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1,000 WORDS Honor Coin MIDN Dean Sise ’21, Timothy Lincoln ’21 and Blake Hayden ’21 proudly display the Honor Coins received from the Class of 1971. In the heat of Plebe Summer, the Class of 1971, the senior Another Link in the Chain counterpart class, shared stories, history and comaradie with the Class of 2021 during the Honor Coin Ceremony held in Alumni Hall in mid-July. “I hope that 50 years from now I can be proud of the legacy I’ve left behind,” said one plebe after the event.

1,000 WORDS


2017 Eclipse in Maryland The Naval Academy opened the Class of 1941 Observatory on the Yard to guests, staff and faculty for viewing the solar eclipse on 21 August. Although Annapolis only saw 80 percent of the sun covered, folks were thrilled to experience the first coast-to-coast eclipse in the United States in nearly a century. Hold on to your viewing glasses as Maryland is prepping for another partial solar eclipse (approximately 86 percent overage) on 8 April 2024.


PREPARED By Byron F. Marchant ’78

s Shipmate went to press, the devastation in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey and the news of the likely landfall of Hurricane Irma in Florida was at the top of all of our minds. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by these unprecedented storms. Our Navy, Marine Corps and Naval Academy communities have many ties to the area through military bases and naval stations as well as our strong alumni and parent network through classes, chapters and clubs. We will continue to reach out and support those dealing with the impact of the storm. Additionally, the American Athletic Conference, on behalf of its member institutions—including Navy and the University of Houston, has made a donation to support the rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts. As an Alumni Association, we have reached out to alumni and chapters in the affected areas and will continue to do so. Please check our social media channels and www.usna.com for updated information and how you can help. Our shared history and our collective work toward our future make me proud to be a part of the Naval Academy community. This summer we welcomed 1,199 midshipmen— 27 percent female, 37 percent from minority backgrounds— to the Class of 2021. We also welcomed their parents and siblings into our extended Navy family. That family includes many men and women who are assuming positions of leadership in today’s Navy and Marine Corps, like Captain Richard McCormack ’90, USN, commanding officer of USS GERAlD FORD (CVN78), the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, commissioned in July. The Class of 2021 also arrived in the midst of continued praise for the Academy from outside sources including Forbes, which named the Academy its top public college for the first time, besting West Point (#2) and Air Force (#6). Also this summer, the Class of 2019 signed their “2 for 7” agreements and celebrated their service with a commitment



“We were able to quickly answer the call to respond in Texas and were the first active duty personnel providing relief in the disaster area, said CDR Keith “Kiki” Kulow ’99, USN, commanding officer of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Seven. “The flight crews did an amazing job and ultimately saved the lives of 358 people. They were challenged by the flying conditions and pressure of the mission, but they performed with competence and grace. They are, simply stated, heroes.” “As if that wasn't enough, the team responded yet again to another mission and has shown great flexibility in re-routing the personnel, equipment and aircraft to support a new mission. We are poised to help once again and will begin missions shortly. I never would have believed we were capable of what we've accomplished.” The Navy and Marine Corps assisted in rescue and recovery efforts in Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and was poised to help as Hurricane Irma headed toward Florida.

dinner with the Class of ’69. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the “2 for 7” marks the commitment second class midshipmen make at the beginning of the year for two more years at the Academy followed by at least five years of military service post-graduation. Their Another Link in the Chain class, the Class of 1969, was on hand in Memorial Hall to witness them signing a scroll reconfirming their service. As the Brigade reforms in Annapolis, they bring a sense of shared purpose, excitement and anticipation. Traditions are renewed and individuals become part of a larger legacy. The calendar quickly fills with fall sports, reunions on the Yard, parades and a series of meetings with our leadership. Early September was kicked off with the Classes of 1962 and 1982 back for their 55th and 35th reunions. The Class of ’82 includes three four-stars: Commander of Allied Joint Forces Command in Naples, Admiral Michelle Howard, USN; Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Admiral Philip Davidson; and Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, USN. Other reunions this fall include the Classes of 2012, 2007, 2002, 1997, 1992, 1987, 1977, 1972 and 1967. The great Class

of ’67 recently celebrated graduation and commissioning with the Class of 2017 as part of their commitment to the Another Link in the Chain program, and notables in the class include the chair of the Alumni Association Board of Trustees, Admiral Bob Natter, USN (Ret.); former chair of the Foundation Board of Directors, Vice Admiral John Ryan, USN (Ret.); and longtime Alumni Association staff member and class president Commander Dave Church, USN (Ret.). We’ve already kicked off our fall events season by welcoming the newest parent members of the Alumni Association back for Plebe Parents Weekend, and as this issue heads to press, we will welcome parent club officers during Second Class Parents Weekend in late September. While there is a rhythm and consistency to the events in the fall, from year to year, they are never the same. There is always an opportunity to learn something new, make a connection or gain additional perspective. We certainly feel that way at the Alumni Association and Foundation as we head into a new academic year. The possibilities are endless, the mission is inspiring and we look forward to seeing you in Annapolis and around our nation. a

Please note, this issue of Shipmate went to press on 6 September prior to some events noted in the letter.









VOLUME 80 • NO. 7



6 Letter from the President Byron F. Marchant ’78

Navy boasts the most astronauts of any college, and has just added to its total with the announcement of lieutenant Kayla Barron ’10, USN, as one of 12 members of the newest astronaut class. Congratulations, Kayla! 24

“IF YOU CAN SINK THEM, SHOOT” Captain David Poyer ’71, USNR (Ret.), shares the story of Paul Shulman ’45, a model Academy graduate who had a career of service first for the United States during World War II and then in Israel. 34

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THE NUMBERS GAME When rankings for colleges and universities come out, many celebrate the numbers but even more are confused by them. What’s in a ranking? Find out with an insider’s look at the numbers, the sources and the meaning.


GENERATION Z The Superintendent shares his perspective on the newest cadre of midshipmen—Generation Z. He talks about the stereotypes and assumptions, and balances those with what he sees in today’s Brigade. 30

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Our Mission To serve and support the United States, the naval service, the Naval Academy and its alumni by furthering the highest standards at the Naval Academy; by seeking out, informing, encouraging and assisting outstanding, qualified young men and women to pursue careers as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps through the Naval Academy; and by initiating and sponsoring activities which will perpetuate the history, traditions, memories and growth of the Naval Academy and bind alumni together in support of the highest ideals of command, citizenship and government. SHIPMATE is the official alumni magazine of the United States Naval Academy. Distributed worldwide, the mission of the magazine is to keep alumni, midshipmen, parents, donors, legislators, faculty, administrators and friends informed, interested and excited about the Naval Academy and the Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation.

On the Cover Tecumseh Photo courtesy of USNA



Computers ready for plebe pickup.

On Instagram

On Facebook While the Supe and his wife also won on Facebook, not to be outdone was Captain Reggie Howard ’89, USN (Ret.), who invited his kindergarten teacher to his recent retirement ceremony at the Pentagon. Captain Howard was congratulated by so many of you (“Cool!” “Wonderful!” “Beautiful!” “Spectacular!”), with some of the best comments coming from grateful teachers like, “How wonderful! You never PHOTO COURTESY OF MACON.COM


While the image of the Superintendent’s renewal of vows with his wife, Lynda, this past July has been the most liked on Instagram, we also liked the commentary associated with plebe computer issue day in Dahlgren Hall with the tidy rows of equipment ready for pickup. “Long gone are the days of sharing IBM 8086s and dot matrix printers. Thank goodness for progress,”

said one commentor. Another said, “I think I only got a slide rule. Would today’s plebe know what that was?”

The Carters in the Rotunda.

Rosa Shaheen and CAPT Howard ’89, USN (Ret.).

know the kind of influence a teacher has,” and “As an educator, this made me tear up!” One attendee even said, “hands down the best retirement ceremony I've ever attended.” We have no doubt.

From the Editor Shipmate received some feedback regarding the article “’No Excuse’ Doesn’t Cut It” from the August 2017 issue. We had constructive conversations with our readers about the intent of the An Ocean Away column and wanted to share the discussion in Shipmate. The primary goal of the column is to share real-world experiences of alumni in the fleet in the authors’ own words and with little editing. Further, in our recent survey regarding Shipmate editorial, we found that our readers wanted to read about the good and bad and expected us to show a variety of perspectives and choices. One reader reminded us that “not every grad is a role model.” Another reader suggested we share the purpose of the column and our thoughts on the editorial in an honest manner. We hope we’ve done that and, as always, encourage you to write to us if you like something in the magazine—or if you don’t. We always appreciate feedback. ® Submissions have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

Thank you for your feedback. To comment, correct or to clarify, send your note and name to shipmate@usna.com. 8 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017




NIMITZ Honors Battle of Leyte Gulf Sailors The aircraft carrier NIMITZ held a ceremony at sea on 3 July honoring sailors who fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The battle, which is considered to be the largest naval contest of World War II, was NIMITZ is the oldest American aircraft carrier in active service. remembered as the carrier passed through the Surigao Strait near the Philippines and featured a moment of silence followed by a 21-gun salute and the playing of “Taps.” “Today we sail the same waters as those sailors did 73 years ago,” said NIMITZ Executive Officer Commander J.W. David Kurtz ’96, USN. “While the immediate dangers may not be the same, the outcome of combat at sea has not changed.” The Battle of Leyte Gulf took place in October 1944 and included several naval engagements involving ships from the 7th and 3rd Fleets. It crippled the Japanese Imperial Navy, destroying four aircraft carriers, three battleships, six heavy and four light cruisers, 11 destroyers and several hundred aircraft. More than 10,500 Japanese sailors were killed. Because of Japan’s losses, the U.S. was able to conduct a ground invasion of the Philippines. “I’m proud to be here at the ceremony because they didn’t have to give their lives for us, but they did,” said NIMITZ Chief Religious Program Specialist Kimberly Bell. “This ceremony was emotional for me because every time they play ‘Taps’ I want to cry when I think about all that those service members sacrificed for us.” ®

Penn and Gentry on the set of “Superhuman.”

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Naval Academy math professor Sommer Gentry displayed her math puzzle solving skills to reality show watchers across the U.S. on 24 July when she competed on Fox network’s “Superhuman.” Hosted by actor Kal Penn and featuring singer Christina Milian, former boxer Mike Tyson and neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial as panelists, the competition encourages contestants to share some of their superhuman-like skills and brainpower in hopes of winning the grand prize of $50,000. Gentry decided to apply for the show after receiving an email about it. Gentry wasn’t sure if her math tricks would be impressive to the audience but she wanted to demonstrate that recreational mathematics can be fun and exciting. A people person and self-proclaimed extrovert, Gentry didn’t become nervous until she was standing backstage with the other contestants. “But then I thought, ’I’m here for a reason and I’m here to sell mathematics to an audience, to explain why I find it so compelling to solve puzzles and make others feel like they can solve puzzles as well,’” she said. “I’m doing this to show everyone how cool this is.” To find out how Gentry performed against the other contestants, visit the “Superhuman” page on www.fox.com. ®

Anchor to the Past:


Naval Academy Professor is “Superhuman”

Residents from across Long Island lined up to greet midshipmen who sailed into Oyster Bay this August.

Oyster Bay Welcomes Midshipmen Forty midshipmen from the Naval Academy docked at Oyster Bay, NY, after a four-day journey up the East Coast in July. This is the second year that midshipmen from the Academy’s Offshore Sail Training Squadron have traveled to the North Shore of Long Island to show off their skills at the Oakcliff Sailing Center, which trains future Olympians and athletes for the America’s Cup. ®

Class of 1963 Supports Ship When members of the Naval Academy Class of 1963 heard the news regarding the collision of “their” ship, FITZGERALD, they quickly came up with an action plan to assist the families of the seven men lost in the accident. FITZGERALD is named for Lieutenant William “Bill” Fitzgerald ’63, USN, who was killed in Vietnam while earning a Navy Cross for his gallant actions against the enemy. The class has viewed the ship and those who serve onboard as an extension of their Navy family since the day of its establishment. Immediately following the collision, Class President Captain Spencer Johnson IV ’63, USN (Ret.), began organizing a joint effort with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) to raise funds for those who lost loved ones, as well as the ship’s surviving crew members. Less than two months after the collision, the NMCRS had received 106 online donations and seven mailed gifts from the Class of 1963 for a total of $30,601. Shortly after hearing about their efforts, the Class of 1964 also came together to support the cause, bringing in 16 online donations totaling $1,875. To find out more, visit www.usna63. org/news/. ®

New Bill the Goat Exhibit Welcomes Visitors


A new exhibit dedicated to the Naval Academy’s mascot is welcoming visitors to the Academy in the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center. Since Bill the Goat’s official debut as Navy’s mascot during the 1890 inaugural Army-Navy football game, there have been at least 37 different live goat mascots, many of which have had the honor of wearing a game-day blanket laden with the N-Star, signifying a victory over Army. The new exhibit features the unique history of the four-legged Bills and their admiration by midshipmen and Navy fans across the globe. ®

Naval Academy Superintendent VADM Ted Carter ’81, USN, addressed the crowd at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Bill the Goat exhibit.


ADM Chambers ’52 Attends Golf Invitational Named in His Honor

The keel of the nation’s 20th Virginia-class attack submarine, OREGON, was laid at the manufacturing plant for General Dynamics’ Electric Boat. The milestone was marked during a ceremony on 8 July at a Rhode Island shipyard at which Dana Richardson, the ship’s sponsor and wife of Admiral John Richardson ’82, USN, Chief of Naval Operations, addressed a small crowd. Groton, CT-based Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia have an agreement to build two attack submarines annually. The House and Senate Armed Services Committees have each approved bills to authorize building three submarines instead of two in some years, and also authorized additional funding to prepare for the increased work. OREGON is expected to cost about $2.7 billion and be delivered in November 2019. ®

Golf enthusiasts from around the country gathered on 30 June at the Sycuan Golf Resort in San Diego, CA, for the eighth annual Admiral Lawrence Chambers and Gordon Brown Sr. Golf Invitational. The tournament was established in honor of Rear Volunteers helped give out trophies at the annual Admiral Admiral Lawrence Lawrence Chambers and Gordon Brown Sr. Golf Invitational. Chambers ’52, USN (Ret.), the first African American to command a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and the first African American graduate of the Naval Academy to reach flag rank. While commanding MIDWAY during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of U.S. and South Vietnamese personnel at the end of the Vietnamese conflict, Chambers gave the controversial order to push millions of dollars worth of UH-1 Huey helicopters overboard so South Vietnamese Air Force Major Buang-Ly could land on the carrier in a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog with his wife and five children. Both Brown and Chambers were present at this year’s tournament and participated in the final trophy presentations. The tournament benefits the San Diego Junior Golf Academy and Foundation, founded by Gordon Brown Sr., and his son Horace in 1996. The Academy and Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping all children through golf and teaching life skills. ®


CNO’s Wife Sponsors New Attack Sub

The nation’s 20th Virginia-class attack submarine OREGON is sponsored by Diana Richardson, the wife of ADM Richardson ’82, USN.

2018 Distinguished Graduate Award Nominations Open Nominations for the 2018 Distinguished Graduate Award—the 20th anniversary of this core Alumni Association program—will be accepted until 1 November. The Distinguished Graduate Award was established in 1998 to honor graduates who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to service, personal character and distinguished contributions to our nation. Beginning in April 2017, a working group representing a cross-section of the Alumni Association Board of Trustees began an extensive review of the Distinguished Graduate Program in an effort to increase transparency and inclusivity in the selection process. That review resulted in changes to the selection panel that the full Board approved and announced in May 2017. Since then, the Board has continued to discuss the best ways of further strengthening the program, conversations which resulted in the recent proposal of several changes to the selection criteria and clarifications to the language surrounding the composition of the selection panel. The Board of


Trustees reviewed the recommended changes, discussed them at length, took an official vote and affirmed a decision to move forward with changes. These changes take effect immediately and will guide the 2018 Distinguished Graduate Award selection process. The most notable changes are: • Nominees may now include military officers, elected officials, political appointees, and Senior Executive Service personnel still serving on active duty, holding public office, or working for the government who are 45 years or more from his or her graduation from the Naval Academy. • Individuals chosen for the Distinguished Graduate Award must be alive when selected and shall make best efforts within their abilities to attend and participate in the Award medal ceremony. This amendment would allow for the posthumous recognition of an individual who passes away between his or her selection and the medal ceremony. All alumni are strongly encouraged to submit their fellow graduates who meet the criteria for consideration. The updated program and process, including complete nomination packet guidelines and the DGA selection panel, is available at www.usna.com/dga. ®




Cheevers at the Naval Academy Museum.

“I’ve had a great time. I’ve worked with 20 Superintendents. I will particularly miss the good friends I’ve met and worked with over the years. This has been a wonderful, wonderful place to work.”

—Jim Cheevers, former USNA historian and associate director and senior curator of the USNA Museum. Visit www.youtube.com/USNAAAF for an extensive interview with the retiring Cheevers.

97,143 That’s how many photos the Plebe Summer Photo Program posted in 2017. Alumni Association members can check out each and every one of those pics at www.usna.com/AAphotos_public.



Students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics attended a week-long summer STEM program at the Academy this June.

Summer STEM Success Nearly 300 high school students from each of the 50 states, in addition to several U.S. citizens living abroad, attended the week-long Summer STEM Program at the Naval Academy in June. The rising ninth, 10th and 11th graders came together in Annapolis to delve into electric circuit design, programming for robots and the aerodynamics of rockets. In addition to attending four STEM labs per day, students also visited the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC, and participated in intramural sports. Students interested in the 2018 Summer STEM program can apply at www.usna.edu/admissions/stem. Applications open in January 2018 and selection is based on grade-point average, class rank, extracurricular activities, PSAT scores and course rigor. The program is one of many Naval Academy admissions outreach initiatives supported by private gifts to the Naval Academy Foundation. ®

STATEMEnT of ownERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION (Act of Oct. 23, 1962; Section 4369, Title 39, U.S. Code)

Every summer, the Naval Academy selects up to four first class midshipmen for the Service International Summer Leadership (SISL) Scholarship, which allows midshipmen to design, plan and execute an international and impactful service project abroad. Midshipman Michelle Tran ’18 was the 2017 SISL Scholarship recipient and spent five weeks serving in Tzukim, Israel, a remote town in the Negev desert. During her time in the desert, Tran worked with other international volunteers to maintain an ecologically sustainable lodge and design and build mud structures out of materials local to southern Israel. In identifying inefficiencies in the lodge’s greywater treatment system and drafting pipeline blueprints for construction in the fall and winter, Tran noticed that the eco-lodge possessed models that could be successful in other developing communities around the world. She was also able to participate in a learning seminar for young Gazans, Jordanians and Israelis focusing on the Gaza Strip and West Bank food, energy and water crisis. From this experience, Tran employed system-based mapping software to more easily illustrate quantitative longevity models for commodities and industry such as water or energy or coastal fishing. Tran hopes to use this software to improve project design for the Engineers Without Borders Club at the Naval Academy. ®

Memorial Honoring Elliott ’00 Improved and Dedicated The roadside memorial honoring Ensign John R. Elliott ’00, USN, in Upper Pittsgrove Township, NJ, was upgraded by volunteer craftsmen from the Bricklayers and Iron Workers Trade Councils this summer and dedicated at a ceremony held on 21 July. The dedication marked the 17th anniversary of the tragic death of Elliott, who died at the site after a collision with a drunk driver. The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers, established by the Elliott family in his memory, has grown into a regional movement to prevent drunk driving in seven states. ® PHOTO COURTESY OF THE HERO CAMPAIGN FOR DESIGNATED DRIVERS


SISL Scholarship Recipient Brings Water to the Israeli Desert

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ENS Elliott ’00 passed away after a collision with a drunk driver.



First Lieutenant Kimberly Colby ’14, USMC, first began visiting dying veterans as part of the Honor Salute program six years ago when she thanked a Marine infantryman dying of colon cancer for his service. He had 1stLt Colby ’14, USMC, visits with a veteran in support of the earned the Purple Heart Honor Salute program. while serving during Vietnam. Despite being in immense pain, the Marine remained stoic throughout the entire ceremony and just as Colby was about to leave, he turned to her and said, “You know what? That’s the first time I have ever been thanked for my service.” “The program struck a chord with me,” said Colby. Her grandfather was in the Army Air Corps during World War II and her father served in the Marine Corps during the post-Vietnam era. Formally known as Final Salute, Honor Salute began in 2010 at Hospice of the Chesapeake in Pasadena, MD. The program encourages young military members at the beginning of their careers to pay tribute to veterans at the end of their lives. Currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA, Colby brought the program with her to the West Coast where it is now operating in connection with the Escondido-based Elizabeth Hospice and the Carlsbad-based Hospice of the North Coast. Since 2012, Elizabeth Hospice has recognized more than 2,300 veterans during ceremonies held in dining halls of area senior living communities and at bedside for hospice patients. Following the ceremonies, Colby and the other Marines from Camp Pendleton often have the opportunity to spend time with the veterans. “The time is especially meaningful for those who were never welcomed home or thanked for their service,” said the hospice’s veterans specialist Lisa Marcolongo, whose husband served in the Marine Corps. “Go out of your way to honor veterans,” Colby said. “In our lifetime we will lose all World War II and Korean War veterans. Their stories and sacrifices should be honored.” ®

The Naval Academy Glee Club will perform during “A Salute to America’s Heroes” this November.

Naval Academy Glee Club to Perform with Memphis Symphony Orchestra The Naval Academy Glee Club will perform with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra in Memphis, TN, for a two-concert series in November to commemorate Veteran’s Day. Featuring “A Salute to America’s Heroes,” the performances are scheduled for 11 November 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts and 12 November at 2:30 p.m. at the Germantown Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available through the Memphis Symphony Box Office at 901-537-2525 and online at www.memphissymphony.org. ®

USNA Comes in Second at the 79th annual Edgartown Yacht Club Race Weekend

Hurley Hosts Military Members Billy Hurley III ’04, the first service academy graduate to win on the PGA Tour, hosted the Billy Hurley III and the Brave Golf Tournament on 31 July at the Naval Academy Golf 18 military members were selected to participate in the Billy Course in Annapolis, Hurley III and the Brave Golf Tournament. MD. Eighteen military personnel were selected to compete in the tournament with Hurley. ®



Grad Brings Honor Salute to West Coast

Calm seas and gentle winds made for a speed-challenged weekend at the 79th annual Edgartown Yacht Club Race in Massachusetts. Held from 20 to 22 July, the 2017 race got off to a late start and ended with an early finish. Fifty-seven entrants in nine classes departed Edgartown’s Outer Harbor at 9 a.m. with light air delaying the start of the 54.6-mile race by nearly an hour. The fleet rounded a mark off Cape Poge and proceeded south along Chappaquiddick Island to the turning mark RW “MC,” the red and white Morse Code Alpha buoy marking the shoals south and east of Martha’s Vineyard. From there, the faster boats proceeded west toward Devil’s Bridge. Ultimately, the race was shortened to the first virtual scoring gate, a longitude line on the south side of the Island. The Naval Academy’s WAHOO, skippered by Midshipman William Johnson ’18, came in second behind SPOOKIE with a time of 8:06:43. Both ships topped the fleet in the Performance Class Racing Fleet Class 7. ® SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 15

The 28 independent episodes of “Sea Stories” narrate true events, beginning in 1898, that revived America’s sea power, catapulted her from 19th century isolation into the status of world power and enabled her victories of WWII in the Pacific. In addition, they illuminate President FDR’s reluctance to heed the advice of his trusted commander of the Pacific Fleet intended to prevent the tragic defeat of Pearl Harbor. By contrast, the final episode reveals another president heeding the advice of his senior military officer on how to end the Vietnam War. Others expose the culture, humor and discipline of a typical 20th century Navy warrant officer.

Available through Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Anecdotes-Sea-Stories-American-Midshipman/dp/0988540002



t seems as though every media outlet has gotten in on the college rankings game, handing out superlatives like candy on Halloween. Some publications use time-honored methodology, others have—to put it mildly—more subjective ways of compiling results. Prospective midshipmen and curious alumni can now see where the United States Naval Academy ranks with regard to everything from academics and student life to food and facilities. Academic quality? Look to the top of any list. Living quarters? You’ll probably find it hovering near the bottom. You can’t win them all.





In 2017,* U.S News & World Report ranked the Naval Academy the 12th best liberal

What they say:

arts college in the nation; it was the only

• #1 Public school among national liberal arts colleges, U.S. News & World Report, 2017 1 • #4 Top 25 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) colleges of 2017, Forbes 2

public liberal arts school in the top 15, a distinction that makes it the country’s leading service academy, attracting some of the nation’s brightest and most competent students. It also landed

What we add:

high ranks for community service and

The Naval Academy’s reputation for academic excellence and high bar for admittance attracts young people who have already demonstrated leadership capabilities and guarantees that each plebe class is exceptional.

alumni success. Commander David McKinney ’98, USN, the Academy’s public affairs officer, said that rankings may reflect—but don’t influence—the Academy’s work.

“There is a focus here on developing the whole person, and the

“We’re thrilled to be recognized for

academic mission supports that. As a political science major,

the excellence we’ve achieved, but nothing

I found the STEM-based curriculum challenging. Taking courses

we do at the Naval Academy is in pursuit

like electrical engineering and thermodynamics was difficult,

of rankings,” he explained. “That being

but I’m more well-rounded and better prepared for life because

said, rankings do validate what we already

of it. There is great camaraderie among the midshipmen as well.

know about ourselves, which is that

The struggle to meet the Academy’s high standards has taught

midshipmen are challenged in a highly

me a lot about myself and my peers, and it’s really due to their

rigorous, four-year academic program

support that I was able to graduate.”

and they excel morally, mentally

—ENS Hannah Vincent ’17, USN

and physically. Rankings also help us attract the right candidates for the Naval Academy—those who want a superior education and the opportunity to serve

“The Naval Academy’s impressive and unique educational

their country.”

experience is well designed and executed to prepare midshipmen

Of course, no algorithm can

to become effective leaders of our country’s military by exposing

encapsulate the entire Academy

them to a rigorous academic program that requires a balance of

experience. To understand the facts

personal accountability, discipline, physical fitness and character

(and fiction) in the rankings game, we

development. Academy graduates are well prepared to address

asked those who know the institution

the complex challenges of today’s military leadership.” —Steve Reinemund ’70, former dean of Wake Forest University’s School of Business and former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo

best—faculty, staff and alumni—to provide insight into the Academy’s top rankings, as well as a handful of its dubious distinctions. 1

* 2018 rankings will be released this fall.


www.usnews.com/best-colleges/naval-academy-2101/overall-rankings www.forbes.com/sites/cartercoudriet/2017/08/02/top-25-stem-colleges-2017/#223e2e3c218e



GOOD NEIGHBORS What they say: • #16 Most community service-minded campus, Princeton Review, 2017

What we add: An estimated 90 percent of midshipmen contribute to a community need in some way, often through outreach programs of the Midshipman Action Group, which engages Naval Academy volunteers to tutor and mentor young people, clean parks “None of the service activities the midshipmen do are mandated. and trails, support Special Olympics athletes They receive no credit hours. The notion of wanting to have a at competitions and participate in other local and regional projects. Many midshipmen positive impact on the community is innate to midshipmen and, spend their spring breaks rebuilding homes because they stand on a legacy of caring about our neighbors, ravaged by hurricanes or floods or mentoring the community embraces their energy and enthusiasm. Most youth in communities across the country. In 2016–17, the Brigade engaged in 25,000 importantly, USNA leadership instills the message that service hours of community service, collected a record begins right here, right now. Therefore, midshipmen are tremendously 80,000 pounds of food for the local food bank supported in their efforts to be good stewards of their community and donated 800 boxes of clothing to Baltimorearea shelters and 500 pairs of shoes—tossed and beyond.” off by plebes during the Herndon Climb—to —Miriam Stanicic, USNA community relations director two Washington, DC, shelters.

RIGHT ON THE MONEY What they say: • #7 Best universities and colleges by salary potential, Payscale.com, 2016–17: “The fact that Naval Academy alumni graduate with military experience probably increases their worth to employers.” 3

What we add: Many colleges offer strong academics, but the Academy’s added focus on leadership development, ethics and integrity makes its alumni especially attractive to top organizations.

“Naval Academy grads come highly qualified for positions of leadership, and that’s a good reason why they are well paid. They’ve successfully completed a four-year program that is nationally known, highly competitive, and extremely rigorous. Employers know that you cannot slug your way through the Academy without working really hard. Academy grads have also proven their worth and perseverance during their service to country and that’s why they elevate quickly to executive positions in business and industry.” —CAPT Perry Martini ’71, USN (Ret.), director of Executive Leadership Programs at Academy Leadership, a military-based leadership program 3



GREAT REPUTATION What they say: • #1 High school counselor ranking among national liberal arts colleges, U.S. News & World Report, 2017 4

What we add: To land at the top of any guidance counselor’s list, institutions must offer strong programs and opportunities. The best schools offer a steady stream of communication, events and helpful alumni who can offer a beyond-the-viewbook perspective.

“The Naval Academy is not for everyone, but for those students who have expressed an interest in serving their country in the military, it is a terrific option. The 2,200 Blue and Gold Officers who are assigned to high schools in their respective areas are expected to get to know and work with guidance counselors. The most influential outreach programs for guidance counselors are the Center of Influence visits that many guidance counselors are invited to attend at USNA. The program has a major impact on those who attend, since they live and breathe the Naval Academy for three days. Another terrific program is “Operation Information.” This program allows about 500 midshipmen each year to be excused from classes during Thanksgiving Week so they can visit schools and participate in other outreach events (at least seven events) in the area in which they live. Midshipmen are our best recruiters.”


—CDR William Squires ’75, USN (Ret.), Blue and Gold Officer since 1991 in northern New Jersey

Utah Class of 2021 with their BGOs, from L to R: Mike Cadwell ’86, BGO; Ryan Merrell, BGO; Kurt Olson, Utah Parents Club President; MIDN Will Ryan ’21; Darrin Briggs ’03, BGO; MIDN Jake Rotzler, ’21; Mark Petersen, BGO Class of 2015 Parent; MIDN Jayelen Knowles ’21; MIDN Grace Santella ’21; Steve Thatcher ’84, Utah BGO Coordinator; and Mark Vincent, BGO 4



Dubious Distinctions: HOUSING What they say: • #14 “Is that a dorm?” Princeton Review, 2017 5

What we add: While it’s true that a midshipman once jokingly tried to rent out his Bancroft Hall dorm room on AirBnB for $10 (“Guests will be required to meet the owner every morning at 7:00 a.m., and again at 12:05 p.m and 6:30 p.m.,” he wrote in his post),6 few expect to live in the lap of luxury during their four years at the “The level of maintenance and upkeep would be the worst part. However, it’s Academy. Still, some recent grads suggest there might be room for actually not that bad! Especially considering there are parts of ‘Mother B’ that improvement—and that there’s a are more than 100 years old. Her maintenance crew does an amazing job of highlight that busy midshipmen keeping her upright and running!” simply might miss. —2ndLt Chosnel Raymond ’17, USMC, class president

“In my opinion, the best part of Bancroft Hall is, admittedly, the outside. Like the rest of the Yard, Bancroft has an amazing facade that was always incredible to look at. Especially at night, walking back from studying, the part of Bancroft lit up by the floodlights in Tecumseh Court always looked pretty cool to me. Problem is, mids hardly have the time or inclination to just look up and take it all in.” —ENS Nathan Marshall ’17, USN, former editor of the “My Life is Mid” Facebook group

Burning Question


Marks of Distinction

Why is the Academy defined as a “liberal arts college?”

The Naval Academy has made a name for itself in a wide variety of areas. Here are few other places that it’s been recognized. • #5 Best undergraduate engineering programs, U.S. News & World Report, 2017 8 • #17 Great town-gown relations, Princeton Review, 2017 9 • #20 America’s top colleges, Forbes, 201710 • #20 Most accessible professors, Princeton Review, 2015 11 • #16 Most politically active students, Princeton Review, 2017 12

For years, the Naval Academy has ranked among the very best liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report. With the Academy’s well-regarded engineering programs, it might seem a misnomer. But the Academy does fit the publication’s highly specific description of liberal arts colleges as those that “emphasize undergraduate education and award at least half of their degrees in the liberal arts fields of study”— which includes degrees in mathematics and hard sciences.8





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www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/education/bal-princeton-review-pg-photogallery.html www.forbes.com/colleges/united-states-naval-academy/ 11 poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2014/08/15/top-schools-for-accessible-professors/ 12 www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/education/bal-princeton-review-pg-photogallery.html

“The reality is the Academy should never be ‘laid

Dubious Distinctions:

back’ or easy. If we wanted to spend our days playing


nights partying, we came to the wrong school. That

video games or sports with our friends, then spend our said, I thought the Brigade as a whole always did a

What they say:

good job of finding ways to have fun and keeping the

•#9 Least happy students, Princeton Review, 2017 13

spirits of those around us up.” —ENS Nathan Marshall ’17, USN

What we add: There’s no question that the Naval Academy is physically demanding, academically rigorous and disciplinefocused—but what’s not to love about that? Compared to students at many colleges, midshipmen might not seem to be particularly joyful on a minute-to-minute basis. But for many Naval Academy alumni, they wouldn’t have it any other way.


“The Naval Academy is designed to take us on of our own free will, put us under a lot of pressure in a relatively short amount of time, turn up the heat a little, then send us out into the fleet—much like how graphite forms into diamonds. In the end, we love it and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It sets you up to take on the challenges of the world.” —2ndLt Chosnel Raymond ’17, USMC 13


Now it’s your turn: Do you think that the rankings get the Naval Academy right? What would you add? Email us at shipmate@usna.com and let us know.





THE NEXT GENERATION LIEUTENANT KAYLA BARRON ’10, USN, CONTINUES THE NAVAL ACADEMY’S AMAZING ASTRONAUT TRADITION think I’ve always had an adventurous and pioneering spirit, thinking about going into space and pushing the boundaries of what we’ve done before is really exciting, it makes me feel like a kid again,” said Lieutenant Kayla Barron ’10, USN, the latest in the U.S. Naval Academy’s remarkable number of members of the astronaut community.


Technically, Barron is an astronaut candidate, and she’ll remain one for two years until she completes her astronaut training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. If she’s successful, she’ll become the Academy’s 54th alumni astronaut. Her resume to date certainly bodes well for her: a systems engineering major and varsity track and cross country runner, Barron was a Trident Scholar at the Academy, earned a master’s degree in nuclear engineering as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, and became one of the first class of women commissioned into the submarine community. She got the call announcing her selection for the next astronaut class while immersed in one of the duties of her last tour:

coordinating the review of the Color Parade with the official party during Commissioning Week 2017 as flag aide to Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Admiral Ted Carter ’81, USN. “Mrs. Carter and Admiral Carter were right there to celebrate with me after I got the call,” said Barron. “It was just a really special moment after the 18-month selection process.” Barron’s duties as Admiral Carter’s flag aide played an unexpected role in her path to the astronaut office. “There were a couple of instances early in my tour when I was exposed to the astronaut office,” said Barron. “I met Admiral Carter’s classmate, Captain Kathryn Hire ’81, USN, who was teaching in the aero

LT Barron ’10, a submarine warfare officer, was introduced as one of 12 new astronaut candidates during an event at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. After completing two years of training, the candidates could be assigned to missions performing research on the International Space Station, launching from American soil on spacecraft built by commercial companies, and launching on deep space missions on NASA's new Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 25


Words of Wisdom Naval Academy alumni astronauts share their advice for their newest member MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM ANDERS ’55, USAFR (RET.) “Work hard and don't let the attention go to your head.” MAJOR GENERAL CHARLES BOLDEN ’68, USMC (RET.) “Embrace your new family, and ask lots of questions. Never try to be the smartest person in the room. Be courageous enough to ask what might seem like dumb questions—odds are everyone else is wondering the same thing.” COLONEL ROBERT CABANA ’71, USMC (RET.) “Everything you learned at the Academy and the experience and leadership skills you gained in the Navy have prepared you well for the tasks ahead. Enjoy your astronaut candidate training. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your experience in earth, space and life sciences as well as learning all the technical skills needed to be an astronaut. Enjoy learning from your classmates in your ASCAN class who are experts in their field. When I was chief of the astronaut office, I told all first-time flyers this: ‘Time on orbit is very expensive, and the work is non-stop. It’s easy to forget how special it is and what a unique opportunity you have. Take time to stick your nose up to a window and make a memory. Don’t take a picture, you’ll be disappointed when you get home. What you see with the eyes God gave you is so much better and will never fade with time.’” CAPTAIN DAVID LEESTMA ’71, USN (RET.) “Do your best, rely on your incredible ability, talent and training and have a great time doing it. You will meet some wonderful people who are dedicated to making you succeed. Enjoy the ride!” CAPTAIN JERRY LINENGER ’77, MC, USN (RET.) “I have always been an advocate of Navy submariners joining the astronaut corps. They are well-trained in maintaining life support systems, living in isolation and working in unforgiving environments where mistakes simply cannot be made. Kayla, represent the submarine community well, but step up your game because you are now representing the hopes and dreams of mankind. Be confident in your abilities, but realize that space missions can be full of surprises and might demand that you draw upon all of the skills that you have accumulated from USNA, the fleet and during your astronaut training. Be determined to keep mastering those competencies.

Finally, ‘It’s lonely out in space.’ The isolation (in my case, with two Russians and a broken down communication system; in the future, with 20-minute time delays to Earth on a mission to Mars) can be profound. While my time in the Navy helped, this is a different kind of isolation: removed from mankind, off the planet. Make sure that you are comfortable with who you are as a person and how you have conducted your life.” CAPTAIN DANIEL BURSCH ’79, USN (RET.) “The teamwork, leadership and strong friendships that you developed during your time at the Naval Academy will serve you very well as an astronaut. To this day, my strongest friendships are with my USNA classmates and astronaut crewmates. Very similar to plebe summer, you are now establishing relationships with several people from a wide range of backgrounds; yet with a common goal. At USNA that goal was to become a naval officer. Now that goal is to reach new heights in human spaceflight. You may not be the first in your class to fly in space, but remember that ANY flight in space is a great flight.” CAPTAIN MICHAEL LOPEZ-ALEGRIA ’80, USN (RET.) “Stay within yourself but drink up every moment—it’s a life-changing experience.” CAPTAIN WENDY LAWRENCE ’81, USN (RET.) “Your career is clearly off to an impressive start, so I don't think you need much advice from me. Instead, I want to wish you well and welcome you to a job that is truly out of this world. Your time at the Naval Academy and as a submariner has prepared you well for the astronaut candidate training that awaits you. All you need to do is draw upon your Navy experience and you’ll do a great job.” COLONEL GEORGE ZAMKA ’84, USMC (RET.) “1. You earned the seat. The astronauts picked you because you have a unique combination of skills that they need as part of a crew going into space. There are a lot of really, really smart people at NASA, but only you can deliver your brand of professionalism, knowledge and leadership. 2. Whatever they teach you, go at least a layer deeper. Space is even less forgiving than aviation of carelessness, incapacity or neglect. 3. Remember to look out the window and capture mental pictures of what you’re experiencing. It’s why you’re there.” CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER CASSIDY ’93, USN “Kayla, when you are doing a job or task in space, there is no need to rush. There is nothing more important than what you are doing right that second, so slow down and operate smoothly. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!”

department, and talking to her was the first time I realized that there are a lot of parallels between working on a submarine and working in space. I had been mulling it over but hadn’t made any big decisions, but as the Supe and I were pulling up to this big event at the Air and Space Museum a few weeks later, I mentioned that I had been thinking about the astronaut program. He was the first person I ever said it out loud to. Being the aviator he is, he knows a lot of people who went on to be in the astronaut community, including a couple of Navy grads he introduced me to. They were really encouraging, so on the way home, I was excited, but also kind of nervous. I knew I was interested, but I knew there was a lot to learn, and I was almost afraid to fail, afraid to put myself out there doing something that’s pretty unconventional for a submarine warfare officer, feeling pretty young and

inexperienced. The Admiral kind of sensed that a little bit, looked at me and said… ‘Kayla, do you know how you become an astronaut?’ ‘No sir, not really.’ ‘You apply.’ She did, along with more than 18,000 others—more than three times as many as NASA’s last call for astronauts in 2012. From there, the group winnowed to 400 to 600 highly qualified applicants, then to 120 who were called in for interviews. After reporting to the Johnson Space Center in Houston in August to begin training, Barron has begun a preparation process that includes aviation training, Russian language skills, operating robotic systems, understanding the operations of the International Space Station and learning how to do spacewalks. “There’s a lot to learn, but I’m excited about it,” said Barron. “I’ve always loved learning new things and pushing myself.”

LT Barron with former Commandant of Midshipmen Col Steve Liszewski ’90, USMC.



Barron’s years as a midshipman and service on submarines helped lay the foundation for the challenges she’ll face in the space program. “At the Academy, I learned how to be a member of lots of different kinds of teams, which translated into my experience in the submarine warfare community, where I was a part of teams doing things that were super consequential,” said Barron. “The Naval Academy may have felt stressful, but we had a safety net to catch us if we fell or failed. In the submarine fleet, you’re out there doing real missions with real equipment and real people. Our lives are on the line, and we have to work together to operate in this really complex environment. Looking forward to a potential future mission in space, that’s a pretty similar environment. You’re operating in an environment where humans don’t normally live. You have whatever you have with you.


You can’t ask for help. You can’t ask for more equipment or for people with different expertise. You have the raw materials available to you, and that’s what you need to use in order to succeed.” Given the comprehensive nature of astronaut training, it’ll be at least five years, more likely 10, before Barron will be space-bound. “We may be able to call ourselves astronauts after two years, but you’re not a full-fledged astronaut until you actually go up and do a mission in space. We’ll eventually get assigned to jobs that support our teammates who are up in space until we end up assigned to a mission ourselves, and start working and training to that specific mission set,” said Barron. “There’s a lot in front of me before I’m training for a mission. Right now, I’m really focused on ‘How can I learn everything they’re trying to teach me,’ and ‘How can I find ways to contribute and be a member of the team

that’s actually adding value, even though I don’t know a ton about the program yet?’” Barron’s class could include the first astronauts to travel to Mars, and will also likely participate in the build out of the commercial crew program partnerships with Boeing and SpaceX, which are building rockets that can carry astronauts to space from American soil. “It’s a really exciting time to look toward a set of missions that the only real historical parallel to is the Apollo era that really ignited the nation and got everyone engaged in what NASA was doing and what America was doing to push the boundaries of what we’ve done before,” said Barron. “It’s an honor to have the chance to go and be a part of what NASA’s doing now and will likely be doing for the next 15 to 20 years. I feel super lucky to be in a position to contribute in any way I can.” a



GENERATION THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS by Vice Admiral Walter E. “Ted” Carter Jr. ’81, USN


here have been a lot of “firsts” during the 172-year history of the United States Naval Academy. This June, we witnessed an event which will not be replicated for another thousand years: the first midshipman born into a new millennium arrived on campus. In fact, eight midshipmen were born after the stroke of midnight on 1 January 2000 and swore the Oath of Office this past Induction Day to join the Class of 2021. As the clock ticks forward across the nation, colleges and universities will be confronted with a myriad of opportunities and challenges as a new generation of students enters our halls. 30 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

The United States Naval Academy is well situated to continue attracting the nation’s best and brightest young people while modeling how to harness the great potential this new generation brings. While scientists disagree slightly on the exact year—or even the exact moniker—for this group (not millennials), there is general consensus that “Generation Z” is made up of anyone born in or after 1995. The leading edge of Generation Z is already graduating from college and entering the work force, but many schools are just beginning to realize its implications. I would like to take a few moments to reflect on some of the

attributes I have recognized in this new generation of midshipmen and their effects on the Naval Academy during my time as your Superintendent.

They are digital natives. Far too young to remember dial-up modems, Y2K, the dot-com collapse or even a life without their own smart phone, their access to information is without precedent. On average, the members of this new generation seamlessly use five internet-connected devices every single day. Technology has become more ubiquitous and important in the modern world; as a result, we installed 4G Wi-Fi coverage in Bancroft Hall and nearly every building across the Yard earlier this year. Hopper Hall, the future home of our cyber program, will be a “smart building” connected to the “internet of things.” It’s not just our infrastructure, however, that’s changing. Our curriculum is, too. Our cyber major, expected soon to be one of the first such accredited majors in the country, was overwhelmingly popular among the rising youngsters in the Class of 2020. This trend will likely continue with the Class of 2021 and beyond as we race to keep up with the demand for this expertise. Human interaction still matters. While technology is all-pervading, the members of Generation Z crave connection with the physical world and their communities. Just as vinyl records, coloring books and board games have seen a resurgence, colleges which cultivate traditions and meaningful face-to-face interaction appeal strongly to Generation Z students. The Naval Academy has always taken pride in its traditions, and continues to do so, engaging Generation Z students in ways civilian schools simply cannot compete. While we honor our past, we must continue to look for new avenues to provide midshipmen meaningful and authentic experiences. For example, international programs, one of my three strategic priorities as Superintendent, provide midshipmen cross-cultural competencies that prepare our next generation of military leaders to enter an increasingly interconnected world. Meanwhile, the Gettysburg Leadership Encounter, wherein varsity team captains and Brigade stripers participate in an innovative leadership immersion experience, continues to convey meaning, purpose and operationalization of team leadership with profound, long-lasting positive effects. Finally, we recognize that midshipmen rely on the mentorship of a strong faculty and staff. The success of these approaches with our midshipmen has inspired us to engage their influencers in a similar way. This spring we sent a group of faculty and staff from a wide range of departments on a week-long wilderness course through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). This facilitated collaboration between disciplines, coaches and professors as well as military and civilian staff. More importantly, it provided a once-in-alifetime experience which will help them better connect with and understand midshipmen.

The best and the brightest are getting even better. In large part because of their unparalleled exposure to the digital world, this new generation thinks and processes information differently. They are consummate multitaskers, high achievers and innovators. The following statistics for the new Class of 2021 only begin to scratch the surface for how much talent Generation Z promises to bring: • • • • • •

They boast the highest SAT scores ever. 92 percent were high school varsity athletes. 74 percent were team captains. 66 percent were high school student body leaders. 90 percent were engaged in significant community service. 27 percent play a musical instrument.

They are the most diverse generation in our history. The growing diversity in America is a well-documented demographic trend, but I’d again like to demonstrate the effect at the Academy by sharing some incredible statistics from the Class of 2021 (by the way, there is no quota system for gender or race admissions at USNA). There are: • 327 women in the class, the largest number in our history. • 37 percent are self-identified minorities, the most diverse class in our history. Notably, this is reflective of the minority breakdown in American society. • 20 percent do not use English as their primary language at home. • 14 percent are the first in their family to attend college. • 11 percent are first-generation Americans.

The Class of 2021 arrived for Induction Day.



Higher education matters. Generation Z has concerns about how to pay for college without accruing insurmountable student debt, has an emerging preference for credentialing and lifelong continuing education over advanced degrees and highly values job stability relative to their millennial predecessors. For these reasons and so many more, the Naval Academy remains more relevant and popular than ever. We inducted 1,199 Americans in the Class of 2021 out of 16,299 applications. More than 88 percent of candidates to whom we gave an offer accepted (in higher education, this metric is called “yield”), the highest in the nation for the fifth year in a row. For context, Stanford’s yield was 82 percent last year, Harvard’s was 80 percent, Ivy League schools averaged 64 percent and liberal arts colleges averaged 27 percent. Generation Z’s desire to attend the Naval Academy is unprecedented. They are tougher than you might think. The majority of Generation Z was not yet alive on September 11, 2001, but they have never known anything except a nation at


war. They came of age during the global financial crisis and have watched their families and friends fight through a protracted era of economic uncertainty. They have been marked indelibly by both events, and I believe they are tougher for it. This year’s class of plebes is continuing to demonstrate their determination in an impressive manner on the exercise fields, endurance course and obstacle course. Physical toughness is not the only benchmark of success, of course, and they will be challenged time and time again during their four years by the Severn. I truly believe, however, that Generation Z’s heads-down working style is a harbinger of many great things to come. Generation Z is well equipped to earn the honor of leading sailors and Marines. In the not-so-distant future they, too, will be a part of our institution’s humbling yet storied heritage. For 172 years and counting, the Naval Academy has commissioned among the best leaders the nation has to offer and we will continue to do so for the millennium to come. The future is very bright, indeed. a




by Captain David Poyer ’71, USNR (Ret.)

n admiral at age 26? First commander in chief of a new navy? Few careers can match the rocketlike ascent of a quiet, introspective, “by the book” graduate of the Class of 1945.


directing a squadron in battle and serving as a fledgling navy’s first commander in chief. After distinguishing himself in wartime command, he was disinherited by Israel’s military establishment. But he followed up with a long and fruitful


Graduated with a war-accelerated class, targeted by kamikazes, Paul Shulman pivoted from being a junior engineering officer in the U.S. Navy to running clandestine operations for a stateless army, organizing a navy from scrapyards,

EXODUS 1947 was a ship that carried Jewish emigrants from France to British Mandatory Palestine on 11 July 1947. Most of the emigrants were Holocaust survivors who had no legal immigration certificates for Palestine. Following wide media coverage, the British Royal Navy seized the ship and deported all its passengers back to Europe. 34 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

career in engineering and construction, giving back loyally to the new state he helped found and defend. This is the story of Paul Nachman Shulman ’45, though perhaps we should call him by his Hebrew name: Aluf (Admiral) Shaul Ben-Zvi. Shulman was born in the Bronx in 1922, and grew up in Far Rockaway and Manhattan, NY, and Connecticut. His father, Herman, was from Romania. His mother, Rebecca Bildner, was from Austria. Herman became a wealthy and influential lawyer, specializing in corporate law. As the family income grew, the teenaged Paul and his older brother, Mark, enjoyed a large apartment on Manhattan’s posh Upper West Side overlooking Central Park. The boys spent vacations in tony Fairfield County, CT, at a summer house with tennis courts and a swimming pool.1 Herman was active in the Zionist Association of America, Rebecca in Hadassah.2 David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Abba Eban were frequent guests in their home. In 1944, Herman participated in the Dumbarton Oaks conference that helped turn the Moscow Declaration of 1943 into the charter of the United Nations.3 After prep school at Cheshire Academy in New Haven, CT, then the only private school that openly accepted Jewish students,4 young Shulman went


“… Paul was always a reliable source of information about the Navy, particularly anything that concerned his favorite branch, submarines. Quiet and a hard worker, ‘Hap’ always managed to keep ahead of the academic departments and maintain his outside interests. As an ex-N.R.O.T.C. man, ‘Navy’ experienced no shock in adapting himself to the system, and as a stern disciplinarian he was a constant aid to others who were just beginning their careers in the Navy.” —1945 Lucky Bag Paul Shulman ’45

to the University of Virginia. He joined an experimental Officer Candidate School prep program, but in 1941 received a congressional appointment to the Naval Academy.5 Just after Pearl Harbor, Paul went home on Christmas leave to find Ben-Gurion there as a weekend guest. As Shulman told it later, the Zionist leader said “he was glad to see that Jewish boys were studying to be naval officers; that we would need them some day in the Israeli navy. I said to him: ‘I hope he had a fine navy, because I was planning to spend my life in the regular American navy.’ Eight years later when I reported to Israel to join the Israeli navy, he reminded me.”6 Shulman didn’t really stand out from the crowd at the Academy. He seemed to be more interested in professional matters than sports or academics. Though not overly observant, he may well have formed part of the Jewish Church Party, which in those days fell in early Sunday (yes, Sunday) inside Gate 1 and marched in ranks two blocks up East Street to meet at the Kneseth Israel synagogue. Kneseth Israel was an Orthodox congregation, but the non-Sabbath event

the midshipmen attended seemed to have been less a worship service than a speakers’ forum, and perhaps a chance to rub elbows with girls from Annapolis.7 Shulman’s Lucky Bag entry reads, “This wise old man from Connecticut, the author, editor and publisher of Shulman’s Fighting Ships,8 showed more than his share of professional interest and knowledge. As professional editor of The Log and a contributor to Reef Points, Paul was always a reliable source of information about the Navy, particularly anything that concerned his favorite branch, submarines. Quiet and a hard worker, ‘Hap’ always managed to keep ahead of the academic departments and maintain his outside interests. As an ex-N.R.O.T.C. man, ‘Navy’ experienced no shock in adapting himself to the system, and as a stern disciplinarian he was a constant aid to others who were just beginning their careers in the Navy.”9 His sports were soccer and battalion tennis. His best standing was in EH&G, his worst in math, but contrary to what the Lucky Bag implies, he hovered close to the bottom of his class.10 Of the 914 midshipmen commissioned with the Class of 1945, Shulman was ranked 835.11

The Class of 1945 (which included 32 Jews)12 walked early, in 1944, and immediately went to the fleet. Shulman wanted submarine duty, but the Navy needed aviators more. He was sent to Naval Air Station Jacksonville for flight training, but was not accepted, perhaps because of his eyesight.13 He finally went to the war assigned to the Fletcher-class destroyer HUNT (DD-674). In the oral history Shulman recorded the year before he died, he’s reticent about discussing his U.S. service, but the facts can be retrieved. Launched in 1943, HUNT had screened Marc Mitscher’s Fast Carrier Task Force 58 in operations against Kwajalein, Roi, Namur, Truk, Jaluit, Palau and Pelelieu.14 Shulman joined as the assistant engineering officer (electrical), and went through the terrifying Typhoon Cobra (December 1944) aboard her when three other destroyers capsized and sank. In late 1944, HUNT participated in the strikes against Formosa and Japaneseheld areas in the Philippines.16 All told, Shulman would spend about a year and a half of combat service in the Pacific.17 He was remembered as a quiet officer who insisted on proper Navy protocol. But he also showed bravery; as quarterdeck SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 35

FEATURE officer of the deck, he once dove over the side in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue a crewman who had fallen off the brow when crossing within the nest.18 In later life he recalled two battle experiences most vividly. 19 March 1945 dawned with the sea calm and 12 knots of wind from the east. The sky was overcast with occasional breaks and excellent horizontal visibility. HUNT was screening FRANKLIN as the carrier prepared to launch the first naval air strikes on the southern home island of Kyushu. The night before the task force had gone to general quarters 12 times.19 A little after 0700, a Yokosuka-based D4Y “Judy” dropped two 500-pound bombs on FRANKLIN. The carrier’s decks were crowded with fueled aircraft loaded with bombs and rockets. In minutes, the carrier was a flaming tomb without power and dead in the water. Hundreds of her sailors were blown off the decks or


jumped overboard to avoid the flames. HUNT moved in toward the burning flattop to pick them up. Shulman supervised hauling some of the survivors on board.20 “After rescuing 429 survivors, [HUNT] joined three other destroyers in a clockwise patrol around the stricken ship which had gone dead in the water within 50 miles of the Japanese Coast. Cruiser PITTSBURGH (CA-72) took the ship in tow and, after an epic struggle, managed to get her to Ulithi on 24 March. HUNT put the survivors ashore and sped to the Ryukyus on 5 April to support troops who were struggling to take Okinawa.”21 His second close shave came when HUNT was assigned as a radar picket off Okinawa to detect attacks on the task forces. On 14 April, it was her turn to be attacked. The kamikaze, although hit by HUNT’s guns during its approach, still struck at deck level, shearing off the mainmast and leaving one wing in the

forward stack. Its fuselage continued on into the water while HUNT’s crew fought the fires it left behind.22 Shulman said, “We were very fortunate. Three men jumped overboard in fright. But we picked them all up … we lost no one. The ship next to ours lost seventy-five.”23 He also noted, “One thing you learn in combat: when you’re in the middle of combat you don’t have time to be frightened. You can be frightened before or after. When it’s happening there’s no time to be frightened.”24 HUNT stayed on station, alternating antiaircraft guard for the carriers with periods of more picket duty. When she finally left the Ryukyus, her crew had been to general quarters 54 times. HUNT finally sailed for the West Coast in June 1945 for an overhaul before the planned invasion of Japan. Shulman’s life changed while HUNT was in the States. First, he married Rose

Shlomo Rabinovitch. This period is still shrouded in some mystery—it would take Alan Furst to really give the flavor of it— but Shulman, having naval expertise, was quickly passed along to one Akiva “Kieve” Skidell, who was recruiting war veterans for the Haganah. A little background may be in order here. The Mossad le Aliyah Bet and Haganah were separate entities. Mossad’s mission was to transport refugees to Palestine. Haganah’s purpose was to develop and train a land-based fighting force. The two were not always hand in glove, and their competitiveness would affect Shulman’s later career.28 Shulman’s New York connections led him to one Ze’ev “Danny” Schind. Operating out of a penthouse office in Hotel 14 in Manhattan, Schind was in charge of acquiring ships to be converted to transport refugees. Assuming their office was bugged by the FBI, Schind would sometimes meet contacts in the hotel’s basement, the Copacabana Supper Club. The joke in the penthouse was that the headquarters was known as ‘Club CopaHaganah.’29, 30 Shulman probably helped purchase the icebreaker former U.S. Coast Guard

Ship, NORTHWIND, the former Normandy comm ship President Warfield (purchased for $8,000)31, and was soon negotiating for two refrigerator ships, Pan Crescent and Pan York. He later wrote, “There was a tremendous surplus of vessels, many of which were heading for the scrap yards. Vessels could be bought by weight for a few dollars on the ton. The Pan ships, for example, were bought for $125,000 each.”32 Converted into Spartan transports, these ships could take hundreds of thousands of displaced Jews in European refugee camps to the new land. If they could break the British blockade, that is. On 17 March 1947, two weeks before his twenty-fifth birthday, Paul Shulman became president of ‘F.B. Shipping’ and owner of a pair of 360-foot-long refrigerator ships. Shulman said, “The B. Stood for Britain. And the F, you can use your imagination.”33 Quickly converted, both Pans left for the Mediterranean that summer under Panamanian flags. The President Warfield sailed into history as the Exodus 1947. It left France with more than 4,500 displaced persons, mostly Holocaust survivors. But before it could reach Palestine, British destroyers PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY

Saxl in San Francisco, CA. Shortly thereafter, his father died at the age of 48. In August, two atomic bombs made his ship’s return to Japan unnecessary, and she was decommissioned at San Diego.25 Shulman was reassigned to MASSEY, (DD-778), which was being transferred to the Atlantic Fleet as a training vessel, home-ported at Naval Base Norfolk.26 Shulman’s path from the U.S. Navy to a shadowy cloak-and-dagger career was traced by retired Navy Chief Journalist John Wandres in The Ablest Navigator: Lieutenant Paul N. Shulman, US, Israel’s Volunteer Admiral, published in 2010 by the Naval Institute Press. Much of what follows about that part of Shulman’s life is from Wandres’s excellent book—heartily recommended for much greater detail about the man and his times—and his comments on early drafts of this piece. Murray Greenfield’s The Jews’ Secret Fleet was also useful in reconstructing Shulman’s undercover activities. Aboard MASSEY, Shulman read about the Royal Navy blockade of refugee vessels taking Holocaust survivors to what was then Palestine. In August 1946, he submitted his resignation. It was accepted, and he left the ship—and the Navy—in January 1947. Shulman’s first outside job was in import-export, but “import-export” shaded into two shadowy agencies, closely watched by British Intelligence and the FBI, which sourced weapons, funding and personnel for secret militias of a nascent foreign state. In March 1947, a position was arranged for Shulman with a company based in New York. In reality the job provided cover for Shulman’s desire to help David Ben-Gurion. Bothered by reports of Great Britain’s decrees to stifle Jewish refugees from emigrating to Palestine, Shulman had volunteered to help the Mossad le Aliyah Bet. “Mossad” is Hebrew for Department; “Aliyah Bet” equates to “Plan B.” If Jewish refugees could not legally emigrate (make “Aliyah”) to the homeland, they would get there by other means.27 Through his family, Shulman knew the men and women in charge of this effort, including Meir, Ben-Gurion and

Sleeping quarters on EXODUS, 1947.


FEATURE intercepted it. A crewmember and two passengers were killed and dozens wounded. In Toulon, the passengers refused to disembark and went on a hunger strike. The embarrassment for Britain helped swing worldwide sympathy toward the Jews.34 Meanwhile, Pan Crescent had broken down and was in a shipyard in Venice. Dispatched to get her repaired, Shulman also found himself assigned as the “naval aide” to the Mossad’s Italian section chief. Arrested and interrogated by the Italian police,35 he had barely been released when an underwater explosion sank the ship at the yard. The British blamed the Arabs; the Mossad blamed the British. Shulman himself thought the ship a total loss, but pitched in when others disagreed. It was eventually refloated, repaired and slipped out to sea under the nose of a British battlecruiser.36 Years later, Shulman remembered the trouble he had getting out of Venice that


night with his crew. “The last thing he needed was to be publicly identified as a former U.S. naval officer. But the captain of a U.S. naval ship who knew Shulman all too well was standing in his hotel lobby the night they were leaving. Years earlier, while on shore patrol in a South American port, Shulman had run the captain out of a brothel. To avoid contact with the officer, Shulman hired a prostitute and told her to tell the man that she was a ‘gift from an old friend.’ When the captain went off with the prostitute, Shulman and the Haganah men left without being seen.”37 In March of 1948 Shulman went to Israel, appointed as “chief of staff for naval training.” He was supposed to set up a naval academy in Haifa, but had to do so in the shadows of British occupation and without funds or a staff. On 14 May 1948, David Ben-Gurion, head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the State of Israel. President Harry S. Truman recognized the new nation on

the same day.38 The British High Commissioner left his keys on the table— literally. One day later, forces from Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq entered Palestine.39 Shulman said, “But within two or three days I was called by Ben-Gurion. He said, ‘You are no longer the advisor. You are the first Commanding Officer.’40 Of the new Navy, that is.” Shulman had no staff, funds, equipment or doctrine. He had to scrounge cast-off police uniforms, and Ben-Gurion gave him the arbitrary rank of Kvarnit—equivalent to a USN commander. The refugee carriers Mossad had purchased had been intercepted at sea by the British, disabled by their crews and left to rust along the breakwater of Haifa Harbor. There wasn’t even a Hebrew word for “navy,”—the best equivalent was “Army of the Sea”—but he did have one operational ship—the former Northland, renamed Eliat.41 Shulman recruited instructors where he could, ending up with officers from


four different navies,42 and many of his students were from a covert force of naval commandos, the Palyam. In July he returned to America to recruit more ex-Navy instructors, and to purchase three surplus Canadian sub chasers, 500 copies of the Bluejacket’s Manual, 50 copies of The Watch Officer’s Guide and a telescope for the one-eyed Moshe Dayan.43 Jonathan Leff ’43, showed up in Haifa, and Shulman made him a gunnery instructor.44 At some point during this chaotic, dangerous period Shulman was also dual-hatted as both a squadron commander and the overall leader of the Israeli Navy, corresponding to a blend of Admiral of the Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations. He reported to the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ben-Gurion, but had to struggle in a welter of competing interests and lack of resources, including the Haganah’s separate command structure and the native Israelis’ suspicion of the foreign volunteers, the “Machal.” Somehow Shulman managed to improvise. He pulled together aging, rusting ships that had lain abandoned for months or years, surplus subchasers and patrol craft. He selected Wedgwood, a former Flower-class corvette remaindered by Canada, as the flagship. Perhaps the most incredible moment of Shulman’s career came that July, during the first truce period, when he got his improvised squadron—Wedgwood, Eilath and Hatikvah—underway to intercept an Egyptian force near Tel Aviv.45 The Egyptian squadron was heavily armed; Shulman had only one 75-mm fieldpiece on Wedgwood’s deck. In an amazing display of chutzpah and courage, he climbed down into a whaleboat with a loud hailer. Making up to the enemy flagship, Princess Fawzia, “He called up to the captain, and in English informed him that the Egyptian warships had illegally invaded the waters of the sovereign nation of Israel. Shulman instructed the Egyptian captain in no uncertain terms that it would be best if his ships took their departure.”46 This astonishing bluff actually worked; the hostile squadron departed!

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, accompanied by Abba Eban Israel, ambassador to the U.S., visits President Harry Truman during their time in the States (5 January 1951).

His next engagement, though, was not to be as bloodless. By September 1948 Shulman’s desperate organizational efforts were paying off. Uniforms, antiaircraft guns, radar and more ships were becoming available. Haganah fighting units and the Israeli squadron and its crews were finally getting the equipment and supplies they needed. Much of the materiel was available—at a price—on international arms surplus markets.47 On 19 October, Shulman put to sea a squadron of two corvettes and two patrol craft shadowing another Egyptian reinforcement flotilla. But this one would not be an easy target. “The Emir Farouk … usually stayed within the protective range of coastal batteries. The small Israel Navy could not sink it with conventional methods.”48 But the corvettes carried a secret weapon on their decks: four war-surplus MTM motorboats. Developed in Italy, these “crash boats” had destroyed the British heavy cruiser HMS YORK and a Norwegian tanker in 1941 and later supported Operation Barbarossa in the Black Sea.49

These near-suicide craft, fitted with heavy demolition charges in the bow, were manned by Shayetet-13, a naval commando unit hand-picked from among the special operations personnel who had served in the Palyam. Their commander was Yochai bin-Nun.50, 51 The Egyptian units—a minesweeper and the Emir Farouk, flagship of the Egyptian fleet—moved slowly toward Gaza to disembark troops. But on 20 October a UN-brokered truce had been declared. Both sides had broken previous truces, and Shulman, in tactical command aboard Wedgwood, was prepared to break this one. Some sources say that before that, though, he “pulled alongside the Egyptian ships and Shulman called out over a loudspeaker: “Truce period or no truce period, if you don’t get the hell out of here, I’m going to shoot!" The two Egyptian vessels departed for Gaza and the Israeli ships followed closely. An hour later, Egyptian shore batteries in Gaza opened fire at the Israeli vessels, as Shulman had hoped. He radioed for permission to attack the Egyptian vessels, which were now at anchor. “No,” came the response. Shulman SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 39

FEATURE radioed a second time, asking that his request be forwarded directly to Ben-Gurion, who replied, “Paul, if you can sink them, shoot; if you can’t, don’t.”52 Other sources don’t mention a verbal warning being passed. In any case, it was dark by now. Positioning his squadron between the Egyptians and the moon, Shulman, as commander, put the four MTMs and Shayetet-13 in the water. Engines muffled, the crash boats headed for the enemy. Accelerating as they neared and arming their explosives a hundred yards out, the pilots jumped free at the last minute. A huge explosion; Emir Farouk had been hit. Not much later, a second assault boat scored a second hit on it. In flames, the enemy flagship sank within minutes. The third MTM steered into the minesweeper, and sank it too. The fourth, designated as a retrieval boat, pulled all three Shayetet pilots safely from the sea.53 “The sinking of the Farouk was Israel’s most dramatic naval victory in the

War of Independence. Some five hundred Egyptian sailors perished, many from that nation’s upper class. However, the event received little formal publicity at the time: Israel wanted to draw no attention to its arguable violation of the truce; the Egyptians hoped to keep the Israeli triumph a secret. Nonetheless, news of the enormous loss reached the Egyptian public and for nearly a year the Egyptian navy had difficulty recruiting new sailors.”54 Another source states, “As the action took place 24 hours after a cease-fire, both sides kept the news a secret. The Egyptians were embarrassed to admit that their flagship had been sunk. The Israelis kept their sailors incommunicado, sailing up and down the coast between Haifa and Tel Aviv for five days.”55 Shulman had achieved what every commander seeks—tactical surprise—and dealt a heavy blow to a dangerous enemy, though breaking a truce in the process. After this battle he was officially confirmed as Commander in Chief of the

Paul Shulman ’45’s exhibit in the Levy Center at the U.S. Naval Academy.


Navy at age 26.56 He also commanded during a blockade of the Gaza Strip and the capture of Ein Gedi, securing the Dead Sea coast.57 But though he had Ben-Gurion’s support, he faced a political antagonist in Israel Galili of the Central Command, and indeed, much of the senior Haganah command structure.58 Although hundreds of Americans and other foreign volunteers had crewed the surplus ships, friction sometimes developed between the volunteers—the “Machal” or “Mahal”—and those who had grown up in British Palestine. Their differences were exacerbated when, as in Shulman’s case, the “foreigners” were seamen and the “natives” weren’t.59 Many land force leaders had served in the Jewish Brigade during the war, which contributed to what Shulman called a “British Army syndrome.”60 And finally, the army command tended to resent the resources Shulman asked for to defend the coast.61 This friction was contained to some extent during the 1948 War, but re-emerged after victory. In particular, the high command saw little need in the new armed forces for an American who didn’t even speak Hebrew. When hostilities ended, even Ben-Gurion had to bow to political realities. He replaced Shulman as Commander with their mutual friend Shlomo Rabinovitch, fleeting the American up to be his own naval aide. Shulman subsequently served in various billets overseeing training, naval organization, tactics and naval plans. But it became obvious that there was no real place in the new navy for one of its most influential founders.62 Shulman had his pride and— seeing how the winds were blowing—he decided to step aside in March 1951.63 Meanwhile, “… Egypt complained to the U.S. State Department that an American citizen had sunk its navy’s flagship, and the State Department asked Shulman to resign his naval reserve commission.”64 Invited to explain, Shulman submitted documents attesting that he had never taken a formal oath or voted in an Israeli election, though admitting he had served in a foreign navy. Meanwhile, he had formed a civilian construction company. Eventually his U.S. passport was quietly

renewed, and no further action seems to have been taken.65 Though he remained a U.S. citizen for the rest of his life, and made frequent visits Stateside, Shulman lived primarily in Israel for the next 40 years. His companies drained swamps and built shipyards, airports, sewage disposal plants, listening posts, housing, roads and the Tel Aviv City Hall.66 He also served on the Board of Governors of the Technion, Israel’s top university for science and engineering. He lived a long, full life and enjoyed sailing his 36-foot sailboat with his children and grandchildren. The two Pan ships Shulman had bought for the “F--- Britain Shipping Company” went on to become the nucleus of Israel’s merchant fleet.68 Years later, Shulman’s daughter and grandson served in the Israeli Navy.69

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Shulman died in 1994 in Haifa from heart disease.70 In 1995 he was posthumously promoted to “aluf” (admiral) by Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin.71 At the promotion ceremony, the then-current Commander said that Shulman’s “… own modesty cannot hide the fact that it was under his command our great navy was brought into being.”72 His picture hangs at the Clandestine Immigration and Israeli Naval Museum in Haifa, along with those of the later commanders of the Israeli Navy.73 At the U.S. Naval Academy, there’s an exhibit on him in the Levy Center.74 He was also remembered in 1995 at a memorial service in Dahlgren Hall, where his widow Rose said, “… his pride in having attended the Naval Academy never ended … He was part of the pages of the history of Israel.”75 a

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Thanks are due for this article to John Wandres; Jennifer Bryan, director, Archives Division, and Margaret Danchik, Reference Department, Nimitz Library; Jim Cheevers, USNA Museum; David Hoffberger, USNA Chapel; Charlotte Bonelli, American Jewish Committee; Desiree Guillermo, assistant archivist, AJC Archives and Records Center; Glenn Griffith, acquisitions editor, Naval Institute Press; Maurice Klapwald, Interlibrary & Document Services, The New York Public Library; and Hadar Kamon and Nir Maor of the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, Haifa, Israel. Poyer's latest novel is Onslaught (St. Martin’s, December 2016). It and his other novels featuring fictional USNA grad Dan Lenson are available in hardcover, paperback and ebook. Visit his Facebook page or his website at www.poyer.com.

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From the Severn to the Pacific S

ince World War II, the United States Navy has been a formidable force in every part of the world. History and current events demonstrate that near peer competitors are attempting to outmatch the U.S. Navy, but so far none have succeeded. The success of the U.S. Navy is typically associated with the quantity of ships and technological advancements. However, our adversaries continually fail to realize that our success comes from a long line of tradition that places emphasis on people and relationships. Whether you are a Naval Academy graduate or not, sailors past and present have been sailing the same waters and visiting the same ports throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. As natural resources become scarcer and international waters become more contested, especially in the Pacific, Academy graduates have been utilizing leadership lessons and traditions learned in Annapolis, just like Fleet Admirals Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy and King to promote democracy, ensure freedom of navigation and combat transnational terrorism. While the media has recently been focusing on the missile launches of North Korea and island disputes between China and neighboring oceanic countries, the Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) from Yokosuka and Atsugi, Japan have been on routine patrols in the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) area of operations (AOR) in support of security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Countless Academy graduates have been working at operational, strategic and policy levels within the PACOM AOR to safeguard and uphold international maritime law. Whether a division officer or department head, Academy


graduates who are at different stages in their career share a common bond and form a formidable working relationship. For instance, Lieutenant Comander Jonathan “Shank” Lushenko ’05, USN, is assigned to the “Warlords” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Five One (HSM 51) and currently serves as the Officer-in-Charge (aka “Air Boss”) of Detachment 3. LTJG Soon Kwon ’14, USN and LCDR Lushenko ’05, USN Though he has had multiple tours during his time in the Navy, this is his first strong working relationship that time has FDNF tour and he now has first-hand not dulled. At the Academy, “Shank” was appreciation for the high operational the 14th Company officer, executive tempo of FDNF since arriving at HSM 51 assistant to the 85th Commandant of in December 2016. Typically, a ship from Midshipmen and Midshipman Action FDNF is on a routine patrol about 70 to Group (MAG) officer representative. 80 percent of every year. Then-midshipman Kwon was a HSM 51 Detachment 3 has been coordinator for multiple MAG community operating onboard the forward-deployed relations projects which helped him and Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile “Shank” establish a professional working destroyer MCCAMPBELL (DDG 85) as part relationship. In the PACOM AOR, Kwon of the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike shares his FDNF experiences while Group for a routine patrol, which departed “Shank” provides mentorship from Yokosuka, Japan, in May 2017. This is past tours. where “Shank” was reunited with a former This type of reunion is common in midshipman, Lieutenant Junior Grade FDNF because only small contingents Soon Kwon ’14, USN, who has been of American military members live in working aboard MCCAMPBELL since July Japan. Though thousands miles away 2015 as assistant supply officer, collateral from home and living in a foreign land, duty public affairs officer, helicopter the bond and lessons learned in Bancroft control officer and VBSS boarding officer. Hall create an uninterrupted continuity These two Academy graduates had in the long line of USNA tradition. a not seen each other for three years, and yet their common background enabled a


By Lieutenant Commander Jonathan “Shank” Lushenko ’05, USN, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Soon Kwon ’14, USN

BRAVO ZULU ’62: VADM Robert “Rocky” Spane, USN (Ret.), has been re-elected to the board of directors and chairman of the Compensation Committee of Transystems Inc., a privately held logistics company. ’64: Charlie Unger has been inducted into the Hazleton Area Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

1970s ’71: Tom O’Brien has been named a football color analyst on the Navy Radio Network. ’79: ADM Thomas Zelibor, USN (Ret.), has been selected as the chief executive officer of the Colorado Springs, CO-based Space Foundations.

CAPT Heritage ’92 relieved by CAPT Slattery ’93 at NCDOC Captain Julia Slattery ’93, USN, has relieved Captain Sean Heritage ’92, USN, as Commander, Task Force 1020/ Commanding Officer, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC) during a change of command ceremony held at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. Slattery, who most recently served on the Joint Staff as Division Chief, Cyber Policy Division in the J5 Global Policy and Partnerships Directorate, takes the reins of NCDOC from Heritage, who will be assigned to the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) in Silicon Valley, CA. Rear Admiral Timothy White, USN, Commander of Cyber CAPT Heritage ’92 and CAPT Slattery prepare to cut a cake National Mission Force at U.S. Cyber Command, presented together at the Change of Command ceremony at Navy Heritage with the Legion of Merit Award and commented on Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC). his exceptional work and leadership. “Captain Heritage is a pathfinder, groundbreaker in every way. He's always challenging himself and those he’s a teammate of to do better,” he said. “From the time Sean took the reins here in Suffolk, he set out to build a high-performance organization, an organization that does what’s right for the right reasons, an organization that responds to our nation’s needs operating over-the-horizon and sustaining the capability to generate striking power in defense of our nation, an organization that adjusts to change on its own with its eye on the future even as it focuses on the mission at hand, a command that is ever vigilant.” ®



’81: RADM Tilghman Payne, USN (Ret.), served as grand marshal for the Alpharetta Old Soldiers Day Parade in Alpharetta, GA.

’90: Mary Kay Wegner has been name chair of the Girl Scouts Heart of the South board of directors for 2017-2019. CAPT Nicholas Dienna, USN, has assumed command of TRUMAN.

’86: RADM William R. Merz, USN, has been appointed vice admiral and assigned as deputy chief of naval operations for warfare systems, N9, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Pentagon, Washington, DC. ’87: CAPT Sunita Williams, USN, has had a new elementary school in her hometown of Needham, MA, named in her honor, the Sunita L. Williams Elementary School.

’91: RADM William Dillon, USN, has assumed command of the Naval Safety Center during a formal ceremony at Vista Point Naval Station Norfolk, VA. LT Daniel Durn, USN (Ret.), has been named senior vice president of Applied Materials, Inc. and assumed the role of chief financial officer.

’89: CAPT Sara Joyner, USN, has been appointed by the Navy to lead the service’s effort to research and prevent physiological episodes in its fixed-wing aircraft. Do you know someone who deserves a Bravo Zulu? Send to Communications Division at comms@usna.com. 44 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017



CAPT Steve Banta, USN (Ret.), retired in July after a 26-year naval career.

president and chief operating officer for EQT Midstream Partners LP and will join the EQM board of directors.

’92: CDR Mara Motherway, USN, has been named head of government relations for Booz Allen Hamilton.


’93: CAPT Mike Burd, USN, has assumed command of Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Atlantic headquartered at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, FL. ’94: Jeremiah Ashcroft III has been named senior vice president and president, midstream of EQT Corp. He was also appointed senior vice

’00: William Roberts has been named Foss Maritime’s chief commercial officer. ’03: LT Timothy O’Donnell, USN, won the Ironman 70.3 in Boulder, CO. LCDR Corey Strong, USN, has been elected chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party.

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CLASS NEWS ’34 Life Membership: 0% Pres: RADM Ed Keats, USN (Ret.) 207 Brightwood Club Rd., Lutherville, MD 21093 h: 410-235-3803; e: edkeats@comcast.net

’35 Life Membership: 50% Pres, Sec’y/Treas, and Corr Sec’y: RADM Ed Keats, USN (Ret.) 207 Brightwood Club Rd., Lutherville, MD 21093 h: 410-235-3803; e: edkeats@comcast.net

The trophy as photographed by the Athletic Association

The Walling-Kimmel trophy, one of many presented at graduation each year, is named for two members of the Class of 1935 who were lost at sea during World War II while in command of submarines. It has been bestowed every year for the past seventy years to the member of the Academy varsity tennis team judged by his teammates to have most contributed to its success. The recent recipient, Thomas Pecor, received the 2017 award on the day before his graduation in a ceremony in Alumni Hall with the Director of

Athletics, Chet Gladchuk, bestowing a watch to him as a keepsake plus having his name added to those engraved on the memorial. The trophy came about during the final year of the war when the Submarine Force announced that the submarine, Robalo, commanded by Manning Kimmel ‘35 had failed to return from its third war patrol and was presumed to be lost. His classmate John Walling a good friend and teammate on the tennis team who as another submarine captain then awaiting the commencement of his own additional patrol told his wife to arrange for a trophy to be awarded annually to a varsity tennis team member in homage of Kimmel. But then, during this time at sea, Walling’s submarine, Snook, on her ninth war patrol also was lost. His wife, Annabelle Walling, determined to extend his wishes by creating a trophy she named “Walling-Kimmel” to memorialize the two classmate friends who excelled in both tennis and submarines. She commenced the long tradition by presenting the award for the first time to William Jagoe just before the academy graduation ceremony in 1947. Kimmel and his wife, Gay, had one child, Agatha Gay. Much later she was married to his classmate, Amos Hathaway. Walling left no descendent. His widow was married to Raymond DuBois ’38.

“But still when two or three shall meet, and old tales be retold...”

’37 Life Membership: 0% Honorary Vice Pres and Sec’y: Meredith Minter Hinkle Daughter of Charlie Minter ’37 3603 Prince William Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031 e: mahink@cox.net

While we officially closed the chapter on the graduating Class of 1937 entries following the passing of its esteemed President, Jack Slaughter, we welcome any news and/or pictures related to this great class from family members who have memories to share. Just recently I heard from Thea Wallace Erly, widow of Bob Erly: M Dear Meredith, Connie B. Savage, widow of Captain Robert Lee Savage and I, Thea H. Wallace Erly visited Elenore Crenshaw now 100 years old in Coronado, CA. Elenore is the widow of Captain William Robin Crenshaw.  We lost contact with Elly Wild and Marge Phleler. Regards, Thea H. Wallace Erly  Commissioned into the Naval Reserve and the Chaplain Corps The grandson of Charlie Minter, former Commandant and Superintendent, and the son of the Class of ‘37’s Corresponding

Secretary, Meredith Minter Hinkle, was commissioned on July 11, 2017 as a LT in the Naval Reserve and the Chaplain Corps by Capt. Francis P. Foley, Command Chaplain at USNA. Father Jim Hinkle, a 2002 graduate of Notre Dame, was a nuclear submariner for 6 years before entering the seminary at Mount Saint Mary’s in Emmitsburg, MD for two years, and then the Pontifical North American College in Rome for the remaining 4 years of study.  Following his Priesthood Ordination, Father Hinkle has been serving at St. Theresa Parish in Ashburn, VA for the past three years and will continue there until the summer of 2018 when he returns to active duty.  The commissioning ceremony was held in the Laboon Center named after Father John Francis (“Jake”) Laboon,  graduate of USNA Class of 1939 who served as a submariner in WWII.  He resigned from Naval Service shortly after the war and became a Jesuit Priest in 1956.  Father Laboon applied for a commission in the Naval Reserve Chaplain Corps and in 1958 was recalled to active duty.  Chaplain Laboon was a war hero, and eventually served as the Senior Catholic Chaplain at USNA.  Interestingly, Father Hinkle was baptized in 1980 by Chaplain Laboon, then Fleet Chaplain, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  There must have been something

’36 Life Membership: 0% Corr Sec’y: Gordy Carmichael Seaman Daughter of CAPT John H. Carmichael, USN (Ret.) e: gordy_seaman@bellsouth.net

HONOR CHAIRS Remember or Honor a loved one in Alumni Hall. Call 410-295-4100 for more information. ’37: Left to r: Connie Savage, 100-year old Elenore Crenshaw in the middle and Thea Wallace Erly.

