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Sea Trials with ‘17 and ‘67 Although Sea Trials was cut short by two hours because of the heat and humidity as spring weather in Annapolis can be unpredictable, the upper class midshipmen who ran Sea Trials were predictable and relentless. Plebes endured six phases of challenges—three on each side of the Severn River—including emergency re-supply, shore defense, combat fitness test, military operations, damage control (pipe patching and fire hose handling), aquatics challenges and endurance, water tactics, hill assault, two-mile regimental run, ground fight, stretcher relay, land navigation, survival skills, athletic combine, tug of war, endurance course, obstacle course, pugil stick jousting, riverine operations, rucksack run and casualty evacuation. Second and third class midshipmen served as squad leaders. Also encouraging the plebes were members of the Class of 1967, the Class of 2017 Another Link in the Chain counterpart. While they didn’t take part, they certainly had the chance to relive their days as plebes. Congratulations to the Iron Company–8th Company–and to all of the Class of 2017! Photos by Barbara Hendricks

Plebes No More! The Class of 2017 successfully completed the 2014 Herndon Climb on 19 May after retrieving a “Dixie cup” from atop the monument and replacing it with a midshipman cover. The Herndon Climb is a tradition that has endured at the Naval Academy for many years. More than 200 pounds of lard is applied to the monument by upper-class midshipmen to complicate the task. The plebes accomplished their goal in two hours, 19 minutes and 35 seconds and the midshipman’s cap was placed on top of the obelisk by Midshipman Michael Landry ’17. The Class of 1967 was in attendance at the event as they are bonded to the Class of 2017 through the Another Link in the Chain program. The Another Link in the Chain program forms bonds and relationships between current midshipmen and members of the 50-year class counterpart throughout their four years on the Yard and beyond.

Color Honorees After a cold spring, the day of the Color Parade dawned a more typical humid and warm Annapolis. The 19th Company was named the Color Company and Company Commander Midshipman Lauren Nicole Schmiegel ’14, of Lancaster, NY, selected her father Frank Schmiegel as the 2014 Color Honoree. A luncheon was held at historic Ogle Hall, the home of the Naval Academy Alumni Association, where the President and CEO of the Alumni Association Byron Marchant ’78, welcomed the Color Girl Association and 1974 Color Girl Marie Giamcatarino, and Frank Schmiegel while recognizing him as the newest member of the organization. Marchant and Craig Washington ’89, director of engagement operations, congratulated MIDN Schmiegel on the achievement. Washington noted, “When I was on active duty—I lived two doors down from Erica Larson—’87’s color honoree. Erica’s father was my Superintendent—ADM Chuck Larson—back in 1985. Erica’s husband, Wes, was in my first squadron—VF-32 in Oceana from 91-94. We’re all just a few degrees of separation apart.” The Color Honoree tradition has evolved through the generations. What began in 1867 as just a competition between companies for the honor to carry the parade flags has become a favored Commissioning Week activity.

Another Link in the Chain As part of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association’s Another Link in the Chain Program, members of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1964 participated in the graduation exercises at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Friday, 23 May 2014. Representatives from the class of 1964 presented a set of gold Ensign (Navy) or 2nd Lieutenant (Marine Corps) insignia bars to each graduate after they received their diploma. The gold bars are inscribed with the class years that span a half century, ”64-14.” Earlier in the week, 19 members of the Class of 1965 attended the Class of 2015’s Ring Dance on 17 May in Dahlgren Hall. Inset: Members of the Naval Academy Class of 2015 at the 2014 Second Class Ring Dance.

Three Cheers for the Graduating Class The 24th Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, addressed the newest officers of the Navy and Marine Corps as well as the leadership, staff and faculty of the Naval Academy and friends, family and alumni spectators at the 2014 U.S. Naval Academy Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony. As the first enlisted combat veteran [as well as serving as an admiral in the mostly-ceremonial Nebraska Navy], Hagel offered three bits of advice to the crowd: connect with the people you lead on a personal level, understand perspectives that are different from yours and stay humble. “May you always be officers worthy not only of the people you lead, but the nation you serve,” concluded Hagel. “Work hard, but have some fun … Thank you on this wonderful, glorious day of achievement and accomplishment for what you’ve done and what you will do for our country.” The Class of 2014 included 817 who would become ensigns in the Navy and 270 second lieutenants in the Marines, the largest class of Marine officers. Congratulations, Class of 2014! Photo by Barbara Hendricks. Inset: CNO ADM Jonathan Greenert ’75, left; SECNAV Ray Mabus; SECDEF Chuck Hagel; Gen James Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps; and VADM Michael H. Miller ‘74, Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, salute during the playing of the national anthem. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Armando Gonzales

BringYour Event Home! Alumni House is the perfect place to gather family and friends for your next event. • Wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners • Elegant or casual lunches, dinners and brunches • Post memorial receptions • Promotions or retirement parties • Class meetings and events • Corporate retreats, meetings and training sessions

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OUR MISSION To serve and support the United States, the Naval Service, the Naval Academy and its Alumni; By furthering the highest standards at the Naval Academy; By seeking out,


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informing, encouraging and assisting outstanding, qualified young men and women to pursue careers as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps through the Naval Academy; and, By initiating and sponsoring activities which will perpetuate the history, traditions, memories and growth of the Naval Academy and bind Alumni together in support of the highest ideals of command, citizenship and government.

Serving the Alma Mater and its Alumni since 1886


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Letter From the President Byron F. Marchant ’78


An Ocean Away Captain Tom Druggan ’89, USN

ON THE COVER The Blue Angels above Annapolis Photo by USNA Photo Lab

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Class of 2018 Induction Day U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 1 July 2014 Welcome Aboard, Class of 2018! For photos and video of I-Day, visit Photo by Barbara Hendricks

Independence Day 4 July 2014 Commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence

USNA Band Summer Concert Series City Dock, Annapolis, MD 4 July-5 August 2014 For schedules and band information, visit

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By Byron F. Marchant ’78

Photo by Kathleen Lange

Merit, Milestones and Memories


The U.S. Naval Academy Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony on 23 May 2014 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium was an exceptional day of celebration. “Remember—your actions will define you … It’s not just what you do, but how you do it,” said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. “As a leader, you are a role model, maybe your biggest responsibility of all, and you have the power to inspire and encourage others to do the right thing.” I know I speak for all of our alumni when I add my heartfelt welcome to the members of the Class of 2014 into the ranks of alumni. We have high expectations of you.You can look to the pages of Shipmate for inspiration and guidance. If you missed the ceremony, you may view it at In this issue, we highlight the 2014 Distinguished Graduate Award recipients in “2014 Distinguished Graduates Feted” on page 30. The post-event coverage includes photos from the ceremony and the graduates’ advice to midshipmen and all of us. These Distinguished Graduates are not just photos in Shipmate, they embody what we all strive to be. I am proud to be a part of the Alumni Association that brings this recognition to the Brigade—and the nation—each year. Also serving as the “Face of the Navy”—quite literally—is Commander William Marks ’96, USN, public affairs officer for U.S. 7th Fleet. He has appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Voice of America” and in countless radio, television and newspaper interviews. And, now, Shipmate. He left the Naval Academy Public Affairs Office in spring 2013 for his current position on BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19), 7th Fleet flagship, which is part of the international effort to locate missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean. He shares his experience in “Face of the Navy” on page 60. Thank you, Commander Marks, for your continued service.You made many of us proud representing our great Navy to the world.


Also back in action representing the Navy are the Blue Angels. We were thrilled to again have them flying over the Severn River and the stadium for Commissioning Week activities. Before they took to the sky, we had the opportunity to meet and interview the four alumni officers on the Blue Angels team. They are: Commander Thomas Frosch ’92, USN, flight leader/ commanding officer; Lieutenant Commander David Tickle ’02, USN, lead solo; Lieutenant Mark Tedrow ’04, USN, opposing solo; and Lieutenant Commander Mark DeBuse ’96, flight surgeon. Thanks to Vice Admiral Dave Buss ’78, USN, commander, Naval Air Forces, commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet; and Captain Keith Hoskins, USN, commanding officer, Naval Air Station Pensacola, for their work in bringing the Blues back to the Yard. Hoskins has connections to the Academy as well having previously served as the third battalion officer at the Academy, and, during his tour, he was selected an honorary graduate of the Class of 2010. Read “Back with the Blues” on page 58 and view our YouTube channel for the video interview. Also on the Alumni Association and Foundation YouTube channel, you’ll find “The Margin of Excellence: Naval Academy Foundation Athletic and Scholarship Programs Mark 70 Years” video, which chronicles the establishment of A&SP as well as how it continues to serve the Brigade today. Read “Athletic and Scholarship Programs: Celebrating 70 Years” on page 42 to learn more about the program and the recent anniversary event. Celebrating our history and reaffirming our mission for the future are critical to our success. Our connection with the present and link to the past focus our work and drive our enthusiasm. The Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program is one visible way to connect today’s Naval Academy and Brigade of Midshipmen with those who have gone before us. Sea Trials and Graduation and Commissioning activities offer many opportunities for the classes to come together. Read about some of the milestone events beginning on page 2. I also want to express my thanks to the ALITC classes for their participation

Prizes, Awards and Recognition

throughout the year and most recently in the Bonds of Gold Ceremony (to be featured in the upcoming Membership & Services issue), Ring Dance, Herndon Climb, Crest Unveiling, Color Parade and countless more. Even classes who weren’t part of the formal Another Link in the Chain program have forged connections with the junior classes. On page 94, Class Secretary William Foster ’51 shares information on their recent Spring Fling at the Army Navy Country Club. They had 31 class members in attendance as well as six from the Class of 2001. Classes also connect through their reunions. I could not let this issue print without recognizing two classes—1939 and 1945—for their 75th and 70th reunions. Members and family of the Class of 1939 return in September and ’45 will be back in June to celebrate. Returning to Annapolis is a great way to reconnect with classmates and also check in on the alma mater and the Brigade. In this issue, we bring you “A Day in the Life of a Midshipman,” featuring Midshipman Company Commander Colleen Randolph ’14 and Midshipman Executive Officer Ryan Keyes ’14 (now Second Lieutenant Randolph and Ensign Keyes).They document their day in pictures on page 50. I recently heard from Former Brigade Commander Ensign Jordan J. Foley ’12, USN, who I first met through the ALITC program. Foley has just received two master’s degrees in Technology Policy and Political Science from MIT, and is now heading to South Carolina to begin submarine training. Read more about his work and the many accomplishments of our alumni in Bravo Zulu on page 68. I am pleased to hear about the ongoing success of our recent graduates and the fact that they are staying connected to the Alumni Association and to alumni. It is so rewarding to watch candidates enter the Academy, to see them develop into great leaders and to see what they do with that role. As we share three cheers for the Class of 2014, we prepare for the arrival of the Class of 2018 on Induction Day. It is a cycle that the Alumni Association and Foundation supports with great pride. Semper Fortis! Semper Fidelis!

The Adair Award As part of the United States Marine Corps Award Ceremony and Family Orientation, Marchant represented the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association in presenting the Adair Award. Each year, the award is given to the graduating midshipman who served as the president of the Semper Fidelis Society. The award is named in honor of First Lieutenant Donald Adair ’48, USN, who was killed in action on 2 October 1950 in Uijongbu, Korea. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his “aggressive leadership, indomitable fighting spirit, heroic devotion to duty and conspicuous gallantry.” Recognizing Service

The Naval Academy Community Service Awards recognize midshipmen volunteers for their service to the community. This year, midshipmen volunteered more than 23,500 hours. The Naval Academy Class of ’92 has focused a part of its philanthropic efforts toward financially supporting the Midshipman Action Group (MAG), including recently assisting in helping fund a group of midshipmen building homes in Portland, OR, through a Habitat for Humanity project. “Your Alumni Association could not be more proud of your tremendous spirit, leadership and can-do attitude,” said Marchant. Marchant also presented Letters of Appreciation to Major William Woodward, USMC, MAG officer representative; Senior Chief Steve Jolly; and Miriam Stanicic for their efforts with MAG. And the Envelope Goes to … At the 2014 Prizes and Awards ceremony, Marchant represented the more than 50,000 living alumni as he presented the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Award— and check for $2,014— to Midshipman Alec S. McGlaughlin ’14. The special award is given to the graduating midshipman who best exemplifies the ideals and traditions of the naval service and who best combines outstanding leadership, professionalism, academic distinction and athletic achievement.

May-June 2014


FEEDBACK SIGNS OF SPRING—CAPTURED ON FACEBOOK Peeps or Plebes? Each year, The Washington Post sponsors a “Peeps Show” diorama contest.This year, Northern Virginia Parent Club treasurer, Beth Mulloy, submitted a Herndon-themed confection.While she didn’t win that contest, we certainly think she created a masterpeep! Just before Easter, we posted the photos on Facebook. And you responded:

A Meaningful Meld At the Bonds of Gold Ceremony held in Memorial Hall, members of the Class of ’66 donated eight class rings to be melted into the gold used for the rings for the Class of ’16. As part of the Another Link in the Chain program, this symbolic ceremony is just one way the classes will bond over their four years together. Be sure to read about the 10th anniversary of this program in the upcoming Membership & Services issue this summer. You weighed in on the tradition: “What a special gesture, thank you!”

“Awesome job! 2017 peeps need more BCGs though.”

“As the parent of a 2016 midshipman, thank you all. This is very heartwarming. What a

“Too adorable!!!! Go Navy! Beat Army!”

wonderful gift.” “A beautiful tradition...”

Two-Peat! For the second year in a row, the Midshipmen beat the Johnnies in a croquet match on the front lawn of St. Johns College (4-1). You posted:

“This does send chills. My mid is in the Class of 2016!!!”

QUOTED ON YOUTUBE “Thanks for all the informative videos on life and academics at the Naval Academy. I have always wanted to attend there and this channel has just made me more

“Thanks for WINNING! Go Navy! WTG 28th”

eager to get good grades and to work out more.”

“Now if you can't smile at this, you’re dead.”

CORRECTION The article “Forward Thinking, Lasting Legacy” in the Stewardship issue stated that Victoria Mieczkowski Rogers’ father served in the military in the 1930s. He actually served during World War I.




Thank you for your feedback. To comment, correct or to clarify, send your note and name to

FIRST IMPRESSIONS I don’t know who gets credit for the cover of the March-April 2014 cover of Shipmate (the one with the Healing Arts mask on it) ... but it is a beautiful and striking cover. I think it is fantastic. I wanted to take the time to pass on my compliments. Thank you for all you do with Shipmate. All the very best wishes, —Abe Bradshaw ’97 Shipmate responds: Abe, thank you for your comments on the cover choice. Our editorial team weighs in on a few cover options for each issue. For March-April, we knew we wanted to run one of the healing arts masks, but hadn’t settled on one. It truly came together when our photographer was able to meet RADM Mike Stocks ’72, USN, in front of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence the day before we were sending the issue to the printer. As the sun set over the glass building and Stocks was holding the mask with his uniform in the background, we knew we finally had the right shot.

May-June 2014




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2014 INTERNATIONAL CHAPTER OFFICERS FORUM Chapter representatives met for the annual International Chapter Officers Forum (ICOF) on 1 May 2014. Chapter officers from all across the country, met to share information and review USNA strategic priorities.

If you missed the stories about our alumni using rock walls to encourage resilience, the new ‘‘Letters to My Former Self ” contributions from young alumni, this year’s crop of Trident Scholars and the book launch of Brothers Forever, sign up to receive WaveTops via your account on and scan the archives on our News page.


More than 20 years ago, a group of former Navy wrestlers, worried about the future of the sport they loved at the school they adored, decided to seek some financial assistance to keep the Midshipmen thriving on the mat. To learn more about these wrestlers and the many ways that the Naval Academy Athletic Association and the Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation join forces with various athletics alumni groups to advance the Academy’s competitive footprint, visit


75 Years Online






Every page of every issue of Shipmate, going back to May 1938, is available H IP online. Members can read the current -20 MA T E 1938 issue before it is mailed and browse the complete archive. Visit


ICOF attendees: James Kras ’69, Boston Chapter; William H. Kramer ’78, New Jersey Chapter; Edward M. Berko ’79, Alabama Chapter; Gordon Lattey, Capital District New York Chapter; Robert J. Fegan ’64, Central New York Chapter; Christopher S. Nigon ’74, Susquehanna Valley Chapter; Michael C. DeManss ’73, Greater Southern Maryland Chapter; Mark G. Hakun ’88, Annapolis Chapter; Robert A. Wehrle ’72, Quantico Area Chapter; Robert E. Sonnenberg ’70, Quantico Area Chapter; Michael D. Metzger ’89, Richmond Chapter; Richard H. Kunkel ’67, Eastern North Carolina Chapter; Stephen M. Newell ’89, Atlanta Chapter; Wilhelm A. Hansen ’75, Pensacola Chapter; Jerrold M. Smith ’61, Gainesville Chapter; Kirk A. Michealson ’79, Orlando Chapter; Christopher E. Heath ’72, Tampa Bay Chapter; Brian A. Campbell ’94, South Alabama Chapter; Duane C. Beck ’60, Knoxville-Oak Ridge Chapter; James H. Cowardin ’66, Columbus & Central Ohio Chapter; Fred W. Bergman ’75, Cleveland Chapter; Lynn A. Thomas ’83, Indianapolis Chapter; Fredrick W. Weber ’75, Chicago Chapter; Kirk R. Benson ’87, Louisianna Chapter; Harry V. Rouse ’77, Tulsa Chapter; Matthew P. Elias ’78, North Texas Chapter; John A. Augusto ’02, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter; James D. Driskell ’63, The Alamo Chapter; Robert P. Allen ’67, Intermountain NA Alumni Chapter; Arthur H. Weidner ’63, Southern Arizona Chapter; John D. Kennard ’93, New Mexico Chapter; Jerome K. Mathre ’77, Nevada Chapter; Bretton S. Potts ’95, Los Angeles Chapter; William C. Lane ’02, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter; Dennis P. Joyce ’61, Sacramento Chapter; Douglas E. Gainer ’98, Honolulu Chapter; William D. Center ’68, Puget Sound Chapter; Michael Burkhart ’68, Delaware Chapter; Craig J. Washington ’89, director of engagement operations; Joseph M. Fagan ’89, assistant director of engagement operations; and Elizabeth Beedenbender, parent/alumni programs coordinator.


To view photos of the U.S. Naval Academy’s 2014 Commissioning Week and the graduation ceremony, visit

ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP: BRIDGING LUCE AND RICKOVER HALLS The first day in class, three teams of firsties enrolled in “Engineering Leadership” (NL425) received their charge to plan and execute a backpacking trip from the Pennsylvania Firsties enrolled in “Engineering Leadership” border to Harpers executed a backpacking trip from the Ferry, WV, the Pennsylvania border to Harpers Ferry, WV, the length of Maryland’s Appalachian Trail. length of Maryland’s Photo courtesy of the U.S. Naval Academy Appalachian Trail. They Aerospace Engineering Department were given four days to plan, equip and provision for their expedition. Friday evening, their professors dropped them at twilight on the trail. Sunday at noon, after 42 miles on the trail, the teams crossed the Potomac into Harpers Ferry,WV. Along the way, a series of exercises challenged their team dynamic and collaborative creativity. The course NL425 exemplifies the margin of excellence provided by alumni through the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, without which the course would not exist. Captain Ken Reightler ’73, USN (Ret.), serves as the Heinlein Professor of Astronautics, established and endowed by the late sciencefiction author Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Robert Heinlein ’29, USN (Ret.), and Virginia Heinlein. Captain Rob Niewoehner ’81, USN (Ret.), serves as the Rogers Professor of Aeronautics, endowed by Kevin Sharer ’70 in honor of Kevin’s faculty mentor, Professor Emeritus David F. Rogers. NL425 builds on the mids’ prior course work in their core leadership classes and their experiences in diverse activities around the Yard. Professors Reightler and Niewoehner specifically hope to improve the skills of the engineering teams working on capstone design projects. The course was originally conceived by Rear Admiral Craig Steidle ’68, USN (Ret.), during the five years that he served as the Rogers Professor of Aeronautics (2006-2011). In the early 1990’s, RADM Steidle designed the Department of Defense’s most successful acquisition program of the past 20 years, the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. After the Navy he served as NASA’s Associate Administrator for Space Exploration. RADM Steidle noted a keen need for focused instruction in the leadership of technical teams.

As Academic Dean and Provost Dr. Andrew Phillips said, “faculty members serving in endowed chairs bring skills and experiences you don’t often find among more traditional academic career faculty. We don’t need endowed chairs to replicate what traditional military or civilian faculty ably do; endowed chairs instead can provide a classroom environment that incorporates unique skills and experiences that midshipmen would not otherwise see. NL425 isn’t something we asked Steidle to launch, or Heinlein and Reightler to revive. They took the initiative on their own, and it’s their vision and desire to impact the midshipmen’s education using their special insights in technical work that awaits our midshipmen in the fleet and beyond. We are thankful that the Heinlein and Sharer gifts to the Academy have provided the midshipmen with this opportunity.”

May-June 2014




CLASS OF 1973 REVITALIZES MACEDONIAN MONUMENT Thanks to the Class of 1973’s 40th reunion project, the Macedonian Monument—the once-deteriorated Stribling Walk figurehead of Alexander the Great that pays tribute to the USS UNITED STATES, which captured the British frigate HMS MACEDONIAN in 1812—has been restored to its former glory. Members of the class celebrated the conclusion of the nearly $300,000 project, which boasts a newly carved mahogany figurehead, extensive repair of the concrete base, total replacement of the benches and refurbishment of the existing plaques and cannon, with a 25 April 2014 rededication ceremony attended by Superintendent Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller ’74, USN. “When we were midshipmen, our superintendent was Vice Admiral James Calvert of the Class of 1943, who had been a very famous submarine commander. He was always telling us to remember the stories of Athens and Sparta, which taught how important it was to master both the war and peace sides,”



U.S. Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller ’74, USN, addresses the crowd at the conclusion celebration of the Class of 1973’s 40th reunion project, the restoration of the Macedonian Monument.

said Lieutenant Commander Kevin Callahan ’73, USN (Ret.), class president. “We tried to recognize that with our class gift, which ultimately supported the Center for Academic Excellence, the annual fund and the monument, which honors a vessel that captured a British warship in the War of 1812.We wanted to give our classmates options.”

CLASS OF 1957’S DISTINGUISHED GIFT On 1 April 2014, several members from the Class of 1957 presented their class gift to the Naval Academy history department: the Class of 1957 Distinguished Chair in Naval Heritage. Each spring the class honors the current chair at a luncheon at the Naval Academy Club, including a formal presentation of a captain’s chair suitably engraved. This year’s presentation was made to Professor Gene Allen Smith. Guests included representatives from the Academy’s 22nd Company (sponsored by the Class of 1957) including Company Officer Lieutenant Elizabeth M. Bennett ’05, USN, and 5th Battalion Officer Lieutenant Colonel William S. Kohmuench ’93, USMC. The Class of 1957 Distinguished Chair in Naval Heritage was established in 2004 to foster in the midshipmen the importance of understanding of naval heritage to their profession.

Several members from the Class of 1957 present their class gift to the USNA History Department

May-June 2014




REMOTE STEM LANDS AT THE PEROT MUSEUM One hundred students from the Fort Worth, TX Junior ROTC program sampled the Academy’s STEM workshop for middle and high-school students in March thanks to a unique partnership with the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and support from the Academy’s friends in the corporate community. While the Academy’s Summer STEM camp offers a week-long series of innovative midshipman and faculty-led experiences in science, technology, engineering and math to a growing number of students every year, it is limited in its reach. The recent one-day event at the Perot Museum was the latest in a series of remote STEM events held in communities currently underrepresented at the Academy. Activities focused on air and weather, wind and turbines, aerodynamics and flight and the impact of marine debris on the diet of the Laysan Albatross. This event attracted the support of Energy Future Holdings, a Dallas-based energy company whose president and CEO, a Naval Academy graduate, spoke to the participating students.



“As both a veteran and an engineer, I was honored to speak Students sampled the Academy’s STEM workshop to students as part at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in of the U.S. Naval Dallas, TX. Photo courtesy of the Fort Worth Academy’s remote Independent School District JROTC Department. STEM day,” said John Young ’78. “Our company firmly believes the military and STEM programs develop the discipline required to tackle difficult material, the analytical thinking needed to solve complex problems and the teamwork it takes to do great things.” Holman Boiler Works also provided support for the Remote STEM event at the Perot Museum. Other remote STEM events took place in Warren, MI, at the General Motors Technical Center in partnership with United Way of Southeastern Michigan, and Newark, NJ’s Liberty Science Center with support from PSEG, a Newark-based energy company.


On 10 May the U.S. Naval Academy and the Ancient Order of Hibernians dedicated a monument to Commodore John Barry inside the Barry Gate entrance to the Naval Academy on Prince George Street. The eight-foot granite monument was donated by the Ancient Order of Hibernians and honors Commodore John Barry, America’s first commissioned naval officer and first flag officer. Photo by USNA Photo Lab

“From a future Marine to a Marine, I thank you for your service.” —Then-MIDN Kimberly Bernardy ’14 thanked Richard Harryman for his service as part of the Honor Salute program featured in “A Final Salute; Naval Academy midshipmen pay their respects to veterans who are nearing the end of life” by Susan Reimer. More than 140 midshipman volunteers are visiting veterans nearing the end of their lives to acknowledge their service as only another member of the military can; with a final salute. Visit for more alumni news stories.

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May-June 2014




May-June 2014






First award given to ADM Thomas H. Moorer ’33, USN (Ret.)

Award Recipients

7 Chiefs of Naval Operations



United States Ambassadors

President of the United States

9 Former Superintendents But, 10 tours of duty as Supe— ADM Charles R. Larson ’58, USN, served twice

1 Secretary of the Navy (Acting) In 1993, Admiral Frank B. Kelso II ’56, USN (Ret.), held the post of Acting Secretary of the Navy while also CNO, the first to ever hold both positions concurrently.


President Jimmy Carter ’47 and First Lady Rosalynn Carter walk down Pennsylvania Avenue after Carter was sworn in as the nation’s 39th President, 20 January 1977. (AP Photo)

Heisman Trophy Award Recipient



15 Years

MIDN Roger Staubach ‘65, Chairmen Vice Chairmen Navy quarterback, posing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the Heisman trophy in New York in December 1963, prior to receiving the award formally at a Cabinet Member luncheon. (AP Photo/ ADM James D. Watkins ’49, USN (Ret.), served as Secretary of energy for President George H. W. Bush Jacob Harris)


of honoring alumni as U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Distinguished Graduates

1 Nov. 2014 Deadline for 2015 Distinguished Graduate Award nominations


1950 & 1957

Class Year of the Most Junior Recipient

Classes with the Most Distinguished Graduates (5 each)

Thanks to CAPT John J. McNally ’50, USN (Ret.) for his contributions to this piece 28


4 Astronauts

An Apollo 10 photograph of Earth taken from 100,000 miles away in May 1969. (Image courtesy of NASA)

May-June 2014





The 2014 U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Award recipients stand with their spouses in Mahan Hall before the 2014 Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony in Alumni Hall. From top left to top right; Admiral Michael Mullen ’68, USN (Ret.) and Deborah Mullen, Admiral Steve Abbot ’66, USN (Ret.) and Marjorie Abbot, Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.) and Linda Stafford, Admiral William Miller ’62, USN (Ret.) and Barbara Miller, Admiral Edmund Giambastiani Jr. ’70, USN (Ret.) and Cynthia Giambastiani. Photo by Debbie Latta

2014 Distinguished Graduates Feted

By Lisa Aszklar

he U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Award is the highest honor we bestow upon Naval Academy alumni who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation, the community and the Academy itself. Conceived by Rear Admiral Ronald F. Marryott ’57, USN (Ret.), former president and CEO of the Alumni Association, and aided by Rear Admiral Robert McNitt ’38, USN (Ret.), the Distinguished Graduate Award (DGA) program held its first selection committee meeting in 1998 under the chairmanship of Admiral Carlisle A. H.Trost ’53, USN (Ret.). Admiral Thomas H. Moorer ’33, USN (Ret.), was the first Distinguished Graduate Award recipient. In the intervening years, 64 alumni have been honored as Distinguished Graduates. The 2014 Distinguished Graduates have not only witnessed extraordinary


world events, but they have been active participants in them as well.They include an Apollo space program mission commander; the only graduate to serve as academic dean and provost; a chairman and a vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and the first post-9/11 Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the President of the United States. Each in his own way has helped shape the course of the nation and the Academy. As varied as their personal and professional lives have been, though, it is their leadership, professionalism, character and selflessness that serve as common threads meriting recognition as Distinguished Graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. Simply stated, they embody the ideals for which the Naval Academy stands. Before an audience that included family, classmates, faculty and the Brigade of Midshipmen, Lieutenant

General Thomas P. Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.); Rear Admiral William C. Miller ’62, USN (Ret.); Admiral Steve Abbot ’66, USN (Ret.); Admiral Michael G. Mullen ’68, USN (Ret.); and Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr. ’70, USN (Ret.), were honored as this year’s Distinguished Graduate Award recipients. “While each individual’s path was different, all of the honorees began their lifelong careers of service here at the Academy,” said General Peter Pace ’67, USMC (Ret.), chairman of the Distinguished Graduate Award Selection Committee and a 2009 DGA recipient. “The Naval Academy continues to serve as the foundation—that shared experience—of patriotism, camaraderie and character that sustained these leaders and put them on their path to success.” The Naval Academy Alumni Association is proud to congratulate the 2014 Distinguished Graduates.

Visit for event coverage and biographical videos of each of the recipients.

May-June 2014



Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.) ieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.), was born not only to fly, but to orbit and rendezvous as well. During his 27 years as an Air Force officer, he logged millions of miles in space and more than 7,600 hours at the controls of 126 different types of aircraft. He played a crucial role in the development of stealth technology and is, in the words of President George H.W. Bush,“a true American hero.” At a ceremony held earlier this spring and attended by classmates, family, friends, the Brigade and faculty, the Naval Academy welcomed Stafford home as a 2014 Distinguished Graduate. In his speech following receipt of the award, Stafford counseled midshipmen to “think outside the box” when confronted by a seemingly insurmountable problem, advising that “it is your attitude, not your aptitude, that will take you to the highest altitude in life.” Stafford’s “can-do” attitude and sense of duty were undeniable factors in helping America reach its goal of placing a man on the moon while simultaneously securing its place as a technology leader among nations. After graduating with distinction with the Class of 1952, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Force before earning his fighter pilot wings and attending the Air Force Test Pilot School, where he graduated first in his class. In 1962, Stafford began a new phase of his career when NASA selected him as a member of The New Nine, the second group of American astronauts. Between 1965 and 1975, Stafford piloted Gemini 6 and commanded Gemini 9, Apollo 10 and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, which ended the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was during the Apollo 10 mission that he and his crew performed the entire Apollo 11 mission, except for the actual lunar landing, and then set a world record when their spacecraft reached a speed of 24,791 miles per hour upon re-entry. Following command of the Air Force Flight Test Center, Stafford served as Deputy Chief of Staff, Research Development and Acquisition where he initiated and




implemented stealth technology and started the development and production of the F-117A Night Hawk, AGM-129 Stealth nuclear cruise missle and the B-2 Stealth Bomber and started the roadmap and requirements for an Air Superiority Stealth Fighter which became the F-22 Raptor. After retiring from active duty in 1979, Stafford embarked on a civilan career as the lead developer of stealth technology. He believes that, over the course of his career, it is his cutting-edge work in stealth technology and missile defense that has had the most impact on U.S. military operations. Stafford is a life member of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and served on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees from 1980 to 1982. In 2013, he was the keynote speaker at the U.S. Naval Institute’s Space Symposium. He is a donor to the President’s Circle.

Rear Admiral William C. Miller ’62, USN (Ret.) hile the ability to make and execute well-planned and forward-thinking decisions is a key component of any successful military career, Rear Admiral William C. Miller ’62, USN (Ret.), had the unique opportunity to utilize this skill not only as a naval officer, but also as the civilian Academic Dean and Provost at the Naval Academy. Upon receiving the 2014 Distinguished Graduate Award, Miller noted the importance of teamwork in his career and thanked his classmates, especially those whose efforts resulted in improving the Naval Academy for future generations. He also exhorted the Brigade of Midshipmen to recognize and learn from “... choices, decisions, actions and inactions that each of us would like to redo but will never get the chance.” Success, he said, is measured by a simple rule: never give up. This resilience is evident throughout Miller’s career and provided the basis for many of his noteworthy accomplishments. Graduating in the top 10 of the Class of 1962, Miller obtained master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University. His first at-sea command was aboard MCCLOY (FF-1088). Subsequently, he was named Director, Undersea and Strategic Warfare and Nuclear Development, and Commanding Officer, Naval Research Laboratory. Miller’s final command was as Chief of Naval Research, where his responsibilities included consolidating program execution to reflect the future at-war needs of the Navy and Marine Corps—duties that foreshadowed achievements yet to come. Following retirement from the military, Miller served as associate provost and professor of engineering at West Virginia University. In 1997, he returned to the Naval Academy as Academic Dean and Provost, the only alumnus in history to serve in this position. Over the next 12 years, he instituted new academic majors in five disciplines: quantitative economics, computer engineering, Arabic, Chinese and information technology; initiated program changes that increased four-year graduation rates to their highest levels in 50 years, especially among minority students and athletes; and instituted curriculum changes that resulted in record numbers of scholarships for graduate education.


As a result, the Academy was named one of the nation’s top five engineering schools and the best publicly funded liberal arts college in America. Equally important, the Brigade’s training and education was now better aligned with the future needs of the Navy and Marine Corps. “I look at the Naval Academy, and I am hopeful for the future of the country,” he said. “Today’s midshipmen, what they are doing, who they are—it is easy to see them in leadership roles in the future.” An ardent supporter of both academic and athletic programs, Miller has worked in concert with the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation to raise more than $50 million for academic programs, and he is a President’s Circle donor.

May-June 2014



Admiral Steve Abbot ’66, USN (Ret.) dmiral Steve Abbot ’66, USN (Ret.), is truly a son of the Naval Academy: he is the third of four generations of Abbots to attend the Academy, so his remarks at the Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony on 21 March reflected more than a century of close association with the Academy. Referencing the lives of his father and grandfather, he urged the Brigade to prepare for and capitalize on the myriad of changes they will see in their lifetimes. Abbot’s father and grandfather each lived to see America’s moon landings—all the more impressive, he said, because his grandfather graduated with the Class of 1912, just eight years after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, and his father, a member of the Class of 1939, took part of his flight training in biplanes when the Army still had a horse cavalry. Embracing change, striving for personal best and enjoying life throughout the journey all are essential to becoming successful, well-rounded officers and leaders, he said. “It is a great privilege to attend the Naval Academy and have the benefit of the education and the background it provides,” he said. “The Academy prepares midshipmen well to get started on their careers.What counts, though, is how well you perform.You are measured every day, and the Naval Academy gives you the tools to perform well.” Abbot also was emphatic that those selected as Distinguished Graduates must truly represent all alumni, particularly those lost in combat, who “stand shoulder to shoulder with those of us who happen to have been put in this category.” Following graduation with distinction with the Class of 1966, Abbot reported for his first Vietnam deployment aboard HENRY B.WILSON (DDG-7). In 1967, he entered Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, then obtained his wings and subsequently attended U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School. Command assignments included VA-86, CALOOSAHATCHEE (AO-98), and THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71), the latter during Operation Desert Storm. His final assignment was as Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command, during the Kosovo Conflict, before retiring from active duty in 2000.




Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Abbot served as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush before accepting the position of president and CEO of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, where he has been instrumental in the fight against predatory lending practices targeting military personnel. His support of the Naval Academy has included positions as founder and co-chairman of Friends of Navy Squash; chairman of the Distinguished Graduate Award Selection Committee, the Internal Scholarship Selection Board, the Academic Dean Search Committee and the Alumni Association Board of Trustees. He is a member of the Athletic and Scholarship Programs Board of Trustees and the President’s Circle.

Admiral Michael G. Mullen ’68, USN (Ret.) he remarkable military career of Admiral Michael G. Mullen ’68, USN (Ret.), began at 17, when he left his home state of California for only the second time in his life, and ended upon his retirement as the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Over the 47 years in between, Mullen forged a solid reputation as an officer of the highest caliber— “an extraordinarily decent human being,” then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said at his 2011 retirement ceremony— thanks in part to the training he received as a midshipman. Following graduation, Mullen’s first command was aboard NOXUBEE (AOG 56). Subsequent commands included U.S. Second Fleet, NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic and Joint Task Force 120; and U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Joint Forces Naples. Following his assignment as Chief of Naval Operations, he was named Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “The Naval Academy is a very special place that gave me a foundation from which I learned to lead, to take responsibility, to do tough jobs and eventually to command,” Mullen said. He said his selection as a 2014 Distinguished Graduate was a particular honor because of what the Academy has provided his family: unique opportunities to serve. “The Naval Academy has been such a dominant part of my life since I was 17, in ways that I had no idea would occur,” he said. In fact, in the Mullen household, naval service is often referred to as “the family business”—both his sons are Naval Academy graduates now serving on active duty. Mullen termed the Academy a “four-year leadership laboratory” where midshipmen move along a personal and professional growth trajectory, becoming adept in their chosen fields of expertise as they learn to both lead and follow. It is for this reason that he counseled the Brigade at the Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony to take command billets as early and as often as possible because of the growth potential those types of opportunities offer. “No set path prepared me better for the responsibilities, stress and challenges


of my final command than the hard jobs and tough times,” he said. Mullen said that it is the privilege of having served in a leadership role, with the concomitant duty of advocating on behalf of the individuals who served under his command, that has given him the most satisfaction over the course of his career. Mullen’s involvement in the Naval Academy community has included service as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Trustees, Forrestal lecturer and mentor to midshipmen. He is a life member of the Alumni Association.

May-June 2014



Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr. ’70, USN (Ret.) dmiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr. ’70, USN (Ret.), credits his successful career in large measure to the leadership skills he learned as a midshipman and honed as an officer. Command assignments on every level from shipboard to joint service provided unparalleled opportunities to test those skills. It was altogether appropriate that in his acceptance speech before the audience gathered in Alumni Hall for the Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony, Giambastiani paid homage to those remarkable leaders who, throughout the years, had passed through the gates of the Naval Academy. “Considering the history of this institution and the phenomenal leaders who have come from it and who have done so much for our country—think of names like Nimitz— being a representative in some small way of that group is truly an honor,” he said. Stressing the importance of military service, Giambastiani told the Brigade that “... your short time here is only the end of the beginning. The foundation of service will stand you in great stead throughout your entire life. To each of you much has been given; from each of you, much will be expected in the years to come.” Over the course of his 41 years in uniform, Giambastiani commanded the deep submergence and ocean engineering Submarine NR-1; RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687); Submarine Development Squadron 12; Atlantic Fleet Submarine Force; Anti-Submarine and Reconnaissance Forces Atlantic; and the 1.1 million service member U.S. Joint Forces Command. He served as Senior Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and as NATO’s first Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. Before retiring in 2007, Giambastiani served as the seventh Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In retirement, he has served on various commissions, task forces and boards in both the public and private sectors, including several non-profit organizations. Giambastiani holds 12 Distinguished Service Medals from every branch of the military and the Department of Defense,




plus numerous other U.S. military awards and decorations. Among the many recognitions he has received, he remains most proud of the 19 awards that recognize the efforts of his team as a whole. In his retirment he has served on numerus U.S. government advisory boards, investigations and task forces for the Secretaries of Defense, State, Navy and Interior in addition to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. At the behest of Congress, he also serves on the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission. Giambastiani’s support for the Academy and its programs has been equally as remarkable. He is a lifetime member of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, a former Chairman of the Distinguished Graduate Award Selection Committee, President’s Circle donor and a contributor to the Naval Academy Foundation’s Athletic and Scholarship Program’s.

In Their Own Words… he Distinguished Graduate Award program seeks to recognize alumni who, as both officers and civilians, have exemplified the U.S. Naval Academy’s core values of duty, honor, loyalty and integrity and have embraced the school’s motto of “Ex scientia tridens” (From knowledge, seapower). As such, this year’s selectees represent five of


the Academy’s most esteemed and accomplished alumni, nominated by their classmates from among more than 58,000 graduates worldwide. Shipmate asked this year’s Distinguished Graduates why those core values are so important, and why continuing to strive for knowledge is vital to a successful career.

DUTY “The Naval Academy teaches that duty is one of the great principles, and important enough that you swear duty to your country. It is a military service member’s obligation to do the best they can, in the job they are assigned to do. I was a fighter pilot, a test pilot and an astronaut, and I believed that it was my duty to keep our country ahead of the world when I started the stealth programs. Duty is the fundamental basis for the defense of our country.” —Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.)

INTEGRITY ”What matters most, particularly in the leadership sense, is at the core of what I call the mirror test. Can you look yourself in the mirror? The center of that really is integrity. In chaotic and unstable situations, hanging your hat on your core values is absolutely critical for a leader and a decision maker. Among the Academy’s core values, none is more important than integrity. More than anything else, that was impressed upon me here at this institution.” —Admiral Michael G. Mullen ’68, USN (Ret.)

May-June 2014


FEATURE LOYALTY ”Loyalty begets trust and confidence in your shipmates. It is what allows you to do your best anywhere in the service, because you know that the people on your right, on your left, ahead of you and behind you are there to make sure that their shipmates do well and you do well. That is what it’s all about.” —Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr. ’70, USN (Ret.)

HONOR ”The concept of honor is part of human existence and the basis of civilization. A civilized society functions properly only if people are honorable. It goes as much for every citizen as it does for a naval officer. It is a requirement for the privilege of being a citizen of a civilized country.” —Admiral Steve Abbot ’66, USN (Ret.)

“FROM KNOWLEDGE, SEAPOWER” ”The Academy’s motto is certainly an important one, and should be taken to heart. Midshipmen must understand that it is crucial they continue to learn after they graduate. And it’s not just a formal education that is going to provide the knowledge they need to succeed. Some of it will come from formal training programs like submarine school and flight school; some of it will come from personal experiences. Continual learning keeps you fresh as an officer and helps define your value to the Navy and Marine Corps.” —Rear Admiral William G. Miller ’62, USN (Ret.)



May-June 2014




May-June 2014



Athletic and Scholarship Programs: Celebrating 70Years f you stroll down Maryland Avenue, just a few blocks from Gate 3, you might notice a small beige building, its windows adorned with Navy athletics posters and lettering announcing its name:“The Naval Academy Foundation, Inc. Athletic and Scholarship Programs.” You might not know that within those modest walls lives an organization that raises more than $1.5 million per year in support of athletic excellence, and has helped more than 3,800 promising


RADM Thomas C. Lynch ’64, USN (Ret.) chairman of Athletic and Scholarship Programs, addresses the A&SP Trustees, student-athletes, coaches and others who gathered to celebrate the organization’s 70th anniversary on 2 May



young men and women realize their dreams of achieving a Naval Academy education—including Heisman Trophy winners Roger Staubach ’65 and Captain Joe Bellino ’61, USNR (Ret.). This organization—which remains a critical element in the philanthropic efforts of today’s Naval Academy Foundation—marks its 70th anniversary this year, and celebrated the occasion with a dinner banquet during its May Trustee meeting and an inspiring

look back at the history of an organization that has had a transformative impact on Navy athletics as well as the strength of the entire Brigade of Midshipmen.

The Early Years Edgar E. “Rip”Miller, one of the famed “Seven Mules” of Notre Dame, arrived at Navy as an assistant coach under Bill Ingram in 1926, later becoming head coach and assistant director of athletics. By the early 1940s, Miller had grown frustrated in his efforts to schedule high-profile football games between Navy and teams such as Pitt and Penn State. The teams Navy fielded didn’t include the caliber of players the more competitive teams were used to facing—the academic examination required for admission to the Academy and the course of instruction were simply too difficult for many of the student-athletes who might have otherwise been interested in playing for Navy. More than 80 percent of entering midshipmen had additional training beyond high school— college, junior college or prep school—that middle class families could rarely afford. At the same time, the growing size of the Navy led to an increase in demand for trained Naval Academy graduates.The pool of qualified candidates needed to grow without lowering standards. Rip and his close friend H. McCoy “Piggy” Jones of the Class of 1919 envisioned a program that, based on need, could provide a prep school education for a year after high school to prepare candidates for the entrance examination. “Rip had to find places where these boys could go for prep school,” said his widow, Esther “Es” Miller, who at 107 has survived her husband by 23 years. “Hill, Amherst, you

Edgar E. Rip Miller

H. McCoy ”Piggy” Jones

VADM Robert B. Pirie ’26, USN (Ret.)

