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February 2017



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for your Show Ewe or Next Stud Ram. Yearlings, Falls and January Lambs.

AVERYshropshires __________________ February 2017

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“Great Genetics Make The Difference”

Heads or Tails – They’re what we want to raise! Style, substance and size. Both carrying “Ghost Pepper” March Twins.

Look for our best at these sales! April 9-10 April 28-29 May 12-13 June 20-24

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Cream of the Crop Ewe Lamb | Shropshire Elite | Richmond, In Shropshire Classic | Eaton, Oh Midwest Stud Ram | Sedalia, Mo

Visitors are always welcome at the farm. Just give us a call. Randy, Julie, Justin, Melissa, Olivia, Zachary, & Nicholas Rife 2423 Clifton Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387 Only 6 miles south of I-70 (Exit 54) (937) 603-0535 _______ Page 2

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Volume 36, Issue 1

February 2017

~ The Shropshire Voice ~

Official Publication of The American Shropshire Registry Association Published in the interest of Shropshire Breeders each February, May and October Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary

Board of Directors of the American Shropshire Registry Association

Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher

Mike Elsbury (2017) 5385 E 500 N, Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-4461

Jim Percival, President (2017) 961 Hoop Rd., Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371

Jim Gruenhagen (2018) 7622 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730

Alan Bruhin, Vice President (2017) 2064 Tranquility Lane Sevierville, TN 37876-0101 (865) 453-4767

Mary Anne Keck (2018) 665 Niangua Rd, Niangua, MO 65713 (417) 844-5895

Rick Adams (2018) 10828 W 1000 S Rd., Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903 Re Call (2018) 964 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne, MA 01370 (413) 625-2436 R.J. Creamer (2018) 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 262-3972

Craig King (2018) 860 CR 315, Taylor, MO 63471 (660) 651-2032 Emily Petzel (2019) 2037 180th Ave., Centuria, WI 54824 (715) 475-9922 Danny Rogers (2017) 2435 W. McCracken Rd. Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 358-3260

Robert Dinsmore (2017) 5842 Broad Run Rd., Jefferson, MD 21755 (301) 371-4483

Tom Slutz (2019) P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. Lamoille, IL 61830-0177 (815) 638-2177

Darrell Dockter (2016) 19411 S Carpenter Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 (425) 327-1428

Mandy Swartz (2017) 1698 Nesbit Rd., Attica NY 14011 (716) 465-0565

__________________ February 2017

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Contact us

American Shropshire Registry Association

All registrations and payments should be made to The American Shropshire Registry Association office. Payments are also available via credit card.Visit

ASRA Office Hours:

Mon.-Thurs.–11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Mon. & Thurs. evenings –8-11 p.m. EST

Shropshire Voice Advertising Rates

Rates effective since February 1, 2010

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Voice Deadlines

February Voice...............Jan. 15 May Voice....................March 15 October Voice................. Sept. 1 Rinda Maddox

Voice Advertising Manager (217) 288-9365 or (217) 288-9493 P.O. Box 475, Sidell, IL 61876

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Secretary Becky Peterson will be near the office at most other times and will return calls as soon possible. She will make the best effort to process registrations and transfers within a day or two of receipt. Contact her at: American Shropshire Registry Association Becky Peterson, Secretary 41 Bell Rd. Leyden MA 01337 Phone/Fax –(413) 624-9652

Shropshire Voice & Website If you need to place an ad or news item in the Shropshire Voice, or on the Shropshire website,, contact Rinda Maddox, Voice Publisher/ Web Coordinator. Rinda Maddox P.O. Box 475 Sidell, IL 61876 shropshirevoice@ (217) 288-9365 (office) (217) 288-9493 (home) (217) 474-9365 (cell)

Junior Activities For questions on any of the junior events for the Shropshire Association, contact Mark McCabe or Tim Roberts. Mark McCabe 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 Alan Bruhin 2064 Tranquility Lane Sevierville, TN 37876-0101 (865) 453-4767 __________________ Shropshire Voice

From the Secretary Hello from the Shropshire office in 2017 and Happy New Year to ewe! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and doing well. A quick count on my fingers shows this is the beginning year number 10 as your Shropshire secretary. Who would have thought I would get this far? The journey has been windy, and yes a little breezy, at times but it’s all toward a positive goal. I am happy to report that financially the year ended in the black, thanks to everyone who is passionate about supporting the various activities. Sheep registrations for the 2016 year are up 6.4% over 2015 to 2429 head. That is a 147 head increase, more registrations than the largest breeder submitted. Ownership transfers also rose by a whopping 19% over last year. I looked at this one a couple of times from different angles and it is correct.That’s an additional 196 head transferred over the previous year. Brand new memberships were also up by 10 members. Junior memberships are at 133, returning adult members are 12 members ahead of 2015, now at 166. I do not have the perfect reason for this trend except that Shropshires are becoming a little more popular every year now after a long lull. They continue to be productive, efficient, affordable, attractive to youth and competitive. A look at some show results through the year reveals a trend in Shropshires being named Supreme Champion over all breeds at many shows at all levels. The NAILE Junior Show (which serves as the National Junior Shropshire Show) named a Shropshire yearling ewe owned by Dalton Hicks as the winner in 2016. It would be impossible to name them all but the shows I am aware of include the Big E, North East Youth Show, Maryland State Fair, Delaware Youth Expo, Delaware State Fair, Fryeburg Fair, Midwest Junior Preview Show, Ohio State Fair Junior Show and the Richwood County Jackpot. I was elated each time I read these announcements and am proud of, and proud for, the Shropshire breed and the

__________________ February 2017

exhibitors of these sheep. I suspect everyone has been busy in the lambing barn and tallying up all the nice Shropshire lambs born. No doubt that many of them will be listed on those pink and blue sheets here in the office. I encourage breeders to be very timely with their registration applications. Circumstances always exist where there are delays on the breeder end of the paper trail or an urgent need for papers in a day or so but if every breeder sent work in this way, there would be a huge log jam in the process. I realize that we have the capability to send applications and payment electronically and that it is almost instantaneous but that’s where the “instant” ends. Those applications must still be entered and checked for accuracy, printed and subjected to the U.S. mail schedule when completed. Please be sure to check that the sires, dams and birth dates are correct on your applications. Those incomplete or incorrect items will cause delays as I will not issue a paper if I know some information is not correct. If you had sold a bred ewe last fall or let someone borrow a ram, please complete a ram lease form ASAP so as not to create a delay for someone else. So please try to get your work done early and include proper payment. Paypal is always an option and will cost you a few cents more but payment is instant.To calculate your Paypal transaction fee, get a total amount for the work you are sending, add 3% and then add 30 cents. That extra amount will be deducted from your payment before I even see it. If you don’t include a transaction fee, it still comes out of your payment, often leaving you with a balance due on your account here. If you send too much for the transaction fee, the extra will be applied to your account as a credit. At this point the ASRA office does not have the capability to take your credit card number over the phone as payment.You would have to go to and “send money” to the Shropshire email address. If in doubt, I _______ Page 3

City Limits

Sheep Farm Undefeated


 All American  IN State Fair  IL State Fair  NAILE

Thanks to

Rick Adams of IL for the purchase of the Res. Champion Ewe from the Stars of Louisville Sale and to Trey and Wyatt Graves of MO on purchasing two nice fall ewe lambs.

Look for us at the spring sales! Tom Slutz & Family

P.O. Box 177, LaMoille IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 • (815) 915-5624 (c) tcslutz@gmail .com _______ Page 4

Champion Ram NAILE Jr. Show

Brad Slutz & Family Maple Park, IL 60151 (815) 766-0584

__________________ Shropshire Voice

can send an invoice from Paypal to your email which you could open and pay quite easily. I can also accept money from “Chase Quick Pay” if you have your Chase credit card set that way and there is no fee on my end. So please try to not wait until the last minute to send your work in and to make your complete show and sale entries by the deadline. It will make their management tasks easier and on time as well. The Starter Flock application will be posted soon. I expect to see some really good candidates come in. I was delighted in Louisville to see our 2016 Starter Flock winner Ashlyn Reddick pulled into the top line of her

Voice Subscription Single copies:

$5 each

for additional copies to ASRA members and for non-ASRA members

ASRA Office – (413) 624-9652

Showmanship Class. This young lady is doing a wonderful job with her first Shrops, having never really had sheep before. She is doing a good job getting her group out and about in Georgia where there really aren’t any Shrops on display.Thank you,Ashlyn, for your hard work! The ASRA appreciates the support of advertisers in this Voice and on the website. Having plenty of ads sold helps to fund the paper that the program information, announcements and show results are printed on and keeps the Voice and webpage running in the black. In spite of the incredible amount of work and time involved in getting all three issues out each year, we feel the Voice provides a great service to the members and endeavors to print a quality book each time.Thank you for your financial support and newsy contributions. For sure, we’ll visit at the spring sales this year and will take great pride in this breed and its people. If you have any questions to clear up or comments about improvements, please contact me in the office. I’ll see you in the spring!

FOR SALE Slack 2390 RRNN Champion Ram 2012 Midwest Stud Ram Sale His influence will remain in these flocks: Rife Shropshires Jane Swisher & Steve Ford Barnes Farms Genetics Barnes Unlimited

Call Chad at 740-972-8766

__________________ February 2017

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Annual Meeting of the Members Sept. 17, 2016, West Springfield, MA The 2016 Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:50 pm by President Jim Percival following a catered buffet dinner. Chip Hallet, North East Shropshire president welcomed everyone to Massachusetts and the Big E and thanked Elaine Jaycox and Becky Peterson for their hard work in organizing the National Show activities. The board members attending were introduced: Jim Percival, Re Call, Jim Gruenhagen, Mandy Swartz, and Rick Adams. Mike Elsbury and Danny Rogers were not present at this member meeting.The minutes of the last annual meeting of November 15, 2015 were available during the meal and reviewed by those present. Mark McCabe moved to approve them as presented. Bill Webster seconded. The secretary’s report was accepted.The treasurer’s report, including a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report as of 8/31 was also available to review during dinner.The Balance Sheet showed $63,604.17 in total assets, up $1790.20 since same period last year. The P&L showed a Net Profit of $14,398.04, up $7,414.86 since last August, noting that 2015 had the large expense of new registry software and hardware. There were no questions regarding either report from the floor. Rick Adams moved to accept the treasurer’s report with a second from Jim Gruenhagen. Motion passed. Becky presented some statistics for the first eight months of the year: registrations numbered 2234, up 2.71% over same period last year; transfers numbered 996, up 18.35%; new memberships were up 110% to 21; returning adult memberships were 158, up 7.48% and junior memberships were 129, up $4.88%. Alan Bruhin was not available for a youth report. Becky provided a futurity nomination summary showing 51 yearling ewes nominated for the 2016 contest, 26 _______ Page 6

purchased by juniors and 15 animals tracked in the system. There were 154 Ewe Lambs nominated with 69 being purchased by juniors (report amended from 39) and 28 being tracked. The Starter Flock program was productive again with six applicants and the winner coming from Georgia, putting the promotion of Shropshires in a new state. The All-American Junior Show was successful in Michigan. Thank you to the sponsors of the Starter Flock program, as well as the AAJS prizes. Jim Percival gave a brief synopsis of the board meeting held earlier in the day. The Breed Standards Committee and board are recommending only very small changes to the Judging Standards with the largest being a strong discrimination against “blue,” gray or dark hided sheep. More work will be done in this area to educate judges and breeders. The Futurity Committee had discussed the new scoring system. There seemed to have been some misunderstandings. The plan was to apply the previous year’s point allocations to the current submitted show results and see how it compared.The Futurity committee will revisit, if necessary. Becky reported on the upcoming NAILE schedule, noting that it was not the National Show and there would be no board or member meeting there this year. There has been a new Junior Royalty program proposed by Rylie Miller of the Junior Association. She will work with Mike Elsbury to work out the fine points. Secretary Becky’s contract was renewed for another year. Election of Directors, in accordance with the Bylaws that state that “All directors for districts not having an active state or regional Shropshire association shall be elected at the annual meeting of the members.” A district which has an active, recognized Shropshire association may elect its director(s) through their association. All directors’ terms shall begin at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Members and continue until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Rick Adams reported that the Illinois Shropshire Association has nominated Tom Slutz to __________________ Shropshire Voice

Consistency Makes All The Difference… We had a great year in 2016 and look to continue that success in 2017. Help your flock to achieve greater results give us a call for your Shropshire needs.

High Life Farm Ohio State Fair Results 2016 • Yearling ram 1st place (Reserve Champion ram) • Late ram lamb class 2nd and 4th place • Pair of ram lambs 2nd place • Early yearling ewe 4th place • Intermediate yearling ewe 5th place • Late yearling ewe 1st place (Reserve Champion ewe) • Pair of yearling ewes 1st place • Early spring ewe lamb 4th place • Intermediate spring ewe lamb 6th place • Spring ewe lamb 3rd and 4th place • Late spring ewe lamb 1st and 2nd place • Pair of ewe lambs 1st place • Flock 1st place

We want to give a special thanks to our buyers and congratulate them on their success with our genetics. We are overstocked on aged ewes and will be offering approximately 20 aged ewes for sale still in perfect working condition this spring give us a call for details on individual and group rates. Breeding options may be negotiated. Starting this year any female purchased from High Life Farm that wins The American Shropshire futurity, High Life Farm will MATCH THE WINNINGS of the National Association.

David, Jodi, Trevor, and Taylor “Darby” High 3388 McDermott Pond Creek Road McDermott, Ohio 45652 Home; (740) 259-1907 Cell: (740)352-7716

__________________ February 2017

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replace Brad Slutz who was stepping down. The Northwest Shropshire Association sent a letter renewing Darrell Dockter as the West Region director. The following nominations came for the regions with no active associations.Wisconsin/ Michigan’s representative Cody Hiemke had decided to step down. Rick Adams nominated Emily Petzel to replace him. Mark McCabe moved that the nominations be closed. Mandy Swartz seconded. Motion passed. Emily Petzel will represent Wisconsin/Michigan. Mary Anne Keck had suggested that Craig King of Missouri be nominated from the Southwest District to finish Matthew Anderson’s term as he is moving to California. Jim Gruenhagen seconded. There were no further nominations. Craig King will represent the Southwest District.

New Business: Randy Rife relayed a conversation with Darrell Dockter suggesting that the website needs to do more to promote show and sale results. Discussion followed. It was then stated that the board had already addressed this at the earlier meeting and that photos from the National Show the next day would be immediately posted on the Shropshire Facebook page where they will be available for the website to utilize. Randy then went on to add that Darrell suggested that the meetings could be online. There was no discussion. With no further business to come before the members, Mandy Swartz moved to adjourn at 8:20 PM Respectfully submitted, Becky Peterson, Secretary

Big E Dinner

The Annual meeting dinner was held in the Hospitality Pavilion at the Big E on Sept. 17 and was catered by a local group. North East President Chip Hallet welcomed everyone to the 2016 National Show.   On Friday the North East Shropshire Association sponsored a light social hour in the barn. Secreatry Elaine Jaycox had arranged for catered horsdoevers. Elaine also took on the task of organizing the class sponsors and getting special awards.Thank you, Elaine, for all of your hard work in preparing for the weekend! Chip Hallet

Dillon and Connor Harris enjoyed their meal and caught beads at the nightly Mardi Gras parade.

A social hour was enjoyed during the week with the North East Shropshires hosting the event.

