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remembrance suncoast pays respect to beloved photography teacher. pages 12-13

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march 2018

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The HBCU tour Representatives from various Historically Black Colleges and Universities Came to the Palm Beach County Convention Center to meet with students. by Marisa Hart News Editor


n January 24 to 25 Palm Beach School District held its annual Historically Black College-University and Hispanic Serving Institution Recruitment Tour. This event took place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and served as an opportunity for students and their parents to talk to college representatives, be awarded scholarships and receive acceptances into certain HBCUs. Several students from Suncoast participated in the event in order to learn about the different colleges and opportunities. A group of 38 Suncoast seniors and juniors and guidance counselor Galina Chira attended the convention. Many of these students were awarded scholarships and college acceptences if they had their transcripts. “I decided to attend the convention because I always wanted to go to a Historically Black College or University. When I found out the school was going to an HBCU convention I thought it would be perfect to go and check out the different HBCUs and what they had to offer,” senior Jahnaya Muhammad said.

This year more than 21 different colleges were represented including Bethune-Cookman University, Florida A&M University, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, Barry University, St. Augustine University and several other colleges from around the country. Students from all over Palm Beach School District came out to the event. “The convention was very busy and there were many students surrounding several college tables. The room was filled with many college representatives and frantic seniors with their transcripts applying to certain colleges who were accepting on the spot,” Muhammad said. Over $9 million in scholarships were awarded which was a $1.5 million increase from last year’s event. Also 1,570 students were accepted into HBCUs by bringing in a copy of their transcript and presenting it to the representatives. “At the convention I walked around and talked with many different schools, I presented my transcripts to two schools and I got accepted into Bethune Cookman on the spot,” Muhammad said.

The group of Suncoast students and guidance counselor Galina Chira at the HBCU Convention. Photo Courtesty of Galina Chira

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HBCUs are nationally accredited universities and colleges that were created in the 1800s with the mission of educating black Americans because they were not allowed to attend other colleges, according to the U.S. Department of Education. These colleges have a strong system of alumni that help students find career opportunities after they have graduated. There are over a hundred HBCUs in the United States including Spelman College, Howard University, Hampton University, Morehouse College, Tuskegee University, North Carolina A&T State University and Xavier University of Louisiana. “I’m still undecided as to where I would like to continue my studies, but I have a high certainty that I want to attend a HBCU because of the heritage of most of the schools and the information behind why the school was founded. I would like to increase my understanding of my own heritage and I believe going to a HBCU would help increase my knowledge,” Muhammad said. The HBCUs provide students opportunities to explore their interests such as being accepted into band programs. Suncoast senior Michael Brown is planning to attend Florida A&M University for a business administration major. He also has received a scholarship for band. “I have been exposed to FAMU’s learning environment since I was a freshman. Also I am an instrumentalist and I enjoy the school’s band program very much, I even eventually received a partial band scholarship from the university’s head director” Brown said. Along with helping out aspiring students at the tour, programs for future educators were advertised at the event, such as the Future Educators of America Scholarship program, a scholarship of $1,500 a year for people majoring in education. These future educators had the opportunity to sign a contract with the School District’s Recruitment and Retention Office, which would allow for them to come back and teach in the county after receiving their teaching certificate and college degree.

march 2018

off the rails

The Brightline Train is an easy and fast way for tourists and students to travel. by Maria Fahmy Business Manager


wo pedestrians in Boynton Beach were hit and killed by The Brightline Train and one was hit in Fort Lauderdale but survived. This has caused many people to question the safety regulations and the train. All three pedestrians, however, had crossed the assigned barriers and thus the company cannot be blamed. “The fact that these incidents are completely avoidable is what makes them tragedies. Obey the bells, lights and signs, and never try to beat a train,” Patrick Goddard, the president of Brightline and chief operating officer said. The Brightline Train is a high speed train that will have stops in downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando near the

Photo source: thegoodgroup

Orlando International Airport. It will take three hours from Miami to Orlando. Brightline Train, which is a privately owned project, has been under construction for over a year and was opened to passengers at the end of 2017; however, only the West Palm Beach station and the Fort Lauderdale station are open and functioning right now. The Miami station is opening soon and the Orlando station is still under construction. Tickets from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale are available starting from ten dollars. Not only will the Brightline train make it easier for tourists to go from South Beach to Orlando, but it will also provide an easy way for any student who attends University of Central Florida to come home and visit. This train will help students and their families stay connected and see each other more often during school. “The Brightline is a major draw for UCF because it is much easier to come home if I ever get sick or I just

need to come home, it’ll have me home in an hour and a half and I don’t have to drive all the way from Orlando back her and it’s just an easier way to travel,” senior Katie Schullstrom said. Each guest is allowed to bring up to two carry-on items as long as they are less than 40 pounds each. They are also allowed one checked bag for free up to 50 pounds and any extra bags are five dollars each. Each guest can bring one pet or a service animal with them. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are also allowed on the train. Brightline does not allow kids under 13 years of age to travel unaccompanied. Tickets are reserved for specific rides, and if not used on the assigned ride, they are expired. The Brightline Train used 2000 miles of already existing freight line from Miami to Cocoa, so there was very little new construction. It uses diesel-electric engines which run clean and quiet. It is also estimated that the train will remove three million cars from the streets which will benefit the environment greatly.

With five campuses, small class sizes and stellar professors, PBSC helps students excel with ease and confidence while preparing them for the careers of today and tomorrow.

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3d Printing in school creations brought to life through 3d plastic models. By Alec August Staff Writer


ame and Simulation teacher Tayler Zaskey, is one of the lead developer’s in creating 3D objects from the application “Blender,” which is a free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. “3D printing is more than just printing”. It is a way to bring your creations to life that you have created and been able to edit and sculpt to your liking. Zaskey is one of the teachers who revolutionized the Game and Simulation program, and went on to explain how the 3D printer benefited the program and how it has changed our school. “I like the fact that we can turn the stuff that we create in Game and Sim into real life objects that we can sell. Which really adds a new dynamic because we can create our games but we can also sell action figures or statues of the game, which could make more people interested in it”, Zaskey said. Some of the few cons that come along with the printer is always one thing people wish they could stop -time. Zaskey went on to explain how the printer although semi fast takes a lot of prep work and can take hours to create more intricate objects.

For the process of creating objects there is no set plan that works for each object they print, but plastic prints may not come out the way you expected. As Mr. Zaskey went on to explain how “sometimes it doesn’t always work.” These two problems could never outweigh the pros for sure, as the ability to print what the students want opens numerous doors to sell objects and make money for the IIT program, as well as drafting. Furthermore a few added benefits of 3D printing include, the ability to have students become designers and creators using cutting edge technology to visualize and create their own imaginations. Learning has always evolved and utilized innovative methods, and 3D printing is doing just that, with every aspect having the ability to be hands on just like science labs. Students learning about ancient societies along with designing and printing a model of a mummy or a pyramid. Learning about our nations history is very important from 3D printing; natural disasters, to wonders of engineering, to statutes of past and current Presidents. Scientists and engineers are using 3D printing to change the world today, even going so far as to 3D print food or cars. Putting that same excitement and nourishment into students in schools will lead to new ideas that are unimaginable at present.

