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the Talisman

Sheldon High School 2455 willakenzie Rd., Eugene, Or 97401 vol. 47 Issue 2 Nov. 10, 2011

Sheldon marching band’s march on Duck land Sheldon’s very own marching band’s perfect way to end their season Alex Nelson copy editor Anyone in marching band can tell you what FOB is. It stands for Festival of Bands, and is held at Autzen Stadium every year. It’s a high school marching band festival, although the University of Oregon marching band performs as well. FOB is a huge deal for marching band, and everyone hopes to do their best. A lot of people don’t think of marching band as being competitive, but FOB is much more competitive than an average football game. A football game is just one team against another, but at FOB, there can be twenty to thirty marching bands competing for the victory. Festival of Bands is as exciting for parents as it is students. Parent Kimberly Wick said, “This was my first marching band competition, and I was most excited about seeing three of my kids perform!” Parent Dan Waite said, “The talent and seeing my daughter was my favorite thing.” Festival of Bands is a great way for parents to get involved with marching band. For a lot of them, they have no idea what’s going on or what the show is because they don’t come to rehearsals or anything. They only see what the rest of the public sees--the final show--typically at football games, and even then there are many distractions while trying to watch the marching band show. At FOB, parents have the opportunity to not only watch their kids’ marching band perform, but also those from other schools. Speaking from experience, FOB can make a person want

to join marching band, as it did to me when I went for the first time last year. Wick later added, “I definitely wish I had the opportunity to be involved in marching band when I was in high school.” The marching band is broken into instrument sections. Your instrument section is like your family. You have the same music and typically are in the same general spot as they are on the field. There are section leaders, who are like the parents of your little section family! Because of this, the section leaders obviously want their section to perform to the best of their ability. Alto saxophone section

leader junior Sora Boyd said, “I am most excited for the alto saxophones to shine like they’ve never shined before during competition at the Festival of Bands. They work best under pressure.” Some feel the best part about Festival of Band is getting to see all of the other marching bands perform, because everybody knows how hard they have worked to achieve this final product: a butt-kicking marching band show. Boyd later added, “The Sheldon marcher in me wants me to say that we were the best, but Central Valley’s brilliant musical and technical execution was unbeatable.”

Eric Wick photo

Students in Sheldon’s marching band get into their opening positions to perform in the primliminary round at Festival of Bands 2011 at Autzen Stadium.

Katie Brelsford: managing the team with humor and style Brelsford is the football team’s manager, and is doing an exceptional job Ryan Land staff writer Any successful team needs a manager. In fact, the managerial position is seen as a very important role to a team. If you ask any team, they will tell you that their manager is extremely important to them and can contribute greatly to their success. This year, the Sheldon football program has been blessed with a new team manager. Senior Katie Brelsford has taken the reigns as the team manager and has done an excellent job. Brelsford began managing at the start of daily doubles this year, and she hasn’t looked back since. She decided to come out and help this year because of her love for both football and the Irish tradition. Her favorite part

of being team manager is winning. As team manager, Brelsford is able to receive free Sheldon apparel as well as being in what she calls the “trust circle” with the coaches. Brelsford also believes that she is the best team manager in the school, that’s right Joe Clem. Brelsford said, “I am the better manager. No competition. Joe Clem ain’t got nothing on me.” As team manager, Brelsford is more or less the team mom. She fetches things that players forget at games or practices, she cleans their messes, and she hangs up their jerseys in their lockers. Not only are the players grateful to have her, but the coaches are as well. Brelsford was accepted by the coaches the day she walked into their office. “Katie just kept asking to be the manager all summer long and when Coach J [Lane Johnson] approved of it she immediately began to go to work,” Coach Phillipo said. Coach Phillipo also added, “[Katie] has exceeded all expectations. She has done everything that I have asked and has not complained. I’m not sure how we can ever replace her after this year.” Brelsford has truly been a great addition for the football program and has

been very instrumental in the team’s success. She has put up with all of the guys’ humor, which is not easy for any girl to do. Senior Dawson Housely, who is also a player on the varsity, said, “Katie is great to have around and she also has a great sense of humor. Not many girls would be able to be around these guys all of the time. She has been more than helpful around here.” Brelsford has definitely been a positive influence for the program. Hopefully this tradition continues for the football program and other sport programs at Sheldon for years to come. Brelsford has been a great influence for the program and has helped lighten the mood at times. She has attended every practice, including morning workouts and film sessions. She still has more work to do, with the playoffs just beginning for the Irish. Hopefully another girl, whether it be a senior or not, makes the huge commitment of becoming team manager next year. If there is anyone (male or female) who loves football and wants to manage the team next year, just ask Brelsford she’ll tell you exactly how to do things the Irish way.

Dance team is now and forever a team sport The Colleens dance team is now a team sport and no longer a club Ben Ely staff writer One of the biggest attractions at the half times of home football games is Sheldon’s dance team, the Colleens. The dances are sometimes emotional or humorous, and the choreography is out of this world. They have won many times at competitions and, of course, plan to win more. Being on the dance team may sound like fun, but it’s not a walk in the park. There are many things needed to officially be called a Colleen. To become a true Colleen, you need to first apply and

then be accepted to become part of the team. After that, it does not get any easier. The Colleens have to memorize many dance routines, and sometimes more than one at a time. The person who has the hardest job on the team though is the coach, Hilary McClintick. She has to find the right music, come up with the routine, and teach it. She was the state dance team coach of the year in 2010. Sheldon’s athletic director, Matt Binkerd, has been here at Sheldon for four years and has seen the dance team’s performances multiple times, mostly at football games. “They’re outstanding,” Binkerd said. “They’re one of the best in the state. [McClintick] is a great coach, and has set up a really good system.” Just recently, the dance team was changed from being a club to a sport. When it was a club, the dance team participants were angry that their passion was considered a club. Most thought that dancing is most definitely a sport,

not a club. Student Rebecca Kimes said, “It should get credit as a sport; it requires a lot of effort.” Now that it is a sport, it seems that the dance team is satisfied. There are many traditions with the dance team. Every year, they host an event called the Dessert and Dance. Plus one gets to eat dessert! This event combines the young dancers with the varsity team to make a fun, entertaining experience. Another tradition is the Guy-Girl Dance. Different guys are asked by dance team members to participate in a fun, upbeat dance routine. It can be difficult, especially for a guy who doesn’t really dance a lot. Along with these two things, there are multiple exhibitions, such as “Dancing with the Colleens” The dance team most definitely provides plenty of entertainment no matter where they perform. Whether it’s in front of people hungry for dessert, or dancing with guys at their sides, the dance team is always fun to watch.

