sororities have can look very strange to nonmembers. He also encouraged members to get organized by creating tools such as a names list. Finally, he suggested hosting small recruitment activities instead of large ones, to make potential brothers feel more comfortable. The Phired Up presentation proved to be very beneficial. Many chapters have practiced what they learned making their recruitments more successful than ever. To learn more about Phired Up Productions, visit: Fall ‘10 saga


Board of Directors 2010-2012 From left, Director Ray, Director Parker, President Harguindeguy and President-elect Morgan during their installation.

At the 44th Grand Chapter, we were privileged to carry on our strong tradition of leadership with the election of a new Board of Directors for 2010-2012. We are thankful for all of the dedicated alumni who allowed their names to be placed in for nomination. Congratulations to our new Board of Directors: Richard Harguindeguy, Beta Omicron ’78, President Alyx Parker, Alpha Chi ’97, Director-at-Large Thomas Morgan, Phi ’85, President-elect Michael Ray, Beta Gamma ’01, Director-at-Large J. Gregory Rumpf, Beta ’79, Director-at-Large Jeffrey Russo, Delta Xi ’88, Immediate Past President Jonathan Proehl, Gamma Nu ’99, Director-at-Large D.W. Cole, Beta ’81, Senior Past President Richard Harguindeguy, IMF, Beta Omicron ’78 (Northland College), became the 36th National President after having been elected President-elect at the 43rd Grand Chapter. He was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2002. He has served the Fraternity as Mid Atlantic District Director (1982-86), Regional Vice President of the Atlantic Coast Region (1986-90), Chapter Counselor for Delta Omicron at Christopher Newport University (1994-98) and President of the Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter. He also served the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation as a Trustee and Secretary. He was the 1990 recipient of the Winebrenner Medal for Distinguished Fraternity Service and the 2002 recipient of the Millsap Medal for Distinguished Foundation Service. Thomas Morgan, PMF, Phi ’85 (Southeastern Louisiana University), will become the 37th National President in 2012, having been elected to the office of President-elect. He was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2008. Prior to that, Tom served as Foundation Trustee (2007-08), Southern Region Vice President (2007-08), Gold Coast District Director (2006-07), and Louisiana State Director (1986-92). He was Baton Rouge Alumni Chapter President (2006-08) and Phi Alumni Association President (1988-90). He served as Phi Chapter President (1985), a twoterm SGA President (1983-85), and Student Member of Louisiana’s higher education governing board (1984-85). He was the 1985 Dent “Man-of-the-Year” and recipient of the Winebrenner Medal in 1986. J. Gregory Rumpf, DMF, Beta ’79 (Truman State University), was the 1979 Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year.” He was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2004. He has served the Fraternity as Regional Director of the Atlantic Coast Region (1983-86), Regional Director of the Central Region (1981-83) and District Governor in the Central Region (1979-81). He received the outstanding Regional Director Award in 1984. Greg has also served the Foundation as a

Trustee (1988-94 & 2000-04) and was the Foundation Vice President for Development (2000-02). Jonathan Proehl, WCMF, Gamma Nu ’99 (University of WisconsinRiver Falls), has served on the Board of Directors since 2008. He also served as the Great Lakes Regional Vice President (2004-08) and Lakeland District Director (2000-2004). He served on the Gamma Nu Alumni Association Board of Directors (2000-06) and as the Gamma Nu Alumni Association CFO (2002-06). He was Gamma Nu’s Chapter President in 1999. Alyx Parker, WCMF, Alpha Chi ’97 (University of Illinois), was Dean of the Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leaders (2009-10). He served as Assistant Dean to the Academy in 2008. Alyx has been Alpha Chi’s Chapter Adviser since 2006 and Alpha Chi’s House Corporation President (2002-05). He also served as the Alpha Chi Chapter President (1996). He was awarded Alpha Chi Man of the Year (1997) and Alumni of the Year (1998 & 2009). Michael Ray, WCMF, Beta Gamma ’01 (Youngstown State University), has served the Fraternity as Three Rivers Regional Vice President (2008-10), Erie Shores District Director (2006-08), and Three Rivers Region Chairman for the EBE Campaign (2006-07). Mike served as Development Director of the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation (200405) and on the Headquarters Staff as Director of Chapter Development (2001-04). He has been the Beta Gamma Chapter Alumni Advisor since 2004 and Managing Director of the Beta Gamma Corporation since 2005. He served as President of the Beta Gamma Alumni Association (2005-2009). He was awarded the Beta Gamma Chapter Alumni of the Year Award in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Jeffrey Russo, EMF, Delta Xi ’88 (Carnegie Mellon University), was our 35th National President. Jeff was a finalist for the Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year” in 1988. He has served on the Board of Directors since 2000. He was Associate Dean of the President’s Academy (1999, 2000 & 2002), Three Rivers Regional Vice-President (1992-96) and Area Director (1990-91). He received the Winebrenner Medal for Distinguished Fraternity Service in 1990. D. W. Cole, PMF, Beta ’81 (Truman State University) was our 33rd National President. He presided over the 42nd Grand Chapter. D.W. was the 1981 Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year” and the 1981 IFC “Man of the Year.” Cole served as the President’s Academy Dean (1996-98), Great Plains Regional Vice President (1992-96), State Director/Chapter Counselor (1986-92), Regional Director (1983-86) and District Governor (1981-83). He was also an honorary Foundation Trustee (1996-98). He was chosen as 1989 Beta Alumni of the Year and 1997 Beta Chapter Top 100 Alumni. 8

