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Farewell Summerhill

Mastrick, Sheddocksley & Summerhill, Family Fun Day

Memories and comments from Farewell event

Mastrick Young People’s Project 30 years in Mastrick!

Community Council Introduction to the local committee.

Spring Edition 2011


Coffee Bar Semi Finals


Farewell Summerhill


Mastrick Young People’s Project


Ranger Led Health Walks

Quarryhill School News


Mastrick Playscheme


Family Fun Day

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PEEP Reading Radio Show Grays Inn Hits 50

Iain Urquhart






Police Update


Your Community Council


Community Contacts

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Editorial Hooray! Mastrick now has its own newspaper. The content inside Mastrick Matters is a fine representation of the activities and events which happen on a daily or weekly basis in our community. We are a vibrant and creative community with a big heart. Mastrick Matters is here to give a voice to the citizens of Mastrick. We all have something to say about our community, whether it’s about bin collections, seagulls, traffic or discussing the more positive aspects such as our artistic and musical talent. We now have an opportunity to ensure all of our community has an input. If you have any articles for the Summer edition then please get in touch with Denise at Station House Media Unit (SHMU) 01224 515013 or email Happy Reading!



Mastrick Community Centre Coffee Bar Reach Semi-Finals of Scottish Adult Learner Awards The idea for the Coffee Bar was born in June 2009 – a café based in the centre, run by local Mums. Support was given to the group through Community Learning, a crèche available to allow the group to take part in training and have meetings and help with the setting up of the Café. Through volunteering in the Coffee Bar, members of the group have bonded and are able to offer each other support, as well as supporting the other locals who come along. The group has gained confidence and new skills, through training within the Coffee Bar setting, taking cooking classes and from REHISS Food Hygiene certificates. Participants have also become involved in First Step Community Learning Activities and gone on to participate in community based College programmes. One member of the group has recently gained employment as a Youth Worker within the community and another has gained the confidence to ask for help with her dyslexia and literacy issues and has now started her own mobile beauty salon business! Another two members are keen to develop their learning further by gaining their HNC Working With Communities and by going on to do Degrees in Community Education. All members of the group have become involved with community projects including fund-raisers, the community council and summer playschemes and have gained certificates from Aberdeen College. This group is an inspiration to the community and is keen to share their experience with others who may find themselves a bit lost or unsure what the next step might be. They are a great example of what can be achieved with a little support, highlighting how personal development can take place in a variety of different settings and the importance of lifelong learning opportunities. The group was nominated for a Scottish Adult Learner Award to highlight their achievements and was successful in reaching the semi-final stage. They were invited to a role call ceremony in Edinburgh on the 31st of March where the group received certificates and recognition for their participation and contribution to Adult Learning, well done!



The Big Farewell Summerhill I really had a feeling of sadness when we organised the big farewell to summerhill Academy. As a former pupil at the school I had many happy memories of my time there and also some sad ones, particularly when Mr R. F McKenzie the Head Teacher was suspended on the 1st April 1974. I did however enjoy the day, as I saw many old school friends and teachers and we exchanged some of our memories from our school days.

We had a display of photographs from the many groups that used the centre after the school closed. I myself found photos of my daughters at the trampoline group and youth clubs when they were young. At the end of the farewell we told everyone who was in a photo to take home any they wanted to keep. Jackie Spence Former Summerhill Academy pupil

I worked here as a creche worker, yo uth worke r an at MYPP. L ots of grea d t memories w orking with load of children and adult s Cindy Wrig ht

s. for 20 year Taught here of my life. Happiest time nt, kids even ia ill r b s r e h c Tea better. re Alan McInty

I came here in first year in 1967. I enjoyed my secondary school years here. I also came here in 2001 for classes and am still here until we move to Mastrick Community Centre. I will miss this place. Denise Gilbert nee Aiken.