2 November 10, 2011


the Talisman

Apple loses a great leader: Steve Jobs Without Jobs, Apple may be hardpressed to keep it’s status in the highly compeitive technological world Elise Büecklein staff writer

By the age of 27, he already had been on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, incorporated a company that would turn out to be ranked as one of the first 120 companies with the highest income, illegally sold blue boxes with his friend, and invented a computer named after his daughter. After fighting and suffering for many years, he tragically died from pancreatic cancer on the 5th of October this year. Steve Jobs: a genius who definitely changed the world. It is not over exaggerated to say that we benefit in a big way from Steve Jobs’ life work. Almost every high school student you ask has heard of Apple or even has an Apple product such as an iPod, iPhone, Mac, or an iPad. If you ask people what they know about Steve Jobs, they mostly refer to his big success, but most of them don’t know the whole story; for example 11th grader Ronda Hanson said, “I only heard about Steve Jobs when he was

Hope Zima illustration

on TV because of his death. I think that he was a really successful person.” Steve Jobs is so much more than a big success; this man has showed many different personality traits and interesting aspects in his life. Even though most people would think of Steve Jobs as a perfect example of success and the state in which he was in before he died probably underlined that impression, his incredibly interesting life definitely had some ups and downs. Steve Jobs’ life started in San Francisco as a son of two college students who gave him free for adoption by a wealthy couple that lived in Silicon Valley, California, which is home to many large technology companies. It seems like it was destiny that this person would become so interested in technology and computers, considering he invented one of the leading computer models of these days. Everything he created had and still has this irresistible kind of simplicity and perfection at the same time. While nobody doubts that he was a brilliant genius, there are different opinions about his personality. Many Apple workers feared him for his choleric temper and his fast changing opinions. It is said that he could be talking about white being the best color for everything and the next day saying the exact opposite. For normal people, he can be referred to as a person that shows that everything is possible. Sophomore Rachel Davies says, “I know that he dropped out of college and still was a very successful person.” Success is not necessarily based on your scholastic education, but more about the effort and passion you put in to reach your goals.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi confirmed dead by rebels The death of Gaddafi ends the Libyan Civil War, which lasted for eight months C.J. Vangsnes staff writer

Earlier this year Muammar Gaddafi caused his people to protest against him because they felt that his rule needed to end. During the protests Gaddafi fired his entire cabinet and got replacements. Then his people started to fight back.

They grabbed guns and caused fighting among the people. All that the people wanted was to have a new ruler with new ideas, but it seemed to them that they would have to fight for their choice. They went to the capital, Tripoli, and Gaddafi fled, but was found, tortured, and killed by rebels on October 20. Gaddafi’s burial spot will be kept a secret. Rebels have taken control of the capital and Gaddafi’s fortress. The conflict in Libya has even reached the U.S. in forms of protests. Freshman Arianna Hamill said, “The conflict in Libya will get better for the rebels because Muammar Gaddafi is dead.” Hamill also said, “I think the conflict in Libya will end soon only if the loyalists give in.” Hamill also said, “The conflict in Libya is affecting my dad because at his work most of has coworkers are against the rebels, and they hate him for siding with them.”

Freshmen Gabby Bunell said, “The conflict in Libya will get worse now that Gaddafi is dead, because his followers will go all out to get revenge.” Bunell later said, “I think that the rebels will win now because Gaddafi is dead [and] the new government can now take root and grow.” Bunell finally said, “I don’t think the U.S. will send troops to Libya because the rebels don’t need the help, but they might send diplomats to help with the new government [the Libyans] are trying to build.” Sophomore Christian Bruken said, “The conflict might end soon if the new government they are trying to build can come into action soon.” Bruken then said, “My uncle hates the mention of the conflict because he thinks (and I kind of agree) that the conflict is a bunch of useless violence.” Bruken also said, “If the fighting does not end soon then there is a good chance that the conflict might get worse.”

#Occupy Wall Street protests spread Protestors in Eugene are being forced from place to place, and are beginning to lose members Cya Silva opinions editor

#Occupy Wall Street has spread across the country in protest to the supposed greed and injustice of the main shareholders in our nations’ ‘fortune.’ The basics of that issue is the fact that major corporations (mainly on Wall Street) are considered citizens and influence politics more than us citizens could ever do statistically. Number wise, they count for only 1% of the nation’s citizens, yet hold most of the political power and manipulation in their hands. Campus supervisor Darin Henry said, “A lot of people looked into the fine print on legal documents that allowed the corporations to do so and realized what was happening and started a civilly disobedient protest in New York, camping out on Wall Street to protest such actions.” Supposedly, the goal is to be civilly disobedient in hopes of President Obama doing something about those in Wall Street, whatever that ‘doing something is’ the protesters can’t say. And now the protest has decided to come Eugene. Unfortunately, #Occupy Eugene has been hitting wall after wall. “It seems they do not know what the heck they’re doing or where they want to go. I’m not sure that all of them actually know what the protest is about,” an anonymous junior student said. And others seem to share the similar opinion. First #Occupy Eugene camped in the downtown

Eugene blocks, being true Eugenians, then on October 21, the city gave the organization the okay to set up in Alton Baker Park until December 15. All seemed well until protesters moved to the University of Oregon’s Memorial Quad on October 27, and then after being threatened with arrest, they moved to Franklin Blvd, between Millrace and Onyx. In the moves, it has been observed that they’ve lost about 25% of their protestors. And, as of November 7, they have moved to Washington-Jefferson Park, in hopes of it being a more permanent place, seeing as the state owns the park, not the city. And the city, while it has a say, cannot evict them from their recently acquired spot. Also another downfall of the protest, some are turning violent. Not the protests themselves, but groups that shard off of it. One of the most famous recent groups to do criminal things has been a group that split off of #Occupy Oakland (in California). To date, they have vandalized properties of places such as a dental office, smashed bank windows, and blocked a port while advising the police to stay out of the way. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones, as many protests are sprouting clusters of people with a bit of a darker intent it seems now. “Death to Capitalism” is one of the more popular sayings now amongst the groups, and that seems to be what they want. But they still have not provided a true alternative to our system, they just seem to want it to suddenly stop. Many students and teachers are confused as to where this will go if it survives long enough to make a true difference. “I’m not sure how long it’s going to last,” the anonymous junior admitted. But even if it does fall through, someone will look at it later when things have gotten economically worse and they won’t always be so willing to be civilly disobedient. Desperation is a breeding ground for violence, and that’s what worries many. Until then, we can only hope for the best and keep ourselves well educated on the subject.


the Talisman

November 10, 2011


Beyonce’s pregnancy sparks media attention Excited fans track her pregnancy as the paparazzi try to get the pictures the public is hungry to see Aaron Mueller news editor When the world first heard that internationally-known singer Beyonce Knowles was pregnant, Twitter broke a record for the “most tweets per second due to a single event.” The record: over 8,000 tweets per second. Despite rumors that she is wearing a fake baby bump or using a surrogate mother, Beyonce says she is very happy for her and her husband, another well known singer; Jay-Z. But is the media going too far with investigating her pregnancy? Allegations that Beyonce is not pregnant began when a video surfaced, showing that when Beyonce was sitting down into a chair, her baby bump appeared to “fold in,” indicating that there is not in fact a developing fetus in her stomach, but a fake baby bump. Beyonce’s representative shot down all of the allegations as “stupid, ridiculous, and false.”