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’37: L to r: Father Aidan Logan ( Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese for the Military Services and former Catholic Chaplain at USNA), Meredith Minter Hinkle, Father Jim Hinkle, Captain Frank Foley ( Command Chaplain at USNA) and RADM Jim Hinkle, USN Ret.  

in the holy water that day with Fr. Hinkle being a submariner and now a Catholic Chaplain! Respectfully submitted, Meredith Minter Hinkle, Corresponding Secretary for the Class of ‘37 Keep Revin’ with ’37!

’38 Life Membership: 67% Sec’y: Donald E. Brown Son of CAPT C. Donald Brown, USN (Ret.) 4105 Elizabeth Ln., Fairfax, VA 22032-1453 p: 703-978-4571; e: donaldbrown@earthlink.net


that several August/September birthdays had not been acknowledged previously. We send out belated, but nevertheless heart felt best wishes to: Marion Green (Bob) 8 August; Betty Sawyer (Bill) 12 September; and Marie Coulter (Frank) - 26 September. Ginny Dinsmore Lawrence (John Dinsmore / Bob Lawrence) celebrates her birthday in Sun City Center, AZ - in the Phoenix area, which experienced brutal heat this summer- 113+ ! We surely hope the temperatures are much more pleasant for her 11 October celebration. Sending greetings from Melbourne, Australia are Classmate, Herb Kriloff and his daughter Alix as Herb celebrates his 102nd birthday on 4 October!

Life Membership: 50% Donor Participation: 0% Pres: RADM Lloyd R. ”Joe” Vasey, USN (Ret.) Arcadia #908, 1434 Punahou St. Honolulu, HI 96827-4749 p: 808-953-2234; e: joevasey@hawaii.rr.com Vice Pres: CAPT Chip Seymour, USN (Ret.) Son of Harry A. Seymour 309 Melvin Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401 c: 410-279-9195; e: seymour65@comcast.net Sec’y: Barbara Fidel Adams Also Sec’y for ’39 Navy Juniors Daughter of Jack and June Fidel 215 Ikerd Dr., Concord, NC 28025 p: 704-784-3876; e: adamsjimr@aol.com Thirty-Nine On Line: Barbara Fidel Adams e: adamsjimr@aol.com


Webmaster: Roland Weybourn Schumann III Son of Bud Schumann 1011 Apollo Way, Incline Village, NV 89451 p: 775-298-2011; e: rolandws@gmail.com

Greetings ‘39ers. In looking at our October ’39 birthdays, we realized

ALUMNI HOUSE Bring your event home! Ogle Hall is ready to host your special event. events@usna.com or 410-295-4018


Herb and Alix

Herb also share fond reminiscences of his days at the Naval Academy in the 30s…… M “I remember well the day the news came from the Academy. Mother brought the letter to me at my Dad’s workplace. The letter invited me to Annapolis, but I knew there were many steps before being admitted to the Academy. I was on pins and needles wondering if I was going to make it. Dad had lost all his money in the Crash, and my sister lent me the money to get to Annapolis. Guys arrived in groups to be tested, and there were others on the waiting list who would fill in if you did not pass muster. Our entrance exams were reviewed and we were grilled on the reasons we wanted to be at the Naval Academy. The questioning was rigorous. So was the physical examination and I thought I might be sent home because of color blindness. What a relief it was when they said I was IN! I was assigned to a room with my first roommate, Bob Dasteel, and I could not sleep much that night for the excitement. That was 5 August 1935. Life was tough but fair at USNA. We were judged constantly on our academic results, our behavior, our ability to adapt to naval rules, and our overall fitness. Each one of us cost the government a big sum of money so no one wanted that to go to waste. Going to class you went in formation, broken up into groups of 8-15 for your class, then marched there as a unit. The Professor usually allowed 10 minutes at the

beginning of the class for questions. Each day you drew a slip (which was face down) and answered the slip on the blackboard. You were marked each class. If you did not get a passing grade, you hit the failure list which was posted each Friday. If you did not pass, you were sent home. About 80% of those who entered, and did not graduate, failed because of marks. The others were for physical defects -such as bad eyes- or for disciplinary reasonssuch as a dismissal offense (cheating; conduct unbecoming a Midshipman; drinking; or a ‘million other things’). Every infraction of the rules resulted in demerits. If you got a certain number of demerits you were dismissed. Every dismissal resulted in a formal hearing. If the board thought you had merit, they might drop you into the next lower class (“Turn Back”- and there were many of these). Our Class started with 801 and graduated 581. Of course there was humor along the way. One of our classmates used to whisper lewd jokes while we were marching formation which made it hard to keep a serious face. Our Spanish professor suggested that Ken Hysong acknowledged in the ’39 Lucky Bag: ‘Football 4,3,2,1, and N* (the ultimate athletic award signifying being on a team that beat Army) be called ‘Canto Alto’! There were a number of great teachers, and there was also ‘Snuffy’ who constantly threatened that any misbehavior would result in a PAP (from the term ‘publish and post’ where all offenders had their names and crimes read aloud at noon meal formation and posted on the bulletin board for all to see) but ‘Snuffy’ never carried it through! We prepared for June Week by rehearsing the Show that covered all our experiences during our four years at the Academy A lot of officers took part, making fun of each other. Exams and trials were over and, for that week, rules were relaxed. My Mom and sisters came to Graduation. The purpose of the Naval Academy was to turn out people who would be good officers. We hoped that we would make the grade. War time was imminent, but


’39: 1 June Graduation of the Class of 1939 hanging with commissioning pennant from SCROGGINS (DE 799)

at that time, June Week, we just had fun and celebrated getting through. Like the rest of my Classmates, I’ve moved a lot since that June Week. My Class Ring and my Lucky Bag have always been with me- and that Graduation photo still hangs on my wall.”

Herb at 102!

Five Hundred and Eighty One good men graduated that day who became good Naval officers in peace time and in war – they made the grade and answered the question posed to them by Admiral Delaney that day- ‘What about ’39?’ Herb relates: M “I was aboard USS WILLIAM PRESTON on 19 February 1942 when the same Japanese force that attacked Pearl Harbor bombed the Australian port of Darwin. Darwin was a threat because it was the warehouse of ammunition, spares and fuel. The two largest Allied

Naval units in the harbor were USS PEARY and USS WILLIAM B. PRESTON. As the Captain was ashore, the XO took command, I became navigator, and we slipped anchor, despite strong currents and tide fluctuations- the sky black with Japanese airplanes. We were just forward to PEARY when we were both staffed and bombed. In seconds PEARY was enveloped in a ball of flame. She continued detonating until disappearing from view.” In the 2017 May ’39 Shipmate column, we related that Calvin George was aboard USS PEARY (DD-226) in the Philippines when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on 8 December. In the early morning of 10 December 1941 the Japanese attacked Cavite Naval Base where PEARY was tied up for repair. Calvin was badly injured when the Japanese bombed the ship, carried to the Manila hospital, and not allowed to depart with PEARY when she was repaired and ready to leave port to join Allied Fleet in Australia. The Navy was not made aware of his inability to depart with PEARY, so Calvin was reported killed when all hands went down with PEARY sunk in Darwin Harbor. A plaque was placed in Darwin Harbor honoring those who had died on USS PEARY and Calvin’s name is on that plaque. Calvin subsequently survived four years of Japanese prison camps, and aboard three “hell ships” before returning home to marry his OAO, Margaret, who had waited for him. Calvin will be 102 on 12 March.

’39: USS PEARY plaque

Francis “Mike” Dunham, ’70 read that column and sent the following e-mail to me, your ’39 Secretary: M “I just read your account of Calvin George, gunnery officer aboard PEARY (DD-226). I thought you would like to know that here in St. Louis, in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, there is a mass POW grave containing the remains of 100 military and civilians who died in Japanese prison camps. Among those is Lt (JG) Donald W. Hamilton ’38 who was aboard PEARY as the engineering officer in Cavite on 10 December 1941. He was wounded and sent to the hospital in Manila. Like LCDR George, he suffered aboard the infamous “Hell Ships”. He survived to reach Japan, but died in February 1945. He was listed as MIA and his name was among those inscribed at the columbarium- just as LCDR George was listed on the memorial in Darwin, Australia. Every May, on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the combined Service Academy Alumni Chapters lay wreaths on the mass POW grave in St. Louis, honoring Don Hamilton and the other Navy and Army alums buried here: George Brooks, USNA ’21 and Smythe ’25, Smith ’25, Thomas ’32, Shelly ’38 and Iacobucci ’40, USMA. Don Hamilton and Calvin George’s stories are reminders that we must never forget these men. If you feel it is appropriate, please

pass along this information to Calvin and any others who might be interested. I am in the process of notifying our Chapter members about Calvin’s ordeal.” I did forward Mike’s e-mails to both Calvin George and to Herb Kriloff as well. Herb’s daughter, Alix wrote to Calvin and his son John after reading the May column, and Mike Dunham’s e-mails as well. She wrote: “My father watched USS PEARY detonate and sink in Darwin Harbor on 19 February ’42 when his own ship, USS WILLIAM B. PRESTON was also. Herb will be 102 this year. The memory of that day has never left him.” I wrote Mike Durham saying “Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you, and the combined Service Academies, lay the wreath in St. Louis to pay homage to those in the mass POW grave the Saturday before Memorial Day. I thank you on behalf of ’39 and Calvin George- who survived those POW camps and ‘hell ships’ and is still with us today. We thank you for not forgetting, and for representing us all that day.” Mike Dunham ’70 wrote back and said ”Thank you and the Class of 1939 for your kind words. ‘If not us, who? If not now, when?’



Japanese POW Camp

Indeed, the bond between USNA graduating classes spans time and distance and that bond extends to all who wear the Naval Academy ring. What about ’39! What about Herb Kriloff and Herb Calvin George! And what about Mike Dunham ’70! Respectfully submitted, Barbara Fidel Adams ’39 Class Secretary Shipmate Editorial Note: The St. Louis Chapter thanks Calvin George for his service in this issue. Check out their column.

’40 Life Membership: 67% Donor Participation: 0% Honorary Pres, Sec’y/Treas, and Corr Sec’y: Wendi Winters Daughter of Leigh “Early” Cosart Winters 1734 Chesapeake Dr., Edgewater, MD 21037 c: 410-562-4189; e: WendiWinters1@gmail.com

Hello Everyone: A group of friends gathered around a table Thursday, July 20, 2017, for a festive luncheon in the Grille Room of the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Robert “Bob” Kaufman, the youngest surviving member of the

Class of 1940 at age 98 was the center of attention. Joining him were Mary Lou Karch, widow of Frederick Karch; and Joan Healey, widow of Vincent Healey. Also at the table were three Class of ’40 “kids” – host John Montgomery Jr. (John Montgomery), a 1970 USNA graduate, 1969 USNA Class President Michael “Mike” Michaelis (Frederick Michaelis), and Wendi Winters (Leigh “Early” Winters’ daughter). Joining them was Steve Baker, a retired Naval officer and husband of Sharon Wann Baker, daughter of Erwin Wann. Sharon wasn’t able to attend the luncheon as she was busy having fun with her four visiting grandchildren. Joan and Mary Lou continue to be dynamos in the Northern Virginia real estate world. Steve Baker, a former JAG, recently switched from the financial and legal worlds into an insurance career. Mike Michaelis shared news of his class’ involvement in donating a plaque honoring USNA graduates who participated in D-Day, the invasion of Normandy, France, nearly 75 years ago. The plaque will be erected at The National D-Day Memorial which officially opened in Bedford, Virginia, on June 6, 2001 on the 57th anniversary of D-Day. The Class of ’69 is raising funds to pay for the plaque, which will be placed with plaques honoring graduates of other service academies, armed services members and our allies in that World War II campaign. Bob Kaufman talked about his black, late model car which has the

license plate “RKK 40,” which he is still driving, and of his four years as president of his senior living community at Vinson Hall. He did such a good job, he was in danger of being re-elected for a fifth term. Luckily for him, house rules prevailed. When questioned by one of the “kids,” Bob noted he is the sole surviving officer who witnessed the signing of the Japanese surrender at the conclusion of World War II aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay. He was in the crowd of officers lining the deck for the surrender ceremony September 2, 1945. Bob was also the youngest officer aboard that historic day. When the war began for the United States, Bob was on the other side of the world – literally. He was serving aboard the U.S.S. Wichita which, on December 7, 1941, lay at anchor at Hvalfjörður, Iceland. The vessel was, eventually, dispatched to the Pacific and arrived there several months later. The afternoon conversation continued until the last bit of Joan’s cheesecake was shared around the table. Then, everyone lined up for the photo. Plans are already in the making for another Class of 1940 Family and Friends get-together during the holidays. Stay tuned. And, until we meet again, Only ’40 is 4.0!

’41 Life Membership: 70% Donor Participation: 14.29% Send News directly to Shipmate. Sec’y: Dr Jacques B. Hadler 3122 Gracefield Rd., Apt. 502 Silver Spring, MD 20904 p: 516 759 0842; c: 516 299 6346 e: jhadler@webb.edu Website: http://1941.usnaclasses.com

’40: Left to Right: Class of ’40 “kids” Wendi Winters, John Montgomery Jr. ’70 and Michael Michaelis ’69; Joan Healey (Vincent Healey), Robert “Bob” Kaufman, Mary Lou Karch (Frederick Karch), and Steve Baker, spouse of Sharon Wann Baker, daughter of Erwin Wann.


I regret to report that Captain James P. Jamison died on June 27, one day after his 99th birthday, at Buckingham’s Choice, Adamstown, Md. Details in the obit column. I also have to report on the change in my condition. In May I had a severe case of pneumonia

that damaged my heart and lungs. The capacity of my lungs was reduced to the point that I need a continuous supply of oxygen which restricts my mobility. My life is now centered in the Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring Maryland where Caryl and I have an apartment.

’42 Life Membership: 84% Donor Participation: 13.64% Acting Pres: CAPT John Crawford, USN (Ret.) 11405 Farmland Dr., Rockville, MD 20852 p: 301-881-4268; e: jcraw71544@aol.com Sec’y: Joan Curtis Widow of CDR Richard E. Curtis, USN (Ret.) 14518 Faraday Dr., Rockville, MD 20853 p: 301-989-8885; e: joan@jfcurtis.com

Hello to Class of ’42 Members, Family and Friends, Happy Summer to everyone! Where is it going! The Fourth of July has come and gone and now we are in the “dog days of summer”. Enjoy!!! It will be fall by the time you read this article – HAPPY FALL! Capt. Jack Crawford, sent me an article about an interview he had recently in New Hampshire for the Seapower Magazine about the 75th Anniversary of Midway. A heart-warming story about a pair of binoculars. M “With its air wing having inflicted losses on Japanese forces at the battle of the Coral Sea, USS Yorktown hastily returned to Hawaii to repair damage caused by a bomb that had penetrated its flight deck. Initial estimates sidelining the carrier for three months were reduced to two weeks when Navy Yard inspector surveyed the ship upon its arrival at Pearl Harbor on May 27, 1942. The ship would not have the luxury of even this shortened time away as U.S. Navy cryptologists had determined Japan’s next move would be against Midway, 1,139 nautical miles northwest of Honolulu. Working around the clock, Pearl Harbor’s workforce accomplished 2 weeks of work in 3 days. The carrier took on aircraft and aircrews who had flown ahead from USS Saratoga.

42/46 CLASS NEWS Other replacement personnel waited in Hawaii to report aboard. Jack Crawford had expected to graduate with the Class of 1942 at the Naval Academy that month, but found his graduation had been accelerated. In recognition of his academic achievements, Crawford had been presented with a pair of binoculars by the American Legion during his second year at the academy. He had planned to make good use of those glasses on the battleship Oklahoma. However, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced a change in orders. With full seabag in hand, the young ensign crossed Yorktown’s quarterdeck and reported for duty. It would take a few days for the ship to determine his specific divisional duties. For now, he was told to get himself on the watch bill as a junior officer of the watch. Yorktown departed Pearl Harbor on May 30. With Rear Adm. Frank Fletcher embarked, it would serve as the flagship of Task Force 17. A June 4 dawn search by Yorktown dive bombers yielded no sightings. However, Crawford was on watch on the bridge when he heard the radio report: “Many planes headed Midway.” This initiated activity on the American carriers to strike against the Japanese. Yorktown’s dive-bombers made a lethal run on the Japanese carrier Soryu as Enterprise aircraft scored devastating hits against Akagi and Kaga. The fourth Japanese carrier Hiryu escaped attack and launched counterstrikes that found Yorktown. The Japanese scored hits near the number two elevator on the starboard side, rupturing uptakes for three boilers on the port side, piercing the forward elevator and exploding on the fourth deck back on the starboard side. The second hit forced the carrier to slow and then stop. However, Yorktown’s repair crew and engineering department worked diligently and by 4pm fires were contained and the engineering plant could generate 20 knots – just in time to launch fighters to meet an oncoming torpedo plane attack. Again, though the defense took a toll on the attackers, two of the

Japanese aircraft successfully placed their “fish” on a collision course with Yorktown’s port side. With Yorktown’s boiler fires extinguished by the blows, power was lost and the damage control teams lacked the ability to counter-ballast a growing list to port. Capt. Elliott Buckmaster gave the order to abandon ship. Leaving his prized pair of binoculars behind, Crawford lowered himself into the Pacific from the starboard bow and grabbed a line provided by the destroyer Russell. Yorktown’s dive bombers would extract revenge, joining others from Enterprise to sink Hiryu. The next morning, however, the ship capsized to port and made its descent to the bottom of the Pacific. Later at Fort DeRussy in Honolulu, where Yorktown survivors were sent to await reassignment, Crawford received a visit from one of his fellow officers who helped himself to a set of binoculars before departing the ship and later realized who the owner was. Inscribed “Presented by American Legion National Organization to Midshipman John W. Crawford, Jr. for Highest Merit in Government – 5 June 1940” those binoculars remain with Crawford today.” IN MEMORANDIUM Classmate, CARL A. KLUG, 97, passed away Wednesday, October 26, 2016 in Florida. He retired as a Lieutenant Commander of the US Navy and served his country with honor in WWII. He is buried in Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida. Barbara Thurman Reed, 94, Wife of Classmate Capt. Dale C. Reed, who passed away 15 April 2017. A funeral service will be held at the Fort Myer Old Post Chapel on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 3:00pm. Burial will follow at Arlington National Cemetery. The Class expresses sympathy for our ’42 losses and pray for all ’42 Classmates, Widows and their families. DID YOU KNOW THAT! Classmate Bill Heronemus grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. As a First Classman, he commanded the Color Company. During WWII, he

served at sea and then was sent to MIT before becoming an Engineering Duty Officer. After retiring from the Navy, he taught at the University of Massachusetts, where he pioneered the development of wind power. His contributions were such that he is “known the world over as the father of modern wind power.” Please keep the Class posted on any exciting news or happenings in your lives. Starting a new section “Did you know that” (something special that you remember of your times with parents or about them) – please send them to me. If your email, address or contact information, family or otherwise has changed. Please let Joan know. Love keeping in touch with everyone. Everyone have a wonderful Fall!!!! Respectively submitted, Joan Curtis ’42 Class Secretary


until his retirement, when they settled in Wilbraham, Ma. for 45 years. Peggy Is survived by her husband Frank and eight children and spouses; Franklin II and Patricia, Michael and Maureen, Phillip and Sally, Elizabeth Kvam and Michael Bungley, John and Cindy, Paul, Thomas and Francis Rowe, and Vincent and Naviza.;plus 18 Grandchildren 23 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren. Marguerite was buried in the family plot in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Wilbraham, MA. Les Heselton

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After six months on this job I have received no input from anyone, nor comments on my inputs or requests, which everyone is probably tired of reading, So I assume that no one has done anything or remembers anything that may be of interest to others. Thus, this column will probably become merely reports of deaths and burials!

Website: www.usna.com/classes/1945

In Memorium: Chad Sterrett reported that his mother, Mrs. Whitney M. Sterrrett, who was 93 and the widow of Classmate Capt. David S Sterrett, died of natural causes on 4 Feb 2017 in White Plains, New York.   Phillip Dailey sent us the obituary of his mother Mrs. Marguerite Parker Dailey, the wife of Classmate Capt. Franklin E. Dailey, Jr. for 73 years, died peacefully at home with her husband at her side on 26 May, 2017 in Portsmouth, Va. They were married in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York on 1 April, 1944 and lived the live of a typical military couple

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This from Ernie Lowen M My Daughter, Son-In-law and I, attended the memorial of Jim forest at the Fairfax in Fort Belvoir on July/8/2017. It was well attended and I got to meet his widow of 70 years Jim and I go back a long way when we were midshipmen at the naval academy. Back then he used to come to my hometown, Charleston WV


46/47 CLASS NEWS during Christmas holidays since his home was California. After graduation he commanded a mine sweeper. He wrote me a letter saying he’s been transferred ashore asking me to leave my little black book with him since I was leaving the west coast and going back east. I only had one name in the book which was “Liz” that turned out to be his future wife for 70 years. He had a very distinguished career, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral SC. Ernie

’47 Life Membership: 79% Donor Participation: 8.57% Pres: CAPT Jack M. Stevens, USN (Ret) 200 Ankersa Way, Hunt, TX 78204-3400 Pp: 830-238-4355; e: captjack47@hctc.net Corr Sec’y: Eileen Marousek Daughter of Col. L. Marousek ’47 310 King St, Alexandria VA 22314 p: 703.507.2350 e: eileen_marousek@hotmail.com Treas: Edward J. Myerson

Ed Myerson

Notes from Your Class President: Those of us with email addresses were notified by our Class Secretary on 30 June that our classmate and Duly Elected Class Treasurer Ed Myerson had passed away suddenly a few days earlier. A follow-up email noted that Ed was to be interred in the Naval Academy Columbarium on 23 July. Ed was truly a faithful, hard working Classmate. He handled the duties of Class Treasurer with great skill. Steps are being taken for appropriate recognition by the Class honoring

Ed’s unselfish service. Our sincerest best wishes and sympathy go out to Ed’s widow, Priscilla and his family. On a much different note, I have received confirmation from John Prehn, III, that the Bronze Plaque the Class has donated to be mounted in the quarterdeck area of the USS Tom Hudner (DDG-116) has been received by the Bath Iron Works to be turned over to the Prospective Crew of the USS Hudner where it will be displayed until it is mounted permanently on the Hudner just prior to sea trials in December 2017. The plaque was on display at our Spring Fling 2017 and John Prehn, III (son of deceased classmate, John Prehn, Jr.) discussed the project. V/R Jack M. Stevens *The Ballad of ’47* by a Classmate (Anonymous) We classmates are seamen of fame With medals and lots of acclaim; But now that we’re old And no longer bold, We’re addled, we’re deaf, and we’re lame. We used to enjoy a good game, But things are no longer the same, Instead of the thrills, We now have our pills, We’re addled, we’re deaf, and we’re lame. Wild parties are now much more tame. No hangovers, that’s our new aim; ‘Cause though we are tough, We’re hurting enough, We’re addled, we’re deaf, and we’re lame. On vists we ask why we came, And sometimes can’t think of your name. Embarrassing? Yes, And so we confess, We’re addled, we’re deaf, and we’re lame. It seems like a scam and a frame And makes us cry out and exclaim, Who did this to us? Why shouldn’t we cuss? We’re addled, we’re deaf and we’re lame. What’s happened to us is a shame. The best we can do is proclaim, We’ll go with the flow And smile eventhough, We’re addled, we’re deaf and we’re lame. In spite of the wrecks we became,


We still keep the BLUE AND GOLD FLAME. So don’t count us out, We still have some clout. The addled, the deaf, and the lame!!

Robert Wise

Naval Academy Vet Flies High! Our very own Robert Wise, a former Naval officer and USNA 1947 graduate flew a Boeing Stearman, a biplane used to train military aviators during WWII, over Spartanburg, SC! Flights were made possible by Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation. When asked if he’d like to fly the plane, Robert responded with “Hell Yes”! Way to go Robert! Final Hour: Kathleen Rose, known as “Kak” passed away on July 26, 2017. She was the widow of Vernon Rose, Jr. Kak loved the 23 years she and Vernon spent in the Navy. Once when asked what style furniture she had, she answered “Early 19th Move”! Kak had a smile that could light up a room. She moved home to Minnesota 8 years ago, but truly misses classmates and friends at IRCC in Melbourne, Fl. The editor’s Class of ‘47 Profile: BRUCE OLIVER What made you want to go to the Naval Academy? My Dad had a Bruce Oliver friend who was a LCDR . Sometime around 1935 my Dad took me to Coronado. The LCDR was there and allowed me to sit in his Grumman plane. From that point forward I always looked up when a plane flew by, and I knew I wanted to go to the USNA and fly planes! I did not qualify for aviation and chose destroyers for early responsibility and experience. When-where were you born? August 30th, 1924

Who nominated you and did you go directly to USNA? Senator Scrugham, from NV. I went to Cornell for a Semester and then to the Naval Academy. Did you play a sport at USNA? I played on and managed the the winning Brigade Soccer Team!! Fun story from while you were at Navy? One time as a plebe at dinner I couldn’t answer a Firstman’s question properly so he was entitled to whack my rear twice with one of the empty aluminum bread trays. Due to a previous college fraternity experience I had learned to shift my position just before the hit to cause the object to leave his hands. This would entitle me, the plebe, to give him two whacks which I did much to the amusement and hoots by his classmates at the table. Who was your closest friend at the Naval Academy? Jack Townes Who, When and where did you get married? Betty Campbell on June 21st, 1947! We were married at the Chapel across from UCLA in Westwood, CA! Jerry Nuss and John Richards were 2 of my Navy Groomesmen! What have you been doing the past few years? After I left the Navy in 1953 I went and worked in the water purification business and lived in Europe running Culligan. My wife passed away in 2015, after 67.5 years together. I still travel and plan to go to the Las Vegas next month and then to Reno NV for the Reunion of my Destroyer, Brinkley Bass - DD887. Where do you live now? On returning to the US I spent good time trying to lower my golf handicap but the urge to work took over and ended up starting a new company to make special items for manufacturers of household water treatment equipment. Asian low price competition prompted my retirement at age 79. Betty was from CA so we stayed in the Monterey area having bought some Coastal property in 1972 and fixed it up and sold it 30 years later and bought a one level isolated nice house in Pebble Beach in 2002 where I still live! Do you have any kids? We had four children, Cathleen Aiken


’47: Bob Apple. Robert Oliver( brother) Bruce Oliver

(Edward), Wayne , Allison Turnbill (Richard) and Neil. They live all over the US: Syracuse NY, Pacific Grove CA, Lexington KY and Kaneville IL. Ten grandchildren and 3 great grandkids rounds out the family!! Do you still keep in touch with classmates or their families? At my 90th Birthday Party (2014) in Monterey, CA …the attendees included: Robert Apple ’44, Robert Oliver ’50 and Willard Surman ’54!! Are there any classmates you would like me to Profile? CAPT. Jerry Nuss What’s the biggest difference in being at the Yard recently from when you were there as a MID? There was an access card that you could drive into the Yard. I loved the Museum! Lots of ’47 graduates featured there.

’48 Life Membership: 62% Donor Participation: 13.42% Sec’y: CAPT David C. Carruth, USN (Ret.) 7206 Danford Ln., Springfield, VA 22152 p: 703-569-1354; e: slipstk@aol.com Treas: CDR Charles Mertz 1733 Kirby Rd., Apt. 1303, McClean, VA 22101 e: CM7200@aol.com Webmaster: John Tsiknas 15644 Caldas De Reyes San Diego, CA 92128-4414 e: johntsiknas@att.net Website: http://1948.usnaclasses.com

We are still sponsoring midshipman candidates and I have previously apprised you of their thank you notes. Let’s start this column with the note from our latest mid’n. M Dear Class of 1948, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance and the scholarship you provided me

with allowing me the to follow my dream of attending the United States Naval Academy. Your scholarship provided me with the preparatory school education which has bettered me for my academic year ahead at the Academy. Greystone preparatory school was an excellent place for me to learn and thrive academically, socially, and physically. There I learned how hard work pays off in the end. While attending Greystone preparatory school I took the most challenging classes to prepare me for the Academy. Once again, thank you very much for the support and believing in me. It really helps students go through the extra year knowing that someone is beside you and supporting you. I am grateful for this opportunity you have given me and it was truly a blessing that has prepared me for the Academy. Sincerely, Calla Hilliard One mighty leap forward—here is my current information and my comments on a possible ‘70th reunion. The following Classmates have said they will attend providing they are still vertical and mobile— 23rd Co. Mike and Marjorie Ames (Town & Country, MD) 3rd. Co. Augie Albanese and Patricia Conklin (Port St Lucie, FL) 8th Co. Frank and Betty Boushee (Jacksonville, FL) 19th Co. Roger and Amante Carlquist (Annapolis, MD) 9th Co. Dave and Betty Carruth (Springfield, VA) 13th Co. Tyler and Bettye Dedman (Lake Mary, FL) 21st Co. Tom and Mary Ann Galbraith (Vero Beach, FL)

2nd Co. Warren and Nancy Graham (Ashburn, VA) 12th Co Chuck and Rhona Gorder (Escondido, CA) 1st Co. Grace Harkins and son Bill (McLean, VA) 9th Co. Rosemary Hogg (McLean, VA) 9th Co. Jack Lastova (Silver Spring, MD) 13th Co Charlie and Jean Mertz (McLean, VA) 19th Co. Tom and Alice O’Connor (Alexandria, VA) 13th Co.Paul and Evelyn Riley (Houston, TX) 2nd Co. Phil and Muggs Shutler (Annandale, VA) 1st Co. Hart Stringfellow and Betty (Gainesville, FL) 7th Co. John Tsiknas and companion (San Diego, CA) That is a total of less than 40, even with the children, I know they will be providing transportation. For perspective we had 101 attendees at our 65th including children. I’m providing this list in hopes that more of you will decide to come and if you do please let me or Roger Carlquist know. If we decide to go at this level then I think Ty Dedman has it right, a fairly early dinner on day of arrival followed by a meeting to plan what we want to do the following day, i.e. plan your own gathering with close friends etc and then have a farewell breakfast the following morning. Several people have indicated that two days is sufficient and have requested avoidance of the weekend to make hotel costs a bit lower but I recognize a two-day reunion may make the FL, CA, TX contingent think again about making the trip. At any rate by the time you read this we will still have time to discuss options because we won’t be arranging YP cruises, lectures by the SUPE etc. When I recently mentioned our wedding anniversary it brought in some interesting responses. Some member of Bruce and Joyce Benson’s family told me that they were married on 6/6/47 in the Chapel at 1830, the last wedding of the day. Bruce and Joyce are both deceased. Cab and Libby Davis will celebrate their 70th on 2/3/18. That still leaves me with the question, “are

there any others, still married, who were married on 6/7 June 1947 who observed or will observe their 70th anniversary before Jan 1st ’18. Some other comments were also of interest: Walter “Bud” Kraus wrote, M “Congratulations and God bless. Can’t claim 70 years – 56- my wife Pat passed away in 2003. I did re-marry several years later to a lovely lady with whom I went to kindergarten through 6th grade. That should be worth several brownie points.” Scribe’s note: I certainly agree and congrats. Hart Stringfellow wrote: M “I lost my Teen after 62 good years, but found a “Betty” to fill the lonely years. She had lost her husband on the same day Teen died, in the same hospital, same hour. In church six months later, something whispered in my ear to look left. I saw a lady, sitting alone, looking lonely and dejected, and voice whispered, “go ask her to lunch”. I hardly knew her, but we quickly became friends, went to lunch, and never looked back. When I get to Heaven I am sure I will learn that Teen and Betty’s husband had something to do with our meeting! God works in mysterious ways. I look forward to meeting your Betty at our coming reunion. Hart” Sometimes I write in the column or on email a trigger for a reader so I receive very much appreciated information from a class member. Such is the case with the following from Frank Boushee— M “I have information for you about Ralph C. Roger’s (23rd Co deceased 12/7/50) death. He was one phase behind Bill Lewis, John Herlihy and me going through flight training. He was in the formation flying phase at NAAS Saufley Field, Pensacola, FL. As I recall his flight was practicing rendezvous evolutions with a four plane group. During a rendezvous, he threw up a wing and collided with another plane and could not bail out. I don’t remember what happened to the other plane and student; but believe Ralph was the only fatality. It happened just before


48/49 CLASS NEWS we all got a break for Christmas leave. He was one of the married students as I recall. I believe Gordon Farmer 18th Co (deceased 3/6/54) was one of the first classmates to be killed after getting his wings. I think he was flying a McDonald F-2H-3 off the Essex (CVA-9) in the Pacific on 6 March, 1954. He was killed on the upwind turn of the landing pattern. There is little room for error and less time to react to an emergency at that low altitude and air speed. The Naval History Center in the Washington Navy Yard probably can point Michelle in the right direction to get copies of the ship’s log, AAR, etc. The Navy League could probably furnish info on how to contact the Naval Historian. I know he has interesting articles in the NLUS magazine. Tailhook Association also has a good Historian. I don’t remember how I knew Gordon, probably from Plebe Summer. We were in the same battalion plebe year. Floyd Young and Norm Green lived right across the hall from me and the plebes from NAPS were a close-knit group. Misery loves company!” Since the last column I have learned of the passing of five Classmates and six wives: Classmates: 5th Co. Ortland, W.H.; 6/4/17 # * 6th Co. Claitor, R.G., Sr.; 5/30/17 17th Co. Clegg, W.H.; 6/7/17 # NG Gaskin, J.J.; 5/16/17 NG Harlin, W.W., Jr.; 6/14/17 # bio. in 50 year book bio. in 30 year book Wives: Claitor, Nancy 10/22/14 wife of R.G. Claitor (deceased ) 6th Co. Nancy was killed in an auto accident. She and Bob raised 4 sons. She was an RN with an MS in Psychiatric Nursing. Her career in nursing included the practice of geriatric nursing. At her death she was Harbor Master and co-owner of Marina del Ray in Madisonville, Louisiana and co-owner and former manager of Claitor’s Law Books and Publishing Co. in Baton Rouge. She and Bob travelled extensively in France and she was a member of L’Assemblee Francaise.

Harlin, Barbara 11/22/10 wife of Bill Harlin (deceased) NG. She and Bill raised two sons and a daughter. She was an accomplished artist, an avid gardener, and an active member of her church. Fisher, Elizabeth 5/1/17 wife of Bob Fisher (deceased) 24th Co. Gaskin, Louise 4/24/14 wife of John Gaskin (deceased) NG Tsiknas, Anna 6/21/17 wife of John Tsiknas 7th Co. Lee, Mary Ann 7/21/17 wife of Bob Lee, Jr. (deceased) 14th Co. She and Bob raised two sons. We send our condolences to each family. We too shall miss them. Clair Frahler, wife of Andy (deceased) 13th Co. sent me a couple of sea stories from Andy’s life. One of them I had put in a column quite- a- few years ago but the other I believe you will find of interest. Perhaps some of you were also involved. Andy was aboard Iowa at Pearl Harbor and it became the lead ship in sinking all the radioactive vessels, with their dead animals, that had participated in the Eniwetok atomic bombing experiment several months earlier. There were 200 or more ships placed in concentric circles to judge the effects of the radiation at various distances since the bomb was dropped in the middle of the formation. The IOWA headed up the task force to sink all these ships. The small ships began firing at 8 AM. The Iowa held off until 10 AM since they had the 16-inch guns. The sips that remained afloat sank to the bottom. The Iowa stayed in Pearl another month and then left for San Francisco where it was decommissioned at the Naval Shipyard. It was at this time in Oct. of 1948 that Andy received orders to return to Annapolis. Andy taught seamanship and navigation to midshipmen and coached plebe baseball. I, Claire, came on a blind date. It was love at first sight and we married in June of 1949. We had four children (Don graduated in the class of 1972). The four children gave us ten grandchildren who have had fifteen great grand children. We were married 64 years when Andy died in 2013.


Finally each time I think we have all slowed down and won’t travel much anymore I get a response to a question like this from Helen Lansden, M I am doing fine. Spent a week in Florida with both my girls and two grandchildren. Had a great time. Then Crista and Sam who had come down from Springfield, Missouri stayed with me another week. They just left this morning. The house is very quiet. I usually see them only once a year for two weeks. This year I took a trip to Italy with them. Sam was playing his cello with other orchestra members and their teacher. They played four concerts while there. It was a fun trip. We were in Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome. Glad I had a chance to see him perform and be in his element with friends. A very tiring but happy trip. By the time you read this we will be nose to nose with Christmas! What happens to the time!!!!?

’49 Life Membership: 67% Donor Participation: 13.89% Pres: CAPT Robert Tolbert, USN (Ret.) 1031 Tottenham Ct., Lynchburg VA 24503 e: red49tolbert@verizon.net Vice Pres: CAPT Rick Claytor, USN (Ret.) 9915 Carter Rd., Bethesda MD 20817-1414 e: retxnavy@aol.com (comm. & add.changes) Asst Sec’y: CAPT Mort Neely, USN (Ret.) Sec’y: Paul Laric 299 W. 12th St., #8E, NYC, NY 10014 e: paullaric49@gmail.com Treas: CAPT William Bennett, USN (Ret.) Webmaster: CAPT Robert Tolbert, USN (Ret.) Website: www.usna-class49.org

From the President First, I would like to thank classmates, wives, widows, and family members of the foregoing for their support of my efforts to establish a contingency fund for the Association of the Class of 1949. I am disappointed by the low number of classmates contributing. My goal of $20,000 was based on each surviving graduate giving $100. Contributions received from a much smaller number of generous people should cover the next 4 or 5 years. Nevertheless, when it is December and you need another deduction on your taxes,

I still have lots of letterhead stationary to acknowledge your gifts for proof to the IRS. Second, you are reading this in September and we are reaching the time for serious planning for the 70th Reunion. We have almost $20,000 in the class Alumni Association account, which is used for deposits on hotel reservations, USNA spaces to be used, transportation needs, caterers, special entertainment and events, as well as class mailings and Shipmate announcements (advertising). Being a Maryland state-tax free organization, there are savings on several of the expenditures cited working through the AA. In planning, attendance is hard to estimate and key to obtaining desired venues, and good service, resulting in more enjoyment by attendees. In our initial survey we invited family members, significant others, and caretakers to be included in your numbers attending. For our 65th Reunion, hotel facilities were reserved on State Circle, which responded to requests for being walking distance of USNA and downtown. I don’t anticipate such requests this time. My cursory survey sees The Westin as top of the line rooms $250+ and Marriott on the waterfront about the same rates. Three stars hotels in Parole area are half that price. Parking and access is better away from high traffic areas. Your inputs regarding activities to schedule are invited. Having a Hospitality Suite at the hotel, luncheon in the N Room or Atherton Tower at the stadium, visits to the museum and Mid Store, and motor tours are worth considering along with your ideas. Remember other members in your party in your inputs. Red When you’re young and foolish, you sometimes transgress, even to your own detriment. This happened to a bunch of newly-commissioned ensigns who enjoyed their misbehavior - and would never forget it at the expense of alienating a lot of people whose evening was ruined by the rowdies - and in a foreign country at that. But, hey, what an evening!

49/49 CLASS NEWS Opera Buff(oon)s The Med was always a blast. We climbed the rocks of Gibraltar and quenched our thirst with Malaga, the smoothest of Spanish wines. On the beaches of Cannes we ogled at bikini-clad demoiselles, partied at the Carlton and tried our luck at the Casino - but that for most of us, was not the best idea on an ensign’s pay. When the CORAL SEA (CVB-43) anchored in Naples, a bunch of us ’49-ers (Al Jenks, Bill King, Ed Messere, Joel Rabinowitz, Bob Salomon, Lou Serrille, and I) signed up for a tour of Rome to soak up some culture after the levity of Cannes. The Vatican, the catacombs, the fountains, the Forum and the pasta were all marvelous. But the icing on the cake was yet to come — the opera. And what luck; they were playing “Aida,” and the location could not have been more appropriate for this love-tragedy of ancient Egypt. The location was the amphitheater at the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla, named for one of Rome’s most bloodthirsty emperors. We were about to be treated to a gala performance in an unbelievable setting. The occasion called for a toast, as we waited for the curtain to rise. An enterprising and foresighted classmate saw to that need and the flask of booze he brought along was passed from one to the other, until our spirits soared with the rapidly ebbing level of - I believe it was Strega we were getting high on. The curtain goes up, the music swells and the voices resound in wondrous harmony. Pretending to be seasoned opera devotees, we nodded knowingly to one another, until the charade became too much and the snickers could no longer be repressed. The audience around us responded to our mirth with angry hisses and “basta, basta” - Italian for enough. Little did we care by then as our revelry continued unabated. “Hey, look at that babe with the big ... and look at those bow-legged and knobby-kneed lancers coming on stage.” We were really bad. When beautiful Aida began her mournful aria, one of our opera buffs quickly informed the rest of us that this was her die-aria. “Well, get

her some Kaopectate. That should help,” chortled another one of our rowdy members, as the rest of us doubled over with uncontrolled laughter. But the best - or worst, depending on one’s point of view, was yet to come. In utter desperation of her plight, Aida, standing amid the ancient ruins, lifted her arms skyward to dramatize her misfortune, there emerged from some clouds a propellerdriven Alitalia airliner that not only drowned out the diva’s dulcet tones, but sent the rowdy ’49-ers reeling with side-splitting guffaws. The modern-day aerial intrusion into ancient Egypt was too much for us. And we were too much for the Italian audience. For, in no time, a cadre of unforgiving ushers had us marching single-file, but still clowning, out of the amphitheater and into the Roman night. We topped off this cultural evening with a few nightcaps at a friendly trattoria and felt enriched - each one of us - from an unforgettable “Night at the opera.” I think we outdid the Marx Brothers in their film with that title. Paul From Your Scribes Classmate Ernest Sanders writes that he enjoys our Shipmate columns, but that never to Ernest Sanders contribute makes him feel like the farmer who reached through the pasture fence to milk the neighbor’s cow. He compensates for the “neglect” in a wonderful way, and we thank him. After plebe summer and the academic year began, it wasn’t long before I realized that my roommate (aka “wife”), Bob Rowe, didn’t possess any of the attributes of a human being until after breakfast. This didn’t present any problems, however. It just meant that we Bob Rowe

’49: Celebrants (from the top) Dick Kelly and his daughter, Cindy Jorgenson, with Rita and Tom Watkins.

didn’t communicate in any way until after breakfast. At reveille, Bob would strip his bed and retire to his desk for a few more minutes sleep before starting a new day in which to excel. Of course, it would have been cruel to expect him to report “All Turned Out” when he was in charge of the room. This was a small chore for me but a great undertaking for Bob. So, I performed this task every morning for four years. Later in plebe year, as the days grew shorter and the nights colder, I began to experience difficulty in getting a comfortable night’s sleep with the window all the way up. It seemed that the comfort zone for sleeping in his home state of Iowa was considerably lower than in Mississippi. But, for whatever the reason, when the lights went out the windows went up - all the way. Managing One’s “Wife” One morning after an uncomfortable night, I went to Bob’s bed (after breakfast, of course) removed one of his blankets and said, “Now I have three blankets. Whatever you can stand with one blanket, I can stand with three. You are in charge of windows and I will be in charge of blankets.” Bob was a GREAT roommate, and we roomed together

all four years and never had another disagreement. As an added note, I have fulfilled the prophecy written about me in the Lucky Bag which stated, among other things, that “His great ambition was to retire to his beloved Mississippi Eldorado and spend the rest of his life recuperating from the strain of education.” I have wonderful memories of Bob who, sadly, left us some years ago. I retired from active duty in 1974, having attained the rank of Captain, embarked on a 33-year, second career as a teacher of high school Math and Physics in a small school in Grenada, MS. A career highlight was being named “Teacher of the Year” by the Mississippi Private School Association. What a nice surprise! We received a short item and photo from John Truesdell ’63, Secretary of the Southern Arizona Alumni Chapter, with the following information about ’49-ers at their annual ... ... Spring Social in Tucson. Participating, among 40 alumni and friends, were the Chapter’s two ’49ers, Dick Kelly and Tom Watkins. The gathering was held on May 20th at the Skyline Country Club,


49/50 CLASS NEWS overlooking Tucson. Everyone enjoyed the socializing, the fine dinner and the beautiful view from the terrace. Dick was accompanied by Don and Cindy Jorgenson. Cindy is Dick Kelly’s daughter and is a Federal Judge. Tom Watkins was accompanied by his wife, Rita. Nothing can be finer… In Memoriam Catharine Kinnear Train, wife of ADM Harry D. Train II, USN (Ret.) died on June 3, 2017 in Norfolk, VA. Kelly James Davis, Jr., died on October 13, 2004 in Nashville, TN. Erling Ormseth Barsness, died on May 23, 2013, in Bay City, TX. James Waters Matheney, died on April 13, 2017 in Austin,TX. CAPT Robert E. Brady, USN (Ret.), died on June 1, 2017 in Annapolis, MD. W. Jerome “Jerry” Thomas, died on June 7, 2017 in Sacramento, CA.

’50 Life Membership: 70% Donor Participation: 7.29% Pres: CAPT Thomas H. Ross, USN (Ret.) p: 410-757-3745; e: thasross@hotmail.com Vice Pres: CAPT John J. McNally, USN (Ret.) p: 703-765-8808; e: jmcnallyj@gmail.com Exec. Sec’y: CAPT J. J. McNally, USN (Ret.) Interim p: 703-765-8808; e: jmcnallyj@gmail.com Treas: Col William K. Rockey, USMC (Ret.) p: 703-842-3153; e:wkrockey@cox.net Shipmate Class contact: CAPT Charles L. Mull, USN (Ret.) 25 Thornton Way, Apt. 206, Brunswick, ME 04011 p: 207-729-0073; e: csmull@myfairpoint.net Email System Mgr: William H. Wulftange p: 860-633-5769; e: wwulf7@hotmail.com Webmaster: Col John C. Akin, USAF (Ret.) p: 603-526-6431; e: bojack@tds.net Website: http://usna50.mysite.com

When I started this column early in June, I expected to have reverse shoulder replacement surgery on 30 June, but that has been rescheduled a third time to 2 August. With a heart murmur that I have had for over 25 years, I have just completed nuclear stress tests with high marks. I am still hopeful that I can avoid missing any columns due to the rigid 4-6 weeks recovery period that involves a tight sling with no movement of my right shoulder and

arm during this initial healing period. Full recovery may take as long as six months or more. Hopefully, the light at the end of this 14-month long tunnel can finally be seen. The recent announcement that President Trump is nominating Susan M. Gordon to serve as the next Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence is of interest to our class since she is the daughter of Char and Bob Monroe. The following summarizes parts of the public press release. Her position is the #2 official in the nation’s Intelligence Community, a role that insiders equate to that of chief operating officer. Mrs. Gordon is currently serving as the Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, but she has spent the bulk of her career at the CIA where she most recently served as Director of the Information Operations Center and as the CIA Director’s chief adviser on cyber. She started with the CIA in 1980. At a Cyber Threat Conference on Sea Island, Georgia recently, Mrs. Gordon said, “Data is the new black and that the government has to be more innovative in its approach to threats, which is a tough thing since the intelligence community wasn’t designed for that.” She is said to be highly regarded inside and outside the Intelligence Community, having developed a public-private industry partnership. The depth of her knowledge and sharp mind are invaluable. Sue and her husband live in the Washington area and have two grown children. More information about her career can be obtained on the internet. Thanks, Bob, for providing this information to us and please extend our congratulations to her. Sue will be a great addition to the administration as technology is advancing rapidly in many sensitive areas. The Washington area group met on 1 June and 6 July at LaPorta’s restaurant in Alexandria. Those present at one or both luncheon meetings included: Mary and Frank Carter, Gail and JJ McNally, Char and Bob Monroe, Anna and area coordinator Bill Rockey, Kippy and Tom Ross, Bob Satre, Marion and Milt Schultz, Margy and Bob Shultz,


and Bill Smoot. The McNally’s enjoyed a few days with Ann and Roy Snyder and the Schultz’s in Hilton Head last May in a two-week timeshare with Milt and Roy playing eight (yes, 8!) rounds of golf. Bob and Char are now 18 months into their retirement community cottage, enjoying “marvelous other residents and beaucoup activities”. Tom and Kippy were to meet with the Annapolis group the next day, June 2nd, to celebrate that date on which we graduated 67 years ago. Bill Rockey continues in his report that “most of our classmates and wives are coming up on their 90th birthdays! Where has the time gone?” In fact, at the second luncheon, Bill reports that their children gave their parents a delightful party as they both celebrated the “Big 9-Oh” at a Greek restaurant with live Bouzouki music and 40-some friends “to spark things up”. However, Bill points out that, “A 90th birthday in their retirement residence is just another day of the week!” In my place here in Maine, there is a special luncheon celebration annually in December for all 90+ residents. That includes about one fifth of our residents. Bill adds, time really does fly by! Sally and I will celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary in July. We saw our third year of retirement community living pass in May, our seventh and eighth great grands born in February and April, and we will see #3 granddaughter married in November and my 90th in December. All this in 2017!!! President Tom Ross reports for the Annapolis area group who met on 2 June and 7 July at Ginger Cove. In attendance at one or both meetings were Ed Grunwald, John Henderson, Byron Lee, Ed McLean, Jim Oberholtzer, Phil Ryan (transported by daughter Kathy), and Tom. He goes on to say, “We enjoyed talking about USNA Graduation going so well on 5/26 (always done these days on the last Friday in May). Vice President Pence was well received - not like at Notre Dame!! On the day before, 2pm on 5/25, I represented our class at the Prizes and Awards Ceremonies in Alumni Hall. I presented the Class

of 1950 Binoculars & Plaque Award to 5-striper Midshipman Tom Pecor, ‘17. He seemed to be a fine example of the type of person we want as Chairman of the Brigade Honor Committee. He advised that the committee had reviewed and revised the Honor Concept for USNA during the past academic year. He thought everything was going very well with the settling of Honor Offenses. For his service to the Brigade, he was recognized as a CNO Distinguished Graduate. Midshipman Pecor is due to report to Pensacola on 7 July for flight training as a Naval Aviator. I wished him Godspeed and great success in the future on behalf of the Class of 1950”. ENS Pecor later sent a note to Tom, “Thank you, Captain Ross, for presenting me with this prestigious award. I am forever grateful and deeply humbled by your continued leadership and generosity. This past year has been incredibly rewarding, and I know the Brigade Honor Program is in great hands next year.” Tom continues, “The Shifley Lecture Series that we sponsor at the USNA Museum ended on 11 April. There were five lectures, and I thought they were the best series yet. Also, the attendance was up considerably this past semester. A ‘Well Done’ is well deserved to Claude Berube, Museum Director, who coordinates all the lectures and obtains the speakers.” Thanks, Tom, for your especially newsy reports and your representation of our class at graduation and other functions! We are pleased to have a San Diego regional area report from Bill Martin. Attending their luncheon meeting at the Coronado Golf Club on 2 June were: Mark Frudden with his son Scott and wife Tracey, Bill Grimm, Dick Martin with son John and daughter Terry, and Debby and Bill Martin. Bill and Debby had just returned from a trip during which they made the 100 mark in countries visited! Bill reports that Nancy and Hank Hancock had returned to Maine. Thanks, Bill! In a previous report from the Annapolis group, Tom Ross indicated that John Henderson, after thirty

50/51 CLASS NEWS years, was no longer making a couple weeks visit to Maine this summer. I just had to get to the bottom of that statement. Nobody, but nobody, who has been to Maine, fails to stay or come back! After some urging and reciprocal technical difficulties, John responds: M “Our going to Maine started when I was XO of Navy Supply Depot Newport. At a cocktail party, Shelley mentioned now that we were so close, she was finally going to get to Maine. One of my JO’s piped up that they had orders to GITMO and maybe we could use their usual summer slot in the family’s place at Granite Point (Biddeford). They duly went to GITMO and we to Maine which started our 30- year twoweek love affair with the state. Each year was a real safari—the better part of a two-day drive coming and going, portaging everything but the kitchen sink. Over the years our Maine destinations varied from Granite Point to Bowdoin College (where a son-in-law joined the faculty for a while). We loved the fried clams at Fat Pat’s on the road to Harpswell, to Christmas Cove, and back to Biddeford Pool when the Granite Point owners’ family expanded to require use of the cottage all summer. Our youngest daughter’s employer bought a place we could rent at ‘The Pool’. We attended the launching of USS Gettysburg at Bath Iron Works. One year we drove from the Roosevelt summer residence (Campobello Island) all the way down the coast, encountering a former shipmate in his motor home on the beach at Lubec (eastern-most point in USA) and stopping to pay a call on my former NORTHAMPTON skipper in Castine (Maine Maritime Academy). “Shelley and I are now taking a much shorter jaunt to Upper Black Eddy, PA. It’s a wide place in the Delaware River, opposite Frenchtown, N. J. – much shorter in distance than from Maine, but no genuine ‘beach’. The shift to Upper Black Eddy arose from the wedding of our eldest granddaughter at a nearby country inn for which we rented a house on the river that was just the ticket. It even includes an elevator for every

floor above the garage, kayak, basic supplies and consumables, etc. – and half-day drive from Annapolis! The liquor prices aren’t as good as at the N. H. liquor store, but we tough it out!” John also reports on the class of 1950 residents at Ginger Cove. Shelly and John moved there 18 years ago from Arlington, at which time the Henderson’s were the only ’50 representatives and the class of ’44 was the largest group. The current ’50 group includes Pokey and Don Fraasa, Byron Lee, Jim Oberholtzer, Bets and Phil Ryan, Martha and Tim Wooldridge, the Henderson’s, and widows Molly Coleman and Betsy Wilkins, the largest contingent from any USNA class. Byron has proved to be a croquet powerhouse with Jim O coming up fast! “But we’re all feeling our age!” Thanks, John, for taking the time to give an excellent description of your summers in Maine and portraying a bit of what Maine has to offer. With 41 years in Maine, Sally and I have learned that life here is as good as most any other choice could be, especially the mix of people. “Mainers” we proudly call ourselves! Having raised our three children, six grandchildren, and seven of eight great grands in the state, we think the culture, integrity and other personal characteristics have been enhanced at various stages of their lives. In a late report, it is regretted to report the passing of Dr. Walter L. Bown, M.D. (3rd Co.) on 12 July in Green Valley, AZ. Frank Fahland was so advised by Walt’s wife, Margie. Our condolences are sincerely forwarded to her and their extended family. We will provide additional comment in our next column. Changing gears, this experience is worth your awareness. Just a couple weeks ago, we were nearly the victim of a phone SCAM! The call came at noon from an alleged lawyer representing my grandson by name, a 21-year old local college senior in Portland. A very realistic plea was made on his behalf that he had been in a two-car accident over the weekend, was in jail with OUI (.!0%) and reckless driving charges.

He could be out on bail for $1955 if I was willing to send cash by Western Union from a Brunswick Hannaford Market or Rite Aid store to him, as treasurer of his law firm, to a specified Long Island city address. Queried if the lawyer had tried to contact his dad, his response was that he did not want him to know. As stressed as we were by this time, we certainly were in a sympathetic frame of mind to help. So, off to the bank I went, then to Rite Aid. There we had a discussion with the manager and a young man who overheard the conversion offered his experience with a similar call. Thinking SCAM now, I drove over to the police station and talked about the call. The police officer immediately, without hesitation, concluded we were exposed to a well-rehearsed SCAM call. He described a previous incident wherein a lady was persuaded to send cash to the caller which led to additional sums in order to collect a grand prize of some $100,000 plus value. She never saw the $40,000 she invested in her SCAM incident. After getting back home, I was not able to make contact with my grandson or my son, but shortly did contact his older sister who was certain that her brother had been at work since 0600hrs, and she would verify that. She did so, and by 2pm we considered the incident closed. The caller did call back about 3:30pm as the police officer said he would, to check on the money. Recognizing that the caller’s name and mailing address were fictitious, we and the police could not follow-up. Lesson learned! I hope this SCAM tale is of benefit to all and that your level of awareness of these-kind of monetary solicitations are most realistic and not uncommon these days. How they can be prevented is a national challenge. A late sad note was received from Kelly Coughlin Hightower. She indicated that her mother, Mary Margaret Coughlin, age 89, passed away at her home in Virginia Beach, VA on July 9th, 2017 surrounded by family. She was born March 19th, 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1949 Mary went on a blind date

with John (Bill) Coughlin, then a midshipman from the Naval Academy. They were married on March 30th, 1951 in Pensacola, FL. Thanks, Kelly, for calling Sally and forwarding your mom’s obituary for the benefit of classmates and the many friends of your folks.We send our deepest sympathy to you and your husband, Tim, and to all the Coughlin family. With best regards until post-surgery, Chuck

’51 Life Membership: 70% Donor Participation: 8.33% Pres: RADM Leland S. Kollmorgen, USN (Ret.) 5 Park Pl. #619, Annapolis, MD 21401 p: 410-263-0216; e: tlk619@icloud.com Vice Pres: CAPT Thomas A. Boyce, USN (Ret.) 3717 Carrige House Ct., Alexandria, VA 22309-2709 p: 703-780-7525 Sec’y: CDR Richard Dean USN (Ret.) 4104 Harvard St., Silver Spring MD 20906 p: 301-942-1961, e: rvdean@name.com Shipmate Sec’y: CDR William F. Foster, USN (Ret.) 501 Glyndon St., Vienna VA 22180-3542 p: 703-938-7812; e: feeny1@icloud.com Treas: CAPT F. Trent Shaver USN (Ret.) 1177 Foxhound Ct., McLean, VA 22102 p: 703-356-5588; e: ftshaver@mindspring.com Class Fundraiser: RADM Guy Shaffer, USN (Ret.) 7101 Bay Front Dr., #125, Annapolis, MD 21403 h: 410-269-6609; e: ghbs51usna@comcast.net Museum Rep: CAPT Bob Small, USN (Ret.) p: 410-849-2149; e: rhsusna51@verizon.net Website: www.usna51.com

CLASS OF 1951 MEMBERS: This is being written in mid-July when the middle of the east coast (New York to South Carolina) is hot and high humidity - “muggy”. The west has forest fires; the vast plain after the Rockies endures storms and tornados. So where do people go that can afford it - islands and beaches! Hope this finds you comfortable where ever you are. Many of us that live near to the ole alma-mater are eagerly awaiting football season as it gives us the opportunity to catchup with many of you at home games, homecoming, or an away game. It would be best to go on Navy’s Web site - but here are “away game’s” city’s: Boca Raton, Tulsa, Memphis, Philadelphia, Notre Dame, Houston - and Army in


51/51 CLASS NEWS Philly. The Alumni Association/ Navy Athletics always come-up with something in conjunction with these games, as you know. Had friends visiting yesterday and took them through the Naval Museum. They really liked the amazing bone models done by French Naval Prisoners captured by the British. But of even more interest to my visitors was an explanation of how the USNA education had been changed since our time - there are now 24 curriculums with degree awards, over 500 college level courses. And no “Marching” to class. You will love this rationale; “The new academic emphasis made it too difficult to create a common daily schedule.” More on this later have to get more information. Hopefully most of you are aware that today’s USNA, despite the historic buildings is quite different from that of 1951. The next big “51” gathering will be our 70th reunion. And USNA class history indicates that for the greatest number of class histories the last. So not too early to be thinking ahead. The 70th gathering, being presumptively the last, suggests that we need to consider how best to address the class organization post the 70th. More later - requires interacts with the extant class BOD. Cheers! & Beat Army Da Pres! Scribe’s Report: This column is being prepared on a steamy, Southern California July Day to appear in the fall of 2017. Three Score years and Ten have passed by since the USNA Class of 1951 signed aboard throughout the summer of 1947. The first day of checking in was June 11, 1947 and coming aboard that day were 59 men (alphabetically the first six were Adams, Ardil, Arst, Bakke, Banta and Batchelder.) According to NAVPERS publication 15,019 some 907 members had been signed in to the Class of 1951 that summer which included a few turnbacks into the class. There were some 29 losses reported that summer, 20 resignations, 7 medical discharges and 2 disciplinary drops. Now the

entire new plebe class must come in the same day. In 1951 725 graduated. The latest issue of the large Register of Alumni dated 2013 lists 145 non-grads so the math somewhere is a little fuzzy. We think we have some 223 surviving members of the class, but that includes a number who technically did not graduate but reintegrated with the class in spirit. Consider some of the technical wonders that have appeared since we graduated. The computer world has charged forth. Even TV became a more common household appliance around 1950. I saw my first TV in NYC in 1940, but apparently like “Lucky Strike Green” it disappeared during WW II. Batteries now propel autos and soon humans may not be required to drive them. The Chicago Cubs won the world series (and some said it would never happen.) As a kid in Iowa in the 1930s I listened to ticker tape inspired Cub baseball reported by WHO Des Moines announcer Dutch Reagan. Whatever happened to him? I often call a few classmates before writing a column since the urge to drown the class scribes with pithy information does not seem to appeal to the average 51er. Apparently there has been a rush to dispense with the old fixed in place telephones in favor of the mobile cell phone. So six of my first eight calls reported the phone calls I made reported a number had been disconnected. Our Blue Book telephone directory is about a year old. Go figure. Sorry Allender, Genter,Gillen, Rigsby, Paul Smith and Armstrong. Actually I may just make up a sad story and fib about you later. Andy and Jean Kremm have sponsored monthly class lunches, annual George Washington Birthday Parties and even picnics for the San Diego area gang. Six attended the June luncheon. Kremms have even kept their old phone number. They plan a fall luncheon with spouses in lieu of a picnic so call Andy for a date in September or October. (Try 619-758-1507). Reached Lowell Stockdale, a fellow Iowan, and he is a relatively new bridegroom having married


one of our lovely class widows, Dottie Johnson last fall. They will be living in Havelock, North Carolina near the Cherry Point Air Station. He entered the academy through the Navy, and upon retiring worked for Westinghouse and the GSA for some years. He sports a cane which makes him look more distinguished (and keeps him from falling over, a fringe benefit, of course). Then caught Bob and Betty Loughead at their East Hampton, NY headquarters. They have a grandson out here in Southern California in Venice (Riverside is my home) and he is an active surfer. The Lougheads had lost a son in an auto accident. Bob was on the PR Committee at the trade school and has lived at his current address for some thirty years. He was stationed at Wright Pat AFB in Ohio in 1954...strangely at the same time my cousin, Ed Ruppelt, was there although Bob did know him. Ruppelt’s job at Project Blue Book was chasing Flying Saucers. Bob has had some respiratory problems along the way. Chatted with Bill Langenberg in Alamo. CA in the East Bay area and he was at work. He has had a varied business background in the finance industry. In fact he was selling a business when I called. His golf days have been cut short with a vision problem, but he sounds hale and hardy...and busy. The inimitable Rudy Pierce was home and proved a jovial interviewee although he has had some health concerns in the heart and prostate departments. I suppose he gets a professional discount for any procedures. He is married, has three children and one of the grandchildren is out in Northern California at UC Santa Cruz. Rudy was from a family of seven children. He later called me back and said he had some medical advice for our classmates. STAND TALL! After the conversation I remembered one night when a sign KEEP A BRIGHT EYE AND HAVE A BUSHY TALE was painted on the sea wall near Bancroft Hall. I think it was done by Superintendent Holloway. Does anyone remember that?

Earlier we were considering the last half 20th century progress made in America. I think of two more areas which improved our traveling life. One was the Eisenhower National Highway program. That brought the turnpikes and Howard Johnson. Then there was air conditioning, not only for homes, but also for cars. They improved our cross country commuting for many years. That in turn brought many reunions where two or more of us 51ers could get together. So I guess this is memory time and I might be a microcosm for all members of the class and the mini- reunions we had over the years. My family was in the Midwest and Ann’s on the East coast. We also plugged up and down the Westcoast to June Week wests and related activities. I even traveled around Hawaii. So many have now passed beyond. There were the Morrises in Durango, the Charlie Dukes in Tucson, the Rooks in Ohio. the Hamiltons in Alexandria, Richardsen at Bolling not long before he had his crash, the clan in Seattle— Soraccos, Hunts, Crawfords, Phillips and Childs, always a gang in San Diego with our key man The Ronald Davies, watching Sputnik from the Allen Center Club in Long Beach, Donabedian and the cigar crew in Palm Springs, the Hawaii mafia with Pappy Sears, Lowe Bibby, Sorracos, James P. Miller, Cromwells, Minnigerodes at various times, Boots Johnson cruising, the San Antonio USAF reunion, New Orleans and the Keesler group, RL Millers in PA and FL, Smiths in Annapolis, Pahls in France and Spain. There were those who visited when I was stationed in Japan. A group were in Colorado Springs and Jim Irwin joined in. The Boston Pops. McGarrahs in Texas and Bedford, England. Falcon’s Landing. WPT Hill in Mystic. At times I think I am the second luckiest man in the world...right after Lou Gehrig. Your scribe. John McGrew Barbara Crawford’s Corner: Jim Hunt celebrated his 89th birthday on July 3. Margee and daughter, Cathy, organized a wonderful event with all of their children and grandchildren present.

51/52 CLASS NEWS of the most difficult senior officer assignments in the Navy. In addition to being responsible for the development in any one year of some 4,200 young men and women into professional naval and Marine officers, the Superintendent is constantly under the scrutiny of at least 4,200 parents, thousands of Academy alumni, the city of Annapolis, the government of the state of Maryland, the Chief of Naval Operations and staff, and the Congress of the United States, any of whom readily offer criticism and advice whether requested or not. Yet you have handled it all with remarkable equanimity and grace, and with excellent judgment. You have improved local community relations, and are always hospitable, accessible, cheerful and positive. In addition, in your dealings with the Class of 1952, you have shown your caring support for the old grads. In short, you have earned our admiration and, more importantly, our deep respect. We are delighted to know that your exemplary performance has been recognized by your extension as Superintendent for another year. We wish you the very best in the future, and for your accomplishments over the past three years, we extend to you a most hearty “Well Done!” With warmest regards, and Very respectfully,

Barbara Crawford and Bobbye Childs, of the Class of 1951 Northwest Family, were included for this outpouring of love for Jim.

Jim Hunt celebrates 89th birthday

’52 Life Membership: 69% Donor Participation: 10.40% Pres: John C. Young 20624 Highland Hall Dr. Montgomery Village, MD 20886-4021 p: 301-208-3550; e: jcy52@verizon.net Vice Pres: CAPT Jerome Rapkin, USN (Ret.) 801 Bridgeport Way, Annapolis, MD 21401-6852 p: 410-280-2698; e: jrapkin52@verizon.net Sec’y: CDR William J. Laux Jr., USN (Ret.) 2004 Whispering Ridge Dr., Great Falls, MT 59405 p: 703-209-0606; e: wjlaux@verizon.net Treas: Col Richard E. Denfeld, USAF (Ret.) 21065 Cardinal Pond Terr. Apt. 220HS Ashburn, VA 20147-6115 p: 540-895-9050; e: denf52@aol.com Webmaster: CAPT Jerrold M. Zacharias, USN (Ret.) 950 Willow Valley Lakes Drive, H-508 Willow Street, PA 17584-9663 P: 717-464-1431; E: jzach52@yahoo.com Website: www.toughshoes52.org/Welcome.html

Class President Jack Young furnished the following: ’52 holds luncheon honoring Flag Aide LT Kayla Barron, as she departs for the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program “Class members who had worked with the Superintendent’s Flag Aide, LT Kayla Barron over the last two years, held a luncheon at the Severn Inn on July 24th, both honoring Kayla and expressing appreciation for the Supe’s good works in tending to the Academy. The attendees were VADM Ted Carter, LT Kayla Barron, Jim Sagerholm, Jan and Jerry Rapkin, Rita and Jerry Zacharias, and Jane and Jack Young.


The Class of 1952

________________________________ “Kayla has performed uniquely to get things initiated and done for ‘52. Her career - from Gates Scholar to Submarine Warfare Officer to Flag Aide, and now to Astronaut Candidate (13 selected out of 15,000 applicants) is fundamentally off the charts. With the best services of Signcraft we prepared and presented a plaque to Kayla - from the Class of 1952 with great respect. We think the plaque tells the story on Kayla very well. “Kayla told us of meeting her husband, Tom Barron, also a Gates Scholar and a Harvard hockey player, at Cambridge. Tom is in the Army, in the Special Forces. An amazing marriage that crosses the world. Kayla is effective for all

hands, and she likes ‘52 and was wowed by the 65th. “We wanted to express our appreciation to the Superintendent for his success at the Academy and to help him carry out what can be a significant burden in making it happen. Jim Sagerholm prepared and delivered our letter of appreciation. BZ, Jim. It has a lot of meaning for the Supe and for us. ________________________________ The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1952 24 July 2017 Dear Admiral Carter, It is undeniable that the position of Superintendent of the United States Naval academy is one

“The Supe made some very gracious remarks about Kayla and about ‘52. We are very fortunate to have him for another tour. It was a great afternoon, and there are a lot of good memories to go with it.” Jack O’Connell, the editor of Total Recall, the class reminiscences sequel to As We Recall (Jim Sagerholm – Editor), is starting the publishing process and hopefully the book will be available by the end of 2017. As a result of some of Jack’s other literary efforts, Air Power History magazine, Spring 2017, published a Jack O’Connell article dealing with B-29s in the Southwest Pacific.


52/53 CLASS NEWS The Submarine Review magazine, June 2017, published a Jack O’Connell article dealing with the Pearl Harbor and Philippine Island attacks on 7/8 December 1941. A First Company classmate, Bill Balint, sent in a newspaper clipping, which reads: “William and Shirley Balint are celebrating their 65th anniversary. They were married June 10, 1952, at St. Bernard’s Church, which was then located on North Fifth Street, Indiana [PA]. William had just graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy as a newly commissioned ensign, and Shirley Allen had just received her Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Indiana [PA] State Teachers College. They met over 70 years ago while attending Indiana High School and are proud graduates of the class of 1948. They are parents of five children… They are the loving grandparents of 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Their children have planned a weekend celebration, including a brunch at the Indiana Country Club, to commemorate this joyful occasion.” Congratulations, Bill and Shirley! And I would like to add congratulations to other classmates and their spouses who are similarly celebrating 65 years of marriage. I received a short note from Phil Case, another First Company classmate, regarding his participation in swimming competition: “Just returned this afternoon [8 June 2017] from 3 days at the National Senior Games in Birmingham. I participated in 6 events and got a silver medal in the 50 yd breast stroke, bronze medals in the 50yd back, 100 yd back, and 100 individual medley, and a 6th place ribbon in the 50-yd free style.” San Diego Class of 52 chapter members met June 6, for lunch. Bill Ryan reported that he had received an e-mail from Fox Johnson regarding the event, and commented that the “SD group rocks!” “…Class OF ’52 65th local reunion was pretty neat. Lee Holmes was the host at the La Jolla Country Club and Dick Dietz was the MC. Pretty good turnout. Bill and Kay Knutson were there happy with their new life together.

suffering from internal infections which resulted in my being hospitalized for seven days and truly fatigued. I am on the mend and trying to gain the 50 pounds I lost… Our next major Class event is in early December, the Army-Navy Game luncheon with USMA ‘53. Flyers for this event will be out mid-October. Come join us. Best regards, Chris

‘52: San Diego 1952 Classmates Celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Graduation

Marj Aldern, Mary Numbers and I rode with Big Earl Chinn. Rem and lady were there too. Nice affair. Back to you later. Miss you guys. Luv FOX “Gentlemen: Forgot to mention that Bill Lykes from Arlington, VA was a surprise visitor. Had not seen him in 65 years. Time flies. VR ALCON FOX” n the photo above are: Seated, Left to Right: Bill Knutson, Kay Knutson, Dick Dietz, Earl Chinn, Joyce Dietz, Mary Numbers. Standing, Left to Right: Rem Jackson, Marilyn Jackson, June Welsh, Lee Welsh, Dick Lyons, Lee Holmes, Marj Aldern, and Fox Johnson. FYI: Remington Jackson is a brother of our classmate Dempster Jackson, and was elected an Honorary Member of our group many years ago. Our Class President, Jack Young, received a letter of appreciation from the Supe, Vice Admiral Ted Carter, dated 21 May 2017, for a photo of the “Beat Army” astronaut mission of Jim Lovell and Tom Stafford. Jack commented, “Congratulations to our Astronauts. Tom Stafford is off to Moscow with the Oversight Committee of the Space Station - which Tom chairs. All is well in space - as our Astronauts are joined by the Supe’s Flag Aide LT Kayla Barron, USN who will become a NASA Astronaut Candidate in August.” We continue to lose classmates, wives and widows. Those that I am aware of include classmates Milt Olson, who passed away on 11 March 2017; John Porter Stevens, 11 May; Joe Lacy, 9 June; Bob Kampe, 16 July; and Harry Spencer, 24 July, all in 2017. Wives and


widows who have passed away are Adele Thomas (Svend), 15 April; Marilyn Saxer (Dick), 15 July; and Virginia Lester (George), 25 July. Please let the Class know what you are doing. My wife Pat and I are still adjusting to the traffic-free and humidity-free life style “somewhere in the middle of Montana”, as Merle Haggard sings it. We did take a trip “back East”by automobile to visit various relatives, but mostly to visit our son Scott and his wife Lisa, both USNA ’12 alumni. We are doing very well indeed, and that is exactly what we wish for all the members, their wives and widows, of the Great Class of 1952. And, as always – send me your news!

’53 Life Membership: 68% Donor Participation: 11.35% Pres: CAPT Chris Zirps, USN (Ret.) 1902 Toll Bridge Ct.Alexandria, VA 22308-2447 p: 703-780-6124; E: CZirps53@aol.com Exec Vice Pres: CAPT Alvin S. Glazier, USN (Ret.) 7619 Leith Pl., Alexandria, VA 22307 p: 703-768-2762; e: glophin@aol.com Admin Vice Pres & Corres Sec’y: CAPT Arthur C. Bivens, USN (Ret.) 3724 Acosta Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031 p: 703-273-1392; e: acbivens@aol.com

Class Luncheon and Summer Picnic At the June 6th Class Luncheon in the Ft Myer O-Club the attendees approved to permanently have the luncheons there on the usual first Tuesdays of each month. The service and buffet are much better than the Ft McNair O-Club. Our attendee numbers have dwindled to about 12 each month and we don’t need the larger room we had at Ft McNair. Those of you who do not live in the Greater Washington, DC area and are visiting are welcomed to join us at 1130 in the Fife and Drum room. You don’t need to call anyone, just come. Everyone pays $13 at the door so we don’t have to know the numbers as we did at Ft McNair. Our annual Class Summer Picnic was held June 12th at Retelle Beach, Naval Station, Annapolis where we enjoyed a lovely day at this venue next to the river. Darrell Dempster and Al Glazier hosted the party. Photos taken: Norma and Bob Raffaele (53#1) and Mary Lou Griggs, Sally Dempster, Dottie Hoch (53#2). Other attendees were: Art and Marcy Bivens and daughter Christina, Art and Nell Gilmore, Earl Griggs, Jean Glazier, Horace and Joyce Jones, Gene and Ruth Matheson, Sally Jones, Chris Zirps, and Rob Raffaele (son).

Webmaster: CAPT Paul Dudley, USN (Ret.) e: pdudley@1953.usna.com Website: www.usna53.org

President’s Corner Dear Classmates, We finally got the 65th reunion registration letter out so you should have it by now. A lot of the delay was due to getting busing for the tours and my pulmonary problems. I was also

Norma & Bob Raffaele


Mary Lou Griggs, Sally Dempster and Dottie Hoch

Passings Joe Ann Scott, wife of LCol W. Cooper Scott III USAF (Ret), died June 24, 2017 in Fairfax Station, VA. Along with being a devoted mother and Air Force wife, Joe Ann had many jobs and careers: she worked as an Avon salesperson, computer programmer, bookkeeper/accountant, horse trainer/ breeder, stable manager, and real estate manager. Survivors include her husband of 63 years, 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren. Another son preceded her in death. Watson W. Goldsmith, CDR USNR (Ret) died July 9, 2017 in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Before “Goldie” entered USNA he had graduated from Yale with a BS and a commission as a 2nd LT in the Army. He then changed his mind and opted to become a USNA Plebe. After graduating he served in the Navy as a qualified submariner. He also earned an MS degree from the Navy PG School. He later left active duty and went into the reserves and eventually retired as a Commander. His civilian career involved working for the State of Hawaii….Tak Yoshihara reported to Al Glazier about Goldie’s last days. Goldie’s daughter, Sara Katherine, had been taking care of him for his last month and she asked Tak and Elva to visit with them. They had “a beautiful time together and got him really animated recalling details of his last [dinghy] sailing meet in New York representing USNA in the championship finals the day after our graduation.” Achievements Darrell Dempster is our “Man of the Hour.” Along with his hosting and catering our Class Picnic he went to Birmingham, Alabama to participate in Senior Olympics in Pickle

’53: Racket Ball Doubles Medalists

Ball and Racket Ball. In his words, “I had two fifth place finishes in Pickle Ball and found out that my skill level was not up to the fine play of most of the participants. I fared better in Racket Ball, winning a bronze medal in singles and silver in doubles. I enjoyed Pickle Ball as there were 970 participants of ages 50-94.” See photo of the Racket Ball doubles receiving their medals with Darrell second from right. Also, Darrell has published his book, DEAD BROKE, Life in the Dust Bowl in the Middle of the Great Depression and Beyond with 315 pages and numerous pictures. I reported on his draft of the book in the March 2017 and the June-July 2017 issues of Shipmate. Darrell sent me a finished copy and I congratulated him on publishing his book and thanked him for sending the book with his complimentary autograph. Darrell mentioned that he has not put his book on any Internet sites for marketing, and for now he is the distributer. It is available by sending him an e-mail dseddh@comcast. net. Cost $18 postage included. A friend of Darrell, Peggy Eastman, sent complimentary comments in a message to him as follows: “Your compelling memoir is really the story of an era in our country as well

as your own personal story. This is a major achievement, and I commend you for sticking with it to produce this attractive finished product. It is full of fascinating details and vignettes. You clearly have a fabulous memory.” Anecdotes Larry Watson called me about an article in the Class of 1949 News in the May 2017 issue of Shipmate titled “Blue Goose Memories.” It was sent in by Bill Trueblood (deceased recently) because it involved his brother Don Trueblood (d) who was in the Class of ’49. If you still have a copy and skipped the article you will enjoy reading it. The “Blue Goose” was a 1932 luxury 4 door Buick touring sedan. The story is about the antics of the 8 owners that bought the car for $200 shortly before graduation in defiance of Academy regulations. It reminded me of our similar activities of those of us who purchased a car a few months before our graduation. I bought a used ’48 Chevy that lasted just a few months later in November when it broke down at night in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia on the way home to Tampa, FL. Dave Allen, our 22nd Company California car nut, was a “sales rep” for selling MG’s. I was

tempted. I remember that George Carr, also 22nd Company, bought an MG and being from New York City he didn’t even know how to drive….. Sorry George. Did you know that an undersea robotic wave glider using only the action of the waves for providing propulsion crossed the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia. The robot communicates with satellites and it can stay at sea for a year doing “dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs.” The robot is in 2 pieces; the upper unit floats and looks much like a thick surfboard with a small antenna. The lower unit is tethered some distance below. It has fins that manipulate with the action of the waves causing the lower unit to tow the upper unit at a speed of 2-3 knots. Also, it’s almost invisible in the sea. This was from a presentation to the Northern Virginia Submarine Veterans meeting that I attended – Fascinating! You can Google “Liquid Robotics Wave Glider” for more….ACB

’54 Life Membership: 58% Donor Participation: 12.66% Pres: CAPT George V. Zeberlein, USN (Ret.) p: 410-267-7470; e: gvzeb1@verizon.net Exec VP: MGen William W. Hoover, USAF (Ret.) p: 757-221-0921; e: Hoovsf8@aol.com Sec’y: LtCol Edward C. Tipshus USMC (Ret.) 8315 Fairway Dr., Worthington Hills Columbus, OH 43235-1148 p: 614-846-7770; e: ed@tipshus.com Treas: CAPT Robert R. Briner, USN (Ret.) p: 757-464-4850; e: bobbriner@cox.net Webmaster: CDR Will H. Croom, USN (Ret.) e: willyaye@gmail.com Website: www.54net.org

We recall Annapolis as a sleepy little town during 1950-54. It had a couple of chain stores like an A&P and Grant’s, 3 downtown movie theaters, Hack’s Hobbies, a pawnshop, and The Middleton Tavern. There were a few restaurants, some bars, and small sandwich places. Besides Carvel Hall, there was The Maryland Inn, a Holiday Inn on Riva Road, and a Howard Johnson near the new Bay Bridge, which was completed in 1953. Before its erection, people in boats were ferried to


54/54 CLASS NEWS the Eastern Shore. West Annapolis and Parole were in Anne Arundel County and not in Annapolis. Crabtown’s population in 1950 was 10,047. That changed as Annapolis abruptly grew in January 1951 when Homewood, Parole, and Eastport were annexed. The Public Library was located on Church Circle, where the Reynolds Tavern now stands. Trumpy’s Boatyard was a large marina and boat-building facility in Eastport. The Eastport drawbridge was manually operated. Places that you may recall: Outside Gate Two (now permanently secured) – Carvel Hall, the Greyhound Bus station, and The Water Witch Fire Department* (*still there). Maryland Avenue: Davis Stationery, the Hitching Post, Sam Snyder Quality Outfitters, the Little Campus Inn* (now named Gallway Bay), Primus Custom Uniforms, Archie Glickman Naval Outfitters, Albright’s Music Store, Lowe Tailors, Inc., Harry G. Peddicord & Son Tailors, The Flower Mart, and the G & J Grill (Air Conditioned - I wonder what ever happened to those two beautiful owner’s daughters who waited tables, as many a Mid tried to woo them while sipping a cup of Joe). State House Circle: Crandell’s Drug Store, the Circle Theater (remember the large glowing clock inside on the theater wall?), Tilghman Company (Jeweler),* and the YWCA.  Dockside (malodorous on occasion) - Market House* (significantly changed) where raw oysters, shrimp, clams, and beer could be eaten al fresco and where other fresh edibles were available, Middleton Tavern,* a bakery, Rookies Deli & Market, a hardware store, G. C. Murphy’s 5&10, and a bar or two. Main Street: La Rosa Restaurant, Gritz Liquor Store, Al’s Delcatessen, Green’s Drug Store, Woolworth’s 5&10, Read’s Drug Store, Stokes Grocery, the Republic Theater, Joe Greenfield’s Peerless Tailor shop (Joe sold a lot of Marine uniforms), and The Maryland Inn* [where we had our first (5th) homecoming reunion after the game]. Church Circle: Local library (originally Reynolds Tavern in colonial days), The Annapolis Banking & Trust, US


Post Office, and the governor’s mansion.* West Street: the Capital Restaurant, Weiss’s Jewelers, Antoinette’s (Italian) Restaurant, York Pastry Shop, Kitchin Walgreen Drugs, American and Safeway grocery stores, Capital theater, Marbert (Pontiac) Motors, Universal (Ford) Motors, a bowling alley, and the Capital and Evening Capital newspaper bldg. Far out near Riva Road was a roller skate rink. At the start of our Plebe Academic year ’54 enrolment was 1146. Four years later 855 graduated: 843 received US Armed Forces commissions; 558 USN, 221 USAF, and 64 USMC. We have 37 names listed on Operational Loss Tablets in Memorial Hall (far left corner wall as you enter; uncovered, of course). The 37 include 3 non-graduates. Thirtythree were aviators: 6 plus 2 nongraduates USAF, 24 USN, 1 USMC. Two Navy classmates were lost in Submarine catastrophes, one Marine in a parachute jump, and one US Army non-grad in Germany. Five Naval Aviators were shot down over Vietnam and taken prisoner; 4 survived. Five Marines were awarded Purple Heart medals in Vietnam; all survived. USN classmates received 8 PH (3 KIA) and USAF classmates received 6 PH (1 KIA). In Memorial Hall under the “Don’t Give Up The Ship” Flag (now a replica) is a bronze wall plaque proclaiming: “THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY Class of 1954 With pride and deep respect, we sponsor this listing of the Naval Academy Alumni who have died in battle.” Below encased under glass is a listing of all alumni Killed In Action.


