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Edition Corporate ISSUE: JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2011 Because we are the future...

Student focus Eid Mubarak 1436 A.H / 2011


Scientific Islam-Mathematics


Merits of Ramadan




Occupational Stress


Lake Saiful-Malook


Physical therapy Awareness


Value of Patient Education


Beat the Heat– FIFA 2022


New Horizons in Medical Tech


Meeting Dr. Salman Malik


Quotable Quotes

SPECIAL THANKS All praises to Almighty Allah, who endowed us with His grace in order to complete this strenuous task in time and making this concept a reality. Crediting the honor to our parents whose support has always backed us in the hour of need. Whole team of Student focus who rendered their priceless services for this Newsletter. All the Patrons, Doctors and fans who appreciated our first attempt and insisted upon us to continue our

Scientific Islam-Mathematics Contributions of Islam to Modern Science! Muslim mathematicians excelled in geometry, as can be seen in their graphic arts, and it was the great Al-Biruni (who excelled also in the fields of natural history, even geology and mineralogy) who established trigonometry as a distinct branch of mathematics. Other Muslim mathematicians made significant progress in number theory. It is interesting to note that Islam so strongly urges mankind to study and explore the universe. For example, the Noble Quran states: "We (Allah) will show you (mankind) Our signs/ patterns in the horizons/universe and in yourselves until you are convinced that the revelation is the truth."[Noble Quran 41:53] This invitation to explore and search made Muslims interested in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, and the other sciences, and they had a quantity, very clear and firm understanding of the "We (Allah) will show correspondences among you (mankind) Our geometry, mathematics, and signs/patterns in the astronomy. The Muslims invented the symbol for zero horizons/universe and (The word "cipher" comes in yourselves until you from Arabic sifr), and they are convinced that the organized the numbers into the decimal system - base 10. revelation is the truth." [Noble Quran 41:53] Additionally, they invented the symbol to express an unknown

i.e. variables like x. The first great Muslim mathematician, AlKhawarizmi, invented the subject of algebra (al-Jabr), which was further developed by others, most notably Umar Khayyam. AlKhawarizmi's work, in Latin translation, brought the Arabic numerals along with the mathematics to Europe, through Spain. The word "algorithm" is derived from his name.

Message from our Patron “Students should actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities and improve their knowledge and skill in their respective field to use their potentials productively”.

Dr. Khalid Saeed Khan B.Sc Physio, B.Sc P.G.D. Physio, Principal S.P.T/H.O.D Physiotherapy

Mayo Hospital Lahore.


Merits of Ramadan Kareem ed when the teacher enter Two boys were arguing g?" uin arg says, "Why are you the room.The teacher d an l bil llor found a ten do One boy answers, "We lie." oever tells the biggest wh to it e decided to giv the d sai " es, elv urs yo ed of "You should be asham r age I didn't even know you s wa I n he "W r, che tea what a lie was." dollars to the teacher. The boys gave the ten


Romeo: Your Cheeks are like petals Juliet: Really? Romeo: Yes, just like bicycle pedals.

he Prophet (peace be upon him) was reported to have said that "When Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened."

An Englishman an Irishman and a Sc otsman were in a pub, talking abou t their sons. My so n was born on St George’s Day,” commented the En glish man. “So we obviously decid ed to call him Geor ge” “That’s a real coincidence,” remarked the Scot . “My son was born on St Andrew ’s Day, so obvious ly we decided to call him Andrew .” “That’s incredible , what a coinciden ce, “said the Irishman. “Exactly the same thing ha ppened with my son Pancake. ”

‘You are very sick’ The doctor to the patient: r: ‘Can I get a The patient to the docto second opinion?’ u are very ugly The doctor again: ‘Yes, yo too…’

