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First ArtCurated Prize Top Finalists from around the world. Amazing artists are selected from Italy & Solvenia to Japan...Read all about it!

ArtCurated ArtCuratedPRIZE PRIZE

Giu Ma


“I was s tional ba ous comp della Fra ticity and vaggio a as well a delicacy

According to I have never I am self-taug draw and ex

While in hig pealed to me


useppe ariotti


struck by the emoalance and rigorposition of Piero ancesca, the plasd drama of Caraand Rembrandt, as the poetry and of Vermeer.�

o Giuseppe: attended an art school, so ght. As a child I began to xperiment with color.

gh school art history ape more than Latin or Greek.

I was fascinated by the Italian Renaissance and the great artists of that period, as well as by the Flemish masters. I was struck by the emotional balance and rigorous composition of Piero della Francesca, the plasticity and drama of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, as well as the poetry and delicacy of Vermeer. Modern painting, on the other hand, fascinates me for its freedom of language as well as its capacity for continual innovation. During my university years, my scientific background contributed to the maturation of the two innate aspects of my personality: the imaginative and the rational. Following my degree, in addition to working in my profession, I have also dedicated much time to other artistic expressions. I have drawn comic strips and done book illustrations, as well as graphic art, and I have become deeply interested in digital art. Since the moment I discovered painting this has become a consuming interest for me. I do mostly oil paintings, and the themes I portray are very diverse: I enjoy representing reality, but also adventuring into the dimensions of the imagination and of the surreal, as well as sounding the depths of Man’s feelings and inner life.

ArtCurated ArtCuratedPRIZE PRIZE

Ulla Gm


Ulla Gmeiner is a virtual artist (painting and objects) from Germany with her own studio in Bonn. She is a member of different art groups and a curator of an International Competition (Kulturpark Tapetenfabrik Bonn) Exhibitions in Germany, Sweden (Stockholm), Austria (Linz), Italy (Bologna) and France (Paris).

“My wo lages and described chance”: and colla a dialogu mentally and I me consciou ment. ”

a meiner



ork (paintings, cold objects) can be d as a “controlled : my paintings ages are based on ue with experiy induced processes eet them with a us artistic develop-

Galleries: Galerie Sassen, Bonn KG 52, Stockholm ArtGermany, Munich Vernissage Atelier, Heidelberg Trevisan International Art, Bologna Carré d’Artistes, Paris Ulla's artistic work was published in different art magazines and books: Prizes Art Majeur Silver Award, 2010 and 2011 Philosophy My work (paintings, collages and objects) can be described as a “controlled chance”: my paintings and collages are based on a dialogue with experimentally induced processes and I meet them with a conscious artistic development. Light, texture and colors play an important role. I like to apply different materials like glass fiber, aluminum foil, eggshells, fragments of old books and wood engravings. My interest in philosophy, mythology and nature subjects is strongly expressed in my artwork. There is often a hidden sense in it which is not directly visible. I always look for “poetic possibilities” that often reveal surreal features and represent the themes of transience. Artistic education in Munich


Hung Wong


“I learned Chinese painting from an art master, Mr Lai Yuk-hay in Hong Kong before I migrated to Australia in 1989. I have a studio and create my own style in watercolor and chinese painting. Drawing goldfish is my favorite, which no one did it in this way before.�

The piece shown, Exhibition Of Chine

Meaning of Hung's The title of my piec our fate, but if we h change for the bette are so small that the love and show our

The background of the same pond. W Free from worries, w


has won a special award in International Contest & Masterwork ese Painting Calligraphy in Shanghai in 2009.

s artwork: ce means "whatever will-be, will be". In our life, we cannot control have good morals and do good things to help others, our fate will er. These days, major disasters happen so often and we as humans ere is very little we can do to predict or avoid them. Let us all show good heart to each other so this world can change of the better...

f the picture means life is an unknown, but we are all swimming in We hope to live in freedom and happiness like goldfish. wars and crimes....become a consuming interest for me. I do most-

ArtCurated ArtCuratedPRIZE PRIZE

Izum Saji


Collections University in Japan Calvin Klein Designers in New York

"Like sp the life o In the ex eternal p the limit Continue the real w find thro spiritual

mi iki



pace,considering of man, xpression of the possibility without t of a single life, e our search for world that we will ough our l struggle."

Solo exhibitions 1982 Galerie Ichiyo, Tokyo 1984 -96 Kunugi Gallery, Tokyo 2000, 01 Cast Iron Gallery, N.Y., U.S.A. 2006 O Art Museum 2009,03 Gallery Gaku , Tokyo 2010,04 Gallery Gekkoso , Tokyo 2010,06 The blue box Gallery , Okazaki 2011,01 1/FGallery , Tokyo Group exhibitions 1981 -87 Association of Jiyu Bijutsu, Tokyo 1994 -96 Contemporary Art Festival, Tokyo 1997 Salon des Artistes Français, Paris 1999 Salon de Mai, Paris 2001-03 Asian Art Now, Las Vegas, U.S.A. 2006 Grand prix at « Artists Today FrancoJapanese », Tokyo 2006 Galerie Atelier Visconti, Paris 2009,09 Shanghai Art Fair


Jure Cek


“ retrospec I realize been man exchange lowed m tique his long peri upon refe 90's tha about th