saga Fall ‘10

Every Grand Chapter is a time for electing the new leadership of Sigma Tau Gamma. Delegates to the 44th Grand Chapter did that and more. They passed an amendment to the Fraternity Laws, set the Fraternity Fee Schedule for the next five years and adopted important policy resolutions.

National Philanthropy Program Policy

Convention Fund Established

Brown Serves as Parliamentarian

The delegates repealed Law 5, Grand Chapter, Section 11, and replaced it with Law 4B, Collegiate Chapters, Section 8, in order to establish an annual meeting convention fund, rather than to have a national meetings fund that could be used only for the Grand Chapter meetings. Grand Chapter meetings are held bi-annually. With this change the fund will help support the Strategic Leadership Conference held in the intervening years. The amount of the fee charged is set by resolution of the Grand Chapter, together with all other dues and fees.

The delegates adopted a policy calling upon the Board of Directors to search for a formal Fraternity relationship with a national philanthropy organization. The policy also encouraged the continuation of chapter involvement in local philanthropy support.

President Jeff Russo appointed Zachary Brown to the role of parliamentarian for the 44th Grand Chapter. At the time of his appointment, Brown was still an undergraduate member. Although he graduated two months before the Grand Chapter, he brought the perspective and sensitivity of an undergraduate to the position.

Schedule of Fees Policy The delegates updated the schedule of fees policy. The new policy sets the Membership Fee, Semester Dues, Convention Fee and Charter Fee for the current fiscal year and the ensuing four fiscal years. The associate fee (part of the membership fee) remains unchanged at $50 throughout the five year plan. The initiation fee Zachary Brown serving as parliamentarian. (also part of the membership fee) was raised by $30 in the fist year, then by $5 for each following year. The $30 increase in the fist year included a provision for providing the Path of Principles Stole at a cost of $25 each to all new members. Semester dues were also placed on a schedule of annual increases of $5. The convention fee was set at $350 per chapter per semester, with a $50 increase every two years. The charter fee was lowered from $900 to $500, reflecting the elimination of ritual robes, replaced by the Path of Principles Stole. Similarly, the delegates set dues and fees for alumni associations, alumni chapters, honorary Josh Argast, CSM, Alpha Phi ’12, casts his initiates and alumni initiates. The fee schedule is ballot in the House of Delegates meeting. available on the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity website to registered users. All members may register without cost.

R egional Boundaries Policy The delegates adopted a policy calling upon the Board of Directors to study the geographical boundaries of the Fraternity’s administrative regions and propose by August 2011 a redrawing of those boundaries or a rationale for no change.

Scholarship Program Policy The delegates adopted a policy calling upon the Board of Directors to implement a new scholarship program for use by chapters, with preference for interactive, Internet-based, delivery methods.

Brown brought a good background in parliamentary procedure to the position, having served as Student Government Association President at Youngstown State University. “It was a surreal experience, especially considering that I served as parliamentarian at my first Grand Chapter,” Brown said. “I had a great time.” Having never attended a Grand Chapter before, Brown said he did not know what to expect. He spent a lot of time freighting over the finer points of the event and asking older brothers, who had experience, how things were run. Brown worked with Russo, Bill Bernier and D.W. Cole to develop an educational seminar on parliamentary procedure to be presented to the undergraduates at the Grand Chapter. This had not been done in the past. Brown helped design a parliamentary procedures reference sheet for the delegates. A Power Point presentation was then created that complimented the major points of the handout. Cole and Brown presented the seminar the first morning of Grand Chapter. “It was an awesome opportunity to work with the president and other well respected members of the Fraternity,” Brown said. “Hopefully, I set a good precedent for the position in future Grand Chapters and the opportunity will be passed on to another worthy and qualified recent alumnus.”