Best memo ries of Mr Ewing/ Mr Stracha n’s Hiking C lub Mr Ewing (geo graphy) Mr Stracha n (metalwo rk) I learned how to ma p read and use a compass. S till got lost on Be nnachie. Bill Massie 1964/68


of our s y a d best to Loads- l disco’s, trip oo s life! Sch unny teacher f , y German ion 2005! eun Great r mming Lisa Cu

30 Years in Mastrick Talk of the Project moving to Hillylands has been causing a bit of a stir recently. But the youth project isn’t something new; it’s been in the Mastrick area for more than thirty years, attracting many positive comments. Just as it was thirty years ago, the Project is all about providing positive opportunities for local young people to grow and develop. Under the direction of professionally qualified staff the Project’s youth work team support and challenge young people to tackle issues in their lives, develop their skills in new activities and make constructive use of their spare time. The personal development of young people is the priority for the Project but it’s work makes a wider contribution to the local community. In the short time since the Project closed, anti-social behaviour in the area has risen by twenty percent (according to Grampian Police statistics). This demonstrates just one of the benefits Mastrick Young People’s Project brings to our community. It provides positive alternatives for young people and offers challenges to some young people’s negative attitudes. Over the years hundreds of local young folk have benefitted from the Project’s support to develop work skills to successfully apply for jobs or to access further education and training. Many still stay locally, making a positive contribution to our community. Many local young people have participated in the wide range of activities the Project offers. Activities include music, drama, filmmaking, outdoor pursuits, young parents’ groups, sports or just the opportunity to socialize with other young people in a safe, moderated, environment. Some highlights from the Project’s past include: • “Enough is Enough” Five young women who successfully campaigned to change Scottish Law and provide single women with increased protection from a violent partner. The women

• •

were invited to the Scottish Parliament and consulted on the details of the Family Law Bill and also won the Grampian TV Adult Learners Award The Millennium Volunteers initiative at the Project supported more than thirty young people to achieve several thousand hours of volunteering including environmental work and working with the elderly and disabled. Credit Union. Young people from the Project took a leading role in the early stages of setting up the Mastrick credit union. Being a good neighbour. The Project always tries to ensure that it has a minimal impact on those around it whilst bringing positive benefits to everyone living in the Mastrick, Summerhill and Sheddocksley areas.

A new location understandably raises fears for those living in the immediate vicinity, as change and the unknown can be scary. Reactions like this are normal and council staff will of course work with local residents in order to put to rest any rumours or misinformation whilst seeking to address legitimate concerns of residents. To put things into perspective, when the Project moved to the Summerhill Centre many years ago there was some local opposition. Those opposed to the “move” had been unaware the Project had already been there for three years without them having been aware of it. For most the route from Mastrick shops to Summerhill took them past Hillylands – so even the comings and goings are no different. Hopefully the Project will be as successful at Hillylands at it was at Summerhill and continue to be a “good neighbour” to local residents.



Ranger Led Health Walks Hi, my name is Ruth Bone, I’m a Countryside Ranger with Aberdeen City Council. This spring and summer, I will be leading a series of short walks around nine areas in Aberdeen using the soon to be published Health Walk Map Packs. The health benefits of walking are well documented and include disease prevention, weight management and positive mental health promotion. So why not join me on the walks? On Friday the 1st of July at 2pm we will meet outside Mastrick Community Centre. After the walks we will seek out

the nearest café for an optional cuppa. Please wear sensible shoes and bring waterproofs and/or sun cream depending on the weather, a bottle of water and any medication (inhalers for example) that you may require. If you have any health issues please speak to your GP before signing up for the walk. For more information about the walks, order map packs or book a place on a walk, please call the Ranger service on 01224 897400. Our full list of events can be seen at rangerservice.

Quarryhill School News Adventure Aberdeen recently held a fun-filled and action packed day at Quarryhill School. Children from Primary 1 - Primary 7 took part in a variety of practical, inventive and enjoyable team challenges including parachute games, a stepping stone swamp challenge and a tank ‘tyre’ race. Children had to employ their communication and cooperation skills in order to complete the 6

tasks successfully in the given time. Adventure Aberdeen also brought along their climbing wall. Pupils from Primaries 4 - 7, as well as few daring staff members, got the opportunity to test their head for heights! A fun and enjoyable day was had by all. Quarryhill School celebrated this year’s World Book Day with many staff and pupils dressing up as a character from a favourite

book. It was a colourful place to be with the cast of Peter Pan, 101 Dalmations, Harry Potter, and more, seen wondering around the school! Throughout the morning the cast of drama group Blitz, entertained the children by performing extracts from popular books. In the afternoon, pupils from Primaries 4 - 7 enthusiastically took part in a book quiz.