ADM Jim Holloway ’43, USN (Ret.)

name a prep school and it looked forward to having the boys come because it gave them a good team.” To continue to expand the program, Miller and Jones began to solicit graduates and other friends of the Academy for funding for additional scholarships. Vice Admiral Robert B. “The Beard” Pirie ’26, USN (Ret.), took an interest in what was known then as “The Foundation,” helping Miller and Jones keep it alive during a period of meager financial resources. Pirie eventually became president and chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and his imaginative leadership helped attract many distinguished and influential leaders of business and industry, government officials and senior military leaders to the Board.This tradition continues today, with many previous Academy Superintendents, Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients, Chiefs of Naval Operations and business leaders among the Athletic and Scholarship Programs Trustees. The Foundation continued to grow throughout the 1960s under the leadership of Commander R.T.E.“Bud” Bowler ’45, USN (Ret.), and Rear Admiral C. Elliott Loughlin ’33, USN (Ret.).Their financial management, coupled with Miller’s aptitude for identifying promising student-athletes, helped create a program that has had more than 165 scholarships to place prospective midshipmen at some of the finest prep schools in the country. Once enrolled at the Academy, with a year of additional academic and athletic training under their belts, these midshipmen helped improve Navy’s performance in varsity athletics. On average and throughout the program’s history, these Foundation scholars also maintained a higher

May-June 2014


FEATURE grade point average than the Brigade as a whole, graduated at a higher rate and remained in the naval service for a longer period. But the Foundation wasn’t without its critics, especially in the early years. “Not everyone was in favor of supporting athletics,” said Admiral Jim Holloway ’43, USN (Ret.). “Some midshipmen, some civilians, some officers considered athletics competition for academics. But the mission of the Foundation is in direct support of the Naval Academy mission—not only to be smart, to be intelligent, to be trained technically, but to be physically fit and prepared to go to sea under duress and under difficult conditions and fight and have the stamina to do a good job. It’s in the Midshipman’s Handbook, the bible for the midshipmen, that unless you’re physically fit, unless you have the stamina, the strength, the moral courage and the physical courage, you’re not much good to the Navy.”



Changing Times Holloway was at the helm of the original Foundation when it went through its biggest change—the 2000 amalgamation with what was then the Naval Academy Endowment Trust to form today’s U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, of which the Athletic and Scholarship Programs, or A&SP, is a thriving division. Collectively, the combined Foundation is the single entity authorized to raise and manage all non-appropriated funds in support of the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen. A&SP continues to focus on its unique mission— fundraising for the prep school scholarship program and gifts toward the Fund for Athletic Excellence, which supports today’s physical mission for the Academy. Among A&SP’s primary achievements are a $5 million gift to kick start the renovation of Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, funding for the Glenn Warner Soccer Facility and the purchase

of a dozen Annapolis-area homes to serve as suitable housing for football coaches. The continued support of A&SP has a significant impact on the growing strength of Navy’s athletics programs. “Maintenance is not a word we use in our department, we don’t talk about maintaining anything,” said Chet Gladchuk, director of athletics. “We’re always Chet Gladchuk talking about upward trajectory and the will to win and we’re talking about expecting to win in everything that we do. To develop that mindset, you have to have the confidence that you have the support and the resources to compete against some of the most competitive programs in the country. A&SP has been there for us with those margin of excellence funds and the resources to reach out and recruit some coaches that we normally would not have been able to bring to Annapolis. “The people that comprise the A&SP Trustees are just incredible human beings.You know what they have accomplished in their lives.You’ve got mothers and fathers and alumni that have distinguished themselves on the front lines.You’ve got gentlemen with Purple Hearts and you’ve got people with merit medals beyond my understanding.There’s not a day that goes by that you can’t be motivated by what they represent and what they want to do.” Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch ’64, USN (Ret.), a former Superintendent, became the A&SP chairman in 2004. Under his leadership, A&SP has provided funding to support a wide

range of varsity, club and intramural sports as well as Naval Academy Prep School athletic programs. “We now have 33 varsity intercollegiate sports for men and women here at the Academy. Our mission is to enhance athletics and we strive to achieve athletic excellence throughout the physical mission of the Academy,” said Lynch. “Our prep school students are referred to us by the dean of admissions after they have been reviewed by the Academy’s admissions committee.These men and women may be scholar-athletes, STEM or minority students who need a prep year to become acceptable for future admission.We do this at no cost to the government.We work jointly with the student and his or her family, the participating schools and our own funds to provide the funding required. This is all private funding made possible by our 250 Trustees. Our students enjoy a 95 percent success rate for admission and a 90 percent Naval Academy graduation rate.We’re proud that our program provides our students that extra year of maturity, academic and athletic development necessary for the young person to achieve success and make an impact on the Brigade.” Ensign Ashlynn Soellner ’14, USN, was a standout soccer player in her hometown of Hollidaysburg, PA, recruited to play for Navy in her junior year in high school. She spent hours working through the application process, securing a nomination from her congressman and keeping in touch with Academy administrators through her high school coach. But her SAT scores weren’t high enough. Recommended to A&SP from the admissions office, she considered several prep schools before settling on the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. “It was a great experience and I just fell in love with it right away,” said Soellner, a four-year varsity forward at Navy. “They have a study hour just like they do at the Academy, they have classes on Saturdays—it really helped. It definitely prepared me and helped me to be away from home—to be

”A&SP has been there for us with those margin of excellence funds and the resources to reach out and recruit some coaches that we normally would not have been able to bring to Annapolis.” —Chet Gladchuk, director of athletics

May-June 2014



RADM Thomas C. Lynch ’64, USN (Ret.)

honest I don’t think I would have stayed at the Academy if I hadn’t gone to prep school.” Soellner majored in oceanography and is assigned to surface warfare. Her honors as a student-athlete include being named to the AllPatriot League Second Team in 2012 and 2013 and the AllPatriot League First Team in 2011 and several recognitions as Patriot League Offensive Player of the Week.

Inspiring Mission While the program was founded to provide scholarship support for recruited athletes, today only about a quarter of recipients fall into this category. The rest demonstrate aptitude for the Academy and naval service in a wide variety of ways, but could still benefit from some additional academic preparation and the opportunity to mature further. A&SP has relationships with 19 prestigious prep schools nationwide. Using a needbased formula and in collaboration with the financial aid departments of the participating schools, A&SP offers to extend scholarships to prospective midshipmen, usually covering about two-thirds of the cost. Under Lynch’s leadership,A&SP has increased its number of Trustees—individuals who are nominated by current Trustees and contribute support to the program—from 175 to 250, and worked to increase age, ethnic and gender diversity among its members.There is currently a waiting list for Trustee membership—new Trustees are added as others transition to emeritus status. “I think the great thing about the prep school program is that it allows individuals who may not have that initial academic ability but can still do so much for the Academy to get that little extra boost,” said Sharon Disher ’80, an A&SP Trustee and member of the first Academy class to include women. “I work with many inner city kids in a program where I try to get them excited about science and engineering, because many of them are not exposed to it at all. I see kids who could be great leaders and could come into an organization like



the Academy and do wonderfully well, but without the prep program I’m not sure they would ever have the opportunity to come here.” Captain Ed Wallace ’72, USN (Ret.), joined A&SP as executive director in 2002 after serving as director of admissions for the Academy and in corporate and foundation relations for the Naval Academy Foundation. “I wasn’t aware of the prep school program until my son was recommended for it in 1992 when he was a senior in high school,” said Wallace. “For the recruited athletes, the prep program allows them to play, get bigger, stronger, faster and better academically and not lose any eligibility. I think that’s a big value. They can go to one of these very, very good schools and have a great academic experience, be much more qualified and capable of handling the academics. It’s a win/win for the students and the schools. The schools love having our students on campus. They’re good role models. They’re good studentathletes.We don’t have very many discipline problems. And the schools are able to advertise that they send their students to the Naval Academy. And, after that extra year of positive reinforcement and good performance, they do better when they get to the Naval Academy. They’ve had more time to think about what they’re getting into, and they’ve had a very strong academic performance before getting here.We’re very proud of that.” Wallace takes an equal measure of pride in A&SP’s support for the Fund for Athletic Excellence. “If you have good, successful athletic programs, whether it’s football or crew or tennis or golf, if we’re successful and we travel to all parts of the country, it’s great for the public recognition of the Naval Academy. It does wonders for the morale of the Brigade. The midshipmen feel good about themselves.They are nationally recognized. And I think it helps in the perception of the military for the country as a whole to look at these students who are willing to serve this country, go through a very rigorous four-year environment and represent the school very, very well.” So what would Rip Miller think if he could see the impact his inspired idea continues to have today? “It’s better than Rip would ever have imagined,” said Es Miller. “He never would have imagined how large it would get. He would be delighted.”

May-June 2014



The 2015 Alumni Travel program catalog is here. Just remove and enjoy!

Join the Navy

See the World



Midshipman Colleen Randolph ’14 n English major who hails from Annapolis, MD, Midshipman Randolph serves as the Brigade Public Affairs Officer (PAO) and is a member of the varsity women’s swimming and diving team and the club triathlon team.Take a look at how a day shapes up for this future Marine Corps Ground officer.




Midshipman Ryan Keyes ’14 systems engineering major from Hudson, OH, Midshipman Keyes is a member of the Honor Congress and plays sprint football. He offered a look into his life at the Naval Academy before graduation. Postcommissioning, he will serve a temporary duty assignment as the sprint football coach next season before beginning his service on submarines.


Plebe Summer 2013 detailers Midshipman Company Commander Colleen Randolph ’14 and Midshipman Executive Officer Ryan Keyes ’14 of Kilo Company guide plebes during a parade. Photo by USNA Photo Lab

Midshipman Randolph: A Day In The Life

A Chair with a View As Brigade lifeguard coordinator, Randolph is in charge of all the midshipman lifeguards on the Yard.

First Class One of her favorite classes, Military Trial and Advocacy, has given Randolph “an appreciation for law and ethics.” She also said it has “encouraged our skills for advocating for those whom we are about to lead as junior officers.”

A Walk Randolph said a walk back from class “serves as a daily reminder of how truly lucky I am to be a midshipman at the Naval Academy and the richness of tradition I get to experience on a daily basis. The view of Memorial Hall across the tiny strip of marble that connects third decks in Bancroft is my absolute favorite path back to my room on 4-4. When I am having a rough day, my walk back reminds me of how blessed I truly am.”

A Swim Randolph and the triathlon team typically swim an hour at lunch to make time for biking and running in the afternoon after class. She spends a lot of time in Lejeune Hall. “Following varsity swim season, during which I would spend up to four hours a day in the pool and almost 22 hours a week practicing, I jump right back in to train and compete for the triathlon team,” she said.

May-June 2014



A Room with a View With a window overlooking Tecumseh Court and Stribling Walk, Randolph said she “hit the jackpot with her room this year … I always know what is going on outside and it serves as another constant reminder of how lucky I am. I have a bird’s eye view of the heart of the Academy.”



Late Nights Randolph’s desk also inspires her. “I love expressing my personality and being surrounded by photos of friends and family,” she explained. “Never fear, however, it will be neat and orderly come morning, no gear afloat still holds weight for random BRAVO room inspections!” Most nights she can be found working well past midnight on schoolwork and completing various tasks for her first class billets.

“These are the views that very few will witness, unless you are fortunate to live inside the walls of Bancroft.” At Day’s End As the sun sets on the day and on Randolph’s time at the Academy, she reflected: “The Naval Academy’s beauty strikes me on a daily basis. I would never have admitted it my plebe year, but as a first class, I find myself thinking about it more and more as I grow closer to May. I’m glad that carrying around a camera is a large part of my official billet at the Academy, because it affords me the opportunity to capture pictures like these.”

—MIDN Randolph

May-June 2014


FEATURE Midshipman Keyes: A Day In The Life

Early Mornings As the Brigade Physical Missions Officer (PMO), Keyes works hard every morning at 0540 in an hour-long workout with those in the Brigade who need extra help with the physical mission. Keyes said it is extremely rewarding to see the hard work pay off for these midshipmen when they take the Brigade Physical Readiness Test.

Listen During a recent visit, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey ’74, USMA, USA, shared the challenges and world issues midshipmen will face as junior officers.

“It really puts all the classwork, practices and daily ritual of the Naval Academy in perspective.” —MIDN Keyes

Study Keyes puts the finishing touches on a joint Systems and Mechanical Engineering Capstone project with partner MIDN Andrew Miller ’14. The team worked to solve a problem posed by the Naval Dosimetry Center: how can you inventory 200 Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) in three minutes? (A TLD measures radiation and is used to measure levels of radiation a sailor receives over time.) The center receives hundreds of thousands of TLDs each year and had been inventorying each TLD manually. The team came together to develop a shuttle-based conveyor system to input 200 TLDs quickly by scanning each with a barcode and directly into the database. The device is then automatically sleeved for any future analysis.



Eat Lunch in King Hall with 20th Company. Keyes said that meals have been a favorite part of his day since his first year at the Academy. “It is a great opportunity to discuss world events, sports or just weekend plans with company mates, teammates and best friends,” he said. Decompression and conversation lasts for about 15 minutes before it’s off to another class, meeting or practice. His guilty pleasure is the Firehook sandwich, which he described as a “far from healthy King Hall egg and cheese sandwich.”

Lift MIDN Glen Harris ’16 lifting with the sprint football team during sports period after classes. “It has taught me about servant leadership, putting others before yourself and sacrificing for the greater good of the unit, all priceless lessons,” he said. “Not to mention I met my best friends and brothers on this team. Beat Army!” When not lifting with his fellow athletes, you will find Keyes reading.

May-June 2014




May-June 2014



LCDR David Tickle ’02, USN; CDR Thomas Frosch ’92, USN; LT Mark Tedrow ’04, USN; and LCDR Mark DeBuse ’96, USN, at the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center during Commissioning Week





Commander Thomas “The Boss” Frosch ’92, USN

Lieutenant Mark “Iroc”Tedrow ’04, USN

Commanding Officer

Opposing Solo

Hometown: Clinton Township, MI Wings of Gold: March 1995 Deployments Include: Operations Southern Watch, Allied

Hometown: Charleroi, PA Wings of Gold: August 2006 Deployments Include: Operation Enduring Freedom Decorations: Strike Flight Air Medal, the Navy and Marine

Force, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom Decorations: Defense Meritorious Service Medal, two

Meritorious Service Medals, two Individual Air Medals with Combat ‘‘V” (Six Strike Flight), three Navy Commendation Medals, one with Combat ‘‘V,” and numerous unit, campaign and service awards Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2014: “You’re part of a big team.There were about 4,000 people [at the Academy] when I graduated—there are 500,000 men and women serving around the world, and working well on that team and doing your job well are really important. The people graduating this year are building the Navy of tomorrow, and we’re proud to be here and be a part of it.” Life after the Blues? “I’m probably the only guy who could retire out of this job, but I look forward to going back. The Navy’s been really good to me. It’s just amazing what you can see being in the Navy. For 22 years, I’ve seen the world. I look for every opportunity to give back.”

Lieutenant Commander David “Elmo”Tickle ’02, USN Lead Solo Hometown: Birmingham, AL Wings of Gold: April 2005 Deployments Include: Operations Iraqi Freedom and

Enduring Freedom Decorations: Two Strike Flight Air Medals, two Navy and

Marine Corps Achievement Medals and various personal and unit awards Favorite Move: “I think the Sneak Pass is one of the most fun and sort of scary maneuvers. I’m going just shy of the speed of sound at about 50 feet off the ground.There’s not a large margin for error. It requires a lot of concentration being down that low and that fast, but that’s really what the crowd came to see.” Life after the Blues? “When I leave here, I’m going back to an operational squadron to be a department head. I get to go back and do what all naval aviators are trained to do, and that’s go on an aircraft carrier and support our men and women overseas. For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Corps Achievement Medal, and various personal and unit awards A Dream Fulfilled: “I didn’t know about the Blue Angels until I came to the Naval Academy. The first year I was here, the Blues came and performed, and I thought ‘wow, that would be cool to be a Blue Angel one day,’ and I kind of kept that in the back of my mind as I progressed and selected aviation and went on throughout my career. The seed was definitely planted here.” Life after the Blues? “We get to interact with the public, go all over the country and see great places and do great things, but our heart is with the fleet. Getting back to that, into that combat role, flying on and off aircraft carriers, what we were trained to do, I’m excited about it and I’m looking forward to going back and doing that again.”

Lieutenant Commander Mark “Doc” DeBuse ’96, USN Flight Surgeon Hometown: Longmont, CO Wings of Gold: June 1998 Flight Surgeon Wings: May 2011 Deployments Include: Operations Southern Watch,

Enduring Freedom and New Dawn; Counter narcotics operations in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico Decorations: Air Medal (Strike/Flight), three Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and various personal and unit awards First Do No Harm: “The wonderful thing about being the Doc for this team is you’re dealing with already healthy guys. It’s not about fixing them, it’s about keeping them at optimum health.The Naval Academy Human Performance Lab opened up its doors to us, and we put the guys through the wringer to assess their fitness levels and any weaknesses they have, which are none, really.They’re just in phenomenal shape.” Life after the Blues? “I’ll be returning to orthopedic surgery training. I spent nine years as a naval flight officer before deciding that maybe my talents were probably better served as a doctor, and the time I spent early in my career as a physician, treating the wounded men and women at Bethesda and Walter Reed, was really what I saw my service being.That’s the epitome of Navy medicine, I think, so be out here for a couple of years, representing Navy medicine to the public, then come back again and take care of those soldiers and sailors and Marines, it’s a dream come true.” May-June 2014



Face of the Navy our typical public affairs officer manages the flow of news and information, is the behind-the-scenes master of content, messaging and creativity, and occasionally wrangles dignitaries. However, conditions sometimes warrant that they become the face of the Navy when extraordinary situations surface. No PAO has been more public as of late than Commander William J. Marks ’96, USN, U.S. 7th Fleet’s Public Affairs Officer, with the continuing mystery surrounding Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the plane that disappeared on 8 March en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur over 7th Fleet waters. He was on our television screens almost nightly and quoted in our newspapers as ships like KIDD and PINCKNEY scoured a tremendous search


CDR William Marks ’96, USN, conducts a question and answer session aboard the U.S. 7th Fleet flagship BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19) during a media availability while in port. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Cody R. Babin



area with not a hint of the plane, adding to the growing mystery that had us transfixed. He is the only commander in public affairs with a seagoing billet, and perhaps the only one you may now recognize on sight? One year and 180 degrees earlier, Commander Marks was the PAO for the U.S. Naval Academy, his alma mater, what he considered the “pinnacle of shore duty,” a position that does have similarities to his current job: multiple stories to tell every day and intense media scrutiny. “Every single day,” he said, “there were 20 amazing stories that we could have told about a young man or woman who just did something incredible that should be in the news.” However, the slightest misstep by a midshipman or

faculty member also arrived in the news because of the high standard the Academy is held to. “I think it’s fair to be under a microscope,” he said. “I think it’s fair to hold us to a higher standard than typical kids at a civilian college. I wouldn’t want it any other way. When I was a midshipman, I was well aware of what I was doing. I was doing something that was unique and different, something a vast majority of high school students in the world could not do. I took that as a privilege. I understood that for the time I was in the Naval Academy and in the Navy, I would be held to a higher standard. I think that’s something that drives us. We want to be held to a higher standard.” As he spoke to Shipmate while at sea aboard the 7th Fleet command ship BLUE RIDGE, he reflected on his time by the Severn. “Living in Annapolis, working on the Yard, looking out my window every day and seeing midshipmen walking down Stribling Walk and the amazing landscape, it was truly inspirational. A great quality of life, the draw of Annapolis— it was such an amazing job.” Now, he is in one of the most culturally, socially, economically and geo-politically diverse territories on the planet. He left Annapolis for Japan in May 2013, going from 300 acres to 48 million square miles, from Slurpees to sushi, and from shore to ship, the former conduit of good Annapolis news to the middle of one of the biggest question marks the Navy has experienced. In a year’s time he’s visited Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan,Timor Leste,Thailand and China. Marks has 80 ships to consider, 40,000 sailors, multiple task forces, 150 aircraft, five out of seven U.S. treaty allies and 35 maritime nations that 7th Fleet exercises with almost daily in a fleet that formerly was a low-level priority for the international news media. They quietly did “amazing things every day” with the average American most likely having no idea what or where they were. This is no longer the case. As news outlets took immediate interest in how the fleet was involved with the search for MH370, not much was said about the 100 annual exercises they conducted during the previous year. Half of the world’s population lives in 7th Fleet territory, so imagine the amount of daily information that Marks transmits or responds to, and then reduce it to one story that did not sleep for weeks. Very soon,Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper came calling, as did entertainment media outlets like Buzzfeed, turning the situation into an episode of the television show “Lost.” The nonexistent spotlight on the 7th Fleet turned into

a floodlight very quickly. The majority of news outlets that arrived were from the States, but Marks also worked with media from Malaysia, Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and South Korea, all within the space of about a month. Did he notice any difference between dealing with these countries’ outlets and your typical American media? “They’re probably more independent than people realize,” he said. “You do have some state-run media and, on a smaller scale, media that’s influenced by their respective governments. However, I would say that is in the minority.” Not only was he speaking with a large number of different countries, the operation itself involved 26 countries and may now be considered the largest search and rescue in history. The flow of information was staggering. “For the first 20 days, the phone rang off the hook, continuously, 24 hours a day,” he said. “For the interviews with Wolf Blitzer, I would wake up at

Alumni Involvement During the MH370 Search CDR William Pennington Jr. ’96, VP-16 Commanding Officer LCDR Erik Thomas ’00, VP-16 Operations Officer LT David Hanson ’08, P-8 Patrol Plane Commander LT Clayton Hunt ’08, P-8 Mission Commander LT Jaclyn Nieland ’09, P-8 Tactical Coordinator LT James Thurman ’09, P-8 Tactical Coordinator LTJG Bradley Pendock ’10, P-8 Pilot LTJG Jarred Tate ’10, P-8 Pilot LTJG Joel Gillquist ’11, P-8 Co-Tactical Coordinator LTJG Tyler Terronez ’11, P-8 Pilot USS KIDD: CDR Thomas Zerr ’97, Executive Officer LCDR Eli Marshall ’01, Air Detachment OIC from HSM 78 LT Douglas Robb ’05, Operations Officer USS PINCKNEY: CDR Frank Okata ’96 LCDR Bret Walther ’03, HSM-78 LT Sean Bakey ’09, HSM-78 LT Joseph Cuschieri ’09, HSM-78 LT Macedonius Melonas ’09, HSM-78 LT Benjamin Rogers ’09, HSM-78 ENS Emma Manzi ’12, PAO ENS Alexander Foley ’12, SAR Officer

May-June 2014



LT Clayton Hunt '08 (right), assigned to Patrol Squadron (VP) 16, performs preflight checks in the flight station of a P-8A Poseidon prior to a mission to assist in search and rescue operations for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Keith DeVinney

about 4:30 in the morning.This continued on to about 2 a.m. the next morning—it just went through each time zone. From Asia, then to the East Coast and the West Coast. It was a continuous 24-hour period of questions and a desire for continuous updates.” At the height of media interest, Marks and his seven-person team of junior pesonnel conducted 26 live interviews and responded to another 80 email queries in one 24-hour period. Social media certainly helped fuel their visibility. One of their initial tweets was seen by The New York Times and led to many of their inteview requests. At its peak, their Facebook page reached 3.2 million people and a single 30-second video of a high-speed run by a DDG and a helicopter taking off was seen by 1.6 million. So even though they were half a world away and far offshore, the information was out and being shared immediately. Marks was well aware that live TV put him at risk with no script and no one to defer to, no do-overs on CNN or rephrasing on NBC Nightly News. He was not fazed, though. “My time at the Naval Academy taught me that the extraordinary things come with risk. I believe there’s a saying that should be familiar to every midshipman, and that is ‘he who will not risk cannot win.’ It’s not just a slogan. I take that to heart, and I truly believe that.” Happily, few saw fit to throw him strange or illogical questions, with only two or three he considered unrealistic. He said Geraldo Rivera asked the hardest question. “When we shifted from the Gulf of Thailand to the Northern Indian Ocean then finally to the Southern Indian Ocean, he asked, ‘Are you mad at Malaysia for sending the ships to the wrong spot?’ I don’t blame him for asking that—of course, I said no.” He was also asked by five different CNN programs to do interviews within a six-hour period. He was also fascinated in the continued interest from China’s CCTV, who called him



nearly every day for a live interview. For a state-run network, he was very impressed with the Navy message that they conveyed and the cooperation they exhibited. “People just wanted to know what our sailors were doing.” As the search area grew, so did the need for information and the narrative of the story. It began in the Gulf of Thailand in an area about 50 square miles wide, and then it moved. “It then moved to the Northern Indian Ocean. Indians were flying search missions as we were flying our P-8 and P-3 out of Kuala Lumpur. Then all of a sudden the story shifted to these two arcs. The northernmost arc went over land, and the southernmost arc was in the southern Indian Ocean.The end of that arc indicated the plane could have landed about 1,000 miles west of Perth, Australia. So, the narrative then shifted to Australia. And you have that huge buildup there. So you had this flowing narrative that just generated so much interest, with the people now involved and the technology and operators—I could see why people were interested. First our DDGs were in the spotlight, PINCKNEY and KIDD and their helicopters, and then the P-8. Now the story had different people and different technology and different ships and different aircraft. And don’t forget all the other countries involved [countries that normally don’t work together]. Twenty-six countries coming together is such an amazing story. A tragedy brought these countries together, but it brings you great hope that they can work together in the future and build on the good communication and good relationships that they’ve built in this search.” There has also been an impressive number of Naval Academy alumni involved in the search (see sidebar). COs and XOs, pilots, volunteers to take extra watches and so on. And then there was the P-8—the skipper of the P-8 Squadron VP-16 is Commander William C. Pennington Jr. ’96, USN. “You could not ask for a better leader in that position,” said Marks. “This is the inaugural deployment. Nowhere else in the entire fleet are these planes operational. He is doing things that no one else has ever done with this aircraft, and doing them in amazing fashion. And the P-8 is an incredible aircraft. That radar can find anything. They found seaweed, dolphins, small wooden crates, everything. If they flew over something, those guys were going to see it. The persistence and the dedication of those crews were simply amazing, and that’s the story that really should be told.” A few more compare-and-contrast aspects of his life away from Annapolis: his office now floats, he sleeps in a small

rack, the environment has gone from bucolic to occasionally industrial and as far from the continental U.S. as he could be. The media onslaught has ebbed; with 100 percent of the primary search area off of Australia covered and offering no evidence of the wreckage, the public’s interest in the missing plane has moved on to other news. Moving to the long–term search phase could take six months or even years, expanding to an area about 400 miles by 50 miles and far larger than the Navy’s Bluefin-21 robotic sub can handle on its own. His next steps personally are not yet clear, with one more year with the 7th Fleet. But he hopes the Navy brings him back to the U.S. in time for his 20th reunion. He misses American cupcakes for sure. Marks also has a secret pipe dream—to come into a billion dollars and start his own non-profit news channel. “If you take out the profit motive and this incentive to constantly pull in viewers, which involves the scandals and the Kim Kardashians of the world, what would happen? Let’s see what the news is like then.” Keep an eye out for Marks TV in 2016.

May-June 2014


AN OCEAN AWAY By Captain Tom Druggan ’89, USN

Tugboats guide the amphibious assault ship Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) AMERICA (LHA 6) to her berthing place at Ingalls Shipbuilding. AMERICA will be christened 20 October 2014. U.S. Navy photo courtesy of Ingalls Shipbuilding/Released.

Amid the dire predictions stemming from Russian imperialism in Crimea, a sluggish economy, the military build-up in China, budget negotiations and sequestration, an unpredictable Afghanistan and a torrent of news that makes you grit your teeth, there is great cause to celebrate this spring. Great cause indeed because Uncle Sam is a new father! He just took delivery of a 42,000-ton baby amphibious assault warship named AMERICA (LHA 6) in Pascagoula, MS, on 10 April 2014. The delivery and commissioning of any warship is special.The delivery or commissioning of a “large deck” amphib is rare, only coming every four or five years, and AMERICA is b-i-g BIG! Built by Ingalls Shipbuilding, AMERICA is almost 850 feet in length (that’s almost three football fields!), is over 100 feet wide and weighs in at an impressive 42,000+ tons.That’s as much as World War II aircraft carriers. AMERICA’s keel was laid on 17 July 2009; she was launched 12 June 2012; christened on 20 October 2012; and the Navy took delivery on 10 April 2014. She is expected to commission in early October 2014 in San Francisco, CA. AMERICA will be home-ported in San Diego, CA. AMERICA is already unique. Naturally, any ship named after our country will take a special place in our Navy. She also has quite a legacy to live up to as the fourth to bear the name. Her immediate predecessor was the aircraft carrier AMERICA (CV 66), commissioned in 1965 and achieving an impressive record during Vietnam, the Cold War and Persian Gulf conflict. A minute of reflection on AMERICA’s lineage reminds us all that our large decks can look forward to a very long service life.



Each and every one, however, will stay absolutely combat credible and relevant over many decades of service as the Navy modernizes their aviation assets and embarked forces. In the case of AMERICA, she carries the best regular fighting force in the U.S. ground force inventory and a tremendous instrument of American power projection, the U. S. Marines. AMERICA starts a generation ahead of her contemporaries as well. When she joins the fleet, she will be ready to operate the Marine Corps’ proven MV-22 Osprey and new F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter while embarking over 1,800 Marines.The U.S. Marine Corps will rocket from having solid, but maintenance intensive MH-53 helicopters and AV-8B Harriers to long range Ospreys and 5th Generation Fighters, making this large deck amphib a truly powerful force with a triple punch—air superiority, deep strike capability and loads of U. S. Marines, ready to answer our nation’s call.We should all feel safer as she enters the fleet and gets to work this fall. To follow AMERICA’s story visit: http://commissioning See her upcoming milestones, sign up to receive news updates via e-mail, become a patron for the commissioning crew and ship or surf over to her official Navy website through the links page. To the officers and crew of AMERICA, we are so proud of you and wish you only the best in the years and decades to come! Captain Tom Druggan ’89 is currently serving in the Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems and is the major program manager for In-service AEGIS Combat Systems.

May-June 2014


May-June 2014


BRAVOZULU 1940s ’45: CDR Edward Ruete, SC, USN (Ret.), has been named Cape Cod Hospital’s Volunteer of the Month.

1950s ’52: RADM Paul Mulloy, USN (Ret.), has been inducted into the Maritime Patrol Association’s Hall of Honor. ’55: VADM William “Scot” McCauley, USN (Ret.), has published his second book, “Israel Under Seige,” available on

1960s ’62: RADM Stephen Chadwick, USN (Ret.), has been awarded the Commodore John Barry Distinguished Citizen Award.

’64: Capt Robert Timberg, USMC (Ret.), has published a memoir entitled “Blue-Eyed Boy.” ’65: CDR Craig Etka, USN (Ret.), has been elected Member National 2014 of the Explorer’s Club. ’66: Frank Gibbons has been appointed to the Kitsap, WA, Humane Society’s board of directors. ’67: CAPT Steve Andres, USNR (Ret.), has been elected to a two-year term as chairman of the docent council at the San Diego Maritime Museum. ’68: The Honorable Jim Webb has been awarded the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal for citizenship-leadership by the University of Virginia and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. ADM Mike Mullen, USN, (Ret.), has been named senior strategic advisor for Wheels Up, a membership-based private aviation company. He is also returning to Princeton University as a guest professor.

1970s Ensign Jordan Foley ‘12 Interested in China’s strategies for international collaboration at its future space station? Just ask Ensign Jordan Foley ’12, USN, whose thesis on the topic was named the best in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Policy Program Class of 2014. Foley, who received master’s degrees in technology policy and political science from MIT, translated more than 500 pages of Chinese publications and drew on firsthand cultural experience honed in study at China’s Capital Normal University in 2010, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2014 and an official naval exchange to the Dalian Naval Academy of the People’s Liberation Army in 2012 to conduct his analytical assessment of China’s space station activities. While working on the thesis, he served as Naval Liaison to MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory Space Systems Analysis Group. His next stop? Nuclear Power School.



’70: Dan Akerson has been named vice chairman and special advisor to the board of directors of The Carlyle Group. ’71: VADM Ronald Route, USN (Ret.), has been appointed as president of the Naval Postgraduate School. ’72: CAPT Douglas Rush, USN (Ret.), J.D., Ph.D., has been promoted to associate professor and awarded tenure in the College of Education and Public Service at Saint Louis University. ’73: CAPT Larry Carello, USNR (Ret.), has completed his second novel, “Rotorboys,” available on ’74: CAPT Michael Bosse, MC, USN (Ret.), has received the 2013 Colonel Brian Allgood Memorial Award for “Excellence in Military Orthopaedic Leadership” from the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons. ’76: CAPT Thomas Bakke, USNR (Ret.), has been appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer at Washington Real Estate Investment Trust. ’79: CAPT Gregory Reinhardt, USN (Ret.), has been selected as an adjunct professor in the College of Business at the University of Louisville.

’82: RADM Bruce Lindsey, USN, has been assigned as commander, Carrier Strike Group Ten, Norfolk. ’83: David “Doc” Saba has been appointed president and director of Sibling Group Holdings. Tina Holland, Ph.D. has been appointed president of Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA. ’84: VADM Jan E. Tighe, USN, has been appointed head of the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and the U.S. 10th Fleet, making her the first female commander of a numbered fleet in U.S. Navy history. RADM Lawrence Creevy, USN, has been assigned as deputy commander for surface warfare, SEA-21, Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington Navy Yard. ’85: RADM Patrick Piercey, USN, has been assigned as commander, Carrier Strike Group Nine, San Diego. Kevin Reeds has been named chief development officer for the Special Olympics. ’86: CAPT Jesse Wilson Jr., USN, has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). CDR Rod Gibbons, USN (Ret.), has been appointed chief of corporate communications for Amtrak. CDR Ingrid Turner, JAGC, USN (Ret.), has been named the recipient of the first St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award from Elizabeth Seton High School. ’89: Douglas McCann has been named Life Sciences IP Attorney of the Year in Delaware by Corporate INTL magazine. Ray Villar has been appointed regional sales director for Latin America for Gogo, an end-to-end provider of managed aeronautical network services. CAPT Christopher Barnes, USN, has been relieved as commanding officer of LAKE CHAMPLAIN CG-57 after successfully completing a two-year tour on the San Diego based Ticonderoga-Class Cruiser.

1990s ’90: Victor Caruso has been named senior advisor at Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC. ’91: CAPT James Kalowsky, USN, has been selected to be commanding officer, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility.

’80: RADM Scott Sanders, USNR (Ret.), has been named chief technology officer by Ausley Associates, Inc.

’93: Adam Holton has been named senior vice president of Human Resources at CHS Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company. CDR Steven Lee, USN, has been selected for promotion to the rank of captain. He is currently assigned to the Joint Staff J-5 Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate.

’81: RADM Margaret “Peg” Klein, USN, has been appointed senior advisor for military professionalism by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

’96: LtCol Robert Peal, USMCR, has been named partner at Neal & Harwell, PLC. CDR Mikael Rockstad, USN, has assumed command


of DEWEY (DDG-105). CDR Judd Conaster, USN, has assumed command flag of Training Air Wing Five squadron. ’97: CDR Kurt Bohlken, USN, has assumed command of the Vigilantes of VFA-151. LCDR Dustin Smiley, USN, and his family have been awarded the Public Spirit Award by the American Legion Auxiliary. Clint Bruce has been awarded the Iwo Jima Leadership Award by the General H.M. Smith Foundation. CDR Katrina Hill, USN, has assumed command of Patrol Squadron Nine (VP-9). ’99: Sara Zogg has been elected to counsel at Arnold & Porter LLP. Seth Schuknecht has been appointed to the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission.

2000s ’00: Ryan Roberts has been appointed hospital commissioner of Snoqualmie Valley, WA. ENS John Elliot, USN, has been honored posthumously by the Kentucky Division of Highway Safety and NASCAR by naming the 27 June 2014 race at Louisville Speedway the “John R. Elliott HERO Campaign 300.” ’04: Capt Christopher Ashinhurst, USMCR, has received the Leftwich Trophy, the annual award that recognizes an outstanding Marine captain in the ground forces. ’06: Nick Schmitz was the lead expert witness in a recent U.S. House Judiciary Committee

hearing on “The Original Meaning of the Origination Clause.”

2010s ’12: ENS Cameron Thornberry, USN, completed the Ironman New Zealand competition finishing the course in 11:44:18. He finished 12th out of 32 in the 18-24 age group, with an overall rank of 497 out of 1,750 participants. ’14: MIDN Brynn Elizabeth Umbach, USN, has been awarded the 2014 Iota Sigma Pi Undergrad Award for Excellence in Chemistry from Iota Sigma Pi. She is the first midshipman to receive the honor.

Do you know someone who deserves a Bravo Zulu? Send to the Communications Division at

May-June 2014




• The Thursday, 23 October 2014, event is a Scramble format open to USNA Alumni. A spouse or family member can be paired with an USNA alumni.We will have the Mixed Foursome category again (must consist of two men and two women). No handicaps needed. Shotgun starts at 9 a.m. Limit is 112 players. • The Championship Round on Friday, 24 October 2014 will be open only to USNA Alumni. Those with established USGA handicaps will be in the Championship division and those without an established USGA handicap will be in the Calloway division (new division). The format is individual stroke play; a seniors flight will be included. Limit is 112 players. • Players in the Championship Round on Friday are required to submit photocopies of their USGA handicap cards with sign up to facilitate tournament administration. Please send a copy of your handicap card to or fax to 410-295-4001. Naval Academy Golf Club members need not submit cards, but please note handicap below.

• Optional—Senior Flight for players who are at least 70 years old. Seniors who elect to compete in the Seniors Flight, play from the Gold tees.You will still be paired with the foursome of your choosing. • Reservations will be accepted in the order in which paid applications are received. • Raffle prizes and awards presented at The Club at Greenbury Point. • Raffle tickets available to purchase both days before and after playing. Mulligans are available to purchase on Thursday only. (No String available.) • All golfers will receive a golf shirt. Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2XL. Please select your shirt size below. If you will be playing both days, you will only receive 1 shirt; you will receive a hat for your 2nd day of play. To receive your shirt, registrations must be received no later than 1 October 2014. No extra shirts will be ordered, so therefore, no exchanges will be able to be made.

PLEASE NOTE Your $130 fee, due by 17 October, includes: a cart (all players must ride), 18 holes of golf, driving range, free practice balls, giveaway, lunch and a donation to the Navy Golf Team. DEADLINE: 17 October (all reservations received after this date are $140). 1 October to receive a shirt Entry fees are non-refundable (includes inclement weather). Fee will be used to help defray tournament expenses with the remainder going to the Navy Golf Team.

Register online at or complete form below.

USNA ALUMNI HOMECOMING GOLF 2014 NAME:__________________________________________________________________USNA CLASS:_________DATE:_________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DAYTIME PHONE:____________________________________________EMAIL:_________________________________________________ Please check as applicable: p Enter me in the Scramble on Thursday, 23 October. p Enter me in the Championship on Friday, 24 October. p Enter me in the Calloway on Friday, 24 October. p Enter me in the Seniors Flight on Friday, 24 October. (Must be 70 years or older) p I cannot play, but am enclosing a donation in the amount of $__________ in support of Navy Golf.

p I am a current member of the USNA Golf Club. p Name of Home Course__________________________________. p A photocopy of USGA card must be enclosed or faxed to 410-295-4001 by 17 October 2014. (If a member of USNA Golf Club, copy of handicap is not needed.) Please provide shirt size: p S p M p L p XL p XXL

If you do not have a foursome, the golf chair and USNA golf coach will assign; or partner requests below. If you will be paying for your partners, please provide their shirt size. Name ____________________________________________USNA Class of__________ p 10/23/14 p 10/24/14 Shirt size:________ Name ____________________________________________USNA Class of__________ p 10/23/14 p 10/24/14 Shirt size:________ Name ____________________________________________USNA Class of__________ p 10/23/14 p 10/24/14 Shirt size:________ I am paying for: p One Day p Two Days

Paying for guest listed above: pYes p No

Total $__________________

p My entry fee is ___________. After 17 October, fee $140 (no exceptions). Please make checks payable to: USNA Alumni Association Golf or go online Mail to: USNA Alumni Association, 247 King George St., Annapolis, MD 21402; Attn: Noreen Frenaye For inquiries email



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“But still when two or three shall meet, And old tales be retold…” 24•33

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PRES: RADM Ed Keats, USN (Ret.) 207 Brightwood Club Road Lutherville, MD 21093 H: 410-235-3803 E:



PRES, SEC’Y/TREAS, AND CORR.SEC’Y: RADM Ed Keats, USN (Ret.) 207 Brightwood Club Road Lutherville, MD 21093 H: 410-235-3803 E:

Unfortunately, there is much of potential interest that was left out because it was not available when the volumes were published and thus apparently was lost forever. Once in a long time we hope that parts may become revealed even if many years later. That has happened with John “Jack” O’Handley who died in 1984. Despite possible privacy considerations, his son Thomas, has voluntarily, without prompting by this column, provided an account of major religious events in the lives of Jack’s father, Jack, and Jack’s son and grandson. Tom’s story has enough to recommend it to those interested in ’35 history to make it appear worthy of publishing in the column. Here it is in Tom’s own words, with only minor editing. n * “When dad’s father, Alexander O’Handley, was a Catholic priest ordained and serving in Canada he renounced his priesthood to marry my grandmother, May Agnes Finch-Noyes, who came from a prominent Protestant family in Hamilton, Ontario. Following the wedding they prudently left Canada. Because of the high level of education he had received in his seminary studies, dad’s father was able to pass the bar exam and practice as a lawyer. My father, Jack, was born in Brooklyn, the youngest of five children. They finally settled in Ridgewood, NJ. * “My father and mother met while my father, a naval officer, was stationed in London in the 1950s and my mother, Caroline Rowlett, was there with her first husband. My father had four children

Congratulations! CLASS OF 2014 Fair Winds and Following Seas from your Alumni Association

The O’Handley family - r. to l. - Jack O’Handley ‘35, father; Tom, son; Kevin, grandson; Bob, son

Our 20 year and 50 year Lucky Bags tell the story of our lives as we, collectively, or through their limited research made the information known to the editors.



with his first wife, Marie Schermerhorn, all raised as Catholics. After she died of cancer in 1958 and my mother was divorced they reconnected back in the United States and decided to be married. It was not as easy as they had hoped. My father, being a devout Catholic, wanted to be married within the Church. My mother a Protestant was willing to convert but because of her divorce she needed an annulment that could be granted only to those offering some financial token of appreciation to the Church. My father felt that a contribution would defy the laws of his own faith. After two years of trying to annul my mother’s marriage they gave up and were wedded in a civil ceremony in 1961. * “I was born in 1963 when the family lived in New Jersey and was baptized as a Catholic. But after a move to Vermont and not finding a Catholic Church my parents considered suitable they raised me in the Congregational Church and my father even sang in the church choir. * “Years later, in 1993 and long after the death of my father, I met my eventual spouse, Jayme Koszyn, who is Jewish, in Boston. We married in a New York Chinese restaurant in 1996 in the presence of a Rabbi and a minister. We had a son, Billy, who has identified with his mother’s Jewish heritage to the extent of having had a Bar Mitzvah in September, 2013. * “I consider that my son connects to his grandfather, Jack, by choosing to participate in his particular faith, even though the two are different.” n



CORR. SEC’Y: Gordy Carmichael Seaman (daughter of Captain John H. Carmichael, USN (Ret.) E:

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PRES: CAPT John S. Slaughter, USN (Ret.) 830 West 40th St., #115 Baltimore, MD 21211-2134 P. 410-243-5604 E: VICE PRES: Meredith Minter Hinkle Daughter of Charlie Minter ’37 3603 Prince William Drive Fairfax,VA 22031; E: CORR. SEC’YS: RADM Robert B. Erly, USN (Ret.) E: Submit all posted material to: Bob Erly 830 Country Club Lane, Coronado, CA 92118-2411; P: 619-435-8919 If by email, submit to: Erly with cc to Arentzen E:

Ed Arentzen visited with Bob in Coronado

March took its toll on the Class. We lost David Clegg on the 25th. This reduces us to just 4 (Ed Arentzen, Bob Erly, Jack Slaughter & Frank Taylor) of our 323 graduates still around and kicking, but can’t say very high. On the better half side, Bess Slaughter and Rose Barninger, departed on the 20th & 23rd. Bess was interned at the Academy Cemetery and Rose will join Barney in Arlington at a later date. Jack has a Class Directory and if any of you would like a copy, he will email it. His email address is on the above masthead. BE HAPPY and ... Keep Revin with ’37



SEC’Y: RADM Paul G. Schultz, USN (Ret.) 5205 7th Ave. Dr.West, Bradenton, FL 34209 P:941-792-1492 E: ASST SEC’Y: Donald E. Brown Son of CAPT C. Donald Brown, USN (Ret.) 4105 Elizabeth Ln., Fairfax,VA 22032-1453 P: 703-978-4571; E:

Obituaries: The deaths of Commander Willis R. Denekas, USN (Ret), ’38, on 18

February 2014, and Captain Albert (Swede) R. Olsen, USN (Ret), ’38, on 31 December 2014, were reported under Last Call in the March-April issue of SHIPMATE. Willis Denekas’ obituary is available under Last Call in this issue. Swede Olsen’s obituary is not yet available. Their deaths reduced our ranks to 11 (as of 17 April). Muriel M. Williams, widow of Captain Gordon B. Williams, USN (Ret), ’38, died in Bremerton, WA on February 18, 2014. Muriel Lorraine McMillan was born in San Francisco on November 13, 1918; grew up in Long Beach, California; studied at Long Beach City College and the University of Hawaii. In 1940 she married a young naval officer, Gordon Williams. Muriel moved numerous times, creating a warm and loving home wherever she went, adding new friends to those she kept from childhood. In their later years Muriel and Gordon enjoyed travels to many destinations. Muriel settled in Bremerton in 1960, where she became active in the community, joining many clubs and service organizations. Muriel was preceded in death by her husband, Gordon, in 2000. She is survived by her son Stan (Marsha Kane); daughters Maureen (Bill Zimmerman), Suzanne, and Julia; grandchildren Sarah, Michelle, David, Jessica, Claire, and Jeff; great-grandchildren Lucas, Charlotte, Haiden, and Taren. Muriel will be remembered for her charming manner, contagious laugh, and exquisitely set dinner table. She was a great lady and we will miss her. Heaven has gained a bright star. A memorial service for Muriel was held on March 8, 2014, at the Summit Avenue Presbyterian Church, Bremerton, WA. The Miller-Woodlawn Funeral Home, Bremerton, WA, offers an online guest book. Please send memorial donations to the Gordon and Muriel Williams Scholarship Fund. Olympic College Foundation, 1600 Chester Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98337.