By Agha Sajjad




erhaps the greatest and most unique merit of Ramadan lies in the fact that the he month of Ramadan is a great Quran, which is the last and only unchanged opportunity for one to do the deeds that book of Divine Guidance remaining in the could bring him/her closer world, was revealed during to Paradise. this month. Allah states: Fasting in Ramadan is also "The month of Ramadan is an opportunity to atone the one in which the for one's sins. Abu Quran was sent down as a Hurayrah quoted the (pure source of) guidance Prophet (peace be upon for mankind. In it are clear him) as saying, "Who ever teachings showing the fasts during the month of Right Way and the Ramadan out of sincere Criterion (for judging truth faith and hoping for a reward from Allah will and falsehood)."[Noble Quran 2:185] have all of his previous sins forgiven." Fasting also provides protection from evil for his act of revelation represents the those who sincerely fast. Allah's Messenger greatest blessing from Almighty Allah to (peace be upon him) was reported to have mankind, who had become steeped in said, "Fasting is a shield." darkness and ignorance since the time of the Allah has a special reward which He prior revelation. Without this supreme act of personally gives one who fasts faithfully. Abu mercy, the weakening glimmer of guidance Hurayrah related that the Prophet (peace be would have gone out completely and upon him) quoted Allah as saying, "Every act oppression would have reigned in all corners of Adam's descendants is for themselves, of the globe.


What non-sense yar!

except fasting. It is meant for Me alone, and I alone will give the reward for it."

“Every act of Adam's descendants is for themselves, except fasting. It is meant for Me alone, and I alone will give the reward for it.”


By Muhammad Sheraz Alam

Taste of Ramadan begins with dates and there inactive through out the day with activating the is a great wisdom behind its use during fasting. release of digestive secretions and juices. Dates All the prophet's (peace be upon him) kindness are very rich with sugary energy and so the on his nation is shown in Dates and in body is supplied with the most important recommending them as he explained the useful nutrients which is sugar that is irreplaceable as things even in such matters.The a nutrient for the brain cells and benefits and utilities of dates are nerves. Dates protect the Dates protect the fasting person from shown as some doctors fasting person from having having constipation as constipation as a result of mentioned the benefits of Iftar a result of changing changing meals times or as a on Dates and said: (starting Iftar meals times or as a with dates has a lot of healthy result of having low fiber result of having low and nutritional benefits, some of amounts in meals. The alkaline fiber amounts in these benefits are: Dates are salts in dates adjust the acidity easy to digest so they don't exhaust the fasting of blood which result from excessiveness eating person stomach. Dates decrease the great of meat and carbohydrates which causes a lot hunger feeling of the fasting person and so he of hereditary diseases as diabetes, gout, renal doesn't rush into excessive food eating which stones, gall bladder inflammations, high blood causes digestion disorders. Dates prepare the pressure and hemorrhoids). stomach to receive the food after being By Muhammad Sheraz Alam


OCCUPATIONAL STRESS - A PROFESSIONAL ENEMY Stress is the phenomenon we experience in our performance level. The environment of the daily life. There are many factors that result in workplace should be supportive and energetic and stress but an important form of stress is free from occupational hazards. “Occupational Stress” – Stress related to our Following are few tips we can use to cope profession, job or work. occupational stress at personal level: At work place there are many causes that initiate Get involved in a regular physical activity – Join stress in employees. Some common causes are gym, start running or take swimming class or increased responsibilities, expectations at work, give a shot at local Golf course change in higher management, Take up a new task or hobby Stress if not handled low wage or increment and – Learn a new language or a properly can lead to insecurity of job. damaged health new skill like painting or playing Stress if not handled properly resulting in an instrument can lead to damaged health hypertension, Get enough sleep – Give a resulting in hypertension, tachycardia, respiratory break to your mind and body tachycardia, respiratory problems, Fatigue, sleep with full night sleep problems, Fatigue, sleep disorders, social Think Positively about your disorders, social withdrawal, withdrawal, drugs Job – avoid negatively thinking drugs intake, attention deficit, intake, attention deficit, co workers, appreciate and muscular aches, tension muscular aches, tension celebrate your headaches and number of headaches and number accomplishments psychological disorders. Such Manage your work – Make an employee fails to work at his full capacity and balanced schedules, take regular breaks and his interest in his work activities start to decrease manage time effectively and in the end organization and employee both Take time away – when stress is mounting, suffer. Occupational stress disturbs professional as spend few minutes in meditation, or listen to a well as private life. Organizations must regularly small piece of music or have a small walk take feedback from employees to check the level Relaxation Training – Try to regularly practice of occupational stress among them. Some useful general relaxation or undergo therapeutic tools in this regard are occupational stress scale, massage individual and group counseling, OSI-R scale and Job stress survey. Laugh and stay light – Smile at your co workers To cope stress in a workplace, organizations must and have enough level as it’s a natural anti introduce stress management plan. The depressant management must take steps to eliminate the Occupational stress can kill our professional life so factors which can undermine the employee’s stay safe and keep smiling. By JAWAD ALI HASHIM [BSPT(UHS), M.SC (SOCIO), PGD HOSPITAL AND HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT (NUST)]

