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WELCOME. In this issue of our newsletter we address the subject of abundance and circulation. It's a vital component of living a prosperous life not only at this time of year but all year round. We all know what happens in nature if the flow of water is blocked or if in the human body something stops the flow of blood coursing through our veins and arteries. Stagnation, death or limitation is the result. Everything is circulation and if we ever experience financial hardship or lack, the first question to ask ourselves is: "How or what can I give to start the flow?" It doesn't have to be money although the old adage does say that if you want to prime a water pump you add water and similarly, for an oil well, you add oil. The act of giving creates good and loving feelings which then naturally return to us as the forms of supply. A smile, a letter, an Email, a bunch of flowers, a gift, a tithe of money, time spent reading or listening to someone in hospital .... The list of possibilities goes on and on. The point is that when we get our ego out of the way, stop the worrying thoughts of lack and limitation, we open ourselves up to receiving the abundance of the universe. In the FOUNDATION COURSE which was completed this week, so many personal examples of the power of circulation were revealed a promotion, increased salary, dental work costing several thousand being paid unexpectedly, a new career launched, increased health, and so on. Some people call such results miracles but they are, in fact, the natural outworking of Infinite Law when we get ourselves out of the way and allow the flow.

Think 'peace', think 'love' and think 'give'. Life is to be enjoyed!

Dr. Neil A. Mence D. D.


(By Dr. Ernest Holmes) Infinite Spirit, I am looking to you, as the senior partner in all my business and personal affairs, for the guidance I need. I know that I am always led to feel, think, say, do and see what is right so that I am abundantly and continually supplied with an avalanche of rich ideas and money for my every good need. I declare that right contacts are now established, right influences are now set in motion and that right activities are now started so that my abundant wealth and prosperity is now manifest. I declare that there is now right action in all my affairs.

I know that the universe responds immediately to my believing word and that right and rich results and rewards are mine now. I am guided to see the right people, to say and do the right things, to give the right kind of service and to make myself valuable to others. An abundance of money to more than meet my every good need is now mine. I have a lasting, steady, dependable and permanent financial supply right now. I live wholesomely, happily, wisely, opulently and give generously. I know that abundant funds for doing so are now mine and they come to me right now in exactly the right way. I know that there is never any delay in divine mind. I am grateful for this abundant financial supply. I give sincere thanks for it. I have decreed it and it is now established unto me. I use it freely in the service of God and man knowing that as it goes out in loving helpfulness to others it is being blessed and multiplied. It returns to me multiplied many times over. I am permanently prospered and have permanent financial freedom. Now I go and act accordingly. I express an attitude of financial abundance and riches of all kind. I feel and look prosperous. I believe in my prosperity. And so I prosper.

THE LAW OF CIRCULATION By Rev. Edward Viljoen, D.D.

The best description of the "Law of Circulation" I know is in Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you in good measure pressed down, and shaken together, and running over... for with the same measure that ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

The message is simple: What you set in motion in life bears an uncanny resemblance to what comes around in your life. In particular, the scripture says it is the measure (attitude) in which you do a thing that establishes the nature of the returning action. To me "the measure" also means the awareness, or the motiveunderneath the initiating action-and that is what determines the nature of the result. This is the clue to understanding the Law of Attraction. It's not only what you do that matters, it's how you do it. The manner in which you give a gift, for example, has everything to do with the resulting activity generated by the giving. Another way of saying this is: The spirit in which you give makes all the difference to your experience. For example, if you give a little and your motivating awareness is to get a lot, you can be sure that you are setting in motion the creation of people, situations or originations who give you a little in order to receive a lot from you. ("With the same measure that you mete.") Catherine Ponder wrote: "In the past I tithed in a haphazard manner so I received haphazard results. I became bitter and decided tithing was not working for me. I now see it was the manner in which I tithed, and the limited state of my thinking. More recently I have begun to tithe faithfully with love and appreciation for what I have to share."

This has helped me keep in mind that the spirit in which I give is far more important than the gift itself, or the amount. If I give a gift of 100% of my income without love, it would be better to give something far less for which I can feel a radiating love. I have applied this idea successfully to my giving practice, starting with an amount that I could truly and joyfully set free and then building upon that practice. The result has been that over time I developed a habit of giving I can feel good about, starting from that beginning point of giving just a little, and over time working up to asubstantial amount. This process has helped me carefully examine the atmosphere in which I was giving and it has guided me to clarity about my intentions. I have discovered there is a difference between giving for the joy of giving, and giving with a hidden motive to control or influence. When I notice in my thought that I want anything at all in return for a gift, I call that a deal, or trade.

