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Hello, and welcome to the Spring 2011 issue of Cumming North. We are striving to publish three editions a year now, so the past few weeks have been hectic as those of you involved with creating the magazine will be aware. Cumming North is a way for anyone from Northfield or Cummings Park to tell others about what’s going on, or as a way to make your own voice heard. Thank you to those who have submitted articles, worked on designing the magazine and chased up people for articles. Your hard work is very much appreciated! Anyone who wishes to submit an article for the next issue is more than welcome to do so. If you are involved in anything that you think others in the area would be interested to hear about, please let us know.

the new ur To view colo North in g in m m Cu isit Please v mu.or n the & click o e print pag

There are many aspects of the magazine, if you would like to become involved and live in either Cummings Park or Northfield get in touch and training will be arranged. Please contact: Cumming North magazine Publications Dept Station House Media Unit Email: Tel: 01224 515013 F U N D E D and supp o rted BY

Northfield Parish Church

News from Northfield Parish Church Dear all, after one of the worst Winters I can remember, I hope that we have seen the last of the snow and that Spring is on it’s way!

work which the ‘Tillydrone Vision’ project is doing in that country, seeking to help the poor & deprived, especially in the local schools in Kamuli and elsewhere.

Our next big event in the Church is Easter, which is very late this year – not until Sunday 24 April! Everyone is welcome to join us in the church at 10.30am as we celebrate the wonderful, lifechanging good news that Jesus Christ is alive!

Both Westpark & Heathryburn primary schools have expressed an interest in building links with their Ugandan counterparts. It will be good for our children to learn about how little the Ugandan children have in the way of facilities & resources, but how happy they are despite this. They will also see how the Ugandan people ‘make do & mend’, never throwing anything away and finding a use for everything. I am very much looking forward to this trip and will let you how I got on in the next edition of ‘Cumming North’

The primary schools will be coming to church on Wednesday 20 April. However a month before Easter, I will be travelling out to Uganda in Africa along with 14 others from the church & community in Tillydrone. This is a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand the

Meanwhile, the church rolls on, meeting each Sunday at

10.30am, with our very informal Church 4 U in the Church Hall on the first Sunday of each month. The Sunday Breakfast Club for children meets each week, apart from school holidays, at 10am in the Church Hall. Our Church Sales are on the last Saturday of the month at 9.30am, beginning in February. It would be great to see you in church at any time. The Church exists for the people and is there for everyone to come along and take time to reflect on what life is all about. If you’ve never been to church – Easter is a great time to start, because it’s all about new beginnings! All the best, Scott Guy, Minister of Northfield Parish Church

Northfield Neep - A pensioner and his garden Hello gardeners, I read in my local paper recently that our dank winter has slowed down the appearance of my snowdrops in the garden, I must admit I was relieved as I was sure I had lost them forever (courage Brother). However nature is often good to us and gets it’s act together so we can get cracking and at least think of what we want to plant for this year. Weather permitting vacant soil should be deep dug including digging in moist well rotted compost and left to settle, cloches of course are available for warming and drying soil. My first move for spring would be setting up my onion sets and

potatoes (the right way up) and my sweet peas soaking in water prior to sowing in pots during March. However the weeks go quickly by and I am conscious that three years have passed since my 80th birthday and inevitably my thoughts pass labour saving devices so much as potatoes in bags and delicious tumbling tomatoes from hanging baskets. Someone even suggested putting flower pots in welly boots (Dream on) The local birds fairly eat up the peanuts and fat balls plus all the bread that has gone slightly hard, and shooing away the ever present CATS who enjoy my newly dug earth ( who feel

they have to leave a deposit ). Although despite nature being none to friendly these past few weeks, the daffodils are showing life and the tulips are deciding to join in. I am reminded that (mist in May and heat in June brings all things tune) and so I have to plan in small areas for leeks an carrots ,remembering not too early for my beetroot, lettuce and parsley in my cold frame. If I survive all this activity, I will have to start thinking about bedding plants and annual flower seed for the summer and getting my hedge and shrubs trimmed for the summer. Mr N. NEEP 3

Westpark Primary School

The Day We Met Camilla Our Reading Bus trip to Aberdeen University by Davina Wallace, Taylor Leisk, Kieron Marcella and Christina Gill. Before Christmas we learned Doric poems with Grace Banks from the Reading Bus. We got a big surprise one day after Christmas when our teacher Miss Ranshaw explained that we were so good that we had been picked to go and tell our poems to the Duchess of Rothesay.

