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New Seaton School unveiled

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Editorial Welcome to the long awaited Winter edition of the Seaton Scene As ever, thanks go to all those who have submitted content and supported the development of this publication. Seaton Scene is your magazine and has the potential to be a real voice in your community. This cannot happen though without your input – we need people of all ages to get involved with an editorial team. This may involve attending one hour meetings as and when you are able, getting content for the magazine, taking photographs, submitting articles or creative writing, design and layout of the magazine or any aspect of the editorial you feel comfortable with – any training can be provided.


Arts Development in Seaton This summer saw a great enthusiasm for volunteering in the arts within Seaton. 15 Seaton volunteers were involved in the ‘Our Story’ International Youth Festival Parade on the 31st July. 2 groups of volunteers, one, a number of parents worked with an Arts Development tutor in the preparation and delivery of art workshops for the Seaton kids play scheme. While adults from the Seaton Art & History group helped prepare materials and pull everything together for regeneration groups across the city. The volunteers contributed lots of time, skill and passion to this project and the success of the whole project is a credit to them all. Seaton residents may have noticed their totem pole has had a face lift. We have been looking for ways to safely freshen up the totem pole and for a while I

had visions of myself nervously heading up there in a cherry picker. Luckily Murdoch Macleod was eying up the equipment used to redevelop Seaton School and mentioned the task of painting the totem pole to the contractors Pihl. From his chance meeting I got in touch with Charles Dugid of Pihl, who was delighted to help out and offered that his staff, equipment and paint to do the job to brighten and protect the totem pole for years to come. A big thank you to all the team at Pihl! The Seaton Art & History Group has been working towards creating a ‘guide to Seaton’. This has involved lots of local research with the group meeting local historians and archaeologists and the city archivist. The intension is to create the guide and share their finding with the local community around March 2011. There will also be opportunities to

contribute memories and stories of the areas at local events, keep an eye out for these events early in the new year. For more information please contact me Margaret Stewart, Community Arts Officer, 01224 523640, In addition to the ‘Guide to Seaton’ The Seaton Art & History Group have been creating artwork at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop as part of a public art project called Art Engagement.. The group have been creating temporary site specific works for the Seaton area; keep a look out for art work in your area in the near future.


School News

New 3Rs School is Top Class! Aberdeen’s two newest primary schools opened on 27 October marking another milestone in the £120m 3Rs Project. Seaton School reopened on 27 October marking another milestone in the £120m 3Rs Project. Seaton School is the only school in the 3Rs project that is a refurbishment rather than a rebuild. It is however unlike any ordinary refurbishment. Although the façade remains the school has been completely remodelled, extended and rebuilt behind to provide 21st century facilities for up to 198 pupils. 3Rs schools are designed to best maximise natural light which gives the schools an airy spacious feel inside. The school benefits from under-floor heating, natural ventilation, the ability to conserve and use rainwater and sustainable urban drainage systems and is built to the highest environmentally sustainable standards. Outside the grounds have been landscaped to provide an out door classroom, outside dining, 2

raised garden beds for planting as well as an all weather sports pitch, The school has a fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals to support the city council’s healthy-eating Hungry for Success programme.

Council Leader John Stewart said: “It is great to see yet more schools opening today. The facilities are second-to-none and I am sure that the youngsters, parents and staff will be delighted with their modern new schools.”

Seaton head teacher Norma Robertson said: “We are all absolutely delighted with the school. The design is great and the potential for teaching within the building is fantastic. I am sure everybody at the school and the wider community will benefit from this great place.”

3Rs Project Working Group Chairman Councillor Kevin Stewart said: “I never cease to be impressed by the sheer quality and breathtaking design of our 3Rs schools. These schools are the best available and provide the kind of learning environment that I believe will be the envy of authorities across the UK.”

Director of Education, Culture and Sport Annette Bruton said: “I am absolutely delighted with these schools.

Lead councillor for education Andy May said: “These schools offer the very best for pupils and staff. I am very proud that we are able to provide such a high standard of schools for the pupils of Aberdeen.”

“These schools offer great learning, teaching and working environments as well as providing facilities for the wider community. Everybody involved in creating these new schools has my congratulations and thanks.”