Game and Simulation Project The game and simulation program is creating 3d models of the teachers. By kendall coyle staff writer


he Game and Simulation branch of the Interactive Innovative Technology (IIT) program is currently in the process of creating a project involving the teachers of Suncoast. Tayler Zaskey - head of IIT department- and his students have teamed up to create characters based on teachers. The project began in January, when pictures were taken of the teachers, and continued into February, as the Game and Sim students created the characters. The process began when Photography students took pictures of all the teachers who volunteered. They were asked if they wanted anything specific done to their character. Many teachers came with props and dressed up as the character they wanted to portray. Zaskey dressed up as Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings.” He had the entire outfit and even a prop to go along with his costume. “We had each teacher stand with their arms out wide looking straight forward, called the T pose, then a side portrait and then if they had a prop, they would use the prop and the teacher would make a signature move/pose that suited the character they were aiming for,” senior Kiara Fedele said. The Game and Sim students started creating the characters during the second week of February using the pictures they got from the photography students and uploaded them to their computers. They used a program downloaded on the computer called Blender. Within this program, the students were able to create 3D models of the teachers to turn them into characters that could potentially be used in a game. This project is intended to involve every class within the

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IIT program. The photography classes took the pictures, the drafting and design helped with the design of the characters and the game and simulation students were the ones who actually created the characters. In this project, the teachers will not be involved in any specific game, but they will be turned into characters they have always wanted to be. “This project allows for us to make teachers visions into a reality,” senior Timmy Askins said. This is one of the biggest projects for the IIT Program because of the extent of the work and it should be finished in February.

Click! Mrs. Webber getting her t pose shot Photo source: Photography class

march 2018

school shootings in 2018

there have been eighteen school shootings this year BY GARFIELD NOEL STAFF WRITER


ince the beginning of the new year, there have been multiple school shootings. Most recently, a school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14 occurred in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Seventeen people were killed, twelve of those people were shot in the school. The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, is a nineteen year old that attended the school, but was expelled for disciplinary reasons. Cruz was described as quiet and strange by some of his classmates. He lived on his own after both his parents who adopted him passed away. There were deaths of both students and staff members. It is now among the top ten deadliest mass shootings in modern United States history. There have been nearly three hundred school shootings in the U.S. since 2013 ans statistics show that this is an average of about once a week. Gun violence in the U.S. has not decreased in the last few years. “School shootings are becoming less rare, and that is a big concern,” Daniel Webster said, Director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins. Gun violence in America is getting worse over time. Seven children and teens are killed with guns in the U.S. on an average day. Many parents are in fear for their children’s lives and majority of people want gun laws to become stricter, while others think they should be less demanding. “Words cannot begin to express the sorrow I have for the families, friends, and many students effeced by this horrific tragedy, However, thoughts and prayers are not bullet proof...” said Kaitlynn Adams, student attending Suncoast High School.

Some schools in the United States are starting to implement routines for if a shooting were to occur, yet many states lack legal protection against the presence of firearms in schools. The gun laws currently enforced are not helping the number of deaths a year. Lawmakers and President Trump have discussed arming teachers with guns. The solution to gun violence has been very difficult to figure out over the last couple of decades. Until a solution is created; it is important to stay alert and be aware of other potential shootings that could be prevented from just telling authorities or even a friend.

People are paying tribute for victims at Majoty Stoneman Douglas High school Photo source:




t was a hot Sunday morning, and even though the event took place in the open, the amount of people present made it unbearably stifling. Somehow, however, they were not paying attention to the uncomfortable weather, or the amount of people around them, but the powerful, compelling messages being delivered from the podium. Junior Michael Leggett attended the Women’s March in Miami after hearing about the rally through Facebook. Leggett stated, “I had wanted to attend this year’s Women’s March because I attended it last year and wanted to go again. Then, when I found out I could volunteer and actually be a part of it, I just had to go. I stay connected with [the Women’s March] through Facebook to see what else is coming up, and that’s how I heard about this year’s event.” This year, Leggett became an important figure behind the scenes, checking in the speakers who would deliver their speeches from the podium, a podium that seemed to offer a glimmer of hope to those in attendance. It was a menial task, checking in speakers, crossing their names off the list, giving them their lanyards, and running to get them back because of the short supply. Even with the repetitiveness of his task, Michael Leggett still observed the importance of his work and the opportunity of seeing the event work behind the scenes. Leggett reminisced that,“It was unique in that I got to see the behind the scenes

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of everything and speak to people from different backgrounds and experiences. After my shift, I went out into the crowd and listened to the speakers.” The edges of the Women’s March event were lined with a diverse array of food trucks, as well as booths from nonprofit organizations collecting petition signatures and emails. Signs were held up at all times, each one a reflection of the person wielding it, each sign a measure of the amount of work needed to be done in America. The energy was positive, with fellow rally-goers spreading words of acceptance and of tolerance, of a brighter tomorrow and how to fix the present. Leggett shared that his favorite part of the event was that “The Women’s March really makes it a point to show you how there are so many different types of people, yet they’re all fighting for the same goal of equality. I find this super empowering because there are thousands of people in attendance taking time out of their day to come and make a difference on something super important and lacking in America today.” In a crowd of thousands, there was an overarching theme of love and kindness. The speakers consisted of politicians running for office, local high schoolers performing with their step teams, people singing and reading poems, professional women who had their own stories to share, delivering their own accounts of

sexual abuse and mistreatment by today’s American society. Although there were conversations about the negatives of the America one lives in today, the Women’s March in Miami signified a continuance of an era that had begun last year, of a thousand promises waiting to be kept. After the Parkland high school shooting, junior Michael Leggett took time to reflect on the effects of the atrocity that occurred on Valentine’s Day and what this tragedy which happened where Leggett spends his days, could mean for young people. Leggett stated, “There were a lot of young people at the Women’s March, and now seeing these young people form their own event for an entirely different issue is so incredible. Even though the causes for the Women’s March and the scheduled walkouts are in response to negative actions that have happened in the US, it has only gotten us — the younger generation — more involved in politics. Not only that, but we’re so much more passionate about issues important to us, and, because of these events, we will always make sure to make our voices heard.” Although a common misconception of the Women’s March is that it is for women, and about women, the Women’s March exists as a continuing Civil Rights movement today. Leggett concluded that “I was never too active in politics, but the current state of America has gotten even someone like me to become heavily involved.”