PRES: VADM Thomas R.Weschler, USN (Ret.) 186 Jerry Browne Rd. #6415 Mystic, CT 06355 P. 860-572-4437; E. SEC’Y: Barbara Fidel Adams (Also Sec’y for ’39 Navy Juniors) Daughter of Jack and June Fidel 215 Ikerd Drive,Concord, NC 28025 P. 704-784-3876, E. THIRTY-NINE ON LINE: WEBMASTER: Roland Weybourn Schumann III (son of Bud Schumann) 1011 Apollo Way, Incline Village, NV 89451 P: 775-298-2011; E:

On 23 May, the Class of 2014 graduated, seventy-five years after the Class of 1939. …in June of 1935, ’39 began its entry into the Naval Academy, and within a month’s time, some 870 men had formed the Class- the largest class by far during our undergraduate days. On 1 June, 1939, 581 members of the largest graduating class in the Academy’s 99 years threw their hats into the air. Two days prior to graduation, on Wednesday, 31 May, 1939 we participated in our final Dress Parade, followed by the Program of Presentations. There were twenty-nine Presentations for Excellence, given that day to members of the Class by the Naval Academy, and an additional four Athletic Awards offered by the Navy Athletic Association.

HOMECOMING 2014 Thursday, 23 October through Saturday, 25 October

1939 United States Naval Academy Program of Presentations cover

May-June 2014


39•40 CLASS NEWS Among the award recipients that day was Harvey Lasell, who received the Secretary of the Navy’s Pistol Trophy, presented by the Navy Department to the midshipman in the ’39 graduatHarvey Lasell ing class who had demonstrated outstanding proficiency as the foremost pistol shot in the class. *(Editor’s comment- Harvey is hoping to come to the 75th Reunion in the company of his daughter, Joyce, all the way from Washington state!) In addition, the Superintendent addressed letters of commendation to the six midshipmen in our graduating class who had “contributed most by their officer-like qualities and positive character to the Ned Beach development of naval spirit and loyalty within the Regiment”. William Thomas Sawyer, Edward “Ned” Latimer Beach, Jr. and Vincent Paul dePoix were in that group. Vince dePoix *(Editor’s comment- It is noteworthy that Ned Beach,Vince dePoix and Lou Roddis were among the seven members of the Class of 1939 who “made contributions of fundamental and enduring value to the foundation and still widening development of nuclear power” as noted in the tribute to ’39 written by Jack Crawford,’42, entitled Naval Nuclear Power and the Class of 1939, which can be accessed on the website (go to Class History 1939) or ask your ’39 Class Secretary, Barbara Fidel Adams (see Masthead for contact information) to send you a copy).

USNA.COM Bringing the Alumni Association to you



Of the 29 awards for Excellence given at the Program of Presentations, Louis Harry Roddis, Jr. was our No. 1 honor man—receiving a total of 9 presentations—one third of all the awards given Lou Roddis that day! Lou’s awards included: • Service automatic pistol – as the highest for the course in the Department of Marine Engineering • Officer-of-the-deck telescopeexcelling in Seamanship • Life Membership in the U.S Naval Institute- for attaining the highest merit in the subject of Electrical Engineering • Night binoculars- as the most proficient in “Rules of the Road” • Marine binoculars- for graduating at the head of his class for the course (presented by the National Encampment of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States) • Navigating sextant (funds provided) for having proved himself the most proficient in practical and theoretical navigation • Gold watch- as the midshipman graduating at the head of his class for the course • “Commander James Edward Palmer Prize” wrist watch- for being the most proficient in practical steam engineering • Class of 1871, United States Naval Academy fund for purchase of a dress sword- to the midshipman of the graduating class who is declared the most proficient in practical and theoretical ordnance and gunnery. *(Editor’s aside: Lou was only sixteen when he entered the Naval Academy. He had just received his Eagle Scout patch, but was never able to wear it on his scout uniform. That same patch was presented to his grandson, Alex, when he earned his Eagle Scout status, also at the age of sixteen. Doc Abbot gave Alex a recommendation for receiving an ROTC scholarship at Norwich University. Alex graduated from Norwich U. in May 2013, with a double major in Chinese and International Studies; completed BDOC; and then, after completing ordnance training at Dam Neck, Alex joined USS Lassen in Yokosuka, Japan. It is particularly noteworthy, that seventy-four years after Lou received the

award for being “the most proficient in the class in practical and theoretical ordnance and gunnery” at the Program of Presentations, his grandson, Alex reported aboard LASSEN in the dual capacity of Ordnance and Boarding officer).

Lou Roddis

We are happy to report that Lou’s widow, Alice S. Roddis, is well and lives in Osterville, MA. She and their daughter, Robyn Roddis Crosby, provided us with copies of the Program of Presentations and newspaper clipping and the photo of Lou, taken just after receiving his many awards. While Alice is unable to be with us for the 75th Reunion in Annapolis, Robyn and her husband plan to join us. Included in the group of six, receiving the commendation letters from the Superintendent on 31 May, 1939, was Classmate, William Thomas Sawyer, who gave up a scholarship to enter the Academy. Bill was the Log’s photographer and was the ’39 Class photographer at FDR’s inauguration. I spoke to his charming widow, Betty, earlier this year. She is still lives at Fleet Landing in Florida and sends her warmest regards Bill Sawyer

to the Class. She told me that Jim Dunford had been responsible for encouraging them to move down to the Jacksonville area, when he was living there. Betty will be celebrating her Jim Dunford 90th birthday in September with her children in the Newport area, and may be able to join us in Annapolis for part of the 75th Reunion—we sure hope so! If she cannot, perhaps she can join via the “Electronic Reunion.” (*Editor’s note- Jim Dunford, by the way, was also featured in Jack Crawford’s Naval Nuclear Power article, and while Jim is no longer with us, he will be represented by several of his children at the 75th!) Plans are well underway for the grand 75th Reunion, and you should have received your Registration packets by this printing. If you have not (or if you have not previously indicated that you plan to attend and wish to do so) please contact your ’39 Class Secretary as noted in the ’39 column Masthead. Bing Gillette’s daughter, Elise, sent me the following remarks made by Ned Beach at the 15th Reunion…. “The Navy is like a tree planted in good soil, which entered its roots deep and its branches far. Like a branch of that tree, whose shade is only beginning to be noticed, we are looking forward to the day when the branch of the Class of ’39 may spread far and handsomely, becoming among its brethren, a permanent answer to the never to be forgotten question ’What About Thirty-Nine?’”… Elise went onto comment that she is, just as so many of our ’39 Juniors are, “grateful and beholden to our dads and those wonderful women they married….their strong branches have indeed spread far and handsomely. ‘What About ThirtyNine?’…they live on in the strong, caring and unselfish respect for family and country that they showed-by-example to their children throughout their lives.” This is very evident as a large number of ’39 Navy Juniors are coming to the 75th to pay their Respects to the Class of ’39, celebrate those 39ers present and honor those who have gone before us. It is also evident in the significant achievements and contributions being

made by ’39 Navy Juniors, like their fathers before them. ADM Steve Abbot, ’66 USN (Ret.), son of Doc Abbot, has been named by the Naval Academy as one of the five 2014 Distinguished Graduates recipients. Steve graduated with distinction with the Class of 1966. He was a Rhodes Scholar, a Naval Aviator and test pilot, and attended Naval Nuclear Power School in preparation for command in the nuclear Navy. He was Commanding Officer of THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71, during Operation Desert Storm. On attaining flag rank, he served as Commander, Carrier Group EIGHT; Director, J-3, of the U.S. European Command; Commander SIXTH Fleet; and Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command. Upon retiring in 2000, Steve has continued his commitment to the nation and to the Navy, first as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush; and beginning in 2003, as president and CEO of Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. He also has served on the board of the U.S Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation, as well as the Athletic and Scholarship Programs; the Military Officers Association of America; the Naval Aviation Museum, and the Theodore Roosevelt Association. Steve is a son, grandson, brother and father of Naval Academy graduates. Roland W. Schumann, III, the “Webmaster” for the Class of ’39, and son of Roland W. Schumann, Jr., was selected to receive the George Washington University (GW) seventh annual Distinguished Entrepreneurial Achievement Award in special recognition of his professional accomplishments. This award is one of the most prestigious honors bestowed by the University. Recipients serve as inspiration to students, both by example and through ongoing engagement with the GW entrepreneurship community. The awards ceremony was held on 11 April in Washington, DC. The Class of ’39 proudly salutes Roland and Steve on their outstanding achievements and recognition! Also, we learned that Roland participated (earlier this year), in the Navy’s Distinguished Visitor’s (DV) program, having been nominated several years ago by Doc Abbot. He traveled to Naval Air Station North Island (NASN) on Coronado, and from there, the Navy transported Roland and nine other DV’s on a C-2 Greyhound plane to USS Carl Vinson, cruising in the

Pacific Ocean, about 150 miles off the coast of Mexico. Roland said it was a “thrill for him to experience a tail hook landing on a carrier, as well as the catapult launch on departure- 0 to 150 mph in less than 2 seconds! His group spent 24 hours aboard ship observing naval operations. All in all, Roland said it was an exhilarating experience. In sending the mailings out, your Reunion Committee has had wonderful responses, phone conversations, e-mails and communications with Classmates, widows and ’39 Navy Juniors. We will be reporting more on those in the next issue as well as up to date information on the 75th Reunion events! Class Birthdays: February- Fitz Fitzpatrick (98) March- Calvin George (98), Mitzi Peterson, and Toni Green Of special note…among the graduates in the Class of 2014…graduating seventyfive years after the Class of 1939…is Brett Beeson, daughter of ’39 Navy Junior, Jory Hingson Fisher, neice of Curt Hingson, ’70, and granddaughter of Jim Hingson, “thereby ensuring four generations of Hingson family matriculation on the Severn” Congratulations to Brett and the Hingson family! Respectfully submitted, Barbara Fidel Adams ’39 Class Secretary



PRES: CAPT E. A. Rodgers, USN (Ret.) (Winter) 3609 S. Banana River Blvd. #414, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931; P. 321-784-4894 (Summer) 28 Bear Rock Lane, Orland, ME 04472; P: 207-469-3562 E: HONORARY VICE PRES AND TREAS: Wendi Winters Daughter of Leigh “Early” Cosart Winters 1007 Magothy Park Lane Annapolis, Maryland 21403-5300 H/O: 410-349-0945; C: 410-562-4189 E: SEC’Y: CAPT John H. Sims, USN (Ret.) 726 Lakeside Court, Danville, CA 94526 P: 925-820-3954 E: JHSIMS@AOL.COM

There is not much news to report, which means not much bad news. Apparently classmates are not pursuing activities which rise to the level of reporting. So I’ll include my periodic and frequent plea to send along any miscellaneous items which you believe your classmates might have the remotest interest in reading about.

May-June 2014


40•42 CLASS NEWS California. We have been doing this in various places for 30 years! Aloha!” n

Pat and Kevin Clancy and Coralie Vellis

We no longer have any geographic groups which get together occasionally and do something interesting. Since we no longer have the Bay Area Group there has been a bit of reawakening of what I’ll call the Bay Area Group (junior grade). With that tantalizing introduction I can report that world traveler Pat Clancy has been doing what is obviously more than his fair share of getting around. In March my friend Kathe and I traveled over to Los Gatos, where Florence Smith (Snuffy) lives, to have lunch with Florence and Pat. It was a very pleasant lunch and included a lot of catching up. Later on – I’ll let Pat tell it n “I was at home feeling sorry for myself so I called my son, Kevin ’69, who lives outside of Boston and suggested I come to Boston for a visit. He said it would be closer for me if we went to Hawaii – so we did. Kevin and his wife, Dawn, met me in California and off we went. We stayed at the Hale Koa hotel which you all know is the Armed Forces Hotel – on the grounds of the old Fort De Russy. The beach at the Hale Koa is at least 3 times as wide as the beach at the Royal Hawaiian or the Moana. We tried to make a dent in the rum supply by indulging in Mai Tais – but we didn’t stay long enough. While we were there we had lunch with Coralie Vellis (Demetrius/Jimmy) – she is still her vibrant self (picture included) and we needed to stay two more days to remind ourselves of all the good times. But all good things must come to an end so we are back to our hum drum lives. All except Dawn, who operates a small Bakery (Curtis St. Bakery) in Somerville, MA making all sorts of gluten free pastries. The next gathering of the Clancy family will be our annual trout fishing trip in northern



I also have had several phone calls with Fricky Vaughn (Roger, my long-time Bancroft Hall roommate). At this time it is the annual reckoning with the IRS (of ill repute in some quarters) so Fricky has been quite busy in her career of tax accountant. Wendi is continuing with preliminary arrangements for our 75th annual reunion next year. It is not too early to let her know that you plan to join the small but happy throng of ’40. And Wendi has a picture or two from Harvey Seim’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery which we’ll include with her notes.

Funeral caisson at Arlington National Cemetery

Though I’ve seen it many times, it was an impressive site. Joining the crowd was classmate Robert Kauffman, still looking fit and packing a wry sense of humor. Afterwards, family members and friends gathered at the Seim home in Alexandria to share memories and enjoy an elegant repast prepared by the Seim daughters and grandchildren. In addition, Lucien Hunt’s ashes were inurned at the USNA Columbarium recently. He joins his wife who predeceased him. Their niche is to the immediate right of Bill and Maureen Lamb. My oldest child, daughter Winters Leigh Geimer, the USNA Junior Sailor of the Year, participated in the service and informed me of the inurnment. I drove by yesterday and double-checked the location (At our church, Maureen Lamb had been Winters’ mentor during her early teen years. In turn, I’ve chaperoned two of the Lamb grandchildren - Andrew and Julia Lamb.) And, we just received word of the passing of Mrs. Mary Lou Hatcher Straker on March 25, 2014. Mrs. Straker was the widow of Capt. John Tooke Straker, who died in 2012. There will be a Committal Service at the Columbarium on Friday, May 9, 2014 at 10 a.m. n And remember proudly — Only ’40 is 4.0

Funeral services for Harv Seim at Arlington National Cemetery

Wendi Winters attended Harv Seim’s funeral in April. She reports: n Classmate Harv Seim was finally laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, Thursday, April 17, 2014. He passed away January 2, 2014. He joined his wife Betty, who passed away several years earlier. A funeral mass was held in January at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Alexandria,VA. Despite early morning traffic snarls and delays, the large funeral contingent gathered at the top of a hill at the cemetery and walked or marched downhill to the burial site, ringed by hundreds of white tombstones. The Seim daughers, Sandy Seim, Darcy Cooper and Ginny Horn, were joined by their spouses, children, family members and friends. Accompanying them was a Navy band and several dozen service members in dress uniforms.



PRES, CHMN & SEC’Y: CAPT Victor Delano, USN (Ret.) 5610 Wisconsin Ave., APT. # 1409 Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4439 H: 301-215-7532; C: 239-300-5075; FAX: 301-215-7358; E: VICE PRES. &TREASURER: CAPT Russell S. Crenshaw Jr., USN (Ret.) 47371 W St. Mary’s Manor Road Drayden, MD 20630 H: 301-994-0899; F: 301-994-0686 E: rscrenshaw@earthlink.nett WEBSITE:

As you can tell from the heading, by the time you get this (rather later in June), I shall be back in Maryland after a short trip to Maine to visit Julie’s family. We were invited to come earlier but my allergy to deep snow held us up! Please note that our Website is now in the column heading above but without textual matter. I plan to provide some useful text this summer so that the Website will be useful to Classmates and widows who use computers as well as to

kin or friends of Classmates or widows who are keeping in touch for others who do not use computers. The Alumni Association maintains a Class of 1941 roster (better than the one I keep at home) and I hope to keep an up-to-date version of the USNA AA’s roster in our Website as soon as I earn how to do so. While I was in Florida, I learned how serious those Ohio State people are about their football Buckeyes. Many of them are planning to be in Baltimore for the game against Navy.When the OSU spring training ended, they played a final intra-team game and at leaast 60,000 attended the game. When Navy had a final spring training game, I understand that about 2,500 packed into our Memorial Stadium.This year there is competition for wearing “41” and the final decision may not come until August when we play the first game against Ohio State at M&T Bank Stadium where the Navy-Army game will also be played. The stadium has good viewing, lots of parking and an electric trolley system, which they call light rail that will bring you right to the stadium, coming and going, and connects with one that takes you to and from the airport. From time to time, I have mentioned the names of books that have interested me. I have a new one for you this bi-month, JAPAN 1941 by Eri Hotta, a Japanese lady who was educated in Japan, U.S. and the United Kingdom. She now lives in New York and is well versed in the history of Japan. The book is a very interesting and hard to believe account of the combination of politcal factors that sent the Japanese to war at Pearl Harbor despite a strong belief by the military and the political government that they could not win against the USA. The only problem with the book is the Japanese names which are so unfamiliar to English readers and hard to remember. Hirohito,Yamamoto and Tojo are not hard to keep up with but a multitude of other Japanese names that are important to the development of Japan’s political history are not like Jones and Smith. There are not too many birthdays in May and June but here they are: May— Jamison and Shelley and they deserve Emeralds signifying their Love and Success plus Lilies of the Valley or Hawthorns; June—Hadler, Mackinnon and Moore (wherever you are) deserve Pearls or Moonstone Alexandrites signifying Health and Longevity plus Roses and Honeysuckles. There are no Roster changes to report in this issue. Enjoy a good summer and take some pictures for me to print.



PRES: CAPT Max C. Duncan, USN (Ret.) Villa 209 The Marshes, 95 Skidaway Is. Pk. Rd. Savannah, GA 21411; P: 912-598-7013 E:

President’s Corner Efforts to locate and keep in touch with ALL Classmates continues. Recently we have learned that five of our known Non-Grad Classmates have died, one as early as 2001. They are Bob Donaldson, Neville Luhmann, Charles Mathison, Darwin Mendosa, and Bill VonAlen. Information, including Obituaries, is available for some of these Classmates. In addition, we have learned that the wives/ widows of these Classmates have died. In Memoriam John Robert Welsh, 95, died 28 August 2013. Funeral Service was held and he was interned, with his wife, in Arlington National Cemetery. Ernst Hoefer, 91, died on 30 September 2013. Ernst’s ashes were buried in the Family Plot in Sheboygan, WI. Ernst’s wife died earlier. Martha Sims, widow of “Pappy” Sims, died 30 October 2013 in Annapolis, MD. A Memorial Service was held in St. Andrews Chapel at the Naval Academy. Jean Armstrong, widow of Parker Armstrong, died 6 November 2013 at Vicar’s Landing in Ponte Vedra FL. A Memorial Service was held at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, and Jean’s ashes are in the Church Memorial Garden. Thomas (Tom) W. Clements, 94, died on 30 November 2013 in Annapolis, MD, of natural causes. A Funeral Service was held at the John M. Taylor Funeral Home in Annapolis. Nancy Morrow, wife of Bill Morrow, died 14 December 2013 in Annapolis, MD. A Memorial Service was held at Ginger Cove Retirement Community with Inurnment at the Naval Academy Columbarium. Both Nancy and Bill were raised in the Annapolis Area, returned to Annapolis when Bill retired from the Navy and were active in Class Activities. Richard Riley, 93, died on 19 December 2013, the 72nd Anniversary of our Graduation from the Naval Academy. A memorial Mass was held on 23 December at St. Augustine Catholic Church, with Inurnment at Glendale Cemetary. Richard attended all of our major Class Reunions and led the Class, together with

Jack Crawford, in a Songfest closing with “Navy Blue and Gold”. Charles Jackson (Jack) Burton, 94, died 14 January 2014 in Seattle. He was buried in the Tohamo National Cemetery. Frank Arland Andrews, 92, died on 23 February 2013, in Annapolis, MD. A Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. John Neumann Church in Annapolis with Inurnment in the Naval Academy Columbarium. Terry Johnson Scott, widow of Perry Johnson, died 6 Marsh 2014 in Kingwood, TX. A Memorial Service was held in Kingwood. Cozy Lee Peddicord, wife of Jerry Peddicord, died 18 Marsh 2014 in Pottsboro, TX. A Memorial Service was held in Pottsboro with burial in Wemago Cemetery in Wemago Kansas. Warren Grafton died 22 December 2009. Warren lived in Kailuea, Hawaii. Class News Jo Dee Jacob (CAPT, USN, Ret.), daughter of Bobbie and Buck Catlin, is CEO of Girl Scouts San Diego. Jo Dee visited Savannah recently for the Annual GSUSA CEO summit and to unveil the new bronze statue of Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low, at her birthplace. The bronze was sculpted by Juliette’s great grandniece, also a San Diego friend of Jo Dee’s. While in Savannah she visited with Max Duncan and his family. When she returned to San Diego, she shared pictures of her visit with her father, Buck Catlin.

Buck and Jo Dee

Rear Admiral Joe Tafalo, ’83, son of Frank and Peggy Tafalo, is Director Undersea Warfare in OPNAV. Joe recently went aboard the submarine USS New Mexico at the North Pole and cruised under the Artic Ice Cap. Rita and J.T. Hill have moved back to Woodbridge VA from The Fairfax at Ft. Belvoir. Their house has an apartment where Rita’s brother, a Retired Priest, lives and helps them with their housekeeping. May-June 2014


42•46 CLASS NEWS Their address is 12902 Sturbridge Road, Woodbridge VA, 22192.Tel. 703-491-6049. Kay Swenson, widow of Carl Swenson, is moving back to her apartment in her Retirement home in Derry, New Hampshire after recovering from a fall. Kay lives close to her daughter, Gail, and not too far from he son in Maine. Kay enjoys her 11 great grandchildren, the oldest going to college this year. Dale Reed reported that the Class Spring Luncheon was held on 9 April at the Army Navy Country Club new dining Tower. Those attending included Barb and Dale Reed, Pat and Art Rawson and their son, Joan Curtis, Rufe Porter, Rene Griffith, Ann Haffey, Hap Day’s son Kirk, and Kieran and Jack Mitchell. A good time was had by all! Recently learned that Charlie Pierce is living in New Oxford PA. Charlie is 95 and lost his wife, Francis, in 2001. He lives alone with Caregiver help. His children check on him and send him Class emails. Dave Peto has been missing from our Class Directory for several years. With help from the Alumni Assn., we located him in Liberty, KY. His address is 1813 Elmore Hill Rd., Liberty, KY. Tel. (508) 385-9092 Email dogcharliepeto@ Glad to find Dave.



ACTING PRES & SEC’Y: CAPT Robert E. Stark, USN (Ret.) 3211 River Crescent Dr. Annapolis, MD 21401 P: 410-224-1168; E:

We report the following losses: Richard Leo Sullivan, Lieutenant Colonel USMC (Ret.) died in Portland, OR on March 9, 2014. He is survived by his wife, Cathie. Patricia Boadway Cox, widow of Dale William Cox, Jr., Captain USN (Ret.) died March 23, 2014 in Palos Verdes, CA. She was preceded in death by husband, Dale, in 1913. Pauline Kelly Gilock, widow of Robert Hugh Gillock, Captain USN (Ret.) died January 3, 2014 in Virginia Beach,VA. She was predeceased by her husband. Ellen Nutt, widow of Elwood Edwin Nutt died in Ventura County, CA on February 28, 2014. She was predeceased by her husband.





TEMP SEC’Y: CAPT Ernest Reynolds, USN (Ret.) 17598 Bocage Pt., San Diego, CA 92128-2080 E: P: 858-673-8122



PRES: RADM George F. Ellis, USN (Ret.) 1824 Milvale Rd., Annapolis, MD 21409-5923 P: 410-757-4423; E: CORR. SEC’Y: CAPT Emil Saroch, Jr., USN (Ret.) 237 Anchorage Ct., Annapolis, MD 21401-6301 P: 410-757-8758 E: WEBSITE:

In Memoriam (Please note that, at the suggestion of Classmates, henceforth, we will just list deaths in this section. Extensive approved obituaries appear in the Last Call section of Shipmate. Since widows obituaries are not published elsewhere, they will appear here. ) John Norbert Price, 93, died 12 February 2014. He served as a pilot in VP squadrons, retiring as a LCDR, United States Navy. He went on to teach and serve as a college administrator. He is survived by Joyce, his loving wife of 67 years; a son, Stan; daughters, Cheryl and Andrea; eight grandchildren; and nine great grandchildren, all missing him but knowing this is not the end. Services were held on February 22nd, at Mary, Queen of Peace in Issaquah, WA. Joseph P. Moorer, 91, died peacefully in his sleep on 26 February 2014 at his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. He was a Naval Aviator commanded VF-62, Carrier Air Group 10 and Carrier Group–Six, retiring as a VADM United States Navy. He continued his distinguished career in civilian life serving as the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global affairs at Jacksonville University as well as in numerous other organizations. His wife, Eleanor, who passed away in 2005, predeceased him. He is survived by his two sons, Chuck and Randolph; daughter, Michelle; and four grandchildren. A memorial service was held at Christ Episcopal Church on 10 March and internment will be held at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date. Donations may be made to the Moorer NROTC Scholarship Fund or a charity of choice. Roy K. Jones II, died on 10 January 2014 but we have no further details. He served in submarines and as Commanding Officer of Bava (SS/AGSS 318).

He retired on 1 January 1968 and settled down in San Diego with his wife, Barbara, and they raised three children, Ann, Roy III and Eve. His last known address was in San Diego. Elizabeth “Betty” Ann Schmeltzer, 87, widow of Classmate Louis Schmeltzer died peacefully on 15 March 2014 at home in Annapolis. A Memorial service was held 21 March at St. John Neumann Catholic Church. For many, many years Betty was a faithful supporter of the Class attending Class functions and sporting events. She was always cheerful and gracious and it was a delight to be in her company. Many of the Class widows in the area attended her Memorial service. Jo Mackay widow of Classmate Douglas Mackay was reported to have died on 9 July 2009. Marise Smith “Smitty” Page widow of Classmate William Polson Page died peacefully in Nashville on 3 December 2013. Smitty was born in Columbia and raised in Mt Pleasant, Tennessee. She was valedictorian in high school; graduated Summa Cum Laude from Judson College in Marion, Alabama. As a wife of a naval officer, Marise dedicated her life as a Christian and enjoyed raising her family in various ports of call around the country. She loved the church and held various positions throughout the years as church secretary, organist, pianist, teacher, choir member and deacon. She also held various executive secretarial positions during her working years. She was a dedicated military wife who was devoted to her husband, family, church and country. She was active in sports in her youth including basketball and golf. She loved reading, playing bridge and trivia games. Her service to others throughout her life included delivering meals to those in need and reading to the blind. She handled her life challenges with the style and grace of southern belle and was loved by all. Smitty is survived by her three children, William,Vance, and Perri Lynn, 10 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. A memorial service was held 7 December 2013. Smitty was interred beside Bill at the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Pegram, Tennessee. As We Are One of the nice things about reunion and planning for it is that we get to hear from Classmates whom we haven’t heard from before or in a very long time. So we were very excited to get a letter from Classmate

Jim Boone who lives in Northern Utah very near the Idaho border. Here is his letter. n To the Class of ’45 Hello I’m inspired by the notices of the 2014 reunion, but it’s out of reach (too far and too expensive) for me and Mary here in the northern end of Utah. But I wish you well from a distance. And here’s a photo of the two of us with our three kids who are on the verge of becoming old folks themselves. I’ve also included a couple of photos to show that I’m still biking at 90. The Navy, (in my experience), always prohibited biking or treated it with contempt, but I… At my latest birthday, 90, I set out alone to ride a metric century, but ended at home 8 miles short of the intended 62. Alas! It’s not too many years since I could do a full 100 miles or trot around a 5-mile circuit. Nostalgia about my brief naval career: at age 23, I had advanced to command of a LSMR. I was navigating, ship-handling, and firing guns, rockets and mortars. Also, I was training personnel – a doing the visual signaling myself when the reserves who did such thing had all gone home. I believe I could have continued for several years, but I was transferred to the Vogelgesang (DD-862) where I filled out title B inventory cards and made minor changes to course and speed as a watch stander, so we parted company…. Mary and I live in a rural area in Northern Utah, a few minutes by bike from Idaho. And we like it… I build, row and command my own little boats. The “kids’ are widely scattered, the grandkids even further…. Hey! Hope it’s a really great reunion. Best wishes, Jim n

Mary and Jim Boone with son and two daughters in Utah in 2006

We have had two great Class lunches at Fort Meyer since we last reported activities. Join us on the second Tuesday of the month if you are in the Washington DC area. At our April luncheon we were especially happy to see Nancy and Thad Taylor, faithful attendees who have been absent for a few months. Fortunately, the worst of winter is past, so everyone is able to get out more. Our column is a little sparse this month. Be sure to let us know your news so we can share it with others. Look Alive with ’45!

46 Jim with tri-athlete granddaughter number 5 in Utah in 2012 on his 90th birthday

Jim’s address is: 1570 W 1600 S Lewiston, UT 8430 Nick Burda kindly sent along Christmas greetings to the Class and best wishes for another year. He let us know that he is still steaming but at less than full speed and tells the Class to “Keep it up 45ers!”

Connie and Nick Burda in October 2013

n Class Business As we write this just prior to Easter, we are looking forward to our 70th Reunion this coming June – and warmth. When you receive this, reunion will have ended about two weeks prior and we will have submitted another column in the end of May, so you will have to wait until the September to see any pictures and to get the “skinny” on reunion. We can report now that we anticipate a great occasion with over 90 signed up. Over a third of the attendees will be Classmates and the remainder divided about equally into two groups. One group is composed of wives, widows and friends and the other sons, daughters and grandchildren. We are quite excited that the other generations will be joining us— it will keep us on our toes. n


PRES.: CAPT A. E. White, USN (Ret.) 4108 Wynwood Dr., Annandale,VA 22003 P: 703-256-7327; E: VICE PRES: CAPT Lee Zeni, USN (Ret.) 100 Severn Ave., Apt. 208, Annapolis, MD21403 SEC’Y: CDR A.C. Hansmann, USNR (Ret.) 14009 Oakvale St., Rockville, MD 20853 P: 301-871-3496; TREAS: CDR John A. Dugger, USN (Ret.) E: P: 301-229-5425

DEFENDI RESPUBLICAM ADOLESCENS, NON DESERAM SENEX News from California: n For several years I lectured aboard several Cruise Ships, giving a total of 47 presentations with a repertoire of about 15. When I moved into the Park Lane, a retirement community in Monterey, CA, I volunteered to give a monthly lecture series. In June I will be giving my 50th talk, “A Chronology of Lighter Than Air Vehicles”. None of the Park Lane talks has been a repeat. If all goes well, in September I will give my Centennial Lecture. I am working on a history of the Park Lane and I hope to finish that in time for number 100. Donald M. (Red) Layton, 12th Company n Peggy Field sent this update for the class: n An obituary for Francis Edward Field (11th Company) has been sent to Shipmate, but it does not include so many thoughts and memories of his family. “Effie” was more lovingly called “Ed” by those close to him. He married Peggy O’Bryan in October 1945 in the Naval Academy Chapel. They enjoyed sixtyeight years of envious happiness and an exciting life. Peggy Field loved to be recognized as a “Navy Wife.” Their three children were typical Navy Juniors. Their

May-June 2014


46•47 CLASS NEWS oldest, Gregory, attended grade school when they lived in Zushi, Japan, where his brother, Christopher, started first grade. Their youngest, Sheridan (born in Honolulu, T.H.), finished high school in Athens, Greece. Christopher experienced two years at USNA, but resigned, transferred to, and graduated from Penn State. He worked twenty years in the nuclear industry before he entered Chicago- Kent College of Law and earned his Juris Doctor degree, with honors. Peggy followed the ship when Ed commanded USS Belknap (DLG 26). While she and Sheridan were living in Terrenia, Italy, Delly Bowen, wife of Al Bowen (10th Company), visited with a couple of other Navy wives, and together (five of us in a little Volkswagen convertible) drove across the Rivera of Italy and France to Barcelona, Spain.Yes, it was crowded, but we all survived. After Ed retired, Ed and Peggy maintained their homes in McLean, Virginia and Lander, Wyoming while they spent winter months in Honolulu. Age slowed us down until travel became less a joy and too much of a challenge. Ed suffered a disabling stroke on 31 July 2011. He died almost twenty-seven months later on 28 October 2013. Lander, Wyoming has remained the family’s hub of activity, where Ed’s Grandfather E. T. St. John first settled in 1868. This year Ed and Peggy’s children and grandchildren, and their families will gather for the Fourth of July at what has become “Station West – Lander, Wyoming.” n Notice: It is requested that anyone with information on the life or career of Richard Wayne Mabee 8th Co. Contact Robert B Mabie at; 781-894-9851.



PRES: CAPT James L. Anderson, USN (Ret.) SEC’Y: Chester H. “Chet” Shaddeau Jr. 1972 Scott’s Crossing Way, Apt. #002 Annapolis, MD 21401 P: 410-224-5890; F: 410-224-7613 E:

JERRY DENTON You will find RADM Jeremiah Denton listed in the “Final Honors” segment of this column which enumerates the Class’s losses — and his obituary by now may or may not have made it into LAST CALL



in this issue — but your scribe feels that all too little has been said or known about Jerry by those who should have known him best — his Classmates. Many news stories at the time, and others closer to the date of his passing, gave the details, but some of you may need to be reminded: In july of 1965, while leading a bombing flight south of Hanoi, he was shot down, captured, and began a total of seven and one-half years of starvation, torture, beatings, and other maltreatment, including four years of solitary confinement. Like our Classmate Jim Stockdale and like John McCain and others, he found the strength within himself not only to resist his captors at every turn, but to lead, urge, cajole, and convince other prisoners to do the same — all within the individual tolerances of the individuals. Most famous, probably, was the incident when, scrubbed up and placed before TV cameras to be interviewed by the captors, he answered trumped-up charges and questions in a sufficiently indefinite way as to convince the questioners that they were getting the admissions they wanted. While doing so, he continually repeated blinking his eyes in Morse code to spell out “torture” — which of course was the first solid evidence in the States of what was going on in Vietnamese prisons. One wonders if any Mid of any era ever thought while enduring blinker code tests in Luce Hall of this future use of the skill! Finally released in 1973, his homecoming interview expressed “his gratitude” — note his words — his gratitude — “for the opportunity to serve my country under difficult circumstances!” The Nation only then, after the lies and treachery of more than one self-serving celebrity visitor from Hollywood and the media to those prisons — began to realize how badly we had failed to support our prisoners in their time of misery and degradation! Devoutly religious, Jerry found that much about our society had changed during his imprisonment, and he felt that an improvement in the teaching and strengthening of family values was a basic need. After Navy retirement in 1977, he first served as a Senator from his home state for one term, then after a close loss for a second term, spent his efforts in a familyvalues group called Coalition for Decency. He lost his family home in a hurricane, lost his wife, remarried, and continued his fight right up to the end.

When asked in Hanoi by Viet Cong interrogators in front of TV cameras if he supported his government’s position, he had answered that “I have received no news, and do not know what my government’s position is. Whatever it is, I will support it fully as long as I live.”

RADM Jeremiah Denton. A man for all seasons.

He received the Navy Cross for the “eye-blink code” action, but Deaton himself felt that the above statement to his interrogator was more difficult and demanding. The words of a Classmate who attended the Memorial service in Virginia Beach express pretty well what has become clear to so many of us about Jerry: n “The Memorial for Jerry was perfection. Six priests shared the altar, and no cameras, video, or cellphones were permitted until after the service. Son Jeremiah Jr. spoke for about six minutes about growing up in the Denton household. Son Jim then took over and talked about Jerry’s career as a Naval officer. The Parish priest, Father Jun, covered the days as a POW. The reception afterward was marvelously catered by St. Nicholas Church’s parishioners, and close attention was paid to all participants, with paramount consideration for the age and fragility of so many of Jerry’s friends. Father Jun, the Choir, and all the dedicated assistants made all those of us present feel as Jerry would have — that they were his special guests. It was a warm, private, empathetic tribute to a great Classmate, and reflected a Naval Officer who knew how to fly his own airplane — his way — and did so!” n

FINAL HONORS It is our sad duty to announce the deaths of our Classmates Wayne Richard Lippert, Robert Poulson Fletcher III, Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr., Robert Burroughs McNatt, and William Lawrence Harris. And we have been advised of the loss of Virginia Johnston, beloved wife of John Johnston, that of Alice Huggins, widow of Charles B. Huggins, and that of Patricia Caine, widow of Dixon Caine. Deaths of Classmates and wives are simply listed here. Full obituaries for Classmates appear in LAST CALL as time and space permit. FORTY-SEVEN’S NAVY Back in the WWII era of our Midshipmanhood (is that a word?) the loss in action of Naval personnel — and particularly Academy grads — was so large and so frequent that it was not at all unusual to have several new destroyers on the ways or in service, all bearing the names of honored heroes from a single USNA Class. Today’s “peacetime” is of course very different — there are fewer occasions for honoring our outstanding alumni, and a great many fewer new ships. In these circumstances it is a great pleasure to point out to the Class of 1947 that we probably now have the largest fleet of Classmate-named ships in today’s Navy — or soon will have. You are all aware that the last and most highly-developed SEAWOLF attack sub, JIMMY CARTER (SSN-23), has been operational now for several years; that STOCKDALE (DDG-106) has been operational since 2009; and since the powers-that-be finally got off the dime and named a new DDG for our remaining holder of the MOH, Tom Hudner, there will before long be a THOMAS HUDNER (DDG-116) to join with the earlier ones and round out ’47’s “fleet” . All the above is by way of introduction to what follows. If all went as planned in late April (this is is being written beforehand!) the attendees at the Capital Area Spring Fling Luncheon in Annapolis were the first to hear of the most recent step along this road; your Board of Directors invited the new Director of the Naval Academy Museum, LCDR Claude Berube, to announce on that occasion that the expert model builders of the Museum, using funds already available from our past campaign to aid in Museum overhaul, are well-along in the construction

of a large high-quality model of THOMAS HUDNER, which he plans to display in the Museum’s entrance foyer in a place of honor. In effect, the very first display a visitor entering through the main Museum entrance will encounter will include a model of the ship named for ’47’s Tom, with a nameplate dedicating the model to him from the Class of 1947! It should be pointed out here that your Board had earlier discussed donating a model of the ship, but the cost would have been prohibitive.Your President, Jim Anderson, talking it over with Director Berube, was happy to discover that the funds needed, left over after the completion of the campaign, were available for use only when approved by the Class, and then only for the benefit of the Museum. It became clear that the immediate and generous cooperation of the Museum leadership would make the whole plan workable. Timing and completion is still not quite clear; the ship itself is still in the process of assembly of hull sections, prior to connection and keel-laying. We will keep you posted. THE RETURN OF “DER GRONF” Funny how things fall together! Your scribe was harrumphing to himself that nobody ever sends in anything to use in the column, so I turned off the computer and turned on the TV (just two switches over!) to enjoy the magnificent voice — but miserable acting skills — of the late Mario Lanza, starring in “The Great Caruso”,

who with a little different luck might have become the greatest operatic tenor of all time, but — well more of that later. That same day I received an email from Jerome Gronfein — one of those Classmates I have mentioned before, those with whom I have had little contact over the years since graduation, but whom I remember with affection. Though we were never really close friends, he was just a nice guy I liked and enjoyed, and who whipped my tail occasionally on the tennis court. In this case Jerry (his roomies referred to him as “Der Gronf ”) was excited because a friend had encountered in a used bookshop and passed along to him, because he was a USNA Grad, a copy of “Shakings” — a collection of woodcuts picturing Midshipman life in the 1860s and sketched by a Midshipman named Park Benjamin—(does that name strike a chord?) He suggested the Museum might be interested. As it turned out, they gave me the name of the Special Collections editor at The Academy Library, who while very appreciative, noted that they already had several copies in good condition. So I simply asked Jerry to let me keep the book here as Class property — and tell the story in Shipmate. To which he kindly assented. Just who is Jerry Gronfein? Simply one of our many surviving Classmates who has been in contact with us all too little. A native of Butte, Montana, he attended

’47: The cover of the 1867 book of etchings discussed in the article May-June 2014


47•48 CLASS NEWS the University of Washington at Seattle before USNA, was a good buddy of both Bill Rae and of Blu Middleton — also from Butte. He served in BOXER (CV21), with Air-Sea Rescue at Johnson Island in PC-1170, and in BREMERTON (CA-130) on the bomb line task force in Korea as well as on the Staff of ComTraComPac ADM George Dyer in San Diego before mustering out. He worked with Boeing on Minuteman for a while, then left the space program to join National Sanitary Supply in Los Angeles, where he spent 32 years, and was their large account and branch manager until retiring. Tired of being dumped out of bed by major earthquakes, he and Carole moved out of LA back to their Pacific Northwest roots, where they hope Mount Rainier stays dormant for another ten thousand years or so!

Jerry “Der Gronf” Gronfein

Well, fine, you say, but what’s all the jazz about Caruso? First of all, it was Naval Cadet (Midshipman) Park Benjamin, Class of 1867, who put together the book of sketches he named “Shakings” (That was a sailor’s term for the clippings or leavings of cloth, line, and hemp left over after sailmaking). The number of existent copies today indicates a pretty good sale. In the 1890’s, during the construction of New York’s University Club, Benjamin, by now a successful engineer and a member of the Club, noted that while a frieze containing Crests, logos, and symbols of the schools was planned for the structure, there was none for the Naval Academy — we had none! He immediately sketched out a few, one was accepted and used, and USNA accepted it as the original of the one that now appears on our rings, on the Chapel, and in a hundred other locations. And if like me you had continued watching that otherwise pretty pointless movie, just for the music, you watched the relatively accurate story of how Caruso rose to world fame, while leaving a string



of wrong-side-of-the-blanket offspring all aver the world. Then in the States, he fell truly in love and married a woman thirty years younger, dying only a few years later, of the excesses and obesity and addictions of his life. It will probably come as no surprise by now to find that his wife was the daughter of our same Park Benjamin — who at first refused to recognize the marriage, but later accepted his daughter’s wishes and the joy of his grandchild. I know it’s a roundabout story, but look how stuff ties together when you dig into it!