At 11.15 on the 20th of January a big taxi came to pick us up from Westpark School and take us to Aberdeen University. There were children from some other schools too. During the afternoon lots of adults and some children came over to our area of the room and we told them our poems, taught them some poems and helped

them to learn the words for “Heid, shouders, k-nees and taes” in Doric. There was a Dutch man who told us that k-nees and taes are the same as the Dutch words for knees and toes. We met a lady who works for BBC Children in Need and knows Pudsey Bear, the Provost and Lady Provost, and a man called Ross Noble (but he’s not the famous comedian!) who works in a museum and told us lots of interesting things about Vikings. Christina recited a poem called ‘Astronaut’ to a lady. When she had finished the lady said, “Well done! That was word perfect. Do you know who I am?” We were very surprised to find out that she was Sheena Blackhall and she had written the poem. She was also the lady who had written the book about a dog called ‘Millie’. We got to meet the real Millie who is a Dalmatian. We were the last group that the Duchess visited. We were very

excited and a bit nervous when she came over to us. She was wearing a dark pink coat with a tartan collar and a big gold brooch. We all told her some of our poems, then we taught her our song. We had taught it to so many people earlier on that they all surrounded us and joined in, and Sheena Blackhall played her guitar as well. The Duchess was super duper at the actions, even when we sang it again faster. She said that she thought she had saved the best group for last. We felt very proud and relieved that we had done well. At the end we all had a photograph taken with the Duchess then we got back into our taxi to go back to school. We had a really long, tiring and exciting day, but it was lots of fun.

Westpark Primary Schools Burns Lunch On the day parents and teachers were invited to the Burns lunch. The hall was decorated beautifully with different Scottish symbols and emblems. There was also a handmade book all about his life. It was made by one of our talented PSAs, Mrs. Stuart. Westpark Primary 7s hosted a Burns lunch on the 25th of January 2011. They did this to help with their enterprise project and to celebrate the life of Robert Burns. 4

Each pupil had a different role to play, from speakers to food waiters and servers. The menu that day was haggis, neaps and tatties, a true Scottish dinner. Scottish poems well also recited

My Bonnie Bell, Written by Someone on the Window of an Inn. Then some P7 girls performed superb highland dancing. Primary 7 received some good compliments and fantastic feedback from the evaluation sheets our parents filled out. On the day we raised over £70! This money will go towards class funds for later in the year. Written by Jade Tulloch, Euan Munro and Shannon Cowan

Community News

The Aberdeen Play Forum’s Come & Play Pilot Project in Northfield something we’re seeing less and less of, due to factors such as stranger danger, increased traffic, dogs and dog fouling, TV, games consoles and fewer trees to climb.

I’m Soozy Lai, I work for the Aberdeen Play Forum on “The Come & Play Pilot”, which simply aims to see more children playing outside.

Dog fouling is a sadly major problem which restricts where children can play. I’ll be doing some stencilling on the ground outside play areas to high-light the issue and hopefully reduce the illegal use of play spaces as dog toileting zones.

Last Summer-Autumn, on Sunday afternoons I cycled along to Westerton Park (aka Marchburn park; btwn Marchburn Cr/ Westerton Cr/Waulkmil Cr/ Bannerman Pl!), with bags full of basic play things – bats, balls (and stockings!), skipping ropes and so on.

Some great news is that Local Neighbourhood Planning Officer, Elaine Sinclair, had a very successful run of funding applications and now has nearly £60, 000 to ‘re-vamp’ the park! Work has already started with Aberdeen Green Space planting trees. It’s hoped other work will begin before the end of March.

I don’t lead games, the idea is for the children to lead their own play – it’s called “Free Play”. This kind of play is really important for their development and is

I’ve not long started working with West Park Primary, playing out with the kids at lunch and working with a group of skilled and very capable P6 ‘Young

Sports Leaders’, who have been trained by Active Schools to deliver playground games. After the Easter Break I’d love to see the kids running their own after-school, outdoor free play sessions. Their ‘Kit’ will consist of bits n bobs - old sheets (dens), used milk cartons (towers), cardboard boxes (pretty much anything)! I also really hope to find some enthusiastic parents to come along and provide some support - the kids love it when grown-ups join in! Around Easter, please look out for leaflets through the school, saying when sessions will be…KIDS, PLEASE DO COME & PLAY… DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR ADULTS!!! Soozy Lai, Play Development Worker Aberdeen Play Forum 07772226617