Another possibility proposed by the media, is that Beyonce is using a surrogate mother. A surrogate mother is when an unknown woman carries Beyonce’s baby in secret, while Beyonce publicly pretends she is pregnant (but she really isn’t). This means that if Beyonce is indeed using a surrogate mother, Beyonce’s embryo may have been transferred to another woman’s uterus; and then fertilized via artificial insemination. We all know that the media loves to eat up any story that has to do with a celebrity, because it means more money for them! Even some of Princess Diana’s last words were directed to photographers: “Oh my God. Leave me alone.” But is Beyonce being subject to overinvestigation by the money-hungry paparazzi? Is Beyonce growing tired of the paparazzi being all in her face about this pregnancy? Beyonce’s mother says she knows the gender of her daughter’s baby, but she is keeping it under lock and key. No matter the gender, Beyonce is ecstatic for herself and her husband, and has almost made a statement against her fake baby bump allegations by walking around with extremely tight clothing that you would never expect a pregnant mother to wear. Beyonce is expected to deliver her baby sometime in February. One can only imagine the amount of media coverage that will be surrounding her actual birth. This photoshop illustration shows how Beyonce might appear during pregnacy. Chasity Barnes photo illustration

Programs clash: Idol vs. X-Factor 50/50: movie review Which show will win the best singing show popularity contest? Ashley Kim staff writer X-Factor is the new show that everyone has been talking about. This American show is part of the British X-Factor franchise. X-Factor is very similar to American Idol, as they are both singing competitions, and Simon Cowell has been a judge for both. In fact, X-Factor is the show Simon Cowell created after he left American Idol. Because of the similarities, the two shows have been compared frequently. What is so great about this new show to cause people to compare it to American Idol, one of the most successful shows on TV? The real question people have been asking is: which one is better? Sophomore Destini Cao believes that American Idol is better. “It’s more interesting, and I like the judges more.” Cao added, “J-Lo is amazing.” Cao also shared her opinion about X-Factor, “I don’t like it as much as American Idol. I think it’s more boring. American Idol is the original; more people know about it. That’s why it has

more viewers, and it’s always going to be more popular.” Junior Nathan Wells disagreed. “X-Factor is better. I like the way they divide the participants into various groups. It allows a wider range of ages to participate, creating a diverse and entertaining show. Also, due to each individual judge’s different background, their criticisms towards the participants are unique and helpful.” Wells later added, “Simon Cowell is the best judge. I feel like his opinions are influential and professional.” Wells also thinks that the new show might hurt American Idol’s ratings. “With more seasons of X-Factor, American Idol will lose some of its viewers. Right now, not a lot of people know about X-Factor. Because of the age range, younger viewers will be more interested,” Wells stated. Sophomore Morgan Theophil shared her views, “Overall, I like X-Factor better because it lets contestants compete in groups. I like the way they separate the contestants, too.” Theophil added, “It’s nice how the auditions are in front of a live audience.” Theophil said she would still watch American Idol though, “I like Ryan Seacrest. I don’t like X-Factor’s host. If Ryan Seacrest moved to X-Factor, it would definitely be the better one.” Everyone has different views about the two shows and different reasons why one is better than the other. Even though more people are watching American Idol right now, many people seem to enjoy X-Factor’s divided group format and are impressed by the new show.

New hit television show: The Sing Off Yet another singing competion show, but with only a cappella singing groups Chasity Barnes editor-in-chief Back for season three, The Sing-Off is better and more competitive than ever. It premiered on September 19, 2011 (unlike the previous two seasons when it started in the month of December). This will be the first Sing-Off season to include sixteen groups of a cappella singers. Season three won’t end until the end of November. On May 16, 2011, it was announced that Judge Nicole Scherzinger would not return as a judge for this season due to her duties as one of the judges of The X Factor, and that Sara Bareilles would replace Scherzinger on the judging panel. Sixteen groups have been singing their hearts out and battling to be crowned season three Sing-Off champs. The SingOff is still as entertaining, diverse, and thrilling as ever. The original sixteen a cappella groups from around the country are now down to the last five standing: Vocal Point from Provo, UT; Pentatonix from Arlington, TX; Urban Method from Denver, CO; Dartmouth Aires from Hanover, NH; and Afro Blue from Washington, D.C. It is getting more and more exciting as the groups are being very cutthroat to try and gain one of the two spots in the final performance, where the season three winner will be announced. Sophomore Samantha Green said, “My favorite

50/50 film has fans crying and laughing Daniel Hafdahl staff writer Seth Rogen has been starring in many new movies. 50/50 is his latest movie he acted in. The movie came out on September 30, 2011. Joseph Gordon and Seth Rogen are the stars, but 50/50 also includes Anna Kendrick in the main cast. You would find 50/50 under the comedy and drama genres. There are humorous parts and quirky lines from Seth Rogen like always. However, since Joseph Gordon’s character is diagnosed with cancer there are some sad parts, yet the movie is uplifting. It’s a fairly new movie, so some people have yet to see it. Junior Broni Foster said, “I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t mind.” Other students want to see it, only because of Seth Rogen, a hilarious rising star in the media. Foster later added, “Seth Rogen is pretty funny, so that’s a bonus.” Even though some people enjoy Seth Rogen’s acting, not everyone does. He is sometimes very crude and obnoxious with his humor and acting when others prefer more of a serious or appropriate humor. The movie got very positive reviews from magazines and more. In the box office, it has made a little less than 30 million dollars, and only took eight million to make. Sophomore Cori Anderson said, “I went and saw it in the theaters, and thought it was a pretty good movie. It was worth the money at least.” The movie might not get money from everybody at the theater, though. Sophomore Anthony Buchanan said, “I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t really like to go to the theatre.” Even though he might not want to see it in theaters, he still would like to. Buchanan later added, “Yeah, I want to see it. Mainly because of Seth Rogen; I love Pineapple Express.” Great reviews, outstanding cast, and a box office success, this movie has it all and is a great picture. I would recommend it to anybody who watches R-rated movies. 50/50 is rated R for language throughout, sexual content and some drug use. That may stop a few people from being able to see it in theaters, so if you can’t, rent it and watch it at home with your family or friends.

group this season is Urban Method. They put a new twist to The Sing-Off by incorporating rap into their songs.” Helping each group are three lovely judges that include Shawn Stockman, of the R&B vocal group Boyz II Men; Ben Folds, an American singer-songwriter and musician; and most recently Sara Bareilles who replaced Nicole Scherzinger, the female judge from the first two seasons. Former Sheldon student Adam Green said, “Ben Folds is for sure my favorite judge. He’s smart, funny, and has good input.” Being on The Sing-Off and being in an a cappella group takes a lot of time, energy, and enthusiasm. Junior Madison Baker said, “I think it would be fun to be on The Sing-Off. I’m in Dubs, so continuing to something bigger like The SingOff would be very cool.” Each group has to We Have the Latest Fashions in Eyewear take the criticism from each one of the judges. *Gucci *Versace *Juicy Couure *Christian Dior *Dolce & Some take it harder than others. But to be strong and to be the best, each group must take that Gabbana *Giorgio Armani *BCBG *Vera Wang *Candies criticism and understand it and change their Prada *DKNY *Coach *Nine West *Ray Ban *Kate Spade performances or how they sing/arrange songs We Bill Most Insurances including Regence Blue Cross Blue to please the judges and to further themselves in not only their performances but also in Shield, Pacific Source, VSP, Eyemed, Providence, North West becoming an amazing a cappella group worthy Benefits, ODS, OEA Choice, and many more. of being crowned winner of The Sing-Off. Dr. Steve Jung, Optometrist But without a doubt The Sing-Off is an amazing 207 Coburg Road, Suite 105 show of talented artists. And we are fast Eugene, OR 97401 approaching the season finale. The Sing-Off is on every Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC. Tune in Ph:541-388-4844 M-Fri 9-6 Sat 9-3 and don’t miss the finale on November 28, 2011. Located next to TJ Maxx and Quiznos

