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Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Volume 15 November/December 2016



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HIV/AIDS Director Rhoda Nthani

Sao Tome & Principe Ps Fernando Lopes de Melo

Adventist Mission/Pakia Ps Silas Muabsa

Southern Africa Union Conference Dr David Spencer

Ministerial Ps Passmore Mulambo

Zimbabwe Union Conference Ps Micah Choga

Executive Secretary Ps Gideon Reyneke

Family Life Director Dr Kagelo Rakwena


Associate Secretaries Ps Laurant Brabant Ps Silas Muabsa

Associate Family Life Director Dr Boitumelo Rakwena

NE Angola Ps Osvaldo Vunge

Shepherdess Margret Mulambo

Botswana Ps Phil Armando


Indian Ocean Union Conference Rakotonandrasana Rado Andrianoro

Director Noel Sibanda

Malawi Ps Goodwin Sibande


Mozambique Mr Matius Vilanculus

NE Angola Ps Justino Paulo

Sao Tome Eliseu Xavier

SW Angola Ps Manuel Pacheco

Southern Africa Union Sybil du Preez

Botswana Union Conference Dr Kenaope Kenaope

Northern Zambia Ephraim Mutoya

Indian Ocean Union Conference Ps Jasmin Herinirina

Southern Zambia Webster Silungwe

Malawi Union Mission Ps Frackson Kuyama

Zimbabwe Ps Felix Njini

Mozambique Union Mission Ps Alfredo Chulundo

Angola SW Diamantino Abilio Sawambo

President Dr Solomon Maphosa Vice Presidents Dr Hopeson Bonya Dr Paminus Machamire

Chief Financial Officer Goodwell Nthani Financial Officers Michael Muchula Russell Raelly Goodson Shumba Communication Director Ps Paul Charles Stewardship Director Ps Aniel Barbe Women /Children’s Ministries Caroline Chola Sabbath School Ps Gideon Reyneke Personal Ministries Ps Michael Ngwaru Associate Education Director Dr Coster Munyengwe Youth/Chaplaincy Ps Sibusiso Khumalo Adventist Health Ministries Dr Bangwato Sikwa Publishing Director Ps Super Moesi

Northern Zambia Union Ps Samuel Sinyangwe Southern Zambia Union Dr Harrington Akombwa

- God is behind the scenes orchestrating events in your favor A few months ago, by God’s grace, I was privileged to successfully negotiate with the department of education, in South Africa, special provision for students who could not write examinations scheduled on Saturdays as it was the holy sabbath, according to the Bible. After the discussions and resolutions which were without prejudice or favour, a polite question was asked as I shook hands with the Chief Director of Examinations: “Where are you from?” The question: “where are you from?” is usually an invitation to share a little about yourself. And when asked about myself, I prefer to tell people that I have been to thirteen different schools in 12 years. People guess that my parents must have been foreign ambassadors or had a high paying traveling job until I tell them that my parents were alcoholics and I, together with my other brothers and sister were removed from home by Social workers and a five minute court case which decided that we should be placed in a place of safety and detention… which was more a place of detention than safety. Shocked at my forthrightness, they probe a little more and hear that I picked from rubbish bins to eat, slept in bus shelters, toggled in railway stations and yet hardly missed a day of school, unless it was due to events beyond my control. I have eaten food thrown away by others, wore clothes that were well-worn and faded by others, slept on floors, sugar cane fields, and beds of others and heard the ridicule of a thousand voices for being a burden and always in need. Born and raised in a crippling environment, it is nothing short of a miracle that I never repeated a grade at school.

her arms, pointed her finger at me and said: “God is calling you to be a Pastor and a Pastor you will be.” She died two years later … some believe coincidently, at the same time that I was released from the care of the State. The next three years were interesting as I lived in nine different places until I completed high school. I will never forget Mrs Rookmoney from my very first encounter with her as we stepped out of the same taxi, and began walking in the same direction towards the same destination. It was her first day at work in the Youth Centre … the same day I was admitted. During the next two years, God used her to encourage me to study the Bible, and walk closer with Him, assuring me that God has a special plan for my life. She was first in line to receive me after I was baptised and also sat right in front of the church during my first sermon at the age of 15. I believe God extended her life for two years just for me. And I believe God is extending my life for somebody else too. There are many things that I am not sure about but one thing that I am certain about is that unknown to us God is busy behind the scenes orchestrating events in our favour… if only we would believe it and live accordingly. If you are alive (as I am alive) … it is because God has a plan to reach someone through you. Total Member Involvement: One Member Once Soul

At the age of fourteen, while living in a youth centre and trying to manoeuvre between people, places and things, a godly woman who thought that I needed something more than food to satisfy my unspoken requests and unmentioned questions gently placed the book: ‘Desire of Ages’ into my hands with a compassionate plea in her eyes that looked past the mischievous boy who stood in front of her. After reading the second book: “Steps to Christ” and still in the middle of the third (Patriarchs and Prophets), she invited me to her church. We entered late but just in time to hear the preacher say: “… a more important question is not who you are but whose you are?” From that moment her church became my church and her God became my God. Mrs Rookmoney (the godly woman), who led me to Christ, looked into my eyes and while in the embrace of

Ps Paul Charles SID Communication


Church Reaches Botswana for Christ Adventist World Radio is still riding the waves in the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division with the commitment to lead people to Christ and to reach people in hard to reach places. At the Africa World Radio (AWR) Africa hosted by East Central Africa Division, three individuals were singled out and recognized for their unique accomplishments in using radio in bringing hope to the world. They are: Nalumino Nalumino In recognition of the sacrifice and commitment he has made in order to establish and increase both the coverage and effectiveness of Radio Maranatha FM in the country of Zambia. Ben Strike In recognition of his unrelented efforts to establish an Adventist radio presence in the country of Botswana, and for achieving success by using radio to affect the lives of many listeners through the country of Botswana. Regan Malumo In recognition of his unrelented efforts to establish an Adventist radio presence in the country of Namibia, and for achieving success by establishing an Internet Radio Station in anticipation of a network of FM stations to be established throughout Namibia. Pastor Strike Ben from Botswana, with his local church – Gaborone Central church invests more than USD 20 000,


00 every year to make sure that the gospel is preached on radio twice a week. This is an excellent example of a local church who does not wait for their Conference or Union to embrace an idea before they embark on it. Pastor Strike Ben with his committed church members are showcasing a model that we hope will be emulated throughout the SID territory. When Pastors and Laity focus their energies on redemptive activities for the salvation of souls, divine blessings will be experienced. When church members love the gospel and have a living connection with Christ, their interests will be the same as Christ’s … the salvation of souls. Being inward focused has been the downfall of many institutions. The Church that is upward focused (towards God) will be outward focused (towards those Christ died for). In the history of the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, God made it clear that He desires people to be reconciled to Himself because He is a saving and searching God (McGavran 1970: 29). When we read the book of Acts it becomes clear that the church always reached out to win the winnable – while the possibility still existed that they could be won. The commission of Christ in Matt.28: 18-20 speaks of a theology of harvest as a culmination of a theology of search. Christ left us an example and He commands us to find (search) and save (harvest) the lost (McGavran 1970: 30). By Ps Paul Charles SID Communication Director