For more information contact Sharon McNutt, 3Rs Project Officer on 01224 522364 or

Seaton Arts

Seaton Art and History Group As another year will have come and gone I would like to say and also speaking for the group. The seaton Art and History group is well organised by our one and only Community Arts Officer (Margaret Stewart). Recently we have taken new members on board, making our group full. It will be the groups 4th anniversary on the 25th January 2011, and is composed of a variety of people. The last year has just been incredibly varied, no 2 Thursdays are ever the same. Thursday is a day that I always look forward to, all the group members are really good company. Speaking for myself, since attending the Seaton Art and History group from the very start I have built up my confidence and self esteem. Sadly the

workshops at Whitespace are to make room for a £29 million Health Care Village. The main event in October/ November was the groups visit to Lumsden to generate ideas for the sculpture project at their workshop.

Groups from the various communities within Aberdeen took part and gave a valued contribution to the project in July, making the parade a great success.

In September we had a visit to Neos, Merlynn Riggs (artist) at Archeolink(Oyne). That was a great day, the event “what’s on your plate”, Many of our volunteers from the Art & History Group took part in the summer AIYF project “Our Story”.



Fighting Poverty: in Seaton and Abroad with all banks, companies and organisations that the client is owe money to, on their behalf.

Betty Mansfield of Lord Hay’s Court has been very busy over the past year, following one of her greatest passions, fighting poverty. Betty started by volunteering with Christians Against Poverty (C.A.P.), over a year ago, and has also been involved with Instant Neighbour. By the time this magazine is released, Betty will have been to Montenegro, helping the Roma refugees as part of a church based aid mission. Both C.A.P. and the Aberdeen team of the Montenegro mission are based at The King’s Community Church, on King Street. Christians Against Poverty Christians Against Poverty are an international organisation with branches around the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It was started fourteen years ago in Bradford by John Kirby, who managed to solve his own debt problems, and then went on to help others. The organisation grew steadily from there. C.A.P. offers full debt counselling, a special money saving account, and negotiates 4

“Starting with C.A.P. was one of the best things that I ever did as I was really struggling having to pay bills and decorate my flat with no other income but my benefits. The advantages of the C.A.P. programme were felt straight away as my outgoings were much reduced from what they were before. Also, when I moved into my current flat, last January, four people from the King’s church came and helped me to decorate. I was so impressed with all the kindness and help from C.A.P. and the King’s Community Church that I felt inspired to help others, and went to work as a volunteer. I enjoy making soup for the free meals that our church hosts, befriending and supplying people with shopping, and I have helped to decorate two houses so far. Tracy, the branch manager, is great. She walks the extra mile or ten for everyone, and is so busy with other volunteering projects, as well as a family, I don’t know how she does it all!” C.A.P.s services are available free to anyone, regardless of religious belief, and can be contacted by phoning the national helpline: 0800 328 0006. The process then normally begins with a visit to your home by a local C.A.P. debt worker. Further information is available at

Mission to Montenegro Since 1999, Montenegro has had to accommodate over twenty thousand refugees who fled the fighting and persecution in Kosovo. The Roma (or Romani) refugees tend not to have all the necessary documentation, such as birth registration etc., so are not recognised as legal refugees and are denied the right to work and most forms of basic social and health care. As a result, their living conditions are much worse than they could otherwise be. Many families and large numbers of children are living in tents or steel containers and sanitation facilities, such as they are, are dangerously inadequate. This situation continues after more than ten years despite Article 23 of the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which insists that all people with refugee status must have the same rights as the general population. In Addition Article 5 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) guarantees that all people the right to enjoy equally a range of fundamental rights, including access to public health and medical care. Barry Douglas of The King’s Community Church, said that the aid agencies have lost interest in the plight of the Roma refugees. For example, he pointed out that there used to be about twenty aid agencies in the town of Berane, pronounced beh-rah-nay, where

Betty’s team are working. They are now gone, leaving next to no help. There are fifteen people in the team and they have been working to equip the camp at Berane with sanitation, such as more clean water and showers. Betty and some of the team have also been giving the women ‘treats’, such as hair washing and personal care, as well as running a children’s group. The church plans to send at least one team a year to Montenegro for the next few years. Betty was inspired to join the mission when a speaker came to church one day to tell the congregation about the situation in Montenegro, and to help mobilise teams of volunteers.

