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SPECIAL THANKS All praises to Almighty Allah, who endowed us with His grace in order to complete this strenuous task in time and making this concept a reality. Crediting the honor to our parents whose support has always backed us in the hour of need. Whole team of Student focus who rendered their priceless services for this Newsletter. All the Patrons, Doctors and fans who appreciated our consistent attempts and insisted upon us to continue our work.

Scientific Islam-Physiology Contributions of Islam to Modern Science! The Qur’aan was revealed 600 years before the Muslim scientist Ibn Nafees described the circulation of the blood and 1,000 years before William Harwey brought this understanding to the Western world. Roughly thirteen centuries before it was known what happens in the intestines to ensure that organs are nourished by the process of digestive absorption, a verse in the Qur’aan described the source of the constituents of milk, in conformity with these notions. To understand the Qur’aanic verse concerning the above concepts, it is important to know that chemical reactions occur in the intestines and that, from there, substances extracted from food pass into the blood stream via a complex sys- “And in cattle (too) ye Have an “And verily in cattle there is A tem ;sometimes by way of the instructive example: From lesson for you. We give you to liver, depending on their within their bodies We produce drink Of what is inside their bodchemical nature. The blood (milk) for you To drink; there ies, Coming from a conjunction transports them to all the or- are, in them, (Besides), numer- Between the contents of the Intesgans of the body, among which ous (other) Benefits for you; tine and the blood, A milk pure are the milk-producing mamAnd of their (meat) ye eat.” and pleasant for Those who drink it.” *Al-Qur’aan 16:66+ mary glands. In simple terms, [Al- Qur’aan 23:21] Translation of this Qur’anic verse certain substances from the is from the book “The Bible, the Qur’an and Scicontents of the intestines enter into the vessels of ence” by Dr. Maurice Bucaille. The Qur’aanic the intestinal wall itself, and these substances are description of the production of milk in cattle is transported by the blood stream to the various orstrikingly similar to what modern physiology has gans. This concept must be fully appreciated if we discovered. wish to understand the following verse in Qura’aan:

Message from our Patron “Students should actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities and improve their knowledge and skill in their respective field to use their potentials productively”.

Dr. Khalid Saeed Khan B.Sc Physio, B.Sc P.G.D. Physio, Principal S.P.T/H.O.D Physiotherapy

Mayo Hospital Lahore.






Papaya Leaf is an herbaceous tree with a stem of spongy, soft wood that is hollow in the center & bears melon-like fruit. Trees may grow to a height of 20 - 30 ft. It needs a tropical climate that is dry. The papaya leaf contains beta-carotene, calcium, carpaine, fats, flavonols, niacin, papain, tannins, & vit C.The benefits of Papaya leaves are numerous; Papaya leaves can cure acne, thus used as acne medicine. It can facilitate digesThe benefits of Papaya tion because Leaves are numerous, such the enzyme in as facilitating digestion, Papaya Leaf curing acne, increasing apbreaks down petite, and increasing wheat gluten platelet count. and carbohydrates for extra digestive protection. It increases appetite, and this effect is primarily observed in children. It is a fact that there is no cure for dengue fever and therefore it is a much feared fatal illness. However, recently there has been a lot written about papaya leaves that seem to prove itself as a cure to dengue fever. Only two spoonfuls of raw papaya leaves juice, taken once a day can help dengue patients increase their platelet count. Papain is so powerful that Papaya Leaves have been wrapped around meats to tenderize them.