Northfield Academy’s Rock Challenge Team spent the day rehearsing and meeting pupils from other schools in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

On Monday 21st February Northfield Academy’s Rock Challenge team set off for the AECC at 8am. After many hours of rehearsing, set painting and organising, we were ready to perform. Our team of 48 pupils – 40 performers and 8 stage crew

Our theme this year was South Africa. During the football World Cup in 2010, Africa continued to face problems such as starvation, lack of education, pregnancy and AIDS. These issues were forgotten about as everyone celebrated the success of the World Cup. Our performance looked at each of these issues as well as the party atmosphere of the World Cup. The music and choreography we chose helped us to get these

issues across to the audience. Our performance was a great success as we earned several prizes on the night. Northfield were placed 3rd overall – the highest placed Aberdeen City school. We also won awards for Best Choreography and the Performers Choice Award (which was voted for by the other competing schools). We also won the Health and Well-being quiz. All pupils and staff on the Rock Challenge team had a fantastic (and exhausting) day and were a credit to Northfield Academy.


Community News

Problems in your community? Let us help We all want to be able to enjoy our own home, though sometimes it’s not easy. So many things can cause conflict between neighbours - noise, children, pets, parking that a situation can easily get out of hand. That’s where Aberdeen Mediation Services come in. Mediation is a means of resolving conflict where discussion between parties to a dispute is facilitated by a mediator. The aim is to help those involved to move forward and where possible, find an acceptable and workable solution to the dispute. Aberdeen Community Mediation Services are managed by Sacro and funded by Aberdeen City Councils through housing and anti-social behaviour monies. The services have been working with communities since 1998 and have received over 1,800 referrals. The Community Mediation Services are available to all residents of Aberdeen, with referrals being received from partner agencies or directly from those involved in a dispute.

If problems arise in the community which are not neighbour related, then our Street Mediation Service may be able to help. This service works in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Grampian Police throughout Aberdeen. Street Mediators help communities find solutions to intergenerational conflicts. Whether you are a young person feeling misunderstood or unfairly treated by local residents/ shopkeepers or an adult feeling intimidated by groups of young people hanging about, the Street Mediation Service may be able to help improve communication. Over the past 6 months our Street Mediators have worked in the Summerhill, Torry, Northfield and Broomhill areas of the city. Sacro also carries out work in local schools, on request, delivering Conflict Resolution workshops to groups of young people. These workshops are tailored to the group numbers and the age groups attending. Such workshops have been undertaken

with Woodside Primary School and Torry Academy. Future work in this area will involve the Resident Wardens at Aberdeen University. Sacro also has a national schools initiative delivering Peer Mediation, Peer Support training and Restorative Intervention programmes in local schools. Riverbank Primary in Tillydrone has recently undergone an extensive programme working with our national schools coordinator. This work undertaken nationally has associated costs which are available on request. Mediation is free, voluntary, confidential and is carried out by trained and impartial mediators. If you feel you could benefit from involvement with the Aberdeen Community Mediation Service or Aberdeen Street Mediation Service, or if you would like a presentation, please contact Irene Reid on 01224 560572. Sacro, 110 Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6HJ.

Northfield Community Disco It will be seven years come April that NCD did there first disco with Emma Thompson & Lynsey White at the helm, they were later joined by others shortly after Kimberly Inglis, Amy (turtle) McCarthey, Krista Cairns and Natalie Urquhart, at various times and all these girls worked hard to make NCD very popular all over Aberdeen. 6

They also won a few awards for all their hard work, one being a national award for Building Community Spirit and they received this at an event held in Glasgow. However with just Lynsey left to carry on, the disco’s will be suspended until further notice, this is due to her work commitments which at present does not allow

for early evening disco’s that the schools require. Lynsey is searching for a solution to this problem and hopefully will get NCD back on the road again, the break will allow us to check the equipment which is now looking a bit tired Cheers and thanks for your support over the years All the girls from N.C. D.

Community Ranger

Woodlands Community Ranger

Cummings Park And Northfield Area

Hello there!!! As always, you can catch my “Around With A ranger” programme on SHMU, broadcast live on a Wednesday between 11 am and midday, repeated on a Monday between 1 pm and 2 pm and uploaded on to the interweb at This show highlights the work I have been doing with those working in your community and the service I can provide.