Local News

Mastrick Playscheme I bet most of you who have lived in Mastrick since you were children have memories of the Mastrick Play-schemes, as they have been running now for over twenty-five years! Depending on your age it will have been trips to Huntly and the river or the long trek to Edinburgh zoo though Blair Drummond seems to be the favourite now. Folk will remember the activities day at Summerhill when everything from the rock wall to the swimming pool was available, with trampolining as a light relief. We’ve heard stories of 20 sting wasp attacks at Craigtoun Park...sair! Tales of daring, when five pound Woolies vouchers were a reward for rescuing someone from the duck pond at Camperdown (that was in the days when five pounds was worth a fair bit and Woolies was still the place to go in Mastrick!) The volunteers all still remember their ‘sicky’ trip to Landmark too. We will leave details of that one to the imagination!

some of the younger volunteers started as children on the scheme. Mastrick Playscheme has always depended on grants and fundraising to make the scheme affordable for the community, but things have been a bit less certain this year due to the current financial climate. So the volunteers have been writing to local businesses to ask for support and contributions to their raffles and fund raising. They have had some success and in particular would like to thank local business Rotech, based in Whytemyres, for their very kind support and donation of two thousand, five hundred pounds! Thanks to them the playscheme is guaranteed to continue offering children the chance to get away for a day or two, for at least the next couple of years. Parents, keep an eye out for the school-bag flyers coming out towards the end of May! Thank-you Rotech and we are all looking forward to another bumper summer!

The play-schemes have always been run by local volunteers, usually parents or grandparents, though 7


Mastrick, Sheddocksley & Summerhill Family Fun Day On 20th August Mastrick, Sheddocksley & Summerhill Community Council will be holding a Gala Day at Sheddocksley Baptist Church in Eday Road. Before detailing what’s planned for this year, let’s cast an eye over last year’s events.

produced fruit and vegetables and others offering information on housing, community safety and more. It was a great day out for all ages and the barbecue was as popular as ever thanks to Linda and Shelagh.

The Community Council organised two fun days last year with the help of Mastrick Community Centre. In August people were offered the chance to visit the Summerhill Centre, just before its closure. The event attracted between two and three hundred former pupils and teachers as well as parents and children who had used the Community Centre over the years. There were lots of activities for the kids, including a climbing wall and face painting. Former pupils visited a huge collection of nostalgic photos set up at Mastrick Young People’s Project and a few met up with old friends. There was a number of stalls selling jewellery, locally

The second event was held in October at Mastrick Community Centre. The Shopping Centre is really looking good after a long overdue face-lift last year. After a successful bid, Scottish Government funding was used to get the place spruced up and attract new business into the area. The Community Council, City Council, Grampian Police, Muirfield School and a number of other organisations were involved in the design and planning of the works in Mastrick and we hope you’re enjoying the results. Improved lighting and a number of security cameras were also put in place to make folk feel safer, especially at night.


Alongside the works at the Shopping Centre, was the new Community Centre Play Park which has been very much appreciated and is well used. The Lord Provost kindly opened the celebrations and took a keen interest being one of our local councillors. There was a range of activities for the kids in the Community Centre that day including a puppet show, face painting, a fancy dress competition and emore besides. It was themed as a Spooky Fun Day as it was just before Halloween. You can still see some of the photos on the windows of the Community Centre. And of course there were long queues for another of Shelagh and Linda’s barbecues! This was the first time in a few years that an event of this nature had been attempted and it was generally agreed to have been a great success and something which could be built on for the future. This year the Community Council has teamed up with Sheddocksley Baptist Church for this year’s event. For those of you unfamiliar with the Church, they are located beside the back entrance to Woodend Hospital, behind the Curl Aberdeen.

still in the planning stages so it’s impossible to give a complete list of what is taking place. There will be coffee, tea, home bakes, a bouncing castle, a rock wall, face painting and Linda and Shelagh’s legendary barbeque, please form an orderly queue! More details will emerge nearer the date and will be posted on the Mastrick Shopping Centre noticeboard and elsewhere in the area. This event is designed as a Family Fun Day to bring our community together. There will be a small charge for some things, but there’s a huge amount of free stuff going on for the kids, so come along and give us your support. Many thanks to Sheddocksley Baptist Church for their support in running the event. You can expect an update with lots of photos from the day in the next issue.