In a Water Trough

The Mudhimba tribe is located in the south-west of Angola and the closest town is Calueque that is about 90kms to their homesteads. They’re semi-nomadic due to pastoral activities. It is the driest area of the region, and the lack of water makes them to travel long distances for the sake of their cattle. In 2014, two pastors and I visited chief Yoba and his family. He belonged to a church called Mundial. They worshiped on the Sabbath as well, but with doctrines connected to traditional beliefs. On the same trip, we also visited Chief Pedro in a homestead called Caio. Him and his family are the first Adventists from the Mudhimba tribe. He knows how to read and had a New Testament Bible in Dhimba. He asked me to make copy of it for his friend. It was with great satisfaction that he received the Bibles a month later. In December 2015 my wife and I went to Mbelo to run a special We tried our best to contextualize the message, Baptism incampaign. a cattle water fortunately, we had three interpreters who made our work easier. Trough While Mrs Paulo was busy with the children, I was giving Bible studies to the adults and Pastor Sopite was dealing with the The Mudhimba is located are open to the gospel and at the end of youth.tribe The Mudhimbas in the south-west of of Angola one week intense activities, nine of them were baptized. The and the closest town is baptism took Calplace in a cattle water trough where the cattle, goats ueque that and is about other90kms animals drink water. Parents want their children to go to school because to their homesteads. They’rethey realize that education is important to give themdue a better future. semi-nomadic to pastoral

activities. ItPlease is thepray driest area for this tribe.

Pastor J Paulo President - North-Eastern Angola Union


Honour Your Parents

by Isabel Maleiane, Mozambique

On new year’s day I was involved in a car accident. Three of my friends, who were more like my sisters, died next to me. I was convinced by a friend on the 31st of December to go for a walk during that night, which I usually don’t do. My mother warned me of all the dangers and told me not to go. At first I obeyed but my friends insisted. After a night of celebration, we were going home. The driver drove the car at the normal speed but my other friend kept encouraging him to go faster, which he did. All I remember is that he chased for the green traffic light, and I felt the car over-turning and I was screaming … and woke up in the hospital bed. Dolores, my friend died on the scene, Luisa fractured her spinal column and died two days later after the burial of the sister. My third friend also had serious injuries and died in hospital.

Central Malawi Conference launches Stategic Plan and Website


In the hospital, I felt that God had His hands on me, and put me in a deep sleep. God works miracles, I felt the protection of the Lord. I broke my left leg in the femur. According to the doctors, I was supposed to be feeling a lot of pain but I do not. I’m a girl who trusts and believes in God and He heard and answered my prayers. I was in the hospital for 13 days. I was supposed to stay there for more than one month but God did not allow it. I had surgery, thank God everything went well without any problem. Today, I know that God exists and He loves us. It was not in vain that He died on the cross, but because of the love He has for us. He always listens to our prayers and hears our cry. Now I understand better the fifth commandment that says, “Honor your father and your mother so that your days be prolonged in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

The Central Malawi Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, on 23rd April 2016, launched its 5 year strategic plan and also the conference website “One key result area in our 2016-2021 rolling Strategic Plan is evangelization of the least entered or unentered areas in our region. As part of our strategy to realize this vision, through the Personal Ministries Department, we have introduced GO 150 Initiative which is a campaign targeting 6 identified least entered districts out

of the 9 districts in the region. The districts are Dowa, Lilongwe rural, Ntchisi, Nkhotakota, Kasungu and Mchinji. Ideally, the goal is to conduct a minimum total of 150 public evangelistic campaigns every year for the next 4 or 5 years; 25 in each of those respective 6 targeted districts” John Anderson Giovanni Phiri – President (Central Malawi Conference).

Fatherless for Jesus

A 20 year old, young woman, has chosen to be fatherless by accepting to follow Jesus Christ, early this year in Luanda, Republic of Angola. Madalena Zeca Cabongo took this risky decision a few moments before her baptism on June 2016 at Nova Jerusalem church, after attending one week of evangelistic meetings organized by the local church. When her father learned that Mandalena would be baptized at the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA), Mr. Cabango became so furious and in a matter of seconds asked her daughter to refuse the baptism and remain in the Cabango’s family or to receive the SDA church’s baptism and be expelled from the family. With no hesitation, Madalena Cabango said YES for Jesus and NO to her own father. Today she lives with the Gonçalves family, who cordially welcomed her, counting on the support from Nova Jerusalem Church. The district Pastor, Jorge Barroso Bonito, who baptized the new convert says: “We have lived different stories in the past, but this is a very remarkable one. I myself witnessed the episode. Her father asked her to choose whether to enjoy the paternity and maternity of the parents, continue being considered as daughter and become muslim, which is the parents’ religion, or to accept the adventism baptism and lose the biological family”. Madalena completed grade nine and her dream is now to continue with her studies, but she cannot find a way out,

While the first daughter is excluded from the biological family, the second one is sent away (more than a thousand kilometers) as punishment for reading the bible … since the church and the Gonçalves family have been already taking care of food, accommodation and clothing! “My younger sister wept, when she learned that I was going to be baptized. She asked me the baptism day and when I said it is on Sabbath, she replied that she would love to attend to it. Unfortunately, just because she was found reading the bible, my father sent her to Kwandu Kubangu province, 1 346 kilometers away from Luanda”, Madalena underscored. Despite all these inconviniences Madalena emphasizes with joyful tears: “I am happy! So much happy!” With Jesus everything is possible. I am quite sure that one day, my father will be deacon of this church! I can assure you, she added.” -Zacarias dos Santos, Luanda

Bicycles are dynamically stable. This means that it is stable when moving forward. The best way for a bike to be steady is for it to be moving forward. The church is also dynamically stable. This means that the stability of the church depends on its forward movement. Total Member Involvement drives the church forward. STABILIZEYOURCHURCH•MAKEITDYNAMIC•GETINVOLVED


How God Intervened When I Skipped Sabbath Classes in Russia

The first day of class at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry fell on Sabbath. I lost all hope immediately. But I determined that I would not allow Sabbath classes to provide an excuse to break the Sabbath. “If you can’t abide by our rules, then leave,” he (the Dean) said angrily. My grades began to suffer. The professor who taught the Sabbath class wasn’t cooperative, and I found it difficult to catch up with the missed lessons. One professor heard about my ordeal and bluntly asked me: “What kind of God would want you to break the rules? If your faith is genuine, why won’t He let you miss church so you can attend classes now and then go to church during summer vacation?”

professors have continued to oppose my efforts to keep the Sabbath, but the matter has never gone back to the Dean. God worked a real miracle! He has worked a miracle every day of my studies in Russia. One remarkable moment that might help explain why the Dean has left me alone occurred near the end of that first semester in Moscow. The professor who taught the Sabbath classes was rebuking me for asking her for a letter to be excused when the university president happened to walk by. The president stopped to ask what was wrong, and the professor rushed to paint a bad picture of me. The president turned to me and said, “Why won’t you attend lessons on Saturday?”