Behrupia-The Musical Play N.I.M.S presented “BEHRUPIA-the musical play, sponsored by zong and wateen.“Student focus”, was one the major official media partners of the play. Whole team of Student Focus and the referred accompanied to watch the show. The play held at Al-Hamra arts council, Mall Road Lahore on 25th to 27th of July 2011. The play depicted, in ridiculous way, the in humane torturing ways of policeinvestigation which became the cause of forced suicide attempt by innocent accused. ‘Behropia’, the main character of drama, remarkably exposed this irony by changing his get-ups telling that case on the accused ended without any just decision .The play was well directed by Hira Farrukh and was smartly produced by Nouman Khan. However the humor in the play was bit stuffed with subliminal messages and some of them were of raw kind. Yet all the actors performed extraordinarily. The dance performances and dialogue punching were outstanding. The play concluded with the credit announcements. In brief, the audience enjoyed a lot and left theatre hall with laughter’s and cheers. By Gul-e-Raina Khan

AN INSIGHT TO LAKE SAIFUL MALOOK that her soul is trapped in the tallest mountain road from Naran (which is accessible by a of the a lake, is now called "Lake Saiful Maluk". metalled road from Mansehra via Balakot and Lake Saiful Muluk is a lake located at the Kaghan) during the summer months. On foot, northern end of the Kaghan Valley (34°52′ the trek from Naran to the lake takes about 437.34″ N 73°41′ 37.71″ 6 hours. The water is The story is all about Saiful E) near Naran. It is in the Malook’s long arduous journey to spectacularly clear with a north east of Mansehra find his princess & then to ignite slight green tone. The clarity District in the Khyberhis life by fighting for 40 years of the water comes from the Pakhtunkhwa province, with the jin who kept princes soul multiple glaciers all around Prince Saiful Malook and Badi-u-Jamal is a Pakistan . At an altitude of in a talisman & the after when he the high basin feeding the classic fable in the Hazara region of Pakistan . 3,224 m (10,578 feet) won, he came to know that her soul lake which provides a A fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, written by the above sea level it is is trapped in the tallest mountain spectacular scenery. Malka famous sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, is amongst one of the highest of the a lake, is now called "Lake Parbat that is shining in the associated with the lake . lakes in Pakistan .The lake is the biggest source. In Saiful Maluk". It tells the story of a Prince's Saiful Malook for weather here is moderate a nut shell, the place is a fairy. The story is all about Saiful Malook’s during day time while the temperature drops worth appreciable. It provides the visitors with long arduous journey to find his princess & to minus degrees at night..The impact of the soothing and relaxed picture of life. then to ignite his life by fighting for 40 years lake beauty is of such extent that people with the jin who kept princes soul in a talisman believe that fairies come down to lake in full & the after when he won, he came to know moon. The lake is accessible by a 14km jeep >>> By Gul-E-Raina Khan





is to let you people know that physiotherapy is very important in Pre and Post Surgical interventions and it is not merely bound to Orthopedics Surgery. Physiotherapy is one of the healing sciences that pertains to the assessment and evaluation of the musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular disorders including pain and those of psychosomatic origin. It deals with the treatment by natural sources based on movement, manual therapy and physical agents to relieve pain, to prevent deformities, to promote healing and developing child or rehabilitate the disabilities caused by disease or trauma. It’s entirely appreciable to give awareness to people regarding role of physiotherapy in Pre and Post Operative Surgeries. therapy is an independent treatment specialty which has the physical means of treating the patients suffering from different diseases. Physiotherapy has 24 subspecialties according to A.P.T.A (American Physiotherapy Association). Some main areas of their role are in Neurology, General Medicine, Chest Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedic Medicine, Dermatology, Geriatric Medicine, Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Neuro-Surgery, etc


