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Dates to Remember July 18, 2011 Annual Scholarship & Research Tournament The Ridge Golf Club

Sierra Nevada GCSA An Affiliate Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

You only have to take one look at Tracy Shanahan to know he’s serious. Serious about family. Serious about sports. Serious about work. But when you talk to Tracy, that serious side gives way to a young man with a big heart and big passion. Serious? Ok. But the better word is Dedicated. Dedication to the game of golf began in Tracy’s home town of Pasadena, California at Brookside Golf Course. Famous for lots of play and for being a place to park cars during The Rose Bowl, Brookside is one of those places where lots of people learn the game. Shanahan and his friends spent their teen years playing golf together and you might think that this would lead to high school and even college golf. You’d be wrong. Baseball became the object of young Tracy’s dedication and he ended up playing in High School and College until an injury got in the way.

By this time, Tracy’s parents had relocated themselves to the Auburn area and it was a chance meeting with Mike Phillips, then the super at Auburn Valley CC that helped Tracy find dedication to growing grass. Classes at American River College’s hort program and work at Auburn Valley led to being one of the first NCGA Interns after the program had been revived. Tracy’s dedication to all of this led him to spend 4 years at Almaden CC, again with Mike Phillips as he finished the NCGA program as the assistant super at Almaden. Looking for their own version of dedication, Saratoga CC made a great decision, hiring Tracy and for just over 9 years, his first superintendent’s position was a challenge. “I learned that I had to keep learning”, Shanahan recalls, “ I had two greens that were poorly drained and they made me crazy”. But his stint at Saratoga was well under control, with long hours and again,

dedication. The 25 acres of turf on the 9 hole track required a strong leader, the expectations being high. “The budget for Saratoga’s 25 acres was the same as the budget I have now at DarkHorse for 100 acres,” Shanahan relates. That says a lot. In 2005 being close to family brought Tracy back to Auburn as he was selected to bring his brand of hard work to DarkHorse. “I love the property and the design,” says Tracy, “It’s one of those places that I can’t get tired of.” Shanahan now finds himself in the often tough foothill climate making the best of keeping A-4 greens. DarkHorse isn’t so new now and with that come the challenges of keeping things in great shape with the limits of our economic times. But hard work pays off and Darkhorse gets rave reviews. Tracy’s dedication to family shows through in his current assistant su(Continued on page 4)

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Fore Your Information EDITOR Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

OFFICE SNGCSA 5322 N. Leonard Clovis, CA 93619 559-298-6262 Fax# 559-298-6957 PRESIDENT Jim Alwine Stockton Golf & Country Club 209-462-6734

VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Couwenhoven Woodcreek Golf Course 916-771-7370

SECRETARY/TREASURER Jeremy Payne Winchester C.C. 916-817-8106


209-728-5778 DIRECTORS Dave Bermudez Del Rio Golf & Country Club 209-341-2413 Frank Putnam Mace Meadows Golf & C.C. 209-295-7773 Jesse Seguin Lincoln Hills Golf Course 916-434-7200 Phil Brown Spring Creek C.C. 209-599-3747

Affiliate Representatives Dave Wilber Sierra Pacific Turf Supply 916-630-7600 Pete Bowman Target Specialty Products 916-396-9394

FORE YOUR INFORMATION Published by the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association



