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As many of you may know, especially those who have served on the board over the last couple of years, our association finances have always been a hot topic of discussion. The stagnant economy has hit everyone, and the association has not been immune. After having to pull out of our savings CD for the past two years in a row to make sure we can pay our bills through the end of the year, the board looked long and hard into finding a solution to prevent this same dilemma from occurring again.

Sierra Nevada GCSA An Affiliate Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

our association. The dependence on affiliate sponsorship will be much less, which is feedback we’ve heard from our affiliate members over and over again. Their support will always be there, but monetary donations are very hard to come by during these tough economic times. We’ve been privileged to 6 years without a SNGCSA dues increase, but this increase will now bring us in line with the average annual dues shared by the rest of the associations through(Continued on page 6)



September 19, 2011 Graegle Meadows G.C. October 17, 2011 Diablo Grande G.C.

After much discussion and debate, an increase to our annual membership dues was determined to be the best solution. And while no one likes to hear of an increase in their expenses, there are a number of positives that stem from this decision: The dues increase will balance our finances such that, regardless of meetings and their variable success, the administrative side of our expenses will always be able to be covered, ensuring the continued and uninterrupted operation of

Every November the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association hosts its annual meeting. It is a good time for reflection and a chance to perform vital functions such as elections and bylaw changes, that keep this great organization running smoothly and

fairly. This year will be no exception. What will be the exception is the timing and location of the meeting and it is exciting. This articles purpose is four things: A notice that our annual meeting will be hosted at the California Golf Course Superinten-

dents Association Annual Conference at the Silverado Resort and Spa. Details of the time and where on the resort will be disclosed later. An invitation to serve your profession by running for a position on (Continued on page 4)

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Fore Your Information EDITOR Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

OFFICE SNGCSA 5322 N. Leonard Clovis, CA 93619 559-298-6262 Fax# 559-298-6957 PRESIDENT Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Couwenhoven Woodcreek Golf Course 916-771-7370

SECRETARY/TREASURER Jeremy Payne Winchester C.C. 916-817-8106


209-728-5778 DIRECTORS Dave Bermudez Del Rio Golf & Country Club 209-341-2413 Frank Putnam Mace Meadows Golf & C.C. 209-295-7773 Jesse Seguin Lincoln Hills Golf Course 916-434-7200 Phil Brown Spring Creek C.C. 209-599-3747

Affiliate Representatives Dave Wilber Sierra Pacific Turf Supply 916-630-7600 Pete Bowman Target Specialty Products 916-396-9394

FORE YOUR INFORMATION Published by the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association



Normally I struggle to find material for this piece in the newsletter, but this time around I will struggle to keep it within a reasonable length. The last few months have been busy for Jim Alwine the Sierra Nevada GCSA and I’m sure things have been busy at your respective course or business. Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to read this message, for taking time to come to a meeting, and for taking time to improve this Chapter. We’ve done very well this year thanks to the combined efforts of many individuals. To start with, David Bermudez of Del Rio Country Club spearheaded an auction idea that turned into a major fundraiser. Reggie Pomicpic of Brown Sand was one of the early contributors with a truck load of sand. The idea gained momentum like a truck without breaks and culminated at The Ridge Golf Course to the tune of a $23,000 net profit. This was a team effort that would have never succeeded without Scott McCullough and the entire staff from The Ridge. Nice work and nice golf course!! As they always do, our affiliate members came through by participating in the equipment demos and donating product and services for the auction. Superintendents took advantage of this offering, yet bid very generously with most items going for 75% of retail value. Las Vegas might disagree, but I Floratine AquaVive Bio-Amp JRM Farmload Distributors