The me

ssage which I mean to convey to my readers is that; Physiotherapists have their own means to deal with the disease which make them independent professionals and their role in the treatment makes an important part in the total health care package. It does not mean that they work under the supervision of any other person rather they have to make the diagnosis, evaluation and the treatment program for the patients. is no need to be referred from any other professional to take physiotherapy all around the world. In Pakistan there is lack of awareness not only among the people but also in the health care professionals about the Physiotherapy. Unfortunately there is no regulatory authority like in other countries to facilitate the P.T graduates from the recognized universities to practice in the field. The good news is that movement is in progress for this purpose. Furthermore, BSPT has been upgraded to the status of D.P.T. (Doctor of Physiotherapy-5 year clinical degree) in several countries including Pakistan in accord with the Vision 2020 of A.P.T.A. Other Post Graduation programs like M. Phil Physiotherapy, Post Professional Transitional Doctor of Physiotherapy are also running in well reputed Universities of Pakistan. And we hope to see the brighter picture soon. Insha-Allah!


>>> By Hasan Shahid, Student of M.Phil Physiotherapy, K.E.M.U, Lahore.

NIZAM SAKA BY THEATRE HUB Over the past few years, the art of theatre has picked up quite a pace in Pakistan recently as more and more people seem fervent in performing theatre and, nonetheless, attracting a large audience towards it. A similar example was seen on 28th 29th and 30th July when a group of students belonging to a range of institutions namely LUMS, BNU, LSE, LGS etc, who work under the name of ‘Theatre Hub’, performed ‘Nizam Sakka’, an urdu comedy play, moving its audience to their core and making them laugh their gut out. Directed by gave the play more stronger Talal Ali Jan, the play was a hilariously backbone and enhanced its comedy. make of an ancient tale of Nizam Also frequently the director used the Sakka which dates back to the Mughal characters mainly Nizam Sakka era. The play comprised of two acts, himself in giving out patriotic act 1 being staged messages to the Each dialogue fired followed by audience which in the village of its subsequent expression Nizam Sakka were welcomed (Faheem Muzaffar) resulted in a burst of laughter warmly. This was from the crowd and was and act 2 being Theatre Hub’s 4th staged in the court theatrical followed by cheers and of Humayun production and it (Ahsen Sohail). The acting and has certainly set the standard for coordination of the actors seemed other amateur productions. Student flawless and the dialogue delivery Focus was one of the vital Media was worth appreciation. Each Partners to this production. The last dialogue fired followed by its play before the Holy month of subsequent expression resulted in a Ramadan, which was followed after burst of laughter from the crowd and several other theatrical productions, was followed by cheers and applause. certainly won the best of the lot Introduction of new characters in the award. Theatre Hub is expected to 2nd act, namely the Shahi Maskhara come up with their next project in (Abuzar Farrukh) and the Shahi February, when expectations would Wazeers (Bilal Syed, Talha Javed, be of a larger scale after the Muhammad Ali and Hamza Shakil) completion of this successful project. >>> By Aaqib Javaid, Lahore School of Economics (LSE)


