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Best wishes from Science of Mind London The past year has seen a big growth and reach of our activities. In addition to practitioners in London we now have qualified teachers in Manchester, Singapore and Spain. And we'll soon have qualified professionals in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Baltic States, each with their own Centre. At the Centre for Positive Living we aim each year to provide as wide a selection of self-development courses as possible. In 2013 the everpopular FINANCIAL FREEDOM course was presented twice along with other life-changing courses such as SUCCESSFUL LIVING, THE POWER OF YOUR WORD, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and THOMAS TROWARD'S EDINBURGH LECTURES. 2014 will start with the important FOUNDATION course, along with THE POWER OF INTENTION and YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. During the year, a further 12 classes are planned in addition to workshops on VISIONING, SELF-ESTEEM, and YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS.

At regular intervals we'll host an OPEN EVENING for those wishing to come and meet like-minded people, ask questions, and to share their adventures. As well, SUNDAY TALKS will resume early in the New Year. It is with heart-felt gratitude that I give thanks to the many who have supported us financially throughout the year. It is through your blessings that we have, in turn, been able to provide assistance to others and to help them follow and realise their dreams. In gratitude, Neil (Dr. Neil A. Mence)



Q. My partner and I want to have our own home but she's doubtful about manifesting it. Will her doubt cancel out my affirmations? A. Only if you also doubt. If you both want the same thing, and are willing to accept it, you're on the road to achieving your desired perfect home. Unfortunately most people don't know what they really want and so they concentrate on what they don't want. For example, it could be that your partner is concentrating on trying to get the money to buy the home, or feels unworthy of owning her own home, rather than on the desired end result (as Neville used to say) which is owning your perfect home. I suggest you keep affirming while your partner works out her resistance.

***** Q. I've prayed and affirmed for weeks about a job loss. Others are also paying for me but nothing seems to have changed. Why? A. In the Science of Mind textbook, Ernest Holmes says that prayer is its own answer. We can't fool the Law of Life; It ALWAYS mirrors back to us according to our faith and belief. If the appearance is that you are not receiving the desired results from you prayer work, I would suggest examining the attitudes you are taking into your prayer work. We often say one thing but feel another in our heart. Are your spoken words laden with doubt and fear that you may not get a new job? Have you carefully examined your desire? Are you giving any thought to the underlying cause of the job loss and the changes in attitude that may be required? Do you just want a job to pay the bills or do you really want to use your creative talents and to follow your bliss?

***** Q. How do I get happiness? A. The short answer is, "You can't" for the simple reason that 'happiness' is a feeling that comes from within. As Joel Goldsmith says in his book Invisible Supply, the error of most teachings is in the belief that supply and happiness come to us" and a great deal of time is wasted in praying for it to be given to us." As he says, things such as honesty, integrity, love and charity are embodied in our consciousness. We don't pray or affirm that they be given to us, we express them. Happiness is also such a quality. It's not something that comes to us; it's embedded within us and we must express it. Happiness is all about living from within to the outer, rather than from the outer to the inner which, unfortunately, is what most people try to do.

***** Q. Why is it that I never seem to have enough money to do all the things I want to do? A. Those who have attended the FINANCIAL FREEDOM course will know that wealth can serve as a feedback mechanism to make us aware of how much we like ourselves at any particular time! How much we have in the way of financial assets directly corresponds with what we believe we deserve, based on the value system we have acquired throughout our lives. The more positive we feel about ourselves, the more abundance we will receive as a byproduct of those positive feelings. To experience greater wealth we need to identify, change or dispel anything in our consciousness that doesn't contribute to the highest possible degree of self-worth and valuation.



I am poised, patient and positive. There are times when each of us needs to remind ourselves of this. Sometimes it takes great poise to remember this, especially when things seem out of order; when confusion seems to reign. Everyone around us may be upset and unhappy but we can refuse to become negative as we affirm I am poised because I know that the one power and one presence is available to me at all times.

Poise is balance. It's been described as a combination of peace and power. We are poised when we feel the power of Infinite Life flowing through us.Poise also plays an important role in healing. True healing is a matter of balance - balance in the mind and body, as well as emotional balance. As we release worry and fear we affirm I am poised in the knowledge that the Law of Life works on our believing word and manifests as balance.

I am patient. This isn't always easy to affirm because often we're feeling impatient - with ourselves and with others. But, if we stop and take a deep breath, we can affirm I am patient because I know that Universal Energy is always mine to use and direct. We do not question the need to be patient when there is a health challenge. We're patient with ourselves, as well as those who are helping us. And most of all, we're patient with the healing processes that are at work. Patience keeps us peaceful in mind and heart. It helps free us from tension and anxiety.