You may have noticed a change at the front of Northfield Community Centre. Removal of existing, overgrown, shrubs and trimming of bushes around the entrance was carried out by SAMH. Thanks to you all, without this preparation work, I could not have started the main part of the Project. Benches made up by an Aberdeen firm have been put into the ground with the help of my Friday team. In addition to this, paths have been dug out of the (very) heavy and wet ground, carpet put down to stop the weeds and wood chip put in for a nice soft walk to the benches. Shrubs and bulbs have been put in as well but not as much as before because we want you to enjoy the seats and not

be jabbied too much!!! These seats have been made by an Aberdeen firm, the heavy work to put them in completed by some local Northfield loons and all for your enjoyment. As time moves on and everything settles in/grows, please use these benches for a chat, a chill, a gossip or to watch the world go by Byron Square. If you have an area (preferably a community project/school/ community centre) you would like to develop please let me know and I can see if I can help please feel free to contact me on:

01224 897 400 Speak to you soon. Stephen

Ranger Led Health Walks Hi, my name is Ruth Bone, I’m a Countryside Ranger with Aberdeen City Council. This spring and summer l will be leading a series of short walks around 9 areas in Aberdeen using the soon to be published Health Walk Map Packs.

The health benefits of walking are well documented and include disease prevention, weight management and positive mental health promotion. So why not join me on one (or more) of the walks? On Friday the 8th of April at 2pm we’ll meet outside Lord Provost Henry E Rae Community Centre on Manor Avenue for an easy-paced

1.7mile walk around Auchmill. On Friday the 1st of July at 2pm we will meet outside Mastrick Community Centre. After the walks we will seek out the nearest café for an optional cuppa.

897400. Our full list of events can be seen at uk/rangerservice.

Please wear sensible shoes and bring waterproofs and/ or sun cream depending on the weather, a bottle of water and any medication (eg. inhalers) that you may require If you have any health issues please speak to your GP before signing up for the walk. For more information about the walks and/or map packs or to book on to a walk please call the Ranger service on 01224 7

Northfield Community Centre

Northfield Community Centre Northfield Community Centre is one of the busiest in Aberdeen with more than 1200 visits every week by adults and young people attending the wide variety of groups and activities the Centre offers. After 50 years serving the local community many local folk have plenty positive things to say about the Centre and lots of happy stories from their time using the Centre. For some the Centre has helped them to such an extent that they will say “it changed my life”. Often these are folk who have been facing particular adversity in their lives and the support and opportunities provided by the Centre’s professional staff has helped them to develop the confidence and skills to face up to life’s problems. Sometimes it’s because the classes and guidance provided at the Centre has helped to find a new career or training course. Or maybe it’s just because they met their partner at the Beehive. Despite all that’s positive about the Centre some are quick to criticise and others are apt to listen to the stories and rumours. Sadly some who criticise should know better but instead of asking us they simply speak out. Some of the statements heard recently: “the Centre’s under used” – with over 1200 weekly uses and more than 100 activities on offer that’s simply not the case. It can be hard to find space in the Centre most mornings and evenings. But although the Centre is busy in the afternoon there is still room for some more groups so if you’ve an


idea for something you want let us know. “there’s nothing for under 5s” – over 80 under 5s attend our nine weekly crèche sessions and in addition we have two parent and toddler groups, two mother and baby groups and we’re always looking to start more. “you duplicate classes provided by Aberdeen College” Resources are, and have for some years been too tight for us to waste them on duplicating services which others can provide. For example, the vast majority of computing classes at the Centre are provided by Aberdeen College. Most of these would not be viable and so would not happen if it were not for the efforts of adult learning staff at the Centre in co-ordinating and promoting these classes, encouraging participants to return to learning and advising potential learners on funding. Nor would many learners be able to participate if it were not for the crèche which staff at this Centre manage and generate the funding for. We do run one or two computing classes weekly in response to demand from the local community and caters for those who’s confidence in their computer skills are so poor and/ or who have such a negative experience of learning that they cannot or are too afraid to enrol on a College course. In such cases a key aim is to minimise the time before these learners can be supported to progress to College courses.