By Hafiza Sabeen Ayesha Q.A.M.C BWP


he farewell sermon Khutbat al-Wada' do not like. But if they do that, you can chaswhich Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tise them but not severely. Their rights upon gave at Arafat in the middle of the you are that you should provide them with Ayyam al-Tashriq (three days following the food and clothing in a fitting manner. tenth of Dhul-Hijjah) during have left among you the He delivered anhis Farewell pilgrimage is Book of God, and if you other sermon at stated as follows: hold fast to it you would erily your blood and never go astray. And you Mina, when he your property are as be asked about me (on said, "Do not re- would sacred and inviolathe day of resurrection), turn to Kufr, kill- (now tell me) what would ble as the sacredness of this day of yours, in this ing one another, you say? They (the audience) month of yours, in this land after I am gone." said: “We bear witness that of yours. Behold! Everyyou have conveyed (the mesthing pertaining to the days [Sahih al Bukhari] sage), discharged (the minisof ignorance is under my try of Prophethood) and feet completely abolished. Abolished are also given wise (sincere) counsel." He (the narrathe blood revenges of the days of ignorance. tor) said: "He (the Prophet) then raised his he first claim of ours on blood revenge forefinger toward the sky and pointed it at which I abolish is that of the son of the people (and said): "O God, bear witness, Rabi`ah ibn al Harith. And the usury O God, bear witness." [Sahih al-Muslim] Riba of the pre-Islamic period is abolished, The Importance of this sermon lies in and the first of our usury I abolish is that of the divine rulings prescribed by `Abbas ibn `Abd al Muttalib, for it is all abolProphet Muhammad (PBUH) which ished. Fear God concerning women! Verily mean the essence of living an ordered human you have taken them on the security of God, life being obedient to the Creator. That’s why and intercourse with them has been made scholars have wrote books over this sermon lawful unto you by words of God. You too interpreting it and deriving several laws of have rights over them, and they should not Fiqh and Shariah. allow anyone to sit on your bed whom you




By Muhammad Sheraz Alam

Smile please !!!

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By Muhammad Osama Tanoli IPM&R(KMU)

FRIED FOOD “FINE FOR HEART� IF COOKED WITH OLIVE OIL Experts found no heightened risk of heart disease diet such as this can cut the risk of illnesses like or premature death linked to food that had been cancer and heart disease. Victoria Taylor, a senior cooked in this way. But the investigators stress heart health dietitian at the British Heart Foundathat their findings, from studying the typical Span- tion, said: ish diet in which these "healthy" oils are found in "Before we abundance, do not apply to lard or other cooking all reach for oils. the frying For the study, the researchers at the Autonomous pan, it's University of Madrid surveyed 40,757 adults important about their diet. The participants were asked to rememabout what types of food they ate in a typical ber that this week and how that food was prepared and was a study cooked. None of the adults had any sign of heart of a Medidisease at the start of the 11-year study, but by terranean the end of it 606 heart disease events and 1,134 diet rather deaths had occurred. When the researchers than British looked at these heart events in detail, they could fish and find no link with fried food in the diet. This, they chips. Our believe, is down to the type of oil the food is diet in the cooked in. UK will difIn an accompanying editorial, fer from Spain, so we cannot say Professor Michael Leitzmann that this result would be the same Eating fried food from the University of Regensmay not be bad for for us too. Participants in this study burg in Germany said: "Taken used unsaturated fats such as olive the heart, as long as and sunflower oil to fry their food. together, the myth that frying you use olive or sun- We currently recommend swapping food is generally bad for the heart is not supported by avail- flower oil to make it, saturated fats like butter, lard or able evidence. However, this palm oil for unsaturated fats as a experts say. does not mean that frequent way of keeping your cholesterol meals of fish and chips will have no health consedown and this study gives further cause to make quences. The study suggests that specific aspects that switch. Regardless of the cooking methods of frying food are relevant, such as the oil used, used, consuming foods with high fat content together with other aspects of the diet." means a high calorie intake. This can lead to Mediterranean diets have long been hailed as weight gain and obesity, which is a risk factor for healthy, being packed full of low-fat, high-fiber heart disease. A well-balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh fish. fruit and vegetables and only a small amount of And numerous studies have shown a balanced high fat foods, is best for a healthy heart." By Muhammad Osama Tanoli 3rd year IPM&R(KMU)


Ankle Sprain (Poem) An ankle sprain is such a pain.! Ankle sprain , ankle sprain ,how common they re.! As common as having a Toyota Rav car.! Football pitch , netball court or falling down stairs , There is no avoiding more terrible tears.! Swelling , bruising , unable to walk., it can be no painful isn't u cant even talk.. Well, there is a solution to help you along., its called physio , so your symptoms don't prolong.. Shown to improve outcomes & speed up recovery.., We will get u back to action, on the road of discovery.! Best seen in the first week , this is the key To ensure that result is a " wtiooopee " ! So remember one thing , the next time u fall.., whilst playing soccer or on a pub crawl.., There is only one possible nation .., The best thing to do is come to pivotal motion.! By Kaneez Fatima, DPT University of Faisalabad