Three years have gone by since I began to pray daily about my Sabbath classes, and I am still waiting to be summoned by the Dean and told that I have to leave Russia. I am scheduled to graduate in 2018. Some of my

“Because of my faith,” I said cautiously, worried about what would follow.

Right at the beginning of 2016 (February), leaders affirmed the drive to mobilise the Adventist church with Total Member Involvement.

It was time to reaffirm the unique calling of God on His leaders and the purpose of His church on earth.   From the first day to the last of the SID Leadership Summit, one key focus area which absorbed the attention of the delegates is Total Member Involvement (TMI).   SID’s contextualized commitment to TMI is: One Member One Soul.  SID, through Dr Paul Ratsara, rallied the support of the leaders to Divide to Multiply. “Divide to Multiply is a biblical concept

Speaking on financial matters, Chief Financial Officer (SID), Mr Goodwell Nthani, made it clear that a clean/ unqualified audit report/opinion is evidence of good leadership in any entity and he encouraged compliance to the procedures and processes of the church which maintains principles of good governance.


“Are you Seventh-day Adventist?” the president said. “Yes, I am,” I said, utterly dumfounded.

I never expected him to mention Adventists, let alone know of their existence. “Oh how I love that church, even though I don’t attend,” the president said. “I grew up loving and treasuring its truths and teachings.” I sent up a silent prayer, “Lord, I can literally see you in this room.” Finding my voice, I said out loud, “That’s wonderful! Could you sign this consent letter for me to skip classes?” “Sure, anything for you,” the president said. “You must realize that when you are in a foreign land, you must abide by its rules. This Sabbath commandment, however, is a rule above human law.” Excerpted from Adventist Review Read the full Story: church-news/story3789-how-godintervened-when-i-skipped-sabbathclasses-in-russia

that can revolutionize the church,” he said. Big churches and organizations need to carefully and strategically divide in order to facilitate growth and closer relationship between members and leaders. “It is time to use all our resources and encourage every member to use their God-given gifts to bring glory to His name through soul winning.” Dr Solomon Maphosa (SID President). Our efforts must be intentional.

Lóvua Project In Lóvua, which is situated 75 km from Dundo, capital of Lunda Norte, regular services took place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and the Sabbath School lessons were studied daily, even though there was only one, recently baptised member, a young man who is 15 years old. One of our most recognized features, as a church, is missionary work. In a concerted effort, more than 600 committed members, led by Sister Mboge Sibanda, distributed books about health and biblical truth in this area.

By the grace of God, as a result of the initiative of one person, 19 people were baptised and by the end of two weeks, 8 more were baptised. Pastor Adam Hebo (Sabbath School and Personal Ministries - Northeast Union Angola), preached during the service. This service was also attended by the President of the East Association, Pastor Augustine Assumption Paulino, who supports evangelism and small groups.

In-Reach Community Service March 15, 2016 - THE SWAN SDA Dorcas Workers in Choma,  in the southern province of Zambia have provided food and clothing to about 25 vulnerable members of the church. The dorcas workers donated 18 by 10kgs bags of mealie meal, 3 by 25kgs of mealie meal, 18 by 750 mls cooking oil, 50kg of salt, 20 heads of cabbage and an undisclosed amount worth of clothes and blankets. During the In-reach community service which was conducted at Swan SDA Church yesterday, food stuffs worth K1,000 was distributed and clothes worth thousands of Kwacha were donated. In a Short Bible sharing, Margaret Habeene stressed the need to look to God for our daily needs. Quoting from Matthew 6:25-31 Ms. Habeene said: “God is the provider of all our needs.” She said that if God could take care of the birds of the air and dress the lilies of the field, He

could surely provide for His children. She urged both the recipients and the  dorcas workers present to put their faith in God. Ms. Moonze who is a fervent dorcas worker herself noted that hunger had not spared members of the church. She said members of the church also need help from the church as the economic hardship had not spared them.

by Maluba Kabutu, Zambia 9


Mauritius 2016 Mauritius was the proud host of the big gathering of the Adventist youth congress of the islands of the Indian Ocean. We have had the privilege and blessing to have in our midst Pastor Gilbert Cangy, Pastor Pako Mokgwane, Pastor Busi Kumalo, Pastor Jose Rojas, Louise Nocandy, and Willie and Elaine Oliver. The congress which lasted 5 days was filled with activities such as devotionals, praise and worship, workshops on leadership in our local churches, choices and relationships and the impact of being a young leader; intervention of inspirational and motivation speakers, fun games, amongst others.

#FUN We had fun! The mixture of cultures and amazing personalities of each youth made this event one filled with laughter, dancing, singing and bonding. The energy we have was spent in fun games, and a memorable cultural show enabled us to learn and share our islands’ history which led to making new friends. We impacted Mauritius through an open air concert on Saturday night, gave flowers, exchanged apples against cigarettes, shared books, spoke about rest, prayed with people on the street and made the Sabbath day a memorable one where we walked along the streets of Beau Bassin and Rose Hill to spread the good news. The health fair attracted so many people. God’s hands were at work on that day.

#GIVETHEMTHEKEYS We were able, through the intervention of the guest pastors and speakers to reflect and react on our spiritual status. To reconsider our opinions and our behaviour towards adults and towards God himself. God used Pastor Rojas to challenge and inspire us to do more for God. We are a Powerful Generation and are given the keys and the Holy Spirit to IMPACT the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Adèle Catherine IMPACT Participant - Mauritius


80 Pathfinders Baptised in Mega-Camporee The Pathfinders in Madagascar enjoyed the ten days of Mega-camporee, from 22-31 July 2016, in Vontovorona, 25 km from the capital city of Madagascar. The pathinders, with their leaders, were more than 6000 in number, representing all areas of Madagascar. They participated in outdoor events such as hiking, canoeing, and different adventurous games. Drill and handmime were most appreciated. The spiritual emphasis during the Camporee was based on life lesseons from the story of Joseph.

Faithful and True was the theme. Each night, the Adventist Youth directors from the IOUC and FMC spoke about happiness and presentations were made on happy pathfinders who are ready for the coming of Jesus. The climax of the Commitment was celebrated when 80 pathfinders were baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist church. Pastor Rakotonandrasana Rado Communication Director – IOUC

Blantyre Adventist Hospital (BAH) pioneers Bible-based Crime-Reduction Program An old man, Mr. Kazembe, a Moslem leader, has a story with Jesus, BAH and Malamulo Hospital. Initially when Chaplain Foster S. Chiwanda met with criminals for Bible Studies, a local Seventh-day Adventist Church, being afraid of the Bible students or baptismal candidates on account of their past, refused to open its church building doors for the class. It was Mr. Kazembe, this 74 year old man, who cut his green maize stalks before harvesting, and provided BAH with the place to pitch the Tent where the “criminals” met with Pastor Chiwanda for Bible studies. Mr. Kazembe gave wisdom to our chaplain, saying: “Pastor, I know these youths will become Seventhday Adventists, but don’t scare them too early about the idea of taking them away from their churches.” Mr Kazembe is now healed and says, “I am a Moslem, but it is the SDA church that God has used to heal me; if I am wise, I must be a Seventh-day Adventist.”