SEC’Y: CAPT David C. Carruth, USN (Ret.) 7206 Danford Ln., Springfield,VA 22152 P: 703-569-1354; E: TREASURER: CDR Charles Mertz 7200 Matthew Mills Rd. McClean,VA 22101-2642 E: WEBMASTER: John Tsiknas 15644 Caldas De Reyes, San Diego, CA 92128-4414 E: WEBSITE:

Before I pick up on Gene Portner’s 13th Co. story on getting to the Academy let me note that several of you have done what his family pushed him to do and have written your memoirs. A few have sent me copies in book or disc format. I have them available to pick from and will do so at an appropriate time. Now back to Gene. n “To escape that faceless draft, I signed up for the Army Air Corps Cadet program just as my senior year at high school was beginning. I owe the rest of the story to Air Corps Recruiting officer who told me (ordered me) to finish high school first. Meanwhile, secretly, Dad was working behind my limited understanding of what was possible on an appointment for me to the U S Naval Academy. For my part, I finally began to take my schoolwork seriously. I had coasted through my studies in math, science, history, language and literature—your basic college prep requirements, on a get-by, get it over with attitude. Now, I was growing up. I had to make up for lost time. Dad’s reputation, his called in favors, his faith in me were all on the line. In my attic room I stayed up every night and weekends trying to absorb what I had previously glossed over. In the winter of 1944 I took the Naval Academy entrance exam at the Post Office in Colorado Springs. I found out

that I had passed—-it barely. There was much joy and rejoicing in the entire senior class at that news. They declared me “Most Likely to Succeed.” That was excessive, just an expression of their own somewhat bleak prospects as soldiers or sailors. We were at war and no one knew for how long. And I was going to be a spoiled and pampered pet of Uncle Sam. The Navy sent me orders to report to Annapolis at a date in late June. This was a fateful and pivotal letter to the son of a hard working blue-collar plumber. His dream was coming true. He was very proud. What I knew that he was best man I would ever know and I could not let him down. At the Colorado Spring railroad depot I was waved “good bye” by my Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and Girlfriend. Not to read much into the term. Girlfriend in those days meant a completely chaste relationship consisting of a movie date rarely and someone to take to the Senior Prom. On that train, I carried a cardboard suitcase, which held some socks, underwear, an extra shirt, a sport coat, a toothbrush, and a razor. I tried to plan the trip and expenses carefully. The Navy wasn’t paying for anything. For the daylight portion of the trip to Chicago, I figured to buy a ham sandwich and a couple of candy bars. I had some money left from my summer jobs but most of it was gone on frivolous stuff like a .22 rifle, records, a record player, ice cream, clothes I didn’t need and couldn’t use, and postponed luxuries. Obviously, I slept sitting up in the coach section thinking mostly of breakfast on the diner. I had coffee and a donut. Later that day we arrived at the Burlington railroad station, which was the end of the line for the eastbound trains. It was necessary to get across town to the Baltimore and Ohio station for the next leg to Washington. The weather was good, the suitcase light, and the walk easy. Then I saw and smelled a German restaurant where I was served a stein of beer and a bratwurst sandwich. How good it was! I thought,“What a wonderful city is Chicago, beer for lunch and a no-nonsense hot dog with hot mustard and sauerkraut. I had another night sitting up and looking out the window at the astoundingly, beautiful and unforgettable view of mile after mile of steel mills and foundries in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. The glowing furnaces and red-hot slag dumps were to me a fiery wonderland. And even more, they were producing millions of tons of steel to win the war.

Having this sight right there to see made sleep impossible. Arriving at Union Station in Washington D.C. began another adventure for a very green young boy. The Capital Dome was the first thing I saw. I was anxious to see more, but first I had to find a hotel. Of course I had no reservations and rooms were few and dear in downtown Washington during the war. I just wandered in to a nice hotel nearby and they had a vacancy. Number one priority for me was room service to pick up my jacket and trousers to be sponged and pressed so I would look presentable the next day, which was going to be my first day at Annapolis. (How was I to know that the first thing they do at the Naval Academy is take away the civilian clothes and issue Navy white works—a light weight cotton, loose fitting, draw string garment.) Next, I needed to find the Bus station so there would be no problem getting on the early morning bus. Then, wide-eyed and wonder struck I walked the Mall. Even in wartime the monuments were lighted. I remember the rush of pride to be an American and the feeling that I truly belonged there. I was an uneducated history buff, but I knew the monuments, roughly where they were, and certainly what they represented. I was very impressed, and my being there was an unforgettable experience. Here I was, in the Nation’s capital, a hick really, from a relatively small town in the West. In fact, I was very nervous thinking of the next day. I got to the bus station early. On the way I recall how unbelievable the Maryland countryside was on the early summer morning, how green-how sylvan! Whereas Colorado was basically brown, this country was basically green. When the bus pulled into Annapolis it was still morning. I needed some time to unwind. I looked at the historical buildings including the Catholic Church, which I visited to give thanks. Except for the church, everything was different to me.The cobblestone streets, the simple but elegant shops. There was a quiet dignity to the city of Annapolis. Finally, I worked up some courage and boldly walked to the Main Gate. The civilian Guards (Later I learned they were called “Jimmy Legs”) pointed the way to Bancroft Hall where I was to identify myself. What an imposing sight. Bancroft Hall! With her open arms and massive bronze doors. “Mother B” seemed to welcome me as a son. She seemed to say;

“Now you can relax.Your trip is done. I’ll take over from here.” n Scribe’s note: See Gene’s autobio in the 50 Year book. Since the last column I have learned of the passing of three Classmates and one wife. Classmates: 22nd Co.—Treadwell, K.M.*3/1/14 13th Co.—Patterson, R.F.*3/2/14 18th Co.—Humphrey, H.R.3/29/14 * See autobio in 50 Year Book Wife: Pauline (Polly) Clegg 9/15/13 Wife of Bill 17th Co. Polly was a Navy Nurse LT stationed in Japan during the Korean War and they met when Bill was in the hospital there. After leaving the service she taught critical care skills at St Vincent School of Nursing in Toledo, OH. She had M. Ed and Ed. S. They have two children both doctors. Truly a life of service. We extend our condolences to all of the families. As I believe most of you know we receive a report on our $2M gift periodically. The report for the past fiscal year which ended in June is interesting. Gift purpose: Established in 1998 to provide funds to support the improvement of Information Technology Programs at the United States Naval Academy. Financial summary 7/1/12-6/30/13 Corpus $1,063,487 Market Value 6/30/13 $2,003,433 Support to USNA FY 13 Investment Portfolio $72,994 For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation’s main investment portfolio. The Core Portfolio, earned an investment return of 10.9%. This return was well ahead of all of the benchmarks we use. Our trailing three-year average annual return (FY11-FY 13) is 9.5%. Scribe’s note: Are you doing that well on your investments? I’m not. At the luncheon on April 11th, Charlie Mertz 13th Co. (our treasurer for the flower/memorial fund) reported that as of 3/31/14 the fund has $7,720.79. For those of you with computers I recommend that you visit our home page which John Tsiknas 7th Co. put together and maintains for us.There is a lot of Class information there and a lot of pictures, in color, of Class activities. I would like to see a lot more pictures so if you go to a luncheon or whatever where Classmates are involved take pictures, your cell phone now produces very good pictures, and

send them to me or to John. For those of you who still have not embraced the digital age get one of your children or grandchildren to bring their laptop of iPad or equivalent and show it to you. The address is I just had a call from Bill Borchert 8th Co. He was reading the last column and the item about bridge coats prompted him to call and tell me about his. He said he never liked it because it was so heavy however he missed it when it disappeared for his closet on his second ship. He had to buy the new version of that coat in 1958 for a change of command where overcoats were stipulated as the uniform of the day. Bill recounted the day when he was the last CO of ESO Great Lakes when he was walking and tried to get across a large patch of ice. The wind caught his overcoat and he says “I sailed across that patch of ice expecting to end up damaged but it didn’t happen and I stepped off into the grass on the other side.” I’ll bet if any of his troops happened to see that it became a great story around the office. Scribe’s note: See Bill’s autobio in the 50 Year Book. Snail mail from Jim Ruehrmund 13th Co. in Richmond,VA. sending me another picture of the FDR funeral procession. Jim says, n “it has been quite a while since I last saw a Classmate for there are few of us in this area. Besides myself we have only Ernie Castle 3rd Co. in Mechanicsville, PA (whom I’ve never met) and non grad John Gaskin in Richmond. I sometimes wonder if I actually went to USNA. Read last issue of Shipmate from cover to cover and encountered not a single name familiar to me. It seems as though all my old friends have departed from these happy hunting grounds.” n Sometimes we lose track of people and have to scrounge are searching for them. Such is the case of Frank Knock 13th Co. Anne-Marie Sisson finally found him for me. He is at The Fairfax nursing home and his daughter Lisa Knock tells us that Frank no longer know’s anyone. Too many of us are now, with the help of a spouse and family, faced with working our way through Alzheimer’s. So sad. To each and every one of you, you are in our prayers. The next column will be the July-August issue with my deadline being May 27, ’14.

May-June 2014





PRES: CAPT Ewing “Mick” McDonald, USN (Ret.) 2569 Golfer’s Ridge Road Annapolis MD 21401 E: SECY: Paul Laric 299 W. 12th St., #8E, NYC, NY 10014 E: TREAS: CAPT Peter S. Swanson, USN (Ret.) WEBMASTER: CAPT Robert Tolbert, USN (Ret.) WEBSITE:

From the President By my arithmetic, 8 April 2014 marked the 100th night until our 65th Reunion! Looking back at our time at the Academy, I remember that the uniform-of-the-day was sometimes referred to as “jock straps and strong boxes!” By now, we are past those sophomoric days but I am wondering if anyone still has his strongbox. We failed to receive a response to a previous offer of a $25 Starbucks gift card for a picture of a USNA blanket so now we will offer the same prize to the first ’49er who can show proof that he still has his strong box. Be sure the picture shows you as well as your strong box, as Shipmate rules require a USNA grad to be in each picture published in the columns section. Shipmate editors’s note: Shipmate no longer enforces this requirement for is up to the best judgement of the class scribe— we hope you like the change! We distributed 338 ballots for the election of a new class president, and to date (14 April 2014), we have received 190 votes. I plan to take the ballot box to the DC area class luncheon on 10 June, where we will open the box for counting by those in attendance. I hope not to have any hanging chads. We have three great candidates for the office and by the time you read this column, we will have announced the winner by an all-class email. You are invited to register for the reunion ASAP to help for planning purposes. Cancellations before 15 August will receive a refund minus $25. We welcome all ’49 grads and non-grads as well as wives, widows, children, grandchildren, and friends. We need to celebrate this event while there is a sufficient number who are still VV&V (Vertical,Ventilating, and Vocal!) Laric’s Locker We were freshly-minted Youngsters in the summer of 1946, embarking on what for many of us would be our first cruise aboard a Navy ship - and a mighty battleship, at that. More than a half century later, John Camp



couldn’t resist the temptation to revisit the NORTH CAROLINA (BB55), whose decks he holystoned so very long ago. He tells a remarkable tale. The Forever Battleship At the conclusion of our plebe year, some 400 of us or half the class was embarked in USS NORTH CAROLINA (BB55) for a Caribbean cruise and our first Navy experience at sea. The ship, affectionately known as Showboat, sported 15 battle stars attesting to its WWII participation in every major naval engagement in the Pacific area of operations.

ship there, it was dedicated in 1962 a memorial to the WWII veterans and the 10,000 North Carolina men who died in the war. Seven years ago I learned that her former crew held annual reunions on the ship. I contacted the reunion coordinator to inquire about it. He was ecstatic. To their dismay no midshipman from that last cruise of the ship had ever attended their reunion. I was encouraged to come. Did that turn out to be a surprise! I was feted like a reincarnated J. P Jones.

John and Joy Camp aboard USS NORTH CAROLINA (BB55)

Top-bottom: Eddie Messere, Phil Vladessa, and Willie Martin aboard USS NORTH CAROLINA (BB55)

We boarded the ship at a time of personnel transfer and travail as demobilization was still underway. The ship was straining to maintain a viable crew. Her wartime complement of 141 commissioned officers and 2200 enlisted men, including 85 marines, was sorely diminished by the transfer of personnel without replacement. Our presence offset this loss but did not make up for the absence of trained personnel who were to be our mentors. Nevertheless, we sailed away for a hot summer around Cuba and Panama, profiting from experiences as we were rotated through deck, engineering, gunnery, and CIC watch stations learning what warfare in a battlewagon entailed. Within months following our cruise, the NORTH CAROLINA was placed in the Inactive Reserve Fleet at Bayonne, NJ, for the next 14 years. Her life span from commissioning in 1941 to retirement six years later was brief but glorious and battle scarred. Spared from scrappers’ torches by the citizens of North Carolina who mounted a campaign to bring the

For the benefit of the former crew, a tour of the entire ship from steering aft to sky control is provided at each reunion. It is termed the “Hidden Tour” since the general shipboard visitor is denied access to a lot of the spaces that are prone to hazard or accident to reach. Over the years, volunteers and paid professionals are working to rehabilitate neglected spaces to give the battlewagon a more seaworthy appearance. In the hidden spaces the cannibalization of machinery and areas for spare parts needed on the battleships involved in Desert Storm is apparent. Torn-apart areas can bring a tear to the eye of anyone who stood a watch there spending hours wiping down and polishing the mechanisms.

Our class president has not attended a NORTH CAROLINA reunion but he visited the ship in 2006 while vacationing near Wilmington. He is shown here at a boiler room watch station.

49’s 65th Reunion - 18-21 September 2014 Reunion Headquarters Historic Inns of Annapolis Governor Calvert House, State Circle For hotel reservations call: 1.800.847.8882 or visit: Be sure to reference USNA 1949 reunion

Any ’49er or widow who hasn’t received a reunion packet in the mail should call: 410.571.9569 or email:

May-June 2014



49: Viki, widow of our late classmate, Charley Meyrick, sent in this photo of Charley with a group of remarkable sculptures that he created and donated to his church in Sarasota, FL. His sculptures were also major attractions at the Bedford, MA Bicentennial Memorial. Even during rare leisure times at the Academy, Charley would be busy shaping items out of wads of clay, some of which bore a close resemblance to our superior officers.

The number of remaining crew who annually come to climb the ladders and promenade the decks of their old ship diminish. Age is taking its toll. Twenty of us rendezvoused in 2013. However, the reunion was augmented to 75 by second and third generations of kinfolk. Who knows what the numbers will be during reunion 28 May – 1 June 2014. I have happily attended all seven reunions as the lone midshipman. These reunions resurrect some glorious memories of yesteryear of this young sailor’s journey of discovery on his path to enlightenment and also a chance to regale the aging crew with my tales of passage from landlubber to seafarer. The sunny beaches replete with bikini-clad bathing beauties make fond memories for many of us who were lucky enough to pull duty with the Sixth Fleet in the Med. This held true for David Sprague, except for one day that remained etched in his memory and which brought him nightmares for many years to come. Adriatic Adventure In the 1950s, units of the Sixth Fleet would pick up their mail from Campoformido Airport at Udine, some 50 miles north of the port of Trieste where we tied up. One sunny morning it became my duty to pick up the mail for my ship, the USS STEINAKER DD-863. With me in the



ship’s jeep for the trip to the airport were three sailors, one of whom was the driver. Despite a fairly clear road map, which the driver was given, he took the wrong fork at an intersection and ten minutes later we found ourselves at a border crossing into Communist Yugoslavia. A half-dozen fierce looking border guards quickly aimed their rifles at us and yelled at us in their native tongue. Were they defending their land from a one-jeep invasion? I forced a half-hearted smile, waved my hand at them, and ordered our driver to quickly turn the jeep around and get away as fast as possible. We found the airport, got our mail and breathed easier having avoided World War III. We set sail later that afternoon, down the Adriatic toward the Med. Near the island of Korcula, I began to notice a slight but constant ship’s rolling motion. The rolling continued, but with increasing amplitudes as we sailed along. This is routine for most tin can sailors. But, all of a sudden, when least expected, a great quartering wave to port lifted the whole ship up and over to a 45-degree roll. Shouts of alarm were heard everywhere; what wasn’t secure slid off tabletops and shelves, and frenzied officers and crew reached for life jackets from the nearest lockers.The good, old

STEINAKER, of course, righted herself handsomely and, for the second time on this day, I breathed easier from what seemed as a dismal end. Despite calmer waters and smoother sailing, even some of our saltiest sailors kept their life jackets on until hours later, when we entered the Med. Note:The enormous wave that hit the STEINAKER was caused by a fierce, unpredictable wind, called the “Bura,” that originates on the Balkan mainland and sweeps across the Adriatic. It is greatly feared, especially by fishermen along the Adriatic coast. Change of address: James Carmack, 1095 N.Vinedo Ave. Pasadena CA 91107. Bill Potter,, 116 Fairview Ave. N., Mirabello Apt. 149, Seattle, WA 98109 206.254.1809. Gerry Brummitt, 619.435.8318, In Memoriam CAPT John Barrow USN (Ret.) died on 22 March 2014 in Audubon, PA. Alice Pushinksky Clark, widow of 49er Robert Clark, died on 26 February 2014 in Fairfax ,VA. CAPT Shepherd Jenks, USN (Ret.) died on 26 May in Martinez, CA. CAPT John (Jack) Koach USN (Ret.) died on 23 March 2014 in Sarasota, FL. Ellen McTammany, wife of CDR John McTammany, USN (Ret.) died on 2 January 2014 in Hingham, MA. CDR Charles Meyrick, died 22 January 2014 in Sarasota, FL.



PRES: VADM Robert R. Monroe USN (Ret.) P: 703-242-8756; E: VICE PRES: CAPT Thomas H. Ross, USN (Ret.) P: 410-757-3745; E: EXEC. SEC’Y: CAPT Donald K. “Deke” Forbes, USN (Ret.) P: 703-670-6153; E: TREAS: CAPT John J. McNally, USN (Ret.) P: 703-765-8808; E: EMAIL SYSTEM MNGR: William H. Wulftange P: 860-633-5769; CORR. SEC’Y: CAPT Charles L. Mull, USN (Ret.) P: 207-729-0073 E: WEBMASTER: Col John C. Akin, USAF (Ret.) P: 603-526-6431; E: WEBSITE:

President’s Corner: Regarding forthcoming benefit cuts – principally in military pay and health care, addressed primarily to classmates with long military service. As you know, America faces a grave debt crisis, some of which will be draconian. As patriots, all of us are quite willing to do our share;

but many of the proposed military benefit cuts go far beyond that, taking no regard for the enormous demands and sacrifices of military life which have no counterpart in civilian employment. The organization which has been most effective in fighting these battles for us is the Military Officers Association of America. MOAA tracks all unwise proposals for reductions in military benefits; they know which are the principal threats; they are familiar with our allies in Congress and elsewhere; they are experienced in mobilizing the grass-roots support our allies need to defeat unbalanced reduction proposals; and they have developed computer-based capabilities to enable support (like us) to send effective letters to our legislators in minutes. They have already scored many major victories!!! So if you would like to participate in the fight personally, your class leadership suggests you consider joining MOAA and taking the actions they recommend in their monthly “Military Officer” magazine and their more frequent e-mails. Membership fees are modest ($37 a year). MOAA ( can be reached at 703-549-2311. All the best, Bob Class News: Thanks Bob. Probably like at least a few other classmates, I have been a MOAA life member since 1981. A reminder to all 65th class reunion attendees - Reservations at the DoubleTree Hotel opened on May 26th for our 26-29 April 2015 gala celebration. A block of $119 rooms are set aside for those of us who plan to stay there as our home base. Reserve before the block is filled. Slightly shorter or longer stays usually are granted the same group rate. Tel. 410-224-3150 or 800-222-8733.Tom Rogers is running the hospitality suite.As reunion headquarters, our Welcome Reception and dinners will be held there and shuttle transportation provided to the Yard and downtown Annapolis. Please see the class ad in this Shipmate issue. It is noted that Martha, Tim Wooldridge’s wife, did the layout and graphics for the ad. Thanks, Martha! Registration forms and details will be sent to the class and widows with known addresses in December. At last count 279 folks tentatively planned to attend. Bryon Lee and his committee are doing a bang-up job on our behalf! Jack Akin, our website master, indicates he went to Atlanta to celebrate Yvonne Wright’s birthday in February. A recent photo shows them relaxing during the happy occasion with Yvonne’s daughter, Roz Picard who lives in Newtonville, MA.

Roz’ son Rob and his wife participated in the festivity as well. All toasted the memories of Bill Wright and Jack’s wife Bobbie. Bill and Jack roomed right across the hall from Ken Bixby and me first class year. It’s nice to know that Yvonne is doing well.

Moana McGlaughlin Tregaskis, and Bill. Rose Marie put the lunch together. Moana is the widow of Tom and had recently returned from India. Her article on Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands is pending publication in Shipmate. Jane Hays was missed with a heavy cold. Bill goes on to say that Ron would be in Louisiana in March working on his tree acreage where his biggest problem is beavers eating the tree bark and building dams in the slough. The Skinners are pondering the pros and cons of a move to the mainland. The Barnettes are alternating between Honolulu and Rancho Bernardo in San Diego. Bill indicates he was reading “The Cactus Air Force” which describes the air battle over Guadalcanal and other Pacific islands, written by classmate Thomas Guy Miller, who is deceased. Thanks for the great inputs to our column, Bill!

Birthday Celebration — Yvonne Wright with daughter Roz and Jack Akin

Bill Martin checks in for the San Diego group who meet at the Coronado Municipal Golf Club on the first Friday each month. A photo highlights their February meeting, l-r, Birch DeWitt, Bill Grimn, Charlie Clark, Mark Frudden, Dean French, Dick Martin, and Bill. In March they had Hank Hancock visiting from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. In a phone call, Charlie indicated he was potentially facing heart surgery to repair heart valves. We wish you well, Charlie.

San Diego group

Bill also sends a photo of an impromptu classmates get together at the Hale Koa Hotel (Armed Forces Recreation Center) in Honolulu. Bill’s wife, Debby was making a February business trip to meet with her tax clients. In that photo, l-r, Ron Hays, Elaine and Cliff Skinner, Barney and Rose Marie Barnette, Debby Martin,

Hawaii special mini-reunion

Bela, Tom Bigley’s widow, has advised that a Mass of Christian Burial at Ft. Myer Chapel and interment with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery will be held on Tuesday, June 17th, followed by a reception at the Ft. Myer Officers’ Club. We regret to report the passing of Captain Robert Jefferson, USN (Ret) (25th Co.) on 1 March in Coronado, CA. Bob served a very successful full career in Naval Communications. We extend our sincere condolences to his surviving family. His obituary should be in the Last Call of this Shipmate issue. George Zetkov (6th Co.) died in Old Bethpage, N.Y. on 14 March. Daughter Julie is preparing an obituary which should appear in Last Call soon. Classmate publisher J. K. Noble’s “The Years Between (1950-1965)” and the 2013 Remember or Honor a loved one in Alumni Hall. Call 410-295-4100 for more information.

Honor Chairs

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Register of Alumni indicate that George served in the Air Force flying tankers for four years, earned a MSEE at Columbia University, and pursued a career in dynamic analysis engineering in space vehicle control systems with Northrop Grumman . Also in the 6th company, Frank Holcomb advised that the Holcombs and the Zetkov family were close friends. Our most sincere sympathies are extended to Viola and her extended family. Robert C. Binnion (33rd Co.) died on 11 April in Vera Beach, FL. After Bob left the Navy, he pursued a very successful business career, including running his own company in Philadelphia where he attended as many A-N games as he could. As a life member of the Alumni Association, he kept in touch with the class. We extend our sincere condolences to Janie and their extended family. His obituary should be included in Last Call. Cdr. Claude Jeffries, USN (Ret) (23rd Co.) died on 6 March in Herndon, VA, reported by his extended family on 10 April. His wife, “Mudgie” predeceased him in 1999. “Jeff” was a lighter-than-air (airship or dirigible) pilot for several years before transitioning to patrol reconnaissance VP aircraft. Our condolences are sincerely extended to his several children and their offspring. The family is preparing an obituary for Shipmate. Otto Campbell Rath, a non-grad, died on 5 March in Bentonville, OK. He went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma and pursued a career as a Geologist with Exxon. He is survived by his wife Ida of 64 years, daughter Debra, two grandchildren and one great-great granddaughter. “Duke” was an avid fisherman, artist, bridge player, sailor, golfer and bird lover. We also extend our most sincere condolences to Ida and her extended family. Also with much regret, Ray Engle advised that Wes Harvey’s son, Bruce, called him to say that his mother Irene died on 11 February. As classmates may recall, Wes was lost in the tragic sinking of the USS Thresher (SSN 593) during Portsmouth Naval Shipyard post-overhaul sea trials on 10 April 1963. As the Commanding Officer’s wife, Irene was catalytic in keeping the Thresher Crew grieving surviving families together and raised funds for their children’s education. Ray goes on to say that Bruce indicated that it was his mother’s wish to have her ashes returned to the sea at the location

where the Thresher went down. The family is making arrangements. We wish the Harvey extended family our very sincere condolences and request that Bruce keep Ray informed of the at-sea burial arrangements. Pat Patterson checks in again having returned from what he calls a “Hale Koa pilgrimage” in Honolulu and his and Fran’s cruise to the Islands to “rediscover their honeymoon haunts of 56 years ago. Kauai was deluged with rain while we looked for our cottage on Hanalei Beach. The Washington/Annapolis groups had their annual “Sweethearts Luncheon” on February 18th, delayed by snow and with the cooperation of the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington. Bob Monroe reports that the event was a fine success, which included a short discourse by their Poet Laureate Milt Schultz who spoke appropriately and sincerely on the subject of love and commitment. In attendance were Jackie & Bill Diehl, Shelley & John Henderson, Gail & JJ McNally, Char & Bob Monroe with guest Bela Bigley, Joan & John Nolan, Jim Oberholtzer & Emiline McCue, Fran & Dick Powell, Anna & Bill Rockey, Ellen & Tom Rogers, Marge & Bob Satre, Marion & Milt Schultz, Margy & Bob Shultz, Joyce & Bill Simons, Jane & Bill Smoot, and Bill Wulftange. Bill Rockey further reports that Bill Wulftange braved a Connecticut blizzard to get there and was warmly welcomed as our new Class E-mail Manager. Tom Rogers has submitted a superb article to Shipmate about the Class of 1950 having initiated the “Another Link in the Chain” program in 2000. It has become a tradition with succeeding classes presenting a gift of their first ensign and 1st lieutenant bars to each member of the class graduating 50 years later. Roy Snyder, as class president then, recalls that Tom was the prime mover. Look for it in a near future issue. Many thanks, Tom, for your valiant initiative then and again now!!! JJ McNally has also submitted an article regarding selection of awards to Distinguished Graduates. It is under consideration by the Shipmate Editorial Board at this time. And JJ’s wife, Gail, submitted a “yourviews” brief to MOAA regarding their magazine’s February cover. It showed an impressive caring Army couple as representative of military service personnel serving their country and accepting the sacrifices and risks of doing so. It was published in MOOA’s April issue. MOAA

“Storms the Hill” each spring to lobby for the best interests of us and the nation, including service pay and benefits. Thanks, Gail, for helping this effort! A most impressive christening of the Guided Missile Destroyer Zumwalt (DDG1000), which was postponed last October due to the government shutdown, occurred in Bath, Maine on April 12th. Attendance at Bath Iron Works was unprecedented as about 5,000 people witnessed what a next generation, high technology, stealth man-of-war looks like. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus was the principal speaker and gave high praise for the three ships of this class that will join the fleet during the next several years. Admiral Zumwalt’s daughters, Ann Zumwalt and Mouzetta Zumwalt-Weathers were the co-sponsors. They and other speakers spoke eloquently about the many personal characteristics of Admiral Zumwalt, who as the “Sailors Admiral” and youngest CNO in history, in the 1970s changed the culture of the Navy. Commanding Zumwalt is Capt. Jim Kirk ’90, who has given inspiring talks to the Brunswick Rotary Club and Casco Bay Council of the Navy League of the U.S. Zumwalt will be delivered to my 11th successor (since 1981), the U.S. Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding in Bath late in 2015. If you are planning to visit Maine this year, you will not be eating Maine shrimp. Regulators have closed the Gulf of Maine for the 2014 winter shrimp fishing season to maximize the species’ spawning potential and revive the industry. However, Maine lobster and scallops thrive. So ye’ll come! …With best regards, Chuck

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vs Ohio State -Baltimore, MD @ Temple -Philadelphia, PA @ Texas State-San Marcos, TX vs Rutgers vs Western Kentucky @ Air Force -Colorado Springs, CO vs VMI vs San Jose State (Homecoming) vs Notre Dame -Landover, MD vs Georgia Southern @ South Alabama -Mobile, AL vs ARMY -Baltimore, MD

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PRES: CAPT Arthur P. Ismay, USN (Ret.) 1169 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean,VA 22101-2215 P: 703-790-0682; E: VICE PRES: CAPT Thomas A. Boyce, USN (Ret.) 3717 Carrige House Ct., Alexandria,VA 22309-2709; P: 703-780-7525 SEC’Y: CDR Bill Foster, USN (Ret.) 501 Glyndon St., NE,Vienna,VA 22180 P: 703-938-7812; E: TREAS: CAPT John L. “Jay” Woodbury Jr., USN (Ret.) 7515 Cornith Dr., Alexandria,VA 22306-2503 P: 703-768-3848; E: CLASS FUND RAISER: RADM Guy Shaffer, USN (Ret.) 7101 Bay Front Dr. #125 Annapolis, MD 21403 H: 401-269-6609 E: WEBSITE:

As we look back on a wild winter, we are anticipating a pleasant spring and summer with some optimism. In Washington, the class celebrated with a spring fling at the new Army Navy Country Club. Attendance was good with some 31 attendees (25 from ‘51 and 6 from our fifty year link class) The food was excellent and innovative; the conversation flowed steadily. We have also invited ’01 to the Annual meeting.

L to r, Claire deGroot, Art Ismay, Clire Dunn, Bob Dunn

L to r., Jim Winnefeld, Judy Winnefeld, Tom Boyce, Barbara Boyce

L to r., Jan Ponder, Tom Boyce, Jim Winnefeld, John Sullivan, Joann Sullivan, Art Ismay



When you read this, the Annual Meeting will have occurred and some interesting action items accomplished with impact on the class. From Art Ismay’s Agenda, I point out some of the salient points:The Class met at the Annapolis Officer’s Club on 13 May. • The Class of 1951 Legacy Locker containing memorabilia of the class (Lucky Bag; 50 year Lucky Bag,, a Graduation Program, and other significant documents characterizing the Class. .The Legacy Locker will be presented to the Museum Director for storage and ultimate delivery to the Class of 2051. • Plans for the Class’s 65th Reunion in the form of a domestic River Cruise in 2016. • Results of the questionnaire were discussed • Status of donations to build an Education Center at the Vietnam Memorial Wall (which will honor our fallen classmates in the Vietnam War.) • Status of the purchase of a Cruizer class Brig Model – Purchase cost $137223 has been authorized from the Museum Fund.The purchase is complete and progress is being made for export licenses. From the UK. Our close interaction on other topics will also have been discussed. • Election of Class officer: for a term of 2 years, offices of Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three directors to be elected. We hope that as many of you as possible attended either in person or by conference call. Art Ismay forwards news of an historical project about Lt Col William G. Leftwich,, Jr., USMC, Class of 1953 and an invitation to contribute your knowledge of Lt Col Leftwich:

LTCOL.William G. Leftwich, Jr. was a member of the Class of 1953 and was the Brigade Commander. He was commended at graduation for his outstanding leadership. He was also a member of the USNA staff in 1957-59 and was a Company Officer as well as a Varsity Tennis and Varsity Football Coach. Mr. H. Ross Perot is a USNA classmate of LTCOL. Leftwich and supported the establishment of the Leftwich Trophy for Outstanding Leadership as well as a statue at the USMC Basic School in Quantico, VA.The USNA Armel-Leftwich Visitors Center is named after LtCol. Leftwich. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or cell phone number. Very Respectfully, Semper Fidelis, Preston McLaughlin Colonel USMC (Retired) 231 North Abingdon Street Arlington,VA 22203 Cell 757-746-0299 n

n “Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Preston McLaughlin, I am a Marine Veteran that lives in the Arlington,VA area. I am a trained Historian with an MA in American History from George Mason University. I have previously taught on Faculty at Amphibious Warfare School, MCU from 1996-1999 and at The Citadel from 2010-2012. I am starting a historical research and writing project to create a biographical sketch of the late Lieutenant Colonel William Groom Leftwich, Jr. USMC, a distinguished combat leader and veteran of the Vietnam War.The Marine Corps’ Leftwich Trophy for Outstanding Leadership is named in his honor. I would like to place a notice in your Alumni magazine to contact veterans who served with him in Vietnam and at the US Naval Academy.

Shown here is Robin embarked on a Shanghai River Cruise. In the background is the Pudong skyline. The tallest building on the right will exceed 2200 feet in height.

We have some interesting inputs from classmates: From Robin McGlohn we have received photos of his visits to Shanghai and Nanjing.

Robin is standing on the steps leading to the Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum.

Also, on the cruise, we see Robin viewing the Bund and its architecture.

Not in photos, Robin had some thrills; he recordsn “One highlight was taking the Magnetic Levitation train from Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport. It built up to a top speed of 267 mph and went the 30 miles in 8 minutes!! The High Speed Rail we took to Nanjing was 186 mph. (200 miles in an hour 14 minutes with one stop).. It was a great trip which Bette and I planned. Best and here’s to the 65th somewhere. Robin” n From Florida, I received word from Bill Barbazette that he and Anne have moved to smaller quarters in Fort Myers, FL. Like many of us, downsizing and availability of medical care is a motivation. Bob Coleman reports the good news that his grandson, Bo (Robert IV) has received an appointment to the class of 2019 from Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. The line goes on! Finally, we should all remember that the Class communicates in four ways: We have Shipmate for a periodic update of goings-on, the class website for referral to events and topics of interest, and we have email where general, time sensitive notices are disseminated, and finally “snail” mail, of US postage. Stay in touch! —Bill Foster



PRES: Col Richard E. Denfeld, USAF (Ret.) 11717 Tuxworth Trail, Bumpass,VA 23024-8867 P: 540-895-9050; E: SEC’Y: CDR William J. Laux Jr., USN (Ret.) 3638 Elderberry Place, Fairfax,VA 22033-1214 P: 703-787-0712; E: WEBMASTER: CAPT T.W. Lyons Jr., USN (Ret.) E: WEBSITE:

In my last column, I referred to this being the Dark Ages. Perhaps, after two March snowstorms which closed the Government and schools, I should have said that we are in the Ice Age. It did affect the class; the March Class Luncheon at Fort Myer was cancelled. Surely it will get better for our next one in May!

But there were a couple of bright spots. A couple of ’52ers were recognized for their lifetimes of achievement, one by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, and the other by the Maritime Patrol Association. Friday, March 21, 2014 dawned blustery, cold, and hinted of rain to welcome our classmate, Tom Stafford to the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association’s Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony in Alumni Hall. About 4:30 pm, at the start of the program, the day was still blustery and cold but the program began in earnest. In the audience were the following classmates, wives, family members and friends: Gene & Nancy Avallone; Garnett & Rita Bailey, daughter, Suzie & husband, Jeff Sterrett; Dick & Bobbie Denfeld; Jim Fischer; Hi & Ann Gurney and son,Tom; Ron Hattin; Tom Lyons & Mary Eshman; Jim & Nan Quinn; Jim Sagerholm and daughters Lisa Hunter and Denise Sagerholm; Mike & Ruth Sorrentino; Pete & Barbara Stark; Jerry & Jan Rapkin; Bisquit Wev, daughter, Elizabeth & husband, Pat Roane; Linda Stafford; Penny Vahsen; Bill & Pat Wyatt; and Jack Young.When Tom’s resume was read, he received a standing ovation from the entire audience. After the awards ceremony was over, he continued to receive many compliments for his achievements from members of the Brigade of Midshipmen, classmates, and friends. A dinner to honor the latest award recipients was held in Smoke Hall, in Bancroft Hall, to complete the events of the evening. The program of the ceremony contains the following: n “To say that Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford ’52, USAF (Ret.), has enjoyed a stellar career would be entirely appropriate: he has piloted no fewer than 127 different types of aircraft, flown four space missions and served as an advisor to Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush. “Upon his graduation with distinction in 1952, Stafford was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. He finished first in his class at Air Force Test Pilot School before being assigned to the 54th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Ellsworth AFB. Upon being selected by NASA in 1962 as a member of the second group of astronauts, Stafford entered the space program. “In 1965, Stafford piloted Gemini 6 and completed the first ever rendezvous in space, with Gemini 7. In 1966,

he commanded Gemini 9, and in 1969 he commanded Apollo 10 in an exploratory mission to select a lunar landing site for Tom Stafford addresses Apollo 11. It was DGA Assembly during Apollo 10’s reentry that Stafford earned a Guinness World Record for the highest speed ever reached by human—24,791 statute miles per hour. “He completed his fourth and final space flight in 1975 as commander of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, a cooperative endeavor between the United States and the Soviet Union. “As Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development and Acquisition, Stafford next guided the initial phase of America’s stealth technology program. His knowledge and vision resulted in production of the Stealth Attack F-117A, the advanced stealth strategic B-2 bomber and the F-22 Raptor aircraft. “Under his supervision, the CFM-156 (F-108) jet engine was developed; it was ultimately used by commercial airlines and resulted in significant reductions in fuel requirements. Stafford’s current focus is the tripling of air-to-air missile payloads of F-35 fighters operating under stealth conditions. “Stafford’s leadership has been evident on the International Space Shuttle Advisory Committee, the COLUMBIA Accident Review Board, the first Hubble Telescope Spacecraft Servicing and Repair Mission and the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation Board of Trustees. Stafford was also recently elected to the National Academy of Engineering. “He holds seven honorary doctorate degrees, has received numerous decorations, citations and medals, both foreign and domestic, and has appeared in several television and film productions. “General Stafford and his wife, Linda, live in Florida.” n

Linda and Tom Stafford May-June 2014


52•53 CLASS NEWS The Maritime Patrol Association (MPA) has announced that it will induct two persons into its Hall of Honor at its annual Heritage Dinner at NAS Jacksonville on Thursday, 10 April 2014. One is our classmate, Paul J. Mulloy. The Maritime Patrol Association, Inc., was founded in 2011 to provide recognition and to enhance the prestige of the U.S. Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance community in Naval aviation, as similar organizations have done for the helicopter and jet communities. The following is excerpted from the document nominating Paul as a Hall of Honor inductee: n From 1981 until 1983 Admiral Mulloy was Commander Patrol Wings Atlantic (COMPATWINGSLANT) Safety/NATOPS. He believed in the concept of “Maritime Patrol Attack.” He turned around an unusually high accident rate among the Maritime Patrol community. That fact along with his career-long concern for the welfare and career development of our officer corps, as well as of our enlisted personnel, are two of the Admiral’s most significant contributions to the Navy. Admiral Mulloy graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1952. He served two years aboard the USS Wasp (CV-18) during operations in the Korean War. He was subsequently assigned to Naval flight training where he earned his wings of gold as a Naval Aviator. In 1955, he was initially assigned as a fighter pilot and received orders to fly the F2H-2 Banshee with VF-172. In 1957, he suffered a collapsed lung while flying the Banshee and was reassigned to VP-18 where he qualified as a Patrol Plane Commander in just four months while flying the P2V-7 Neptune. In 1960, he attended the Navy Post Graduate School, Monterey, California. In 1963, he joined VP-44, the second P-3 Orion squadron. Admiral Mulloy helped institute a crew stability plan that greatly improved combat readiness. He also helped institute new ASW tactics that were eventually adopted force-wide. In 1966, Admiral Mulloy was initially assigned to BUPERs as an Aviation Placement Officer but was eventually requested by the head of the Aviation Assignment Section (Detailer) to be his direct assistant. He was the first VP officer to hold that position. He was promoted to Commander and selected for Command of VP-26.



In 1968, he reported to VP-26 as the Executive Officer while they were deployed to Utapao, Thailand. He served as the detachment Officer in Tactical Command (OTC) during the TET offensive of the Vietnam War. Within two months, two Combat Air Crews were lost, one by enemy gun fire. He requested from the Commander of the Task Force to change the Rules of Engagement to conceal Maritime Patrol Movements. This action resulted in crews detecting supply vessels. Commander Pacific Fleet called the action against the supply vessels “the most successful naval surface action of the war.” Commander Mulloy was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V, one of only two awarded in the squadron. He then took Command of VP-26. In 1972, he reported to OPNAV 601 where he was deep-selected for captain. Captain Mulloy was assigned as a member of the US/Canadian Defense. In 1973, the Chief Naval Personnel personally assigned him to BUPERS as PERS 44, head of Officer Placement. Again, Captain Mulloy sought out and placed superior VP officers in highly competitive positions. Never one to turn down a challenge, Captain Mulloy accepted Command of the USS Ponce (LPD-15) instead of an air wing command. In less than two years, Captain Mulloy had put it into top shape. The USS Ponce received a grade of Outstanding on its NTPI and was cited by COMFMFLANT as the best “Gator” in the Fleet. In 1976, Captain Mulloy was selected to Command Amphibious Squadron Six (CPR 6) with eight ships. He deployed to the Mediterranean as Commander Task Force (CTF) 61 and conducted the first large scale amphibious operation with the Spanish Navy. During a short tour with Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) from 1978 to 1979, Captain Mulloy was promoted to Rear Admiral. From 1979 to 1981, Rear Admiral Mulloy served as Commander Patrol Wings Atlantic. The Admiral sought to instill a “Maritime Patrol Attack” warrior attitude among the Force. PATWINGSLANT achieved its highest combat readiness, retention, and advancement on Admiral Mulloy’s watch. In 1981, Admiral Mulloy was assigned to BUPERS as ACNO (OP15) and Director of Human Resources (PERS 6).

Admiral Hayward (CNO) personally tasked him with solving the drug problem that plagued the Navy at the time. The Navy had 48% of 18 to 24 year olds positive with illicit drug use. Admiral Mulloy declared a “War on Drugs.” A ten point program was designed with staff and implemented Fleet wide. President Reagan’s drug czar wanted it expanded to all the Armed Forces. In two years, USN/USMC usage dropped to 9%. Today it is less than 0.01% The Admiral gained wide recognition as the Architect of the Navy’s “War on Drugs.” He also increased “People Programs” from 7 when he took office to 17, including increasing Family Service Centers from 3 to 83. August 1984, Admiral Mulloy requested retirement to spend more time with his wife and six children. Upon leaving the Navy, the White House recommended that he form a company to carry the Navy “War on Drugs” program to allied nations, and businesses here in the U.S. He became a member of the board of Oxford House, the largest and most successful halfway house system in the world. More than 20% of the population served by Oxford House is veterans. Admiral Mulloy served as the drug czar on the cabinet of the Governor of Rhode Island before retiring with his wife Mary Fran to Falmouth, Cape Cod, in 1995. He remains very active in civil, church and hospital activities, as well as those affecting veterans. Admiral and Mrs. Mulloy were blessed with six children; Jeff, Stephen, David, Mary, Patricia, and Pamela and 16 grandchildren. His awards include three Legion of Merit, two Meritorious Service Medals, the Navy Commendation medal (with combat V), the United Nations Service Medal, Korean Service Medal with star, Navy Occupation Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal,Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Distinguished Order 2nd class, and Republic of Vietnam gallantry Cross with palm citation. n Jack O’Connell reports that he spent three weeks in Cancun in March with his daughter Eileen, with visits from other family members. Charlie Darrell and his wife Joyce joined him for a ’52 mini-reunion while he was there. Jack added “Otherwise am working hard on another book, this one dealing with the Navy and cruise missiles – with Norman Polmar as co-author. We hope to get it published this year.”

And that is it for now. Let’s hear from you! ’52ers are doing good things – tell us about them!



PRES: CAPT Alvin S. Glazier, USN (Ret.) 7619 Leith Pl., Alexandria,VA 22307 P: (703)768-2762 E. CORR SEC’Y: CAPT Arthur C. Bivens, USN (Ret.) 3724 Acosta Rd., Fairfax,VA 22031 P: 703-273-1392; E: WEBMASTER: CAPT Paul Dudley, USN (Ret.) E: WEBSITE:

More Photos from the “Dark Ages” Brunch Howard and Joan Leavitt sent several more photos from the brunch for my perusal. I picked the two most smiley ones: (1) Shelby and Otto Will, and (2) Jean Glazier, Madelene Spar, and Nell Gilmore.

Shelby and Otto Will

Jean Glazier, Madelene Spar, Nell Gilmore

Mail Bag Glenn Sherwood sent a newsy and gossipy e-mail last August 2013 that I had not responded to at the time. I apologized to Glenn for being late. Glenn reported that he and Nancy and their daughter Ann and her husband had a wonderful ten days in Sonoma County, CA indulging in the wine and enjoying the beautiful area. While there, they visited Diane Cooke (aka Mickey), second wife of Charlie Cooke. Glenn wrote that his family and the Cooke’s were good friends when they were both stationed in the DC area. But Charlie and Diane divorced and he married his third wife, Sarah Peterson. Charlie died several years ago,

but no one seems to know where his remains are located. Glenn’s report was in his words “a little over the top, [but] Charlie was sort of a special guy.” In a subsequent e-mail Glenn wrote that he and Nancy plan to move from Connecticut to San Francisco. They love California, and having lived there while working for General Electric, they want to return while they can…+ Dave Govan sent a letter of 3 Feb 2014. He was responding to concerns about the Colorado Springs fires in 2010, in that Ft. Collins was not affected. He also mentioned that he is “pretty much a caregiver for his wife, Norma, who has Parkinson’s disease.” The e-mail address was used for her past real estate business. Now, their daughter pulls up e-mail messages that she thinks might interest them.