“the Centre’s not locally run” the many volunteers who contribute their time to the Centre each week would disagree as would many of those who use the Centre. Activities at the Centre are determined by local people and groups in the Centre manage their own programmes and finances. We’re proud to be a local Centre meeting local needs at affordable prices rather than letting rooms to the highest bidder to run activities at prices local folk can’t afford. “the Centre’s full of drug users and ‘Neds’ no ‘decent kids’ go there” of course several hundred local young people ‘decent kids’ use the Centre every week for football training, boxing, musical theatre, AIYF choir, band practice or to attend the many youth groups and clubs. The occasional young person hanging about outside doesn’t put them off and they soon realise the Centre is a safe place to go (- as do the hundreds of adults who use the Centre in the evening). But we’re pleased to say we don’t turn away those with drug or alcohol problems – we provide them with information advice and positive alternatives. Similarly we work with teenagers who engage in anti-social behaviour – offering them constructive alternatives and working to support their personal development. Often the outcomes are positive (for the whole community!) Next time you hear a negative story about the Centre don’t listen, check it out for yourself!

Pottery classes at Northfield Heather Ivers runs our pottery classes at Northfield and has been providing expert tuition to people of all levels of experience for many years at the centre. The benefits of the pottery class apart from gaining new skills and techniques is that people are really friendly and the group becomes very much a good day out where the class stops for teas and a snack and a chance to get to know each other. Pottery is relaxing and therapeutic and at Northfield we have seen people come on leaps and bounds with Heather’s professional approach and genuine care for her pupils. Why not visit the classes on a Tursday afternoon to find out more?

1st click courses at Northfield Right now, BBC First Click computer classes seem to be taking the country by storm and nowhere more so than in the City of Aberdeen. At present, both the Manor Park Community Facility and Northfield Community Centre run 1st click courses specifically designed to allow complete beginners the chance to learn

computing skills. First click classes are open to all and are free of charge so if you ever wanted to learn computing basics…well, now’s your chance. For more information, or to book your place, please contact Donna on 812074


Community News

Bramble Brae School On Tuesday the 25th of January 2011 P6 at Bramble Brae organised a Burns supper for their parents.

Byron Boys Update On a cold icy Boxing Day morning, I went with Martin our coach to support Helen and Francis. Two plucky Mums who were going for a dip in the North sea at Aberdeen Beach. Why you might ask? They were raising funds for the lads to go to Ayr in May to a football tournament. It was also heartening to see some of those who had sponsered them had bared the winter weather to come and see them off.

The team need to raise quite a bit to, so are busy fundraising. They have a Race Night organised,Car wash and (The Revenge of the Men,) sorry Battle of The Sexes Night. Check your Community Bullitin Board in Byron Square,Cummingnorth Show on Shmu 99.8fm for Date’s, Times and Venues.

The event was a huge success and had a great turn out of over 70 people. At the Burns supper there was the chairpersons welcome, entry of the haggis, address to the haggis which Mrs Virdee did very well. We then heard some Burns poems from P6 pupils. We enjoyed some haggis, neeps and tatties with a drink of Irn Bru. After that we danced to some Scottish music. We also had a lucky raffle for children and parents. We had a great night everyone enjoyed themselves. By Cameron Mead and Jason Johnston, P6 Bramble Brae School

Councillors Comments Fairer Scotland Fund

Ward Budget From my ward budget for year 2010/11 I have provided monies to support Mastrick Pensioners; Grandparents as Parents, Byron Boys Club and the Ladies and Junior Sections of Auchmill Golf Club. 10

Last year the Fairer Scotland Fund supported projects such as Community Media in Northfield; Home-Start Northfield; Northfield Community Boxing; Northfield Community Sports; Making the Most of Children at Heathryburn; Westerton Park Go Play; Cummings Park Community Flat. The fund has been reduced by 35% (£750, 000) in the Councils Budget I have been meeting, and will be meeting further with representatives from Northfield, Cummings Park and Middlefield.

It will be a tough time ahead for members such as myself and representatives of the community as it may mean reduction in Northfield Budget from £58,100 to £20,000 and Cummings Parks budget from £44,000 to £26,846. However working with the community we will do whatever we can to ensure that our areas are still able to benefit. Regards Councillor Gordon Graham

Community News

The Reading Radio Show

Reading Radio held its first Reading Radio Committee meeting at the Aberdeen office at Nexen Petroleum UK. All 7 schools in the Northfield Academy catchment area sent one pupil along to act as a

representative in a discussion about how the programme should develop. The pupils showed amazing dedication and maturity at this event and their efforts will undoubtedly improve the quality of the show and the experience in making it. We are looking forward to more great shows in the Summer term.Keep your ears peeled for Manor Park on 28 April, Quarryhill on 12 May, Westpark on 19 May and Holy Family on 26 May.

Music, Magic & Mayhem!!

Whose Money Is It Anyway?