march 2018

JUPITER WAVES BEACH CLEAN UP Taylor murphy created a non-profit organization to keep the beaches Clean. by rhekha nadarajah staff writer


enior Taylor Murphy created a non-profit organization called Jupiter Waves Beach Clean Up. Murphy has been volunteering at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center as a docent for the past two years. Working with loggerhead turtles and learning about marine life sparked her passion for marine biology. Murphy is planning on studying marine biology at the University of Miami in the fall of 2018. Along with finding her passion for marine biology at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, she also started her own non-profit organization, Jupiter Waves Beach Clean Up. “I think it’s really great that people come together for a uniting cause over something that everyone can relate to. Living in Florida the beach is a very important aspect of everyone’s lives who live here, which is why it’s important that we come together as a community and help make sure that we are keeping our beaches are clean.” Murphy said. Murphy decided to start this non-profit in order to make preparations for sea turtle nesting season by cleaning beaches that do not have a local beach clean-up, for example Coral Cove, located in Jupiter, Florida. Her nonprofit also raised money for the Loggerhead Marine Life Center allowing them to purchase supplies to help sick and injured sea turtles. In order for Murphy to start her non-profit she had to meet with Palm Beach County district officials to get approved to have a public organization at a local park. Palm Beach County provided her with all of the supplies she needed for her beach clean ups. After her meeting with the district officials she had to have a meeting with the Loggerhead Marine Life Center officials to confirm that they would advertise her beach clean ups. Murphy began advertising her beach clean ups by making over a hundred flyers and posting them up around Jupiter, in local surf shops, coffee shops and also all around the school. After a few weeks of having her flyers up a local coffee shop, Oceana Coffee, located in Jupiter, reached out to Murphy and volunteered to sponsor her

WOO HOOO! Taylor murphy stands on one of the beaches she cleaned with her sign. photo by taylor murphy

non-profit and provide free coffee for all of her volunteers. Also, a company named UBS Financial agreed to match the amount Murphy raised on her own and donate to her non-profit. Murphy’s first beach clean-up only consisted of ten people but as months passed each clean-up crew started increasing, and by April she had 30-40 people at each clean up. Many students from Suncoast attended the beach clean ups, along with various students and locals from throughout Palm Beach County. Each beach clean-up is approximately two hours long, and on average Murphy and her crew collected 50 pounds of trash each clean up. After each cleanup Murphy brings the bags of trash back to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center and sorts through the trash in order to recycle what needs to be recycled. At the center they also collected data of what was littered the most on that beach. Murphy’s hard work and dedication was recognized when she was given the congressional award. Murphy has put a lot of time and effort into her non-profit which has benefited the local beaches of Jupiter immensly. Murphy hopes that when she leaves for college in the Fall that someone will take over the non-profit and continue keeping the beaches of Jupiter clean.

AWWW! Taylor murphyTakes a picture of one of the baby turtles at loggerhead marine life center. photo by taylor murphy

SPLASH! One of the rescued turtles at loggerhead marine life center pops his head out to say hi. photo by taylor murphy

suncoast high school |

SAY CHEESE! Taylor murphy poses with three of her volunteers. photo by taylor murphy

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Flight Club is helping suncoast’s students dominate the air. By Anthony Inza Sports Editor

“I was always a fan of planes, but Flight Club took it a step forward.”

Tanuj Solanki


ne of Suncoast’s iconic Flight Club has been around for 4 years, and in the duration of that time, the club has motivated many Suncoast students to discover and embrace their passion of flying planes.The Flight Club has motivated many students to join the interesting field of aviation. One of the many students motivated by Flight Club is Co-President of Flight Club and Suncoast Senior, Tanuj Solanki. Solanki claims that “Flight Club is an excellent stepping-stone for future careers in aerospace.” Solanki joined Flight Club at the start of the club’s opening back in 2014, and four years later he has piloted numerous planes, including the Cessna-172 , the first plane that he’s flew. “It’s terrifying at first, but it’s an excellent experience.” said Solanki. “Your view of the world really changes when you see it in the air.” Solanki first heard of Flight Club during Club Recruitment Week in 2014. “I was always a fan of planes, but Flight Club took it a step forward.” Solanki said. Through his interest in planes and the training Flight Club provided, Solanki soon decided to begin his drive to become an aerospace engineer. “I really want to get into a university that has a good aerospace engineering program.” Solanki said. “Embry-Riddle University and University of Florida have amazing aerospace engineering programs.” Solanki hopes to enroll in Embry-Riddle or the University of Florida. With Flight Club, Solanki and a handful of other members are attempting to receive their private pilot license. “My friends from the class have received their private license and I am currently working on getting mine as well.” Solanki claims. All the other ground school students and student pilots must go through multiple milestones to obtain their private pilot license. First, students must complete the ground school course by scoring 70 percent of higher in the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Written Exam. ”All the test questions are given to you before you take the exam. The exact wording and the exact answers. But, there’s about 12000 questions and only 60 make it into the exam.” Solanki states. Tanuj Solanki was able to pass the exam after countless hours of preparation. After passing the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Written Exam, student pilots such as Solanki are then tasked with obtaining 40 hours of flight experience. Solanki gets his hours by going to the North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport to fly a Cessna-172. “It’s really terrifying at first” Solanki said, “because I had to maintain Photo Courtey of Tanuj Solanki

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1500 feet, but I kept fluctuating from 1000 to 2000 feet. But next time around I was able to have more situational awareness and better command of the aircraft, allowing me to increase my performance and stability.” Once completing the hours, Solanki’s last step to obtaining the Private Pilot license is to pass the Federal Aviation Administration Oral Exam. For the FAA Oral Exam, Solanki needs to be tested by a FAA examiner who exams his ability to sufficiently prepare, plan, and fly a plane. Once Solanki completes this final exam, he will receive his Private Pilot license. With the help of Flight Club, Solanki and a handful of other members are close to receive their private pilot license. “My handful of my friends [in Flight Club] have received their private license and I hope to get mine as well.” Solanki claims. “It’s not as hard as it seems. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be flying to success.”

Tanuj Solanki piloting his first helicopter

march 2018

picture perfect

Murray-Johnson is Suncoast’s new photography teacher, she is a perfect fit By Conner Dickman Staff Writer


fter the first bell rings, students begin taking their seats. Suncoast’s newest photography teacher welcomes her students and begins preparing them for class. Following her review of the previous class, she instructs her students on the hands-on project they will be completing on that day. This new teacher is Josephine Murray-Johnson, who is more commonly referred to as Mrs. MJ. MJ is ready and excited to work Suncoast students. She looks forward to helping those who are strong in math and science embrace their creative side. As a professional photographer, MJ knows the importance of keeping the camera as the main focus of the course. She wants her students to take advantage of the numerous features present in every camera. After mastery of the camera, MJ will show her students the world of Photoshop: “Photoshop is an incredible tool, and everyone should know how to use it.” Her goal is to teach her students both in fun, exciting ways. Before making her way to Suncoast, MJ’s life began in Miami, where she was born.

suncoast high school |

She later attended Dryfoos School of the Arts where she took courses in theatre and photography. Following high school, MJ went to New York University, where she studied photography and earned a degree in drama. Her adventures did not stop in New York; she moved to Italy after completing her degree. She worked on-board a cruise ship based in Italy, where she worked as a photographer. MJ had to live on the ship while she was working, which allowed her to visit many places all around the world. After her adventures in Italy, she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived for five years. During this time, she worked as a freelance photographer for a many companies, and took headshot photos for several famous actors. MJ just moved back home last October, and became a teacher in November. She cares about photography and her students, and she hopes they will enjoy her class. MJ wants her students, “To be passionate” in photography and work hard on their projects, while self-portrait of our new photo teacher. enjoying what they do. Photo courtsey of josephine murray-Johnson

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Remembering students and faculty honor one of suncoast’s greatest.