I’ve or enrolling at a college, then you are eligicomplained ble. The deadline has come and gone so if about the you missed out this year, be ready to submit weather the your application next time. last two Finally, there is an upcoming oppormonths more tunity that could help with your bottom line. often than I Dave Bermudez and the Sierra Nevada normally do. I Board of Directors are organizing an auchave some tion with benefits going to the Scholarship bermuda on and Research Fund. Donations are being the fairways accepted through the end of June. Auction Jim Alwine and tees and items will be well publicized to the Sierra obviously, this spring has done very little to Nevada membership with a live auction at encourage growth. Well now the warmer the conclusion of play of the S&R Tournatemperatures are finally coming and I’m ment, hosted by Scott McCullough at The thrilled to watch the grass take off into the Ridge Golf Club, July 18th. If you watch warmer months. I feel guilty for complainthe television program, The Office, then you ing about the best weather in the country. are familiar with the Win-Win-Win sceOn June 8th, nearly the entire national map nario. You win, the Sierra Nevada wins, was maroon with ridiculous temperatures and the donating party wins our thanks and throughout the southern states and humidity a little publicity for a donation going to a well above what we call humid. Our little great cause. slice of heaven on the west coast would The tournament at The Ridge is just make other people jealous. Don’t forget one month away. Organize your teams and how lucky we are. This is nice. bring your Golf Professional, your General Just like we take our wonderful Manager, your Green Committee Chairman, weather for granted, we might overlook the and your neighbor. This is another great opportunities right in front of us. For startopportunity to show off your local Chapter. ers, our attendance has been well below my See you there. expectations for a wonderful set of meetings Don’t miss out on an issue, an anto start off the season. The April meeting at nouncement, or important information. Peachtree CC was fantastic thanks to our Call the Association office today to verhost Stacy Baker and his crew. Next up was ify your email address is correct. Valley-Hi with tight fairways, quick greens, 559-298-6262 or and perfect weather. I’ll give credit for the email us at first two to Mat Dunmyer and his staff. We also welcomed Richard Pavlesek CGCS, our new Field Rep from Floratine Phoenix GCSAA and enjoyed our AquaVive keynote speaker, Mike KoAnaLync Bio-Amp sak CGCS, from Sonora Gro-Power JRM CC. These were two great Aqua-Pucks meetings and I’m sorry if you missed them and Farmload Distributors (800) 322-8417 missed out. Another opportuYour Exclusive Northern California Dealers nity you may be missing is the 2011 Legacy ScholarMike Farmen Bob Francischine ship. If you have been a 559-709-6295 209-747-2206 member of the Sierra NeThor Larson Guy Auxer vada GCSA for five years 303-601-2361 831-277-4356 and your child is attending

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MEETING SCHEDULE July 18, 2011 2011 Scholarship & Research Tournament The Ridge Golf Club

October 17, 2011 President’s Cup Diablo Grande G.C.

Host Superintendent Scott McCullough See Page 14 & 15 for Full Details

Host Superintendent Carl King

August 22, 2011 2011 Tri Chapter Meeting Stockton Golf & C.C.

November 6,7, & 8, 2011 Annual California GCSA Conference Silvarado Country Club

Hosted Superintendent Jim Alwine

September 2011 Date to be confirmed

Graeagle Meadows G.C. Host Superintendent Scott Kotrc

December 2011 Date to be confirmed Winchester Country Club Host Superintendent Jeremy Payne

If you are interested in hosting a meeting email Jeremy Payne at Or Dave Wilber at

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omy got the best of that world too, Don took his passion and yes, dedication to a life long hobby of horticulture and learned a new trade from the ground up. Tracy says of his brother, “Don and I get along great, but I’ve never been easy on him and he’s earned his position here.” Knowing Tracy, that statement must be an understatement. Continued dedication from Tracy keeps coming like a fastball as he expresses how great it is being a husband and a Dad. Boys

Tracy Shanahan with his boys

perintendent, none other than his older brother, Don. Like their father, Don’s original trade was in the legal field as a lawyer, but when the econThe crew at DarkHorse

Irrigation Resource Management, LLC

Pump Efficiency Testing Pressure & Flow Analysis Irrigation Audits


Irrigation Management Solutions

LARRY JOHNSON, CGCS , CGIA P (916) 761-1696 F (916) 852-2778

5 and 7 along with wife, Christine have most certainly done their share of wondering why Tracy works the long hours. But at the same time, Tracy knows that his love for sports, golf and family come from his family’s dedication to him. “I make the time for them,” he says, “it’s not always easy, but I enjoy the challenges and love staying busy.” No question there. The SNGCSA saw the results of the efforts of Brothers Shanahan and the DarkHorse crew at our June meeting. And we are all much better off from knowing the example of Tracy’s dedication to his world.

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G OV E R N M E N T R E L A T I O N S U P DA T E - J U N E 2 0 1 1 BY JIM FERRIN, CGCS Many of the legislative actions and current lawsuits are still pending that we are monitoring. Here is an update of those items NPDES Applying pesticides Jim Ferrin, CGCS within water bodies or near water bodies will need an additional permit per the NPDES. Weed Control Permit (Water Quality Order No. 2004‑0009‑DWQ, General Permit No. CAG 990005). Section 2200(b)(6) of the schedules specifies a one‑time fee of $136 for the Vector Control Permit. The other three permits fall under Category 3 of Section 2200(b)(9) which specifies an annual fee of $1200 plus an ambient water monitoring surcharge of 21%. Thus, total annual fee for each of the other three permits is $1452. This regulatory process from the EPA will go into effect in April 9, 2011. Currently the CGCSA and the GCSAA are seeking to amend this law by supporting HR 872. 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design If your golf course facility is overseen by a governmental body and ac-