Fa’s in their Eyes Friday April the 22nd 2011 @ the Forum in Aberdeen Come along and enjoy a night of music, magic and mayhem.... as our stars take to the stage for the second year running as part of Family Learnings/ Peer Projects fundraising event ‘Fa’s in their Eye’s’. Last years event raised over £1,300, which has helped to support local parents to volunteer with the PEER Project, gain skills and access training in their move towards further education or employment.

Reading Radio is on SHMU 99.8 FM every Thursday at 11am, and repeated on Sundays at 5pm. To hear archived shows, please visit the Reading Radio page on the Reading Bus website:

So why not come along, sit back and enjoy an evening of star studded entertainment with some of the best of Aberdeens local talent. From comedy to magic this show has it all...... For more information and ticket sales please contact Louise at Family Learning on 487822 or email

As we all know money is tight and getting tighter. Does trying to make ends meet make you want to cry? Would you like to get some tips on solving your own personal credit crunch? If the answer is yes, then our 3 week course will offer you the practical help and tips on how to manage your financial affairs. There is a free crèche available for this course. To book onto the nearest course to you or for more information phone the Family Learning team on 487822.


SHMU Station House Media Unit (shmu) is situated just off Great Nothern Road in the old Station House Community Centre, Woodside. We offer free access to, and training in video and radio production, and magazine and online publications to residents of all ages living in Seaton, Woodside, Middlefield, Tillydrone, Torry, Northfield and Cummings Park.

t 01224 515013


shmu TRAIN shmuTRAIN delivers a vibrant, contemporary and visionary training/skills development programme, using community and digital media as a meaningful and stimulating medium to increase the chances of young people (14:19) of moving into employment, education or training. The initiative offers 2 programmes; an Early Intervention programme aimed at education, targeting the 14:16 year-olds showing early indications of not having a positive post-school destination; the second, Positive Transitions offering a range of ‘hands-on’ training opportunities for those in the 16:19 MCMC category.

Early Interventions at Northfield Academy As part of the Early Intervention programme, our tutors have been working with pupils from Northfield Academy sine January 2011 providing radio training. So far 6 pupils have been attending SHMU weekly taking part and enjoying this new and exciting learning opportunity. “Doing radio at SHMU makes school more interesting.” Northfield Academy group on week 6 of the training at SHMU

PositiveTransitions Since June 2009 shmuTRAIN have run 5 Positive Transition courses with a maximum of 8 young people attending each 12 week employability and skills development course. Over this time 7 young people from the Northfield and Cummings Park area have taken part in the course and all have successfully moved on to either college or employment. “If I wasn’t here I would probably be lying in my bed or lying around the house or even doing a paper round. So I’m glad I’m here where I am now.” Daniel from Northfield on the PT 5 course

Details of next course Positive Transitions 6 began on Monday 11th April and will finish in July 2011. If you or someone you know is aged 16-19, not in education, employment or training and would be interested in finding out more about 12

our courses, please contact Chrissie Simpson, shmuTRAIN Administrator: 515013, chrissie@ or text ‘TRAINING’ followed by your name to 60300. Positive Transitions 7 will begin in July.

Heathryburn School

News From Heathryburn Northfield Literacy Festival We have been very busy taking part in activities as part of the Northfield Literacy Festival. Author Visit P5 were very lucky to have had a visit from Charlie James the children’s author. Charlie helped the boys and girls of P5 to write stories about our Hopes and Dreams. Reading Radio P7 recently had 6 sessions working with Rich Langham from SHMU radio to create the content for a live radio show. They prepared recordings about sports club and their project World War Two - there was even a recreation of Neville Chamberlain’s war announcement. The class composed jingles and wrote the script for an hour long show. The entire class were involved in making show with four pupils Amy Lawrie, Jenna Scott, Ryan Black and Koray Ergodu being chosen to be the broadcasters for the live show.

storytelling skills. This resulted in the P4/5s reading Doric poems to the P1 pupils. Some P1 parents got to visit the Reading Bus and everyone finished the afternoon with a storytelling session led by Grace Banks. Pupil Council News Robertson Construction invited representatives from the Pupil Council to a Turf Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, 2nd February to mark the beginning of the building work on the old Marchburn Site. We helped to dig out the first few spadefuls of soil and were interviewed by STV and SCHMU radio. We were on the 6 o clock Scottish news and our picture appeared in the Press and Journal. Sharing the Learning Several classes have shared learning with their parents this term.

Reading Radio was broadcast live on Thursday, 10th February from 11am - 12 noon on SHMU 99.8 FM. You can listen anytime if you visit - Tune in - it’s a fantastic show. Well done P7.