AN INSIGHT TO HUNZA VALLEY level. This valley is composed of terraced ridges abound. In the autumn, when the sun converts the running from the high pastures down to the river, valley to burnished gold with its back drop of snow with extensive irrigation channels bringing melt covered white peaks, the setting is particularly idyllic. water from the glaciers to the terraced fields and Gulmit is about 35 km north of Karimabad. Further on villages. the way up, the road becomes A wide variety of crops are Hunza is also known for its more rugged as it passes through grown here; including narrow gorges, but suddenly it unpolluted mountain air, potatoes, barley, wheat, opens up into a broad valley. and vegetables - along with which caused this area to be Gulmit is best known the unique apricots, apples, cherries, known as "Shangri-La". The Passu Cones (below left). This almonds, and other fruit/ huge mountain dominates the blossoming and autumn at area from Gulmit to Hussaini and nut crops. We hiked the valley during the apricot Hunza are worth seeing and offers unforgettable and specThe legendary mountain kingdom of Hunza lies on the tree bloom, a beautiful time of tacular scenes. Further ahead is attract thousands of tourists, the Borit Lake. The lake receives ancient trade route to Sin Kiang. Hunza is an earthly spring of planting and blossoms. especially from Japan. paradise whose inhabitants are renowned for their Snow covered high mountains glacial water and migratory birds longevity, their simplicity and natural diet. Karimabad is and great glaciers abound Hunza during summer. It is about 1.5 the main town of Hunza which is like a huge hanging & Nagar valleys, The most magnificent being 7,788 kilometer off the road. If you are planning your visit to garden containing mud and stone houses, orchards, metres high Rakaposhi (above). Hunza is also known for northen areas of Pakistan then Hunza Valley is worth terraced fields, shops, work- shops, schools, restauits unpolluted mountain air, which caused this area to watching. Take up your interests and expectations of an rants and hotels etc. be known as "Shangri-La". Eden with you and you will be overwhelmed of its The river Hunza and the road cut this natural bowl of The blossoming and autumn at Hunza are worth seeing enchanting beauty for sure.!!! snow crested high hills. The houses and fields are and attract thousands of tourists, especially from Jastretched right from the road level up to the snowline pan. Orchards of mulberry, walnut, apricot and apples >>> By Muhammad Sheraz Alam


DRUG REHABILITATION THE BASIC HEALTH CARE PROFESSION diagImmediate nosing the disease and develop-

ing comprehensive treatment plan requires a doctor who’s speciliaty is addiction medicine. Cardiac irregularities, malnutrition, hypertension organ failure mental illnesses are the additional gifts for drug addicts . tion includes no medications but the treatment of co occurring disorders such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder may require certain medications. Family involvement is an integral part of an effective drug treatment in long term sobriety. The individual’s loved ones support is very necessary to promote good health. The problem is that all this rehabilitation institutes are running under virtually No cooperation from the government. ill we see the news tickers of so called CRACKDOWN over drug suppliers? How long will it take to practically enforce the writ of the Government over those Political forcers running this mafia? How long will we see the Medical societies arranging conferences in Five Star hotels stressing the Drug Rehab, but showing practically no influence on the results followed? Will our youth ever realize that the dope they puff to impress girls and feel high, is actually dragging them to death and the hell fire?


Have we ev

er thought that why do we need to rehabilitate these drug addicts, increasing day by day in our society .Though most of us do not consider the drug addicts worth a soft corner and consider them as an abuse to humanity and our culture, but alarmingly approximately 600,000 of Pakistani youth are joining the club of drug users every year. By 2010, total drug users in the country reached nine million, We are familiar with different kinds of drugs commonly used in our society causing almost one hundred thousand deaths every year in Pakistan by direct or passive use of drug. t is tend to do several unethical deeds because of the strong influence of their addiction