by Austin lent editor-in-chief


oud shirts. Patterned ties. Shoes with tappers. It was a bold look that few could pull off with confidence and ease. That was the signature charm of Alan Crescas: idiosyncratic yet genuine and lighthearted. For 12 years, Suncoast students walking down the halls would assuredly be warned that their “shoes are on the ground” or that their “socks are untied.” These were more than just quirky sayings; students could count on these little reminders to

make them smile as they realize that, as usual, their shoes are on the ground and their socks never had laces that could be untied in the first place. From teaching photography classes for all four grades and sponsoring the Photography Club to coaching the boys golf team and simply taking the time to talk to students in the hallway, there are very few students who have not been touched in some way by Crescas. “Crescas brought so much positivity to Suncoast, and everyone knew him, even students who have never had him before,” senior Rhekha Nadarajah said. “You could tell how much he

Crescas brought so much positivity to suncoast. you could tell how much he cared about his students. Rhekha Nadarajah

photos courtesy of Renaissance Yearbook

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cared about his students and how much his students cared about him.” His good-natured and caring personality prevailed even as his health declined due to the onset of cancer. Crescas, however, refused to let his “dreary surroundings” change who he was as a person. “I visited him one last time before he passed, and even when he was confined to a hospital bed, his personality was as bright as ever,” senior Victoria Moore recalled. “Despite losing such an amazing person, I find peace in knowing that even in the worst situations, he had positivity and hope. I think one thing he wanted all of his students to take away with them was that even if life brings you down, you keep fighting.” Positivity and optimism were always key parts of Crescas as a teacher,

march 2018

How would you describe mr. crescas in one word? coworker, and overall person. Anytime he could make a joke, he did. Anytime he could bring up a seemingly random story, he had one to share. “He was funny and always high spirited,” Cartier Scott said. “He always told the same story of me over and over again to all of his classes. He always, always embellishes a little, but it is always hilarious.” Scott had the unique opportunity of both learning from Crescas as a photography student when he was in high school and teaching alongside him as a math teacher for the last few years.

“He was not only a great teacher but a great friend, and I’m glad I got to be [his] student for three years and his coworker for two,” Scott added. Both current and former students echo these sentiments of gratitude for Crescas, an indication of his profound and widespread influence. Suncoast Class of 2017 graduate Alexandra Jones said, “It was a great honor to have him as a teacher for four years. He impacted the lives of so many, including me. [Although] we gave each other a hard time, I can truly say that he was one of the best teachers that I ever had.” Crescas truly cared about his students’ success and will have a lasting impact on them and their futures. “The thing that I have always loved and admired [about Crescas] was his heart. He never failed to show his love for his students through the little things that he did for them every single day,” Moore added. “Throughout high school, I’ve had many teachers that have shaped the way I learn and what I want to do in the future, but none have affected my personal growth like Crescas has. His open heart truly impacted mine in a way that I will never forget.” Wacky. Genuine. Caring. However he can be described, Alan Crescas will forever be remembered for his remarkable impact on not only the photography program but also the lives of all the students and staff at Suncoast. “He [Crescas] once told me, ‘We’re just here for the ride,’ and I will continue to live by that statement for the rest of my life,” Moore said. And Crescas, the man with the crazy ties, the corny jokes and the love of cruises, was certainly here for the ride.

he once told me, ‘we’re just here for the ride,’ and i will continue to live by that statement for the rest of my life. victoria moore

suncoast high school |

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victoria moore


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“memorable” kendall coyle


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toilet talk students are behaving as if they do not know how to act in a bathroom and are damaging school property; clearly something needs to change. By eda kutsal managing editor


ith flu season still raging on, it is more important than ever for students to keep germs at bay. Washing your hands and covering your nose or mouth when you sneeze or cough are some of the most basic hygiene practices that are taught to children at a young age; however, following through with these practices is no easy feat if there are no paper towels or soap to do so. More students are finding themselves without either as they enter the bathrooms of Suncoast and the fault does not lie solely lie with school custodians. The poor state of the bathrooms is far from laughable. Most would see it as implied for students who are deemed legal adults or nearly legal adults to be able to properly use a bathroom without destroying everything in it. To be frank, quite a few students act like they have the bathroom etiquette of a five year old. In nearly every boys bathroom, there is some type of broken equipment whether it be a mirror, soap dispenser or stall door. Seriously? If anything is going to improve, everyone needs to step it up. Yes, soap in the bathroom is a must, but so are bathroom doors and no one needs a white out mural on the bathroom wall. If we wanted to see an art show we would have gone to the Norton. All jokes aside, there is no denying that the poor state of the bathrooms is appalling. The bathrooms have become a place for students to skip class, vape, and do everything that a bathroom is not meant for. Not to mention the fact that this is all unfair to the people who just want to use the bathroom and get out as well as the custodians who work so hard every day because some students want to act as though they were never taught proper manners. “I think it’s really disrespectful how a lot of boys trash the bathroom and take off all the mirrors and throw toilet paper everywhere thinking that it’s funny. They even pee on the floor, too, thinking that it’s a joke. It’s disrespectful to the custodians and it’s gross,” said junior Daniel Torres. It is clear that this bathroom situation

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has spiraled out of hand. It is not right that students do not always have access to simple items like soap or paper towels; however, it is equally just an unfair to school faculty and custodians that the bathrooms are left in a disarray with broken doors and mirrors with poop on them. For lack of better words, everyone in this situation is suffering. A survey of all the bathrooms in building 3 revealed that not one bathroom was fully stocked with soap or paper towels. All the bathrooms were either half stocked, or missing soap or paper towels completely. “I don’t think I have been to a fullystocked bathroom at Suncoast,” said senior Sofia Hage. Although the situation at hand seems insignificant, the healthrisks this problem poses, besides the fact that is is just plain disgusting, are extensive. It should come as no surprise why sickness spreads like a wildfire at school. Germs spread easily and not being able to wash your hands in the bathroom only multiplies the likelihood of illness spreading. The flu has been quite severe in recent months with the number of deaths this flu season reaching 84, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since classrooms rarely have hand sanitizer or tissues, many students rely on the supplies in the bathroom to keep clean throughout the day. Students should not have to ransack the school bathrooms just to find soap or paper towels. The situation puts both students and school faculty at a higher risk of getting sick which is far from ideal. It is crazy how far this situation has escalated. One would think things of this nature would go without saying, but clearly many students are in need of a reminder of how to act in a bathroom. No one cares if you play the harmonica in the bathroom, but please, stop wasting soap and paper towels for the fun of it. Realize how privileged we are to be able to have simple things like soap, water, and paper towels and stop taking them for granted. If we students ever expect to be treated like adults and not five year olds, we are going to have to start acting like it.

unrolling the facts students think one of the biggest problems at suncoast are the bathrooms. four out of six boys’ bathrooms have some kind of broken equipment. not one bathroom was fully stocked with soap and paper towels. the first statistic described above was collected through a poll conducted by ashley busse when she asked her students what change they would like to see at suncoast. the other two statistics were collected by newspaper staffers who did a tally of the supplies and state of each of the bathrooms in building 3. Graphic by eda kutsal

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The End of Innocence The sexual exploitation of children is a continuous problem in hollywood. Y

Dominique Swain 1997 (Age 16) Swain played Lolita in the movie adaption of a book written by Russian Novelist Vladimir Nabokov. This story details the fascination that a pedophile has for a 12-yearold girl. In her role, Swain kisses, caresses and even gropes her co-star, Jeremy Irons who was 49 at the time.