cessed by the public, or one that is a private golf club but accessed by the public on an occasional basis (golf tournaments or social functions) you must comply with the regulations impacting golf courses through the 2010 American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design or be faced with the possibilities of a complaint driven lawsuit from a disabled person or advocacy group. The new regulations were signed into law by President Obama in August 2010. Title II and Title III Regulations and adhering to the standards of the law must in place by March 2012 at your facility or face the possibility of legal action if your golf facility has barriers preventing a continuous 48” path access to the main features of the golf facility and golf course. The GCSAA recently made comments towards the possible requirements of having single rider golf cars for golf facilities be mandatory. The DOJ has yet to rule on this. Chlorothalonil Alert In April 2011 the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) & US EPA issued their BiOp’s (Biological Opinions) for the 4th group of chemicals. This group included Chlorothalonil. The Draft BiOp makes incorrect broad “jeopardy” and “habitat

Featuring: Realize the economy of basic soil inputs

Soil Therapy

SOYAPLEX™ Soil Medic

Woody Thorpe

Agriox Penterra Hydrahawk Phone: 209-772-9698 Cell: 209-482-5021

modification” opinions based on flawed risk assessments, which could impact Chlorothalonil use going forward. Syngenta and the GCSAA are leading the fight to vigorously defend Chlorothalonil uses and scientifically respond to the NMFS assertions. They have requested at least a 60-day extension of the comment period Golby 11 –Center for Biological Diversity- Movement to Save Sharpe Park Golf Course from the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance The Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental advocacy group, has been successful with potentially in the future banning pesticide use within Bay Area regions that have been designated as endangered species habitat. They have now filed a national lawsuit suing the United States EPA. One golf course to watch is Sharpe Park in San Francisco where these environmental activists are attempting to shut the golf course down using the same justifications. A grass roots effort from the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance is fighting the fight. If the Center for Biological Diversity is successful there could be serious future ramifications for golf courses. The San (Continued on page 7)

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On a recent visit to Farmlinks in Sylacauga, Alabama, I came away with the usual education of new machinery, turf maintenance products and valuable tips from fellow superintendents. The biggest take home lesson: prepare for the worst before it is too late. Mark Langner, Director of Agronomy at Farmlinks, gave the group an abbreviated tour of the maintenance shop which sat in ruins after burning to the ground just two months earlier. Toro Workman transmissions were melted to the shop floor, recycled plastic stakes boiled together to form one useless blob, and everything, absolutely everything was charred to an even, flat black. The destruction was obvious, but Mark pointed out many problems that are not as apparent as the remains of his equipment fleet. His office and all the data that was stored inside of it was gone for good. Soil reports, application data, work schedules, irrigation maps, and all the other things we take for granted were all gone. The Farmlinks property, also a working farm, had hand written history of every bull and cow they had cared for, these too were lost in the fire. The insurance process was winding down, but not without many daily headaches. First off, the policy had a limit of $30,000 per piece of equipment leaving the course with a heavy burden to carry. The folks at Farmlinks are in the process of rebuilding their shop and a new insurance policy that will fit today’s turf maintenance fleet. Identifying all that was lost was also a major problem. How many shovels, rakes, and brooms does your golf course have on site? How about irrigation supplies, fertil-

izer, and chemicals? Coming up with all of these numbers and proving them to an insurance company would take some time. Mark gave us a few tips to take back home: Have a digital copy of everything and store a FarmLinks Maintenance After the Fire backup using an offsite storage provider. Review your insurIf a disaster like this strikes ance policy and make sure it is your facility there will be so much up to date and fits your current work to make things right, you might shop and equipment inventory. as well start now. This short list will Store electric chargers (not the go a long way in simplifying the cause of the Farmlinks fire) in a process. separate building or at least section them off with a fire-proof wall. Keep an updated inventory of your equipment and tools with photos.