Egyptian Assembly P4/5 and Miss Ritchie invited pupils and parents to an exciting assembly to share with us the things that they have been learning. They performed raps and songs which told us about ancient Egypt. Parents went back to the class afterwards for hieroglyphic biscuits and to see some of the work they have been doing.

Jackanory Also, P4/5 worked with Jacqueline Adams, librarian and Grace Banks, storyteller to develop their

Toy Teaparty Mrs. Angus and Mrs. Bedgood’s class invited their parents to a Toy’s Teaparty. Everyone brought

McKensy and Ellie reading to P1

Toy Teaparty

along their favourite toy and it gave the parents a chance to look at all the things they had been learning about toys. Nursery News Our afternoon nursery children are taking part in an Outdoor Learning project and we are delighted to be receiving support from other professionals in taking this exciting initiative further. We have had some fun outdoor sessions experimenting with pipes, ropes, water and even fire. We really enjoyed making toast on a fire. RSPB Big Birdwatch Heathryburn pupils and staff are once again taking part in the RSPB Big Birdwatch. We have been feeding birds, learning how to identify them and are trying to count all the birds we see in the playground. P4 were delighted to have a visit from Mark from the RSPB who has told them lot about cruel things that people do to birds and what we can do to protect them. Heathryburn Circus Primary One to Three have decided that they are going to create their own circus. They are currently turning their classroom areas into a Big Top and are working on acts to perform to parents. We were delighted when Kake and Kandy from Urban Circus visited recently to let us all experience a circus performance and teach us some new skills.

Pupil Council with Cllrs. Stewart and Dunbar at the turf cutting

Kake and Kandy


Community Police

Your Local Policing Team

As a resident of Cummings Park and Northfield, you have a dedicated team of Sergeants and Constables who are responsible for policing your neighbourhood. I currently lead the team and we provide policing cover on a 24/7 basis. Your team of local officers not only respond to incidents, but also have specific responsibility to address ongoing quality of life issues and anti-social behaviour. They are ably complemented by many other partner agencies; including Aberdeen City Wardens who you may have seen patrolling the area. It is clear that you take pride in your community and work hard to promote and enhance positive aspects of your area. Your Local Policing Team also take pride in providing a service to you and we will strive to address any issues that you bring to our attention. To enable us to do this effectively, I encourage you to make contact with us and advise us of any local problems affecting you or your neighbours. In particular we intend to tackle instances of youth disorder, anti-social behaviour, drug related problems and road traffic related issues. Grampian Police are very much an intelligence led organisation


who require the help of you, the public, to assist us in gathering information which we can act upon Your information, no matter how irrelevant it may seem, could be crucial, so I urge you to contact us. You can call the team on 0845 600 5 700 or e-mail them on mylocalpolicingteam@ Alternatively, if you wish to report crime and remain anonymous, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Your policing team will be visible and accessible throughout the area. Please approach us and speak to us. I am also aware there are ‘communities within communities’ and the area has a diverse population from many different cultures and countries. This is clearly a positive, and we are here to assist with a variety of different resources we can call upon should there be a language barrier or any other perceived communication difficulty. We work closely with many different departments of Aberdeen City Council and with other outside agencies. This enables us to share information and address issues together, working towards longer term solutions that improve the quality of life for those of you whom live and work in our area. I regularly attend local Community Council meetings, Residents Meetings and other community forums where you can meet me and voice any concerns you may have. I also liaise with local Councillors who often raise issues of concern to their constituents. The team have recently taken occupancy of the Police Office facility within the recently opened Manor Park school on Danestone

Circle. This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to be closer to our communities and provide a more visible and reassuring presence. I am particularly pleased that the local children will have the opportunity to speak with their local police officers from an early age, helping build a positive and trusting ethos as a result. I look forward to continuing to work with you in order to promote and enhance the feeling of wellbeing and safety within the communities of Cummings Park and Northfield. Stuart Ord Northfield Local Policing Team Inspector, Manor Park Police Office, Manor Park School Danestone Circle Northfield ABERDEEN T: 0845 600 5 700 E: mylocalpolicingteam@

Northfield Area Community Council The Community Council represents the neighbourhoods of Northfield, Cummings Park, Heathryfold and Middlefield. Meetings are held in Northfield Community Centre on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.00 pm. The next meeting is on Tuesday 12th April. If you have any issues you want the Community Council to discuss please contact Linda Pirie (chairperson) tel. 698356, leave a note in the Community Centre or come along to the meeting.