As physical therapists, we all realize that patient Our time is precious and our top education is the most crucial part of the treatment priority is treating our clients. process and our commitment to education is what sets After all, that is what we were trained to do. It is often us apart from other health professionals. However, many difficult to juggle enough time to treat, educate, instruct of us never stop to assess if we are doing our best as in exercise, teach self-help tools and answer all the educators. Do our clients really understand and retain questions clients throw at us. Do you have clients who the knowledge we pass on to them? ask you; what are the best sleeping postures? What is There are three main truths that explain why many of us the correct way to lift? All these conversations take away to fail in delivering adequate education to our clients. precious clinic time yet taking the time to educate your Think about each one of these and how relevant it may clients in this manner is an important part of the be to you. treatment process. Having access to educational VERBAL EDUCATION OFTEN FAILS TO resources that explain these important Having access to GET OUR MESSAGE ACROSS self-management skills will save educational resources As therapists, we have two choices for therapists time and effectively help us that explain these effective communication to our clients perform our job role as effective important selfverbal or visual. Verbal instruction can be management skills will educators. tedious and repetitive. As therapists, we save therapists time and THER IS A LACK OF QUALITY, also often underestimate our client's AFFORDABLE EDUCATION MATERIAL effectively help us ability to recall. We think they have perform our job role as SPECIFIC FOR PHYSICAL THERAPISTS "gotten our message", when in fact it has Unfortunately, resources for educational effective educators. gone right over their heads. Visual material, especially those specific to material is the most effective way to reinforce our ideas physical therapy, are either very limited or extremely and ensure proper recall of the exercises we want our costly and time consuming to apply in practice. There are clients to perform. Most of us will remember picture, very few handouts that "depict the things physical images and colors longer than the spoken word. therapists want to say, in the way we want to say it". So, Remember the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand we put up with old material and exercise sheets that words". Providing clients with visual handouts and clear have been copied and re-copied so many times they are exercise instructions is one of the best methods to make faded, crooked and visually unappealing. Unfortunately, sure our information is understood and retained. without realizing, such unprofessional looking sheets and THERAPISTS ARE BUSY PEOPLE handouts only serve to decrease the positive reputation


and profile of our profession. “Now that we realize why we often fail at client education, let us stop for a moment and think about why client education is so important.” It is because of the following points… Education develops credibility: Education reveals you as the best resource and treatment option for your client's problem. Education develops trust: Patient education sends the message that you completely understand your client's condition and what it takes to make them feel better. Educational material from a trusted health professional is valued more than similar information obtained from a magazine, book or internet. Education will have your clients quoting you to their friends and family Education increases understanding: Patients who are educated will have a greater understanding of their condition and treatment, and will be better equipped to take an active part in the treatment process Education improves compliancy: When a client is discharged from your care they will be greatly influenced by the educational material they receive from you. Satisfied customers are not only the ones who will return to you in the future but are also the ones who will spread the word about how great you are!





FIFA World

Cup 2022 is going to be held in Qatar which is a land of desert and extreme temperature. In June - July the average day time temperature in most of Qatar is greater than 40 Celsius with average low temperature not dropping below 30 Celsius. The threat of heat illness for the athletes cannot be excluded during a sporting event under such drastic climatic conditions. Traditionally heat illness defines in different categories of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope and heat stroke. American football has experienced such heat illnesses in the last 50 years and has documented 123 deaths. Such illnesses are liable to develop when the core (rectal) body temperature increases from normal 37 Celsius during a match or training session on hot day with high air temperature and high physical activity. The manifestation of heat illness as heat cramps can be started from 38 Celsius to a life threatening condition of heat stroke at 40 Celsius of core body temperature.

humidity of 70 percent (hot wet) conditions to account for 28 Celsius on WBGT scale. The participants were asked to perform physical activity of walking (5 kilometer per hour) and running (8 kilometer per hour) on a treadmill inside the chamber for 70 minutes or until they can continue their activity easily within the time limit. Subjects were recorded for their skin temperature, core body temperature, heart rate, oxygen uptake and subjective responses.

The result

s derived from this study reflected that physical activity is related with the climatic conditions and severity of exertion and thermal sensation increases with increase in air temperature. The recommended time from this study results for running at 8 kilometer per hour is 30 minutes for a healthy young athlete at 28 Celsius of WBGT. Performance limiting factors in hot conditions and high physical activity are rapid increase in core body temperature, early physical exertion, high sweating and high metabolic rate. Low activities College of Sports of walking at 5 kilometer per hour can be Medicine has given sustained for at least 70 minutes at 28 Celsius some recommendations on the basis of a heat WBGT and can be prolonged for three hours for stress index named Wet Bulb Globe a healthy young athlete. Temperature (WBGT). The method accounted letes were found for the effects of relative humidity, air to be low on temperature, wind and solar radiations for calculating the temperature in Celsius scale. The variables of metabolic rate, heart rate, sweat rate and were able to sustain the physical recommendation from American College of Sports Medicine is postponing the sports event activity for longer duration. The findings of this study support the recommendations made by when the WBGT is greater than 28 Celsius. A American College of Sports Medicine. Athlete study conducted in August 2011 at Lund and their coaches should consider these University, Sweden on six semi professional recommendations before taking any training athletes including three males and three practice or match sessions to avoid heat illness females of age between 22-27 years. The in the athletes. temperature was set inside a climatic chamber


Female ath

to 40 Celcius with relative humidity of 20 percent (hot dry) and 31 Celcius with a relative

By M. Salman Butt, Lund University Sweden



A certain crime that is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed. What kind of crime it is???