Motin R eprises Grand Chapter Secretary Role Paul Motin, JD, LLM, CPA, CMF, Beta Xi ’82, served the 44th Grand Chapter in the office of recording secretary. Recording and producing the minutes of the two full days of deliberation at a meeting of Grand Chapter is a major undertaking. Brother Motin has admirably performed this task for a full decade, serving as Grand Chapter Secretary at the 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th Grand Chapters. Fall ‘10 saga


Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview

44th Grand Chapter Politically Dynamic

Brown is Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year” Five seniors were selected to be Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-theYear” finalists based on their scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities and service to their chapter and school. This award is the most prestigious individual honor for collegiate members of Sigma Tau Gamma. The Society of Seventeen interviewed each finalist and selected Zachary Brown as the 2010 Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-ofthe-Year.” Zachary received a scholarship worth $1,000, while each runner-up received a $500 scholarship. These scholarships are funded by the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, Inc. through the Ellsworth and Dorothy Dent endowment. Zachary Brown, Beta Gamma ’10 (Youngstown State University), graduated in May 2010 with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. Brother Brown accomplished an overall GPA of 3.84. He is attending the University of Akron School of Law as of Fall 2010. His Fraternity Offices have included: Sergeant at Arms, Judicial Board member, Delegate to YSU Interfraternity Council and Greek Campus Life Committee. He has served the National Zachary Brown Fraternity as National Judicial Board member for the 2009 Strategic Leadership Conference, and as Parliamentarian for the 2010 Grand Chapter House of Delegates meeting. Zachary has served YSU’s Student Government Association as Chief of Staff and President and was an Academic Senator. He has volunteered with Shantytown, Big Scholar Program, American Red Cross Blood Drives, and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. His honors include the Leslie H. Cochran University Scholarship, AT&T Foundation Scholarship, Order of Omega, YSU President’s Pin Award and recent recipient of the Trustee Scholarship at the University of Akron School of Law. Erik Kahl, CSM, Beta Kappa ’10 (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse), will graduate this December with a degree in Spanish and an expected overall GPA of 3.13. Brother Kahl plans to use his Spanish speaking skills in his second service learning experience as he travels to Ecuador, South America after graduation until May of next year. He served as President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms and Philanthropy Committee Chair for his chapter. He also served Erik Kahl

as President of the UW-La Crosse Student Government Association, Greek Life Senator and Freshman Senator. Erik is Program Director of Operation: River Watch, which is a tri-campus-based initiative started in 2006 that seeks to prevent alcohol-related tragedies in the Mississippi River. He has been part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Executive Planning Committee and the Pepsi REFRESH Community Grant Selection Committee. He has also helped with Boys and Girls Club, STG Organ Donation & WI Online Registry Kick-off and more. His honors include the DeWayne Drake Presidential Leadership Award, Chris Mauer Man of the Year, UW-La Crosse Leadership Center’s Senior Leadership Award, Order of Omega, Delta Zeta Iota Award, Benny Oliver Brother of the Year, Outstanding Campus Contribution by a Greek Individual and Outstanding Community Service within Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. Raymond Michaels, CSM, Beta Gamma ’10 (Youngstown State University) will graduate this fall with a degree in Accounting and an expected overall GPA of 3.93. Following graduation, Brother Michaels plans to attend law school with a focus on Corporate Law. He served as Chapter President and Vice President of Finance for Beta Gamma. Brother Michaels served his campus as Interfraternity Council Treasurer, YSU Academic Senator and Elections Raymond Michaels Board Commissioner. He has volunteered with the Beatitude House, Second Harvest Food Bank, YSU Smoking Ban Awareness Campaign, Wick Park Neighborhood Clean-Up, Shantytown and the Big Scholar Program. His honors include the Leslie H. Cochran University Scholarship, Dean’s List, Roskens Scholar, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Order of Omega, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Organization, Golden Key, Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Presidential Classroom Inaugural Program. Kyle Betts, CSM, Beta ’10 (Truman State University), graduated this past May with a degree in Biology and an overall 3.80 GPA. He will attend Des Moines University in the fall to complete a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, as well as a Master of Science in Anatomy. He served as Associate Class Vice President, Interfraternity Council Delegate, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Membership for his chapter. He was instrumental in establishing “Rocktoberfest,” an annual music festival to support the National Fibromyalgia Association. He served as Brotherhood and Membership Chair for Blue Key Honor Society, where he tutored elementary school students, helped with food drives, completed road clean-ups, volunteered at Truman 10