T. C., one of the reformed criminals testifies: “Before I came to Tent-Bible studies with Blantyre Adventist Hospital, I waited in ambush, armed with a panga knife/chikwanje, to rob people. I have been to prison several times, as a boy. Were it not for Blantyre Adventist’s Bible ministry, I should have been dead by now.” T. C. further says: “Now, while studying the Bible with a view to change, I want to know Jesus so that He is my Savior. And I want to open my heart so that the Lord enters in me.” He also says: “These Bible lessons are driving out of me several demons.” This Bible-based Crime-Reduction Program has prompted reforming criminals to surrender weapons of robbery & murder and worship in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Malawi. By Foster Skener Chiwanda - Chaplain (and) Mr. Kirby Kasinja - CEO


Trans-Orange Conference Music Festival “Come, Come Ye Saints”. This popular hymn, was the theme of the Trans-Orange Music Festival held between 26-27 August 2016 at Crystal Church, Aeroton, Southgate, south of Johannesburg. The festival celebrates choral music and encourages church choirs in their role and function within worship. 38 choirs in total were registered throughout the 6/9 provinces in South Africa. Apart from the choirs from local churches, for the first time in this event, an all men choir, Arise Oh Men International, was in the house. This choir has members within our conference and were joined by those from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal Free State Conference, Botswana Union and other members from Zimbabwe. As they took on stage the all time favorite song, Steal Away, Steal Away to Jesus, we remembered our solace is only in Christ. Members and non-Adventist friends were in attendance. Over 2000 persons gathered


for this annual occasion planned and hosted by Pr Seikaneng, Trans-Orange Conference Music Director. The mass choir was over 250 voices and when they stood to sing the theme song, Come, Come Ye Saints’, our spirits were lifted up. Dr Letseli was a guest of honor and shared from the book of Revelation. He took the pulpit during the main service on Sabbath. As a New Testament and Apocalyptic scholar, currently serving as the VicePresident of Student Affairs and Head of New Testament at Helderberg College, went through over 30 songs found in the book of Revelation and we were richly blessed and encouraged to wait for our soon coming Saviour. The sermon and event was highlighted on Social media and the impact still continues. The beautiful tunes are still echoing in our minds, until the great day, let us keep on singing, at the right time when the work is over, The Lord Himself shall invite us into His kingdom with the words, “Come, Come Ye Saints, no toil or labor fear…”

S I D S T R AT E G I C P L A N 2016-2020 REACH the WORLD

1. To involve members in daily Bible study 2. To engage/consolidate all members in doctrinal study for spiritual maturity 3. To encourage all members to understand Ellen White’s counsel and prophetic ministry 4. To increase the engagement of church members in biblically authentic spiritual practices 5. To foster among pastors, teachers, members, and students in denominational institutions, greater appreciation for and insight from a study of Scripture that uses the historical-grammatical method and historicist approach to interpretation, including the understanding of prophecy 6. To encourage church members to adopt regular patterns of worship

1. To enhance unity and fellowship among entities, church members and families 2. To nurture believers in true discipleship process and to involve them in service 3. To increase the involvement of children and young people in the life of the church 4. To enhance the credibility of, and trust in, the leadership, the church organization, its operations, and mission 5. To promote comprehensive health 6. To promote a culture of faithful stewardship 7. To ensure that all entities have adequate resources for the facilitation of mission 8. To ensure financial viability, sustainability and accountability in all entities 9. To establish adequate and effective organizational structures 10. To motivate local writers to produce and translate literature relevant to local spiritual needs

1. To reach un-entered areas and population groups 2. To involve all members in personal evangelism 3. To reaffirm Mission to the Cities 4. To participate in community social responsibility activities 5. To promote comprehensive Evangelism 6. To intensify the harvest of souls 7. To incorporate media evangelism 8. To maintain infrastructure 9. To maintain fixed assets 10. To construct additional infrastructure




HUNGER TOUR 2016 Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa (MOWCS) is a service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church – Southern African Union Conference established in 1964 to address the needs of the hungry in South Africa.  Currently, Meals on Wheels Community Services is divided into 6 Provincial Offices, which assist in running 208 kitchens that are feeding more than 2 million hungry South Africans.  An independent study conducted by OXFAM reports that 1 in 4 South Africans are going to bed hungry every night, that’s over 12 million hungry souls. With the current unemployment rate in South Africa reaching to well over 25% of the 54 million peoplepopulation, this caring ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is playing an important role in the survival of the destitute in this beautiful country. “We love our work because we love the people we serve. It is our privilege to feed the hungry. It is a calling from God to feed those He loves so much” Drina Engelbrecht (National Director - MOWCS). The Meals on Wheels Community Services Extreme Ride for Hunger Tour 2016 was a cycling Tour, from Kimberley in the Northern Cape to Tygerberg in Cape Town, aimed at raising funds and awareness to help feed the needy, elderly, children and the under-privileged people in the Northern Cape communities.  The Northern Cape is one of the largest provinces of South Africa with the highest unemployment rate. The Tour took place over five days  starting in Kimberley, on Sunday the 28th of February 2016 at 5:00am and ended on Thursday the 3rd of March 2016 at 11:00 am in Tygerberg, Cape Town. The cyclists completed the gruelling 1068km, passing through Hope town, Strydenburg, Britstown, Victoria West, Three Sisters, Beaufort West, Klaarstroom, De Rust, Oudtshoorn, Calitzdorp, Ladysmith, Barrydale, Swellendam, Hermanus, Somerset West and then Tygerberg, the final destination. We wish to place on record our sincerest appreciation to all who gave up their time for this noble cause, especially the cyclists who felt the need to express their support in the fight against hunger by completing the 1068 kilometres. The cycle tour was a resounding success in terms of raising awareness of the plight of the hungry in South Africa, as well as bringing in financial assistance to help us transform the lives of those we serve through charity-in-motion. Gershon Naidoo Programmes Director - MOWCS For more information visit:



Elected Officers & Directors 2015-2020

Dr Solomon Maphosa

Ps Gideon Reyneke

Dr Paminus Machamire

Ps Laurent Brabant

Russel Raelly

Goodson Shumba


Vice President

Financial Officer


Executive Secretary

Associate Secretary

Financial Officer

Goodwell Nthani

Dr Hopeson Bonya

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President Director: Planned Giving & Trust Services