Name three consecutive days without their names like Friday, Sunday, etc ?

Answer the above riddles and prove that you are really a genius! The winners will be mentioned in the next edition. To answer these riddles just log on to our website and submit yout answer via our special answer form . For details refer to the last page >>>

STARTLE FACTS 1. Dolphin sleeps with one eye open. 2. A blue whale can eat as much as 3 tones of food everyday but at the same time can live without food for 6 months. 3. The fierce dinosaur was tyrannosaur which had sixty long and sharp teeth, used to attack and eat other dinosaurs. 4. Demetrio was a mammal like reptile with a snail on the back which acted as a radiator to cool the body of the animal. 5. Cassowary is one of the dangerous birds that can kill a man or animal by tearing off with its dagger like claw. 6. The swan has over 25000 feathers in its body. 7. Ostrich eats pebbles to help digestion by grinding up the ingested food. 8. Polar bear looks clumsy and slow during chase on ice but can reach 25 miles/speed while running. 9. Kiwis are the only birds which hunt by sense of smell. 10. Elephants teeth can weigh as much as 9 pounds. 11. Owl is the only bird which can rotate its head to 270 degrees. >>> By Marriam Zakria

POOR DOCTORS DO THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT HOLIDAYS ARE? Season of Holidays is really a deep religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. A very true quote by Dave Barry “Indeed holidays are the loveliest time of life one would ever like to spend”. Everyone has his own style to celebrate this provisional freedom. Some like to change their environment by a trip to recreational resorts. Some just cut on time merely by playing games; some just hibernate relaxing at home. A few book worms dive into books. But as far as doctors are concern DO THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT HOLIDAYS ARE?? May be for them they are as in once in a blue moon. Yes! A person in a medical field rarely knows what holidays actually are! Foremost, they are never awarded with holidays but for instance if they get holidays by blessings of ALLAH then they have to face the tension of their result and lot of tests in which they have to appear as soon as they return to the college. Nevertheless the story does Poor doctors I must say…! We the DOCTORS- (meant to not end here because the serve mankind) are the most good times don’t last anxious of all people, waiting forever. They have to end for holidays. In case of the sooner or later and after a students of Mayo Hospital, couple of felicitous days we what a happy moment it is, when they get to know that are bound to face the music. from next day they are getting holidays. The C.R and G.R of each class seems to be busy in telling everybody College will remain off from this day to that. AAH! Everyone feels so overwhelmed and happy as if they have got a new life. All the hostelites leave for their homes to reunite with their affectionate after a long while. Day scholars also feel the same. But the pains that hostelites enjoy in segregation from their family and city. Yet it is note worthy “No pains, No gains”. Filled with esteem and fervor we fabricate hundreds and thousands of plans for vacations in order to reap the jam-packed advantage of them. Nevertheless the story does not end here because the good times don’t last forever. They have to end sooner or later and after a couple of felicitous days we are bound to face the music. Bundles of assignments, tests and most importantly exams wait to take us my collar. And it just put every inch of our smile to fire when the teachers welcome us with a note of Surprise Test on the very first day….Poor Doctors….! >>> By Sadia Sharif, 1st yr D.P.T and EDITOR


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Bronchiolitis is a severe chest infection that affects infants and is the most common cause of admission to hospital in the first year of life in developed countries. Over winter around 25 in every 1,000 babies are admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis -needing oxygen and help with feeding -- and of these, 10% need the support of a ventilator. A study by the University of Liverpool has found that babies admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis from a household where a parent smokes are twice as likely to need oxygen therapy and five times as likely to need mechanical ventilation as babies whose parents do not smoke.