_______ Page 8

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Profit & Loss Jan-Dec 16 Income Advertising income Breeders List/Web Link 2,280.00 Voice advertising 13,840.00 Website auction 2,175.00 Advertising income - Other 75.00 Total Advertising income 18,370.00 Donations AAJSS Donations 920.00 Scholarship Donations 467.75 Total Donations 1,387.75 Fees Memberships & Dues 5,090.00 Misc Service fees 682.54 Paypal Fees -2.69 Registration fees 16,884.00 Transfers 7,194.00 Total Fees 29,847.85 Futurity Ewe Lamb Futurity 3,100.00 Yearling Ewe Futurity 1,020.00 Total Futurity 4,120.00 Interest Income 100.54 Louisville Matching Funds 1,920.00 Other income Returned check charge 5.71 Other income - Other 1,022.00 Total Other income 1,027.71 Revolving Accounts Junior Shropshire Association -454.09 Stars of Louisville Sale Consignor Gross on sheep -12,900.00 Futurity 20.00 Misc Sale Expense -1,470.06 Misc Sale income 26.75 Sale commission 1,290.00 Sale Entry fee 900.00 Sale of Sheep 12,900.00 Total Stars of Louisville Sale 766.69 Starter Flock Program -225.00 Total Revolving Accounts 87.60 Total Income 56,861.45 Gross Profit 56,861.45 Expense Accounting 1,160.00 Advertising 1,031.00 Bank Fees   Returned check fee 5.71   Bank Fees - Other -10.00

__________________ February 2017

Total Bank Fees Filing Fees Insurance Internet NAILE expense Office supplies   Postal meter   Office supplies - Other Total Office supplies Payroll Tax   FICA ASRA Share   Medicare ASRA Share Total Payroll Tax Postage (office only) Promotion Registry program Salary Sales Tax Shropshire VOICE   Ad Commission10%   Misc VOICE   Sales Tax   VOICE Postage   VOICE Printing   Voice Shipping Total Shropshire VOICE Telephone   Office Phone Total Telephone Travel   Airfare   Motel   Travel gas Total Travel Website Youth   All American Junior Show    AAJS - Other   Total All American Jr Show Futurity Payments   Ewe Lamb Futurity  Yearling Ewe Futurity Total Futurity Payments   NAILE Jr Show   Regional Support   Scholarship  Youth - Other   Total Youth Total Expense Net Income

-4.29 25.00 257.00 591.88 1,950.70 535.52 1,152.76 1,688.28 868.11 202.94 1,071.05 1,176.65 3,310.86 250.00 14,999.96 11.81 1,377.88 1,582.58 239.75 1,947.42 10,335.00 142.18 15,624.81 766.86 766.86 472.67 640.03 283.54 1,396.24 730.00

1,000.00 1,000.00 3,080.00 1,020.00 4,100.00 1,710.89 1,800.00 400.00 291.52 9,302.41 55,340.22 1,521.23 _______ Page 9

Balance Sheet Dec 31, 16 Dec 31, 15 $ Change % Change ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings GCB Money Market 22,213.43 22,186.26 27.17 0.12% Greenfield Co-op Bank 4,181.84 4,687.96 -506.12 -10.8% Harvard Checking Account 10,505.19 10,488.89 16.30 0.16% Petty Cash 421.47 304.17 117.30 38.56% Total Checking/Savings 37,321.93 37,667.28 -345.35 -0.92% Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable 2,191.94 1,279.26 912.68 71.34% Total Accounts Receivable 2,191.94 1,279.26 912.68 71.34% Other Current Assets CD*118 7,200.35 7,160.70 39.65 0.55% CD*133 4,315.05 4,291.32 23.73 0.55% Undeposited Funds 90.90 77.87 13.03 16.73% Total Other Current Assets 11,606.30 11,529.89 76.41 0.66% Total Current Assets 51,120.17 50,476.43 643.74 1.28% TOTAL ASSETS 51,120.17 50,476.43 643.74 1.28% LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 1,146.13 2,110.75 -964.62 -45.7% Total Accounts Payable 1,146.13 2,110.75 -964.62 -45.7% Credit Cards Citi Bank 117.20 106.57 10.63 9.98% Total Credit Cards 117.20 106.57 10.63 9.98% Other Current Liabilities Employee Share FICA 262.16 200.16 62.00 30.98% Federal Tax Employee Share 109.60 109.60 0.00 0.0% Medicare Employee Share 61.42 46.92 14.50 30.9% State Tax Employee Share 169.62 169.62 0.00 0.0% Total Other Current Liabilities 602.80 526.30 76.50 14.54% Total Current Liabilities 1,866.13 2,743.62 -877.49 -31.98% Total Liabilities 1,866.13 2,743.62 -877.49 -31.98% Equity Opening Bal Equity 44,570.14 44,570.14 0.00 0.0% Retained Earnings 3,162.67 6,021.09 -2,858.42 -47.47% Net Income 1,521.23 -2,858.42 4,379.65 -153.22% Total Equity 49,254.04 47,732.81 1,521.23 3.19% TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY 51,120.17 50,476.43 643.74 1.28% _______ Page 10

__________________ Shropshire Voice

“Your Foundation For Quality”



Champion Ram

2016 Shropshire Spectacular Sale Purchased by Katie Tobin of Illinois

We will have lambs like this available at the farm and sales: Illinois Shropshire Spectacular in Springfield, IL Midwest Elite Sale in Richmond, Indiana The Classic in Eaton Ohio and our online sale April 1st hosted by Willoughby Sales

Rick Adams

10828 W 1000 S Rd., Bonfield, IL 60913 (815) 228-2903

__________________ February 2017

_______ Page 11

National Sale stays in Eaton

The Shropshire Classic Sale, part of the Big Ohio Weekend, will host the National Sale again this year. The dates are May 11-13 and the place is the Preble County Fairgrounds in Eaton, Ohio. This serves as a venue for major sales for most several breeds. Shropshires will show and sell second on Friday and Saturday. Bill Bryant, Jr of Ohio will be judging. Further details and entry information can be found at www. In keeping with an effort of the ASRA to promote Shropshire breed character the judge will pick a ram and a ewe he deems to have Best Breed Character. These animals will then sell immediately after the Champion and Reserve Champion ram and ewe. Their consignors will then receive a complimentary Full-page ad in the Voice. Board member RJ Creamer and the Ohio Shropshire Association are organizing a meal for Friday evening.This proved very popular last year and it was a great time to talk about Shrops and enjoy their people. The Centerstage ads on the

_______ Page 12

website will also be sold to the highest bidders at this time. More information on this opportunity and other sale details will appear in the May issue of the Voice. Be sure to save the dates and make the venture to Eaton for the Big Ohio Weekend.


The Spectacular Sale continues this year June 16-17 in Springfield, Ill. at the state fairgrounds. As usual the show will be held on Friday. Illinois’ Aaron Crome will judge and Bill MacCauley will sell. The event will be held along with Sales for Oxfords, Cheviots, Natural Coloreds and Montadales so there transportation, etc. Jeff Ebert, Kansas Shropshire breeder and head of Associated Sheep Registries, will manage the sale as last year. Entries are due on April 15. Inquiries can be directed to Jeff Ebert (785) 458-9174 or Entry forms will be available on the Shropshire website. Shropshire breeders are encouraged to support this event. Plans are also underway for the Spectacular Junior Show held in conjunction with the sale. For information contact Stacy Josefson at (309) 371-4260 or

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Jerry Flanders, DVM 16260 Atlantic Rd., Noblesville, IN 46060


2016 Champion Senior Ewe, Late Yearling Ewe Class Winner NAILE Open Shropshire Show Rachel Flanders, VIP

2016 February Ewe Lamb Class Winner

NAILE Open Shropshire Show Rachel Flanders, VIP

2016 Reserve Grand Champion Ewe

NAILE Jr Shropshire Show Rachel Flanders, VIP __________________ February 2017

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_______ Page 14

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Midwest Elite

Willoughby Sales is accepting entries for the 2nd Annual Midwest Elite Shropshire Show and Sale. They are excited to continue the success of last year’s sale and look forward to expanding upon this while adding new and innovative approaches to enhance the experiences of the consignors and buyers alike. “We do hope you will make plans to join us in Richmond at the end of April,” said Dan Willoughby. The sale will be held April 28-29 at Raper Center located on the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Ind. Over the next several months Willoughby Sales will be providing all the necessary tools to register and participate in this great sale. For up-to-the-date registration, schedule, divisions, sale order, sale details and more log onto – Live Sales tab. You may also request a hard copy of entry information by emailing Kelsie at Kelsie@ As you prepare for participation, the online catalogue will go live on April 15. This is the buyer’s first stop as they begin placing their wish lists into their virtual shopping cart. Your pictures and written descriptions are what will drive these buyers to inquire and learn more about your flocks. So please take the time to prepare for and submit the information to the Willoughby Sales offices on or before April 10, 2017. A few keys to success: • Professional, quality photographs • Accurate, detailed descriptions • Sell what you say you are going to sell! Not before, limit change outs! • Valid contact information- return the calls or emails • Meet the submission deadline • Market the sale on your own website! Keep the information up to date! For further assistance with website/marketing needs contact For those of you looking to purchase the highest quality Shropshires the Nation has

__________________ February 2017

to offer, look no further! If you are unable to join in person you may join via the live webcast of both the show and sale. Just log onto for access and full details! Feel free to contact Willoughby Sales at anytime with any further questions. They look forward to working with you this spring.

2017 Indiana Premier sale

For the fourth consecutive year the Indiana Shropshire Sheep Association will hold the Indiana Premier Sheep Sale and Noble T. Apple Junior Show on April 22 at noon at the Hancock County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, Ind. Entries for the sale will be accepted through March 10. The sale will include Oxfords, and Katahdins, as well as Shropshires. Shropshires for sale will be displayed starting at 9 a.m. A drawing will be held just prior to the sale for five cash prizes of $500, $250 and three $100 to be used to purchase Shropshires in the sale. Juniors (ages 5-20) are eligible and must be present to enter and win. Also, a cash incentive of $500 is being offered if any animal purchased from this sale is selected as the 2017 4-H Indiana Shropshire State Fair Champion. The Noble T. Apple Junior Show will begin 30 minutes following the conclusion of the sale. Shropshire sale sheep purchased in the sale are eligible to show for free. Juniors may also bring show animals and exhibit for $5 per entry. This is a futurity points eligible show. Premiums will be awarded for each class. Classes will include Shropshire yearling ewes, ewe lambs, ram lambs and market lambs. Any questions please see our Facebook page Indiana Premier Sheep Sale or contact Mike Elsbury at (317) 326-4461 or email Mike at _______ Page 15

_______ Page 16

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Minutes of Board Meeting

Sept. 17, 2016 • West Springfield, MA President Jim Percival called the meeting to order at 12 noon in the board meeting room at the Hilton Garden Hotel. Also present were Rick Adams, Mandy Swartz, Jim Gruenhagen, Re Call, Mike Elsbury, and Danny Rogers.Absent were Robert Dinsmore, Cody Hiemke, Matthew Anderson, Mary Anne Keck, Brad Slutz, Darrell Dockter, and RJ Creamer. Secretary’s Report – Becky had previously distributed the minutes of the May board meeting. Rick Adams moved to dispense with their reading. Motion was seconded by Jim Gruenhagen. Motion passes. Secretary’s Report accepted Treasurer’s Report – Becky also sent out the financial information as of August 31, 2016. The Balance Sheet showed an increase of $1790.20 in total assets over the same

period of 2015. The Accounts Receivable amount of $2312.74 was discussed. Old Voice ad balances total $1025. There are two Starter Flock donations that have not been paid amounting to $200. Most of the remaining $1100 is in registry fees, some from some time ago and apparently uncollectible. Becky is sending reminders to all of those owing. Becky needs to get the accounts moved out of the Harvard Bank in Illinois to Massachusetts. One is a checking account, two are CD’s maturing in 2017. The Profit and Loss Report showed a net profit of $14,398.04 as of August 31, up nearly $7000. Becky noted that most of the income areas showed a slight increase where as some of the expense areas showed a slight decrease. Also there was no computer or software purchases this year. Becky noted that the expensive time of year is approaching but that the end of the year should be in good shape. Becky had also included reports

Future Showmen at

Merveldt Shropshires We want to do our best to preserve the breed character of the Shropshire sheep continuing the work of so many wonderful people we’ve met in the past year.

Darin & Kim Merveldt 8104 N. Alfadale Road, El Reno, OK 73036 (405) 206-6473 • __________________ February 2017

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

for the Revolving Activity Funds as well as the check-book ledger and credit card ledger for the year. It was noted that there was a bounced check, which was collected, as well as a bank fee for it. Office statistics as of August 31 showed increases of 2.71% in registrations, 18.3% in transfers, 110% in new adult memberships, 7.48% in returning adult memberships and 4.88% in junior memberships. With no further discussion, Jim Gruenhagen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report with a second from Danny Rogers. Motion passed. Committee Reports Budget & Finance Report – Re reported that there had been no requests for funding of new activities and feels there is no need to change the budget. Financial Review – The review for 2014 had been received in May and distributed to the board members.The language was questioned. Jim Percival spoke with the accountant who responded that everything was in order and the report was in standard review language. The materials for the 2015 review have been submitted to the accountant. Discussion followed regarding the audit method and periodically requesting a full audit. Current cost of the review only with the present firm is $1200 each time. Discussion followed regarding obtaining quotes from other firms for such a review. A future audit schedule will be discussed at the next meeting. (Note: The service actually rendered by the accounting firm was a “Compilation” which is one step lower than a “Review”)

Voice & Promotion – The Shropshire website needs to stay more current and fresh. The Facebook page could be utilized more. Rinda Maddox is not receiving material in a timely manner. Discussion followed. It was decided to add Administrators to the Facebook page so that photos could be taken at ringside at major events and posted immediately. Rinda can get photos off the Facebook page and use them for the website. Rick Adams will take photos at tomorrow’s National Show. Becky then will also try to get material for the Voice to Rinda more quickly. She did note that the “registration season” of April to late August is very busy and basically devotes all time to processing papers for the members but will now try to apportion more time to publicity. NAILE Sale – Becky said that she had finally received approval from the NAILE staff for a Saturday Sale. She has sent entry information for review to the sale committee. RJ had talked with some of the members. Jim Percival had volunteered to judge it. Entry information will go out to the consignors ASAP. Production Committee – Rick Adams spoke for Cody Hiemke about the market that is available for range rams with production data. Shrop rams averaged $670 at sale recent sale in Wyoming. There are five Shropshire breeders utilizing NSIP. Rick spoke about what was required for record keeping and how easy it would be to be involved once initial data was submitted. Four measurements would be required:


A full line of high quality sheep equipment…built to last! Kenneth Townsend, Owner

__________________ February 2017

4141 S. 25 W, Trafalgar, IN (317) 736-4047 toll free: (866) 736-4047 Eastern Warehouse, Andy Farley Jackson, OH, 740-352-0123

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We’ve Moved Back to California! All 2017 lambs will be sold via private treaty and we already have several spoken for. Transportation can be arranged to the Midwest. These two old grand dames were born in CA and have made the trip full circle (left CA in 2009 to Missouri, now back in CA). They are 9 and 10 years old and their dam and her offspring (including these 2) account for nearly 50% of our brood ewe flock. Emily and Andrew are excited to hit the show circuit on the West Coast this summer with their Shropshires and  Natural Coloreds! 

ers on d n A Farms Matthew Christie

Emily Andrew

11307 Walnut Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361

Like us at • 660-988-3503 Christie • 209-642-1138 Matthew • •

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birth weight, birth score, pre-weaning 60 day weight and a 90-120 day weight. Becky noted that the new registry database has the capability include LambPlan production data on the registration papers. Becky asked Rick to assemble easy to understand information for an article for the February Voice to encourage more participation. The data will be much more informative if there are more breeders involved. Junior Activities – The junior association had a cookout at the All-American in Michigan.The cost was $309 and the kids and their families enjoyed it. Thank you to those who helped to put it together. There will be a junior association meeting on Saturday in Louisville. Alan Bruhin said he would provide some sort of skillathon program. The Junior Shropshire Show will be judged Sunday morning. The 2017 All-American Junior Show will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. Futurity – Becky provided a summary of the 2016 Futurity nominations. It showed 51 yearling ewes nominated, 26 purchased by juniors and 15 being tracked. There were 154 ewe lambs nominated with 59 purchased by juniors and 28 being tracked. Roughly a third of the lambs nominated are purchased by juniors and about half of those submit point cards. Becky started this year to staple a note to all of the junior-purchased nominated lambs noting the futurity and to go to the website for more information. Point cards continue to come in and there have been two reports posted on the website with another one to go on shortly. There was discussion about the use and interpretation of the new point scale this year. Becky offered to apply the former point scale to the 2016 results as a way to evaluate it. When this is done the Futurity Committee will revisit. Fundraising – There was a silent auction at the Classic Sale to raise funds for the scholarship which raised $467.75. Re Call had gathered $920 in pledges for AAJS class sponsorships. There $1275 pledged for the Starter Flock program. The financial report looked good but it was agreed to keep trying to keep these activities funded.