Silas Muabsa

Michael Muchula

Associate Secretary Director: Adventist Missions Pastor’s Kids Association

Ps Aniel Barbe

Director: Stewardship Ministrires

Total Member Involvement | One Member One Soul

Financial Officer

Ps Paul Charles

Director: Communication Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

Caroline Chola

Dr John Kadyakapita Director: Education

Director: Chaplaincy & Youth Minstries

Margaret Mulambo

Ps Passmore Mulambo

Dr Coster Munyengwe

Rhoda Nthani

Dr Boitumelo Rakwena

Director: Children & Women Ministries

Director: Shepherdess

Director: HIV/AIDS Associate Director: Health Ministries

Ministerial Director

Associate Director: Family Life Ministreis

Ps Busi Khumalo

Dr Super Moesi

Director: Publishing Ministries & Spirit Of Prophecy

Ps Michael Ngwaru

Associate Director: Education

Director: Personal Ministries

Dr Kagelo Rakwena

Dr Bangwato Sikwa

Director: Family Life Minstries

Director: Health Ministries

Total Member Involvement | One Member One Soul


Church Leaders In South Zambia Conference Urged to Protect their Marriages South Zambia Conference President Pastor Maxwell Muvwimi has admonished Elders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church to consider their spouses as a gift from God. He was speaking during an Elders’ Family Life retreat under the theme “House Church” held at Swan SDA church in Choma.

faithful to a spouse, among many other things. He urged elders not to profane the covenant between them and their wives when he cited from the book of Malachi 2:10-17. Lawrence Kabutu - Choma, Zambia

Pastor Muvwimi explained that the success of any local leader or Elder in the church is based on being

The Tshwane East Seventh-day Adventist Church had a plan to hold a week of prayer for the residence of social media. We heard of a series developed my SID Communication which was ideal for this campaign. The series was made of short powerful excerpts from movie clips that had religious themes.  We have run different variations of these Social Media #eWeeksOfPrayer in the past where we had Pastors share very short compact sermons and these had very interesting impact and feedback. This time around our target audience was the secular minded residents of Social Media. We have short video clips (4 minutes) that are taken from movies joined with a powerful message from Ps. Paul Charles that address spiritual issues that face our generation. We invited people on Social Media to help with the campaign and the response was amazing. By the end of the week the clips had been posted over 18 000 times.  The power of social media is greatly under-estimated in evangelism. Taking the cue from what Jesus did, we need to be where the people are to reach them. And the beauty of Social Media is that the Gospel keeps being shared even long after the event is done. We will never know how far this campaign will reach but one thing is for sure we needed to start somewhere.  By Thembinkosi Moyo


e-Week of Prayer Reaches 18000 people using Social Media

Caleb is Alive in Malawi

ABSTRACT “Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, "Follow Me."{Ministry of Healing, p. 143”}. Standing tall, and true to that beautiful inspirational statement is an experience from Madeya Mission Caleb 2016.

A team of 30 young adults of the Namilango District Adventist Youth in Blantyre, Malawi, risked it all to venture into our Father’s business during July 2016 - to win souls to Christ, using one of the most dynamic and prolific means given to us as a people. The sick were attended to, bathrooms and toilets were constructed, bricks were molded, along with many other projects. Gospel literature were distributed far and wide, Bible studies were conducted from door to door and God was gracious in helping the work to progress. Ultimately, the people were bade to follow their savior and it did happen.

we had a brother from Namatunu (Mission Caleb 2015), who joined because of the good relations established from the previous project. The visiting team Combined with the youth from the same place (Namitembe S.D.A. church). Four lodged with us in the camp whilst the others joined us during the day’s operations. Major Nyirenda Evangelist Male from Soche SDA Church in Blantyre was the preacher. Christ's example must be followed by those who claim to be His children. Relieve the physical necessities of your fellow men, and their gratitude will break down the barriers, and enable you to reach their hearts. Consider this matter earnestly (Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 127). Mission Caleb Secretary Mission Caleb Director District AY coordinator Diana Naula and Kennedy Taulo Tinkhani Botha.

64 souls sealed their decisions through baptism from approximately 80 people who indicated their interest for baptism. The Caleb team comprised of 15 males and 15 females from mainly 5 churches of Namilango district in Blantyre. The evangelist was from outside our district and outstandingly,

Two New Conferences in Indian Ocean Union Conference

There was joy, wonderful joy, when IOUC gave birth to two new conferences from 7-17 October, 2016. South Madagascar Conference was almost ready for the new status three years ago. The South Mission was established in 1949 with a few hundred members. It has grown to 22 875 members who congregate in 152 organized churches and 202 companies which are cared for by about 55 pastors. An average annual growth rate of 11.4 in the last five years. After Division approval an organizing session was set for 6-10 October, 2016. Elders H Bonya, L Brabant and P Machamire witnessed the joyous occasion on behalf of SID. Pastor Andrianirinasoa Phillippe was voted conference president, Natacha Ludovic the Executive Secretary and Raninosoa Seraphin the CFO.

The North Conference was organized in 2003 with a membership of 18 000. It has grown to 25 746 who congregate in 393 churches and companies under 27 pastors. The average annual growth rate is 13.2 for the last five years. The organizing session for North Madagascar Conference was on 14-17 October. Elders P Mulambo and G Shumba, H Bonya and P Machamire joined the team that came from the Division. The new leaders are Jean Solofo George Mesmert (President), Rabearizara Patricien (Executive Secretary) and Ravelobia Daniel (CFO). The spiritual tone at both sessions was high. The ordination of four pastors was the “icing on the cake” in the South session. About 80% of the lay people of both conferences are actively involved in the mission of the church and most of their schools are staffed with 100% Adventist teachers. May the Lord grant rich blessings and guidance to these new conferences and help them to spread the good news throughout their territory. Dr Paminus Machamire Vice-President – Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division


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MALAWI UNION CONFERENCE CHILDREN MINISTRIES HOLDS ADVISORY MEETINGS Emily Banda Egolet (Children’s Ministries leader in Malawi), with her team, organized a great and inspiring advisory challenging leaders and churches to prioritize the work for and through children for the next few years. Dr. Linda Koh, GC CHM Director, Pastor, Dr. Saustin Sampson Mfune, GC CHM Associate Director and Mrs. Caroline Chola, SID CHM Director attended the Advisory and presented several plenary seminars for the participants.

MALAWI UNION CONFERENCE COMMEMORATES ENDITNOW EMPHASIS DAY In an inspiring event that drew the attention of the secular media in Malawi, Adventist Women, Children, Men, Pastors, Shepherdesses and Youth gathered on the 27th of August 2016 at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Ndata, Thyolo with one of aim of affirming Adventists commitment to Ending all forms of Violence. Dr. Linda Koh, GC CHM Director, preached a sermon on Emotional abuse which she described as a dangerous form of abuse as you cannot physically see it and difficult to prove but the consequences to the victim are enormous and long lasting. The church made an emphatic and unforgettable statement when all the concerned groups participated in the “ENDITNOW March’ with leaders of the Adventist Church, men leading the march. Story by: Mrs. Emily Banda Egolet, Director, Women/ Children Ministries of the Malawi Union Conference

MALAWI UNION CONFERENCE WOMEN’S MINISTRIES affirm Church Initiatives MUC WM Director, Mrs. Emily Banda Egolet, with her team and SID CHMN director, Caroline Chola, organized a great and inspiring advisory at the MPC Conference Centre and Lodge in Blantyre The world initiatives such as: Touch a Heart, Reach the World; Total Member Involvement (TMI), Believe in His prophets, etc. were discussed. It is important for the local church, Conference and Unions to align with initiatives of the World Church because we are a global community with a mandate to Reach the World.