The Family Day will run from 12noon to 4pm on Saturday the 20th of August 2011. The event is



PEEP I first heard about PEEP when my health visitor invited me to the baby group in Mastrick. I went along even though I thought my baby was probably too young to get involved. To my surprise, she really enjoyed the songs and activities right from the start and I enjoyed meeting people and having a chat too. PEEP group became part of our weekly routine and we carried on at the group for one year olds and then two year olds. Looking back, I think the PEEP group was really good for both of us. Scarlet really loves singing and playing with other children. That is why I volunteered to help lead a group for three year olds at our local school when the opportunity arose. After spending several years at home bringing up my children it is great to be involved with PEEP in supporting other parents and carers. We have lots of singing, crafts and stories and it is great fun for the children (and for adults too, even if they don’t always admit it!) So if you have a three year old yourself and you are free on a Monday morning, why not give it a go? We meet at Kingsford School, Mondays 9.15-10.15am (during term time).

The Reading Radio Show about how the programme should develop. The pupils showed amazing dedication and maturity at this event and their efforts will undoubtedly improve the quality of the show as well as the experience in making it. Reading Radio held its first Reading Radio Committee meeting at the Aberdeen office at Nexen Petroleum UK. All seven schools in the Northfield Academy catchment area sent one pupil along to act as a representative in a discussion


We are looking forward to more great shows in the Summer term. Reading Radio is on SHMU 99.8 FM every Thursday at 11am, and repeated on Sundays at 5pm. To hear archived

shows, please visit the Reading Radio page on the Reading Bus website:


Interview With Ian Urquhart I also have been one of the SubCommittee representatives, this has given me a sense of responsibility. TEL US ABOUT THE FUND RAISING YOU ARE DOING, WHAT IT IS ABOUT AND WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE.

Grays Inn Hits 50! Our very own Grays Inn recently won Community Pub Of The Year at the Publican Awards 2011 in London, having come second last year. This was just a few weeks ahead of their Fiftieth birthday. The Grays Inn opened in May 1961 and celebrated in style during the week of the ninth of May this year. There was a range of activities including darts evenings, a 50th Birthday Quiz and a 60’s Themed Disco. Grays Inn customers are generous folk, raising a substantial amount of money each year for different organisations and projects running in the Mastrick area. They don’t shout about it very often, but so much less would happen in our area without their support. Thanks for your generosity over the years and here’s to the next half century. Cheers!

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF! Hi my name is Ian Urquhart and I live in the Rosehill area of Aberdeen. I am twenty-eight years old and I have a learning disability. I work as a car valet and like to get my hands dirty because I enjoy a challenge. I will have worked at the same company for seven years this year. TELL US ABOUT THE GROUP YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH AT MASTRICK, AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN ATTENDING AND WHY YOU GO ALONG. I first started going to the Summerhill Disabled Club when I was nine years old at Summerhill Academy. The club recently moved to Mastrick at the end of 2010 and changed its name to DISSC - which stands for Disability, Inspiring, Sports & Social Club. I have been going to the club now for nearly twenty years and have made a lot of friends and enjoyed helping people there. I like playing carpet bowls, swimming - when I go to Galas, and very recently I’ve taken up running and cycling. Our club plays darts, pool and dominoes, we also go on trips and have a dinner dance at Christmas where, if I have won a club trophy, I get it presented to me on the night!

I am fund-raising now for my club and also to take me to Greece in June 2011. I will be cycling in the World Disabled Games, as I am the only one selected by Team Grampian from Aberdeen to be involved with the Special Olympics GB Team. What I would like to keep achieving, is winning medals for my country as I have done a few times before; at the Special Olympics in Glasgow in 2005 for swimming and again in 2009 in Leicester for cycling.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the various Committee members and members of the DISSC who have helped me in my life and to achieve great things.


SHMU Station House Media Unit (shmu) is situated just off Great Northern Road in the old Station House Community Centre, Woodside. We offer free access to, and training in video and radio production, and magazine and online publications to residents of all ages living in Seaton, Woodside, Middlefield, Tillydrone, Torry, Northfield and Cummings Park.

t 01224 515013


shmuTRAIN shmuTRAIN delivers a vibrant, contemporary and visionary training/skills development programme, using community and digital media as a meaningful and stimulating medium to increase the chances of young people (14:19) of moving into employment, education or training. The initiative offers two programmes; an Early Intervention programme aimed at education, targeting the 14 to 16 year-olds showing early indications of not having a positive post-school destination; the second, Positive Transitions offering a range of ‘hands-on’ training opportunities for those in the 16 to 19 year old MCMC category.