1 3


A medicine designed to improve levels of "good" cholesterol may also help control blood sugar in people with diabetes who are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs.Researchers made the finding while analyzing data from a clinical trial on the drug torcetrapib that was halted five years ago. Torcetrapib is a cholesterol ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitor, a type of drug that increases levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs, or "good" cholesterol). Use of the CETP inhibitor also improved glucose and insulin measurements in study participants without diabetes,. In addition, the study found that HDL levels had risen 66.8 percent after a year of taking torcetrapib and the



research from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania shows that a neuropeptide in the brain called Substance P appears to trigger the formation of the extraskeletal bone. Eliminating Substance P prevents the bone growth. It found that Substance P is dramatically increased in newly damaged tissue of patients having more common heterotopic ossification and a rare ,debilitating genetic disease in which connective tissue ossifies and turn into bone, called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). It reports, knocking out Substance P in animals prevented the development of the





University of Minnesota Medical School and College of Biological Sciences researchers discovered that male sex must be maintained throughout life.The research team found that by removing male development gene, called Dmrt1, causes male cells in mouse testis to become female cells.In mammals, sex chromosomes determine the future sex of the animal during embryonic development by establishing whether the gonads will become testes or ovaries.The findings provide new insight into how to turn one cell type into another, a process known as reprogramming, and also show that throughout life, cells in the testis must be actively prevented from transforming into female cells.


Student focus MEETS DR. SALMAN MALK Dr. Salman Malik Kamboh is a known physiotherapist. He Ans. Due to lack of works at Mayo Hospital Lahore. Currently he serving at k n o w l e d g e a n d College of Physiotherapy, Mayo Hospital Lahore. He is a awareness. K.E.M.U graduate of 2006 batch. Student focus Q21. Are you representative Asbar Javaid joined Dr. Salman Malik in the satisfied with the Hospital in his office and the conversation started. current educational standards set forth Q1. How are you? for training of future Ans. I am fine Alhamdulillah. Thanks doctors? How can we Q2. When did you start practicing? improve them? Ans. In Nov 2006, almost 5 years to date. Ans. Yes, but there is Q3. Better therapists? Males or females? always the space for Ans. Perhaps Males but Females are doing good too betterment. Q4. Who do you idealize in your field and why? Q22. What is the Ans. Sir Muhammad Bin Afsar Jan of Khyber Medical main issue or need EXCLUSIVE University. He is the best. o f DR. SALMAN MALIK Q4. Do you have any interests in politics? physiotherapists in BSPT, M.PHIL PHYSIOTHERAPY Ans. Very Much! Because quite a number of my patients have Pakistan? political background, Ministers, MNA’s, MPA’s... Ans. Attention of INFORMATION SECRETARY PPTA Mayo Hospital Lahore. Q5. What is the best thing about physiotherapy? government. Ans. It relieves pain quickly and safely and foremost the Q23. How can we wellbeing of patients. improve standards of health care system in Q6. Private practice or Government house ship? Pakistan? Ans. Government House Ship is best if pay package is up to Ans. By increasing the health budget from 0.58%(present the mark. Otherwise private practice. budget) to 4-5 %. Q7. Any teacher you like the most? Q25. Tell us about your achievements? Ans. Sir Muhammad Bin Afsar Jan - best teacher. Ans. Some, I think worth mentioning, include that I cleared Q8. Favorite subject? my BSPT in first attempt, I treated 1st lady of Ans. Therapeutic Exercises. Pakistan Mrs. Fouzia Gillani shortly after my Q9. You aimed for Physiotherapy/It was by luck? graduation, I was appointed in Mayo Hospital right after that Ans. It was by chance. and a month later, I got admission in 1st batch of M.Phil Q10. What personalities are you inspired from? Physiotherapy at K.E.M.U. Most recently I have completed Ans. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and all his companions my M.Phil and I am the first M.Phil Physiotherapist in (R.A). Pakistan furthermore it is first M.Phil of K.E.M.U as well. Q11. Any quote you like the most and remember? Latest is that I have been selected as Information Ans. “Never play with your own emotions.” Secretary of P.P.T.A. This all is great honor for me. Q12. Do you believe in Horoscope? Your star? Q25. Any credits you want to pay to someone? Ans. No, I don't believe in it yet I am Gemini. Ans. To my mother and father for their strong moral and Q13. Are you married? financial support. Ans. Single, Call it luckily or Q26. Any dire wish? unluckily. Cleared BSPT in first attempt, Ans. A lot of learning and earning. Big Q14. Profession becomes treated 1st lady of Pakistan Mrs. home, big car passion or passion becomes Any regrets regarding your Fouzia Gillani, the first M.Phil Q27. profession? life or profession? Ans. It varies from person to person Physiotherapist in Pakistan it is Ans. Allhamdulillah! No regrets at all. according to circumstances. Q28. How did you hear about first M.Phil of K.E.M.U as well. Q15. If you were not a Student Focus? Recently selected as the physiotherapist, what might Ans. As you know I am serving at C.P.T have you been either? Information Secretary of P.P.T.A. so my students Sheraz and Asbar Ans. A CSP officer perhaps. discussed the concept with me and I Q16. Do you think that research is important in encouraged them. Its like my own! medical field? What is its role in Physiotherapy? Q29. What is your opinion about Student Focus? Ans. Yes, research is very important in all medical fields. It Ans. It should be spread to all physiotherapy institutes of is the base of progress. Pakistan! Q17. What kind of patients/problems/diseases you Q30. Any message you want to give to the doctors/ encounter frequently in your practice? physiotherapists and to general readers? Ans. Neck, back, knee and shoulder pains. Ans. Be sincere to your profession and stay committed and Q18. Where else have you served apart from Mayo faithful to your country. Hospital and College of Physiotherapy? Q31. Thanks for your courteous time Sir! Ans. I worked for 3 years at Akram Medical Complex Ans. You are most welcome. initially. Nowadays, I am practicing at Latif Hospital in Johar town and Halcyon Medicare on M. M. Alam Road. That was a splendid session with Dr.Salman Malik Q19. Which you liked the most? Kamboh. We wish him prosperity in his life and profession. Ans. Akram Medical Complex of course. I enjoyed a lot Read the FULL INTERVIEW at our blog and know more working there. about Dr.Salman Malik Kamboh. Q20. Pakistani people are more oriented towards Write into Editor and let us know your opinion about this MBBS & BDS but less towards Physiotherapy & account. Send in your suggestions and recommendations at Allied Health Sciences, why?