Adventist Youth Ministries and Public Campus Ministries introduce empowering resolutions to the church In April 2016, the Adventist church took many resolutions to engage and empower the young people.

We have made these resources available to the youth free of charge and they are available from the unions and the SID.

1. Under the slogan “Pass it On” and “Give them the Keys” we took a conscious decision to declare the local church as the focus of our attention in this quinquennium. This means the General Conference (GC), the Southern AfricaIndian Division (SID), the unions and the conferences will channel all their energies, resources, training and attention on the local church. For far too long the local church has been neglected and yet this is where the rubber meets the road. Youth leave the local church but they do not leave the GC, SID, Union and Conference, therefore the local church needs our assistance. This calls for a serious paradigm shift in how we communicate information, how we conduct meetings and training and to eliminate bottlenecks that impede the flow of essential services to the local church. The GC has set aside funding to assist youth when they conduct evangelism and outreach.

3. Each local church Pathfinder club is challenged to start community based Pathfinder clubs.

2. The SID AYM has produced DVDs to empower and resource the local church. These resources contain a home grown youth program that we produced in collaboration with SID Media (Hope Channel). The series was recorded in three parts, each part contains 13 episodes. So we have prepared 39 power packed topics that address youth needs.

North Botswana Conference Build Their First Primary School In Francistown “Botswana’s greatest need is to educate our generation so that they are relevant to the global community” were the words of the President of the Botswana Union, Dr. Kenoape Kenoape during the ground breaking event of the first Seventh-day Adventist primary school in Francistown, Botswana.

Public Campus Ministry (PCM) PCM is very crucial because it looks after the needs of Adventist students studying in public campuses. We have resolved that: 4. “All public campuses in the SID were declared unentered territories. This is unprecedented because until the advisory, only rural and urban community settlements got the attention of the church and evangelism funding and initiatives were channeled to such areas while public campuses continue to languish in ignorance and spiritual infidelity. We believe this declaration will ‘force’ the church to consider public campuses when evangelism planning and funding is done.”

Francistown community and Botswana at large. “The Seventh-day Adventist church is a church that does not squat, the church that has dignity and wants to maintain its integrity, this is why you are developing yourselves and putting up this project and not to make money but to help the community,” Ms Muzila commended the church. She said that the church, through its schools, will help students prosper in a way that will advance them into people who are ready to lead the country. By Lillian Moremi

This event took place on the 28th of June 2016 and among the guests who graced this event were the North Botswana Conference Officers, the City Mayor, Ms Sylvia Muzila, Education Regional Director Mr Mohube, Mr H. Nawa the Architecture, Eastern Gate Academy Principal Mr Nkhwae, staff members and students and Francistown business community. The Mayor of Francistown, Ms Sylvia Muzila, applauded the Seventh-day Adventist Church for these developments as they don’t just benefit the church but also benefit the


Total Member involvement (TMI) involves all age groups and is best implemented through in-reach and out-reach personal evangelism. In this regard, departments need to integrate to ensure that children, youth and adults (including senior citizens) are involved. Apart from other forms of training and involving members, it has been agreed in our Division that the Sabbath School will serve as the platform upon which all age groups will easily be trained as disciples and be organized into in-reach and out-reach small groups without interfering with other church activities. The whole idea is to see all the members becoming disciples. Studies have shown that churches grow fast in vibrant small groups. Again, retention rate is also high among small groups since they inherently provide the much needed nurturing and care among group members.

Total Member Involvement (TMI) is designed to involve all age groups to embrace each other and Reach up to God, Reach in with God and Reach out with God. This initiative thrives very well under personal evangelism. Hence, all age groups need to be trained to participate effectively in all the aspects of TMI. The goal of training is to move members from membership orientation to discipleship orientation. Membership implies statistical growth and yet discipleship implies qualitative, wholistic church health. Subsequently, it is church health that leads to sustainable membership growth and retention. Quality produces quantity.

Michael Ngwaru Personal Ministries Director

The small groups whose ministry is wholistic in nature prioritize spiritual growth, fellowship, care, and mission etc.

TMI in Action at SID Office The SID Office family in a united effort with local church leaders and community leaders reached out to the L and J community in Pretoria, South Africa with a comprehensive approach to minister to their needs. Just five kilometres away from the office, they worked in partnership with health professionals and the local political leaders to bring medical, physical and spiritual nourishment to an isolated community. Under the theme of Total Member Involvement, the office of SID is showcasing the practical demonstration of the focus of the Seventh-day Adventist church. To watch a video report visit: Mrs Savie Maphosa


The Race is over but the Lessons linger on … More than 9 months ago, my family and I completed the 5km Fun Run during the General Conference Session. The race itself was exhilarating, but the TEN spiritual lessons linger on. 1. Emails were send to tell us about the 5km run during the 60th GC session on the 5th of July. We registered and waited for the appointed time. While we were waiting for the date, we received a lot of communication through emails keeping us informed of the progress of the preparation of the race. During the waiting period, some participants deregistered from the race for various reasons. It could be that they found other engagements that were more important that the race. Engaging in the race would mean that they miss out – so they deregistered. Lesson 1. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is going to come for the second time to take us home. So those of us who know that Christ is coming, are waiting for His return. There are some who know about the coming of Christ but are not prepared to wait for His coming. Many people know about the coming of Christ but because of the cares of this world, they have lost their first love, they are no longer behaving like people waiting for the return of

Christ. This group needs revival and reformation.There is an unfortunate group that is not waiting for the coming of Christ because they don’t know about Jesus’ coming. This ignorant group is waiting for us to go and tell them about the love of Christ and that He will be coming to take us home. While we are need to have open with Jesus through prayer and bible communication a deeper experience Our communication with Jesus is enhanced witness. “If you will work as Christ designs His disciples shall, win souls for Him, will feel the need of deeper experience a greater knowledge divine things, and will hunger and thirst after righteousness. You plead with God, and your faith will be strengthened, and your soul will drink drafts at the well of Steps to Christ, p. 80.

waiting, we communication study. This will give us with Christ. if we go to that a n d y o u a and i n will

deeper salvation” White, E G,

Mrs Patience Shumba Assistant FO - SID


Renovated Dam Resolves Water Crisis Arnaud is one of the rice farmers from Ankatrafay who struggled with water problems for many years. His situation changed when ADRA arrived in this village to implement the ASARA project. ASARA is a European Union-funded food security project which ADRA has implemented in Betroka since 2014. One of its objectives is to increase agricultural production by improving basic infrastructure such as dams, and increasing the surface area of irrigated land. Since then, rice farming has drastically improved, as well as community life in Ankatrafay. “Because there is enough

water for all of the rice fields, we don’t fight for water any longer,” said Arnaud. “We even help each other in the field, because now there is so much work to do,” he said. As irrigation improved, rice fields could be extended to 62 hectares. Today, 300 households benefit from it. “We thank the ASARA project, because before we could plant rice only once a year,” said Arnaud. “But thanks to this dam, we will be able to plant twice or even three times a year.” Mireille Ravoninjatovo

assigned tests and exams on Saturdays (Sabbath), so I had to choose between my will and the will of God. I chose to be faithful to God. With sorrow I failed that semester and accepted to repeat the course the following year. That scenario took me 4 years to overcome. During the 4 years, most of my friends, my brothers and sisters from church, couldn’t understand me because they couldn’t see the problem of losing just two hours writing an exam, which meant that I could have completed my degree. I had to let go of friendships, because I was considered an extremist and disappointment. Sometimes I felt the problem was not going to end, and when praying it was like God had no interest with my story. During these hardships, two things kept my mind peaceful: 1. The conviction that the conflict belonged to God.

