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Your exclusive Charms

CC1028 Sun, moon, star NZD $114.00

CC1029 Snowflake

CC1026 Heart NZD $99.00

NZD $74.00

CC1031 Crown NZD $77.00

CC1030 W ing NZD $8


Let’s celebrate … …life, luck and joy!


CC1027 Shoe NZD $13

Celebrating life is a daily joy! A ray of sunshine, like a wink from heaven. A moment of beauty, like the smile of a girlfriend. A cloverleaf at the side of the road, as a little sign that happiness is just around the corner – the THOMAS SABO Charm Club Collection celebrates life with every Charm! You can now purchase six exclusive new Charms – ranging from the heart to the little crown – exclusively from your retailer. |3|

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CC018 Heart NZD $114.00

CC019 Glitter Heart NZD $179.00 CC029 Eiffel Tower NZD $54.00

CC049 Cross NZD $89.00

CC050 Cloverleaf NZD $54.00

CC054 Cross NZD $89.00

CC281 Snow Crystal NZD $54.00

CC301 Pumps Red NZD $77.00

CC335 Starfish NZD $77.00

CC409 Faith, Love... NZD $114.00 CC413 Angel Wing NZD $69.00

CC455 Butterfly NZD $89.00

CC125 Small Heart NZD $77.00

CC135 Pendant NZD $69.00

CC136 Pendant NZD $69.00

CC366 Cross NZD $69.00

CC384 Dragonfly NZD $89.00

CC386 Treble Clef NZD $89.00

CC460 Lucky Number 21 NZD $77.00

CC473 Lucky Number 18 NZD $77.00

CC491 Lucky Charm NZD $69.00

CC613 Wings NZD $77.00

CC673 Wedding Rings NZD $127.00

CC677 Cloverleaf NZD $77.00

CC701 Cat NZD $127.00

CC743 Cross NZD $69.00

CC754 Globe NZD $124.00

CC770 Eiffel Tower NZD $98.00

CC773 Heart NZD $69.00

CC775 Feather NZD $54.00

CC787 Horse Shoe NZD $69.00

CC792 Owl NZD $129.00

CC794 Heart NZD $77.00

CC797 Flower NZD $159.00

CC799 My Best Friend NZD $98.00

CC819 Rabbit NZD $119.00

CC820 Bootie NZD $119.00

CC822 Bootie NZD $119.00

CC829 Turkish Eye NZD $84.00

CC831 Cloverleaf NZD $94.00

CC837 Turtle NZD $99.00

CC841 Dog NZD $119.00

CC843 Bow NZD $129.00

CC845 Treble Clef NZD $62.00

CC857 Star NZD $49.00

CC858 Gingerbread Man NZD $119.00

CC863 Hearts NZD $119.00

CC868 Pendant NZD $62.00

CC869 Guardian Angel NZD $62.00

CC870 Lucky Charm NZD $149.00

CC871 Guardian Angel NZD $74.00

CC881 VW Bus NZD $189.00

CC884 Cloverleaf NZD $49.00

CC887 Crown NZD $49.00

CC888 Key NZD $52.00

CC904 Eiffel Tower NZD $89.00

CC917 Starfish NZD $77.00

CC919 Anchor NZD $124.00

CC921 Starfish NZD $99.00

CC923 Globe NZD $149.00

CC930 Heart NZD $77.00

CC931 Frog NZD $139.00

CC937 Heart NZD $149.00

CC959 Heart NZD $99.00


CC944 Lucky Charm NZD $159.00 CC957 Riding Boot NZD $114.00


ys Your holida


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COUPON You will receive the complimentary heart Charm when purchasing the THOMAS SABO Charm Club bracelet (X0031 silver, X0032 silver).

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Thomas Sabo Charm Club Christmas Flyer 2013  

Choose your favorite charms with this Christmas selection!

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Christmas Flyer 2013  

Choose your favorite charms with this Christmas selection!