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Francisco Golf Alliance has been fairly successful so far in a grass roots effort but needs more support since the CBD has a large war chest to continue their legal agenda. State Regulations to be Aware Of A bill that revises the statutory requirements for the provision of meal periods to specify that the requirements apply only to employees subject to the meal period provisions from an order of the Industrial Welfare Commission is now being considered in the State Senate’s Committee on Industrial and Labor Relations. It specifies that a meal period based on working more than 5 hours in a work day is required to be provided before the employee completes 6 hours of work. It also specifies conditions under which on-duty meal periods are permitted. DPR proposes to amend Title 3, California Code of Regulations sections 6512 and 6513. The proposed regulatory action would require instructors or sponsoring organizations (providers) of continuing education (CE) courses to submit the records to DPR electronically within 14 days of course completion by the licensee or certificate holder (licensee), require providers and licensees to maintain the date of course completion in their records, and include a criteria for denying approval of a CE course submitted by a provider. CAPCA's : 1. CAPCA views the proposed changes as alarming and possibly deleterious to the entire CE program because of the tremendous shift in responsibility, along with the threat of a reduction in number and diversity of courses for CE hours.

2. Imposing a new regulatory burden on sponsors is unjustified when there is already a top performing private sector operation (CECPM) for CE reporting and tracking in place. The licensees will be directly impacted in their ability to obtain applicable CE hours, plus the CE system could be subverted in such a way that the awarding of unearned CE credit to license holders could result. Federal Regulations to be Aware Of If some of you use the H-2B program labor program then you should be aware of some recent rulings. The final rule from the DOL addresses concerns that the calculation method enacted in the 2008 rulemaking did not adequately reflect the appropriate wages necessary to ensure U.S. workers are not adversely affected by the employment of H-2B workers. The wage methodology in the final rule achieves the department's goal of more fully protecting the job opportunities and wages of U.S. workers. The department anticipates issuing a future rulemaking that will address other aspects of the H-2B program. The new wage rates will apply to wages paid for work performed on or after Jan. 1, 2012. In addition, for a period of 60 days after the publication of the final rule, the department will welcome information from the public in order to gather data regarding the feasibility and implementation of phasing in the new prevailing wages. The final rule requires employers to pay H-2B and U.S. workers recruited in connection with an H-2B job application a wage that meets or exceeds the highest of the following: the pre-

vailing wage, the federal minimum wage, the state minimum wage or the local minimum wage. The GCSAA is continuing to monitor. Overview of the California State Superintendent’s Annual Conference and Education from the Governmental Relations perspective Tentative Speakers slated Pat Gross, USGA and Sam Samuelson, CGCS- ADA Regulatory Impacts on Golf Mike Blankenship- The NPDES and How it Impacts You and Your Golf Course Chava McKeel- GCSAA Governmental Update Kevin Breen, CGCS – H2B Program Nasser Dean, PhD- Upcoming Regulatory Impacts and How it Will Impact Golf Bo Links- Sharpe Park vs. the Center for Biological Diversity- is this Golf’s Future? An Update from Capital Partners

To receive all the up to date government relations news go to

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W I L B E R ' S S I E R R A N E VA DA N E W S By Dave Wilber

Is it nearly summer? Rain and Snow in our region. Kevin Breen at Lahontan Golf Club had 6 inches of Dave Wilber snow (as did all the other gang members in the Truckee area) on June 1 and those of us in the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Marysville area had an honest to goodness Tornado Warning on the same day. Unique and exciting. Speaking of unique, a few of us braved the crowds last month

and staffed the SNGCSA booth at the Haggin Oaks Golf America Expo. Frank Putnam of Mace Meadows GC was the spiritual leader of our taskforce. Sam Samuelson, super Super at Haggin Oaks had people parking on his grass to make the big event happen. Anyone saying golf is dead hasn't seen the masses at this event. It's great that they included us and even wanted us there! Kurt Lally is the new Superintendent at The Resort at Squaw Creek. Kurt was the Assistant Super at Tahoe Donner under Kevin Kuehne and replaces Jeff Hegland who is now the super at The Shaffer's Mill Club in Truckee, formerly known as Timilick GC. Of course any of these people growing any grass will mean the snow ever quitting. Truckee veteran, Tom Neadeau of Northstar at Tahoe recalls a foot of snow in early June several times. It is what it is, I guess. In other movement, Brandon Carter has left

Lahontan GC as Kevin Breen's #1 to head back to his homeland of Colorado to work for his father, Terry Carter in Pagosa Springs. Finally, Rob Williams moves down the valley from Stockton GCC to Del Rio CC as the Assistant Superintendent. Our chapter has big plans for our Annual Scholarship and Research Event. David Bermudez, Grand Master Flash of Del Rio CC along with Jesse Seguin, Elvis of Lincoln Hills GC have been working very hard on the event. Your part? Easy. Bring a foursome from your facility and enjoy a really great event. Lastly, let's all remember that we are guests of the wonderful clubs and courses that host our monthly meetings. Cell phone conversations belong outside and out of sight and jeans are never a good idea.