Giving free from expectation of "Thank you," recognition, or appreciation, sets in motion the Law of Circulation in a particular way. It is as if it opens up a flow of receiving that has no obligationsattached. Eric Butterworth wrote, "A committed giver is an incurably happy person.... a secure person, a satisfied person and a prosperous person." Over time I think I may have figured out why this is so from something Ernest Holmes taught about the nature of Love. He called Love "the self-givingness of the Spirit." In other words, giving is God's Nature, and when I am giving, I'm duplicating that nature in my activity, and when I am not, it is as if I'm going against my own nature, and that's when it gets all blocked up and stagnant.


We have so many talented individuals in our community - jewellery designers, architects, actors, singers, interior designers, fashion designers, photographers, film-makers, models, advertising gurus, physiotherapists, yoga and Reiki masters .... just to name a few. Below, we've listed some of them. Should you require their services please contact them directly through their website or the contact information provided. And if you'd like your name and field of activity added to the list in future editions of our newsletter, please send an email ACTOR - Angelo Paragoso. ADVERTISING - Geoff Turner, the advertising guru. Website: Telephone: 079-56 37-4173. Email: ARTIST - Rosangela Masuzzo. Email: INTERIOR DESIGN - Natasha Hawtrey-Woore. PHOTOGRAPHER (portrait, landscape, nature) - Vaida Barzdaite. REIKI Master Teacher - Raina Nahar. Telephone: 079-0617-4282.

UPCOMING EVENTS MONDAY, January 21 - open evening.

We've moved our Sundayafternoon meetings to a Mondayevening to see if a week night is more acceptable to a wider audience. Come and meet fellow travellers. Share your stories. Meet Science of Mind teachers. Request affirmative prayer. Participate in a group meditation. Question and answer period. TOGETHER, LET'S GROW OUR COMMUNITY.

LOCATION: CARTWRIGHT ROOM Ground floor, CANTERBURY HALL (this is next to Hughes Parry where we have been meeting on Sundays), 19-26 Cartwright Gardens, London, WC1H 9EF.

A love offering of ÂŁ7 to cover room rental would be appreciated.


Flyers with course details, location and cost will be sent out by email at the end of December / beginning of January. All classes are held at the University of London, a short 5-6 minute walk from King's Cross or Euston mainline and tube stations. FINANCIAL FREEDOM - starts Wednesday, January 23 THE POWER OF YOUR WORD - starts Tuesday, January 29






"The consciousness in which we give makes all thedifference. Giving to manipulate the laws of prosperity is in fact spiritual materialism. Purely and freely participating in the Law of Circulation to support the dissemination of truth principles and services to humankind returns to us multiplied abundantly."

EXPECTANCY (Dr. Ernest Holmes)

We should daily affirm that new ideas are coming to us, new ways of doing things; that we are meeting new and wonderful friends, new situations; that joyous things are going to happen to us. The Creative Principle is always reacting to us as we act in It. It is always creating in our bodies and our affairs. Consequently, we should all learn to live in a state of joyous and enthusiastic expectancy. This is the principle upon which faith and the answer to prayer are based.

Let us, then, bless everything we do and everyone we meet, knowing that the limitations of the past need not be carried into the future. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too much to ask of the Power that can do anything.

There is something within each one of us which is conscious of our unity with Good, with all the Power there is. Upon this Power, Presence, and light we must depend with complete confidence. Thus faith passes into experience with scientific certainty. Faith is the most dynamic phenomenon known.


Abundance is mine. I cannot be deprived from my supply. The trees do not lack for leaves nor do flowers fail to bloom. Am I not as important as they are? "Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin, yet .... Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these."

I look at the lavish wastefulness of Nature and know that Infinite Spirit intended me to be as abundantly supplied with everything that makes for beauty, well-being, progressive living and happiness. I, myself, am to blame when these 'fruits of the Spirit' fail to appear.

Since I know the Truth of my being I will no longer hinder or retard my good from coming to me. I will expect and accept all that I need to make life happy and worthwhile for I am a child of the Universe and every attribute of It is my inheritance.

Nothing but lack of faith can keep my good from me for I am one with the Universal essence of Life. I KNOW that its substance manifests in my experience as I believe. No longer will I go looking for my good, carrying only a dipper to be filled. This day, as I turn to Infinite Spirit within, I bring "All the empty vessels" knowing they will be filled and that my abundance manifests NOW.

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The centre for positive living