“As soon as the man came and told us about Montenegro, my heart leapt and I just new I was meant to go. Having never been to a refugee settlement before, I am slightly nervous as well as excited as I know that this sort of trip normally changes people. My heart goes out to these people as the only thing they’ve really asked us for are toothbrushes, toothpaste and clotheslines when it was obvious they needed so much more but maybe didn’t feel like asking for too much! So we decided we’d take the pegs, peg bags, toothbrushes and paste, clothes, tools and various other useful items.”

The congregation and friends of the church managed to raise the money needed for unwaged volunteers, like Betty, to go to Montenegro. Margaret Stewart, who runs the Seaton Art and History group, ran a half marathon in August and raised almost two hundred pounds for the mission. In the next issue of Seaton Scene, we will see how they got on. Article by Richard Wood and Betty Mansfield

Police Update

Local Policing Inspector for Seaton As the Local Policing Inspector for Seaton I take great pleasure in writing my first article in the local newsletter. Since the Seaton area received its own local policing team in April this year, we have been working hard to address the issues that matter to you most. We have focused on drug dealing, anti social driving at the Beach Boulevard, and anti social behaviour throughout the beat, and have achieved some good results, but there is still more to do. Our activities are directed towards addressing the problems you tell us about, and I would encourage you to be confident and pick up the telephone and tell us if there are problems of a criminal nature affecting your daily lives.

I can give you my assurances that we will listen to the information passed to us and, wherever possible, we will take strong, positive action to deal with the individuals concerned. As has happened in other parts of the beat, local people have taken the opportunity to influence police activity in their street. I would encourage you to do the same and call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 if you know of criminal activity taking place where you live. You can make that difference. Garry Senff Seaton Local Policing Inspector”



Woodlands Ranger Hey there, it is your local Woodlands Community Ranger here, just letting you know what’s been happening in your area and what I may be able to help with. having worked with Seaton Primary, Seaton Community Project and Linksfield After School Club (feel free to contact me again!!!) I am pleased to announce a the second run of a project with St Peter’s RC Primary School where we (Simon and I) are helping staff take the class room outdoors. This was first run in February 2010 and such was the success felt by all involved, they have already booked up for February 2011!!! We worked with the P2 class and took them to Seaton Park where we produced maps of the area, made natural shelters, explored the park, carried out bird surveys, played lots of environmental games, brewed up using a storm


kettle and generally had lots of fun. This is part of a wider initiative tying in with the Curriculum for Excellence through the Forest Education Initiative (FEI) and is a working partnership between the Countryside Ranger team, teaching staff and the children. If you would like to find out more about the Project, see if we can help you with your class/ group or find out about FEI and funding opportunities, please contact me on 01224 897400 or In addition, we are running some activities over the winter around the Seaton area. Examples being practical work at Scotstown Moor, “Right On Your Doorstep” walk along Woodside, Spring Clean at Donmouth and my “Double Don Dander”!!! Details of which can be found on our website at www.

or pop into your local library for a hard copy.

Stephen Stephen Bly Community Woodlands Ranger

Maths & Language 4 Parents Do you want to know more about the maths and language being taught to your children at school? Look out mums and dads for our Maths and Language Course that will be running next term. This course is suitable for children in Primary 1 to 3 and teachers will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have! If you would like to sign up the course nearest to you or find out more, call the Family Learning team on 487822.

St Machar Learning Partnership St Machar learning partnership is currently developing. The partnership will support the communities within the St Machar area through learning. The core group have established initial priorities. The partnership will bring together agencies and local organisations to work together to address these priorities. The priorities are; • better communication between learning organisations. • supporting more of the Polish community to fully engage with education. • supporting the transition from school into education, employment or training. • supporting the transitions created but the current changes in benefits

Family Learning

Celebration For Families Learning! body and mind with some maths aerobics. The parents then got time to relax and discuss their experiences of learning, whilst the children were entertained by Local magician Garry Seagreaves and by the sound of gasps and giggles it was a magical hit! Although they say its unlucky for some, Thirteen Families attended a day to celebrate learning, on Saturday 23rd of October at the Station Hotel in Aberdeen. The celebration was organise by the Family Learning team to congratulate all the parents that have attended courses over the last year, which have run at various community venues in Aberdeen. The day was great fun and started with a workout for the

Next came the Family Fun quiz, which brought out the competitive side of more than a few parents and lunch to follow, which went down a treat. After lunch the parents were presented with certificates to celebrate their learning, with a photo to record the event. All the staff at Family Learning would like to thank the families who attended and partners and associates that helped to make it a great day, roll on next year!