Professor, Barba

University of Haw

e kuta



that there is a ctive of his work e that there have ny changes and es which have alme to see and cris work over such a iod of time. But ection it is the at have brought he biggest.�

ara Saromines-Ganne


According to Renate Bolzer, "In his recent painting, Cekuta has been reducing the intensity of a human figure. Details have somehow disappeared in favour of a stronger texture and forms have been integrated more intensively into the background of a picture. Human body and details are built into a picture in such a way that they cannot be defined at the first sight. Graphic details are no more visible on larger canvases and pictures are more picturesque and homogenous." In his characteristic on-


Richard A. Moore III


“As for the visual influences ... here they are: masterpieces of Baroque sculpture and movie monsters made of silicone; some significant, some seemingly trivial... ”

One of the most frequen and, incidentally, one of the answer refers to the source tion; the question “Where the ideas for your artwork?” nearly every conversation I h

While it is relatively easy where the theme of a parti originated, it is an overwhelm catalog circumstances and sible influences that, in a w the idea. After all, nearly ev of our lives shapes us and, ten indirectly, affects what w pelled to express and create

Although each sculpture pre was influenced by different in my life, they all tend to -gree -- incarnate the darker personality which I find to be triguing, abundant and wort source of inspiration and ide usual lighthearted disposition

nt questions e hardest to e of inspirado you get � appears in have.

to explain icular piece ming task to list all posway, forged very second although ofwe feel come.

esented here experience in some der side of my e a more inth exploring eas than my n.

EZIRPdetaruCtrA ArtCurated PRIZE


Ann Skre


Jeg har utda håndverksfa tutvikling o som har git å spille på og uttrykksfo kene påvirk ideer til vide

Mine arbeid små format ende, spon finner meg håndverk og handle etter tanken. Jeg

ne ede



annelse innen kunst- og ag, design, produkog pedagogikk, noe tt meg et stort spekter i forhold til materialer ormer. De ulike teknikker hverandre og gir ere utvikling.

der er både i store og ter i et eksperimenterntant språk og jeg beet sted mellom kunst, g design. Jeg prøver å r instinktet snarere enn g søker å uttrykke det


Sha Che


In 1983, the very first time I picked up a pencil I was amazed that an image could be created with a simple line. Once I discovered the world of sketches, I was hooked. The portrait of self-expression lies within a person’s imagination.

“ In 198 time I pi cil I was image co with a s I discove sketches, The por pression person’s

anli en



83, the very first icked up a pens amazed that an ould be created simple line. Once ered the world of , I was hooked. rtrait of self-exlies within a imagination.�

For the past 20 years I have been working as an accountant actually. In 2003 when I picked up a pencil again I was amazed that I couldn’t believe how much I love it. I can easily spend over 15 hours on it everyday. For me it feels like only an instant and the only hint I have is the slow ache that works its way up my arm. Art stirs my pulses. I found a space where I can say my say. We are too limited, slight and lonely as human, but art is unlimited. I have come to realize that I have used my artwork as a form of catharsis and through it I am able to express feelings that I could never put into words. My selfhood is optimistic, but I like forlorn beauty. It always resonate inside my soul. My goal is for the viewer to connect my arts, their soul, hence Soulful Studios.paint-


Cony Welcker


"Ein Geheimnis der Kunst liegt darin, dass man nicht sucht , sondern findet" Pablo Picasso Seit 20 Jahren klopft sie Steine, haut Schriften in Steinplatten, haucht Muschelkalk und Sandstein, manchmal auch hartem Marmor Kinetik, Leben und Seele ein, sie verleiht diesen Materialien Leichtigkeit oder Strenge, Grandezza oder Humor - kurz, sie schenkt ihren Werken IHRE eigene emotionale Kraft.

In Cony paart sich hohes hand Können, zu dem sie viel phy braucht, mit der zur Steinbea forderlichen Ausdauer.

Nach der groben Bearbeitung lings mit der Flex oder demP mer, danach setzt sie Knüp oder Spitzmeißel ein. Erst zum hält die Skulptur den Feinschli

Dabei entstehen auch Arbeiten nur ein Teil des Steins seine S Schliff zeigt. Ungeschliffenes schliffenes erzeugen optische In der letzten Zeit arbeitet sie a Materialien in den behauene wie „kleiner Drache mit Diama Gertrud“, u.ä. Die Künstlerin beschreibt ihre

„Die Bildhauerei ist ein Prozes abenteuerliche Dinge passier Sie ist spannend wie eine Krim er Hieb sitzen muss – denn w ist eben weg!“

EZIRPdetaruCtrA ArtCurated PRIZE

dwerkliches ysische Kraft arbeitung er-

g eines RohPresslufthampfel, Fäustel m Schluß eriff.

n, bei denen Schönheit im s und GeSpannung. auch andere en Stein ein, ant“, „Tante Arbeit so:

ss, bei dem ren können! mi, weil jedwas weg ist ,

„In meinen Arbeiten hole ich Echtes raus aus dem Stein und aus mir selbst. Mir ist es wichtig, meine ureigenen Qualitäten herauszukristallisieren. Unsere heutige zerrissene Welt kann nur heilen über innere Kräfte. Ich möchte deshalb möglichst dicht an meiner Essenz sein. „

International Fine Art Competition / Silver Award Winners  

1st Art Cuarted Prize, Silver Award Artist Winners. ShowArtists International fine art competition winners showcased in a fine art portfolio...

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