__________________ February 2017

Old Business Breed Standards – The committee had an earlier web meeting and submitted a proposal which Becky provided to the board members. The proposal listed the standards as previously written with recommended changes. Discussion followed. The recommendation did remove the “wool” category and its five points and add the points to the “soundness” category. Other areas discussed were the presence of a wool channel on the face and the presence or absence and color of wool below the knees and hocks. As always, these areas are subject to opinion and interpretation.The general consensus of the board members present was to eliminate the “wool channel preferred” from the proposed changes, and to leave “lack of leg wool” as discrimination as previously written. Dark hided-ness (black, blue or gray) was discussed as a trait that was not present when the current standards were written in 1998 and it was agreed that this should be a disqualification. Mike Elsbury was asked, as a member of the Breed Standard Committee, to go back to committee with the recommendations of the board. Everyone was in strong agreement that education about breed type was most important, especially for the new owners and judges. The ASRA should produce an exhibit or publication with photos of desirable and undesirable variations of the different Shropshire traits of the head and body. Discussion followed. Rick Adams said that Debbie Petzel of Wisconsin is willing to work on this project and produce a Power Point presentation or a photo array. This should be provided to all members and be visible at all sales and shows when possible and especially provided to judges. Rick will discuss with her. Shropshire Store – Jim Percival stated that the vendor who was to produce the goods for sale has passed away and that he will find a new vendor. Starter Flock – Becky has kept contact with the 2016 winner who is planning on attending NAILE. Discussion followed. It was _______ Page 21

decided to have the kids specify their mentor on their application. New Business Junior Shropshire Royalty – Rylie Miller who is president of the Junior Shropshire Association has requested a new program to run through their group to select Shropshire Royalty on a national level. She suggests three levels (Bo Peep, Princess and Queen). Discussion followed. The board recommended that the awards be gender neutral. Perhaps the older level could receive a small cash award. Program would be promoted on the website and in the February Voice. Winners would be chosen in time to get to the National Sale and receive their recognition. All agreed that this would a neat program and suggested that Mike Elsbury work with Rylie to work out some more details of an application and resulting duties and have a proposal could be approved at the next teleconference. NAILE schedule – Junior showmanship will return to Friday. Sale is Saturday morning. Market Lambs will be a separate show running on Friday and Saturday. Breeding sheep judging goes Saturday and Sunday (Shrops are Sunday 8 a.m.). Open sheep judging starts Sunday afternoon. Open Shropshires are Tuesday 8 a.m. Release is Thursday night after the Sale of Champions. There is no board meeting or Member meeting. 2017 National Sale – RJ Creamer is the Shropshire representative to the Big Ohio Sale. Management contract is up now and is being renegotiated for 2017. Issues were the internet option. No other sale has made a request for the National Sale. There will be a dinner again for Friday evening. Shropshires will be the second breed to show and sell. Preview will have to start earlier on Saturday. The monthly website auction ads will take place also. Directors – According to the Bylaws, any district having a state organization can submit a nomination for director.Any district without a group can have nominations submitted from the floor at the Annual Meeting. Illinois has nominated Tom Slutz to replace Brad Slutz _______ Page 22

whose term expires now. The North West Association nominates Darrell Dockter for the West District. Matthew Anderson, elected to the board last year for the South West District, has moved to California so Mary Anne Keck has suggested Craig King of Missouri to fill his term through 2018. Cody Hiemke has decided to step down and suggests Emily Petzel from Wisconsin. The nominations will be finalized at the Annual Member meeting this evening. There was discussion regarding the bylaw that states that directors must register Shropshire sheep. Attendance records were also discussed. Election of Officers – Jim Gruenhagen nominated Jim Percival as president. Mike Elsbury seconded. There were no other nominations for president. Mike Elsbury nominated Alan Bruhin to serve again as Vice President. Mandy Swartz seconded. There were no other nominations for vice president. Motions passed. Secretary’s contract – Secretary’s contract was discussed. The previous contract was for a salary of $15,000 contingent on the completion of the financial review and $2500 travel reimbursement. Rick Adams moved to renew the annual contract with Becky Peterson as Secretary. Danny Rogers seconded. There was no discussion. Motion passed. Next meeting – Should set a teleconference for late October. Breed standard committee, Shropshire Royalty will be discussed. Mandy Swartz inquired about having the National Show in other venues. Any state or show can request it well in advance. She was looking to New York State Fair in Syracuse over Labor Day weekend. NYSF has previously held a Friday show that featured Shropshires. Re Call suggested that NYSF write a letter of inquiry. With no other business, Mandy Swartz moved to adjourn at 3 p.m. Rick Adams seconded. Jim thanked everyone for making the trip to New England and helping to promote Shropshires nationwide. Respectfully submitted, Becky Peterson, secretary __________________ Shropshire Voice

r h o S p S s S Reserve Jr. Champion Ewe at the 2016 Ohio Classic

Reserve Jr. Champion Ram and the Best Headed Ram at the 2016 Ohio Classic We will be consigning sheep at the

2017 Classic and the Shrop Spectacular!


7622 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport, IA 52807 // (563) 355-6730 // __________________ February 2017

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Nov. 15, Judge: Bill Bryant Jr Yearling Ram 1. Brady Clark (Senior Champion & Grand Champion Ram) 2. Dalton Hicks (Res. Senior Champion & Res. Grand Champion Ram) 3. Dalton Payne 4. WEG & I-80 Flocks 5. Erik Mrozinski 6. David Harrell Senior Ram Lamb 1. Caleb Fritz Early Junior Ram Lamb (1/1 - 2/15) 1. Rockin K Livestock (Junior Champion Ram) 2. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 3. Rachel Flanders 4. R & A Shrops 5. Brady Clark 6. Brady Clark 7. Randy & Julie Rife 8. Rockin K Livestock 9. Addisen Nicholson 10. Taylor Ruff 11. Erik Mrozinski 12. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 13. Emily Anderson 14. Jason & Beth Percival 15. Emily Anderson 16. Emily Anderson Late Junior Ram Lamb (2/16 and later) 1. Schoolhouse Shropshires (Res. Junior Champion Ram) 2. Brady Clark 3. Caleb Fritz 4. Randy & Julie Rife 5. Brady Clark 6. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 7. Brady Clark 8. Rachel Flanders 9. Robert Sando Pair Ram Lambs 1. Brady Clark 2. Randy & Julie Rife 3. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 4. Rachel Flanders 5. Emily Anderson Early Yearling Ewe _______ Page 24

(2/15 and before) 1. WEG & I-80 Flocks 2. Rachel Flanders 3. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 4. Erik Mrozinski 5. Brady Clark 6. Emily Petzel 7. Brady Clark 8. Taylor Ruff 9. Chloe Stonesifer 10. Attica Loc-up Late Yearling Ewe (2/16 and after) 1. Rachel Flanders (Senior Champion Ewe) 2. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 3. Caleb Fritz 4. Dalton Hicks 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Brady Clark 7. Rachel Flanders 8. Kenyon Buckland 9. Caleb Fritz 10. Brady Clark Pair Yearling Ewe 1. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 2. Rachel Flanders 3. Dalton Hicks 4. WEG & I-80 Flocks 5. Brady Clark 6. Caleb Fritz 7. Erik Mrozinski 8. Emily Petzel 9. Taylor Ruff 10. Emily Anderson Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Brady Clark (Res. Senior Champion Ewe) 2. Rachel Flanders 3. Tim and Sarah Fleener 4. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Robert Sando 7. Dalton Hicks 8. O’Neill Shropshires 9. Emily Petzel January Ewe Lamb 1. Kenyon Buckland (Junior Champion & Grand Champion Ewe) 2. Caleb Fritz 3. Brady Clark 4. Randy & Julie Rife 5. Addisen Nicholson

6. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 7. Rachel Flanders 8. Dalton Hicks 9. Chloe Stonesifer 10. Taylor Ruff February Ewe Lamb 1. Rachel Flanders 2. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 3. Brady Clark 4. R & A Shrops 5. Randy & Julie Rife 6. Erik Mrozinski 7. Brady Clark 8. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 9. Kenyon Buckland 10. Rachel Flanders March Ewe Lamb (3/1 and later) 1. Randy & Julie Rife (Res. Junior Champion & Res. Grand Champion Ewe) 2. Emily Petzel 3. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 4. Tim and Sarah Fleener 5. Mike Fox 6. Rachel Flanders 7. Brady Clark 8. Erik Mrozinski 9. Caleb Fritz 10. Brady Clark Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 2. Erik Mrozinski 3. Rachel Flanders 4. Randy & Julie Rife 5. Brady Clark 6. Taylor Ruff 7. Addisen Nicholson 8. Caleb Fritz 9. Emily Anderson Group of Three Lambs 1. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 2. Brady Clark 3. Randy & Julie Rife 4. Rachel Flanders 5. Erik Mrozinski 6. Caleb Fritz 7. Taylor Ruff 8. Emily Anderson Flock (5 head) 1. Jaeden Slutz City Limits 2. Brady Clark 3. Rachel Flanders 4. Erik Mrozinski __________________ Shropshire Voice

Grand Champion Ram (Sr. Champion) NAILE Open Show – Brady Clark 5. Taylor Ruff 6. Caleb Fritz 7. Emily Anderson Premier Exhibitor Brady Clark

Kansas State Fair

Sept. 13 Judge: Matt Lambert Fall Ram Lamb 1. James Strunk Spring Ram Lamb 1. Ted Van Horn Late Spring Ram Lamb 1. Owen Walker Champion Ram 2. Jeff Ebert Reserve Champion Ram 3. Dalton Hicks 4. Ted Van Horn 5. James Strunk Pair Ram Lambs 1. Ted Van Horn 2. James Strunk Yearling Ewe 1. Dalton Hicks Champion Ewe 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Jeff Ebert 4. Owen Walker 5. Jeff Ebert 6. Owen Walker 7. Ginny Brown 8. James Strunk Pair Yearling ewes 1. Dalton Hicks __________________ February 2017

Grand Champion Ewe (Jr. Champion) NAILE Open Show – Kenyon Buckland

2. Jeff Ebert 3. Owen Walker 4. Ted Van Horn Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Dalton Hicks 3. James Strunk Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Jeff Ebert 4. Owen Walker 5. Ted Van Horn 6. Owen Walker 7. Jeff Ebert Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Jeff Ebert 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Jeff Ebert 4. Ted Van Horn 5. Owen Walker 6. Dalton Hicks 7. Owen Walker 8. Ted Van Horn Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Jeff Ebert 3. Owen Walker 4. Ted Van Horn 5. James Strunk Pair of Lambs Both Sexes 1. Jeff Ebert 2. Owen Walker 3. Dalton Hicks 4. James Strunk 5. Ted Van Horn

Young Flock 1. Jeff Ebert 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Owen Walker 4. Ted Van Horn 5. James Strunk Exhibitors Flock 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Jeff Ebert 3. Owen Walker 4. Ted Van Horn 5. James Strunk Pen of 4 Lambs 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Jeff Ebert 3. Owen Walker 4. Ted Van Horn 5. James Strunk


Judge: Farabee McCarthy Fall Ram Lamb 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Citrus Triplett Early Spring Ram Lamb 1. Kennedy Algire Champion Ram 2. Callie Taylor Reserve Champion Ram 3. Destiny Powell 4. Destiny Powell 5. Denise Hardisky 6. Ashley Fuss 7. Danielle Moore 8. Bryan Miller _______ Page 25

Late Spring Ram Lamb 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Bryan Miller 3. Danielle Moore 4. Denise Hardisky 5. Bryan Miller Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Destiny Powell 3. Danielle Moore 4. Bryan Miller 5. Denise Hardisky Yearling Ewe 1. Kennedy Algire Champion Ewe 2. Bryant Shrops 3. Chloe Stonesifer 4. Callie Taylor 5. Callie Taylor 6. Kennedy Algire 7. Destiny Powell 8. Bryant Shrops 9. Ashley Fuss 10. Destiny Powell Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Callie Taylor 2. Bryant Shrops 3. Kennedy Algire 4. Destiny Powell 5. Danielle Moore 6. Denise Hardisky 7. Ashley Fuss 8. Brendan Pimm 9. Bryan Miller Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Michael O’Neill 3. Bryan Miller 4. Bryan Miller 5. Danielle Moore

6. Brendan Pimm Early Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Chloe Stonesifer Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Kennedy Algire 4. Denise Hardisky 5. Michael O’Neill 6. Callie Taylor 7. Destiny Powell 8. Bryant Shrops 9. Ashley Fuss 10. Destiny Powell Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Bryant Shrops 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Kennedy Algire 4. Denise Hardisky 5. Callie Taylor 6. Ashley Fuss 7. Destiny Powell 8. Ashley Fuss 9. Bryant Shrops 10. Destiny Powell Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Bryant Shrops 3. Michael O’Neill 4. Callie Taylor 5. Denise Hardisky 6. Destiny Powell 7. Bryan Miller 8. Danielle Moore 9. Ashley Fuss 10. Brendan Pimm Exhibitor’s Flock 1. Kennedy Algire 2. Callie Taylor 3. Destiny Powell 4. Danielle Moore

5. Ashley Fuss 6. Bryan Miller 7. Brendan Pimm Premier Exhibitor Kennedy Algire

NY State Fair

Sept. 4 Judge:Tim Fleener Yearling Ram 1. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 2. Mandy Swartz 3. Dan Fitzpatrick Family Senior Ram Lamb 1. Brendan Pimm Reserve Champion Ram Intermediate Ram Lamb 1. Dan Fitzpatrick Family Champion Ram 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Mandy Swartz Junior Ram Lamb 1. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Mandy Swartz Pair Ram Lambs 1. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Mandy Swartz Senior Yearling Ewe 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Mandy Swartz Junior Yearling Ewe 1. Eugene Bishop Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Mark Fiegl 4. Dan Fitzpatrick 5. Brendan Pimm


6471 Miller Drive Edwardsville, IL 62025

618.656.5388 Visit our website for our current prices, promotions, show schedule, and to request a FREE catalog! _______ Page 26

Designing and Manufacturing Superior Quality Sheep Equipment for Over 40 Years in Edwardsville, IL USA!

