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TheWizards Well

The Wizard's Well is formed by a natural spring near Castle Rock which dates back to pagan times. Carved in the rock above the well is the face of a wizard and the inscription "Drink of this and take thy fill for the water falls by the Wizhard's Will". The carving was added around 200 years ago by Robert Garner, Alan Garner's great-great grandfather who also built the Druid's Circle [9]. The face carving appears to be older than the inscription which is thought to have been added sometime later by a Mr Simeon Slater of Leigh, Lancashire. Another 'face' can be located a few yards along the path towards Castle Rock but this was vandalised about 55 years ago. As with most ancient wells the water was believed to have had magical powers. In the case of the Wizard's Well the water was thought to cure infertility [5]. Not so long ago the water flowed more rapidly and eroded the lip of the well when it became too full.

The Wishing Well I have it on the authority of a local guide that the Wishing Well is indeed the circular well a few yards below the Holy Well but the two often get mixed up. He likes to believe that passers-by will get 7 years bad luck unless they place a rhododendron leaf in the fissure. The Wishing Well is likely to have pagan links but does not relate to the hollow which predates it. Miners probably created the hollow as a trial working when searching for ore minerals such as copper.

Thewizards well  
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