Charles “Pug”

McCarty’s daughter, Maureen Thompson sent an e-mail to Chuck Fellows who forwarded it on to me as follows; “Please include these pictures of my dad…..he feels left out in the Great Pacific Northwest.” The two photos (3) and (4) are of Pug in uniform, one at age 48 and the other as a white bearded 84 year oldster. Chuck, Pug, and I (Art) were in the same Submarine Class and the three of us were subsequently assigned to submarines based in Key West. Pug sent a very long story about his family, and his navy and post navy careers. Among the highlights: His wife, Joan, died at age 70 and their family includes an assortment of 28 children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. Among Pug’s service assignments was a submarine command and tours in Vietnam and Korea. Pug’s story is more interesting when he writes about his post navy adventures. Among them was his attempted around the world cruise in a 47 foot sailboat. Among his stops were various South Sea Islands. But his two crewmen got sick, one a nephew, and were sent home. Thus, he had to give up the venture and “single handed back to Hawaii.” …

ENS Thornberry ‘12

Lou Gardner reported that his grandson ENS Cameron Thornberry USN, USNA Class of 2012, completed the Ironman New Zealand competition held in Taupo, NZ on 1 March 2014. Cameron finished the course in 11 hrs, 44 min. That’s a 2.4 mi swim, a 112 mi bike ride, and a 26.2 mi marathon run! He finished 12 out of 32 in the men’s 18-24 division, and 497 out of 1750 total competitors. Cameron is currently completing his MS in Aeronautical Engineering at MIT. The photo (5) shows him on the marathon run wearing an MIT shirt. Lou’s wife, Kate O’Donnell, came back to my query and said “he is NAVY all the way!” Navy should be proud that one of their own qualified for academia at MIT, and he will be reporting for flight training shortly thereafter.” Following up on my book review of The Boys in the Boat last month Max Matteson reported that “it was hard to lay it down.” He said, “There is no question that I could relate to the rowing side of the story and to the main character Joe Rantz. I worked my way through high school being an assistant janitor mopping floors, etc., during vacations and working as a kitchen boy at a camp during summer to help my mother, my brother and myself get through rough years before and after my father split.” Max also writes about his civilian career after resigning his commission, some of which mirrors Joe Rantz’s work on the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington. The last paragraph is about the 50th reunion of the USNA Great Eight crew at the USNA Boat House in 2002. “We of the second boat were also invited….Ruth and I joined in the event. A new shell was christened the “Great Eight” ….and those of us present who May-June 2014


53•54 CLASS NEWS could get into an eight oared shell, did so with the then varsity filling in the missing seats. I rowed number four and we went up and down college creek.”…+ + Indicates the full story is posted on our Class website in the “Sea Story” section Passing’s Roger G Booth, CAPT USN (Ret) died July 16, 2009 in Laguna, CA. Jack Amendt informed us Mar 13, 2014 of this very late sad news. Roger was a naval aviator. His awards included Air Medal (AM), Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Presidential Unit Citation (PUC), and Navy Commendation Medal (NCM). There was no obituary or entry in our Class Legacy Book. James R. Olson, COL USAF (Ret) died Jan 21, 2014 in Anthem, AZ. Jim was an instructor pilot at the USAF Academy and a pilot with nearly 10,000 flying hours in a multitude of aircraft, flying 179 F-100 missions in Vietnam. His awards include Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) (21), AM (8), Legion of Merit (LM) (2), and MSM. He was a graduate of George Washington U. with a master’s degree in public administration. Jim is survived by his wife of 60 years, Marilyn, 3 daughters, 11 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. John D. O’Connell, CAPT USN (Ret) died Jan 24, 2014. John served in a destroyer before he became a qualified submariner. He then went to PG school at MIT and subsequently opted for EDO designation. His assignments included Pearl Harbor Shipyard, submarine tender USS Nereus (AS-17), Mare Island Shipyard, Ship Repair Facility (SRF) Subic Bay, Commanding Officer SRF Yokosuko, Japan, As an EDO he served on active duty for 31 years. Post Navy, John worked as the San Francisco representative for the engineering firm American Management Systems. Survivors include his wife of 59 years, Constance, and 2 children. * George R. Hall, COL USAF (Ret) died Feb 16, 2014 in Hattiesburg, Miss from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. George became a pilot and flew a variety of prop and jet aircraft. He was shot down over North Vietnam in 1965 and was a POW in Hanoi for seven years. Among his activities after retiring from the USAF he ran for Congress (defeated); and cowrote with his wife Pat Commitment to Honor, a memoir of his POW experiences. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Pat, 3 children and 8 grandchildren. *



Robert W. G. Jones, COL USMC (Ret) died Feb 18, 2014 in Fredericksburg,VA. Most notably at USNA Bob was the coxswain of the undefeated JV Crew in 1952, and the undefeated National Championship 8 oared Varsity Crew in 1953. Among Bob’s Marine career highlights was combat service in Vietnam and C.O. of the 2nd Field Artillery Group. His awards include the Legion of Merit, MSM (2), and PUC. Among his civilian vocations was teaching math at two community colleges. Survivors include his wife of 59 years, Jacky, and 2 children, * Betty Hente (85), wife of LCOL Don Hente USAF (Ret) for 62 years, died Feb 20, 2014. She is survived by Don, three children, nine grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Audrey Kruse (83), a devoted Navy widow of LCDR Charles H. Kruse USN, died Feb 24, 2014 in Virginia Beach,VA. Charles was lost at sea Feb 20, 1963 off the USS Enterprise. Survivors include 5 children, 16 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. John Huntly Boyd, Jr., CAPT USN (Ret) died Feb 25, 20014 in Fairfax,VA from cancer. After serving in surface ships Huntly earned master’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from MIT. Designated EDO he served in various Ship Repair Facilities and Shipyards. With a subspecialty of diving and salvage his most notable accomplishment was supervision and responsibility of clearing wrecks from the Suez Canal in 1974, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, and the Gold Medal from the American Society of Naval Engineers. His final Navy assignment was C.O. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Huntly was predeceased by his wife Libby. Survivors include 5 children and 8 grandchildren. * Harold E. Wakitsch, LCOL USAF (Ret), died Feb 28, 20014 in Albuquerque, NM, just 6 months to the day after his wife, Sue, died. Max entered USNA via NAPS, turned “AF Blue” and served 27 years in the USAF all over the world. In addition to his many flying assignments, Max fought in Vietnam as a B-57 fighter-bomber pilot. Survivors include 4 children and 5 grandchildren. * Judith C. Conrad, wife of RADM Peter Conrad USN (Ret) for 60 years, died March 6, 2014 in Leonardtown, MD from heart failure. Judy was an accomplished artist; painting landscapes, seascapes, weaving fabrics, designing

clothes, and other artistic endeavors. She is survived by Pete, 3 children, and 6 grandchildren. * Indicates personal entry in our Class Legacy Book Along with your will, power of attorney, and medical directive, I recommend that you write your own 400 word obituary for the “Last Call” section of Shipmate. This will reduce the burden on surviving family members. They can then send it to FYI only 1/3 of our deceased Classmates had an obituary in the “Last Call” section in the last 4 years. One more thing; I recommend you check our Class website often to get more complete and up to date news. Bob Gorman has agreed to be a backup for our Webmaster Paul Dudley and has already developed a new look for the home page….ACB



PRES CAPT George V. Zeberlein, USN (Ret.) P: 410-267-7470; e: SEC’Y:: Lt.Col. Edward C. Tipshus USMC (Ret.) 8315 Fairway Drive, Worthington Hills Columbus OH 43235-1148 P: 614-846-7770; e: WEBMASTER: Will Croom e: WEBSITE:

The following Washington DC area stalwarts made the class lunch gettogether on February 12th at the Atlantis Restaurant in Alexandria: Jim BELL, Wil CROOM, Jon HURT, John JURGENS, Bill NEEL, and Ted WALKER. The Annapolis area homesteaders met for lunch on 18 February at the “Alley” in the Naval Academy Club, previously called the Officers & Faculty Club, and before that the Officer’s Club. Those attending were Bill GREENLAW, Bill HARGRAVE, Dick HOLLENBACH, Phil LIVINGSTON, Scott MOBLEY, Bill MONTGOMERY, Lee WOOD, George ZEBERLEIN, and guest Don Donavon NROTC ’54. George did the following photo OP.

Bill Hargrave, Bill Montgomery, Phil Livingston

Phil Livingston, Scott Mobley, and guest Dan Donavon

Bill & Peg Greenlaw, Phil Livingston, John Jurgens

Dick Hollenbach, Bill Greenlaw, Lee Wood

Jerry Krumwiede, Cheron Hargrave, Mildred Damico, Lois Krumwiede, Bill Hargrave

Classmates and OAO’s gathered to celebrate the End of the Dark Ages at a luncheon arranged by Fitz WOODROW on Friday 21 March at the Goodwin House, Main Dining Room, 4800 Fillmore Avenue Alexandria,VA. The Vernal Equinox was 1657 GMT on the 20th —1057 EDT. So, do you remember: “Spring has Sprung, The Grass has Riz, I wonder Where the OD is?” After an hour or so of social time, they sat down to dine on Beef Tenderloin or Grilled Salmon with all the “fixins.” which was heartily enjoyed by all. Those attending were Richard & Mary BURNS, Mildred DAMICO, BILL & Mary GRAY, Bill & Peg GREENLAW, Bill & Cheron HARGRAVE, Jon HURT, John JURGENS, Jerry & Lois KRUMWIEDE, Phil LIVINGSTON, Mike & Lynn McCAFFREE, Scott & Jean MOBLEY, Bill & Bettine MONTGOMERY, Bob SHEEHAN & Simone CANE, Fitz & Faye WOODROW, and George & Joan ZEBERLEIN. Here is photo coverage by El Presidente George - Ace Photographer:

Jean Mobley, Joan Zeberlein, Fitz Woodrow, George Zeberlein, Faye Woodrow, Scott Mobley

Editors note: Reunion Memorial service time will be at 1:00 pm (not at noon) as posted in the reunion ad appearing in the Stewardship-Spring Shipmate.

Mary Burns, Jon Hurt, Dick Burns, Bettine & Bill Montgomery

Simone Cane, Bob Sheehan, Lynn & Mike McCaffree , Mary & Bill Gray

ATTENTION Couch Potatoes!! Bart DALLA MURA 2nd Co. sends: n My wife Jann and I walked the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) in the fall of 2013, from St. Jean Pied a Port in the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, approximately 800 kilometers long. It is a pilgrimage made mainly by Christians since the Middle Ages to the burial place of St. James the Apostle. We ate in café’s, restaurants, hostels, and on a log or a rock on the trail. We slept in bunk beds in hostels with as few as a half dozen to as many as 150 other pilgrims. It was the adventure of a lifetime. We passed through dozens of neat little villages and towns and the wonderful cities of Pamplona, Logrono, Burgos, Sahagun, Leon, and Santiago. Northern Spain in September is beautiful, and the people friendly,

hospitable, and charming. The food, beer, and wine were as good as anyone could wish. We were rained on only three or four times in the nearly 40 days of our journey, and made lots of new friends from many countries. Jann and I trained in the Spring in the Santa Ritas and other southern Arizona mountains, and in the summer in Fort Defiance Park in Tacoma. We did a lot of 4, 5, and 6 hour hikes with backpacks in the kind of terrain the guide books indicated we would encounter. We bought good hiking boots, broke them in properly, and made sure our socks were comfortable and our feet stayed dry. We saw many people suffer and quit with blisters, not just on their feet, but also on their chests, arms, etc. from ill fitting packs. Jann used a pair of trekking poles the whole way, as did many pilgrims. I was happier with just a single staff. We found out a few days into the hike that you could send your pack ahead to your next stop for 4 - 7 euros, allowing you to walk with a light day pack with food, rain gear, etc. We did that quite a few times with great pleasure. After a 14mile-day with pack, a day with a five pound bag or pack was a treat. n Ed: An exceptional feat for anyone under 45 – and an absolutely amazing accomplishment for an 83 year old retired Sailor Captain and his wife! The trek averaged 12.5 miles a day – give or take a few miles each day - for almost 40 DAYS! WOW! What is going on here – a sailor and wife going on an enormous grunt hike? Many B – Z’s to the Dalla Muras. Sea Stories In Vietnam, Colonel Ken Houghton was the Commanding Officer of the 5th Marines and Dick ALGER (d.2006) was his Operations Officer. When they visited Division Headquarters, they would first check in with the Division Chief of Staff, Colonel Sid Altman. Then Dick would depart and make his staff visits. Hours later, when Dick would return to Division Headquarters to rejoin Colonel Houghton prior to their departure by helicopter, Colonel Altman would ALWAYS give Dick a “goodie bag.” Goodies consisted of wine, cigarettes, candy, etc. This bag and all items inside were marked with the New York City 21 Club logo. Colonel Altman was a life-long friend of the owners – the Krindler family. This gift giving to Dick continued for many, many visits by the 5th Marines CO and Dick, until one time prior to departure, Colonel Houghton’s “Irish” finally boiled over, and he said: “Sid, May-June 2014


54•55 CLASS NEWS we have been life-long friends. How come I don’t get even a crust of bread, while you pamper my Major friend?” Colonel Sid Altman replied, “Ken, Dick is a nice Jewish boy from New York City, just like me.” Colonel Houghton exploded: “New York City,YES! But, Jewish? Jewish? Do you know that when I’m kneeling down to receive Holy Communion at Catholic Mass, Dick is right next to me?” Colonel Altman, with a broad smile, replied: “Ken, please don’t ruin the nice image I have of Dick.” Jess OWENS was fortunate to be Commanding Officer of Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines as a 1st Lieutenant. In planning for an amphibious exercise, he had to go to Coronado - San Diego as his battalion’s representative at a planning conference, which was chaired by a Gator Admiral. His Aide was somewhat upset when at the introductory roll call, along with USN Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenant Commanders, 1st Lieutenant Owens USMC appeared as the only Marine Officer present. “Are you the only one coming?” the Aide asked. When Jess said yes, the Aide commented: “Well, at a conference like this we would prefer to have people senior enough to make a decision.” Jess replied, “Sir, a Marine Corps 1st Lieutenant is allowed to make decisions.” The Admiral let out a whoop and a belly laugh, and was quickly joined by all the other Naval Officers. The planning went on, and the amphibious exercise was a success. 64 years ago - July 1950 shipmate – snapshots Table of Contents: RAdm Fox speaks at Naval War College. June Week 1950 and Graduation (about half in ’50 select flying). The United States Naval Academy, Bureau of Personnel, Bureau o Ordnance, and The Navy on Capitol Hill are large sections. Shipmate is the primary means of keeping officers in the fleet up-to-date on Navy matters. It has major articles by the Admiral Heads of the various Navy Bureaus. Action in congress is also covered in depth. Social activities of alumni have numerous pages covering social visits, teas, luncheons, weddings, betrothals, and other activities. Alumni Association membership is about 5,500. Shipmate has a front cover using red and blue besides black and white, and the back cover is in full color Ad (Chesterfields).



PRES: VADM Henry C. Mustin, USN (Ret.) V.PRES: RADM Malcolm MacKinnon, III, USN (Ret.) TREAS: CDR Robert P. Pirie, Jr., USN (Ret.) SECY: CAPT Thomas F. Stallman, USN (Ret.) E: CORR SECY: Frederick Schoenberger E: WEBSITE:

John R. Boardman (6) passed away on February 13, 2014 in North Carolina. Robert L. Smith (16) passed away on April 9, 2014 in Florida from complications due to pancreatic cancer. Mal MacKinnon (14) attended the March 6 and 7 Mini Reunion in Florida and sent in a report: n I am happy to report that the Cocoa Beach Mini Reunion was a rousing success with over 100 Classmates, wives and friends in attendance.The usual sea stories abounded, as did the camaraderie.Those who took advantage of the tours of the Kennedy Space Center were duly rewarded and had to be truly impressed. Roz and I also visited the Astronaut Hall of Fame where Bill Anders is properly honored. The Class is indebted to Charley Plumly for his initiative and leadership, insuring the success of the whole operation. We must also thank the volunteers who assisted him. The Hospitality Room was the usual success, enhanced by Fred Schoenberger’s fancy banjo picking. Ned Floyd was present, taking notes for the 60th. GO NAVY!!! n Ed. Note - See more photos of the reunion on the class website, plus other important information.

Dick Pyne (l.) and Ed Eassa conversing at the Reunion

Congratulations! CLASS OF 2014 Fair Winds and Following Seas from your Alumni Association



Fred Schoenberger entertaining

George Martin (14) reports that, with help from wife Dorothy, he compiled a DVD presentation of the results from his time on TRIESTE. He and Dorothy attended the Bathyscaph Reunion meeting in San Diego in October 2013 where he showed the DVD. He also sent in the following remembrance about the loss of Thresher and TRIESTE involvement: n April 10, 2013 was the 50th Anniversary of the loss of the nuclear submarine THRESHER with 129 officers and men. This loss was commemorated at several Navy activities including the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C. and in the shipyard and home port of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME. I was invited to speak to NAVSEA 07Q, School of the Boat program about the role of the Bathyscaph TRIESTE in locating the wreckage of THRESHER. I was Assistant Officer in Charge and pilot #4. Don Keach, the Officer-in-Charge and I were the two pilots assigned to TRIESTE in 1963. Keach and I rotated jobs of piloting TRIESTE and Safety Officer on the surface. THRESHER had been conducting a test deep dive to below 1000 feet following a post shakedown availability prior to return to operational status. During the dive the sub reported having minor difficulties, and then a garbled transmission was followed by the sounds of a ship breaking up. The Board of Inquiry found that the cause of the loss was in all likelihood due to the failure of a seawater pipe that quickly flooded the engine room and entire submarine. TRIESTE made a series of ten dives and on the eighth dive we found a lot of wreckage that “Looked like a junkyard”. We also picked up a pipe about five feet long and returned it to the surface where I checked it for radiation and pronounced it clean. The pipe had the name THRESHER and NAVSHIPS drawing number on it which confirmed that this was the submarine. TRIESTE located the

sub at 8500 feet on the continental slope about 270 miles east of Boston MA. On September 5, 1963, Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth held a news conference and announced “The location of structural parts of THRESHER on the ocean floor having been confirmed by the bathyscaph TRIESTE during her latest series of successful dives...” TRIESTE returned to theTHRESHER search in 1964 with LCDR Brad Mooney as Officer-in-Charge.With better location gear they landed on one of the four sections of the hull. Today the TRIESTE can be found at the Washington Navy Yard along with the pipe from THRESHER. From 1966 to 1984, TRIESTE and follow-on TRIESTE’s made mostly classified deployments. In 1969 TRIESTE II located the SCORPION in more than 10,000 feet in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. In 1984, TRIESTE II was retired and can be found at the Navy Undersea Museum, Keyport, Washington. n

Dorothy and George at the Bathyscaph Reunion

Tom Kiefaber (19) reports, as part of a cross-country trek with son John (USNA ’97), that he stopped off in Pensacola and visited with Bill (Hep) Hepworth, renewing old football stories and mischievous adventures. Hep fit right in telling war stories to Tom’s son and two of his buddies. They look forward to seeing each other again at the 60th Reunion.

Tom (left) and Hep

Spud Flowers (3) sent in a photo of himself and grandson Matthew Kaufmann, Esq. skiing at Deer Valley ski resort at Park City, Utah.

Spud (left) and Matthew

Seventeenth Company Reports Johns P. Jaudon (jnjaudon@ reports It has been a long time since Lake Merced Elementary school. He and Nancy now live in McDonough, Georgia, a small town between Atlanta and Macon. His hobbies are playing golf, and taking pictures. He also volunteers at their local hospital. For vacations they generally go to visit their four children; they are scattered from New York to Alabama. They also have taken several trips/cruises. etc. Locally their favorite place is Hilton Head (it is about 4.5 hours away). They have given up going to Europe, because it is too hard a trip. Occasionally he sees classmate Bill Rentz, who also lives in Henry county. He doesn’t know about attending the 60th Reunion in San Diego as his wife has had some health problems recently. Harold C. Pabst, Jr. (halandot@ reports he lives in St Augustine, Florida. His hobbies are RC model boats and stained glass. For vacations they go anyplace but mainly cruises to Caribbean They have traveled to China, Japan, Africa, Europe, Greece, Ireland, etc. He stays in touch with classmates Art Ruberg and Andy Wilkinson, as well as with Bob Hlawek, his friend from early duty assignments in the Air Force. He does not plan to attend our 60th Reunion (2015) in San Diego. He notes that his USNA drag Dorothy and he are still married and going strong approaching 59 years. He also provided a summary of his career since the Academy: n Six years USAF (radar evaluations), 3 years ITT 465L Program, Retired from Grumman Corp. Planning manager A-6 program, Director of Manufacturing Bethpage, Director of Product Development (DARPA Forward Swept Wing) Program Director S-2T Program for Royal Chinese Air Force (upgraded S-2’s to tuboprop and better avionics) n Eldon D. Steele ( reports he lives in Columbia, South

Carolina - a large small town. The house he lives in with his wife is 6500 square feet, mostly built with their own hands. His favorite hobby is playing tennis, which he does almost every day, weather permitting. He also enjoys mountain climbing, but there aren’t any nearby. He is a SCUBA diver and instructor. He currently does Meals on Wheels for the community. For vacations he likes to go to Colorado for the mountains. He and his wife have also toured the European Alps and Everest. At Everest they only got as far as Base Camp due to his wife suffering altitude sickness. He frequently talks to John Gonzalez, Tom State and Ted Parker. He sees George Davis frequently, since he also lives in Columbia. He also very much misses seeing Jimmy Grego, who, along with John Gonzalez, was his USNA wife for three years. He has had a varied career including solar photovoltaic power work for the space program, writing the world’s best management book (looking for a publisher) and spending his 78th year working as an engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan doing design and construction work. Frederic L. Tolleson (ftolleson@ reports he lives at 9610 Burnt Oak Drive, Fairfax Station,Virginia 22039-2630. His hobbies are shooting, reading history and archeology, and tinkering around the house. For vacations each year they go to Sint Maarten for a week and also one big trip to many places like two weeks in Italy, or in Spain and Portugal, or England, and a wonderful riverboat trip from Amsterdam to Vienna, Austria with wife’s sister and husband. He keeps in touch with the Executive Committee, Bob Freeman, Don Kellerman, Dave Reedy, Burt Munger, Pete Eller, Bob Fischer, Rip Wieler, Jimmy Ray (when he is awake) and Tommy Davis. He does plan to attend the 60th Reunion (2015) in San Diego, health permitting.

Sec’y Column Deadlines (send columns to



Mmbr-Serv/Fall ’14 1 July 2014 Sept-Oct ’14 29 July 2014 Nov-Dec ’14 29 September 2014 2014 Shipmate Deadlines to note...

May-June 2014


55•57 CLASS NEWS He further reports: I stay active with the Echo Company 2/7 Chapter of the First Marine Division Association and the Marine Advisors Association. I am also the treasurer of the Divi Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association. I also am involved to a small degree with the Marine Corps University Foundation and the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, along with VFW, American Legion, the Military Officers Association of America, and the U.S. Naval Institute.



CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Col George Mushalko, USAF (Ret.) (15) E:; P: 703-768-4543 SHIPMATE: Dan Garges, USAF (Ret.) (24) P: 301-340-8197; E: SEC’Y: CAPT Doug Hayman, USN (Ret.) (11) P: 410-268-0740: E: WEBMASTER: Bob Keller, USN (Ret.) (12) P: 781-329-5101; E: WEBSITE:

“Deo Fidelis et Patria” Bill Auer (24) - 56-West classmates and wives gathered on April 1st to pay tribute to William C. Auer, who passed away on March 19th. The memorial service was held at EL Camino Chapel in San Diego. Jim Murtland was among those giving eulogies, keying on their shared Marine Corps experiences as well as more recent good times with 56-W. 56ers attending were Steve Arnold, Jim Brunner, Kathy Bruyere, Bruce Dolph, Fulks, McBrides, Murtlands, Nelsons, Ransoms, Scovels, Textors and Thomases. Semper Fi, Willie! Allen E. Reed, Jr (05) – The beloved husband of Ellen (Gross) Reed, passed away peacefully on March 31, 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer. Upon graduation he served 4 years as a U.S. Naval Aviator and spent 16 more years in the U.S. Naval Air Reserve, retiring as a Lt. Commander. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, a daughter, grandson and granddaughter. Charles Winston Lewin, 49, son of Ted and Jan Lewin (04), passed away suddenly on March 27 in Alexandria, Virginia. Charlie loved his career of coordinating the work of stage hands in arranging lighting, etc. for the Kennedy Center, Washington National Opera, Nissan Pavilion. Bob Arrigan (10): Classmates who did not graduate often refer with pride that they attended the Naval Academy. Their careers and later life often include distinguished accomplishments we don’t hear about. Dan Sullivan wants to remedy



that for the late Honorable R. F. Arrigan, Chief Justice of the Rhode Island State Worker’s Compensation Court, Knights of Malta and member of the LaSalle Academy Hall of Fame. In his law career Bob was largely responsible for the establishment of a special court which attempts to bring help to injured citizens providing prompt, just settlements. The city of Providence’s need for community service for the physical and spiritual needs of people led to his Investiture as a Knight of Malta which is the oldest charitable institution in the world, devoting itself to humanitarian assistance fighting against disease, poverty, social isolation and intolerance. We came to the Academy to become leaders for national service. Some returned home and performed exceptionally well locally. Bob Arrigan, 10th Company, former shipmate and friend, is one of those that we can be proud of. Bernard “Ben” William Boshoven (16) passed away at age 79 on February 16, 2014, after suffering a massive heart attack. Upon graduation he married his high school sweetheart, Ruth Riddering, and began his career as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. Over the next 27 years, he logged more than 4300 flight hours, including 178 combat missions in Southeast Asia in his F-100 Super Sabre and also flew the A-7. Ben is survived by his three sons; nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Pete Peterson (20) Marries: Wedding bells were ringing on February 15 when Pete Peterson was wed to Ms. Robyn Fisher in Melbourne Beach, FL, a native of Sydney, Australia. Pete and Robyn have been friends for over 15 years. Close to 200 friends and relatives crowded the small church and Robyn’s home to celebrate the union. Classmates included Merle and Tom Schwartz (04), Mary and Hal Moore (14), Jan and Hal Neuhard (12), Carol and Alex Morris (02), Mary Ann and Jim Eri (24) and Swede Hansen (10). After a short visit to Honduras, they will reside in Melbourne Beach until mid-May when they will spend an extended vacation in Australia visiting Robyn’s family and the outback. Brave Warriors, Humble Heroes A Vietnam War Story: A book written by Marge Hansen, wife of Charlie Hansen (13), and together they give us a small but special piece of history told in different ways. A dramatic story that plays out during DEFCON 2 — Cuban Missile Crisis, “house arrest” and interrogation in a dark, dirty room at an airport in South

Vietnam; an armed jeep convoy deep in the jungles of Thailand on the Laotian border 235 miles from Hanoi where their fate was sealed. Class of ’56 is Unique: Dan Sullivan (10) wants to brag “with accuracy” about how tough it was when we were midshipmen! After some research, he learned that we were the smallest graduating class after WWII according to the USNA Institutional Research Office. We had an exceptionally large attrition rate at 35.6% for the 50s and early 60s era. Much of this attrition was done voluntary during plebe summer when the GI Bill was re-instituted! Yes, we lost 121 (about 12 %) quickly. Dan established this fact by counting heads of plebe pictures in the ’53 yearbook. From the beginning of 4/c academic year through graduation, we lost 27% for all sorts of causes, but still well above the typical rate for the times. The small size of our class could be explained because of the low birth rate during the Depression Era. This might have had some significance but there is not enough data to pin it down. However, looking at Pete Fitzwilliams’ Fiftieth Reunion Book statistics, helped establish an accurate perspective. Even though we did have the highest voluntary attrition rate in modern times, the numbers show that a tough standard could still be applied. The real test was that the Class of 56 produced the “hoped-for” number of flag officers for the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. We can be proud of our class and the obstacles it overcame. It’s OK to brag when you can back it up! Thanks Dan for this interesting report.



PRES: CAPT William H. Peerenboom, USN (Ret.) SEC’Y: LCDR P. O. Behrends, USN (Ret.) 143-A East Lake Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403 E: CORR SEC’Y: CAPT F.N. Howe Jr., USN (Ret.) 1 Walter Cir., Fredericksburg,VA 22405-2363 E: WEBMIESTER: CDR C. R. Hall, III, USN (Ret.) E: WEBSITE: http//

David Jon Stiller (23) passed away after a brief illness at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital in Fountain Valley, CA on 9 March. Dave is survived by two brothers and sons Eric and Braden. Lieutenant Rene Robert Cavalier LaSalle, USN (Ret.) (07) died at home in Camarillo, CA of Alzheimer’s Dementia on 10 April. Bear was survived by daughter Laura and son David.

calendar year. As a consequence there are likely to be reports of lots of big parties and really big b-day cakes before we get to the end of the line - which finishes up ’14, incidentally, with Dave North and Dick Vossellor on New Year’s eve. Among the recent celebrants who have reported in was Sandra Smith (Earle’s bride) who had the following report: ’57: At the big game in SLOtown

’57: 8-0 On the Big Island

Apparently the good folks who put this slick document in your mailbox 8 times a year were so overwhelmed with the visages included in the photo of the attendees at Ginny and Brad Parkinson’s annual A-N game clambake that about half of them ended up on the cutting room floor. Undaunted, and some time after the actual event, herewith the complete photo which features (l. to r.) Joe and Sharon Boyajian, Bob and Mary Christenson, Brad and Ginny, Barbara and Ted Almstedt, and Jose Olivera and Don Rowland (both USMA). By the way: Beat Army! Last month we featured a brief look back at our leading Lucky Bag staffers and their meeting in ought-57 to deliver a copy of that epic work to President Eisenhower. In the process of pulling that story together we were fortunate to receive a much bigger story - and here it is, from Dave McGuigan: n Kosh and I were honored this past summer, June 27, 2013, to witness the induction of two of our grandsons, Anlon McGuigan and Brant McGuigan, into the Naval Academy’s Class of 2017. Both entered USNA at 0800 as recent high school graduates (Anlon from Gonzaga Prep in DC, Brant from St. Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia) and by 1800 and their swearing in, they were transformed into Midshipmen. We bid them farewell at 1915 at an evening meal

formation on Stribling Walk beginning their Plebe Summer Routine. We were impressed what a change had occurred in those eleven hours. The Academy hasn’t changed.We are proud that our family’s Navy tradition continues with Anlon and Brant. As an aside, Anlon’s mother is Captain Elizabeth McGuigan, MC, USN, ’85, on active duty at Bethesda, while his father, our son Francis Xavier, is a retired naval orthopedic surgeon, now a Professor of Orthopedics at Georgetown University. Brant is a recruited athlete on Navy’s Lightweight Crew. It looks as though my sea stories and depiction of Academy life didn’t deter Anlon and Brant from trying life in Mother Bancroft on their own. Now, Kosh and I have an opportunity for returning to visit USNA to review old memories and to make new ones. n

The McGuigan Boys - (l. to r.) Anlon, Dave and Brant

On the off-chance that you’ve not counted them up yourself, about 174 Classmates are celebrating the big 8-0 this

n The whole family (us, the adult “kids,” and the grandkids) all met in Hawaii to celebrate Earle’s 80th birthday. There were 10 of us. We all stayed at the Hale Koa Hotel on Waikiki, Oahu. For eight days, the family seemed to live in the water. We enjoyed snorkeling and “boogie boarding.” We drove by the house where we used to live over in Kailua and enjoyed visiting with old shipmates who retired on Oahu. The official photo nearby was taken on 10 January in front of “Gus” the old Banyan tree at the Hale Koa Hotel. Front (l. to r.): Jennifer Bock (daughter); Alayna Bock (granddaughter); Sandra (wife); Earle (the birthday boy); Shannon Longo (daughter) Back: Earle Smith, III (son); Kurtis Bock (son-in-law); Natalie Longo (granddaughter); Anthony Longo (grandson); Paul Longo (son-in-law). n Later on we got the report on John Holt’s big day (31 March) from Ray Fazzio: n John’s daughter, Lisa, and his son-in-law, David, hosted a great party for his 80th birthday at their upscale BUILD Pizzeria Roma Restaurante in Berkeley, CA. Over 30 people participated in the celebration. The Class of 1957 was represented by Tom Marnane, Bill Curry, and Ray Fazzio. Curry came all the way from Hot Springs, AR. He read excerpts from a humorous log of a trip that Holt, Curry, Art Wright and Bob Weiland made in a sailboat, the Bob White, from South East Harbor, ME to USNA during Second Class summer. A wonderful time was had by all. n

(l. to r.) Curry, Fazzio, Holt, Marnane

And while everyone else was wasting time complaining about the crummy, endless May-June 2014


57•58 CLASS NEWS winter the Fishermen were hard at it down in Georgia, showing everyone else how it’s done. Local legend Jimmy Paulk provided the boat and directions to several nearby honey holes and visiting expert Charlie Hall provided a clinic with his fly rod. The bass Charlie boated below weighed in at a whopping nine pounds seven ounces!

Charlie and THE fish

of Staff, and four other Marine Corps Generals. It was a very real pleasure for me, personally, to be able to work on this very meaningful project with Fritz. n The next announcement is from Steve Powers: n I wanted to let all of you know that the small guide book, The D-Day Assault, which I collaborated on, is finally out.You can find it on Amazon, Kobe, Goodreads and at Barnes and Noble in both ebook and a printed versions. Matters were a bit rushed at the end because we wanted it out by the first of the year, in plenty of time before the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. Obviously, we didn’t make it. It’s quite a tour as many of you know, and a sobering one. If you know of anyone who is thinking of traveling to Normandy this summer, give them a heads-up about our guide. n And, in case you’re not going to France, or have nothing much else going on this summer, how about the prospect of moving across country to fill a few idle moments? Well that’s what youngsters HelenAnn and Bob Phillips (until recently of Arlington,VA) are up to, as reported herewith:

The Meat Fishermen

A couple of great new books are available through the skill and industry of several of your Classmates and we’re pretty sure you’d want to know about them straightway. Here are the details directly from the prime-movers, starting with Bob Rositzke: n In December R. H. Rositzke & Associates published the illustrated book One Magnificent Bastard: BGEN William Weise, USMC (Ret.) which is now available at AMAZON in book and Kindle formats. The undertaking was sponsored by our Classmate Fritz Warren with technical assistance from Classmate Bill Hamel. It is the very moving life story of Bill Weise, an incredible warrior and human being. Fritz served as XO to Bill Weise in Vietnam when Bill commanded the 2nd Battalion, Fourth Marines, known as “The Magnificent Bastards” during the bloody battle of Dai-Do. This book has received very positive endorsements from former Senator Jim Webb, General Peter Pace, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs



n Still trying to get settled out here in Santa Fe. The movers seemed to delight in mislabeling the 285 boxes of stuff. The remodeling contractor is finally finished with the main house and we now need to turn our attention to the dilapidated guest house and the non-existent landscaping. Have already had several visitors, though none from ’57 yet. A couple of weeks ago a fellow Pork Chop from ’56 stopped by for a delightful afternoon of catching up on family and old sea stories. It turns out that over our careers we had served together in four different tours which, in retrospect, seems quite unusual. In any event, here is a photo of HelenAnn and me with Barbara and Robert Harmon. n

Home in NM, (l. to r.) Phillips and Harmons

And lastly, from the Coronado organizers, the June reminder of what’s in store for October - a very short four months down the pike:

n Summer is here and our Reunion 57 is not far behind. The folks in San Diego/Coronado are ready (almost) to start the end of summer and the start of a grand time on October 13th. By now you should have your Reunion 57 reservation in the mail and your Coronado Island Marriott Resort reservation confirmed. If you still need a Reunion 57 reservation form, contact our able chairman Dick Madouse or 619-319-5844. The Marriott numbers are 800-627-7468 or directly to the resort at 619-437-3000 to reserve the special reunion rate of $ 169.00 per night. It is never too late to register, but the earlier you let the committee know, the easier is the planning. See you soon. n Soon...indeed. Almost time for packing your socks. If you’re not signed up, this is the day to do it. Carpe Diem. —FNH



PRES: LtCol Gordon M. Gerson, USAF (Ret.) E: CORR SEC’Y: CAPT Bill Schramm, USN (Ret.) 17 Calera Canyon, Salinas, CA 93908 P: 831-484-9058; E: WEBSITE: WEBMASTER: CAPT Fred Victor, USN (Ret.) E:

As I write this I am thinking of the month of June and the many memories associated with that month. In June of 54 we arrived at USNA to begin our adventure, in 55 we embarked on 3/c cruise to experience the real Navy, in 57 we became 1/c Midshipmen, one of the best ranks in the Navy, and in 58 we left the USNA as Officers and Gentlemen. For many of us that June was also important because we wed the loves of our lives. Good memories and each a block in the foundation upon which we built our lives. Ralph Carestia reports from the wilds of PA: Ralph sent in the following report and picture. The date was about the 1st of February and the place was the mountains of Pennsylvania (CS comment: I never knew they had real mountains in Pennsylvania). n “I was informed by my daughter that 10 Midshipmen had rented an apartment at her ski chalet at Blue Knob for the weekend. Her custom is to invite her renters up to her apartment for refreshments and to answer any questions they may have about the mountain. Since I was very interested in talking to them about the changes at the Academy since 1958 I

joined the gathering. I was also very interested to see the quality of the men we now have at Bancroft Hall. Well, we were not disappointed. What has usually been a half hour session with renters turned out to be a 4 hour event with pictures taken, fun conversations and everyone enjoying themselves. The Midshipmen were 1st and 2nd classmen from the 24th Company and they were fine young men.” n

West Point and Annapolis, brothers in arms: I think most of us are aware of the tragic death of Midshipman Will McKamey. He collapsed during football practice on 22 March and died 3 days later. What many of us may not be aware of was that the Army football coach, Jeff Monken, and several football players from the West Point team went to the church services for Midn. McKamey in Knoxville, Tenn. where they were embraced and welcomed by the McKamey family and the Navy coaches and players who were there. Keith Featherson reported on this fine example of the respect Army and Navy have for each other. Keith also commented on his family’s Army-Navy links: n “I am well aware of the tremendous mutual respect that the graduates of the U.S. Military Academies have for each other, especially West Point and the Naval Academy. I have several relatives that went to West Point and Annapolis. My father graduated from the Naval Academy, my oldest brother went to West Point and my two other brothers and I went to Annapolis. One of my uncles went to West Point and the other to Annapolis. My father went into the Marines after graduation, but later transferred to the Army where he served for 30 years. West Pointers have always treated Naval Academy grads as though they were special and the Navy guys do the same. In my opinion it is like an Army-Navy Club or a mutual admiration society.” n

Well said Keith. A status report from Stan Bump Stan is dealing with ALS, which is also called the Lou Gehrig disease, and sent the following note on how he is doing:

home. The picture below shows Don and Pat flying the class flag at Port Stanley in the Falklands, another stop on their trip.

n “My health continues to deteriorate slowly, but I manage to stay pretty active. I am pretty weak in the arms and legs and I get around with the use of a walker and mobile wheelchair. Sometimes I need to have supplemental oxygen to keep the oxygen level up.We take it one day at a time.Who ever said growing old is fun?” n You have that right Stan. If you want to contact Stan his email address is: and the mailing address is: 100 Timber Ridge Way NW, Unit 2108, Issaquah, WA 98027 12th Company Heritage Bud Manazir passed on the picture below of his son RADM Michael Manazir, USNA 81 (on the left) and Capt. Michael Wettlaufer, the nephew of Walt Mitchell (on the right). RADM Manazir is the Director Air Warfare (OPNAV N98) and Capt. Wettlaufer if the Commanding Officer of USS John C. Stennis, CVN74. They are both F/A-18 pilots and have known each other since childhood. The picture was taken last fall when they both were serving on the Deep Draft Command Selection Board. Both Bud and Walt should be very proud.

What are the penguins thinking? For the 2nd time in just a couple of months one of our Classmates has travelled to the “end of the world” and flown the “58 is Great” flag. This time it was Don Carty and his wife Pat. They went on a cruise from Buenas Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile in February with 7 stops en-route. One of the stops was at Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina which is the southernmost part of South America. For those who have forgotten their Spanish, Tierra Del Fuego means “land of fire” which is a strange name for a place known for wild weather and cold temperatures, but as Don pointed out, the weather was wilder and colder back

Links in the chain that bind us Check out the Class of 59 column in this issue for an interesting story about Keith and Dianne Featherson, 58 getting together with Kent and Marilyn Bromwell, 59. Gone, but never forgotten I am saddened to report on the recent passings of several of our Classmates and spouses: Leo Therrien 24th, died on 16 February 2014 in New London. Helen Weisner Meurer, the wife of Phil Meurer 10th, died on 16 February 2014 in Gainesville. George Brenner 1st, died on 20 February 2014. Richard Stout died on 17 February, 2014. Howard Hall, 11th, died on 25 March 2014. Obituaries of those who were Alumni will appear, if available, in the Last Call section of Shipmate. Information on the passings of all Classmates, including those who did not graduate, and spouses of Classmates can be found on the Class of 1958 web site. Remember, however, that someone has to tell the Alumni Association or one of our Class officers when there is a passing. It is always helpful for our loved ones if we plan ahead and leave instructions and/or a draft obituary for our next of kin. If you want some advice on what to do in this regard contact your Company Representative (they are listed on our Class web site) or contact me (contact information listed on the column masthead).

UPDATE YOUR PROFILE Log into Online Community at to update your profile when you visit. May-June 2014





PRES: VADM Francis R. Donovan, USN (Ret.) CHAIRMAN EXEC. COMMITTEE: Gerald G. Garbacz E: SEC’Y: CAPT Charles C. Pease, USN (Ret.) 20510 Falcons Landing Circle, Apt. 1404 Potomac Falls,VA 20165-7596 P: 703-549-4285; E: WEBSITE: WEBMASTER: Dave Sullivan E:

Use of Facebook, LinkedIn, or other new social media As your Class Secretary, I have decided to forswear use of Facebook, LinkedIn, texting, or any other new social media. By using, you increase the probability that I will receive your message. My practice has been to check that email account first thing every day unless I am on travel. I have been “on travel” for the past six weeks as we moved to our new home, and my computer was hacked, so I may have missed your message. I am in process of reviewing all my recent email. If you sent me email and did not get a receipt or response, please send it again. Reporting Illness or Death of a Classmate or His Spouse If you become aware of a death or serious illness of a Classmate or his spouse, please send your email directly to both Dave Sullivan and to me, and to your Company Representative. Dave has DIRLAUTH from me to broadcast these messages without waiting for my OK, to increase the probability that all Classmates receive timely notice. If you do not have a current Email address for your Company Representative, please send us a message so we can put you in contact. Obituaries for Classmates are submitted to the Shipmate Obituary Editor for publishing in the Last Call Column in Shipmate. Submissions are normally coordinated by the Company Representative for our deceased Classmates.The Last Call Column in Shipmate is reserved for Alumni. I use the Class Column to include obituaries of spouses. Please send spouse obituaries to me at classsec1959@ and Cc: to Dave Sullivan at: Change of Email and Snail Mail Address for Class Correspondence Note my new Snail Mail Address Above. If you have not provided your current Email address and Snail Mail Address to Dave Sullivan, please send your current



addresses to him at: We are in the process of updating our address list so we can communicate with you for the 55th Class of 1959 Reunion. Many of us are in the process of moving to new residences. Please let us know when you move. And also, please update your Registration data on the Alumni Association Web Site. 55th Reunion Planning The Class of 1959 55th Reunion will be held on a football weekend (September19 -21, 2014) with Navy playing Rutgers. You should have received the first snail mail announcement from the USNA Alumni Association with the current status of planning for our 55th reunion. A second snail mailing was sent last month. That second mailing focused on the two tasks for you at this time: 1. Make your hotel reservations directly with one of the three participating Annapolis hotels, and 2. Purchase football game tickets by contacting the NAAA. That second snail mailing did not reach some of you, because of errors in stuffing the envelopes. If you received an empty snail mail envelope, or did not receive this second mailing send us an email or contact your Company Representative so we can send you a copy. Do you know a non-graduate classmate who might enjoy the 55th??? Have you contacted them? Good Times: Dianne Featherston (USNA Class of 1958) Reports I would like to tell you about my two wonderful friends, Kent Bromwell (USNA Class of 1959) and his lovely wife, Marilyn. We were nurses at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan in the 1960’s. A month ago, Marilyn and Kent invited my husband, Keith Featherston (USNA Class of 1958) and I to join them for a short vacation in Newport Beach, California.We acted like we were twenty years younger. Here we are at the Beachcomber having a Super Time:

Kent & Marilyn Bromwell (59) Keith & Dianne Featherston (58)

Good Times: Dennis Read (10) Dennis (Jake) Read) brought his son, Drew, to Annapolis for a tour of the yard and to share sea stories with Betsy and Charlie Dobbs (10), and Suzi and Charlie Pease (10). We spent an evening recalling how the Brigade worked and played when we were Midshipmen. Good Times: Mike Willen (6) Reports: My wife, Sharon, has written a book about our experiences with successfully overcoming her liver disease. Her book, “Not Done Yet”, is now published and available on Amazon. Good Times:Vince Obsitnik (3) visits Florida In February, Annemarie and I headed down to Naples, FL for a couple weeks to see friends and for me to run a HalfMarathon. Along the way, we stopped in to visit with Bill and Joyce Clautice (3). The pic shows us having dinner in Coco Beach, Fl. Bill and Joyce also had a cocktail party for us and Wayne and Carol Lockwood (3 ), coming up from Vero Beach, delighted us with their presence,. I managed to earn a “trophy” for winning my age group. 13.1 miles; 2H56M. I think I was the only one in my age group!!! Rise and Shine!!!”