__________________ Shropshire Voice

e S c hropshi n a m r o f r r e Pe r o t i s u n m Co

A linebred breeding program for Western Range Commercial Ram production that combines American and English Shropshire Bloodlines is at the core of the group. The Program utilizes NSIP management practices and our Genetic Convergence parameters. We have a new affiliated partner as part of the Consortium to run the program operation and have moved our Knepp-Lafollette operating base to Dixon, Wyoming. The breeding and ram testing base will be run by Jock Sheehan, who also will be building a ewe flock from our base at his Roaring Fork Sheep LLC operation. Over the past couple of years Jock has been using Shropshire rams on a portion of his 1900 head western range flock, some of the rams from us, as well as Cody Hiemke and Rick Adams. The superior muscling and growth, along with hardiness of the rams has directed his decision to become involved as a Shropshire Commercial Ram breeder. See website on the joint program being followed:

Knepp-Lafollette Knepp Shropshires - KS Shropshires Matt & Michelle Knepp Family Donald Knepp Grace, Dillon & Santiago 128 Old Barrington Rd. 2354 280th St North Barrington, IL 60010 Lincolnville, KS 66858-981 847-846-6354 785-512-0599

__________________ February 2017

Roaring Fork Sheep LLC Jock Sheehan CR 702 Dixon, WY 82323 970-629-3555 _______ Page 27

6. Dan Fitzpatrick 7. Mark Fiegl 8. Mandy Swartz 9. Mandy Swartz Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 3. Mark Fiegl 4. Mandy Swartz Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Mark Fiegl 2. Mark Fiegl 3. Brendan Pimm Intermediate Ewe Lamb 1. Brendan Pimm Champion Ewe 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Mark Fiegl 4. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 5. Dan Fitzpatrick Family Junior Ewe Lamb 1. Mark Fiegl 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 4. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 5. Mandy Swartz 6. Mandy Swartz Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Mark Fiegl 2. Brendan Pimm 3. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 4. Mandy Swartz Mixed Pair 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 3. Mandy Swartz Pen of 4 Lambs 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 3. Mandy Swartz


Flock 1. Brendan Pimm 2. Dan Fitzpatrick Family 3. Mandy Swartz

PA Farm Show

Jan. 13, Judge: Matt Scramlin Yearling Ram 1. Steve Spayd Champion Ram Early Spring Ram Lamb 1. Steve Spayd 2. Derick Bollinger 3. Colette A Hoffman Late Spring Ram Lamb 1. Jeremiah Snyder Reserve Champion Ram 2. Steve Spayd 3. Makenna E Hoffman Pair Ram Lambs 1. Steve Spayd Yearling Ewe 1. Steve Spayd 2. Jeremiah Snyder 3. Jeremiah Snyder 4. Steve Spayd 5. Mercy Melo 6. Jordan Renninger 7. Mercy Melo Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Jeremiah Snyder 2. Steve Spayd 3. Mercy Melo Fall Ewe Lamb 1. Steve Spayd Early Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Chloe Stonesifer Champion Ewe 2. Steve Spayd

El bury


3. Derick Bollinger 4. Derick Bollinger 5. Makenna E Hoffman Late Spring Ewe Lamb 1. Steve Spayd Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Steve Spayd 3. Jeremiah Snyder 4. Derick Bollinger 5. Derick Bollinger 6. Makenna E Hoffman 7. Colette A Hoffman 8. Colette A Hoffman Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Steve Spayd 2. Derick Bollinger 3. Makenna E Hoffman 4. Colette A Hoffman Breeder’s Young Flock 1. Steve Spayd 2. Derick Bollinger 3. Makenna E Hoffman 4. Colette A Hoffman Pen of Lambs 1. Steve Spayd 2. Derick Bollinger Flock 1. Steve Spayd Premier Breeder Steve Spayd Exhibitor Steve Spayd

TN State Fair

Sept. 14 Judge: Alex Wolfe Senior Ram Lamb 1. Mike Fox 2. Taylor Young Early Junior Ram Lamb

Mike & Karen Elsbury & Family 5385E 500N, Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-4461

We will be consigning a nice set of sheep to the

Indiana Premier Sheep Sale _______ Page 28

__________________ Shropshire Voice

1. Taylor Young Reserve Champion Ram 2. Mike Fox 3. Frank Sexten Late Junior Ram Lamb 1. Mike Fox Champion Ram 2. Taylor Young 3. Frank Sexten Pair Ram Lambs 1. Mike Fox 2. Taylor Young 3. Frank Sexten Senior Yearling 1. Mike Fox Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Frank Sexten 3. Mike Fox Junior Yearling 1. Mike Fox 2. Frank Sexten 3. Taylor Young Pair Yearling Ewes 1. Mike Fox 2. Frank Sexten 3. Taylor Young Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Taylor Young Early Junior Ewe Lamb 1. Mike Fox Champion Ewe 2. Mike Fox 3. Frank Sexten 4. Taylor Young Intermediate Ewe Lamb 1. Frank Sexten 2. Mike Fox 3. Brooke Young 4. Taylor Young 5. Taylor Young

Late Junior Ewe Lamb 1. Mike Fox 2. Taylor Young 3. Brooke Young Pair Ewe Lambs 1. Mike Fox 2. Frank Sexten 3. Brooke Young 4. Taylor Young Flock 1. Mike Fox 2. Frank Sexten

Tulsa State Fair

Sept. 30 Judge: Jeff Repasky Early Spring Ram Lamb 1. Owen Walker Champion Ram 2. Dalton Hicks Reserve Champion Ram 3. Dalton Hicks 4. Trevor Burns Pair of Ram Lambs 1. Dalton Hicks Yearling Ewe 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Owen Walker 4. Stephanie Phillips 5. Stephanie Phillips 6. Owen Walker Pair of Yearling Ewes 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Stephanie Phillips 3. Owen Walker Entry Senior Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks Champion Ewe 2. Dalton Hicks

January Ewe Lamb 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Owen Walker February Ewe Lamb 1. Owen Walker 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Kinzie Bell 4. Owen Walker 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Kaylee Shenold 7. Claire E Seever March Ewe Lamb 1. Owen Walker Reserve Champion Ewe 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Kaylee Shenold 4. Owen Walker 5. Maddisyn Smidt 6. Maddisyn Smidt 7. Trevor Burns 8. Trevor Burns 9. Stephanie Phillips Pair of Ewe Lambs 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Owen Walker 3. Kaylee Shenold 4. Maddisyn Smidt 5. Trevor Burns Young Flock 1. Owen Walker 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Trevor Burns Exhibitors Flock 1. Owen Walker 2. Dalton Hicks Best Two Head: Both Sexes 1. Owen Walker 2. Dalton Hicks Premier Exhibitor Dalton Hicks

Johnson Bob & Karen & Family

569 State Hwy DD Marshfield, MO 65706 417-859-4452 • __________________ February 2017

Providing lamb for dinner for folks in Southwest Missouri!

_______ Page 29

Three join Board of Directors Craig King Southwest District My name is Craig King and I, along with my wife, Andrea Peiter King, live outside the small town of Taylor, Mo., which lies nine miles west of Quincy Ill. and 40 miles south of the Iowa border. Andrea and I both are employed by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service and work with farmers and ranchers on a daily basis. Andrea also serves on the Board of the Missouri Sheep Producers. We have two children, Weston 13, (8th grade), and Candra 11, (5th grade). Both are involved in sports including football, basketball, softball and track, so we are on the move. Both are involved in 4-H with Weston being the president this year and we are club leaders. 4-H gave them the opportunity to show with both having their own sheep.

Andrea and her siblings have been showing registered Shropshires since 1983 with Craig and Andrea King Shropshires starting in 2005. We maintain about 35 ewes which will lamb in January/February. Spring through fall the sheep are maintained through a rotational grazing system. This has worked very well as the sheep are always grazing good forage. As anyone knows that are around livestock, it can be trying at times, but the benefits outweigh the negative aspect immensely. Importantly, our children see the year round work it takes to be successful while learning life lessons. They are learning to be humble when you win and to always respect others no matter what the situation is. The many friends and acquaintances you make along the way ends up becoming like

family, because it is. Always working together for the betterment of, not only the Shropshire Breed, but the sheep industry. As I close, I want to thank those that have put in countless hours to make the association what it is today, and am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a director of the American Shropshire Registry Association. Tom Slutz Illinois District I’m Tom Slutz from La Moille, Ill. and I am representing Illinois on the National Shropshire Board of Directors. My wife, Connie, and I have been married 49 years. We have three children, Tracy, Tonya and Brad, their spouses, and five grandchildren, Jaedyn and Drake Slutz, Rachelle Newberry and Logan and Hunter Flaxington. We are both retired. I

We are looking forward to lambs from the Rife ram we purchased with Ed Shippy and Wayne Brooks at the Eaton Sale last spring.

J & R Farm Shropshires _______ Page 30

Inquiries always welcome

Norbert Jackson & Family Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Craig King

Tom Slutz

Emily Petzel

retired from the agriculture field three years ago. I was a fertilizer and chemical salesman for 45 years. During those years we were in full swing on the fair circuit showing sheep. We exhibited at as many as 15 county fairs, three state fairs, and usually the NAILE each year.When our three children left the nest we cut back a bit. I pretty much have “show blood” in me as exhibiting livestock has been in the family for generations. I’ve competed with cattle, swine, and sheep and had success with all. I have judged some county fairs, but my interest is being in the show ring showing our flock or “supervising” at the edge of the show ring. Our Shropshire flock is best known as City Limits Sheep Farm. We have raised, shown, and sold Shropshires for almost 40 years as a family effort. Our start came from Ken Jorstad from Morris, Ill. We purchased four ewes and

a ram from him. We have raised and shown other breeds (Oxfords, Suffolks, and Montadales), but Shropshires have been the favorite. We have had great success with our flock and have sold sheep to people from the East coast to the West coast. Brad and his family continue to have an active role in our operation and the grandchildren enjoy competing. His focus is on Shropshire club lambs. I am looking forward to representing Illinois as their delegate on the National Shropshire Board of Directors.

from UW-Madison. Emily gained her start in the sheep industry with the purchase of some commercial ewe lambs and her flock has grown since then to its current size of 60 brood ewes. Shropshires were added to the flock after being awarded the Wisconsin Shropshire starter flock with a ewe from Tim Elsbury. Since then, she has accumulated genetics from several of the top Shropshire breeders. Petzel shows her Shrops at many local shows in Wisconsin as well as at NAILE. After being heavily involved as a junior member in the state of Wisconsin through livestock judging, WSBC events, being employed at the UW-Madison flock and putting on several clinics in Northwestern Wisconsin, Emily is now excited to see where this new venture of being a board director of the American Shropshire breed will take her.

__________________ February 2017

Emily Petzel Wisconsin/Michigan Emily Petzel is the new director for the Wisconsin/ Michigan Region. Emily hails from Centuria, Wis. where the family’s Shropshires reside. Currently she is attending South Dakota State University for her master’s degree in ruminant nutrition after obtaining her degree in Animal Science

_______ Page 31

HHH Stars of Louisville The eighth Stars of Louisville Shropshire Sale took place on Saturday, Nov. 12. Eighteen females had been collected on sale morning and were put in order by Jim Percival of Ohio. They were then displayed in sale order for the 60 buyers who had signed up for the opportunity to bid. Ohio auctioneer, Dan Westlake, sold the sale and did a superb job, working hard on every sheep. Thanks again to the sale committee of Jim Brandt, Dennis Avery, R.J. Creamer, Jim Isler, Mark McCabe and Becky Peterson. Dorper secretary Doug Gillespie worked from the sale block as usual and Steve Majchrzak was the ringman. Such a sale would not have been possible had it not been for the best set of

2016 Champion - Dalton Hicks

_______ Page 32

sheep yet for this sale and the folks assembled to bid on them. Dalton Hicks sold the Champion ewe, a yearling, to Joe and Cheryl Majors of Michigan for $1300. The Reserve Champion Ewe was a February Ewe Lamb, consigned by City Limits. She sold to Kylie Adams of Illinois for $1300. Three more yearling ewes sold with the Mark McCabe entry bringing $700 from Jason Heeg from Montana. Dalton Hicks sold another one to Noah Collins of Tennessee for $1000. Brian Moeller’ entry brought $500 from Karly Tracy of Indiana. The four yearlings averaged $875. The 2nd February Ewe lamb came from John Melvin and sold to Jim Percival for $500. Jeremiah Brill of Ohio found one he liked from Erik Mrozinski for $450. Darin Merveldt of Oklahoma chose a Hicks lamb for $400. The four February lambs averaged $662.50. The March class was the big one of the day with nine entries. Erik Mrozinski had the class winner that brought $1000 from Dennis Avery. R&A Shropshires had the next one that sold for $1200 to Garrett Friesen of Indiana. Randy Rife brought five for this class. His third place ewe brought $1000 from Erik Mrozinski. His #four lamb earned $700 from Kennedy Algire of Ohio. Her brother, Kellen Algire, went home with Randy’s fifth ewe. He paid $500. Garrett Friesen picked up the sixth March lamb for $500 from Dalton Hicks. Sam McDermit of Indiana chose the next Rife ewe for $800. Hicks sold the eighth place March

Ewes are lined up for inspection at Stars of Louisville Sale.

__________________ Shropshire Voice

lamb to Lynette Weiss for $400. Rife received $650 from Taryn Brill of Ohio for the final lamb in the class. Those nine March ewe lambs averaged $750. The entire sale grossed $12,900 and 17 head averaged $758.82.All 13 ewe lambs were nominated for the 2017 Yearling Ewe Futurity and 11 of them were purchased by juniors and are eligible to compete in that contest. This was again a successful venue for the American Shropshire Registry Association. The official sale report can be read at www. Shropshire breeders are encouraged to select early an elite ewe or two for this sale in 2017. The sale committee will begin to gather entries during the summer. Entry information will be available from the office or on With NAILE being one of the Shropshire crossroads in the country, it is very easy to arrange transportation to and from the event and care while there. For more information about this event, contact sale manager Becky Peterson in the Shropshire office.

Neal Knapp

Flock Consultant and Professional Fitter

Fall ram lambs sired by “MR B”!

SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE NOW! NOW! Promoting The Promoting The Improvement Improvement of the Entire of the Entire Sheep Industry Sheep Industry 1 Year – $25 1 Year – $25 2 Years – $45 2 Years – $45 1 Year 1 Year Canada or Canada or Mexico – $60 Mexico – $60 P.O.Box Box500 500 •• Cuba, Cuba, IL 61427 P.O. 61427 P.O. Box 500• •Fax: Cuba, IL 61427 (309) 785-5058 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) (309) 785-5050 785-5050 (309) 785-5058 • Fax: (309) 785-5050

Rick Whiting

Randy Barr

(937) 685-2603


1779 Green Rd., Martinsville, OH 45146

Big and Thick!

Super Wide Tops!

January lambs by “GHOST PEPPER”! __________________ February 2017

_______ Page 33


Registered Shrops, Registered Hamps, Club Lambs

A big thanks to Chloe Stonesifer of Lewisberry, PA. for purchasing our 2nd Place January Ewe Lamb at the 2016 Ohio Classic National Sale. Congratulations to her on winning the 2016 Ewe Lamb Futurity.

Tim and Sarah Fleener

273 South Mountain Rd., Robesonia, PA 19551 (717) 413-5181

Reserve National Champion Ram, 1st Place January Ram Lamb 2016 Ohio Classic National Sale. A big thanks to Dennis and Nancy Avery and O’Neill Shropshires of Pennsylvania.

