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Newsletter - 18th September 2015   ___________________________________________________________________________________________   

“Every Day  Counts”  ​ Attendance  ­  ​ To  ensure  that  all  pupils  fulfil  their   full  potential,  they need 

to attend  school  regularly   to  benefit  from  their  education.  Missing  out  on  lessons  leaves  children  vulnerable  to  falling  behind  their  peers.  Research  shows  that  children  with   poor  attendance  tend  to  achieve   less  well  in  primary  school and in turn achieve significantly less well in their secondary school  education.  It  is  expected  at  Sidegate  Primary  School  that  most  children  will  achieve  at  least  ​ 96%  attendance  during  the school year. This will give your child the best chance to progress academically.  We  aim  to  publish  whole  school  percentage  attendance   on  a  regular  basis  through  our  newsletter and on our website.   

To help us and your child achieve their full potential please:  ● ensure  your  child  arrives  on  the  school  playground  before  the  whistle  blows  at  ​ 8.50am  at  the  start of each day.  ● if  they  arrive  ​ after  8.50am  your  child MUST enter the building via the front office, to report to a  member  of  the  office  staff  and   a  late  mark  will  be   recorded.  If  your  child  arrives  after   registration closes at 9.00am an unauthorised mark will be recorded.   

If your  child  receives  10  sessions  (there  are  2  sessions  in  a  school  day  –  morning  and  afternoon)  marked  as  unauthorised  in  one  term  you  could  be liable for prosecution via the Education Attendance  Service.     The  Sidegate  Attendance  Policy  is available in the Parents’ Area of  the school website which provides  more detailed information.      All  absence  requests  should  be  made  using  the  school’s  Absence  Request  form,  copies of which are  available from the school office or on the school’s website.     Raising  children’s  attainment  is  most   effective  when  staff,  parents  and  children  understand  their responsibilities and work together.    Thank you for your support 

Wendy James, Headteacher

The Sidegate Learning Gang Innovative Ian was in school this week. Don’t forget to ask your child about what they have learned this week and look out for the Innovative Ian stickers which are given to the children when they have used Ian’s attributes. ol-information/the-sidegate-learning-gang

Reminders ……….

Year 5 Residential Trip to Ironbridge deadline for return of £40 deposits is TODAY ​ Mrs Jennings Year 5 ‘Play in a Day’ - Performances for parents’ to attend ​ Jaguars Tuesday 22nd, Cougars Wednesday 23rd, Leopards Thursday 24th, all at 2.45pm. Leopards will be held in the hall and all others in the gym. School Photographer - ​ Thursday 24th September 2015. ​ From 8.15am families can arrive for family group photographs with non-Sidegate siblings.

‘Gym Trail’ ​ the

grand opening took

place on Monday. Once again, thank you to PTA members for helping raise funds. The Gym Trail will be timetabled for use during the school day. Please do not let your children use it outside of school hours.

Graduate Interns (GI’s) Teacher recruitment nationally is an issue for all schools. In partnership with St Helen’s Primary, Sidegate is now in its third year of recruiting graduates who are keen to enter the teaching profession (or other child-related professions). These graduates follow a paid internship programme designed by the school, during their year with us. This gives them the experience they need to apply for teacher training. It also ensures that well qualified graduate remain in or return to Suffolk after graduating and then, hopefully, become Suffolk teachers. Our GIs support children’s learning in the classroom; run intervention groups; and lead or support with after school clubs. Last year we encouraged a few more schools to join our programme and this year we have expanded it even further with the help of Suffolk County Council. We recruited and placed over 50 GIs in primary schools over the summer. We start recruiting for GIs in the summer term, if you know of anybody who might be interested in this role now (we still have some vacancies) or for 2016/17, please direct them to: e­internships­in­suffolk­schools/ If you visit this webpage, you will see the profiles of four of Sidegate’s previous GIs.


Parents’ Consultation Evenings -​​ 24th/26th November Sign up online after half-term.