School said. Not only is it morally wrong to abuse children, but the effects of early abuse travel well into adulthood. Being sexually exploited as a minor increases the abuessess’ chances of becoming addicted to drugs, having depression, and low self esteem. Below are examples of children and teens who have been sexually exploited for the sake of “entertainment.”

Britney Spears 1998 (Age 16) Spears’ earlier music videos featured suggestive lyrics accompanied by inappropriate dancing. In one of her first singles from her “Baby One More Time” album Spears states that she will “treat you right, be with you day and night.” She is among several abused pop stars.

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oung teens and minors have been sexual exploited for years, but the public rarely acknowledges this reality. “A lot of children are put into compromising situations because their jobs depend on it. Producers take advantage of them because the field is competitive, and they think this is the only way they can advance” Prachi Bhavsar, a senior at Suncoast High

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By Mindjina Courage Staff Writer

Danielle Bregoli 2017 (Age 14) Bregoli has been featured in music videos such as “Everything 1K” where she wears a skin-tight outfit and dances seductively on the roof of a car. Bregoli also posts inappropriate pictures for her millions of adult followers to see on social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Finn Wolfhard 2017 (Age 15) Wolfhard, who stars in “Stranger Things” and “It”, received messages on social media from an older woman asking him to “hit [her] up in four years.” This is a prime example of adults sexualizing child actors. Although the model has apologized, this has been a continuous issue.

Black mirror is watching hit tv series “black mirror” holds same ideals as George Orwell’s works. by victoria vera staff writer


he new drama anthology Netflix series, “Black Mirror,” is based on the innovation of technology and how it leads to humanity’s destruction. Many have noticed that the motifs within the series parallel the ideas of George Orwell, reminding the audience of the show’s and Orwell’s message. “Black Mirror” is essentially a modern-day Orwell. “Ignorance is bliss.” This saying is often quoted from the novel “1984” by Orwell. The quote’s idea is that people recognize corrupt systems and ideals but do nothing to stop it simply because it is either easier or makes their life better. This can be seen in the second episode of the first season “Fifteen Million Merits.” Civilians are forced to watch TV every hour of the day nonstop. In order to watch certain shows or skip commercials, they must pay merits. To escape this cycle, an individual must pay 15 million merits and be a contestant on the show “Hot Shot” and be talented enough to be an actor on one of the television programs. Bing, the main character of the episode, gets fed up with the daily routine, becomes a contestant

and ends up yelling at all the judges about the corrupt system in which everyone has to live. However, the judges, instead of providing a solution, offer him a chance to have his own program. It comes down to the decision of taking the program or going back to living the rest of his life cycling. Bing chose the program, disregarding the corrupt system to make his life better and escape from his every day horror. “Shooting an Elephant,” an essay written by Orwell, has the message that all individuals can be influenced by society. In his writing, Orwell is part of the Burma police and no one likes him. When an elephant destroys the town, the civilians wanted it killed. Orwell knew the civilians would hate him if he did not kill the elephant, so he chose to kill it although he knew it was wrong. He was influenced by society and again chose to do what benefited him. Within the “Black Mirror” episode “The National Anthem,” the prime minister of Britain must choose whether to do a degrading act in front of everyone in order to save the royal princess. However, when time starts to run out, he is informed

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that he will be hated by the entire nation if he does not save the princess. Because he wants to remain in the position of prime minister, he conducts the degrading act, but not to save the princess. The technological aspect is driven by the fact the kidnapper set free the Princess in the middle of the road with no one noticing because everyone was centered around the TV to watch the prime minister after the news spread through social media. “Black Mirror shows the dark side of nature and emphasizes how technology is a driving force in progress but is also corrupting us. Orwell does the same thing in “1984.” It shows that society progresses but it comes at the cost of their privacy and rights,” senior Giovanni Clarke said, who studied Orwell and watched the series. The irony of the series is that everyone focuses on the fact that technology can be a negative factor in people’s lives and that people should pay so much attention on technology. However, in order to watch the shows, one must spend hours on an electronic device. This reinstates that ignorance is bliss.

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Talk This conversation is a necessity for young people of color. O

By Jahnaezha McFadden opinions editor

n a recent episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” a 12-year-old patient, Eric, was rolled into the emergency room with a gunshot wound to the neck. Chained to the gurney like an animal, bullet scraping against the carotid wall, Eric was in for the fight of his life, but the cop’s main focus was the supposed threat he was to the ones around him. Eric had just returned home when he realized he forgot his key, so he went through the window only to be accused of breaking into his own house. While the boy attempts to call his mother, the cops assumed he was reaching for a weapon and shot him. That day marked the end of Eric’s life and led to Dr. Bailey, the hospitals chief of surgery, giving her own son at home “The Talk.” “The Talk” is a conversation African American families across the nation find themselves giving to their children out of necessity. It is the talk that mothers and fathers dread to give their kids but fear they will not make it home otherwise. It has become the survival guide for African Americans all over. The discussion focuses on what to do in a presence of a cop, how to make it home safely, and a conversation about the injustices that plague today’s society. With the increase of police brutality cases and police shootings of unarmed black men “The Talk” has become an essential discussion for protection. According to Newsweek, over 1,000 people were killed in police shootings this past year alone and at least 25 percent of them were African American. These alarmingly increasing rates have led to families taking precautionary measures to protect themselves. “The Talk” has become a

coming of age story for the black youth, a rite of passage into African American adulthood, and sadly enough it does not seem to suffice. In this advanced day and age of social media most people receive their information from media sites, and it seems like every time there is a new post it is about another black male being shot or killed. Issues surrounding police brutality has become so common that a series of TV shows, books and even celebrities have openly discussed their need for The Talk. TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Dear White People” have used their platforms to show what happens beyond the generic things seen on television. Poet, Javon Johnson, in his poem “cuz he’s black,” tells the story of the day he exposes his fouryear-old nephew’s mind to the fact his skin color decides his worth before he gets to decide for himself. Johnson’s emotional recount of the story displays the hardships black families struggle with on a daily basis. Johnson emphasizes to his nephew the need to be strong, stay educated and be aware because at any moment everything can change. Sadly, the need for conversations like “The Talk” exist and demonstrates what is wrong with society. Having to explain to a child that the people who are supposed to protect them are the same ones who are putting them in harm’s way is something a person should never have to do. “The Talk” marks the end of a little boys’ innocence to the racial inequalities they have just began to face. The bliss of childhood is lost to these little boys before they can actually begin to understand the world they live in. Drawing courtesy of Claire king