Classmates listed under Vietnam War 1962 – 1973 are Fred Horatio Gates II USN, Kenneth Edward Hume USN, Charles Stoddart Rowley USAF, and Ernest Albert Stamm USN. One evening last June with nothing better to do I started digging into four Annual Registers of the Naval Academy which contained significant data on classmates. Did you ever wonder if anyone in ‘54 completed 4 years without getting any demerits? It seemed to be an impossible feat. Guess what! No classmate did! But, there were 29 classmates who completed Plebe year without a demerit (out of 1021 remaining). Third Class year produced 20 classmates (out of 935) who stood first in conduct (no demerits). Amazingly, FIVE classmates were able to finish Plebe AND Youngster years without a demerit! They were Kowalskey (19)(d.1999), Kurth (19), Nobles (16), Shadden (5)(NG-8/52) and Switzer (10). They are hereby named “The Five Stealthies!” However, as the law of probability asserted itself, during 2/C year they all became casualties of the Rigid Naval Academy Regulations (all twelve detailed pages describing demerits and hours of extra duty). Second Class year produced 20 classmates without a frap (out of 874 remaining). It also identified two more classmates who doubledup in avoiding demerits for two years - Plebe and 2/C Years – Jerry Hamilton (10) and Bob  Martin (12)(d.2010). Finally, during 1/C year, when we “old salts” were now fully seasoned and wise to the ways and means of USNA Regulations, and well experienced in all the

wiles and strategy one could use to avoid the frap sheet, the count of frap-less classmates peaked! There were 33 who evaded getting a demerit First Class year (with 855 graduates). There were 5 more classmates who were able to count two years out of 4 without getting fried: Bob Clarke (16)(d.2009), John Law (15), Eugene Parker (21)(d.1957 Op. Loss), Charlie Rourke (11)(d.2013), and Bruce Wooden (13). That’s a total of twelve classmates who were able to be number one in conduct for two academic years out of four years of rigorous regimentation. BUT, can you believe it? We had ONE classmate who almost achieved the un-achievable; it was our late Major Charles Nobles (16) USAF(Ret) (d.1978). He almost accomplished the impossible by making it through THREE years at USNA without a demerit. That was an amazing feat. His one “bad” year was Second Class Year when he was put on report ONCE! He stood 21 for conduct (20 tied for number one 2/C year so he tied for “second” with 24 others who stood 21st). That suggests getting fried for something trivial. Somewhere out there we have a classmate who was in the 16th company and has a great sea story to tell on how Charlie Nobles, ultimate Stealth Midshipman, got fried only once! Remember how easy it was to be put on report without warning? It seemed that no matter how hard you tried to follow regs and keep neat and squared away, somehow the fickle finger of fate would suddenly descend on you and strike without warning. As usual, we griped, but most of us broke many more regs without getting nailed – some abutting on Class A confinement and weekends. So, those few Ten and Twos or Fifteen and Threes were just a part of life at the Academy, although they did interfere with liberty time. C’est La Vie! By the Ides of July 1954 our free Graduation Leave was expiring, and our new active duty adventure began. We had enjoyed some fishing, nights out with old friends, and getting used to not hearing that

54/55 CLASS NEWS loud clanging 30 second alarm bell ringing to wake us for 0615 reveille. We enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing without any rigid schedule! Many were packing for their first ship, upcoming training, or first active duty station, and some newlyweds were completing a honeymoon. OLD SHIPMATE SNAPSHOTS JULY ’54: Listed under the new Alumni of the Class of 1954 are the following ‘54 classmates who got married in weddings performed at the USNA Chapel in June: Friday 6/4 - Robert F. Clarke (16), Stanley R. Swanson (18), Thomas F. Murray (6), Henry J. Gaynor (16), Jack C. Perkins (2), John P. Jones Jr. (11), John C. Marshall (17), Robert L. Smidt (13), William S. Harris (20), John S. Pustay (3), Robert L. Brewin (7), Clyde L. Ward Jr. (17), Charles P. Poreda (19), Jay R. Smith Jr. (22), Terence B. Sutherland (5), Edgar R. Terry (10). Saturday 6/5 – John J. Carson (20), Steve L. Ramos (14), Frederick J. Franco Jr. (16), Peter B. Fiedler (12), Robert H. Thalman (11), Harold L. Young (8), Austin L. Byers (16), James S. Zimmerman (17), William A. White (14), Joseph A. Derrico (8), Theodore J. Huttinger (18), John E. Wells (23), Chester R. Oberg (20), Dennis R. Trone (21), Donald P. Bowen (23), Jerry L. Hamilton (10), Herbert J Dean (8), Keith L. Walker (7), William P. Colvin (15), Harry J. Sweet (1), Edward H. Tandy (17), Maurice H. Werness (4), Davis Sayes (13), Jon C. Dilweg (17), Gary T. Smith (18), Richard R. Read (9). Sunday 6/6 – Robert B. Conklin (23), Dale L. Picardat (8), Kenneth D. Burns (9), James R. Ramzy (9), Peter C. Alecxih (19), Kenneth E. Hume (8). Monday 6/7 Edward R. Shannon (22), Gerald M. Carter (8). Saturday 6/12 Thomas B. Hudgins (11), Paul D. Stroop Jr. (1), and Edward K. Walker Jr. (7). Following the listing of June marriages in the Chapel is an alphabetical listing of all the graduates of the Class of 1954 first duty station. AUGUST ’54 - Colorado Springs, Colorado has been selected for the new Air Force Academy. New Buildings should be ready for use in 1957. The Academy will begin operations in a temporary academy in Denver for

its first 300 cadets in July 1955. SEPTEMBER ’54: The homecoming weekend reception in Dahlgren Hall and mess hall dinner after will cost $3.00 (alumni/adult guests only). The $3.00 INCLUDES free drinks in Dahlgren Hall. Rooms in the Bancroft Hall visiting team dormitory for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are available for 0.50 per night (alumni only). A box lunch is available for $1.50 for Saturday September 25th, football game day. The intent is for the Alumni Association to not make a profit on homecoming weekend. This legacy was left by our first Superintendent VADM. Harry Hill. *The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has the contract to modernize the carrier USS Midway for the atomic age for over $40,000,000. OCTOBER ’54:  Displayed under “The Bulletin board” Pages (social activities) are beautiful photographs of new Brides (some with Grooms): one is of  Mrs. Nils Ronald Thunman (22). *Under “The Navy on Capitol Hill and Academy Service Credit” we read: “Graduates of the Military, Naval, and Coast Guard Academies, active, and retired, can rest assured that in the not distant future their service at the academies will be officially recognized as real active Did anyone really “rest assured?”

’55 Life Membership: 62% Donor Participation: 8.07% Pres: RADM Malcolm MacKinnon, III, USN (Ret.) Vice Pres: VADM J. Theodore Parker, USN (Ret.) Treas: CDR Robert P. Pirie Jr., USN (Ret.) Sec’y: CAPT Thomas F. Stallman, USN (Ret.) e: staltom@aol.com Corr Sec’y: Frederick Schoenberger e: fredseod@gmail.com

Claude (“Skip”) S. Turner, Jr. (21) (non-grad) passed away in Martinsville, VA on October 12, 2016. James (Jim) P. Kelly, Jr. (1) passed away in Santa Ana, CA on June 16, 2017. Powell F. Carter, Jr. (22) passed away in Harper’s Ferry, WV on June 28, 2017. Robert (Bob) E. Emery (20) passed away on July 2, 2017 in Waterford, CT.

Bill Manthorpe (13) hosted a memorial gathering and luncheon at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club, Rehoboth Beach, DE, on June 10, 2017, to honor the memory of his late wife, Judy. Attending from our class were Jack and Leslie Baldwin (13) and Fred and Nora Schoenberger (11).

L to R Bill Manthorpe, Fred Schoenberger and Jack Baldwin

Tom Stallman (14) reported on his recent trip. M Marge and I participated in a 10-day trip to Europe from May 5 14. The trip was called Swiss Alps & The Italian Lakes. It was sponsored as a Joint Academy Travel offering and organized by AHI. We spent 4 days in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and 4 days in Stresa, Italy, on Lake Maggiore, with a transition day in between. Highlights for me were: a train trip through the Alps from St. Moritz to Tirano, Italy; an excursion to Milan, Italy, to view The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci; and a lot of great scenery in both locations. We had a nephew of Marge and his wife with us, and the other travelers were couples from USNA classes of ‘58, ‘60, ‘64 and ‘73 plus one couple from the Air Force - a nice group of fourteen. We were the oldsters but kept up with the others very well.

Tom & Marge Stallman

The Mysterious Boing by Fred McLaren (13) Back in the mid-1950’s the Soviet Union’s submarine force was frequently given credit for capabilities that it did not yet have, particularly with regard to the long-range deployment of its submarines. As a result, Submarine Force Pacific spooked easily, and frequently overreacted at times when we heard something under water that we could not readily classify. Toward the end of a ten-day exercise in 1958, Greenfish was playing the role of a submerged enemy submarine when our sonar watch thought he detected a Soviet submarine in our vicinity. He initially concluded that it was a Soviet Zulu-class diesel-electric attack submarine based on several low-frequency active sonar pings detected close-aboard that sounded like loud boings. Our commanding officer immediately took the conn, ordering Greenfish to head for periscope depth and then to a fully surfaced condition as per ComSubPac’s standing orders for such a situation. An Uncle Joe code word alert was immediately sent off to all other exercise participants via VHF radio and the underwater telephone in the event there might be any other U.S. submarines operating fully submerged in our near vicinity. Once all participating submarines were on the surface and accounted for, ASW patrol aircraft were called in to search for and localize the possible Soviet intruder. An intensive search of the area over several hours using sonobuoys turned up nothing, however, and the exercise was resumed after all participating units had been repositioned. All of us on board Greenfish were frustrated and disappointed, of course. This scenario was to repeat itself innumerable times in the local operating areas surrounding Pearl Harbor for the next four decades at considerable cost of valuable military resources and operational time, never resulting in the location of the supposed active ranging Soviet submarine intruder. Then, in early November 2002, David Starr Jordan,


55/55 CLASS NEWS a U.S. research vessel cruising Hawaiian waters, detected the same boing sounds and eventually tracked them down during the course of several days to a Pacific minke whale, about twenty-three feet long. Some researchers believed it might be a mating call. More recently, authorities have concluded that the dwarf minke whale, discovered just fifteen years ago, was and is the source of these noises. Note: this article was taken from Fred McLaren’s book, Silent and Unseen, available from Amazon

USS Greenfish (SS-351)

Radar Analysis and the Ill-Fated U2 Flight by Hal Pabst (17) I entered the USAF after graduation and was sent to radar school in Biloxi. After two years of ground radar operations, I was transferred to a Radar Evaluation Squadron where I remained for the next four years. Our mission was to ensure that the radar net that surrounded the USA (before satellites) was peaked and effective at all times. As a Radar Evaluation officer, I became quite experienced in radar performance and electronic beam propagation in various atmospheres and altitudes. I was assigned to evaluate radar operations at a variety of sites from southern Texas to the mid-Canada line, and from “Texas Towers” on the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean to picket ships in the Pacific… all guarding the borders of the U.S.A. against enemy intrusions from the air. Before any U-2 was sent over Russia in 1962, it was mandatory that we determine the detection capability of the Russian ground search radar system to ensure the U-2 would not be detected. Gary Power’s flight plan assigned him to fly from Pakistan to over central Russia then west to friendly territory. In 1960, I was assigned the task to determine the parameters

that would make this mission successful. Along with five enlisted radar professionals, we traveled to an east coast radar station (Montauk Point, NY) on a classified mission. Our orders were to secure the radar station and have all assigned station personnel vacate their posts. My team had absolute authority to take full control until our mission was fulfilled. The LtCol in charge was not happy with this situation and I had him contact Headquarters USAF to verify our orders. Once in place, our next step was to peak the radar performance and then “detune” the FPS-3 (fixed radar search) to the specifications that matched the capability of the Russian radars, which were somewhat inferior to ours at the time. Once we were prepared, our orders were to provide radar scans 24 hours a day until we detected unknown targets (bogies). On day three, we detected a bogy using the FPS-6 Height Finder Radar, which was not detuned, at an altitude of 73,000 feet. We tracked this target as it lowered its altitude until we detected it on the search radar at 64,000 feet, or the altitude that the Russian radars would detect the flight. We gathered up our data, prepared our report, and provided our finding to the Pentagon. Later we learned that this information determined at what altitude the U-2 had to stay above, which also dictated the distance from the Russian border it was permitted to fly (penetration) in the event of a two-engine failure. The pilot was to maintain the “safe” altitude and glide into friendly territory. Gary Powers was employed by the CIA to fly the first mission over Russia. From the Radar Evaluation report, he should have stayed above the 64,000-foot minimum threshold in order to avoid detection. Based on the information released, Powers was hit by a ground to air missile at 37,000 feet altitude. He failed to take the suicide capsule and was captured by the Soviets. All of this was highlighted in the Spielberg movie, “Bridge of Spies”. Why did this happen when so much was planned to avoid the very


catastrophe that occurred? Anyway, we’ll never know, but Powers was awarded the DFC and Prisoner of War medals. He died in 1977 from a helicopter crash and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I am fully aware that at the time of the loss and detection of the first U-2 spy mission, our government wanted to “soft pedal” the entire situation, but it has bothered me for the past 55 years. Roger Coffey (21) recounts some amusing happenings while in “Navy Land.” M I received a Western Union message delivered June 27, 1951 authorizing me to report to the Academy on July 2nd. Not a whole lot of notice. Despite the short notice, I made it. The side story is more interesting. At the time I was dating Jo. She, having just graduated from high school, was, I found out later, thinking marriage. I, on the other hand, had no such intention; so it was a real shock for her when I told her I was leaving in three days for Annapolis. She survived, and four years later I did the right thing, and we celebrated our 62nd anniversary recently. I was 4F at the time, having failed the AF Cadet and draft physicals. At the plebe year physical exam, I was told that I was not physically qualified, but, as long as I was there, I could stay. At the 1/C physical, I was told, “I could fly the big iron bird.” I chose the line and retired O-6 in 1983.

Walter Flowers (3) reported on the “Crab Feast” at Pirate’s Cove Restaurant in Galesville, MD. M Thirty classmates, wives and class widows gathered at Pirate’s Cove Restaurant on July 12th for camaraderie and fellowship. Our class president, Malcolm MacKinnon, welcomed the group and encouraged friendly conversation. A short survey form was distributed which resulted in overwhelming support for a return to Pirate’s Cove next summer. The 3 photos shown depict the group in action.

Dick Ruth (16) sent in a photo of his grandson’s wedding. Barb and Dick Ruth with grandson, Lt. Bren Rhoad and Kate were at their wedding in Lancaster, PA. Bren had returned from a nine months deployment in the Carl Vinson with the Flag Intel. Bren is the son of our daughter Deb (Mrs. John Rhoad). Kate Silvis Rhoad is from Harrisburg, Pa. They are both Penn State grads.


More than 75 years are available online to all Alumni Association members. Visit usna.com/shipmate.


’56 Life Membership: 69% Donor Participation: 12.15% Class Executive Committee Chairman: Col George Mushalko, USAF (Ret.) (15) e: gmushalko@cox.net; p: 703-768-4543 Shipmate: Dan Garges, USAF (Ret.) (24) p: 301-340-8197; e: magdan_56@yahoo.com Sec’y: CAPT Doug Hayman, USN (Ret.) (11) p: 410-268-0740; e: dfhayman@comcast.net

residents who attended our 56West welcoming were Kyran O’Dwyer, Emily Talbert (Joe), and George Biles. George and Thomas Fleming (Class of 1958), former shipmates of Jimmy, hosted Jimmy at a Coronado watering hole during his visit. The picture below shows a typical southern California day of bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures, after eating a filling lunch and recounting old sea stories.

Webmaster: Bob Keller, USN (Ret.) (12) p: 781-329-5101; e: rmkeller34@verizon.net Website: www.usna56.org “Deo Fidelis et Patria”

Jimmy Hogg (17) Goes West: Jimmy and Anne Hogg vacationed for a month in southern California in early 2017 (possibly to escape snow in the Northeast). 56West hosted a friendly gathering of classmates and spouses to welcome Jimmy and Anne with typical open-armed California hospitality! Coronado

Left to right: Tom Fleming, Jimmy Hogg and George Biles

Chip Honsinger (4) says, “Youngster Cruise déjà vu - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro!” Recently we alumni received a brochure showing that the

USNAAA is sponsoring this two-week cruise departing from Buenos Aires on about March 20, 2018. Mary and Chip Honsinger are going and hope that many of our ‘56 classmates will go too. “In the meantime,” he wrote, “we will travel to Canada, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Panama, and around the southern USA.  We travel a lot and keep busy!  Here at home in Lexington, Virginia, we work in several volunteer activities, chiefly in our food pantry (the second largest among 300 in our area) and in Rotary service projects.  My military connections are as a director of our local, five-star chapter of the Military Officers Association of America and as a close neighbor of Virginia Military Instute. Our family statistics include eight-plus great grandchildren. Mary and I look forward to more crossings of our travel paths with other members of the Class of ‘56.” New Navy Football Fan! – Doyle Patrick Flannery is proud to announce the birth of Gerald Thomas, the grandson of Gerald “Rod” Flannery, born on April 5, 2017.

The handsome lad’s photo is shown below and his dad says this new fan expects to be meeting 56ers at Navy football games this coming Fall!

Gerald Thomas Flannery – “Go Navy”

Last 56 East Coast Luncheon: The last luncheon of the Spring 2017 Season was held at Ft. Meyer’s Officer’s Club. It was a very good turnout of 45 classmates and wives. We had three delightful women speakers from the Salvation Army who spoke about their history going back to the late 1800s when the need to care for the destitute and needy was originally recognized


Hosted by Tom Teach ’68 and the USNA Alumni Association

Saturday, 18 November 2017 • 10:30am to 1 hr after the game located at 18443 Bulla Avenue, South Bend, IN 46637

Order your tailgate tickets for Navy @ Notre Dame $50 Per Person—21 and over Online Credit Card Registration: Go to www.usna.com/tailgates—click on the Notre Dame link, login is required.

Mail In Registration: Download form to pay by check at www.usna.com/tailgates and mail to Century Foam INC, Attn: Navy Tailgate, P.O. Box 2207, Elkhart IN 46517 Be sure to include name and class year. For more information, please contact 574-361-8386

Tailgate Menu: Main Dining Tent: Sirloin Burgers • All Beef Franks • Complete Condiment Bar Smoked Sliced Pork Loin • Garlic Mashed Potatoes • Country-style Green Beans Fresh Rolls & Real Butter • Decadent Bars and Cookies • Bottled Water & Assorted Sodas Alumni Tent: Assorted Appetizer Platters • American Espresso Gourmet Coffee Carts (2) Fresh Popcorn • Hearty Navy Chili• Beer and Wine• Bottled Water & Assorted Sodas

Entertainment During Tailgate: Performances by The Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corp, USNA Cheerleaders and Bill the Goat Special guests will include the Naval Academy Superintendent, midshipmen from the brigade and distinguished USNA guests

Navy @ Notre Dame Game Tickets are available thru NAAA at 1-800-US4-NAVY SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 67

56/56 CLASS NEWS with growth to the current worldwide organization. Elaine Craig, wife of Bob (20) - A plaque honoring Bob Craig was added this year, 2017, to Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial in La Jolla, CA. (see plaque photo below). Elaine, originally from Baltimore, met Bob on a blind date in his Youngster Year. She was in nurses training in Mercy Hospital in Baltimore when they met and they married the day after graduation. They had five children and Elaine was pregnant with a sixth when Bob was killed in an aircraft accident at sea in August 1963. She was able to return to nursing a few years but was otherwise fully occupied raising the children with the help of her mother. Ten years after Bob’s death she remarried—a widower with 5 children; he passed away in 2005. Since then she has largely lived alone while taking care of her mother until her passing. Today she is very active in her church as head of the Bereavement/ Grief and Healing Committee and very busy taking care of funeral arrangements and meeting and consoling families. In fact she said her faith and children sustained her in the years after Bob’s death. Also the children from

both marriages live in the San Diego /Southern California area who keep in touch with her and provide much support. Jim Johnson Open House Reminder: Ed and Martha Burke are traveling all the way from their home in Kailua, Hawaii to visit classmate and 8th Company mate Jim Johnson in Fairfax, VA. Jim is also asking that as many classmates and wives as possible attend the Open House on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 located at 4134 Minton Dr., Fairfax, VA 22032-1131 (from 1100 to 1400). Come to the Open House and prepare to attend the Air Force game in Annapolis on the following Saturday. The following announcements are made about the recent passing of classmates and classmate wives. Full obituaries for classmates will be presented in the Last Call Section of this or in a future issue of Shipmate. Murray M. J. Nicholson Jr. (11), age 83, passed away on March 16, 2017. Murray, or “Nick” as he was known, also attended Vanderbilt University for a year before he entered the U.S. Naval Academy and became an aviator, serving aboard the USS Intrepid [CVS-11], as an A-4 Driver with VA-66, and a tour

‘56: Bob Craig Memorial Plaque


aboard the USS Saratoga [CVA-60] with VA-340. He left the Navy in 1966 to join TWA to become a Captain for TWA before his mandatory retirement at age 59. He then became a personal pilot for entertainer, Reba McEntire until he became ill with throat cancer in 1995. Nick is survived by his current wife, Ruth Tapscott Nicholson; 6 children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Roy W. Fowler, Jr. (NG) died of a heart attack at Folsom, CA on April 29, 2017. He was 82 years old. Shortly after accepting his appointment to USNA (Class of 1956), he was notified that he had been accepted to Stanford University and with great consideration and thought, he decided to leave the academy and pursue a civil engineering degree at Stanford University. Upon graduation, he was stationed in the 5th Air Force, Itazuki Air Base in Japan as the Base Civil Engineer. As a civilian engineer, he worked for several construction companies in important capacities and was involved in developing the North Star Ski resort in Tahoe, CA and Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara, CA. Roy is survived by his wife, Marianne P. Fowler of 23 years, three sons/stepsons, two daughters/stepdaughters. He was a grandfather of 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Burial Ceremony for Duane H. Barnhart (19): There was a large turnout of classmates for the committal ceremony held at the USNA Columbarium which was very much appreciated by Duane’s family members. Duane lived an active outdoors life hiking in the Swiss Alps and running the Honolulu marathon along with many sailing and skiing and camping ventures with his wife and daughter. After a career in the Navy, Duane and family settled down in beautiful Hawaii. Emily Annette Christophersen, age 82, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Thursday June 29, 2017 in South Range, WI. Emily met the love of her life, Midshipman John Christophersen (19) while attending Towson Teaching College in Towson, MD. It took just two dates for John to propose!

Emily and John traveled the country extensively, frequently bringing family along. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have many tales of their trips together - from taking all 6 children on a two-week trek around Lake Superior, to carting grandchildren to Alaska to visit family. She is survived by all 6 of her children, as well as 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Frank L. Boebert (14), age 84, of Venice, FL, passed away July 03, 2017. Frank was born in Astoria Oregon. After graduation from the Naval Academy he went on to serve his country for 26 years receiving a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam. Frank continued his career as a civilian working for Dataproducts New England for 14 years as a quality assurance manager and product sales director. Their favorite vacation spots were Northern Italy and the Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. He leaves behind his beloved wife of 53 years, Renata, two daughters, a son and several grandchildren. A funeral mass was held on July 25th at the Epiphany Cathedral. William G. Loveday Jr. (18), age 85, passed away on Wednesday, June 29, 2017. He was born on July 3, 1931, in Gloversville, N.Y. and attended Middlebury College in Vermont for one year before enlisting in the Navy in 1950. After a two year enlistment, Bill entered the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and graduated in 1956. After 20 years in the Navy Bill became a mortgage banker as a second career finally retiring to a life of leisure and travel. He and his second wife Joan engaged in RV travel throughout much of the CONUS with special love for Stowe, Vermont and Canada Lake in the Adirondacks. Bill is survived by his wife and three children. Edward John Covey (07), 86, Valley Grove, passed away Monday, July 3, 2017, in Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. Edward was born February 24, 1931 in Sharpsville, PA, He was a member of St. Michael Parish Church, Wheeling, WV. Edward retired from the U.S. Navy in 1982 as a Captain, after serving for 33 years in submarines.

56/57 CLASS NEWS Wife Rosemary and Ed settled in the hills of West Virginia including living in a log cabin and taking up the farming of chestnuts. They also have been busy with volunteer work for the poor through church activities. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on July 8, 2017, at St. Michael Parish Roman Catholic Church. Ed is survived by his wife, Rosemary (Pirozak) Covey, two children and one grandchild. Ernie James (12): The St Louis Chapter continues to conduct a Memorial Day Ceremony at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Each of the Service Academies has a wreath for an appropriate monument. Cliff Schoep and Dan Sullivan added a ribbon for Ernie James of nearby Belleville, IL. They were pleased to salute a classmate with such an admirable career service record. Shown below is a picture of a wreath that will send to the family. A marine and a career Air Force officer honoring a Navy pilot was a unique and honorable situation.

Ernie James wreath


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Thomas Joseph Burke (3) died on 7 July following hospitalization for an injury from a fall. Tom is survived by his wife Janet, two sons, two daughters and their families, including eight grandchildren. Philip Clayton Holmen (11) passed away in Doylestown, PA on June 8. Phil was survived by his wife Jeannine, son David, daughters Cheryl and Debbie and four granddaughters. Commander Douglas Long Lowrance, USN (Ret.) (11) died on 8 July. Doug is survived by Susan, daughters Jeanne, Jane and Susan and five grandchildren. Lieutenant Colonel John Duane Balent, USAF (Ret.) (14) passed away on 8 July. John was survived by his wife Barbara, daughters Tracy, Kathryn, Carrie and Elizabeth and son Trent, and eight grandchildren. Captain George Eugene O’Brien, USN (Ret.) (16) died on 22 July leaving as survivors his daughters Kathleen and Victoria and their husbands, five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. We begin this edition by providing a bit of catch-up and complete our coverage of the much-talked-aboutand-reported-upon and much-enjoyed 60th reunion which took place in early April. This final piece comes courtesy of the Fightin’ FOURTH and spokesman Walt Meukow: M ”In the annals of USNA lore is there a recorded event where USNA graduates sang ‘On Brave old Army Team?’ Well that is exactly what

happened at the Fourth Company, Class of 1957 60th Reunion dinner party on 7 April 2017 at the O’Callaghan Hotel in Annapolis. “An audio connection was made to Mrs. Joanne Patton, widow of George Patton III, the Company Officer for the Fourth Company in our First Class year. The occasion was made particularly poignant as Joanne had just had major heart surgery; but she participated in the conversation and responded with great grace to our initiative, as we expected she would. A few days later I received the following e-mail. I intended to just summarize it for distribution to the company but, on second thought, considered it so special that I post the whole message below: “To the Members of 4th Company, Class of 1957: First, Congratulations! I cannot think of a gift that has touched me more than the telephone call I received from you, singing ‘On Brave Old Army Team’ in unison, as I collapsed with surprise and delight. To hear that not only had my beloved late husband and I been remembered at this time, but that you even recalled dining at our quarters back then - well it was and always will be a treasured experience and memory for me. “Surely, it would be deeply appreciated by my husband, who probably was cheering from above, and maybe even singing ‘Anchors Aweigh’ as I tried to do! You will always be an important part of our history and our lives. Our family is grateful for your enduring friendship. God Bless you all, always! Joanne Patton” Thanks, Walter, for sharing this splendid piece with the rest of us. A couple of other Fightin’ FOURTH members, Harry Gimber and Jim Beatty, were both in from Coronado just days apart with the news that our man George Kachigian is still making news out there. Here are the essential parts of the communiqué from Jim: M “An article appeared recently in the San Diego Union-Tribune about three local major league baseball scouts who have ‘really seen it all.’ The article reports ‘They are the last of their breed: scouts who began watching ballplayers from behind

the backstop in an era when pretty much all you had to go on were your eyes and your ears. Then technology was limited to a stopwatch and advanced analytics was a roster that included jersey numbers with the names.’ “One of the three scouts pictured and quoted is our own George Kachigian. George began his career scouting with the Chicago Cubs nearly 40 years ago. He has been scouting for the Chicago White Sox organization for the past 28 years. At the end of his Navy career in the late eighties, he coached his sons in Little League. He enjoyed that and soon held assistant coaching jobs at Marian Catholic High and Grossmont College before becoming head coach at U.S. International University. When the USIU baseball program folded, George turned to full time scouting with the White Sox. “The three local scouts discussed the impact on scouting of developments such as the speed gun. From George’s viewpoint, the gun has helped scouts. Nevertheless, he opined that a number can’t be placed on important factors such as a player’s heart or desire. The scout has to know the individual to be able to properly evaluate his capabilities and potential. “One indication of the significance of George’s contributions to the Chicago organization is the World Series Championship ring presented to him by the White Sox at the conclusion of the 2005 Major League Baseball season. Well Done George!” Harry adds: “He (George) is believed to be the only USNA graduate entitled to wear a World Series Championship ring. It was awarded to him after the White Sox won it all in 2005.” How about them apples? The next station reporting was Bill Hamel with all the details on a swing through the south: M “We finally fulfilled a long-deferred wish to take a road trip in the U.S. Southeast. Bought a new freeway-friendly vehicle (Toyota Highlander), waited through various family and medical


57/57 CLASS NEWS episodes, and set out 12 April from Annapolis on the way to Sanibel Island in southern Florida. On the way there and back, we visited Sue’s long-lost cousin; a childhood home (Parris Island); Charleston; Louise and Larry Magner; and Nancy and Earl Piper. “Our week at the Sundial Resort on Sanibel included ninehole golf for me, and for the both of us, hours lolling on the beach in pristine weather. Next year, it will be two weeks. “Coming home we headed for the Fleet Landing establishment in Mayport, FL where Louise and Larry have settled into a delightfully comfortable lifestyle, in a beautiful home surrounded by amenities, opportunities, and a goodly number of military retirees. They gave us an excellent dinner, including one of the best steaks I have had, and a tour. Fleet Landing is definitely on our short list for when the time comes. “From Mayport, we drove up to Greenville, South Carolina, and met the Pipers for lunch in their Cascades Verdae community. As in Fleet Landing, extremely impressive and comfortable, offering so many amenities and opportunities. Another addition to our short list. “The Pipers are close friends from our earliest days as Lieutenants, USMC, serving at Camp Pendleton, California. We parted ways there, he to Okinawa and I to First Force Recon at CamPen. And did not see each other except once for lunch in Annapolis some 17 years ago. Earl presents two pictures: a B&W from

’57: Ray and Jeanie and the Fazzios

1958, when we were trying, without success, to master surfing ;and one from this visit. He asserts that we have not changed a bit.” And how about this contribution from Ray Fazzio picturing the man and his entire squad...with the following intro: M “Jeanie and I celebrated our 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary at the Marines Memorial Club in San Francisco on 24 June. Attached is a photo of the family.” Those of you who frequent these pages know just how dependent the scribe is on the skilled hand of Bart Campbell to produce material that raises our horizons month-tomonth. So it is especially sweet to have the man himself (and his everpresent assistant, Smiley) volunteer

’57: A Few Campbells

a few groups on his own activities - which is just what we happily share with this edition...albeit a very short account of Campbell family movements: M “The Campbell family had a mini-reunion the week prior to the July 4th week in Monterey at my daughter and son-in-law’s home (Donna and Tony). Dottie’s sister Anne and niece Christine had come out for a visit from San Antonio and Austin respectively. Donna and Tony fixed a great BBQ dinner and we got to spend quality time enjoying the grandchildren and listening to their stories and achievements. In the photo are Aspen (11), Campbell (18) soon to be off to college in Oregon, their mom Donna, sister Anne, Tony, niece Christine and grandson Aidan (17). Dottie and yours

’57: The Lads - Then/Now 70 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

truly fill out the group. Campbell has a summer job as deck hand on the whale watching boats that leave from Monterey’s wharf – yet I couldn’t talk him into going Navy!! But Aspen is thinking Air Force Academy – not USNA but still a good choice! Aidan is fast becoming an expert in coding and gaming software. As you can see from all the smiles, we had a great time!” Sorry to say that this wraps up everything we have for this edition. If you can peel yourself away from the TV after the Blue team gets its revenge for last year from the wingwalkers please send along at least a brief report (and photo) of what you and yours are doing with your fall. We know a large gang that would be interested to see and hear of your adventures. Carpe Diem. FNH


’58 Life Membership: 64% Donor Participation: 13.90% Pres: Lt Col Gordon M. Gerson, USAF (Ret.) e: gordon.gerson@1958.usna.com Corr Sec’y: CAPT Bill Schramm, USN (Ret.) 17 Calera Canyon, Salinas, CA 93908 p: 831-484-9058; e: w_schramm@comcast.net Webmaster: CAPT Fred Victor, USN (Ret.) e: avictor@erols.com Website: www.usna.com/Classes/1958

■ SAN DIEGO GATHERINGS On the 14 of June the resident San Diego 58ers, plus one young lady from the Class of ’08, gathered for lunch at the Coronado Golf Course. Those present (from L to R) were Madelyn and Joe Fenick 7th, Bruce and Claudette Craig 19th, Pete and Fran Nystrom 24th, Dick Hanson 7th, Claudette Harshberger 21st, Lore and Jan Cook 15th, Mary Ann and Mike Chapple 5th, Christine Gargan ’08, Tom Fleming 6th and Chuck Smith 20th. Also from San Diego comes this slightly aged picture of some slightly aged Classmates. The date was 11 March 2017. The place somewhere in San Diego. Those present were Tom Fleming 6th, Taylor Keith 19th, Jan Cook 15th, Chuck Smith 20th, Lance Massey 11th, and Mike Chapple 5th.



■ MEANWHILE IN WASHINGTON D.C. Jack Adams, 4th Company, reported on the June luncheon of the Class of ’58 Washington DC chapter. 15 Classmates (Adams, Bellay, Caldwell, Edwards, Gamboa, Gerson, Hurst, McLean, Misel, Moran, Powell, Victor, Walter, Wilcox and Hernandez) were present along with 8 wives. Gordon Gerson reported on the planning for our 60th reunion in the fall of 2018. (Gordo will be distributing more information to the Class, but so far the plans are for the reunion to be in the middle of October on a weekend with a home football game). The speaker at the luncheon was Dr. David Leftkowitz the Class of ‘58 sponsored chair for 2016/2017. Also present was Dr. Ed Barrett, a USNA professor at the Department of Ethics.


■ THE REST OF THE STORY Gordon “Gordo” Gerson, 11th Company, is our Class President so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the rest of his story. After graduation Gordo went Air Force ground and his first

assignment was to go back to school. He studied Radar Maintenance and served in that capacity until it was time to go to the University of Michigan for a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Later Gordo was sent to Vietnam where he headed up a team that traveled to all the Air Force Ground Radar sites in the area. Then it was on to the Air Force Academy for a teaching tour and then to the University of Texas for a PhD in computer science. Gordo’s final AF posting was in the DC area. After retiring from the Air Force Gordo worked for several companies in the DC area and finally started his own Company called (what else?) Gerson Information Systems. During those years in the DC area Gordo taught at George Washington University and Virginia Tech. In his spare time Gordo served as a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts and participated in some serious athletic activities. He has 25 marathons to his credit including 3 ultramarathons and is still very active in age group swimming. He is the only person I know who has swam across the Chesapeake Bay (4.4 miles) 13 times. In fact, he is the only person I know who has swam across the Chesapeake Bay even once. (CS Note: Most of the time when I hear about the passing of a Classmate the information is sparse. Who, when and perhaps how, but little else. Once in a while, however, there is additional information so let me share the rest of the story about a couple of our Classmates who died recently) Beth Cobb, the widow of John Cobb, 2nd Company, sent me some information about John’s life after graduation. His first assignment was to the USS Eversole and that was followed by a tour as a ComDesDiv Staff Operations Officer. Quite unexpectedly he developed an interest in the Law and left the Navy to attend UCLA Law School. For 50 years he practiced law in California specializing as a trial attorney. He also was a Court appointed Arbitrator and Judge Pro Tem.

Phil Criswell, 4th Company, went into the Air Force where he flew B-47s for nine years. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering he was posted to Vietnam where he flew RF-4s and served on the Staff at HQ 7th Air Force. Phil had over 200 combat missions while in Vietnam. Then it was time for a staff tour in England. After returning to the States Phil had Command of a Field Maintenance Squadron and then a final assignment at the Pentagon. After retirement from the Air Force Phil worked for several defense contractors in the Washington Area and as a private consultant. ■ CLOSING RANKS Richard Rogers, 20th Company, died on 19 June 2017 Joyce Smiley, the wife of Glen Smiley, 5th Company, passed away on 14 October 2016 Ron Wright, 11th Company, died on 24 June 2017 Jay Rower, 10th Company, died on 16 May 2017 William Cotterman, 6th Company, passed away on 25 May 2017 Richard Beam, 21st Company, died on 6 July 2017 William Stamps Howard, 15th Company, died on 7 July 2017 John Cobb, 2nd Company, passed away on 7 March 2017 Phil Criswell, 4th Company, died on 15 July 2017

’59 Life Membership: 64% Donor Participation: 12.40% Chairman Exec. Committee: Gerald G. Garbacz e: gggarbacz@aol.com Sec’y: CAPT Charles C. Pease, USN (Ret.) 20510 Falcons Landing Cir., Apt. 1404 Potomac Falls, VA 20165-7596 p: 703-549-4285; e: classsec1959@gmail.com Webmasters: Pete and Elaine Stout Website: www.USNA1959.com

Change of Email and Snail Mail Address for Class Correspondence: If you have not provided your current Email address and Snail Mail Address to your Company Representative and to me, please do so. If you do not have an email


59/60 CLASS NEWS address for your Company Representative, please send an email message to classsec1959@ gmail. com. Also, please update your Data on the Alumni Association Web Site. Good Times. West Coast Mini 2nd Battalion Reunion Second Battalion Mini Reunion: Bob Michael (6) reports: M Four classmates gathered for lunch on 6 Apr 2017 in Cupertino, CA for a mini 2nd Battalion Reunion. Dick Johnson (6) and his wife Sarah, who live in Kirkland, Washington, journeyed to the Bay Area for a visit with friends. While there, his company mate Bob Michael (6) invited Mickey King (5) and John Mascali (8} for a get-together at a local restaurant for a long lunch. Exploits that occurred during the last 4 years of the 50’s were discussed along with the joys of association with the Medical Profession. The stories about their athletic exploits were greatly exaggerated with only Dick and John, who played basketball together, were able to verify their incredible feats on the court. Bob, who was on the Track Team and Mickey, who rowed Crew, certainly weren’t impressed but did add their own “impossible to believe” accomplishments. Their laughs were audible to all in the restaurant....but we weren’t asked to leave!

We also have a report that Joan Finerty (10) is touring Europe. Old News To Remember Walter Wynn (11 ) sent us some very old photos of a very old event — The Class of 59 placing a cap on the Herndon Monument

Life Membership: 69% Donor Participation: 20.75% Pres: John J. Michalski 2039 Homewood Rd., Annapolis, MD 20409 p: 410-757-6429; e: navygoat@comcast.net Sec’y: Bill Lewis 14312 Cove Ridge Pl., Midlothian, VA 23112-4337 p: 804-744-8808; e: bilewis@comcast.net Website: http://www.usna60.com/

From John Michalski (6):

Herndon Ceremony in 1956 for Class on 1959

Rise and Shine!

Coronado News Jim and Carol Cartwright (7) report from Coronado that they are in good health. Their big news is that their Granddaughter continues to excel as the Goalie for the NC State soccer team! Denver News: Bruce Nordwall (6) continues to reside in the Denver area. He is planning to attend several Navy Football home games this season. Virginia News: Ron and Kathy Trossbach (11) are treating Mollie and themselves to a cruise in New England for the summer

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’60: Super Sixty Blue Angels gathering 2017


M “Bill, on the Wednesday of Commissioning Week “60 gathered in our backyard to view the Blue Angels flight demonstration. Ed Mangan (20) acted as head parking coordinator and managed to squeeze most cars in our driveway or on the nearby streets. The weather was cooperative and the jet engine noise rattled Janet & Ben Cote (24), Gene Gasser (7), Sheila John Chenard (14), Carolyn & Willie Taylor (7), Sidsel Fox, Beth & Jim Knorr (20), Joanne Bob Gamba (11), Suzanne & Ed Mangan (20), Ron Burdge (9), Linda & Jack Paepcke (11), Betty & Ron Loveland (23), Jane & Jerry Nelson (8), Becky & Dick Pariseau (1), Carolyn & Jim Duffy (7), Dareen & Doug Johnston (5), Ginny & Don Delude (12), Annabel & Don Foery (6), Ben Mercer (12), and Nancy & John Michalski (6) — John

From Ray Burkley (2): M “Bill; The Northern California subset of the Class met on May 31st at The Villages Country Club, in San Jose, courtesy of Dan Affourtit (24), for a lovely luncheon. A couple classmates had conflicts and missed the luncheon but the core group discussed plans for next month and for the summer. Dennis is the only one gainfully employed at this time but all are in relatively good health (for their age) and enjoying life. Front row: Spencer Cleveland (6), Patrick Sullivan (6) and Bob Bourke (1). Back Row: Dan Affourtit (24), Raymond Burkley (2), Kevin Ryan (4) and Dennis Vied (24)

NOCal Group

From Casey Jones (10): M “It’s been a busy start to the summer at the Jones household. It all began with a trip to Chicago for our grandson’s graduation and commissioning out of the NROTC unit at Illinois Tech.

60/60 CLASS NEWS Our son Stuart, a retired Supply Corps captain, did the honors, commissioning his son Benjamin. Ben is going, where else? Navy Air. They were really hard up for a graduation speaker. I gave the commissioning address. The picture is of “three generations of Navy”; our son, grandson and me and includes Janice, the proud grandma, presenting a plaque she stitched out on her embroidery machine that has the commission date, Navy wings and the charge, “Go for the gold.” Casey

Plaque presentation

From Rod Friedmann (5): M “Mike McCullough (14) hosted our 6th Annual Car Show and luncheon at Fellini’s Restaurant in Norfolk. Seventeen classmates signed up and two missed a good show. Those classmates in attendance were: Jim Eilertsen (21), Joel Febel, Bob Ianucci (16), Bob Antonio (14), Ed Clexton (10), Bill Kee (9), Geo Van Houten (24), Henry von Kolnitz (22), Dick Hamon (8), Bob Powers (8), Paul Cooper (5), Bert Johnson (10), Ed Mangan (20), Rod Friedmann (5) & Mike McCullough (14). Frank Kay (8) and Angelo Difilippo (14) missed movement. The judges of the contest were: Ed Mangan (20) (Head Judge) assisted by Dick Hamon (8). The winners of the Antique Car Show selected by the judges were: 1. Best Antique Car (almost 25 yrs. old): Bob Ianucci (16) with his faded red/orange 1997 Ford Escort Station Wagon. 2. Newest Car: Bill Kee (9) with his grey ghost (2017 Buick Encore)

around Christmas 2016. I think it would be great for someone willing to spend the time and with the knowledge to put something together about the boxers in our class. I believe it would be well received. Ed  From Dick Pariseau (1): Re: Jack Herbein (3) –

’60: Car show group

3. Most eye appealing car: Bob Powers (8) with his spotless 2015 Cadillac SRX 4. Car with the most miles: Ed Clexton (10) (190,000 mi. plus) 5. Best Junker: Bert Johnson’s (10) 1981 Ford Something or other 6. Best 2 Wheel Motorcycle: Jim Eilertsen (21) 7. Whiner’s Award presented to: Ed Clexton (10) Following the car show on at the hot tarmac of Fellini’s Restaurant, the participants rapidly headed into the cool air condition restaurant. Mike McCullough (14) set us up with a long table away from most of the restaurant clientele. I have noticed that when our group gets together, they generate a lot of noise. How many times can you tell the same sea story? We quickly got our orders in for the food. AleWerks beer, was provided by Al Whitaker (16) (currently on travel in England) gratis for any classmate who requested it. The award ceremony took place and the winning participants were singled out and awarded appropriate gag gifts and certificates. All-in-all, we had a hellava good time. Bill, here’s some photos from today’s adventure of possible inclusion in SHIPMATE.

Bill Kee, Bert Johnson & Bob Ianucci

From John Manser ’86: M “Bill, we had my father, Bob Manser’s (7), inurnment/committal ceremony at the USNA columbarium June 16th and several of his/your classmates were able to attend. I’m attaching a picture in case you’d like to get it into Shipmate. I believe the names are (left to right): Buz Ausley (16), Dennis Hickey (22), Jim Duffy (7), Bill Taylor (7), Jerry Nelson (8), and Skip Weeks (7) We were blessed with a nice day. It was a wonderful ceremony, honoring my father, our family, and our nation. It was a proud moment for me, too, as a Navy veteran and USNA grad. Dad’s obituary should make it into Last Call any time now, expecting June-July issue. John ‘86 From Ed Mangan (20): M “Classmates, In the boxing arena, please do not forget our Ed “Killer” Killinger (5), who passed away

M Mike, Thanks for reminding me/us of Glen Phillips’ (14) Brigade Boxing, plebe year victory. I did not mention that Dick Hamon (8) won his plebe year Brigade Boxing match about 20 minutes before Jack Herbein (3), in the 127(?) pound weight class. We had several hard nose boxers in our class. It sounds like they deserve a story just about them. When I wrote about Jack, it was intended to be a weightlifting story about an “old fart” (sorry Jack.) The boxing was incidental after he mentioned it to me in response to my question, “What sports did you play at USNA?” Then after submitting my article to SHIPMATE and heard they wanted to print it, they later asked if they could edit it and fit it into their “Boxing Story.” I told them to help themselves and you saw the results. Dick From Mike McCullough (14): M “At our 25th reunion, Glen Phillips (14) reminded me that he won a boxing match with Jack our plebe year. I saw it but I’d forgotten who won. (There were some fearsome punches thrown in that fight.)

’60: Bob Manser inurnment SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 73

60/61 CLASS NEWS Glen was proud of his victory. He brought it up after I teased him about serving on our ring committee. Ben Hallowell (3), Please forward the Herbein report to Glen’s children, as well as to the nephew who escaped with a broken arm when Glen talked him into flying, hanging on a kite, off a mountain. Mike

’61 Life Membership: 71% Donor Participation: 16.88%


Pres: RADM Jerome F. Smith Jr., USN (Ret.)

we sailed on to Dubai, where we toured the world’s third largest mosque (with Connie appropriately all covered up in black, in the 100+ degree heat), then Abu Dhabi (both were spotless), then on to Cochin (India), Colombo, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and finally Singapore, where we caught the flights home, having done 8432 nautical miles by sea in between flights. A fantastic trip! Best ever for us. The ship, the MAJESTIC, was PRINCESS’ newest, and destined for the Chinese/ Australian markets…So, on with this issue’s news… Ned Kuhns(7) writes:

Corr Sec’y: RADM E. S. (Skip) McGinley II, USN (Ret) 3016 Quint Dr., Viera, FL 32940 p: 321-622-4640; c: 202-549-2472 e: skip.mcginley@1961.USNA.com; skipmcginley@cfl.rr.com Webmaster: Howard Winfree e: winfree@1961.usna.com Website: www.USNA61.org

Hello all! Connie & I are back from our LONG cruise. Counting our flights to and from, we made a complete circle around the globe from Dulles. We landed in Rome, then on to Naples, then Greece (port of Athens), and then Santorini Island. We traversed the Suez Canal (first time ever for us), along with an armed U.S. DD escort tailing us all the way through. Next stop was spectacular; Aqaba in Jordan, where we hiked a few mikes down a winding passage thru high cliffs until we arrived at the huge, so-called “Treasury” at Petra, carved into the face of the opposite cliff in the 1st century BC, and used originally as a tomb. Walked and then rode horses part-way back. From there,

M The Tidewater group had three visitors at our May luncheon. Rod MacDonald (07) from Rhode Island was visiting his son’s family. Rob Kunkle from the Class of 1960 (10) was visiting ’60 classmates in the area and wanted to join us. Rob, Jim Henderson (15) and I served together in USS HARRY E. HUBBARD (DD-748) in Long Beach in 1962. Cyd Driscoll (22) brought a shipmate Del with whom he served on


his initial ship. The lighting in our restaurant isn’t conducive for a good photo and it was raining outside so this is the best picture we could generate with Bob Graham’s iPhone camera. Seated left to right: Buzz Needham (12), Dick Hixson (19), Bob Graham (18), Jay Decker (08), Mike Bradley (03), Cyd Driscoll (22) and Del (guest). Standing left to right: Ned Kuhns (07), Rod MacDonald (07), Charlie Stewart (06), Kurt Rohdenburg (20), Rob Kunkle (1960 - 10), Ken Craig (07) and Jim Joyner (01). Chuck St. Laurent (21) sends this in: M Skip, here is news of the 21st Company S & A annual Golf/Truck party outing held in Greenville, SC in May 2017. Names for the attached picture are: L-R Back Row: Bob O’Neill, Darrel Gonyea, Denny Moore, Pete Sheridan, John O’Conner. L-R Front Row: Justin Ryan, Saint, RT Davis, Dick Norman (all, of course, 21st). The 21st Company (Color Company) held their 15th consecutive S & A Golf/ Truck party


from 1-5 May 2017 at Greenville, SC. Bob O’Neill, who lives in Greenville, was the on-site coordinator to ensure all went well. It was a special occasion this year at our annual Banquet on Wednesday evening because we were joined by Peggy Wimberly, her 2 daughters and their husbands, as we paid tribute to our Company mate Barry Wimberly (21) who had passed away last year. They have lived in Greenville for many years. We also honored one of our honorary company members, Peanuts Macknis (23), who had played with us the past two years and recently departed as well as the other 6 members of the 21st Company that have crossed the bar for the last time. Amidst the friendly patter and golf competition discussed that evening, it was a special and serious moment as we tolled the bell for those that have departed. As you all must know, ’61 has been in the forefront of supporting the Academy’s leadership program for several years…this update comes in from our Class president, Jerry Smith (8): M Our Class of 1961 sponsored Professor of Leadership Education, Dr. Joe Thomas, has been selected to take over the new position of Deputy Director of the Stockdale Center for Ethics and Leadership. This is a great opportunity for Joe as he won out over many distinguished contenders. It is also recognition for the importance and contribution of the position we support to the improvement of leadership education and to the development of

61/62 CLASS NEWS midshipmen. However, it means that the Naval Academy will have to find a qualified replacement. Jay Bower and I attended a luncheon in honor of Joe Thomas which included officers of the Naval Academy Foundation and the Chair of the Leadership Department. We stressed that our class expected the next incumbent to have military command experience, academic qualifications equal to the rest of the faculty, and experience in teaching leadership to military students. Our previous professors have met these qualifications and all did well. The Leadership Department Chair said they had someone in mind that met these requirements. BTW, we just hit the $4 million mark in our funding for the professorship…please keep your gifts coming so we can extend the life of our “chair.”

Sent in by Dick Rothwell(7): M Reckless was a MongolianThoroughbred mixed mare purchased on October 26, 1952 in Seoul for $250 by Lt. Eric Pederson, USMC, the leader of the 75mm recoilless rifle platoon of the 5th Marine Regiment. He needed a pack animal to help with the resupply of his guns that he had placed in high mountain firing positions unreachable by vehicles. His Marines renamed her Reckless, the nickname bestowed on recoilless rifles. Lt. Pederson and his men put Reckless through basic training, which they called “hoof camp.” Among other things she learned the routes to the front line firing positions and was soon able to make the trips without a handler. Not surprisingly, a bond developed between the Marines and Reckless and she became Private Reckless. In March 1953 the Chinese Communists overran a forward position known as Outpost Vegas.

That began a five day battle to recapture the lost ground. During one day of that battle Reckless, by then a corporal, made 51 trips from the ammunition supply point to the front lines, caring over 9,000 pounds of 75mm RR ammunition. Most of those trips were on her own. She traveled over 35 miles that day under heavy enemy fire, was wounded twice by shrapnel, but never stopped. After delivering her ammunition she often carried or shepherded wounded Marines back for medical attention. The armistice was signed in July 1953 and when the 5th Marines returned to Camp Pendleton the following year, they brought then Sergeant Reckless with them. She lived at the Camp Pendleton stables until she died in 1968. Reckless never again served tactically, but did remain an important part of the regiment’s ceremonial events. My father (Col. Richard Rothwell, USMC (Ret), USNA ’36) and I both had the honor of commanding the 5th Marine Regiment, Reckless’ regiment in Korea. I am attaching a picture taken in 1956 showing my father, as regimental commander, promoting Reckless to SSgt (E-5). On October 26th, 2016 the Camp Pendleton Historical Society, of which I am president, and our partner, Angels Without Wings (both non-profits) donated a monument of SSgt Reckless to the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton. I served as master of ceremonies at the event. The date was significant in that it was the 64th anniversary of Reckless’ first day in the Corps. I am attaching a photo taken at the ceremony showing the newly dedicated Reckless monument and the Marine Corps mounted color guard from Marine Logistics Base Barstow, CA at the monument. Some 500 p eople attended, so it was a good sized event.

ALUMNI HOUSE Wedding? Reunion? Conference? Host your special event at Ogle Hall. events@usna.com or 410-295-4018

Sent to us courtesy of Paul Lang(19): M I’m passing along a picture sent by Benno Gerson(19) showing him, Bill Rakow(19), and Ron Campbell(15) at Bill and Nancy’s lovely home in Ocean Pines, MD. They look healthy and happy.

respects including the opportunity to break bread with the base sailors and marines. The St. Mary’s Submarine Museum is a hidden gem worth visiting with ship models, memorabilia, books, patrol reports, films, and a true testimony to the outstanding legacy of the Silent Service from 1900, the keel laying of the Navy’s first submarine, the R1, to the present. It is a must see for all Americans to appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of those who served to preserve our great nation’s freedoms. A great day to be a very proud American and former member of the submarine service in the greatest Navy in the world.

’62 And, last but not least, here is another in from Stan Roman(13):

Life Membership: 73% Donor Participation: 14.13%

M On June 27th John Quarterman (13), Sandy Mock (13) and myself, along with nine friends and supporters of “Wounded Warrior Project”, “Challenged Athletes Foundation”, and “Operation New Uniform (ONU)” had the opportunity to visit Kings Bay Naval Base, homeport of the Trident SSBNs and the St. Marys, Georgia Submarine Museum (www.stmaryssubmuseum. com). It was a most informative and enjoyable day, testimony to the professional dedication and commitment of our tour coordinators. In addition to visiting the training facilities for damage control and torpedo operations, we had a tour of the USS Tennessee. Being a former POLARIS submarine sailor I was most impressed by the significant changes in technology and capabilities compared to the SSBN 608 and 609 POLARIS. For example the size (four levels), and huge missiles, but most importantly the continued professional commitment of the young sailors to enhance the legacy of service before self in the fight for freedom. It was a most impressive and reassuring proud experience in all respects. We also had lunch in the base galley that was also outstanding in all

Pres: CDR Walter F. Welham Jr., USN (Ret.) p: 703-323-6604; e: wwelham@aol.com Sec’y: CDR Howard S. Pinskey, USNR (Ret.) P.O. Box 3380, Annapolis, MD 21403-3326 p: 410-974-1962; e: PINSK62@aol.com Website: www.nampows.org/62.html

Greetings from Annapolis Thanks to over 480 classmates and guests and the hard work of the reunion committee, the class of ’62 celebrated our 55th reunion week in Annapolis earlier this month. Great meetings, company and team dinners, events on the yard and at the Lowes Hotel and especially the seeing of old friends were but a few of the highlights. Now that you are back in your homes, please do your classmates who attended this reunion and especially for those who could not attend a big favor. Send in your photos, stories, antidotes and anything else you want to see in print so we can all share these moments. Any transmission means accepted. We will publish them throughout the coming months. Thank you. CLASS NEWS I don’t think this has ever happened before in the academy’s history – Father and son Commandants Capt. Robert Chadwick ’91 became the




87th Dant this past June while our classmate RADM STEVE CHADWICK held that same position as the 71st Dant in 1985-87. Congratulations to both and of course their wife/ mother Maureen.

DON CHRISTY writes us from the San Francisco area where some recent fun happenings took place with several 15th company mates. Thought I’d share a couple of photos and outings of some 15th company West Coast golfers and hikers. First the golfers’ photo (left to right) …JIM HONEYWELL, DON CHRISTY, FRANK WAGNER and GEORGE INSKEEP. enjoying some relaxation in Jim and Ann’s beautiful rose filled backyard in Sonoma, CA., after a round of golf. Frank and Jeannie, from Annapolis, were visiting family in the San Francisco area and while here added a few days to visit us locals. On a sunny California Sunday, Frank, George and I with our ladies (Jeannie, Gill and Kyoko) visited Jim and Ann for a fun filled delightful lunch, enjoying ourselves dining al fresco in their spectacular backyard garden. Then Monday the

challenge began with a 9am tee time. Now Jim is an ardent student of the “game” playing a couple times a week, hitting them long and straight. Now Frank is also an excellent golfer, playing one to two times a week. Then along comes George and myself. George says he plays once a year whether he needs the practice or not. As for my game, I shall remain silent. Suffice to say, George and I ended the round with a combined total of 13 lost balls (most being mine), but lots of laughs and only a few tears. Jim and Frank played very well and were true gentlemen with only minor harassment of the ball-losers. Still the day was filled with great fun and laughter… ending with Jim inviting us back to his home to join our ladies and enjoy some well-deserved (and much needed) cold adult beverages. All in all, it was a grand outing reliving old wonderful memories of our days on the Severn. Here’s also a shout-out to our other company mates living in and visiting the Bay area: locals are HERB and Mary Lee SPRAUGE, PHIL and Mary JOHNSON, DUSTY SYKES. Plus, we are lucky with frequent Bay area visitors. RICH and Marietta GINIECZKI, TOM and Barbara GYZYMALA and TOM and Sandi DRAUDE…when they come to visit their children and grandchildren. Yosemite National Park and its spectacular water falls provided a wonderful venue this May for another 15th Co. gathering at the SPRAGUE’S, CHRISTY’S and JIM HOMER enjoyed together the park sights and Mary Lee’s delicious camp-site meals. The second photo (left to right) is DON, JIM and HERB at the SPRAGUE campsite. HERB is an expert on Yosemite,


having grown up since youth hiking the park trails and he and Mary Lee are great campers and now doing it in style in their lovely trailer leaving back packing and tents to cherished memories. JIM was in the park visiting his Doctor daughter, Doctor son-in-law and their 4 children on sabbatical from their Cambodia mission. HERB, Mary Lee, Kyoko and I did some short hikes enjoying magnificent falls and unbelievable vistas, with a great time had by all. Let me end with sending my best wishes to all the class for a grand 55th Reunion and many thanks Howie for being our wonderful class scribe for all these years. Simper Fidelis.

Our friend GORDY VALENTINE sends regards from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Sorry we didn’t


make the 55th, but we are tied up with a granddaughters wedding. She is presently a PhD candidate a Virginia Tech. A surprise was waiting for Lois and me when we recently returned from a fabulous river cruise in Europe; Rhine and Mosel rivers. The Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity selected us to be a part of a home dedication. He newspaper article announcing the dedication read “the marker on the home will recognize the gifts of time and resources by long-time build volunteer GORDON VALENTINE and his wife Lois”. Attached find a picture taken of us by the marker set in the homes foundation. Also want to say if ever you are down our way in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, we would look forward to your visit. There’s lots to see in Lexington, Va. For more than a dozen years now, classmates and wives gather before sunset on June 6, the anniversary of our graduation, at the Naval Academy Columbarium. We do this to remember all classmates and wives who are inurned there. A spray bottle is filled with good Scotch whiskey and the group visits each niche of our classmates giving them a spray or two and swapping Naval Academy and sea stories about them. Afterwards we visit JOHN RIPLEY’S grave site in the cemetery – our only classmate buried there. We then drive to the Vietnam Memorial Plaque located on the seaward side of Alumni Hall to read the names and honor our 17 classmates KIA in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the most of any Academy class in that war.



This year over 25 people participated. Rest in Peace!!!

IN MEMORIAM It is with great sadness that I inform the class of these recent deaths of our classmate and friends. ROBERT GENE (BOB) DAWSON, died on June 20, 2017. He was born in Georgetown, TX on June 29, 1938. As the youngest of 4 boys, he was active in scouting, achieving Eagle Scout, and was a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps days after graduating from high school and was subsequently selected to attend the U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School, successfully competed for a presidential appointment and graduated with the class of 1962. Bob returned on leave to Georgetown to marry his best friend and life partner, June Burkhart. He chose to serve in the Marines, was designated a Marine Aviator on May 15, 1964 and a year later was flying combat missions over Vietnam. He spent two tours accumulating over 250 missions in the A-4 “Skyhawk”. He also served with the ROK Marine Brigade as an air liaison officer at Hoi An, RVN.

Ordered to the Naval Postgraduate School, he received a Master of Management degree and then served 3 and a half years at HQ USMC. Bob subsequently served as commanding officer in two squadrons, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel – “Oorah!” After BOB returned to Cal State Fullerton to obtain an MBA in finance, he then joined Hughes Aircraft company as an analyst and later worked at Northrop on the B-2 program. While working, he and June began to travel, making a three-week tour of China in 1989, taking over 7 “Windstar Lines” cruises and river rafting trips down various rivers in the west including the Grand Canyon. Retiring from Raytheon as a program manager in 2000, he and June began looking for the perfect place to enjoy retirement. They found it in Carmel Valley, looking across over to Garland Park. It was close enough to enjoy visiting their son Dan, their wonderful daughter in law Stefani and talented granddaughters, Sierra and Sydney. BOB had time between clearing their property of the genista and other non-native plants and trees to begin volunteering with local 501 (c) (3) s. They continued to travel, highlighted by 4 safaris to East and South Africa. Bob especially enjoyed working on various projects with the Ventana Wilderness Alliance. He is survived by his wife, June, son Dan Dawson, daughter in law, Stefani, granddaughters, Sierra and Sydney of Larkspur, CA., brothers Roger and Thomas Dawson of Victoria, TX and Dr. George Dawson of Abilene, TX. Frieda Orriss, the wife of our classmate, DAVE ORRISS, passed

away on June 15, 2017 in Enumclaw, Washington. She was born in Greece in the middle of the Nazi occupation and came to the United States after the war. The class extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of BOB DAWSON and Frieda Orriss. That’s our class news for this combined September/October issue of SHIPMATE. Stay healthy and enjoy this beautiful fall season. And don’t forget those reunion photos and stories. Keep in touch. Until Next time…

’63 Life Membership: 62% Donor Participation: 13.98% Pres: CAPT W. Spencer Johnson IV, USN (Ret.) Sec’y: Michael H. Shelley 164 Sweetwater Ln., Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 p: 828-862-4245; e: nstar@citcom.net Website: www.USNA63.org

Members of the Class of 1963 responded quickly to the 17 June collision at sea involving “our ship,” USS FITZGERALD (DDG 62), named for our classmate Bill Fitzgerald who was killed in Vietnam while earning a Navy Cross for his gallant actions against the enemy. Inquiries about how to assist led to the establishment of an organized effort to use the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society as a conduit for funds to help meet needs of the families of the seven men lost in the incident, as well as surviving crew members. In a 23 June email, Class President Spencer Johnson provided background and specific instructions

for designating monetary gifts for this purpose. You can see it in the Class News section of our web site at www.usna63.org/news/ The next day, our classmates Jim DeFrancia, Mike Bonsignore, and Ron Terwilliger offered a collective challenge gift of $6,300 in matching funds if our classmates’ donations reached that amount. Their generous support was soon matched and surpassed. As of 14 July, the NMCRS had received 99 online donations and 51 mailed gifts from the Class of 1963 for a total of $26,526. If you have not already contributed, please consider making a gift soon. A few days after our efforts began, Spencer received an email from ADM Steve Abbot ‘66, Chair of the Executive Committee of NMCRS. Noting that he is “one of your Plebes,” he continued, M I am truly grateful for the generosity of ‘63. Your contributions for the crew and families of the USS FITZGERALD are hugely appreciated, and we will give you specific feedback on the good you have done. We are grateful to be partners with ‘63, who have done so much for USNA and for the children of your classmates, and, now, have gone the extra mile for the crew of FITZGERALD in their hour of need. I cannot think of a more appropriate tribute to Bill Fitzgerald. BZ to ‘63. Best regards, Steve It should be noted that members of the Class of 1964 expressed their desire to support the FITZGERALD. Their contributions, and others from USNA alumni, are also being received by NMCRS.




’63: John and Sylvia Detweiler, Bob Hudspeth, Jim and Sandy Stageman

Since the collision, the Last Call page for Bill Fitzgerald on our web site has been updated with a note from his daughter, Lynda, and an article from a Montpelier, VT, newspaper about Betty Fitzgerald and how she has personally supported the ship, her commanding officers, and her crew for many years. I highly recommend that you read it by visiting the Last Call section at usna63.org/classmates/last_call and clicking on Bill’s name. John Detweiler sent this news of a 12th Company “Micro-Reunion” this June. M On June 10, Bob Hudspeth, Jim and Sandy Stageman, and John and Sylvia Detweiler held a 12th Company Micro-Reunion at the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon, OR. Bob, who as a Seabee played too much in the Agent Orange saturated dirt in the DMZ, is now a resident of the home. Nebraska resident Jim was traveling through the Pacific Northwest after visiting his son in Salem, OR. Sylvia and I now live 20 miles west of Lebanon in Corvallis. Mike Moore brings us some history and news about Bill Stewart. M My ’63 classmate and close friend Bill Stewart moved to a Memory Care Community in Santa Barbara, CA, recently. I thought this would be a good time to pass along some information about him and his active duty service in the Navy. We attended high school together and were roommates in the 11th, then 15th, Companies until I left the Academy in the spring of 1962,

having declared myself as a married man. After a short stint as an Engineering Officer on an LST out of San Diego, and having every request for transfer denied, a request was finally approved, and Bill went to Vietnam as a Naval Gunfire spotter with the Anglico (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) Team in Pleiku. He was proud of his gold Marine Corps-Navy Parachutist badge. Bill once told me he lost several Marines on his Anglico team and I came to understand that he saw a good deal of combat. He rarely if ever spoke of it. I was once in his apartment in Imperial Beach and saw a crossbow and a shotgun mounted on his wall with a bamboo machine gun sight. When he quizzed me, I was glad I knew what each item was. I took the bamboo sight down and began chipping off some mud, which I commented on. He corrected me, saying it was blood. I asked Bill where he got it, he said he took it away from a guy who didn’t need it any more. He once told me in a letter, written in the 60’s, that he had flown over Hanoi the night before (I seem to recall this was a “ride along” for him) and noticed their lights were all on and he found it hard to believe that they were losing; if so, why would they keep their lights on at night? He became very close with, and an admirer of, Harold “Hal” Moore, of the 7th Cav, and the 1st Cav of Ia Drang fame. Bill told me that he helped resupply radios to Moore’s beleaguered troops in the Battle of Ia Drang .


He understated his contribution. Bill rode in the back seat of an observation aircraft and tossed radios out as they rode at low level over the elephant grass. I think they repeated that several times. For those who might want to contact him, Bill’s mailing address is P.O. Box 691, Summerland, CA 93067. In an email, Bill’s daughter, Susan, told me, “I am so impressed by his service and I am honored and proud that he is my father. I have been intrigued going through his personal military paperwork, photos, slides, letters, certificates, etc. There is so much more I wish that I knew about him. I know he made a large impact in regard to serving his country, his community, and of course his family.” Few among us knew about Bill’s noteworthy Vietnam service. Thanks to Mike for sharing this information. Susan’s comment that there is much more that she wishes she knew about her Dad reminds me of similar sentiments I have heard expressed by children of other classmates in recent years. Please visit the Current Biographies section of our web site at usna63.org/elb/ currbios.php to review, update, and add to what you have already included there. If you have not submitted anything about yourself, this is the time to do it. Submit your content (including photos if you wish) and changes to our Webmaster, Steve Coester, by email at: scoester@cfl.rr.com .

’63: sons Kyle Harken and Chris McAnally

The documentation of important, or simply interesting, information about ourselves for our families and the permanent record of the Class of 1963 becomes more important as the years pass. To emphasize this topic, here is a repeat of some text that appeared in our August 2017 Shipmate column. M Steve Coester has compiled a list of more than 300 of our classmates who served in the Vietnam theater. As he did this, he received many summaries of their Vietnam service. You can see the list and summaries in the “Pride and Tradition – The Class in Vietnam” section of USNA63.org. If your name is missing, contact Steve by email — scoester@cfl.rr.com. These latest additions to the Pride and Tradition section of our web site join the growing number of classmates’ personal narratives already there. Steve has compiled 44 of these accounts into a growing digital book that is already 344 pages long. It is an up close and personal glimpse of the Vietnam War and life at and after the Naval Academy. It is posted with the list and summaries mentioned above in the “Memories” section of our Traditions page at http://www.usna63.org /tradition/#USNAStories. We have learned that the digital book will soon be added to the “Tell Us Your Story” section of the USNA Alumni Association’s web site. I hope you’re planning to attend our 55th reunion, in San Diego, 25-27 October 2018. Hotel reservations in


’63: Aaron ’97 and Mike ’63

the blocks of rooms we have secured won’t be accepted more than a year in advance. The Reunion Committee will publish instructions for making reservations as we approach late October of this year. I have enjoyed several email and phone conversations with Alan McAnally, who is coordinating planning for the Memorial Service at the reunion. In the course of these contacts, we mentioned our sons’ military service. He shared a photo of his son, CDR Chris McAnally, and then-LCDR Kyle Harken, son of our classmate Jerry Harken. The occasion was the change of command and retirement ceremony for Chris at VR-55 in 2013. Coincidentally, Kyle was a member of the squadron. Jerry told me that he was flying C-130’s then and now is piloting G4 Gulfstreams out of Kaneohe. Lou and I attended a retirement ceremony aboard MIDWAY in San Diego on 8 July. The honoree was our son, Aaron (USNA ’97), a CH-53E pilot who concluded 11 years of Marine Corps active duty and nine years in the active reserves. That’s all for now, folks!

’64 Life Membership: 63% Donor Participation: 15.37% Pres: CAPT Joseph B. Green Jr., CEC, USN (Ret.) e: debjaygreen@gmail.com Corr Sec’y: Roland Marquis 26439 N. Ridge Ct., Mundelein IL 60060 p: 847-970-7562; e: bigroland1@comcast.net Website: www.usna64.org

“Modesty is for those who have modest accomplishments.” So states the second youngest man in our class, Chuck Wilde who recently forwarded the finish line photo at the 23 April 17 George Washington Parkway 5K Race held in Alexandria, VA. Chuck at 73 along with teenagers Thomas and Anna were among the participants. Immodestly, the younger two ran faster than their grandfather—who was grateful to be able to urge them along from far behind, and creakily complete the race.

her foot and was unable to run, while Anna (also recent taekwondo black belt) and Thomas did their thing with grandpa. Now it’s reasonable to ask why this do at our age. Simple answer— because we can – and are very grateful for the privilege. Part of the story is that grandpa was a slow starter, only running since 1978. The fact Chuck is pushing Anna to think USNA as she excels in crew, cross country, and STEM, is a side matter. Bottom line, this photo is a treasure Chuck will long remember, and he hopes Thomas and Anna will as well. Phil LaBatte, was in San Diego for a Coronado tribute to Capt. Harry Fischer ’40, his former St. Paul (CA 73) CO. Phil and a group of the CO’s former junior officers attended a memorial service in his honor on 23 May 17. Captain Fischer had retired to Coronado where he passed away a few years ago. While in California, Phil was able to get together with the 2nd Company Southern California contingent including Tony Garcia, Denny Sullivan, and Ira Price for an extended lunch in San Juan Capistrano. They didn’t see any swallows, but there were several Bloody Marys. Phil says he also made memorial visits to some of his old haunts in the area and couldn’t understand why no one remembered him. This next item comes from Donald Lawton ’74.who writes; “Some of you may know your classmate Bill Lawton, who was lost in an August 1966 F-8A Crusader crash off the coast of Georgia while assigned to NAS Glync, was my brother. I followed ‘Willie’s’ footsteps to the Academy and into Naval Aviation. Bill’s loss was hard on me

and I’ve always regretted not being able to fly alongside of him.” Don continues “The years passed and after a Navy and civilian airline career, I find myself fortunate to continue flying, now in my own private airplane – a Beechcraft Bonanza. Through an online forum of Beech owners, I became acquainted with Tom Newell, who also went Navy Air flying A-4s before leaving the active-duty Navy. Tom now owns a Beech Baron and lives in the Houston, TX area. For a number of years, I have been flying formation flights in Texas with a group of fellow Bonanza and Baron owners. Last year Tom joined our group. Flying with him in the same formations has been really special, but last month the group met at the airport in Denison, TX where I had the chance to fly with him in his Baron. That was a real treat for me and is something I’ll not forget. Tom learned formation flying the Navy way, as did I, and it’s nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch!”

Tom Newell and Don Lawton ’74 after a flight from North Texas Regional Airport in Tom’s Baron.

Finally this month we have another “passing the baton” family story this time from Jim Carlson who writes: “My Grandson, Nathan James, had been doing quite well as an enlisted man in the Air Force. On his way to E-6 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree


2017 HOMECOMING Thursday, 19 October through Saturday, 21 October

STAY CONNECTED Find a Chapter. usna.com/FindAChapter

Chuck posing with his grandchildren marking completion of their 5K

The back story is their mother (black belt taekwondo) fractured

’64: From left to right: 2nd Company classmates Ira, Tony, Denny, and Phil


64/65 CLASS NEWS and a Master’s Degree on his own. Two years ago he was selected to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, Ohio to get a Master’s in Logistics. While there he was selected for OCS. He completed his Degree in April and went to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama for his Officer Training. He graduated in June and Nancy and I went down for it. I was so proud to be able to give him his Oath of Office as a Second Lieutenant. I have attached a picture of the Oath. It was the first time I had worn a uniform in thirty years (Shoes, pants and shirt courtesy of eBay. Cover and add-ons from a box of mementos). If there are enough pixels in the photo you may notice that I am wearing my “museum quality” USNA 64 nametag. It was also a mini family reunion because in addition to my grandson’s family, my youngest son, my daughter, my granddaughter and her family were also there. Nathan has orders to Japan so we may not see them for a while.”

(You know who you are!) this would be an excellent opportunity to atone for your procrastination! With regard to our long standing “Following Sea” closing aphorism, your humble correspondent has heard from a sufficient number of “Tin Can” sailors who spent a career inhaling diesel fumes as well as sail enthusiasts cursing floundering mainsails in following seas, an adjustment to this nautical tradition is hereby in order. Fair winds and a quartering sea, classmates.

’65 Life Membership: 63% Donor Participation: 31.58% Pres: CAPT Jim Minderlein, USN (Ret.) e: jimm65@verizon.net Corr Sec’y: CDR Dave Anderson, USN (Ret.) 1600 Ala Moana Blvd. #2208, Honolulu, HI 96815 c: 816-621-0878; e: daveand65@me.com; daveand65@earthlink.net Class of 1965 Home Page: http://www.daveand65.com/USNA65/

From Phil Ferrara on 12 Apr

A proud Carlson Family moment as Chuck administers Nathan the oath

Jim continues “Nancy and I are still living the dream in the middle of the corn fields of North Central Illinois. We live about six miles from the town where I went to high school (GO Wyanet Eagles, ‘60 Rules) and remain active as a Blue & Gold Officer, covering twenty, mostly rural, schools within a radius of forty miles from my home.” A big 64 Bravo Zulu Jim. Several classmates responded to the recent urgent plea for Shipmate material. While certainly encouraging; it remains critical that the “cards and letters” keep coming. If you’ve never contributed to your class organ or haven’t posted an update in the last couple of years

M Interested in a story of a ‘warrior’ family? Then here it is! Youngest to Oldest. Cdr. Tara Refo, USNA 2000, is the daughter of a Navy pilot, a Virginia Tech grad. The pilot is the younger brother of a Navy pilot, our Carter Refo, USNA ’65! Tara is Carter’s niece. Carter’s father, Captain John Refo ’40, was a Navy pilot and Tara’s grandfather. Carter’s grandfather, Captain Miles Refo, USNA,1910, was a Navy surface warfare officer and Tara’s great-grandfather. Carter’s Uncle, Capt Miles Refo III, ’38, was a submariner and Tara’s great-uncle. To top it all off, Tara is married to a naval aviator who flies F-18s and has been selected for command in mid-2017. To top it off further, Tara and her husband have two sons, Prospective Midshipmen, ’37 and ’39 !!!

in Virginia Beach. The discussion topics were as varied as those that were used for the After-Dinner Speaking sessions that several of us were remembering with sober or somber or cynical yet always comical thoughts of those fanciful gatherings. The occupants of one table were deeply engrossed in an “Organ Recital” of their ills and cures as moderated by classmate, Dr. Norm Dean. Another was solving world hunger again. Finally, the other table discussed Bob Beauchamp’s boat, and Bob Finley’s recollection of the After-Dinner Speaking session devoted to a discussion of the mindset of the German populace during Hitler’s rise to power. As usual, it was a pleasant hour and a half with a good time had by all and the reason that a dozen or so of us really enjoy getting together with classmates every month. Those attending this 06 Jun session were: Bob Beauchamp, Ron Bishop, Dr. Norm Dean, Bob Finely, Tom Forbes, Mike Hester, Frank Mixner, Pete O’Connor, Fred Prickett, Carl Spangler, Ron Voelkel, and Rick Williams. Classmates, if you are ever in the Tidewater area on the First Tuesday of the month, please take the time to join us at 1130 AM at The Egg Bistro in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake Call Ron Voelkel’s cell phone at 757-377-1268 or Ron Bishop’s cell at 757-373-6158 for info regarding which Egg Bistro will host the meeting that month.  Steve McDonald on 09 Jun (52 years after our graduation) sent in a nice piece on what our graduation and camaraderie has meant. Hope to include that next month. From Jim Minderlein, 08 Jun

M My congratulations, thanks, and sincere appreciation for your outstanding participation, support and generosity for this year’s Academy Challenge. I could not be more pleased or proud of your efforts. BRAVO ZULU! It was good to see that we surpassed last year’s total of 145 participants. There were 54 new donors who did not participate last year. That is one of the purposes of this challenge - to encourage new donors. It was also good to see that 73% of those who participated last year did so again this year. Our class came in first for USNA with 166 participant. The Class of 1978 was a poor second with 123. From Larry Swenson, 10 Jun M After almost a month of daily rain, the sun finally came out on June 8th to provide a gloriously sunny day for the 65’er gathering at Hugh Thompson and Sharon Cleary’s lake home on Lake Martin, AL. Everyone provided their favorite sumptuous appetizer, side dish or dessert to accompany the wonder hamburgers and bratwurst grilled up by our host, Hugh. Laughter and tall tales were heard in every conversation around the table. Our group has expanded to include almost as many coming from east Georgia (George and Margaret Stewart, Joe and Marilyn Frazar, Johnny and Carolyn Johnson (missing from this gathering) as reside in central Alabama (Hugh Thompson and Sharon Cleary, Paul and Jeanne Robinson, George and Linda Wilson, (missing from this gathering) and Larry and Laurie Swenson). So, we are seeking a new name to

From Ron Bishop, 07 Jun M The Tidewater Area USNA ’65 group had a dozen stalwart members present for the First Tuesday Lunch get together at the Egg Bistro


’65: Larry Swenson, Marilyn and Joe Frazar, Paul and Jeanne Robinson, Pat and Courtland Gray, Hugh Thompson, Margaret Stewart, Dave Hunter, George Stewart, Sharon Cleary (behind the camera is Laurie Swenson).

65/66 CLASS NEWS replace the Central Alabama Group; perhaps “Heart of Dixie” Group. Courtland and Pat Gray came up from Navarre Beach, Florida, to provide some beach color to the tranquil lake setting. We also appreciate Dave Hunter’s efforts to come all the way from Point Clear, Alabama, located 3 1/2 hours away on Mobile Bay. We look forward to our next luncheon in Auburn, Alabama, in a couple of months in order to share some more sea stories and salute the Blue and Gold.

heart surgeon husband, and drove nearly 2400 miles here and there using our two temp homes as a base. The weather was decent; the roads excellent (including the dirt ones); the scenery spectacular; and the tourists, many!! Overall, a great trip! Pete and Chris

with me talking golf with Bill over on King George Street and reminded me to go back! And, congratulations to Ed Linz as he nears the completion of the “Appalachian Trail Challenge”. Ed just returned from hiking in four states up North and now has hiked at least a few miles on the Appalachian Trail in 13 of the 14 states through which the A.T. passes. Only Georgia is on his dance card now!!