IT COULD BE YOU! Ever fancied taking to the stage to sing as your favourite Star…. then we need YOU… We are looking for local talent to perform, in character, as their favourite singing star for the second Fa’s in their Eye’s fundraising event, which will take place @ the Forum in Aberdeen on Friday the 22nd April 2011.

if needed. We are also keen for any local bands, comedians, magicians etc that might be interested in offering their support for this fundraising event, free of charge. For more information and to sign up for the event please contact Louise at Family Learning on 487822 or email

If you sign up we can provide voice coaching sessions and support with costume design,

For more information or to go on the St Machar Learning partnership contact Alona Murray at Seaton Community project on 7


Plans For 50 Metre Pool Plans Approved

Councillors Comments

Aberdeen Sports Village Aberdeen Sports Village has teamed up with the NHS Keep Well Program to offer local residents health checks for 45 - 64 year olds. They have also worked with local schools: St Machar, Woodlands, Sunnybank and Seaton to offer free school visits and activities. Aberdeen Sports Village have also piloted a very successful project with Seaton Community to offer reduced rates for over 25’s rehab groups in the gym and there are many more exciting projects in the pipeline to help the local community of Seaton. Indications show that after the first year of opening the Aberdeen Sports Village received over 500 thousand users, which is excellent news, and shows that


the sporting venue is meeting the needs and requirements of its users. Also in the pipeline is the proposed Olympic sized 50m pool with an additional diving facility to be based at the old Linksfield Academy site. If this facility is approved it will be a great benefit for the local community and the North East of Scotland. On a separate matter, I am pleased to see the Council have approved a new speed limit to School Road and Golf Road by reducing it to 20mph. This is a mandatory speed limit and is scheduled to be implemented by the end of November 2010. Councillor Norman Collie

Plans for a new 50 metre swimming pool in Aberdeen, lodged by Aberdeen Sports Village, have been approved by Members of Aberdeen City Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee at their meeting on Thursday 28 October. The application seeks permission to demolish the former Linksfield Academy in Seaton and replace it with a Commonwealth/Olympic Games standard swimming pool, related facilities including a health suite, meeting rooms and café, car parking and landscaping. The development will have two distinct elements - the main pool hall of at the north part of the site and the diving hall which will be closer to Aberdeen Sports Village. It will be linked to the sports village byan enclosed raised walkway or link bridge and footpaths. In her report to the committee, head of planning and sustainable development Dr Margaret Bochel states: “The proposal represents a welcome investment for appropriate community and public use in an area recognised as a priority regeneration area.“

STAR Flat News

S.T.A.R. COMMUNITY FLAT UPDATE Here at the S.T.A.R. community flat on Seaton Drive we continue to provide a range of services for the local community. You can drop in for general advice on a range of subjects such as housing or benefits, and if we can’t help you then we will point you in the direction of someone who can. We are open between 9.30 and 2.00 Monday to Friday.

Throughout the week there are a number of organisations who use the flat. On a Monday we have the Silver Surfer group from eleven till one. The classes are very informal and everyone works at their own pace, so if you are over 55 and would like to learn about computers then just drop in, its free and everyone is very friendly, you even get tea and biscuits. On a Monday morning we also have our cooking group and so far we have made a wide variety of foods such as home baking, soups and stews. We are always looking for new members to join so if you are interested just come along. A new addition to the flat is the Pathways group who are at the flat on a Tuesday from ten till twelve. Pathways are there to offer help and advice on getting back to work. They will help you

to create a cv, give you advice on interview skills, or can advise you on a range of training courses that are available. This is a drop in service so no need to make an appointment, just pop in for a chat. Also on Tuesdays in the evening there is the holistic and health group, from 6 till 8 in the evening. If you have any health concerns you can come along and discuss them with Sandra who is a qualified nurse. If you need to stop smoking or lose weight Jackie is available to give acupuncture treatments, she also gives great massages. On Wednesday’s we have our craft group which is again free of charge to join. We do a range of crafts and have recently done wood engraving and quilting. With Christmas fast approaching we have just began making homemade Christmas cards. The class is free and runs from 9.30 till 12.