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N E W S A N D N O T E S F RO M T H E NCGA BY MIKE MCCULLOUGH It’s been a wild weather year this year hasn’t it? It reminds me of what a professor in college said to me, every year has some sort of extremes or records. This year is no different. It just so happens that we were on the receiving end of some prolific storms this winter and some this summer as well and now we are water rich so to speak. Which is why now is a perfect time to think about your water use and how well you are applying it to the golf course. The new additions to website include a voluntary Water Stewardship Program, a Drought Contingency Plan template and a Turf Water Use Calculator. As highlighted in the mailer sent out a few weeks back, these links can assist a superintendent in learning more about their irrigation system, how to react to drought and are they applying an appropriate amount of water to their course each season. This information can be viewed at Save the Date – It’s Boot Camp time

This year will mark the 11th year we have hosted the Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp. The dates for the event will be September 26 & 27, 2011. We are in the final planning stages of the event so I can’t tip my hand as to the speakers, but let’s just say, it will have a Hollywood feel to it this year. For those who have attended in the past, we have new content every year. Nothing stale but the breadsticks at this event. For anyone that hasn’t attended, it is a great networking event with a unique twist on getting to the next level in golf course management. The price for attending is even better than a groupon deal. Attendees get a lot of swag, meals, DPR Credits, plus a little golf to boot. I can’t give everyone a money back guarantee, but I seriously doubt they will be disappointed. Mark your calendars today to attend the Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp in September on the Monterey Peninsula.

Paul K. Smith Sales Representative Pest Control Advisor Western Specialty Division

E-mail: V.M.: (800) 543-0630 Box#2417 Mob: (530) 864-6443

HELENA CHEMICAL COMPANY 3155 Southgate Lane Chico, Ca 95928 Bus: (530) 342-4786 (800) 554-5703 Fax: (530) 343-9047

Welcome Mew Members Chris Strutz CPS Affiliate Member Gary Gillian Nature Tech Affiliate Member Brad Wyatt Lincoln Hills Class C Jake Valentino Lincoln Hills Class C Todd Brown Continental Golf Class SM Steven Bump Auburn Lake Trails Class A

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F I E L D DAY X BY BOB CLINE As part of our continuing action plan, started in 2001,Field Day X took place on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 and Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 and it was a huge success. Based on the continuing needs of the golf course we feel that with aerification, fertilization, adding the proper amendments and overseeding we will continue to take significant steps toward achieving our long term goals and raising our maintenance standards here at William Land Golf Course. This year in spite of challenging economic times, the support and involvement for this event has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The following mission statement was developed in 2001 and has continued to guide our ef-

forts through nine previous Field Days:

“Bring together the golf industry and community resources to maximize the playing experience at William Land Golf Course” On the week of April 18th, 2011 donated sod, amendments and fertilizer started arriving thanks to donated trucking. The morning of Monday, April 25th, 2011, the maintenance crew began flagging all sprinklers on the golf course, lines were tested

and a current irrigation repair list was developed over the course of the day. The Sacramento Job Corps arrived on Tuesday April 26th, 2011 and cleaned the grass from around all sprinklers. Marking flags were put out again in the fairways to prepare for being deep tined on Wednesday. Tuesday’s efforts also included planting flowers at # 1 Tee and the beds around the Clubhouse; staining all benches on the golf course, fresh paint on all ball-washers, weed eating, raking and picking up around both picnic areas. A fresh coat of

(Continued on page 11)

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FIELD DAY X Continued from page 10

green paint was put on all the green safety poles and covering supports at the Clubhouse. The fascia board all around the Clubhouse has been painted green. All the overhanging areas were painted white. Our own Mulligan’s Café staff served a barbequed lunch for 60 that day. At 4:00pm that Tuesday afternoon all greens and collars were deep tined aerified with solid ¾” solid tines to a depth of 9”. Following this process that afternoon, seven greens were aerified pulling 4 inch cores. The morning of Wednesday April 27th, 2011 the core aerification contin-