Your Exclusive Northern Mike Farmen 559-709-6295 Thor Larson 831-277-4356

guess we aren’t that cheap after all. Also, the raffle brought in a sizeable chunk, so thank you for buying those tickets, even if you don’t understand how they work. Thanks to Irene Cline and Kimberly Milne for doing so much work on this event. Thank you to Dave Wilber for manning the mic and driving the proceeds for a good cause. Thank you to our scholarship winners for taking the time to submit their credentials and sharing their goals with the Scholarship Committee. This year’s Legacy winners were Richard Creencia, son of Jessie Creencia, CGCS of Cameron Park CC and Alison Adam, daughter of Stan Adam of Wilbur Ellis. Our turf scholarship winner was J.J. Hubert. Next year’s awards will be greater in both quantity and amount so I hope we get some more good applicants. As soon as we finished work on the Scholarship and Research Tournament, we set our sights on the 2011 Tri Chapter Meeting. All three Chapters did a good job promoting the event to drive attendance to 110 for the general meeting and 96 for golf. Check out the Tri Chapter article for results and pictures of the event. Big thanks go out to our sponsors: Turfstar, Calorneva Turf Support Inc., Grigg Brothers, Antigua, MidCal Tractor and Syngenta. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the tournament at Stockton Golf and Country Club and I encourage any of you who have not invited us to your facility to give it a try such as our next two hosts, Scott Kotrc of Graeagle Meadows and Carl King of Diablo Grande. Mark your calendars for September 19th and October 17th. These are the Phoenix days of our next two successAnaLync ful, informative, and can’t Gro-Power miss meetings at two wonderAqua-Pucks ful golf courses. In November, we will actu(800) 322-8417 ally take a month off of hosting meetings and hit the road California Dealers to Napa and the 2011 California State Conference and Bob Francischine Golf Championship hosted by 209-747-2206 Silverado Country Club. Guy Auxer 303-601-2361

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MEETING SCHEDULE September 19, 2011 Graeagle Meadows G.C. Host Superintendent Scott Kotrc

October 17, 2011 President’s Cup Diablo Grande G.C. Host Superintendent Carl King

November 6,7, & 8, 2011 Annual California GCSA Conference Silverado Country Club Host for the Annual State Golf Championship

December 2011 Date to be confirmed Winchester Country Club Host Superintendent Jeremy Payne

January 2012 No Meeting Scheduled

February 27 to March 3 GCSAA Annual Conference and Golf Industry Show Las Vegas, Nev.

California Room February 29, 2012 Las Vegas Country Club

March 2012 Date and Location to be Confirmed

If you are interested in hosting a meeting email Jeremy Payne at Or Dave Wilber at

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the board. Another invitation to help the association by joining the current board in participating on the election committee. Finally, to invite a willing party to perform a financial audit of the associations financial statements from the past fiscal year. The election committee is very important. It ensures our elections are fairly handled, and it gives people who might not want to serve their profession the whole year to do just that, serve your profession for a few days. This committee handles nominations and administration of the

election. As the Bylaw Committee Chairmen and Vice President, I feel this committee should be formed as per our bylaws recommendation. The financial audit is also required to be performed every year. We have had members in the past perform the audit. We encourage willing parties who would like to perform an audit let us know. As a board, we believe that being open and transparent with our membership about our standing and how we spend the association’s funds is important. This past year has been a roller coaster. Our association is

strong in our message, and our membership participation and support. But the association has also found itself in times of financial trouble, and success. This rocky economy has forced us to change the way we perform our business, fund events and more importantly provide better services to our members. This is an opportunity to join and help a new board of directors build upon our future.

Welcome New Members Mike Scolara Jeff Frontz Dan Anderson

Class A

SaddleCreek Golf Resort Class A

Northwest Environmental Specialties

Graeme Parris

Irrigation Resource Management, LLC

Wildwing G.C.