Also on a Friday morning we sell cheap fruit, vegetables and eggs at very reasonable rates. These are provided by a company called Cfine which is a non profit making organisation which allows us to sell the fruit and veg very cheaply. Another great feature in the flat is the chill out room; it’s free and is available to anyone from the Seaton area that perhaps needs a bit of quiet and relaxation. On the last Monday of every month Councillor Norman is at the flat, so if you need to see him you are welcome to drop by. We also continue to provide free hearing aid batteries to anyone who needs them. A new addition to the flat is that of a small library. We have a range of books from thrillers to romances to children’s books. The library is open from 9.30 till 2 on a Wednesday. To all our members and S.T.A.R. users we would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all the S.T.A.R. committee members and staff.

On a Thursday the Citizens Advice are at the flat from 9.30 till 2, if you need their help then just come along.

S.T.A.R Flat 14a Seaton Drive Aberdeen, AB24 1UX Tel 01224 524209 E-mail

Friday’s at the flat are the busiest time of the week. The credit union is at the flat from 9.30 till 12.00. 9

Seaton Community Learning and Development

Seaton Community Project moves home

Seaton Community Project re-opened on the 27th October 2010 at Seaton School, Seaton Place East. The community wing has some lovely learning spaces including a café area and crèche. For the volunteers and staff who have been at Seaton for a while its like moving home (albeit to a redecorated and enlarged home) as Seaton Community Project used to be based here. Come by and see what we can offer.....

Childcare (crèches, breakfast club) Family learning (messy play and PEEP) Action groups (Parents play space group, Management Committee, newsletter group) Youth Groups (primary workshops, Girls group, DYA, employment support) Adult learning (employability/ moving on, computers, english as an additional language, crafts, first aid….)

Volunteering (come and volunteer get experience, training, satisfaction at helping your community) We also remain at Seaton Community Centre on School Road where the rehab, health and youth work continues to serve Seaton as always. Call us on 01224 277930

Parents as Early Educators in Partnership My name is Cher and I have a two year old son called Ashton. I have taken Ashton along to Peep since he was only seven weeks old. Peep which stands for Parents as Early Educators in Partnership, partnership meaning with the parents and the child but also with the people running the group and the people attending. It is almost like the parents’ can stay with the kids and interact with them. We sing songs with the children encouraging them to do actions alongside. Also, Arthur who runs the group will read the kids a story. We do creative things too like painting or generally just having fun taking part in fun activities. The great thing about Peep is that there is one for all ages 0 – 1 year or aged 2 up to Nursery and Scholl age, each one brilliant and appropriate for the age group. My son Ashton has grown in confidence since coming to Peep 10

and it’s brilliant to see the way he interacts with the other kids. Also the parents get a chance to get a chat, it’s such a great way to meet other mothers in the community, I know I have. It costs only £1 and that just covers the cost of the coffee/teas and the snack and drink that the kids also get. I would encourage anyone to come along to Peep, it has definitely made a huge difference to Ashton but also gives me a much better understanding of how to be a better Mum. Through Peep you also get the chance of studying Child Development Courses at different levels to do at home. I did Level Two and passed and was presented with a certificate which was great for me and I learned so much. Studying at home is a personal choice and not one that you have to do but hopefully Mum and child will come along and have fun at Peep, I know me and Ashton do.

Community Update

St Mary’s Church

Music and Entertainment Music and Entertainment The Bobbin, 500 King Street Aberdeen Acoustic Night (and open mic) Every Thursday @9pm - Folk, pop and original acts by real musicians Rock night - Normally jukebox, live bands planned in the near future (Term time only) Moonlight, King Street, Aberdeen The Moonlight is planning karaoke nights and possibly Djs in the near future. Do drop by to find out more. Their music lounge is also available for parties.

Christmas, for me, truly is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. I love mulled wine and mince pies, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and the joy of decorating the tree. It is a magical time, a time for laughter, love and festivities; families gather together and friends share happy times. In the midst of winter, when the world is at its most cold and dark, we celebrate light coming into the world. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem he brought light and love into the world and so today, over 2000 years later we still celebrate his birthday. So in the middle of all the preparations and parties why not take a moment to

The Limit - Local band, Rock n’ Roll originals and covers. 11th Dec, starts 7.30pm

Information Fun Day 2011

Confidence Building Workshops

The Cash In Your Pocket Partnership will be holding an Information Fun Day in Seaton in the first quarter on 2011.