PositiveTransitions Since June 2009 shmuTRAIN have run five Positive Transition courses with a maximum of eight young people attending the 12-week employability and skills development course. Over this time five young people from the Middlefield area have taken part in the course and all have successfully moved on to either college or employment. “If I wasn’t here I would probably be lying in my bed or lying around the house or even doing a paper round. So I’m glad I’m here where I am now.” Daniel on the PT 5 course

shmuWorks The shmuWORKS programme supports those between the ages of 18-25, who live in Aberdeen and are not in employment, education or training to move onto a positive outcome. Courses run regularly so please call Kelly on 01224 515013 to book a place or find out more. “I went for an interview and I got offered a contract. I couldn’t have done it without your help, so thank-you very much!” Cherie on the shmuWORKS 2 course

Positive Transitions 7 will begin in July Are you, or do you know someone who is aged 16-19, not in Education, Employment or Training and would be interested in finding out more about our courses? Then please contact:

Chrissie Simpson, shmuTRAIN Administrator: email - tel - 01224 515013 text - ‘TRAINING’ followed by your name to 60300.


The RESPECT 2 community survey of Mastrick, Summerhill and Sheddocksley started with the RESPECT Community Research Steering Group. This group, made up of representatives from Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen University and Banff and Buchan College, invited bids from interested communities to do some local research. The Mastrick, Sheddocksley and Summerhill Community Council put in a bid for some work over their concerns with the Aberdeen Local Plan. They were successful, along with three other communities; Macduff, Inverurie and Northfield. However, as everyone who has undertaken research will tell you, it’s only useful if it’s relevant and up to date. Unfortunately the Community Council’s initial plans were impaired by tight deadlines dictated by the City Council, but as one issue receded, another arose; specifically the closure of Summerhill Community Centre with no replacement facilities in the area.

Respect Experience Sharing Practice Engaging Communities Together

• What people would like the community to be like • What community groups, services and facilities they use at the moment • How community groups, services and facilities could be improved Evidence has been collected in a variety of settings – at community events including The Big Farewell at Summerhill and the Family Fun day to mark the opening of the Mastrick play area. People have collected views at schools, at sheltered housing complexes and in the groups we go to. We’re now at the stage of collating all the information and hope to let folk know the results in the next “Mastrick Matters”. ...and just to let you know, we were awarded a wee certificate at the last RESPECT meeting for gathering/involving over 450 people in the area in the research. The certificate’s in the Mastrick Centre at the moment.

So, in partnership with other community organisations Mastrick, Sheddocksley and Summerhill Community Council had been delivering community research in the area. The research will find out:



Police Update I have been in post now for just over a month, having previously worked in Torry as a Community based Inspector and latterly in Elgin. I am still getting to know the Mastrick, Stockethill and Cornhill Beat and learn more about some the good work that is going on in the area. I have found that everyone I meet seems really positive about making a difference and contributing to making things even better for residents in the area. In the short time I have been here I have seen a snap shot of the range of incidents and the policing responses which makes this a really great place to work. The area is busy but made up of really enthusiastic staff in the Local Policing Team.

Local Policing. Closer to you.

The main concerns which the public have highlighted to the Police in the area have been youth disorder, antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol related problems and road traffic related issues, and these are the concerns which the your policing team will be working to address, in partnership with a range of agencies, including the Community Wardens. There is on-going work to build on these partnership arrangements which are actively engaged in projects and initiatives in the area. I aim to build on these over the coming months and bring the local policing team closer to the community, including routine high visibility patrols in the area, police surgeries and visits. I look forward to working with you to help to tackle your concerns, provide reassurance and a visible police presence in the area.


Serving Hilton, Stockethill & Mastrick

Inspector Shona Stewart

Aberdeen Division

To contact the Inspector or her team:

0845 600 5 700

Email: Write: c/o Divisional HQ, Queen Street. Aberdeen, AB101ZA

In the meantime if you have any thoughts, ideas or feedback about policing in the area please contact me on or leave a message with any of your local team. Shona Inspector Shona Stewart

A New Way to Access the Healthpoint Service – ‘healthtext’ The public in the North-East is to get easier access to NHS Grampian healthpoint service. The new healthtext will make it easier for people to get advice about long term illnesses such as heart disease, help with stopping smoking or guidance about benefit entitlement to exercise classes. Anyone looking for advice should text the word ‘Info’ to 82727 and a trained health advisor will return the call during office hours. The information is free and confidential and our friendly staff will be able to help with a wide range of health related issues. Texts are charged at the standard network rate. The service can be contacted by emailing, calling the free healthline on 0500 202030, or dropping into one of the local walk in healthpoints at the Aberdeen Indoor Market, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary concourse, the Hot Spot, Kirk Street, Peterhead or Dr. Grays Hospital in Elgin.