Eugene Eyewear

Gay bullying is not okay at all Awareness has been raised about gay bullying with this fall’s production of The Laramie Project, and many Sheldon students are speaking out against the bullying that goes on in and around our school. Kelsea Radley staff writer In the United States today, people are often open about themselves, meaning their religion, clothing, beliefs, even sexual orientation. For a lot of teens and adults that are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, their sexual orientation makes them the targets of bullying, sometimes leading them to suicide. How would it feel if bullying was the thing that pushed someone to the point of suicide? According to, in a 2007 study 86% of LGBT said they experienced harassment and bullying due to their sexual orientation. How’s that for reality? Apparently today, everyone has a different opinion about the situation. For sophomore Rachel Unger, the matter of gay suicide and bullying isn’t serious “because a lot of people aren’t really arguing about it.” There are so many different ways to attack people now. Unger said, “Most bullying is online because if it was text messaging it would be like talking to a friend, but online it’s easier for a bully to say rude things.” For LGBT teens, it’s hard to find people to talk to. There are many help lines to call, for example 1-800-246-PRIDE. Many teens believe that there is no way to escape the bullying and these bullies push them so far down that their victims eventually believe that how they feel is wrong. But it’s not wrong at all; it’s just how they feel. Freshman Hailee DeWitt thinks that bullying against gay teens is “rude, pointless, and being gay is nobody else’s business but their own.” Lots of people today would probably agree with DeWitt. Lots of other people may not. DeWitt believes that “the matter is extremely serious.” And she’s right. The matter is serious. Junior Anisha Milosevich believes that bullying is “disrespectful.” Milosevich said that “gay suicide is just as serious as it would be if a straight teen committed suicide.” When asked who the suicides could effect, Milosevich responded, “Friends, family, and most importantly themselves because they wouldn’t be alive.” Milosevish thinks that gay teens are preyed upon because “bullies can’t take it that gay teens aren’t just like them.” It’s 2011, people. Get over the fact that that people are gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We are all the same on the inside aren’t we? So stop judging other people because they’re not the exact same as you. Ask yourself this: would it hurt if someone hated you, beat on you, or pushed you down just because you liked a certain gender other than what other people consider “normal?” The answer is no, right? So just stop. It’s not okay; it hurts the people you do it to.

Highlander: more than one?

The beloved movie Highlander is an old-time classic, but is now being considered for a remake. The question is, will the remake even be able to come close to the original? Jared Rogers staff writer

Five Guys: the better burger? Social network takeover The chain restaurant recently opened a new location in downtown Eugene, and Dickie Joe’s is said to have some serious competition. Is this claim legitimate? Or is Five Guys less than it is rumored to be?

“There can be only one.” Many people recognize this famous quote from the movie Highlander. In fact, many consider Highlander to be one of the greatest movies of all time. But what makes Highlander so great? Was it the acting, or maybe the soundtrack? Perhaps it was the fact that Sean Connery was in it. But now that Highlander is being considered for a remake, it is the perfect time to figure out what makes this so popular. One of the many great aspects of Highlander is, of course, Sir Sean Connery. Well known for his role as James Bond, Sir Connery is one of the greatest actors of all time. Connery brings a lot to the movie, and many believe he made up for what Christopher Lambert lacked playing the lead role. Clancy Brown has also been praised for his roll as the film’s antagonist, Kurgan. The band Queen has been praised for the soundtrack they wrote and performed for the movie. Songs such as “Gimme the Prize,” “Princes of the Universe,” and “Who Wants to Live Forever”, helped to enhance the overall effect of the movie. Queen used its unique style and sound to bring a voice to the movie which most other bands could not. Each song fits its scene well, bringing more depth that even the greatest actors cannot. While the quality of acting and special effects can be doubted and brought into question, the soundtrack cannot. After the original Highlander came out in theaters, the movie was turned into a franchise, and several sequels were made. There were also several novelizations, as well as a television series. While none of the other movies were as acclaimed as the original, the series still maintained a cult following. Nearly all movie reviewers criticize the second film in the series for making little to no sense, although the movies after that seemed to be better. The television series took place during the time period of the original film, and used “Princes of the Universe” as it’s theme song. Even though the sequels may not have lived up to their predecessors, the series still remains as famous as ever. Decades after its orignal release, Highlander has proven again and again to stand the test of time. Still referenced in pop culture TV shows and even in some songs, it seems that there really can be only one.

New internet sensation Google+ threatens to wipe Facebook off the map, just as Facebook did to Myspace, continuing the tradition of social networks taking over their predecessors.

Carley Kramer staff writer The famous chain restaurant Five Guys Burgers and Fries opened its first location in Eugene/Springfield at 3266 Gateway Street on May 10, 2011. Since then, the restaurant’s arrival has gotten people talking. Though not everyone has good things to say about Five Guys, others seem to genuinely enjoy the addition to Eugene’s wide range of restaurants. “I didn’t know about it before it came to Eugene,” said freshman Davis Miller. “I think someone told me it’s their burgers that have this special sauce. I’ve heard they’re really good.” Others, though, prefer the restaurant’s competitor Dickie Jo’s, also relatively new to Eugene, that also serves 50s style burgers and fries. “Dickie Jo’s; I just like the food there a little bit better. It tastes better than the average fast food where as Five Guys is any other burger,” said sophomore Zoe Hollub. “There wasn’t anything really special about the food, but it wasn’t bad.” Dickie Jo’s menu has more variety from sandwiches to milkshakes, where Five Guys has only several burger options and several child entrees. “I’ve heard their fries don’t match Dickie Jo’s, but that their burgers are better,” said freshman Sophia Warner. “At this point, though, I’d rather try Five Guys because I’ve never been there before.” Five Guys, though, is sure to offer a classic-style burger for any lunch day. The restaurant, generally, has a very laid back theme; several bags of potatoes in a large pile by the ordering line, simple decorations, a warehouse like roof with rafters and plain lights, fries served in a paper cup, and the simplistic beauty of throwing empty peanut shells on the floor. The walls are decorated with the occasional sign reading reviews of the restaurant and a small billboard where customers are welcome to leave their loving notes about their experience at the restaurant on provided index cards. A billboard by the register provides the origin if that day’s potatoes. Though the place is often packed to the brim, the wait for your meal isn’t long. The service is helpful, and sure to serve your burger with a smile. Some people think Five Guys doesn’t compare to Dickie Jo’s, and that, like so many other chain restaurants, it’s a disappointment. Another Five Guys is set to open soon in Eugene, but the question is whether it’s a good thing or not. Many think a Dickie Jo’s, a locally owned restaurant, should open instead. Take a trip to Five Guys and decide for yourself.

Going undercover about Michael Long

AJ Smith staff writer Could there be a social networking site more in-depth, more secure, and more convenient than Facebook? Google+ could very well be that site. The new social network from Google has come out to be a great site for internet users everywhere. Over 40 million users have opened accounts on the site and it just started up at the beginning of the summer. There are many similarities between Google+ and Facebook, along with many differences. Although there was a huge reception for Google+, many people are not buying the hype. Junior Nick Bermudez said, “I believe that Facebook will always be better than Google+. It will always be superior.” Many people have this ideology. Even though the features are fairly similar, it is the amount of people on the site that seems to be the determining factor. Google+ has the same principles as Facebook, yet executes them differently. While Facebook has groups, Google+ has circles. You can put people into as many circles as you want, allowing you to post to certain circles and seeing what the people in those circles are doing. Junior Jessica Laurie said, “I like the idea of circles in Google+ and may use the site if it becomes more popular.” Google+ seems to be most popular among curious people. Google has advertised their social network across many places and has caught the attention of a few. Sophomore Michael Chavez said, “I really enjoy using Google+. The site is very easy to understand and has many great features. If there were more people on the site, I believe that it would easily be better than Facebook.” Features such as circles, great privacy protection, and functional chat allow people to stay connected to whom they choose. With all of these ideas, it really comes down to personal preference. The amount of people on Facebook appeals to some, while the exclusitivity of Google+ appeals to others. While many of the features are different on Google+ and Facebook, the idea is still the same: to keep people connected. These two sites are at the top, and it’s up to you to decide which you like better.