Special thanks to all who bid on our two consignments. Watch for us at the Ohio Showcase Sale and Midwest Stud Ram Sale in 2017. _______ Page 34

__________________ Shropshire Voice

__________________ February 2017

_______ Page 35

Addisen Nicholson, Conn., East Region CLSF 1607, Jaedyn Slutz Regional Contest Final Rank Exhibitor

2016 Ewe Lamb Futurity – Total Funds: $3080 City/State

East Region 1 Addisen Nicholson South Windsor, CT 2 Ashley Fuss Frederick, MD 3 Addisen Nicholson South Windsor, CT 4 Brendan Pimm Bergen, NY 5 Ashley Fuss Frederick, MD 6 Brendan Pimm Bergen, NY 7 Blake Webster Windham, ME 8 Blake Webster Windham, ME MidEast Region 1 Chloe Stonesifer Lewisberry, PA 2 Kennedy Algire Fredericktown, OH 3 Taylor Ruff Mechanicsburg, OH 4 Taylor Ruff Mechanicsburg, OH 5 Bailey Towery New Madison, OH 6 Jake Mingus Tipp City, OH 7 Jake Mingus Tipp City, OH 8 Bailey Towery New Madison, OH 9 Brandon Jones Bradford, OH 10 Chase Liskai Gibsonburg, OH West & Central Region 1 TJ Belt Leonard, MO 2 Brady Miller Lafayette, IN 3 Carlee Cox Bells, TN 4 Noah Collins Morristown, TN 5 Brooke Young Bell Buckle, TN 6 Rylie Miller Lafayette, IN 7 Taylor Young Bell Buckle, TN 8 Justin Proper Greenfield, IN 9 Lauren Brown Lafayette, IN Overall Ewe Lamb Contest Exhibitor Name City/State 1 Chloe Stonesifer Lewisberry, PA 2 Kennedy Algire Fredericktown, OH 3 Taylor Ruff Mechanicsburg, OH 4 Taylor Ruff Mechanicsburg, OH 5 Addisen Nicholson South Windsor, CT 6 Bailey Towery New Madison, OH

_______ Page 36

Chloe Stonesifer, PA, MidEast Region Fleener 1616,Tim & Sarah Fleener

Ewe Lamb


Purchased at


CLSF 1607 Barnes Lady 6020 Slack 6337 Rife 16-124 Bryant 16-019 Rife 16-111 ROKAJO 1605 Majors 16-1830

Jaedyn Slutz Tim Barnes Tom Slack Randy & Julie Rife Bryant Shrops Randy & Julie Rife Robert & Karen Johnson Joe & Cheryl Majors

’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Midwest ’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Indiana Premier ’16 Rife Online #2 ’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Ohio Classic

$246.40 $184.80 $123.20 $61.60

Fleener 1615 R & A 2185 High Life 1606 Schoolhouse 1629 Highlife 1630 Flanders VIP 6196 Rife 16-148 Isler 1654 STS 16-14 Rife 16-103

Tim & Sarah Fleener R&A Shropshires Highlife Farm Schoolhouse Shrops Highlife Farm Rachel Flanders Randy & Julie Rife Isler Shrops Denise Hardisky Randy & Julie Rife

’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Ohio Classic ’16 Ohio Classic 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Rife Online #2 2016 Great Lakes 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Rife Online #1

$246.40 $184.80 $123.20 $61.60

Barnes 6001 Elsbury 1608 BWB Farms 1608 Elsbury 1607 Rife 16-230 Mrozinski 16-22 Fritz 246 Double Doc 16-09 Double Doc 16-17

Tim Barnes Mike & Karen Elsbury BWB Farms Mike & Karen Elsbury Randy & Julie Rife Erik Mrozinski Caleb Fritz Tim Elsbury Tim Elsbury

2016 Ohio Classic $246.40 2016 Indiana Premier $184.80 2016 Ohio Classic $123.20 2016 Indiana Premier $61.60 2016 Midwest Elite 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Indiana Premier 2016 Indiana Premier

Ewe Lamb Fleener 1615 R & A 2185 High Life 1606 Schoolhouse 1629 CLSF 1607 Highlife 1630

Breeder Tim & Sarah Fleener R&A Shrops Highlife Farm Schoolhouse Shrops Jaedyn Slutz Highlife Farm

Premium $369.60 $246.40 $184.80 $154.00 $123.20 $92.40

__________________ Shropshire Voice

TJ Belt, Mo.,West & Central Region Barnes 6001,Tim Barnes 7 Ashley Fuss 8 TJ Belt 8 Jake Mingus 9 Brady Miller 11 Addisen Nicholson 12 Carlee Cox 13 Noah Collins 14 Brendan Pimm 15 Ashley Fuss 16 Brendan Pimm 17 Jake Mingus 18 Brooke Young 19 Blake Webster 20 Bailey Towery 21 Blake Webster 22 Rylie Miller 23 Taylor Young 24 Brandon Jones 25 Justin Proper 26 Lauren Brown 27 Chase Liskai

Frederick, MD Leonard, MO Tipp City, OH Lafayette, IN South Windsor, CT Bells, TN Morristown, TN Bergen, NY Frederick, MD Bergen, NY Tipp City, OH Bell Buckle, TN Windham, ME New Madison, OH Windham, ME Lafayette, IN Bell Buckle, TN Bradford, OH+C83 Greenfield, IN Lafayette, IN Gibsonburg, OH

Chloe Stonesifer of PA,Yearling Ewe R&A 2086, R&A Shrops

Barnes Lady 6020 Barnes 6001 Flanders VIP 6196 Elsbury 1608 Slack 6337 BWB Farms 1608 Elsbury 1607 Rife 16-124 Bryant 16-019 Rife 16-111 Rife 16-148 Rife 16-230 ROKAJO 1605 Isler 1654 Majors 16-1830 Mrozinski 16-22 Fritz 246 STS 16-14 Double Doc 16-09 Double Doc 16-17 Rife 16-103

Tim Barnes Tim Barnes Rachel Flanders Mike & Karen Elsbury Tom Slack BWB Farms Mike & Karen Elsbury Randy & Julie Rife Bryant Shrops Randy & Julie Rife Randy & Julie Rife Randy & Julie Rife Robert & Karen Johnson Isler Shrops Joe & Cheryl Majors Erik Mrozinski Caleb Fritz Denise Hardisky Tim Elsbury Tim Elsbury Randy & Julie Rife


2016 Yearling Ewe Futurity – Total Funds: $1020

Yearling Ewe Rank Exhibitor Name

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chloe Stonesifer Jake Mingus Ashley Fuss Logan Elsbury Emily Ellison Noah Collins Taylor Ruff Noah Collins Addisen Nicholson Bailey Towery Rylie Miller Rylie Miller Addisen Nicholson Taylor Young Brandon Jones


Lewisberry, PA Tipp City, OH Frederick, MD Greenfield, IN Newport, TN Morristown, TN Mechanicsburg, OH Morristown, TN South Windsor, CT New Madison, OH Lafayette, IN Lafayette, IN South Windsor, CT Bell Buckle, TN Bradford, OH

__________________ February 2017

2016 Total Fund $1020

Yearling Ewe

R & A 2086 Rife 15-181 CLSF 1537 Fritz 216 D Hicks 15-19 Rife 15-266 JEM 1509 CLSF 1451 R&A 2107 Brown 1518 Elsbury 1571 Dirlam 15-1569 High Life 1553 Rockin K 1502 STS 1014


R&A Shrops Randy & Julie Rife Jaedyn Slutz Caleb Fritz Dalton Hicks Randy & Julie Rife Mike Fox Jaedyn Slutz R&A Shrops Art Brown Mike & Kar Elsbury JN Dirlam & Sons Highlife Farm Riggin Klotz Denise Hardisky

Purchased at

renominated (’15 Ohio Classic) renominated (2015 Rife Online #2) 2016 Ohio Classic renominated (2015 Ohio Classic) 2015 NAILE 2016 Ohio Classic 2016 Ohio Classic renominated (2015 Indiana Premier) renominated (2015 Ohio Classic) renominated (2015 Ohio Classic) renominated (2015 Indiana Premier) renominated (2015 Ohio Classic) renominated (2015 Ohio Classic) 2016 Midwest Elite 2016 Ohio Classic


$255.00 $204.00 $153.00 $102.00 $51.00 $51.00 $51.00 $51.00 $51.00 $51.00

_______ Page 37


Congratulations Noah Collins, TN with your numerous Supreme Champion winnings with “Rambo,” the fall ram you purchased from us at the National Sale!

Honored at the shows…

Grand Champion Ewe

2016 Wisconsin State Fair

Step Ahead 2650 “Dolly”

Congrats to Elsbury Family, IN who won 1st at Wisconsin State Fair and 4th at Indiana State Fair with our 3rd place late ram at the National Sale!

Humbled with our sales… We appreciate the overwhelming support from breeders and buyers in 2016. Thank you to ALL our buyers on and off the farm

Our high selling yearling ewe. Sold to West Shrops, IA for $1050

Lori Koenig IL, Hayden Meeks TN, Daryl Orr OH, Jaxson Raber OH, Denny Philips PA, Caroline Patterson TN, Winche Farms IL, Frances Putnam OH. And a special thank you to Carlee Cox, TN for purchasing a set of quality brood ewes.

Our 2nd place late ewe went to Chloe Chrifield, TN

STACY JOSEFSON • SEAN RIGGS Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 • 309-371-4260 • & join us on Facebook! _______ Page 38

__________________ Shropshire Voice

2017 Starter Flock Program

The Flock Starter Program is a project undertaken by the National Junior Shropshire Sheep Association to award a group of Shropshire ewes to a deserving youngster new to the breed.After three successful years

Top Registering Breeders 2016 1. Randy & Julie Rife Yellow Springs, OH............... 132 2. Rachel Flanders, Noblesville, IN......................... 72 3. Jaedyn Slutz City Limits Maple Park, IL.......................... 48 4. David & Jodi High McDermott, OH...................... 40 5. Cody Hiemke Stoughton,WI.......................... 37 6. Doris & Lisa Kowalyshyn North Franklin, CT................... 37 7. Richard Adams Bonfield, IL............................... 36 8. Kyle Moshier Gilsun, IL................................... 35 9. Mike & Karen Elsbury Greenfield, IN.......................... 31 10. Morgan Cabaniss Arapaho, OK............................ 29 11. Dalton Hicks Stillwater, OK........................... 27 12. Rueber Shrops Sumner, IA................................ 25 13. Colby Clark Gilmanton, NH........................ 24 14. Christine & Monica Ebert Saint George, KS..................... 24 15. Brianna Brockmann Garden Prairie, IL..................... 23 16. Tim Elsbury Adell, WI................................... 23 17. Isler Shropshires Prospect, OH........................... 23 18. Erik Mrozinski Rolling Prairie, IN..................... 23 __________________ February 2017

with 34 applicants, the program continues in 2017. To apply, you are required to submit an essay to the Shropshire office that should include background information about yourself and your interest in sheep. This document should illustrate your goals and intentions with the animals should you win the award. There should also be a budget included in the paperwork that is sent in. We ask that you type your essay and submit it by April 1. Please include your mailing address and telephone number. All applicants should be between the ages of 8 and 20. The winner of the award will be notified and will receive a $1500 credit voucher from the ASRA to purchase two or more Shropshire ewes of his or her choice at any of the Shropshire sales in 2016. Application information will be available on and from the Shropshire office. To ensure the success of this program, financial contributions are needed for this worthwhile cause. Contact Secretary Becky Peterson,Youth Coordinator Alan Bruhin ( or NJSSA president Rylie Miller (rmill53@tscstudents. net) with your support or inquiries. In 2016, the following donors were added to the ranks of previous years Flock Starters: Emily Washburn, JN Dirlam and Sons, Rick Adams, Plainview Farms, Doug, Tammy and Chris Whittaker, Knepp Shropshires, Schoolhouse Shrops, Alan Bruhin, Chip Hallet, Jim Isler, the Klotz family, Danny and Cynde Rogers. They joined Mark and Prudie Miller, Erik Mrozinski, Austin and Trent Bechtold, Claudia Snyder, Jim and Donna Gruenhagen, Dennis Avery, Gary Brockmann Family, Stacy Josefson, Randy and Julie Rife, Glenn and David High and Mark McCabe who have supported the program in the previous two years. It is important to know that several of the donors in this list have provided support for multiple years and show obvious support and interest in bringing new people into the breed and we appreciate their enthusiasm! _______ Page 39

Utah Study proves selecting for EBVs makes a difference By Rick Adams ASRA Illinois Director I have been keeping NSIP data since 2009 on my Shropshire flock. When I started I realized that I was recording most of the information that they wanted, birth weights, weaning weights and pedigree information as part of my operation anyway. So it was an easy transition to start the NSIP. Since that time I have made progress at identifying the fastest growers and the ones with larger loineyes. A few of us have banded together to market the higher indexing Shropshire rams to producers with flocks in the western range. They have been very impressed with the lambs that the Shropshire rams have sired. There is great potential to sell a lot of rams into those flocks, but we need more Shropshire breeders keeping NSIP data and helping to promote the Shropshire breed. I recently read of a study in Utah using NSIP Suffolk rams that proves the point. It was written by Terri Queck-Matzie and can be found on the American Sheep industry website.

A producer-driven field study in Utah proves genetics make a difference in lamb profitability. Conducted by Matt and Dan Mickel at Mickel Brothers Sheep Company of Spring City, Utah, as part of the Leading Edge Sheep Production Group, the ASI Let’s Grow funded experiment bred two groups of commercial white-faced ewes to two groups of black faced terminal rams – one with Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) from the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) and one without. The ewes were then managed as one group to avoid environmental variations. The NSIP-sired lambs weighed an average of three lbs. per lamb more than the non-NSIP group. “The biggest thing we found out with this experiment is these rams did what their records said they would do,” says Bill Shultz of Bunker Hill Farm in DeGraff, Ohio, who supplied rams for the project. “We saw what we, and everyone in the industry, needed to see.We saw in fact what the records said.” That meets an important goal for the

We welcome these new adult members who joined the ASRA in 2016 Darin Merveldt, El Reno, OK Holly Williams, Greenfield, IN Katie Tobin / John Schnelton,   Winchester, IL Clayton Stephens, Clinton Corners, NY Carrie Anne Healy, Shelburne, MA Kurtis Kishman, Farmersburg, IA Douglas Abney, Bargersville, IN Angela Behrends, Danforth, IL Callina Rockey, Rock City, IL Cody & Elyse Cory, Morristown , IN _______ Page 40

Alex Hutchinson, Halls, TN Timothy Petry, Piqua, OH Richard Harrison, Bradford, OH Crockett County FFA, Alamo, TN Erica Nightengale, Billings, OK O’Neill Shropshires, Titusville, PA Clayton Hiemke, Stillwater, MN Dan Macon, Auburn, CA Sandra Couvee, Bedford, MA Troy Longenecker, Annville, PA Sarah Weeks, Davenport, NY __________________ Shropshire Voice

Leading Edge group, a coalition of Utah producers gathered with the mission of utilizing a more vertically integrated system to provide a uniform and quality-consistent product to the consumer. “From the beginning, we have known advancing genetics, as well as adding valueadded programs, would be key to meeting our goals,” says Leading Edge Facilitator Tom Boyer.“But some of our producers didn’t have a high level of confidence in NSIP. That’s due mostly to a lack in the volume of data.” There are currently more than 300 producers enrolled in the NSIP program, which provides science-based, industry-tested measurements of heritable traits that can be tracked and measured with its system of EBVs. That’s a 25 percent increase since 2015, and a 140 percent increase since 2014. “This increase in utilization builds on the volume of data in the system and increases the credibility of the data,” says NSIP Program Director Rusty Burgett. “That doesn’t mean the numbers weren’t useful before, but increasing the volume of data increases the statistical power of the analysis and improves accuracy. While NSIP works to build its database, Boyer wanted to prove NSIP’s validity to producers in his group. Matt Mickel stepped up to the plate. The field trial Mickel started with the purchase of 14 ram lambs and three yearling rams from Bunker Hill Farm.The rams came with NSIP EBV data. Another 14 rams and three yearlings from Mickel stock, without NSIP data, comprised the control sires. On Nov. 15, 2015, a band of Mickel’s commercial ewes were brought down from the mountain after grazing on typical range ground of old thrush and grass for five weeks.The ewes were sorted into two groups 20 at a time. “Since older ewes tend to have more twins, and thus smaller lambs, and since younger ewes tend to be at the head of the band and older ones toward the back, I wanted to be sure the age variance in the groups was equal,”