Parris Turf Equipment

Pump Efficiency Testing Pressure & Flow Analysis Irrigation Audits


Irrigation Management Solutions

LARRY JOHNSON, CGCS , CGIA P (916) 761-1696 F (916) 852-2778



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TRI-CHAPTER MEETING 2011 B Y J IM ALWIN E This event, in its infancy, is already becoming one of the most important meetings of the year. The Tri Chapter meeting is a great chance to connect with the turf professionals that make up our neighboring GCSAA chapters. Following in the success of last year’s Central GCSA hosted meeting at Del Rio GCC in Modesto, this year took us to Stockton GCC for Sierra Nevada’s turn in the rotation. Next year, we will all be headed to a NorCal course and hopefully some cool weather in the middle of August. The weather was not a factor this year with high attendance numbers for the meeting, golf, and even for on course sponsors. Thank you to our major sponsor Turf Star for sharing the new Precision Turf Management Technology with a crowd of 110 people. Our other sponsors include Ben Showard, John Vetter from Antigua, Brook Gifford from Calorneva Plant Food Co, and Mike Steve representing Grigg Brothers. There were also a couple of characters, Tom Corrales and Sal Sorbello of Midcal Tractor, running around with some refreshments to keep the golfers cool and hydrated. All of these sponsors helped to buffer the cost of the meeting and paid the winners of multiple on-course contests. Competition was intense between individuals, teams, and chap-

ters. When the dust settled and the cards were turned in we were able to award the Syngenta Tri Chapter Cup for the first time. The winning chapter was the team with the lowest gross total of the top ten scores. All members of each chapter were eligible regardless of classification. Sierra Nevada was loaded with more players than the other two chapters combined. NorCal had about 30 competitors, Central 15, and Sierra Nevada, around 60. That made little difference when the final tally came in and Central dominated with an average score of 83 for their top ten. Sierra Nevada and NorCal were very distant second and third, respectively. The trophy left in the hands of winners, Jon Christensen of Sierra Golf Management and Mike Stieler of Riverbend Golf Course. Take good care of the perpetual trophy and bring it West next year for the NorCal Tri Chapter Tourney. Tournament winners included Dean Kinney, Kyle Jones, Dave Esqueda, and Steven Robeson on the 1st place team. It was Ronnie Rodgers, Adrian Bertens, Don Allen, and Ron Saito winning second place. Michael Kropp, Justin Fowler, Scott Canfield, and Gary Johnsrud took third place. Tim Powers was the big winner of the day pulling in the 50/50 and a

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Soil Therapy

SOYAPLEX™ Soil Medic

Woody Thorpe

Agriox Penterra Hydrahawk Phone: 209-772-9698 Cell: 209-482-5021

closest to the pin. Tracy Shanahan won the long drive, as usual with a ball he pounded down the narrow, 16th fairway. Jim Duhig won with precision on the accuracy drive down the 1st fairway. Other closest to the pin winners included Josh Heptig, Jim Culley, and Dave Esqueda. Congratulations to all the winners, especially the Central GCSA. Good luck next year.

To receive all the up to date government relations news go to

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out the state. So here’s the quick multiple associations. Despite the breakdown of what everyone can downturn in the economy, the other expect to see on their upcoming annumbers of our association have nual membership renewal: remained amazingly consistent: membership is only down 3% since Class A, SM and Affili2007 (300 to 290), average meeting ate dues will be $150 cost has held steady ($72) and averClass C (assistant) dues age meeting attendance has only will be $80 dropped by 4% (74 to 71) over the Student dues will delast three years. crease to $50 Overall, we have a very sucNew membership Class cessful association and we believe E (Educator) will be that this current decision made by offered at $35 the board only strengthens our finanNew membership Class cial position, provides for long term Inactive (for those in financial sustainability and helps us between jobs for an excontinue to provide the services and tended period of time) resources that feedback from our will be $50 members has deemed invaluable. We’re also proud to offer a Thank you for your membership and new Club membership at $350 support, and feel free to contact any which provides membership for 3 or board member with any questions or more members of the same club for concerns regarding this announceone low fee (i.e. superintendent, asment. sistant, mechanic, spray tech, 2nd assistant, GM, head professional, etc.). Each listed participant of the Club membership will be able to attend all SNGCSA functions at the member price, receive e-mail blasts and communication, and receive the newsletter and any job flyers. Plus, their membership in our association makes them eligible for National GCSAA membership (remember: local association membership is required for national membership, but not the other way around). Along with this Don’t miss out on an issue, an financial news, a couple announcement, or important of other successes of information. Call the Associanote deserve to be men- tion office today to verify your tioned. Irene’s new ememail address is correct. ployment with the state 559-298-6262 association will help or email us at significantly in lowering some budgetary items since they can now be shared between