ued on the rest of the greens. After removing these plugs, some of which are being used to grade low areas, the greens were double verticut, mowed and then top dressed with West Coast #3 topdressing sand. After being sanded, and before being brushed in, the greens were aerified once more with the PlanetAir process. After a series of brushings, organic fertilizer, gypsum, and calcium were applied and the greens were seeded. Meanwhile, at the same time, with the marking flags already in place three Vertidrain units deep tined all fairways with ¾” solid tines to a depth of over 6” and all surrounds had an aerovator run on them then were mowed with the new Toro quad steer unit. The Teaching Center was mowed as well. The fairways and primary rough have been fertilized thanks to a generous donation. An application was made to help control the clover

and other broadleaf weeds in the green surrounds, tees, and primary roughs. Various trees around the golf course that were badly in need of pruning using high lift equipment were trimmed. New flags and fresh cups were put out. All markers were cleaned. A tasty lunch was grilled up and served to around 50 volunteers and staff who participated in the day by Ewing Irrigation.

Throughout these two days, photos were taken by Jennifer, part of the Café staff, of various activities and volunteers. Donations were received from local vendors, area courses and the greens industry. A partial listing of donations includes fertilizer, chemicals, amendments, trucking, sod, tree work, sprinklers, marking

flags, seed, top- dressing, consultation, equipment, lunch and refreshments, paint, and advertisement. In addition to goods, donations in-

(Continued on page 12)

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FIELD DAY X Continued from page 11

cluded time and energy, equipment and other resources. It was a combination of area Golf Course Superintendents, representatives from the green industry, the Job Corps, and other folks working together to make William Land a better experience and show strong community support for The First Tee of Greater Sacramento. In the combined effort of

the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association, Golf Course Superintendents representing 12 area golf courses took part. The First Tee of Greater Sacramento wish to thank the following for their participation and support: A special thanks goes to Jim Ferrin, CGCS who helped me pull together donations and other resources to make this years event the huge success that it was; David Piper, CGCS and JR Simplot for their extremely generous fertilizer donation; Rick Close, crew and Davey Tree; Kyle Dykstra, CGCS , Pedro Villa , Cliff Carpenter and Sierra View CC; Jim Alwine, and the current BOD of SNGCSAA and Stockton G & CC; Capital City Golf: Doug Parker, Capital City Golf Manager; Sam Samuelson, CGCS and Haggin Oaks G. C., Campbell Turner, CGCS and both Bing Maloney and Bartley Cavanaugh G.C.: Ken Morton, Sr., Terry Daubert and Morton Golf; Bob Miller and The Anderson Technologies; The Sacramento Job Corps: Erica Evans, Center Director; Brian Broadway, Community Liaison;

Colton Chaney, Landscaping Instructor; Bill Katsifolis, Vocational Coordinator; Logo Tuimaseve, Facilities Maintenance Instructor; HBI’s Sacramento Carpentry Program, under the leadership and supervision of John Stiff; The First

Tee of Greater Sacramento Board of Directors; Gilbert Urbano, Golf Course Superintendent and Emerald Lakes GC; Shannon Brown, Park Superintendent, City of Sacramento Dept. of Parks and Recreation, and Frank Hernandez, William Land Park Supervisor; Scott Dickson and Turf and Industrial Equipment Company, a special thanks to Irene Cline, Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association Secretary; Larry Johnson, CGCS and North Ridge C.C. Mark McKinney,

(Continued on page 13)

P age 1 3

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n

FIELD DAY X Continued from page 12

CGCS and Del Paso C.C.; John Farley, Golf Course Superintendent, Steve Miller and Craig Strong and Teal Bend G.C. Rick Close, Carlos and John and Davey Tree Company; Lee Medeiros from Timber Creek; Chuck Talley, Don Kittilsen, Tim McCoy and Turf Star; Joe Kurung and West Coast Sand; Steven Emerson and Hunter

Industries Inc., Tim Cook and United Rentals; Chris, Lester and Horizon; Anthony Kerr and Normac; Greg Dunn and West Coast Turf; Stan Adam and Wilbur-Ellis; Joe Sestito and West Coast Greens; Pete Fredeen and Mid Cal Tractor; Steve Fackler,CGCS and Serrano CC: Jim Barbuto, and Ewing Irrigation; Pat