Introducing Your Community Council Mastrick and Sheddocksley Community Council are a group of unpaid, enthusiastic volunteers, who cover the Mastrick and Sheddocksley areas as well as a large portion of Summerhill. We represent the lowest tier of government, but act in an apolitical manner while carrying out this role. We have no official “powers” as such, but reserve the right to be consulted on specific issues such as planning and licensing. We are also consulted regularly on a range of other issues by the Council, Police, Fire Service, NHS Grampian, the Scottish Government and others. Our aim is to be the reasonable, constructive, no-nonsense voice of our community and to ensure that voice is heard loud and clear.

our area are changes to the way Mastrick Community Centre and Mastrick Young People’s Project are being run and funded and what effect that has on their busy programme of events. There is never a shortage of topics to discuss at our monthly meetings, as every month is different!

Our latest crop of community councillors were elected in 2009 and represent a good balance of both experienced and new members with new ideas and a good mix of ages, from young mothers to retired seniors. The next elections will be held in September 2012.

Our meetings are open to members of the public and are held at 7pm in the Mastrick Community Centre, on the third Wednesday of each month. If you’d like to come along or bring a matter of concern to our attention then please get in touch. The same goes for any projects you’d like our support with.

We have been involved in a number of projects over the last eighteen months including the Respect Project, the regeneration of the Mastrick Shopping Centre, two Family Fun Days, a public inquiry into the poor time keeping of First Aberdeen’s services and various planning issues. At present the greatest challenge facing

We are a very busy group and are always open to ideas which could help to improve the area we live in. One of these new ideas is a Family Fun Day which will be held in August. We also receive a small amount of funding each year which we use to help support local organisations and projects and are always willing to consider new applications.

Please contact our chairman, Steve Delaney, for more information. Steve can be contacted by emailing or you can get hold of him most evenings after 7pm on 01224 694469.


mastrick matters

COMMUNITY CONTACTS Local Ward Councillors

Councillor Len Ironside (Kingswells/Sheddocksley Ward) Lord Provost, Councillor Peter Stephen (Kingswells/Sheddocksley Ward) Councillor Wendy Stuart (Kingswells/Sheddocksley Ward) Councillor, Deputy Provost, Jackie Dunbar (Northfield Ward) Councillor Gordon Graham (Northfield Ward) Councillor Kevin Stewart (Northfield Ward)

Local Community Group Contacts

Steve Delaney, Chair, Mastrick and Sheddocksley Community Council

01224 523059 01224 522637 01224 522204 01224 522522 01224 523594 01224 522540 01224 694469

Local Council Services/Community Centre Contacts

Elaine Sinclair, Neighbourhood Community Planning Officer 01224 814526 (Mastrick, Sheddocksley, Heathryfold, Northfield, Middlefield, Cummings Park, Summerhill) Jackie Thain, Community Learning, Mastrick Community Centre 01224 788288 Mastrick Young Peoples Project 01224 346356 Mastrick Community Centre 01224 788288 Sheddocksley Community Centre 01224 684200

Aberdeen City Council

Main Switchboard Minicom number for hearing impaired callers Anti-Social Behaviour Team (between 9 am and 4 am) Housing Repairs (during office hours) Housing Repairs (out with office hours) Environmental Services (roads, lighting, litter etc.)

08456 080910 01224 522381 08456 066548 08456 080929 01224 480281 08456 080919

Partner Agencies Scottish Water (faults relating to sewerage or sewage) Grampian Police (non-emergency call centre) Grampian NHS Bear Scotland (maintenance of trunk roads)

08456 018855 08456 005700 0845 456 6000 08005 871107

Useful Web Pages

Community Planning in Aberdeen Aberdeen City Council Grampian Police NHS Grampian Grampian Fire & Rescue Service

Mastrick Matters Spring 2011  

Community Magazine for the Mastrick area of Aberdeen

Mastrick Matters Spring 2011  

Community Magazine for the Mastrick area of Aberdeen