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Michael Swing, CGCS California GCSA Vice President

Recently, myself and several chapter leaders in California had the privilege of meeting in Santa Barbra with the GCSAA Board of Directors. GCSAA board members wanted to know what they can do to help our local chapters with various issues. Not surprisingly, we share common

ground in regards to dwindling membership and low attendance. This round table discussion pointed out that many factors, especially the economy, has put some out of a job or in a position that they cannot afford meetings or conferences. The insecurity of keeping their job may also play a part in the decision not to leave their courses. Some are nervous about spending company money during this economic fiasco, as managers or owners may not see that type of an expense in a positive light. A question was posed regarding mentoring. A little old fashioned? Perhaps. One GCSAA board member mentioned that because traffic is so horrible in Los Angeles that they have started carpooling to the local chapter meetings. What a great way to get to know another superintendent, maybe share some interests, and create friendships. Another thought was the personal touch. If you plan on attending a certain chapter meeting, how about calling

that neighboring superintendent (the one that doesn’t participate as much as you would like to see) and say, “hey, how about if I picked you up and we attend the next chapter meeting”. If all of us regular attending members tried this once, we might be very surprised with the turnout. What impressed me the most was that all GCSAA board members participated in the discussion but were reserved enough to allow us chapter leaders to throw anything out onto the table. They wanted to hear from us and hear what they can do to help. Understand that GCSAA is a treasure trove of everything to assist you in your career as a Golf Course Superintendent. In doubt? Just go to GCSAA’s website and start counting all the programs offered. What I took form the meeting is that this is a grass roots thing. It is we at the local level that are so instrumental in supporting and growing GCSAA. We must find ways to engage members in understanding the many benefits and tools offered at the local, state and national level. These tools and benefits are an investment in not only their professional career but help advance our profession as a whole. This is why personal income continues to rise and our professional reputation is more appreciated in the golf world. When we do our part at the local level, participation at the National level will certainly follow. So my question or challenge is at what level do you invest in your profession or are you just along for the ride?

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SUPE O’ THE DAY SCOTT KOTRC GRAEAGLE MEADOWS GOLF COURSE By Jim Alwine In just a few short weeks, members and guests of the Sierra Nevada GCSA will have the opportunity to play Graeagle Meadows Golf Course, home of Superintendent, Scott Kotrc. The September meeting can be exciting as we all know that fall is around the corner with shorter days and cooler temps. While the valley folks get ready to relax for a bit, Scott will be working hard to prepare his course for multiple feet of snow. Once the golf course is put to sleep for the winter months, Scott and his family will break out the sled, ice fishing gear, and the other implements of fun in the

snow. The beautiful scenery that makes Graeagle so special has kept the Kotrc’s busy and happy for over six years. With his wife of eleven years, Heather, and daughter Alyssa and son Brandon, Scott has found a very nice place to call home. In this tight knit industry, it’s no surprise that Brandon is on the same little league team as Cody, the son of neighboring superintendent, Mark Callahan of Plumas Pines. The two (the big ones) have been close friends both inside and outside of work for years providing the support net-

work every superintendent needs. Before his time at Graeagle, Scott worked as the assistant superintendent at Hidden Valley Country Club in Reno, NV. Six years later, he moved on to open Crystal Peak Golf Course in Verdi, NV as the head superintendent. Then in 2005, Scott began his work at Graeagle Meadows Golf Course. Graeagle Meadows pre-dates most other courses in the area besides the historic Feather River Inn Golf Course which opened in 1920. Graeagle Meadows followed nearly fifty years later, opening for play in 1968. Architect, Ellis Von

