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Construction Of Front Cover

First started off with a A4 page with a Black Background.

I then took the photo from my photo shoot and cut her from the background ( using the magic lasso) , because I didn’t like the foreground so placed her onto the black background instead, which I like better than what I had in mind, as it puts the focus on her.

I then resized the picture so that it would cover most of the blank areas, and make the page fuller.

I started to add my mast head by using the font Farcry from in a white colour as it contrasts with the black background.

I then added to the masthead ‘magazine’ in a Ariel font in red, as this colour stands out with the white and black. These are my main colour palette.

I then resized it to fill across the top of the page.

Like the mast head I moved it the left and put this layer behind the picture, as this is Ipart thenofmoved the layer below the the picture so it would go behind the head, as this the masthead and follows samelayer principle. emphasises the importance of the picture to the rest of the magazine.

I then edited the picture by putting a lighting effect on it contrast with the black background. And also added a selling line; which I have done in Ariel font, in white to contrast with the mast head.

After that I decided to add a white box were the skyline will be, as this makes it stand out and contrast with the masthead.

I then added the main pull quote, which I have don’t in white and red in large Ariel font. This is the same sort of style I have used for the masthead so that they contrast with each other.

I then added to this pull quote with more white text.

Then going back to the skyline I resized the white box to give a more defined border to the cover.

I put the ‘free CD inside’ bigger than the text so that it stands out and will be seen as its on the third left.

I then added a pull quote from the interview which will be on the double page spread. I put the text in black but added a white glowing effect so that it could be seen on the black background.

I then put all the rest of the information about the magazine at the bottom to give the reader a more of an in sight to what they can find in the magazine.

The added a bar code price and date and issue number to give it a more of an effect for a magazine.

I then did a few touch ups to the magazine. I first added some effects to the main quote line; this really makes it stand out and really makes it emphasis. I made the ‘free’ red just so it can stand out to catch the eye and also shortened the selling line to make it snappier. I also made the bottom text bigger just so it balances the magazine.

Screen grabs for construction of Front Cover Magazine  

Magazine Front Cover Construction