From Jack Devine, 18 Jun M Another random, unsolicited up-check on Phil Ferrara’s excellent ALITC program: Peggy and I had breakfast in Ocean Grove this morning and were stopped by a man and wife who spotted my Navy hat - in conversation, turns out they have a son in the class of ’18. When I mentioned that I am class of ’65, they lit right up - the class that did so much for/with USNA ’15! Evidently, their son kept raving about how great that was. No mention of ’66 or ’67, so I’m guessing that our ALITC implementation was head and shoulders above the others. Thanks Phil and all who made that work! Jack From Jim Minderlein, 19 Jun M I am pleased to announce that Lee Mager will serve as the IT Manager for our class. He has been acting in this capacity for the last year or more, so this makes it official. I asked Lee to prepare the procedures below for your benefit. Please do not refer to any ‘65 databases you may have used in the past. Lee has a set of procedures for IT and class comms. Please email him at lee.mager@gmail.com if you didn’t get them off the eForum.

Pete and Chris Lumianski

From Dave Miller, 05 Jul From Phil Ferrara, 05 Jul M We had a great crowd at McGarvey’s Saloon of twenty-one ‘65ers on Wed, 05 Jul, despite being the day after July 4th. Even with holiday travels, present were Fred Vogel, Bob Green, Jay Cheney, Charlie Morrison, Bob Andretta, Ed Linz, Art Wittig, Conrad Best, Phil Ferrara, Sam Dutrow, Paul Mickelson, Doug Norton, John Collins, Frank Peterson, Sonny Harrison, Pat Philbin, Bob Sullivan, Frog Kristensen, Rich Harden, Skip MacMichael, and Bill Matton. There was lots of chatting and good-byes at the end of lunch, and in the confusion, that long feared thing finally happened after ten years of First Wednesdays. Phil left the restaurant forgetting to pay the bill!! Fortunately, Sonny caught up

From Pete Lumianski, 03 Jul M Chris and I returned a few days ago from our ten-day Iceland trip, which featured many memorable moments. Iceland is big, beautiful, interesting and expensive (!) My wife and I split our very first $25 hamburger! We stayed in two Airbnbs, four days in Akureyri and five days in Reykjavik. We traveled with our eldest daughter and her


M We attended the surprise party on 10 June in Austin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of John and Nina Thompson. Gordon Peterson was there also. Several classmates sent congratulatory videos including Courtland Gray in Alabama with other classmates. John Wroten and his Happy Valley Alley group sent congratulations from their annual get-together, this year in Colorado Springs.

From Ed Linz and also Ted Nanz, 10 Jul M Five northern Virginia 65ers got together with our wives at Sam Dutrow’s home to swap tales and indulge in BBQ and a few brewskis on 09 Jul. Pictured L-R are Ted and Meliza Nanz, Sharry and Ed Linz, Mary and Sam Dutrow, Jim and Rosi Stark, and Peggy and Bob Sullivan. For many years a group of these five classmates has been carpooling to the monthly class luncheons in Annapolis coordinated by Phil Ferrara. In the beginning some of them had never met any of the others and some of them knew each other very well, even having been roommates in Bancroft Hall. After a while we got to know each other quite well from the one hour commute each way. Sharing life’s stories and other sea stories and the raconteuring especially by Ed Linz made the drive enjoyable which brings to mind the old slogan, ”Getting there is half the fun.” And thazzit, guys! Enjoy Football Season! Aloha, Dave

’66 Life Membership: 64% Donor Participation: 13.77% Pres: Gen Carlton W. Fulford, USMC (Ret.) Sec’y: CDR Mike Baird, USN (Ret.) 15738 Bison Run, Broomfield, CO 80023 e: mike.baird@1966.usna.com West Coast Sec’y: Robert G. Johnson Jr., Esq. 41391 Kalmia Street, Ste. 210 Murrieta, CA 92562 Website: www.usna66.org

John and Nina Thompson, Pat and Dave Miller

I’m hoping that when this is published, cooler weather prevails. Football season is well upon us and the holidays are fast approaching. I pray everyone is well. I’ve received several great writeups, so let’s get into it. I’ll start with the 32nd Company annual “Spring Fling.” Jim Fleming sent the following recap and pictures. M “The 2017 edition of the 32nd Company Spring Fling was an embarrassment of riches. We overflowed a 10-bedroom house, but with two couples splitting the week, it worked out. Attendees SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 81



were: Sherri and Tom Blount, Patty Jones and Mike Chandler, Judy and Charlie Cronan, Susan Reardon and Jack Drake, Karen and Jim Fleming, Irma and Bill Geib, Denise and Al Judelson, Fran and Bobby Lewis, Dave Prickett, Pat and Jim Slemenda, and Millie and Bill Taylor. A little research shows that all but two of the surviving members of 32 have attended at least one of the Spring Flings. It started back in 2001 as a long weekend with five guys, then expanded to a full week after we were all retired. We find that the time together is more and more precious as the years go by, and look forward more than ever to next year.” Thanks Jim. Great job.


Bubba Phillips sent a photo of Donna and him, Dee and Bill Caiazza, and Carol and Tom Porter, who met for dinner outside of Charleston. Bill says it was a great time! Thanks Bill.



Fran Swientek reports that he and wife, Diane, were joined in June by both his old USNA roommate, Charlie Johnson, and his old NPG housemate, Pat Sheedy, for a miniFourth Battalion lunch reunion during this year’s Rose Festival in Portland, OR. Charlie and wife, Nancy, were visiting their children on the west coast from Randolph, NJ while Pat and wife, Sue, just came down from Bonney Lake, WA. All were joined by Dick Barnette and Don Haslett. Don was a fellow department head with Pat aboard RICHARD S. EDWARDS (DD 950) out of Pearl Harbor, HI and was a fellow USNA Sailing Squadron member with Charlie. Dick, Pat, and Charlie hailed from South Carolina prior to entering the Academy. Dick and Pat were fortuitously assigned to the 26th Company, while Charlie and Frank were assigned to the 27th Company. Dan Mulligan (’67), an old 26th Company-mate, also joined in the mini-reunion. Frank and Diane presented the ladies roses and Portland-made candies, while Frank gave both Charlie and Pat Oregon-SW Washington, USNAAA Chapter challenge coins as mementos of their visit. Well done, Frank.



John Earhart provided the next vignette and photo. M Ten Northeast Florida Classmates and their wives gathered for dinner in Palatka, where world problems were solved and the loss of a Plebe year was lamented. From left to right in the photo: Lorraine and Bill Marsh, Florence and Dave Quirk, Mary and Denny Zveare, Cindy and Bob Zvacek and Kay and John Earhart. Thanks, John! Sadly, I report the deaths of Thomas J. Hadley, Harry M. (Pete) Howton, and the spouse of the late Guinn Clark, Susan Clark. Tom’s obit was featured in the Dallas Morning News. A revised version is presented here. M “Thomas (Tom) Jefferson Hadley left this world on 1 April 2017. Tom was born 30 August 1940 in Idabel, OK to Virginia Kemp Hadley and Rudolph Hadley. He was preceded in death by his parents; his brother, Michael Hadley; and cycling buddy,

Ivan Mukasa. He is survived by his wife Bobbye Hitzfeld; a daughter, Catherine Hadley Greenfield; son in law Brian Greenfield; a son, Joseph Hadley; grandsons Luke Thomas Greenfield and Cole Robert Greenfield; a brother, Robert Hadley; sisters, Sheila Hadley Chaney, Cindy Hadley Williams; and several nephews and nieces. Tom graduated from Idabel High School in 1958. Followed by short stint at a local junior college, he joined the Navy along with his brother Robert. In 1962, he entered the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Determining “not a good fit for an independent guy” Tom went back to the ranks of the enlisted. His service was spent on aircraft, never once setting foot aboard a ship. Tom then spent several years in the Naval Reserve, and continued to serve by volunteering for the Navy Marine Corp Relief after his retirement in 2005. Tom was a drummer in his high school swing band, lacrosse player at the Academy, expert downhill skier, and

66/67 CLASS NEWS accomplished tennis, golf, and racquetball player. He was also a marathon runner, cyclist, and private pilot. Tom was the complete athlete, excelling at every sport he tried. He found his passion in cycling while on a barge trip in France on a rickety old bicycle he borrowed from the barge. He loved to travel, and he and his wife Bobbye did so frequently. They fell in love with the south of France in the 1990s and vacationed there at least once a year, but Paris was his favorite city. He loved good food, wine, history, friends and teaching his grandsons Luke and Cole to play darts and embraced all with equal enthusiasm. Tom and Bobbye loved to entertain and did so frequently at their home. Tom was bright, funny, compassionate, challenging and loved. Catherine and Bobbye want to thank Junior, he knows why, and the many friends who cared and surrounded him. He will be missed by us all. Bye Elwood.I lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Navy Marine Corp Relief. A memorial service to remember (or celebrate) Tom’s life was held on 29 April at St. Laurence Episcopal Church.” Pete Hesser sent me an email that Pete Howton died on 6 July, after a courageous battle with stomach cancer. Services were held at St. Albans Episcopal Church on 19 July. Pete’s ashes were scattered on Lake Barcroft, where he and wife, Barbara, lived. Memorial donations for Pete can be made to the American Cancer Society. Please keep Barbara in your prayers. For Susan Clark, Rich Madaleno reported that she died peacefully on 2 July 2017 at the Season’s Hospice Center in Randallstown. MD. Services were held at Rolling Road Golf Club in Catonsville, MD, same as for Guinn, on 14 July. Both Susan and Guinn are on the waiting list for interment at the US Naval Academy. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to St. Jude’s Research Hospital – http://giftfunds.stjude.org/susanpclark. Please keep Susan and Guinn’s sons, Tom and Barry, and their families in your prayers.


Chuck Grutzius and Charlie Votava took charge of the Leadership Awards for GONZALEZ (DDG66). The awardees are DC1 (SW) John Bukovinsky, Repair Division Acting Leading Chief Petty Officer, Damage Control Training Team Coordinator, At Sea Fire Party Leader, and Ship’s Fire Marshall; and LTJG Scott Snowden (’14), Antisubmarine Warfare Officer. The full text of their accomplishments can be found on our Class web site, usna66.org. Two ceremonies were held on Friday, 7 July, to make the

awards. The enlisted ceremony was held aboard GONZALEZ on the morning of 7 July. The officer ceremony was held later that evening during a wardroom Dining-In. Officiating for the Class at the ceremonies was Al Konetzni. Attending the enlisted ceremony were Chuck Grutzius, Charlie Votava, Pat Muldoon, Rob Ploeger, Al Konetzni, Charlie Pfeifer, and Tony Franzitta. Charlie also provided photos of a Class social gathering at Charlie Votava’s, the enlisted ceremony and Al and LTJG Snowden. The first picture shows Missy and Al Konetzni, Chuck Grutzius, Pat Muldoon, Charlie Pfeifer, Kathy Muldoon, Jean Grutzius, Faye Martin, Linda Franzitta, Joyce Ploeger, and Peggy Pfeifer. Sharon, Rob Ploeger, Tony Franzitta, and Tom Martin were in the kitchen ensuring the pasta was “al dente.” The second photo is of the enlisted ceremony featuring LT Joel Stoorza (‘08), LTJG Abdussalaam Kako (‘15), GONZALEZ XO, CDR Sullivan and Charlie Votava,

GONZALEZ CO CDR Sobol, Chuck Grutzius, Jean Grutzius, Mrs. Bukovinski, Pat Muldoon, DC1 Bukovinski, Rob Ploeger, Al Konetzni, LT Christina Carson (‘13), Charlie Pfeifer, LTJG Adriana Ayala (‘15), Tony Franzitta, ENS Monica Prioleau (‘17). The final photo is of Al and LTJG Snowden. The last item comes from Rae Ohlert, wife of Bed Ohlert. She reports that Ed took and passed both the Technician and General Class exam for an FCC Amateur Radio Operator License. His call sign is KN4DKI. She also provided a picture of her and Ed, and three of their employees, supporting their customer, DHS-HF Radio Program at the 2017 Hamvention at Dayton, OH. Congratulations to Ed, and many thanks to Rae for sharing this.


That wraps up this issue. Thank you to everyone who provided vignettes for this issue. Let’s hope Navy has a great football season. Happy Halloween to all. Until December… All the best…Mike!!!


Life Membership: 74% Donor Participation: 26.15% Pres: CDR David E. Church, USN (Ret.) Sec’y: LtCol Jim McNeece, USMC (Ret.) 1603 John Worthington Way, Crownsville, MD 21032 p: 410-849-3423; e: scribe67@gmail.com

And we start with the sad news of two deaths. Bud O’Hara sent me a short note:


M Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I received an e-mail from Brenda yesterday that Dave Nielsen had died the previous night (20 June 2017). He had been admitted to the VA hospital in Huntsville, AL fighting multiple ailments including SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 83

67/67 CLASS NEWS kidney failure. There is no funeral planned which is the way he wanted it. I don’t have any further information, but Dave and Brenda had lived in Alabama for some time. Bud and I, Dave’s Youngster year roommates, learned a couple of years ago that he was suffering from dementia. He was a private kind of guy, so we didn’t pass it around. Even so, his death was a surprise. RB Hall’s response was typical. M I’m stunned. I have to admit it, but (especially with all the planning for the 50th) somewhere in me is the sense that we in the 5th Company will all just keep on Keepin’ On. I wasn’t ready for this. Our prayers go to Brenda, Dave and all the 5th Company. We also learned of the 12 May 2017 passing of Susan Marie Roth, wife of Mike Roth. She died peacefully at home in Cary, NC surrounded by many of her family. After college in 1966, Susan was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army. She worked as a dietitian for nearly 35 years in both hospitals and public health departments as she moved with Mike around the Marine Corps. She was outgoing and loved to dance, loved her flowers, loved her birds. In addition to Mike, she’s survived by two sons, John and Joseph and their wives, plus two granddaughters and four grandsons. Mike, please accept our condolences. As you know, ‘67’s participation in the Another Link In The Chain program reached a high point with the graduation of the Great Class of 2017. Jack Parry, the ALITC head honcho, asked me to pass along his and ‘Nita’s thanks: M To all those who participated in the many and varied ALITC events: well done and thanks for your support over the past 4 years. Secondly, a very deeply appreciated thanks to all those who personally thanked me and ‘Nita for leading the efforts. I cannot well express the honor and privilege it was to be the chair person and every small and large expression by others for our work has been gratefully received. BZ ‘67 – ‘17.

Since I’m writing this in July, I can’t give you any last minute Reunion gouge except that you should show up, have fun, and start making plans to come back for the 55th! I know there were at least two celebrations on our actual 50th. Julie and Ken Barausky organized a wonderful dinner on 7 June 2017 at the Crofton Country Club on the occasion of the REAL 50th anniversary of our graduation. It was complete with three cheers for the Class of 1967 and a commemorative hat toss at the end! There was a super turnout from all over the area. I won’t try to name everyone who was there, but you’ll recognize lots of faces in the pictures. If the evening was a prelude to October’s 50th Reunion, you’re in for a treat. Stories abounded about where we’d all come from and the routes we took to get to USNA, tales of exploits while we were mids, the inevitable sea stories about adventures during our service years, and recountings of what we did afterwards in civilian life. To keep us from being too full of ourselves, our lovely wives chipped in stories of some of the bonehead stunts we’d pulled over the years. During the Day Of, I had scanned FaceBook and seen postings from several Classmates from around the country celebrating the day (Dick Kirtley, Buddy Barnes, George Butvilas, Rich Rodgers, others). I received e-mails from Classmates remembering. And the common thread throughout it all was a story of 1259 teenagers from all walks of life being brought together in 1963 to undergo a common molding experience called the United States Naval Academy. Four years later, the 890 of us who graduated diverged again throughout the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army, many of us with new brides, to the four winds and the seven seas. Our post graduation experiences were as diverse as our origins had been. But the difference between before and after was that common bond and brotherhood that had been forged at Navy. In 1963, we gathered together in a room as strangers to one another. Today, when we gather in a


’67: Classmates on 6/7/17

’67: Another REAL 50th

room it’s as family. It’s an honor be part of it. Of course, the golfers would not be outdone. Bob Havasy sent some pictures of their outing. The dinner, hosted by JJ O’Brien, must have been a blast. I saw the menu with dishes named after various golfing Classmates: Captain Dittmann’s Fried Chicken Fingers, Lt. Vance’s Beef Sliders, Lt. Ryan’s Crab Cake Sandwiches. A total hoot! This came in from Bill Hickman: M During the last week in April, four of us made our annual trek to Europe with a Viking River Cruise vacation. Our group included May and Earl Ohman, my wife Karen and me. Despite colder than expected weather, we enjoyed sunny but chilly visits to Bruges and Amsterdam and an eight day cruise on the Rhine River ending in Switzerland. The picture included here shows the four of us standing at a scenic overlook in the Black Forest. We were able to share real time travel tips via email with Robin Larson and his wife BJ who took the same cruise a couple weeks later.

Hickmans & Ohmans overlooking the Black Forest

I nudged Bill Dubbs to send me a paragraph or two. He did. Herewith: M Cindi and I live in Fulshear, TX and will celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary this November. Both of our daughters, Courtney and Heather, have their own families and live in Colorado and Texas, respectively. I am a Project Director with Fluor Corporation and have been responsible for the design and construction of power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and copper mines all over the world. Momentarily I have the good fortune to be assigned to a large petrochemical plant project in Lake Charles, LA, which is a relatively short drive to Fulshear on the weekends.


’67: The whole crowd at the REAL 50th dinner at Crofton Country Club

After USNA, I spent four years on destroyers which included a tour in Vietnam. I was then sent to graduate school at MIT becoming an Engineering Duty Officer afterwards, followed by three years at Charleston Naval Shipyard. At that point the grass seemed “greener” in the civilian world so I left active duty to start my career in the engineering and construction industry. I did stay in the US Naval Reserve eventually retiring as a Captain, USNR. Bill and Cindi will be at the 50th, so look them up! Now comes word of amazing feats of derring-do among our Classmates, one literally, others figuratively. Literally: Frank Hewitt has come up with the most novel excuse for bagging our 50th Reunion in a good-news/bad-news sort of way. From Frank: M Good news first – yesterday, July 5th, in Salt Lake City, I won the Veteran 70+ National Championship in Men’s Epee (Gold Medal). Also, following the Medals Presentation, I was offered a position on our 2017 Veteran World Championship Team, and plan to accept that honor to represent the USA. The Veteran Fencing World Championship in Maribor, Slovenia, from October 15th through October 21st, 2017, directly conflicts with our 50th Reunion at Navy. My events were finally scheduled as follows: 0900 Thursday 19 October – Men’s Epee “C” (Individual), and 0900 Saturday 21 October - Men’s Epee Team. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no “wiggle room” to allow attendance at our 50th Reunion. From Maribor, Slovenia, and Team USA, Both Jeanne and I will be wishing you a great reunion. I’ll do my best

to represent the USA and better my Medal record in this upcoming World Competition.


Wow! Just WOW! Go Frank! Beat the World! Moving to the figurative category: if you remember, Bob O’Rourke got himself a new knee a few months ago. He’s back in form leading Outward Bound treks up 13,000 foot mountains in Colorado. In August, he and two others are taking on climbing the Matterhorn in the Alps. Watch this space...better yet, corner him at the Reunion to hear the tale. And finally, in a class all his own: Marty Cover. Marty successfully finished the Iron Butt Rally, a motorcycle endurance ride, which started in Minneapolis on 24 June and finished back there on 7 July. Riders planned and executed routes passing hundreds of places in the United States with each place earning them points. During the rally, Marty covered approximately 10,000 miles, I’m told. You can do the math for miles per day, but any way you figure it the feat did indeed require an iron butt. Here’s another chance to hear a real story at the Reunion! It will be interesting to see if he’s ready by then to sit down again. Now, I’ve run out of space. In the next column, in addition to Reunion news, I’ll have news from Dave Spisso in South Carolina, a report of a western U.S. trip by Phil Guy, and a first time ever note from Skip Meinhold on what he and Dorothy have been up to. So… That’s it...Goodnight!…Jim

Life Membership: 58% Donor Participation: 18.62%

USNA.COM Stay Connected and Informed.

Pres: CAPT Gary A. Storm, USN (Ret.) 66 Franklin St., Unit 509, Annapolis, MD 21401 p: 410-757-7156; c: 443-924-1130 e: gastorm@verizon.net Corr Sec’y: CAPT Gordon I. Peterson, USN (Ret.) 7994 Hidden Bridge Dr., Springfield, VA 22153 p: 703-913-5404; e: gpeters621@aol.com Website: www.usna68.com

The full-length version of this column is posted to our Class website. Our class ranks closed again in June with the sad loss of the 17th Company’s Terry Murray and Raymond “Chip” Dudderar— standout professionals in the Marine Corps and Navy Air, respectively. Terry died of coronary artery disease at his home on 17 June 2017. His funeral Mass was celebrated 24 June in West River, MD. Classmates in attendance included Carl Tamulevich, Glenn Gottschalk, Jim Webb, Frank Simmons, Kit Ruland, Rick Bayer, Ed Sullivan, and me. “It was a special day for saying so long to a teammate, classmate, and friend,” Carl said. “When we stepped into church the ever-gracious Catherine, Terry’s wife, was there to greet us.” Terry was awarded two Bronze Star Medals and the Purple Heart during his wartime service in Vietnam as a rifle platoon and company commander. His distinguished 33-year career in the Marine Corps, culminating in promotion to major general, later included command at the battalion, battalion landing team, and expeditionary unit levels. Jim Webb observed, “Terry Murray was a trusted friend and was everything the Naval Academy could ask for—an inspirational leader, a

top-level athlete, and a serious scholar.” Jack Klimp said, “I served with Terry three times over the years after graduation—as battalion commanders, in the Marine Corps Manpower department, and in the USNA Alumni Association. We have lost a great Marine, a classmate and, most of all, a friend. He is missed.” Said Mike Hagee, “Terry was a good friend and a unique individual. An exceptional athlete, a superb leader, and Marine, Terry truly cared for individuals with whom he worked. A great role model, he was dedicated to the Naval Academy and its mission of providing leaders to the naval service and our country. I will miss him.” Football teammates Bill Dow and John Cartwright also recalled Terry fondly. “He was not only an exceptional athlete,” Bill said, “but a very effective leader who led with a quiet demeanor from within the walls of Bancroft, to the athletic fields at Navy, to the jungles of Vietnam, and to the halls of the Pentagon. I am thankful and proud to be able to call him a classmate.” John Cartwright remembered Terry as “… an incredible team player and leader, a sincere and caring friend, an amazing athlete, a tough competitor, a man of impeccable character, an encourager, a clutch player, and an unselfish star. Yet, Terry Murray’s life went much deeper than athletic skills.  I thank God for his personal friendship throughout our years at USNA.”

Catherine and Terry Murray on their wedding day 31 years ago.

June also brought the sad news of Chip Dudderar’s death. Chip reported to flight school following


68/68 CLASS NEWS graduation. After earning his wings, he flew the light-attack A-7 “Corsair II” in the fleet—including a combat deployment to Vietnam—and had an exchange tour flying the AV-8 Harrier. In 1978, he was assigned to the Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD, and completed his training in 1979. He later transitioned to the F/A-18, commanded a deployed squadron of Hornets, and went on to have a distinguished career with important responsibilities for the testing and procurement of multiple Navy aircraft at the Naval Air Test Center (NATC) and Naval Air Systems Command. Craig Steidle and Bill Washer are very familiar with Chip’s important contributions to the testing and acquisition of the Navy’s “next generation” of Navy aircraft during the 1980s and 1990s. Bill said that Chip relieved him in 1987 as Chief Test Pilot at the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate (SATD) at NATC. Later, in 1992, when Bill was the program manager for the A-12 aircraft, Chip was the Director at SATD/NATC. Craig explained that in this position, Chip was responsible for F/A-18, T-45, and F-14 testing. “He was later selected to become the center’s Test Wing Commander, responsible for all testing of aviation assets—from fixed wing, to helos, to UAV’s,” Craig said. “His outstanding leadership contributed directly to the successful transition of the F/A18E/F Super Hornet into the fleet and the successful design and development of the EA-18G Growler.” Jeff Cook also praised Chip’s aviation expertise. “His flight-test perspectives on our developmental aircraft were always highly regarded,” he said. “He was a confident and technically astute briefer, who did our class proud.” Retiring as a captain, Chip worked as a consultant for contractsupport contractors at NATC and, later, the Applied Physics Lab (APL), where he stood up the lab’s Pax River office. He is survived by his wife, Linda, son Kyle, and daughter Heidi.

Chip Dudderar at his son Kyle’s wedding to Celeste in 2007.

Ed Sullivan reports that the 2017 spring golf outing at Navy had its challenges, but once again the class of ‘68 prevailed! “The weather was less than cooperative both in the unreliable long range forecasts as well as the two-day forecast,” Ed wrote, “but when the day arrived, we played on! There were 23-plus classmates, family members, and friends that signed up to play at any one time.” A normally reliable source told me that Ed shot the low round (84), followed closely by Bill Ober (85). Golf enthusiasts might want to touch base with Gordon Brown to learn more about a new product that he and Clemson University’s strength-and-conditioning staff have developed. Read on: M “I credit my days on the Severn with instilling in me the desire to stay in good physical condition combined with my late-in-life career in the strength-and- conditioning field. Back in 2011-2012, Clemson University’s strength-and-

conditioning Coach Joey Batson allowed me to work with his staff. The outcome was the revolutionary flexible composite Tsunami Bar® flexible barbell. We recently broadened our reach with a new product called the Swing Balance™ Laginator™ for golfers to help train optimum release of the hands and achieve greater impact at the ball. A member of our team, Wesley Bryan, won the 2017 Heritage golf tournament at Hilton Head. I wish I could say that all of this has transformed my golf game, but no! I just invent the stuff! I’m looking forward to the reunion next year. Go Navy!”

Ric and Paige French with Tom Hayes at Amelia Island, FL.

Gordon Brown (left) with his granddaughter Jasmine and Clemson University’s Coach Joey Batson during their summer visit.

In early June, Diana and Tom Hayes completed a 10-day “memory lane” trip to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL. Tom was stationed at NAS Jacksonville from 1973 to 1976. They stayed at the Navy Gateway complex (formerly the NAS BOQ) during their visit. Buddy Barnes ’67, a HAL-3 Seawolf squadron mate of Tom’s, met up with them for

’68: Spring golf outing’s golfers include (left to right): Mike Burkhart, Dick Krulis, Bob Arneson, Hal Jones, Joe Conway, Glenn Gottschalk, Skip Dirren (interloper from Villanova), Bill Ober, Rick Bayer, Gary Storm, Tom Parker, and Ed Sullivan. (Not pictured: Carl Tamulevich, Jim Niehus, Ben Fromme, and Ed Sullivan III.)


breakfast one day. In St. Augustine, Diana and Tom had a rendezvous with Ric French, also HAL-3 vet, at a local eatery on Amelia Island. “Ric and Paige live in Jacksonville,” Diana wrote, “and arranged to meet us and guide us around the island’s wildlife refuge strip. Weather was not permitting, so we did a town lunch outing and had a terrific time being with this gracious and fun couple.”

Diana and Tom also saw Mary Ruth and Dick Coleman in Alexandria, VA, during a June visit. “Our 49th anniversary was June 8,” Mary Ruth wrote,” and we celebrated in St. Martin—still happy and enjoying life! We’re looking forward to the 50th reunion.”

Mary Ruth and Dick Coleman on their 49th anniversary.

Last March, while Susan and Gary Storm, together with Nancy and Len Sjostrom, were sailing in the British Virgin Islands, they ran into midshipmen from the Class of 2017 while swinging on an anchor ball at Marina Cay on Tortola. “We shared some ‘painkillers’ with them on the way to dinner,” Gary reported. “They were all on spring break and had chartered a boat for the week. It is a small world. I heard them talking about Annapolis, so went over and started a conversation.”


’68: “Whenever two or three shall meet … “ : Standing, from left: Gary and Len Sjostrom with Elizabeth Wilson, and Midshipmen James Reynolds ’17, Ben Olson ’17, McKenzie Barnett ’17 and Sean Rundle ’17 in the British Virgin Islands.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions. All the best, Gordo

’69 Life Membership: 55% Donor Participation: 15.16% Pres: F. H. “Mike” Michaelis p: 703-998-9209; e: mikeusna69@gmail.com Vice Pres: Pat Stroop e: pstroop@hotmail.com Sec’y: Dr. Steve Hudock p: 703-989-4606; e: shudock@1969.USNA.com Treas: Ron Gumbert e: rongumbert@icloud.com e: ron.gumbert@gartner.com Website: www.usna69.org

About time to reform the Brigade as ’21 joins up with the retuning upperclassmen. As many of us wrap up our summer travels and get settled back in for Fall Football and more Navy wins we need to be looking ahead to our 50th Reunion that will be here in just 2 years!! PLEASE PASS THE WORD!! We have sold out the 230 reserved rooms we had at Loew’s under a preferred rate and are booking another 30 rooms at Westin, three blocks further along West Street. (O’Callaghan’s, our previous ‘backup’, is closing!) There is a 2-night minimum at the Westin. We will have shuttle bus service running between Westin/Loews/ Yard though out the weekend. The block will release by July 23, 2019 so all reservations must be made prior to this date to receive the special rate.

On 23 June we lost our Classmate Don Nash after a lengthy illness. The matriarch of the Nash Clan, Donna, has been Don’s rock not only for the past three years but really for the last 48 years. Her strength was a shining light for all. A celebration of his life was held at Ghent Methodist Church in Norfolk on 29 June where Don had been a long time member and an active participant in the life of the church. The church was completely filled with family, friends and Classmates. Don’s brother, Major General Gordon Nash, USMC (Ret.), Don’s daughter Anne Marie and granddaughter Caroline, young grandsons John, Luke and Will Shields and Don’s son Joseph shared their thoughts on family life and the tremendously positive influence Don was in their lives. Gordon was sure that Don had already started squaring away the Marines in heaven and Don’s son, Joe, started his eulogy with a boisterous “Alright! Alright! Alright!” and ending it with “ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?” Joe also praised his Dad’s love of and pride in his family. Classmate Joe Greene discussed Don’s enthusiastic leadership in the Navy through three command tours and three tours in D.C. Joe ended his remarks with an equally boisterous “GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!!!” Following this beautiful service, a reception was held at the Norfolk Yacht Club. Among the huge number of Classmates attending were Augie Beaulieu, Kathy and

’69: MIke & Jan Haddon

’69: Bish & Rabbit in Naples

’69: Judge Bert & Bish

Dave Bogosian, Judi Bryant, Su and Bob Byles, Tom Church and his daughter Caroline, Bill Clifford, Bill Coxe, Joanne and Larry Diddlemeyer, Lee Duckworth, Gary Goodmundson, Sue and Joe Greene, Valerie and Rick Hillyer, Jean Jard and Jack Lahren, Marcia and Bill Laz, Gil and Stephen Leaman, Billy Lewis, Jack Lewis, Emily and Dennis Plank, Linda and Alan Platt,

Sharon and Pete Renfree, Judy and Lon Scofield, CF Snyder, Dave Spriggs, Mary and Pat Stroop, Ed Timperlake and Dennis Yatras. Many others had sent their regrets and condolences to the family. RIP Don!! Doug Bishop made a run to Florida, stopping to visit with Jan & Mike Haddon in Atlanta and squeeze in a round of golf with Mike


69/70 CLASS NEWS and Tom Burbage at Dunwoody. Then he met up with Tom Daley, Rabbit Christensen, and Judge Bert Conlon, for golf in Ft Meyers and Naples. In June, he and Rabbit & Mackie Christensen were in Dennisport, MA, to watch the Judge give his daughter Lizzy away and then pivot and perform the ceremony!! A proud moment for all!

’70 Life Membership: 60% Donor Participation: 26.90% Pres: CDR Michael J. Novak, USN (Ret.) 4701 Hopkins Dr., Dumfries, VA 22025 e: mike706160@aol.com Sec’y: CDR Royal Connell, USN (Ret.) 10080 Rookery Rd., Pensacola, FL 32507 e: royal70@1970.usna.com Webmaster: Ed Moore e: edmund.moore@gmail.com Website: http://1970.usnaclasses.com

Tom Halwachs & Bob Logan in Monterey

Lin and Bob Logan dropped in to visit Tom and Jewell & Tom Halwachs in Monterey on May 14 and during the stroll down Cannery Row Tom and Bob were captured waiting for a whale to come by in the background. There’s a LOT of good background work being done by Keith Maynard & Tom Halwachs as they guide their Legacy of the Class of ’69 (LOC69) Committee through the hoops necessary to stand up an on-line, updateable version of our Class Legacy Book instead of printing a “doorstop”. Check it out on the Class website! That’s it for the mail bag this time! Please keep an eye out for the announcements re Army-Navy Tailgate activity that Geoff Pomroy is heading up. He plans to have 3 RVs available to ‘circle the wagons’ in the parking lot with some food and drink arrangements being discussed as this article goes to press. Watch the Class website (www.usna69.org) or your email boxes for additional info. BEAT ARMY! – badly!! — Doc

BLUE & GOLD OFFICER Would you like to mentor interested students about the opportunities at USNA? Become a Blue & Gold Officer and contact USNA Admissions at 410-293-1813.

Greetings all, you all are keeping up with the mail and I thank you for that. We are by now well into the Football season and I for one enjoy this time of year if just for the joy of seeing old shipmates and watching the games. And yes, we are all OLD shipmates. We have a couple of passings to note. First Peter S. Kaminski, of Grafton, MA, passed away in July after being stricken ill. He was the husband of Roxanne (Ward) Kaminski. Born in Baltimore, MD, he attended the Naval Academy and went on to graduate from The College of the Holy Cross in 1971. Peter worked at the Paul Revere Life Insurance Company for 13 years in various positions, ending his insurance career as Regional Brokerage Office Manager in Rochester, New York. In later years he found his true passion working as a bookseller at the Book Corner, Tatnuck Bookseller and Borders. He enjoyed all sports, but stayed true to his Maryland roots as an avid fan of the Baltimore Orioles and Indianapolis Colts. He also enjoyed playing Fantasy Football, watching cooking shows, political discussions, art museums, travelling, fine wines and cooking favorite recipes for family and friends. Retired Navy LCDR Robert C. Brubaker, of Meridian, MS passed away in April of pneumonia. He graduated with the class of 1971. After receiving his Wings in 1973, he was assigned as a Jet Flight Instructor at NAS Meridian with the VT-9 Tigers. In 1976, Robert was transferred to the Panama Canal Zone as the Officer in Charge of the Patrol Boat School. In 1979, he


served his final three years on active duty as NAS Meridian. Finally in 1981, Robert began his new career as a flight simulator instructor and retired after 33 years in order to pursue his lifelong interest as an avid gun collector. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Paula. Bill King sent his thanks for the class’ support at his father’s memorial service. M “The service was held at Ginger Cove, a retirement community in Annapolis. Dwight Denson, Woody Sutton (with his wife Claudia), and Carl Smith (with wife Carol) were there. Fern and Ian Sargent (our 24th Company Officer) graciously came from Delaware. Suzanne, Mike Aycock’s wife after graduation, was also a delight to see again and took the photo I attach. Mike Novak, Lynn Widener, and Steve Bannat (and Ed Bannat ‘69 who was with us in twelfth company 6768) were also great additions along with other alumni both from classes nearer to my fathers, near ours, and those hosted by my parents years after they retired to Annapolis.”

Skip Deltete just returned from a SCUBA trip to CoCo View Resort in Roatan, Honduras, his 6th trip there (initially many years ago with Bob Prince). M “While there last week, I had the great opportunity to meet and dive with Lennin Pineda, USNA’20. We dove together, ate meals and talked “Navy” for several days. He is a truly wonderful, smart young man, a great diver, and promises to be an incredible addition as an Officer in the Honduran navy when he graduates from USNA! Lenny represents the true embodiment of

our 1970-2020 class’ ‘Another Link In the Chain’ and ‘Our Vision is 2020’!”

Barry Steelman sent a photo and a note: M “Greetings to all, hope everyone had a wonderful summer. The enclosed photo was taken at the Army and Navy Club in DC on June 27, when ADM James Stavridis, USNA Distinguished Graduate of Class of 1976, former Commander of Allied NATO Forces and current Dean of the Tuft University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, received the GEN. Andrew J. Goodpastor Award and Prize, given each year by the American Veterans Center. Attending, along with me, from 1970 were Lynn Widener and John Montgomery. The photo was taken during the reception, which preceded the Admiral’s wonderful lecture on “leadership.”Hope to see everyone at Navy football this year: Go Navy, Beat Army. Best to all, Barry”

Monty noted that it was interesting that all four USNA grads go to the same hair stylist! Terry Dailey sent word that some of the 33rd Herd had a minireunion that was hosted by Walt Kubiak and his wife, Pam, at their home in Cape May Point, New Jersey on the weekend of June 8-12.

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70/71 CLASS NEWS delightful day with them, reminiscing about days past in the 16th Company. We broke out our Lucky Bag yearbook and compared updates on many of our company /classmates. Attached is a picture of Will and me in front of some of his Navy assignments including the USS Pasadena (SSN 752), Will’s command. A good time was had by all, including hearing how Will had spent part of his Admiral Rickover interview confined to a closet - to ensure Will could handle the confined spaces of our silent service. I know that Will and Margaret would really enjoy hearing from members of the class. Here is their mail and e-mail address: 375 Hoskins Ct.. Henderson NV 89012; E-mail: downscope71@cox.net. See you in San Diego in 2018. Jeff Albright.”

’70: Dailey 13th

He sent photographic evidence of the group which shows Walt and Pam sitting in the center with the rest of the crew on the couch along the wall, from left to right: Marty Carpenter and his wife, Cindy, Jim Laricks and his wife, Marilyn, Jim Maxey and his wife, Becky, John Meacham and his wife, Anita, Dave Blank and his wife, Sandy, and me and my wife, Monica. He alleges that they had so much fun that they might make this an annual event and are hoping that the rest of the 33rd Company will join them! Best regards Dick Folga went up to Annapolis for camps for grandkids. He writes: M “Lisa and Jack Pohl were also in town from Austin. It was great seeing them. While at the condo we were staying, I was lucky enough to meet with 3 members of 2020 who are members of the football team (Tyler Pistorio #41, Ford Higgins #72, Joe Goff #93). They enjoyed meeting a member of their “Link in the Chain”. They asked about the class getting fried. I gave them a good background on our class and the story behind “They can’t fry us all”. I hope to see them in Pensacola one day.”

to join and Nick or one of his admins will approve the request. The site is open to all classmates and spouses. There are no special rules, just whatever Facebook allows and common sense. Ring-A-Ding-Ding! Our Vision is 2020!

Bits & Pieces: Steve Reinemund’s son, Kevin, graduated with the Class of 2017 and the day brought back fond memories of our graduation 47 years ago. In case you haven’t heard. Some years ago Nick Visco set up the “USNA Class of 1970” Facebook page. Ed Moore started to set one up on his own and found Nick’s page. Once he joined, he added all of his Facebook friends who are USNA ‘70 classmates. He then asked all of them to do the same and we have tripled the membership in about a week. If you have any FB friends that are also classmates, you can add them in once you are a member. If you are not a member of the “USNA Class of 1970” FB page then you can request


L-R – Jeff Albright and Will Fritchman

Life Membership: 61% Donor Participation: 19.01%

Jeff added this following our email exchange:

Pres: CAPT Perry Martini, USN (Ret.) e: pjmartini@comcast.net

M “We just returned from a two week trip to France – mostly Paris and Normandy. We had a WONDERFUL time. Nice memorial ceremony at Normandy. Saw the Louvre, Malmaison (Josephine’s home), Eifel Tower, Monet’s Garden and we ate lots of great French food. To top it off, one of our French tour guides had taught French at the Albuquerque Academy here for two years! What a coincidence! Back to work. Twenty years now in the practice of law. I’m an equity partner in our law firm, and I chair the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar (an oxymoron, I think). I received the NM State Bar’s Distinguish Service Award a couple of years ago (one awarded a year), and have a very busy practice - which FUNDS OUR TRIPS! Probably looking to retire (from law this

Sec’y: CAPT Mike Longworth, USN (Ret.) e: duke.longworth@1971.usna.com Website: http://1971.usnaclasses.net/

Lots to report this month! Not only several notes, but the “Another Link in the Chain” (ALITC) events which provided input! Meanwhile, the reporting members of ’21 have gotten an excellent taste of the heat and humidity of a scorching summer in Crabtown! First up is an excellent note from my O’HARE shipmate, Jeff Albright: M “Greetings, Duke, Recently, Beth and I took a short trip from the ’Land of Enchantment’ (that’s New Mexico for those who haven’t memorized our state’s motto) to visit Margaret and Will Fritchman in Henderson, NV. We spent a


71/71 CLASS NEWS time) in the next couple of years, and even with the kids and grandchildren here, Beth would like to move back to the MD/Delaware area. I figure she followed me around all of those years in the Navy – so SHE gets to choose where we finally park! Hope you’re doing well! Jeff.” As newly minted Ensigns Jeff and I had a superb tour on O’HARE. I look forward to seeing them at our reunions. Lisa and I should make those overseas trips with them! Next is a note from Jerry Geil: M “Duke, After retiring from the Marine Corps I spent 18 years at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, CA. This was an excellent second career! I was a safety engineer on the X-35 during the JSF competition. After Lockheed won the contract I worked in F-35 tactics development. I flew about 100 sorties in the F-35 tactical simulator and another 100 simulator sorties as an aggressor against the F-35. Take my word, it’s a lot more fun flying the F-35 than flying as an aggressor against it. I finished my years at Lockheed doing cost-benefit analysis on projects beyond the F-35. While working for Lockheed I remained current on USNA as the area Blue & Gold Officer, and chairman of my congressman’s Service Academy Selection Board. “My wife and I selected Pensacola for our retirement after a vacation there. My company mate, Glenn Montgomery, had retired in Pensacola and he gave us great gouge on the area. Being a black shoe, Glenn lives on the gulf. Being a Marine, I moved inland to the ‘high ground’. I went with my Marine Corps TBS training and live above the Hurricane Ivan inundation lines. “We have a very active Alumni Chapter. During football season we take over part of the best sports bar in town to watch Navy football. There are of course many grads in the Pensacola area going through the flight programs, and some are among my 23 candidates appointed to the Academy. It is especially rewarding for me to re-connect with alumni I interviewed during my Blue

& Gold Officer days in California. It is very gratifying sharing a beer with these wonderful junior officers and discussing USNA and their future plans. It is a different and far better connection than it was mentoring them as candidates. “I spoke about my experience on the X-35 and F-35 programs at one of our Alumni Chapter luncheons. Glenn introduced me while his wife, Suzy, snapped the attached picture. In the picture with us is Charles Krupnick ’68, who was our second set company commander during plebe year. Small world! Charlie was a good guy and we had a great time remembering some of those days. “NAS Pensacola is still the most beautiful NAS I have ever seen, and the city has seen a lot of improvement in the downtown area. I cannot think of a better place for military retirement if you want to be near the sea. I volunteer at the National Naval Aviation Museum as a docent. It is a great museum and interacting with the public is a very fun activity. Many reunions are held in Pensacola. If any classmates are considering a command reunion, they might want to consider Pensacola. For Pensacola gouge they can contact me through my email address on the alumni website. Go Navy! Beat Army! Jerry Geil.”

later. We had 60-75 folks at the outing ranging in classes from ’5821. If you get a chance to participate with the youngersters DO IT! Great fun. Glenn.”

Nice photo! Sounds like a most enjoyable time!

Glenn Montgomery with ’21

Here’s a nice note from Chuck May: M “Duke, Bob Annis, Dan Brown, and I represented ’71 for Another Link in the Chain at the Vermont USNA Parents’ Club send-off gathering for the 2021 candidates from VT on June 11th. By the time you get this the candidates should be on the way to Annapolis for Induction Day.

(L-R) Dan Brown, Evan Doe ’21, Chuck May, Jack Loucy ’21, Bob Annis, and Louisa Oney ’21

The Hampton Roads Chapter of USNA held its annual Plebe Recognition Dinner on June 8th. Below is a photo of ’71ers attending for this ALITC event (L-R) Duke Longworth, Mark Hess, Ken Marks, Dick Enderly, and Joe Wargo.

Charles Krupnick, Jerry Geil and Glenn Montgomery

Wow! Working on the F-35! That had to be every bit as exciting as Jerry says! Speaking of Pensacola, here’s a note from Glenn Montgomery: M “Last Saturday we had a welcome picnic for the class of 2021. I was invited to welcome them as ALITC. These two young men are following in our footsteps 50 years


[including his brother, Jack Nordin ’64]. Besides the wedding, we all enjoyed several days of catching up on news & reliving ’The Good Old Days.’ John.”

71 at PRD for ALITC with 2021

Here’s a note from John Closs: M Duke, Attached is a recent photo of Mike Nordin & me. Mike & his family were in Minnesota to celebrate the marriage of his younger son to a MN gal. Also in attendance were Mike’s older son, Brian Nordin ’97, and several of Mike’s siblings

(L-R) John Closs, Mike Nordin

Here’s a note from Hank Turowski regarding the publication he is working on for our 50th reunion: M “The Class of ’71 Sea Story Process is accepting submissions in both the Academy Stories and Sea Stories categories. The criteria for submission are listed on the ’Sea Stories’ Page on the Paradigm Press website at paradigmpress .com at the link, https://henryturowski-chf9.squarespace.com /config/ and a running list of submissions in process will also be posted on this site. A sample submission with biography is included on the website. There is no rush, but if you think you will be submitting, please let me know at hankturowski @hotmail.com so I can save you a space. Hank Turowski.” This sounds like fun. I know my 36th Company-mates have some real doozies to tell! Have you heard the news? Tom O’Brien will be inducted into the Boston College Hall of Fame October 6th. Tom is winningest coach in BC football history with an impressive 75-45 record while five of his teams ranked in the Top 20. Tom mentored 23 assistant coaches, had 26 players drafted by the NFL, six first round selections and had 18 players appear in Super Bowls. Also, Tom will be announcing at the home football games! As a prelude to the ALITC events the San Diego ’71ers were aboard THEODORE ROOSEVELT for the annual Ethical Character in


’71: (L-R) Pat Kelly, John Ball, Tom Hammons, Bill Nevitt, LTJG Chambers, Bruce Nichols, Vince Zabala and Pat Doyle

Leadership Award ceremony on June 9th. Here’s the note from Tom Hammons: M “Duke, Attending were seven classmates and many TR officers. The awardee, LTJG Jared Chambers, had not been told he was going to receive the award. The look on his face when the XO announced his name was absolutely priceless. Jared is a Reactor Department LDO who not only qualified for all his engineering watch stations but also found time to become a qualified OOD. The CO was out of town, so, the XO presented the award. This was a great way to celebrate the 46th anniversary of our graduation!

It is my sad duty to report the passing of Val Cushman on Monday, July 2, 2017, in Ames, Iowa. He attended one year at NAPS and two years at USNA. He then worked as a conductor for several smaller railroads before joining the Chicago Northwestern Railroad which later became Union Pacific Railroad. Val retired in 2010. Survivors include his three sons, two grandchildren, four sisters, and many nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held July 15. For online obituaries and condolences visit: www.carson stappfuneralhome.com. May Val rest in peace.

Too soon it’s time to close. Please keep our classmates and their families in your prayers for good health, healing when needed, and safety in their travels. Life is precious and too short –love passionately, give and share your blessings generously with others – as we are richly blessed so may we richly bless others. As much as ever, this is the time for us to be actively shaping the future of our great nation. There is plenty of work remaining as we increase our wisdom! Time, tide and column due dates wait for no man! Duces Virum, Duke

’72 Life Membership: 56% Donor Participation: 12.79% Pres: CAPT Jim Grover, USN (Ret.) e: jcgrover72@gmail.com Sec’y: CDR Rich Robison, USN (Ret.) 3126 North Greystone Dr., Morgantown, WV 26508 e: Scribe72@comcast.net Website: http://1972.usnaclasses.net Class Listserv: TheGouge-USNA72@googlegroups.com Facebook: USNA Class of 1972

’73 Life Membership: 64% Donor Participation: 15.83% Pres: Kevin Callahan Sec’y: CAPT James H. Chapman, USN (Ret.) 769 Largo Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23464-2417 p: 757-462-0344; e: chap769@yahoo.com

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great summer and that it is starting to cool off. As I write this they are predicting 100 degrees in VA Beach. As you read this its Navy Football time so send those pictures and stories in! I have a lot of news to pass on so let’s get to it. First is from George Watts and Dave Stacey. In early June 28th Company held their annual golf outing at Kiawah Island, SC. Dave told me this was the fourth year for the outing. Here is a great Pic of the participants. I asked Dave and George what they were doing when not playing golf in South Carolina and received back from Dave; “I retired a year and a half ago from United Air Lines where I was flying B-767’s mostly to Europe. Retirement is great but I do miss the flying. Golf, grandchildren,

CL A SS O F 197 1


I-Day: 1971-2021 By Duke Longworth ’71 The Class of 1971 kicked off its 50th anniversary with Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) and I-Day events on 29 June in Annapolis under the direction of the ’71 VP and ALITC Chairman, Mike McNallen. ’71 celebrated its 50th I-Day anniversary at the McNallen’s (28 June 1967 – 28 June 2017). All present renewed their Oath of Office as Midshipmen followed by short remarks by Perry Martini which included the remarks made by our Superintendent, RADM Draper Kaufmann ’33. On 2021’s I-Day, ’71 hosted a Parent Picnic and gathering on Hospital Point for the parents and families of ’21 who were in Annapolis. Hundreds of parents stopped by to chat with ’71ers and their wives as well as view ’71 era memorabilia including the 1970 Army-Navy 11-7 Game Day football ’71-’21 Honor Coin

Kneeling (L-R) - Bob Capra, Bill Butler, John Martin, John Sattler, Ken Marks, Mike Gaffney, Chris Weaver. Standing (L-R) - Cass Young, Charles Perkins, Al Jacobs, Kevin Green, Jeff Hemler, Greg Harper, Bob Stuart, Mike McNallen, Perry Martini, Pete Zaudtke, Tom Gross, Dan Lyons, Ron Cornelison, Mike Hallahan, and Charles Keating

(shared by our winning QB Mike McNallen). The day was completed when several classmates were hosted by the Superintendent and Commandant at the ’21 Oath of Office on T-Court. Senior classmates attending were VADM Kevin Green, LtGen John Sattler, and RADM Chris Weaver. VADM Ted Carter ’81, Superintendent, recognized the ’71 start of ALITC with ’21. He described ’71 as “the leaders among USNA alumni in support for the success of midshipmen who attend today’s Naval Academy.”


73/73 CLASS NEWS scene was shot multiple times from every angle. Hours of filming would usually result in 15 to 20 second segments on the final episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially meeting other background extras. Some of the extras were also retired, but the majority were either serious actors who were networking with the hope of finding larger roles or folks who skipped their day job just for the fun of being a part of the show. It is hard to pick me out on the show since I am usually just a face in the crowd but I have received a number of calls from friends saying that they saw me on a couple of this season’s episodes.”

’73: Men of the Class of 1973 Annual Golf Invitational, front row: Joe Krisiak, Jim Campbell, Marv Clott, Cal Lassetter; Back Row: Chris Myers, Bruce Hargus, Chuck Stevens, Rod B rotherton, John Ashmore, Don Patton, Dave Stacy, Keith Patten, George Watt, Mike Zimet and Doug Rice

travel and yard work seem to be the dominant time fillers for me and the proverbial adage “I don’t how I found time to work” does apply. Mary Anne and I are living in Bucks County, PA just outside Philadelphia.” George responded with; “I’ve accepted an appointment as a Senior Fellow with the Association of Governing Boards (AGB) in DC. I will report to the CEO and work with colleagues around the country who run or are on the volunteer boards of public university Foundations. I intend to “transition” into full retirement state, but for now, I’m just easing off the pedal.” Here is an important message from Dirk Mosis who is leading the fund raising effort for the Class’s 50th Reunion Gift to the Academy; M “Classmates, As of 18 May 2017, we have raised almost $379,000 toward of goal of $3 million. This is due in part to our “73 for 73” ($73.00 for 73 months) project. Thank you to each and all. If you did not participate in “73 for 73” in 2016, but donated to one or more of our 50th Reunion Gift funds (1973 Academic Support, 1973 Leadership Support, 1973 Athletic Excellence or the Naval Academy Annual Fund), or if you are contemplating doing so this year, your gift counts towards ‘73’s 50th. If you want to support all four funds, just ensure you note “Class of 1973 50th” on check or other script, and the Foundation will allocate your gift 30/30/25/15%. Thank you.

The gift subcommittee has several ideas, which will be formally shared in 2017-2018 for input from the Class. Said gifts must pass muster with Superintendent and Foundation. We have received ideas, and if you have one leaning towards Academics or Leadership, which are the Class’ focus, please send and share. But, in any event, a donor can designate focus on any combination of our four funds as you so deem. Just make your intentions known on a note with your check! Or go to USNA.COM to find a pledge form that you can complete and send to the Foundation. Some of you have asked about planned giving. There will also be information on planned giving beginning in 2018, when the campaign really hits full stride. Thank you, Classmates. Dirk Dirk, Thank you for all your work for the Class. I received a note and below pictures from Leif Hendrickson. It seems we have a TV star in our class! It is Tom Storch! I wrote Tom to get the gouge and he wrote back;

USNA CANDIDATES Start the youngster you know on the road to USNA. To request infor or apply online, visit usna.edu/Admissions


Thanks Tom and Leif, that’s pretty cool! Here is a last minute input from the Re-union committee;

House of Cards starring Tom Storch, co-starring Kevin Spacey

M “A friend of mine told me that the House of Cards TV Series was filming in Maryland and that they were always looking for background extras. Since I am retired and had the time, I thought it would be fun to add another hobby to my retirement routine. The casting company that staffs the show periodically advertises for the positions they need. I decided to apply for background roles as a congressman, a government employee, a billionaire, a veteran, a mourner at a funeral, and a political supporter. Much to my surprise, I was selected for most of the roles. I spent 15 days on the set during the past filming cycle. I was intrigued to watch how the show was put together. Each day would start off with an inspection by the wardrobe crew. Once you passed that wardrobe review, you were escorted to a holding area until you were called to the filming set. Each

M “The 45th the reunion will take place from August 23 – August 26, 2018. We will get the official schedule out in the near future, but we anticipate having the Shipwreck Party on Thursday evening in the N* room, golf on Friday and the dinner/dance at The Westin on Friday night. We will have the tailgate in the N* room on Saturday.” Thanks to Doug Rice and all the members of the reunion committee. I will include more word on the reunions when it gets finalized. I have several pieces of sad news to pass on. George Kerlek passed away this July. Please look for more information on George’s life in an upcoming Last Call. From Kevin Callahan; M “Sadly I have to relate the passing of Scott Krajnik’s “best friend”, Barb, after more than 4 years fighting the brain cancer with which she was afflicted. For all who knew her, Barb’s smile was magnetic and ever-present, and she always had time for a caring, personal talk. The funeral hall was packed with her many friends, of whom many she’d grown up with in Severna Park. Additionally, ’73 was well represented with almost 30 classmates and wives: (I apologize if I missed

73/74 CLASS NEWS someone in the crowd) Carol Peal, Larry and Carol Myers, Dan Stover, John Yackus, George and Peggy Watt, Tom and Mary Storch, Jere and Debra Carroll, Ken and Maureen Reightler, Paul and Laura Ryan, Leif and Karen Hendrickson, Mike Ellison, Ken Johnson, Jim and Rhonda Hamlin, Dan Simpson, John Ashmore, Bruce Hargus, Doug and Char Rice, Tim McClay, Howard Hempenius, Bob VanDine, Bob Barnes, Denny and Joyce Grabulis, Marty Deafenbaugh, Ted Turnblacer, Don Patton, Bill Montgomery, Keith Patten and Judy and Kevin Callahan.” I will stop now. Please remember the families of those we lost. If you are looking for a way to help our injured service members I encourage you to check out Operation Mend run by UCLA. Thanks and as always, Go Navy and Semper Fi! General

’74 Life Membership: 57% Donor Participation: 12.89% Pres: John Yaeger Corr Sec’y: Roger McEvoy 745677 p: 559-905-7362; e: usna745677@hotmail.com

The Idiot and the Odyssey tour, 2017 Part II It hardly seems possible. More than 9 weeks on the road. Approximately 12,063 miles. Thirty-seven states (plus one Canadian province). Twenty-seven 8th company mates (plus another nearly three dozen ’74 classmates) visited. Four months ago The Idiot and the Odyssey title seemed very appropriate. Now, four weeks after returning home, having time to reflect on two months of enjoying the ties that bind us all together, I wonder why it took over 40 years to make a trip such as this. As I mentioned in Part I, there is not enough space allowed in this column to begin to cover my visits with my company mates from 8th Company. But there are moments that illustrate why this trip was so important, and why each of us should take the energy and time to enjoy the brotherhood we all share. The Brotherhood has become a somewhat over-used expression,

especially since our football team has adopted it to represent their united effort as perhaps the most visible representation of our Academy. But the expression implies a family relationship, and the history and knowledge company mates share after four years together, and the impact we each had upon the development of every other member of the company, bind us together as a family as much as shared blood can. And while it is easy to say such things, especially when trying to fill 2000 words of column inches in Shipmate each month, after two months of visiting my brothers around the country, I can write them proudly without exaggeration or embellishment. On June 5th your class officers met in Annapolis to discuss the 45th reunion (a mere 24 months away). John Yaeger lives next door to the USNA Alumni Association offices, which is incredibly convenient (unless of course you are looking for a parking spot). In addition to your class officers, (for those of you who do not know who they are, that’s John Yaeger – President, Skip Stocknick – Vice President and Earl Babcock – Treasurer), Rusty Yeiser also attended. Rusty is the Senior Director – Annual Programs for the USNA Foundation. In this role, he

makes a great advisor to the class, and he’s free! Putting on a reunion is not a simple, or easy task. It only looks that way from the outside looking in. Earle and I support the efforts as we can, but being local, the majority of the work falls on John and Skip’s shoulders. We are all fortunate that they are there to carry the burden. Shortly after leaving the Annapolis area I headed north to Boston. Which took me through Newport, RI. We actually have several classmates in that area, and Charley Collins and John Odegaard set up a very nice dinner at the New York Yacht Club [and yes, the New York Yacht Club has a club house (which is damning with faint praise) in Newport]. John Meyer was able to make it, but unfortunately Jim Fitzsimmons was away on travel. We had a fantastic dinner (it was Lobster Night) and it was great to be able to spend a few hours with classmates while passing through town. The NYYC has some serious restrictions on taking photographs at the club, so we clandestinely shot the attached photo before the dogs attacked. A couple of weeks later I was in Kansas City (both MO and KS) Visiting Jeff & Ann Kranz and Keith and Jean Mercer. Jeff and Ann held

a dinner my first night there and in addition to Keith and Jean, Eric and Debra Carlson and Bob and Elaine Culler joined us. And of course, in keeping with the theme of my trip (which was really a golf vacation disguised as a reunion trip) Jeff, Bob and I got in a round of golf the next day.

Carlsons, Cullers, Mercers & Kranz’s

I am not injecting much of our 8th company reunions from this trip. But as a result of the general joy and comradery experienced, my cup truly runneth over. Attached are some photos that illustrate the welcome I received as I rambled from company mate to company mate.

Standing in the Embrace of Friends ’74: Class Officers plus Rusty

’74: John Odegaard, Charlie Collins and John Meyer

Standing in the Embrace of Friends

Standing in the Embrace of Friends



’74: Standing in the Embrace of Friends

Class Pride

Company Pride

Old business: a couple of issues back I passed on some info regarding Brent (Snake) James, Jim Deppe, Jim’s wife, and some oysters in a place called “Lynnhaven River”. Remember? Well, I guess there wasn’t much to remember, since I did not fully comprehend the gravity of the information I was provided. Snake recently sent a decoded explanation, and rather than me trying to interpret it, I think it’s best to reprint his words here. Seriously, it’s good info that everyone should see. From Brent James, July 8, 2017

74: Mike Hecomovich, Bob Riche, Mike Byram, Matt Coleman, and Lee Jones…With the Masters Trophy in the Clubhouse

M Roger, After reading your write-up in the June/July Shipmate, I thought perhaps I could clear up some of the confusion. I retired from Active Duty in 1997 after command of USS DETROIT (AOE-4). I then went into the airline industry and helped found two airlines... Gemini Air Cargo (‘97-’09) headquartered at Dulles (along with classmate Bob Stumpf), and the resurrected PEOPLExpress Airlines (‘11-’15) out of Newport News, VA. During that timeframe, I was elected to the Board of Directors of Lynnhaven River Now, which is an environmental outfit I have been volunteering with for a number of years. In Feb of this year I became the Oyster Restoration Coordinator for them, charged with restoring the native population of Lynnhaven Oysters. My first major project was the establishment of three sanctuary reefs in the waters near my home. It was a rather large undertaking and of high interest to the local population of this area, hence the front-page newspaper coverage of the process. In a nutshell, an adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, so by reestablishing a healthy native population, the Bay can be cleaned up by natural forces. Oyster reefs, just like coral reefs, also serve as habitat for myriad other species. So it is a huge measure of success in restoring the Bay to have thriving and expanding oyster reefs throughout. I hope that clears up some of the confusion.


Thanx Brent. And BZ for your efforts. The power of volunteering is significant, as you have demonstrated. I also received a note from Matt Coleman, USNA ’79, in late April, regarding some information regarding our classmate, Mike Byram. Unfortunately, there was not enough space in the last Shipmate issue to include it then. M Thanks to friend and Augusta member Don Remey, Michael Byram hosted Mike “HECO” Hecomovich ’71, Bob Riche ’75, Matt Coleman ’79, and Vail Valley Foundation VP Lee Jones at the Masters this past April. The trip included some golf at nearby Champions Resort, dining with Don and other members, and a photo with the Masters trophy. Mike and wife Ann have various business and philanthropic interests. They have homes in Colorado and California. As a plebe Mike gave chow call outside of then Brigade Commander Hecomovich’s room for a semester, 46 years ago! Thanx Matt for taking time to forward this info. I’m sure most of us remember Mike Hecomovich, he was bigger than life to us plebes in 1970. I’m just thankful I did not have to give chow call outside his room. But it did not seem to deter Mike Byram.

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Matt Coleman, Mike Hecomovich, Mike Byram and Bob Riche

Finally, under the heading of Hero of the Month, comes the following story: My daughter Katie was recently involved in a serious accident just outside Knoxville, TN while driving home to Severna Park after graduating from the Art Academy in San Francisco, CA. Her rental car was totaled after being rear-ended on I-40. She immediately called me for advice. I then called Fred Stuvek who lives in Knoxville. Fred immediately jumped into action. He drove to the accident sight, took Katie home so she could make arrangements for another car, took her to pick up the new car, followed her to the wrecking yard to retrieve the stuff that was packed in the damaged car, and provide the on-sight support she needed as a stranger in a strange place in a highly stressful situation. Fred, words only begin to say it. Thanx brother. By the time you read this we’ll be in the middle of the football season. Go Navy, beat Army!


’75 Life Membership: 57% Donor Participation: 12.75% Pres: Chris Cikanovich e: chickc975@gmail.com Sec’y: CAPT Larry Warrenfeltz, USN (Ret.) 5732 Tamarack Dr., Pace, FL 32571 p: 850-995-0051; e: usna75scribe@hotmail.com

to see their servant hearts firsthand. Tom was in charge of the maintenance of the pier-side facility that the ship uses to bring patients on board for surgery and later discharge them. Later, Tom became the Transportation Manager. AnnMarie was a nurse in the outpatient clinic. We lost a great classmate. He will be missed.

Website: http//1975.usnaclasses.net/

Dear ’mates, You are too kind to your Scribe! I’ve got more great input than ever—and this is the midsummer deadline (when I’m normally begging for column-stuffing). So without further ado, here we go. A sad note at the start. Tom Waechter succumbed to a massive heart attack while hiking in New Hampshire. Tom and Ann-Marie were back in NH while the Mercy Ship Endeavor was undergoing a yard period in the Azores. Sandra and Scott Bauer were visiting the Waechters at the time of his passing. Tom and Ann-Marie, Sandra and Scott, Tom’s son Aaron with his wife Lisa, and his 9-year old grandson Benjamin all went on the hike. Ann-Marie and Scott were holding Tom’s hands when he took his final breath on this earth. Aaron and Lisa were instrumental in trying to summon help, and Aaron helped administer CPR along with other hikers on the trail. Sandra took Benjamin down the mountain to remove him from the difficult scene. The Waechters made a great impact through their work with Mercy Ships. Sandra and Scott were able to spend ten days on board with them in Madagascar last year

BGO of the year!

Congratulations to Tom Gregory who recently received the Commandant’s Award from Dean Bruce Latta ’78. The award recognizes the top Blue and Gold Officer (of the more than 2,200) in the USNA Admissions Office program. Tom covers the greater Colorado and Wyoming area. His rural outreach plan is being used as a model for all rural recruiting areas. Several Flower Children gathered at a watering hole in Virginia Beach to appropriately recognize the 46th anniversary of I-Day Eve. How’s that for a clever excuse to get together over a beer??!? Left to right, lower level: Craig Quigley, Mike Groothousen, Bill McGloon, Rick Schwarting. Standing, left to right: Dave Pruett, Pete Squicciarini, Gary Yagiello, Lloyd Bohn, Doug Schlaefer, Clay Absher, Mark Klett, Roy Chesson, Gary Jones.

Thanks to Quigs for the note and photo. Richard J. Thomas (not Richard C.—we had two Richard Thomases) worked in the medical screening section for 2021’s I-day on 29 June. The young men and women coming to USNA were incredible to talk to—even after getting blood tests drawn and two armfuls of immunizations. Richard says, “They seem much more composed than I was on a hot day in the basement of Bancroft Hall just 46 years ago.”  After thirty years on active duty and seven years as a civilian physician at the National Naval Medical Center (morphing into the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center), Richard now works as an Occupational Medicine Physician for OSHA. He and his wife Anne went from zero to two grandchildren last summer—both of their sons are Navy helo pilots. Their daughter is half way through Elon University in North Carolina. One of the highlights of the Thomas’s spring was a trip to Denver to visit with Judy “JG” and Carl “Jake” Jennings. Jake has developed a tradition of rounding up USNA and West Point grads to root together against Air Force at USAFA football games in Colorado Springs.

featured them in their July issue … with Annette on the cover.

Junes with Mark Kelly

Lisa and Carl June had an event to remember when they attended the commissioning ceremony of the USS GABRIELLE GIFFORDS (LCS 10) on 10 June in Port Galveston. Over the years, Carl got to know former astronaut CAPT Mark Kelly, USN (ret) and his equally heroic wife, Gabby Giffords—former member of the House of Representatives from Arizona. The event began with an evening reception attended by VCNO ADM William Moran ’81, Katie Couric, and many others. The evening concluded with a performance by Jon Bon Jovi. (He can still sing!) The Saturday commissioning was highlighted by former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden, the ship’s sponsor, and Hillary Clinton, who gave the main remarks. The plank owner ship’s captain—CDR Keith Woodley —was given a baseball hat that had traveled more than 140 million miles over 5,440 orbits. The cap had been aboard the year-long mission on the International Space Station led by Mark’s identical twin CAPT Scott Kelly, USN (ret).

Richard Thomas back in Mother B

’75: Hampton Roads, I-Day Eve 2017

Annette Hall (wife of Chris “CJ” Hall) is one of the founding members and the driving force behind the Slidell Ladies for Liberty—a group of women who put in amazing hours and effort to gather materials and put together care packages and ship them to our active duty members deployed today. New Orleans’ Lifestyles 55+ magazine

Ron and Carl killing the mountains

In July, Carl and his son Ron rode in the California Deathride (120 miles through the mountains along the CA-NV border with 15,600 feet of climbs and a max elevation of nearly 8,700 feet). Awesome


75/76 CLASS NEWS probably some first impressions of the 2017 football season. ’75 Sir! Larry

’76 Life Membership: 57% Donor Participation: 12.89% Pres: Kevin Stone 928 Lynch Dr., Arnold, MD 21012 p: 410-974-4313; e: kevin.stone@1976.usna.com Sec’y: Mark Hubbard 5632 Tessie Ct., New Market, MD 21774-2918 p: 301-514-1645 e: Mark.Hubbard@1976.usna.com Website: http//usna1976.wordpress.com/

’75: Fun One at the home of golf

accomplishment for someone who spends so much time in his research lab! Speaking of which, on 11 July an FDA panel unanimously recommended approval for Carl’s CAR-T gene therapy to be used by oncologists everywhere. Congratulations Carl—on an amazing month! Gary Jones sent documentation of First Company’s 2017 golf outing. M “Members of the First Company Golf Team gathered together at the home of golf in May. On hand for the Scottish adventure were Sherry and Doug Ayars, Nan and Terry Blake, Tammy and Gary Jones, Pat and Jimmy Miller, Tina and Mike McDermott, Jenny and Bob Phillips, plus Jane and Rob Reed. Even though Mike is a non-golfer, he walked along for a few rounds, provided expert commentary, plus escorted the wives on various excursions while the golfers experienced the gratification of links golf. We met up in Edinburgh, and over eight days played five rounds sandwiched in between sightseeing in the Scottish Highlands. While tours of castles, museums, and driving along Loch Ness occurred, the daily highlight normally ensued at a local pub or distillery. Given the popularity of the TV series “Outlander,” a tour of the Culloden Battlefield was also a must do. As for the golf, after a soggy first round outside of Edinburgh at Gulland, we moved north to play Royal Dornoch (near Inverness) and our luck with weather improved. By the time we arrived in St. Andrews,

Rob Reed had shifted into shorts, and our three rounds there were conducted under blue skies, warm temps, albeit breezy conditions. The overall winner of the golf competition was the trip coordinator and tournament director, Doug Ayars, with Bob Phillips coming in second. As both were CEC officers, there was a protest filed by the aviators (Rob and Gary) on the grounds of unfair advantage given their knowledge of excavation and sand composition (important gouge … given the numerous and treacherous bunkers of links golf). The protest was denied by the tournament’s audit chair and Professor of Practice at NPGS, Terry Blake. Nancy Burd-Laabs attended the wedding of Hima and Andrew Thompson ‘05 on 17 June. Andrew is the son of Missy and Dan Thompson. Jamie and Nancy were Andrew’s plebe sponsor back in the day.  It was a beautiful wedding at the USNA Chapel followed by a waterfront reception at Celebrations at the Bay in Pasadena, MD. Steve Laabs was not able to attend with Nancy. But other classmates included Mark Lamboni, Mary and Dave Rogers, Debbie and Tom Donaldson, and Patricia and Rich Torgersen. (Unfortunately, the pictures at hand are too low-resolution to print. If you have a clearer version, I can put it in the next issue.) Speaking of the October issue, I have some more great photos of 35th Company’s Italian adventure (see the August Shipmate) in the hopper, and


Dave Winters sent me his annual “Winter’s Tale” early this year and I found this story of his good friend, Bronze Star recipient Robert Wayne von Hawker USA (Retired), particularly intriguing and of wide interest. M My old pal Wayne died February last. Wayne was, and remains, an especially memorable guy. He had suffered “health issues” for decades, not that any of them kept him down, for right up to the end you could regularly find him at the YMCA lifting enormous bar-bells, wearing out the treadmills, and sweating out the saunas. Yet these health issues played a large part in making him who he was. Wayne was a retired Army man, mid-seventies, acute intellect, skilled operating room technician, world-class weight lifter, and inexcusably good looking in his prime (see photos). Further, a bit incongruously, he was known as a capable sniper should occasion demand. I guess that skill was closely related to his extra clear vision. Wayne was always sharp of eye and mind, with an uncanny knack for seeing directly to the heart of any matter, physical or conceptual. It was as if he had an X-ray vista vision whereby he could bore right through all the obfuscation and BS in which much of our day to day lives are immersed. However, around twenty years ago, Wayne experienced some sort of a brain stroke thingy. Even after that event, our boy remained unquestionably sharp with the same clear truth or nonsense discriminator he

had always possessed. But, the little filter that people generally have in the backs of their minds, the one that monitors the conduit from brain to action, the one that warns us against speaking too much truth; for Wayne that filter was gone. After the “brain stroke thingy,” Wayne quickly became known for off-the-cuff comments that could one-up and embarrass even Donald Trump. Whatever was factual, that was what Wayne blurted out. Whatever was honest, that was what Wayne did. Whatever Wayne thought, he said or acted upon, leaving little room for confusion as to where he stood on any matter. His response was always immediate, brooking no delay to edit for eloquence. That was Wayne’s world. I sincerely believe he was incapable of telling, or living, any sort of lie. Where others laid smoke screens, Wayne cleared the air. Where most might fume but silently tolerate, Wayne shined a spotlight. To Wayne, it was always “better to light one small flame thrower than curse the darkness” (quote stolen from Terry Pratchett GNU). Some term it lack of impulse control. I call it obsessive honesty. In this he resembled the old Biblical prophets. Wayne recognized the truth and assumed the obligation to speak it, no matter whom or what tried to get in the way. Now that I consider this, perhaps a “prophet” is what Wayne was, simply an oldstyle warrior prophet. (“When all this proves true, and it surely will, they will know that a prophet has been among them.” Ezekiel 33). A couple of days before Wayne’s funeral (a sad though simultaneously laughter filled ceremony, liberally seasoned with hilarious “Wayne stories”) I was missing my late pal and pondering his virtues while attending an “oldie moldy music” review in a local theater. Admission was free and some hip flasks were flowing nearly as freely. All were in a jovial mood and most were enjoying themselves unimpeded but for the obnoxious antics of one inebriated woman in my general vicinity. She was about two rows forward and to the left.

76/76 CLASS NEWS As soon as the theater lights were dimmed, this frowsy drunk, apparently mesmerized by what was to her, amazing new-fangled smart phone technology, switched on her digital super bright screen pocket processor and began holding it over her head to shoot and broadcast videos to other potential observers not in attendance, thereby ruining the view for several layers of folks around her. We anticipated that she would eventually settle in to actually watch the show as were the rest of us. But this human broadcast studio was no quitter. On the contrary, she even stepped up her game, glaring the high-powered phone photo-flash in surrounding eyes. By continued overtly rude conduct she gradually made it clear that her mission was not to see the performance, but to demonstrate the many ways that she could validate her freedom and self-worth by interfering with the experience for everyone else. A real crowd pleaser, this gal. Several spectators directly behind our aspiring member of the Cinematic Guild got up and stalked out in disgust. Another departed to fetch alleviation assistance from theater staff. But their efforts proved ineffectual as our human light-house feigned inability to understand the usher’s gestures to deactivate her cellphone. Observing all this while I finished chomping my theater popcorn, I mentally recounted things I had admired in my old pal, Wayne. As I folded the popcorn bag into a tight and compact package, heftily augmented by the un-popped seeds that remained inside, I deliberated as to how Wayne would have responded to this fool’s folly. As I gauged the range and bearing to the offensive miscreant’s ear, I pondered how to best honor the memory of my recently absented friend. The answer was obvious. My projectile trajectory was hot, flat, and unobstructed. Never in all the history of wickedly ballasted, super-sonic, handlaunched paper bag wads has there been a better executed ordinance delivery. And in the blackness, blinded by the glare of her cell phone, our well deserving recipient

had absolutely no chance of identifying the source of this sharp, precision, covert, surgical strike. “One shot, one kill.” That is the sniper’s motto. Target neutralized; Squawking mad as a bantam hen in a bucket of ice water, but neutralized. Wayne old buddy, that one was for you.

use, was on display in the Visitors Center fronting the field house, I think. All the best to you and yours...Fred.

Craig Thomas, Rob Weiss, and Chuck Rader

Proud Papa, Kevin McNamara, has a son who is now a Plebe! Cannoneers Fred Johnson and Brad Barth in September 1975

And now an update from Craig Thomas: Wayne von Hawker then, and then more recently

I finally connected with Fred Johnson who had been trying to send me an update for months and got lost somewhere in the ether: M Update from Virginia Beach: On March 31st I completed my second career at AIRLANT and joined the ranks of the fully retired. On the immediate agenda is to clean out and fix up the house, and in the first closet I attacked I came across two shoe boxes of old pictures. Attached is one of me, on the left, and Brad Barth ‘77 manning the cannon at a football game on 27 September 1975 (thank goodness for the intel scrawled on the back of the picture!). Easily the luckiest, best thing that ever happened to me at Navy was being picked by Craig Dawson ‘73 and Dennis Gillespie ‘73 to be a Cannoneer. My Company mate Mark Trenor was the other ‘76 Cannoneer. Cannoneer good deals were abundant: We got to wear cool retro uniforms that didn’t include a hat; we didn’t march on; we drove the cannon to games in a big Navy truck (who doesn’t like independent steaming??); we got to fire a big gleaming brass howitzer which made an impressive BOOM (not like the popgun used these days) that attracted the attention of various and diverse personnel attending the game, most importantly girls. Giggidy. The last time I saw the cannon, years after it was retired from

M Not sure if you know this, but I am the President of the Bay Area Tailhook Ready Room. We hold events about once a quarter on the USS Hornet Museum ship located at the old NAS Alameda. Yesterday, we were blessed to have our classmate, Rob Weiss, who is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Development Programs, better known as Skunk Works for Lockheed Martin as our guest speaker for a luncheon event. Another classmate, Chuck Rader, also was in attendance. Attached are a couple of pics that we took—I’m on the left, Rob is in the middle and Chuck is on the right. Rob did a great job of giving us a little background and history of the Skunk Works, what they are currently working on and some cool stuff that is on the drawing board so to speak. Believe he may have the best job in the Defense contracting business!

M My son Brian was sworn in as a Midshipman with the class of 2021 on 29 June just about a week short of 45 years after we all took the plunge. Are we feeling old yet? This may be ‘76’s last direct legacy link between our class and current Brigade. Peter Varsanyi joined us for the big event. I also bumped into Chet Moeller who addressed the families of the new Mids at a picnic on Hospital Point. As it turns out he also has a great nephew, Duncan Morris, who is a member of the class of ’21 as well. We also saw Dave Papak in T-Court in passing, just long enough to shake hands and say hello. Once we turned Brian over to the “Detailers” (that is what they call the 1st and 2nd class in charge of Plebes during the summer) at 0615 we next saw him at the Swearing in Ceremony at 1800 dressed in white works and minus a lot of hair. Had the privilege of swearing him in a second time in Smoke Hall before saying goodbye for the next 6-½ weeks. They get to make calls home during 3 windows throughout the summer but that is it aside from

’76: Collage of Kevin McNamara’s son’s (Brian) Plebe Induction Day 2017


76/77 CLASS NEWS letters. They even take theirwatches away. The next morning, I was on Farragut Field for PEP, watching not participating. It is actually much more fun that way. I could have sworn I heard someone yelling “Bounce ’76!” in the background. It was a great few days mixed with a little sadness and a lot of pride. While all of the new Mids look so young, it was very clear to me how extremely well qualified and motivated this newest generation of leaders is. Glad I didn’t have to complete with them for an appointment, wouldn’t have been pretty. The future of the Naval Academy and our Navy is in very capable hands. Looking forward to Parents Weekend in mid-August along with a few home football games in the fall. I attended the service and burial at Arlington National Cemetery of Dave Marra ‘74 (aka “Bear”) on 25JUL17. Bear was a firstie in my company (26th Co.) youngster year. He was a great guy and will be missed by all who knew him. On a final note, I received news of another Classmate who has passed: Charles “Chick” Tower (15th Co.), 62, of Lansing, Michigan passed away, surrounded by his family on June 11, 2017, at Sparrow Hospital Hospice from metastatic adenocarcinoma. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

’77 Life Membership: 73% Donor Participation: 12.67% Pres: Lee Geanuleas 1819 S. Arlington Ridge Rd., Arlington, VA 22202

“Seems like only yesterday we were living at Beauclerc apartments in Pensacola; Jody pregnant with Dennis; faithfully quizzing me on emergency procedures with my T-28 flash cards.” Whether married or single (substitute “roomie” for “wife”), whatever our service selection, the endless hours of study and training were arduous…but we for one would go back and do it again in a heartbeat! Dave also attached the photo below taken at NAS Whidbey during Dennis’ Change of Command, showing Jody, Dennis (USNA Class of 2000) and Dave: Dave attributes Dennis’ ascension to command of VP-1 to Jody’s genes, an astute observation in our humble opinion. It’s worth noting the CO’s aircraft shown in the background, BUNO 163295, was the last P-3 delivered to the Navy in April of 1990. Another VP-1 aircraft, BUNO 159326, was flown by Dave when he was a first-tour pilot in VP-40... which means the P-3 has been part of the Jensen family for the past 38 years; remarkable! Speaking of remarkable, Jerry Miller (19th Co.) recently informed us Joe Kernan (19th Co.) has been nominated to serve as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Congrats, Joe; we trust once you’ve assumed your duties you’ll us allow the honor of hosting a celebratory dinner in D.C.! While Joe’s obviously working hard, others are…well,…hardly working, as shown in the photo below provided by Lee Geanuleas (11th Co.):

Sec’y: Thom McKee 1202 Shady Creek Rd., Marriottsville, MD 21104 p: 410-489-5080; f: 410-489-5071 c: 202-438-1541; e: magoo1310@verizon.net


’77 Bora Bora Contingent

Left to right are Dave Frederick (11th Co.), Lee and Vince Sadd (11th Co.) in Bora Bora. Our intrepid trio treated their wives, Mindy, Deborah and Pat, to a 10-day cruise around the Society Islands of French Polynesia on the M/V Paul Gauguin. Lee reported a good time was had by all…probably because no one stood any mid watches. Lee also noted although they were not required to navigate, Vince brought his Youngster nav kit and Rude Star Finder just in case. No offense intended, but given the years which have passed since any of us actually had to navigate, the only course Vinny likely could have steered would have landed those boys with either Tom Hanks or Gilligan! Next up, Pete Stromann (27th Co.) forwarded the following flag recognition drill in the event anyone wants to sharpen up their signals skills in preparation for the 40th:

Pete raised this particular hoist over the battleship Wisconsin (BB 64) June 8, 2017, 40 years to the day we listened to Fritz Mondale’s graduation address. Wisconsin is now a museum ship in Norfolk, Virginia, where Pete “works” as a tour guide (his third career) teaching visitors about the ship and all things Navy. Coincidently, the same day Pete raised the hoist, the Wisconsin hosted midshipmen from the class of 2019 who were in town for ProTraMid. Pete greeted a few and asked if they could decode the hoist; as none were able, he was left to conclude signals are no longer part of the Plebe Summer curriculum. That…or all of them shared the same devotion to their studies as Buddy Barker! For those in need of a hint, it’s “Uniform Sierra November Alpha Seven Seven”; for those who still don’t get it, put down your drool cup, dig out your copy of Reef Points and study up…then BRACE up! Finally, we’ll call it a wrap with a couple notes of congratulations. First, a hearty BZ to Daryl Ann Coss, daughter of Dave Coss (6th Co.) for making the D.C. Under Armour Highlight Team, which allowed Daryl Ann…

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.” – Alaine Gerbault Well, shiver me timbers, Dave Jensen (29th Co.) opened his email with the question which will likely be on most of our lips come October: “Hey Magoo,…where did the past 40 years go?!?” What followed is likely evocative of the experience we all shared as young Enswines:

Daryl Ann Coss

’77: Jensen Family


77/78 CLASS NEWS …to compete in the 2017 Under Armour All America Games held in Towson, Maryland June 29th. And another hearty BZ to Morgan Fay Hicky, daughter of our old roommate Stratton Hicky (35th Co.) , upon the occasion of her graduation from Georgia Tech.