I am positive. Some people are very positive about the wrong things. They're positive that things will never work out, that others might try to take advantage of them, or that they'll be disappointed for a million and one reasons. When we affirm I am positive, we know that we are aligning ourselves with the constructive side of life.

When we are poised we are not fearful about our supply; we're patient, never doubting that our good is now manifesting. We remain positive, placing our faith in the power within. We know that our every need is supplied and that with a positive attitude we attract the forms of prosperity into our lives.

As we become poised, patient and positive, we'll find that everything in relation to our lives is blessed. We meet each day more convinced than ever that we're guided, healed, prospered and fulfilled in every way. (Reprinted from Unity's Daily Word)


UPCOMING COURSES (Flyers with full details will be sent out in two weeks or email

FOUNDATION Starts Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at our University of London location.

The Foundation Course is the introductory course where we learn to move beyond what seems to be and use proven methods to change our lives permanently for the better. Most importantly, we come to understand that the ability to control our experiences and to have them result in happiness, prosperity and success lies in our mind and the way we use it.

POWER OF INTENTION Skype class starts Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystics tell us that there is really nothing to heal, only perfection to be revealed. In this course on practical spiritual living we look at the many faces of intention and learn how to let go of ego and live a stress-free, successful and abundant life. We uncover and express our individual creative genius, which is the truth of our being.


The mind-body connection is one of the most practical understandings we can have in our life. A working knowledge of this relationship enables us to live more effectively and with a higher sense of well-being and confidence. It empowers us to create the life we intend for ourselves and to have a deeper understanding of our Divine connection with all that is. __________________________________________________

We're an international bunch

Science of Mind London truly has an international spirit! In our classes we have students from 33 countries including: The Americas: Peru, United States and Canada; Asia: India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore; Oceania: Australia and New Zealand; Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa; Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, Italy, Eire, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Russia; The U.K. (England and Wales).


(An excerpt from Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth)

"In a book devoted to the theme of prosperity, it might be assumed that the emphasis would be on "how to get." Perhaps by now you will understand why we say that such an emphasis is not only grossly materialistic, but it is also extremely misleading. Any study of prosperity fails unless it teaches you how (and why) to give.

Giving does not refer to money. It is a process that may involve money, but it also involves your work and the many ways in which you make contact with life. Giving is basically an attitude with which you touch things .

.... Life is not lived from the outside-in, but from inside-out. Unless we understand this, we miss the whole meaning of life. The purpose of life is not acquisition but unfoldment and personal development. Even in the teaching of metaphysics, there has been a tremendous swing toward this revolutionary attitude toward money and things. Thus many books and courses by teachers of Truth emphasize "how to" techniques for demonstrating money and possessions and jobs and success. The constant theme is get, get, get, get. Just hold the right thought, and you can get anything you want.

... Anyone who has worked with people in the supervisory capacity will readily agree that there are two general types of people in life: the givers and the takers. A word of caution: please don't agree with this judgmentally - thinking, "Oh yes, I know many people who are takers." We are not dealing with "they" or "them." We are dealing with you. See it as a test for yourself. We are not trying to change others. Our goal in this book is to help you to be "transformed by the renewal of your mind."

The takers are the people who believe that their lives will always be the total of what they can get from the world. They are always thinking get, get, get. They plan and scheme ways to get what they want in money, in love, in happiness and in all kinds of good. No matter that they may be applying metaphysical techniques, they still may very well be takers. But whatever may be their spiritual ideals, or lack of any, no matter what they take, they can never know peace or security or fulfilment. The givers, on the other hand, are convinced that life is a giving process. Thus their subtle motivation in all their ways is to give themselves away, in love, in service and in all the many helpful ways they can invest themselves. They are always secure, for they intuitively know that their good flows from within.

It may mean a complete turnaround in your approach to life, where you think, "give" instead of "get." In your spiritual quest, you are seeking to establish yourself in a unitive relationship with the divine flow. You can never really achieve this level of consciousness until giving becomes the main thrust of your life. And when it does, when you discover the wonder of giving, you become, unblushingly, an incurable giver. Meditate long on this point, for it is one of the most important keys of the prosperity law.

Life for the whole person is a giving process. We are not talking specifically about church giving, giving to charity, and so forth. There are many channels through which your giving may be funnelled. We are talking about attitudes towards life, the basic awareness that life is a matter of developing or unfolding from within. It is knowing that life is not something to get but something to express. It is the fulfilling awareness that your business is always the express business, no matter what name your worldly vocation may bear."

Best wishes from science of mind london