Confidence Building Workshops Carol,Sue Sueand andEmma Emmaare are just just about about Carol, to start new Confidence Building to start new Confidence Building Workshops.These Thesewill willbe be suitable suitable Workshops. thosewho whoare arestarting starting to to think think forforthose aboutreturning returningtotowork work or or had had a about career careerbreak break//gap gapininemployment. employment. We Wewill willbe belooking lookingatatwhat what personal personal skills each person has and putting skills each person has and putting together togetheraaunique uniqueprogram program to to help help setsetfuture goals. The workshops are future goals. The workshops are starting on Tuesday 9th November starting on Tuesday 9th November at 9.30am in the new Seaton Project at 9.30am in the new Seaton Project on Seaton Rd East. There will be a on Seaton Rd East. There will be a crèche available although spaces crèche available although spaces are limited so please call to 01224are limited please call to 227 930so book a place. 01224 227 930 book a place.

The planning of the Information Fun Day is just beginning so final details are not yet know, however it will build upon the success of other days that have been held within Aberdeen during 2010. The event will have a number of organisations attending to to provide information and advice on a number of issues including home improvements and repairs, debt, employment and benefits.

celebrate the true Reason for the Season? You are very welcome to join us at St Mary’s for any of our Christmas services; our door is always open and we would be delighted to have you with us. Ribbons Service, Sunday 6th December, 6.30pm Outdoor Carol Service, Thursday 16th December, 6.30pm Christmas Eve Family Service, Friday 24th December, 6.00pm Watchnight Service, Friday 24th December, 11.00pm

There will be lots of fun and freebies on offer to those attending and in the past this has included including free bingo with cash prizes, fruit and soup packs, healthy eating tasters and loads more. If you would like more information about the Cash In Your Pocket Partnership then visit the website at or phone on (01224) 200221.


Station House Media Unit (shmu) is situated just off Great Nothern Road in the old Station House Community Centre, Woodside. We offer free access to, and training in video and radio production, and magazine and online publications to residents of all ages living in Seaton, Woodside, Middlefield, Tillydrone, Torry, Northfield and Cummings Park.


t 01224 515013


Welcome Kelly! Hi my name is Kelly and I am the new Employability Support Worker with shmu. I have spent the last 6 years in recruitment, specialising in helping people to move back into employment, training or education throughout Scotland. I am now delighted to confirm that alongside my colleagues at shmu we are now looking to offer the shmuWORKS programme which is designed for people between the ages of 18-25 living in the regeneration areas of the city who are not currently in employment. We will be holding four separate, 2-hour information sessions at the beginning of November to explain in more detail what we do here at shmu and what training and support we can provide through this new project. From this information session we are looking to select 8 people who are interested to attend 3-week programme which will run for 15 hours each week in late November.

Some of the things we will cover during these weeks are: Interview Skills • Confidence & Communication CV’s & Cover Letters • Presenting & Broadcasting skills • Team Work For those people not offered a place on the 3-week course, additional employability support will be offered through our shmuWORKS Support Group on Wednesday afternoons. For further information please contact Kelly on 01224 515013, email, or text training followed by your name to 60300.


Seaton Speaks Shmu 99.8fm

shmuFM hosted its third annual award ceremony, the Shmufties, on Saturday 30th October.

Seaton Speaks is your local radio show which is aired live every Friday morning between 10am and 11am. It is repeated every Friday evening from 7pm till 8pm.

The ceremony marked the 3rd Birthday of the station, which was launched on 20th October 2007. During the past year, an average of 80 volunteers participated in the production and broadcasting of the stations’ diverse schedule each week on 99.8FM. The ceremony was an opportunity to recognise their valued contribution. Nikki Morris, shmuFM Station Manager said: ‘Without the dedication of our volunteers, we wouldn’t have such a successful community radio station. The amount of time and effort the volunteers put into their shows is what allows shmuFM to have a diverse and interesting schedule that celebrates its communities’. 12

The Seaton Speaks production team are Murdock McLeod, Richard Wood and Sandra Patterson. The show is currently presented by Richard Wood and Sandra Patterson. As well as keeping the people of Seaton up to date with local community information, this has been a very good year for guests and we would like to thank all those who have appeared on the show. Most of this years guests have been either volunteers or professionals who have served the community and helped bring joy and interest to many peoples’ lives. So, a big SEATON SMILES to all of you, and we’ll look forward to having you back on the show in the new year.