Morgan’s headed to Redmond, WA to work in Microsoft’s supply chain department, which given Stratton’s service in the Supply Corps, makes Morgan a chip off the old block! We’re just glad she got her mother’s looks! Magoo

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I open the column with sadness on the loss of two more of our ’78 family, 25th Company’s David “Kersh” McIsaac and 20th Company’s Leroy Bramlett. On Saturday, April 8, 2017, David and his wife, Dana Lynn, were killed in a motorcycle accident not far from their home in Kershaw, SC. After leaving David McIsaac the Academy,

Kersh graduated from the University of South Carolina, despite his love for the Clemson Tigers. He had a career in the textile industry working at Springs Industries in S.C., Alabama., and Brazil, before joining Walmart in Arkansas, and was currently employed by Jay Franco and Sons of N.Y. David was an avid community servant, loved people of all ages and was a lifetime blood donor. He coached baseball, football and soccer and also volunteered at Heath Springs Elementary School. He was a member of Frontline Biker Church in Kershaw. He and Dana leave four children, Joseph “Joe” McIsaac (Nikki) of Rock Hill, Matthew “Matt” Kennington (Jessica) of Fort Mill, Samantha Kennington Dutton (Kenny) and Cole McIsaac of Kershaw and seven grandchildren, Knox Allen McIsaac and Josie Nicole McIsaac, Ava Grace, Lillie and Noah Kennington and Nathan Dutton and his little sister, Caroline, who was due September of 2017. The family suggested that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be made to Second Baptist Church, 1426 Great Falls Highway, Lancaster, SC 29720; or Frontline Biker Church, 8617 Kershaw Camden Highway, Kershaw, SC 29067. Leroy Bramlett died suddenly on Friday evening July 14th of natural causes. It was believed that he died in his car after work that day at RollsRoyce in Indianapolis, IN. Leroy had been an engineer at Rolls Royce. His Leroy Bramlett work security had noted his car during their sweeps of the parking lot but did not go over to inspect it. Apparently he was slumped over on the front seat of his car and couldn’t be seen. He was found a couple of days later on Monday morning when someone parked next to his car and noticed him. His services and burial were in Meriden, MS. Our thoughts and prayers go out the families and loved ones of David and Dana, and Leroy. We’ll miss them greatly. We’ll keep them in our thoughts - not

only now - but when we also gather for our 40th and remember them and all the others who have become our heavenly “advanced party”. Joe Stanik (23rd Co.) made his 15-20 years check-in. On May 20th, he and his wife, Julie, attended their niece Lori Bjork’s graduation from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Rochester, MN. After the ceremony, he had the great honor of administering Lori’s oath as a Lieutenant, Medical Corps, USN. Her first duty station is Balboa in San Diego. She is also one heck of a basketball player, having played for the Universities of Illinois and Maryland and on a professional team in Europe. The Navy landed a great one.

London he got to be aboard a Coast Guard 45 foot response boat. He said he was able to act as the coxs’n and drive the boat at about 40 kts offshore for about 10 minutes. They also got underway on an 87’ patrol boat. During his visit he I stayed on the grounds of the USCGA, which he found “interesting”. Since it was after graduation the place was very quiet. September marked 15 years that Mike has been working on antiterrorism policy at CGHQ with the last three as a GS14. At the end of June he and his wife, Donna Lynn, spent a week exploring the HoustonGalveston area as a place to retire. He said torrential rain precluded a tour of USS TEXAS (BB 35). But we hope it didn’t inhibit their search for that perfect final home.

Joe Stanik swearing in Lori

Got a note from Mike Shumaker (13th Co). He and his wife, Donna Lynn, had the joy of seeing their 23-year old son, Paul, marry Colleen Riggins in a nuptial Mass at historic St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church in Fairfax, VA. It definitely was a family affair in the wedding party with their daughter, Rachael, who served as a bride’s maid and sons, Michael II and Gregory who served as groomsmen. Dr. Sean Donovan’s (31st Co) wife and daughter- Jenny and Marie Donovan, respectively, also came from out of town to attend. Before the wedding, Mike enjoyed accompanying Paul to the gym and sharing Dom Mazzetti YouTube videos. Sean is a MD and in practice in West Bend, WI as a Diagnostic Radiology specialist. At the end of May, Mike was at the Coast Guard (CG) STA New London, CT. He was with a group examining where vendors can put prototypes to counter unmanned aircraft systems. He represented the Office of Maritime Security Response Policy (CG-MSR) at Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ). While in New

Mike Shumaker (2d from left) and his team

Ray Kempisty dropped me a note that highlighted his ’78 Facebook page announcement of his son Mitch’s (’14) wedding. Like a lot of you with USNA graduated children (or current Mids), Ray said he has a “very hard time controlling my envy as he [Mitch] experiences new to him - but familiar to me- new and exciting SWO experiences on a nearly daily frequency.” Ray was preparing to retire this year when he got promoted to COO for VHA’s Procurement and Logistics Office in February. Now he needs to stick around and enjoy it for a while. His wife, Annette, retired from NASA last fall, so has strong pulls in opposite directions. He said he hasn’t been this excited since he almost won a 7-Eleven franchise. On a midJuly Friday Ray and his family met Laureʹ and Mark Ferguson at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club. Mitch and Mark are members. All were waiting out a strong thunderstorm in the snack bar when Laureʹ noticed Ray’s Class of ’78 t-shirt. Ray said that Laureʹ was very, very




78/79 CLASS NEWS nice to his new daughter-in-law Nikki, and told her how she had toured the school in Bahrain where Nikki’s been hired to teach 3rd grade starting mid-August. Nikki will be working there while Mitch is OPS in USS MONSOON (PC-4).

Mark, Elaine and Andrew atop Mt. Fuji

We’ll end this month’s column on that note of triumph. Until next month- Launchin’ Spot Four!

’79 Life Membership: 91% Donor Participation: 17.15% Pres:LCDR Sean Cate, USN (Ret.) e: Sean.Cate@1979.usna.com Sec’y: LCDR John “Wiz” Withers, USN (Ret.) 42498 Regal Wood Dr., Ashburn, VA 20148 p: 240-556-0637; e: JDWithers@1979.usna.com Social Network Links: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wizwithers Nikki and Mitch Kempisty

Facebook Group: USNA Class of 1979 Website: www.usna79.com

Speaking of Mark Ferguson, he dropped me a short note saying that on July 7th he and his two kids, Andrew and Elaine, climbed Mt. Fuji and watched the sunrise. The trek fulfilled Fergie’s ten-year old promise to Elaine to take her there. While Lauré was with them in Japan, she was unable to come on the climb. She was still recovering from a foot injury which kept her from the hike—instead she got to enjoy the sights of Tokyo. Mark sent photographic proof of their excursion and wanted everyone one to not the Naval Academy headgear. Mark reported that his first year in retirement is going well. He is still a senior advisor to McKinsey and on the Board at the Center for Naval Analyses. He, Laureʹ and the kids are also enjoying travel and the ability to spend time as a family. That being said he suspect Lauré is getting tired of him “hanging around the house”, so he guessed he should now have to start looking for work!

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Greetings, 79ers! I hope everyone is enjoying the waning days of summer. Let’s bring you up to speed in the World of ’79. On 30 May 2017 (yep, the 38th anniversary of our graduation) at the Washington Navy Yard, VADM Joe Mulloy was piped over the side. Joe was our last USN classmate on active duty. Mission BBQ put together a very nice tribute to Joe and his extended family – check it out at Mission-BBQ.com/stories-of-service. Congratulations to Joe and Beth as they begin their next chapter of service. With Joe’s retirement, the Class of ’79 has one lone member remaining on active duty – LtGen Bob Walsh. Bob currently serves as the Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration. And while we’re on the subject of graduation, I received a note from “proud uncle” John Kaiser: M I just wanted to let you know that I and my family had the high honor of attending the graduation of my

niece 2Lt Tori Sharpe ‘17 from USNA. An amazing weekend, capped by listening to fellow ‘79 classmates the Honorable Sean Stackley and LtGen Bob Walsh both give outstanding speeches, as did the Vice President! My sister and her husband had adopted Tori from China as a 3-month old. She did very well for herself! Congrats John! And congrats Tori! Just a few miles southwest of Annapolis, Tom Hicks formally announced his candidacy for Congress in the 2018 elections. Tom hopes to be the next representative for Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. More info can be found on his web page: TomHicks4Congress.org. Good luck, Tom! Wrapping up, we travel a couple thousand miles westward. Bill Corkill took a few minutes out of his travels to send a quick ‘79er update: M My wife Teresa and I are in the process of taking a 5-month trip across the U.S. in our RV. We were on a little 2-lane road near the western Colorado/eastern Utah border (Hwy 141) when we turned off at a scenic overlook. After about 5-10 min who walks up to me but none other than Kennon (Patrick) Temple (22 company) and his lovely wife Marianne. Apparently, he saw my 79 USNA license plate and figured there must be someone in the crowd that was his classmate. We chatted for a while then continued our journeys. I really regret that I didn’t get a picture of us at this spectacular view point. On a side note, I have noticed, via Facebook, that several of our classmates are traveling the Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/ Arizona area this summer. Perhaps I’ll run in to others during our travels. If anyone is interested, they can follow my wife and I on Facebook. All the best, Bill Corkill Thanks, Bill! Enjoy your continued travels! The coming of fall heralds the coming of football and associated festivities. This is your invitation to join us at the ’79 tailgaters at all

home games. If you plan to attend, in addition to your own food and drinks, please bring a dish to share, if possible. There will be grills going, and generators for plugging in those crock pots. However, if you happen to come to a game and you’re empty-handed, don’t let that stop you: please join us anyway. Just look for the ’79 flag flying. Speaking of football – the planning process for the 40th (gasp!) reunion in 2019 has begun. Sean Cate sent out a class-wide email back in June, but if you missed that (check your spam filters), the bottom line is that ** NOTHING ** has been decided yet. As I outlined a few columns back, now that Navy is part of the AAC, long term planning for reunions is a bit problematic. Everything currently is written in very light pencil, from the date (likely Homecoming Weekend, 26 October 2019), to the HQ hotel (perhaps the Westin), to the schedule of events. To that end, Sean is soliciting volunteers for the Reunion Committee. With apps like Skype and other video conferencing options, you don’t need to reside in the Annapolis/DC Metro area. So please consider helping to make the 40th our best reunion ever. Drop me a line if you’re interested in joining the committee. Historically, the 40th Reunion is the most-attended reunion of any class. Our reunions typically bring in about 350 classmates – we could see 500 or more at the 40th. So even if you’ve never attended a reunion before (or especially if you’ve never attended one), please consider adding this one to your calendar now. Look for more email updates from Sean in the coming months, and I’ll make sure to keep you informed in these pages as well. Well, classmates, that’s all I have for now. Feel free to drop me a line with an update and your selfie photos at any time. Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming tailgater. Back with you next month. Until then… Omnes Viri, Wiz…



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Greetings Classmates, At 36,000 feet flying back from Orlando Florida where I was attending the Defense Health Information Technology Conference. Orlando in July reminds me of Annapolis in July – 41 years ago…which was the subject of my last e-mail to the Class; that’s a lot of water under the keel - now here’s to 41 more! When I sent out my note to the Class about that infamous day – I received a series of wonderful and thoughtful responses. I thought I’d share a few here – taking out the names makes it even more fun…. M “…I think I’ve blocked out all of the traumatic memories of that day other than the smell of the issue Mennen deodorant stick. Also the heat and humidity by the Severn… the things we learned were real: “Time, tide and formation wait for no one…41 years is a long time and Father Time is and always will be undefeated. There is no limit to the experiences and friendships we have had and will share commenced on that grateful day…As we all get closer to the freedom of labor, we will get to create more memories together and exaggerate the past even more…Yeah, beyond special, knew it when I was there and know it more now…Happy “IDay” to you, and thanks for over 40 years of friendship…41 years ago today, a bird crapped on my shoulder as I walked under a tree just after entering the gate. I, along with the rest of us, caught crap all summer long...Someone later told me that it’s supposed to be a sign of good luck. The luck, as I see it, was to get to associate with some of the best folks in the world. Thanks for your fellowship, mentorship, and friendship over these many years...thank You for so many years of inclusion. My hope is that we double this

number of years and grow the memories exponentially…41 years ago today I first met this collective motley crew. 40 years and 364 days ago I had committed all your names and most of your hometowns into my memory...plebe rates as it was back then. In the decades since then countless memories abound - but I certainly am most proud of my association with all of you. Happy I-Day Anniversary!” I guess that just about says it all – here is to another 41 years together….on to the mailbag! Speaking of “water under the keel” we had a great opportunity to visit with Kim and Emory Zimmer, emoryzimmer@gmail.com here in New Orleans just before the next leg of their “Around the world” cruise. They are out living the dream on their 53’ sailboat “Someday.” I have been adding updates on their travels throughout the column over the past two years and it’s becoming a great ongoing story. They look rested, happy and absolutely at ease with the prospect. Their son is living in New Orleans so I hope that we’ll see them on routine visits throughout the journey. Listening to Emory tell the stories about their voyage reminded me of the “P” works in Sampson Hall. He’s recently bought a sextant and is getting ready to shoot the stars – the old fashioned way – during the trip. Next mark…Anyway – here’s a photo for the record of their trip to New Orleans.

Speaking of visits by Classmates, Connie and Nels Frostensen,


frostynels@aol.com also came through the Big Easy and we were able to squeeze about an hour visit before I had to run and they left for Pensacola. They are living in Jacksonville and enjoying the good life.

Whenever two or more are gathered remains a key ingredient to the Washington area – Jim Huck is a master at pulling people together and the regular meeting of Classmates is always a highlight. Here’s the latest photo from their gathering. Jim Brinkman, to: h2opoloman80 @gmail.com, just had a great visit with Nancy and Michael Peters in Cleveland and then reciprocal visit to their place in Buffalo with the addition of Sheila and Mike Zieser. Peggy and Tony Verducci, verducci6@verizon.net checked in to let us know that their son Ryan is headed up to NAPS. Ryan’s games gave them a chance to catch up with Dennis Kilian, (his Walnut Creek, CA roommate – who ended up close to his NJ roots with his

family) and became a vehicle to meet up with his four year roommate, Mike (Franco) Rose. Reports are that Dennis and Franco are both doing great! In response to my note, I received an email from Barb Geraghty barb.geraghty@cox.net as well: M Joe, Greetings from lovely Hampton Roads! After 10 years of retirement from the Navy and serving as a professional volunteer, I’ve gone back to work full time! I got my Master’s in Public Health in 2015 and have taken a position as the Project Coordinator for a grant to prevent diabetes in one of the local cities in the area. It is very rewarding work and I’m enjoying the opportunity to use my public health degree. In the small world department, it turns out that one of my co-workers is married to Mike Wallace (30th). Although I’ve gone back to work, I’m still active with the PurpleStride 5K, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s walk to end pancreatic cancer, reviewing grants for Susan G. Komen and serving as a director, I’m on two credit union related boards. I was recently honored for my volunteer service by the YWCA of South Hampton Roads as one of 12 Women of Distinction for 2017, nominated in the Military category. Quite a privilege to be selected to be among an impressive group of business, academic, medical, and technology women in the area. Barb Dave Foy sent in an update on the Seadogs that I’ll have to place in next month’s column. One came in

’80: Front Row: Holly Geving and Nancy Honan Second Row: Dale Lumme, Steve Honan, Chris Geving, Rick Cambell, Tom Lindblad, Mark Arnold, Mark Marshfield and Jim Huck

80/81 CLASS NEWS late from Rick Peterson so I thought I’d sneak it in… M My eldest son is in pipeline to become XO of USS NORMANDY (CG 60). My second son just wrapped up his second department head tour - Both are married and Carol and I have 5 grandchildren between them. My two daughters are on their own and working professional jobs in the DC area. Carol and I are enjoying the D.C. area and our quiet home. I’m still working on the Aegis shipbuilding program. Rick When I was the CIO for Navy Medicine, the Surgeon General was a big “motorcycle” rider and had earned the record for Iron Butt rides. I had never heard of the distinction before – but now our own Dale Gordineer daleg3556@hotmail.com recently joined those ranks: M Hi Joe, The last weekend in April my friend Jon Sack and I left Jacksonville, Fla. on our motorcycles to attempt an Iron Butt Association 50 CC Quest Ride. In order to qualify you must leave either the East or West coast and arrive at the other in under 50 hours; Sounds simple enough. I have done a number of other Iron Butt rides in the past but this one kicks it up a notch. You are required to keep photos of all gas receipts and odometer readings plus it helps if you have GPS tracking. We left Jacksonville April 29 at 5:13 AM EDT headed West on I-10. Our first day got us to Kerrville, Tx at 11:38 PM CDT. We were about 40 miles short of our 1200 mile goal of Junction, Tx but a nasty hail storm made it seem like a good idea to stop for the night. After about a 7 hour rest we were back on the road with clear skies and cooler temps. We continued on I-10 until we were West of Tucson and picked up I-8. By this time it was dark again with almost no traffic. Anyone who has ever driven this road at night knows about the flashing red lights of the wind mills off in the distance. I thought I was hallucinating as I didn’t know what they were and we never seemed to get any closer. Finally we hit the mountains and I

was not prepared for the temperature to drop to 43 degrees wearing a short sleeve shirt and a mesh jacket. Finally down the other side of the mountain into San Diego to reach the all night Shell station at Oceanside. My gas receipt printed out at 2:07 AM PDT; A total of 47 hours and 54 minutes. Since our Marriott wasn’t going to be ready for another 12 hours we checked into a nearby Motel Six where we enjoyed a couple of shots of Johnnie Walker Blue I was carrying in a Tupperware container in my saddlebag. Tuesday morning we were headed east but at a more reasonable pace. We cut up through Phoenix and picked up I-40 in Flagstaff. We took 40 across to Memphis then down to I-20 at Birmingham to Atlanta and home to South Carolina. The ride home took 5 days. The trip totaled about 5100 miles over 8 days. An experience I will never forget. When I arrived in San Diego I called Beth and told her I was retiring from long distance motor cycle riding. She as well as some of my family members had been following me on GPS and were relieved to see we made it. Dale

Round the world cruises, grandchildren, job changes and Iron Butt trips – sounds like the Class is in good form after 41 years. In closing – after all these years together the stories get better and the importance of friendship grows stronger – hopefully these words ring true an as shown above that we all take advantage of getting together - often! I hope that this finds each of you healthy, happy and wiser today than yesterday. Please take a few moments to renew a

friendship, call a Classmate and take care of each other – you never know what a difference you can make. As always, BEAT ARMY, Joe

’81 Life Membership: 95% Donor Participation: 14.20% Pres: CDR Otto Stutz, USN (Ret.) 1529 Odman Dr., Chesapeake, VA 23321-1852 c: 757-348-2171; e: otto@1981.usna.com Vice Pres: CDR Tim Disher, USN (Ret.) 314 Locust Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401 c: 410-507-9040 e: timothy.disher@1981.usna.com Corr Sec’y: Ken Aiman p: 252-246-2393 Webmaster: Patty Crandlemire Whitney Website: www.usna1981.org Classwide messages: usna1981@yahoogroups.com

Greetings shipmates! Go Navy, Beat Army! Ah yes, it is football season again, with new plebes showing their spirit around ‘mother B’. Can we get some of our plebe year spirit stories to share? Gotta love those march-overs. And thank you all for the plethora of info … as a matter of fact, maybe too much for the constraints of this column. We will see.. and away we go! Congrats to James Foggo for making our third four-star! Navy Vice Adm. James G. Foggo III nominated for appointment to the rank of admiral, and for assignment as commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe; commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa; and commander, Allied Joint Forces Command, Naples, Italy. Foggo is currently serving as director, Navy Staff, N09B, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Pentagon, Washington, District of Columbia. This ‘should be a final Jeopardy question’ information tidbit – What (second to none) USNA class has two 4 stars that were company commanders for the same company? Craig Ryniewicz provides the following fact: Jamie Foggo, along with Frank Caldwell, were the two guys from ‘81 that were my

company’s (8th) commanders back in 1980-1981. Ironic that both made full Admiral. Oh, by the way, Charlene Gerbig (Jim’s better half) showed us that there was a recent final Jeopardy answer: “When this school opened in 1845, the curriculum for the class of 50 had math & navigation, chemistry & gunnery & steam”. Question – What is NOT Army or Air Force? Go Navy! Continuing the congratulations, this time to Navy Rear Adm. DeWolfe H. “Bullet” Miller III, for appointment to the rank of vice admiral, and for assignment as commander, Naval Air Forces; and commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, San Diego, California. Miller is currently serving as director, Air Warfare Division, N98, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Pentagon, Washington, District of Columbia. Adding to the information flow, Nick Madigan offers the following: M Greetings ’81! Reporting on another legacy event during Commissioning Week 2017!! Three classmates had grads on May 26th: Mary Brigden Snow (Patrick - EOD), Steve Eastburg (Matt – Navy Pilot), and yours truly (Michael – Navy Pilot). Pictured nearby are Nick and Michael Madigan, Matt and Steve Eastburg. (Sorry Mary but we couldn’t find you in the madness on the field!). Commissioning Week 2.0 is an extraordinary experience. The daily events are similar to 36 years ago and play out in a familiar cadence, but the parental perspective and the logistics of coordinating family members/friends over the course of the week is both fun and exhausting! Emotions ran high, especially at the graduation ceremony which did not disappoint. VP Pence and Acting Secretary Stackley gave moving tributes and when the caps fly, it’s exactly how you all remember. Classmates Ted and Lynda Carter were fantastic hosts and ‘81 can take great pride in the great job they are doing preparing these young officers for service. I will report back in a year when we do it again for James Madigan ’18!



’81: (L to R) Nick Madigan, Michael Madigan, Matt Eastburg, Steve Eastburg

’81; (L to R) LtCol Steve Ware, USMC (Ret), CAPT Ed Barfield, USN (Ret), LtCol Jeff Prowse, USMC (Ret), that’s me! (John Braun)

VADM Ted Carter congratulates ENS Michael Madigan ’17

John Braun notifies us of a wonderful event: On April 6, 2017, my wife, Mary & I had the honor of attending the dedication of a new boathouse for the Liberty University men’s & women’s crew team on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. The boathouse is named

“CMDR MARTY BODROG, USN MEMORIAL BOATHOUSE. Since I believe I was the only member of the Class of ’81 in attendance, I thought I’d pass this info along. Here is a link on the Liberty University Crew Team website with more info: http://www.liberty.edu /campusrec/clubsports/ index.cfm?PID=25954&newsID=19 67&TeamID= The marina, campground & restaurant on Smith Mountain Lake, which now also contains this boathouse, is owned by a good friend of Marty’s, LtCol Jeff Prowse, USMC (Ret). Jeff & Marty were together during Jeff’s last active duty tour at the Pentagon, OPNAV N85, where Marty was a contractor seated on-site, working on amphibious shipbuilding issues for N853. Jeff & Marty were also HUGE Boston Bruins fans, even travelling to Boston together w/ Jeff’s 2 sons to see one of the final games when the


Bruins last won the Stanley Cup a few years ago. Jeff retired to Smith Mountain Lake, and Marty was moved from the Pentagon to the Navy Yard. Jeff returned to the area after Marty was killed to provide a great deal of support to Marty’s widow, Melanie, and their 3 daughters. The connection to Liberty University is that Jeff’s wife, Debbie, happens to be the crew coach there. The crew team was familiar with the story of Marty, and adopted the motto “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” from the navy Hymn. Fyi - LtCol Steve Ware, USMC (Ret) - we were assigned to OPNAV N853 for a portion of the time Marty was there; CAPT Ed Barfield, USN (Ret) - he was one of the OPNAV N853 Branch Heads during Marty’s time @ the Pentagon Mark Hyman has been posting great pictures of the ‘travels’ of the 1981 flag on the USNA Class of 1981 facebook page. The page also has beautiful pictures of VADM Ted Carter and his wife, Lynda renewing their vows at the Chapel. Yes, this is a little plug for the facebook page to keep the communications channels flowing among us. Let’s keep in touch! Finally, fair winds and following seas to another shipmate who has moved on. Robert “Bob” Amend finished his courageous battle with ALS on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. He took his last earthly breath at home, surrounded by his family. ‘til next time, Ken Go Navy! Beat Army! ’81 Second to None!

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Good Morning, ‘82! We are fresh off of our 35th Reunion, but since this column was written in early August, and you are reading it in late September/early October, we are in a déjà vu all over again situation. Never fear - I will devote the entire NovemberDecember 2017 Shipmate ’82 column to our fantastic, fun and successful Reunion. Any photos not used will be find their way into future issues and onto our class website at http://1982.usnaclasses .net/ And if you haven’t yet emailed your photos to your humble scribe, please do so before you get into the holiday swing. I regret to announce the untimely passing of Kevin McGuire (10). His four-year roomie, Tim Bacci (10), sent this remembrance: M “Sadly, Kevin McGuire passed away suddenly on July 29, 2017, while participating in a charity cycling event. Services were held in Columbus, OH, where he resided with his family, and in his hometown of Chaffee, Missouri. 10th Company was well represented at both. We met during Plebe summer and it was an unlikely combo – one guy from the west coast and the other from a small country town in the Midwest - but we ended up rooming together for all 4 years (with the exception of one semester when he was on battalion staff) and became best friends for life. Kevin was quiet, unassuming and extremely smart but had a “small town” way about him. Those who

82/82 CLASS NEWS knew Kevin would simply say that he was as solid as they come and someone whom you could trust with anything – I know that I did. He loved nothing more than to be with his wife of 32 years, Kathleen, and their 4 grown children. He took pride in being a model father and husband. In his own way, he had a very positive impact in this world. He’ll be sorely missed.” Rest in peace, classmate. Steven Taracevicz (35) attended a commemoration ceremony in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway on June 5, 2017, John Richardson speaking at the 75th onboard the Anniversary of the USS MIDWAY in Battle of Midway. San Diego. M “The event was very special. CNO John Richardson (26) gave an excellent speech, and revealed a little known fact that a SUBMARINE, that could not hit its target, but did manage to survive, was the KEY to saving the Battle of Midway! (Just kidding, sir!). I visited briefly with John, but Mike Shoemaker (35) and Tommy Rowden (24) exited before I could say hello. It was wonderful that we could honor WW2 vets, and surviving veterans of the Battle of Midway. They streamed video live from Midway Island, and US Parks admin also spoke during the commemoration.”

Steve also reports that his roomie Dave Galiyas and wife Grace will be moving to the greater DC area after he retires from Ford.

A great photo of a Lotus…and Barb (Nester) Righter and Romero Iral at Talledega.

Don Clements (4) sent this sea story: Kim, Zethan and Dana Moss with Zethan’s Billy Mitchell Award. 35th Company “Roomie Sandwich” - Steven Taracevicz, Grace and Dave Galiyas.

Dana Moss (12) submits from New Hampshire: M My younger son, Zethan, recently earned the Billy Mitchell Award as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, the USAF Auxiliary. I was a cadet in the early 70’s and returned to CAP 5 years ago when our older son joined. The Billy Mitchell Award is named after the Army Air Corps general who advocated the advancement of airpower following WWI (his views led to his eventual courtmartial).  To earn the award, a cadet must complete a challenging 2-year leadership and aerospace power curriculum and then pass a comprehensive exam on each subject. Since its inception in 1964, only 12% of CAP cadets have earned the award. “My older son is heading off to Norwich University in August. Unfortunately, he was not granted a medical waiver for his color vision, so his NROTC scholarship was revoked and his nominations to Navy were for naught.”

’82: Navy brass and WWII vets on the USS Midway. From left, VADM, Mike Shoemaker ‘82, VADM Tommy Rowden ‘82 and ADM Scott

Romero Iral (18) recently visited with Barb (Nester) Righter (27) (whose parents were his USNA sponsors) and her husband Jim: M “Barb and Jim live in Pensacola, Florida and have their own farm complete with horses, chickens, ducks, and hunting dogs. Jim has recently had successful knee replacement surgeries for both his knees and is recovering well. Barb has set-up a business called “Carriages of Pensacola” in which she provides elegant carriage rides using her draft horses for weddings and special events throughout the Pensacola area (www.CarriagesofPensacola.com). Given that even wooden carriage wheels need to get rubber re-treads periodically, while on her way to the Amish country area in Tennessee, she stopped off at Birmingham, AL on 22 May, to visit with me as I happened to be there for a 4-day Lotus owners gathering, which included racing around both the Talladega Superspeedway and the Barber Motorsports Park open road race course. Barb even got some “behind the wheel” time on the skid pad to practice spin recovery. My new hobby will take me to the Watkins Glen open road race course in western New York in June; but when I’m not getting the motorhead adrenaline rush, I’m doing that work thing in the TSA as the Assistant Federal Security Director overseeing Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY and Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York.”

M “I recently had the opportunity to travel to Antigua to race a sailboat in the 50th Annual Antigua Sailing Week. A group from my local sailing club (Grapevine, TX) chartered two 42’ sailboats and asked me to skipper one of them. I reached out to Mike Case (15), my lifelong friend and teammate during Navy Sailing days, for muscle in the cockpit and help forming an effective team. Our crew of six was comprised of myself, my wife Shelley, Mike Case and one woman and two men from Grapevine Sailing Club. We sailed well with winds of 18 to 20 knots, gusting to 25 every day and formed a cohesive team that worked very well together. Competing in an international fleet of boats with teams that had been sailing together for years, we held our own and finished fourth in our fleet of ten boats. We ended the racing week on a high note, finishing first in the final race, beating the second place boat by just 8 seconds over a nearly 20 mile race! Boat speed, concentration and the go fast mentality taught at Navy held the day. The trips to the podium for daily awards (winning bottles of rum!) helped to make the week a great experience for the entire crew. Go Navy!”

Teammates, classmates and lifelong friends Mike Case and Don Clements.



Don and Shelley Clements, Mike Case and their crew enjoying Antigua Sailing Week.

Rick Franklin (25) reports: M “Members of EZ25 (West) convened a pre-reunion reunion on July 8th in Colorado Springs. Anne and Jeff Campbell (25) hosted with Jeff’s steady hand at the helm of the BBQ grill. In attendance were Julie and Bill Cogan (25), Kathy and Steve Jung (25) and Rick Franklin (25). Planning is underway for next year, with more from the entire EZ25 contingent.”

29th Company at Dave Burnes wedding celebration: George Papaioanou, Brian Hood, Boyd Baker, Leroy Bishop, Kathy Bustle, Bill Lang, and George Chamberlain.

I apologize to those whose input didn’t make it into this column. I’ll catch up in the January/February 2018 issue. Looking good, ‘82! – Razz

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Western contingent of EZ25 gathering in Colorado: Steve Jung, Jeff Campbell, Bill Cogan and Rick Franklin. No doubt that old tales were retold.

Dave Burnes (29) has good news: M “Penny Battles and I got married in December ‘16, and hosted a party at our home in Tampa over the last weekend in April ‘17 to celebrate our nuptials. Classmates and USNA Alumni in attendance were Mike Abrashoff (29), Boyd Baker (29), Leroy Bishop (29), Kathy Bustle (29), George Chamberlain (29), Brian Hood (29), Bill Lang (29), and George Papaioanou (29), and RADM Bob Phillips ‘75 and Denise Stich ‘85.”

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Dateline July 24, 2017 and the due date for the September-October Shipmate is, you guessed it, today. It’s approaching 7 PM and I am just starting to write the monthly. Thankfully there’s actually a bit of a mailbag – classmates connecting in odd places Joe Rixey retirement newz, first time writers (who will be next), and yes leftover newz from last month when my column was too LONG; How about that! A recap of All Sports Day 2017 – 28th edition will be held for the next issue. We passed another milestone since the last issue – As Rich Rivera posted on FB: “Happy 38th Anniversary of I-day 83! The day we became a class act.” And a Joe Soto reply: “Yay! It’s 83 backwards!”

Newlyweds Dave and Penny Burnes.


Facebook is a good way to interact with classmates spread far and wide – worldwide that is. We have classmates all over. Scott Purvis flew in from Vienna for Sports Day. Not Vienna, Virginia, but Vienna, Austria. That is some dedication to sports and classmates! As of 7/24 we have 568 members on our class Facebook page, USNA 1983. Note that it is a closed group, so only a member can add someone and folks that search for it have to request to be added. If you aren’t a member please join us. And now da Newz: Honorary Classmates: In the last issue I had a short blurb about our oldest classmate Stu Hedley. Stu is an honorary classmate. You may wonder how we select and approve honorary classmates, so here is an outline for the Class of 1983’s Honorary Classmate Program. Nominations may only be submitted by a graduate of the Class of 1983. This can be done via email or regular post to any Class Officer or at-large Board of Director (BOD) member, ensuring the Class Secretary receives a courtesy copy. As a reference point, the nomination to approval process may take 90 days. The nomination should be submitted as an MS Word attachment to an e-mail and include the following: • Submitter’s name, e-mail address, and phone number. • A descriptive narrative of the nominee, ensuring to note • the nominee’s connection to the class, • the nominee’s contribution to society or the betterment of humanity, • reasons why the nominee would be an outstanding addition to the class, and • a personalized comment that captures the character of the nominee The submitter shall include any media clippings, links to applicable websites, etc. to support their characterization of the nominee. If it is known that the nominee has impacted more than one classmate’s lives, testimonials from those

classmates would be significant and expected. There is no limit to the size of the nomination package. Provide what you can to corroborate the justification for Honorary Classmate status. From the point of submission, the BOD member charged to staff the package will have a week to work with the nominator to develop the package to be provided to the BOD. The BOD will have a set time to review the nomination prior to their first formal vote - requiring a 2/3rds majority to move forward with the nomination. If approved, the company representatives will be provided the package for their dispersal to their company mates. Upon that review, the class will be given time, nominally 2-3 weeks, to comment on the nomination, again via their company reps. The BOD will then convene to review classmate comments and will then discuss and vote on approval of the nomination. Again, a 2/3rds majority is required. If a nominee is approved, the induction ceremony will be conducted by the Class President or his/her appointed supernumerary. The presentation date, time, and location will be provided to the entire class by the class secretary via all means available with the intention that classmates and guests will be able to attend to demonstrate class loyalty, unity, and appreciation. M After 34 years, I’m writing to Shipmate for the first time. After serving in the Navy for two years after graduating from high school and then attending NAPS, our son, Kyle Casmey, just graduated from the Naval Academy last month with the class of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Oceanography. He has selected Supply Corps and will be reporting to Supply School in Newport, RI later this month. As with all the families of those graduating, Loyce Ann and I are extremely proud of Kyle. It was almost surreal being back in Navy Marine Corps Memorial Field 34 years after the Class of 83’ graduated and it’s rewarding to see the continued commitment of our young people

83/83 CLASS NEWS today to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Country. Attached to this e-mail are two pictures. The first is of our daughter, Kelli Ann, who is expecting her first child (our first grandchild), the happy graduate, Loyce Ann, and I. The second is of Kyle, his Uncle (Jeff Trumbore, 2nd Company, Class of 81’, Captain USN Retired), and I. It was great to be back at the Academy and I did have a chance to speak with both Jeff Wilcox and Luke McCollum, both of whom had children graduating with the Class of 2017 as well. Regards, Dan Casmey LtCol USMC Retired

The Happy Casmey Family

Three Grads

M Not a huge deal, but June 10th I begin my term as a District Commander for the Missouri Department of the VFW. The VFW is a superb organization providing support to veterans, and it’s a great way for us to continue our service, not to mention the camaraderie of fellow veterans. Besides the major conflicts that most people think of, many Expeditionary forces and SSBN deterrent patrols qualify for membership. It would be great to see more of ’83 involved! — James Nail Jim - Congratulations on taking charge as the District Commander – and it is a big deal !

‘83: BBQ on the River

On June 24th, Betty and Carlos Del Toro hosted the class at a BBQ at his phenomenal house on Dogue Creek that leads right into the Potomac River. A dock with deepwater, a pool, amazing deck, and even more amazing hosts. Many classmates attended with spouses and kids (and I’m sure there were more that wished they attended). It was a fabulous time. Thanks Carlos and Betty ! Erica Wogaman writes: M Here’s a photo of our classmate, Manny Kiesser (Arnold when we were in school with him – Manny wrote about it in Shipmate in the last year or 2) whom I met up with at Disney Land. Yes, I took At Disney Land a pennant with me! It was great to catch up with him on times at USNA and in the Marines (where he flew Hornets), and then his move over to Disney, 20 years ago. (You can see Mickey’s silhouette on his shirt.) My daughter is working at Disneyland now, and I worked at Disney World in high school, so we were destined to re-connect eventually! Semper Fi and Beat Army — Erica

’83er who selected USMC, there to pick up her son from the same band leadership camp. (Her son plays a mean trumpet and is heading into his junior year of high school there in At UVA Norfolk.). Of course we took the obligatory selfie to ensure you have something in the mailbag! Beat Army and Semper Fi! Joe Rixey retired on 14 July. His recap: M Kathy and I retired on 14 July. Admiral Harry Harris ’78, Commander, US Pacific Command presided. I passed my father’s (RADM Charles “Woody” Rixey) sword, which he passed to me, to my sons CAPT Charlie Rixey, USMC ’12 and 1st LT Chris Rixey, 7 stars USMC ’14. We want to thank the many of you that attended and endured a heat index approaching 100 degrees. We were honored with your attendance. Special thanks to Rob Haskins (Gayle), not only did we attend USNA together, we were NAPS and

Fort Hunt High School Classmates and made the long drive to Newport together in 1978. To my companymates Tim Maynard (Collette) my roommate for four years, Tom Modly (Robyn), C.B. Morgan, Scott Anderson and Rick Haberstick. My Rugby teammates, Will Hall, Willy Smith, Tommy Munns, see you in October. Those still on active duty that endured the heat, Sean Buck, Dixon Smith (Kiki), and Luke McCollum (Leanne), adios amigos. To Chip Molloy (Susan), Turk Powell, Mike Keating (Stacey), Kevin Jones, Ed Wheeler, Randy Mahr, Phil Raimondo (Lisa), Dino Aviles, Darrell Montgomery, Dan Hahne, Steve Zotti, Dave Fox, CJ Loria, Brian Hinkley (Janie), Joe Johnson, Seamus Flatley, Dave Dober (Mary Beth) and One-WhoShall-Not-Be-Named, you have honored me beyond words. To the spouses of those in attendance, thank you as well for your love and friendship. Kathy and I feel very blessed. To all my classmates, Kathy and I loved knowing and serving with you throughout this great adventure. We look forward to the reunions.

Rixey Family. Pictured: 1st LT Chris Rixey USMC ’14, Caitlin Rixey, Allison Rixey, Joe Rixey, Kathy Rixey, Kate Rixey, CAPT Charles Rixey USMC ’12

I know I said that there would be a recap of Sports Day in the next Shipmate, but this year, Tom Modes Modly and Mike Keats Keating concocted the Sports Day Alma Mater, Navy Black and Blue, sung to the tune of Navy Blue and Gold. It sets the stage for next month’s recap.

And again: M So, this morning as we walked onto the campus of U.VA to pick up our high school daughter from drum major camp (exciting and busy senior year coming up), who do I see but Millie Gregorich, another

‘83: Classmates SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 107

83/85 CLASS NEWS Now sporting men from sea to sea, With purple hamstrings hue. But who has better right than we, To down our advil chews? From dawn to dusk in scorching heat, We limp, oh yes, it’s true; We’ve earned the painful right to be, The Navy Black and Blue. Please write in with your newz. I don’t want the first time you appear in a column to be your last time. Please keep our Classmates and family members in mind. Pick up the phone, send an email or knock on a door – Life is fragile. Please be sure to reach out and touch your loved ones, reconnect with an old friend or roommate, whether in person or on the phone. Just do it today, as we can never count on the opportunity to be able to do so tomorrow. Chris Captain, United States Navy – retired Got Newz? send to: 83shipmate@gmail.com Once a classmate, always a classmate. ‘83- A Class Act!


Chris Aquilino, DCNO to 5th Fleet

Patty and Adrian Vagnoni moved back to the Chicago area at the end of last year, leaving Battle Creek, MI and the Kellogg Company for Bosch Tool in Mount Prospect. They drove to the East Coast for a week-long trip, fitting a visit with Kathleen Murray and Guy Zanti ’82 in with family stops in Norfolk. Kathleen is a real estate agent and Guy is transitioning from Embassy Security in Baghdad.  Julie Roberts recently moved to Atlanta from San Francisco to join IPG, a surgical and implant device benefit management company, as Chief Operating Officer. Her daughter Glenna returned from 6 months in Sevilla, Spain to begin her senior year at Georgetown. She and Tammy and Jon Nowicki attended the wedding of Mike Nichols’ daughter Abby in Linnville, NC in June. 

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Mike, Julie and Jon

Website: www.usna84.org

Vice Adm. Chris Aquilino was selected to take command of The U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain, as well as Naval Forces Central Command. Chris is currently Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Operations, Plans and Strategy.

Jon Nowicki and Dave Terwilliger

Jon and Tammy vacationed in St. Thomas after the wedding and met Dave Terwilliger on the flight home. Dave is flying the 757/767 for American out of New York. The Nowickis moved to downtown Greenville, SC last year and Jon commutes to Charlotte to fly the Airbus for American. Their youngest graduated from the University of Georgia in May and their older 3 children live and work in Atlanta. T.D. Smyers wrote us from Fort Worth. Originating from North Texas and retired from the Navy in 2011 after a command tour at NAS Fort Worth JRB, TD has been leading the North Texas Region of the American Red Cross for four years as its CEO, chairing the USS FORT WORTH (LCS-3) Commissioning Committee, serving as President & CEO of United Way of Tarrant County, and is on the Executive Council of the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl. He’s also helped host Navy Football in Fort Worth twice, in addition to traveling to games at SMU and Texas State. In June, he took his roommate Warren Mazanec’s wife, Michelle, to Booger Red’s Saloon in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Michelle was in town putting together SACC conferences and meeting sister alumni from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.

2017 NAVY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Mike Nichols with Jon and Tammy Nowicki


Follow Navy Football online at: navysports.com 1-800-US4-NAVY

TD Smyers and Michelle Mazanec at Booger Red’s

And that’ll be all for today.

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I came across this on facebook and wanted everyone to read this great note from John Figuerres (22nd co) M After spending an outstanding weekend with my daughter and two of my Naval Academy friends I want to take a moment to remember one of my closest friends from the Naval Academy. John Villanueva (24th co), he passed away 20 years ago on 24 July 1997, after a very short battle with lung cancer. As a young father he left behind some very young kids, who have grown into young adults and a young wife. John was one of those guys I connected with on Induction Day, 7 July 1981. To really understand “I Day” you have to experience it, in many ways it is a 10 Month boot camp with endless pressure on you by upperclassmen. We lost a couple hundred Plebes in that 10 month period. Because of him and a few others I made it through Plebe Year, then Youngster year (Sophomore), 2nd Class Year and together at 1st class Year. I remember the football games, the parties, classes, boxing tournaments and the summer training deployments (Hawaii 1st class Summer!). When he was stationed in Sasebo Japan, I stayed with him

85/86 CLASS NEWS again. Here are Skip and Laura with Grace West, c/o 2020, and Mary Margaret West, c/o 2021 on the eve of I-Day. The West girls are from Pinehurst, NC and both run for Navy. The other great event was the wedding of Sean Mcdonnell (2012) and Christina DeVuono Mcdonnell (2012) on 24 June 2017 in Durham, NC. As crazy things are the Mcdonnell’s sponsored my son Joseph Otero (2015) and Christina was his plebe summer squad leader. Congratulations to both Sean and Christina!!

Mark and Grace Stevens

Thanks to everyone that contributed. Please email all content to: 85SHIPMATE@GMAIL.com. GO NAVY & BEAT ARMY! VO

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Christina and Sean

‘85: John Figuerres and John V

during a port visit. During an exercise in South Korea I was surprised tackled by him in a Pusan shopping area, just a few memories that come to mind. We shared a lot and when I received word of his passing I was on deployment with no way of contacting his family. I miss him and still think about our friendship. I owed the success in my career to

friends like him. You are never forgotten John V! I think this is a sentiment we all have about somebody from our days at USNA. My next note is from Laura and Dave “Skip “ Mcdonnell 25th co. They both continue giving back to USNA and are sponsoring mids

I also added a picture of Steve Pimpo (19th co) and Dave Mcdonnell (25th co) stalking Billy Hurley III during one of his PGA tournaments. Billy appreciated the offer to carry his clubs and read his putts. Go Navy!

Steve Pimpo and Dave Mcdonnell

Another nice note from Mark Stevens (24th co) who had his daughter Grace Stevens Inducted with the class of 2021. Both look extremely happy to be at I-day.

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All, Dave “Hoss” Hostetler sends this month’s input: M June is known for weddings and we had one in the 1986-22nd Company this time. On behalf of all the members of 86-22, I welcome Tammy Hanna Reed who joined James Reed in marriage in June. James and Tammy were joined by classmates and spouses, Dave Long and his wife, Kathy, Jim Donnelly and his wife, Cici, Tom Kolongowski and Cheryl Laws (30th Co.) for the ceremony. It is GREAT to have you joining the 22nd Company family. An update to the “Roommate Quiz” that Dave Long and Tom Bachmann commissioned back in April. The game was set up as follows: Match up everyone’s 2nd class year roommates (first class year was impacted by company staff assignments). I’ll give everyone one freebie - your own roommate. The winner with 12 out of a possible 15 sets of roomies correct was Pat Morrissey, who is now entitled to

‘85: Skip and Laura with West Mids


86/88 CLASS NEWS Tom Bacigalupo recently attended the retirements of some 32nd company classmates, Randy Johnson, and Kathy (Allen) Donovan and shared the photo below of all the classmates in attendance.

’86: Group photo from James Reed’s wedding. From left to right: Dave Long, Kathy Long, Cici Donnelly, James Reed, Tammy Hanna Reed, Cheryl Laws, Tom Kolongowski, and Jim Donnelly.

the beverage of his choice (the next time he is in the same place with Dave). I find it entertaining to share some of the inputs from our companymates: Dave Conaway “I honestly can’t remember. I did room with Dan Ray at some time, but don’t remember when. I think Stopkey and Opatz were roomies.” Confirmed by Dave Opatz - “Doug Stopkey and I were roommates; that’s all I got…” John Wynn - “I don’t remember specific years but I roomed with Dave Conaway and Tracy Howard for some of them. Sorry I’m not much help!” In the questionable memory department: James Addison thought he roomed with Wright McLeod, but both Wright and Tommy (Kolongowski) said they were together that year. Dan Ray said he was with Dave Opatz, but Dave and Doug both claimed each other. Some highlights include: Only Finn/Olenick and Donnelly/Reed were guessed correctly by all participants (honorable mention to Crouch/Fenton who only Mark Magee missed). James Addison was paired with 7 different guys and I’m not sure any of them were correct. Next closest were five pairings for multiple people. A fun game that other companies may want to try. It proves that the memory IS the second thing to go…I can’t remember the first thing.

Until next time, “Still on the loose!” “Hoss” ’86 -22nd Company Scribe That’s all for this column…help me keep the column filled every month by sending your updates and news, and of course your pictures!!! And take a moment to ensure you have your current email on file at usna.com!!! All the best, Anne

Matt Mullins, Robin Noyes, Dave and Mercedes Welch, Trish Burgess, Adrienne Griffen, Dianna Farraday, Jeannie Grabowski, Randy Johnson, Mike Fields, and Kathy Donovan

Please send your news for Shipmate to: rob.pinataro@stny.rr.com.

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Sec’y: Sara Salas Wickard c: 757-589-0678; e: swickard88@gmail.com

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’88 – An email from ’88 Class President Jim Schwab went out in July via “Classmail” concerning next year’s 30th reunion. If you did not receive it, please update your email information on usna.com. And, if you know of a classmate who receives no communication from the Academy, please pass the word on upcoming events. Thank you to all the classmates who generously provided input and photos for this month’s column.

Pres: Jim Matheson e: jmatheson@1987.usna.com Shipmate columnist: Robert Pinataro 7 Meadowood Ln., Binghamton, NY 13901 e: rob.pinataro@stny.rr.com; p: 770-722-6373 Website: www.usna87.org

Hello ’87, I hope to see all of you at our 30th Reunion in September.

Website: www.usna88.com

Matt Mullins, Robin Noyes, Dave and Mercedes Welch, Trish Burgess, Adrienne Griffen, Dianna Farraday, Jeannie Grabowski, Randy Johnson, Mike Fields, and Kathy Donovan


Lori Sorokatch Sulmasy and daughters

Lori Sorokatch Sulmasy M My daughter Shannon officially joined the “BS” club on May 20th when she graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Leadership and Merit. I am extra proud to report she was also the President of SWE Society of Women Engineers, BU Chapter. She will be serving the Navy as a civilian when she starts her job at Electric Boat in Solid Mechanics. My old MPA heart was quite full that day. One down, one to go — her sister Alexandra will be a senior in high school this year. Go Navy! Eric Reinhold M Sadly, I had to report through our class Facebook page that our classmate David Lopez passed away, from Septic Shock, on June 6th. David had been my real estate David Lopez agent for the past six months, so we had interacted frequently. I was shocked to find out on a Sunday, from his assistant at Coldwell Banker, that he had gone into the hospital that Friday and that he probably only had 48 hours to live. I travelled about an hour down to Kissimmee, to visit him in the hospital on Monday morning. While he was not responsive, I was glad that I was able to spend 20 minutes talking to and praying for him. I remember first meeting Dave at NAPS and he moved into 33rd Company after Plebe Year, as I was moving out. Pez was a kind person and we were able to share a few cigars together over the years as we reconnected in Central Florida. He will be missed. On a more positive note, yet still reflecting on our 4 years by the bay, I came across a fun photo while packing up for our empty-nester, downsizing, move. As you recall, before USNA got PC, we used to have Christmas Dinners, complete with a “smoke in” and champagne. I also recall dinning-ins with Port wine. Anyway, this pic is from December 1985, Youngster Year.

88/89 CLASS NEWS Lindsay Kough M Simply awesome hosting the O’Hares at our home this week (Brian O’Hare and his two children Deaglan and Noelani). They are truly gems. Thomas and Leslie (my youngest two of four), and my Mom (who also happened to be visiting at the same time) had a wonderful time! Thanks classmate. Thanks for the week-long ab workout. Great laughs had by all. Back to school and football season! If you are in Annapolis for a home game, remember that there are two ’88 tailgaters at the stadium. One is on the Gold side, under the trees, just off the hill on Taylor Avenue. Second site is on the Blue Side, along Cedar Park Rd. r/ Sara

’88: Kough and O’Hare families

’89 Life Membership: 100% Donor Participation: 6.78%

Margaret Brounk M Michelle Boretti and I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend our classmate, roommate, lifelong friend and mentor Patty (Lipoma) Gill’s retirement ceremony today. Moving tribute to Patty’s 29 years of stellar and significant service...and - interesting side note - we learned that Patty held the NCAA record for 3-pointers the first season they started keeping that stat!! Apparently Patty didn’t think this was something her roommate(s) needed to know?! She’s still the most modest, humble overachieving studette...Congrats Patty!!!

Two old Navy Goats at a surfer bar in Midtown Manhattan! Scott Evans and Harry Demiris

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Now let’s get to the updates! From Vincent Scott: Three members of 89 got together in Dallas. Milt Songy, Jon Sablan (Hadji) and I were roommates youngster year and Jon and I have not connected since graduation! Good time and was great to see old friends.

Pres: Ingar Grev 904 Barbury Pl., Annapolis, MD 21401-6485 p: 410-571-0105; w: 703-243-6613 f: 419-818-7319; e: igrev@1989.usna.com

’88: December 1985, Youngster Year

From Left to Right is Dave Woodbury, Chris Drewello, Eric Busko, John Cash, Eric Reinhold, Richard Bryant, Doug Schueler, and Mark Retzloff. If you come to Central Florida, I’m now in Mount Dora (about 40 minutes to the Northwest of town). We bought a lot on a lake out here and plan to build the final abode over the next two years.

Scott and Joanne McFadden

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Greetings classmates! I hope you all have had a great summer so far. I’ve been running a lot of races, including the Cape Cod Ragnar. I ran on a six-man team, so I wound up running 32 miles of the 190 mile race. It was a lot of fun, but not the best way to visit Cape Cod for the first time! My wife and I also ran a 5K on the first Saturday in June in our home town that we run every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Mike Cousins followed up his recent retirement notice with a note and a photo from the occasion: Thanks for mentioning my retirement last month. Just figured I would follow up with a photo. My wife, Carol, our three kids: Rachel, Lindsay, and Carter, plus my mother. Thanks!

2017 HOMECOMING Margaret Brounk, Patty (Lipoma) Gill and Michelle (Laurenzano) Boretti

Thursday, 19 October through Saturday, 21 October



Barry Gittleman also sent a status update: M Barry Gittleman and Melinda and William finally departed Atlanta after many years and worked their way back west to Utah where he is leading the Hamlet Homes team’s regrowth out of the downturn. Barry tries to join the monthly service academy breakfasts in Salt Lake City, and has run into Tabitha Moesinger there a few times, a fellow 3rd Company alum. Anyone planning to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Utah this summer or some skiing in Park City this winter, definitely give Barry a call to meet up and catch up. From The USNAAA website: President Donald Trump has nominated Paul Dabbar ’89, an investment banker with J.P. Morgan Chase in New York City, to be the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) undersecretary for science. If confirmed by the Senate, Dabbar would succeed Franklin “Lynn” Orr in the post. Orr left the post this past January. According to a White House statement released today, “Dabbar is Managing Director for Mergers & Acquisitions for J.P. Morgan, and has over $400 billion in investment experience across all energy sectors including solar, wind, geothermal, distributed-generation, utility, LNG, pipeline, oil & gas, trading, energy technology, and has also led the majority of all nuclear transactions. Paul’s confirmation hearing was held on July 20th. As of this writing, the result had not been announced. Congratulations to Yvette Gonzalez Davids for being promoted to Admiral! I know there’s other classmates getting promoted to flag rank, so I’d like to get a list together and put it in a future column. So if you have any promotions to list, send them in!

Admiral Davids

From Brian Caldwell – M Classmates: Below are some housekeeping items mainly derived from Class Officers’ and Class Committees’ meetings. Please remember to keep your email address updated at the Alumni Association. You may miss out on important class news if Shipmate is your only source of class information. Our class website (www.USNA89.com) also has the most updated info and provides links to all of our communication forums (Facebook, LinkedIn and Listserver, etc.) Class Gift: Thank You to the classmates that have participated towards our 30 year class gift so far. Overall, we are doing well in the categories of Athletics and the Annual Fund, but could use more support in our Primary objective of Cyber and Project Based Learning. 19% of our classmates have contributed. It would be great to see 89% participation. Please consider supporting the class gift. $89.00 a quarter, a year or just one time. For more information, please see our project details on our class website (www.USNA89.com) 30th Reunion: SAVE THE DATES: 24-27 October 2019. This will be 2019 USNA Homecoming Weekend. Your reunion committee has been formed and has locked in tentative dates for our 30th! Though we don’t have a full 2019 football schedule yet, we locked in Homecoming


weekend so we could start reserving venues. More information about the schedule of events will be published soon. Tailgaters: One of the best ways to see classmates is at our class tailgater. If you are in/near USNA for any home football games, please stop in and visit. Suggestions and volunteers are always appreciated and needed. By-Laws Update: Late last year the class solicited volunteers to help update our by-laws in an effort to adopt best practices that fit the needs of our class. Jay Bitting and Cathy Masar took the bull by the horns and devoted a great deal of time reviewing multiple classes’ by-laws, interviewing many grads (including current and former class officers from many different classes), and consulting with the Alumni Association to assemble an outstanding draft. While the process is still ongoing, and it will have progressed more by the time this information reaches you, the following is a rough summary of the next steps; -Class Officers will complete their review of the draft by-laws, -A “Final” version will be presented to the class for discussion, corrections, proposed changes, -The class will vote on approving the new by-laws. One big change (if approved by the class) is a change in the terms and make-up of the Class Officers. The changes would require an election soon after approval, so please start thinking of serving your class as an officer. Our class organization

benefits from having new and diverse volunteers: different services, communities, geographical locations, backgrounds, gender, industries, service lengths, etc. It is truly an honor to serve, but it is also a duty that requires people to step up and meet the needs of the class. NAPS Reunion: While several NAPSTERS were in Newport to attend Captain Derric Turner’s Change of Command, we discussed a NAPS85 reunion. In an effort to gauge the level of interest, please let us know your thoughts. The main concern is NOT to interfere or compete with our 5 year reunion. That leaves us with two main options; 1. Hold the NAPS reunion in Newport of a non-5 year reunion year. or 2. Have the NAPS reunion on the Thursday night prior to our 5 year reunion. The most valuable input is knowing which you prefer and why and whether or not you are likely to attend. Monica (Holland) Ropiak and Brian Caldwell will receive your comments at NAPSreunion@ USNA89.com. Captain Derric Turner’s Change of Command: On 23Jun2017, 6 teammates from the greatest NAPS basketball team ever, Derric’s parents, Stephanie’s parents, several other classmates and many friends attended Derric’s CoC ceremony in Newport, RI. Derric completed his CO tour at the Center for Service and Support. Derric’s speech was insightful, meaningful, touching and had all of the attendees rolling in

From left to right -Mike Ropiak (89-2), Brian Caldwell ‘89, Captain Doug Noble ‘89, Monica (Holland) Ropiak ‘89, Jim Maxfield ‘89, Chuck Bailey ‘89, Stephanie Turner, Captain Derric Turner ‘89, Lou Major NAPS ‘85 and USMMA ‘89, Dan Smalley ‘89, Rich Brennan ‘89 and Marie Bailey

89/90 CLASS NEWS laughter. We think Derric may someday have a second career as a stand-up comic. Stephanie and Derric are stationed in San Diego and are expecting their first child in early fall. Congratulations Derric – We love you!!!

’90 Life Membership: 100% Donor Participation: 7.95% Pres: Lawrence “Kai” Yeh e: kyeh@mpsgc.com Vice Pres: Frank Bendik e: fbendik90@yahoo.com Ops: Maj Carter Honesty, USMC (Ret.) e: carterhonesty@yahoo.com Treas: Tom Callender e: tmcallender4@verizon.net

Greatest NAPS basketball team ever

Sec’y: Trey Alexander e: shipmate1990@yahoo.com Website: www.usna90.com Facebook: USNA Class of 1990

Derric and Stephanie Turner relaxing after the CoC

Thanks for all the good gouge Brian! Some sad news to pass along. Recently, we learned of the passing of Kyle Mark Takai. He passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 49. He was from Honolulu, Hi. He left the Naval Academy plebe year and went on to get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he was a champion swimmer. At the time of his death, Mark was serving his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mark was also a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard since 1999. Until next time, Peace.

ALUMNI HOUSE Wedding? Reunion? Conference? Host your special event at Ogle Hall. events@usna.com or 410-295-4018

SUMMER SEMINAR Help that outstanding high school junior you know experience a busy week at USNA this June. To apply online, visit usna.edu/Admissions

Greetings once again, Classmates. As you may have read in the June/July issue of SHIPMATE, the Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the next Distinguished Graduate Award slate. As you may know, the DGA program guidelines were reviewed by the Alumni Association Board of Trustees and updated this year. You may find this information at www.usna.com/dga. Nomination packages should arrive at the Naval Academy Alumni Association no later than 1 November 2017. Nominations must be typewritten documents using the format provided in the Nomination Package Guidelines on the Alumni Association website. To be competitive, a strong written justification must be provided for each category in the nominating criteria. Although it is suggested that nominations be originated by Class and/or Chapter Presidents, any alum can submit an appropriately documented nomination package, forwarded via the Class and/ or Chapter President for endorsement. Nominees need not necessarily be a member of the Chapter or Class forwarding the nomination. Now, some more highlights of ‘90 in command! We currently have four classmates serving as Commanding Officers of Aircraft Carriers. CAPT Putnam Browne USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), CAPT Rick McCormack - USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78), CAPT Carlos Sardiello - USS Theodore

Roosevelt (CVN-71), and CAPT Nicholas Dienna – USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75). Bravo Zulu, gentlemen. Go Navy ’90! A note from Joe Bertoldi: M Greetings ‘90! As Steve Amiaga mentioned in a previous Shipmate, he and I finally got together in New York to catch up on all those years since our time together at Navy. Our visit has resulted in this my first contribution to our class news column. It’s been a long time since Navy. After leaving active duty from Newport, RI, I moved to a suburb of Detroit, MI. There I worked for General Motors, initially as a production supervisor then ultimately a program manager. I completed two Masters Degrees at the University of Michigan: an MBA and a Masters of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. In 2000, I got back into uniform and joined the Naval Reserve. I was promoted to Lieutenant Commander while supporting Commander Naval Forces Europe. Then 9/11 happened. I was sworn a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in March 2002. I reported to Chicago where I worked for almost ten years making arrests, helping convict bad guys and protecting the public. It was in Chicago where I met my wife Adela and got married! I am now living in Stafford, VA outside Quantico Marine Corps Base. We moved here in 2012 when I was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and became an FBI Profiler assigned to one of its Behavioral Analysis Units (BAU). My wife, a California girl and a Chicago

lawyer, now works at home as homemaker, wife and mom. My daughter Jillian, a true Southern Belle, will be four years old in August. Each month I look forward to reading about 90’s successes around the world. For those who also live in Northern Virginia, I encourage you to join me in the Quantico Area Chapter (QAC) of the USNA Alumni Association. It is a dynamic group of alumni that gets bigger and better each year but it needs more ‘90 members! From Spencer and Pam (Nolton) Crispell: M Sharing a picture of our youngest son, Spencer, on I-Day as he joined the class of 2021. Our second son, Mat, is in the class of 2018 and our oldest son, Caleb, is a member of the class of 2016 and a 2nd Lt going through artillery school on his way to Camp Pendleton. I retired in 2010 and can safely say this will probably be the last time I wear my summer whites.

Art Gibb shared a post on Facebook: Eight classmates have kids who entered with the Class of ’90 + 31 (2021) and Andre Smith’s

’90: Bertoldi family



’91 Life Membership: 98% Donor Participation: 6.75% Pres: Evan Barnet e: evan@USNA91.info; p: 203-249-0071 Admin VP: Julie Shank e: julie@USNA91.info Exec VP: Ray Barata e: ray@USNA91.info Treasurer: Mike Smith e: Mike@USNA91.info Sect: Nelson Santini e: tgsantini@USNA91.info; p: 203-249-0071

’90: ’90 + 31 (2021)

At Large: Jen Lednicky e: Jen@USNA91.info At Large: Gib Armstrong e: gib@USNA91.info Website: www.usna91.info

“Relieve the watch, relieve the watch, relieve the wheel and the lookout!”

’90: Mini-reunion on Veteran’s Day

son is on his way to NAPS - sounds like a great excuse for a party and mini-reunion! Thanks for all who turned out - great time had by all and always fun to catch up. A number of area classmates joined us as well, so the new Plebes got to meet not only each other, but also the Senior Marine (Jon Aytes) and the E&W DivDir (Joe Reasons). Congratulations to all the new Plebes! Just a quick plug about our “Mini-Reunion” this Veterans’ Day Weekend. The tailgate team, the ‘90 tailgate machine, and tailgate food & drink will be in full swing! A 5K run is also scheduled for the next day. Mark your calendars!


A group invite will be sent in the near future. We’ll still plan on regular tailgate parties for each home game. Come represent and reconnect, ‘90! Send your updates about family, career, and other personal milestones to: shipmate1990@ gmail.com, and include photos (300 dpi or better). Also, don’t forget to update your contact information at USNA.com, especially email addresses and phone numbers. If you don’t remember your login ID and/or password, you can send an email to: onlinecommunity@ usna.com for assistance with resetting them. Until next time … Go Navy! Go ’90!

More than 75 years are available online to all Alumni Association members. Visit usna.com/shipmate.


The #AWESOME class of 1991 has had a change in leadership. Resulting from the class-wide vote, the following volunteers have been elected to serve you: Evan Barnet – President Julie Shank – Admin VP Ray Barata – Exec VP Mike Smith – Treasurer Nelson Santini – Secretary Jen Lednicky – At Large Gib Armstrong – At Large We are all humbled by your vote of confidence, and excited as we relieve the watch to serve the Class and the Academy. We would be remised if we did not take a moment to say thank you to the outgoing class officers: Brad Carlson Jack Colletti Rich Brophy John Devine Your work is greatly appreciated, your leadership and example beyond reproach. BZ from all of us; we have the watch! The leadership team held its first meeting on 10JUL17 and discussed goals and aspirations as it serves the Class and the Academy. A few key themes have emerged: 1. Outreach – We are reaching out to connect to as many classmates as possible via any and all possible communication tools.

2. Giving Back – We are looking into ways and means to give back in a meaningful way to those whom we leave behind and the Academy. 3. Leadership – We are assuming increased responsibilities within the class and Alumni community and seek leaders from all groups. 4. Engagement – We are looking for classmate engagement and participation in events and service to represent ’91 and impact the community. Your participation, support and ideas are both needed and wanted. Please reach out to any member of the leadership team and share your thoughts. No idea is out of bounds (some just may need extra time to cure). IN MEMORIAM Before anything else, we would like to take a moment to remember our Classmate James “Richard” Sinley. (March 3, 1967 - December 25, 2016) Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. NEWS AT LARGE USNA’91 RISING STARS! It is hard to put into words the pride we feel for our classmates who are now assuming the highest levels of leadership in the service of their country. Within the Flag ranks we have: Andrew Gebara (BG, USAF) Bobbi Shea (BG Sel., USMC) Mitch Bradley (RA Sel., USN) Christian Wortman (BG Sel., USMC) Jim Adams (RA Sel., USN) Eric Austin (BG Sel., USMC) Mike Borgschulte (BG Sel., USMC) (Do we have a chance at a full house and score a star in the Army?)

Col. Borgshulte (BG Sel., USMC), Col. Shea (BG Sel., USMC), Col. Lindemann, USMC


’91: John Mann, Jeff Woodbury, Michiko Martin, Stew Smith, Mike Boyd, Jensin Weng Sommer, Hai Eastman, Tom Darby, Trace Jenkins, Marty Shue, Kevin Blankhorn at our 30 Year I-Day Celebration!

Congratulations to you and our sincere thanks to your families and loved ones. We thank you for your service and we stand ready to “help out a classmate.” In other class worthy announcements: William “Chip” Campbell was appointed to the Federal District Court in Nashville, TN. Congratulations Chip! We wish you all the best as you reinforce the ranks of our judiciary! Robb Chadwick (CAPT. USN) is now the Commandant of Midshipmen! If you have not seen the pictures, take a look in our Facebook page where you can see Robb in action, administering the Oath of Office to the class of 2021! Best of luck Robb!

2017 NAVY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Follow Navy Football at navysports.com

1 Sept 2017 @ Florida Atlantic 9 Sept 2017 vs Tulane 23 Sept 2017 vs Cincinnati 30 Sept 2017 @ Tulsa 7 Oct 2017 vs Air Force 14 Oct 2017 @ Memphis 21 Oct 2017 vs UCF–Homecoming 3 Nov 2017 @ Temple 11 Nov 2017 vs SMU 18 Nov 2017 @ Notre Dame 24 Nov 2017 @ Houston 2 Dec 2017 AAC Championship 9 Dec 2017 vs ARMY 1-800-US4-NAVY

CAPT. Robb Chadwick, Commandant of Midshipmen, CDR. Jensin Weng Sommer, CAPT. Mitch Bradley (RA Sel., USN), Reviewing Officer at a Class of 2021 Plebe Summer Parade.

USNA’91 NAPSTERS! Hear ye, Hear ye!! There will be a NAPS’87 class reunion, September 22nd to 24th. If you are a NAPSTER and/or know a NAPSTER in our class, please pass on the word!!! POC for the event is Pat Tighe at patrick.tighe@ge.com. Other leaders involved are: Jim Houston (Rimrodt), Tracy Hansen, Rich Baich, Matt Lattig, Mark Locklear, and Dan Morio. “TICKLERS” Some action items and other “admin” (the exciting) stuff: Please help us reach out to all classmates! Although tough, we are trying to achieve 100% connection to all classmates and we are using all tools. If you are in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (or your favorite social media), please reach out to class-

mates and let’s make sure that we are all connected. We have plenty to share and do, and want to ensure all feel part of all class activities. Our Class website will be the starting point for Class wide communications since not everyone is on social media. We will look to repost to social media for all to keep up to date. Please visit: www.USNA91.info for the latest information. 2017-2018 Football Tailgaters at NMCS: Kurt Metcalf has stepped up to run the tailgaters this season at the Stadium. Many thanks to Dan Morio for his hard work in years past, as well as getting us a prime spot! More information will be coming via USNA91.Info, social media, and email. 91st Meeting of Navy Notre Dame…Looking for volunteers to put together a tailgater for this year’s game in South Bend. Please email Nelson tgsantini@usna91.info if interested and the team will reach out. Alaska Cruise in 2018! Almost a year from now the Time, Tide and Formation 2018 Annual Cruise will take place. Sail with fellow alumni from Seattle aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line Bliss (she’s brand new) on a 7 night, inside passage to see the sites of Alaska. Departing Seattle on Saturday, July 21st 2018. The link below will take you to more information about the cruise. www.GoNavyTravel.com/group/TT F2018. Thanks Dan for leading the charge! 2018 Navy Notre Dame San Diego! Looking for volunteers to put together a tailgate and get together for the game in San Diego. Please email tgsantini@usna91.info if interested and the team will reach out. Looking for ’91 SWAG. We have a few leftover items from the 25th as well as we have a request to put in orders for more ’91 merchandise. Please check out www.USNA91.info for the link to purchase. Class News! Please send Shipmate information about our Classmates to Nelson at: tgsantini@usna91.info.

“THE HELM” Thanks Nelson…and thank you again to the Class leadership of Brad, Rich, Jack, and John, for all the years you have put towards our Class operations. Well done! The newly formed team is excited to get going, and we have already had our first monthly meeting. We are putting together a strategic plan and events for the next few years. The team is open to ideas and suggestions. Our key themes – Outreach, Giving Back, Leadership, and Engagement mentioned above look to highlight the Class in the community as well as provide an example for years to come. As we move forward, we look to grow our communications and contact with all Classmates. Please reach out to your circle of Classmates and make sure they are informed and connected via social media, email, and are aware of www.USNA91.info. As always, please make sure your contact information is up to date at USNA.com. We will be relying on company reps to help keep data current as well as local Class contacts for upcoming events around the country. I am personally excited and humbled about the opportunity to serve the class in this capacity. We have such a talented group and it can only be made better by participation. I look forward to working with everyone and seeing you at events! More to come! Evan sends…


ISSUE: Nov-Dec 2017 Jan-Feb 2018 March 2018 April-May 2018 June 2018 July-Aug 2018 Sept 2018 Oct 2018 Nov-Dec 2018

DUE DATE: 25 Sept 2017 27 Nov 2017 27 Dec 2018 26 Feb 2018 26 Mar 2018 29 May 2018 25 Jun 2018 30 July 2018 24 Sep 2018




October 5-8, 2017 H Major Events” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2017 1200-1700 1800-2100

Golf Tournament (USNA Golf Course) Happy Hour (Level Restaurant, Annapolis)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2017 0900-0945 1000-1130

Memorial service (Main Chapel) Class Meeting on the Yard (Rickover 102) 1200-1215 Noon Meal Formation (Women’s Brunch or Lunch on your own) 1350-1500 Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all classes (Mahan Hall) 1600-1715 Dress Parade on Worden Field 1800-2100 Reception with check in (Westin Hotel) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2017 1330-1830 Tailgate - Class Ring North West and ’53 Pavilion 1530-1830 NAVY beats Air Force! TBD Company Parties

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2017 0930-1230

Brunch in the N* Room at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Message to Garcia:

Registration website: https://signupnow.events/usna1992/ Hotel reservation website: www.GoNavyTravel.com/group/USNA1992 Geedunk website: http://www.usnaclasstore.com/92store.html Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/49124819975/ Class Website: http://usna92.com/ LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1622447 Reunion questions and to pitch in to help: usna92reunion@googlegroups.com 116 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017


’92 Life Membership: 99% Donor Participation: 6.76% Pres: Creighton Armstrong Corr Sec’y: CDR Doug Barber, JAGC, USN (Ret.) Gentry Locke, 10 Franklin Rd. S.E. Suite 900, Roanoke, VA 24011 p: 540-983-9300; e: barber@gentrylocke.com Website: www.usna92.com

26th co Part I This month features our classmates from the 26th Company! Participation was so good that I had to break this into two installments: From Michele (Salkeld) Orefice: M “After graduation, I spent two months studying in France with several other classmates, followed by a boondoggle in Italy (such a

great time!), and then went on to Newport for SWOS. Tony (’92) went to TBS and then Motor T School. We got married in May of 1993, in Virginia, before I reported aboard the USS Mount Baker in Charleston, and Tony reported to MWSS-273 in Beaufort. From there, I served as the AOIC of OS “A” School in Virginia Beach, while Tony finished up his deployment and then transferred to NWS Yorktown. We both got out in 1998. I got my MBA at Old Dominion University, and he entered the FBI as a Special Agent. We ended up in Northern Virginia for ten years while Tony was stationed in Washington, D.C. During that time, I got my real estate license and worked in that arena, and did some consulting work, before staying home with our

two wonderful boys John (17) and Thomas (13). In 2008, we moved to Tony’s old stomping grounds in Oklahoma and are still here. I never thought I’d be living in Oklahoma, but it has a beauty that grows on you and the people are terrific. I have worked in the public school system and in the oil and gas industry, had a small business, and now work in a tax and accounting firm. Tony currently is working on his master’s degree in secondary education at UCO with plans to teach high school upon retirement. We stay plenty busy with the boys, the dogs, the kids’ activities in swimming, cross country/track, AF JROTC, Tony’s Blue and Gold Officer responsibilities, and church. We don’t get to see other grads often, but we did see Lynn (Yatko)


‘92: 26th Company—Part 1

26th CO Part 1

Hammer and Cliff Pearce ’91 when Navy played Tulsa in 2015. Also, we happen to live a couple of miles from Hank and Susie (Stewart) Park. We’ve had lovely visits with companymate Carmina (Amezcua) Towe and her beautiful family several times as we’ve travelled though Ohio back and forth to the east coast. I also enjoy staying in touch with Niki (Sturdevant) Stewart out in Oregon. We had a wonderful time at the 20th reunion, catching up with friends. What a blast! If you’re ever in Oklahoma, look us up! We’d love to see you. Go Navy!” From Chris Camacho, M “Only yesterday it seems, I was sliming up and down the halls of 53, 4-2 and 6-2… Incredibly, 25 years have passed and here we sit today, wondering what happened. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my 8th/26th Company classmates. Fortunately, over the years I have been able to serve in close company or cross paths with many of them including Taylor Thorson, Amy Lyons, Brady Schildknecht, Dirk Rennick, Dave Wickersham, Darren McPherson, Bob Lewis, and Jim Michael. I’d be remiss in leaving out non-company classmates Steve Carrington, Dave Patton, Karl Pugh, Bobby Kennedy, Brett Odom, Kristi Watt, Steve Cargill, Eileen Werve, Amy Egeli, Wade Evans, Troy Bauder, Rob Polvino, Kris Perry, Ronnie Barrett, Jim Gardner, Dave Culpepper, Sean Gillespie, Tim Hill, Dave Britt, Glenn Viado, and the list goes on- y’all get the picture. Anyway, having met the lovely Kristina while on Main Office Watch during 2nd Class Summer, we married 2 days after graduation and have carried ourselves around the world, literally. Following API and FRS with VAW-120 we, yes WE volunteered to go to VAW-115/CVW-5 forwarddeployed in Atsugi, Japan. Those who’ve been there know it’s a joint decision, unless you get drafted involuntarily. After 3 fantastic years of flying my butt off (and 2 years on the sea counter) to support Southern Watch, Foal Eagle, RIMPAC, Cobra Gold and Taiwan Contingency Ops and port visits like Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Perth,


92/93 CLASS NEWS Honolulu and Manila, we went to the DCMA Northrop-Grumman St. Augustine facility. There, I did the acceptance flights for 21 brand new E-2Cs including birds for France and Taiwan. Despite the fun I was having, I chose to enter the civilian world in February 2001, but I stuck with the Reserves. After stints with KPMG Consulting, GE Aircraft Engines, DRS Technologies and Sanmina/SCI, I found my home with the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama where I work acquisitions for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Project Office. The Reserve gig has certainly kept me busy as well, supporting NAVAIR Reserve Program in setting up depots in CENTCOM, Tomodachi and Lean Six Sigma. I did get recalled during the surge and spent the first half of 2008 running Air Ops out of Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, where I ran into Jay George (then 3rd MAW’s Flight Surgeon). After 12 years with NAVAIR, I went to USFF unit and then to a NATO ACT unit which has given me the time of my life- 6 trips to Europe in the last 15 months including Norway, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Of course, Delta Platinum status makes it all worth it! Kristina and I have been blessed with 4 great kids- Josh (18) who is pursuing a commission and naval aviator slot (the rat has perfect vision!) through any program he can get, Moira (16) who is a STEM and Summer Seminar graduate and pursuing a spot in the Class of ’22, Meredith (14) singing her way through Huntsville City Schools choirs as Outstanding Choral Student, and Jeremiah (11) who is still trying to figure out where he’s at… For my classmates and company mates I’ve stayed in touch with, I can’t wait to see you guys again in October (if not sooner, right Amy Lyons, Taylor Thorson, Dave Kern?). For the rest of you, I’m just as ecstatic to see you guys again! Here’s to 25! [Picture is of me in snowfall at Al Asad, Iraq in January 2008.]” From Drew Wolff: M “I went immediately to grad school after graduation and got my MBA at University of Michigan

(Ross) where I met my wife Noelle Cooper. Then I went through nuke training and did my sea tour on the USS Pittsburgh. I got out in ’99 and spent the new 13 years in banking for Washington Mutual and Barclays in the UK. I’m now Treasurer for Starbucks, and we live on beautiful Bainbridge Island with our two sons aged 14 and 16. Dave Edgarton also works at Starbucks based in Montana and we got together recently. Enclosed are a couple of pictures. 1. Dedicating the Dock Street Starbucks in Annapolis as one of our 30 military family stores. In the picture is the Annapolis mayor and Billy Hurley ’04. 2. Someone thought it would be really funny to fly a Go Navy, Beat Army flag on the front of Starbucks headquarters. 3. Picture of the Wolff family. 4. We have several key veteran service organization partners at Starbucks and one of those is Team Rubicon. Pictured here with COO Art Delacruz ’91. 5. Picture of me going to school with Chair Yellen. I’m on the board of the Seattle Fed so props to the USNA Econ Dept for teaching me something. P.S. No one in our company has heard from Todd Mohrman in about 10 years. So, Todd, if you are reading Shipmate, give us a shout out.” From Taylor Thorson, M “Let me start with my standard Naval Academy Alumni Anonymous greeting: Hi, my name is Taylor and I was a Midshipman. Since I have never contributed to Shipmate before I guess I’ll try to catch you up. After graduation I was lucky enough to get F/A-18s, flying mostly in Japan and China Lake. Deanne and I got married in Thailand in 2004 and we are currently raising two beautiful girls. I retired in 2012 and continued to move the family around trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. We moved from California to Maryland in 2012, Maryland to Missouri in 2013, and Missouri to Virginia in 2015. Deanne and I figured that was enough moving for a while and I landed a great job as a NASA research pilot at Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. Caption: Just landed after a month in Greenland


(beard to keep me warm up there). Cameron (future class of 2029, “As long as there are no boats at USNA”) on the left and Parker (“I’m not going there, Daddy!”) on the right. Caption: Me, John Woods (’00), and Rick Yasky (’78) in Barrow, Alaska. That probably sets a record for most Boat Schoolers in the northernmost city in US at one time. It was always comforting to be surrounded by so many ’92ers throughout my career both in the Fleet and post-retirement. I’ve been lucky enough to make the 10 and 20 year reunion and several Navy games and always run into friendly faces. It’s been good to hang out with Olin Sell, Bob (Jimmy Lou) Lewis, Jim Michael, John Platek, Chris Camacho, and Dave Kern the past couple of years. Hopefully we can organize a mini-reunion at one of the upcoming Army Navy games. I keep myself busy by raising the kiddos, teaching myself how to repair a 15 year old home, and training for open water swims. Attached is a pic of our two man team and our boat skipper (Matt Finney ’93 on left) after we (Brian Kelly (USMC) in center) just finished 12.5 miles swimming around Key West. Maybe we can get Scott Kish, Olin, and some other 8/26 companymates for a team in the near future! If you are ever in the Yorktown area, don’t hesitate to look us up!” Next month, 26th Company Part II! Thanks, Doug

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We had a bit of a lull in submissions, but we won’t have a blank column in this issue.