Victory is Concrete! When I decided to surrender my life to Jesus through baptism in 2009, I was doing the 3rd year of my first degree at Eduardo Mondlane University. I remember that it was a special moment in my life, because I was discovering the secrets of life through the marvelous teachings of Jesus Christ and at the same time, I was having the most excellent year of my career as a student. In the following year, I could finish my degree in a record time. While enjoying the most special moment of my life up to that time, I was also beginning to experience one of my difficult and decisive moments of my life. During the last semester of my first degree, I had a lecturer who usually


2. The victory was concrete. This used to fill my soul with joy and hope, and nothing was allowed to remove from my mind the idea that the victory was concrete. In 2013, by the direct order from the Chancellor of the University, I was given the opportunity to write the exam on a Monday, and I had the highest mark of my class. I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and am a teacher of Physics at Colégio Adventista da Liberdade in Maputo. This experience helped me get closer to God, and I can say with Paul when he wrote to young Timothy: “I have fought a good fight…” (2 Timothy 4:7). When we let Michael (Jesus) be the Commander of our fights, the victory is concrete.

You don't need a Building to open a Church… You just need a desire to reach out and worship Chiluba Church was opened by three people worshiping under a tree in 2006, as shown in the picture. The Central Malawi Conference commissioned Benwell Ezera Nkhoma as a Global Mission Pioneer to serve in this area. They continued worshiping under the tree and whenever it rained they had to worship in a house. In 2014 the chief gave them free land to build their church. In 2015 the members molded the bricks and burnt them. When SID Adventist Mission Department announced that it was ready to support building some churches under pioneer work, it was like an immediate answer to the prayers of the members of Chiluba. When financial assistance came they worked very hard to supply sand, water, and food to the builders until the church was completed. 1. Great things start small. 2. Don’t wait until you have all the money needed to build a church. We praise God … indeed “little is much when God is in it.” Present Members  12 families 29 baptized members  9  members in Baptismal Class 22 in the children class 

Prince Itai

Prince Itai a new convert into the Seventh-day Adventist Church runs a mechanical workshop in the east of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) in South Africa. When a Literature Evangelist first visited him, life was not well with him. He was experiencing a number of overwhelming challenges. He had lived a life which was so far from God, such that it had affected both his business and family. The Literature evangelist prayed for God to intervene in his circumstances. On the second visit the Literature Evangelist came along with another literature evangelist to strengthen his prayer efforts for Prince, his wife and business. Prince had become so involved in drinking and smoking, that only the power of God could rescue him. In his own words he said, he had done it all as far as sin is concerned. It soon became clear to him that God had answered the Literature Evangelist’s prayers. His desire for alcohol suddenly subsided. Prince began to buy many books from the Literature Evangelist. The wisdom in the books helped him learn how to relate to his wife. As he further read the books, he came across the Sabbath truth. When the Literature Evangelist came for another visit, Prince asked for more information

about the Sabbath. After the understanding of the Sabbath truth, he decided to visit an Adventist Church. On the second Sabbath he took his family with him. Prince immediately joined the baptismal class. After attending the baptismal class a few Sabbaths, Prince and his wife decided to be baptized to join God's remnant people. The couple were baptized on the 16th of April 2016, the World Publishing Day. Some of his friends heard about the change which had taken place in his life. They decided to come to witness his baptism. Some of them responded to a call for baptism and decided to join the Adventist church by baptism. Prince believes that the Lord has a great purpose for his life. Other friends heard, and whenever they come to inquire about his new faith, he continues to share his faith daily to his old friends and customers. More people are showing interest. Prince is very excited about his new faith and looks forward to a time in future when he will be able to work as a full time soul winner. Elijah Maanzo, Literature Evangelist


Convergence in Indian Ocean Union Conference Communication Directors and FM Radio Station Managers and AWR Leaders of Indian Ocean Union Conference (IOUC) wholeheartedly embrace the theme of CONVERGENCE introduced by SID Communication Director, Paul Charles. “We have resolved to embrace Convergence because it is in line with the focus of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division: Total Member Involvement (TMI) and One Member-One Soul.”

What is convergence? From our perspective this means that we don’t want to force everyone into one mold. Let’s face it - we are different. “If I am going to be you, who’s going to be me?” SID Communication champions the aligning of common passions and creative initiatives side by side with a common goal in mind. We encourage you to work in your own space and at your own pace but aligned with the mission of God’s church. It is the process of moving together for a common purpose without losing individual identity. And it is also the process of going out as individuals but with a corporate goal. Pastor Rakotonandrasana Rado Communication Director - IOUC

Children's Leadership Certification Training The Leadership Certification Training, Course Level 2 was organised by the Children's Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Seychelles Mission on 11th-14th June 2016 in Seychelles. It was coordinated by Sr. Margery Herinirina, the IOUC Director for Children's Ministries. She and three Pastors trained the participants. The training ended with a consecration ceremony on the last day. Course Level 1 had started in January 2016. The Department Directors (Sr. Betty Seraphine and Sr. Avilla Meriza) have prioritised leadership training to increase the effective


leadership skills of the children's leaders in Seychelles as they work to disciple the youngest in the Lord's vineyard.

Seychelles Health Expo For the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Seychelles Independence, the Seychelles Seventh-day Adventist Mission had the pleasure to welcome within our midst a renowned doctor, Dr. Enoch Sundaram of AG Hospital and Lifestyle Centre in India. In a nutshell “AG Hospital and Lifestyle Centre is a place where scientifically proven Natural remedies are used to promote health which ignites the body’s natural abilities to heal combined with God’s healing touch. So as we celebrate the economical, technological and other aspects of our progress and development, it is important to take some time and reflect on our culture and history which possesses countless treasures that are vital to the betterment of our country. Such treasures include the use of our traditional medicinal herbs and plant remedies for treatment of various ailments which our ancestors were faced with and thus successfully overcame. In this vein, Dr. Enoch visited our beautiful islands to attribute additional value to our medicinal plants and herbs and its usage in our modern lifestyle today. On Friday 24th June 2016 he was at SITE (Ex NIE) at Mont

Fleuri to give a public talk entitled "Reversing Diabetes & Hypertension" and he was also present at the National Show to explain and promote healthy living and God's promises concerning our health.