Civil war football game is aptly named and anticipated

Well-known senior Michael Long is an interesting character. Many people think they know him, but they might only have encountered the tip of the iceberg.

Every year, the Civil War game between Uof O and OSU is a battle that all fans eagerly await. Duck fever is high here in Eugene.

Jonathan Howell staff writer Who is Michael Long? Well, if you Google the name Michael Long, the two people you’ll see are a professor at the University of Maryland and an Australian soccer player. The Michael Long of this article is not a judge, as is the Michael Long from England, even though it would be fun to say, “Order in the classroom!” and have some authority behind it. Well, the Michael Long this article is is none of the above. He is a student at Sheldon, although he is much more than just a student. But what are his opinions and his ideas? Michael Long is a senior here at Sheldon. He plays sports, soccer to be exact, so maybe he’s a bit like the soccer player from the Google search, just minus the Australian part. Long also helps around his community and is in theater. Long plays soccer, golf and occasionally ultimate Frisbee. “I play a lot of sports; sometimes I play different ones here and there,” Long said. These are just some of the activities he enjoys, but what’s he really like? Long is a Christian and is active in his church. “I go to church four times a month,” Long said when asked about his religious ideals. When he was asked about his political ideology he said, “I tend to stay out of politics as much as I can.” He later added, “I don’t really like politics, but any change is good.” His opinions surrounding the Iraq war he simply said, “We need to get out.” Long is known widely around the school, especially by those who pay attention to the sports he plays. He is also known by most of the upperclassmen. Long has a wide array of friends, but none he’s extremely close with. Sheldon Junior Matthew Lyons said “I don’t know [Long] personally but from what I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy and a lot of my friends like him.” So that’s Michael, not the soccer player from Australia, the judge from England, or the professor from Maryland. He’s the Michael Long of Sheldon High School currently in his senior year. Most people would agree he’s a cool, nice soccer-playing guy. Who knows, though, maybe he could become a professor in soccer-playing judge at the University of Oregon who plays soccer in Australia on the weekends.

Blake Schauffler staff writer

Hope Zima photo

Sheldon students have many thanks to give this holiday season This Thanksgiving season, Sheldon students have a lot to be thankful for. However, their thanks range from the normal to the downright strange. Hope Zima features editor Giving thanks at Thanksgiving seems like a pretty obvious thing to do. However, there are many differences in the way people interpret “giving thanks.” Some see Thanksgiving as a sort of religious holiday that is a time to be grateful for their blessings. Others prefer to leave the time for being with their family members whom they might not see that often. The holiday can be stressful, as is the nature of holidays, but, overall, most people leave the table feeling grateful to be alive and with the ones they love. Besides the generic, though, it is intriguing to think about what unique things people are thankful for. Senior Karen McGhehey is a perfect example. She said, “This Thanksgiving I am thankful that my cat is still alive.” McGhehey’s cat is 17 years old, which is extremely old for a cat, and to be “still kicking” at that age is certainly something to be grateful for. McGhehey’s family usually goes to her dad’s relative’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, although McGhehey herself doesn’t eat very much. “I am a picky eater and

don’t like turkey, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce.” Her favorite part is the dessert. Junior Isaac Klump agrees with the love of dessert, although he also likes the turkey and potatoes. Klump’s family goes to his relative’s house, and he is especially thankful for his family. “I am thankful for my house, my friends, and the food,” Klump said. He finds Thanksgiving to be a good reminder to be thankful. He said, “I don’t always think about [giving thanks] so the holiday is a good way to remind me.” Junior Brandon Hawks doesn’t have the same problem. He said that he finds it easy to be thankful most of the time, and he is thankful for many things. “I am really thankful that I have friends. And a house. And food,” Hawks said. “I am also thankful that I can donate blood,” he added. His unique thanks wasn’t quite so random as he was in the process of donating blood at the time. If McGhehey, Klump, and Hawks are any indication, Sheldon students are a thankful crowd, ranging from the normal to the abnormal in their thanks, but thankful nonetheless.

Hope Zima illustration

What is the biggest rivalry game at the end of the Duck and Beaver seasons? It’s the Civil War! Football fans all across Oregon and other states will be tuned in to watch the Ducks and Beavers battle it out on the field. The tailgaters will be out and about spreading spirit to others. Grills will be cooking, fans shouting, and people drinking. All of these exciting events will occur at Autzen Stadium on November 26, 2011. This year the Ducks have ESPN’s favor for the Civil War. Sophomore Ryan Choquette said, “Even though I’m a Duck fan I think the Beavers could win because of an underdog uprising.” The Beavers have been having a rough season, but they did beat the University of Arizona. The Ducks started off with a loss against LSU, but have beaten every team they have played since then. The Duck’s head coach Chip Kelly has a great career record. One Rose Bowl game, the National Championship game, and a 12-0 season under his belt. He was also an offensive coordinator for the University of Maine. The Beaver’s head coach Mike Riley left Oregon State to be the San Diego Chargers head coach. He then returned to Oregon State after being fired at San Diego due to his record of 14-34. Campus supervisor Darin Henry said, “The Ducks have a great chance of winning! Go Ducks!” The Civil War game used to always be the last game of the season. This year it’s different because the Pac Ten is now the Pac Twelve. There now will be a Pac Twelve Championship game at the end of the Season. Senior Roberto Tort said, “I’m so happy we have a conference championship game now.” The Civil War game is the most popular football game to watch in the state of Oregon. Fans of both teams will be cheering and having a good time at the tailgater. Enjoy the game, and may the best team win!

Opinion vary on what are the greatest songs of all time Everyone knows what “good” music is and what “bad” music is, but tastes vary from person to person and decade to decade. Sam Hannah staff writer Over the last 70 years the style of popular music has changed a lot. The music that people listened to in the 40s is nowhere near to the kind of music students listen to today. Kids listen to hip-hop and pop music, rock, metal, and country. Back then all there was to listen to was blues and classical. Every person has different tastes in music. Freshman Kyrel Jefferson said his favorite genre of music is rap. Jefferson said, “I enjoy listening to the intense bass drop in the songs and enjoys bumping around with my friends.” Jefferson’s favorite song is “Brooklyn We Go Hard” by Jay-Z. Senior Laken

Johnson was given a choice between five songs and out of those five choices she chose “Sexy and I Know It.” Johnson said, “The song has a catchy beat and I love dancing to it.” According to Rolling Stone magazine, this is the list of top ten songs of all time. 1 “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan, 2 “Satisfaction” by Rolling Stones, 3 “Imagine” by John Lennon , 4 “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye , 5 “Respect” by Aretha Franklin , 6 “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys , 7 “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry , 8 “Hey Jude” by Beatles , 9 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana , 10 “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles Senior Cameron Herr said his favorite style of music is acoustic. He enjoys listening to Jack Johnson and John Mayer. “I enjoy listening to acoustic music because it’s calm and mellow and puts you into a good mood.” Herr also stated that he likes listening to soft rock and smooth jams. There are millions of songs in this world and people will have their own opinions on what they think are the top songs of all time.