Annemarie & Vince, Joyce & Bill

Binnacle List: Frank Donovan (13) Our Class President, Frank Donovan, had been encountering significant medical problems with movements for the past several months, and, after meeting with medical experts, received a preliminary diagnosis of ALS. Approximately a month ago, Frank experienced major difficulties breathing and entered Bethesda’s IPU, where he was placed on a ventilator. (Class Secretary Update: Frank Donovan passed away in the early hours of 4 May. Look for the Remembrance and obit in the July August issue.) In Remembrance: Douglas Volgenau (8) Rear Admiral Douglas Volgenau, 76, succumbed on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, as a result of complications associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Disease. We expect a full obituary to be found in the Last Call section of this or a future Shipmate edition.

In Remembrance:Theodore Poole Crane, Jr. Ted Crane was appointed to USNA from Alabama, and entered with the majority of the Class of 1959 on June 27, 1955. He resigned voluntarily in November, 1955. Ted passed away peacefully on February 23, 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama. Dennis (Jake) Read (10) represented the Class of 1959 at the memorial service on 28 February. The widow, Barbara, and her son, Ted, were very pleased and appreciated the fact that the Class of 1959 was represented there. In Remembrance: Richard Manuola Dagampat (12) Richard (Dick) Dagampat 79, of Hacienda Heights, California, passed away on April 1, 2014. He had an illustrious athletic career, including captain of the 1958 U.S. Naval Academy football team, 1958 Boy’s Life Magazine College Football All-America and 1957 Cotton Bowl champion. We expect a full obituary to be included in the Last Call section of this or a future Shipmate edition. Finished Bucket List: Chuck Humes n Last April I went to the Eastern Med and in November I went to PNG. Got kicked off the plane in Rabaul so had an extra day while the paper work was being straightened out. My legs really went downhill between the trips; ie walker with wheels is now helpful. They called me in to the office at work and was told that I could not cut it anymore. I worked out a deal, 16 hours a week and then I can keep my medical and one share of stock every two weeks. Chuck Humes n Rise and Shine to All of 59! —Charlie



PRES: John J. Michalski 2039 Homewood Rd., Annapolis, MD 20409 P: 410-757-6429; E: SEC’Y: Bill Lewis 14312 Cove Ridge Pl., Midlothian,VA 23112-4337 P: 804-744-8808; E: WEBSITE:

55th Reunion From The Class President: n “It’s hard to believe that 55 years have gone by since we graduated from the Naval Academy. A lot has transpired in world events that has affected our lives. This reunion will be unlike other reunions. It has been planned for Spring time (April 23-26, 2015). The number of overall events have been trimmed back (e.g.,no football game or tailgate parties),

while the “centerpiece events” (e.g. the Reception, Memorial Service, Superintendent’s Briefing-Class Meeting, Company/Batt Parties & the Banquet) have been retained. These events are the ones that are the most meaningful to all of the our classmates. One of our goals is to ensure that maximum time is available to spend with old friends and to maximize interactions and camaraderie within small groups of individuals, company/battalion mates, and shipmates. The Weston Hotel in Annapolis (100 Westgate Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401, has been selected as our Headquarters for the 55th. It is the newest and regarded as the one of the best hotel facilities in Annapolis. A large area is available for our Thurs. Reception and Sat. evening informal Banquet. Alternate hotels in the area are being evaluated by the Reunion Committee and the information will be posted at a later date via e-mail, & included on the AA & Class Websites. The Class Website ( will be updated on or about 1 May. The key events planned include a Welcome Reception at the Westin Hotel on Thursday evening, Apr. 23rd. Friday’s events include a Memorial Service at the Chapel in the morning, the Superintendent’s Briefing/AA Welcome & Class Meeting in the afternoon, with Company/Battalion Parties planned for the evening. Saturday evening will include the Class of 60’s Banquet at the Westin Hotel. As you can see, there will be ample time to renew old friendships and arrange personal activities at a much more leisurely pace. We want to make this reunion a special one for you to remember from the personal perspective. A preliminary schedule of events (SOE) is attached below. The final SOE will be updated to include both events in the Yard and in Annapolis. It will be distributed by the Alumni Association as a mailer in June 2014. The information will also be included on our Class Website ( For right now, two things must be initiated by you, if you are planning on attending our 55th. First, you must make a room reservation. Second, you need to update your contact information with the Alumni Association AND with the Class Secretary, Bill Lewis.You will be notified when the Alumni Assoc. Website ( is ready to receive your registration information. At that time, you will need to initiate

your third and final action, i.e., register for the Reunion and make your payment using the instructions contained on the AA Website . As noted above, registration for our 55th Reunion is a separate action from the hotel reservation and will be done at a later date. The Reunion Registration and Payment Plan will use the Alumni Association’s system (similar to that used for our 50th Reunion). Payment is limited to credit card transactions only. Instructions for the Reunion Registration and payment will be provided via information provided on the AA & Class Websites, a separate e-mail and a letter mailing from the Alumni Association. In order to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to make a room reservation, the Westin will begin accepting reservations at 0800 EST on Thursday, 1 May. Reservations may be made by telephone (1-888-627-8994) or via their online website at the following address: GroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=131 1184148&key=D6C0D Note:You may have to cut and paste the address into your browser to make the connection. The Reunion Committee has worked to structure our 55th to include the Thursday Reception thorough the Saturday Evening Banquet as a full “Package Deal.” The registration fees reflect that premise. Our negotiated room rate is $179.00/night plus a valet parking fee of $15.00/night. The Westin Parking Facility is operated by the City of Annapolis. The Westin has no on-site parking lot and almost no on-street parking. A one night advanced deposit will be required at the time of booking to secure a room in the group block.Your credit card will be charged but will be refunded if your reservation is canceled before March 23, 2015 (30 days in advance of the reunion). If you cancel your reservation after March 23rd, your deposit will be forfeited. n From Dave Schnegelberger (16): n Bill, here’s two photos of company mates: Jim Fitzgerald (16), Buz Ausley (16) and Al Whitaker (16) at my place in Hobe Sound, FL. We had great visits and avoided the cold. Thanks, Dave Schnegelberger. n Support the Annual Fund. Visit and click Give Online.


May-June 2014



Fitzgerald, Ausley & Schnegelberger Three generations - Larry with Son-in-Law Mark Goulart and Grandson Ryan Goulart

Fitzgerald, Schnegelberger & Whitaker

From Larry Ryan (5): n “Hi Bill – Reporting from the Northwest in connection with my annual 200 mile run in the Hood to Coast Relay. Starting at Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, running west through Portland and eventually finishing on the beach in Seaside OR. After running and participating in this journey for the past 14 years, it was decided to make this run a festive Family affair. Relatives arrived from RI,VA and CO to round out our team of 12.This Included my Brother, Pat Ryan (Retired USAF COL.), Son-in-Law, Mark Goulart (presently a principal with Deloitte), Grandson, Ryan Goulart (17 and a USNA Candidate class 2018), Niece, Cinnamon Ryan and myself. Statistically, we came in a little over 30 hours - finishing in the upper half of the lower quarter (just a nice way of describing it) among the 1200 plus teams. As they say - we didn’t win or run away with trophies - but we did medal and had a lot of fun setting many personal records. Larry n

Larry flanked by Son-in-law and Grandson (on right). Brother Pat and Niece (on left)

From Ed Clexton (10): From an article from the local paper concerning Mary Jane and Ray Taylor (14): n “This year’s event included a rare Civic Inspiration Award, created ten years ago and only awarded three times. It was presented posthumously to Admiral Ray Taylor (14) and his wife Mary Jane, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mary Jane and Ray were heavily involved with numerous local committees and organizations. Ray was a regional transportation advocate and President of the World Affairs Council. He was named Hampton Roads Regionalist of the year in 2010 and Military Vision Leader in 2011. Mary Jane was Beach Civic Council’s 2008 Volunteer of the Year, President of the Lake Smith Terrace Garden Club, and devoted to the civic league.” n



PRES: RADM Jerome F. Smith Jr., USN (Ret.) CORR SEC’Y: CAPT Bob Denis, USN (Ret.) 3124 Windy Branch Dr.,Toano,VA 23168 P: 757-250-3115 E: or WEBMASTER: Howard Winfree E: WEBSITE:

Greetings once again classmates.Time for another report on our various classmates’ activities. Once again, another USNA class has departed the shores of the Severn bound for their various services and duty stations worldwide and we await the arrival of the Class of 2018 (hard to believe).

Larry Ryan



We recently learned of the passing of Patricia Hoernemann, wife of Mike Hoernemann (24) on 3 December 2013 after a long period of declining health. She & Mike were married for 50 years. Mike noted that Patricia had devoted much of their married life to caring for their autistic son,Timothy, who had died 2 years earlier at age 45.The class offers its deepest sympathy to Mike on this sad occasion. The class also extends its deepest sympathy to Jim Flynn (20) on the passing of wife Linda on 10 April from complications due to COPD. Class President Jerry Smith (8) passed along via Howie Winfree (3), the following request regarding a research project being conducted regarding Lieutenant Colonel William Groom Leftwich, Jr. USMC. Some of us will remember that then Major Leftwich was a Company Officer while we were attending the Academy and subsequently was KIA in a helicopter crash in Vietnam while attempting to extract a Marine Recon team. Here’s a synopsis message that Jerry had distributed via the Company reps: n From: William McLaughlin Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Preston McLaughlin, I am a Marine Veteran that lives in the Arlington,VA area. I am a trained Historian with an MA in American History from George Mason University. I have previously taught on Faculty at Amphibious Warfare School, MCU from 1996-1999 and at The Citadel from 20102012. I am starting a historical research and writing project to create a biographical sketch of the late Lieutenant Colonel William Groom Leftwich, Jr. USMC, a distinguished combat leader and veteran of the Vietnam War. The Marine Corps’ Leftwich Trophy for Outstanding Leadership is named in his honor. I would like to contact veterans who served with him in Vietnam and at the US Naval Academy. LTCOL. William G. Leftwich, Jr. was a member of the Class of 1953 and was the Brigade Commander. He was commended at graduation for his outstanding leadership. He was also a member of the USNA staff in 1957-59 and was a Company Officer as well as a Varsity Tennis and Varsity Football Coach. Mr. H. Ross Perot is a USNA classmate of LTCOL. Leftwich and supported the establishment of the Leftwich Trophy for Outstanding Leadership as well as a statue

at the USMC Basic School in Quantico, VA. The USNA Armel-Leftwich Visitors Center is named after LtCol. Leftwich. Lieutenant Colonel William Groom Leftwich, Jr., USMC: “Historical research is underway to compose a biographical sketch of LTCOL. William G. Leftwich, Jr. USMC, an Annapolis graduate and the Commanding Officer of 1st Recon Battalion killed in a tragic Helicopter crash in Vietnam while extracting a Recon Team in contact. He was so admired by his Marines that the Marine Corps has named its outstanding leadership award for Company Grade officers in his memory.Veterans who served with LTCOL Leftwich during his Marine Corps service or at the USNA, are encouraged to contact the researcher, Col. Wm Preston McLaughlin, USMC (Ret.) at cell: (757) 746-0299 or via email at and US mail at 231 N. Abingdon ST., Arlington,VA. 22203.” n

Annual Reunion in Tampa FL this coming September. This role has great historical significance for John as some of you and in particular his 5th Company classmates know that John’s father (Class of 1934) was KIA at Iwo Jima while commanding the 1st Battalion, 27th Regiment of the 5th Marines. The photo, on the front page of the official “Spearhead News” of the 5th Marine Division Association shows John & Kathy Butler.

Now to: People Stuff Dan Schroeder (3) has the following: Greetings from Key West. Bob Pelott (2) and his bride, Barbara Law, paid us a visit while they were on a cruise. Had a great lunch with them and got caught up on their ‘nooz’. It was really good to see them and we look forward to seeing them again on the class cruise to the Black Sea. The picture shows us enjoying the lovely weather.

Paul, the backseat driver

(L-R): Barbara, Bob, Karen & Dan

John & Kathleen Butler

Dick Ardavany (8) passed along the following information regarding John Butler (5). John was recently elected President of the USMC 5th Marine Division Association. He will be responsible for planning the Association’s 65th

Paul Lang (19) has this: n The attached picture is from Debbie’s and my recent trip to Israel. We were accompanied by her cousins who had never been before. For the record, we felt completely safe there at all times (more so than at home). Our trip was an educational tour from March 3 through 14.We added two extra days in Tel Aviv to relax and visit with some very old Israeli friends. The tour included Tel Aviv (a world class cultural and commercial city), Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Golan Heights and Masada. One of the many highlights was a jeep trip to the Golan Heights (very close to the Syrian border). Our driver was a former member of a maritime unit of the Israeli Army (the equivalent of a Marine) who had also been a special operator and an agent of Shin Bet, which is somewhere between our FBI and CIA. He had been posted to Moscow for various unspoken reasons. We were also at the Lebanese border and interacted with young Israeli soldiers. Our friend, who is a retired reserve brigadier general (he fought in every Israeli war except the 1948 war of Independence), took Debbie, me and Debbie’s cousin and husband on a private tour of the memorial to the victims of 9-11 and to two memorials to actions in the Six Day War in which our friend fought. The entire trip was inspirational, educational and just plain fun. The thing to remember is that, contrary to popular

belief, Israel does not have the atmosphere of an armed camp. While there are security guards at most public places, including hotels, the people are open and friendly. We felt completely safe other than when we were crossing the street. Israeli drivers are somewhat reminiscent of those in Mexico, Italy and Boston. n Your C.S. received the following email from Professor Frank Gomba, a retired chemistry professor at the Academy who taught some of us as plebes during the 1957-58 academic year: He writes: n While I taught chemistry at the Naval Academy, I always asked my mids (and your class was my first graduating plebe class) to save covers from all your ships as a memento of your naval career. I doubt if many of you took me up on that. One of your classmates, Captain Fred Triggs (19) who skippered a ship was one past mid that I provided with a cover from his ship. I would like to hear from any of your ’61 classmates who would like to obtain covers from their past ships. I have access to many sources and if I cannot get you a cover, then I can get you directed to the possible source.You may send me your list of ships to or by USPS mail to 305 Holland Rd, Severna Park, Md. 21146-3623.Thank you. n Finally, Dan Schroeder has another quaint Key West tradition to report: n you have your marathons, half marathons and 10ks but only Key West has a ‘no k’ run...all 655 feet of it. It goes across Cow Key Channel Bridge...the shortest in the keys...and ends in a bar! The training was hard but all of us at Boca Chica NAS finished in fine fashion! Note, by pure chance the bib number came up ’61. Go figure…n

Dan in his Cow Key marathon attire

Until next time: GET IT DONE WITH ’61 May-June 2014



Mark Your Calendars

Hotel Reservations accepted starting 1 May Tel: 1-888-627-8994, Ask for Class of 1960 Block of rooms or use the Westin Website:





PRES: CDR Walter F. Welham Jr., USN (Ret.) P: 703-323-6604; E: SEC’Y: CDR Howard S. Pinskey, USNR (Ret.) P.O. Box 3380, Annapolis, MD 21403-3326 P: 410-974-1962; E: WEBSITE:

Greetings from Annapolis, Ah yes, the end of June. As the class of 2018 looks forward to their I-Day ceremony shortly, I vividly remember our induction date of 30 June 1958 – 56 years ago. The great journey of the class of 1962 formally began that day and we are still on the road enjoying our lives and our families, friends and endeavors and taking all the best this world has to offer. Good luck to all of us. Now our class news for this May-June issue of SHIPMATE. Distinguished Graduate Award The class of 1962 was greatly honored to have our Doctor, Admiral, Dean, BILL MILLER selected as a DGA this year. More than 40 classmates and wives attended the ceremony along with the entire brigade and guests in Alumni Hall in late March 2014. BILL’s award marks our fourth classmate to be so honored by the Academy and the Alumni Association. JOHN RIPLEY, SNUFFY SMITH and CORBIN McNEIL preceded him with this award. Below is BILL’s impressive biography from the official program. The leadership, vision and integrity of Rear Admiral BILL MILLER, former Academic Dean and Provost, contributed measurably to the United States Naval Academy’s transition into the 21st century. His 12 years as Dean helped produce a new generation of Navy and Marine Corps officers who are better educated, better trained and better equipped to serve. Graduating into top 10 of the class of 1962, MILLER later earned his Master of Science and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering at Stanford University. Navy career highlights include tours as Commanding Officer of the frigate McCloy (FF-1038) and the destroyer CUSHING (DD-985); Director Undersea and Strategic Warfare and Nuclear Development and Commanding Officer, Naval Research Laboratory. MILLER’s final uniformed assignment was as Chief of Naval Research. He retired from active duty in 1993. As a civilian, he served as Associate Provost and Professor of Engineering at West Virginia University before being selected in 1997 as Academic Dean and

Provost at the Naval Academy, the first alumnus to do so. In that position, MILLER instituted studies then lacking in the curriculum, such as language instruction in Arabic and Chinese, and introduced five new academic majors including computer engineering, information technology and quantitative economics. His efforts proved prescient in reflecting the Navy’s future needs and led to the Academy’s recognition as one of the nations leading undergraduate engineering schools. The more than 10,000 junior officers who graduated from the Naval Academy on Dean MILLER’s watch continue to provide testament to his focused efforts to make the Academy a stronger, more forward looking institution. MILLER also partnered with the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation to raise more that $50 million in philanthropic support for academic programs and worked closely with the director of athletics to significantly improve varsity athlete graduation rates. His military commendations include the Navy Distinguished Service Medal and four Legion of Merit decorations. In addition, his civilian awards include the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Award, the highest civilian awards given by both services. He has been designated Naval Academy Academic Dean and Provost Emeritus by the Secretary of the Navy. MILLER and his wife Barbara are the parents, grandparents and parents-in-law of Naval Academy graduates. They live in the greater Annapolis are. Congratulations to BILL and the entire MILLER family on this Distinguished Graduate Award.

Whenever two or three shall meet! JEFF SEARCY tells us that he and his wife Miriam spent a week at the palatial winter home of former roommate Dan Dunn and his wife Kathy. They reside in the beautiful Bonita Bay development in Bonita Springs, Florida. While there they attended a spring training baseball game, played golf (note: Dan is a “player”), got a tour of the Everglades and just enjoyed great weather and even greater hospitality.

ANDY ZAGAYKO writes that he is a volunteer docent at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond. On Saturday, March 15, we had a K-9 Veterans event at the Memorial with many rescue and military dogs demonstrating their skills. The Commissioner of Veterans Services for the State of Virginia, PAUL GALANTI, attended and decided that a picture of two old plebe company mates was in order. Here we stand in front of the PAUL and Phyllis GALANTI Education Center at the Memorial (see View.aspx?page=thememorial/galantictr), PAUL (“Whoppo”) looking like he was ready to climb in the cockpit once more. Me, not so much. Photo credit to the Virginia War Memorial.

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62•63 CLASS NEWS An interesting story from VIC DEWEY in another country. n My wife, Barbara and I made a trip to Germany last month which might be of interest to our classmates. In late February, Barbara and I were invited by ZWR German Public Television to come to Germany to participate in the filming of a special episode of the TV show, “Ich Trage einen grossen Namen” (I Bear a Famous Name).The show is apparently very popular for it has been on for the past 35 years. For this episode the famous person was Charles Goodyear, the American who invented the vulcanization process for rubber.The shows include an ancestor of the famous person and that happened to be me for I am a great-great grandson of Charles Goodyear.The show opened with a three-person panel of popular journalists trying to guess the identity of the famous person by asking questions. I was equipped with a small ear microphone so I could hear the questions sent to me by an instantaneous translator. After many questions, with a few hints, they finally succeeded in naming Charles Goodyear. The narrator then asked me questions about the life of Charles Goodyear. And the Germans know how to put on a feast, for after the recording we all assembled at a local restaurant for wine and delicious food. Barbara and I spent two days in Baden-Baden, where the filming was recorded. The actual show was aired on German TV on 31 March. I am waiting for a DVD of the actual program. We then went to Heidelberg where we spent a week touring museums and castles. It was a great and wonderful experience. n IN MEMORIAM It is with great sadness that I inform the class of the passing of four classmates and the prominent wife of another this month. Classmates and friends - CARL NARDONE, NORM EMERSON,

JERRY POPP and Phyllis GALANTI, wife of our classmate PAUL. CARL MARDONE died on March 19, 2014 of a heart attack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was beloved husband of Rosemary (nee Gregg), dear father of Carl W., Gregg J. (Emily) of Wellesley, MA and the late Paul G. Nardone; cherished grandfather of Lulu and Paul; loving brother of Rosemarie Fallon and the late Ann Montanti; fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. CARL was a longtime investment advisor for Merrill Lynch. In lieu of flowers, contributions suggested to the Paul G. Nardone Scholarship Fund, c/o St. Ignatius High School, 1911 W. 30th St. Cleveland, OH 44113. NORMAN PERRY EMERSON, 73, of Kennewick, passed away on March 28, 2014 at Kadiec Regional Medical Center. He was born on December 5, 1940 in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of 17, NORM entered the US Naval Academy and graduated in 1962. He was proud of his accomplishments while serving in the Navy. His personal awards include: Legion of Merit; Meritorious Service Medal with two Gold Stars; Navy Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Medal; Navy “E” Ribbon with two “E” Devices. He was proud of his children’s births and grandchildren’s births as well. He was also proud of the college graduations of Sevan and Norman as well as Michael’s graduation from the University of Paris Island (Marine Corps Basic Training). NORM in his civic role loved helping others through substance abuse counseling. He is survived by his wife, Mary Ann; sisters, Cathy and Sara; brother, Gordon; daughters, Kathleen (David) and Sevan (Chris); sons, Norman, Jr. and Michael (Lanelle). He is also survived by his grandchildren, Connor, Anthony, McKenzie, Steven, Jack, Mairin, Alexander, Michael, Jr. and Samuel. Express your thought and memo-

ries in the online Guest Book at ARVEL J. “JERRY” POPP of the Rarity Bay Community,Vonore,TN., passed away on March 31, 2014 at UT Medical Center. Jerry was a member of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Lenoir City,TN. He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy. As a retiree of the US Navy, JERRY was a member of the USNA Alumni Association, avid gardener and golfer. He was receded in death by his sister, Charlotte Lucas and his parents. Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Mary Popp; children Patty Smoak, Beth Creech (Steve), Charles Popp and Nicholas Popp (Megan) and 15 grandchildren. Military honors were be conferred by the Loudon County Veteran Honor Guard. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to US Naval Academy Foundation – USNAF Gift Processing, 291 Woods Road, Annapolis, MD 21402. JERRY was inurned at the Naval Academy Columbarium on April 28, 2014. JOHN NELSON STAFFORD, a non grad classmate, passed away on June 29, 2011. He died of cancer and his last known address was in Laurel, Maryland. Phyllis Galanti, wife of our POW classmate PAUL, died on April 23, 2014 after having complications from the treatment for leukemia. Her bio and her role in efforts to secure the release of Vietnam era POW’s will appear in next month’s column. The class extends its deepest sympathies to the NARDONE, EMERSON, POPP, STAFFORD and GALANTI families and friends. That’s our class news for this issue of SHIPMATE. Summertime is a great time for travel, to show the ’62 flag and to take pictures. Please send in your input of stories and photos by any and all means possible.Your classmates can’t wait to hear form you. Keep in touch. Until next time…



PRES: CAPT W. Spencer Johnson IV, USN (Ret.) SEC’Y: Michael H. Shelley 164 Sweetwater Ln., Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 P: 828-862-4245; E: WEBSITE:

’62: Attendees on “Ich Trage Einen Grossen Namen” (I Bear a Famous Name)



I am sorry to begin this month’s news by telling you of the loss of four members of our ’63 family. Our classmate Joseph Lederhaas passed away due to congestive heart failure on 3 April. His obituary can be

seen in the Last Call section of our web site. Joe’s widow, Cathy, can be contacted at 3220 South Shore Drive, Apt. 21C, Punta Gorda, FL 33955-1922. Bruce Lenz died on 9 April, the result of cancer discovered only a few weeks earlier. His obituary is posted in the Last Call section of our web site. Bruce’s widow, Sally, can be contacted at 18701 Woody Creek Drive, Edmond, OK 73012. Our classmate Jace Singler’s wife, Nancy, passed away on 7 April. He can be contacted at 2520 Waterside Drive #116, Frederick, MD 21701-3023. We have just learned of the death of classmate Holger Ericsson on 10 September 2013. His obituary is in the nongraduates Last Call section of our web site. We do not have contact information for his family. The text you’re reading is what was left over after I cut text and photos from the much longer and better illustrated version on our web site to conform to the magazine’s length restriction. Be sure to visit to get all of our news.

Considering that they were found in Johnson’s basement, I suspect that they were on display in the shop in those years, to be signed by the Firsties who frequented the business as graduation approached. If you can add anything about the ‘63 poster, please tell me. Spencer Johnson is safeguarding the ‘63 poster. At our request, the Alumni Association generously provided higher resolution images showing the signatures more clearly. To see them, visit the Pride and Tradition section of our web site at and scroll down to the “Memories” listing. The Pride and Tradition section of our web site contains not only news about our class but also a growing number of recollections submitted by our classmates. I encourage you to browse through the material there, particularly the Memories and Midshipman Memories items. The most recent came from Dirck Praeger, whose account of events in the Mess Hall will stir your memories. See these stories at . When you finish Dirck’s remembrance, be sure to read Dave Moore’s account of a USO show in Diego Garcia in the mid1980’s. Jim Fontana sent this brief note about a Florida weekend in early April. n Dick Omohundro, Craig Thrasher, and I linked up for a weekend of sculling at Dick’s new home near Sarasota, FL, in early April. We spent two days dodging power boats and churning up the waters of the inland waterway. Craig’s wife Peg, a championship rower, rounded out the crew of four … and took this picture. n

In February, our Alumni Association posted this image on its Facebook page with this comment: “Throwback Thursday: This week’s throwback is a bit of a mystery. Recently found in the basement of Johnson’s on the Avenue, this poster size sign. Also found were ones from the Classes of 1950, 1952, 1961, and 1962. Anyone have any information?” I am not aware that anyone has provided definitive information about the origin and purpose of the posters, which are covered with our signatures.

Fontana, Omohundro, and Thrasher ]]

the Naval Academy Museum. I am sure he would be very proud to know that his grandson, Carl C. Kolon, has accepted an appointment to USNA as a member of the Class of 2018. Matt Kolon, soon to be not only a USNA son but also a USNA father, placed a remarkable statement about the Academy and Carl’s decision process on his web site. I encourage you to read it at Included on the web site is Matt’s statement about support he received from the Class of 1963 Foundation in the 1980’s. n Pete Carrothers shared this photo of Navy footballers in Idaho. n Here is a picture taken last summer when a group of us were guests of Grace and Pete Optekar at their wonderful home in Coeur d’Alene, ID, for fly fishing and camaraderie. Pictured are Pete,Vern Von Sydow, Steve Hoy, Pete Carrothers, and Ed Gill. Fred Stortz was there for most of the festivities but wasn’t there for the picture taken after a hard day fly fishing on the river. n

Fly fishers in Idaho

Phillip Marsden sent this illustrated news from Southern California: n There have been a couple of recent events in San Diego that brought together some of our classmates. A number of classmates joined the San Diego USNA Alumni Chapter at a recent Padres game in Petco Park. It was a lovely afternoon to watch the game and visit with old friends. The photo below shows Max Ricketts, Lew and Lynn Blackwell, me, Jerry and Rowena Harken, and Jim Fontana. n

The unabridged version of this column on our web site contains a story about multigenerational ties to the Naval Academy and the lasting impact of the Class of 1963 Foundation. Here is the leading paragraph from that text. n Cancer took our classmate Carl S. Kolon in 1980. It is his class ring that represents us in the all-class ring display in

’63 contingent at a Padres game in San Diego May-June 2014


63•65 CLASS NEWS San Diego and Coronado classmates joined more than 4,000 spectators to commission the USS CORONADO (LCS-4) on a bright sunny morning in April. Joe Morra’s wife, Maria Teresa, took these photos of Joe, me, and Clyde Van Arsdale. This picture of the ship shows that it looks like a Star Wars fighter — more like flying a plane than piloting a ship!

Clyde Van Arsdall and Joe Morra

Marsden and Morra


Having recently downsized from their lovely home in Coronado, Philip said that he and Martha are enjoying their new condo nearby. And so ends another good month for news, thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to send a note or email to me. Thanks to those who did. Others readers of this column are encouraged to contribute something for next month’s installment of our News Exchange. Do it now. It’s a good way to put off mowing the grass, washing the car, or folding your socks. QUALITY — ’63





PRES: Bill Natter E:; P: 410-562-4786 CORR SEC’Y: Roland Marquis 26439 N. Ridge Ct., Mundelein IL 60060 P: 847-970-7562; E: WEBSITE:

Bill Natter related a recent Sunday morning conversation with Joe Satrapa, the only day of the week he is not fighting forest fires in California from the cockpit of water tanker aircraft. Bill reports Joe is well and sends regards to all classmates claiming he’s “in the smoke til I croak”. He was recently featured by a local California TV station when he brought his aircraft in on instruments for a safe emergency landing after his cockpit windshield was masked with fire retardant from another aircraft, being surrounded by a forest fire. Joe says he looks forward to seeing everybody at our 50th in September—unless he has to instruct future firefighting pilots or fight the forest fires himself—no guarantees! As a follow up, Ernie Christensen tells a great sea story about the role he played in bringing Joe back on active duty after he first left the Navy: “When I was working for NavSec Lehman, he initiated a new aviation program modeled after a British program and wanted to start with a retired Naval Aviator who was still flying. I told him about Joe ‘Hoser’ Satrapa a classmate who was (1) a “s___ h___”, pilot, (2) had been undeservedly passed over 4 times for O-5, and (3) was flying firefighting aircraft somewhere in CA. NavSec asked me to contact him and inquire whether he would be interested in coming back in the Navy within this restricted community.” “I then called information in Chino, CA - the most recent gouge I had on Joe’s whereabouts - looking for his telephone number. The operator responded that they had no listing for a Joseph Satrapa. I asked her to double check to which she responded that the only Satrapa listed in the white pages was a Mr. Hoser Satrapa! I talked to Joe that day and after a little persuasion, he agreed to come back aboard.” Ernie continues: “After a contentious couple of months fighting with aviation flags who almost to a man were opposed to the program mainly because the Secretary had rammed it through, Joe persevered. The next year he was promoted to Commander and put in charge of the F-14 gun program in the

RAG, where he continued to do what he did best: fly, fight and train Naval Aviators.” “One day while firing a 20MM canon adapted from the F-14 Gatling gun he cut off his right thumb. Since it’s impossible to trim F-14’s without a thumb, in order to get back in a flying status Joe convinced the Doc to take the big toe from his right foot and attach it to his right hand. Henceforth ‘Hoser’ became ‘Toeser’! Classmates can go to g1KRcg&feature=youtube to see a recent TV interview with Toeser Satrapa!” Next, Phil Ferrara ’65 sent us the following photo of an encounter he and his wife Linda had with Sheila and Claudio Pacheco on a recent Costa Rica tour. Phil had met Claudio on numerous occasions in the 2000-03 period while both were serving as Alumni Chapter Presidents. He reports Claudio remains the same gracious gentleman, and the foursome had a great time.

Apparently Claudio is a very popular guy as Alan Smith recently wrote: “One of the highlights of a recent sea and land tour of Costa Rica that Beverly and I undertook was a delightful interlude with Sheila and Claudio Pacheco in San Jose. Besides renewing old USNA sea stories, we were treated to a tour of landmarks around the city, Honorary “Admiral” Claudio sporting the some great local food and rum at the ball cap made up for him by the current Pacheco home and captain of the a dinner out in their battleship NORTH neighborhood. CAROLINA, which is Claudio is enjoying moored near the foot of his retirement from the Smith homestead in Wilmington his time as CNO of the Costa Rican Navy and, like most of us, is keeping busy with a multitude of civic organizations and his extended, multigenerational family.”

’64:The fine looking Tidewater gang celebrates Valentine’s Day

Claudio encourages all Boat U grads to contact him for anything related to Costa Rica, where the weather is sunny and warm all the time and all are welcome, especially during USA cold months, aka the Dark Ages. Here’s a nice story spotlighting one of 64’s finest. Corky Graham founded and serves as the CEO of “LET’S GO Boys & Girls,” a 501 C(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Annapolis with a “Students Today - Technology Leaders Tomorrow” vision: Its mission is to Inspire and support underserved students to become STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) professionals Upon retirement from Northrop Grumman following a 30 year career in the Navy, Corky determined that he could impact two important challenges facing the nation: Underserved minority students underachieve in school as compared to mainstream students. Insufficient number of students enter and persevere in the country’s STEM education pipeline.

Two of Corky’s LET’S GO students experimenting with robotics

Since 2010, LET’S GO has supported 5,510 students at 50 Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington Tri City Region sites. His organization teams with Title 1 schools

and youth organizations to enable them to deliver fun, hands-on math enrichment, science/engineering, and robotics activities for K thru 8 students. LET’S GO provides curriculum manuals and materials and trains teachers along with supporting volunteers and interns to deliver the activities which are primarily offered in an out of school environment. Classmates might be interested in helping local schools or youth organizations establish a STEM program in their respective locales. LET’S GO can support you with planning, curriculum, materials, and training. Anyone desiring to get involved in this important work to improve education in the country, contact Corky at 443 994 3730, c.graham3@ Learn more at their website: Tidewater ’64 Chapter President Bill Carlson sent in the following photo of classmates and their ladies celebrating Valentine’s Day at a Saturday luncheon in Virginia Beach last February Finally, with regard to our efforts to showcase literary achievements of and about our classmates, we offer the following Amazon review of Dan Lavery’s autobiographical new work “All the Difference”. “A most engrossing book that captures the life and times of a remarkable, multitalented individual who underwent a dramatic transformation from a conservative, military oriented, “pawn” to a crusading progressive activist. If you grew up in the 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, this will be your vehicle for a nostalgic reprise of that part of your life. Written with great attention to detail and in a manner that pulls you into the pages to vicariously experience Dan’s life experiences. The writing is beautifully descriptive, allowing the reader to create detailed images of the settings involved. Leaves you hoping there will be a sequel which takes Dan up to the present day. Warning - once you start the book, you can’t put it down”

Full disclosure, Dan and your humble correspondent are 20th Company mates. FAIR WINDS AND A FOLLOWING SEA, CLASSMATES



PRES: CAPT Jim Minderlein, USN (Ret.) 1080 Carriage Hill Pkwy., Annapolis, MD 21401 P: 410-841-6644; E: F: 410-841-6644 CORR SEC’Y: CDR Dave Anderson, USN (Ret.) 1600 Ala Moana Blvd. #2208 Honolulu, HI 96815 E: C: 816-813-3671 CLASS OF 1965 HOME PAGE:

Hi guys. Lotsa photos herein and not a lot of verbiage. Have concluded that since essentially all the info and pics in this column have been up for viewing in the class website for almost two months, that henceforward I’ll populate our hardcopy Shipmate column with as many pics as I can get in with brief descriptions. For more info to go along with the pics just browse on over to the class website (link provided above) and scroll thru the Some Recent Photos section on the main page. On to some pics and news. Our classmate Richard Stephen Farrell passed away on 01 Apr after a long battle with cancer. Better known as the Fox, Dick came to the Academy after graduating from Saint Peter’s Prep School in Jersey City. He was Captain of the football team there and he put his talent to work for the Plebe Team. At graduation he went Navy Air and later was a pilot for Federal Express. If you would like to correspond with his widow, Linda, her address is 3475 Sykes Grove Cove, Collierville, TN 38017-4508. Our condolences to Linda and family. From Denny Moritz, 18 Feb n Chris Judd is fighting mesothelioma almost certainly due to work on nukes in shipyards in 60’s and 70’s. He had surgery May-June 2014


65•66 CLASS NEWS to try to remove all remaining tumor in late Feb. His wife Carolyn is hanging tough. All his care is at Johns Hopkins and it sounds like they are going all out for him. Den n

Jim Minderlein on 28 Feb sent out a report that 292 classmates have contributed to our Class 50th Legacy Gift to the Naval Academy. For more gouge on this – go to our website. From Bill Bower, 15 Mar

There’s new gouge on the 50th on the website from Mike Epprecht. Check it out! From Phil Ferrara, 11 Dec. n Winter Olympics Torch made a stop in Annapolis today on its journey back to Sochi, Russia. The Navy men’s and women’s hockey teams paraded it up The mids let me hold the torch for a photo. n

From Jim Wilson, 26 Feb n Last fall The Burd People, Janice and Bill stopped in to see Alice & Jim Wilson on their way to LAX.. They were on their way to Australia as part of Turning Point ministries. They had sold their home in Evergreen, Colo. and all their possessions in making this trip and possibly moving to Australia for their new mission in life. When in the states they are still in Miami. A great visit was had by all. n

n Here’s a photo of Doug and Carol Wright with Ann and me at dinner with mutual friends in Riverside Ca. A few sea stories and excellent chow shared. n

From Denny Neutze, 20 Mar

From Phil Ferrara, 21 Dec. n Bob Green, Doug Norton, and Phil Ferrara got together for coffee and scones at a favorite spot in the Annapolis area on 19 Dec. Bob also picked up a couple of author signed books as Christmas gifts for family members from our own ’65 famed author of “Code Word: Paternity.” n

From Phil Ferrara, 12 Feb n As of late Feb, 42 of our classmates have RSVP’d to attend the 17 May Class of 2015’s Ring Dance. Contact Phil if at this late date you’re interested in going. n Fred Vogel checked in on 23 Feb. n They’re in Herndon,VA and have had a noteworthy year and marked some major milestones, not the least of which were additional birthdays to add to our long and illustrious lives. For a great, newsy update on Fred, Donsiri and their three girls, Gift, Jen and Clair, including Fred’s adventures in Armenia and Spain, go to our website to check it out. Fred n



There was also a meeting in the fall of three submariners (Pete Tamny, Chris Manger and Jim Wilson) with a Marine Air (Don Brown) in San Clemente at the Wilsons. Seated around the table to the right are Alice Wilson, Nancy Tamny, Carol Manger, Pete Tamny, Chris Manger, Karen Brown and Don Brown. Pete is still running his Investment Banking company, Brockett Tamny, Chris still performs thousands of eye laser surgeries at Saddleback Eye Clinic, Jim is tracking rogue surface vessels through his company, Jove Sciences, and Don is retired but very involved and active with many local charities and Marine outreach on Camp Pendleton. Alice has just finished four years of raising over $110,000 making and selling jewelry for The Injured Marines Simper Fi Fund on Camp Pendleton.

n In mid-March, the Mike Epprechts and the Denny Neutzes visited with John and Carolyn Odom at their lovely home in Houston.The stated purpose of the visit was to attend the Houston Rodeo. As an extra treat, the Odoms hosted a party for classmates in the area and their wives. Attached is a photo of the assembled classmates getting ready for a chorus of “The Goat is Old and Gnarly.” On the back row are Fred Schlemmer, Denny Neutze, Mike Epprecht, Fleet Davis and Hugh Gillogly. In front are John Odom, Ed Hlopak, and Paul Marshall. For more check out the website. n

From Rich Harden, 21 Mar n I am no photographer, but here are a few snapshots from my recent experience as trail veterinarian for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. My 18th time since 1987. n

From Jim Savard, 03 Apr n Life is GREAT … Just chllin’ with a member of the USNA Class of 2032! n

From Phil, 14 Apr n Linda and I just returned from an early April trip in south Florida, with a fascinating ride down and back on the Overseas Highway to Key West where we stayed for a few days and toured historic sites. Then at the end of our vacation we stopped to visit for lunch with Larry and Debbie Brady at their home on Key Largo. It was a great ending to a great trip to erase the long winter up north!! n



Steve Abbot was presented the award and several Classmates were there to congratulate him. The video of the ceremony is available on the Alumni web site; Steve’s award bio is listed on the Class web site, along with the other DGA Classmates. Congratulations again to Steve. On Tuesday, 15 April, several Classmates and spouses/significant others gathered in Memorial Hall with the Class of 2016 to participate in the Bonds of Gold ceremony, a major event in the Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program. In that ceremony the rings of Classmates are formally presented to the Class of 2016, our ALITC Class, to be melted down and the gold from them mixed with that used to forge their rings. Our Class presented eight rings as follows: Marie Gregg (John S. Gregg); Jim Hough, presented by Tom Marfiak; Diane Blinn (Gary R. Blinn); Curtis R. Johnson, presented by Tom Marfiak; Charles E. Cronan, Jr.; Russell E. Planitzer, presented by Kevin McCook; Ralph H. Lipfert, Robert C. Bellas, Jr., donating his father’s ring, Robert C. Bellas, Sr., presented by Tom Marfiak. After the dedication speech, the donor or their representative presented the ring to a member of the Class of 2016. The ceremony was revealing and moving. The program, presentation speeches, and more pictures are available on the Class web site. Below are a few photos that highlight key points of the event. Tom Marfiak, our ALITC Class Coordinator orchestrated the highly successful completion this major milestone in the ALITC program for our Class. Thanks for a job well done, Tom.


PRES: VADM Michael D. Haskins, USN (Ret.) SEC’Y: CDR Mike Baird, USN (Ret.) 63 Franklin St., Annapolis, MD 21401 E: WEST COAST SEC’Y: Robert G. Johnson Jr., Esq. 27136-B Paseo Espada #1121 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 WEBSITE:

Summer is nearly upon us and for those of us who have experienced a very protracted winter, it’s a real relief. There isn’t that much news this issue, but what I have is informative. I’ll start with the Distinguished Graduate Award ceremony held on 21 March 2014. Classmate


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Steve Abbot sent me an email regarding the death of Kevin-John McIntyre. Kevin was a former roommate of Steve’s and left USNA in July 1965. The following is his abridged obit obtained from the Times Union web site. n “Kevin-John H. McIntyre, polymath, international excursionist and raconteur whose career ranged from university professor to foreign service diplomat, communication executive to documentary producer, and authority on Asian culture and business to devotee of dragons and frogs, died the night of 14 December 2009 at St. Peter’s Nursing Home, Albany. He was born in New York City on 22 April 1944.The cause was cardiac arrest as a consequence of a two-year battle with lung cancer. A voracious reader, collector and academic, McIntyre earned his bachelor’s degree from Fordham University in 1967 and both a master’s degree and doctorate in international political science and economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1972. His career spanned both the public and private sector in higher education, government and business. Upon graduating, he taught political science and economics as an assistant professor at the University of Texas in May-June 2014


66•67 CLASS NEWS Austin and Midland before relocating to Washington, DC in 1975 to work on the presidential primary campaign of Texas Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen.The next year, McIntyre accepted a teaching position at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg,VA. In 1977, he accepted appointment as a Foreign Service officer in the U.S. Department of State where he served in Buenos Aries,Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Washington, DC, before leaving in 1982 to become director, international operations at National Forge (now Ellwood National Forge) in Irvine, PA. McIntyre established National Forge’s first overseas marketing and sales office in Hong Kong in 1987, overseeing sales of the company’s products in India, China, Korea and Japan. In 1990, Star TV in Hong Kong named McIntyre its vice president of distribution as it pioneered satellite broadcasting in Asia. In 1993, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation purchased a 64% interest in Star TV and the next year McIntyre left to accept the post of general manager at the Asia-Pacific Headquarters of United Press International. Between 1992 and 2000, UPI went through seven different owners and McIntyre left the troubled news service to become senior vice president and general manager of Discovery Channel-Asia in 1994. In addition to dramatically expanding Discovery’s footprint in Asia, McIntyre wrote and produced an award-winning, sixpart film series titled Artifacts, detailing the history of porcelain, calligraphy, architecture, metallurgy, wood block printing, and silk in China and Japan. Months before Great Britain ended its lease of Hong Kong in 1997, McIntyre moved Discovery Channel-Asia to Singapore where he remained until he left to begin East West Media, Inc. in 2001 producing independent film documentaries about China that drew historical parallels between East and West. In 2002, McIntyre took a leave to serve as a visiting professor at Peking University School of Journalism and Communications in Beijing before returning to the US the following year as clinical professor at RPI teaching international business and marketing courses in the Lally School of Management and Technology. Mr. McIntyre is survived by his wife of 28 years, Susana Garcia McIntyre and their sons, Martin Ian and Andrew Darcy McIntyre.” n Thanks to Steve for letting us know about Kevin’s death. He seems to have had a remarkable life and career. And that wraps it up for this issue. Thanks to all who provided input and until August-All the best-Mike!!!