Drug addic

How long w

By Rabia Faryal, IPM&R(KMU)



hen a child falls and hurts himself and his mother rubs him the child forgets pain similarly when an athlete is indulged in competitive sports and undergoes message therapy afterwards he feels relaxed and muscular pains are managed . his is just not a dogma but in fact it is a scientific phenomenon.Pain management with the help of massage therapy is because of the following factors ; Vasodilation - Deep tissue massage often leads to a sense of relief and peace, because it causes vasodilation in the skin and muscles by stimulating sympathetic receptors. This increased blood supply helps remove the accumulated lactate and other metabolites that act on the nerve endings in muscles as experienced after exercise causing muscle soreness and pain ndorphins Release - Deeper tissue massage may cause the release of endorphins (the bodies natural pain killing opiates) leading to the sense of wellbeing, similar to acupuncture which often leads to endorphin



release, and since deep tissue massage works over many points in the acupuncture meridians, and finger pressure is often used over such points, it seems likely that such massage also elicits this release. nhibition of Pain Mechanism It is obvious that massage stimulates the sensory proprioceptive and fine and crude touch nerve fibers of the skin and underlying tissues, and that these messages pass along the afferent fibers to the spinal chord, along with pain nerve fibers from nociceceptors through posterior sensory root. Here the fine touch and proprioceptive fibres cause lateral inhibition to sharpen their signals as well as send collateral neurons to the pain fibers through connector neurons thus causing inhibition of this pain mechanism . assage bombards the skin and subcutaneous tissues with stimuli, and this not only produces a local effect but may exert either a stimulating or soothing effect on the body as a whole.



>>> By Muhmmad Osama Tanoli 3rd year IPM&R(KMU)

MATTER OF MOMENTOUSNESS Our region is victimized by extreme climate change. Flood of 2010 caused the loss of 10billion$, 2000 people demised, 15 million displaced and one fifth of our land went under the water, the misery from last year`s flood was not over that we were struck by one more last year causing further loss. 20 out of 22 districts of Sindh were affected and loss was just unthinkable, this situation is now changed in to a vicious cycle. We are going through drastic climate changes and we have to equip ourselves to combat with this catastrophe. Scientists are virtually certain that 5 degree temperature would increase in the mid of this century and 10 till the end of this century as a result of global warming .Pakistan is amongst the top countries which are vulnerable of these climate changes. Government should take some serious action on this issue of climate change and national climate change policy should be followed properly but, the role of community is more important if we want to save our land and our next


generation, electronic media should highlight this momentousness disastrous problem as much as they can, but they are busy in talk shows. Environment friendly awareness campaigns should be launched as soon as possible in schools, colleges, universities and industries to save our land from global warming. We cannot stop the climate change, but we can reduce its vulnerability, mitigate risks and build resilience. Society can play an important role in decreasing global warming by energy conversation and decreasing pollution. A mega mass communication campaign is required to aware the masses of Pakistan about this climate change as very few peo-

ple are aware of the problem they are going through; our next generations are liable of extinction if we took this problem carelessly. Internationally KYOTO PROTOCOL should be followed by all developed countries and help developing countries in reducing global warming. My country is on verge of ruthless and merciless disasters, I want to tell people of Pakistan that this is the biggest problem we are facing in this century. People like me who want to save their land, are ready to volunteer themselves in public awareness campaigns to save our land and people. Please! For God sake all stake holders, community and government should work on it, so that humanity can be saved from TERMINATION.

>>> By Aabis Haider, Final year,BSPT, College of Physiotherapy, KEMU, LHR





number of exceptional UK Asians from the world of football were honored at the first ever Asian Football Awards. The event took place at the home of English football, Wembley Stadium on January 24th 2012. The high profile event attracted an exceptional list of guests to gather, support and celebrate UK Asians in football.

out on top ahead of counterparts from QPR, Wolves, Wigan and Birmingham in a gala ceremony.