__________________ February 2017

says Matt Mickel. “So I sent the first 20 to one coral and the next 20 to another, and so on, through the entire band.” The two groups of 550 ewes each were branded green or red and sent to identical pastures. “The fields had been harvested at the same time and regrowth was the same,” says Mickel. “There was no better field.” On Nov. 22, 14 bucks and three yearlings were turned in to each pasture. The NSIP rams were bred to the green-branded ewes and the control rams to the red. After 14 days, with the ewes running out of feed and the bucks needing refreshed, the herd was mixed and sent to the desert winter range with new bucks. Only the lambs born during the first 14 days (bred during the control period) were used in the experiment. In early February the ewes were ultrasounded to identify twins from singles, then the ewes were brought back to the ranch in April 2016. The sheep were sheared, remarked for red or green group, and vaccinated. Those with single lambs were range lambed with the two groups in separate but equal pasture and feed, where they received little attention during lambing. The ewes bearing twins were mixed in the lambing shed. During their three days in the lambing jug, the lambs were marked with red or green ear tags. Once out of the jug, they were mixed in aging pens. After 14 days of lambing in the pasture, the single lambs were tagged red or green according to their ewe, and all 1133 lambs (singles and twins) were combined and put out on the range on June 18 as one summer band. Mickel did not track lambing rate specifically by breeding group, but the entire project yielded 1,856 lambs from 1,132 ewes a rate of 164 percent. “We tried to think of every variable we could,” explains Mickel. “We didn’t want to be able to poke holes in the results.” Lambs were brought back to the ranch on the evening of Sept. 25.The next morning they were sorted – green on one semi-truck and red on another – until the trucks were filled. _______ Page 41


April 3: Yearling Ewes April 24: Ewe Lambs HELD AT WLIVESTOCK.COM Creamer Shropshires McCabe Shropshires BWB Shrops Elsbury Shrops

Isler Shrops High Shrops Bryant Shrops Barnes Farms

Sale hosted by Willoughby Sales

_______ Page 42

__________________ Shropshire Voice

“There were approximately 30-50 that didn’t fit on the semi,” says Mickel. “There could have been some heavier or lighter in either group, but overall we were confident we had a good average.” The trucks were then weighed. Truck #758 carried 420 red, or control, lambs weighing a total of 42,860 pounds. Truck #338 carried 442 green, or NSIP, lambs weighing a total of 46,420 pounds. Bred, born, and raised in as near identical conditions as possible, the NSIP lambs weighed an average of 105.02 pounds. The control group of non-NSIP Suffolk sired lambs weighed an average of 102.04 pounds. Shultz says the Suffolk NSIP rams used had an average Weaning Weight EBV of 3.3 and an average Post-weaning Weight EBV of 5.5. “I’d say the difference in lamb weight is a very fair representation of the genetic differences expressed by the EBVs when used in the traditional range management system like Mickel’s,” says Shultz. Burgett adds some additional calculations: “Based on the average price of $144/cwt for 102-105 pound lambs at the recent Newell and Billings sales, that three-pound advantage should bring an additional $4.32 per lamb. Spread across 442 lambs, each of those NSIP sires added more than $100 lamb value over the non-NSIP sires. And my guess is those lambs will continue to separate further once they get on feed. If you use those rams for three or four more years, you can clearly see the added value.” “There’s more work to be done,” says Boyer. “Ultimately, there has to be a financial reward for the additional production costs like measuring the loin eye, keeping data, and investing in the top-quality genetics.” “This study proved what we hoped it would prove,” says Shultz, “but it doesn’t provide a long-term answer. Seedstock producers providing genetics to the Western Range have to develop them for the range environment and management systems.” For Shultz, that means asking some basic questions when making his seedstock breeding decisions: “What does the ideal

__________________ February 2017

Western Range terminal sire look like? We’re now focused on weight gain. When and how do we pay attention to carcass traits?” And should that focus be on early or later growth. Shultz says this field trial shows the focus may best be placed on early growth. “It’s all evolving.We’re learning all the time.And we have to adjust our genetics to what we learn.” NSIP with its system of Estimated Breeding Values is crucial to that effort. “It’s all about the speed of change,” says Shultz. “NSIP enables us to change so much faster, and the accuracy of our breeding decisions is so much better.” Speedy change is not a concept often touted in the U.S. sheep industry, but Boyer says that needs to change. “The American Sheep Industry Road Map clearly identified the U.S. sheep industry is behind in its application of technology,” says Boyer. “We lack product uniformity. The quality of our lamb and wool is not meeting consumer expectations. We need to investigate additional technologies, and that starts with genetics, to gain the edge we need over our competitors.” NSIP is there to help the seedstock producer develop the type of breeding stock the commercial producer needs to meet the industry goals. “It’s great to see the results of this field trial,” says Burgett. “There has been some hesitation in adopting NSIP over the years and this project proves the technology can help move the industry forward.The outcome proves NSIP is truly the ‘genetic foundation for a profitable sheep industry’.” I think this information can be applied to the Shropshire breed as well. We offer a hardy set of genetics that will work well on the range. We just need more producers to get on board and participate in the NSIP. For more information on the NSIP contact Russell Burgett, Program Director, National Sheep Improvement Program, email: info@, cell phone: 515-708-8850, website: or the Shropshire Breed NSIP coordinator Cody Hiemke, Email: Cjhiemke@ _______ Page 43

Breeding Stock and Market Lambs

for the

Featuring Shropshire and Oxford Futurity Eligible Ewes

Sponsored by Indiana Shropshire Association

• Yearlings • Ewe Lambs • Market Lambs • Buck Lambs 1 Hour after Shropshire sale

• Show what you buy! • Entries close at noon • Sale Animals Entered FREE! • Premiums and awards given for every class

Attention Junior Exhibitors: Indiana Shropshire Assoc. will Offer $500, $250 & 3x $100 Drawing to be Used at the Sale


Mike Elsbury 317/498-5861 ( Dave Elsbury 317/478-5452 (

Find us on Facebook at Indiana Premier Sheep Sale _______ Page 44

__________________ Shropshire Voice

National Shropshire Futurity The American Shropshire Association in effort to get junior members more interested and involved, have again decided to have a Shropshire Ewe Lamb Futurity and Shropshire Yearling Ewe Futurity for 2017. The futurity will not only enhance the junior members ability to purchase extremely high quality breeding stock but will also make it more beneficial for the breeders to consign their very best animals. The rules of the futurity are relatively simple and are outlined below. You can buy a top quality ewe at one of the designated sales that has been nominated for the futurity, exhibit the ewe at the shows you normally attend and then send in your results on the point record form. A junior can add a top quality female to his or her flock and possibly win back a sizable premium. The 2017 designated sales will include: Indiana Premier Shropshire Sale at Greenfield; Midwest Elite Shrop Sale at Richmond, Ind., Shropshire Classic at Eaton, Ohio Great Lakes Sale at Wooster, Ohio Illinois Spectacular at Springfield, Ill. Midwest Stud Ram Sale at Sedalia, Mo. NAILE Stars of Louisville Sale (for 2018 yrlg. ewes) Online sales (if they meet the conditions listed in the sale nomination rules.) To have a new sale designated as a futurity sale, notification must be made in writing to the Board of Directors at least three months in advance of the sale.

Sale Nomination Rules 1. Entries are open to all ewe lambs born September 1, 2016, thru March 31, 2017 and to all yearling ewes born September 1, 2015, thru May 31, 2016. 2. A nomination fee of $20 is required and payable to The American Shropshire Registry Association. Payment of nomination fees must also be made prior to the sale of the animal. Sale management may deduct nomination fee from sale settlements. Any animal not selling but receiving bids will be assessed the nomination fee. Animals that do not receive a bid (no-sale) will not pay the fee. Animals will be nominated for that sale only; nomination will not carry over to another sale. 3. Each ewe must be properly identified, according to the registration certificate. Futurity ewes will be recorded by their scrapie tag number and paint branded with an F before entering the sale ring. The flock tag number will also be recorded for identifying purposes 4. Each ewe must conform and abide by the rules and regulations of the individual sale to which it is consigned. All normal entry and commission fees will apply. 5. The American Shropshire Registry Association will not be responsible and shall be held harmless for any disputes and/or disagreements between buyers and sellers. 6. Animals sold privately will not be eligible for nomination. 7. Ewes may be nominated from sales (if

Webster Family SHROPSHIRES

Bill, Ryan & Blake and “the white-faced girls” Darcey & Ashley

__________________ February 2017

413 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME • 207-831-0608

_______ Page 45


“The Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander is well worth the investment.” John Blevins, California


“The Callicrate Bander is phenomenal.” George Chambers Carrolton, Georgia


ate Castr Tails k c o D pses Prola Treat



_______ Page 46

__________________ Shropshire Voice

they meet the following conditions): a) The Sale Management Company agrees to all terms of the ASRA show and sale policy. b) The Sale Management Company is bonded. c) The Sale Management Company collects the $20 nomination fee from the consignor and pays those funds to the ASRA Office. d) The nomination of the animal is indicated for the entire time the sale listing is on the internet and identified by the scrapie tag number. e) The Sale Management Company sends to the ASRA office the printout of the sale with name and address of the purchaser for the entire sale and futurity nomination fees within 30 days. f) Only sales conducted by a management company qualify, if an individual breeder has an online sale, all futurity nominations and sales must be handled by the sale management company. g) Sales that have five or more ewes nomin ated can qualify as futurity designated. h) All registered Shropshires in an online sale must be nominated if any are nominated. i) Sale management will notify the ASRA office of intent to hold an online sale at least 48 hours before the sale and a list of nominated lambs must be available before the sale starts. j) Online sale photos must include a face shot which shows a legible scrapie tag number. Exhibitor Rules 1. Up to date paid junior membership in the American Shropshire Registry Association. 2. Not more than 21 years of age on the date of the NAILE show in November. 3. Junior members must be at least five years of age with no partnerships or joint registrations. 4. Ewes and points earned in the futurity are not transferable to any other person, nor are the points from one ewe to another.

__________________ February 2017

5. Ewes are to be registered to individuals only, no “and family”, no partnerships, and no joint registrations. 6. No immediate family transfers will be allowed to be exhibited as futurity animals. Sales to children, grandchildren or siblings will not be eligible. 7. No futurity entrant can compete with more than two ewe lambs.Total points earned by two ewe lambs may not be combined into one lamb’s total. 8. No futurity entrant can compete with more than two yearling ewes. Total points earned by two yearling ewes may not be combined into one yearling’s total. 9. Junior members must exhibit their own futurity ewes within a class. If they have two ewes in the same class, another junior member may exhibit the second ewe. 10. If an exhibitor that owns a ewe is not present at the respective show futurity points are not eligible and should not be submitted. 11. If either the scrapie tag or the flock tag is lost the Shropshire office must be notified about the replacement, immediately. 12. Point reporting forms are available from the ASRA office and also on www. Ewe Lambs: Three regions setup for 2017 based on the past four years entries for ewe lambs. East 10 states: ME, NH, VT, NY, MA, RI, NJ, MD, CT, DE Mid-East 10 states: MI, OH, PA,WV,VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL West & Central 28 states: IN, KY, TN, MS, LA, AR, MO, IL, WI, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, NM, CO,WY, MT, ID, UT, AR, NV, CA, OR,WA Yearling ewes: 2017 will be the seventh year for theYearling Ewe Futurity. Junior exhibitors may renominate their 2016 Futurity Ewe Lamb as 2017 Futurity Yearling Ewes for a fee of $20.These ewes may not have been sold or transferred to another owner. This renomination needs to be done by May 1, 2017. A renomination form can be _______ Page 47

found on Ewe lambs nominated and purchased by junior exhibitors at the 2016 NAILE Sale are already eligible and do not need to be renominated. Another option for juniors wanting to participate will be to purchase a futurity nominated yearling ewe at one of the designated futurity sales. The yearling ewe will need to be consignornominated at the sale ($20). Point Scoring: 1. A point card must be filled out for each show and forwarded to Becky Peterson, 41 Bell Road, Leyden, MA 01337 within 21 days of the show. Must have a postmark of 21 days or fewer to count. The card must be signed by the superintendent of the appropriate show. The point card can also be scanned and e-mailed to 2. At each individual show the ewe lamb or

yearling ewe may earn futurity points from the open division, the junior division, or from both (when a different judge or day is involved) except at NAILE, where only the junior show placing will be counted. 3. Ewe lambs and yearling ewes can compete at an unlimited number of shows. The exhibitor may submit as many cards as they want for that ewe. Each ewe’s point cards will be kept separately. The five highest point award cards will be recorded as Futurity points. 4. Points will be awarded on a sliding scale based on the number of entries in the class (new in 2017) 5. At two shows double points are awarded. These shows are the All-American Junior Show and the National Junior Show (at NAILE in 2017). The higher placing lamb at NAILE in Louisville will break ties.

2017 Point Scale for both ewe lambs and yearling ewes Placing in class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th   # in Points awarded   class   1-6 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - - - - - - -- - - -   7-12 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - - - -  13 + 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 All placings below 18th will receive 1 point

Ewe Lamb Futurity Payout Premiums based on percentages of the total amount of money collected for futurity ewe lamb entries. Payout Region      Overall FIRST 8% 12% SECOND 6% 8% THIRD 4% 6% FOURTH 2% 5% FIFTH: 4% SIXTH: 3% SEVENTH 2% Yearling Ewe Futurity Payout Premiums-based on percentages of the _______ Page 48

total amount of money collected for Futurity Yearling Ewe entries. Payout FIRST 25% SECOND 20% THIRD 15% FOURTH 10% FIFTH-TENTH 5% Premiums and awards will be sent from the ASRA office as soon as possible after the NAILE Junior Shropshire Show. Additional recognition for the exhibitors and breeders will appear in the Shropshire Voice and on the Shropshire Web-site. __________________ Shropshire Voice

Junior Shropshire Association The National Junior Shropshire sashes. One title will be awarded in each Association met on Saturday, Nov. 12 as part category each year for a maximum of three. of the NAILE Junior Shropshire activities. Both girls and boys are encouraged to apply. Alan Bruhin, junior coordinator, arranged Applications are available on the youth page for his Tennessee Livestock Skillathon team of the Shropshire website, shropshires. to work with the members. They learned to org, or can be requested from the office. evaluate fleeces, hay and lamb cuts. Applications are due in the office April 1. The group then broke into their regions The selection will be made by a committee and elected their appointed by the directors and Board of Directors. officers. Serving as Winners will be directors for the notified in time to coming year will make plans to attend be: Jacob Fowler the Classic Sale in (Ohio) as treasurer, Eaton, Ohio where Taylor Young (Pennthe presentations sylvania/South) as will be made during secretary, Wyatt the judging for the Graves (SouthNational Sale. west) as vice  Finally, awards president and Rylie were made for the Miller (Indiana) as past two year’s President. futurity contests. A new ShropThere had been no shire Royalty Proawards made other gram has been than the premium proposed for junchecks and the iors and will be Futurity Committee funded through the Addisen Nicholson, Kennedy Algire and Jacob decided to make Junior Association’s Fowler are learning to evaluate fleeces. that correction and account within the awarded a plaque to General Fund. This was proposed to the each of the ewe lamb regional winners and ASRA Board of Directors at the September the yearling ewe winners for 2014 and 2015. meeting. Plaques with a photo of the winner and their Applications will be accepted for the sheep were awarded to Taylor Harrison, Jake following categories: Ages 5-10 for Little Mingus, Kaylee Elsbury and Emily Petzel for Bo Peep or Little Boy Blue; Ages 11-16 for 2014 and Addisen Nicholson, Logan Elsbury, Shropshire Princess or Prince; and Ages 17- Chloe Stonesifer and Kennedy Algire for 21 for Shropshire Queen or Ambassador. 2015. The winners should be responsible for When all was done, the members and attending one major Shropshire sale (Eaton, parents presents enjoyed pizza and beverages Spectacular, Stars of Louisville, etc.) and two and talked about their hopes for the show designated shows (All-American, NAILE, the the next day. Keep an eye out for notices national sale, etc.). on the Shropshire website and Facebook Duties will include presenting awards pages for news about the Junior association at such events. Winners will be awarded activities for this year.

