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Thena Best’s

sweet potato souffle

Ingredients 4 sweet potatoes or 1 can of yams 1 cup white granulated sugar 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup dark brown sugar

1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1/3 cup melted butter 1 cup chopped pecans

Directions 1.



In a large stockpot, cover sweet potatoes with 1 inch of water; boil for 20 minutes, or until fork tender. Drain, allow to cool and remove skins. If you use the canned yams just drain and move to step Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease or butter one 2 quart casserole dish. Place potatoes in a mixing bowl and with an electric mixer, beat on low speed until potatoes begin to break up. Increase speed to medium high and blend until smooth.


Reduce speed to low and add sugar, milk, butter, vanilla, eggs and salt. Mix well.


Allow any potato ‘fibers’ to remain on the beater and remove. Pour sweet potato mixture into the casserole dish.


Prepare the topping in a small bowl by whisking together the brown sugar, flour, butter and pecans. Sprinkle mixture over potato mixture. Add ½ bag of marshmallows to top and bake for 40 minutes.

Special thanks to models: Jennifer Reed, Breanne Best, Sydney Sherrod photography: Daybreak Studios of St. Augustine location: Hidden Ridge styling: Diana Best Harbour

In loving memory of Robert (Bob) Best 1950-2012 For the man who soothed my hurts and cleaned my scraped knees; who saw more in me than I will ever see in myself. That little girl will never forget whisker burn kisses, an unbroken pencil, or a childhood full of laughter, happiness, and unconditional acceptance. I love you daddy. You will be forever missed.

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