PRES: CDR David E. Church, USN (Ret.) SEC’Y: LtCol Jim McNeece, USMC (Ret.) 1603 John Worthington Way, Crownsville, MD 21032 P: 410-849-3423; E:

Once again, bad news. We heard from Howie Renzi that Rob Robitaille passed away on 6 March 2014 from complications arising from emphysema. His death was peaceful with his wife Pat and daughters Shannon and Zoe by his side. He and Pat were married in the USNA Chapel the day after graduation. Rob was a Marine and an aviator. After leaving the Marines in 1979, Rob took on a career with Texas Instruments. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you send a donation to the American Heart Association or the American Lung Association. Tony Wayne attended his Memorial Service and sent this: n Just a short note to let you know I had the honor of representing the class at the Memorial Ceremony for Joe (Rob) Robitaille (18th Company) on 29 March 2014 in Allen, TX. For those who were unaware, Rob had been suffering from the debilitating effects of late stage emphysema for several years and passed away from complications from the disease. The ceremony was well attended by family and friends and as those in attendance gave testimonials, it become apparent that Rob had led a rich and rewarding life. Of particular note was his time served with the USMC as a pilot flying the F-4 Phantom. In two tours with VMFA-314 and VMFA-212, he accumulated exactly 150 combat missions. He later flew the AV-8A Harrier with VMA-542 and VMA-513 before resigning in 1979. He went to work for Texas Instruments, first with the Educational and Productivity Solutions Division in Lubbock, TX and finally with the Manufacturing Division in Richardson in various management positions, eventually as Worldwide Customer Service Manager before retiring in 2004. He is survived by his beloved wife of 47 years, Patricia and two daughters, Shannon and Zoe, two grandchildren, three sisters and numerous nieces and nephews. n Jay Fontaine passed the word to Dave Church that Roy Swanberg had died on 27 December 2013 in Seattle,WA. Roy was a Naval Aviator flying off KITTY HAWK during Vietnam. After leaving the Navy, he sold life insurance and was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars,

Post 2995 in Bellevue,WA. His wife, Mary, a U.S. Army nurse, preceded him in death in 1999. He is survived by two children; Roy John S. Swanberg II and daughter, Kristine E. Swanberg-Mendoza along with three grandchildren and a brother Eric. He was buried at the Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington,WA. The news that Roy had died was not received until the day before his services on 21 March 2014, but Seattle area Classmates rallied. Here is Dick Collins account: n Mission accomplished.We (Glenn Ewing, Pat Staeheli, Jay Fontaine, Ritchey Gouk, Bill Idsinga, Wayne Olsen, Barney Racely, Garry Tabbert and I) attended the church service and the interment for Roy Swanberg.We all were so impressed with the CWO who conducted the interment portion that we thanked him several times. And the weather was sunny, although a bit cool in the shade. None of us had known of Roy’s whereabouts forever, until Jay spotted the obit yesterday in the Seattle paper. Roy’s wife died 15 years ago, so his son, daughter and brother were blessed with our presence. Since there were no more than 25 in the congregation, including the Priest, we were of significance, and totally unexpected.We all felt good and were glad to have attended.The scary thing is that it may happen here again? Thanks for passing on the word so quickly. It was rewarding to have rounded up nine of us with only an 18 hour notice! n On 30 March services were held for John Scott in Chapel Hill, NC with inurnment following on 1 April 2014 at the USNA Columbarium. Jack Jakucyk sent an account from Chapel Hill: n On Sunday 30 March about sixty family members and friends attended a “Gathering of Remembrance” for John Scott in Chapel Hill, NC. It was a poignant but predominantly upbeat event at which several people told stories about how fondly they remembered John.While some things got us misty-eyed, there was a great deal more laughter. John’s sister, Helen Taliaferro, was there from Atlanta, along with his ex-wife, Heather.There were five classmates in attendance: Bill Gautier, John Guibert, Mike Roth, Rick Kunkel and yours truly. Rick told a funny story to the group about how he and John started out as roommates in USNA ’66 in the old 9th Company and were turned back together.Wisely, the regime separated them when they joined ’67. Also at the event were another ten or

so fellow Academy grads from other years. All of them had positive experiences with John during his very successful tenure as president of the local “Triangle (aka Raleigh) Chapter” of the Alumni Association. After the personal remarks, the folks at the gathering said “The Sailor’s Prayer” and sang “The Navy Hymn.”Then, the Academy grads all sang “Navy Blue and Gold” and, yes, we did end it with a proud “Beat Army!” On a personal note, John’s passing left me shaken. Prior to a regularly scheduled chapter luncheon event in February, we’d exchanged e-mails verifying we were both attending the lunch and had agreed to go out for a drink afterwards.We actually sat together during the presentation, but John had to take a pass on our planned extracurricular activity because he needed to go back home and meet a repairman due to some HVAC problem.The next day I received the shocking e-mail saying he had died. I realized I had to have been one of the last people to see him alive. March 31, would have been his 70th birthday. n

Rick Kunkel, Heather Scott, Mike Roth, Jack Jakucyk, Bill Gautier and John Guibert

I attended John’s inurnment at the Naval Academy but don’t have a head count. I know that ’67 almost filled the pavilion there at the Columbarium. Helmuts Feifs ’66 delivered a wonderful eulogy that, as Jack Jakucyk said, had us alternately misty eyed and laughing. I also received some remembrances of John: From David Fox: n (John) was a good man who led a full and exciting life. He did it his way and an honorable way with concern for others, even as he had fun and provided fun. I was fortunate to know him and will have him in my heart and mind for as long as I live. n

night in Virginia Beach. Frozen Daiquiris were the potent potable. n Arrangements for Wally Leonard have been finalized. I reported two columns back that he had died on 23 December 2013 in Herndon,VA. His brother Bill Leonard ’66 advises that Wally will be inurned at noon on 4 June 2014 at the USNA Columbarium. Our participation in the “Another Link In The Chain” program took an unexpected turn on 25 March 2014 when Mid’n Will McKamey ’17 passed away after collapsing at football practice three days earlier. His funeral in Knoxville,TN was attended by 2 bus loads of Midshipmen as well as Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo, USNA Commandant Bill Byrne ’87 and Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk.Throughout their ordeal, the Class of ’67 has provided what support we could, and Jack Quinlan delivered an Honor Coin to Will’s parents at the funeral in Knoxville and spoke with them for a moment, representing us as the ALITC Class. On a happier note...I got this from Ted Strerns: n I don’t often write (last time could have been 20 years ago) but I wanted to share two special events so far this year.Two of my several goals to make 2014 my best year ever were to take my sons and grandson to the East Coast to visit Annapolis and several Civil War battlefields and to run a Triathlon with my son,Theo.The Civil War trip was initially scheduled the first week in October 2013 but the government shut down and so did the battlefields.We rescheduled the trip for the first week in March and had an incredible trip including a special tour with Bob Beaton ’59 who heads up CRU at USNA. Theo and I ably finished the Seal Sprint Triathlon held on 16 March (500 m swim, 12 mile bike ride and 3.6 mile run), and the Class of 1967 was well represented.The discipline formed as Mids sure helped keep me focused in preparation for the event and I’m so proud that I could do it with my son. Now on to more goals! And let’s see if I can write more frequently. n

From Ken Tuttle: n John was my roommate for most of our last year in 22nd Company.When I saw him last at the reunion before last he gave me back the whisk broom he had borrowed. He had it mounted in an oak and glass case, 8”x8”. John stayed with us more than once, as I recall. John got me drunker than anyone else has ever done. It was a dark and stormy

Ted sent other photos. too, that included his son-in-law, Armando and grandson, Seve, who now wants to graduate from the Academy, Class of 2027, and be an astronaut. I’m sorry not to have room for those. The gawfers have been at it again according to Bob Havasy (Only have room for one of his pictures; look who gets the nod!): nWe had another wonderful ’67 Outing at the 2014 Blue and Gold Invitational in Naples. FL with over 40 people including spouses. Participating Classmates: Don Geismar, John Ryan, Jim Mixon,Tom Leiser, Doug Ogden, Dante Marzetta, Roger Paradis, Scott Ryan, Lou Romano, Dave Tate, Nardy DeGeorge, Mark Keating, Jim Perley, Mike Quinlan, Skip Dittmann, Don Roesh, Bob Havasy, Denny Haley, Bruce Lakefield, David Finnch, Allan Davey,Ted Lewis,TR Jones and George Butvilas. A golf highlight was the Hole-In-One that John Ryan had one day. As always, it was a wonderful couple of days together. n

The Ace!

Finally, Kathy and Bob Ramsay moved in early April to 19855 SW Touchmark Way, C27, Bend, Oregon, 97702. He said they look forward to their new life out of the rain and clouds.They did not have new phone numbers or e-mail addresses yet, but I know Bob will go to and update his profile when they get them...right, Bob? OK, here’s the deal. Pat and I are heading out for a river cruise in France followed by a rendezvous with 5th Company stalwarts Kathy and Dick Meade and Janie and RB Hall in Italy. Turns out, we’ll be there through my next column deadline, so…I’m hiring a guest columnist. He’ll be a highly compensated scribbler of impeccable credentials, so you’ll be in good hands (if I buy him enough sangria). I’ll talk to you again in late summer… That’s it...Goodnight!…Jim Support the Annual Fund. Visit and click Give Online.


Triathlon Finishers May-June 2014




national government in the fall and, in the spring, national government and either the political and military analysis of the Cold War or the political and military analysis of the Vietnam War,” he said. “My students keep me on my toes with questions like: ‘What was it really like back in those olden times?’ “


PRES: CAPT Gary A. Storm, USN (Ret.) 1770 Meadow Valley Drive, Annapolis, MD 21409 P: 410-757-7156; C:443-924-1130 E: CORR. SEC’Y: CAPT Gordon I. Peterson, USN (Ret.) 7994 Hidden Bridge Dr. Springfield,VA 22153 P: 703-913-5404; F: 202-267-4020; E: WEBSITE:

A full-length version of this column is posted on our Class website. In February, Connie O’Leary and Miles Staley, accompanied by their wives Dot and Ginny, took a South American cruise from Buenos Aries, Argentina, to Valparaiso, Chile. “We then flew to Peru and visited Machu Picchu,“ Connie related. “While in Lima we visited my old roommate Señor Jack Smith (we were roomies from Plebe summer to graduation). Jack had his driver give us a tour of the city, and we all enjoyed lunch and dinner together.”

Sea dogs Tom Betten and Rich Benson boarding the WWII German submarine U-505.

Margo and John McKay relocated in February from northern Virginia to Fair Oaks, CA. The last evolution in their grand trek was completed mid-month with the delivery of their automobile. Two shipments of household goods were a challenge. “Now all that remains is sorting through all the ‘stuff ’ and finding a place to put it,” John said at the time.

John and Margo McKay

Miles Staley, Connie O’Leary, and Jack Smith enjoyed their mini-reunion in Lima, Peru.

Rich Benson visited Tom Betten in Chicago in February.“Trips to Chicago are nice homecomings for me, especially in winter- wonderland mode,” he said. Rich and Tom toured the WWII German submarine U-505 displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.They each called Illinois home when they entered the Academy.They met at the Army football game youngster year and became fast friends. Each departed USNA second-class year, but reconnected in the Chicago area, enrolled at the University of Illinois, and became fraternity brothers.“Talk about Bobbsie twins,“Rich said;“classmates in ‘68 and roomies at the BIg IU!” Rich noted our classmate Phil Gallery’s connection to the historic U-505. Phil’s uncle, RADM Daniel V. Gallery ’21, directed its capture in 1944. The museum has completely renovated the sub and moved it indoors into a new building.



Cathy and Scott McDaniel recently celebrated their 15th anniversary with a military-themed party. “We’re friends with two guys and families who graduated from the Academy in 2002,” Cathy reported. During the party, Scott, Mike Chiesl ’02, and Dan Chapman ’02 performed a memorable rendition of “We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place,” a popular song for many alumni. “John Church was supposed to be in the photo, but he was “indisposed’ at the time!

Former SEAL Mike Slattery in action in his classroom at Campbell University. Slats has no problems with classroom discipline or attentiveness!

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden says that life is definitely good for the Boldens, with their son and his family and their daughter all now residing in the DC area. n“Our son – Che` - is a lieutenant colonel in the Corps and commanded the Marine Corps’ East Coast unmanned aerial vehicle squadron,VMU-2, at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. He is coming back to our area to attend the Marine Corps War College at Quantico. He’s married with three beautiful little girls. Our daughter, Kelly, is a plastic surgeon at Howard University Hospital – still unwed, but looking!” n

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Jr., delivers the keynote address during the International Space Exploration Forum at the U.S. Department of State in January. (NASA/Rod Lamkey Jr.)

Mike Chiesl ‘02, Scott McDaniel, and Dan Chapman ‘02 give it their all during a recent rehearsal for American Idol.

Mike “Slats” Slattery continues to enjoy teaching history and political science at Campbell University, NC. “I teach American military history and

Charlie was awarded honorary degrees recently for his contributions to space exploration and education by the University of Bristol, in Bristol, UK, and the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. Congratulations! A complete rundown on Charlie’s 2014 initiatives appears in the column posted on our Class website.

In April, former Senator Jim Webb was awarded the Thomas Jefferson medal for citizen leadership by the University of Virginia and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. The medal, the highest external honor bestowed by the university, was presented by U VA President Teresa A. Sullivan and Leslie Greene Bowman, president/CEO of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation during a ceremony in the university’s rotunda. Congratulations, Jim! The citation for Jim’s award emphasized his many singular achievements during a diverse professional life: “Senator Webb provides an inspiring example of the many ways that citizens can serve as civic leaders: through military service, as an appointed official, as a senator, as a policy entrepreneur, and as a writer. He also has a deep commitment to promoting bipartisan collaboration to address the most pressing social issues our country faces.”


PRES: CDR Michael J. Novak, USNR (Ret.) 4701 Hopkins Dr., Dumfries,VA 22025 E: SEC’Y: CDR Royal Connell, USN (Ret.) 10080 Rookery Rd., Pensacola FL 32507 E: WEBSITE:

Brigade Commander Midshipman 1/c Eugene Yang presents the Distinguished Graduate Award Medal to Mike at USNA in March. (Photo courtesy of USNA Alumni Association)

Ed Sullivan needs Class volunteers to address the parents and prospective midshipmen of the Class of 2018 during events in May and June scheduled across the country in conjunction with our participation in the Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program. Please contact him if you can lend a hand. Recently, our Class board of directors approved the design of the “honor coin” that we will present to the Class of 2018 in a ceremony at the Academy July 21. Jeff Dumas, Larry Poh, Barnaby Ruhe, and Greg Horne all contributed to the coin’s design.“Jeff took the initiative to begin the design and to research the various mint alternatives,” Ed said.“This truly would not have been the success you see without Jeff.” Way to go guys! BZ.

U VA President Teresa A. Sullivan (L) and Leslie Greene Bowman, Thomas Jefferson Foundation president/CEO, present the Thomas Jefferson Medal to Jim Webb. (UVA photo by Dan Addison)

Classmates and spouses were on hand to see ADM Mike Mullen receive his “Distinguished Graduate Award Medal” in Alumni Hall in March. Mike acknowledged what a great honor it was to be so recognized, credited his many mentors dating to our days at the Academy, and expressed his love for Deborah and his family (two sons, each USNA alumni, are serving today). He encouraged the Brigade to focus on leadership by taking care of themselves, those in their charge, and their families. “I was lucky to be a member of the Class of 1968,” Mike said.

Sec’y Column Deadlines (send columns to



Mmbr-Serv/Fall ’14 1 July 2014 Sept-Oct ’14 29 July 2014 Nov-Dec ’14 29 September 2014 2014 Shipmate Deadlines to note...


Class of 1968 Honor Coin for the Class of 2018.

All the best, — Gordo



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Greetings all! Lots of input this month, thanks, but we have some sad news too. First of all, Andrew Nichols “Nick” Pratt, Colonel, USMC (Ret.) passed away in December. Nick passed peacefully, with tremendous courage and dignity. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for Heroism, risking his own life to save two badly wounded Lebanese civilians. Among many, his career highlights include service with the CIA Special Operations Group, Battalion Commander of 1/9 and Director of the Command and Staff College in Quantico, Virginia. Following his retirement from the Marine Corps in 1996, Nick continued to dedicate his life to the protection of innocents when he became a professor of strategy and international politics at the George C. Marshall Center in Garmisch, Germany. His professional passion culminated in the “Program on Terrorism and Security Studies’, a course he founded and directed for nearly two decades. Some ten thousand students have passed through the PTSS; their knowledge and understanding gained under Nick’s tutelage is shaping the future of their countries in combating terrorism. Nick took tremendous pride in both his students, and the course’s global impact. In 2008, Nick took a brief leave to serve as the U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security in Jerusalem and the West Bank, supporting U.S. efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nick taught and lived his life with unshakeable conviction and commanded great respect from his students, Marines, friends and family. Even greater than his outstanding mind was the genius of his heart. He saw potential in all those he instructed, and leading by example, pushed those around him to achieve success with the belief that you can do anything to which you set your mind. Nick will forever be remembered for his profound love of family, his faith, his patriotism, his brilliant mind, his handsome stature and his welcoming, twinkling eyes. He is survived by his best friend and wife of 34 years, Marianna and his four daughters. He was interred at Arlington National Cemetery in April. Donations may be made to the Travis May-June 2014


70•71 CLASS NEWS Manion Foundation. Gary Knight reports that he went to Nick’s funeral: n “I’ve been to a number of these at Arlington National Cemetery but NEVER have I seen the Old Chapel on Ft. Meyer standing room only, filled to overflowing. It was truly a testament to the kind of man and Marine Nick was to have so many people present to honor his memory, including many colonels in full uniform from the army and air force. There were approximately 100 people walking behind the caisson and at least 100 cars following behind that. Present from the class were Mike Novak, Lynn Widener, Woody Sutton, Skid Heyworth, Pete Roberts, Gino Marchetti, Bob Sonneberg, Jim Carter, Lew McIntyre, Bruce Brunn, Sue Smee, and myself. There may have been more but, if so, I neglected to see them.” n Mike Cosgrove will also be buried at Arlington ceremony on 15 May at 1300. Last issue we reported that the Class has another DGA. That was awarded and Barry Steelman writes: n “I was privileged and honored to have written and submitted the nomination of our Classmate and my Company mate ADM Ed Giambastiani. Along with all of our Class, I was very happy and excited that he was one of this year’s recipients. The Class of 1970 is only the second class other than the Class of 1957, to have ever had a three-peat, with three members of our class getting the DGA in 2012, 2013 and 2014. BRAVO Zulu to Dan Ackerson, ADM Tom Fargo and now ADM Ed Giambastiani. Sheila and I arrived a little early and were pleased that getting out of the car next to us was Classmate Bill King and his distinguished father RADM Randolph “Randy” King Class of ’44. We had just seen Bill in January, when he came up to visit us in Baltimore, but it was a treat, as always, to visit with Adm King as the four of us walked over to Alumni Hall. In addition to the Steelmans and Kings, other Classmates in attendance were Class President Mike Novak and former Class President Lynn Widener, Gino Marchetti, Sherry and Jerry Farrell, Betsy and Jim Linville, Marijo and Skid Heyworth, Pat Dawson, Dan Rugg, Dan Bowler, Kathy and Grant Thorpe, Bill Schmermund, Bill Ferris, Monica and Terry Dailey, Mike Knudsen, Hilliary and Guy Knieriem, Gary Knight, Jack Pohl,



Dave Wiedeman, John Montgomery, Al Rundle, Bill Doud, John McNamee, Boyd McCord, Steve Root, Robert Sonnberg, Tom Wolfe, and Bill Keller.” n

Ed getting the Award

Ed with Mike Novak, Lynn Widener and Terry Daily

and their families at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) and other military and private facilities by providing financial assistance in their time of crisis, providing one-on-one support and comfort through personal regular visits, hosting outings and dinners for outpatients and their families, filling individual private requests of injured personnel, sponsoring breakfasts, free “PX/military store” and prize drawings in honor of our wounded outpatients at SAMMC. Steve Chapman is also a regular participant in Operation Military Embrace, making the long drive from Houston to lend his support.” n

My buddy Bob Berger was in San Diego in January to visit with his daughter, and was able to play on the golf course at North Island. When he was heading to the first tee, he noticed someone with a “70 on their shirt. It turned out to be Scott Thompson.They did not know each other at Navy, but he was very kind and invited Bob to join his group. According to Bob, in the picture, Scott is the taller and more talented person.

Ed and Barry

Frank Reifsnyder reports from the Tenth Company. n “Diane and I recently made a trip to San Antonio to attend a family reunion on Diane’s side of the family. While we were there, we managed to have lunch with Elizabeth and Bill Broderick. Bill is now completely retired from teaching in San Antonio schools. He currently works part time on a periodic basis providing military contractor war game opposition services for Army in Leavenworth. Bill has also become actively involved in Operation Military Embrace. Operation Military Embrace is a Christian military support charity that works to increase public awareness regarding the challenges faced by America’s military and their families. It supports our seriously wounded, ill, or injured military personnel

According to the Annapolis Capital newspaper there are only 18 four-time champions in the history of Brigade of Midshipmen boxing at the Naval Academy. Midshipman Keon Briscoe is on the cusp of joining that list after capturing his third straight title. Roy Golez was the first four-time Brigade champion in 1970. Ed Fahy sent me an article on VF-171 Screamin’ Demons, the first jets in Jax at Cecil Field.Which was sent to him by Ruth Forrest, his AIMD Officer on JFK....

n “We were the first carrier to have women, both officer and Enlisted. I had 15 female CPO’s that were awesome!! Obviously handpicked to make sure the experiment went off well....and it did! There was a lot of work done by the XO to make sure it went off well also! It was fun to be the CO of a terrific ship and a terrific crew! And even better, my Dad was Chief of the Bureau of Ships (now NAVSEA) and he accepted the keel of JFK for the Navy, so his initials are on the keel as well, along with the Naval District Commander (those jobs no longer exist), and the president of the Newport News Shipyard. And I was CO #21.... lucky number!” n Debbie and Les Gable are settling into full retirement after their relocation to Pensacola last year. n “Melinda and Royal Connell have taken us under their wing to assist our transition. Royal and I stay active with our Pensacola Alumni Chapter and continue our Blue & Gold work in the area. Melinda has involved Debbie in a couple of social organizations. One is Les Gals, an all-female Mardi Gras Krewe. This February, during their formal dinner/dance, Melinda and Royal were elected members of the Les Gals Court. They also participated in a hilarious skit and I hope he finds a picture to include. The Blue Angels are back flying and I watched their first home practice at Sherman Field.” n



PRES: CAPT Perry Martini, USN (Ret.) E: SEC’Y: CAPT Mike Longworth, USN (Ret.) 1145 Birks Ln.,Virginia Beach,VA 23464-5826 E: WEBSITE: http//

Winter continued for most of us until the end of March! Here in Virginia Beach the winter was certainly one for the record books! Spring is having a tough time with the ups and downs of temperatures and storms – we’ve had lows near freezing mid-April.Thoughts of summer and the beach are sure to be filling the minds of many now. But, for now it’s on to the column! As promised, the 36th Company stalwarts successfully braved the cold for another highly successful Lake Placid weekend. Here’s the input from Ron Spratt with notes by Craig Welling added: n “Duke, This year’s 15th/36th Company Lake Placid Come Around, February 27th to March 2nd, was another memorable weekend of good cheer, moderate gluttony, and shameless story-telling. This annual trek, in its 8th year, has evolved from a small gathering of company mates to a full house accommodating up to 12. Joining us this year were Jan Milligan, Bruce Gallemore, Don Beaudette, Craig Welling, Garry Holmstrom, Lee Burgess, Robbie Roberson, Rich “Sonny” Naple, Mark Horgan, Jim Barron and yours truly. “As with any USNA classmate gathering, ’where two or more shall gather’, we have established lofty traditions and social protocols worthy of our illustrious history and remarkable accomplishments. Each year embodies the importance of mind, body and spirit. In the finest traditions of USNA, we embrace our meals together as sacred obligations. Morning meals prepared by Jan and Mark are replete with hearty dishes loaded with calories and supplemented with the very best of high octane Navy shipboard

coffee. Normally by the time we finish breakfast, its past high noon, and we conjure up the energy for an outdoor winter warrior adventure. “Years ago, in the spirit of the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, you would find us actively engaged on the Whiteface Mountain downhill ski slopes, or climbing the steep mountain trails to the highest elevations. But now, we are more likely observed snow-shoeing to our favorite pub for a pint of fortification and a combative game of darts. And, after a rigorous afternoon, it’s back to the fireside and, if needed, immersion in the hot tub for the sore, aging muscles.” “In hopes of full recovery, we turn to evening meals that have taken on an almost mystical meaning. The dining table is wardroom style seating for 12 with all meals prepared by the very best in their respective culinary specialties (e.g., multilayered lasagna, spicy chili, creative salads, homemade soups, assorted desserts, fresh breads, and so much more). Of course, no meal is complete without the healthiest beverages of choice which, of course, means ample servings of wine, beer and other medicinal options. Saturday evening brings the weekend to a crescendo of excess. Imagine a one pound freshly broiled Scituate lobster, one inch thick beef tenderloin, large baked potato with sour cream, chives and butter, marinated steamed asparagus……enough said, as this is only the beginning of an evening taking us into the wee hours of the night. As an added feature, we also have a ’wardroom’ movie that takes us into battle ’in the air, on land and sea.’ “It is important to point out, that we are so much more than just food, drink and merriment. We are year by year, keeping the true spirit of fellowship and lifelong friendships that only the Class of ’71 can fully appreciate and value. Duces Virum, Ron.” I missed a good one this year! So, it’s “next year” for me! I so thoroughly enjoyed last year that I couldn’t imagine missing this year; however, the


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’71: 36th Company winter hikers – Garry Holmstrom, Mark Horgan, Don Beaudette, Bruce Gallemore, Sonny Naple, Lee Burgess, Jan Milligan, Ron Spratt, and Craig Welling. May-June 2014


71•72 CLASS NEWS fates would not allow, so I look to the next adventure with hopes of getting onto the ski slopes and snow shoeing to the bar! n Craig Welling added the following to the 36th Company note: n “While the weekend started with frigid temperatures in the single digits it seemed to warm up as time moved on – maybe due to all the hot air from our rehash of old stories. As a sign of the times the discussion seemed to take a turn this year from fewer embellished accounts of our USNA days to announcements of grandchildren. In fact, no less than four of our group reported having had their first grandchildren during the last year with both Ron and Craig having grandchildren born on the same day (10 Dec 2013). Thanks to Jan for coordinating the weekend but also to our wives for various dishes that were consumed during the weekend. Also thanks to Jan and Mark for great breakfasts and to Ron, Don Craig and Sonny for a great finale surf and turf dinner. Duke - we noted your one trip to Lake Placid in 2013 and somehow refrained from too many embarrassing tales from your Navy days - but your absence may not be taken so lightly in future years. All in all - another great weekend!” n I reckon the heat is on – I’ve got to make the trip next year!

Mike Trice sent along a note for Ron: n“Your literature skills are well maintained, with only the slightest degree of hyperbole reminiscent of bygone eras. In the tradition of rewriting many of the ’71 Lucky Bag comments, and a tip of the hat to ’Dirty Tennis Ball’, I’m confident the Shipmate readership will understand! Still on my list of things to do, I look forward to next year. Regards, Mike Trice.” n Well, for sure we 36th Company mates need to gather additional members for this feast of food, fellowship and drink! Next is a short note with a photo from Paul (Jeff) Loustaunau: n “Duke, here’s a photo of me with daughter, Shelly Loustaunau Price ’96, and three of her four children at a USNA basketball game in March.” n Nice photo Paul! Perhaps one of your grandchildren will be a middie one day! Ron Route sent this note: n “Duke – Here’s news of what’s been going on with Kip and me in past few months.We executed one more crosscountry move, this time to Monterey in Sept/Oct. All went well and life at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is great! Hope all is good with you, your families and our classmates. Best wishes, Ron Route.” n Congratulations to Ron and Kip as Ron takes the helm of NPS.The ceremony of investiture as President, NPS, was on April

’71: Paul Loustaunau with daughter Shelly ’96 and grandchildren



23rd. I can’t imagine a nicer place to be for a few years! I hope to see Kip and Ron on a business trip to Monterey! Just received this note from Terry Foust: n “Hey Duke – great to chat last week! As I had mentioned, since this is probably the first time we’d chatted since the 40th, we moved to Virginia Beach two years ago in response to our daughter’s disability, the underlying symptoms of which had been brewing for several years and finally hit her hard when she became pregnant with our (now 2 1/2) granddaughter in early 2011. We live in the Red Mill area, which I now understand is walking distance to one of your wife’s dance studios! I still telecommute as contractor support the Office of Naval Research – wife Mary Ellen is almost a full-time care-giver between our daughter and her family, and her 90-year-old Mom, whom we had to move to a Virginia Beach retirement community in Hilltop. Daughter Claire and her husband and our two grandkids live about 3 miles from us so that’s more convenient than when they lived in Norfolk when we got here. Son Josh is with an NGO in DC, so we don’t get to see him as much as we did when we lived in Fairfax. “I have been greatly blessed to connect with 4th company-mates Ginny and Mark Scharfe who live nearby, and have been further blessed to gather with other 4th company buds at Kate and Kevin Green’s in Fairfax last summer – great fun! Looking to more of this! Hope we can grab coffee some time and relive those thrilling years! Take care and God Bless,Terry.” n Thanks for the update! I look forward to the coffee – we can tell all sorts of tales from our days in the Pentagon! I’m buying! Note for Guy Snodgrass: Did you see what your namesake, CDR Guy Snodgrass, wrote in “Keep a Weather Eye on the Horizon: A Navy Officer Retention Study,” which was published on the U.S. Naval Institute’s blog? Too soon it’s time to close. Please keep our classmates and their families in your prayers for good health and safety in their travels. Our classmates in business and government leadership can use our thoughts and prayers, too. Life is precious and often too short. Love, give and share your blessings generously with others. Now is a good time for us to be actively shaping the future of our great nation.There is plenty of work remaining as we increase our wisdom! Time, tide and column due dates wait for no man! Duces Virum, — Duke



PRES: CAPT Jim Grover, USN (Ret.) E: SEC’Y: CDR Rich Robison, USN (Ret.) 3126 North Greystone Dr., Morgantown,WV 26508 E: WEBSITE: CLASS LISTSERV: WEBSITE:

It’s not every Class that has the right to claim that one of its members is/was the “Old Goat” in the Navy. Altie Stocks claimed that honor up until his recent retirement.The following from Bob Hahn: n “On 28 March 2014, Rear Admiral Altie Stocks had his formal retirement ceremony in Memorial Hall. In attendance were members of his family as well as 200+ former and current shipmates and friends. Classmates who traveled from all across the country to celebrate the end of his long and exemplary career included Jerry Boyle (20th) with wife Joan; David Brown (20th) with wife Julia; Gary Coyle (27th) with wife Cindy; Randy Curnttt (20th); Chuck Davis (16th); Perry Dempsey (10th); Vinny Dowd (20th); Bob Hahn (20th) and wife Charlie; Tom Judd (20th); Jim Klima (22nd); Bob Madden (27th); Rick Rubel (20th) with wife Ginna; John Tindle (20th) with wife Maria; and Bob Zimmerman (27th) with wife Bonnie. It was a bona fide Stocks family affair as, Altie’s wife, CDR Joyce Stocks, USNR, NC, (Retired), served as Mistress of Ceremonies, daughter Miss Caroline Stocks sang a lovely a cappella rendition of the National Anthem, son Midshipman Second Class Zachary Stocks Class of 2015 provided a touching reading of “The Watch”. Guest speakers were his USNA roommate Mr. Bob Hahn and Admiral John Harvey, USN, Retired, Class of 1973. Altie surprised those in attendance from ’72 by inviting them forward to sing what turned out to be a stirring (if tone deaf) vocal of Navy Blue and Gold – followed of course by a fist raising and thunderous “BEAT ARMY” chant. Altie also passed the title of “Old Goat” to VADM Mike Miller, USN, Class of 1974. RADM Stocks was presented with the Navy Distinguished Service Medal by Presiding Officer VADM Mathew Nathan, Surgeon General of the Navy. After 41 years of service, Altie was piped ashore with wife Joyce at his side. While the ceremony itself was traditionally formal, the camaraderie shared among everyone who attended the

’72: “Beat Army!”

’72: Altie Piped Ashore with Joyce

weekend’s events was awesome and memorable.” n

A Stocks Family Affair

Bob Hahn

Passing the Title of “Old Goat”

Congratulations, Alt, and thanks to all who contributed to this article! Your Class Board of Directors met back in early April and discussed a number of items, including: • Ideas on how we continue our DMP Chair into the future to ensure consistent, viable and adequate funding. • Other fundraising activities (e.g., Link In The Chain with the Class of 2022 that comes aboard the Academy in just 4 short years from now…!) • The state of the water fountain our Class sponsored near Gate 3 (it needs work). • Our 45th Reunion in 2017 (hinges on the football schedule which is still in flux). • Our annual Class Leadership Awards for the Mahan (Tal Manvel reported on his recent visit to the ship when he presented the awards. Also, he is looking for someone in the Tidewater area who would be willing to assume coordination responsibilities.) • Tailgater planning for this fall’s home football games in Annapolis. Well, that’s about it for this month, ‘Mates. Enjoy the season! More to come. — D. O. Tried and True with ’72. Call 410-295-4166 to find out how you can match your recent contribution.

Matching Gifts

May-June 2014





PRES: Kevin Callahan SEC’Y: CAPT James H. Chapman, USN (Ret.) 769 Largo Dr.,Virginia Beach,VA 23464-2417 P: 757-869-6889; E:

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying Spring and life is good. It appears the Mail Buoy was sunk. I have not received much news since the fortieth. Normally I would wait for some more news but I do not like going multiple editions without an article. I have a couple of pieces of news. John Harvey was sworn-in as Virginia’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security on 12 January 2014. Congratulations John! Our class project the restoration of the Macedonian Monument is scheduled to be re-dedicated on 25 April. Hopefully I will get some pictures and news to pass on from that. I have some sad news, Don White passed away on March 7, 2014 in Tallahassee, Fla., following a short illness. After the Navy Don was employed by Procter and Gamble for 20 years. Upon retirement from P&G he moved to Shell Point, Fla and taught Advanced Physics at Wakulla High school. Look for more about Don in an upcoming Last Call. That’s all the news. If you are looking for a way to help our wounded service men and women please consider Operation Mend run by UCLA. They provide some very impressive care and medical treatment. As always, Go Navy! and Semper Fi! — General



PRES: John Yaeger CORR. SEC’Y: CAPT John Branchflower, USNR (Ret.) 9 Valley View Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 P: 908-277-2362; E:

Greetings ClassmatesOK, you guys will be happy to know that the Class Secretary’s monthly column has been unaffected by any government shutdown. Therefore you can expect the same high quality product that you’ve grown accustomed to over the past 5 years, on time and under budget. Let me start with some administrative details. By now you should be aware that the 40th Reunion is on the near horizon, 24-26 Oct of this coming fall. Not too early to start getting your plans made. Once again, Loews Annapolis will be the official Class rendezvous point and they’re accepting room reservations. John Yaeger



recently sent out an email with instructions for reunion registration. It contains some good gouge so I’ll re-post it here: n Classmates, Our registration website is now live so please let us know if you will be joining us for the 40th. Also, please consider giving to our class project. I would love to reach our goal and present it to this Superintendent. pid=461 You must be registered with the alumni association to register. Here are the instructions: Please go to the USNA Alumni Association website at Once there, click on “Sign In” to log into your account. For classmates that have an account in the Online Community at the Alumni Association website, please visit and log into your account. If you do not have an account in the Online Community, then please follow the prompts on the sign in page to set one up. If you are not sure, then contact and we will be happy to check for you! If you have an account but do not remember your user name and/or password and have the same email address as when the account was set up you can submit a request online to retrieve your username and/or password. If your email address has changed, PLEASE DO NOT SET UP ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Instead, contact the Alumni Association and we will be happy to look up your user name and password so that you can access your account to register for the reunion and update your contact information. Please email for user name and password look up. Once signed in, click on My Account in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Click on Update Profile to update your contact information, and then click on military salutation to update your current rank or civilian status, followed by updating Class Mail so that your class officers can continue to communicate with you. If you have any trouble, please contact for assistance! Looking forward to seeing you in October. Sincerely, John Yaeger n Be aware that game tickets (San Jose State) must be purchased separately through

Coincident with the reunion will be the election of a new slate of Class Officers. John and Skip Stocknick have indicated a willingness to serve again as Class President and Vice President. Of course they’ll have to be re-elected so, if you’re so inclined, feel free to throw your hat in the ring by contacting me. Both Charlie Miletich and myself are stepping down so we’ll be looking for 2 new, dedicated individuals to fill the jobs of Class Treasurer and Secretary. Consider it. It’s a great resume builder. Plus, women are really impressed when they find out you’re an elected official. Enough of that. On to the mail bag. This month’s featured Classmate is Jeff Peterson…checking in from the great Pacific Northwest. I had to remind Big Pete that he kinda owed me on this because my high school team beat his in basketball. For a long time I think he held it against me. But it’s nice to see that he’s gotten over it. He probably got counseling. n “Branch sent me an email soliciting input for Shipmate. Said I owed him because his high school basketball team beat mine. Despite his coercive efforts I willingly help out a classmate. After graduation I was lucky enough to be stashed up here in Washington, my home state, at the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific while waiting to start Nuke School in Mare Island. I finished the Nuke pipeline in Idaho Falls where my oldest son Erik was born. My first ship was the USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599) Gold crew homeported in Hawaii and making patrols out of Guam. Mid-tour the ship transferred to Mare Island for a refueling overhaul. My marriage to Theresa ended while I was in overhaul. When it was finished, it was back to Pearl and for one last patrol and Nuclear Engineer Qualification. Since none of the shore duty options looked appealing, I went to Groton for the Submarine Officers Advanced Course and then back to Pearl for my department head tour as NAV/OPS on USS Tunny (SSN 682). During my tour there I got married again and my daughter Kirsten was born. When my tour was complete, I came back to Washington to the Trident Training Facility where my youngest son Kiel was born. After my shore tour ended, I decided to leave the Navy and stay here in the Pacific Northwest. I took a job with Vitro providing tech support to lightweight torpedo programs at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Keyport.

The Cold War ended after seven years at Vitro, so I decided again to make a career change and began selling real estate. In 1999 after six years of selling homes and the failure of marriage #2, I bought half of a one man company that was remanufacturing laser printer cartridges. I have grown Olympic Printer Resources, Inc. through the years (I bought my partner out in 2008) until now I provide 10 people with local jobs remanufacturing, selling, and delivering printer cartridges plus servicing printers. I like to hire veterans when jobs open up and we were awarded the Washington Department of the American Legion small business of the year for hiring vets in 2011.One of the coolest things about the company is that my son Erik is my Operations Manager. He is relatively close by so I can see my two awesome grandkids. My daughter Kirsten is married to a police officer and lives in Pittsburg, KS. My youngest son Kiel followed Lydia, a medical student and the love of his life, to England. He works for McKinsey & Company out of London. About eleven years again I ran into Erik’s high school English teacher. We were smitten with each other and come this April, Paula and I will have been married for 10 happy years and live in Bremerton, WA. The third time is a charm. Since she was only 13 the day we graduated from USNA (she turned 14 the next day) I will probably continue to work until I am 73 when she can take her retirement at 65. In the next year we are hoping to move into my parent’s home on a 250 acre cattle farm in Yelm, WA. Happy to hear from any classmates that as they travel through the Puget Sound region. n Outstanding Pete ! Thanks. Let me finish up this month with a posting from Kevin Butler. Bubba played

a key role in rallying ‘74’s Norfolk contingent for the recent Tidewater Wounded Warrior 5K . I know he appreciates the Classmate support he’s received as he and Marie continue to deal with the tragedy that befell their family last year. n My thanks to all who came out and participated. We had 23 in the USNA ’74 Tidewater Grey Goats team. Despite the sprinkles as we arrived, the hard rain held off. Many of the Classmates and Spouses joined in for the after race brunch and lunch at Pelon’s restaurant that turned out to be a great location, with super margaritas and cold beer, plus some great burritos and fish dishes. Again, many thanks to those who participated and those Classmates who cheered from afar. I want to also thank Rob Smith and spouse who came from Richmond, and my roomie, Tom LaTurno who came from Fredericksburg and gets the furthest distance traveled for this 5K. A special shout out to Mike Holton and spouse for their first participation in a Grey Goats event. Welcome to the herd Mike. Also, a special thanks to Dan’l Steward who sent a great email wishing us luck in the WW5K and reminiscing about his runs on the beaches in VA Beach when he was assigned to Seal Team 2. Dan’l also sent great thoughts and prayers for the upcoming trial in Colorado Springs, which were deeply appreciated. While there is nothing that will bring back my daughter Whitney, son-in -law Dave, and granddaughter Riley Marie, getting the trial for their murderer over with will be a step in letting us move forward. Marie, my two sons Christian and Collin, and I continue to send thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. n Thanks Bubba.You guys are in our thoughts as well.

LaTurno and Butler, reunited

Grey goats rally in support of Gloria Vizzier.

OK, no more excuses. Time to register for the Reunion. It’s not that hard to do. I was able to do it on my first try and I graduated…well, I’d actually prefer not to say where I graduated in the Class. But my point is- it’s pretty easy. So get it done. Time, tide and formation wait for no man ! — Branch, ’74



PRES: LCDR Stephen Hubbard, USN (Ret.) E: SEC’Y: CAPT Larry Warrenfeltz, USN (Ret.) 5732 Tamarack Dr., Pace, FL 32571 P: 850-995-0051; E: WEBSITE: http//

Dear ’mates, Thirty-nine years ago we marched (strolled?) into Navy-Marine Corps stadium and left a couple of hours later as commissioned officers. There’s been a lot of water under the keel since then, but the brotherhood remains as strong as ever. Let’s begin with a note from 25th Company Rep Tom Kelley. n I am sorry to have to tell you that my wife, Carole, died on March 20, 2014 at a residential hospice in Virginia. Carole had been fighting leukemia since 2002 and ultimately lost the battle. She had a successful bone marrow transplant in July 2013 but caught a virus sometime in November. The virus attacked Carole’s still weak immune system; she couldn’t fight it off. Her decline was relatively quick and painful to watch. Carole dropped to 80 pounds and lost most of her physical and mental faculties by the time that she died. That may have been a

’74: Goats re-energizing after a tough 5K. May-June 2014


75•76 CLASS NEWS blessing in the end; Carole truly died in peace and not in pain. Carole’s service was held at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel on April 2, 2014. We were married there almost 31 years ago so that is where she wanted the service.The Naval Academy did a wonderful job; they treated Carole the same as if she was a highranking officer. Carole was cremated; her remains were placed in the USNA Columbarium.We had a celebration of Carole’s life at the Naval Academy Club. Again, we were treated wonderfully by the club’s staff; everyone had a great time. The attached photo shows the members of the Class of 1975 who attended the service. Although Carole was an Army ‘brat’ she embraced the Naval Academy and our class from the time that I met her in April 1980. In the photo is Steve Hubbard, me, and seven members of the 25th Company, some who came a long distance to attend a mid-week service: Jim Thoms (Norfolk), Bob Giuda (New Hampshire); Denis Powers (local); Dave Corley (Texas); Steve Cole (North Carolina); Ray Martin (Connecticut); and Mike Groothousen (Norfolk). Desiree and George Melnychenko also were also at the service. Donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society can be made in Carole’s name at /kelley. n

(e.g., non-pasteurized goat’s milk), they are not covered by insurance. They are asking for your prayers. There is a site set up for donations if you’d like to contribute. Go to On a much lighter note, we had a mini-reunion at a Navy Lacrosse game. A big Bravo Zulu to Laurie and Charles “Chill” Hill for driving down from Massachusetts just for the game and then Chill had to go back to the hotel to grade his students physics papers! It was great seeing them again after all these years. Ended up being Chill and Laurie, Karen and Rick White, TX Hammes, and Claudia and me. I’ve attached a picture but we couldn’t get the Grunt to smile! n

Sixteenth company is also rallying around one of our own. Les Edgar, Mark Van Dyke, and several others helped spread the story of the tornado that wiped out Robert “Hutch” Hutchins’ ranch in Texas. Here is Les’ note.

Speaking of lacrosse tailgaters and non-reunions, Steve Curlee hosted his swan song tailgater at the Navy-Loyola lax event on 5 April. President Steve “Hubbs” Hubbard sent out this note marking the occasion.

n Robert and Nancy Hutchins’ place, Rehoboth Ranch, was hit by a tornado on 3 April. Luckily no one was severely injured, but they are facing what Robert estimated to be a $250K loss; and since much of their business was based on natural products

n Many thanks to Steve “Curls” Curlee, who has been honchoing our class tailgates at Navy home football games, Army-Navy games, and occasional lacrosse and rugby games for years. I’ve lost count, but it must be at least ten!