e said, "It was a fantastic, well organized evening and with it being at the home of football it was much bigger than I expected," he said. "As I've said previously, I didn't go into this profession to try and win any awards. The way that I he AFA (Asian Foot- work is to do the job to the best of ball Awards) is set to my ability and try and provide the become a momen- best care possible to the players. "I tous event in the awareness and de- realize I'm in a privileged position velopment of Asians in Football. The which is why I get involved in the AFA is a great opportunity to bring various voluntary community protogether decision makers and the jects. I know being at Liverpool FC people who are expected to make an allows me to convey any health mesimpact in football, further complisages I wish to promote with greater menting this ever popular sport effect. To get any sort of recognition within the UK. It will provide a fanfor your work is fantastic. Just being tastic networking opportunity for nominated is great but to get the those wishing to push their careers award for something I love doing to another level. was very pleasing and hopefully this type of recognition will inspire othaf Iqbal(Liverpool) ers too.” "I hope that I can continue from Pakistan, one to be part of a successful Liverpool of five nominees in team for many years to come.” the 'Football behind the scenes award - Medical' category and came



By Muhammad Osama Tanoli IPM&R(KMU)



Name three consecutive days without their names like Friday, Sunday, etc ?


It is black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you throw it away. What is it???

Answer the above riddles and prove that you are really a genius! The winners will be mentioned in the next edition. To answer these riddles just log on to our website and submit yout answer via our special answer form . For details refer to the last page >>>

Startle Facts 1. One in every 1000 babies is born with a tooth. 2. A person will die from lack of sleep sooner than they will from starvation, which usually takes a few weeks. 3. Humans have 46 chromosomes, peas have 14 and crayfish have 200. 4. Each person sheds 22 kilograms of skin in his or her lifetime. 5. A fetus only acquires fingerprints at the age of three months. 6. Guys are more likely than girls (by a ratio of 3-to-2) to have bad acne. 7. We share 98.4% of our DNA with a chimp – and 70% with a slug. 8. Human fetuses react to loud rock music by kicking. (ROCK ON kids!!!) 9. At just 12 weeks the human fetus can scowl and squint. >>> By Muhammad Osama Tanoli IPM&R(KMU)

HYPERTENSION & EXERCISE THERAPY Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a complex disorder with no simple exclusive cause and a risk factor for many cardiovascular disorders in the form of myocardial infarction and stroke. Structural modification of vessels, abnormal regulation of the vasomotor tone, enhanced vasoconstriction, reduced vasodilatation and micro-vascular networks all seem to contribute to the disease. It has been shown to be associated with a reduced micro-vascular network in various tissues including skeletal muscle. We can manage and prevent hypertension by making some positive changes in our life style. It has been proven that aerobic exercises improve the oxidative capacity and oxygen diffusion in skeletal muscles by normalizing the endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in patients suffering from hypertension. Losing weight, quit smoking and intake of DASH diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods and reduced in red meat, fats, and sweets) are the other non- pharmacological strategies to deal with hypertension. If you are suffering from hypertension don’t hesitate to consult your physiotherapist immediately for cardiopulmonary exercise testing and exercise prescription for hypertension and weight loss. By Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Qamar, tDPT(KEMU), MS(Orbero University)



Guess Who Am I ?

Detective EPISODE:2 Become the Detective of the month by guessing the character told in the plot given just one correct answer and you will be a detective!

If you think that you are photoName: Muhammad Hashim | Age: 21Yrs genic then what Gender : Male | Discipline : B.S.P.T 3rd are you waiting year | Institution : College of Physiofor ? Send us therapy, K.E.M.U. Lahore. your nicely done photographs at our email at the back of this issue and become the “Face of the month�. The photographs in edition will be selected at random by Student focus Team. M / F both are encouraged. The unpublished photographs will be available on our website! Get You Picture Here! By EDITOR


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They tore me into several pieces and sent me to a dark room. It was very scary and the thunderbolts almost grasped me heart beat at every instant. I don't know what I was traveling on but I was not alone. Then it showered heavily and showered again and again then a gale blew so cold that I was just freezed. Alas I couldn't help escape this cave yet a few moments later some iron hands clasped my neck started gathering my scattered pieces. What a pity it was! Then cruelty peaked up so much that I roared up but nobody heard me. It bolted me from head to toe and I fell unconscious. When I came to life, I saw a dawn break, I warming glow and shimmering light of sun through the window and I found my self in a showroom. Hundreds of people were roaming about me. Did you got me now if yes tell me author that who am I? but if not then wait for the next episode to come and then write into editor at Become the Detective of the month by guessing the character told in the plot given, just one correct answer and you will be a detective! The correct guessing people will be mentioned in the next issue and on our website and will be entitled the Detective of the month! >>> By EDITOR

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Leukemic cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (L-CTCL) is a leukemia arising from Tcells, a type of white blood cell. This cancer can involve the skin and other organs, and patients often die within three years. The study suggests that low-dose Campath (alemtuzumab) not only treats patients with L-CTCL but does so without increasing their risk of infections. Campath only kills T-cells that enter the bloodstream, but it spares a newly discovered population of T-cells that live long-term in the tissues.

