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D E S I G N Extraordinary design for extarordinary clients

Welcome to Manooi Universe !

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Manooi designs, produces and distributes luxury design chandeliers

Manooi designs and manufactures unique, high-end crystal chandeliers. Manooi is working with classic, natural materials, looking for pure, timeless shapes and using innovative technologies.

Crystal is considered as a symbol of luxury For hundreds of years crystal has been traditionally considered a symbol of luxury. It is timeless value, light and glamour, which will not lose its value, as opposed to mass products.

Perfect craftsmanship in every details It makes no difference from where do you examine Manooi chandeliers, close or far. The brand of the company is reflected in good craftsmanship, down to the smallest details.

Stainless steel structure When choosing the materials a key factor at Manooi is to have them last forever. Besides being pretty, stainless steel structures are extremely durable, too. They do not get rusty, do not go out of shape. They will be the same pleasure to look at in 20, 50 or 100 years than they are now.

Hand-made individual art works Manooi is making something one-of-a-kind and in constant high quality. Each chandelier made by Manooi is unique and individual art work. They are hand-made and approved by the designer personally. They may only leave the premises with his written statement attesting they meet his aesthetic requirements.

8 Immediate solutions without any delay

We work with Manooi directly- and we enjoy their full support.















Vague 3D

Tondo F



Cielo F

Linea W



Deep Sky




Sample chain- help to decide We are pleased to give you sample chains! It makes a difference to see the crystals with you own eyes, to touch them with you own hands. Just let us know and a sample chain arrives to your hands in few days!


Drilling template

it makes the installation much easier!



Your chandelier arrives in a strong wooden box.

42 3D We want to enchant you with visualisation during the designing stage. We want you to fall in love with the design. That’s why we have 3D models for each and every Manooi chandelier.

Delivery time For standard products, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks. This 7 weeks start at the arrival of your prepayment, which makes your order valid. If there is an urgent request, and 6-8 weeks is too much, we try to give a shorter delivery time. We also have a certain stock, if you order from them, the chandelier is ready to pick up the following day your payment arrives. For custom made items, the delivery time is also custom made- we have to make calculations and we will let you know prior the order.

Warranty Warranty is according to standard regulations. There is one basic rule: If there is any claim, let us know and we will investigate the case.

Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning and maintenance is very important and should be carried out appropriately. In the installation manual, you will find a detailed description how to change the bulb and how to cleanse the crystals.

Installation guide Installation should be carried out following the steps of the installation manual. There are photos or figures at each steps for easy understanding. Keep the manual for future reference!

Apostol u. 13/B. H-1023 Budapest, Hungary phone: +36 1 33 626 90 fax: +36 1 33 626 99

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Manooi design  

Manooi design