__________________ February 2017

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need to add to your flock?”



“What do Ewe


Fancy? 

Function?  Fuzz? 

it t o g e W all!

New lambs arriving daily for sale off the farm. Sweeten up your flock with a bit of “Sugar.” Be sure to “like” us on Facebook for the most current happenings – Sugar Ridge Ranch / Shropshire Sheep / Pastured Pork

StephenSon Jon, Charlotte & Vivian

_______ Page 50

Viroqua, WI 608-637-6474 (h) • 608-774-3151 (c) __________________ Shropshire Voice

NAILE Junior Shropshire Show

Nov. 13 Judge: Dustin Cruit Early Jr. Ram Lamb (1/1 - 2/15) 1. Jaedyn Slutz 2. Brady Clark 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4. Rachel Flanders 5. Addisen Nicholson 6. Taylor Ruff 7. Brady Clark 8. Emily Anderson 9. Emily Anderson 10. Samuel McDermit 11. Emily Anderson 12. Samuel McDermit Later Junior Ram Lamb (2/16 and later) 1. Jaedyn Slutz (Champion Ram) 2. Brady Clark (Res. Champion Ram) 3. Brady Clark 4. Jaedyn Slutz 5. Rachel Flanders 6. Lane Falch 7. Brianna Brockmann 8. Zane Melvin 9. Brady Clark 10. Dalton Hicks 11. Bailey Towery

12. Noah Collins 13. Wyatt Graves 14. Dalton Hicks 15. Rylie Miller Early Yearling Ewe (1/1 - 2/15) 1. Rachel Flanders (Reserve Champion Ewe) 2. Kennedy Algire 3. Brady Clark 4. Jaedyn Slutz 5. Chloe Stonesifer 6. Brady Clark 7. Emily Ellison 8. Rachel Flanders 9. Jake Mingus 10. Logan Elsbury 11. Carlee Cox 12. Max Eells 13. Wyatt Graves 14. Taylor Ruff 15. Taylor Ruff 16. Hayden Meeks 17. Emily Anderson 18. Emily Anderson 19. Emily Anderson 20. Noah Collins Late Yearling Ewe (2/16 and later) 1. Dalton Hicks (Champion Ewe & Supreme Champion Ewe over all Breeds)

Champion Ram, NAILE Junior Show Jaedyn Slutz

__________________ February 2017

2. Jaedyn Slutz 3. Brady Clark 4. Ashley Fuss 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Rachel Flanders 7. Ashley Fuss 8. Brady Clark 9. Jaedyn Slutz 10. Rachel Flanders 11. Kenyon Buckland 12. Taylor Young 13. Brady Miller 14. Rylie Miller 15. KohnRad Minsh 16. Wyatt Graves 17. Rylie Miller Senior Ewe Lamb (9/1 - 12/31) 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Jaedyn Slutz 3. Brianna Brockmann 4. Rachel Flanders 5. Brady Clark 6. Dalton Hicks 7. Jacob Rogers January Ewe Lamb (early) 1. Zane Melvin 2. Brady Clark 3. Kendal Rosen 4. Sophie Rosen 5. Ashley Fuss 6. Emily Anderson

Champion Ewe and Supreme Champion Ewe over All Breeds, NAILE Junior Show Dalton Hicks

_______ Page 51

7. Taylor Young 8. Addisen Nicholson 9. Jacob Fowler 10. Logan Elsbury 11. Victoria Kovacs 12. Samuel McDermit 13. Jake Mingus 14. Noah Collins 15. Jacob Rogers January Ewe Lamb (late) 1. Chloe Stonesifer 2. Kenyon Buckland 3. Jaedyn Slutz 4. Taylor Ruff 5. Addisen Nicholson 6. Dalton Hicks 7. Brady Miller 8. Jaedyn Slutz 9. Rachel Flanders 10. Kennedy Algire 11. Rylie Miller 12. Kenyon Buckland 13. Carlee Cox 14. Ashley Fuss 15. Samuel McDermit

16. Taylor Kemp 17. Taylor Kemp February Early Ewe Lamb (early) 1. Jaedyn Slutz 2. Dalton Hicks 3. Taylor Ruff 4. Kenyon Buckland 5. Dalton Hicks 6. Rachel Flanders 7. Kennedy Algire 8. Addisen Nicholson 9. Kendal Rosen 10. Sophie Rosen 11. Alexis Hickman 12. Bailey Towery 13. Lane Falch 14. Tenley Cory 15. Camden Cory 16. Ashlyn Reddick February Late Ewe Lamb (late) 1. Brady Clark 2. Brady Clark 3. Jaedyn Slutz

4. Brianna Brockmann 5. Dalton Payne 6. Rachel Flanders 7. Ashley Fuss 8. Jake Mingus 9. Rylie Miller 10. Carlee Cox 11. Wyatt Graves 12. Victoria Kovacs 13. Ashlyn Reddick 14. Ashlyn Reddick March Ewe Lamb (3/1 or later) 1. Dalton Hicks 2. Brianna Brockmann 3. Brady Clark 4. Jaedyn Slutz 5. Bailey Wagner 6. Brady Clark 7. Rachel Flanders 8. Adam Wagner 9. Dalton Hicks 10. Wyatt Graves 11. Taylor Young 12. Lane Falch

Good luck in the New Year! 1083 W. CR. 61, Tiffin, OH 44883

Mike 419-992-4305 Jay 419-992-4701 Jaime 419-680-4874 Doug 419-986-5848 _______ Page 52

__________________ Shropshire Voice

Carlee Cox, 11, is celebrating her first ever baby lambs. Never too early to start practicing that show brace, right?!

Lily, 5, likes to help her sister, Carlee, with the lambs on their farm, HC Shropshire Show Sheep. The girls are the daughters of Lacey and Justin Hollingshead of Bells,Tenn.

Snap Shot your shepherds!

ASRA Secretary Becky Peterson and her dog takes a break during the Big E last fall. Photo by Chris Hopkins. __________________ February 2017

The Shropshire Voice is always looking for photos and stories of the junior and adult Shropshire members and their sheep. If you have a fun photo or a story to share please send to Voice publisher Rinda Maddox at shropshirevoice@ or mail to Shropshire Voice, P.O. Box 475, Sidell, IL 61876. _______ Page 53

New Royalty program

Shropshire youth can apply for the new Shropshire Royalty Program. Applications will be accepted for Little Bo Peep or Little Boy Blue (ages 5-10), Shropshire Princess or Prince (ages 11-16); Shropshire Queen or Ambassador (ages 17-21). The winners will be responsible for attending one major Shropshire sale (Eaton, Spectacular, Stars of Louisville, etc.) and two designated shows (All-American, NAILE, the national sale, etc.). Duties will include presenting awards at such events. Winners will be awarded sashes. One title will be awarded in each category. Both girls and boys are encouraged to apply. Applications are available on the youth page of the Shropshire website, shropshires. org, or can be requested from the office.

Applications are due in the office April 1. The selection will be made by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors. Winners will be notified in time to make plans to attend the Classic Sale in Eaton, Ohio where the presentations will be made during the judging for the National Sale.

2017 Scholarships Two $400 awards will be available in 2017. Students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships as long as they are currently enrolled in an under-graduate program and directly involved with Shropshire sheep. Applications are available at www.shropshires. org and are due June 1, 2017 in the office of the ASRA. Only complete applications which include official transcripts of all high school and college work completed along with two letters of recommendation will be considered.

Shropshires care for the White House Lawn Shropshire sheep graze on the front lawn of the White House in 1918 under President Woodrow Wilson’s tenure as part of the first family’s commitment to the efforts of World War I. Shropshires saved money by keeping the lawn maintained, which released groundskeepers to enlist, and they raised over $50,000 for the Red Cross in a single year through wool sales, averaging $1,000 a pound with the rams bringing $10,000 a pound. To this day it remains the most expensive wool ever sold. Photo and information reprinted with permission from The Livestock Conservancy.

_______ Page 54

__________________ Shropshire Voice

hropshirer pectacula


Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield

2016 Champion Ram Adams Shropshires, IL

SHOW: June 16, 10:30 a.m. Judge Aaron Crome

SALE: June 17, 10:30 a.m.

2016 Champion Ewe Brockman Shropshires, IL

Auctioneer Billy MacCauley Sale held in conjunction with the National Cheviot Sale, National Oxford Sale, Illinois Montadale Sale, Natural Colored Sales.

JUNIOR SHOW Sale managed by American Cheviot Sheep Society Jeff Ebert, Executive Secretary

details to be announced. Contact Stacy Josefson 309.371.4269

Entry Deadline April 15 Entry information can be found at For more info contact Jeff Ebert: • 785-458-9174 __________________ February 2017

_______ Page 55

“Memories are rare jewels which Time polishes into perfection” By Randy Rife Breed Historian Many who read this article probably now live on, or have grown up on, a farm that has been in their family for over 100 years. Lee Ann Eizinger approached me at Louisville with this story about her dad and mother, Bob and Shirley Tobey and their family’s Centennial Farms. Here is her story of the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay event. Tim and Lee Ann live near Rochester, Ind. and raise Shropshires.

Family’s farms recognized during Indiana’s Bicentennial Torch Relay Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial Torch Relay covered 3200 miles, passing through all 92 counties of the state, over a five-week period. Patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay, the torch was transported by people passing the

Neighbor Dan Peters drives the Tobey’s 806 International tractor as Lee Ann carries the torch

_______ Page 56

__________________ Shropshire Voice

flame from torch bearer to torch bearer. The relay employed other modes of conveyance that were symbolic of the history and heritage of Indiana including watercraft, farm equipment, a racecar, horse and wagon, antique automobile and others. Lee Ann (Tobey) Eizinger particpated in the relay in Fulton County in recognition of the centennial farms of her mother and father, Bob and Shirley Tobey, riding on her late father’s 806 International tractor. LeeAnn shares the following narritive: The Tobey Heritage Farm has been in the same family ownership since 1895 with six owners to present. The Wagoner Farm has been in the same family since 1919 with three owners to present. My mother and father grew up on adjacent farms. When U.S. 31 was built through the county in the early 1970s, it took 13 acres from the center of the Wagoner farm where my mother was born and raised. The railroad had originally divided the farm and then Highway 31 ran parallel to the railroad grade and further consumed the property. Thus, our property has ended up on both sides of the Highway 31 and the old railroad grade, which is now the bike trail.

A family photo is taken alongside US 31 & 300 South at the Tobey family Centenniel Homestead: Burke Eizinger, Amy Eizinger Ott, Everett & Collette Ott, Lee Ann & Tim Eizinger.

__________________ February 2017

_______ Page 57

On the Howard Tobey farm, the highway took all the buildings including the home where my father was born and raised. Still standing, though, are two old, remnant stag pines. These lone sentinels loom as a testament as to what was once there. I have many fond memories of playing in the yard and seeing my grandmother’s wonderful flower and vegetable garden and all the things that made this a wonderful place in which to grow up and remember. Being part of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay meant so much to me for so many reasons. When my father passed away a few years back, we eventually sold his 806 International tractor to a neighbor, Dan Peters, who always respected my father and truly appreciated the significance of owning and maintaining his tractor. Dan was elated when I asked him to drive my dad’s tractor down Highway 31 so that I could carry the torch past the family farm. Perched high on the 806, my emotions ran high as I saw the farm fields pass by on such a classically beautiful, bright and sunny Indiana fall day. I carried with me, pictures of my parents, kids, grandchildren, wedding picture and one of my father’s blue bandana handkerchiefs that he always carried with him wherever he went, worn around my neck. The Torch Committee allowed me to stop at County Road 300 South where my family had arranged _______ Page 58

for pictures to be taken amid straw bales, an Indiana flag that whipped vigorously in the wind and flew directly above the firmly planted official 100 Year Heritage Farm Recognition sign which was presented at a ceremony a few years back by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture at the Indiana State Fair. It was just so awesome to gaze over the landscape, looking north over the rich Hoosier farm ground, then right and left at both family’s property and imagining the past, present and future of this ground and how it relates to me and my family. My grandfather on my mother’s side was Charles C. (Charlie) Wagoner, born in 1893. He was able to purchase his farm in 1919 after working as a tenant farmer for Gresham Bearss west of town in what was termed in that era as “The Prairie.” He farmed with horses until after WW II when he finally bought a Ford 8N tractor, which we still own. He had a fine herd of Jersey cattle and also raised Chester White hogs, Shropshire sheep, Hereford cattle, Shetland ponies and a sizeable flock


The Voice would like you to share your vintage photos for a “Guess Who” or other photo fillers. Contact Rinda Maddox at (217) 288-9365 or email her:

__________________ Shropshire Voice

of laying hens. The genetic linage of the Shropshire flock is still being carried on by my family. Charlie farmed over 100 acres with that small, 8N tractor – a task that today seems near impossible but in that era, it had to be a major improvement over doing it all with horses. My grandfather, Howard Tobey, raised Chester White hogs, Jersey cattle, Emden geese and grain farmed a sizeable acreage. My dad did the milking since Howard often worked off the farm. He then went to school, played sports and had to walk home or hitchhike back home to do the evening milking. He continued to milk until the bypass went through and they gave up that part of the farm

AVERY shropshires

and sold the cows. The torch bearing process was just such a truly special and obviously historic event and those people who created and organized the project deserve maximum recognition for their efforts which culminate on Saturday, October 15 at the State Capital Building grounds. ~~~ Final thought from Randy Rife: Several years, Bob and Shirley Tobey were quite active with the Indiana Shropshire Association. For a while, Bob served as President and Shirley Secretary. Bob bought eight ram lambs in a row to head his flock from us. His main selection criteria was: “Stand behind the ram and roll a bowling ball between his back legs. If it didn’t touch either leg, the ram passed inspection.

January lambs are on the ground!

“Your source for quality Shropshires” Can be delivered to le National Sa in Eaton!

We will have yearlings, falls and January born lambs for sale out of the barn.

EWE come and get ‘em! Check out our website at

Dennis & Nancy Avery

1500 Douglas Rd., Bremen, IN 46506 (574) 209-0988 •

__________________ February 2017

John Mrozinski

(219) 575-4833

_______ Page 59

…only have “milking machines” rian , Breed Histo By Randy Rife


   arly the morning of January 19 I looked at our barn cameras and saw two ewes in a corner of the barn, with things not looking normal. I went out and found both an older ewe and a 2015 born ewe, each aggressively claiming one new lamb. This nice lamb was very nearly mauled to death. I opened a gate to a nearby jug, put the lamb in, and the boss ewe went right in. After haltering and examining her, I determined she had not lambed yet.Then I moved her to the far corner of the barn, probably 70 feet away. Of course, she kept hollering, but was far enough to allow the timid young ewe to follow the now dead lamb into the jug. I then haltered and checked her. Wonderful udder with loads of milk. She had not cleaned and still had afterbirth hanging out. She was a beautiful, young milking machine.