Common infections in children pose a high risk of ischemic stroke. In a review of 2.5 million children, the researchers identified 126 childhood ischemic stroke cases and then randomly selected 378 age-matched controls from the remaining children without stroke. They discovered that 29 percent of those who suffered a stroke had a medical encounter for infection in the two days preceding the stroke versus one percent of controls during the same dates.



According to researchers at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University. Women whose diets were high in total fat or other kinds of fats -- but not in animal fat or cholesterol -- did not have an increased risk. Moreover, the increased risk for gestational diabetes seen with animal fat and cholesterol appeared to be independent of other, dietary and nondietary, risk factors for gestational diabetes.





A protein called RGS4 normally helps regulate the activity of neurons in the striatum -- the part of the brain that controls movement. But in experimental models of Parkinson's disease, RGS4 does the opposite by actually contributing to problems with motor control. The result is a deterioration of movement and motor coordination, which are the hallmark symptoms of Parkinson's. More than 10 million people suffer from Parkinson's worldwide, including the boxer Muhammad Ali and the actor Michael J. Fox.


Awais Bin Inam is a well known physiotherapist. He graduated from College of Physiotherapy Mayo Hospital in 2008. He is currently working as in charge Department of Physical therapy Sargodha Medical College University and also working with Pakistan Tennis Team as Physios for Davis cup team, and is also the Pakistan colour (Green Coat) holder. He is also a member of National Curriculum Revision Committee of HEC and PPTA Federal Cabinet. Student focus representative joined Awais Bin Inam for the interview, and the conversation started. Q1. How are you? Ans. Alhamdulillah, I am perfectly fine Q2. When did you start practicing? Ans. Long story! In 3rd year I started going to senior’s clinics, but own practice I started from 2008 Q3. Better therapists? Males or females? Ans. Truly speaking it depends upon your knowledge and interests. Q4. Who do you idealize in your field and why? Ans. Really lots of, but Sir Faysal Hayat Khan is the person who impressed me the most. Q5. What is the best thing about physiotherapy? Ans. Pain Management with no patients. Q6. Private practice or Government house ship? Ans. Government house job is a better option as you get more patient to interact. Q7. Any memorable incident or patient during your practice till date? Ans. Lots, but only satisfaction comes when a patient says our pain is managed and we were not aware that physiotherapy is such marvelous field of treatment Q8. Favorite subject? Ans. Manual Therapy and Sports Physiotherapy . Q9. You aimed for Physiotherapy or was it by chance? Ans. I really aimed for it and I own this field from intermediate as I use to say to all my friends that I will go for physical therapy Q10. What personalities are you inspired from? Ans. Creative, Explorative and Cause oriented people who take life as a task. Q11. Any quote you like the most and remember? Ans. Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained in a sudden flight, For they while their comparison slept were toiling upward in the night Q12. Do you believe in Horoscope? Your star? Ans. Not Interested Q13. Are you married? Ans. I was married last year in December. Q14. Profession becomes passion or passion becomes profession? Ans. I believe passion becomes profession. Q15. If you were not a physiotherapist, what might have you been either? Ans. Anthropologist or performing arts. Q16. Do you think that research is important in medical field? Ans. Yup research is the Spinal Cord of any profession. Q17. What is the importance of research in physiotherapy? Ans. It’s equally important in physiotherapy as in any other medical field. Q18. What kind of patients/problems/diseases