saga Fall ‘10

Schermer Elevated to the Society of Seventeen Michael Schermer, IMF, Gamma Psi, Hon., became a member of the Society of Seventeen at the 44th Grand Chapter. Brother Schermer is President of the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation. Michael D. Schermer began serving Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity in 1974, when as a young student affairs staff member at Illinois State University, he became the first advisor of Gamma Psi Chapter. Gamma Psi Chapter grew to the largest chapter in Sigma Tau Gamma and obtained outstanding housing under his guidance and advisory support. Brother Schermer was honored with the “Prof.” Grubbs Distinguished Advisor Award in 1982. Brother Schermer was appointed to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation Board of Trustees in 1984 and served until 1988 when he was elected to the Fraternity Board of Directors. In recognition of his leadership during the Project PITCH Campaign, Brother Schermer received the Marvin Millsap Medal for Distinguished Foundation Service in 1985. Brother Schermer was elected Presidentelect at the Jerry DuBois Grand Chapter in New Orleans in 1992 and became the 28th

National President at the 36th Grand Chapter in Kansas City in 1994. He presided over the James C. Kirkpatrick Grand Chapter in St. Louis in 1996. Brother Schermer continued his service on the Board of Directors until 2000, when he was elected to the Foundation Board of Trustees. Brother Schermer was elected President of the Foundation Board of Trustees in 2008 and again at the 44th Grand Chapter in 2010.

Beta ’58, Pat Phelps, Mu ‘61, W. P. “Buz” Barlow, Beta Mu ’67, Kenley R. Hoover, Pi ’57, William P. Bernier, Iota ’71, William J. Hardebeck, Alpha Beta ’69, George D. Gunn, Alpha 43, Robert E. Bernier, Iota ’71, Joseph Feldhouse, Beta Upsilon ’69, Thomas Wood, Alpha Phi ’66, Jack Balderson, Pi 57, and Michael D. Schermer, Gamma Psi Hon.

The Society of Seventeen was established in 1980. At that time, Sigma Tau Gamma was 60 years old and all but a few of our 17 Founders had passed to Chapter Eternal. Up to that time the Founders had been an ever-present inspiration to the Brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma. With the blessing of the then living Founders, it was decided that our Fraternity should sustain that inspirational tradition by selecting up to 17 living members who by their life-long service and leadership exemplified the spirit of the Founders. The living members of the Society of the Seventeen, in order of induction, are W. T. “Bill” Hembree, Epsilon ’42, Warren Barberg, Alpha Kappa ’51, Ronald W. Roskens, Alpha Eta ’54, Basil D. Hunt,

Addison Schopp, Beta ’08 (left) congratulates Michael D. Schermer following the Annual Awards Banquet of the 44th Grand Chapter. Fall ‘10 saga


Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview • 44th Grand Chapter R eview •

Robert Stretch, Beta Alpha ’10 (University of Missouri-Columbia), graduated in May 2010 with a degree in Business AdministrationMarketing and a 3.74 GPA. He has already accepted a full-time job as Director of Organic Search Engine Optimization with VA Mortgage He served as President, Chief Justice of Judicial Board and Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Beta Alpha chapter. He served as Vice President of Programming for the Interfraternity Council and New Greek Education Facilitator. He volunteered with Relay for Life, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Big Brothers Big Sisters, IFC Olympics benefitting Missouri Salvation Army, Adopt a Highway and more. Robert Stretch His honors include two time recipient of Beta Alpha “Tau of the Year,” Honors College Graduate, Trulaske College of Business Executive Luncheon Honors Program and Honors Graduate, Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors Graduate, Dean’s List, Excellence Award Scholarship, David W. Lewis Family Scholarship, James & Charlotte Lipscomb Family Scholarship.


football games and worked at the local food pantry. He was part of Eta Sigma Gamma and is a certified Missouri Ombudsman. He was also a Lifeline pregnancy counselor and taught basic health education classes. His honors include Who’s Who among American Colleges & Universities, A+ Scholarship, President’s Combined Ability Scholarship, Truman Foundation Endowed Scholarship, Truman Service Scholarship, Beta Man of the Semester and Homecoming Kyle Betts Court Nominee. He was also accepted to the Costa Rica Summer Abroad Trip.