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too much time

With all the work that time’s up has done, many people say it is not enough. by mekela mosley staff writer


is being done to these disgusting horde of sexual assaulters. he Time’s Up movement was started by a collection of stop the and that victims are not given any real assistance. well-known actresses and producers who feel that it is Although many of the allegations are pointed towards time to act. The list of women includes but is not limited Hollywood’s movie industry, one must not forget the music to: Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kerry Washington and and political industries. Politicians and Reese Witherspoon. The organization musicians should also share the spotlight raises money for people who work in jobs in terms of assault and harassment where sexual harassment is common to allegations. They aren’t the only ones help protect them from the legal actions, though, sexual assault happens every day or retaliation for reporting sexual in typical offices and all to often goes on harassment when it happens. just being ignored. Although Time’s Up has done a lot of Many famous people allegedly use good, many people still criticize it for not movements like Time’s Up and Me Too being enough. Though the movement has to just gain popularity. Rose McGowan, shed light on the atrocities of predators recently in an interview on the day time in the entertainment industry, they argue talk show “The View”, called out Justin that nothing is being done to them. They Timberlake for doing just that. He believe that predators are not getting claims to be apart of Time’s Up, while enough punishment for what they have This photo shows a few of the women who helped it still working with Woody Allen. He also done. Many of them are still getting parts form Time’s Up. They founded the organizaton to help defends his support of these predators. in movies, are directing and producing victims of sexual assault. What people need to do is show support in ways that don’t come movies and have legions of fans still defending them. Freshman off as superficial. Showing actual support of the movement by Grace Sergent stated, “There’s a lot of harassers who are still doing things like donating, protesting, and helping women who getting work. Woody Allen is still filming his movies and Johnny have been assaulted in the past. Depp is in the new Harry Potter movie…” Like Sergent, those who are disillusioned with the movement believe that nothing Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons

Sleep Driving

Teens who get less than average amount of sleep are at risk to drive drowsy. By Yashna Chowdhury staff writer


very morning, students wake up to the sound of their alarms beeping, signaling them to wake up from their three hour slumber. Many of the students that go to Suncoast live far away from the school from Greenacres to Fort Pierce. Unfortunately to make it to school on time, students wake up as early as 4:30 a.m, to perform their daily routine and make their way to school. According to Nationwide’s Children’s Hospital, “they [teenagers] need between nine to nine and a half hours of sleep.” On average, high school students only get six to seven hours of sleep which is not enough to function throughout the day. A solution to this problem can be changing the time school starts, giving them an extra hour of sleep. Many high school students with a driver’s license, drive to school and back everyday, not to mention barely getting any sleep, after a long day filled with classes, clubs, and sports. Students struggle to keep wake while driving back home, making it a hazard to the driver and others on the road. With an extra hour of sleep, it makes a difference with regards to the student getting home safely. A study by Sleep Education claimed, “increased automobile crash rates among teen drivers who start school earlier in the morning. Another study published in 2008 found

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Photo source: pinterest that the average crash rates for teen drivers dropped by 16.5 percent in a county that moved the high school start time one hour later.” A few students like Sophomore Isabelle Jones feel that students would not take advantage of a later school start. Jones said, “I think students still won’t get enough sleep because changing the start time will change the time when school ends, giving them less time to get their work done.” Usually, students have a hard time staying awake in class, imagine how it would be on the road. According to National Sleep Foundation, “when you are sleep deprived, you are as impaired as driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent, which is illegal for drivers in many states.” Since driving drowsing is almost equivalent to driving with alcohol in your system, this should be a concern to the school and bring awareness to it. Some way students can prevent driving drowsy is by deciding to not drive knowing that it can be risky being on the road. Have a friend that will be able to take you home safely or call a parent and explain the situation.

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All about award shows

With the rise of netflix and other online streaming applications, award shows have struggled to maintain their popularity and relevance on television. By Monica Kramer Lifestyle Editor


hen we hear someone say that the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys are on tonight we get excited, but most of the time we do not know what movies, songs or actors are up for awards. As it is difficult to keep up with all the new releases in the movie and song industry, these award shows often feel irrelevant to some individuals. Other critics, however, have found that these shows are too long, too politically influenced and less about the achievements of the actors, which causes less viewers to tune into these award shows. Plenty of celebrities have used these award shows as a way to communicate their political messages. Most notably, Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes went viral for criticizing the new president. The Oscars, Grammys, and SAG Awards are known for celebrities including political stances in their acceptance speeches. The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, will take place on March 4 honoring movies and actors from 2017. Unless you are an active movie watcher, it is often difficult to recognize the actors and movie titles being honored at the Oscars. It is a massive honor to be nominated for an Oscar, but oftentimes individuals do not recognize the names of

those being given the award. The Oscars began as a way to acknowledge superior actors and movie writers; however, it has become more about what these actors say and wear on the night of the Oscars than what they have done. On the other hand, millions of viewers tune in to watch the Grammys every year. Despite an individual’s music taste, the Grammys have become a show that people love to watch. It brings together the music industry, with live performances from a variety of artists. Even if you are not an avid music follower, the Grammys provides a night of entertainment that is not to be missed. Social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, add to the popularity of the Grammys. If you happen to miss the show, a full recap of what celebrities performed, wore and said is usually present on these platforms. With the variety and large amount of award shows that are present on television, it is hard to keep up with all the honors being given out. All of the new films, television shows and songs being released, viewers must be active in order to keep up. Some of these award shows have lost their appeal to the public. They have also become more about what they are wearing than what they have done regarding their artistic careers.

The Grammys

The Emmys

The Oscars

When: January 28 Nominees: Were announced November 28 Who votes: More than 350 experts in different music fields, including Rock, R&B, Jazz, Country, Gospel, New Age, Rap, Classical, Latin and more What it awards: Achievements in music

When: September 17 Nominees: Are announced on July 12 Who votes: Members of the Television Academy, which is a group qualified individuals who are actively engaged in the production of television series and shows What it awards: Achievements in television

When: March 4 Nominees: Were announced January 23 Who votes: Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, which is a group of actors, writers, producers, directors and costume designers What it awards: Achievements in film

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the grammys. beyonce poses while holding her many grammy awards. photo source: funk magazine

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trivial pursuit

hq is innovating the concept of the trivia game show on a mobile platform. by austin lent editor-in-chief


t 9 p.m. Scott Rogowsky’s jarring voice sounds. “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.” Over a million people around the world join, attempting to compete for a share of $2500. HQ, the mobile “Jeopardy,” is the live trivia game that has taken the app store by storm. The concept is simple in theory. Users open the app at the specified time and answer 12 multiple choice questions, each increasing in difficulty over the previous. Those who make it all the way to the end split the jackpot. It sounds a lot easier than it really is. The first couple questions are often fairly obvious. “Which of these is an ingredient in chocolate cake?” with the answer choices comprising of “chocolate,” “rubber tires” and “sneakers.” Most people know the answer right away, but it is both alarming and scary to think that 5,000 people would answer, either seriously or as a joke, sneakers as a fundamental feature of chocolate cake. That is the key to HQ. The first few questions build up one’s false sense of confidence in their trivia abilities, but this all gets called into question as the

game continues. While it easy to give an example of an adjective, it is much harder to name the first woman to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director (it was Lina Wertmuller in case you were actually wondering). The app, however, is plagued by all kinds of problems, from constant lagging issues to frequent displays of “technically difficulties.” Somehow, this adds to HQ’s charm. While Scott Rogowsky, affectionately referred to as the Trap Trebek, is easily one of the most obnoxious people, the other hosts, who are just as annoying, struggle to keep up with his popularity. HQ has catapulted Rogowsky to a moderate-level celebrity. He appeared during the “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” broadcast and has over 87 thousand followers on Twitter. Many imitators, from The Q to the Genius Quiz, attempt to put their own spin on the concept in the shadow of HQ, but not one manages to match the feel or hype of the original. For now, HQ holds the highly coveted title of best mobile trivia game.