you encounter frequently in your practice? Ans. Pain and Musculoskeletal patients. Q19. Where else have you served apart from present job place? Ans. I served in Pakistan Cricked Board, University of Faisalabad and Pakistan Davis Cup Team Q20. Which you liked the most? DR. AWAIS BIN INAM Ans. I love PCB job PHYSIOTHERAPIST the most,. Sargodha Medical College. Q21. Pakistani people are more oriented towards MBBS & BDS but less towards Physiotherapy & Allied Health Sciences, why? Ans. Nothing but the future concern, that these two are the only earning medical fields Q22. Are you satisfied with the current educational standards set forth for training of future doctors? How can we improve them? Ans. Yes its improving but new concept and implementation is a must Q23. What is the main issue or need of physiotherapists in Pakistan? Ans. A Council. Q24. How can we improve standards of health care system in Pakistan? Ans. By indulging health related professionals in the policy development. Q25. Any credits you want to pay to someone? Ans. To all my Teachers. Q26. Any dire wish? Ans. Go to University of South Australia Adelaide for Masters Q27. Any regrets regarding your life or profession? Ans. No t to get Masters from Adelaide University Q28. How did you hear about Student Focus? Ans. From Facebook. Q29. What is your opinion about Student Focus? Ans. Actually I was much impressed as we at our student time only think for developing but due to lack of resources we were not successful. Q30. Any message you want to give to the readers? Ans. You guys are doing well but the only thing needed is make more field related stuff in side and hope so it will develop as more and more people participate in it. Q31. Thanks for your time ! My Pleasure. That was a nice session with Awais Bin Inam. We wish him prosperity in her life and profession. Read the FULL INTERVIEW at our blog and know more about Awais Bin Inam. Write into Editor and let us know your opinion about this account. Send in your suggestions and recommendations at

>>> By ASBAR JAVAID (PR Manager)


Solve the mystery>>>


If you drove a bus with 43 people from Pittsburgh, stopped at Cleveland to pick up 7 and drop off 5 passengers and drop off 8 passengers while picking 4 more at Philadelphia after 18 hours journey. What was the name of the driver?


A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally she hangs him but 5 minutes later they both go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How is it possible? By Marriam Zakria



“ Impossible is nothing, If you believe in yourself” By Muhammad Osama Tanoli

A Gem Lost Bill Gates Message On Arfa Karim Death, "Today is the black day of my life and same for Pakistan because I lost my princess colleague and Pakistan lost her Pakistani." By Muhammad Osama Tanoli

Help Tom catch Jerry !!!

By Muhammad Osama Tanoli

Golden Rules>>> 1.

Be as kind to others as you want others to be to you. 2. Treat others the way you want them to treat you. 3. Love others the way you want to be loved 4. Express the same concern toward others that you want expressed to you. 5. Show the same sympathy to others that you would want shown if you were bereaved. 6. Be he kind of friend that you want others to be to you. 7. Encourage others the way you want to be encouraged. 8. Look only for the good in others the way you want others to look good in you. 9. Forgive others the same way you want others to be forgiven. 10. Teach the unsaved that you would want to be taught if you were unsaved By Muhammad Osama Tanoli


final thought... Disposition to Good harmonizes the environment It forms the part of faith of Believers. "That person will not enter Paradise who hath one atom of pride in his heart." Said Allah’s Apostle (P.B.U.H) . And a man present said, "Verily, a man is fond of having good clothes, and good shoes." Muhammad said, "God is Beauty and delighteth in the beautiful; but pride is holding man in contempt." Said Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Quotable Quotes That person is wise and sensible who subdueth his carnal desires and hopeth for rewards from God; and he is an ignorant man who followeth his lustful appetites, and with all this asketh for God's forgiveness. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

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Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. (Benjamin Franklin)

(On authority of Sir Abdullah Suharwardy)

If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him. Hazrat Ali (R.A) Whose bashfulness decreases, his piety decreases. Hazrat Umar (R.A)

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will (Zig Ziglar) It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed . (Theodre Roosevelt)

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Student Focus-Edition Corporate  

Edition Corporate- Issue January-March 2012 - Because We Are the Future. Finally, Student Focus brings you a drum bursting edition - Edition...

Student Focus-Edition Corporate  

Edition Corporate- Issue January-March 2012 - Because We Are the Future. Finally, Student Focus brings you a drum bursting edition - Edition...