New Wilson C. Morris Fellows Honored The Wilson C. Morris Fellowship honors donors for their cumulative gifts to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, Inc. The Fellowship name commemorates the sponsorship of Dr. Wilson C. Morris, adviser to the Founders, and carries on his work. Foundation donors support academic scholarships and educational programs, some of which are featured in the various reports on the 44th Grand Chapter in this issue of the SAGA. Entry into the Wilson C. Morris Fellowship requires a cumulative donation of $1,000 over not more than four years. The honor may be bestowed as a gift through the contributions of others. Such was the case for Michael Smoll, Director of Expansion and Research Specialist, Delta ’03. The following members made donations in support of the Wilson C. Morris Fellow honor for Michael, who is highly valued for his dedicated staff work over more than four years: Ken Bernier, Iota ’71, Tom Connell, Beta Kappa ’08, Jeremy Daus, Gamma Nu ’02, Doug Haman, Delta Rho ’95, Richard Harguindeguy, Beta Omicron ‘’78, Jim Johnson, Delta Xi ’01, Shawn Kelly, Gamma Nu ’96, Tom Morgan, Phi ’85, Jonathan Proehl, Gamma Nu ’99, Greg Rumpf, Beta ’79, Addison Schopp, Beta ’08 and Ken Vaughn, Delta Delta ‘86. “Michael deserves the recognition,” said Tom Morgan, Phi ‘85. “He is a very hard working young man and has given far above and beyond the requirements of his position.” The Wilson C. Morris Fellowship Donor Recognition Levels are: Wilson C. Morris Fellow (WCMF) - $1,000, Notable Morris Fellow (NMF) - $2,500, Prominent Morris Fellow (PMF) - $5,000, Celebrated Morris Fellow (CMF) - $7,500, Eminent Morris Fellow (EMF) - $10,000, Illustrious Morris Fellow (IMF) - $15,000, Distinguished Morris Fellow (DMF) - $25,000. Advanced Distinguished Morris Fellows are recognized at the Diamond (DMF-D) - $50,000, Double Diamond (DMFDD) - $75,000, and Triple Diamond (DMFDDD) - $100,000 levels. The following are all of the individuals who were recognized at the Grand Chapter for becoming a Wilson C. Morris Fellow or advancing to a higher donor recognition level over the past two years:

Gloria Mueller, WCMF, Friend Peter B. Browne, WCMF, Gamma Mu ‘88 Dale F. Kempf, WCMF, Beta Lambda ‘62 Scott G. Traynor, WCMF, Beta ‘84 Robert J. Kunkle, WCMF, Pi ‘02 Kevin M. Litwack, WCMF, Delta Xi ‘05 Peter J. Hanlon, WCMF, Delta Xi ‘02 Bryan J. Pierre, WCMF, Gamma Beta ‘06 Chad M. Wolbers, WCMF, Beta ‘96 Dorothy Bernier, WCMF, Friend Timothy A. Anderson, CMF, Beta Chi ‘89 Wayne E. Juby, PMF, Beta Upsilon ‘72 Jason P. Henderson, WCMF, Gamma Theta ‘00 Ryan J. Emmons, WCMF, Gamma Pi ‘03 Justin J. Kirk, NMF, Beta Chi ‘00 Jeffrey F. Sinna, WCMF, Gamma Nu ‘98 W. Douglas Haman, CMF, Delta Rho ‘95 Brittany Summers, WCMF, Friend Addison J. Schopp, WCMF, Beta ‘08 Randall G. Speer, CMF, Delta Gamma ‘77 Don W. Lile, WCMF, Alpha ‘00 Robert W. Allen, WCMF, Epsilon Iota ‘99 Charles J. Marr, PMF, Beta Omega Honorary Ferne T. Graves, EMF, Friend Michael D. Schermer, DMF, Gamma Psi Honorary Steven M. Elefson, NMF, Beta ‘80 Jesse E. Rusinski, WCMF, Pi ‘02 Rajah James, WCMF, Beta Gamma ‘03 Philip S. Judy, WCMF, Delta Upsilon ‘93 J. Gregory Rumpf, DMF, Beta ‘79 David R. Knowles, PMF, Beta Upsilon ‘69 John L. Massey, PMF, Mu ‘60 Dale F. Denicola, NMF, Phi Honorary Seth D. Woodell, WCMF, Tau ‘07 Christopher P. Gagne, WCMF, Epsilon Delta ‘96 Jay B. Thompson, WCMF, Tau ‘10 Paul H. Phillips, PMF, Phi ‘92 Jeffery D. Scheumann, IMF, Delta Tau ‘96 Dr. Anthony Skevakis, WCMF, Epsilon Iota ‘99 Douglas R. Bernier, CMF, Alpha ‘98 Matthew R. Hillebrandt, WCMF, Beta Chi ‘01 Shawn C. Kelly, CMF, Gamma Nu ‘ 96 Gregory A. Aldridge, WCMF, Alpha ‘05 Jason J. Brooks, WCMF, Gamma Chi ‘00 C. Maxfield Van De Mark, WCMF, Gamma Xi ‘05 Wynn R. Smiley, NMF, Alpha Chi ‘83 H. Richard Coleman, WCMF, Epsilon ‘69 David H. Williams, NMF, Iota ‘73 Bruce Sauers, WCMF, Beta Epsilon ‘85 Paul G. Szczesny, DMF-D, Gamma Chi ‘81 Edward R. Grady, CMF, Phi ‘51 12