Aberdeen Working Together The Aberdeen Works Pipeline Partnership comprises a range of specialist employability service providers who have come together under the banner of Aberdeen Works, funded by the Fairer Scotland Fund. The aim of the partnership is to help people living in Aberdeen gain key skills and get into work. Working together, the organisations can help people from all backgrounds to enter the

workforce, return to work or upgrade their skills. Support is also available to help you build your confidence, write a CV and much more.

‘Employability Week’ If you want to meet some of the Pipeline providers and find out more about the services that they can offer you, then why not come along to the Trinity Shopping Centre between 11 and 3pm on the 17th - 21st Jan 2011. Case Study

Pipeline encourages positive outlook... also skills he had which were transferable from his previous employment and he would be able to use in this new role. They looked at ways to fill the skills gaps and build confidence.

Richard lives in Seaton, is registered as partially sighted and had been unwell for a couple of years. He has been out of work for over 2 years. Richard got in touch with Grampian Society for the Blind (GSB) Employment Service in June 2010. He had received a letter from us promoting the service and asking people to get in touch if they wanted support with employment. Richard was bored with doing nothing but didn’t know how to find out about getting work and also didn’t feel that he was very employable and had little chance of getting a job anyway. Richard had an initial appointment with our Employment Officer, Linsey, and chatted things over with her. Together Richard and Linsey came up with an action plan of how he could start moving toward employment. Richard felt that he might like to work in a shop and he and Linsey put together a CV and identified skills gaps and

Richard has in the last three months taken part in a Retail Course and Local Investigation Course at WEA, is currently doing the Assistive Technology course at Aberdeen College once a week and is starting a Computing for the Terrified Course at GSB to develop his IT skills. He has also recently applied to volunteer in a charity shop to get some relevant retail experience. Richard now has an up to date CV, has taken part in a mock interview, has more skills and experience, greater confidence and an achievable employment goal. Richard says that the GSB Employment Officer knew the right people and how to start moving in the right direction and is an easy and comfortable service to be involved. The service has provided him with useful support and up to date information. He is now involved in more classes and groups and is less socially isolated. He has surprised himself in particular that he has really enjoyed the IT course at Aberdeen college and is looking forward to developing the skills he has learned on the upcoming IT course at GSB. Richard is now feeling generally more positive about the future and can see a future for himself in work. 13




How this would affect the residents of Seaton Aberdeen City Council has been considering either cutting the Fairer Scotland Fund, possibly by around 50%, or even stopping it altogether. This fund currently provides for ÂŁ2,375,000 of funding to organisations helping some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Aberdeen. Many of the most important projects and organisations which are currently either based in Seaton, or directly helping the people of Seaton, will be severely affected if a 50% cut goes ahead. If the Fairer Scotland Fund is removed completely, most will have to stop completely. Some of the projects and organisations under threat are:

The School Road Rehab and Recovery programme, The Star Flat (which houses many groups), Seaton Art and History Group (Arts Development), The Cash in Your Pocket Partnership, Pathways Employability Services, shmuFM Community Radio Station and even this magazine. Aberdeen Council have based their projected cuts on the assumption that councils in Scotland will have to reduce their budgets by between 20% and 25%, however in the draft budget announced by the Scottish Government on Wednesday 17th November it was announced that the projected cut for the coming year may be as low as 2.6%. It is hard to see how cutting the Fairer Scotland Fund completely, or even reducing it by 50% can possibly be justified.

On Thursday 2nd December, the Finances and Resources Committee will be discussing the proposed cuts. This will be followed by the matter going to a meeting of the Full Council on Wednesday 15th December. Both these meetings will be held in the Town Hall, in Broad Street, and will be open to the public. It is vital that both these meetings are attended by as many people as possible and that your local Councillors receive letters asking them to vote against these cuts. Your local councillors are: Norman Collie (Labour) Jim Noble (SNP) Richard Robertson (Lib Dem) Send your letter to: Aberdeen City Council, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AR

Seaton Scene - Winter 2010  

A community magazine for the Seaton community of Aberdeen

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