IMAGE OF THE MONTH “ Self Reverence, Self Knowledge, Self Control These three alone lead life to sovereign power ” By Muhammad Sheraz Alam

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Tongue Twister of the Month Double Bubble Gum, Bubbles Double and Bubble Double, Doubles Bubble By Muhammad Sheraz Alam

Golden Rules 1. Be Gentle and don't hurt anybody. 2. Work Hard and by yourself and help others if you can. 3. Listen to people and don't interrupt while others speak. 4. Be Honest and don't cover up the truth. 5. Control your words and emotions and don't let yourself go down before others. By Marriam Zakria

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Pronounced as one letter, written with three, two letters are in me. I am double, I am single, I am black, blue, grey or shaded. I am read from both ends. I hide shyness and love and frown in anger. What am I? If red house is made up of red bricks, a blue house of blue bricks and a pink house is made of pink bricks and a black house is made from black bricks then what a green house is made of??? By Marriam Zakria

By Muhammad Sheraz Alam


final thought... Control of Self and Humbleness solves the biggest conflicts before hand and lead to ultimate peace “ Whoever hath been given gentleness, hath been given a good portion in this world and the next.” Said Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

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Quotable Quotes “If Allah sends punishment upon a nation then it befalls upon the whole population indiscriminately and then they will be resurrected (and judged) according to their deeds“ Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H): Narrated by Ibn-Umar (R.A): Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol: 9, Book: 88, Hadith: 224 Make sure your food is good (halaal and bought with halaal earnings), and you will be one whose prayers are answered. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) To educate a seeker of materialism is to place a sword in the hands of a highway robber . Hazrat Umar (R.A)

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