Global Youth Day in Seychelles The Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministries of the Seychelles Mission joins the Seventh-day Adventist World church Initiative to Celebrate a Global Youth Day on the Saturday 19th March 2016 . The Motto of this day was " BE THE SERMON". The latter is placing the emphasis on young people being empowered to live a life of service instead of simply talking of performing acts of generosity and kindness which is something that is very welcomed and desired in our society as it is in tune with the “Valer pour mwan, valer pour nou tou” initiative of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC). The Seventh-day Adventist youth all over the world went out of the church to the community to show acts of kindness, love, mercy, to all people: youth, Adult and Senior citizens. Seychelles was not be an exception. Below is a programme of all the events and activities that took place around this special day:

the Mohan Shopping Center premises. Sunday 20th March 2016: Health Expo at the Anse Etoile Community Center in collaboration with the Seventh-day Adventist Health Ministries. On Praslin & La Digue the Adventist youth went out to “BE THE SERMON” with their respective activities and also the whole week from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th March 2016 the Youth organised a prayer week for all who are interested to participate as we all know that prayer is the essence of our very lives and existence.

Friday 18th March 2016: Launching at the Post Office at 6.00pm which was done by the CEO of the SNYC Mr. Alvin Laurence and this was followed by a Spiritual Concert. Saturday Morning 19th March 2016: Community Out Reach where the youth went to different places such as children homes, Old People homes, Mont Royale, Wellness Center, President Village to serve their friends and fellow citizens in any way possible; Saturday Afternoon 19th March 2016: Two spots were identified to serve food to the needy as from 7.00pm. One was at the Independence house grounds and the other at


He’s still

Alive and in-Charge After a hard day at work and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I got into my car and drove. While debating the goodness of God and His lack of intervention at crucial times in my life, I suddenly felt very irritated with the car in front of me. I felt the driver was moving “too slow.” I urged with irritation: “Come on, move” and when that did not seem to work I went on, “really now, at that speed,  you might as well just get out of your car and walk.” As I carried on muttering all these words under my breath for some reason I turned to my left and there he was, a speedcop dressed to the T, speed trap in hand. I quickly checked my speed, it was below the speed limit designated for that area … thanks to the “slow” car in front of me. I let out a small laugh.  “Funny Lord, really funny!” Then it all made sense. The driver in front of me had seen the cop all along and this is why he had maintained his speed, which I must admit was not as slow as I had made it out to be.  Sometimes we get mad or angry at God because He does not answer our prayers at the rate that we want. We get irritated when things do not go according to our plans. We get a whole lot upset when the timeline and goals that


we have set for ourselves start falling part. In all of this we forget that we have a God who goes before us and sees what our minds can’t even begin to fathom. He protects and shields us from danger before we even get there. At times, He  even protects us from ourselves. As a Shepherd, He knows how to lead us in the paths of righteousness.  I am reminded that “in the future life the mysteries that here have annoyed and disappointed us will be made plain. We shall see that our seemingly unanswered prayers and disappointed hopes have been among our greatest blessings” The Ministry of Healing, pp. 473, 474. When God says, “ I know the plans I have for you...” believe Him and trust that even when He seems silent He plans to prosper you and not harm you!  Saneliso Moyo SIDMEDIA - Cape Town

Unlikely Witness Do you ever wonder what your life has got to do with the Christian mission in this world? I feel like anything Christian has been relegated to the Church, the corporate body of believers in Christ, or the leaders, Pastors, Elders, Deacons, ‘Deaconesses’ and Evangelists. And many of us cannot find an identity for ourselves in Christianity, especially if we are not in any serving position. We think, how does my Christian living or lack of it affect anything or anyone? Does my life have any effect on anything? I’ll tell you a story. I understand that it is an old story, but it drives the point home. When I was in high school in 2005, in Lusaka, Zambia, I was the chairperson of the committee in charge of entertainment at my school, which was a secular boarding school. This was quite the prestigious appointment at the time, it placed me in a very privileged position. We were in charge of movie and music entertainment. We looked out for latest movies, rented them and displayed them at our school. At a point during that year, a popular guy at school came and struck a conversation with me, I had never talked to him before but we talked a lot that evening. I do not remember what about. It is where this conversation took me that is interesting. We talked until he had to go to choir practice. I come from a christian background so choirs were not strange to me. It was an interesting conversation so I decided to walk with him to the practice. I sat at the practice to enjoy the music as I waited to continue the conversation with this fellow. These young people sang very well, I was hooked. I went back to listen to them the next time they practiced, on invitation from my new friend, Lovemore Kabwata. And I continued to go to their practice sessions, only the subsequent times of my own volition. Lovemore invited me to sing with them one day at practice and that later saw them treat me like family, part of them, something I had been missing. Also I must say that I had never sang in a choir before and that I had stage fright. There was only one problem, the programme they sang in, called Forum, happened on Friday and Saturday evenings, the evenings when we had entertainment events. With this new involvement in singing, I would make sure everything was setup for entertainment before I dashed to the Forum to sing. But Forum was more than singing, it was a meeting of Seventh-day Adventist young people for worship at our high school, which included sermons

as well as other creative programmes. This is what I went to every Friday and Saturday evening. Until the day someone in my committee expressed a problem with my being in two places on those days, not being committed to the entertainment committee. I personally had not seen anything wrong with organising the entertainment before leaving for Forum, but someone had a problem with that and in front of the whole committee had asked me to chose one side; stay at the entertainment event the whole duration or leave the committee all together and have the time to attend Forum. I did not spend minutes on this decision, and in one breath I said, “I’ll go to Forum”. That was it. I was giving up free gate passes in the name of entertainment, being first to screen latest movies, having access to the TV on campus for a chance to sing and sit and listen to sermons about Christ’s second coming. I walked out of that meeting a regular student at my school. I got baptised into the Seventh day Adventist church 3 years later and about that time I met an old school mate who recounted to me how he had watched closely to see how I would handle the dilemma seeing how much was at stake, how the scales weighed heavier on the entertainment side. This friend told me he made his decision to change his life when he saw how I decided for God in one breath than to stay in entertainment, which was worldly in nature. I never thought anyone was watching my decisions or my life, I never expected that my life choices mattered to anyone other than myself, I never envisioned my Christian life being an inspiration to someone. Here is the honest truth, there are deep people in this world who are watching you to see if your talk and walk match. They see you post up Christian things on Facebook or claim Christianity as your religion. They see your #churchday selfies and they just want to see what being a Christian is like. Many people hear about being Christian but they yearn to see a Christian life. And that is you, a Christian living a Christ-like life. You are probably the first sermon they will see (hear), the first book of the Bible that they will read, and sadly maybe the only. It is your life to live, yes, and they are your choices, but it is clear that no one was made an island and we all are somehow interdependent on each other. I am now a 20-something young minister, after Lovemore Kabwata’s unlikely witness. By Andrew Phiri Abiud



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