saga Fall ‘10

Paul R. Mueller, PMF, Beta Upsilon ‘71 James S. Johnston, PMF, Delta Xi ‘01 The Collegiate Sustaining Member program offers a way for undergraduate members to become part of the Wilson C. Morris Fellowship. These students made a $1,000 pledge and an initial gift of $100. The remaining $900 is to be donated over a period not to exceed nine years after graduation. The following CSM’s were presented during Grand Chapter: Brandon Sheard, Epsilon Omicron Andy Tretow, Kappa Myles Strong, Gamma Chi Jeffrey Sachs, Beta Alex Frantz, Beta Chi Eric Vander Weerd, Beta Michael Standfuss, Beta Corey Wargo, Iota Tomasz Kluza, Alpha Chi Blaise Heider, Phi Nathaniel Dixon, Beta Iota Jim Hesterman, Delta Tau Daniel Howell, Delta Alpha Christopher Buxton, Gamma Rho Ivan Silva, Gamma Theta Adam Fournie, Beta Alpha Scott Neroda, Appalachian State Andy Teel, Gamma Pi Richard Dannenberg, Delta Xi Thomas Prag, Delta Xi Ryan Meditz, Beta Gamma Doug Andrews, Pi Collegiate Sustaining Members are recognized with a special medallion. An eternal flame pin may be added to the medallion with an additional gift of $150 while still an undergraduate. The following are the seven Collegiate Sustaining Members who made the additional pledge to receive their Eternal Flame: Bryan Ehnert, Beta Kappa Kevin Kolter, Kappa Joseph Gallo, Gamma Chi Matt Baker, Beta Kappa Erik Kahl, Beta Kappa Corey Wilks, Epsilon Mu Michael Richmond, Delta Tau

Pictured at left are the White Rose Sweethearts, from left, Jennifer Williams, Kara Fox, Emilie Hall, and Elizabeth Huett. Pictured at right, John Heiman presents the Winebrenner Medal to Jeremy Daus.

Individuals Honored Sigma Tau Gamma honored top collegiate and alumni leaders, and their White Rose Sweetheart at the 44th Grand Chapter in Cleveland, Ohio August 5-8. It was all part of our 90th birthday celebration of brotherhood.

White Rose Crowned This year, our collegiate chapters nominated three young women as White Rose Sweetheart Candidates. Jennifer Williams, 2008 National White Rose Sweetheart, crowned Kara Fox as the winner. Kara was nominated by the Alpha Chapter at the University of Central Missouri. She is a junior, SpeechLanguage Pathology major with a 4.0 GPA and is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. Kara is also a member of the Honors College, participates in intramural sports and is the Late Night Coordinator and Treasurer for GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol). The other finalists who attended the Grand Chapter were Emilie Hall, nominated by the Beta Gamma Chapter at Youngstown State University, and Elizabeth Huett, nominated by the Sigma Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas.

Two R eceive Steinbeck Fellowship The Michael J. Steinbeck Fellowship is awarded by the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation to assist

talented young brothers, firmly committed to the ideals of Sigma Tau Gamma, with the pursuit of graduate and professional degrees. The Fellowship was presented to Jonathan Rodriguez, Gamma Beta (University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point) and Ronald Kemker, Gamma Chi (Michigan Technological University). Brother Jonathan has been accepted at the University of Ohio to pursue his Master of Science in Athletic Training. Brother Ronald will continue his education at Michigan Technological University to earn his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Each recipient received $1,000 scholarships. The late Michael J. Steinbeck, Sigma ’65, was the 19th National President. The Steinbeck Fellowship was endowed by a challenge grant from the late Marvin Millsap, Alpha ’26 and matched by donations from fund raising events at college chapters.