_______ Page 60

Immediately, I went to work in our well-lit feed room and stacked two bales of straw under the best light, to serve as an operating table. I then pulled out a surgical scalpel, laid the dead lamb on the straw bales and proceeded to remove his skin as one piece. You must work at this very delicately attempting to leave the tail and rear end intact on this skin. (You know momma always smells the butt of her lamb to recognize it.) I cut all around the neck behind the ears and right above the front legs and along the lower sides. This leaves a hole to pull the skin over the dead lamb’s ears and head, and also pull over the head of the lamb to be grafted. I also cut a small hole above the tail set of the pelt and that allows the tail of the grafted lamb to be put through it. When I covered the lamb with the pelt, to help hold it on, I cut a small hole in the pelt at the center of the back of the lamb. Then I put a piece of twine through it, around the belly of the lamb and tied it. A great old grandma ewe with a beautiful set of twin ewe lambs didn’t have milk enough to raise each into a valued show or replacement female. In fact, one would have fallen behind and probably died within two or three weeks.They were two days old and I had been __________________ Shropshire Voice

giving them extra care. One needed moved! We now had an open dinner plate. So, I grabbed one of these lambs to outfit with the pelt. I put its head through the appropriate hole and its tail through the other end. It fit pretty well. This gave the new lamb for the young mother two tails. She remained tied with her head in the corner of the jug and I took the grafted lamb with her “new skin” attached, pulled afterbirth from her new momma and smeared it over this lamb, covering the head, back, sides and rear.Then I held the lamb next to her new momma and squirted five or six good shots of milk into her mouth. This gave the grafted lamb the taste and smell of different milk than it was used to. I then removed the ewe’s halter, laid the lamb down, closed and fastened the jug gate, then went to check on the boss rip and found she now had twin ewe lambs standing with her in her jug. She was licking, nudging and loving with gusto! Skinning a lamb is not a pleasant job, but

after leaving the bossy ewe and her family, I walked by the grafted lamb and saw she was nursing her new momma, who was also really loving her new baby. That sight made it all worthwhile. Oh! I must report about 12 hours later we removed the skin. The lamb, by then, had the smell the new mother wanted. Lowell Douce started me with sheep the fall of 1961 and was a great mentor for several years. He taught me this grafting technique. It doesn’t always work this well! We all get so attached to our sheep, but if they can’t milk and raise babies, they are just “yard ornaments” and they need wheels under them. Every morning this winter I glance out the kitchen window to the west pasture and see 48 spring ewe lambs of which the older 34 are confirmed bred for March and April lambs. It’s a daily reminder that old freeloaders don’t pay bills.We must develop the mentality that all we have are milking machines. “Blessed are the flexible.They don’t get bent out of shape!”

McCabe Shropshires SHROPS WITH TOPS 5154 Nickelson Road, Prospect, OH 43342


For additional pictures & more info: Web: FB: McCabe Shropshires & Llama E:


was 1st Place Jan. Ram Lamb at the National Show at the Big E in 2016. His first lambs are on the ground now and we will offer them for sale in 2017.

We will be selling in the Spring Fling Online Sale and the National Sale at Eaton __________________ February 2017

_______ Page 61

Breeder’s Index

This list is a paid subscription published both in the Voice and on Contact Becky Peterson, ASRA Secretary, to have your name included for only $30 for 3 issues.

Adams Shropshires 10828 W 1000 S Rd Bonfield, IL 60913 Cell: (815) 228-2903 Anderson Farms Matthew, Christie, Emily & Andrew 11307 Walnut Ave. Oakdale, CA 95361 (660) 988-3503 Anderson, Michael L. 346 N 1600 E Paxton, IL 60957 (217) 379-3189 Cell: (217) 781-3348, Avery, Dennis & Nancy Avery Shropshires 1500 Douglas Road Bremen, IN 46506 (574) 209-0988 Floyd & Sharon Avery (229) 942-3415 Barnes, Shane & Kim SKB Shropshires 1122 Browns Creek Rd. Sycamore, PA 15364 (724) 852-2673 Barnes, Tim & Deb Barnes Farms 5707 Mooney Road Radnor, OH 43066 (740) 494-2125 Cell: (740) 815-2402 _______ Page 62

Bechtold, Austin & Trent 4068 E 1100 N N. Manchester, IN 46962 (260) 578-7769 Brandt, Jim Brandt Sheep Farms 8181 SR 274 Anna, OH 45302 (419) 629-1188 Cell: (937) 658-3119 Brockmann Shropshires Gary, Vicky, Brianna & Austin 2011 Blake Road Garden Prairie, IL 61038 (815) 544-4515 BWB Farms, Inc. 1779 Green Road Martinsville, OH 45146 Randy Barr (937) 288-0001 Rick Whiting: (937) 685-2603 Cox, Carlee HC Shrops 1889 Cypress Church Rd. Bells, TN 38006 (731) 413-9895 Crago Brothers Shropshires Steve & Louise Crago & Sons 1499 Hiatt Road Clarksville, OH 45113 (937) 289-3167 Creamer, R.J. & Molly 4094 Centerville-Newmans Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 RJ: (740) 262-3972 Molly: (740) 391-8314 __________________ Shropshire Voice

Diehl, J.L. & G.L. 902 St. Rt. 14 Deerfield, OH 44411 (330) 584-2192 Dirlam, J.N. & Sons & Matt Dirlam 11673 N. Bethesda Rd. Mooresville, IN 46158 (317) 831-2130 Dockter, Darrell, Janet, Stacy & Jason 3-D Sheep Company 19411 S. Carpenter Road Snohomish, WA 98290 Cell: (425) 327-1428 Douglas, Donna April Aire Farms 11802 Pleasant Valley Road Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 337-0598 Ebert, Jeff, Kerri, Christine & Monica Ebert Sheep Farm 10015 Flush Rd. St. George, KS 66535 (785) 494-2436 Cell: (785) 458-9174

Elsbury, Tim Double Doc Farm W 7112 Cherry Hill Drive. Adell, WI 53001 (920) 994-2538 Evans, Dave 5884 St Rt 292 West Mansfield, OH 43358 (937) 363-3610 Fiegl, Mark Lindenview Meadow Farm 5550 Eddy Ridge Rd. Marion, NY 14505 (315) 576-1930 Fitzpatrick, Dan and Lynn Shamrock Farms 8408 Carney Hollow Road Wayland, NY 14572 Office: (585) 669-2179 Cell: (585) 721-3038 Flanders, Rachel VIP Club Lambs 16260 Atlantic Rd Noblesville, IN 46060 (317) 773-3232 email

Elsbury, David & Colleen 7800 N 250 E Greenfield, IN 46140 (317) 326-3893

Fleener, Tim & Sarah 273 South Mountain Rd. Robesonia, PA 19551 (717) 413-5181

Elsbury, Mike & Karen Elsbury’s Shropshires 5385 E 500 N Greenfield, IN 46140-8939 (317) 326-4461 __________________ February 2017

Groverman, Fred, DVM F & L Groverman Shropshires 400 Ormsby Lane Petaluma, CA 94954 (707) 763-3132 Cell: (707) 782-8152

_______ Page 63

Gruenhagen, Jim & Donna SS Shrops 7622 Jersey Ridge Road Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 355-6730

Isler, Jim Isler Shropshires 1340 Klingel Rd. Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-7682

Hardisky, Denise Southern Tier Shropshires 598 Lattabrook Rd. Horseheads, NY 14845 (570) 687-7967

Jack Show Lambs Heinecke Family 29771 Rt U Stoutsville, MO 65283 (573) 721-2149

Hawkins, Emma Joy EJ & AJ the Joyful Shrops 30737 Green Valley Rd. Shedd, OR 97337 (541) 990-2913 Heaton, Fred & family 622 Fessler-Buxton Rd. Russia, OH 45363 (937) 526-3118 Hiemke, Cody Mapleton Mynd Shropshires 1773 Koshkonong Rd. Stoughton, WI 53589 (415) 302-8035 MapletonMyndShropshires High Farms Glenn & Joan High 7078 Co. Rd. 47 Lexington, OH 44904 (419) 362-3666 High Life Farms David & Jodi High & Family 3388 McDermott Pond Creek Road McDermott, OH 45652 (740) 259-1907 _______ Page 64

Jackson, Norbert 4125 W. State Route 28 Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 754-7057 Jaycox, Elaine Willaine Farm 3758 State Rt. 30 Middleburgh, NY 12122 (518) 827-5726 Cell: (518) 231-7245 Johnson, Bob & Karen RoKaJo Farm 569 St. Hwy. DD Marshfield, MO 65706 (417) 859-4452 Josefson, Stacy Step Ahead Shrops 994 Step Rd Gilson, IL 61436 Cell: (309) 371-4260 Farm: (309) 876-2364 Kerr, Ryan All Forage Farm W 8843 Old 54 Rd Shiocton, WI 54170 920-250-2783 __________________ Shropshire Voice

Kipp, James & Terri Grey Feather Farm E 5085 Irish Ridge Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (715) 255-8300 Knepp, Donald Performance Shropshire Consortium 128 Old Barrington Rd. North Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 846-6354 Knepp, Matt & Michelle & family Performance Shropshire Consortium Grace, Dillon & Santiago Knepp 2354 280th St. Lincolnville, KS 66858-9811 (785) 512-0599 Kowalyshyn, Lisa Kindred Crossings LLC 868 Route 32 North Franklin, CT 06254 (860) 642-4243 (860) 642-6210 Larimore, Larry & Sharon Triple J Farm 3370 Cattail Branch Road Harrington, DE 19952 (302) 398-4680 Cell: (302) 233-8912 McCabe, Mark & Family McCabe Shropshires 5154 Nickelson Road Prospect, OH 43342 (740) 360-1103 __________________ February 2017

Melvin Family Shropshires 9347 White Oak Rd. Mount Sterling, Ohio 43143 (740) 207-0786 Mies, Ed & Family 10000 Waverly Rd. Waverly, IL 62692 (217) 435-7091 Miller, Bryan, Fabiola & Edith L. 15525A Motters Station Rd. Rocky Ridge, MD 21778-9711 (301) 514-7955 Motter, Jan Lane’s End Farm 12211 W. Rt. 973 Jersey Shore, PA 17740 (570) 398-2078 Mrozinski, Erik 6333 N 600 E Road Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 Cell: (219) 716-4921 Oehler, Nellie Oehler Family Shropshires 5570 SW West Hills Road Corvallis, OR 97333-2623 (541) 757-3937 Cell: (541) 868-6897 Nicholson, Addisen Sand Meadow Farm 906 Main St So. Windsor, CT 06074 (860) 490-7238 Peiter Shrops Craig & Andrea King Weston King 860 CR 315 Taylor, MO 63471 (573) 767-0003

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Pence Farms 1083 W. Co. Rd. 61 Tiffin, OH 44883 Mike: (419) 992-4305 Doug: (419) 986-5848 Jay: (419) 992-4701 Percival, Jim & Denise Schoolhouse Shropshires 961 Hoop Road Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 374-3371 Powell, Doris & Destiny 40405 Route 187 Rome, PA 18837 (570) 247-7316 Reason, Sandra M High Desert Hay & Livestock P.O. Box 3819 Tonopah, NV 89049 (775) 482-8208 Richardson, Dave & Family 3G Shropshire 221 E Ashton Ave. Grand Island, NE 68801 308-390-2750

Roberts, Tim Roberts Farms 27954 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, OK 73093 (405) 485-9255 Cell: (405) 314-3370 Rogers, Danny & Cynthia R&G Farm 2435 W. McCracken Road Monrovia, IN 46157 (317) 996-3301 Cell: (317) 358-3260 Rueber, Carol & Aimee Rueber Shropshires 24632 210th St. Sumner, IA 50674 Carol: (319) 231-7626 Aimee: (319) 230-9739 Sheehan, Jock Performance Shropshire Consortium Roaring Fork Sheep LLC CR 702 Dixon, WY 82323 (970) 629-3555

Rife, Randy & Julie Rife Shropshires 2423 Clifton Rd. Yellow Springs, OH 45387 (937) 603-0535

Slutz, Tom City Limits Sheep Farm P.O. Box 177, 602 S. Main St. LaMoille, IL 61330 (815) 638-2177 Tom: (815) 866-5031 Brad: (815) 766-0584

Rincker, Dusty R&A Shropshires 422 ST Hwy 32 Stewardson, IL 62463 (217) 493-1629 _______ Page 66

Smith, Lance or Brenda Smith Sisters Shropshires 2129 130th Ave. Russell, MN 56169-3072 (507) 823-4784 __________________ Shropshire Voice

Smith, Gordon & Alyce Cedar Bend Farm N 7922 U.S. Highway 12 Elkhorn, WI 53121 (262) 742-3580

Thomason Genetics Hunter & Tyler Thomason 20631 Morning Glory Harrah, OK 73045 (405) 306-1554

Snyder Shropshires 2537 US Hwy 67 Monmouth, IL 61462 (309) 255-9500

Ware, Kimberly KW Shropshires 565 N. Sunset Ridge Ln Kuna, ID 83634 Kim: (208) 921-3706 Floyd Avery: (208) 921-8740

Stephenson, Jon, Charlotte & Vivian Sugar Ridge Ranch E8977 Pierce Hill Rd. Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 774-3151 Switzer, Jane, and Steve Ford Switzer Shropshires 6741 S. 1150 W Redkey, IN 47373 (765) 369-2844 Cell: (260) 729-2066 Taylor, Callie 1467 Ringgold Timblin Rd Timblin, PA 15778 (814) 360-1202



Only $30 __________________ February 2017

Warren-Allen, Rachael A. Silver Cliff Farm 968 Drift Creek Rd NE P.O. Box 319 Silverton, OR 97381 (503) 873-4005 Webster, William 413 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 04062 (207) 831-0608 Weidauer, Greg Rafter W Shropshires 17624 340th Ave Starbuck, MN 56381 (320) 424-2543

for 12 months! Includes your listing on and in 3 issues in the Voice. E-mail info to _______ Page 67

Advertisers Index Adam.......................................11





Rife..........................Inside front

Avery.......Front cover and 59

Indiana Premier.....................44

Sheepman Supply.................14

Barnes ......................................5








Super 8....................................42













Fleener............................. 34-35

Mrozinski............... Inside back

Willoughby............ Back cover

March 10 ...........Deadline for Ohio Classic Sale entries March 10 ...........Deadline for Indiana Premier Sale entries March 15 ...........Deadline for May Voice . NO EXTENSION. April 15 .............Deadline for Spectacular Sale entries April 22..............Indiana Premier Sale, Greenfield, IN April 29..............Midwest Elite Shropshire Sale, Richmond, IN May 12-13..........Ohio Classic National Sale, Eaton, OH May 12...............Centerstage Website Auction May 27-28..........Great Lakes Sale June 1................Deadline for 2017 Scholarship Applications June 3................Midwest Junior Preview Show, Sedalia, MO June 16-17.........Spectacular Sale and Jr Show, Springfield, IL June 19-24.........Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, MO June 30- July 2....All American Junior Show, Madison, WI Nov. 10-16..........NAILE Sheep Show Nov. 11...............Stars of Louisville Sale, Louisville, KY

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

Erik Mrozinski


6333 N 600 E, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371 • (219) 716-4921

Congratulations to Kenyon Buckland Champion Ewe 2016 NAILE Open Show Purchased off the farm from us in Spring 2016 Look forward to ewes of this caliber at sales in 2017.

Visitors to the farm are always welcome to view ewes like her quality.

__________________ February 2017

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M idwest Elite RE HI PS SHRO show and sale THE

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__________________ Shropshire Voice

February 2017 shropshire voice  

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