I always love to hear first-time updates. After 24 years, I’m not sure how many more out there have never sent anything in, but I would be willing to bet that there are still quite a few classmates who haven’t sent in an update for Shipmate. If that’s you, please think about zapping a quick e-mail to let us know what you’ve been up to for the last almost quarter-century! Ok, back to our first time update. This month we hear from Cory Howes who recently took over command of NAPS! M I hope this e-mail finds you well! I’m guilty of 24 years of no news, but recently I finally did something I thought was worth telling about. After turning over command of Naval Support Activity Bahrain in June, I came back stateside with my family and reported to Newport where on 7 July I relieved CAPT Mike Doherty ‘92 as CO of the Naval Academy Preparatory School. Next week, NAPS officially kicks off our 2017-18 class year with 252 Navy Midshipman Candidates and 20 Coast Guard Cadet Candidates reporting. I am thrilled beyond words at the opportunity to be part of preparing the next generation of midshipmen and officers. While in Bahrain, I saw several classmates including Eric Conzen who was with CTF-51 and is now the Commodore of CTF-63, Ken Reilley who was CO of PONCE, and Leo Albea who is Deputy Commodore, CTF-55. After bumping into Chad Reed today, who was attending a pre-command class at the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center all week just two floors above my office suite, I realized it was high time I put a note in Shipmate to let folks know how to find me. So if any ‘93 are going to be through Newport during the next three years, hit me up at howes@ naps.edu and please stop by Perry Hall to say hello. Also, for the NAPS class of ‘89 - I will be here in command for your 30 year reunion. I hope you will let me help you organize a great event here in Newport to celebrate!


USNA Superintendent VADM Carter, CAPT Mike Doherty ‘92, and CAPT Cory Howes at the NAPS change of command

Congratulation Cory on the new command! And I seriously doubt that you have finally done something worth telling about – you don’t make it to O-6 without doing something worthwhile, right? But seriously, that’s awesome news and thanks so much for sending in your update! Next is Heidi (Althoff) Bedell who writes in from sunny Florida! M Greetings from Orlando. All is well in O-town. I stay busy between playing bad golf on a regular basis, traveling, tennis, running, and working in residential real estate. My smoothie store is in its third year and doing reasonably well. We got two kittens over the holidays and they keep me and my husband Darren endlessly amused. In the past year we’ve had some nice traction with ’93 grads in the area. Turhan Hidalgo, Mike Sobkowski, and I serve on the local alumni board and enjoy seeing each other regularly. I believe Kevin Caradona recently moved to the area. Unfortunately we keep forgetting to take a group photo so just me will have to do for now. If any classmates are in the area to visit the parks or here for a conference, give us a shout and we’ll see who we can gather. I can hook you up with the best places to eat and lose golf balls.

USNA AA TAILGATES Bring the whole family to cheer on Navy at our home game tailgates in the Stadium, right next to the field. We start 2 hours before game-time and party right through half-time. For more information, visit usna.com/tailgates or contact events@usna.com

Heidi and Darren at Epcot ’93: Bethany Barry Cross, Aaron Tellier, Tellier & Cross children, Devan Cross, family friend, Heather Tellier

Heidi before bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

I will have to take you up on the golfing offer sometime – that’s one of my favorite pastimes, losing golf balls. It’s a rather expensive hobby though – golf balls aren’t all that cheap. Our last update this month is from Devan Cross, who is living on the opposite side of the U.S.A. from Cory and Heidi, out in the Bay area.

district of Paris. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend a few Navy bowl games in San Francisco every few years – here’s rooting for another one soon! Cheers, Devan

MGreetings from the Bay Area! In a weird twist of careers, I work in healthcare insurance. I was recently promoted to President of MHN, the behavioral and mental healthcare subsidiary for Centene, the largest managed care company you’ve never heard of, where coincidentally Dave “CD” Minifie is the Chief Marketing Officer. This summer, my family took a long break to Europe, and Aaron Tellier was also vacationing with his family at the same time, so we got together for a very nice dinner in the Montmatre

And I have a couple of short updates. First is from Birdie Carpenter, who asked me to pass this along; “Birdie Carpenter (25th company) married David Petri ‘80 on June 26th, 2016 in Denver CO.” Congrats on the wedding Birdie! Would love to see some wedding pics! The next update is from CAPT Mike “Burddog” Burd who wants us to know that he’s taken command of Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Atlantic (HSMWINGLANT), headquartered at NS Mayport, in Jacksonville, on 25 May.

’93: In the flashback 2012 Kraft Hunger Bowl picture: Devan Cross with children Cate and Jack, and Bill

HSMWINGLANT is the east coast Typewing for MH-60R helicopters. Thanks to everyone for the updates. If you haven’t written one in a while or ever, send one in today! Carpe Diem! — Shogo

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’95, This month we have a press release written by one of the (many) lovely 21st Company spouses, Cindy Mattingly, who works in Airborne Electronic Attack Systems and EA-6B Program Office (PMA234) communications support: I had the distinct pleasure to witness the recent PMA-234 Change of Command ceremony with one of your classmates, Captain Michael “Bobby” Orr of 22nd company, taking the helm. Below is a press release that captures the event and Michael’s successful career leading up to the major command milestone. Regards, Cindy Mattingly (spouse of Craig Mattingly ’95) M Navy acquisition program installs USNA ‘95 graduate as program manager NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND, PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – Calling the opportunity to lead a U.S. Navy (USN) major acquisition program office a “tremendous honor and humbling experience,” United States Naval Academy graduate Capt. Michael “Bobby” Orr ‘95, USN, assumed command of the Airborne Electronic Attack Systems and EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234) at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland June 28 in a ceremony characterized with humor, emotion and tradition. In the atrium of the building where Orr said he first met his outgoing predecessor and friend, Capt. John “Bails” Bailey, USN, when the two were integrated product team

leads in the F/A-18 & EA-18G Program Office (PMA-265), the acquisition professionals completed the Change of Command ceremony, a time-honored tradition that signifies the transfer of authority, responsibility and accountability from one individual to another. Orr began with a nod to Bails; recognition of the “phenomenal mentors” who provided guidance, training, opportunities, education and insight; appreciation for fellow acquisition workforce professionals who shared their experiences, advice and encouragement; and acknowledgement of guests who’ve played important roles during his career. He further identified the important part his family has played supporting him “no matter what adventure I chose.” Orr closed with a message to the PMA-234 team, those with whom he’ll share the next four years. “Our future operational success depends on achieving superiority of the electromagnetic spectrum; that is the heart of electronic warfare,” Orr said. “And PMA-234 exists to ensure that our Electronic Warfare (EW) community is provided with the requisite capabilities to achieve this success.” The Covina, California native has prepared for this opportunity since the early days of his career. Selected to fly the EA-6B Prowler out of flight school, Orr has spent his entire operational career supporting the EW mission.

Outside of his multiple EA-6B squadron tours, in 2004, he became the first naval aviator fully qualified to fly the U.S. Air Force’s B-2A Spirit, serving as a B-2A Survivability lead and wing electronic combat officer while assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. PMA-234 is responsible for acquiring, delivering and sustaining AEA Systems and Prowler aircraft, providing combatant commanders with capabilities that enable mission success.

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Capt. Michael Orr receives a congratulatory hug from his daughter after assuming command of the Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) Systems & EA-6B Program Office.

Congratulations, Bobby! Love that call sign, and I had no idea we had a B-2A pilot in our class! Big thanks to Cindy for sending this along. I know Cindy and Craig don’t want to brag, but Craig has kicked butt in the VP

’95: Capt. Michael Orr (far left), Capt. John Bailey (middle), continues to his next assignment as senior military lead for the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD (AT&L)) at the Pentagon. Rear Adm. Michael Moran ‘84 (second from left) Program Executive Officer for Tactical Aircraft Programs, served as the presiding official, Mr. Frank Kendall (second from right), former USD (AT&L), was the guest speaker and Lt. j.g. Tristan Engle (right) served as the chaplain. (photo by Cindy Mattingly)


community, including operational command, and they also have a daughter at USNA! That’s all for now, but please don’t be shy. Feel free to send pics from your recent promotion, retirement, crab cookout, or day of fly fishing (I’m looking at you, Vin Martino). Until next time… Non Sibi, Kate

Greetings, ’96! I write to you through the haze of a summer heat wave to share some updates from our classmates that have come my way recently. The first is a note from Jim Adams about Lt. Col. Randy Risher, who retired with 22 years of active duty on 30JUN in a ceremony held at Parris Island: M Attached is a picture from Lt. Col. Randy Risher’s retirement from the USMC. In attendance were Ben Holcombe, now Dr. Holcombe in Pensacola, and Jim Adams, LCDR, USNR (Ret.), now Captain at JetBlue Airways. Also, congrats to all the ‘96 CAPT selectees, especially Jason Weddle, Eddie Pidgeon, and Teresa Elders from Club 34/10th Company (hope I didn’t miss anyone). – Jim

Ben Holcombe, Randy Risher and Jim Adams at Randy’s retirement.

96/97 CLASS NEWS Thanks, Jim! More celebratory news comes from Dan Salvatierra, who graduated from medical school in May: M I am happy to share with everyone the news that I finally graduated from medical school! Four long years at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA ended with my graduation on May 28, 2017! I have so many people to thank. First my foremost, I am eternally grateful to my wife, Sonia, and to my parents, who flew in from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, for the graduation ceremony. I give a huge, heartfelt BZ to our classmate, Jason Nunez, who helped me throughout my four years of school. You’re my Pinoy Brother for life! To Bryan Hong and Beth Testa Silsdorf ’94, thank you for your friendship and assistance. Finally, I must thank someone who never got the chance to see her dreams come true. To my friend and our shipmate, Robin Pegram, who lost her life after the Army-Navy game of 1993. I was fortunate enough to spend most of my Youngster summer with Robin. We were in the same platoon at Quantico and then, onboard the same YP boat visiting New York City and Halifax. I felt so privileged to have gotten to know this exceptional woman. Robin would always remind me to never give up on myself or my dreams, no matter what. She was a shining light to all who knew her

and a true friend who could never seem to keep her curly red hair out of her face. So I humbly dedicate my graduation day in honor of Robin. Your light burns brightly in me! Thank you, Robin, and all my shipmates, family, and friends for making this new and incredibly exciting dream of mine a reality! – Dan


live in Crownsville, and Dave is settling into his office in Luce 216. If any classmates are in town and are looking for a free cup of coffee during their tour of the Yard, stop by!

Dan graduating from medical school

Our last update comes from Dave Wallace, who also recently finished a major milestone. Dave completed his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at George Mason University in May, and has since joined the ranks of our classmates who are currently stationed on the Yard. He shares with everyone: M Dave reported in July to the Naval Academy as a permanent military professor in Leadership. Dave, his wife Val, and their family

Looks like the contingent of 96ers on the Yard continues to grow, from the Dep Dant on down, which is awesome! Quite a number of us were present at Arlington on 14JUL as hundreds gathered for the burial of Brian Hoke. Despite black flag conditions and heavy hearts, it was quite a moving ceremony as Brian and his teammate Nate Delemarre were honored and laid to rest. They fell, but o’er their glorious grave floats free the banner of the cause they died to save. Two heroes gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace. We have the watch.

That’s all the news I have for this issue. Football season will be in full swing by the time you read this, so don’t forget to stop by the class tailgater if you’re in town for a game. I, for one, am looking forward to football season and cooler weather! As always, send anything you’ve got my way. Until next time —Cara

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HONOR CHAIRS Remember or Honor a loved one in Alumni Hall. Call 410-295-4100 for more information. ’96: Dan and his family at graduation



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Ahoy ’99 Hope you are all enjoying summer! I have some updates to share with you guys. But before we get to that a little admin: you should have received a class survey that was put out by our Communications Director, Sarah Self-Kyler. If you didn’t get the survey, please email me at my email above and we will add you to the mailing list. We are also soliciting for volunteers for our (can you believe it) 20th reunion committee, so please start considering sharing your time for that.

John Uyboco and family

First, this from Jon Uyboco: M 18 years later, I’ll be headed back to the Academy! After leaving the Navy as a submariner in 2007, I came back in 2014 as a chaplain. Since that time I have served at

1MARDIV in Camp Pendleton with 1st Recon Bn and 2d Bn, 5th Marines. Both assignments were extremely rewarding, and I have been honored to serve with some amazing Marines. It’s kind of weird being the “old guy” in the Bn, but it has also been a lot of fun. I will be reporting to USNA in July for a three year tour, and we are looking forward to a great time! 22 years ago I showed up to plebe summer fresh out of high school... this time around, I’ll be bringing my amazing family. Suzanna and I have been married for 13 years, and we’ve been blessed with 4 awesome (and crazy) kids- Eliana, Kai, Noelani, and Micah. Look us up if you’re ever in the area- we’ll have a place for you to stay!

VADM Dave Johnson (’82). It was particularly nice to catch up with my former dive class leader, CAPT Keith Lehnhardt, and his wife Allie. A good time was had by all! Anne and I will keep the door open (and the beer cold) for any Shipmates who pass through the Midwest!

And now this, from Alex Leanos: M Things are good for Team Leanos, here in Central Illinois. Anne (formerly Anne Cossitt ’98) and I both work for Caterpillar, Inc. I am an engineer specializing in cooling system design for our flagship product, the Track Type Tractor, also known as the “bulldozer.” Anne is in business-to-business sales, selling safety consulting services. Our son Christopher is going into his Senior year of high school. He’s a diligent student who has enjoyed success in Football, Wrestling and Track. His heart is set on becoming a Naval Officer. You can guess where we’d like him to go! Anne and I have both remained active in the Reserves. Anne is a Public Affairs Officer, currently assigned to Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida. I lateral-transferred from Explosive Ordnance Disposal to Engineering Duty, a field that aligns with my civilian career and provides me with plenty of opportunities to maintain my dive qualifications. We caught up with a few Academy grads at the Engineering Duty and Acquisition Officer Ball at Anacostia-Bolling in April. Present at the event were CAPT Mark Matthews (’92), CAPT Chris Hanson (’93), CDR Sarah Rollings (’98), LCDR Nick Parker (’03), CAPT Tim Crone (’91), and CDR (SEL) Errol Watson (’02). Key note speaker at the event was


Colin Supko

And now we have an update from Colin Supko: M I left active duty in 2011 and affiliated with the Navy Reserves to attend Stanford Business School as a Sloan Fellow. A humbling experience for sure. In the heart of Silicon Valley - I caught the tech bug and set out to start my current company (PatriotList.US).

Colin and Mrs. Supko

I was Married to Mrs. Stephanie Supko of Hamden CT on July 4th of 2014. She’s awesome!

I am currently the Commanding Officer for all West Coast Reserve SEALs at SEAL Team 17. I am serving this year on active duty as the Operations Officer for Naval Special Warfare Group 11. In my spare time I am also running my company PatriotList.US. Patriot List is a secure Peer to Peer marketplace similar to Craigslist and Ebay built for active duty families, veterans, and government employees. Patriot List is different because every person on our marketplace has had their identity verified through the Department of Defense or Department of Veteran Affairs.We’ve done our best to buy down risk for everyone using the PatriotList.US mobile apps. Below is the “Why” behind Patriot List. In 2004, a year remembered in military circles for the ferocity of its fighting, I was deployed to the Iraqi city of Fallujah. One afternoon, a fellow warrior walked into our command center after a satellite phone call home. Visibly distraught, he informed me that his wife had been robbed at gunpoint while selling an old family car through a popular online classifieds site. The last thing deployed service members should have to worry about is loved ones at home being robbed or scammed. We launched PatriotList.US because we saw a tremendous opportunity to serve our nation’s 22 million military and veteran families by creating a safe peer-to-peer marketplace. Unlike the most commonly used marketplaces in the United States, where anonymity and safety concerns remain constant, there is trust and reliability inherent to our military and veteran communities. Military and veteran families already keep faith with one another and, we believe, prefer to do business with each other. We’re just making that easier with Patriot List. Congratulations to all of our classmates that continue to lead and command in this time of war. Honored to serve alongside each of you. To all those that are crushing it in the business world, I am doing



my best to build a product that will make you proud. 99’ Sir CDR Colin Supko - 20th Company Unfortunately we have to end this on a sad note. We have learned that our classmate William (Bill) Price passed away suddenly on July 9th. I know that you will have stories to share about Bill and please send them along so that I can publish them and we can all remember him and the good times he shared with so many of us. Thank you in advance for sending them to the email address above. That’s it guys, thanks for sending in updates -Sarah

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Mr & Mrs Brian Fairweather

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A few new additions to the USNA Family: Hazel Catherine Augusto, born June 5, 2017 to classmate John Augusto & wife Sandra! Already marching to her own beat, she’s decided not to follow her older sister, Eleanor’s footsteps at USNA, and instead plans to be part of the USCG Academy’s class of 2038.

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Pat Baker, Brian Fairweather, Luke Babbitt, Steve Lebo, Frank Weisser

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Mathis

Weezcox in the Stan

Rosalind Marie Smith (Rosie), born June 28 at GW Hospital to classmate Brandon Smith and his wife Tierney.

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02/02 CLASS NEWS Valley, got a six year old boy, Gavin, and seven year old girl, Gwen, married to Nina (met while at USNA). At Camp Mujuk we also worked with other USNA grads: Captain Matt Borkowski (‘12), and Captain Luke Mannion (‘11) of III MEF Civil Affairs Det.

Updates from around the class: Mini 2002 reunion at the U2 Joshua Tree Concert in DC

Jake Griffith, Jo Callison, Thuymi Dinh in front of an 800 year old bronze bell at the Oeosa Temple near Camp Mujuk, vicinity of Pohang, where we trained with ROK Marines from 7-1 Battalion.

Jake Johnson, Doug Kay, Travis Weber, Graham Plaster

From Jake Griffith: M I found myself with fellow ‘02-er Major Jo (Gadwa) Callison at 1st Civil Affairs Group (CAG) in Camp Pendleton, and we took a seven person team of civil affairs Marines including Captain Thuymi Dinh (USNA ’10) to South Korea for KMEP 17-7 for three weeks. Jo is kicking ass at the G9 Section of 1st CAG, and also finishing up her degree in dentistry. She’s married to Major Cory Callison ‘02 and she has a beautiful 10 year old girl. I’m a Team Leader at 1st CAG (at a CAG, majors get to be fire team leaders, and lieutenant colonels are platoon commanders er, “Det OICs”) and I’m getting mobilized to Afghanistan as an MP/police adviser with pre-deployment training beginning in August. I also just completed my 9th year with the California Highway Patrol as a state trooper. I live in Yucca

The Oeosa Temple

Received this note from Todd Morris (USNA ’01): M I am writing to inform you of the goings-on in the life of our shipmate Sam Fellman. Sam and I served together during an IA to Camp Victory in Baghdad in 2007-2008. I didn’t know Sam at USNA, but I found his intelligence and sharp wit incredibly refreshing during a challenging experience in Iraq. I am grateful to Sam for the friendship we forged in the service.


Sam left the Navy in 2009 to attend Columbia University’s Journalism School in New York. At Columbia Sam met his future bride, Sarah Portlock. The two graduated Journalism School and eventually married in June of 2013. Their annual correspondence to friends includes a creative collage of inspiring artistic heart shapes collected during their varied life experiences. Sam and Sarah have been successfully climbing the ranks of the reporting world since leaving Columbia. Sam was an editor at the Navy Times and recently moved to a World News Managing Editor position at Buzzfeed and Sarah recently moved into a Day Editor role with the Wall Street Journal, a publication she’s been serving for five years. Sadly, on March 31st Sarah suffered an aneurism in the right hemisphere of her brain, complications of which threw her body into early labor at the 29-week mark. Sarah spent much of the next two months in the ICU while baby Aviva fought valiantly in Mt. Sinai-West’s NICU. Both are now on the road to recovery. Sam has weathered this new challenge with noteworthy grace and optimism. Both of Sam’s girls are doing well now. Sarah regained consciousness and recently moved to rehab, where she’s relearning motor skills. Aviva is set to come home for the very first time any day now. The road ahead isn’t clear. Let’s match Sam’s grace and optimism throughout this challenging time by joining Sarah’s friends, who started a youcaring.com page, and contribute what we can to fund the family’s on-going recovery needs thru the link: https://www.youcaring.com/sar ahsamandavivafellman-799378

minutes west of Scott Air Force Base. Following my JO sub tour on the USS Greeneville, I came to St Louis in 2006 for shore duty with recruiting and managed to do a CANREC recruiting tour here also after that. I’ve been serving families all over the nation as a financial advisor for a little over 3 years now and life is great. I’m also in the SELRES and serve as a BGO. Kaila and I got married back in July 2011, with classmates Sean Ponder, Tony Petrosino, and Marlon Terrell serving in my wedding party. Kaila is a 4th grade teacher in Mascoutah, IL. We also have our 2 beautiful daughters keeping us busy - Natalie (4) and Chelsea (2). Kaila and I also just recently returned from a great weeklong vacation in Rome, Italy and visiting family and friends back home in the Baltimore area. Once again, we look forward to seeing everyone in Annapolis and feel free to look me up if you’re ever in the St Louis area!! -Charles

Charles and Kaila Richards with daughters Natalie and Chelsea

From classmate Charles Richards: M Greetings everyone from the Midwest!! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at the 15 year reunion and just wanted to submit an update to keep you posted— this is my very first Shipmate submission. Things are going extremely well in the St Louis metro area for my wife, Kaila, and I and our family. We live in Shiloh, IL, which is 20 minutes east of downtown St Louis and 10

Charles and Kaila Richards in Rome

Keep the updates coming! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion October 20-22. Fair winds and following seas, Josh, Pat, Kate, Cari, Charlie, Chad, John


’03 Life Membership: 97% Donor Participation: 3.88% Pres: LT Daniel Bailey Vice Pres: LT Dan Emmert Treas: Maili Neverosky Sec’y: Kenneth Michel e: kennethmichel03@gmail.com Shipmate submissions e: navyclass2003@gmail.com

On July 14th, Greg Brant along with 144 other runners set off on the Hardrock 100 mile Endurance Run. Considered by ultramarathon runners as one of the toughest race on the planet, the run is 100.5 miles in length, includes 33,050 feet of climbing and 33,050 feet of descent for a total elevation change of 66,100 feet, at an average elevation of over 11,000 feet. It crosses 13 major passes over 12,000 feet including its highest point of 14,048 feet. The run is held on a loop course on 4WD roads, dirt trails, and cross country in Southern Colorado’s San Juan Range. Greg completed the race in 32 hours, 12 minutes and 13 seconds (26th overall).

’03: Greg “kissing the rock” officially completing the race.

LCDR Adam Pegues and Maj Dave Van Dyne stationed together in Bahrain at Amphibious Task Force 51/ 5th MEB (TF 51/5) reunite for a quick pic. M 2003, Many of our Classmates have stepped forward to fill important roles for the Class organization. Please congratulate and support them in their roles to keep us connected. West Regional Governor: Matt Isenhower Correspondence Secretary: Kenneth Michel Class Webmaster: Kevin Hagan Class Reunion Co-Chair: Nickolaus Kesler

Class Reunion Co-Chair: Kyle Nabywaniec Cheers, Rick Mui We have some updates from the field: From Andrew Watts: M My family and I are now living in Mason, Ohio. We came here in 2013 so I could work for P&G, which I did for four years. It was pretty cool going to work for a big corporation right when the movie Captain Philips was coming out. During one of my deployments (with Phil Krites - hi Phil!), we flew over Captain Philips while he was held hostage for four days by Somali pirates -

Greg, his wife Laurie and their daughter at the finish line.

then SEAL Team Six came and saved the day. But I would like to think that those SEALs look back at that time and say - man, that guy Andrew Watts really knew how to fly a spectacular racetrack pattern. Working at P&G was a great experience, but it wasn’t scratching the entrepreneurial and creative itch. Writing fiction started off as a hobby during my final deployment on the USS Enterprise. I would write a little during my free time each day between standing TAO and telling all my SWO and Submariner friends about how cool us pilots are (Yes, you Dorothy Hughes and Dave Jordan 2007). Tom Clancy-type stuff. After I got out of the military, I self-published. Then, I learned how to market them. Using the Interweb and the Facebooks. Then my books began to sell. Now, it’s mostly hot tubs and luxury SUV’s here. (ok, still working on that part – but, I have sold tens of thousands of copies, and the sales go up with each new launch). I have put in several Easter egg character names that may bear similarity to 2003 classmates, mostly because I lack the originality to come up with character names on my own. See Glickstein, Geoff the best man at my wedding and a perfect comic relief for an 80’s action movie. One of my characters is named, creatively, Henry Glickstein. Other familiar names you might see may include Calhoun, Hoblet, Gorsky, Bravo, and Sirek - which is actually Keris spelled backwards. I’m probably going to kill off Calhoun and Hoblet, mostly because they tricked me into believing, as we were going through the Panama Canal in 2006, that the reason we had to go through the locks was because the Pacific is just a little bit higher than the Atlantic but most people don’t know that. I sell on all of the major retailers - if you’d like to check out my books, you can do so at my website: andrewwattsauthor.com. And I miss all of you desperately. Except you Geoff. Beat Army! From Kate Clemens,

Lucas Martin, Ian Duncan and Jose Flores celebrating with David Hart in Dallas, July ’17.

‘03: Maj Tad Drake, LCDR Christina (DiMaria) Peterson, LCDR Chris Moore, 


03/03 CLASS NEWS The above sentence was the mantra for the No Barriers Summit event I attended as an activity provider this past June in North Lake Tahoe. I was contracted to teach meditation and movement workshops to interested participants. No Barriers USA is a Colorado based non-profit that organizes life-changing experiences for youth, veterans, and people with disabilities. Their mission is to empower individuals to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their best to the world. No Barriers USA was cofounded by Erik Weihenmayer, the first and only blind person to summit Mount Everest. I knew that working for the org would be an inspiring 96 hours, but I had not anticipated being moved to the point of tears. What choked me up was witnessing the combination of teamwork and belief in oneself obliterate fear. As the weekend unfolded, I was reminded of what it means to strive, to push yourself past the point you never thought you would get to in the first place. More importantly, how your doing so will influence others to do the same. The mindset for the four days was to never throw the towel in. It was about coming together to find a way or to make one. Participants worked with their rope team to accomplish feats they never imagined were possible. There were absolutely no excuses, nor did I see a single attempt to come up with one. I was surrounded by over 900 outstanding people who made me want to be a better version of myself for the sake of enhancing the experience for the team. I thought about the Naval Academy, how lucky I am to have gone to school with men and women of such high caliber. People who have your back, who have the desire to push themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. People who would put themselves on the line for the team. I thought way back to my plebe summer and how the napster, Blackwell, by my side taught me that quitting was just not an option. It’s funny how the passage of time makes you appreciate life and the people you meet along the wild ride that much

the 193 mile race from Saratoga to Lake Placid in 26 hours 29 minutes (8:13 pace). Our team placed 23rd out of 277 teams overall, and 7th in our division of 81 teams. Everyone had a blast, and we are looking forward to getting together for another Ragnar or similar event, and expanding our team. I encourage others to do the same, because there is no better way to connect with old shipmates then to be stuck with them in a smelly van for a whole weekend. From Heather Selig: ’03: Team picture at finish in Lake Placid: front row (Left to Right) - Nick Parker, Dave Caloun, Jen Alfier, Margaret DiStefano; back row (left to right) - Mike McLean, Justin Popso, Mike Berger, Joe Alfieri, Stephen Price, Will Lahnen, Marc Giorgi, Pete Cass, and Kim Cass.

more. I feel very grateful to have gone to the U.S. Naval Academy and every day I will aim to live more aligned with the lifestyle it showed me to be the right path. Because, really, there is no excuse not to. Fueled by his passion for endurance and fitness, Mike cofounded Beaverfit.com - an LLC that is having a global impact through its performance and operational equipment. I was also able to cross paths with Sidney Crockett, father of Skipper Crockett (’03) - they were so helpful in setting me up with accommodations a stone’s throw away from the No Barriers event. Thanks Sid and Skip. Another reminder of how fortunate I am to be a part of the USNA family. Thanks, ‘03.

A picture of myself and Mike Taylor (‘03) at the No Barriers Summit.

MERCHANDISE To order your class, chapter or parent club specific merchandise, visit usna.com/shop or call 410-295-4016


Closing ceremony for No Barriers Summit 2017

From Joe Alfieri, M Better late than never, so here it goes... There was a mini-12th Company Reunion this fall in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Will Lahnen, Stephen Price, Mike Berger, Marc Giorgi, Dave Calhoun, Justin Popso, Mike McLean, Nick Parker, and myself traveled from all over the country to run Ragnar Adirondacks. For those not familiar, a Ragnar is a 200(ish) mile relay running race series where two vans with six runner each leap frog each other in a non-stop race lasting about 20-26 hours. Our team ran in support of the Travis Manion Foundation, and raised over $4,000 for the outstanding organization! Taking this event very seriously, despite little training myself, I recruited three ringers to round out our team. Our reinforcements included my marathon running wife, Jen, and her two marathon running friends - Margaret DiStefano and Kim Cass. Needless to say every member of Team Travis Manion Foundation stepped up, finishing

M I just wanted to send a quick note to fill in some of the blank space that seems to be prevalent in Shipmate recently. I completed one of the Disney Half-Marathons in February, which is a huge feat for me since I spent 4 years dreading the PRT and the 8 minute/mile time limit. I never thought I could complete 13.1 miles and not finish last. But I managed to do both and had fun running. This spring I’ve run into Maili Kai and Dan Neverosky, as well as Lisa Bozzelli (‘90) on the Lacrosse field as our daughters play lacrosse in Arlington. On another note, I’ve worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the last two years and recently I’ve picked up the task of delivering agriculture military preclearance training to personnel deploying to CENTCOM and SOUTHCOM in support of retrograde military equipment from active AORs. If anyone ever needs a place to stay while visiting DC, our door is always open.

Heather and her kids at the Disney Half Marathon February 2017


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’06, Navy Football season is here and a lot of great updates from the class…enjoy! Thanks to Kyle Ladwing, Adrienne Maeser, and Andrew Adams for sending in. Keep the updates coming (Andrew.M.Lukich@gmail.com). GO NAVY! Andrew Kyle Ladwig writes in: M Greetings from the Top of the Land Down Under. Not a lot of representation from Aught Six present in Darwin, but someone had to lead the charge to round up familiar

’06: Front row: Timothy Flanagan 13, Siwen Dickstein 15, Brendon Connor 13, Kerri Bortz 13, Theresa Nafis 11, Christopher Martinez 13, Sam Reno 10. Back row: Courtney O’Brien (Davidson) 04, Chris Stevens 04, James Vega 97, Jahmar Reneau 96, Traci Willemse 11, Ashley Myers 11, Kyle Ladwig 06

faces. There was just over 30 grads operating in the Northern Territory, across five squadrons and one battalion. Busy schedules during the largest training exercises in Australia limited the number captured on film. Great to share a few meals and stories during the impromptu multi-year reunion. Adrienne Maeser, Andrew Adams, and the Travis Manion Foundation in the news: M There is no doubt the United States Naval Academy creates a special bond among classmates. Like most friendships, those relationships are tested by deployments, family, marriages, children, distance and let’s be honest - life in general. But, two USNA ‘06 grads have teamed up more than a decade after graduation to keep another academy grad’s legacy alive. Andrew Adams ‘06 and Adrienne Maeser ‘06 are lucky enough to call the Annapolis/Severna Park region home and they’re even luckier to call each other teammates. The two devote much of their “free time” to volunteering for the Mid Atlantic chapter of the Travis Manion Foundation. The organization creates, plans and organizes a number of special events throughout the year in the Annapolis, Severna Park and Arnold area. But, the biggest and most anticipated event is the Annapolis 9/11 Heroes Run. Adams serves as the registration coordinator for the race while Maeser serves at the events manager. 

“It’s been an amazing experience to team up with Adams years after graduation for a mission we both believe in,” said Maeser. “It’s amazing to see how so many businesses and neighborhoods want to be a part of the race.” Maeser and Adams have spent months fine tuning the details of the race to make sure it is a true success. “I wrestled with Travis at the Naval Academy,” said Adams. “Since his passing and the creation of the foundation, my wife and I have tried to support as much as possible. Once we moved back to the Annapolis area two years ago, we took the opportunity to directly support and become involved with the 9/11 Heroes Run.” This year’s run is set for Sunday, September 17 and will take place at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis. That is where hundreds of runners, walkers, community members and businesses will come out to honor and remember the heroes of Sept. 11th and the wars since then, including veterans, first responders, military members and civilians.  The 9/11 Heroes Run is a programmatic branch of the Travis Manion Foundation. The Travis Manion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit aimed at redefining America’s national character and strengthening communities one at a time. Manion (USNA ‘04) deployed in December 2016 on his second tour in support of Operation Iraqi

Freedom, where he served as the company advisory for the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division Military Transition Team, Regimental Combat Team 6, II Marine Expeditionary Force. On April 29, 2007, 1st Lt. Travis Manion made the ultimate sacrifice in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. He, his fellow Marines, and Iraqi Army counterparts were ambushed while searching a suspected insurgent house. 1st Lt. Manion led the counterattack against the enemy forces. He was fatally wounded by an enemy sniper while aiding and drawing fire away from his wounded comrades. His selfless actions allowed every member of his patrol to survive. For his actions, he was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star with Valor. The goal is to support veterans, their families, and families of fallen service members. The organization achieves that by providing emergency assistance, scholarships, and other direct financial support when a family or veteran is in need; however, we’ve found the greatest impact and positive change occurs when the military community is challenged to continue to serve. Families who have lost a loved one want nothing more than to honor their fallen heroes memory in a way that exemplifies their sacrifice. Similarly, veterans are looking for a mission and purpose once they leave active service. The 9/11 Heroes Run 5k +1M fun run/walk welcomes runners and walkers of all levels and of all ages. To register for the run, go to  (http://www.travismanion.org/ tmf_911run_race/annapolis-911heroes-run/ ). You can also follow us on Facebook @TravisManion Annapolis.

Andrew Adams being interviewed at this year’s Operation Legacy event at Walter S. Mills-Parole Elementary School in Annapolis.

2017 • SHIPMATE 127

06/07 CLASS NEWS 1300-1900: Tailgate Party at Navy/Marine Corps Stadium N Star Room 1530-1900: Navy Beats Air Force Sunday, October 8th 0730-1200: Midshipmen Store Hours 0800-1000: Breakfast available in King Hall ß Updated

Adrienne Maeser at the Operation Legacy book drive held at Walter S. Mills-Parole Elementary School in Annapolis.


Congrats Grads! Peter Goodman shares the below note and picture:

Life Membership: 99% Donor Participation: 5.81%

’07: Well done grads!

Pres: LT Brady Beauchamp

Joining us throughout the weekend will be some family members representing our departed classmates and VADM and Mrs. Rempt will also be in attendance! The dates are October 6 – 8, 2017 and we will have the honor of watching Navy football take on Air Force that weekend. If you haven’t yet registered and have been meaning to OR just found out that you can now attend – reach out to your class officers now and we will see what we can do to get you involved! https://www.sign upnow.events/usna2007/ Here is the TENTATIVE schedule of events for the reunion weekend. If you have any questions on the specifics please check the reunion Facebook page or feel free to reach out to any one of the class officers.

Vice Pres: Capt Benjamin Tuck e: Benjamin.Tuck07@gmail.com Treas: Patrick Sullivan e: patrick.timothy.sullivan@gmail.com Sec’y: Dan Bellomo e: dbellomo@umich.edu Send Articles to: classofficersUSNA2007@gmail.com

Happy Fall ‘07! We hope this finds you well! Find below great information regarding our upcoming reunion, some great classmate news, and memories in photo form. -Your Class Officers. What else we need from you: Help us with Shipmate submission material. Anything and everything counts – Career transitions, weddings, births, deployment photos, random shout-outs, stories of epic bowling games, vacations, stories about the junk you discovered during a holiday visit that you had stashed in your parents’ house after graduation – anything! Please send any submissions to Dan Bellomo at dbellomo@umich.edu Don’t forget to update your Alumni Association profile! You can update your email address and profile here: www.usna.com/login AROUND THE CORNER – Our 10 Year Reunion! By the time you are reading this, you should be double checking your itineraries and getting super pumped. We hope you are getting excited to meet up with all your classmates and revisit Annapolis. This great weekend is only a few short days away AND we have special guests attending.

Reunion Schedule of Events Friday October 6th 0730-1600: Midshipmen Store Hours

’07: Welcome to Cincy!


0900-1700: Museum Hours 1100-1200: Class of 2007 Memorial Service Memorial Hall 1200-1215: Observe Noon Meal Formation 1350-1500: Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all Classes 1600-1715: Dress Parade on Worden Field 1915-2030: Jewish Service in Levy Center 1730-2100: Class of 2007 Mixer (Food/Drinks/ Activities) – Dahlgren Hall, Ground Level 2100-TBD: No Host Reception – DTA (Location TBD) Saturday October 7th 0730-1200: Midshipmen Store Hours 0900-1700: Museum Hours

Hello from Cambridge After nearly eight years in the fleet in various roles, a group of us found ourselves classmates once again in the MBA program at Harvard Business School. The group, which included (from left to right) A.J. Dulik, Travis Albright, Carlo Scott, Brian Smith, Matt Beaudette, and Peter Goodman, are shown here at our graduation in May 2017. With school now over, everyone is heading back out across the US into roles spanning the healthcare, banking, and manufacturing industries. We’re all excited to (finally) be out of the classroom and look forward to catching up with classmates in our new locations. Note from Cincy This past week Cincinnati hosted the 37th National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Cosponsored by the Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Department of Veterans Affairs, the word inspiring does not even begin to describe these athletes and


‘07: Lonely Shoes

’07: Blue Angels on the Severn

’07: Welcome Home!

’07: Amelia Joy Tuck

the entire week. Dan and Lanaya Bellomo had the honor of volunteering at various events throughout the week and speaking with some of the more than 600 competing Veteran athletes and will always remember this event. For an idea of the energy, competitive spirit, and intensity of this event do a Youtube search for “37th NVWG - Quad Rugby”. If you find yourself in Orlando next year during July 29- August 4, be sure to check out this event!

Big congrats also to big sister Aubrey and big brother Brayden – they will be busy for years to come! That is all for now! Don’t forget to send in submissions for the next Shipmate. -Your Class Officers.

Photo Challenge Don’t forget about the reunion photo challenge! We are challenging each company to recreate their Firstie class photo. We challenge each company to recreate those special moments with some additional twists during the reunion weekend: Version 1: Replicate the exact photo with as many classmates as possible. This includes t-shirts, preppy outfits, bathrobes, and even pizza boxes as applicable. Version 2: Replicate the exact photo with spouses and significant others added in. Version 3: Replicate the exact photo with spouse/sig others AND children. And of course – be sure to send Dan Bellomo a copy of the photos for inclusion in future Shipmates.

Vice Pres: LT Gerald Brooks USN

Blast from the past section As we prepare for our ten-year reunion, we wanted to share a few photos from our time in Annapolis to help you get nostalgic. This month we are featuring some photos from our Firstie year. The first photo documents some of the ridiculousness of life on the yard – shoes abandoned on the parade field. The second photo is another commissioning week memory. Where else can you see the Blue Angels and a YP all on the same beautiful May day! Congrats to our very own Vice President! Ben and Julie welcomed Amelia Joy into their family on April 28, 2017 in Arlington, VA.

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Class of 2009, Where did the summer go! If you can believe it, our 10-year reunion planning is underway. If you would like to volunteer to help out, check out our Facebook page for information and e-mail one of the class officers. If you are looking for another way to connect with classmates, we

ATTENTION 2009! So far you have raised nearly $570,000 for your 10th Reunion Gift to USNA through your First Gift Project—be on the watch for more info on the class project later this year! Remember the allotments 70% of you signed up for just before graduation? As some of you leave the service and your allotments stop, go to www.usna.com/ firstgift to start a pledge payable by credit card to keep the momentum going. And if you didn’t sign up for a First Gift allotment, you can do that there, too.


09/19 CLASS NEWS ATTENTION 2015! So far you have raised close to $85,000 for your 10th Reunion Gift to USNA through your First Gift Project! Not one of the 52% who signed up prior to graduation? Go to www.usna.com/firstgift to start a pledge payable by credit card to keep the momentum going.

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‘09: SWO DH School Class 242

have set up a Class Slack channel: usna09.slack.com. Check it out! Congrats to our classmates in SWO DH School Class 242 who finished up back in July. Keep the submissions coming! Stay safe out there and get ready for football season! -’09 Class Officers

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Salutations! I would personally like to welcome the newest member of the Class of 2016! Thomas Edward Wheeler IV was born on 14 June 2017, weighing in at 7 lbs 3.5 oz and a whopping 20.5 inches long. Congratulations Thomas and Cassie on the birth of your son. Football Season is upon us! Go Navy, Beat Army!

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As always, send any and all class news, updates, happenings, and debauchery to shipmate2016@ gmail.com. Enjoy a Fine Day, Zach Coffman, Secretary, Class of 2016

’16: The Wheelers

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Arkansas Chapter

USNA Alabama Alumni Chapter

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Vice Pres: Rebecca Aten ’98 e: beckya10@yahoo.com

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Sec’y-Treas: Eric Biggers ’97 e: biggersje97@gmail.com

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South Alabama Chapter Pres: Brian Campbell ’94, USNR p: 251-776-4000 e: Brian.Campbell@1994.usna.com Sec’y: Ruth Lichtenfeld p: 251-343-6264; e: ruth29@bellsouth.net

Arizona BGO Area Coordinator: LtCol Julie Carpenter ’91, USMCR (Ret.) p: 602-793-9850 e: juliecarpenter@mindspring.com

Arizona Chapter

Los Angeles Chapter: L to R: Glenn Shindler ’64, Joe Koch ’57, Bill Markley ’67, Jim Kelly ’66, Beverlee Kelly, Bob Rogers ’54

Asia Guam Chapter Pres: CAPT Noel M. Enriquez ’84, USNR PO Box 26849, GMF, Barrigada, GU 96921-6849 h: 671-472-9629; f: 671-472-1966 c: 671-777-9629; e: NME@1984.usna.com BGO Area Coordinator: LtCol John Turner ’93, USMC (Ret.) e: john.sebastian.turner@gmail.com

Philippines Chapter Pres: RADM Armando L Guzman ’80, USN (Ret.) AGM for Administration Philippine Ports Authority Bonifacio Dr., Port Area, Manila m: +63-917-821-3615 e: armandolguzman@yahoo.com

Los Angeles Chapter: L to R: Bill Markley ’67, Glenn Shindler ’64, Jim Kelly ’66, Beverlee Kelly, Bob Rogers ’54, Joe Koch ’57, Colin Mackenzie ’77, and Pete Tamny ’65

Sec’y: Capt Alberto B. Carlos ’89, PN GSC ACofS, N-4, HPN 2335 Roxas Blvd., Manila p: +63-2-525-1003; M: +63-917-521-1637 e: carlosabet@yahoo.com

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BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Tim Fox ’97, USNR e: BGOArea501Coordinator@gmail.com

Website: http://arizona.usnachapters.com

Singapore Chapter Southern Arizona Chapter Pres: Herb Fauth ’67 p: 520-977-8550; e: 6eagle7@cox.net Sec’y: Dennis Nemura ’65 e: djn1943@gmail.com Website: http://southernarizona.usna chapters.com


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Los Angeles Chapter: Summer Cruise

California Los Angeles Chapter

Sec’y: LTJG Nicole Uchida ’12, USN e: Nicole.Uchida@fe.navy.mil

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Chapter Email: USNASG@gmail.com

Corr Sec’y: Tom Lavino ’03 e: trlavino@hotmail.com

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Tim Fox ’97, USNR e: BGOArea501Coordinator@gmail.com

Tokyo Bay Chapter Pres: Mori Nixon ‘81 1-15-19-301 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan: 090-9402-1291 / US: 253-656-6992 e: mnixon@gns-inc.us BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Tim Fox ’97, USNR e: BGOArea501Coordinator@gmail.com

BGO Area Coordinator: (LA County) John Stammreich ’92 p: 310-547-1346; e: usnalosangeles@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: (Orange/East LA County) CDR Steve Shatynski '83 USNR (Ret) p: 714-255-6108; e: Stephan.shatynski@wellsfargo advisors.com BGO Area Coordinator: (Riverside/San Bernardino) CAPT Stephen Andres ’67, USNR p: 858-454-6755; e: StephenMAndres@gmail.com

APRIL SAN GABRIEL LUNCHEON Six members of the Los Angeles Chapter met for lunch at Mimi’s

Cafe in Monrovia on 27 April 2017. The latest news from North Korea and the Middle East were topics of discussion, as was Joe Koch’s first person report of flooding in portions of the Yard during the recent Class of ’57 reunion. Also attending were Bob Rogers ’54, Glenn Shindler ’64, Jim and Beverlee Kelly ’66, and Bill Markley ’67. We meet for lunch the fourth Thursday each month except November and December are rescheduled around Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy Game. For more info contact gshindler64@earthlink.net . JUNE SAN GABRIEL LUNCHEON The San Gabriel Valley luncheon group met at Mimi’s Cafe in


CHAPTER NEWS Monrovia on 22 June 2017. The main discussion topic was the recent tragic collision between USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) and the container ship ACX Crystal. Attending were Bob Rogers ’54, Joe Koch ’57, Glenn Shindler ’64, Pete Tamny ’65, Jim and Beverlee Kelly ’66, Bill Markley ’67, and Colin Mackenzie ’77. For info please contact gshindler64@earthlink.net SUMMER CRUISE Approximately 50 Shipmates set sail for a 3-hour cruise through Newport Harbor on 21 July 2017 on the first annual Los Angeles Chapter Summer Cruise. The event was a smashing hit as graduates of all years attended. Family and friends joined for a fun-filled night. We are going to plan a similar type event annually. UPCOMING EVENTS For all events, updated information will be available on our chapter website at http://losangeles. usnachapters.com. We will also be sending out mass emails to the chapter. If you would like to receive these emails please contact me at trlavino@hotmail.com Army Navy Viewing party9 December 2017 at the Pacific Palms. This is the same venue we have been at the last two years. Beat Army! Tom Lavino ’03

Monterey Bay Chapter Pres: LT Andy West ’08 e: aswest@nps.edu Corr Sec’y: Steve Tackett ’87 e: stackett99@yahoo.com Website: http://montereybay.usnachapters.net BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Brian Murphy ’84, USN (Ret.) p: 408-776-3804; e: brian.murphy@harris.com

Sacramento Chapter Pres: Dennis P. Joyce ’61 p: 916-996-1333; e: djoyce1961@hotmail.com Vice Pres: Dr. Terry Brown ’67 p: 530-676-0327; e: twbrown@innercite.com Sec’y: Bob Bartron ’73 e: bobbartron@hotmail.com Treas: Jack Everett ’64 e: jeverett@quicknet.com

Our calendar continues to overflow with opportunities for our Alumni to gather, share sea stories and become involved in our chapter and our community. As always, you can become a member of our Chapter and stay current on our events at our Chapter website: www. usnaaasd.com.

San Diego Chapter Pres: J. Craig Smith ’82 e: President@usnaaasd.com Corr Sec’y: Gilda Reeves ’98 e: gilda@reefpointrealty.com Website: http://usnaaasd.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Michael McVay ’77, USN (Ret.) p: 619-894-1920; e: skip.mcvay@1977.usna.com

In July the San Diego Chapter held its second annual sea story competition during our monthly luncheon. Our 40 attendees heard five official sea stories and lots of sidebars for this annual event. Ed Oleata ’61 took first place with a humorous re-telling of the antics during the first Navy-Air Force game held at Baltimore Memorial Stadium. In retaliation for Air Force kidnapping Bill the Goat, ingenious midshipmen managed to bring a sonar transponder to the game. During the halftime festivities when the Air Force Falconeers were demonstrating the skills of trained falcons, the midshipmen turned on the transponder which disrupted the falcon show. The four falcons chose to watch the second half from the top of the scoreboard. Air Force lost the game and the pranks. The proceeds from this event were donated to the USNA Athletic and Scholarship Programs Foundation whose guiding principle is a commitment to the Physical Mission of the US Naval Academy, which includes varsity, club, intramural sports and the physical education curriculum, as a keystone in the development of the future leaders of Naval and National service. Our annual Link in the Chain summer event was a huge success! Chapter members and their guest were able to participate in the Padres’ Naval Academy/Navy day at Petco Park. The Western Metal Rooftop was the perfect location for hosting the event as it provided an open space for lots of conversation and laughter. Even though the Padres lost, our members walked away with smiles on their faces!

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Pres: Liam Lane ’02 e: usnaaasf.president@gmail.com Vice Pres: Eric Shangle ’97 e: usnaaasf.vp@gmail.com Sec’y: Cheriene Griffith ’02 e: usnaaasf.secretary@gmail.com Treas: Mark Lundstrom ’86 e: iblucky86@earthlink.net Website: http://sfbayarea.usnachapters.net

The USNA Women’s Shared Interest Group of San Diego held their kick off meeting on August 15th. USNA women around the country have begun meeting as a part of the SIG pilot program sponsored by the USNA Alumni Association. There are many issues in life that are unique to women leaders who also share the roles as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends. The USNA Women’s SIG provides an opportunity for woman to share experiences, ask for help, offer assistance, or promote issues of importance as alumnae. This inaugural event was an evening devoted to building another link in the chain. Thank you to Barbette Lowndes, USNA 1980, for hosting the event.

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Perkins '75, USN (Ret.) p: 925-423-058; e: perkins5@llnl.gov

Greetings Bay Area!

Football is finally here! Please join us at North Star Café for game viewing of every football game. If you would like to host a local party please contact Liam or any of the Chapter Leadership to help promote the game viewing. Thank you to all who came out for the 5th Annual North Bay Summer Picnic as Brewsters in Petaluma. Many laughs and stories were shared and the weather was great! We would also like to say congratulations to our Chapter President Liam Lane ’02. He and his wife Emily were unable to attend our summer social because they

Website: http://www.usnaaasac.org BGO Area Coordinator: Bob Proano p: 530-274-9205; e: rproano730@gmail.com San Francisco Chapter: USNA and USMA Alumni raising a toast at Brewsters in Petaluma at the Annual Summer Social


CHAPTER NEWS welcomed Baby William Charles “Charlie” Lane III at 0108 that morning.

Colorado Springs Chapter Pres: John Sledgianowski ’87, USN (Ret.) 714 Pioneer La., Colorado Springs, CO 80904 p: 719-287-2187; e: sledgesix@q.com BGO Area Coordinator: Ross Schmidt ’74 p: 303-789-5281; e: rossaschmidt@msn.com

Connecticut BGO Area Coordinator: Evan Barnet ’91 p: 203-453-9493 e: evan@barnetassociates.com

Welcome Midshipmen Baby Lane Class of 2039! Congratulations Liam!

We will be sending messages regarding football viewings as the season progresses. We hope to see you to join us to cheer on Navy! Please check your email junk folders for any notes from usnaaasf. president@gmail.com. You may also sign up or renew your membership from the website. Please “Like” us and follow us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/ usnaaasf for up to date information. You may also email any of the Chapter leadership if you have any questions or suggestions for Bay Area Alumni future events. We look forward to hearing from you! Please be sure to keep update your email with the USNAAA and Foundation www.usna.com to keep your membership and profile current and get first information on all USNA Athletic Ticket Sales as well as special events. If anyone is interested in suggesting/planning an event (social/business happy hours, networking, philanthropy/volunteering ideas, etc) please feel free to reach out to the chapter leadership. GO NAVY BEAT ARMY! ~ Cheriene Griffith ’02, Sec’y

Santa Barbara Chapter Pres: Chet Seto ’78 p: 805-331-9046; e: ChetSeto@CJSeto.com Sec’y: Mr. Larry B. Coleman Jr. ’99 e: lbcme99@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Derek Roberts ’83, USN e:derek.roberts@1983.usna.com

Colorado Chapter: Standing: Joey Abdullah ’09, Mike Svendson ’67, John Virden ’76, Murray Cook ’88, Mike Bell ’09, Tim Tacl ’09, Barry Hubbard ’81, Will Gury ’01, kneeling: Drew Morris ’06, Jim Savage ’65, J.D. Cook ’87

Colorado Colorado Chapter Pres: CDR Joseph “Joe” Procopio ’62, USN (Ret.) e: JoePro@aol.com Sec’y: CAPT S. Guy Higgins ’69, USN (Ret.) e: guyhiggins1234@gmail.com Website: http://colorado.usnachapters.net BGO Area Coordinator: (Denver) CAPT Dick Eason ’84, USN (Ret.) p: 720-747-4612; e: dick.eason@lycos.com

Preparations by the USS Colorado Commissioning Committee (led by JJ Mackin ’68) continue with the Commissioning Committee Newsletter 19 out in June. Anyone interested in attending the commissioning this fall should go to the committee website (http:// usscoloradocommittee.org/ sign-commissioning-invitation/) and fill out the invitation request. Colorado alumni donated over $2000 to the commissioning committee with Jim DeFrancia ’63 donating $1,000. It’s also worth noting that the West Point Society of Graduates, Denver donated $600, and JJ was able to work a state appropriation through the legislature for $100,000 for the committee. The declaration of habitability has been made and the crew is onboard. Photomurals of the Colorado Rockies adorn the messdeck. From the Dwight D. Eisenhower (Army guy) Golf Course at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, 14 Navy Alumni members participated and battled it out on the links for the Rindahl (Navy guy) trophy in the annual Colorado Tri-Alumni Service Academy Golf Tournament. It was a great day for

golf, but unfortunately, Navy’s “A” team of John Varden ’76, Barry Hubbard ’81 and Will Gury ’01, came up one stroke short behind the Air Force ringers. However, as a consolation, Mike Bell ’09 won the longest drive competition just edging out Will Gury by a few feet. Nevertheless, it was a great time on one of the premier golf courses in the country. We look forward to next year’s competition which will probably be in late July if any outof-town alumni members would like to circle the date for next year. All Colorado alumni should have received an email outlining chapter current activities and those under consideration and a discussion of the chapter dues structure. For those alumni who do not have an email listed with USNAAA, you should have received a letter in the mail. All future communication from the chapter will be via email (all y’all don’t pay me enough to do that mailing again), so please consider registering your email with USNAAA since we use their roster for contact information.

Connecticut Chapter Pres: Alan Weigel ’79 p: 860-376-5775; e: aweigel@blankrome.com Vice Pres: Tom Hodgson ’83 p: 203-318-8870; e: t.h.hodgson@comcast.net Treas: Tom Hogsten ’85 Sec’y: Eric Irwin ’86 p: 860-857-8748; e: irwiner@comcast.net Comms Dir: David Candler ’67 p: 860-823-0862; e: davcandler@aol.com Meeting Chairman: Vacant Website: http://connecticut.usnachapters.com/

Ahoy, Shipmates! This is the time of year when the Brigade has returned, classes started, the new multi-story parking garage in the Yard next to Worden Field makes Real progress… and we look forward to another Navy year! In case you missed these events during the summer: Connecticut alumni hosted an Offshore Sail Training Squadron port visit to Connecticut at Stamford Yacht Club. A squadron of five Navy-44s with a contingent of 50 midshipmen and coaches visited from 16 to 19 June. The week-end concluded with a Father’s Day barbeque on the lawn overlooking Stamford Harbor. Here is the photo of the mids, coaches, and alumni hosts from

Connecticut Chapter: USNA Sailing




Connecticut Chapter: Welcome aboard Class of 2021:

Delaware Chapter: ARE YOU READY FOR I-DAY AND BEYOND? …WELL LET ME TELL YA’!! Left to right: Ted Fishcher ’71, Jared Arlett, Savannah Pankow, Katherine Long, Jacob Hudson and Brad Boyd ’85 (not shown - Caroline Foley, Harrison Foley, George Martin, Colin Freeh). June 24th, 2017 new USNA Delaware Parents Club Presidents - Debbie & John Hersch hosted a “Welcome Aboard Picnic” for the Class of 2021 and their families in Middletown, Delaware. The tradition of celebrating “Another Link in the Chain” was the focus of the day. Links in the Chain Class of 1971 included Ted Fischer & Eric Rychener, supported by USNA Mid - Mike Hanling, Blue & Gold Area Coordinator’s Brad Boyd ’85 & Kevin Worsch ’85 along with USNAAA Delaware Chapter President Chris Dierkes ’85, all welcoming the incoming candidates. History and tradition continues for a lasting impact. Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.

Delaware Chapter: 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION —Left to right: Max Matteson ‘53 and wife Ruth, Kathy and Paul Reid ’74, DE Alumni Chapter President - Chris Dierkes ’85 and Parents Club Chapter President - Deb Hersch. All enjoyed a relaxing sunset cruise along the upper Chesapeake Bay aboard the M/V Bay Breeze out of Chesapeake City, Maryland. What a great time to meet up with new USNA friends while scarfing down some plump steamed shrimp and cold drinks! The evening was topped off with 4th of July fireworks on the water! Proud to be an American! Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.

Stamford Yacht Club at the Father’s Day barbeque. And the Connecticut Chapter joined the Connecticut Parents’ Club in a Welcome Aboard for the Class of 2021 midshipmen from Connecticut. Blue and Gold Area Coordinator, Evan Barnet, ’93 and Alan Weigel, ’79, joined the Another Link in the Chain Speaker, Russ Carr, ’71, in offering the future alumni words of encouragement. Only a few weeks to go before your Scribe participates in the Grand 50th Reunion. Very hard to believe that many waves have splashed ashore… And be sure to enjoy the fall leaves… Becca will. Dave ‘67

Costa Rica BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Tim Fox ’97, USNR e: BGOArea501Coordinator@gmail.com

Costa Rica Chapter Pres: Claudio A. Pacheco ’64 Apt. 4307-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica p: 506-2224-4325; w: 506-2225-4239 c: 506-8876-1394; e: cpacheco@1964.usna.com

Delaware BGO Area Coordinator: Maj Brady Boyd ’87 p: 302-377-4479 e: USNABlue_and_Gold@yahoo.com

Delaware Chapter Pres: Chris Dierkes ’85 e: Christopher.F.Dierkes-1@usa.dupont.com Vice Pres-South: Jim Ring ’63 e: jep.ring@gmail.com

DELAWARE CHAPTER UPCOMING EVENTS - SAVE THE DATE WATCH YOUR EMAIL: *Friday, OCTOBER 6th - WINGS & WHEELS - WWII Big Band Dinner & Show - Georgetown, DE Coastal Airport. Great turnout last year! Reminiscent of the USO 1940’s era with16 Piece Big Band Music, full course dinner and dancing in hanger, BYOW (bring your own wine), Delmarvelous Dolls (Andrew Sister type act) including famous USNA Alumni…and more *Saturday, OCTOBER 28th - FALL SPEAKER/LUNCH - 12 PM - United States Navy - Starnes Walker speaks to us on Cyber Security | Roma Restaurant, Dover, Delaware


Delaware Chapter: “MORE LINKS MEANS MORE SUPPORT!” A proud alumni representing “Another Link in the Chain”, Eric Rychener ’71 sit’s with grandson, Nate (potential future Mid from Salisbury, MD) spoke on the best education and training they will receive over the next 4 years and to keep in mind that USNA is to be taken seriously…one must have “what it takes” to be successful as a leader to get through in college and/or the battlefield. Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.

Delaware Chapter: “LINKIN’ UP WITH PARENTS CLUB.” Left to right: Dedicated new USNA Delaware Parents Club Presidents - John & Debbie Hersch along with 1971 USNA Alumni’s “Another Link in the Chain” Ted Fischer (ALITC main speaker & past USNAAA Delaware Chapter President) with wife Pat. John and Deb Hersch have a Mid - Ryan “Bubba” Hersch that will graduate in 2019. It was a fantastic turnout with over 30 attending guests! Way to Go Herschs’! Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.


Jacksonville Chapter: Parents, alumni and friends enjoying the Parents’ Club Fundraiser in Ponte Vedra Beach

Delaware Chapter: Classmates Chris Dierkes (Delaware Chapter USNAAA President) and Kevin Worsch (USNA Blue & Gold Coordinator) came out to show their support in developing tomorrow’s leaders! Brad Boyd (not shown) also took part in the festivities and is a USNA Blue & Gold Coordinator and class of ’85 - Go USNA ’85 Alumni! Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.

Delaware Chapter: WELCOME ABOARD USNA CLASS OF 2021 - CAKE ANYONE? Left to right: Mid Mike Hanling (Class of 2020), Jared Arlett, Savannah Pankow, Katherine Long and Jacob Hudson. Midshipman Mike Hanling steps up to offer moral support and answer any questions for Delaware’s incoming class of 2021! Go Mike and save a piece for us! Photo submitted by Chris & Judy Dierkes.

Florida Gainesville Chapter Pres: CAPT J. Michael Smith ’61, USNR (Ret.) p: 352-450-9758; e: mickey61USNA@yahoo.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Steve Swift ’87, USNR e: sswift@1987.usna.com

Jacksonville Chapter Pres: CAPT Michael O. Borns ’70, USN (Ret.) e: moborns@gmail.com

EVENTS IN THE AREA: *The Parents’s Club of Northeast Florida sponsored a Send Off Picnic for the Class of 2021 on 3 June at the NAS Jacksonville Officers Club. Steve Dmetruk (‘71) did the honors for his class and spoke about the “Link In The Chain.” Steve brought one of his Army/Navy game football helmets for all to enjoy. In addition

to the excited members of the new class and their families, the festivities were attended by BGO Regional Coordinator Rich Sullivan (’77) and his wife, Northeast Florida Area Coordinator Doug Conkey (‘84), and Dave Chaney (’71). *Local alumni and friends joined the The Parents’ Club of Northeast Florida at Table One in Ponte Vedra Beach for a Parents’ Club Fundraiser on 10 July. The group was joined by four sets of proud parents of the class of 2021, who provided an update on I Day and how their mids were doing in week two of Plebe Summer. *Ric French (’68) hosted Tom Hayes (’68) and his wife, Diana, in Fernandina Beach. Tom and Diana were visiting friends throughTom and Diana out Florida in enjoying their visit celebration of to the picturesque little port town of Tom retiring from his law firm Fernandina Beach in Vermont. You might recognize Tom as the 1968 Brigade Boxing Champion, having defeated Jim Webb in the finals.

Vice Pres: CDR Peter Garfield ’60 USN (Ret.) Treas: CDR John C. Snyder ’83 USN (Ret.) Website: www.usnaaajax.com

Greater Miami Chapter Pres: CDR Mel J. Meinhardt ’80, USNR (Ret.) 3075 Virgina St., Miami, FL 33133-4534 p: 212-470-4181; e: mel@melmeinhardt.com Sec’y: Sergei Kowalchik ’67 e: sergei@bellsouth.net Website: www.usnamiami.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ USNAMiami BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) p: 305-807-9648 e: dennis.navy65@googlemail.com

Orlando Chapter

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard O’Sullivan ’77, USN (Ret.) p: 407-687-6877; e: raaos@aol.com

PRESIDENT’S UPDATE: *We are looking for someone to coordinate USNA Football game watches at JAX Beach. If interested, contact Mike Borns at the e-mail address above.

UPCOMING EVENTS INCLUDE: *“Wall Climbers”: Wall Climbers is an opportunity to talk about your business and your experience of transitioning to the civilian life with those in the middle of it. Contact John Snyder at hntsnyder@ comcast.net for further information. *USS Adams Museum: Stan Halter serves as the volunteer treasurer of the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA). If you’re interested in helping bring the only warship museum in Florida to Jacksonville, contact Stan at stan@remilnet.com. All alumni in the Jacksonville area are encouraged to visit our website (usnaaajax.com) and update all their membership information in our online database. We routinely send out information on local events, venues, and networking opportunities.

Pres: Turhan Hidalgo ’93 e: turhan_hidalgo@hotmail.com Sec’y: Mike Sobkowski ’93 e: usnaorlando@gmail.com Webmaster: Stan Clark ’79 e: shredder110@gmail.com Website: http://orlando.usnachapters.com Jacksonville Chapter: Steve Dmetruk (’71) and Dave Chaney (’71) with members of the Class of 2021

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard O’Sullivan ’77, USN (Ret.) p: 407-687-6877; e: raaos@aol.com


CHAPTER NEWS Palm Beach Chapter Pres: Col Walter J. Breede III ’63, USMC (Ret.) p: 561-493-8470; e: wbreede@1963.usna.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) p: 305-807-9648 e: dennis.navy65@googlemail.com

Pensacola Chapter Pres: Kathy McCartan ’85 e: usnaaapensacola@gmail.com Sec’y: Pete Perez ’82 e: eliezerp@aol.com Website: Pensacola.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Joan Platz ’81, USN (Ret.) p: 850-304-1626; e: joan.platz@1981.usna.com

Southwest Florida Chapter Pres: Doug Backes ’70 e: dougbackes@aol.com Sec’y: Herbert John Andrews '68 e: herbiejohn383@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) p: 305-807-9648 e: dennis.navy65@googlemail.com Website: southwestflorida.usnachapters.net

SWF Chapter President’s comments: Our chapter continues our summer vacation mode but we are steadily working on the 2017 - 2018 season plans. We have coordinated closely with the management and staff of Audubon Country Club and all our meetings and luncheon events will be held there. First a reminder, all luncheon events will be on the second MONDAY of the month from November through April; with two exceptions, the December luncheon will be our great Navy Tailgate during the Army-Navy game on Saturday 9 December and our April luncheon will be on the first Monday, April 2nd to allow better participation from our snow birds. To start our 2017-2018 program we have confirmed Coach Charlie Weatherbie, former United States Naval Academy head football coach (1995–2001) to be our first luncheon speaker on Monday 13 November to kick off our season and pump up the membership fan support of our terrific Navy football team. This is a great opportunity to meet a legend and hear an inspiration talk with which we all can identify.

This year the Army Navy game and chapter tailgate falls on Saturday, December 9. We have secured a commitment with Audubon for use of the large ballroom and theater size screen and sound system to accommodate a big gathering. Let’s make it a 100 fan event! Hope to see all the alumni in the Southwest Florida area at both 2017 events and sign up for membership. We can have no program at all without local alumni support. See you next season! Other planned events are listed below. Warm regards, Doug Backes ‘70, President USNAAA SWF Chapter dougbackes@aol.com OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS: Summer Break – We have no formal events until November, but if anyone has an idea for an impromptu event this summer, please contact Dave Dyke, our VP at dwdyke@att.net. After the summer break, our official 2017-2018 season begins with our October “Welcome Back” letter from Doug Backes, our President. Note. Also for October we were recently informed that the Tampa Bay chapter is participating in the Tampa Bay area Navy Ball and invited our members to join them there. Last year’s ball (2016) was sponsored by the Tampa bay area Navy League and held at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel. 2017 date and details should be online by the time this Shipmate is published. For our February 2018 luncheon our VP Dave Dyke has arranged for Mr. Tom Kimmel (grandson of ADM Husband Kimmel CINCPACFLT at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack) to speak about new research on the inside and somewhat surprising story of that event in Navy history. We will have further details of all the events in 2018 to follow in our next issue. For membership sign up guidance or renewal please contact our membership manager Mr. David Finch ‘67 at df121819@aol.com for more details. Herb Andrews ’68, Secretary


Space Coast Chapter Pres: CAPT Pete Peterson ’56, USN (Ret.) p: 321 952-206; e: RETEP401@gmail.com Sec: LtCol Tom Schwartz ’56, USAF (Ret.) p: 321 255-5452 e: thomasschwartz@bellsouth.net BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard O’Sullivan ’77, USN (Ret.) p: 407-687-6877; e: raaos@aol.com

Suncoast Chapter Pres: Alois (Al) Burda '68 E: alburda3@verizon.net BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Steve Swift ’87, USNR e: sswift@1987.usna.com

Tampa Bay Chapter Pres: CAPT Don Aiken ’78, USN (Ret.) e: dwaiken@verizon.net Sec’y/Communications: Davidson Taveras '05 e: Davidson.Taveras@gmail.com Website: https://usnatampabay.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ pages/USNA-Alumni-TampaSt-Petersburg/ 120095454740213?sk=wall BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Steve Swift ’87, USNR e: sswift@1987.usna.com

In attendance at our monthly meeting at Tate’s Pizza were: Warren Hahn ‘60, Gary Polansky ’69, Chris Heath ’72, Blaise Miller ’76, Duane Lafont ’78, James Hamm ’84, Kent Paro ’86, Steve Swift ’87, Jim Newsome ’90, James Castano ’91, Laura Bajor ’93 (New), Eric Thiel ’95, Clay Robinson ’96, William Roberts ’01 (New), Dennis Panos ’05 (New), and Davidson Taveras ’05 RECENT EVENTS – New Chapter Members – First we would like to recognize our newest chapter members: Laura Bajor, William Roberts and Dennis Panos! Welcome and thank you for your participation. Recent Retirees – Congratulations to Steve Swift and Kent Paro on their recent retirement from the Navy! Your loyal and dedicated service deserves our recognition. Fair Winds and Following Seas! Wine Tasting – Miller Detrick ’63 was generous enough to open his doors to our Chapter at the end of August. A local vendor, Red Neck Wine, impressed and drew LOTS of attendance! Thankfully we all had a great time and are pre-gaming for the next one!

UPCOMING EVENTS – Founder’s Day – Hosted at Feathersound Country Club, this annual tradition always proves to be a great event! We look forward to celebrating the 172nd birthday of the U.S. Naval Academy and hope to see you there! The date has been confirmed for October 11th. Warren Hahn ’60 is leading the charge. Please make your reservations early; registration is available via PayPal. Contact Warren with any questions: wghahn@hahneng.com GENERAL (ADMIRAL) NOTES – Go NAVY Football! Please let us know if you’re in the area. Local Navy Football watch parties are occurring all season long. Look for the Chapter on our Facebook Page (https://www. facebook.com/pages/USNAAlumni-TampaSt-Petersburg/ 120095454740213?sk=wall), our Website – https://usnatampabay. com/ and LinkedIn. Dues – Annual membership is $25 per year. Dues may be mailed to our Treasurer, Jim Newsome ’90, or pay online via PayPal at https://usnatampabay.com/ Communications – Stay up-todate with our alumni activities by making sure that our chapter secretary, Davidson Taveras ’05, has your email address. Contact Davidson at Davidson.Taveras@gmail.com. See you next month – first Wednesday, 6pm at Tate’s Pizza!

Georgia Atlanta Chapter Pres: Ed Brownlee ’81 e: Edward.brownlee@woodruffcenter.org Sec’y: Ron Surfield ’90 p: 678-523-6005; e: srsurfield@hotmail.com Website: http://WWW.USNAAAA.COM BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Anthony Evangelista e: tonysevangelista.usna@gmail.com

2017 NAVY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Follow Navy Football online at: navysports.com 1-800-US4-NAVY


Hawaii Honolulu Chapter Pres: Tom Marzec ’87 e: tom.marzec@1987.usna.com Vice Pres: Vacant Sec’y: Vacant

Our presenter for the evening was our own Andy “Fester” Burchfield ’92, who led a successful career in the Marine Corps as an AV-8B pilot. He gave an outstanding (UNCLASSIFIED) talk on the capabilities of the Harrier, and the art of “Riding the Dragon.”

Shipmate Scribe: Vacant Treas: Doug Gainer ’98 e: douglas.e.gainer@sms.com Parent’s Club Pres: Karen Sabogi e: usna.hi.parents.club@gmail.com Hawaii B&G Officer: LtCol John Turner ’93, USMC (Ret.) e: john.sebastian.turner@gmail.com Website: http: honolulu.usnachapters.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ honolulu.usnachapter

Michiana Chapter: Monthly Luncheon (L-R): John Strauss ’69; John Raster ’55; Gene Dehnert ’63; Chris Haizlip ’72; John Ross ’94; Paul Bradfield ’53; Pat Sloan ’75; & Kirk Daniels ’75. Left-Right: Mac McCann ’63, Andy, Thomas Burchfield (Andy’s son) who ships out to Boot Camp in Great Lakes followed (hopefully) by a BUDs slot

Idaho BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Roy Ledesma ’87, USN (Ret.) p: 208-954-3379; e: roy.ledesma@gmail.com

Northwest Chapter Pres: Col Kenneth W. Moore ’66, USMC (Ret.) 31048 E. Hayden Lake Rd., PO Box 2020 Hayden, ID 83835-7059 p: 208-772-7494; e: eyehawk35@gmail.com

Southern Idaho Chapter Pres: Roy Ledesma ’87 e: roy.ledesma@gmail.com Vice Pres: Dennis Hanrahan ’68

Left-Right: Del Giffin ’67 and Rick Schellhaas ‘68

Tom Neville ’68 proudly introduced his grandson William Comstock, sharing William’s prowess on the golf course, placing first in the district by 4 strokes, with a total score of 93!



BGO Area Coordinator: (Southern) CDR Michael Carnes ’74, USN (Ret.) e: usna74@att.net

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Timothy Naville ’76, USNR (Ret.) p: 812-944-4833; e: tnaville@twc.com

Chicago Chapter

Indianapolis Chapter

CDR Fredrick W. Weber ’75, USNR (Ret.) 2134 Evert Ct., Northbrook, IL 60062-6612 h: 847-559-9381; w: 312-845-3444 e: Fred.Weber@2comm.com

CDR Lynn Thomas ’83 h: 317-329-1773; e: lynntw@aol.com

William is on the far left, brandishing the 1st place trophy

Website: http://chicago.usnachapters.com

Pres: John Ross ’94 e: johnwmross@me.com

This Mamushka is for you!

BGO Area Coordinator: (Northern, IL incl Chicago) Robert Falardeau p: 847-359-2990; e: raffamily@comcast.net

Sec’y: Paul Campbell ’98 Treas: Vince Martino ’95 e: vinmartino@gmail.com

This round of USNAAA SIC will be short and sweet because there are (thankfully) many pictures, and I can be less…quippy…is that a word? Our gathering in June was a send-off for Idaho’s members of the Class of 2021, who I will refer to as the Syrupy Seven: Casey Cobb, Alysia Santa Cruz-Cernik, Trey Widmier, Coleman Edwards, Stephen Harr, James Love, and Larry Wineman.

Michiana Chapter: Next to Kirk Daniel’s Harley (L-R): Kirk Daniels ’75; Chris Haizlip ’72; Pat Sloan ’75; & Paul Bradfield ’53.

Vice Pres/Sec’y: CDR John (Chris) Haizlip ’72, USN (Ret.) 15246 Longford Dr., Granger, IN 46530 p: 574-273-2939; e: CHaizlip@aol.com Treas: John Strauss ’69 e: e:jstrauss3373@att.net

Left-Right: Link in the Chain Rep John Stevenson ’71, Alysia, Trey, James, and Coleman (the rest of the Syrupy Seven were already in Annapolis)

Stay Syrupy ’21!! The July meeting was back to our regular dive at Ling & Louie’s.

Michiana Chapter

Southern Idaho Chapter: USNAAA SIC and the new members of USNA ‘21

The South Bend/Michiana Chapter is getting ready for the fall football season. The big news is the Navy football team coming to town to play Notre Dame on November 18th. Local alum, Tom Teach ’68, has graciously agreed to sponsor the Navy tailgate again. His generosity & support are gratefully appreciated. And speaking of his generosity, Tom is actively involved in the National Marrow Donor SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 137

CHAPTER NEWS Autumn Social is Sep 28. Think about all the tales you will miss if you’re not there. SOOOO, Be There, Aloha! CRAB FEST – 26 AUGUST See “Summer Social” above AND add in all the Maryland Crabs you can eat…now, there’s a great way to approach the end of Summer. As always, this year’s Fest brought out families, friends, and Shipmates you never knew you had. (See the next issue of Shipmate for pictures and a full list of attendees!) Michiana Chapter: (L-R): Gene Dehnert ’63; John Strauss ’69; Pat Sloan ’75; Bill Carter ’71 & Chris Haizlip ’72.

Association. He’s on their Board and with Dan Ackerson, ’70. What a great cause: https://bethematch.org/ Our monthly chapter luncheons continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12 noon at Bar Louie Restaurant at University Park Mall in Mishawaka. Great sea stories & all are welcome!

Louisville/ Southern Indiana Chapter Pres: CAPT Gregory Reinhardt ’79, USNR (Ret.) 712 Talon Pl., Louisville, KY 40223 p: 502-244-7707; e: greinhardt@1979.usna.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Gregory Reinhardt ’79, USN (Ret.) p: 502-244-7707; e: greinhardt@1979.usna.com

Louisiana Louisiana Chapter Pres: LCDR Andrew “Drew” Dodenhoff ’70, USN (Ret.) e: drewdode@yahoo.com Vice Pres: Bo Thornhill ’04 e: bo.thornhill@gmail.com Sec’y: Wayne Morgan ’98 e: wayne.morgan@1998.usna.com Treas: Michael Vesely '71 p: 504-616-6884; e: MikeVesely@msn.com Website: http://www.USNALouisiana.org BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Kirk R. Benson ’87, USN (Ret.) p: 985-710-3454; e: kirk.benson@bgo.usna.com

Maine Portland Chapter Pres: Jeffrey Peters ’85 7 Sumac Dr., Brunswick, ME 04011 c: 207-650-1744; w: 207-442-4703 e: jeffpeters85@me.com BGO Area Coordinator: LT Jen Bohr Tyll ’01, USNR p: 207-829-8159; e: jenbohrtyll@gmail.com

Maryland Annapolis Chapter Pres: LCDR Mark Hakun ’88, USNR (Ret.) e: mxfour2@verizon.net Vice Pres: Steve Zotti ’83 Sec’y–Shipmate Contact: Liesel (Danjczek) Schopler ’99 e: lieseldanjczek@hotmail.com Treas: Frank Dembia ’88 Website: http://annapolis.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Davis ’85, USNR (Ret.) p: 410-793-5590; e: barry.davis@1985.usna.com

Baltimore Chapter Pres: Jason Hardebeck ’87 p: 443-269-1599; e: jhardebeck@whoglue.com BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Davis ’85, USNR (Ret.) p: 410-793-5590; e: barry.davis@1985.usna.com

Greater Southern Maryland Chapter Pres: Michael DeManss ’73 PO Box 277, Compton, MD 20627 p: 301-475-7028 Corr Sec’y: Michael Dougherty ’73 p: 240-925-7518; e: doughertymj8@aol.com Website: http://www.navyalumni.org BGO Area Coordinator: Patti Thumm p: 301-737-1629; e: thummmw@md.metrocast.net

SUMMER SOCIAL – 22 JUNE There are multiple ways to “Beat the Heat”, but it’s hard to top sharing cold drinks with fellow grads, while dusting off those tales of derring-do from four years by the Severn. You know, those stories about late night study sessions, prepping uniforms, spiffying up the room prior to an inspection…What? …Oh, not THOSE stories…THESE stories: going over the wall, renting a house in town, finding a cheap place to park your car as a Youngster, etc. Much Better!!!


COMING EVENTS 2nd Tuesday of Every Month (1700) — Chapter Meeting (open to all interested individuals), Flight Deck Lounge (Please note change of location!) Thursday, Sep 28 (1700) — Autumn Social (Elements)

Massachusetts Boston Chapter Pres: James Kras ’69 112 Beach St., Unit 4, Boston, MA 02111 p: 617-645-1032; e: jameskras@comcast.net Shipmate contact: CAPT Pete Seibert ’65 p: 781-235-5909; e: pkseibert@comcast.net Website: http://boston.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: Reid Oslin p: 781-738-0777; e: reid.oslin@bc.edu

Several Chapter members attended the 21 July Ken Kronlund, 25th Annual All Academy Golf Challenge at the Stow Acres Country Club in Stow, Massachusetts. The attendees honored Ken Kronlund, the founder of the event, who passed away on 1 June. This is a charitable event and this year’s recipient was “Honor Flight, New England”, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America’s most senior veterans. Although the Chapter’s attendance and golf scores were a modest percentage of the 50 attendees, we raised an immodest $3,000 for the Charity. Also, during July, two sailing events occurred in New England. Two boats and crews arrived in Marblehead on 7 July for a two day visit before commencing the Halifax Ocean Race. The Offshore Sail Training Squadron was in Rockport, Massachusetts for Navy Weekend on 14-16 July. Four YP’s were visiting

at the Boston Coast Guard Station at the same time. All the boats were heavily visited by local Chapter members. Peter K. Seibert ‘65

Michigan Detroit Chapter Pres: Arthur W. Bryant ’66 1811 Hollywood Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1311 h: 313-885-2174; c: 313-590-0301 e: arthurwbryant@gmail.com Website: http://detroit.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: Michael Bennett p: 586-468-7490; e: mbbennett@comcast.net BGO Area Coordinator: Col Benjamin Richmond ’93, USMCR p: 616-292-3045; e: brichmond97@earthlink.net

The Hail and Farewell for the Class of 2021 was a wonderful event at Kensington State Park. Tim Burns ’71 did a great job welcoming the new class. I am sure we will be hearing a lot about his presence at future link-in-the-chain activities. He gave us a nice report at the June meeting at Guy Hollerin’s Restaurant. It was nice to see and meet Rick Schuknecht ’71 at the lunch. Our July meeting at The Dearborn Inn was very small due to traffic issues, but it was very enjoyable. I recently took a trip to Fort Bragg with a group called DOCA that visits U. S. and Foreign Military Facilities for updates and organizational presentations. Several days of presentations on the XVIII Airborne Corp and the 82nd Airborne Division brought us all up to speed on how ready the Army is to jump in and set up shop anywhere in the world in 18 hours. Along the way I met and spent time with David Morris ’78 Executive VP of DOCA and Major General Paul LaCamera USMA ’85, Deputy Commander XVIII Airborne Corp and Fort Bragg

At the July lunch from left Art Bryant ’66, Mike Droogleever ’05 and Ryan Lally ’04


St Louis Chapter: Alumni @ Plebe Recognition Luncheon Detroit Chapter: At the June lunch from left Art Bryant ’66, Howard Whitfield Poxon ’59, Rick Schuknecht ’71, Jim Acker ’66 and Tim Burns ’71

Detroit Chapter: At the Fort Bragg dinner from left Art Bryant ’66, David Morris ’78 and Major General Paul LaCamera USMA ’85t

Minnesota Upper Midwest Chapter Pres: Jon Olson ’90 e: President@usnaaaumw.com Shipmate Contact: David Bruns ’88 6325 Oxford Rd. S, Shakopee, MN 55379 m: 516-972-6597; e: david@davidbruns.com Website: www.usnaaaumw.com Facebook: www.fb.com/USNAAAUpperMidwest BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Mark Salmen ’73, USN (Ret.) p: 651-271-6690; e: mark.salmen@1973.usna.com

The Upper Midwest Chapter comprises the great states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. If you live in one of these four states, and you do not regularly receive emails about chapter events and announcements, please contact us immediately. MONTHLY ALL-SERVICE ACADEMY BREAKFASTS: *West Side - first Friday - Kip’s Authentic Irish Pub, Marriott West, I-394 & US 169 *East Side - second Friday The Machine Shed, I-94 & Inwood Ave., Lake Elmo

The Upper Midwest Chapter is pleased to tell our fellow alumni about a milestone in recruiting for Annapolis. Four students from the same class, and the same high school, were admitted to USNA in June with the class of 2021. The Plebes include Carsten Swenson, Lauren McDonnell, Maria Satre, and Sean McCullough, and all four graduated from Benilde-St. Margaret’s. The weekend of July 21st and 22nd saw the first Upper Midwest Chapter board visit to Iowa, which included visits with alumni chapter members in the Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines areas. Joining the board during these three meetings were Richard McGaughy ’52 and his wife Sue, Dale Crosier ’55, Jim Burns ’57, Dan Roepke ’75, Ted Olt III ’85 and his wife Rosemary, Jim Trettin ’85 and his wife Carol, and Renee (McKee) Miller ’02 and her husband Tom. The board received valuable feedback from our Iowa members, which will be acted on in coming months. Ted Olt III ‘85, Iowa Blue and Gold Area Coordinator, is seeking Iowa chapter members to serve as Blue and Gold Officers. Please contact Ted immediately at tolt@ l-wlaw.com if you are interested. This column also gives the board a chance to remind our chapter members about the Navy Birthday Ball, scheduled for October 14th at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest.