November 10, 2011


the Talisman

Laramie Project: a very gutsy production Some students shied away from auditioning and others were not allowed to because of the subject of homosexuality

Jackie Jones staff writer Back in late September, I’d gone home after auditioning for Sheldon’s fall production, The Laramie Project. My initial feeling had been that of a proud mom. I felt so proud of students who auditioned. At the same time, I was incredibly disappointed. The Laramie Project is a production that tells of the true events of a hate crime that occurred against a gay student, Matthew Shepard, in Laramie, Wyoming, in October, 1998. The play includes documented interviews and testimonies. In order to take part in this production, students needed parental permission; but that is not a new thing. Parental permission has been a necessity for all theatre productions. Some parents refused, disallowing their students to partake in the production. The reason for this is that a lot of parents looked at this play and saw that it’s about a hate crime against a homosexual man, and they shied away from it. “I have friends whose parents are against the content, and they’re taken aback that we’re putting this show on,” said junior India Potter. Why? It’s often because of the whole “homosexuality is a sin” and “it goes against the will of God’s beliefs”. Despite this, these same parents, or parents with similar beliefs, will allow their children into environments that

Senior buddies: valid support or sexist servitude? A long-standing football tradition from another time continues year after year Shyanne Church backpage editor The Sheldon tradition of senior buddies has been carried on for a very long time. Senior girls decorate their assigned football player’s locker room space and leave presents for him, baked cookies, brownies, cakes, and other treats for practically every football game all season. Most of the senior girls who are senior buddies enjoy it because they choose to be buddies. To be a senior buddy you must first attend an informational meeting, and then sign up before actually participating. However, this tradition began in a much different time when the idea of the common woman was to cater to a man. This is much different from the modern day independent woman of today. Senior buddy Taylor Dodrill said, “Senior buddies is fun although it seems like an old tradition and is a little sexist.” Each girl is required to buy a sweatshirt and tee shirt, costing 45 dollars, with not her own last name on the back, but the football player she is assigned to. Once, senior buddies had been an innocent tradition, although now could be perceived as sexist towards women and has offended some people. Senior buddies seems more or less one sided; the female participant provides funds for all of the cost to partake in a two person activity. Although, at the end of the season the girls are given things like gift cards, a necklace, and/or flowers. It would seem more equal to both sexes if both males and females gave gifts throughout the whole season. Senior buddy Sally Stender said, “I like the big gifts at the end so it is more heartfelt.” Stender later stated, “It’s fun and the boys seem to really appreciate everything we do.” But what football player wouldn’t appreciate a snack before a game, and unconditional support from a pretty lady? Same goes for female volleyball players, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a handsome guy supporting them, and bringing them gifts and snacks for every game. So why is it that just male football players enjoy the luxury and being waited on and praised before each game? Shouldn’t there be male senior buddies for our girls volleyball team as well? If only this old tradition was more of a give and take type situation it would better the whole experience. Senior buddies, as it is right now, is not only sexist to the female participants, but also expensive. If only the males picked up some of the costs, and the females had less of a ‘catering’ role there would be more satisfaction with the staff and students.

are no purer than The Laramie Project. I have friends who performed in the fall show Dracula. These same individuals were unable to take part in The Laramie Project because of the content. And yet, in Dracula, there is a soulless, bloodsucking demon that preys on innocent people. It’s nearly impossible to change people’s opinions if they’re set into it. I believe that everyone is equal; everyone deserves equal rights and privileges, whether he or she is of a different race, gender, or sexuality. These beliefs are brought up in The Laramie Project. I find it difficult to understand how parents can keep their children from being a part of something wonderful, especially if it’s something their children want to do. This

comes back to beliefs; I’m not saying that their beliefs are wrong. However, how can they reject one subject matter and condone another similar one? Sheldon has always been known to be accepting. Granted, with any high school, there are multitudes of opinions and beliefs, but we’re culturally diverse and welcoming. But, if we’re so welcoming, why can’t we welcome this or, at least, acknowledge it if we cannot accept it right away? “I’m surer than ever this is a topic we have to talk about everywhere, not just Sheldon. Gay individuals are not treated the same, and it’s not okay,” said theatre director and choral instructor Nancy Anderson. And, as a student, I couldn’t agree more with her.

Eric Wick photo

Some of the cast of The Laramie Project (L to R): Maddy Wager, Nathen Wells, Chasity Barnes, Jackie Jones, Levi Brown, Miranda Rasmussen

Saving the future requires action today Recycling and conserving today will make the future better for everyone Haley Campbell staff writer Flying Cars? I don’t think so. Why didn’t we predict ever-present cameras, flat panel televisions on walls, plastic surgery, and the video game you can play without your hands (Microsoft Kinect? Back to the Future Part II predicted our future would include all of these things by 2015. A proposition that appeared impossible in 1989 is very clearly plausible today. So, is it too off the wall to assume that our near future includes a female President, the exact beginning and end of a thunderstorm or the abolition of lawyers because legal cases are solved in a matter of hours? Is it plausible or even likely that we can change a displeasing future? Mrs. Kessenger, Sheldon’s librarian said, “We don’t have time travel, but we do have some people who are smart enough to see an unforeseeable future, for instance environmental scientists and profits. I am willing to do what I can to prevent a disturbing future.” What about the opinions of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth? Mrs. Kessenger added, “It’s definitely a possibility. It’s also a possibility to mitigate it before it gets to that point, but I can’t do it by myself.” Recycle people, it’s that easy. They place bins in the classroom for a reason! Mr. Whalley Sheldon’s chemistry teacher said,

“Whether global warming is occurring is not debatable. The big question is what the affect is going to look like.” Whalley believes that in the case of an apocalypse - be it meteor, ice age, or global warming - humans could not be part of the earth when the end comes (according to Whalley, ninety-five percent of all species die off in extreme climate cataclysms). Whalley added, “You don’t have to believe in science to know that it’s going to affect you. The climate is changing even without your awareness.” We should cease to be ignorant then by listening and participating in science class. Who knows the knowledge may surprise you. Mrs. Christie, Sheldon Academy’s history teacher said, “We can absolutely prepare for an apocalypse. But that requires integrity. As a society we need to ramp up our knowledge of science and technology, and study the possibility of life off the planet.” If you were given the choice to travel into the future and see our world, would you change the outcome if you could? Mrs. Christie added, “No, absolutely not. Everyone creates their own future [and we need to live with it].” United we stand. Divided we fall. Are you doing your part to preserve our earth? Conserve water; take a military shower, recycle, pick up trash on the highway for volunteer hours, and think about how your actions affect our planet! We may not be able to stop global warming, but we can try and combat the severity of an unknown and potentially harmful outcome.