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A S S I S TA N T S U P E R I N T E N D E N T B O O T C A M P September 26 - 27, 2011 Northern California Golf Association Pebble Beach, California Who hasn’t dreamed of walking down the red carpet to the cheers of the crowd and the flash of the paparazzi’s cameras! If you attend the 11th Annual Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp your dreams may come true. This special engagement will feature first class entertainment, white table cloth dining and an opportunity to mingle with industry executives “Star Qualities” is designed for those who want to meet and greet celebrities, experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous and dine at a five star restaurant. All aspiring stars are encouraged to invest in the future by honing their skills at this day and a half long festival. The event premieres on Monday, September 26 at the exclusive Bay Park Hotel in Monterey with a mid-afternoon respite at the famous Peter Hay recreational area. Auditions and call backs will take place on Tuesday, September 27 at the studio’s main office in Pebble Beach. A modest fee of $145 is due prior to each individual’s arrival. Festival registration includes a one-night stay in the luxurious hotel, three gourmet meals, golf and a host of lavish gifts in a unique satchel. Locals will be asked to contribute a nominal $75.00 to share in the experience of these festivities (no-hotel room needed). Learning the ropes from some of the hottest showbiz talents will jump start your career with two episodes of Extreme Makeover, one episode each of Law & Order and the Next Top Model plus an Access Hollywood exclusive interview. A special news and notes session from Hollywood Insiders is bound to be a blockbuster hit. CEU hours from DPR and GCSAA will be made available after the post party celebration. No more than 40 spots are available for this elite event. Most major credit cards will be accepted by online registration at\BootCamp. Mike McCullough “Star Qualities” is the event of the year. Discover the star inside and sign up today to get your name in lights at the Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp!

The Sierra Nevada GCSA will be sponsoring two (2) Assistant Superintendents to attend this event. Please see your Superintendent and have him nominate you for this career opportunity. Call the association office for details. (559) 298-6262

Paul K. Smith Sales Representative Pest Control Advisor Western Specialty Division

E-mail: V.M.: (800) 543-0630 Box#2417 Mob: (530) 864-6443

HELENA CHEMICAL COMPANY 3155 Southgate Lane Chico, Ca 95928 Bus: (530) 342-4786 (800) 554-5703 Fax: (530) 343-9047

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I guarantee, this will be the best attended state meeting in a very long time, so don’t miss this one. We will also conduct the annual election for the Board of Directors for the Sierra Nevada GCSA. I’ve had a great time working with the enthusiastic individuals that make this Chapter work so well. We’ll have some open seats if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring and be part of our future success.

Jim Alwine

SUPE O’ THE DAY SCOTT KOTRC CONTINUED FORM PAGE 8 Gorder, went through a great deal of trouble shaping and draining the golf course on this beautiful piece of property. Natural features like the middle fork of Feather River and frequent elevation changes are well incorporated into the design. A trip to the northern Sierras is always filled with great photo opportunities and Graeagle will not disappoint. Get your camera out for the tee on the sixth hole with Eureka Peak in the background just beyond a sea of towering conifers. Of course, for Scott Kotrc and his crew, the day can’t be all about snapping pretty photos and taking in the sweet smell of pine and crisp air. Working on a course that was built in the 60’s can have some disadvantages.

To keep up with the more modern courses in the region, Scott has been hard at work on irrigation upgrades and improvements. The club, as a whole, has become modernized while maintaining its championship quality of play. It’s been quite a while since the Sierra Nevada GCSA has ventured onto Graeagle Meadows’ pristine setting. Scott has extended the invitation and welcomes the chapter to take another look at the challenging and scenic layout. Grab your sticks and make your reservation now.