See the chapter website for details. The current Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral William Moran ’81, is the planned keynote speaker. Finally, the Army/Navy Game party will (tentatively) be held at the Ballentine VFW Post on the afternoon of Saturday, December 9th. Stand by for details.

Mississippi BGO Area Coordinator: David Price ’78 e: dep-78@sbcglobal.net

South Mississippi Chapter Pres: CDR E. Spencer Garrett IV ’88, USNR PO Box 1792, Gautier, MS 39553 p: 228-497-5050; e: esgarrett44@aol.com Sec’y: CAPT Harry J. Rucker ’73, USN (Ret.) e: navynomad50@caldeone.net

Missouri Greater Kansas City Metro Chapter Pres: Bob Culler ‘74 P: 913-488-6319; E: bculler@sbcglobal.net Vice Pres: Victor Hurlbert ‘10 P: 816-665-1647; E:vhurlbert@wradvisors.com Treas: Jack Rush ‘73 E: jackrush7376@gmail.com Website: http://KansasCity.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: David Price ’78 e: dep-78@sbcglobal.net

1939 See the Class of 1939 column on page 50-52 for more

St. Louis Chapter Pres: Dave Turnbaugh ’89 Website: http://stlouis.usnachapters.com Shipmate contact: Raese Simpson ’61 1138 Westmoor Pl., St. Louis, MO 63131-1320 c: 314-757-1221; e: raese1961@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Michael Carnes ’74, USN (Ret.) e: usna74@att.net

Mike Dunham ’72 received a nice email from Barbara Adams, Secretary for the Class of ’39 thanking the Chapter for our Memorial Day Service and remembrance of the men who were transferred from the Philippines to Japan on the “Hell Ships”. One of the men who lived to tell that tragic story is Calvin George ’39 - Calvin is still with us today. The St. Louis Chapter salutes you Calvin - thank you. A special thanks to Jim Checkett ’64 for the following: On 6/10 the Greater St. Louis Parent’s Club hosted a Plebe recognition luncheon for the Class of 2021 at CBC High School. Chapter members attending were Tom Abernathy ’71, Mike Carnes ’74, Jim Checkett ’64, Terry Councilor ’70, Charlie Freeman ’99, Kent Higginbotham ’76, Greg Hightaian ’80, John Hueseman ’78, Ned Hunter ’81, Ken Leach ’81, Alexa Maranhao ’09, Matt McCroary ’81, Larry Meyer ’67, Chris Van Sickle ’91, and John Winkler ’85 - (a great turn out!) The luncheon began with all attendees rising and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a blessing and recital of the Midshipman’s Prayer by Andrew Hunt ’20. After lunch Mike Carnes introduced all


CHAPTER NEWS members of the Class of 2021 having them describe where they went to high school, there intended major at the Academy, then having them introduce their parents. Mike then introduced Ned Hunter who gave the keynote address challenging them on their new life mission as they become leaders and future officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Their time will start on induction day. Tom Abernathy then discussed the meaning of “Another Link in the Chain”, the significance of 50 years between classes, how it will effect their lives at the Academy and into the future. Some Class Rings from 1971 will be melted down to become part of the Rings for 2021 - Navy is a special place… The food was outstanding, matched only by camaraderie between parents, alumni and future alumni. The luncheon concluded with the rousing singing of Blue and Gold by alumni and the Class of 2021.

Greg Hightaian ’80 and Terry Councilor ’70 (fair winds and a following sea, Greg)

Sadly Greg Hightaian ’80 and family will be leaving for Charleston, SC. Greg was very active in the Chapter. He was on the Board many years, is a past Chapter President, and Blue & Gold officer. John Hueseman, after kind remarks, presented him with a miniature STL Arch on behalf of the Chapter. All the best to you and your family, Greg! Raese Simpson ’61

Albuquerque Chapter: Alums line up “alphabetical by height” for a group photo before lunch. Left to right are: Bill Horton ’44, Ole Olsen ’64, Maury Hartle ’44, Hank Schwartz ’62, Ron Walters ’63, Brink Trammel ’57, Mike Blackledge ’63, Scott Kraus ’73, Ken Fladager ’78, Christine Hoaglund ’97, Herb Richter ’59, and Joe McGuire ’68.

Montana BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Michael Kreyenhagen ’79, USN (Ret.) p: 406 626-5637; e: kreyten@YAHOO.com

Nebraska BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Jerry Hodge '86, USN (Ret.) e: gerald.hodge@med.ge.com Jamie O’Leary ’99 and Katie; Ray Rodriguez ’83 and Lisa

Picnic Notes: Free beer, burgers, dogs and brats were served on the warm afternoon of 7/8 @ Tilles Park for our annual picnic. Josh Rich ’97 was master chief - thanks Josh!! Also attending were Mike Carnes ’74 and Barbara Pitcher, Terry Councilor ’70, Mike Dunham ’70, Alyssa Harper and Darin, Chris Hardy ’81, Greg Hightaian ’80, John Hueseman ’78, Kevin Liddy ’78, Laura Mannix ’94 and Lizzie & Eric, Matt McCroary ’81 and Sara, Jamie O’Leary ’99 and Katie (1st time attendees-welcome!), Ray Rodriguez ’83 and Lisa, Rick Roustio ’78, Cliff Schoep ’56 and Nancy, Raese Simpson ’61 and Ann, Dan Sullivan and Mary Pat, Dave Turnbaugh ’89, and Chris VanSickle ’91. Following lunch Dave led the Chapter in our annual meeting. Chris Van Sickle will be joining the Chapter Board which otherwise will remain the same.

Omaha Chapter Pres: Ray Foran ’00 p: 402-312-4917; e: rayforan@2000.usna.com

Nevada BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Shire ’88, USN e: scott.shire@dhs.gov

Southern Nevada Chapter Pres: Tessa Carlson ’91 p: 702-809-6827; e: TessaCarlson@1991.usna.com Website: http://southernnevada.usna chapters.com/

USNA AA TAILGATES Bring the whole family to cheer on Navy at our home game tailgates in the Stadium, right next to the field. We start 2 hours before game-time and party right through half-time.


For more information, visit usna.com/tailgates or contact events@usna.com

Albuquerque Chapter: Wives of the alumni catch up with each other over a delicious meal.

New Jersey

New Mexico

BGO Area Coordinator: (North NJ) Cam Winkelstein p: 716-867-6871; e: ccwinkelstein@gmail.com

New Mexico Chapter

BGO Area Coordinator: (South NJ) David Restrepo p: 609-217-7057; e: dwrestrepo@aol.com

New Jersey Chapter Pres: Patric Hurley ’87 Vice Pres: William Kramer ’78 e: wilkramer@hotmail.com Sec’y: Bob Moran ’83 p: 732-208-8644; e: bobmoran@1983.usna.com Website: www.usnanj.com

Pres: Christine Hoaglund ’97 e: christinehoaglund@hotmail.com Sec’y: Joseph McGuire ’68 p: 505-857-9679; e sunnymack@msn.com NM Parents’ Club Pres: Ms. Jeanette Harris p: 505-710-6646; e: totalbodywellness@msn.com Website: http://newmexico.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: Capt. Richard Dommers ’62 p: 575-434-8735; e: usnabgo@yahoo.com

The New Mexico Chapter held its annual family picnic at the Elena Gallegos Open Space Kiwanis Shelter on Sunday, June 4th from 1300 to 1700. This year’s event was


New York New York Capital District Chapter Pres: Frank Hughes ’80 p: 518-432-9193; e: frankhughes2@yahoo.com Sec’y: Gordon Lattey 40 First St., Troy, NY 12180 p: 518-274-4989; e: ussslater@aol.com

and Lisa Morocco with her mother Peggy ’86 and her sister Peggy. Lisa’s father is Pat Morocco ’86 who unable to attend but was represented by his father Daniel and Daniels’s wife Betty. Lisa’s sister is Mary ’19.

Website: http://capitaldistrictny.usna chapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR William deVries ’91 USN (Ret.) e: USNA.BGO.AlbanyNY@gmail.com

Central New York Chapter Albuquerque Chapter: The guys enjoy comparing sea stories from their many decades of service around the globe.

Pres: Steve Erb ’68 e: steveerb@windstream.net Sec’y: Bob Fegan Jr. ’64 e: bobfegam64@gmail.com

From the left: Lisa Morocco and Abby McGinn

Website: CentralNY.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR William deVries ’91 USN (Ret.) e: USNA.BGO.AlbanyNY@gmail.com

Albuquerque Chapter: Maury Hartle ’44 brought his extended family to enjoy the annual Chapter outing.

framed by blue skies and light winds making it most enjoyable for all. As in the past, the Chapter provided the shelter rental from the City of Albuquerque, chicken for the main course, and soft drinks for $5 per adult. Each family brought side dishes and desserts to share, making for a wide variety of sumptuous offerings to add to the fellowship. In attendance were: Patsye and Maurie Hartle ’44 with guests Blake Pittman, Lynn Hudson, Karen Molzen, and Jessica Molzen; Bonnie and Bill Horton ’44; Phyllis Rohr (‘55 Assoc); Brink Trammell ’57; Herb Richter ’59; Salley and Hank Schwartz ’62; Bonnie and Chapter Webmaster Mike Blackledge ’63; Pam and Ron Walters ’63; Phyllis and

2017 NAVY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Follow Navy Football online at: navysports.com 1-800-US4-NAVY

Ole Olsen ’64; Mary Lynn and Chapter Secretary Joe McGuire ’68; Lynden (Tolly) Toliver ’71; Ashby Albright (‘71 Assoc.); Chapter Vice President Scott Kraus ’73; Chapter Treasurer Ken Fladager ’78; Chapter President Christine Hoaglund ’97; and Robb Toliver ’97. Following the meal, Chapter President Christine Hoaglund ’97 briefed the attendees on the topics discussed during the International Chapter Officers Forum (ICOF) which she attended in Annapolis on May 11th. She was asked several questions about the many USNA projects underway. More details of her ICOF briefing are linked to the NM Chapter bulletin board found at http:// newmexico.usnachapters.com.

2017 HOMECOMING Thursday, 19 October through Saturday, 21 October

The annual Welcome Aboard Pizza Party, sponsored by the Central New York Parents Club and supported by the Central New York Chapter, was held on Saturday, 10 June, at Trapper’s II Pizza Pub in Minoa, NY. There was a good gathering of Chapter members, Parents Club members and candidates for the Class of 2021 with family members. Alumni and family able to attend were Augie Albanese ’48 and his companion Patricia Conklin, Steve Erb ’68, Bob Fegan ’64 and his wife Marilyn, Howard Gutzman ’75 and his wife Mary, Mick Keville ’74 and his wife Betsy, Peggy Morocco ’86 and daughter Lisa, and Dan Wheeler ’75. Parents of USNA alumni able to attend were Jill Kaptan whose son is John ‘04, and Dan Wheeler ’75 whose sons are Chris ’10 and Tim ’13. Jill and Dan are also Blue and Gold Officers. Steve Erb’s son Scott is ’92. Nick Street ’18 was the only current midshipman able to attend with his parents, Bill and Jennifer Street who are co-presidents of the Central New York Parents Club. Chris and Jaqueline McRoberts whose son Eliot is a member of the Class of 2020 were able to attend. Candidates for the USNA Class of 2021 able to attend were Abby McGinn with her mother Suzanne,

Paul and Susan Spero whose son Eric graduated with the Class of 2017 were in attendance, and were presented a commemorative clock by the CNY Chapter President Steve Erb ’68. The other CNY graduates with the Class of 2017 were Seth Adams, Brian Burlingame, Trevor Diamond and Madina Petashvili. Commemorative clocks were mailed to their parents.

From the left: Paul and Susan Spero, and Steve Erb ‘68

Alumni, family and friends are encouraged to attend the weekly Wednesday lunch at 1200 at Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango, NY. You can call (315-687-3300) to let them know if you will be attending a lunch but calling is not necessary…just show up. Alumni, family, friends, USNA parents, and others with an interest in the Naval Academy are welcome to join the Chapter at all Chapter functions. Call (315-655-5949) or e-mail Bob Fegan to let us know if you plan to attend a function. Future Chapter activities will be addressed as they are planned. The Chapter’s website is a good source of current information.


CHAPTER NEWS Those being honored by entering the Class of 2021 were recognized with a personal biography of their significant accomplishments and a round of applause: USNA-Jessica Mogavero, John Crysler, Alexandra Hartnett, Christian Coccitti, Josh McCarthy; USMA-Thomas Alvermann; USCGA-Ethan Geurtsen. Our next event will be when we get together for our quarterly breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on September 7th at the Coal Tower Restaurant in Pittsford. Western New York Chapter: USNA, USMA, & USCGA Class of 2021 appointees with Capt. Reynolds.

North Carolina BGO Area Coordinator: Mike Roberts p: 303-638-7560; e: ncbgo9376@gmail.com

Cape Fear Chapter Pres: CDR Geoffrey A. Losee ’85, USNR (Ret.) 3128 Lantern Way, Wilmington, NC 28409 p: 910-763-3404; E: gloose@1985.usna.com Sec’y: CAPT David G. Samtmann Jr. ’92, USNR 8871 New Forest Dr, Wilmington, NC 28411 M: 910-547-1138; E: david.samtmann@ge.com Western New York Chapter: Capt Will Reynolds, U.S. Army (Ret) addresses guests.

Metro New York Chapter (NAANY) Pres: Tom Williams ’88 p: 212-255-3387; e: Tom_2500@msn.com HotLine: 1-800-234-USNA (8732) Website: http://www.NAANY.org BGO Area Coordinator: Greg Costello ’79 p: 917-544-9803; e: surprise.sv@gmail.com

Western New York Chapter

given by Captain Will Reynolds, U.S. Army (retired). Captain Reynolds is a 2002 USMA graduate and was wounded by an IED in Iraq and subsequently lost his leg. He was captain of the U.S. team at the 2016 Invictus Games. His comments provided great insight and motivation to the prospective junior officers.

Pres: Jeff Bartkoski ’84 h: 585-398-7790; o: 585-396-0584 e: jbartkoski@mercyflightcentral.org

Charlotte Chapter Pres: Guy Chamberlain ’73 p: 704-543-0720; e: gchamberlain@earthlink.net Sec’y: Jeff Searcy ’62 p: 704-341-2255; e: jeffsearcy@carolina.rr.com Website: Charlotte.usnachapters.com

Eastern North Carolina Chapter Pres: Rob Skrotsky ’67 PO Box 847, New Bern, NC 28563 h: 252-514-0299 e: robert.skrotsky@1967.usna.com Vice Pres: Rick Kunkel ’67 p: 910-455-6280; e: rkunkel@ec.rr.com

Website: http://westernny.usnachapters.net BGO Area Coordinator: Doug Peters ’73 e: douglastpeters@gmail.com

On May 25th the chapter held its annual recognition dinner for the young men and women from the western New York area who have successfully received and accepted appointments from all service academies along with ROTC scholarships. This year’s event was held at Locust Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York and was well attended. Forty-five were in attendance including seven USNA and five USMA alumni along with seven honorees. The evening was emceed by Chapter President Jeff Bartkoski ’84 and the keynote address was

Shipmate contact: Mr. James Welch ’52 1160 Arboretum Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405 p: 910-256-5489; e: jimlyne28@msn.com

Sec’y: Tim Marvin ’59 PO Box 731, Kure Beach, NC 28449-0731 e: tmarvin738@charter.net

Chapter President Jeff Bartkowski ’84 welcomes guests.

A great crowd was present at Locust Hill Country Club.


Treas: Dennis Doyle ’66 215 Ticino Ct., New Bern, NC 28562 p: 252-638-2377; e: dennisdoyle66@gmail.com Website: http://easternnc.usnachapters.com

The June meeting convened the 21st at the Club on board MCB Camp Lejeune. Eight (8) members were present. Mr. Rick Kunkel ’67, vice president, presided. He asked for a moment of silence for members of the armed forces and their dependents and for chapter members who had lost a loved one, were ill, or were suffering.

Mr. Skrotsky ’67, was also present, his trip having been delayed for weather. He updated the members concerning the next meeting being in New Bern on 19 July and the 16 August meeting at Camp Lejeune. He noted the Founders Day dinner will be on Friday, 29 September at the New Bern Country Club. The speaker will be Mr. Tim Downs, Director of Economic Development for Craven County. The treasurer ’s report was received and bank Balance noted. CDR Wesley A. Bergazzi ’73, USN (Ret), gave the Blue/Gold report. New midshipmen will be reporting soon for swearing-in. He made some general comments about the recent classes. Rick Kunkel then gave a very interesting presentation about the U.S. flag, about the various days the flag should be flown, and the historical background of each day. He noted that the Jacksonville Daily News provides excellent coverage of Flag Day, 14 June. He also cited an article by James F. Burns about Flag Day that was printed this year titled “Today We Salute the Flag— Together”. It is accessible on line as well by typing in James F. Burns and Flag Day. Mr. Kunkel discussed how holidays, like Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Presidents Day, are viewed by many as just a day off or a day for special sales, where in reality their historical basis is given short coverage. The members all discussed their experiences with the meaning of the flag when on active duty and in civilian endeavors. The meeting adjourned at 1345. The July meeting convened at 1145 on 19th at Bakers Kitchen Restaurant in New Bern, NC. Twenty-four (24) members and guests were present. Mr. Rob Skrotsky ’67, President presided. He asked for a moment of silence for servicemen who were lost from MARSOC as result of the plane crash, as well as service personnel deployed, and their dependents awaiting their safe return. Jim Kraft ’64 with Wes Bergazzi ’73 updated the Blue & Gold Officers activities. The area has nine (9) prospects for the class entering in 2018.

CHAPTER NEWS Rob introduced the speaker Major General Tom Braaten, USMC (Ret), who had participated in the Presidential Inaugural Parade as a member of the Eastern North Carolina Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. Six helicopters on trucks and a support vehicle participated. The column of trucks carrying the helicopters encountered numerous challenges getting to DC lined up for the parade and then moving past the reviewing stand, with one chopper having its blades opened, and finally moving the trucks back to the staging area. Particular challenges were dealing with underpasses having low clearance, blocked off roads, escorts or lack thereof, backing up semi ’s and finding their way around. In spite of all these situations the participants got back to the staging area before midnight, having stared out around 2 AM. In retrospect there were hilarious events in the exercise but completely successful and worthwhile. The meeting adjourned at 1315. Timothy H. Marvin, ‘59 Secretary

North Carolina Triangle Chapter Pres: John F. Jones ’93 p: johnfjones963@gmail.com Sec’y: Chris Perrien ’74 e: ibmchris@mac.com Website: www.usnatriangle.com

A hot summer in our Research Triangle Park. The Annual Family Picnic at the Durham Bulls Ballpark drew 90+ members and guests. Neither a squall nor the loss of city power prevented the fan-tail like BBQ from commencing on time with full enthusiasm. Grads in attendance included: Bob & Gina Adams ’73; Chris & Tessa Perrien ’74; JJ Cuff & family ’75; Tim Dumbauld ’79; Mike Flentje & family ’76; Tarey & Kim Gettys & family ’87; John & Monica Jones & family ’93; Jeff & Catherine Truitt & friends & family ’93; Kevin Kitts & family ’88; Brandon, Kayla & Drew Kot ’87; Nick & Nina Leshock ’04; Pat Lessard & crew ’98; Girard & Annette Lew ’60; Matt Minor ’07; Ward Sax & friends & family ’83;

Bill & Anne Sena & family ’95; Ken Smith ’66; Amy Thomas & friends & family; Grey & Vickie Tompson ’07 & family. We’ll resume our monthly gatherings with the following schedule: 4 August - Lt. Abby Rorapaugh USN of the Piedmont NROTC Consortium; 8 September - Liz Marks ’02 to discuss her work at the VA with PTSD; 5 October - dinner with the CO of the USS NorthCarolina, SSN-777; 3 November - Mike Deering to discuss the Spec Ops Warfare Dev Gru; and the 9 Dec Annual Army-Navy Party at the Top of the Hill. Throughout the year, we’ve enjoyed a balanced participation from year groups 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Please join-up or join us with related details at our Chapter web site. Go Navy! Regards, Chris

2017. We welcomed four of our 12 inbound Plebe’s: Logan Franxman, Ethan Fessler, Mary Poltrack, and Micah Farrar. We had a great presentation from CAPT Rex Settlemoir (’71) under the Another-Link-InThe-Chain (ALITC) program forging the bonds with the future class of ’21 their semicentennial predecessors. A really fun event for all that we capped off with pictures holding our Chapter USNA Flag that was flown by 1st Lt Peter Corcoran (USNA ’09) at FOB Robinson in Afghanistan 26 January 2012.

Piedmont Chapter

To celebrate a few Midshipmen and Cadets in town for externships and leave, we partnered with the West Point Alumni to host an AllAcademy Happy Hour on June 22. Special thanks to Bob Viney (’70) for coordinating with Capital Grille to provide some fantastic food! Around 30 alumni from the various Service Academies attended, networked and told sea stories! Cincinnati hosted the 37th Veterans Affairs Wheelchair Games the week of July 16. With the help of CAPT Rex Settlemoir (’71), a few

Pres: CAPT Claude Lumpkin ’65, USNR (Ret.) E: clumpkin@1965.usna.com Vice Pres: Tom Cornejo ’00 E: thomas.cornejo@yahoo.com Sec’y: Josh Fogle ’03 E: foglejw@gmail.com

North Dakota Upper Midwest Chapter See Minnesota BGO Area Coordinator: Susan Canham p: 701-226-2204; e: scanham2@gmail.com


Alumni volunteered at the Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association to help at the Trapshooting Competition. The volunteers helped set up the range and watched the competitors blow away some clay! Keep your eyes out for emails, look us up on Facebook & LinkedIn (USNA Alumni Association Cincinnati Chapter), or cincyusnaaa. weebly.com for information on Happy Hours and other events!

Cleveland Chapter Pres: CAPT Fred W. Bergman ’75, USNR (Ret.) p: 440-570-3564; e: FWayBergman@aol.com Sec’y: John Blackburn ’82 e: joblackburn@clevelandtrack.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Thomas Hartline ’81, USNR (Ret.) p: 216-433-5298; e: thomas.w.hartline@nasa.gov

Columbus and Central Ohio Chapter Pres: CDR Tony Konecny ’79, USN (Ret.) e: konecnya@hotmail.com Comms: Dave Goins ‘84 e: dgoins84@columbus.rr.com

Logan Franxman, Ethan Fessler, Mary Poltrack, and Micah Farrar

Treas: Chris Rosen ‘90 e: crosen@cutlerhomes.com Shipmate Contact: LT Eric Marquardt ’07, USNR e: eric07usna@gmail.com Webmaster: Robert White ‘94 e: robwhite614@gmail.comWebmaster: Robert White ‘94 e: robwhite614@gmail.com Parents’ Club President: Tom Klitzka e: tklitzka@columbus.rr.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT D. Michael Crites ’70, USNR (Ret.) e: mcrites@dinsmore.com

Great turnout at the first of many Columbus Chapter Pub Nights, held at Zaftig Brewing Company in Wor-

Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Chapter Pres: CDR Vince Scott ’89 USN (Ret.) p: 405-334-7305; e: vhscott@att.net or vscott@secgrusolutions.com Sec’y/Chief of Chapter Comms: Ted Johnson ’02 p: 513-405-5243; e: teddijohnson@yahoo.com Website: http://www.usnacinci.org BGO Area Coordinator: LT Leonard Green ’06, USNR e: Leonard.Green@gmail.com

It’s been a busy summer in Cincy! The Cincinnati-Dayton Alumni Chapter supported the South West Ohio Parents Club at their plebe welcome Picnic on Sunday, June 11,

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter: Fun turnout for the Service Academy Happy Hour


CHAPTER NEWS of Salem OR, Hailey Harms of Portland OR, Jung Kim of Portland OR, Kevin McCarthy of St. Paul OR, Tobe Okafor of Gresham OR, Kory Parent of Cottage Grove OR, Pepe Tanuvasa of Tigard OR, Alexandria Vallancey-Martison of Corvallis OR, and Nicklaus Wiley of Portland OR.

Columbus Chapter: From Left to Right: Dave Goins ‘84, Ben Sandman ’10, Jeff Uhde ’91, Wayne Hallenbeck ’71, Tony Konecny ‘79, Tim Jewell ’83, Chris Rosen ’90, Jim Welch ’86, Todd Forney ’86, Jeff Evers ’87, CDR Ben Martin ’99.

thington, OH. A tour of the brewery was provided by co-owner Jason Blevins. Eleven Alumni and The President of the USNA Parents’ Club of Central Ohio were in attendance. All committed to continuing the growth of the Chapter.

Vice Pres: Doug Ballard ’74 e: cassandra.alpha61@comcasÏÏt.net

Toledo Chapter

Treas: Ted Scypinski ‘90 e: ted.scypinski@flir.com

Pres: David B. Puckett ’63 5051 Chatham Valley Rd., Toledo, OH 43615-1107 e: dpuckett@buckeye-express.com

Sec’y: Pete Crystal ’70 e: pete.a.crystal@gmail.com

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT David Chilson, USNR (Ret.) p: 419-308-6464; e: chilson@bgsu.edu

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT “Butch” Bewick ’62, USNR (Ret.) p: 503-319-4653; e: Jsbewick@aol.com Website: oregon.usnachapters.net

Oklahoma BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Harry Rouse ’77, USN (Ret.) e: HVRouse@aol.com

Oklahoma City Chapter Pres: CDR James M. Novak ’91, USN (Ret.) p: 405-524-1006; e: novak6@sbcglobal.net

Tulsa Chapter Pres: CDR Harry V. Rouse IV ’77, USN (Ret.) 2623 East 33 Pl., Tulsa, OK 74105-2334 p: 918.591.5325; e: hvrouse@aol.com

UPDATE YOUR PROFILE Log into Online Community at usna.com to update your profile.

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71 classmates Mark Cooksey, Ray Miller and John Bickford represent their class in ALITC at the Parents’ Club “Welcome Aboard Picnic” for the class of ’21.

Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter Pres: CAPT Frank Swientek ’66 USN (Ret.) e: gatorlst@comcast.net

In conjunction with our local USNA Parents’ Club’s annual hosted event, “welcoming aboard” the latest plebe class and proud parents on June 4th; Mark Cooksey ’71, Ray Miller ’71, & John Bickford ’71 represented their class as our ALITC points-of-contact and hailed our latest Oregon–SW Washington USNA appointees. In addition to Jake McMichael ’58, Tim Myers ’64, Frank Swientek ’66, John Adams ’69, and Mike Carmichael ’69 (& wife Suzie); Rick Colvin ’49 was in attendance as our oldest alumnus, assisted in cutting “welcome aboard” cakes, and celebrated his grandson’s Connor’s USNA selection. Our Class of 2021 appointees include Connor Anglin of Longview WA, Evan Brucker of Portland OR, Jesse Carroll of Ashland OR, Simon Chuang of Portland OR, Cole Dittemore of Roseburg OR, Cameron Douglas


Frank Swietek ’66 hands over the Presidency of the Chapter to Doug Ballard ’74

Our June meeting included the presentation by Pete Young ’67 of the story behind photo’s he found that belonged to the family of a Civil War veteran who visited the Naval Academy in 1908. He did extensive research on this family and the Naval Academy at the time. The presentation with photo’s of the Yard before Bancroft Hall was erected were very informative and interesting. He also described the family’s history and some of the practices and policies of the Veterans’ Department and their benefits of the time. In addition to Pete’s presentation, elections were held for officers of the Chapter for the next 2 years. Election results were; PresidentDoug Ballard ’74, Vice President – Mike Carmichael ’69, Treasurer – Ted Scypinski ’90. The new slate of officers will take office at the July meeting. In attendance in June were; Frank Swientek ’66, Ted Scypinski ’90,

Tex Harkins ’67, Pete Crystal ’70, George Schultz (NAPS & NESEP ’71), Jake McMichael ’58, Doug Ballard ’74 (guest Col. Steve Easterday of the Navy League), Dave Thomas ’06, Skip Connely ’67, Bart Dallamura ’54, Butch Bewick ’62, Jack Kohl ’65, CJ Meek ’67, John Morris ’61 (wife Brenda), Mike Carmichael ’69, John Frerichs ’50 (wife Stacey), Ray Kutch ’63, Michael Siewold ’73, Bruce Thompson ’73, Pete Young ’67, Doug Bomarito ’68. During our July meeting, we recognized the change of leadership of the Chapter. Our new President, Doug Ballard ’69, called the meeting to order for the first time in his new term. We also were fortunate to have the CO, Capt. Jeff Farah USN, of the USS Frank Cable (AS-40) speak to the chapter about his ship. The Frank Cable is currently in the shipyards in Portland. Capt Farah described the history and mission of his ship, a submarine tender. He also described the relationship of the Navy and MSC who do much of the operation of the ship, while Captain Farah is responsible for the mission. It was amazing to hear of the technical and difficult repairs his crew of young sailors are capable of. Members present were; Frank Swietek ’66, Tex Harkins ’67, Jack Kohl ’65, Ted Scypinski ’90, John Frerichs ’50 (guest Ron Anderson), Janette Sandberg ’96, Dick Barnette ’66, George Schulte ;56, Don Haslett ’66, Tom Burns ’67, Jake McMichael ’58, Skip Connely ’67, John Adams ’69, Doug Ballard ’74, John Morris ’61, Doug Bomarito ’68, Ray Kutch ’63, Ed Hepp ’67, Pete Crystal ’70, Ike Eisenbach ’67, Butch Bewick ’62, Michael Siewald ’73, Mark Cooksey ’71, Wayne Hildebrand ’59, Bruce Thompson ’73, Tony Lash (VMI ’58) and Bart Dallan ’54 (wife Jann.

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Chapter Pres: Kevin McCloskey ’93 e: kevin@mccloskeymail.net Sec’y: Nick Rygiel ’04 e: nick.ryg@gmail.com Website: http://philadelphia.usnachapters.net BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR James Lare ’77, USNR (Ret.) p: 610-222-4695; e: Jlare@comcast.net

CHAPTER NEWS Pittsburgh Chapter Pres: William E. Otto ’71 4105 Tartan Ct., Murrysville, PA 15668-1045 e: figaro4105@aol.com Website: Pittsburgh.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT David Gates ’77, USN (Ret.) p: 724-632-6621; e: LJreese357@aol.com

Susquehanna Valley Chapter Pres: Chris Nigon ’74 p: 717-314-4653; e: captcsn@aol.com Vice Pres: Del Becker ’84 e: delbecker@gmail.com Sec’y: Gib Armstrong ’91 e: gibshar@gmail.com Treas: Charlie Perkins ’71 e: CharlesPerkins71@gmail.com Website: http://www.usnasvc.com BGO Area Coordinator: Janet Catina p: 570-350-7678

Recreational Vehicle American Chapter Pres: Jay Williams ’67 e: wjay@bellsouth.net Sec’y: Gary Polansky ’69 e: g.polansky@att.net Treas: Glenn Shindler ’64 4530 Lasheart Dr., La Canada, CA 91011 e: gshindler64@earthlink.net Shipmate inputs to: ‘Nita Parry e: mauryplace@aol.com Website: www.unarv.usnachapters.net

As is the case with anything else in life, there is nothing quite like experience when it comes to learning your way in the RV world. Once you get started as an RV owner, you will gradually learn lessons that will help you to get more and more out of the RV experience. Of course, it would be great if you could start out from day one with some of those lessons already in mind” – which is exactly the purpose of this article, courtesy of the site rving.how: #1 – You Can Always Upgrade: One of the biggest mistakes of new RV owners is buying the biggest rig on the lot or the biggest rig that fits your budget from the very start. In most cases, this simply is not necessary or even wise. Be practical when shopping by carefully considering your own size requirements while trying to keep your budget under control. There will always be larger rigs available down the road

should you decide an upgrade is in order. Additionally, each new model year brings new features. #2 - A Little Practice Goes a Long Way: Rather than making all those newcomer driving mistakes on the open road - where those mistakes can be both dangerous and expensive - consider spending some time practicing behind the wheel of your new RV in an open parking lot. Without any trouble to find right knob, you work on key things like braking distance, cornering, backing-up and more without any pressure from traffic or strange roads or looking for directional signage. #3 – You Don’t Have to Go Far: Another classic mistake of new RV owners is only looking for destinations that require thousands of miles to be covered on high speed highways. Owning an RV gives you a great sense of freedom, but you don’t have to traverse the country to have a good time. Look for destinations within close proximity to your home base for quick, fun adventures plus building expereince. #4 – Preventive Maintenance is Essential: Even the best RV needs to be maintained regularly if it is going to hold up over the years, so don’t overlook your RV’s maintenance requirements. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as closely as possible to give your “rig” the best chance at a healthy future. For most, an RV is the second biggest investment made behind purchasing their “brick-andmortar” home as you are, indeed, basically purchasing a second home. #5 – Only Buy What You Need: One trip to any camping store, or even the NEX will reveal thousands of products that you can purchase for use in and around your RV. However, in reality, very few of those products are even close to ’essentials’. Think about your needs and buy only products that are actually going to help you get more from your RVing experience. Check around your own home first as you likely have extras from numerous moves after USNA. #6 – Families Love RV Travel: One common lament among most

long-time RV owners is the fact that they wished they had purchased some type of RV earlier so the entire family could enjoy. So, start as soon as possible to build great memories for the whole family. #7 – Variety is the Spice of Life: Some RV veterans fall into a rut of visiting the same campgrounds over and over again, year after year. While there is nothing wrong with having some favorite spots, keep an open mind and make sure you diversify your trips to get the most out of your RV investment. Join the RV Alumni Chapter Come-Arounds held in various sites around the U.S. And your next chance for joining all the fun of this Alumni Chapter is the Watts Bar Come-Around (CA) on 24-29 October. We already have 17 rigs signed up so it is promising to be a big turnout to educate any new RV owners. We’ll have the campground mostly to ourselves, so lots of room for additional campers to attend. If you plan to attend this CA, you don’t need to make campsite reservations as long as you’ve contacted Firstie Jim Connors ’74 at http://jimcbrd@aol. com.Also, the chapter has 25 reserved seats for the Cumberland Playhouse performance of “Sleepy Hollow” with 3 unspoken for at this writing. So, if you want a seat and haven’t signed up, please contact Jim, ASAP! Please note there is a big discount if you stay the entire week. Daily Rate is $33/night cash or check, $35/night credit card. Weekly Rate $165 cash or check (that’s only $23.60/night). Save a few bucks and bring cash! Feel free to check out the POD on the USNA RV website at usna rv.usnachapters.net. Join us and keep learning the fun lifestyle of RVing!

Rhode Island BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Stuart Craig ’86, USN e: sbcraig@1986.usna.com

Rhode Island Chapter Pres: Col Paul Muller ’88, USMC e: usmctanker@cox.net

South Carolina BGO Area Coordinator: Eve Dallas p: 843-457-8256; e: dallasbgo@gmail.com

Central Savannah River Chapter (Aiken, SC; Augusta, GA; and surrounding areas) Pres: CAPT J. Frederick Dohse ’72, USN (Ret.) e: jfdohse@atlanticbb.net Website: http://csra.usnachapters.com

Charleston Chapter Pres: CDR Rick Stein ’82, USNR (Ret.) 784 Preservation Pl., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 p: 843-856-6591; w: 843-557-7021 e: USNA_AA_Charleston@Comcast.net Website: www.RickSteinOnline.com

Low Country Chapter Pres: Keith Waldrop ’64 205 Odingsell Ct., Saint Helena Island, SC 29920 h: 843-838-3715; c: 404-434-2893 e: kawaldrop@earthlink.net Sec’y: Mr. Thomas M. Anderson ’60 p: 843-987-0121 e: tomandcarola@embarqmail.com Website: LowCountry.usnachapters.com

Palmetto Chapter Pres: Wes Boyce ’89 E: wesboyce@bellsouth.net Vice Pres: Mike Epprecht ’65 E: mike.epprecht65@gmail.com Treas: Matt Felt ’88 E: matt.felt@baldor.abb.com Sec’y: Fred Rickabaugh ‘70 E: frickabaugh1@bellsouth.net BGO Area Coord: Eve Dallas E: dallasbgo@gmail.com

It has been a busy few months for the Palmetto Chapter. On April 29th our Chapter held its annual Joint Services picnic at Lake Robinson Park in Greer. A huge thanks to Harold “Hap” Hall ’72 for organizing this event. We had great weather and wonderful food and the lake was the perfect setting. Among the more than 40 attendees, the following alumni were there: Mike and Pam Epprecht ’65, Fred and Deborah Rickabaugh ’70, Hap Hall ’72, Jack and Valerie Kirby ’72, John & LizAnn Messerschmidt ’79, Ron and Susie Thompson ’80, Ben and Deidre Klosowski ’86, Wes and Angie Boyce and family ’89, and Scott Smart ’93, On May 4th our Chapter was fortunate to have local Blue and Gold Officer Kayla Weston ’97 provide an extremely interesting update of USNA and the admissions



Tennessee Chattanooga Chapter Pres: Richard “Scott” Jones ’00 9935 Penneywood La., Ooltewah, TN 37363 p: 804-363-3589; e: rsjones23@hotmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.) p: 865-966-4677; e: cdrcataldi@tds.net

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Chapter Palmetto Chapter Joint Services picnic at Lake Robinson Park

process during lunch at Wild Wing Café in downtown Greenville. Attendees included: Gene Morin ’50, John Plyler ’57, Bob deHoll ’68, Mac McClain ’69, Louis Buck ’70, Larry Johnson ’70, Fred and Deborah Rickabaugh ’70, Marc Watson ’77, Kevin Becker ’79, Jon Nowicki ’84, Peter Dunphy ’88, Matt Felt ’88, Wes Boyce ’89, TJ Linardi ’92, Scott Smart ’93, Peter Weston ’98, and Ted Van Dam ’08. Our second Happy Hour event of the year was held on June 16th at Up on the Roof, a rooftop bar in Greenville, SC. Once again, the Chaperones (Class of ’96 and older) outnumbered the Young Guns (after the Class of ’96). However, over 40 alumni, spouses and significant others had a great time, enjoying the libations, the chow, the wonderful company and conversation! Special thanks once again to Kristie Colpo ’04 for organizing the get together. We’re already looking forward to the next one! Our next event on July 2nd was special in that it was on Military Appreciation Day at our local minor league baseball stadium, Fluor Field. Our team, the Greenville Drive and its organization, an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, did a remarkable job paying a special tribute to our country’s military and its service members. Those from our chapter that attended were Mike and Pam Epprecht ’65, Dale and Theta Fink ’67, Ron and Susie Thompson ’80, Matt Felt and family ’88, Tom and Joanne Markley ’61 and Wes Boyce and family ’89.

Pres: CDR Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.) p: 865-966-4677; e: cdrcataldi@tds.net Sec’y-Treas: CAPT Mark Kohring ’73, USNR (Ret.) e: mark_kohring@mac.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.) p: 865-966-4677; e: cdrcataldi@tds.net

Upcoming events for the Chapter include a luncheon on August 11th at Wild Wing Café where CDR Jared Henderson ’02 will update us on operations at the local NOSC. In September we plan to have another Happy Hour event – details to follow. October 7th will mark our first football gathering when we get together for the Navy-Air Force game. The following week on the 14th we will be attending the local Navy Ball at the Poinsett Club in Greenville. Wes Boyce ’89

South Carolina Midlands Chapter Pres: CAPT Mike Kehoe ’71, USN (Ret.) 1270 Polo Rd., Apt 321, Columbia, SC 29223 p: 803-865-8664; e: mandnkehoe@hotmail.com Sec’y: Katie Hirsch e: mkh5325@aol.com Website: www.usnasc.org

Spain Rota Chapter Pres: Michael Carsley ’88 e: michael.carsley@eu.navy.mil Vice Pres: Ryan Eilerman Treas: Cassidy Masey ’06 e: cassidy.a.massey@gmail.com Sec’y: Dustin Cunningham


In the June-July issue of Shipmate, the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Chapter celebrated the retirement of Dr. Marvin and Reeva Abraham after serving as hosts for the members of the USNA Lightweight Crew team for twenty spring break training trips to Oak Ridge. They were the last of the original “plank owners” recruited to serve as host families when the program began in 1997. The chapter thought that it would be fitting to provide the Abrahams with something to help them remember what they described as “an honor to host the Middies.” The photograph shows Bruce Bevard ’76, the chapter’s host coordinator the past fifteen years along with Midshipman Brianna Kaufman ’18 who is a coxswain for the lightweights making a presentation of a framed Robert Miller photograph of a Navy crew team in action to the Abrahams. Brianna was the Starboard Battalion Commander for Plebe Summer and is a Bowman Scholar who has been selected for submarines upon graduation and after a year at the Naval Post Graduate School. She was working as an intern at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the time of the presentation.

The Abrahams gave Bruce and Brianna a guided tour of their basement where all the midshipmen have stayed. They have many, many pictures of “their” mids on the walls. The room is decorated in all the things the midshipmen have given them over the years – blankets, throws, posters, etc. It is really quite nice; the midshipmen have really been on top of things in gift giving. The Abraham’s have a hot tub just off the basement that is evidently quite the fun thing to use in the cold March evenings! They will truly miss hosting in the future, but Marvin’s health just won’t allow them to continue. Once again, we say a huge “thank you” to the Abrahams and all of the host families who generously house a group of young men and women each March which allows the crew team to save on the order of a new racing shell each spring.

Memphis Chapter Pres: Judd F. Osten ’64 p: 678-644-7755; e: juddosten@1964.usna.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Paul Schuhlein ’85, USN (Ret.) p: 901-751-2225; e: pschuhlein@yahoo.com

Nashville Chapter Pres: CDR John F. Ohlinger ’69, USN (Ret.) 880 Lakemont Dr., Nashville, TN 37220-2124 h: 615-370-1441; w: 615-594-7628 e: john.ohlinger@usna.1969.com BGO Area Coordinator: Thomas Forsythe ’79 e: tom_forsythe@kyzen.com

Texas Alamo Chapter Pres: CAPT Ron A. Sandoval ’81, USN 18010 Keystone Blf., San Antonio, TX 78258-3436 Please send Shipmate Submissions and all correspondences to: Sec’y: Dave Driskell ’63 PO Box 461564, San Antonio, TX 78246-1564 e: info@alamogoats.org Website: http://www.alamo.usnachapters.com Facebook: Alamo Chapter NAAA BGO Area Coordinator: Maj Bruce Davis ’85, USMCR p: 210-877-1612; e: bruce.davis@parsons.com

We had our June meeting on the 13th with guest speaker Laura Koerner ’97. She spoke on the Global Command and Control System for Maritime Operations (GCCS-M). GCCS-M provides

CHAPTER NEWS reached more alumni in North Texas. Please join, or at least sign up to receive emails. http://www. usnaaa-ntx.com/

Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Pres: Matt Guyton ’07 p: 281-222-2192; e: matthew.guyton@gmail.com Vice Pres: Daniel Hanley ’09 e: dhanley10@gmail.com Alamo Chapter: The class of 2021 at STNAPC Welcome aboard picnic.

Sec’y: Bret Leach ’08 e: bret.e.leach@gmail.com Website: txgulfcoast.usnachapters.net

maritime commanders at all echelons with a single, integrated, and scalable Command and Control system. This is a crucial element for Maritime Commanders to maintain situational awareness of friendly and hostile forces while making command decisions. Laura works as a contractor who is on call to support the system when required. (ed.note: Fitzgerald’s GCCS-must have been disabled. Just couldn’t resist commenting #smiley face.) The meeting was attended by RAdm Eugene Farrell ’42 who must have reminisced on what such a system could have done in WWII.

By the time you read this we will have had our annual football brief and a Founders Day dinner. I will report on those events in the next issue. Respectfully Submitted, Dave Driskell ’63 Secretary

Austin Chapter Pres: Brad Holbrook ’06 p: 410-718-8839; e: bradley.holbrook@gmail.com Vice Pres: Dan Hanley ’10 p: 281 435 2523; e: dhanley10@gmail.com Treas: Kevin Windbigler ’86 p: 512-923-5010; e: hans2886@austin.rr.com Shipmate Contact: CDR Don McAlister ’63, USNR (Ret.) p: 512-365-7068; e: don.mcalister@austin.rr.com Website: Austin.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: Maj Bruce Davis ’85, USMCR p: 210-877-1612; e: bruce.davis@parsons.com

North Texas Chapter Pres: Greg Colandrea ’90 e: pres@usnaaa-ntx.com RADM Farrell with guest speaker Laura Koerner and Pres. Ron Sandoval ‘81

Sec’y: Carrie Busch Murdock ’99 e: secy@usnaaa-ntx.com Website: www.usnaaa-ntx.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Thomas Kaprurch ’75, USN (Ret.) p: 972-317-6218; e: tom.kapurch@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Robert Mackey ’70 e: bobmackey70@verizon.net

BGOs at 15 July training event.

BGO refresher training was held by AC Bruce Davis in Round Rock on July 15 using GoToMeeting. Budgetary constraints have forced USNA Admissions to utilize on line training more and more these days.

The chapter has been busy in June preparing for the fall. Our June lunch included an update from our Trustees Greg Colandrea, and our outgoing Trustee Matthew Elias. Please stay tuned to the website as we have football watch parties, our annual Blue Chip Dinner in December, and our monthly functions. We are excited that our push to reach alumni in North Texas has

BGO Area Coordinator: Rick Mawdsley p: 832-326-1685; e: rmawdsley@gmail.com

TOP GUN 4: THE BEST ONE YET This July we hosted the 4th Annual Top Gun Benefit which raised a record $15,000 for the USNAAATXGCF, Team RWB, and Lone Star Veterans Association. This continued success is a testament to the generosity of the Houston area businesses, the event partner organizations, and the hard work of the the alumni chapter. The funds distributed to the foundation will allow the alumni chapter to continue to support STEM and NASS scholarships and have an even greater impact in the greater Houston community. We look forward to making this even bigger next year. Some extra dry-fit shirts are left over from the event and available for sale (proceeds to the foundation), email TopGunBenefit@gmail.com for details. UPCOMING EVENTS *Continue to check our website for details on our football watch parties, and join us in particular for our Navy– ND joint watch party, Navy–UH tailgate, and Army–Navy joint watch party (more information below). *October 6th: Our next monthly luncheon will be held at El Tiempo Cantina 1308 Annex. Please check our website for more details and tickets. *November 9th: Join us and the West Point Club for the Annual Salute to Veterans presented by the Rotary Club of Houston. The event kicks off at 11am at the Junior League of Houston. Check our website for discounted tickets or how to sponsor a veteran.

*November 9th: The next North ‘burbs Happy Hour with the West Point Club and ExxonMobil Veterans will start at 1630 at Torchy’s Taco in Springwoods Village Market. We will be celebrating the Navy & Marine Corps Birthdays. *November 11th: Our Annual Army Navy Golf Scramble will be held at the Hermann Park Golf Course on Veterans Day. Tee time is 0800. See our website for more details. *November 18th: Continue to check our website for football watch party locations, but also join us at The Gorgeous Gael in Rice Village on Saturday, November 18th, for our 5th Annual Joint Navy-Notre Dame football party with ND Club. *November 24th: The tailgate for the Navy – UH football game will be held at the UH Alumni Center starting 3 hours before the game. Check our website for tickets and developing details. *December 9th: Join us for our Army Navy Houston watch party! We have been working diligently to make this a community-wide event and will have more details on the website as our plans come together.

United Kingdom United Kingdom Chapter Pres: Tim Fox ’97 e: timfox97@hotmail.com Vice Pres: Paige Turbeville ’01 e: paigeturbeville@gmail.com Sec’y: Lisa Aszklar Wife, Henry ’81 e: lisa.aszklar@gmail.com Treas: Logan Spiva ’10 e: logans999@gmail.com Board of Directors: Cody Nissen ’11 e: cnissen.mba2018@london.edu Evan McNeer ’06 e:emcneer.mba2018@london.edu BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Tim Fox ’97, USNR e: BGOArea501Coordinator@gmail.com

The USNA UK Chapter would like to recognize and thank the following new officers: serving as Treasurer will be Logan Spiva ’10, and serving as Board Members will be Cody Nissen ’11 and Evan McNeer ’06. Logan, Cody, and Evan join chapter President Tim Fox ’97, Vice President



Utah Intermountain Alumni Chapter Pres: Robert Allen ’67 e: ba@robertallen.org Treas: Nyles Christensen ’75 e: nylesc@hotmail.com

attending, sharing in the picnic feast prepared by All Academy Utah Parents Clubs. USNAPC President Kurt Olson and spouse did a great job with the USNA assignment.

Sec’y: Bill Whittlesey ’59 e:wswhittlesÏey@msn.com Website: http://utah.usnachapters.com BGO Area Coordinator: Steven Thatcher ’84 e: steventhatcher@ymail.com United Kingdom Chapter: There was a 50-year spread in alumni class years represented at the farewell gathering for Josie Troyer ’21 in London in late June. Representing the Class of ’71 was Ed Welsh.

Paige Turbeville ’01, and Secretary Lisa Aszklar, wife of Henry Aszklar ’81. Welcome aboard! At the same time, the chapter would like to recognize the efforts of departing Board Member Sue Saalau ’85, who is repatriating to Boston. Best of luck, Sue, and thank you for your many years of service to the UK Chapter! In late June, the Chapter gathered for a picnic to send off Josie Troyer as he joins the Class of 2021. Josie attended the American School in London and he and his father Kurt were able to spend time mixing with recent graduates (Logan Spiva ’10, Cody Nissen ’11, Evan McNeer ’06, and Paul Angelo ’06), as well as those of us with a little more “perspective” (Wes Turbeville ’01, Paige Turbeville ’01, Tim Fox ’97, Rob Suh ’96, and Ed Welsh ’71). The highlight of the event was unquestionably Ed Welsh serving as the representative of his proud class, which is taking up the banner of Another Link in Chain (ALITC) in pairing with our future mids in the Class of ’21. Ed spoke to the assembled group about his memories of I-Day, four years by the Bay, and service in the Fleet during the Cold War, undoubtedly one of modern history’s most turbulent times. The group was treated to a vibrant portrait of Ed’s Academy experience: the Smoke Hall reminder of USNA grads as caged POWs, hoisting astronaut Alan Shepard ’45 on his chair in King Hall, and Civil Rights protests in Annapolis; all set against the backdrop of the music of the 1960’s, blaring from Hi-Fi’s pointed out the windows of Mother B. Ah, those were the days!

PARENTS CLUB SENDOFF FOR CLASS OF 2021 The annual Sendoff Picnic for all academy appointees from Utah was a great success, over 100 appointees, family and friends, and Alumni

2021 ALITC Kevin Dolan ‘71

Wes Turbeville ’01 and Sophie Clark (sister of Michael Clark ’17) flank soon-to-be MIDN Josie Troyer ’21.

The UK Chapter wishes Josie the very best of luck as he begins his plebe year on the shores of the Severn! Alumni are once again reminded to please update their profiles on the USNA website www.usna.com. Remember: your classmates can’t find you if you don’t update! Go Navy!

Intermountain Chapter: Class of 2021 and Parents

UPDATE YOUR PROFILE Log into Online Community at usna.com to update your profile. Intermountain Chapter: Class of 2021 with their BGO

Intermountain Chapter: USNA 2021 Family and Friends



Hampton Roads Chapter: About 35 Hampton Roads early-risers (and one dog) participated in a Memorial Day Run to Honor run/walk. Central Virginia Alumni at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, VA. Attendees are (L-R): Doug Zanzot ’63 (and Diana), Michael Cathey ’67, Brain Pooler ’79, Jack Renard ’55, Ernie Harper ’87, Larry Schluderberg ’72 (and Jeannette), Ed Borger ’80 (and Sheila), Dennis Holden ’01, Tom Mohr ’85 (and Bea), Bill Murray ’83

USNA Class of 2021 in Attendance

The ALITC briefing was presented by Kevin Dolan ‘71, giving an insightful message to USNA selectees and families. Kevin presented a portrait of unprecedented opportunity for the midshipmen of today. Congratulations to selectees was given by Steven Thatcher’84, Utah BGO Coordinator and Robert Allen ‘67, Intermountain Chapter President. There is a great hope for the Class of 2021 as they enter Annapolis.

Virginia Central Virginia Chapter Pre: Bill Murray ’83 whmurray34@gmail.com Vice Pres: Jeff Holloway ’77 jeffrey.holloway@ngc.com Sec’y: Ed Borger ’80 ed.borger@honeywell.com Treas: Steve Hill ’74 swhill74@cstone.net BGO Area Coordinator: Don Aldridge e: n774pk@gmail.com

On Saturday, 8 July, the Central Virginia Chapter held our informal

mid-summer gathering at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, Virginia. It was the perfect venue to kickback and reunite with old friends and meet new ones. We welcome Tom Mohr ’85 and wife, Bea, as this was their first event and they drove in all the way from Lynchburg. Ed Borger ’80, Secretary

Run to Honor, a terrific organization that exists to honor our USNA brothers and sisters that have fallen in service to our great country as well as their family members. In the very early hours of Memorial Day a large group of somewhat sleepyeyed but enthusiastic alumni and Run to Honor supporters gathered at King Neptune’s status on the Virginia Beach boardwalk and did their thing!

Hampton Roads Chapter Pres: CAPT Dick Enderly ’71, USN (Ret.) p: 757-467-5167; c: 757-647-5155 e: bsbalcdmn@cox.net Website: www.usnahamptonroads.com BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.) p: 757-423-8602; e: dlannetti81@gmail.com

Things on the Hampton Roads front have been relatively quiet this summer as many Chapter members and have taken time out for vacations and just enjoying time with friends and family. Trips to the local beaches, Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia Beach, Water Country USA in Williamsburg, or North Carolina’s Outer Banks have offered some relief from the often oppressive heat and humidity, but it stands to reason that many local alumni are looking forward to the cooler weather and what comes with it – Navy football! One event that did happen was a run/walk orchestrated by Dave Paddock ’77 under the banner of

Hampton Roads Chapter alumni were recognized at Norfolk’s Harbor Park as part of the Norfolk Tides nightly Salute to Service

On 28 June Dick Enderly ’71 once again orchestrated a very successful annual Baseball Night at Harbor Park. More than 70 alumni along with their friends and family members enjoyed a pleasant evening watching the hometown Norfolk Tides take on the Louisville Bats. Of special note, the Tides conduct a nightly Salute to Service and a highlight of the night was the cheers and applause received by our entire group as we stood to be recognized after the top of the sixth inning! By the time this issue of Shipmate lands in mailboxes our Chapter will have completed two exciting events – our Summer Barbeque Blast organized by Jennifer Lorio ’00 and the 4th Annual Habitat for Heroes Golf Tournament in which key roles were played by Bill Coxe ’69, Dan Lear ’68, Stan Bryant ’69, and Chip Niedhold ’87. There will be more to follow on those events in the November-December Shipmate. And of course starting 2 September our superb host venue Shorebreak Pizza in Virginia Beach will once again be the place to be to watch every Navy football game. Additional information on upcoming events will be promulgated on our website, announced via “Chapter Blaster” emails, and posted on Facebook and other social media venues. Dick Enderly ‘71

’69 at Harbor Park – (l to r) Bob Byles ’69, Augie Beaulieu ’69, and Dennis Plank ’69 stand and cheer at Harbor Park on 28 June


CHAPTER NEWS Quantico Area Chapter Pres: Bob Taylor ’74 e: dogofgold@yahoo.com Vice Pres: Tom Connally ’83 e: ConnallyTJ@gmail.com Treas: Nancy Springer '87 e: QACUSNAAAtreasurer@yahoo.com Sec’y: Melanie Salinas ’09 e: Melanie.Salinas.18@gmail.com BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT James H. Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.) p: 703-533-3566; e: jczerwonky@verizon.net Website: http://usnaalumniquantico.com

The newly elected Chapter Officers and Board of Advisors convened a meeting June 6 in Stafford, VA, to introduce the new Council, determine the 2017 goals for the Quantico Area Chapter (QAC), define roles and responsibilities of board members and officers, and to determine various committee members and chairpersons. Other topics of discussion included expanding chapter membership, potentially adding activities within the strategic plan, and creating a more robust Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. We held a breakfast meeting June 9 at the Holiday Inn Dumfries – Quantico Center hotel as part of the continuing monthly breakfast speaker series. Our guest speaker was Marine Corps Lieutenant General William D. Beydler ‘81 (USNA), Commander of Marine Corps Forces Central Command (MARCENT), located at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Fla. Lieutenant General Beydler is a Marine F/A-18 Hornet aviator and is a graduate of Navy Fighter Weapons School and the Marine Aviation and Weapons Tactics Squadron One Weapons and Tactics Instructor course. He has commanded at the Fighter Attack Squadron, Marine Aircraft Group (MAG), Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), Marine Component Command and Joint Force levels. Lieutenant General Beydler spoke to the Chapter members about the mission and updates within his current command at

Marine Corps Forces Central Command. He spoke of mission progress in Iraq where nearly 6,000 service members are currently serving; 600 of whom are U.S. Marines. He also spoke to the challenges and successes in Afghanistan where nearly 11,000 service members are serving. He briefed the Chapter on the current mission and progress of Task Force 97 operating in Syria. The approximately 40 Chapter Members found the insight informative and useful and the Chapter extended their thanks to the General for taking the time to speak with us. The Chapter encourages all alumni in our area to join the Chapter. Our USNAAA designated area extends from south of the Occoquan River, to the Fredericksburg area, somewhat East into the Northern Neck and west to the general vicinity of the Manassas area. We have an active monthly speaker series and numerous plans throughout the upcoming year for social and service opportunities. Please visit http://usnaalumniquantico. usnachapters.net/ for more information about the Chapter. Click “Membership” for information on how to join, or feel free to contact any of the officers for more information.

Virginia Peninsula Chapter

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Michael Beard ’00, USNR e: m-mikebe@microsoft.com

Vice Pres: Steve Jasper ’74 e: stevejasper0@gmail.com

Hanford/Tri-Cities Chapter

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.) p: 757-423-8602; e: dlannetti81@gmail.com Website: vapeninsula.usnachapters.net

On June 19th we held a town hall meeting with Congressman Wittman. He is President of the USNA Board of visitors, serves on the House Armed Services Committee and is Chairman, Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee. In addition he is an active member of the Shipbuilding Caucus. Congressman Wittman gave a general update on the Academy with specific details on the new Cyber Security curricula changes. He also shared his 2018 Federal budget insight with the push for new ship construction and more money for ship repair. This includes extending the life of current ships and procuring carriers 2 at a time to save overall costs.

Shenandoah Valley Chapter

RADM Brian Antonio ’83 PEO Carriers, will be our Founders Day Luncheon keynote speaker. Attached is a picture of Congressman Wittman, Steve Jasper ’74 and Jack Greenhalgh ’60.

Pres: David McLellan ’73 p: 540-722-2060; e: dcmclmd@earthlink.net Sec’y: LCDR Grayson Redford ’63, USN (Ret.) p: 540-662-6142 BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT James H. Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.) p: 703-533-3566; e: jczerwonky@verizon.net


Puget Sound Chapter Pres: RADM Bill Center ’68, USN (Ret.) 24007 76th Ave. W, Edmonds, WA 98026 p: 206-719-2952; e: w.center@comcast.net Corr Sec’y: CDR Peter Stitt ’83, USN (Ret.) 7219 64th St. SE, Snohomish, WA 98290 Website: http://pugetsound.usnachapters.com

Washington, DC Area BGO Area Coordinator: (Northern VA) CAPT James Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.) p: 703-533-3566; e: jczerwonky@verizon.net

Greater Washington Chapter Pres: CAPT Dale Lumme ’80, USN (Ret.) e: president.usna.alumni.gwc@gmail.com Sec’y: Orin Clay ’89 e: obc089@gmail.com

Wisconsin Founder’s Day luncheon

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.) p: 757-423-8602; e: dlannetti81@gmail.com

Website: http://hanford.usnachapters.com

BGO Area Coordinator: Rob Breakiron ’02 e: rbreakiron@gmail.com

Pres: Michael Metzger ’89 e: michael.metzger@1989.usna.com

Website: http://richmond.usnachapters.com

Pres: CAPT Edward Schwier ’69, USN (Ret.) 1196 Brentwood Ave., Richland, WA 99352-8540 h: 509-627-7288; w: 509-372-0176 e: Edward_G_Ed_Schwier@rl.gov; eschwier@charter.net; egschwier@aol.com

Website: www.usnaaagwc.org

Richmond Chapter Sec’y: Mac Bullock ’95 e: mac.bullock@techport13.com


(formerly the Williamsburg Chapter) Pres: Ben Francisco ’73 p: 757-784-0786 e: roger.benton.francisco@gmail.com

More than 75 years are available online to all Alumni Association members. Visit usna.com/shipmate.

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Craig Walker ’83, USNR (Ret.) p: 262-502-9124; e: craig.a.walker@ge.com

Wisconsin Chapter Pres: CDR Rob Grasse ’88, USN (Ret.) p: 262-424-9029; e: rgrasse1@wi.rr.com Sec’y: Todd Wiese ’93 p: 262-349-5671; e: todd.wiese@abstb.com At Large: Chris Adams ’75 p: 414-553-0982 Website: http://wisconsin.usnachapters.net WISNAPA Co Presidents: Jim and Penny Van Dellen p: 414-218-5551; e: vandellen@aol.com


“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun —Laurence Binyon, 1914 and in the morning, we will remember them.”

Carl Adolph Klug ’42 LCDR, USN (Ret.) 26 October 2016

Thomas Paul Hensler Jr. ’49 COL, USA (Ret.) 4 August 2017

George Oscar Selz ’53 LT, USNR (Ret.) 28 July 2017

Homer Bryan Allen ’43 27 July 2017

Paul Edwin Smith ’49 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 8 June 2017

Kenneth Lorne Wright Jr. ’53 • CDR, USN (Ret.) 15 June 2017

James Bly Davis ’50 • CAPT, SC, USN (Ret.) 26 March 2017

William Harry Schulden ’54 • CDR, USNR (Ret.) 26 June 2017

Keith H. Dibble ’50 7 August 2017

Billy Preston Bates ’55 27 June 2017

John Leslie Griffin Jr. ’45 10 July 2017

Paul Warren Forehand ’50 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 24 October 2016

Thomas Peter Cann ’55 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 11 August 2017

Frederick John Kelley ’45 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 19 June 2017

Charles Lawrence Greenwood ’50 CAPT, CHC, USN (Ret.) 5 August 2017

Powell Frederick Carter Jr. ’55 ADM, USN (Ret.) 28 June 2017

Wayne Deward Stinnett ’45 1 July 2017

Chris George Rallis ’50 12 August 2017

Robert Edward Emery ’55 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 2 July 2017

Saul Hamilton Auslander ’46 • 6 August 2017

Richard Brinsley Sheridan ’50 Col, USMCR (Ret.) 4 July 2017

John Iseman Cumberland Jr. ’44 15 June 2017 Robert Chaffee Blount ’45 • 17 May 2017 Michael Joseph Crimmins ’45 8 April 2017

Robert Lee Ledbetter Jr. ’46 • CDR, USN (Ret.) 13 August 2017 Frank Wendell Saunders ’46 13 July 2017 Edward James Myerson ’47 25 June 2017 Albert Holly Rusher ’47 CDR, USNR (Ret.) 12 July 2017 George Straley Tate Jr. ’47 18 July 2017 Frank Lyons Crump Jr. ’48 CDR, USN (Ret.) 25 June 2017

Francis Clephen Taylor ’50 CDR, USN (Ret.) 31 July 2017 Joseph Patrick Hillock Jr. ’51 Col, USAF (Ret.) 17 July 2017 Robert Thomas Joyce ’52 • 1 April 2017 Robert Frederick Kampe ’52 LT, USNR 16 July 2017 Harry Arthur Spencer Jr. ’52 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 24 July 2017

Mandell Jack Ourisman ’48 5 July 2017

Robert Ashmore Foster ’53 Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.) 12 July 2017

James Wilbur Carpenter ’49 CDR, USN (Ret.) 9 July 2017

Watson Williams Goldsmith ’53 CDR, USNR (Ret.) 9 July 2017

James Patrick Kelly Jr. ’55 • 16 June 2017 Claude Sylvester Turner Jr. ’55 • 12 October 2016 Frank Louis Boebert ’56 CDR, USN (Ret.) 3 July 2017 Edward John Covey ’56 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 3 July 2017

Harry Edward Hicks ’56 17 June 2017 William George Loveday Jr. ’56 • CDR, SC, USN (Ret.) 29 June 2017 Edward Newton Mann Jr. ’56 15 July 2017 John Duane Balent ’57 Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) 8 July 2017 Thomas Joseph Burke ’57 • 7 July 2017 Nelson Beck Johnson ’57 Maj, USAR (Ret.) 2 June 2017 Douglas Long Lowrance ’57 • CDR, USN (Ret.) 8 July 2017 George Eugene O’Brien ’57 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 22 July 2017 Richard Louis Beam ’58 6 July 2017 John Bruce Cobb ’58 7 March 2017 Phillip Walter Criswell ’58 Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) 15 July 2017 William Stamps Howard III ’58 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 7 July 2017 Ronald Woodrow Wright ’58 • 24 June 2017 Tomas Graham Henderson ’59 • LCDR, USN (Ret.) 19 July 2017 Robert Vernon Morgan ’59 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 2 July 2017

This list consists of alumni deaths we have learned of since our last issue. Full obituaries will appear in Last Call if/when families send them in. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 151


William Edward Babiash ’60 LT, USN 12 July 2017 Robert Dale Matulka ’60 CDR, USN (Ret.) 7 August 2017 Douglas Sherman Morgan ’60 30 June 2017

David Joseph Nielsen ’67 20 June 2017

Robert Stewart Minnich ’72 14 June 2017

David Bruce McIsaac III ’78 • 8 April 2017

Raymond Albert Dudderar ’68 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 1 June 2017

George Kerlek Jr. ’73 Maj, USMC (Ret.) 8 July 2017

Robert Joseph Amend ’81 • 28 June 2017

Bruce John Spaulding ’68 LTJG, USN (Ret.) 25 July 2017

Thomas Michael Strait ’73 29 July 2017

Horace Jay Savage ’61 CDR, USN (Ret.) 23 June 2017

Donald Hendrix Nash ’69 • CAPT, USN (Ret.) 23 June 2017

Robert Gene Dawson ’62 • LtCol, USMC (Ret.) 20 June 2017

David George Vetter ’69 3 June 2017

James Schieferly Egan ’63 5 August 2017

Richard August Wrobel ’69 • CDR, USN (Ret.) 22 June 2017

Britten Leo Martin ’65 25 June 2017

Peter Stanley Kaminski ’70 10 July 2017

Thomas Edward Blount Jr. ’66 CAPT, USN 19 July 2017

Terrence Charles Morgan ’70 • LtCol, USMC (Ret.) 29 July 2017

Harry Marshall Howton ’66 6 July 2017

Duane Lee Brunelli Sr. ’71 CDR, USN (Ret.) 21 July 2017

Manuel Raynor Lopez ’66 • LT, USNR 19 July 2017

Val Cushman ’71 2 July 2017

CHARLES LOCKETT MILLER ’44 Commander Charles L. Miller, USN (Ret.), of Annapolis, MD, died peacefully in his sleep on 13 May 2017. He was 96 years old. “Charlie” was born on 14 October 1920 to Nell Lockett and Robert Nicholas Miller II ’10 in Kerrville, TX. At an early age, his family moved to New Orleans, LA. He attended Gulf Coast Military Academy in Gulfport, MS, and then Alcée Fortier High School, where he was president of his class, graduating in 1938. After a year at Tulane University, he received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he joined his older brother, Robert N. Miller ’40. Following graduation, he attended Pre-flight School at Iowa City, IA, and then NAS Chase Field in Beeville, TX, where he received his aviator Wings in 1946. During his flight training, he met Elizabeth “Betty” Begley, from Washington, DC. Betty and Charlie were married at the base chapel in Jacksonville, FL, on 15 December 1945.


John Henry Lersch Jr. ’74 • CDR, USNR (Ret.) 23 June 2017 Robert Joe Walters ’74 31 July 2017

Richard Alan Greene ’82 5 February 2017 Kevin Wayne McGuire ’82 29 July 2017 Michael Henry Hapeman ’83 CAPT, USNR (Ret.) 11 August 2017

Thomas Michael Waechter ’75 6 July 2017

Arthur John Vangeli ’86 LCDR, USN 31 July 2017

Charles Edward Tower Jr. ’76 Capt, USMC 11 June 2017

Kyle Mark Takai ’89 LtCol, ANG 20 July 2017

Antoine Lamont Campbell ’77 18 July 2017

Edward Dale Harness ’95 27 July 2017

Lawrence Twitchell Simmelink Jr. ’77 LCDR, USN (Ret.) 18 May 2017

William David Price ’99 • 9 July 2017 • Obituary appears in this issue

Leroy Bramlett ’78 LTJG, USN 17 July 2017

During his naval career, his sea tours included SANTA FE (CL-63), ROOSEVELT (CVA-42) with VF-42; WASP (CVA-18) with VF-171; RANGER (CVA-61) flying missions in the Korean War; and SHANGRI LA (CVA-38). Shore assignments included Caribbean Sea Frontier/COM 10 (flag lieutenant); administrative aide and flag secretary to the Superintendent USNA; executive officer of Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron (FASROPN) 5, NAS Oceana, VA; Naval War College, Newport, RI, as a student and then instructor, during which time he attended Boston College and earned an MA in international relations; and his final assignment as Commander, Configuration Manager, for the F-4/Sparrow III weapon system in the Bureau of Naval Weapons. Upon retiring from the Navy in 1965, he worked at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Aerospace and Electronics System Division, as Director Plans, Programs and Integrated Logistics Support for AWG-10/11/12 radar systems. Retiring from Westinghouse in 1986, he and Betty were able to enjoy their home in Annapolis, MD, and more time to play golf at their USNA home course. Charlie served as treasurer of the Maryland Interclub Seniors Golf Association (MISGA) for the USNA Golf Club; USNA ’44 Class treasurer; and was a member of the Annapolis Yacht Club and The New Providence Club.


Charlie is survived by his wife of 72 years, Betty of Annapolis, MD; and two sons, Charles Jr. (and his wife, Kristen, and their sons, Andrew and Nicholas) and James ’75 (and his wife, Pat, and their son, James). Charlie was inurned at the USNA Columbarium. H

ROBERT CHAFFEE BLOUNT ’45 Robert C. Blount died of complications arising from pneumonia at Blakehurst Retirement Community in Towson, MD, on 17 May 2017. He was 95 years old. “Bob” was born in Larned, KS, on 11 October 1921 and grew up in Jetmore, KS, where he graduated from Jetmore High School in 1939. He attended Kansas State University for two years and entered the Naval Academy with the wartimeaccelerated Class of 1945. Upon graduation in 1944, he served as gunnery officer aboard the carrier BENNINGTON (CV-20) in the Pacific Theater. After the war, he graduated from Submarine School in New London, CT, and later served in TORSK (SS-423). In 1947, he resigned his Navy commission and shortly thereafter, went to work as a special agent for the FBI. He served in the FBI field offices at Memphis, TN, New York City and Baltimore, MD. His most memorable assignment was serving on the espionage case of Alger Hiss during the Cold War. In the Baltimore Field Office, he later worked as police liaison officer with police departments in neighboring jurisdictions, and as a trainer of both FBI and police personnel. In 1972, Bob received a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. In 1976, he retired from the FBI after having served for 29 years. He was active in the Maryland Beekeepers Association and was a member of both the Masonic Lodge and Scottish Rite Lodge. Bob’s wife of 71 years, Margaret “Peggy” Welsh Blount, died on 12 July 2017. They are survived by their three children, James Robert “Jamie” Blount, Dorothy “Dottie” Blount Pitt (and her husband, Bill) and William Justin “Bill” Blount (and his wife, Nancy); as well as four grandchildren, Ariel Chubb, Emily Chubb, Lauren Blount Ross (and her husband, John) and Justin Blount. Interment took place on 27 May 2017, followed by a memorial service and reception at the Blakehurst Retirement Community. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Ducks Unlimited (www.ducks.org). H

ROBERT LEE LEDBETTER JR. ’46 Commander Robert L. Ledbetter Jr., USN (Ret.), passed away peacefully in his sleep on 13 August 2017 in Virginia Beach, VA. “Bob” was born to Hazel and Robert L. Ledbetter Sr. in Oklahoma City, OK, on 12 December 1921. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1940 and served on CALIFORNIA (BB-44) in Pearl Harbor, HI. He was selected for the Naval Academy and left Pearl Harbor in 1941 to attend Prep School, entering the Academy in 1942. He was a proud member of the Third Battalion, 13th Company, Class of 1946. Upon graduation in June of 1945 with a degree in engineering, he met the love of his life, Mary Jane Smartz, RN (Sheldon, IL) in Norfolk, VA. They were married on 9 June 1946. Duty stations included IDAHO (BB-42), SEA LION (SS-315), SIRAGO (SS-485, XO), SHADWELL (LSD-15, XO), FORT MANDAN

(LSD-21, CO), the Pentagon and the DC Navy Yard. Bob received his MS in international studies from The George Washington University. Upon retirement from 35 years in the Navy, he became a social worker for the city of Norfolk, VA, retiring after ten years. Bob was predeceased by his son, Lieutenant Robert L. Ledbetter III ’69, CHC, USNR, in 1985, and his wife of almost 70 years, Jane, in 2016. He is survived by three daughters, Jane Kurczak (Rick), Susan Lennon (Gary) and Carol Douglas (Duane); six grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Known by friends and family as “Honest John,” Bob lived his 95 years serving his Country, his God and his family. Generous to the end, both he and Jane donated their bodies to the Virginia State Anatomical Program, for the further teaching of anatomy and surgery and medical research. Lives well lived. The Ledbetter Family H

ROBERT EDWARD BRADY ’49 Captain Robert E. Brady, USN (Ret.), passed away suddenly of a heart attack on Thursday, 1 June 2017, in Annapolis, MD. He was 90 years old. Born in Minersville, PA, to Edward and Katherine Brady, “Bob” was the oldest of four sons. Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the Navy before being appointed to the Naval Academy in 1945 and graduating with the Class of 1949. He married Helen Jean Berkeihiser in 1955 and they were happily married for 61 years, until her passing in August 2016. They traveled together to numerous duty stations throughout the country, where they met countless friends and enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of Navy life. He served 26 years in the Navy, and was a veteran of World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. As a junior officer, he served aboard carriers, amphibious ships and destroyers. He commanded three ships, BOLD (MSO-424), JOHN R. PERRY (DE-1034) and AULT (DD-698), and was executive officer of ALBANY (CG-10). His last duty station was as Director of Admissions at the U.S. Naval Academy. After retiring from the Navy in 1973, Captain Brady worked 19 years for the State of Maryland’s Budget and Review Division, retiring as its director in 1992. He led a life full of accomplishment and adventures. His Navy career took him to numerous countries in Europe and the western Pacific. As commanding officer, his ships participated in the naval blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis and served in combat on the gunline during the Vietnam War—firing over 5,000 rounds of 5-inch ammunition in support of U.S. forces ashore. A man of many interests, he flew and taught others to fly private airplanes, built and flew radio controlled aircraft, built and refinished furniture, loved golf, bridge and bowling, studied astronomy, raised orchids, traveled to numerous national parks, white water rafted, skied, sailed on numerous cruises, and visited the Pope in the Vatican. Bob is survived by his son (and daughter-in-law), Michael Brady ’79 (May); daughter, Patricia Brady; three grandchildren, Matthew Brady, Sarah Bennett and Kaitlyn Brady; and younger brothers, M. Joseph Brady and Frank T. Brady. He will be remembered as the rock of his family whose strength, humor, wisdom, guidance and love will be forever in their hearts. Funeral services were held on 16 June 2017, followed by inurnment at the Naval Academy Columbarium. H SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 153


PAUL EDWIN SMITH ’49 Captain Paul E. Smith, USN (Ret.), 91, passed away on 8 June 2017 in Georgetown, TX. Born on 18 February 1926 in Wheaton, IL, he graduated from Wheaton Community High in June 1943. He enlisted in the Navy V-12 program (May 1943) and attended University of Michigan for one term prior to transferring to the V-5 Aviation Program. While on duty at NAS World Chamberlain Field, Minneapolis, MN, he competed for a SecNav appointment to the Naval Academy and was subsequently transferred to the Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) in Bainbridge, MD. He entered the Naval Academy with the Class of 1949. Active in Company and Battalion sports, he also participated in the Midshipman concert band as oboist. Upon graduation, he reported to BOXER (CV-21), where he served as assistant navigator during the Korean War Inchon Landings. Following Electronics Maintenance School at Great Lakes, IL, in 1952, he reported to PHILIP (DDE-498), where he served as chief engineer, participating in combat operations in Korea and in 1954, OPERATION CASTLE Nuclear Tests at Eniwetok and Bikini atolls. Following duty on PHILIP, Captain Smith was ordered to the Naval Academy, where he served as Sixth Company officer. In 1958, he returned to Annapolis as 13th Company officer, during which the 13th Company won the Brigade Colors. During his 36+ years of active duty, Captain Smith served in six command positions: CO of CAYUGA COUNTY (LST-529) providing logistic support for ComNav Marianas and the Trust Territories of the Pacific (56-58); HENRY W. TUCKER (DDR-875) XO/FRAM I CO; CO of PRICHETT (DD-561) combat operations, Vietnam; ComDesDiv 192 combat operations, Vietnam; CO U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester, OK; and as Plant Representative (NavPro), General Dynamics Corp., Pomona, CA. His awards and citations include the Bronze Star Medal, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V; two Meritorious Service awards; the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Second Order; plus numerous campaign and theater awards. He received a BS degree in ordnance engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1962. Other assignments include operations officer, ComCruDesFlot Seven and BuWeps rep, Sunnyvale, CA, and a tour with the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington. A Mason and Shriner, Captain Smith enjoyed hunting, fishing, trap and skeet shooting. Captain Smith is survived by his loving wife of 66 years, Susie (Debes) Smith of Wheaton, IL; their children, Linda, Holly, David and Melissa; seven grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. He will be dearly missed by his family. H

JAMES BLY DAVIS ’50 Captain James B. Davis, SC, USN (Ret.), passed away on 26 March 2017 at La Mesa, CA. He was 89 years old. Born in Pittsburg, PA, to Thomas R. and Margaret (Bly) Davis, “Jim” grew up in the suburb of Green Tree. Upon graduating from high school in 1945, he entered the Marine Corps, serving in World War II. A year later, he received a congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and matriculated with the NAPS latecomers at Camp Peary, VA. While 154 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

there, Jim played plebe football, competed in Brigade boxing and graduated with the Class of 1950 as a member of the 11th Company. Jim attended Navy Supply School at Bayonne, NJ, before serving successive sea tours on JUNEAU (CLAA-119) and TAUSSIG (DD-746), which participated in the Korean Conflict. Shore duty at Mechanicsburg, Pearl Harbor and San Diego followed and after a tour on PREBLE (DLG-15), he attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, earning a master of science degree in management. After serving at the Electronics Supply Office in Great Lakes, he returned to sea duty on NEREUS (AS-17). From there, he was selected to attend the Naval War College, graduating with the Naval Warfare Class of 1971. Jim’s next assignment was the Defense Construction Supply Center, which led to his ultimate assignment as Commander, Defense Property Disposal Region in Columbus, OH. He retired from that command as a captain in 1976. Jim’s military awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Commendation Medal, and service medals and ribbons for World War II, China, Korea, Vietnam and National Defense. After retirement, Jim worked in several financial positions in San Diego, CA, until joining Holmes & Narver, for whom he performed base maintenance and support duties in Saudi Arabia and Orange, CA. He returned to San Diego in 1990, where he pursued his lifelong passion for and enjoyment of music and other interests. Beloved by his family and friends, Jim will be sorely missed. Jim was predeceased by his wife of 65 years, the former Clara E. Cole of San Diego; and brother, Thomas Davis. He is survived by his sons, George and Casey (Mary); daughters, Lisa Hirsh (Louis ’71) and Molly Lawson (Randy); niece, Lynn Husted; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. A graveside committal service with full military honors was held on 11 April 2017 at Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, CA, followed by a celebration of Jim’s life at his home. H

RICHARD KERN FONTAINE ’51 Rear Admiral Richard K. Fontaine, USN (Ret.), peacefully passed away, at the age of 89, on 11 June 2017, at his home in San Diego, CA. Born in Minneapolis, MN, on 31 May 1928 to Jean Henri Fontaine and Lillian Dora Richard Fontaine, “Rich” attended Southwest High School as a star athlete in swimming and golf and as an Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop 119. Graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1951, Rich had a successful career, achieving the rank of rear admiral in March 1978. His distinguished naval career included four at sea commands with PARROT (MSC-97), HISSEM (DER-400), and the San Diego-based HOEL (DDG-13) and REEVES (CG-24). Among his numerous decorations and awards are the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit (with Gold Star in lieu of second award), Republic of Vietnam Distinguished Service Order and the Bronze Star Medal (with Combat V). Rich married his high school sweetheart, Sara Jean “Sally” Wyatt of Minneapolis on 8 June 1951 and they embarked on a lifelong adventure over their 67-year marriage. Upon retirement from the Joint Staff at the Pentagon in 1984, Rich and Sally settled in Rancho Bernardo, where Rich had a second successful career with Logicon as a member of the senior executive staff.