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Black Panther sparks a new wave of representation in media. BY MEGAN MENDOZA MULTIMEDIA EDITOR


he new year marks a big change in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fans prepare for “Avengers: Infinity War” to premiere in May, Marvel released one last movie to tie the entire plot together. Black Panther not only sets the stage for the future of Marvel, but it also sets an example for generations to come. As Marvel’s first black superhero movie, the premise of Black Panther and its majority-black cast finally gives people of color the representation they deserve. The fact that Marvel has such a big fan base calls for black representation to have the spotlight and all the buzz in Hollywood. Black Panther’s cast with well known stars such as Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o allows black people to see stars that represent their heritage on the big screen. This is a cinematic game changer since the characters in Black Panther are much more dynamic and influential than how black roles are more commonly depicted. The actors are able to portray their characters as powerful, intelligent people who are capable of saving the day. The plot of Black Panther widely touches on the identities of these characters, so it was nice to see these actors portray their characters in their deserving roles. For example, Chadwick Boseman plays King T’Challa, the ruler of his country. Not only does the cast touch on racial representation, but it also brings up gender equality, which is currently a huge issue in the movie industry. With #TimesUp and other campaigns supporting women, Black Panther came out at an appropriate time to show just how powerful women can be. There are many empowering female roles as leaders, guards, and geniuses throughout the movie. Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, for example, is the lead scientist and sister to the main character in Black Panther. Marvel was already well known for having intelligent characters as their superheroes, such as Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but Shuri was crowned the smartest person in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another aspect of the movie that is revolutionary is the soundtrack. The


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soundtrack is composed of music written and inspired by all black artists. Throughout the movie, several scenes are accompanied by music from some upcoming and well-known artists such as Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Khalid, ScHoolboy Q and The Weeknd. Co-produced by Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment, the Black Panther soundtrack appropriately creates the perfect vibe for an action-packed, powerful movie. To go along with the cast and the music, the visuals of the movie do just as well in giving the appropriate black representation. The wardrobe for the entire cast consists of traditional African clothing, as the movie takes place in the fictional African country, Wakanda. In the movie, you can catch several different characters speaking Isixhosa, a South African language using click consonants, where sequences of clicks have different meanings. Black Panther’s release plays such a big role in the future of Hollywood because it encompasses and challenges so many issues that we have seen and continue to see throughout history, where black characters are often painted negatively. Black Panther’s large platform allows for black stars to have the spotlight to talk about these issues and the movie itself empowers the black community. When “Wonder Woman” was released in 2017, women all around the world were inspired by Gal Gadot’s character when they saw her saving the day. Just like “Wonder Woman”, people of color can see a character that represents them in such powerful roles. “As someone who has loved and supported the Marvel Cinematic Universe for as long as I can remember, I am so excited to finally have a movie that represents me,” senior Abigail Maldonado said. “Black Panther” ties together many different aspects that make it such a revolutionary movie. The African culture seen throughout the movie finally gives the much needed black representation in media. Through this movie, kids in generations to come are able to look up to these characters that they see on the big screen with similar hair and style as them and be inspired to embrace their culture. PHOTO SOURCE: themarysue

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The Rise of rupaul’s drag race These Drag queens are spreading their glam everywhere.

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By Adrianna Estrada Staff Writer


uPaul’s Drag Race has been on high demand recently. Over the last few years the show’s popularity has increased, and now drag queens are glamming up social media even more than before. This drag competition has been on air since 2009. This show is about people fighting for the title of being the ultimate drag queen. Throughout this show, these drag queens are given a certain concept and their makeup and outfits have to match it. After hours of preparing, they hit the runway to show off their beautiful masterpieces. Drag is when a person over exaggerates and emphasizes certain features of their face by using makeup. Drag queens are usually a male who dresses in the opposite sexes clothing, usually for entertainment. Not only do they glam up their faces, they also have to have amazing clothing. Each queen designs and makes their own costumes to r e a l l y show how feisty and beautiful they truly are. These queens work hard to do drag and spend a lot of money on makeup and supplies. The

growing popularity gives these queens a chance to show off their skills and really show some sass. They do not just want to show off their personalities, they also encourage other people to come out and do what they love. The drag queens also give advice to viewers and tips on how to do makeup just like theirs. Drag has been getting an increase in popularity. RuPaul’s drag race has a huge increase in views every year. More people are getting exposed to this content and it helps viewers become more comfortable with doing drag. Suncoast students can take the tips and advice the queens give and use it to bring drag to this school. Suncoast promotes students being happy and an environment that they can be themselves, and look the way that suits them and their own unique style. Rupaul’s Drag Race has helped nearly 120 queens improve their makeup skills and get their name out to the public. Queens like Kim Chi have grown in popularity since going onto this show. This show benefits the queens when they compete and grow a fanbase. Being a drag queen is not a high paying career and things like makeup and fabrics are expensive and hard to buy, so the show opens up a lot of great opportunities for these very hardworking people.

THE FOUR : Battle for stardom

New singing Competition show takes the world by storm.

By Jack swank staff writer


ove over “The Voice”, there is a new singing competition show on TV called “The Four.” “The Four” features huge belting, riffs, and major amounts of shade. The show starts out with four hand-picked vocalist chosen by the judges. The judges this season are DJ Khaled, Charlie Walk, Sean Combs, and Meghan Trainor. The Four is also hosted by Grammy winner and hit singer Fergie. The original contestants that the judges picked were Lex Lu, Ash Minor, Elanese Lansen, and Blair Perkins. Lex Lu is a female rapper born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Lex is known for mixing music styles such as Hip Hop, Soul, and Pop. Ash Minor is from Australia and has competed on the “X Factor Australia” in 2012, but with his actual name Adil Memon. Adil changed his name due to a Twitter scandal and deleted his account and changed his name to Ash Minor. Elanese Lansen was raised in Boca Raton, Florida. She competed on the second season of the “X Factor” but did not make it through to the live shows. Elanese likes to represent her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots by occasionally singing in Spanish for performances. Blair Perkins was also born in Los Angeles, California, and has competed on American Idol, but did not make it far. Blair, however,

suncoast high school |

has found success in the songwriting world with the song “Made In The USA” sung by Demi Lovato. Al these singers are very talented but they will have to defend their spots through singing battles against up and coming challengers. If anyone loses, the challenger takes their spot and joins “The Four.” “The Four” has also been trending on Twitter. All the judges, radio stations, fans, Fergie and the contestants themselves have tweeted about the show. On week four, a fan-favorite got beat by a challenger and #thefour was skyrocketing in trends. Some people expressed their opinion and others addressed the judge @Meghan_Trainor on Twitter for crying and discrediting the winner expressing that she preferred the former four member even though they lost. Overall, “The Four” is a great TV show to watch with family and/or friends. The show is popular among Suncoast students due to many following their favorite contestant on multiple social media platforms. The show puts a modern twist on singing competition shows that makes it different among the rest. It promotes viewer interaction, through the use of various social media platforms; like Twitter and Instagram. “The Four” is televised Thursdays at eight on Fox. Photo source : FOX