Gross, Brian Whitlark and the USGA ; Pete Bowman, CGCS, Dave Patterson and Target Specialties; Debbie and Craig Choate and Choate Nursery; Ken Mauser and Aquatrols, Sharon Yon and Redi-Gro; Dave Wilber and Tim Texeira and Sierra Pacific Turf Supply; Pete Fredeen and Mid Cal Tractor; Jessie Creencia,CGCS and Cameron Park CC; Kyle Dykstra, CGCS, Cliff Carpenter, and Pedro Villa and Sierra View CC; Jasmine Schell and Crop Production Services; Nick Angelucci, Joe Ballmer and Syngenta Professional Products; Ron Miller and Company; W I A program; Brian Rugne and staff, Carl, Terry, Jennifer and CafÊ staff, the WLGC Marshals; along with our own Maintenance staff’s efforts, determination and willingness have propelled us forward into the 2011 season. We have seen improvement in

the condition of the golf course and received many compliments from the golfing public, other park users, and folks from the neighborhood as a result of these efforts. Thank each of you for your support! Make William Land G. C. part of your plans this summer, book a tee time and come see for yourself the impact and importance of these Field Days. I will buy you lunch. See you on the golf course!

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

P age 1 4

2011 Scholarship & Research Golf Tournament Monday July 18, 2011

The Ridge Golf Club

Schedule 8:30 AM …Registration & Breakfast 9:50 Participants Caravan to their start holes 10:00 AM…….Shot Gun Start Tournament

Host Superintendent Scott McCullough

Format: Four Man Team Scramble Flights based on accumulative team handicap Box Lunch Provided and Immediately following the tournament will be Awards Ceremony, Dinner, Scholarships Awarded, Live Auction, & Raffle Entry Fee:

$125.00 per person

$500.00 per team

Fee will include breakfast, lunch, tee prize, range balls, cart, golf, and dinner. Raffle Tickets & Mulligans are available for purchase with pre-registration or on the day of the event. Raffle Tickets are 6 for $10.00 or $50.00 for your height Team Mulligans are available at $50.00 per team. This includes 8 Mulligans. If purchased separately they are $10.00 per Mulligan maximum of 2 per player. Beverage carts will be on the course during the tournament Host Superintendent

Scott McCullough

PGA Professional

Shawn Kelly

Food and Beverage Manager Men’s Club President Tournament Chairmen SNGCSA President

Patrick Doppelmayr Jerry Rogers David Bermudez and Jesse Seguin Jim Alwine

For additional information contact the association office (559) 298-6262 E-mail

Deadline for Entries: July 11, 2011 DON’T MISS THE LIVE AUCTION BE PREPARED

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n

P age 1 5

LIVE AUCTION ITEMS For the first time in the history of the SNGCSA we will be hosting a Live Auction at the Scholarship & Research Tournament July 18, 2011 Auction to be held during the awards ceremony directly following golf Here is a sample of some of the items that our generous members have already donated Be Prepared to Bid on these outstanding deals Company Name Item Value Commercial Pump Brown Sand


One truck and trailer of Dakota peat 90-10 root zone mix. Including Delivery 2—Renown 2.5 gal. (Chlorothalonil-Azoxystrobin) 1—Dimension 2EW 2.5 gal.(Dithiopyr) 1—Neptune 2.5 Gal. (Polyglycl EtherEster) 15—18-03-18% BCMU Greens Grade 50 lbs. Insignia 2.4 Lbs (Pyraclostrobin) 6—Emerald .49 lbs (Boscalid) Product Package 1


$600.00 $1300.00 $1021.75 $625.00 $950.00 $562.50 $745.46 $871.14 $582.00

Dimension 2EW .5 Gal (Dithilopry), Dimension Ultra WSP (Dithilopry) 40 Ounces Eagle 20EW 1 Pint (Myclobutanil), Accord XRT II 2.5 Gal (Glyphosate) One Time 1 Gal, (Quinclorac-Mecooprop-Dicamba)

Product Package 2


12—Respond 3 Tablets (Polhydroxyethyl alkoxy ethylene oxides) 16—Feature Pro, 5lbs (Chelated Iron)

Product Package 3


2- Pendulum Aquacap, 2.5 gal (Pendimethalin), 4—Roundup ProMax 1.67 gal (Glyphosate)

Product Package 4


1-Honor 3 lbs, (Pyraclostrobin/Boscalid), 2—Trinity .50 gal (Triticonazole)

West Coast Sand & Gravel

1 truck & trailer of West Coast #3 (USGA sand), approx. value This does not include trucking costs

Turf and Industrial John Deere 16" Chainsaw Equipment John Deere Stick Edger Russ Mitchell & Associates 2 Hrs of Service Arrow Golf Construction Case of Napa Valley Wine Sierra Pacific Turf 10 Soil Tests, 1 Water Test and a Consulting Visit Dave Wilber West Coast Turf Gift certificate for 1,000 square feet of any variety of sod grown in northern California


$379.00 $329.00 $300.00 $250.00 $1350.00 $350.00

(excludes bent grass & includes delivery within 200 miles of Stevinson)

Sacramento River Cats

Sky Box Suite at the Stadium for Monday August 1st.