He was active in numerous local service organizations, including the San Diego Navy League (ship commissioning chairman), Military Order of World Wars, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Freedom Foundation and as a marshal for various PGA tournaments. In addition to the Navy, golf was Rich’s lifelong passion and was only second to his enjoyment of his family and large extended network of friends from his childhood, the Navy and many avenues of life. Rich is survived by his wife, Sara; five children, R. Scot Fontaine (Sandra Casares), Martha Bradford (Peter), Catherine Fontaine (Michael Lucker), Susan Linnett (Scott) and Sara Fontaine (Mark); eight grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. Rich is remembered by family and friends as a fantastic husband and father, a true patriot who served his country well and as a rare “Golden Gate Good Guy”. We wish you fair winds and following seas. In lieu of flowers, the family requests a donation in Rich’s name to The Wounded Warrior Project (www.woundedwarriorproject.org). Please see his full obituary online: (http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ sandiegouniontribune/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=185844712). H

ROBERT THOMAS JOYCE ’52 Major Robert T. Joyce, USAFR (Ret.), 87, of Naples, FL, and West Chester, PA, passed away unexpectedly on 1 April 2017. Contrary to his long history of excellent health, free from chronic conditions, he succumbed to an asymptomatic and prolonged heart attack. He was 87 years old. Born and raised in Wilmington, DE, to the late Thomas A. and Mildred Joyce in 1929, “Bob” was forever fond of his childhood years. He was a 1947 graduate of P.S. DuPont High School, a 1948 graduate of the Bullis School, Washington, DC, and a proud 1952 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. Upon his graduation from the Naval Academy, he was commissioned in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Olmsted AFB, where he met the love of his life, Shirley Graham Joyce. They were married in 1957 and shared 55 years of marriage devoted to one another and their family. During his military career, he was stationed at: Minot AFB-Minot, ND; Eielson AFB-Fairbanks, AK; Williams AFB-Chandler, AZ; USAF Special Operation Squadron-Saigon, Vietnam; Wright-Patterson AFB-Dayton, OH; and Andrews AFB-Washington, DC. Ever mindful of his many blessings, he was particularly grateful to survive the Great M9.2 Alaska Earthquake of 1964, the Vietnam War and a near-fatal fall from a helicopter just days before leaving Vietnam. He retired after 25 years of active duty. As a family man, Bob worked tirelessly building his home with his own hands, adding additions and making improvements over the years. In retirement, he dabbled in real estate, managed his own investments, enjoyed living in Naples and traveling at leisure. Bob was an avid daily reader of financials and a skillful cook, whose other favorite recreations were running, skiing, playing tennis and attending Navy football games and alumni events. He was a devoted family man and loyal friend who never knew a stranger and was always ready to share his wisdom or a good joke. Predeceased by his wife, Shirley, survivors include their children, Robert Joyce Jr. (wife, Kristen) of Beverly Hills, CA, and Susan Cooley (husband, John) of Chadds Ford, PA; and five grandchildren. In addition to his wife, he was predeceased by his sister, Carolyn Joyce Freed. A private interment at Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Cemetery in Greenville, DE, and a memorial celebration are planned for a later date.

In lieu of flowers, family encourages donations to either of Bob’s favorite charities: The USO (www.uso.org) or The Wounded Warrior Project (www.woundedwarriorproject.org). H

HARRY ARTHUR SPENCER JR. ’52 Captain Harry A. Spencer Jr., USN (Ret.), passed away on 24 July 2017 in Willow Street, PA. He was 87 years old. Like his 1952 USNA Classmates, he leaves some “tough shoes to fill.” Harry was born on 25 December 1929 in Lincoln, NE. He graduated from Northeast High School in Lincoln and attended the University of Nebraska prior to his selection to the Naval Academy with the Class of 1952. While at the Academy, he was a Brigade boxer, reaching the finals. He married his high school sweetheart, Betty D. Hathaway, on 14 June 1952; she predeceased him in 2013. Harry’s first assignment was with the “Gator” Navy, serving in the Korean Conflict and participating in prisoner repatriations. Submarines were always his first love. He entered Submarine School in June 1955. He served with distinction in various capacities on the submarines QUEENFISH, CAPITAINE, SAWFISH (OIC), ASPRO (XO), CHARR (XO), SABLEFISH (CO), GEORGE WASHINGTON and with postings at the Submarine Squadron, Training and Group levels. As the OIC for two Reserve training divisions, he was also responsible for submarine support for the filming of the TV series “Silent Service” and several movies. As XO, he led GEORGE WASHINGTON through her first major overhaul helping to write the book for this class of submarines. In June 1977, he was selected for major command of VULCAN. Always a groundbreaker, he had the distinction of being one of the first three COs to have women assigned and later, was the first to deploy women overseas. His policies and operations were vital to the successful integration of women into the “Bluewater” Navy. In his next assignment, he helped create the concept of prepositioned military supplies and fast sealift; implementing those concepts that were later to be so successfully used in Operation Desert Shield in support of the Kuwait conflict. Following retirement in January 1982, Harry worked for Vitro, reuniting with his first love, helping to bring into service the new Trident submarine. Additionally, he is the author of Stern Wakes and Bow Waves. Harry loved hunting and fishing right up to his last few years. He was an active Mason and member of the ATO fraternity. He is survived by three children, Jill Sundquist (John ’76), Harry III (Rebecca) and Joy Spencer-Fuller (Bob Fuller); eight grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters. He will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors on 11 December 2017. H

KENNETH LORNE WRIGHT JR. ’53 Commander Kenneth L. Wright Jr., USN (Ret.), of DeLand, FL, passed away on 15 June 2017. He was born on 1 May 1929 in Detroit, MI, the son of Kenneth L. Wright Sr. and Dorothy (Cain) Wright. He attended Hillsdale College and Wayne State University before entering the U.S. Naval Academy. Upon graduation with the Class of 1953, he participated in the Newport to Annapolis Race aboard ROYONO. He received his Wings in Corpus Christi, TX, and served in SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 • SHIPMATE 155


two squadrons, VA-215 and VF-213 at Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA. The ships on which he served included LAKE CHAMPLAIN (CVA-39), BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31), WASHBURN (AKA-108), ABBOT (DD-629) and RUCHAMKIN (APD-89), as well as command of both YORK COUNTY (LST-1175) and FORT SNELLING (LSD-30). From June 1965 until August 1966, he served as flag secretary to Naval Advisory Group/Naval Forces Vietnam. In 1968, he served as officer in charge of the Reserve Officer Candidate Program in Annapolis, MD. He graduated from the Naval War College, Senior Course, Newport, RI, and earned a master’s degree in marine affairs from the University of Rhode Island. Upon retirement on 31 December 1974, he became town manager of Exeter, NH. He later worked for McLaughlin Research and Aquidneck Data Corp. in Middletown, RI. In 1985, he became co-owner of the Hotel Barre in Barre, MA, and in 1991, co-owner of the Junque Exchange in DeLand, FL. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Jennifer (Wright) Bruce. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Nancy Lee Wright of 4101 Winterwood Run, DeLand, FL; son, Kenneth Lorne Wright III; daughters, Lou Ann Wright and Suzi (Wright) Virgilio, both of DeLand, FL; seven grandchildren; and 19 great-grandchildren. He was buried, with honors, at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Mims, FL. H

WILLIAM HARRY SCHULDEN ’54 Commander William H. Schulden, USNR (Ret.), died peacefully on 26 June 2017 due to heart failure. He was 87 years old. A native of New York, NY, “Dutch” graduated from Haaren High School in 1947 and enlisted in the Navy after graduation. He was selected and assigned to the Naval Academy Preparatory School, successfully passed the highly competitive examination, and was appointed to the Naval Academy by the Secretary of the Navy. Dutch was a member of the 15th Company and lived in the Second Wing of Bancroft Hall. On graduation, he was assigned to the Navy Supply Corps with instruction at the Navy Supply School in Athens, GA. Dutch’s first duty assignment was aboard ASHLAND (LSD-1), followed by duty on GREENWOOD (DE-679). In 1956, he received orders for duty back at the Naval Academy as an instructor in the Marine Engineering Department. In 1958, Dutch resigned his active duty commission and became a permanent civilian member of the faculty as a marine engineering professor. He continued to serve in the U.S. Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of commander. He remained a professor at the Naval Academy for a total of 34 years; retiring in 1990. A proud and dedicated professor, Dutch loved his work teaching midshipmen and helping to train the next generation of naval officers. After retirement, Dutch continued to serve as a tutor for midshipmen and for other students in the community. His ready smile and helping hand were well known to all. Friends described him as warm, friendly, engaging and generous. During his life, he was an avid racquetball and softball player, adored professor and tutor and lover of classic old movies. In later years, his favorite pastime was playing bridge with friends and with his best partner, his wife Dee. Dutch was predeceased by his devoted wife of 49 years, Dolores “Dee” Schulden, originally of Pittston, PA, in February 2017. They are survived by five children, Louise, William, Jim, Dianne and Jeff; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.


He will be remembered as a loving husband, devoted father, caring grandparent and proud Naval Academy alumnus and professor. His spirit, love and warmth will be missed by all those whose lives he touched. An inurnment memorial service was held for Dutch at the Naval Academy Columbarium on 29 September 2017. H

THOMAS PETER CANN ’55 Captain Thomas P. Cann, USN (Ret.), died on 12 August 2017. “Tom” was born on 13 April 1932 in New York City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tedford H. Cann. During World War I, his father served aboard MAY and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Tom was raised in Rye, NY, graduated from Rye High School, attended Colgate University and graduated from the Naval Academy (Class of 1955, 16th Company). He earned his Wings of Gold in 1956. His first fleet assignment was to VA-126 at NAS Miramar, CA, flying FJ-4s and A-4s. Tom received orders to VA-23 at NAS Alameda and completed a cruise aboard MIDWAY (1961). He attended postgraduate school in Monterey, CA, majoring in operations analysis (OA). Next came a two-year tour at the Naval Academy teaching OA. In 1964, orders followed to VA-43 at Oceana, VA, then assignment as national plans officer on Second Fleet Staff on NEWPORT NEWS. During the 1965 Dominican Republic Crisis, Tom served as the personal liaison officer between Commander, Second Fleet and the American Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. From the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo, he helped coordinate the evacuation of thousands of Americans. He was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal with Combat V. In November 1966, he reported for a one-year unaccompanied tour to the staff of CTF-77 operating at Yankee Station off Vietnam, serving aboard KITTY HAWK and CONSTELLATION. He served as air operations officer during “Rolling Thunder” conducting intense air combat operations on North Vietnam. In 1968, Tom was in the first group of 100 officers selected to join the newly established Naval Aviation Maintenance community as an Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer (AMDO). Subsequent tours included VFP-63 at Miramar providing three-plane RF-86 photo detachments to 27C class carriers operating off Vietnam; NavAir; AIMD officer aboard FORRESTAL; ComNavAirLant; and Chief of Naval Operations (OP-51), where he was Naval Aviation Maintenance Branch Head. Tom retired in July 1984 after 29 years of service. His commendations include the Joint Service Commendation Medal with Combat V, Legion of Merit (2), Vietnam Service Medal and Vietnam Campaign Medal. He then worked as a government contractor in aviation logistics support. Tom was an avid Navy sports fan, particularly football and lacrosse. His first wife, Betty Louise Chapel died in 2003. He is survived by his wife, Shirley Jean Cann; children, Carolyn Casey (Dan) and Thomas P. Cann Jr. ’86 (Linda); and grandchildren, Kelly and Kristen. H

COLUMBARIUM For more information, visit usna.edu/cemetery/


MYRON DAVID HARNLY ’55 Colonel Myron D. Harnly, USAF (Ret.), died of cancer in Stillwater, OK, on 21 May 2017. He was 84 years old. Raised in Ohio, “Dave” loved flying, soloing on his 16th birthday and was the youngest licensed pilot in the country, earning his private pilot license on his 17th birthday. He graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1950 and following a year at Wittenberg University, in Springfield, OH, he entered the Naval Academy. Upon graduation with the Class of 1955, as a member of the 11th Company, he was commissioned in the Air Force and began a 27-year active duty career. He earned a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and taught mathematics and aeronautics at the Air Force Academy from 1964 to 1969. He served a year in Vietnam as a fighter pilot, flying 273 combat missions. He was the commander of two flying squadrons during his career and served as commander of AFROTC Detachment 670 at Oklahoma State University from 1977 to 1980. After his retirement from the Air Force in 1982, Dave worked with the Center for Local Government Technology at Oklahoma State University as an engineer and computer software developer for many years. Dave was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater and a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. He was an active volunteer in the community; he loved delivering Mobile Meals and held positions with the Mobile Meals Executive Board and the Woodlake II Homeowners Association. Dave was preceded in death by his wife of 48 years, Susanne Burgett Harnly, in 2004. He is survived by his loving, longtime companion and best friend, Donna Wolters of Stillwater, OK; four children, Cynthia Sue Harnly of Portland, OR, Mark David Harnly of Stillwater, OK, William Matthew Harnly of Pittsburg, TX, and Patricia Lyn (Harnly) Swyt of Panama City, FL; and six grandchildren, Dylan Harnly, Skylar Harnly, Sydni Harnly, Anna Harnly, Alli Swyt and Cassidy Swyt. A memorial service was held on 26 May 2017 at the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater, OK. H

HARTLEY OLIVER HOLTE ’55 Hartley O. Holte, 83, died at his home in Leesburg, FL, on 4 March 2017. He received his congressional appointment to the Naval Academy after attending high school in Seattle, where he was on the honor roll, was an undefeated member of his city championship tennis team and played cello in the orchestra. He played both plebe and varsity tennis at Annapolis and graduated with the Class of 1955 as a member of the 13th Company. His seven years of active duty included tours in MANSFIELD (DD-728) and NAVASOTA (AO-106) with final assignments in both ships as operations officer. He was involved in the atomic test series at Eniwetok and Bikini, and the Chinese conflict at Quemoy and Matsu islands. He resigned his commission following a two-year assignment as a technical liaison officer with the Defense Atomic Support Agency in Albuquerque, NM. Hartley then worked for five years at Westinghouse on Air Force Dew Line Radar Systems and Navy undersea vehicle and weapons systems R&D. Earning a master’s degree in management at The George Washington

University in 1967, he began a 24-year career with Vitro. Assignments included the Polaris program, Mallard Army Tactical Communications, USEPA, DOE’s National Solar Data System and program management at field offices in Dahlgren, VA, and Crane, IN. In retirement, Hartley became a volunteer and consultant in environmental sciences at state and local levels in Indiana, for which he was presented the Governor’s Award for individual achievement. Throughout his life, Hartley was an active coach and player in tennis, basketball, softball and golf. He was involved in non-profit organizations and in local politics and was a life member of the USNA Alumni Association, the Navy League and the Naval Institute. He was an avid stamp collector, amateur guitarist and served as a part-time writer for a local Indiana newspaper. Together, he and his wife, Sally, provided interim foster care home services, for which they were honored by the Maryland State Legislature. He was active with his USNA Class of 1955 as class secretary and as editor of his class “50 Years Later” history and a model “Class Legacy.” Hartley is survived by his wife of 61 years, Sally; daughters, Katherine Ann Spitznogle and Susan Marie Holte; sons, Christopher and Carl ’85; ten grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his son, Andrew in January 2017. Inurnment took place at the Naval Academy Columbarium on 2 June 2017. H

JAMES PATRICK KELLY JR. ’55 James P. Kelly Jr., 83, died peacefully on 16 June 2017, in Santa Ana, CA. “Jim” was born in July 1933, to James Patrick Sr. and Marion Rita Kelly. He was the oldest of six and was raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, in a Catholic household. His parents were determined that their children would be well-educated and worked hard to make that possible. Jim was a voracious reader as a child and maintained his varied interests throughout his life. Jim graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1955 and was selected by Admiral Hyman Rickover to design nuclear reactors for submarines. He made many lasting friendships while at the Naval Academy and during the time he spent on submarines; he treasured the relationships that were forged by their shared experiences. When he left the Navy in 1962, Jim designed and built commercial nuclear reactors. His unique background combined with his knowledge and intellect led him to a successful career in business. He led construction and engineering projects in the U.S. and abroad, logging millions of air miles to more than 50 countries. In 1988, Jim retired and spent his time caring for his son, James Patrick III, a special needs child to whom Jim was devoted. Jim was a charismatic individual with a singular intelligence. It was always enjoyable to speak with him because of the breadth and depth of his interests. He found his soulmate, Grace Hammond, later in life. They spent 15 years together sharing dinner, theater, opera, ballet, dancing and each other’s company. Jim was predeceased by his son, James Patrick III; his daughter, Lisa Angelique; and his siblings, John Patrick and Mary Irene. He is survived by four children, Kathryn Ann Kling, Mark Alex Kling, Lisa Kling-Ortiz (and her husband, Juan Carlos) and Trevor Martine Kelly-Bissonnette (and her husband, Laurent); two grandchildren, Tyler Bissonnette and Lauren



Bissonnette; as well as his brothers, Robert, Joseph, and Gerard (and his wife, Mary Kennedy); and Jim’s nieces, Larissa Kelly and Arianna Kelly. Although his spirit dwells in those he knew, his presence is sorely missed. Interment took place at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, CA. A celebration of his life will be scheduled at a later time. Memorial donations may be given to The Jim Kelly Endowment Fund for Youth with Developmental Disabilities at Urban Peak (www.coloradogives. org/urbanpeak; 303-974-2947). H

CLAUDE SYLVESTER TURNER JR. ’55 The Rev. Claude S. Turner Jr. passed away on 12 October 2016 in Tyron, NC, following a long illness. He was 83 years old. A native of Martinsville, VA, and known as “Skip” in younger days, Claude attended the Naval Academy with the Class of 1955. He continued his education beyond the Academy at Georgia Tech, graduating in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. Having served in NROTC, he was commissioned and served two years’ active duty in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Norfolk. After working in computers at Newport News Shipyard and at Fort Eustis, both in Virginia, he attended the School of Theology at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, and received the Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1969. He was ordained and served as an Episcopal priest at several Virginia parishes over the next 23 years, retiring in 1992. He was married for 48 years to the former Alice Lee “Leelee” McCaw Tucker of Norfolk (daughter of Lieutenant Commander Alfred B. Tucker III ’31, USN); together, they had two children. After Leelee’s death in 2004, Claude married the Rev. Mary “Mollie” LaRoche Douglas of Williamsburg, VA. He is survived by his son, George of Shelby, NC; daughter, Lee of Williamsburg, VA; wife, Mollie; and sister, Mary Ann Dee of Virginia Beach, VA. Services were held at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Tryon, NC, on 16 October 2016. His ashes were interred partly in Tryon and partly at Abingdon Episcopal Church in Gloucester, VA, near Yorktown, where he served as rector of Grace Church for 12 years. H

RUSSELL HENRY BURT ’56 Lieutenant Commander Russell H. Burt, USN (Ret.), passed away on 20 May 2017. He was 85 years old. “Russ” was born in Medford, MA, the son of Ralph Henry Burt and Lillian Manson Burt. He grew up in Springfield, MA, and was a graduate of Wilbraham Academy. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and graduated from the United States Naval Academy with the Class of 1956. He qualified as a submarine officer and then received postgraduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and Naval Engineering). After completing more than 20 years of active duty in the Navy, Russ retired, and launched his own business, Burt, Howell and Associates—Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Russ loved collecting. He was passionate about anything Mercedes Benz and collected die-cast models, books and Mercedes memorabilia.


He and his wife, Hunter, loved to travel—enjoying cruises and land tours. They visited the British Isles, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, several Mediterranean countries, Greece, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Russ is survived by his wife of 34 years, Hunter Joyce Burt; two daughters, Elizabeth Cordell of Brentwood, TN, and Cathy Burt of Venice, FL; two sons, Richard Burt of McLean, VA, and Thomas Burt (and his wife, Kim) of Great Falls, VA; and two grandchildren, Tyler Cordell of Orlando, FL, and Chelsey Cordell of Brentwood, TN. H

VERNON ALAN EAGYE ’56 Commander “Alan” Eagye, USN (Ret.), died of natural causes at Broomfield, CO, on 16 June 2017. He was 85 years old. A native of Charleroi, PA, he received his appointment to the Naval Academy, entering with the Class of 1955. A member of his Battalion football team, he acquired the nickname of “Moose,” a name he was called by for the rest of his life. He graduated with the Class of 1956 as a member of the 14th Company. His first duty in an extensive career spent at sea was aboard PERRY (DD-844). He subsequently was assistant navigator aboard INDEPENDENCE (CV-62). After a tour as an assistant professor of naval science at Pennsylvania State University, Alan graduated from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School with a degree in operations analysis. From there, Alan served aboard GRAFFIAS (AF-29), homeported in Japan. He served aboard OXFORD (AGTR-159), which operated extensively in the Far East. A tour on the staff of Commander Cruiser Destroyer Force Atlantic Fleet was followed by duty with the Chief of Naval Personnel, where Alan served as an enlisted detailer. Commander Eagye’s final naval tour was as U.S. Naval Plant Representative to the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, CA. After his retirement in 1979, he continued on with Lockheed for almost a decade as a civilian employee. He also served as a long-time board member of the MOAA chapter in Sunnyvale. His wife of 57 years, Janice Turner Eagye, died on 20 September 2015 and is inurned at the U.S. Naval Academy Columbarium. During Alan and Jan’s retirement years, they traveled extensively throughout the Far East, Australia and Europe, always carrying golf clubs and camping gear. Their time together was notable for their good cheer and wonderful sense of humor and grace. Alan was also predeceased by his brother, Commander Thomas R. Eagye II ’50. Alan and Jan leave a host of nieces, a nephew and a large community of friends. Alan’s nieces, Abby, CB and Kathy Eagye, as well as Christine Eagye Carlson, were wonderful helpmates to Alan during his last days. Alan was inurned at the Naval Academy Columbarium, alongside Jan, on 18 August 2017. The Eagye Family, 1956 Classmates & Friends H

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. —Theodore Roosevelt


WILLIAM GEORGE LOVEDAY JR. ’56 Commander William G. Loveday Jr., USN (Ret.), 85, passed away on 29 June 2017, in Amsterdam, NY. “Bill” was born on 3 July 1931, in Gloversville, NY, to William G. Loveday Sr. and Ina Van Brocklin Loveday. He graduated from Gloversville High School (1949) and attended Middlebury College (Vermont) for one year before enlisting in the Navy (1950). Two years later, Bill entered the Naval Academy on a congressional appointment. After graduation in 1956, Bill attended Supply Corps School (Athens, GA), followed by a tour at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard (California). He served aboard ROCHESTER as store officer and HANSON as supply officer. Duty as nuclear commissioning outfitting officer at the Submarine Base in New London, CT (1959-1961) and as supply logistics officer in the U.S. Taiwan Patrol Force based in White Beach, Okinawa (1961-1963) followed. He was material division officer at NAS Quonset Point, RI (1963-1965) and from 1965-1967, was supply officer at Sangley Point Naval Base, Philippines, making a number of trips to Saigon and Da Nang, Vietnam, in a logistic support capacity. He attended postgraduate school at Monterey, CA, and received a MS in computer systems management (1968). He was director of the data processing control center at Great Lakes, IL, and his final assignment was as supply officer at the Construction Battalion Center in Davisville, RI. Bill retired in 1974. He then worked at the City National Bank in Gloversville, NY, and later served as the Fulton County historian for many years. He loved genealogy, history and research and writing articles on local history, which were often published. Bill was a member of Foothills United Methodist Church; the Sons of the American Revolution (Stone Arabia and Saratoga chapters); longtime treasurer of the Northville Rotary Club; and served on the board of the Fulton County Historical Society and Museum. Other hobbies included hiking, cross country skiing; square dancing; building his own sailboat; and sailing. Bill married Doris Jean Goodbread in 1956 and they had three children, Terry, Cathy and William G. III. He married Joan Bellen Ardizzone in 1990 and has two stepchildren, Gail and David. He leaves six grandchildren; one step-grandchild; and five great-grandchildren. Bill was predeceased by his wife, Joan; and sisters, Dorothy and Helen. Burial took place in Prospect Hill Cemetery in Gloversville, NY. Memorials may be made to the Northville Rotary Club or the Fulton County Historical Society and Museum. Condolences may be left at (www.brbsfuneral.com). H

THOMAS JOSEPH BURKE ’57 Thomas J. Burke died in Fort Pierce, FL, on 7 July 2017. He was 83 years old. A native of Staten Island, NY, “Tom” attended Manhattan College and served in the Naval Reserve prior to receiving an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. He graduated with the Class of 1957 as a member of the Third (1957 Color) Company. Upon graduation, he served at the Naval Academy as a boxing instructor for the incoming class before reporting to ESSEX (CVA-9) as the main engines officer. ESSEX operated in the Mediterranean and Arctic seas and both Atlantic and Pacific oceans during Tom’s service. In 1959, after Submarine School, he served in ANGLER (SS-240) until 1963 as chief engineer and navigator. Then, after attending Fleet Ballistic Missile

School, he reported to ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN-608) as assistant weapons officer. In 1964, following Naval Nuclear Power training, he reported to ABRAHAM LINCOLN (SSBN-602) as weapons officer. Tom participated in three deterrent patrols as both deck and nuclear engineering watch officer until his resignation in 1969 as a lieutenant commander. From 1970 until 1978, Tom worked for Long Island Lighting Company as plant engineer and startup manager for oil fired plants and project manager for a large nuclear plant under construction. In late 1978, Tom worked for a Middle Eastern contractor to build and operate the then-largest power and desalination plant in the world. In 1983, he transferred to Paris as senior vice president for the construction of 16 major projects in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Yemen. Tom returned to the U.S. in 1986. During the next 31 years, he consulted as a registered professional engineer, certified general contractor and construction arbitrator, providing technical, project management and dispute resolution services to bonding and insurance companies and construction contractors. He enjoyed teaching science and math at a local high school. A kind, generous, intelligent man of integrity, he was loved and respected by all who knew him. Throughout his life, Tom devoted many hours to civic and charitable organizations. He left the world a better place than he found it. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, the former Janet Lillian Larsen; their sons, Tom and Leo; daughters, Kerry and Janet; eight grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and sister, Kathleen Burke. Memorial services were conducted on 29 July 2017 at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Vero Beach, FL. American Legion Post 189 rendered military honors. The Burke Family H

DOUGLAS LONG LOWRANCE ’57 Commander Douglas L. Lowrance, USN (Ret.), passed away on 8 July 2017 of a heart attack while vacationing with his wife, Susan, in Asheville, NC. “Doug” was born in the Philippines to Vice Admiral Vernon Lowrance ’30 and Mrs. Claire (Dowden) Lowrance on 1 December 1935. As the only child of a Navy family, Doug attended grade schools in Panama; New London, CT; Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; Winston Salem, NC; San Diego, CA; and Norfolk, VA. He graduated from Maury High School in Norfolk (1953) and the Naval Academy (1957). Doug also earned an MBA from National University in San Diego (1983). During his 26-year Navy career, Doug’s submarine deployments included: CAPITAINE (1960-1962); SALMON (1962-1963); and GUDGEON (19661967). He was executive officer of WAHOO (1968-1969) and commanding officer of PICUDA (1971-1972). He spent 13 years of his naval career based in Hawaii. In addition to his submarine experience, Doug also served at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, DC. After retiring from the Navy in 1983, Doug was as an electrical engineer for General Dynamics Electronics Division (now BAE Systems) in San Diego. He retired in 1988. Through the years, Doug became an expert at growing tomatoes and his talents were recognized in a San Diego Union Tribune article published in July 2010. Doug was a ferocious reader, a generous and supportive father and a devoted husband. Doug enjoyed nothing more than having a thoughtful discussion about global and current events. He was an avid golfer and a member of The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo since 1989.



Doug’s first wife, Mary Alice Murphy, predeceased him in 1998 after 39 years of marriage. They raised three daughters, Jeanne Lowrance of San Diego, CA; Beth Brock (husband, Glenn) of Colleyville, TX; and Susan Confetti (husband, Kevin) of Concord, CA. Doug adored his five grandchildren, Caroline Hutcherson of Roanoke, TX (husband, Aaron), Lauren Stokes of Ft Worth, TX, Masen Confetti of Concord, CA, and twins, Krista and Kayla Confetti of Concord, CA; and two great-grandchildren, JR and Lydia Hutcherson of Roanoke, TX. Doug married Susan Guthrie in La Jolla, CA, in 2004. They enjoyed playing golf, entertaining friends, attending ballet, theatre and symphony concerts, ocean and river cruising, vacationing in Hawaii, exploring Europe and attending Naval Academy Reunions on both coasts. Services were held at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, followed by a Celebration of Life at The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo on 1 September 2017. H

WILLIAM STAMPS HOWARD III ’58 Captain W.S. Howard III, USN (Ret.), 81, died peacefully in Newport News, VA, on 7 July 2017 after a lengthy battle with Lewy Body dementia. Born on 22 April 1936 in San Diego, CA, “Stamps” was the son of Captain William Stamps Howard Jr. ’25, USN (Ret.), and Eleanor Draper Howard. He spent his childhood in Tarboro, NC, attending Woodberry Forest School in Orange, VA, prior to his presidential appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. At USNA, Stamps was a varsity tennis player, graduating in the 15th Company. Stamps served in engineering on ESSEX (CVA-9), and the commissioning crew of TOPEKA (CLG-8). In 1961, he attended the Naval Intelligence School, learning Italian at the Army Language Institute. Stamps married Patricia Ann Schlegel of Paramus, NJ, on 15 June 1963 and the Howards moved to Rome, Italy, where he was an assistant naval attaché at the U.S. Embassy. After serving as chief engineer on DEWEY (DLG-14), he transitioned to the Naval Intelligence community (1630, intelligence sub-specialist), serving in the Naval Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center, Naval Intelligence Support Center, at Washington, DC, and in the Vietnam theater as a naval adviser for Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI) serving in the Vietnam War (10 March 1969 to 9 March 1970). Stamps next served as chief of Undersea Warfare and Special Projects in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and later as the intelligence detailer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. In 1975, Stamps attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, later joining the staff of Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Three aboard CHICAGO as Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, stationed in San Diego, CA. In 1979, Stamps joined the Office of the Deputy CNO, Surface Warfare as Staff Intelligence Officer, where he was promoted to captain. Stamps completed his naval career in 1984 at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), as Chief, Military Operational Support Division. In 1984, Stamps joined BDM International as Director, Logistics Functional Analysis. He retired from BDM in 1999. Stamps is survived by his wife, Patricia A. Howard; children, Stamps Howard IV (Susan), Carolyn McCombs (Jim), Rick Howard (Beth) and Marypat Marcoccio (Frank); and eleven grandchildren, Seamus, Will, Alicia, Scott, Caroline, Allie, Trish, Marypat, Dominick, Erick and Ben. Memorial services were held on 29 July 2017 at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, with interment at Arlington National Cemetery on 10 August. H 160 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

RICHARD DOUGLAS ROGERS ’58 Richard D. Rogers died on 19 June 2017, at his home in Honolulu, HI, following a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer. “Dick” was born in Franklin, PA, on 13 October 1935, to Horace and Catherine Rogers. After graduating with honors from Norwalk High School, OH (1953), he attended Miami University in Oxford, OH, for one year and received a congressional appointment to the Naval Academy (20th Company). Upon graduation with the Class of 1958, Dick married Penelope Jane “Penny” Adams, whom he’d met at the Academy as a Youngster. His first assignment was as first lieutenant and ASW officer aboard DECATUR (DD-936) in Newport, RI. In 1959, he attended Submarine School in New London, CT, and nuclear propulsion training at Windsor Locks Nuclear Submarine Prototype. Dick earned his submarine Dolphins in 1961, aboard SARGO (SSN-583) homeported in Pearl Harbor, HI. In 1963, he joined the commissioning crew of ULYSSES S. GRANT (SSBN-631) in Groton, CT, as main propulsion assistant. He was certified as a nuclear engineer in 1965 on GRANT, then-homeported in Pearl Harbor. His next assignment was as engineer officer of Submarine Squadron One in Pearl Harbor. Dick left the Navy in 1967 as a lieutenant commander. He joined Dole Pineapple Company while earning a MBA from the University of Hawaii. After four years, Dole sent him to Mindanao, Philippines. Dick’s civilian career then took them to interior Brazil, where he launched a pharmaceutical venture for a Brazilian consortium. He then spent three years with Richardson Merrell Pharmaceuticals in Rio de Janeiro, and then with the U.S. Agency for International Development in Jamaica, Indonesia and Costa Rica. In 1988, Penny became a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State, and Dick also accepted Foreign Service positions at her diplomatic postings in South America, Africa, Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. Eventually, Dick and Penny returned to Honolulu, where Dick became a dedicated volunteer at Hanauma Bay State Park; the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii; the Honolulu Boy Choir; the Hawaii Opera Theater; and the Honolulu Convention Center. He also was a volunteer docent at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, showing the possibilities of medical careers. Dick’s body was willed to the medical school, and eventually some of his ashes will be spread on the Pacific Ocean and the remainder interred in the family plot near Longmeadow, MA, where he and Penny were married. Together, Dick and Penny raised four children. H

JAY ALLEN ROWER ’58 Commander Jay Rower, USN (Ret.), passed away on 16 May 2017 at his home in Spotsylvania County, VA. He was 83 years old. Jay was appointed to the Class of 1958 from the Fleet and was a member of the Tenth Company. He left the Academy after Plebe Year and was later commissioned through the NavCad Program. He received his Wings in August 1957 at NAS Corpus Christi, TX. His first duty station was on an AEW wing staff in Argentia, Newfoundland. He next flew A-4s in NAS Jacksonville with VA-106, followed by a tour back at NAS Beeville with VT-25 as a flight instructor. He had four combat tours in Vietnam, flying the A-4 and A-6. He was catapult and arresting gear


officer on HANCOCK (CV-19) for two tours and then one tour on ORISKANY (CV-34) after an accident. He received the Navy Achievement Medal for this extended duty. He then went to VA-65 and flew the A-6E. He was awarded two Air Medals while flying in Vietnam. In addition to his WestPac tours, he also made four Mediterranean deployments, four North Atlantic deployments, 726 carrier landings and was at sea for 17 years! Jay also flew the A-6 in the movie “Flight of the Intruder.” His last tour of duty was at the Washington, DC, Navy Yard. He retired as a commander after 22 years of service. In retirement, he worked for Advanced Logistics Management for a short time and then Battelle before retiring to his farm in Virginia. Jay served his Ruritan Club in every possible capacity from 1973 until his passing. Jay is survived by his loving wife of 59 years, Peggy; three daughters, Karen Stinson, Susan Martin (and her husband, David) and Kimberly Brandts (and her husband, Kirk); son, John Rower (and his wife, Chris); four grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. A memorial gathering was held on 23 May 2017 in Fredericksburg, VA. Inurnment took place at Quantico National Cemetery on 19 June 2017. In lieu of flowers, Jay’s family requests that memorial donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project, P.O. Box 758517, Topeka, KS 66675-8517; (www.woundedwarriorproject.org).

RONALD WOODROW WRIGHT ’58 Ronald W. Wright died of Parkinson’s disease at Grass Valley, CA, on 24 June. He was 80 years old. Raised in Kansas City, KS, “Ron” received a congressional appointment to the Naval Academy and graduated with the Class of 1958 as a member of the 11th Company. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a Marine Corps officer serving first in Twentynine Palms, CA, and Subic Bay, Philippines. He then attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, followed by a tour in Vietnam. As his final assignment, he served as the Marine Corps representative at Philco-Ford Corporation in Palo Alto, CA. Ron left the Marine Corps in 1970 and worked in management in several Bay Area firms. He obtained a juris doctor degree from Santa Clara law school. He then worked in the Justice Department in Washington, DC, for six years. Ron’s primary hobby was photography and he took many photos in Europe, particularly Scandinavia. His other main interest was sailing and he sailed on San Francisco Bay in his 27-foot boat for ten years. He also took up scuba diving and visited the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand and numerous towns in Mexico. His final position was at Litton Industries in Seattle, WA, where he was introduced to kayaking and enjoyed numerous trips to Canada. Finally, Ron moved to Grass Valley, CA, to retire and enjoy more kayaking and many local hikes. He volunteered on many projects and served as a driver for a local food bank. Ron is survived by his wife, Connie, whom he met at a Naval Academy sailing regatta in 1957; and their four children, Ron, Patrick, Marcia and Chris; along with five grandchildren. A private Celebration of Life was held at the Wright home in Grass Valley. H

TOMAS GRAHAM HENDERSON ’59 Lieutenant Commander Tomas G. Henderson, USN (Ret.), passed away peacefully in Del Mar, CA, on 19 July 2017 with his wife, Lois, at his side. He was 82 years old. “Tom” was born on 14 May 1935 in Eureka, CA, to the late Graham and Dean Henderson. He spent his youth in Eureka and graduated from Eureka High School in 1954. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with the Class of 1959 as a member of the Ninth Company. A mentor to others, Tom was one of very few Academy graduates to graduate with no demerits. After graduation, he married Lois Ann Morrow and began naval flight training. Tom began his career as a naval aviator with VF-154 at Miramar NAS. His sea duty was in the Pacific Fleet: he flew primarily from aircraft carriers MIDWAY, CORAL SEA and RANGER. While in the Vietnam War, he developed and proved advanced pilot tactics for fighter aircraft against missiles. During his ashore years, Tom earned graduate degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School and American University, and was an instructor in the Aeronautical Engineering Department at the Academy. Following his Navy retirement, Tom started Henderson Construction Company in 1977, where he specialized in custom home building and remodeling for the next 20 years. Tom was an active member of the Del Mar community, serving as president of the Del Mar Rotary Club and head usher for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Tom and Lois loved spending time with family and friends in Del Mar, Phoenix and Franklin, TN. He will be remembered as a loving husband, father and grandfather—one we all looked to for support, love and encouragement. Tom is survived by his wife of 57 years, Lois; daughter, Laurie Richmond (Bill) of Phoenix, AZ; son, Alan Henderson (Kim) of Franklin, TN; as well as four grandchildren, Molly and Maggie Henderson, and Kelly and Allison Richmond. He is also survived by his sisters, Sue Pruden and Pam Lundblade; brother, Don Henderson; and numerous nieces and nephews. Full military honors and burial for Tom were held at Miramar National Cemetery on the morning of 11 August 2017, with a memorial and celebration of his life at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Del Mar, CA, that afternoon. H

ROBERT VERNON MORGAN ’59 Captain Robert V. Morgan, USN (Ret.), passed away on 2 July 2017 in Coronado, CA, due to complications of a stroke. He was 80 years old. His loving wife, Lucy, was at his bedside. “Bob” was born on 28 March 1937 in Kansas City, MO, and completed grammar school in Merriam, KS. He moved to Sedalia, MO, and upon graduation from Smith Cotton High School in 1955, he received a congressional appointment to the Naval Academy. He graduated with the Class of 1959 (First Company). He married Lucille Beebe of Covina, CA, on 30 September 1962. His first tour of duty was on the destroyer NICHOLAS (DDE-449) out of Hawaii. Upon completion of nuclear power school at Idaho Falls, he reported for duty on THOMAS A. EDISON (SSBN-610), stationed in Holy Loch, Scotland. He was a plankowner of MARIANO G. VALLEJO (SSBN-658); executive officer of SCAMP (SSN-588); and commanding officer of GEORGE WASHINGTON (SSBN-598). He served in the Pentagon with the Naval Warfare Directorate prior to major command of ORION (AS-18) stationed at La Maddalena, Italy.



Captain Morgan culminated his career as commanding officer, Naval Astronautics Group, Pt. Mugu, CA, where he managed Trident missile satellites. Captain Morgan’s commendations included the Legion of Merit, three Meritorious Service Medals and the Navy Commendation Medal with Gold Star, among other recognitions. He completed six Polaris submarine patrols during his 30-year career. His civilian career was as Director of Waste Management at Rocky Flats, CO. Bob retired with Lucy to Sonoma, CA, in 2002, where he was Assistant Director of the American Red Cross. Bob’s naval assignments had brought him to Coronado for several tours, and he and Lucy settled there in 2016. Bob had a lifelong love of sports and the outdoors; he earned his Eagle Scout rank at 15, led Cub Scouts for his sons and was a coach and referee through many years of baseball and soccer. He enjoyed golfing, biking, skiing and traveling with his wife. With his move to Sonoma Valley, he made wine with family and friends, including a pretty decent Zinfandel. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Lucy; three sons (and daughtersin-law), Lance (Angela), Rob (Julie) and Mike (Sheri); and seven grandchildren. A celebration of life was held at the Coronado Library on 29 July 2017. Burial will take place at Arlington National Cemetery in the fall. H

THOMAS EDWARD WILSON JR. ’60 “Tom” Wilson passed away peacefully with his family by his side on 12 May 2017. A large and beautiful bird flew just outside of his window as his spirit released—a sign to his family that he is soaring in the sky once again. Born in Cambridge, MA, on 22 February 1939, he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1960 and received his MBA from Washington University. He and his wife, Susan, met on a blind date and found love from their first meeting. Tom was a pilot on the carrier, BON HOMME RICHARD, during the early days of the Vietnam War. In late 1966, he left the service and moved East with his growing family. He worked in aircraft engines, eventually landing his family in Cincinnati, OH, in 1979. After a long career at GE, he became the CEO of LCA-Vision, a calling he loved. He worked as a consultant, turning around several struggling businesses with his patience and knowledge. Tom was committed to keeping fit his entire life and he was adept at fixing things. His determination to fix things that couldn’t be easily fixed often introduced those around him to his unmatched talent for colorful words! Tom was both a melanoma and spinal cord injury survivor. After the spinal cord injury in 2003, he was told he would not walk again. He battled back to walk his daughter, Sara, down the aisle one year later. Though physically limited, he never once gave up. He continued his daily workout ritual, understanding how important it was to maintain the quality of life he wanted. Over the years, he spent much of his time being a loving mentor to his children and grandchildren, creating bonds that will be cherished forever. Tom was brilliant, determined, wickedly funny and a valiant fighter until the end. Susan understood him as no one else ever would and they shared a loving passion for family and one another. He was the beloved husband of 53 years to Susan (Horgan) Wilson; loving dad to Lisa, Kristina (Bill Baldwin), Tom (Jenny), Tricia (Jim Blase), Sara (Sean Foley) and Sheila (David Pinto); and he was an amazing “Popsie” to 16 grateful grandchildren, Sam, Ben, Tyler, Zak, Peyton, Lily, Davis, Kate, Jack, Tommy, Miles, Owen, Colin, Cameron, Oscar and Lukie. A celebration of Tom’s amazing life was held 3 June 2017.


Memorials may be sent to Hospice of Cincinnati (www.hospiceof cincinnati.org). H

KURT ALLEN GUSTAFSON ’61 Captain Kurt A. Gustafson, USN (Ret.), of Germantown, TN, died suddenly on 14 May 2017. Kurt was born in Jamestown, NY, on 28 June 1939. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy on 6 June 1961 and was assigned as communications officer of RICH (DD-820), followed by assignment as staff communications officer for Commander, Destroyer Squadron 32. He graduated from Destroyer School in Newport, RI (April 1964) and served as operations officer of SAUFLEY (DD-465), until January of 1965. He then served as Ship Superintendent at Boston Naval Shipyard until June of 1965. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (June 1965-May 1968) and was awarded the degrees of Naval Engineer and Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He then completed ED Salvage and Diving Officer School. His subsequent duties were DE project officer, Supervisor of Shipbuilding, New Orleans, LA (1968-1971); salvage and material officer, Service Squadron 8 (1971-1973); assistant material officer and salvage officer for Commander, Service Forces, Atlantic Fleet (1973-1975); Ship Superintendent, Assistant Repair Officer and Planning and Estimating Superintendent, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard (1975-1978); production officer, Ship Repair facility, Yokosuka, Japan (1978-1981); assistant to Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command for Overhaul Improvement (1981-1983); commanding officer, Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion Repair, Brooklyn, NY (19831986); director, Inspection Division of the NavSea Inspector General’s Office; Special Assistant for Subsurface Warfare, Shipbuilding, Engineering and Logistics to Deputy Chief of Naval Ops (OP-8). His last duty was Deputy Board of Inspection and Survey. Captain Gustafson earned the Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal (with two Gold Stars), the Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal. Kurt is survived by his wife of 55 years, Lois Messler Gustafson; daughter, Susan Niewiemski of Germantown, TN; son, Kurt Gustafson Jr. of Fairfax, VA; six grandchildren, William, Benjamin and Andrew Mills and Rebecca, Trey and Timothy Gustafson. Kurt loved his family and he loved life. He was a true officer and gentleman. He will be sorely missed. H

ROBERT GENE DAWSON ’62 Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Dawson, USMC (Ret.), died on June 20, 2017. “Bob” was born in Georgetown, TX, on 29 June 1938. As the youngest of four boys, he was active in Scouting (achieving Eagle Scout) and was a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps days after graduating from high school and was subsequently selected to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School. He successfully competed for a presidential appointment and graduated with the Class of 1962. Bob returned on leave to Georgetown to marry his best friend and life partner, June Burkhart.


He chose to serve in the Marines and was designated a naval aviator on 15 May 1964. A year later, he was flying combat missions over Vietnam. He spent two tours accumulating over 250 missions in the A-4 Skyhawk. He also served with the ROK Marine Brigade as an air liaison officer at Hoi An, RVN. Ordered to the Naval Postgraduate School, he received a master of management degree and then served three and a half years at Marine Corps Headquarters. Bob subsequently served as commanding officer in two squadrons (one of them being VMA-211), retiring as a lieutenant colonel. After Bob returned to Cal State Fullerton to obtain an MBA in finance, he then joined Hughes Aircraft Company as an analyst, and later worked at Northrop on the B-2 program. While working, Bob and June began to travel, making a three-week tour of China in 1989, taking over seven Windstar cruises and river rafting trips down various rivers in the west, including the Grand Canyon. Retiring from Raytheon as a program manager in 2000, Bob and June began looking for the perfect place to enjoy retirement. They found it in Carmel Valley, looking across over to Garland Ranch Park. They continued to travel, highlighted by four safaris to east and South Africa. Bob especially enjoyed working on various projects with the Ventana Wilderness Alliance, a local 501(c)3 organization. He is survived by his wife, June; son, Dan Dawson (and his wife, Stefani) of Larkspur, CA; granddaughters, Sierra and Sydney; brothers, Roger Dawson and Thomas Dawson of Victoria, TX, and Dr. George Dawson of Abilene, TX. A celebration of life will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers or other memorials, please consider a donation to the Ventana Wilderness Alliance (ventanawild.org).

SCOTT BRUCE DUDLEY ’66 Commander Scott B. Dudley, USN (Ret.), died of a heart attack at his home in Miami, FL, on 11 March 2017. Scott was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, son of a career naval officer, and spent his formative years on naval bases in the continental U.S. as well as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. He was a member of Naval Academy Class of 1966. While there, he enjoyed playing softball (he was a pretty decent player) and other intramural sports. After graduation, Scott served on destroyers. He also did a tour of duty in Vietnam, during which he commanded a swift boat in the Mekong Delta, where his command of the Vietnamese language came in handy. He subsequently served as aide to Commander Naval Forces in Saigon. He received several medals, including the Bronze Star with Combat V. While most of his career was spent at sea, he retired on 1 January 1989 from the Pentagon, where he worked on the Navy’s Tomahawk Missile Program. He will be remembered for his great wit and sense of honor. Scott also was a fierce competitor on his trivia team at his local watering hole. Scott was predeceased by his parents, Captain George E. Dudley, USN (Ret.) and Helen W. Dudley. He leaves behind to mourn him, his sisters, Jane Vernon (husband, Bill) and Michele “Shelley” Haddock (husband, David); nephew, Matthew Vernon; nieces, Deborah Doischen (husband, Rob, and their son, Joshua) and Lesley Monahan (husband, Mark, and their children, Connor, Quinn and Kylie); as well as his former wife, Evelin Saxinger. Scott’s ashes will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date. There is a bronze plate on the container of his ashes inscribed with what we feel he would like to say to everyone—”Beat Army!”

As an expression of sympathy, contributions in memory of Scott may be made to the Miami Rescue Mission, PO Box 420620, Miami, FL 332420620; (www.miamirescuemission.com). Scott was a supporter of this organization and his family believes he would appreciate this. If anyone would like to share special memories of Scott with his family, his sisters would very much like to hear from you. Please send any correspondence to Michele Haddock, 13101 Dobree Place, Riverview, FL 33579; or Jane Vernon, 3201 Bayou Sound, Longboat Key, FL 34228. H

MANUEL RAYNOR LOPEZ ’66 “Manny” Lopez passed away on 19 July 2017 in Lewes, DE, of heart and kidney diseases. He was 74 years old. Born in Washington, DC, to Cornelio and Margaret Raynor Lopez, Manny grew up in Hyattsville, MD. He attended Gonzaga College High School in Washington, NAPS and was in the 19th and 29th Companies at the Naval Academy. A gifted multi-sport athlete, Manny was also in the Drum & Bugle Corps and on the Lucky Bag staff. After receiving his commission with the Class of 1966, he was assigned to WILTSIE (DD-716) in San Diego. Shortly thereafter, he was denied a marriage license in Maryland to marry his fiancée, Sally Smayling, due to miscegenation laws, where Filipinos were not allowed to marry Caucasian women. His father, an attorney, appealed to the State’s Attorney General’s office, citing a loophole in the law where persons of mixed Malay race (Manuel’s father was Filipino; his mother Caucasian) were not barred from marrying Caucasian women. The Attorney General agreed, and the couple was married on New Year’s Day, 1967. Returning to WILTSIE and later while serving on CHICAGO (CG-11), Manny spent his active duty on the West Coast and on deployments to the Western Pacific. Upon leaving the Navy, Manny worked as a roughneck in the California oilfields before returning to the Washington area to attend American University Law School. After receiving his JD, he began a 30-year career as a lawyer with the Department of Labor. Manny found something special being around water. The Chesapeake Bay, San Diego, the Tonkin Gulf, Subic Bay, Port Hueneme and the Atlantic, all influenced his life. Manny enjoyed relaxing with boating, fishing, crabbing and reading about history. We can just picture Manny driving off to heaven in his old 1966 Mosport Green Corvette with two dozen boiled crabs and that big smile on his face. He’ll be missed. Manny was predeceased by his parents and his sister, Andrea Coplin. He is survived by his brother, Tony; sister, Anita Wharton; and his four children, Margaret, Miles, Mary and Michael. Services were held at the Naval Academy Columbarium on 28 September 2017. Paul Cotter ’66 & the Lopez Family H

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. — Bruce Lee



RAYMOND ALBERT DUDDERAR JR. ’68 Captain Raymond A. Dudderar Jr., USN (Ret.), of California, MD, died in June 2017. He was 70 years old. Born in Chestertown, MD, “Chip” spent most of his youth in Salisbury, MD, and graduated from Wicomico High School in 1964 before attending the Naval Academy. Following graduation with the Class of 1968, he reported to flight school. After earning his Wings, he flew the A-7 Corsair II, including a combat deployment in Vietnam, and had an exchange tour with the Marine Corps, flying the AV-8 Harrier. He graduated from the Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD, in 1979. He later transitioned to the F/A-18 Hornet and commanded Strike Fighter Squadron 87 (VFA-87). Chip went on to have a distinguished career in developmental flight testing and procurement of naval aircraft. He spent much of his career at Patuxent River’s Naval Air Test Center, where he commanded the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate and the Test Wing Atlantic. He played an important role in the successful transition of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet into the fleet and the successful design and development of the EA-18G Growler. Chip was deeply honored to serve alongside the men and women he was privileged to know during his long Navy career. After retiring from the Navy, Chip and his wife, Linda, settled in their home on the Patuxent River. He served as a consultant to both government and business entities. An avid outdoorsman, he tirelessly advocated for responsible and sustainable conservation of the Chesapeake Bay and other environmental concerns. Chip’s zeal for these and other causes was only surpassed by his love of family and friends. He found great joy in sharing his interests with his children and grandchildren. Chip and Linda also enjoyed traveling the world. He counted his family and friends as his greatest blessings. Chip is survived by his beloved wife of 48 years, Linda Jane (Nertney) Dudderar; daughter, Heidi Dudderar of Edgewater, MD; son, Kyle Dudderar (and his wife, Celeste (Grow) Dudderar); four grandchildren; three sisters; and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents; brother, Gregory Harris Dudderar; and nephew, Matthew DiMaggio. His passing is deeply mourned by family, cousins, and many friends in near and far-off places. A celebration of life will be held at Chip and Linda’s home in California, MD, on 14 October 2017 at 1:00 p.m. H

TERRENCE PAUL MURRAY ’68 Major General Terrence P. Murray, USMC (Ret.), 72, died of coronary artery disease at his home on 17 June 2017. A native of Allendale, NJ, he attended the Bullis Prep School prior to receiving his Naval Academy appointment. “Terry” was the 17th Company commander when he graduated with the Class of 1968. A talented varsity athlete on the football and baseball teams and a runner-up in the Brigade Boxing Tournament, he was the 1968 recipient of the Naval Academy Athletic Association’s Sword for Athletic Excellence. Commissioned in the Marine Corps, Terry completed The Basic School and U.S. Army Ranger School (as an honor graduate) before deploying to Vietnam in 1969, where he commanded a rifle platoon and a rifle company. 164 SHIPMATE • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

He was awarded two Bronze Star Medals (with combat distinguishing device) and the Purple Heart during his combat service. His distinguished 33-year career in the Marine Corps also included command at the battalion, battalion landing team and expeditionary unit levels. In 1990, Terry commanded the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit during the early stages of the First Gulf War. He later became the first Marine Deputy Commandant of Midshipmen at USNA, served as the Marine Corps’ director of public affairs; the deputy commander, U.S. Forces, Japan, and director of the Reserve Affairs Division at Headquarters, Marine Corps. Terry’s final assignment was the Assistant Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs/Director, Personnel Management Division, at Headquarters, Marine Corps, from 1999 until his retirement in 2001. Terry attended the Armed Forces Staff College and earned a master’s degree in public communications from Fordham University. He was the co-author of the Marine Corps’ official history, The Marines in Vietnam, 1970-1971: Vietnamization and Redeployment. In civilian life, Terry served as the USNA Alumni Association’s Executive Vice President for Operations. A proud Marine, Terry led with honor and faithfulness—loving God, his family and his country. A gentle, humble man, he was cherished by all who met and knew him. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, the former Catherine Ranieri; son, Brandon; daughter, Kelly; three grandchildren; sister, Maureen; brothers, Raymond, Stephen and Christopher; and eight nieces and nephews. Terry’s Funeral Mass was celebrated on 24 June 2017 at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in West River, MD. Interment with full military honors is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., 31 October 2017, at Arlington National Cemetery. A reception will follow at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA. H

DONALD HENDRIX NASH ’69 Captain Donald H. Nash, USN (Ret.), was relieved of his duties, with his family at his side, on 23 June 2017 in Virginia Beach, VA. Born in Norman, OK, on 3 June 1945, “Don” was the son of Captain Norman Clarke Nash ’42, USN, and Mary Francis Hendrix Nash. He graduated from Norfolk Academy and the Naval Academy (1969, Eighth Company). After a tour in Vietnam aboard ERNEST G. SMALL (DD-838), he attended Destroyer School and served as weapons officer on STEINAKER (DD-863). Don was flag lieutenant and aide to ComCruDesGru Eight during the 1973 Middle East War. His first command was IMPERVIOUS (MSO-449), where he won the Golden Anchor award for retention. After the Armed Forces Staff College, he reported as XO of KIDD (DD-993) and earned the Battle “E.” Don then worked for the Chief of Naval Personnel as the surface warfare community manager. He next commanded SCOTT (DDG-995), responsible for an upgraded missile system conversion. Next, he served as director of the House of Representatives Congressional Liaison Office for the Secretary of the Navy. His served as commissioning CO of CAPE ST. GEORGE (CG-71), again earning the Battle “E” and winning the ARIZONA Award for combat readiness. Don later served as the Chief of Staff, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. He concluded his naval career by serving as Special Assistant for Information of the U.S. Atlantic Command. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal w/3 Gold Stars, Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Award, and other campaign and expeditionary medals.


Retiring in 1998, he became the information systems director of Logicon, and later, Northrop Grumman. In retirement, Don supported Norfolk’s Ghent United Methodist Church. He was an active member of the USNA Alumni Association, supporting their newly-established mentoring program and seldom missing a Class tailgate. Don had an inimitable spirit of happiness and loving loyalty. He was a family man extending his care for all of his many friends and family members. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Donna Lamberth Nash; their children, Meredith Nash Shields, Joseph Norman Nash and Anne Marie Nash Burroughs; five grandchildren; his brother, Major General Gordon Nash and brother-in-law, Dr. Edwin Lamberth and their families; and his cadre of special cousins, nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held at Ghent United Methodist Church on 29 June 2017. Inurnment will take place at the USNA Columbarium. H

RICHARD AUGUST WROBEL ’69 Commander Richard A. Wrobel, USN (Ret.), passed away peacefully at home in Chantilly, VA, on 22 June 2017, due to complications of cancer surgery. Surrounded by family and friends, he was 69 years old. “Rick” was born on 14 October 1947 in Talaru, Peru, to August and Lydia (Lynch) Wrobel. An Air Force junior, he attended many schools before graduating from Altus High School (Oklahoma). At the Naval Academy, Rick was a varsity golfer and a member of the 27th Company. He dated Kathryn Downs of Bethesda, MD, as a Midshipman and married the love of his life on 13 September 1969. Upon graduation with the Class of 1969, Rick started with naval aviation before switching to surface warfare. His sea assignments included DYESS (DD-880); ComCruDesFlot 10; GLENNON (DD-840); PLYMOUTH ROCK (LSD-29); LEXINGTON (AVT-16); and XO of MOUNT WHITNEY (LCC-20). Rick had shore duty at Naval Destroyer School (Class 41); Surface Warfare Officer Schools Command; Naval War College; Naval Military Personnel Command, where he was instrumental in initiating and overseeing Navy’s drug testing program; and XO and CO of the Naval Amphibious School (Little Creek, VA). Rick retired in July 1989. While serving in BuPers in the early 1980s, Rick became one of Navy’s pioneers and an expert in the field of drug testing. He parlayed his knowledge and experience into a highly successful civilian career. He worked nearly 20 years with Tracor, which was bought by Marconi Electronic Systems and later merged with BAE Systems. In 2007, he started his own business, Forensic Drug and Alcohol Testing, becoming one of the most successful companies in the industry. Rick and Kathy joined International Country Club 35 years ago, where they made many life-long friends. Rick’s silky smooth golf swing and solid game were the envy of most club members, but he is remembered most for his gentle demeanor and outgoing nature. He made friends easily with everyone and earned the unofficial title “Mr. International.” Rick was an exceptional family man and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. He will be missed greatly. Predeceased by his parents, Rick is survived by his wife, Kathryn; daughter, Angie Wrobel Provost; sons, Brad and Mike; six grandchildren; and his sister, Marybeth Bonebreak.

A Funeral Mass was conducted at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Reston, VA, on 29 June 2017. Interment will take place at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date. Eric Utegaard ’69 H

TERRENCE CHARLES MORGAN ’70 Lieutenant Colonel Terrence C. Morgan, USMC (Ret.), passed away at his home in Vienna, VA, on 29 July 2017. He was 68 years old. Born and raised in Bethel, CT, “Terry” was the son of Charles and Mary Morgan. Terry entered the U.S. Naval Academy upon graduation from Immaculate High School. At Annapolis, he played 150lb football as a member of 18th Company. He joined the Marine Corps after graduation for a 24-year military career. Terry served in artillery from Okinawa to Oklahoma, California to England, and beyond. He was a member of the U.N. Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon in 1984-1985, before becoming a battalion commander in Camp Lejeune, NC. He then graduated from the U.S. Army War College in 1989, served with the Fleet Marine Forces Europe in Eastcote, England, before returning to Headquarters Marine Corps in Arlington, VA, and retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1994. He married his wife, Sheila, on 3 July 1974. They were neighbors as children growing up in Connecticut and their families remained friends when Sheila’s moved to New Jersey at age 12. They reconnected in college as Sheila attended Rosemont College nearby in Philadelphia. After retiring, Terry had a successful career with U.S. Robotics, 3Com and eventually, Cisco Systems, where he reached the level of director in the Global Defense, Space & Security Group, leaving in 2010. He served as a chairman of the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium and founding chairman of the board of the Diplomacy Matters Institute, ran a successful independent consultancy and advised several early stage startups, remaining heavily involved even as he battled cancer in his final year. Terry’s hobbies included cooking, ironwork, woodworking and undertaking various projects around the house. Terry is survived by his wife of 43 years, Sheila; daughter, Melissa; son, Chris; and grandchildren, Jocelyn and Avery. An informal service was held in Vienna, VA, with family and friends and his ashes were placed in the Naval Academy Columbarium. H

ROBERT CRAIG BRUBAKER ’71 Lieutenant Commander Robert C. Brubaker, USNR (Ret.), passed away on 30 April 2017 from complications of pneumonia. A native of Belleville, IL, “Bob” started his naval career while still in Belleville Township High School by joining the Sea Cadets, which in turn led him to join the Naval Reserves in 1965. Bob received a Secretary of the Navy appointment and entered the Naval Academy in June 1966 with the 20th Company, where he promptly met his future wife, Paula, at Plebe Wednesday Dance Instruction. Throughout his years at The Boat School, Bob was active in Company baseball and basketball, and was an avid tennis player. Bob graduated as a member of the 36th Company in 1971 with a bachelor of science degree in oceanography. “Bru” was respected and



well-liked by his Classmates as a nice guy and true gentleman: a man of quiet demeanor, yet with a sharp wit and great sense of humor. Upon graduation, Bob was assigned as assistant first lieutenant (first and second division officer) aboard SUMTER (LST-1181), homeported in Long Beach, CA, where he qualified as underway officer of the deck (OOD). In early 1972, he began flight training in Pensacola, earning his Wings in 1973. For the next three years, through 1976, Bob was a jet flight instructor with the VT-9 Tigers (TraRon Nine) in Meridian, MS. From 1976 through 1979, Bob was assigned as officer-in-charge of Small Boat School – Naval Station Panama Canal, where he trained both U.S. and Panamanian personnel in small boat operations and served as the station pilot. Bob returned to Meridian as a flight instructor in 1979. After leaving the Navy in 1981, Bob continued on at NAS as a contract instructor to student aviators and instructors-under-training (both U.S. and foreign) in flight simulators, finally retiring in 2014. Bob went on to the Naval Postgraduate School, receiving an Aviation Safety Officer Certificate, and earned an M.B.A. from Mississippi State University. He is survived by Paula, his wife of 46 years; his brother, William; four children, Michael, Steven, Katherine and Christa; and four grandchildren, Emery Brubaker, Reid Allen, Clark Allen and Noah Brubaker. Although Bob has left us, he will live on in the hearts and minds of his family and the many friends and shipmates fortunate enough to have known him. Lee E. Burgess ’71 & Michael Borns ’70 H

JOHN HENRY LERSCH JR. ’74 Commander John H. Lersch Jr., USNR (Ret.), passed away from cancer in Marietta, GA, on 23 June 2017 at the age of 65. Born on 31 December 1951, “Sparky” was a native of Wenatchee, WA, and grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where he played football at Upper Saint Clair High School. His preparatory work at NAPS provided him the experience to be a success at the Naval Academy. As a member of the 34th Company, he was known as the master of mischief, with a wry smile and a twinkling eye forewarning “adventure ahead.” Exploits with Kohler, Munns and others were legendary. Despite all the fun and laughter at Bancroft, between evening racquetball and early morning marches, Sparky was a more thoughtful and philosophical person than he let on. He provided unmatched friendship and loyalty to classmates and comrades. After graduation with the Class of 1974, Sparky followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued naval aviation. He earned his Wings and joined the Sea Control VS-22 “Checkmates,” flying the S-3A Viking, making multiple deployments aboard SARATOGA (CV-60). Later, he joined the Naval Aviation Training Command, flying the TA-4 before transitioning to the Naval Reserve in 1981. In the Reserves, Commander Lersch joined VR-58 at NAS Jacksonville flying the C9B and stayed with them through their 1991 Operation Desert Storm deployment. In 1985, he joined Delta Air Lines as a pilot and flight simulator instructor. Captain Sparky retired in December 2016 after 32 years with the airline. Sparky was a man of many interests. He turned his love of squash into a business, installing squash courts for ASB around the country, including at the Naval Academy. He loved the movie “Rocky”, Corvettes, the song “Roll Me Away” (a pre-flight pump must), golf, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Braves. He was a lifelong student, writing “book reports” on


countless Christian and nonfiction topics. If given a gift or a favor, his impeccable manners and thoughtfulness never failed to produce a lovely thank-you note worthy of becoming a keepsake. Most impressive, though, was the devotion with which he spoke about his family; especially his children. Sparky is survived by his daughters, Kelly and Audrey; son, Collin; sister, Susanne; and his three faithful dogs, Rosie, Ollie and Birdie. Memorial services were conducted on 2 July 2017 at H.M. Patterson & Son Chapel, with inurnment to be scheduled at the U.S. Naval Academy Columbarium. H

DAVID BRUCE McISAAC III ’78 David B. McIsaac III a devoted husband, father and brother, went to be with the Lord on Saturday, 8 April 2017. He was 61 years old. He was born on 16 January 1956, in Camden, SC, the son of the late Edie and Bruce McIsaac of Kershaw, SC. David began his college education at the U.S. Naval Academy as a member of the Class of 1978’s 25th Company, where “Kersh” is remembered as a cornerstone of the Company’s morale and camaraderie. He graduated from the University of South Carolina, despite his love for the Clemson Tigers. David had a career in the textile industry, working at Springs Industries in South Carolina, Alabama and Brazil, before joining Walmart in Arkansas. He most recently had been employed by Jay Franco and Sons of New York. David was an avid community servant, loved people of all ages and was a lifetime blood donor. He coached baseball, football and soccer, and also volunteered at Heath Springs Elementary School. He was a member of Frontline Biker Church in Kershaw. David was predeceased by his loving wife, Dana Nunnery McIsaac. They leave four children (and their spouses), Joseph “Joe” McIsaac (Nikki) of Rock Hill, SC, Matthew “Matt” Kennington (Jessica) of Kershaw, SC, Samantha Kennington Dutton (Kenny) of Kershaw, SC, and Cole McIsaac of Kershaw, SC; two sisters, Martha McIsaac Floyd (Wade) and Deeda McIsaac Coffey (Kenneth) both of Kershaw, SC; and seven grandchildren, Knox Allen McIsaac and Josie Nicole McIsaac, Ava Grace, Lillie and Noah Kennington and Nathan Dutton and his little sister, Caroline, born in September 2017. The celebration of life funeral service for Dana and David was held on 12 April 2017 at Second Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC, officiated by the Revs. Cotton Pate and Michael Owens. Burial followed at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery in Lancaster. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Second Baptist Church, 1426 Great Falls Highway, Lancaster, SC 29720, (www. lancastersbc.org); or Frontline Biker Church, 8617 Kershaw Camden Highway, Kershaw, SC 29067. H

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. — Napoleon Hill


DAVID KENT MILLER ’80 David K. Miller died on 7 May 2017 in Conway, AR. He was 59 years old. A native of Oklahoma City, OK, “DK” graduated from the Naval Academy with the Class of 1980. He sailed with the USNA sailing team and was navigator on the team that won the Trans Atlantic Race in 1979. An E2C carrier pilot, he attended seminary while in the Reserves and working as a flight simulator instructor at NAS Norfolk. DK was a pastor for about three years before going to work for Northwest Airlines (now Delta), as an IT manager. DK is survived by his wife of 35 years, Diana Miller; four sons, Joshua (and his wife, Minseon), David, Jacob (and his wife, Sarah) and Joseph (and his wife, Meredith); and one grandson, Zeke. He is also survived by his mother, Darlene; and siblings, Janet and James (and his wife, Brenda). A memorial service was held in Conway, AR, on 10 June 2017 and he was buried with military honors at the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery in Little Rock, AR. The Miller Family H

ROBERT JOSEPH AMEND ’81 Robert J. Amend of Chambersburg, PA, finished his courageous battle with ALS on Wednesday, 28 June 2017. He took his last earthly breath at home, surrounded by his family, and his next breath in the presence of his Savior, whom he loved. He was 57 years old. Born on 18 December 1959 in Winston-Salem, NC, “Bob” was the son of Robert and Cynthia (Elmer) Amend of New Smyrna Beach, FL. He was a 1977 graduate of Lake Howell High School and a 1981 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Following flight school, he served for seven years as a naval aviator with tours at Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 4 (VQ-4) and Training Squadron 2 (VT-2). Upon separation from the Navy, he was employed as a pilot for Northwest and then Delta Airlines, where he held the position of captain. He and his wife, Robin (Monn) Amend, were married on 7 March 1987. They have lived at their present residence since 2004. Bob was a member of the South Mountain Bible Church for many years, where he served as elder, worship leader and president of the corporation. Most recently, he was a member of Chambersburg Alliance Church. His hobbies included hunting, fishing and restoring British sports cars, but his interest in those things couldn’t compare with his love for his family and friends. In addition to his wife and parents, he is survived by three daughters, Liana Mosior (and her husband, Benjamin) of Pittsburgh, PA, and Rachel

and Michaela, both of Chambersburg, PA; a son, Nathaniel of Chambersburg, PA; a sister, Laura Peugh (and her husband, William) of Provo, UT; two brothers, Michael (and his wife, Diana) of Oviedo, FL, and Stephen of Orlando, FL; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Services were held on 6 July 2017 in Antrim Brethren in Christ Church in Chambersburg, followed by burial in Brown’s Mill Cemetery near Kauffman Station, with military graveside honors conducted by the Honor Guard of Charles Nitterhouse VFW Post #1599, Chambersburg. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to: Child Evangelism Fellowship of Franklin County, 45 S. Broad St., Waynesboro, PA 17268; (www.franklincef.com). Online condolences may be left at (www.bowersoxfuneralhomes.com). H

WILLIAM DAVID PRICE ’99 William D. Price, a two-year resident of Glen Burnie, MD, died on Sunday, 9 July 2017. He was 40 years old. “Bill” was born on 2 April 1977 in New Jersey to William and Betty Price. Growing up, he always sought knowledge and challenges. Bill loved water sports and the outdoors, and made Eagle Scout at the age of 13. Bill graduated from the Naval Academy in 1999 with a BS in systems engineering. He served honorably in the Navy for ten years in the submarine force as a navigator on multiple deployments. Bill continued his education in Monterey, CA, by earning a master’s degree in astronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School and a master’s degree in engineering management from Old Dominion University. After leaving the Navy, he enrolled in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earned a PhD in engineering physics. Not only did he excel in education, but he genuinely enjoyed learning at every possible opportunity. Bill worked for Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab for three years as a non-profit engineer on the Navy’s cutting-edge technology. In his free time, he loved taking his family out on his boat, the MILLENNIUM PELICAN. He had a passion for technical diving in exotic places around the world. With friends and family, he loved playing board games that challenged everyone. Always up for new experiences, he traveled the world and began exploring his culinary talents. He was full of life and brought joy to all around him. Bill was fearless in everything he did as a man of principle who stood by his convictions. He was a kid at heart and the life of the party. Bill loved his wife deeply and was very proud of his brother. Bill is survived by his beloved wife of two years, Lisa Price; father, William Price; mother, Betty Price; and brother, Christopher Price ’11 (and his wife, Amy). Memorial contributions may be made in his name to the American Heart Association, 4217 Park Place Court, Glen Allen, VA 23060 (https:// donatenow.heart.org). H

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Attention: Academy Grads and Parents: Perfect investment, getaway or place for your Mid to relax! Easy walk from the Academy to fully updated and renovated historic 34 Pinkney St. Nothing to do, move-in ready, 2 BR, 1.5 BA architectural gem currently owned by Stephen Taylor, Class of 1999. $499,900 Offered for sale by: Judy Oldfield Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc 301-367-3477 (cell) 410-266-5505 (office) jo@lnf.com (email)

Historic annapolis 112 duke of Gloucester street annapolis, Md 21401 NeW PRice - $1,795,000

* Authentically restored & modernized * Beautiful gourmet kitchen * Deep private fenced yard * In-law suite with separate entrance * 3 car garage * Walk to City Dock This is the heart of history! Captain J.R. Hutchison USN (Ret.) Class of 1969



Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 4 Church Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

Alex Tower Sears 443.254.5661 Barbara Stowe Tower 410.991.0903


(Wife of Dave ’67 and Mom of Kimberly ’91)

“Navy Wife Serving Annapolis and Anne Arundel County For More Than 35 Years”

charlotte.church@penfedrealty.com www.CharlotteChurch.PENFEDREALTY.com


* 410-266-0600

1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway Suite 101, Annapolis, MD 21401 Owned and operated by a subsidiary of NRT, LLC

ALUMNI STORE Your source for class, club and chapter logo apparel and gifts. usna.com/shop




Tampa Bound???

Let me help you drop in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area.


Buying or Selling Real Estate in Central Florida? Give me a call!

Penny Battles (wife of Dave Burnes ’82)


pbattles@bhhsflpg.com www.pennywisetampa.com


Andrew Ashby, USNA '08 • Realtor Cell: 443.454.4460 Email: andrewashby@mastersrealty.com Masters Realty Group 5956 Turkey Lake Rd., Ste 1 Orlando FL 32819


(404-987-3123) 37 Johnson Ferry Road Marrietta, GA 30068


Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC

Serving Atlanta Metro and Surrounding Area. WIFE OF JOE SPEED, USNA CLASS OF ’96

(843) 557-7021 Rick.Stein@CBCarolinas.com 172 sHiPMaTe • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017




Nationwide Home Loans Ray Putt ’76 Mortgage Consutant

410.349.1861 rputt@accesscap.com “Give me a call before you make a move!”

Serving the Annapolis area and nationwide for your home mortgage needs – purchase or refinance; extensive VA loan experience.

A Division of Presidential Bank, FSB NMLS 790492



ALUMNI HOUSE Patriot Scuba 305 Mill Street, B-1 Occoquan, VA 22125 703-490-1175

Bring your event home! Ogle Hall is ready to host your special event.


jeff@patriotscuba.com Jeff Currer ’83

Learn to dive today!

This program is not affiliated with the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

events@usna.com or 410-295-4018



State House Inn SERVICES



www.diamondsbyjpc.com jcolli74@msn.com


our home away from home. Downtown, walk to gates 1 & 3. Call for Gov’t & Alumni Discounts LCDR Marc Lucas (’91) 25 State Circle • Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 990-0024


Imperial Half Bushel 813 N. Howard St., Baltimore, MD 21201

410 -462-1192 Silver, Furniture & Decorations on Antique Row Frederick’50, Nancy & Patrick Duggan

Wed-Sat 10:30 am - 5 pm Sun 1-5pm Aug By Appt. www. imperialhalfbushel.com ihb@imperialhalfbushel.com

2017 NAVY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Follow Navy Football at navysports.com

1 Sept 2017 9 Sept 2017 23 Sept 2017 30 Sept 2017 7 Oct 2017 14 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017 3 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017 18 Nov 2017 24 Nov 2017 2 Dec 2017 9 Dec 2017

@ Florida Atlantic vs Tulane vs Cincinnati @ Tulsa vs Air Force @ Memphis vs UCF–Homecoming @ Temple vs SMU @ Notre Dame @ Houston AAC Championship vs ARMY

1-800-US4-NAVY 174 sHiPMaTe • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017

Imagine YOUR ad here. It will reach more than 53,000 Alumni, Friends and Family eight times per year! Read the Insertion Order on the next page for all the details. SHIPMATE classified ads are offered as a service to USNA Alumni and their spouses only. Contact Maria O’Shea to get your ad started.

classifieds MISCELLANY


USNA AA TAILGATES Bring the whole family to cheer on Navy at our home game tailgates in the Stadium, right next to the field. We start 2 hours before game-time and party right through half-time. For more information, visit usna.com/tailgates or contact events@usna.com

Black and White Classified Ad Rates

Color Classified Ad Rates



$ 55.00 $110.00 $165.00 $220.00 $275.00 $330.00 $385.00 $440.00

Non-LifeMember Rates

1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6” 7” 8”

$ 90.00 $180.00 $270.00 $360.00 $450.00 $540.00 $630.00 $720.00

1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6” 7” 8”

$ 65.00 $130.00 $195.00 $260.00 $325.00 $390.00 $455.00 $520.00

25% LifeMember Discount Rates

$ 70.00 $140.00 $210.00 $280.00 $350.00 $420.00 $490.00 $497.00

25% LifeMember Discount Rates

Non-LifeMember Rates

2017-18 sHiPMaTe Classified Ad Rates

2017-18 sHiPMaTe Classified Information & Insertion Order Classified Advertising Policy


Classified ads are accepted on a space available basis as a service to USNA Alumni only. The Alum’s name and class year MUST appear in the ad. Spouse ads are accepted only with the Alum’s name and class year included in the ad. Ads are accepted camera-ready and electronically; jpg., tif. or PDF formats. (300 dpi) Any classified ad may occupy one column width (2.5 inches) by a maximum of up to 8 inches of column length.

Classified ad rates are $70 per inch for black and white and $90 per inch for color. A $50 set up fee is charged if ad is designed for advertiser. LifeMembers are eligible for a 25% discount—reducing the cost to $55 per inch for black and white and $65 per inch for color.

Advertiser Name ____________________________________________ Street ____________________________________________ City ______________________State ____Zip __________ Daytime Phone ___________________________________ Email ____________________________________________ Class Year ________________________________________


m Please charge my Discover/Visa/MasterCard/ American Express:

Total $_____________ per issue Credit Card No.____________________________________

Please select the issue(s) in which you wish to run or specify: “RFN” -Run Until Further Notice.

Expiration Date ___________________________________


Signature _________________________________________

Insertion/Ad Due

m May 2017 m June-July 2017 m August 2017 m September-October 2017 m November-December 2017 m Jan-Feb 2018 m March 2018 m April-May 2017

02/21/17 04/17/17 05/23/17 07/17/17

Payment information must accompany order. Send insertion order and ad file to: USNA Alumni Association


Attn: Maria O’Shea 247 King George St. Annapolis, MD 21402


or email to: maria.oshea@usna.com


fax: 410-295-4003; phone: 410-295-4074


Please contact Maria O’Shea via email or phone for space availability and any concern — if the due date has passed, I will be as flexible as possible.


sTaff aNd assisTaNce

EXECUTIVE OFFICE VOLUME 80 • NO. 7 Publisher Byron F. Marchant ’78 410-295-4090; byron.marchant@usna.com Executive Editor Bill Dawson ‘82 410-295-4070 william.dawson@usna.com Editor-in-Chief Kristen Pironis 410-295-4072 kristen.pironis@usna.com Editorial Senior Editors Courtney Jolley 410-295-4075 courtney.jolley@usna.com Elizabeth Wrightson 410-295-4071 elizabeth.wrightson@usna.com Associate Editor Samantha Casamassima 410-295-4027 samantha.casamassima@usna.com Assistant Editors Anne Sharpe 410-295-4078 anne.sharpe@usna.com Tonya McGinnis 410-295-4066 tonya.white@usna.com Intern Laura Spitalniak laura.spitalniak@usna.com Contributing Editor Captain David Poyer ’71, USNR (Ret.) Design and Production Art Director/Production Manager Jackie Furton 410-295-4073 jackie.furton@usna.com Assistant Production Manager/ Classes Editor Maria O’Shea 410-295-4074 maria.oshea@usna.com Chapter and Classes Editor Sandra Stansbury-Spadaro 410-295-4076 sandy.spadaro@usna.com Obituaries Editor Timothy Elizabeth Woodbury 410-295-4064 timothy.woodbury@usna.com Contributing Photographers Barbara Hendricks Debbie Latta Contact Shipmate 410-295-4000 Main 410-295-4003 Fax 410-295-4074 Classified Advertising 410-295-4066 Display Advertising 410-295-4026 Alumni Registration and Corrections Submissions Editorial shipmate@usna.com Address/Delivery alumni@usna.com Chapter ColumnsH chapternews@usna.com Class ColumnsH classnews@usna.com Obituaries obits@usna.com Register of Alumni registerofalumni@usna.com H For Secretary use only, please

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INFORMATION SERVICES James Wolff ’03 410-295-4080 Vice President, Information and Technology

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410-295-4060 Jordan Bailey Computer Network Manager Larry Rogers 410-295-4084 Sr. Database Administrator 410-295-4079 Denise Clark Database Administrator Garrett Keating 410-295-4087 Senior Software Developer Paige Fuller 410-295-4026 Online Membership Services Coordinator

Gift Processing Dawn Beach Director, Gift Processing Elvira Reyes Coordinator, Gift Processing Vencka Peterson Gift Processor Tony Kayser Gift Processor Liz Root Gift Processor

Derrick Planz Application Developer Jerry Dorsey Network Administrator Brandon Decker IS Specialist


Janine Bailey ’97 Gift Processor

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DEVELOPMENT Bill O’Connor 410-295-4101 Executive Vice President Abby Repko 410-295-4103 Executive Administrator /Principal Gift Administrator Campaign Dena Patterson 410-295-4183 Campaign Director/Principal Gift Officer Amanda Shinholser 410-295-4112 Assistant Campaign Director Development John Rudder ’78 410-295-4189 Vice President of Development John Maconi 410-295-4190 Corporate and Foundation Relations Coordinator Major Gifts Michael Hoffman 410-295-4184 Senior Major Gift Officer/Director, Training and Performance Charles J. Kupec 410-295-4185 Senior Major Gift Officer Vince Balderrama ’78 410-295-4182 Major Gift Officer Ashley “AJ” Bauer 410-295-4160 Major Gift Officer Ted Jeffries 410-295-4181 Major Gift Officer Ashley Thobois 410-295-4178 Major Gift Coordinator Planned Giving Patti Bender 410-295-4187 Director, Planned Giving Keisha Watkins 410-295-4186 Coordinator, Planned Giving Annual Programs Rusty Yeiser ’74 410-295-4174 Senior Director Annual Programs Rich Goldsby ’72 410-295-4167 Associate Director, Class Legacy Gift Programs

FOUNDATION ATHLETIC AND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS Ed Wallace ’72 410-295-4096 Vice President Chris Knott 410-295-4097 Office Manager and Administrative Assistant Melissa Melle 410-295-4098 Executive Secretary QUICK REFERENCE Death Notifications

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HAPPY FOUNDER’S DAY 10 October marks the 172nd anniversary of the establishment

of the Naval School at Fort Severn in Annapolis, MD.

Join the Alumni Association and your fellow alumni in celebrating your connection to the Naval Academy.

www.usna.com • 410-295-4000

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Shipmate 2017: September-October  

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation magazine

Shipmate 2017: September-October  

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation magazine

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