M illsap Medal for Distinguished Foundation Service The Millsap Medal for Distinguished Foundation Service is named in memory of Marvin Millsap, Alpha ’26, founder of the Wilson C. Morris Fellowship. This year’s recipient was Paul Szczesny, DMF, Gamma Chi ’81, who was recognized for his extraordinary service and

leadership to the Foundation. Paul served the Fraternity as the Regional Vice President of the Great Lakes Region from 1996-2002 and on the Foundation as a Trustee since 1989. On the Board of Trustees , he is Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Investment Committee. Paul is a Hembree Guild Member, the association of brothers, spouses and friends who provide for Sigma Tau Gamma in their wills and other estate planning instruments. Paul received the “Prof.” Grubbs Distinguished Advisor Award in 1995.

Winebrenner Medal for Distinguished Service The Winebrenner Medal for Distinguished Service recognizes extraordinary service as an alumni leader in Sigma Tau Gamma. This year’s recipient is Jeremy Daus, WCMF, Gamma Nu ’02, for exemplifying the values of service throughout his time as an alumni volunteer. Jeremy has served as the Regional Vice President for the Great Lakes Region, the Lakeland District Director and as the Gamma Nu Alumni Association President. D. Kenneth Winebrenner, Ph. D., was the 3rd National President and second executive officer of Sigma Tau Gamma. He is credited with creating the first truly national programming for recruitment, new member orientation and chapter management. Fall ‘10 saga


Stock R eceives Sportsmanship Award The Stan Musial/Eric Hillman Sportsmanship Award is presented annually to a collegiate member of Sigma Tau Gamma who excels in intercollegiate athletics, and is also a leader in the classroom and community. This year’s award was given to Joseph Stock, Beta ’12.




Brother Stock is a varsity golfer and has been in the top five on Truman State University’s Golf Team for the past two years. He was also recognized by the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association as a scholar athlete. “Joe is an outstanding golfer with the top grades on the team,” said Jim Berrey, Truman State golf coach. “The sky is the

limit for Joe because he succeeds when he puts his mind to something.” Joe is a Finance Major with a 3.76 cumulative GPA and has served as social chair and on the intramural committee. Joe has been a Roskens Scholar every semester and received the Beta Chapter’s Goetze Education Foundation’s Hocker Scholarship. The Sportsmanship award is named in honor of honorary member Stan Musial, the legendary Hall of Fame player on the St. Louis Cardinals, who continues to be highly revered both for his athletic ability and ethics as a major league player. He is an honorary member of Beta Iota Chapter,

Eric Hillman, Alpha Lambda ’83, funds the annual scholarship for the Musial/ Hillman Sportsmanship Award recipient. Hillman was an intercollegiate scholar/ athlete in football at Concord University. He was the 2009 recipient of the Fraternity Distinguished Achievement Award and serves as a Trustee of the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.

Chapter Eternal Michael J. Morris, Phi ’10, (Southeastern Louisiana University), age 22, joined the Chapter Eternal on July 18 after injuries sustained in a car accident. Brother Morris was born on May 25, 1988 in New Orleans, La. He graduated from Chalmette High School and was a sous-chef at Jacmel Inn in Hammond, LA. Surviving are his parents, Deborah B. and Philip Morris Sr., who is also a member of the Fraternity. Mrs. Morris wanted all Sig Taus to know of the love and support her family received from Michael’s Phi Chapter brothers. “I believe everyone should know about the incredible young men he was proud to call his brothers and about the bond that Sig Taus of all ages share,” said Mrs. Morris. “The principles of brotherhood and giving are shining brightly in these young men and I am so proud to say my son was a member of Sigma Tau Gamma.” Rosh E. Jenkins, Omega ’77 (Missouri State University), 55, joined the Chapter Eternal on August 5, 2010. Brother Rosh lived in Ozark, Missouri where he was a B757/767 Captain for UPS. He is survived by his wife, Julie (Schneider) Jenkins, and three children, Brandon, Tyler, and Hannah. Dr. Sterling William Hayden, Alpha Phi ’65, joined the Chapter Eternal on August 24, 2010, following a battle with leukemia. He was 66. Brother Sterling attended Southeast Missouri State University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Education. He went on to achieve a Masters in Education and a Doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He was a teacher, coach and administrator in the St. Louis Public Schools, Hazelwood and St. Louis Special School District. Brother Sterling spent several years overseas as a development contractor in Pakistan, Albania, Egypt and Nepal. After returning to St. Louis, he worked for the St. Louis Public Library System and then as the