Open campus is a privilege not a right Most students enjoy the chance to leave campus, but some abuse it Erika Schaufler staff writer Sheldon is one high school that has an open campus. Most students enjoy it, and there are many things that students can do around the Sheldon area when they go off campus. Popular places that Sheldon students go are Market of Choice, Rons Island Grill, and Subway. The most common time that students are off campus is during lunch. Free periods are also common and students go off campus most of the time during their free periods and some people even walk home. Open campus is a great privilege and if students want open campus to stay they shouldn’t abuse the opportunity. Students at Sheldon love having open campus and enjoy being able to have some freedom. Freshman Rachel Brungardt said, “I get money to get lunch once a week and I always go to Ron’s. It’s the best.” A Ron’s employee says, “There is never a slow day at Ron’ssss when school I around.” Some people that do not agree with having open campus are the people who have to

drive down Willakenzie road because of how many students walk in front of them and jay-walk. Freedom is what usually makes a student like school more. If students have a time when allowed to go off campus, they’ll usually leave and go walk around and get food, drinks, etc. Freshman Hayden Shultz said, “I like having an open campus because it gives me more options to eat during lunch because of all the restraunt nearby.” Most students agree with that and like having different places to eat for lunch. Students like the opportunity to be able to go somewhere other than school for lunch because it can get pretty hectic if all 1600 students tried to find a place to eat at school. Freshman Hailee DeWitt said, “The best part of high school so far is having open campus and being able to wander and eat where I want.” There are some high schools in town that don’t have open campus so Sheldon is very lucky. If Sheldon didn’t have an open campus it would be super crazy.s Remember if students want open campus to stay, don’t abuse the privilege. Most of Sheldon students are respectful; however, there is always a group of students who don’t think who they have to listen to all the rules.


the Talisman

November 10, 2011


Basketball manager enters his final year Sheldon senior Joe Clem has become a common sight on the Irish sideline Spencer Haugen staff writer When you attend a boy’s basketball game at Sheldon High School, there is one person who stands out more than anyone on the Sheldon bench. There are many key roles that make the boys basketball team function and one of those is Joe Clem. Clem has been the boy’s basketball team manager for the past three years and plans on a very exciting fourth and final year. Each season he prepares for a new season and thinks of ways he can contribute to the team. Clem might be the best basketball manager Sheldon has ever seen. Clem said, “I do it because I love the sport and I love being a part of the team. From waking up early and going to practices and staying after to help players with their game.” Just like all the other players Clem goes to every

Oregon overcomes key football injuries

Ducks continue an undefeated league season despite James’ elbow injury Sam Seno staff writer If you live anywhere near Eugene or anywhere in America, you are probably aware that during the Oregon California game LaMicheal James dislocated his elbow. If you ask James himself, the injury is not a big deal and he is ready to play. But head coach Chip Kelly is following the policy of not talking about injuries with the media and because of that we don’t know the extent of James’s injury or how much medical attention he has been getting. So let’s look at the injury itself and see if sitting out for the Arizona State game was smart, and if he should sit out longer. Chip Kelly did not want to put James into a situation in which he would end up missing an extended amount of playing time. When asked about sitting James for the ASU game, Junior Lane Davis said, “I thought it was smart because it gave him a chance to recover and gave some other guys much deserved playing time.” To be straight to the point, Chip Kelly made the right decision in resting James for the ASU game. To understand why he did sit James and why he will probably sit out longer you need to look into the injury, and what it really means when you dislocate your elbow. There are two types of elbow dislocation: a complete dislocation, and a partial dislocation. In a complete dislocation the elbow joint surfaces are completely separated. A partial dislocation occurs when the elbow joint surfaces are only partially torn. There is no difference in how each of these dislocations are treated, the only visible difference is more swelling in the occasion of a complete dislocation. When someone dislocates his or her elbow it takes a while to get the swelling to go down and to make sure the ligaments are repaired enough to take on whatever a person is going to go through in an average day. The chances are that James will not get average playing time until the Ducks travel to California to take on the Stanford Cardinal. Junior Isaac Klump said, “I would sit out three weeks if I were him.” So now that we know the shortest recovery time for a dislocated elbow, let’s look at the worst case scenario. If someone does not take their recovery training seriously, and has a dislocation that is complete, it is possible for someone to not be fully recovered after twelve weeks. According to James his elbow was not completely dislocated so it is highly improbable that he will miss that much time. James will also have medical attention from some of the best doctors and physical therapist in the country. To look at the situation optimistically, James is very lucky compared to other injuries that some athletes face. If James had encountered a stress fracture he could be out for much longer. Senior Allie Rielling said, “I had a stress fracture and was in an air cast for four weeks.” That four weeks does not include the other six weeks that it takes for the bone to fully recover. If James would have had a stress fracture he would most likely be out for the season. Even though James is out and will be out for at least three games, we need to be thankful that it is not any worse and that we will see him in an Oregon uniform before the season ends.

game, every practice, and anything that has to do with the can see he really loves and supports the team and he’s team. He puts in just as much time as the other players and behind them all the way.” Even though this is Clem’s this helps the team a tremendous amount. Clem continued, last year as team manager, he will never be forgotten. “We have a good team this year and we had a good team last year that went deep in the playoffs. We have a lot of returning players and I can’t wait to start the season.” Senior Joe Bando commented, “Clem does a huge amount for the team and is a big part of the program.” Bando has been on the varsity basketball squad for the past three years and plans on finishing strong with a fourth year. Bando continued, “Clem and I have been apart of this team for the past three years and I can’t wait for a fourth.” This year will be Clem’s last year as team manager for the boy’s basketball team and he will be greatly missed after the season is over. Senior Dawson Housley commented, “It’s really fun to watch Clem get the players pumped up before the games and I believe he is one of the reasons the team does so well.” Housley is a big fan of Sheldon basketball and has been attending the games for the past couple of years. Spencer Haugen photo Housley continued, “The best part of Clem is that you Clem is a dedicated member of the SHS team.

Concussions sideline HS athletes New technology helps both players and trainers treat dangerous brain injuries Drew Haugen sports editor In today’s world of high-performance high school athletics, players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. This makes for exciting sports action for spectators; however, it also poses a major threat to the athletes on the field. Students take a risk every time they chose to compete and concussions are a scary reality of the sports world today. In the last year alone, there have been between 1.8 and 3.6 million reported sports related concussions in high school athletics. A concussion is caused when the brain makes contact with the inside of the skull after a big hit or heavy impact. Senior Sean Bellotti said, “Concussions are a part of sports, but getting the right treatment can help to stop the problems.” After sustaining a head injury, a person will experience, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and trouble concentrating. Most athletes recover in a matter of weeks; however, if not treated correctly, these injuries can have devastating effects on students. Senior

Sam McCaskill said, “I have never gotten a concussion while playing sports, but many of my teammates have.” Playing with a concussion can lead to more serious symptoms including long-term health effects and loss of memory. As the number of sports-related brain injuries continues to increase, trainers and doctors are teaming up to find new ways to prevent concussions. Here at Sheldon, new technology is helping to treat these dangerous injuries. This year, students participating in football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and wrestling are required to take the IMPACT test, which tests a person’s memory, reaction time, and awareness. Irish athletic trainer Laura Baker said, “The results of this test help me to determine the most effective way to treat the concussion.” During the course of this season, there have been a total of 20 reported brain injuries. Baker continued, “I think that more people are reporting concussions now because they know more about them.” The risk of brain injuries will never be fully eliminated from the sports world. And with more students participating each year, the injuries are bound to continue. However, with innovative technology and new knowledge, trainers and players are working to minimize these dangerous injuries and their lasting effects.