AUCHMILL GOLF CLUB Membership I can report that the final figures for 2010/11 were as follows.


Golf male

Golf Female Juniors Social Male

Social Female







It would be really good if we could improve on that figure for next year. Operation of Auchmill Golf Club The Club Council continues to develop the role of successfully running the Golf Course. Our staff have taken on more responsibilities to ensure that we are as efficient and effective as possible. Negotiations with the Council regarding the Lease This has continued and we strive to obtain a 30 year lease agreement; however following advice from the council solicitors the Councillors could only agree another year’s extension to the current license. It is legal issues that are causing the hold up and I firmly believe that we have the support of all the Councillors in the City and the Council as a whole and that we will eventually secure our 30 year lease, hopefully we can get an agreement soon. Cost of Machinery During this year we have had discussions with Council Officials to enable purchase of the following machines at a cost of £19,500. We have also invested £4000 on a turf cutter; £6,400 for vibrating Rollers, this is a substantial investment and saving and will ensure that we can look forward to the future with confidence.

Course Matters Work continues on our 5 year plan to improve the playing experience on the Golf Course for members and visitors. Improvements to bunkers at the 1st and 18th and the introduction of a drainage system last year continues this year with improvements to bunkers at the 9th and 17th holes. Sponsorship & Assistance in Kind The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Brandon Equipment Hire (6th) for the support they have provided the club, through the free use of equipment; this has proven to be very beneficial financially. The Club also secured 3 year sponsorship deal with Byron Bakery (8th). If people are aware of companies who could sponsor holes of take out corporate membership then please get in touch. Staff Matters Congratulations to our greenkeeping staff as they complete external training courses to progress their trade. The Golf Club is providing education at Elmwood College to gain SVQ 2 Sportsturf Maintenance -Greenkeeping and Sports groundsmanship. As you can see we are investing in the course, in equipment and in our people. The stewardess also received a Personal License for the

Operation of Licensed Premises, this enabled her to oversea completion of the City & Guilds “Workbook for Staff of Licensed premises” which they have all successfully completed. This is a legal requirement under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Social Matters To keep us occupied through the dark winter nights the club also has a pretty active social side. Currently we have four darts steams a domino team and a pool team playing in their respective leagues. We have Bingo and Entertainment on a Saturday night and every quarter we bring in some good acts on a Friday night. The club is also available Free of Charge for members to hold functions. Due to repeated requests we applied to the Licensing Board and was granted a licence that allowed juniors in the Club from 9.00pm to 10.00pm during the golf season and children in at Private Functions. New members are being admitted now, please contact the Golf Club for an application form 715214. Website A new website is currently being developed and should be online soon. We would welcome any comments of information that could be placed on the website.


Openspace Revival

Marchburn/Westerton Park, Northfield

A special fun day was held in Northfield in late January to celebrate the revamp of Marchburn (Westerton) Park which is set to breathe new life into this long neglected openspace area during 2011. The hard work of the service partners and the local community has paid off and we are well on the way to securing the full funding required to create a space that will have an interest for all ages. Thanks to some whirlwind fundraising by the local project team in late 2010, our target total of £70,000 has now been achieved, with funding secured from Aberdeen Forward, Aberdeen Greenspace, the Shell Community Fund and the Health Improvement Fund The money A cold January morning was no deterrent for the community members who turned up to get active and plant trees and bulbs. The small band of enthusiastic

volunteers soon warmed up, under the guidance of Alister from Aberdeen Greenspace. Local young people also enjoyed getting up to fun, games and mischief with Soozy, Aberdeen Play Forum’s Come and Play Development Officer. A warming bowl of soup at the nearby Northfield Community Centre’s Health and Wellbeing event rounded off the morning nicely for some of the hard working volunteers. Local team and residents are looking forward to seeing the regeneration of the site take shape in the coming months. Picnic benches, bins, seating for family use, new football goals and a reinstated grassed pitch area are but some of the improvements in the pipeline. There is also growing excitement about the outdoor gym equipment. Suitable for older children and adults of all ages, the equipment is set to be a real draw when it is installed.

The local team would encourage anyone with an interest in the park to get in touch and get involved in continuing to develop ways to encourage local residents to use the area. Contact Elaine Sinclair, Neighbourhood Planner on 01224 814526 or email

Cumming North Spring 2011  

Community Magazine for the Cummings Park area of Aberdeen

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