Director of Development for ARCHS where he retired from in June 2009. Brother Sterling is survived by his wife, Mary Ann; and his three children, Adrienne Vonder Haar, Ethan, and Sterling. Clarence Allen Pritchett, Alpha Lambda ’83, joined the Chapter Eternal September 5, 2010. He was 48. He was born November 27, 1961. Brother Pritchett was a customer service representative for EchoStar, Inc. for the past six years. He was also a licensed paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician and was a lifelong member of the Princeton Rescue Squad. William Henry Lyon, Ph.D., Alpha ’47, joined the Chapter Eternal September 18, 2010. He was 84. Dr. Lyon was born March 14, 1926 in Marshall, Mo. He served during World War II in the U.S. Navy and then graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of Central Missouri. He went on to receive his Master of Arts at the University of Chicago. After teaching at Virginia Polytechnic for seven years, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. Dr. Lyon moved to Flagstaff, Az. in 1958 where he was a professor of history and political science at Northern Arizona University, and served as chairman of the history department. Dr. Lyon is survived by his wife of 59 years, Marylin Stewart; daughters Laurinda Kidd and Peggy Schuelke; and sons Marc Lyon and Mathew Lyon. He had eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Ron Joseph Sabo, Beta Gamma ’65, joined the Chapter Eternal September 14, 2010. Brother Ron attended Michigan State University. He continued his education at Youngstown State University, where he became a brother in Sigma Tau Gamma. After graduating, Ron moved to Florida where spent his career teaching. 14

California University of Pennsylvania, which is located near where Musial grew up. The late Paul Pfeiffer, Pi ’35, our 18th National President was a favorite high school teacher of Musial. He recruited Musial, who was initiated at the 20th Grand Chapter in 1962 at Kent, Ohio.

saga Fall ‘10

Heiman Leaves Board after 16 Years of Dedication After giving sixteen years of dedicated Board service and leadership, John Heiman, DMF, Alpha ’84 (University of Central Missouri), retired from the Board of Directors.

At the 44th Grand Chapter Brother Heiman was elected to the Foundation Board of Trustees where he will continue his service to Sigma Tau Gamma. Professionally, John is the Director of Sprint’s Experimental Marketing organization in Kansas City, Missouri.


Brother Heiman was first elected to the Board of Directors in 1994. He served as the 32nd National President from 2002-04 and as a past president on the Board from 2004-2010. Prior to his election to the Board of Directors, Brother Heiman was President of the Kansas City Alumni Chapter (1992-94), State Director for Missouri (1988-94) and as President of the Alpha Chapter Alumni Association in 1992. John worked on the headquarters staff as Director of Chapter Services (1985-87) and as chairman of the Vision 2010 study committee (2001). He was an Ellsworth C. Dent “Man-of-the-Year” finalist in 1985.

Seth Hooker, Beta Gamma ’03, was featured in the Youngstown State University Magazine’s Alumni Spotlight for his work as a software developer for the Cleveland Browns football team. Seth earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Youngstown State University. He processes statistics and other information and creates software for coaches, managers and scouts to help them determine player recruitment and game-day decisions. Seth has been a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns and enjoys being around the players and coaches. Mike Johnson, Delta Epsilon ’82 (Southwest Texas State University), recently retired from the Plano Police Department after 28 years, to accept the new full-time position as National Director of Youth Protection for the Boy Scouts of America.


Almni News


We are particularly grateful to John’s family for their support through the years, especially his wife Cathy, son John and daughter Mary.

Mike received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. He has long been considered an ambassador for child advocacy and is an internationally recognized expert on child abuse detection and prevention.

Beta Gamma (Youngstown State University) The Alumni of Beta Gamma Chapter awarded two $1,000 scholarships to collegiate members, Ray Michaels, CSM, ‘10 and Dan Reed, ‘10. The alumni award these scholarships annually to YSU active collegiate members. Pictured: Bill Kish, ‘63; Ray Michaels (current president who also accepted for Dan Reed); John Africa ’62.

Johnson has conducted hundreds of trainings for law enforcement and child services professionals worldwide. At the Plano Police Department, he worked in the juvenile division and the criminal investigations division devoted to investigating child abuse cases. He is a founding member of the Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center and has served on numerous other national boards and task forces. He has also been instrumental in helping to shape Texas laws relating to child abuse. Fall ‘10 saga


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The SAGA - Fall 2010  

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The SAGA - Fall 2010  

The Quarterly Magazine of Sigma Tau Gamma