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The golden Stone

The Golden Stone is a large boulder of conglomerate (pebbly sandstone) which may originally have been a Bronze Age standing stone [8]. Since then it was reused as a boundary marker in conjunction with boulders at Findlow and Saddlebole to separate the parishes of Chorley, Nether Alderley and Over Alderley [10]. The parishes follow an eroded earth bank which can be seen at Saddlebole and an ancient oak tree at Stormy Point defines where they meet. The earth bank continued to define the land held by the de Traffords and Stanleys into the 20th century [10]. It is not clear why the boulder is called the Golden Stone but Paul Moss mentions that it is due to the colour of the power it supposedly generates [11] . Perhaps the local miners invented the name during the 19th century

3 Parishes Meet at this tree

The golden stone  
The golden stone