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G R A EAG L E ME A D OW S G O L F C O U R S E M O N DAY S E P T E M B E R 1 9 , 2 0 1 1 Education “Talkin’ Turf” Easy to Use Communication Technology for Every Superintendent Presented by Jeremy Payne and Dave Wilber PDI Education Points Applied for. Agenda Monday September 19, 2011 7:30 am Registration & Breakfast 8:30 am Meeting & Education 9:30 am Range 10:00am Shotgun Tournament Immediately following golf will be an awards ceremony. Pricing Golf, Meeting, Breakfast & Lunch $80.00 Breakfast, Lunch & Meeting only $40.00

Note From Mark Callahan Golf Course Superintendent Plumas Pines Golf Resort Mark Callahan superintendent at Plumas Pines has invited you to come up to the Graeagle area a day early and play in the Longboards Pro-Am being held at Plumas Pines Golf Resort. It is on Sunday September 18ththe day before the chapter meeting at Graeagle Meadows golf course. Bring a Pro-Am team from your facility, or just come up as a single and get paired up with an existing team (call

the golf shop in advance at (530) 8361420). The payout is substantial and it is a fun event being paired with our award winning restaurant Longboards bar and grill. We have information sheets complete with payout schedule. Most of the Graeagle superintendents are already playing in this event. Call the association office 559-298-6262 and they will forward the information. Come join the fun!

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE RIDGE SCHOLARSHIP EVENT Pictured at left is tournament chairman Dave Bermudez with Dean Kinney and Scott Kotrc.

Below are our friends from Commercial Pump.

Above Corey Eastwood, Pete Bowman, Gary Johnsrud and Mike Orren

Friendship is what this association is about. Above are Dave Piper, Reggie Pomicpic, and Steve Christian. At right Chuck Talley and Patrick Waymire.

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REGGIE POMICPIC – Director of Sales and Market Cell# 209 993-5211 E-mail: 800 MOSSDALE RD, LATHROP, CA. 209 234-1500

P age 1 3

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE RIDGE SCHOLARSHIP EVENT We had one of the most successful scholarship events in the history of the SNGCSA. Thanks to Scott McCullough and the crew at The Ridge G.C. in Auburn . Pictured at left is Scott with Jim Alwine. The success was due to the generosity of our affiliate sponsors. Below Pete Bowman takes charge of the team assignments and changes

The raffle was a big success and everyone was excited about what they won.

Our winners were Jim Ferrin, Tim Texeria, Jose Diaz & Chris Herzog Dave Wilber handled the auctioneering for the live auction. Thanks Dave!

Christensen Turf Products Tel: (775) 4502761

Bruce Christensen

2754 Kayne Ave. Minden NV 89423

Fax (775-267-9382 Email:

Verti Drain Service

Chr istens en T ur f Pr oducts

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

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T H A N K Y O U TO O U R S P O N SO R S Scholarship & Research Tournament July 18, 2011 Through the efforts and generous contribution from our sponsors the SNGCSA held one of the most successful tournaments in its history. We would like to thank those sponsors and encourage all our members to support those that support us!

Boardtronics Russ Mitchell & Associates

Mid Cal Tractor

Turf Tire Express

Taylor’s Golf Course Materials

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2011 TRI CHAPTER MEETING HIGHLIGHTS Mike Blankinship provided a very entertaining presentation for our 110 attendees from the Central, Sierra Nevada,, and Northern California Members. At left SNGCSA President Jim Alwine with SNGCSA VP Jeff Couwenhoven

Pictured below are Glenn Mathews, Northern California GCSA President with Ryan Wilson & Coby Byers.

Turf Star Sponsored the Tri Chapter Meeting. Left to right Larry Spain (Toro Company) And the TurfStar Team: Ryan Wilson, Chuck Talley, Mitch Frasier, Bob Dalton, Gene Warne, Tim McCoy and Coby Byers. Mike Steve from Grigg Bros. handed out goodies for all the players as well as some valuable information

Above are Adrian Bertens and Phil Brown. At left at Jim Husting, Corey Eastwood, Jose Ortega & Mitch Frasier.

Thank You to Mid Cal Tractor for Hosting the beverage cart California GCSA President Rafael Barajas with Brook Gifford from Calorneva Turf Support.

5322 N. Leonard Ave. Clovis, CA 93619

GCSAA July-August 2011 Newsletter  
GCSAA July-August 2011 Newsletter  

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