BEST/Simplot Prof. Prod. 40 bags of 9-Iron Minis "9-9-9" with 9% Iron.



2—Bottles of DuPont Provaunt 2—Bottles of Dupont Provaunt

$200.00 $200.00

Turf Star

Four Toro Golf Course sprinklers of your choice



1 year (1/1/12 - 12/31/12) of irrigation controller repair Limited to printed circuit board based product only, no electro-mechanical or mechanical controllers

F o r e Y o ur I nf o r m a ti o n

P age 1 6

S I E R R A N E VA DA G C SA W E B S I T E By Jesse Seguin The Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents website is an integral part of our chapter. It serves as a communication highway Jesse Seguin and is a part of what we stand for and our expectations for the future. As most of you know, a website engineer was hired at the beginning of this year to further develop each chapter's website within our State Association. In order to make the website more user friendly and current,

it's been our goal this year to work with the website designer (Adam) to make enhancements going forward. After discussions and enlisting feedback we have isolated some areas that we believe will broaden the website and increase traffic. Some of these updates and modifications include: Chapter financial summaries Aggressively pursue advertising and sponsorship Up to-date meeting information (directions, maps, etc. Re-arranging the home page to make it more efficient and easier to navigate Increase the aesthetic value Election news and bio’s

800 MOSSDALE RD, LATHROP, CA. 209 234-1500

PRODUCTSSERVICES AVAILABLEUSGA Top Dressing Sand Deliveries by MAGNUM TRUCKING INC. Greens Top Dressing Sand Blend Materials to Customers Specifications Bunker Sand Profile / Sand Blends 0-0-50 / Kiln Dried Sand blends Kiln Dried USGA Sand - 3000lbs Super Sacks Dakota Peat Sand Blends Peat Inc Sand Blends Pea Gravel Top Soil


REGGIE POMICPIC – Director of Sales and Market Cell# 209 993-5211 E-mail:

Bylaws Meeting results and pictures In order to pursue these changes, we are working on developing a routine update schedule that will keep the website current with value. We are hoping to have it fully functional by August. Simplifying the process will definitely make it easier and improve the overall experience on the site. Please feel free to engage in feedback or let us know if you have any ideas that could improve the website. You can email me at

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n

P age 1 7

2011 GOLF EXPO H AG G IN O A K S At left & right are Dave Wilber and Jim Alwine manning the booth at the 2011 Golf Expo held at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

Above are Frank Putnam , Jim Alwine, and Ken Morton. Frank organized the booth and with the assistance of several members they greeted the crowd and shared what the SNGCSA is about. At right are Jim and Frank with Emmy Moore Minister

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n

P age 1 8

V A L L E Y H I M AY 2 0 11 TOURNAMENT WINNERS Jim Barbuto, Wes Leith, Jim Alwine, and Ron Saito Host Superintendent Matt Dunmyer

Guest Speaker Mike Kosak, CGCS & Jim Alwine Mat Dunmyer and SNGCSA President Jim Alwine

GCSAA Field Representative Richard Pavlacik, CGCS

F o r e Y o u r I n f o r m a ti o n

P age 1 9

D A R K H O R S E J U N E 2 01 1 Darkhorse has supported a research project being done by UC Riverside and Dr. James Baird. The results of this research were the topic of our June meeting. Everyone had the opportunity to review first hand the results and listen to Dr. James Baird on his findings.


Tracy Shanahan, Jim Baird, Ryan Yost and Dave Brown

Jim Alwine and host superintendent Tracy Shanahan

Jim Alwine and Dr. James Baird

Christensen Turf Products Tel: (775) 4502761

Bruce Christensen

2754 Kayne Ave. Minden NV 89423

Fax (775-267-9382 Email:

Verti Drain Service

Chr istens en T ur f Pr oducts

Tracy Shanahan and Dr. James Baird

00 05-06 May-June 2011 Sierra Nevada Gcsa Newsletter  

00 05-06 May-June 2011 Sierra Nevada Gcsa Newsletter