Sheldon water polo makes a splash in 2011 Both the boy’s and girl’s teams work hard and compete in fast-paced sport Cameron Ritchey entertainment editor Sheldon students participate in many sports and activities all year round. One of them is water polo. Both the boy’s and girl’s teams are coached by Ron Thompson. The sport itself is a mix of football, soccer, and hockey. Being submerged in water for more than an hour, swimming and throwing a ball, and flailing one’s arms and legs sounds incredibly tiresome. Water polo is definitely an endurance type of sport. As much as we all enjoy watching teams swim back and forth in a pool at swim meets, it can get a little boring. Water polo takes simple swimming to a whole new level. Junior Greg Ayala stated, “Water polo is really a team sport. It’s really rough, too. Kids are elbowed, kicked and punched all the time. Injuries are almost normal but it’s really fun to just be in the water moving.” Being able to have good breath control is a must for the sport. Ayala said, “It’s really easy to swallow water and choke since you’re being pushed and shoved under. You have to time your breath. But the referees are really good at watching out for us.” The girls and boys teams are different, yet also similar. The girls team only consists of ten members. As for the boys, it has about thirty members. The two teams have the same rules yet it seems like not all are applied. Maria Carnivalli said, “Boys play really rough. The girls, however, tend to play a little dirty by scratching and pulling on each other’s suits. But the referees see it immediately.” The boys and girls all practice together but play separate games. Both teams at Sheldon show great sportsmanship and determination. The boy’s team has had a two year losing streak but this year, they’re looking to change that. Sophomore Charlie Mundorf said, “So far we’ve done really well. And the championship is coming.” The state championship game came to a close with Sheldon boys 7, and Hillsboro 10. The girl’s team did not make it to state, but they plan to next year. The boys played a great game and are ready to keep continuing

with practice. Ayala said, “Even though I couldn’t go to the game because I was sick, it’s good to know that we made it that far. Although they did beat us, we’re ready to try again.” The water polo team for boys and girls has had a great season. They came a long way from the losing streak to almost winning the state championship.

Talisman Staff

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Should Sheldon allow artistic wall expression?

More art could help students express individuality and creative qualities Justice Nunley staff writer

When people walk into Sheldon, they see white walls with no color. It feels almost prison-like in some respects with no creative expression anywhere but in glass cases. Think what Sheldon would be like if there was more art on the walls and more respect between the students. If this were to happen, our school would become more welcoming and students and staff may actually want to cruise the hallways and admire the beauty around them. This would also be a good chance for the art students to be able to express themselves more fully than on just paper and canvas. One thing needs to happen in this school before any of this can happen though; students need to learn respect. Respect for art is a big deal here at Sheldon. Some people think vandalism is art, but don’t think how it may affect other people. When people deface other people’s art, it can be offensive, vulgar and rude to the person who created it. Junior Cassidy Pasley said, “I think they deface the art because they have nothing better to do and they think they’re improving it somehow to their own liking.” Pasley later said, “I believe that we should be able to express ourselves in any way we please.” The self-expression she’s talking about, though, isn’t the kind that’s offensive. Different people express themselves in different ways, but sometimes in the wrong way. Swear words and offensive drawings are not an appropriate form of self-expression, but students who want to beautify the school and others lives, should be able to do so. Teaching respect for students will involve a lot of work

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The adorable Peanuts cartoon mural in the choir room was painted by a former Sheldon student. between different parts of our school. Counselor Michael to notice and appreciate it more. “It would certainly be Voss said, “The only way we’re going to change that more aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t really think it atmosphere [of disrespect for art], is to highlight more would be more welcoming [for me],” Michael Voss said. Until we raise awareness, appreciation and respect and different types of art in the entire school building and possibly introduce more art class offerings.” If for arts in our school and in the community, we will Sheldon were to put art up on the walls and do an arts never be able to achieve a certain beauty here. Having showcase at least once a year, we would be able to raise more art on the walls of Sheldon would be one more awareness that art exists in our school and in many thing to make our school one of the best and give our different forms. This may also be a good chance for the art students and even those who aren’t, a chance to put art students to put their studies to work and highlight their their skills to work. If students were allowed to put art talents. “I believe it goes back to expanding appreciation on the walls, none of it would be the same style and all for art and expanding respect and appreciation for art at of it would be unique. Not only would this beautify our Sheldon,” said Voss. If we were to let the art students school, but it would add diversity and respect for those display their art not just in glass cases but in different who are different, talented and even, not so talented. places around the school, people would hopefully be able

ever so popular sheldon chess club Chess tournament starts once again Micah Tamasaka staff writer He outstretches his arm and reaches for the left hand of his opponent. The opponent opens his hand to reveal the white pawn that glistens in the sun light. Good choice. Sheldon’s chess team often starts their matches this way, where one opponent picks a random hand and whichever color the pawn is the color of the pieces the chooser will play. Campus supervisor Darin Henry said, “I always let God decide who gets to be black or white. I let my opponent choose their side by hiding a pawn from each team in my hand and then mixing them behind my back.” This method insures that neither opponent can complain about who is black and who is white (goes second or first). When facing new opponents for the first time many people try to see how good the other player is by seeing their reaction to certain moves that they make. Other players don’t really care what their opponents’ skill level is, so they just go for the total annihilation of the other person. Sophomore Apollo Kenney said, “I don’t take it easy on the other player.” Kenny later added, “If you take it easy on the other player then the other player isn’t really learning anything.” There are many different types of people who play chess.

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The chess piece knight can move in an “L” motion.

Some do it for fun, some do it for prizes at tournaments, and others just do it because they have nothing better to do. Sophomore Andrew Cramton said, “I learn from others by playing challenging opponents. It also teaches me more about the game and the other player.” Chess can teach you all the things that are needed in life: it can teach observation skills, passions, and the skills needed to be successful. At Sheldon it breaks down cliques and creates a community of improvement and awesomeness. There are many people who like different pieces in the game. Cramton said, “The horsey [is my favorite] because it’s just that awesome.” The horse (also called the knight) can do many things in the game, but its most unique feature is the L shape it makes when moving. Henry said his favorite piece is, “The queen, because it’s the most powerful piece on the board.” This is very true since the queen can go forward, backward, and diagonal, it can also move as many spaces as it wants. Kenny said, “The pawn [is my favorite] because it’s just the most useless piece in the whole game.” This is not true because if one can get the pawn across the board, then it can be made into any piece that a player wants. Chess is a refined game for everyone and pretty much anyone can play the game, but it takes practice to be good at it, just like everything in life.


The real story behind Thanksgiving Cameron O’Hair staff writer Here in America, we all love thanksgiving. We stuff our faces, explode our stomachs, then wait to do it all over again the next year. But what is the real story of the first thanksgiving? The story we were told as kids was probably wrong, or left out the nitty gritty details, so here is the real story of the first thanksgiving. When the Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower in 1620, they landed on the shores of an inhabited territory, known today as Plymouth Rock. The inhabitants were a Native American tribe commonly known as the Wampanoag tribe. During the first winter in the New World, the Pilgrims suffered greatly from lack of shelter and disease like scurvy. 45 of the 102 emigrants died the first winter and were buried on Cole’s Hill. Additional deaths during the first year meant that only 53 people were left alive for the first thanksgiving. Mr. Hahn, a social studies teacher, said, “Without the Native Americans, none of the Pilgrims would’ve survived.” Mrs. Youngblood-Lee, also a social studies teacher, said, “With the help and teachings of the Native Americans, the pilgrims were able to grow crops and build houses.” With the help of Squanto, a Wampanoag Native American, the Pilgrims were able to grow crops in copious amounts. Squanto aided the pilgrims in creating a treaty to ensure the Pilgrims’ success and livable friendship with the Native Americans. Mr. Temple, a global geography teacher said, “The initial relationship was positive; also, the Native Americans were kind.” Having a great harvest, the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans over for the very first Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on the fourth Tuesday on November, 1621; the great feast lasted three whole days. Contrary to belief, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie were not served at the first Thanksgiving. However, there was plenty of meat to go around, including five deer. Also, there was a large amount of vegetables including corn from the harvest. Some fruit was used probably in forms of pies or maybe just raw. No celebration is complete without entertainment. They played games, ran races, marched, and played drums. The Native Americans demonstrated their skills with the bow and arrow and the Pilgrims demonstrated their musket skills.

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