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THIS IS THE XFL Meet the newest contender vying for marketshare in professional football BY AUBIN ROBINSON STAFF WRITER


or decades, the National Football League has been the undisputed champion of American Football. Throughout the entirety of its existence, it has faced little to no competition with other leagues, and it has become the biggest football league in the world. However, despite the size and market share the NFL has in football, one man is seeking to bring back his own league and give the NFL a run for its money. Billionaire Vince McMahon, founder of the World Wrestling Entertainment, is hoping to bring back his 2001 challenge to the NFL, the XFL The original vision Vince McMahon had for the league in the late 1990s was ambitious . McMahon wanted to make the XFL like the WWE, and it was to be operational a year from its initial announcements. The games were supposed to be played rough like older NFL games and the league focused on what went on behind the scenes, as well as the game being played on the field. The league aggressively went after the NFL’s market share by pulling stunts like flying an XFL blimp over an NFL game and attempting to conduct their regular season during the NFL’s season, rather than operating during a different time of the year like the spring. Once the XFL had all of its teams ready and television deals done, the stage was set. It was up to McMahon and the league to give the audience what it came to see, a good game of football. The opening week of the XFL went well and the league was drawing in good ratings. Droves of people were tuning in to see what the XFL had to offer and McMahon was on the road to success, or at least that is how things seemed to be going. After the first week, ratings took a nosedive as people did not like the focus on the off field shenanigans the XFL featured during the games. Eventually, the decrease in ratings was too much for the league to bear, and the XFL ceased to be operational just over a year after it began. However, McMahon is not letting his football aspirations die just yet. After about 17 years of dormancy, he is reviving the XFL and hoping to make it an NFL competitor. However, there are going to be some changes. The first of these changes is how much time the league has to get ready. McMahon has decided that he will take two years to get the XFL ready, compared to the one year time frame McMahon had the first time. Next up, the XFL is implementing a zero tolerance policy for criminal offenses, whether it be drug usage or more serious offenses like domestic abuse. This zero tolerance policy could be a key marketing tool, as the NFL is struggling to deal with

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players that commit criminal offenses. When asked about this policy, Quarterback Ryan Lantz said that “I feel that there are good parts to it. It promotes good behavior from players but at the same time stuff happens sometimes and I think deserve a second chance”. Safety/Linebacker Reginald Williams’ response to the policy was “No, I dont think thats a good thing because even though people committed a crime, people change and I think they should have a chance no matter what they did because that was in the past. If you look at some of the NFL players today, there is a lot of people who have felonies or committed crimes and they’re still NFL players and I don’t think that’s fair.” In the end, anyone that may want to play football in the XFL, like the members of our football team, will have to avoid getting into trouble with the law in any capacity. Lastly, players can not kneel during the nation anthem in the XFl. This may be a big selling point for many people as many NFL fans have stopped watching NFL games due to the protests. The reasonMcMahon gave for not wanting players to kneel during the anthem was that the XFL does not want players to inject their politics into the games.

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Better than the wrest The Suncoast wrestling team Will not rest until they win By randall scott smith jr staff writer


mong the wide variety of winter sports for Suncoast students to choose from is wrestling. Wrestling is a sport that involves one on one matches where competitors score points by getting their opponents in certain holds, or by breaking out of a hold. At the end of the match, the one with the most points wins. Alternatively, a competitor can instantly win the match by “pinning” their opponent to the ground, where they hold their opponent down with both shoulders touching the ground. All members of the team are placed in a certain weight class in order to keep the wrestling matches fair. The wrestling season started in November of 2017 with the first practice taking place in the wrestling room in Suncoast’s gym. “In order to get on the team I had to get fit”, senior varsity wrestler Nicholas Diggs said. Since wrestling is a very physical sport, many of the team members found themselves having to make sure that they were at the top of their fitness for the season in order to outperform the opponent they went up against. “My experience with wrestling so far has been pretty good. I’ve had a blast”, Diggs said. Other members have had a similar experience. “The season’s been great. I’m pretty sure I have more wins than losses and I’ve learned a lot as an individual,” senior varsity wrestler Richard Evan Ebersole said. The Suncoast wrestling team can often be found practicing late into the night in the wrestling room after school. Most wrestling practices last hours after school gets out, showing the true dedication of all of the wrestlers involved. “We stay at school too long and the practices are hard,” Diggs said, “there’s

a lot of running. We run in circles for about a half hour. After that we wrestle for about an hour and a half.” At the beginning of the season, the team focused more on getting in shape, but as the season went on, the team spent less time working out and more time wrestling. “Recently, we’ve just been doing live drills,” Ebersole said. At the start, the coaches were needed to show how to do certain moves but after a while, the team started to learn how to do the moves by themselves, which meant they could spend less time learning and more time perfecting. Each member of the wrestling team found their own reasons for joining it. “I joined because I thought it looked like fun,” Diggs said. Other members joined the team in order to help them later on in life. “I joined the team because wrestling is a required course at the Naval Academy. I joined because I wanted to get a jump on the skills required for the Academy,” Ebersole said. After practicing every day of the week, the wrestlers get to show off their skills in the wrestling competitions, called meets. Each member of the wrestling team had to compete for their spot on the team before each meet. “If there’s kids in the same weight class they have to wrestle off for varsity spots before the meet,” Diggs said. Since there can only be one kid per weight class in each meet, members of the team who want to compete face two options: gain or lose weight in order to change weight class, or defend the spot through pure wrestling skill. There were a total of 14 meets, which started in December and lasted all the way until the District Meet in February.

Lacrosse the Field Suncoast’s boys lacrosse team gears up for on-field success. By Alex Levine Copy Editor


n the pantheon of American sports, the gods of football, baseball, basketball, and soccer inhabit the highest realms of sporting dominion. Yet, there is another inherently American sport that predates all of these in its connection to the United States: lacrosse. Practiced by the Iroquois far before any Europeans reached America, lacrosse represents the most American of sporting traditions. This tradition is kept alive through our own strong-willed, character filled lacrosse team. Coming off of a year of significant success, Suncoast’s varsity lacrosse team looks to push ahead this year to capitalize on last year’s victories. “This is my last year on the team, but I think we have a lot of potential, “ says senior Dylan MacDonald. Indeed, though there is a long road of work ahead to winning ways, MacDonald believes that, “Everyone on the team is working hard, we are all contributing, so I think we can do pretty well this year.” Contributing to the success MacDonald

believes the team could have this year is returning squad depth. From sophomores to seniors, players coming back this year are all working hard to fight and win for Suncoast. “I worked really hard to become stronger this year.“ said senior Carter Jandorf, who has worked hard throughout his time at Suncoast to become an important part of the team. “I practiced a bunch and spent a lot of time trying to become the best player I could be,” says Jandorf, who feels that he has become a much more complete player for this year’s season. As with any sports at Suncoast, if the team works hard and does all they can to compete, they can achieve any type of success they put their minds to. Asthis year’s lacrosse season begins, there is one thing to be certain about. With strong senior leadership and good depth, if they work hard, the Suncoast lacrosse team will without a doubt be on the road to success.

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