Autumn Concert Wednesday 9th December 6pm - 7.30pm (approximately) Northgate Arts Centre

Job Vacancies/Volunteers Midday Supervisors ​ required ​ - please contact Mrs Dorling for an application form and/or to discuss the role. ICT Technician - James Sullivan started with us as an apprentice 4 years ago and has really developed his ICT knowledge and skills. He has recently secured a post as an IT Analyst with Opus (Suffolk County Council) and, although we are sad to see him go, we are very proud of his achievement and wish him every success. An advert for his replacement can be found on the school website and on Suffolk Jobs Direct. Library Volunteer(s) - our new librarian, Mrs Natasha Steward, is keen to recruit adult volunteers to support her in the running of the library. If you would like to find out more, then she can be contacted at school on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings; or let Mrs Chilvers know and she will pass on your message. Parent Councillors ​ - a letter was sent out on 17th September regarding the Parents’ Council, this can be found on the school website. -site/parents-area/letters-home

Government National Safety Toolkit The Government has launched a new online service, called ​ Parent Info which will give parents the information they need to help them navigate the minefield of issues children can now face on everything from spotting the warning signs of self-harm, to having a healthy body image and managing money in a digital world. As well as giving them the confidence and support to speak to their children on such sensitive issues, it will also provide them with pathways for where they can go for more hands on support on specific issues. A link to Parent Info is accessible from our website  

Active Learning Trust News Dear Parents The Active Learning Trust welcomes you to the start of the next very important school year for your child. As many of you will know, the Trust was established three years ago to provide direct support for schools that, for whatever reason, felt that they needed a different approach from that provided by the Local Authority. I am delighted that, over time, schools across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk have joined the Trust to support their development and this academic year sees our family of schools grow to fourteen. Each school is part of smaller ‘hub’ of schools in Lowestoft, Ipswich and Cambridgeshire. While your school’s headteacher remains the key person in this network, they are supported by a team of very experienced specialists from ALT who work with them on the delivery of their plans for the continuing improvement of the school. We are delighted that parents are part of all our local governing bodies and, of course, parents play an absolutely critical role in the education of their children. Please work with them in this by getting involved whenever you can in school events and finding out just what you can do each day to help your child be the very best they can be. Gary Peile Chief Executive The Active Learning Trust  

Sidegate Primary School    

Key dates published 18th September 2015


Key Diary Dates Autumn 2015 Year 5 ‘Play in a Day’ - ​ 22nd, 23rd and 24th September 2015 School photographs - ​ 24th September 2015 Boys’ Football friendly match against Sprites (at Sidegate) - ​ 24th September 2015 Year 6 Macbeth visit to New Wolsey Theatre - ​ 29th September 2015 Harvest Festiva​ l - 5th October 2015 Year 1 and Sun Bears visit from Kimmy’s Zoo - ​ 3rd November 2015 Year 6 Grandparents’ Party ​ - 7th December 2015 (1.30pm - 3pm) Christmas Concert​ - 9th December 2015, Northgate Arts Centre (6pm - 7.30pm) KS1 Disco - ​ 10th December 2015 KS2 Disco - ​ 10th December 2015 EYFS Christmas Presentation ​ - 14th December 2015 1.30pm - 3pm (dress rehearsal to KS1 9.30am) Carol Service - ​ 14th December 2015 KS1 Nativity - ​ 17th December 2015 9.30am - 10.30am, 2pm - 3pm and 3.30pm - 4.30pm (please note change of date) KS2 Nativity - ​ 16th December 2015 3.30pm - 4.30pm and 17th December 9.30am 10.30am and 2pm - 3pm Christmas Dinner ​ - 16th December 2015

SHARE Sessions for Parents ​ ( * revised)

Reception - ​ Phonic Share Friday 25th September (2pm) ​ * Year 1 - ​ Grandparents’ Tea​ -​ Wednesday 21st October 2015 (2pm - 3pm) Year 2 - ​ Tuesday 10th November 2015 (Evening 5pm -7pm) Year 3 - ​ Tuesday 10th November 2015 (9am - 10.25am) Year 4 ​ - Friday 2nd October (2pm) Year 5 ​ - Tuesday 3rd December (1.30pm - 3pm) ​ * Year 6 ​ - Wednesday 11th November (1.30pm - 2.45pm)

Class Assembly Dates, 9am - 9.30am Leopards Jaguars Falcons Panthers Hawks ​ Cougars Tigers Robins

22nd and 23rd September 2015 29th and 30th September 2015 6th and 7th October 2015 13th & 14th October 2015 20th and 21st October 2015 17th and 18th November 2015 24th & 25th November 2015 1st & 2nd December 2015

After School Clubs Visit the website for a list of clubs and their costs, dates, times:­site/extra­curricular­sport­activities­and­clubs/clubs­overview

Sidegate Primary - e-Newsletter 18th September 2015  

Our regular e-Newsletter for the parents of Sidegate Primary School

Sidegate Primary - e-Newsletter 18th September 2015  

Our regular e-Newsletter for the parents of Sidegate Primary School