’75: Classmates at Carole Kelley’s service



16th Company lax mini-reunion

He will be moving to Texas soon to rejoin Wanda (whose job dictated the move) so is relinquishing the tailgate conn to Nancy Burd and Steve Laabs. Also, many thanks to Steve and Nancy for stepping up and relieving the watch! Curls, with the support of your very enthusiastic family, you have done more for class unity during your tailgate tenure than any other single person, and I sincerely appreciate that.Your love for USNA and our class is palpable; blue and gold blood truly runs in your veins. On behalf of our great class (your beloved Flower Children), I salute you. We will miss you greatly. Bravo Zulu, Classmate; Bravo Zulu. n Bill Squires answered our request for an after-action report on Super Bowl XLVIII that he helped host in MetLife Stadium (formerly known as The Meadowlands). As you know all too well, the winter of ’14 will go down as one of the coldest, snowiest seasons for the East Coast in a century. Total snowfall in north Jersey was 48.5” (compared to 18” total the year before). Thirty of 45 days from New Years through 15 Feb were below freezing. But Super Bowl weekend enjoyed excellent weather. Temperature at kickoff (49o) made it only the third coldest game of the 48. Snow began again at 0400 Monday, screwing up travel for the 82,259 attendees heading home. Bill arrived at MetLife at 0500 on Super Bowl Sunday and made it home at 0100 the following day. He took his first nap in 27 years on Monday. I think he earned his nooner. Hubbs forwarded a copy of the fully executed Restricted Gift Agreement between our class and the USNA Foundation recognizing our gift to the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. We can be proud of our support for this important contribution to the growth of future graduates. One more from the president and the 40th Reunion Committee: n Planning is underway for our 40th reunion! Can you believe we’re approaching 40 years since our USNA days? To put things into perspective, the Class of 2015 views us the same way we looked at the Class of 1935!!! Need I say more? As good as the 35th was, the 40th promises to be even better. The reunion is scheduled for the first weekend in October 2015, only 16 months away. A planning committee has been organized, chaired again by Mike Lord, with a number of returning veterans from the 35th. The class has

entered into an agreement with Valerie Gerheiser, our event planner who navigated us through our successful 35th reunion. An initial planning meeting yielded the following final/tentative decisions: * The Annapolis DoubleTree will serve as our headquarters hotel. The DoubleTree is a first class facility 3 miles from the Academy and downtown Annapolis, and a short ride on the shuttle buses that will be provided. Note that we have negotiated a room rate of $215/night, a substantial reduction from the rates at the Westin in 2010. * A golf outing on Thursday, 1 October, once again under the direction of Johnny Johnson. * An informal gathering on Thursday evening, possibly at Mike’s Crab House, for those early arrivers. This event, held for the first time in 2010, was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended. * A gathering at the DoubleTree on Friday evening, with a more casual theme than in previous years. * Tailgater in the stadium’s N* Room and football vs. Air Force. Those of you who attended the 35th reunion will remember the hugely popular N* room, with its many comforts and amenities. Mark your calendars now, and stay tuned for more information as plans are firmed up closer to October 2015. And please help us get the word out by passing this information on to all classmates you’re in touch with, to ensure the widest distribution. n In our continuing efforts to increase and improve communications between Flower Children, it is time to update the Company Representatives list.You can find the current list on the class web page ( Please visit and check the list. If your company doesn’t have a rep, step up to fill the void. It’s a simple mission—keep a contact list of your companymates and forward the intermittent transmissions from the class officers to all hands. If you have a better email address than that listed, send it to your scribe and the president (addresses in the column header) and to webmaster Andy Howard (ach75usna@ Andy will be out-of-pocket when he undergoes liver transplant surgery. (Date is unknown, as he’s on the waiting list for a new organ.) Another good way to communicate is via our Facebook page (USNA ’75).

I am pleased to tell you that my second book was published in April. Sea Stories: A Virtual Waste Basket of Random Memories is a collection of memoirs written in the form of 111 sea stories. Shoot me an email if you are interested in purchasing an autographed copy for your personal library.You do know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story, don’t you? ’75 Sir! — Larry



PRES: Kevin Stone 928 Lynch Dr., Arnold, MD 21012 P: 410-974-4313; E: SEC’Y: Mark Hubbard 5632 Tessie Court, New Market, MD 21774-2918 P: 301-865-4472; E: WEBSITE: http//

Well, the snow season might be done by now but with the crazy weather we’ve experienced this winter, you never know what to expect! Stu Funk offers another way to experience the Army-Navy game in his “Bahama Breezin’” accounting: n As I pen this quick note, I am looking outside at 6 inches of new fallen snow on St. Patrick’s Day (AARGH!). Think I need an extra Guinness! Although 3 months have passed since “The Game’ and we A view of the ocean are approaching the from the Sloane’s halfway point to the beach house on ManO-War Cay next season (don’t forget to renew your seats!), it doesn’t appear that the weather between here and Philly has changed much since 14 December. Which brings me to Lat/Long the point of this update...if you want to see some different weather; you sometimes have to consider a different location. While several hardy souls braved the elements and attended the game at ‘The Linc’, and countless others observed the latest series victory from the warmer confines of their home or favorite drinking establishment, a few of us traveled a different road to observe the game. Cheryl and I, along with Linda and John Strand, packed up our bags and Navy shirts and

joined Susan and Marty Sloane at their home in the Bahamas to celebrate the game. Invaded may be a better verb than joined, because soon after Marty and Susan bought a ‘beach house’ there in the fall of 2012, I (for one) started immediately pestering about them hosting for A-N. Couldn’t get it done for 2012, but the call went out for 2013 and there was no looking back. Marty and Susan’s place is a little piece of paradise on Man of War Cay, one of the eastern most barrier islands in the chain. As you can see from the picture, they have a decent view off the front porch! For those of you nautically inclined I have included coordinates and the nearest land (to the east). The Funks and Strands arrived a few days before the game to begin soaking up the warmth of the geography and the camaraderie. Over the next few days, we explored the island (only several hundred inhabitants) from tip to tip and from sea and shore. It was sunny and around 80 each day and we spent at least some time on the water each of the days. On one of the days, we were even successful at catching our dinner...spearing may be more accurate as that is how we nailed enough lobsters to feed our adventurous crew. We gathered each evening for dinner and enjoyed good food, good wine and good friends. We relived some old school and Navy memories from a slide show that Marty’s daughter created. Some of those pictures may actually be classified ‘antiques’ at this point! Then came the appointed game day. As we watched the advance of the purple and blue weather patterns advancing across the CONUS, we settled in for yet another 80-degree day in anticipation of the big game... The rest of that day’s story, you all know well...another Navy victory! In proper USNA tradition we stood and sang Blue and Gold and hoisted out cheer to BEAT ARMY...again. So as we closed out our visit and started to all head back to more mundane and cooler environment, we departed with some wonderful memories of a beautiful stay and an ‘awesome’ game with some terrific friends! n

HOMECOMING 2014 Thursday, 23 October through Saturday, 25 October May-June 2014



“Now colleges from sea to sea, May sing of colors true!”

In March Debbie and Dave Winters attended a reception for the British Special Forces Club. It was held in the Tower of London and allowed an opportunity for them to meet and briefly chat with the Club patron, Her Royal Highness, Princess Ann and her husband, Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence. After these formalities were accomplished, Dave barge-poled over to a table to rest his gimpy legs. An unfamiliar gent wandered over to sit down and join them and introduced himself as “Freddy.” After some light-hearted banter and jokes, Dave’s mind slowly processed the information derived from the conversation. He then realized that “Freddy” was Frederick Forsyth, the brilliantly famous author (known for thrillers such as The Kill List, The Odessa File, The Day of the Jackal, etc.). Photo proof of this unlikely sea story is attached.

Debbie and Dave Winters with English author Frederick Forsyth

Speaking of authors, Barb and I had the opportunity to attend a book signing at the Bethesda (MD) Barnes & Noble on 12 April. Fox & Friends cohost, Brian Kilmeade, was there to promote his best selling book George Washington’s Secret Six.

Brian Kilmeade posing with Barb and Mark Hubbard in Bethesda



My daughter, Meghan, drove down from Brooklyn, NY, recently to spend a few days visiting. Her husband, Jared Marinos USMA ’05, recently hung up his uniform and has embarked on a civilian career with the Bank Of America in NYC where he is undergoing a managementtraining program. In between snowstorms, Meghan and I got a chance to see the Cherry Blossoms in their entire splendor at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

Chuck. But nevertheless the camaraderie ran high and it was just like old times, very fun to catch up and reminisce.”

18th Company mates pose with their spouses at the Halfway Dinner

Mark Hubbard and his daughter, Meghan Marinos, at the Tidal Basin

David Markham (28th Co.) started a new job in November 2013. He now works for Intelsat General Corporation (IGC), which is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, as IGC’s Program Manager for the Navy’s Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP). In his new position, Dave is responsible for managing a $540M Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) contract and providing commercial satellite communications services to Navy customers worldwide. On a personal note, Dave and his wife, Sandy, have lived in East Tennessee for the past eight years and have a small farm in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.Their two children, Sarah and David Jr., are on their own now; Sarah lives in the Fredericksburg,VA area and David Jr., along with his wife, Sara, live in Charlotte, NC. Dave and Sandy recently found out that they would become grandparents for the first time this fall. Needless to say, they are thrilled with the news! Many Classmates, along with some spouses and offspring, were present at the Halfway Dinner at Joe Theismann’s Restaurant in Alexandria in early April. There was a table from 18th company; Sharron and Fred Johnson, Georgia and John Locks, Carol and Bruce Petit, and Lisa and Chuck Gorum. Fred mentioned that “Sharron and I have gotten together with Bruce and Carol several times over the years, but I hadn’t seen John Locks since graduation day, and it’s been something like fifteen years since I last saw

Linda and Doug Schaus at Theismann’s

Halfway Dinner

Kevin and Barb Stone in Alexandria, VA

That’s it for the news. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I will be undergoing my second total knee joint replacement surgery on my left knee this time. Keep the news and pictures coming and always remember to BEAT ARMY!

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Greetings all! Geez are we already well into 2014?! It seems like just yesterday we were wishing each other a Happy New Year. By the time this hits your doorstep it’ll be summer. The way this year has been going lately perhaps all the snow will be done by now! It better be. Congratulations to Classmates with sons and daughters who are now newly minted Ensigns and Second Lieutenants: Tom Rentz’s son, Conor (’14), Ray Kempisty’s son, Mitchell (’14), Tom McElwee’s son, Tom Jr. (’14) and John Rudzis’ daughter, Britta (’14). I haven’t had a chance yet to see who enters from the ’78 family to take their places with the next Plebe Class. I do know that with any luck, Jim Fiorelli’s son, John may enter with the Class of 2019 the next year. An update from Jim reported that John will be going to NAPS first. So too we hope to see Michael Sears’ son, Matthew in the Class of ‘19. Matthew was invited to attend a Naval Academy Foundation school next year. He and John may wind up to be classmates like their dads. By the way, on one of John Fiorelli’s college visits to Princeton, he and his parents, Jim and Jan, literally ran into Barbara and Glen Ives. They had a great visit. (Jim noted that Glenn’s nephew plays for Yale.) Jim also reported on a visit to Pensacola with our classmate Rich Holzknecht and his family. He and Jan

had gone down to visit their oldest, Mike (also in the picture), who was just starting Primary at Whiting.They got together with Rich for 3 meals, including one at the Cubi O’Club at the Museum. Jim said it was great to see Rich. For nine years Rich has been doing an amazing job as a single, working dad raising his four kids (Rich, Dan, Nate and Savannah).We have to believe their mother, Rich’s late wife, Jennifer, has been watching over them from heaven.They also spent a little time with Gail Ohler. Gail is the widow of Mike Ohler (’77). Mike was one of Jim’s Primary roommates at Whiting. A Marine helo pilot, Mike was assigned as the Forward Air Controller (FAC) with Alpha Company 1/8 when he was killed by a sniper in Beirut on Oct 16th, 1983. By now, Jim and Jan have a new Second Lieutenant in the Army as the “Black Sheep” of the family, middle son, Matt, was graduated from West Point... Matt is headed to Ranger School this summer and then eventually is slated to serve with a Stryker unit in Hawaii. Jim and Jan are “looking forward to the free housing in Paradise” but Jim now wonders if he “could just figure out a way to retire!” Jim also passed on news that Vinnie Bellezza’s son, John, got his wings at NAS JAX and is just starting his first NFO tour in P-8’s there. Jim also saw John Semcken’s, Rebecca. She is a young attorney/wife/Mom and just recently moved to Richmond from the DC area. He and Jan look forward to getting to know her and her family better as they settle in here. Jim wondered aloud at hard it is to believe that our kids are grown up and having families and starting careers. His recent time in Pensacola reminded him how unbelievably fast the years have flown by since we were new ensigns [and Second Lieutenants] down there. Speaking of the John Semcken, congratulations to his son Reed who ran the Boston Marathon. It was relief for all the family and especially John. Reed had earlier run the Los Angeles Marathon in

’78: Jim and Mike Fiorelli with Gail Ohler and Holzknechts in Pensacola

hopes of qualifying for Boston. At mile 18, John pulled him aside to take a picture with the family before Reed set off to finish the race. The “photo op” took all of less than 10 or 15 seconds. But it was enough to impact Reed. He finished in a time of 3 hour, 5 minute and 6 seconds but qualifying time for Boston is 3 hours, 5 minutes or less. Reed had missed qualifying by 6 seconds and John was devastated with guilt. But Navy man that he is John didn’t accept defeat or wallow in pity. John had father contacted Boston Marathon officials, who told him they needed someone to run with a blind participant, 36-year-old multi-marathon runner Adrian Broca. Reed would be able to run Boston as one of Adrian’s four guides. Blind runners are guided by a guide’s voice, some use a tether system that connects the two runners. Adrian and Reed used a string tied to each of their wrists. By the way, Adrian finished the race in 2:58:42. Congratulations to Michael Sears who is retiring. As he wrote, n “Friends: After almost 6 years at Siemens Venture Capital, and more than 35 years of professional life, I’m heading home to retirement. I’m looking forward to having no plans for a while. We’ll see what the next few months have in store. I’ve got no great words of wisdom to impart, except for this: It was only “yesterday” that I walked across the stage to collect my college degree. In the blink of an eye, I’ve come to an ending, and a beginning. Many of you helped me get here – and I thank you. I find myself lucky enough to still be “locomotive”. All the best to all of you in your journey. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.” n Larry Easton departed Lockheed Martin in February. His last day of work was Feb 14th. He doesn’t expect to be looking for another full-time gig but perhaps something part-time. He wasn’t even looking for a job when we saw each other. He had always planned to “go early” so saved to give himself a nice cushion to relax for a while. His wife, Cindy is still working so they are “good”. Of course, I bet Cindy would love to trade places with him. In the meantime Larry is fixing up their place in Maryland that their son, Kevin, occupies. Ed Henkler is progressing but still not quite there. He’s been doing a variety of coaching & consulting for individuals and companies in transition. He’s especially focused on employee engagement initiatives and May-June 2014


78•80 CLASS NEWS improving quality of life for folks who are “differently-abled.” As for me, I am now working for John Rudder (and Byron Marchant) as a Major Gift Officer for the Naval Academy Foundation. I started on April 8th. Thanks for all the well wishes, recommendations and words of encouragement from you guys along the way. Elizabeth noted that John was instrumental in getting my first post-active duty job with Sikorsky Aircraft when he was a head hunter for Career Development. Now he hires me for what could be my last job. We’ve come full circle. Well, that’s a quick look at what’s been happening. Launchin’ Spot Four.



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Classmates: Mike Pedersen ( checked in from the sunny coast of southwest Florida with this update: n Wiz, I’ve been a “Blue & Gold Officer” for several years in the Fort Myers / Naples, Florida area and have been regularly attending the local USNA Alumni luncheons. The guest speaker at yesterday’s luncheon in Naples was Navy’s Athletic Director, Chet Gladchuk. For years I was essentially the sole ’79 grad at these luncheons, but lo and behold, guess who also shows up at yesterday’s lunch? Bill McKinney (15th Co.) and Bruce Hanson (20th Co.). We moved to SW Florida upon my retirement from the Marine Corps in ’98 (that NAPS year finally paid off!). I was lucky enough to fly 16 years of my career as a RIO in the backseat of the F-4 Phantom and as a WSO in the F/A-18D Hornet. Honored to have gotten the chance to do “Desert Storm” as a FastFAC over Kuwait from the 50-yard line, front row seats. Upon retirement, went into something completely different - pharmaceutical sales. Was recently laid off after 15 years due to a takeover. Have had plenty of time to stay busy now as a volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coach for a high



school here in Cape Coral. Trying to land another sales type of job in SW Florida to avoid a family move but could maybe end up back in the Miami area where I was before heading to NAPS. Mike n

Mark Heinrich (mark.f.heinrich@ carved out some time to describe the first few months of his post-Navy career: n I’m into my third month as a Managing Partner at Alvarez and Marsal Holdings, LLC. My office is in Washington, DC, and I love it so far. I spent the first two months in our New York City office to learn as much as possible about the firm, since it’s HQ’d on Madison Ave. As I learn Alvarez and Marsal’s history, I find it amazing. We’re a global, performance improvement firm, anchored in a thirty year heritage of solving complex troubled situations. The firm has a strong focus on Corporate Restructuring and performance improvement, and Brian Marsal made a name for himself as the Chief Restructuring Officer for Lehman Brothers, when they went bankrupt in 2008. The amount of work we’ve done for financial institutions could fill pages and pages! Our culture isn’t very ‘military’. There are less than ten people with military backgrounds among the firm’s 2,400+ people, and I think I’ve met them all! Irrespective of the lack of military talent, we are a rich mix of world class industry operators and consultants… On some days, I feel like a plebe on I-day. Our Financial Industry Advisory Services team is one of the best in the country, and our Corporate Restructuring team is THE best in the country. Finally, our private equity team is amazing, and I’m learning from each one of these amazing professionals. Many of our people have served in the C-suites of the firms that we’ve restructured… some for many years. So right now, my focus will be on Restructuring, Business Consulting, and Private Equity. I think the most important thing that I’m learning is that we give results, not advice, and we roll up our

sleeves to work alongside our clients, so I like A&M – if for no other reason than I get to get my hands dirty! It’s pretty neat. I’m renewing my Navy football tickets this year, and hope to get to a few games this year. Moreover, now that I’m in DC, I’ll see more of everyone! Best regards, Mark n In flag news, VADM John “Fozzie” Miller will take over as deputy chief of naval operations, operations, plans, and strategy, N3/N5, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. He currently is serving as commander, U. S. Naval Forces, Central Command and commander, Fifth Fleet, Bahrain. In case you’re counting, this means that Class of ’79 currently occupies the positions of N2/6, N3/5, N4, N8, and N95. Plus, Sean Stackley continues serving as the Asst. Secretary of Defense for Research, Development and Acquisition. No doubt about it – this is the Class of 79’s time at the helm! More flag news: RADM Peg Klein ’81 will serve as the Senior Advisor for Military Professionalism to the Secretary of Defense. Peg is the spouse of our own Frank Klein. And of course – the other matter of consequence is our upcoming 35th Reunion, 25-28 September 2014 in Annapolis. Get all the latest gouge by going to the class website – – and clicking the “35th Reunion” link at the upper left of every page. Some of the important stuff you’ll find: The latest schedule of events; Link to make hotel reservations at the Annapolis Westin (our HQ hotel); Information/link to order football game tickets in the ’79 section (Note – everyone attending the tailgater MUST have a game ticket.); Link to the Class Store for ordering/purchasing “79” clothing and merchandise; Finally, Lisa and Dan Morio ’91, owners of Orion Travel & Leisure, LLC, have blocked some rooms for us at Historic Inns of Annapolis, which are within walking distance of the activities at the Westin. If you’re interested in staying at one of these inns, please email Sean Cate at

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Greetings Classmates, The weather has finally broken - At one point I had to shovel two feet of snow off of my gunnels to even get onto the boat – and that was in early April. Whatever happened to Global Warming? Hope that many a Classmate can come down to the Boat in Washington or down to the house in New Orleans this year! On to the mailbag: I received an out of the blue note from Terry White who is working on his “Bob the Builder” skills in North Carolina. Terry was not only a Plebe Summer “Romeo” company mate, we sang together in the Glee Club where he was one of the “cool” members of the Skivs: n Joe: I just thought I’d at least reconnect with you. I’m still living in the DC metro area in Gainesville,VA although I spend most weekends in NC restoring a home that was built in 1900. This is truly a project that is out of my league since I have very limited mechanical skills (being an IT guy by profession). Anyway, it’s a fun to buy all manner of tools for each task and then go cut/bang/curse my way to completion. I keep in contact fairly regularly with Greg Pieper and occasionally with Andy Hargreaves who both are well. Hopefully, I’ll attend the next DC area class of 80 luncheon whenever that happens. n It was also a treat to get a reply from our own Dr. Pam Wacek Svendsen MD., Good to have some Doctor’s in the house as we start getting older! Classmate loyalty and all that stuff right…Request permission to utilize my Classmates medical skills Sir! n Hi Joe, I continue to practice Family Medicine in northwest Florida in spite of government efforts to destroy my profession. As a result, I will most likely transition away from providing primary care and focus more on the medical spa/anti-aging part of my practice. That’s a heck of a lot more fun anyway. I’ve also started working as an independent

contractor for a number of telemedicine companies. I love sitting around in my bathrobe with a cup of coffee with my dog at my side providing medical advice to folks. I’m licensed in several states, so there’s more work than I can handle most days. It will be a nice way to transition towards retirement and I can do it from anywhere in the country. Scott and I took a 2 week trip to Europe last month and got to see parts of southern Germany we missed on our last trip. We made a quick stop in the Czech Republic and spent a few days in Vienna. I always learn so much history when I go to Europe, a part of my education that is sorely lacking. We moved to a new house in January on the day of the historic NW Florida ice storm! It’s just about 5 miles from where we were living, but it’s an OUR house for Scott and I, which is really great. I wanted new construction too which saves us from having to refurbish a lot of what needed to be done at the other house. We used a USNA grad to help with the VA loan at Trident Loans in Gulf Breeze by the name of Marty Medve (class of ’89 or ’87?). He’s a great guy and I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for such services. Life’s pretty good, all things considered. Thanks for all you do to keep us all in touch. Pam n

talking and both specifically noted being impressed by Bruce. We both agreed that this was a guy who was definitely going far whether he stayed in or not. That’s not quite plebe year, but thought you might enjoy the anecdote. n Now that makes me wonder what they said of me…Now that guy isn’t much of a Nuke – maybe he should be a writer or sing or something…Thanks for the note Warren – we all certainly agree with your assessment. My monthly plea for input brought about some responses by the 33rd Herd. Kathy Slevin Clore is enjoying being a Grandmother (four of them): n My son Daniel and his wife just blessed me with another grandson, born March 5, 2014. What a joy it is having grandchildren. I have one each from my two children and one each from my husband’s two children. Josie (age 6), Garrett (age 4), Illiaina (age 3), and Joshua (age almost 2 months). Here is a picture of me with my son Daniel and grandson Joshua at my church’s recent Easter Passion Production. There is nothing like watching your children become parents. What a joy (and yes, it is a joy to know I can to know I can give them back and still get a good nights’ sleep). I hope all are well. Kathy n

I keep reading how Classmates have figured out this retirement planning! I guess I must have missed that class at Navy! Sounds like a really good strategy! So now you have a Doc on line…. It is always interesting to see who reads our Column – and it does have widespread readership in Heads and Barbershops worldwide…..but I received a note from Warren Rawson, Class of ’66. Read on: n I was just looking at the latest Shipmate and your picture of Bruce Grooms caught my eye and the question posed to him about if he thought he would make 3 stars when he was a plebe resonated. I first encountered Bruce when he came in for his interview with ADM Rickover. I briefed all the candidates before they went in to see the Admiral and accompanied about a third of them into his office. After the interviews my classmate, Ralph Lipfert (one of the other two officers who sat in on the interviews) and I were

Also checking in from the Herd, Pete Kilger sent in this e-mail: n Congrats to Kathy. We too have a new grandchild. Our oldest daughter had a baby girl on February 2nd. Our second oldest daughter is due in July. I had a chance encounter with Steve Diehl at the Minneapolis airport. Penny and I were on our way to California to see our son and his family and we were May-June 2014


80•81 CLASS NEWS eating lunch. At the gate right next to us I heard them call “Diehl, party of two”. That airport is about the only place I have seen Steve since we graduated so I figured it must be him and sure enough. We only got to say hi. He and Angel were the last to board their flight. My company has asked me to relocate to our Centennial, CO office so we put our house in Ohio up for sale last week. Should be in Colorado sometime this summer. Also, I finally finished my private pilot certificate last month. Thanks to poor weather and conflicting schedules with my instructor it took over nine months but it was worth it. I love flying. Pete n Rich Springman, also of the Herd wrote in from Nepal: n I’m writing this as Craig and I travel through India and Nepal. Currently, we are on safari (with wifi!) at the Temple Tiger resort in Chitwan national park. One wouldn’t think there would be a jungle in the same country in which Mount Everest is located! It is a fascinating place with diverse landscapes and interesting peoples - over two hundred tribal groups, most with different languages or dialects. My Hindi is serving me well! We have already been to Delhi, Kathmandu and it’s environs; and are headed toward Bandipur and Pokhara. n In the last note from the Herd this month, one of our “biggest” Classmates, not only in stature but in his character, quality and pure heart, Ken MacDonald checked in from California. Ken is battling ALS and he is such an inspiration to all of us.We love you Shipmate! If you’re out his way give him a call and stop by – which is just what a few of the 33rd Herd members did: n Hi Joe, I’m so sorry it took me 3 months to respond… No Excuse Sir! I’m doing good, getting a little worse, but still doing good. Thanks for asking! Lef, (Pat Lefler) was in Ca for some boondoggle so he, Killer (Bill Killea) and Dig (Brian Kosinski) came to visit and we watched “Airplane”. It cracked us up. And Bill and Brian came down for the 12th beating of Army! My wife asked us all if we felt sorry for Army. I’m sure you know what our answer was! Last week I got an email from the Space Systems Loral HR dept. saying;



“... you need to be terminated as an SSL employee on March 21st.” Part of my response was: This is the first time I’ve ever been fired, or, will I be getting a visit from Whitey Bulger? HR didn’t reply… It’s been over 13 years and they still don’t get me! Again, I’m sorry for being so rude by taking so long to respond. Have a great weekend! Beat Army Sir! (Will they think losing 13 years in a row is a sign of bad luck?) —Ken n One of the things that I hope you hear in the Column is our need to keep the memories and stories of our Classmates who have gone before us alive. Most of you will remember that we lost three Classmates at Nuke School in a diving accident (Kevin Curry, Chris Nelson and Kurt Israel). Joe Heil JPHSSH1@ has done just that: n Joe, I recently came upon the attached letter from our classmate Chris Nelson (20th) that my Mom had kept from the Evening Capital that was printed soon after we graduated. I especially made sure she kept it later, after Kevin, Chris’ and Kurts (22nd) tragic scuba cave drowning in Florida in Feb 1981, while they were at nuke school. Thought you would like to see it in case there might be an opportunity for any future Class of ’80 Memorial Summary. Hope all is well! (SECRETARY NOTE: I typed in the content as a copy of the article was a little difficult to read) This past May 28th it was my privilege to be graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.The values, dedication and patriotism one develops as the Naval Academy are qualities which will last a lifetime. It was a tremendous honor for me to receive my appointment to the Academy four years ago. The discipline instilled in a midshipman during that first rigorous “Plebe” year carries him through the four years of intense academic, athletic and professional endeavors. A week before commencement, I was asked to speak to the Washington chapter of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, the majority of whose members were in the class of 1935, including such men as ADM Arleigh Burke. I decided to tell them what would carry away most cherished and valued from my four years as a midshipman. There were so many choices I could have selected – the deep commitment to serve my country, the great degree of self-discipline, the unsurpassed education and quality of

instruction, etc.Yet there was one quality that meant even more to me than these and that was the strong sense of personal honor and integrity I ill have with me a long as I live. Every midshipman is exposed and lives by the Brigade Honor Concept.This requires a commitment and dedication to personal integrity and honor seldom witnessed in our society. It is to the credit of the brigade of midshipmen that this concept exists and flourishes. The Unites States Naval Academy may be only small institution but the quality of its graduates and the ultimate reason for its existence make it a vital part of American society. Christopher W. Nelson, Ensign, USN, Arnold MD. These words were true then – true at the beginning of the Academy – and will remain true over time. Nice to hear Chris’s words ring true some 34 years later. n I was very moved by a note that came in from Larry Arkley’s widow,Tammy, who wanted to thank the Class. It would be great if a few Classmates would continue to reach out and make sure that she and her family are doing well. Here is an excerpt from her note: n Thank you for reminding me I’m part of the family. That touched me a lot. Even though I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting many of his classmates, I still do feel a part of the USNA family. Tammy n That’s all the news that I’m allowed to fit into the Column. I hope that this finds each of you healthy, happy and wiser today than yesterday. Please take a few minutes to renew a friendship, call a Classmate and take care of each other – you never know what a difference you can make. As always, BEAT ARMY, — Joe

HOMECOMING 2014 Thursday, 23 October through Saturday, 25 October

ALUMNI HOUSE Bring your event Home— The newly renovated Ogle Hall is ready to host your special event For more information, please contact :

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Just when I thought I was done writing Flag Profiles, I get surprised by another selection. I am therefore very pleased to share with the Class that Dave Lane (36) has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Dave is currently serving as commanding officer, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, N.C. CAPT David A. Lane is the Commanding Officer of the Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, having taken command in June 2012. CAPT Lane enlisted in the Navy from Orlando, Florida in 1975. He served two years as a hospital corpsman and was then appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy, where he graduated in May 1981. ENS Lane was designated a Naval Flight Officer and then qualified as an electronic countermeasures officer in the EA-6B Prowler at Whidbey Island, WA. He was next assigned to Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 136, forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, aboard USS MIDWAY (CV-41). He was the squadron’s avionics officer, personnel officer, and electronic warfare tactics officer, and logged 900 flight hours and nearly 300 carrier arrested landings in the Prowler. Following sea duty, then LT Lane, served as the Aide to the Chief of Naval Education and Training, and as an electronic warfare instructor before entering medical school. He earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in May 1991, followed by a three-year residency in family medicine at Naval Hospital Bremerton, WA. In July 1994, LCDR Lane reported for duty as a fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at Yale University School of Medicine, and while there was awarded the Henry Christian Award for excellence in clinical research by the American Federation for Medical Research. His next assignment was at Naval Medical Center San Diego, California,

where he was the clinical manager for the center’s Primary Care Group. He was subsequently ordered to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery as Aide to the Surgeon General of the Navy. Following his promotion to Commander in 1999, he spent three years on the clinical staff at U. S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain, serving as a staff clinician, Chief of Primary Care, and ultimately as Director of Preventive and Primary Care Services. After Rota, CDR Lane attended the U.S. Naval War College where he earned a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies and received the 2004 Marine Corps Association Award for his essay on health services support from the sea base. He next served as Group Surgeon with 3d Marine Logistics Group and as Force Surgeon with III Marine Expeditionary Force, in Okinawa, Japan. As Group and Force Surgeon he deployed multiple times with Okinawa-based Marines as the medical detachment commander for disaster relief missions, including the Indian Ocean tsunami, an earthquake in central Indonesia, mudslides in the Philippines, and floods in Bangladesh. His tours in Okinawa were followed by consecutive assignments in Honolulu, Hawaii, as Deputy Commander for Clinical Services at Tripler Army Medical Center followed by Force Surgeon, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific. As Force Surgeon, he oversaw MARFORPAC’s health services in support of Operation TOMODACHI, the U.S. government’s disaster relief effort in Japan following a devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor meltdown. He also championed the Corps’ transformation to the Marine Centered Medical Home to improve access to care and quality for Marine Corps operational forces in garrison. CAPT Lane is a Fellow in the American Academy of Family Physicians and a member of the U.S. Army’s Order of Military Medical Merit. His personal military decorations include the Legion of Merit (3 awards), the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 awards). He has been married for more than 30 years to Vicki, a social worker, and they have three grown children who have served or are serving in the Peace Corps, the Navy, or the Army. Dave sent me a current family photo and had this to say:

n “The lady in red is Vicki, my wife of 32+ years. The ensign is our son Charlie (now a LTJG in USS LA JOLLA, on deployment in the Pacific AOR).The Army Cadet is our son Ben, who will graduate next month from Rensselaer Polytech Institute and will be commissioned a 2nd LT in the Army Signal Corps. The young lady in the front row is our daughter, Shelby, who served 3 years in the Peace Corps and is now in grad school at American University. And the young lady in the back is Tunytorn, an exchange student from Bangkok, Thailand, who lived with Vicki and me last year”. n Dave, congratulations!

Our newest Flag Officer

With his family in NY

Also on the Flag moves front, we received news of a new assignment for Peg Klein (31). The press release from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel follows: n “Today I am announcing that Navy Rear Admiral Margaret “Peg” Klein will serve as my Senior Advisor for Military Professionalism, reporting directly to me on issues related to military ethics, character, and leadership. I appreciate Rear Admiral Klein’s willingness to take on this new assignment. She brings to the position a wealth of operational and leadership experience, including command responsibilities at May-June 2014


81•82 CLASS NEWS various levels throughout the Navy community. Having served as the 82nd Commandant of Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, she knows that ethics and character are absolute values that must be constantly reinforced. Rear Admiral Klein will coordinate the actions of the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, and each of the military services - working directly with the Service Secretaries and the Service Chiefs - on DoD’s focus on ethics, character, and competence in all activities at every level of command with an uncompromising culture of accountability. This will continue to be a top priority for DoD’s senior leadership”. n Peg, congratulations on this important assignment. Back in November last year my business travel schedule fortunately allowed me to catch the Navy – University of Hawaii football game. While getting caught up with everyone at the tailgater, we had a mini lightweight crew reunion. Besides myself, we had (L – R in photo below) Jaime Navarro (3), Fred Tettlebach (30), and Chuck Smith (24).

Three Lightweight Crew alumns

Continuing the Crew theme, the Boathouse held its first ever Navy Crew Alumni Reunion Dinner on March 1st. Fred, Chuck, Jaime, and Dan Lyons (3) all attended. John Richardson ’82 was the guest speaker. In the photo below is (L-R) Fred Tettlebach, Chuck Smith, Terry Benedict, Coach Bob Kasper, John Richardson, and Jaime Navarro. Dan can be seen in the background.

’81 and ’82 Lightweight Crew alumns with Coach Kasper

Next a note from Corky Vasquez (36):


n Before the holidays my wife Ann and I were finishing up some Christmas shopping and stopped for a bite at Kilarney House in Davidsonville (MD). Sure enough while we were there Valerie and Jamie Navarro (3) walk in so we had a chance to have a couple of beers together. Funny thing is 2 weeks earlier I was at a bar in Annapolis and ran into John Beatty (29) and his wife Peggy Sue. Both live not far from where we live. John is with NCIS and Peggy Sue is with NAVAIR. It was great to catch up with both of our NAPs Classmates. Saw Bubba Turman (31) just the other day and he’s the same old Bub. n

Two old NAPS buddies

Patty (Crandlemire) Whitney (4), along with Peg and Kevin “Tex” Taylor (27) have taken the lead to plan for a Class gathering at the Navy vs. Ohio State game in Baltimore on August 30. n “We found two hotels (a Marriott and a Hilton) that are beside each other, reasonably priced, and less than a mile from the stadium. So here is the info (feel free to share). Make your reservations! Get your tickets! And let’s get together to watch Navy beat Ohio State. We are hoping we can stay together and celebrate a big Navy win together! We are suggesting the following two hotels that are located near each other. The rates shown are from their websites for the weekend August 29-31. They are not guaranteed rates so may change: Spring Hill Suites Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor, Regular rate $199 - AAA $209 - Military $147; East Redwood Street Baltimore, MD 21202. OR: Hampton Inn & Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor. Regular rate $189 – AAA $179 – Military $160; 131 East Redwood Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202 If you plan to go, please let Kevin Taylor or me know so we can keep everyone in the loop for dinner, tailgating, etc. GO NAVY!” n



PRES: CAPT Bill Dawson, SC, USN (Ret.) P: 443-949-8023;W: 443-758-5114 E: wdawson82@verizon.nett VICE PRES: Matt Moury P: 410-263-7640; E: TREAS: VADM Terry Benedict, USN P: 703-913-7183;W: 703-607-1036 E: CORR SEC’Y: Rett Rasmussen 1710 Dana Place, Fullerton, CA 92831 P: 714-871-1860;W: 562-696-8718 C: 562-822-0755; E: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:

Good Morning, ’82! As part of your Spring cleaning, please update your bio on the Class of 1982 website, by emailing your revisions to Andy Shelter (8) at And, while you’re at the keyboard, please tap out an update for Shipmate and send it, along with a photo, to Thank you for your support. Tyrone Hughes’ (13) entered into wedded bliss on October 5, 2013, in Athens, GA. n “The ’82 guys at wedding were Jeff Hansen (13), Chuck Tamblyn (13), Rich Samolovitch (13),Tom Whalen(13), Jeff Cleary (13), Gary Gardner (19), Davy Jones (20), Gregg Bensinger (28), Mike Jacobsen (31), and Tim McDonnell (32). “After the Marines I worked making C-17’s for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corp. Over the last 15 years I have worked as an attorney with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the NYC Board of Education and now with the New York City Fire Department.” n Gary sent some photos from Tyrone’s wedding and this update: n “After flying P-3’s in the Navy, I went to St. John’s Law School and have been practicing law in New York for the past twenty years. I have two kids: Matthew, age 19, and Deanna, age 18, both are in college. Tim McDonnell also attended St. John’s Law School and has also been practicing law in New York for the past twenty years.” n

Patty thanks for taking the lead and getting this set up. Looks like a great time will be had. ’81 Second to None! Gary Gardner, Tyrone Hughes, Ty’s bride Becky and Tim McDonnell


’82 got Tyrone’s back!

Stephen Kingston (2) reports on current ’82 connections at the US Coast Guard Academy: n “Richard Hine (34), Dave Grim (1) and I all have daughters at USCGA. Rich’s daughter Maggie is in the class of 2016 along with my daughter Morgan. Rich and I met last year on R-Day (I-Day in Navy vernacular) and it was great to catch up with him. This year on Parents’ weekend I ran into Dave. Dave’s daughter is a firstie and is doing great. “On another note, we have been catching up with Dean Studt (2) and his wife Julie here in Satellite Beach, FL, on most Monday nights when we are in town. Dean is doing great.” n

82: Tyrone Hughes, classmates and spouses after his wedding.

82: ’82 backs the Big Blue in Pax River. Beat Army!

Morgan and Steve Kingston in Morgan’s stateroom at Chase Hall (CGA Bancroft Hall equivalent

Mark Converse (31) keeps the Beat Army spirit going: n “’82 successfully defended their title as the largest class in attendance at NAS Patuxent River’s Go Navy/Beat Army Annual ‘Eggs and Legs’ Breakfast on 13 December 2013. A total of nine classmates proudly came together for the event, as shown in the photo from left to right:VADM Dave Dunaway (32), Joyce (Harrison) McCallister (33), Jane (Treadway) Conley (7), Matt Scassero (30), Ken Carkhuff (28), Herb Yee (19), Tom Garrison (12), Andy Wilson (15) and his daughter Clara, and Mark Converse.” n Doug Nordman (12) reports on Facebook that his daughter Carol

82: From page 31, a photo with Wes Hammond (30) and others from Dirty Thirty.

(NROTC, Rice University) has “passed her Naval Reactors interview, and she’s headed for surface nuke! John, er, I mean, NR, has the mids fill out a briefing card listing anyone in their family with military service. If the relatives were in the Navy then NR wants to know whether they

were nukes, what ships/boats, and where they are now. n “I used to joke with my daughter about “name recognition” and having to overcome my reputation (and technical rating). However when she set foot in his office he already knew he was

May-June 2014


82•83 CLASS NEWS interviewing a “legacy”... and she must have made the cut on her own merits! “Contact me if you (or your progeny) would like a copy of the NR interview study guide or any other info on the process. She worked hard to earn this, and it’s certainly given me a few flashbacks.” n Back a few issues I mentioned “Brigade, Seats! The Naval Academy Cookbook” by Karen Jensen Neeb. Here are a couple of items featuring ’82 in the book.

From page 131, Paul Morrisette (28) submitted his mother’s recipe for a dessert contest.

Please join with me, my friends, to reflect on the current state of our class, with classmates at the pinnacle of the Navy’s leadership. Michelle Howard (23) is Vice Chief of Naval Operations. John Richardson (26) sits in the Admiral Rickover seat as the man in charge of the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion program. Dave Dunaway (32) is the steward for all things Naval Aviation as Commander of NAVAIR. Terry Benedict (1) oversees our sea-launched ballistic missiles as Commander of Strategic Systems Programs. Phil Davidson (6) heads the 6th Fleet, smack in the middle of Russia’s chest thumping. Paul Grosklags (35) is Principal Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition). Kate Gregory (32) leads the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and is the Chief of Civil Engineers. Dave Johnson (17) is Program Executive Office for Submarines. Tom Rowden (24) leads the black shoes as the Director, Surface Warfare. Matt Klunder (5) is on the cutting edge of the rail gun and other bleeding edge systems as Chief of Naval



Research. Dee Mewbourne (31), our class’ go-to carrier CO, is on the frontlines of sea control and power projection as Commander of Carrier Strike Group ELEVEN. Rick Breckenridge (1) unites the Navy’s various warfare capabilities as Director, Warfare Integration Division (N9I). Mike Shoemaker (35) is the top right coast brown shoe as Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic. Bruce Lindsey (25) is Deputy Director for Operations of the Joint Staff. Ken Carodine (13) is Director, Navy Business Operations Office in the Office of CNO. In the federal government, Matt Moury (19) is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety, Security and Quality at the U.S. Department of Energy. Dave Simpson (9) retired as a Rear Admiral and is the Chief of the Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Bobby Sturgell (3) is a former Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. Captains of industry include Mick Maurer (33), President of Sikorsky Aircraft and Mike Petters (36), President and CEO of Huntington Ingalls Industries, America’s largest military shipbuilder. Joe McClain (26) is President of The Beer Institute (does anyone else remember that one of our class crest choices included a beer keg with the motto, a nod to our favorite Plebe year movie Animal House, “Knowledge is Good”. I always thought those would have been challenging to explain to our grandkids). Influencers of policy and opinion include Pete Brookes (33), a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific affairs, who is a senior fellow for national security affairs at the Heritage Foundation, columnist, author, speaker and commentator on radio and television. Ward Carroll (21) is the Editor of and is also frequently on radio and television speaking about military issues. And, of course, many classmates with Facebook pages who provide their unabashed opinions on all manner of subjects. We have many classmates who retired from active duty after twenty to thirty years of service. Others left active duty but stayed in the reserves until retirement. Still others served five, seven or more years before joining private industry, many starting their own businesses. We have Realtors on both coasts and in between, and pilots flying all over the

world. Some classmates became teachers, charity administrators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians. We all have served and been positive contributors to our families, communities, civic organizations and country. We are the “Class that Jack Built”, and I’m sure that good ol’ Cap’n Jack Darby is looking down on us with a grin of pride for his progeny. Looking good, ’82! – Razz



PRES: Neal W. Davidson Huntingtown, Maryland 20639 P: 410-610-0295; E: Vice Pres: Tom “Katz” McKavitt E: Treasurer: Frank Vernet E SEC’Y: CAPT Chris Pietras, USN (Ret.) 9404 Jackson St., Burke,VA 22015 C: 860-885-9009 E: FACEBOOK: USNA 1983

There is unfortunate news once again to report: Kurt Kammerer (23rd company) passed away in San Diego. Mark Watson notified all of the 23rd company Wildmen separately, and as he put it, “Kurt was a good shipmate, good roommate, and good friend.” Mark talked with Kurt’s father last week (April 15, 2014). The family has finalized plans for the funeral. The ceremony will be held on June 13th at 11:30 AM, at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma. Kurt’s parents are full-time travelers with no fixed address, but sympathy cards can be sent to Kurt’s brother Kevin: Kevin Kammerer 15 Candle Court Shamong, NJ 08088 Mark Watson Kurt’s obituary from follows. n Kurt entered this life on November 3, 1960 in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, and entered into rest on March 25, 2014 at the age of 53 years in San Diego, CA. Devoted father of sons Kole & Konner (both of San Diego), beloved son of Allan & Doris Kammerer of Shamong, NJ, Kurt is survived by three brothers: Kevin Kammerer (Lorraine) of Shamong, NJ, Keith Kammerer (Brenda) of Avalon, NJ, Kris Kammerer (Joan) of Blackwood, NJ; one niece: Courtney of Greenville, SC; five nephews: Jeffrey and Derek of Shamong, NJ, AJ and David of Avalon, NJ, Brandon of Medford, NJ and his extended family and friends.

Kurt was a graduate of Willingboro High School and the US Naval Academy in 1983 and proudly served his country in the United States Navy aboard the USS Parche and attained the rank of Commander. Kurt resided in the San Diego, California area for the past 26 years where he pursued a second career beginning in the San Diego Regional Energy Office and later as a self-employed Energy Consultant. Kurt was an accomplished sailor and former member of San Diego & Mission Beach Yacht Clubs. Kurt enjoyed playing golf, sailing, swimming, camping and many other outdoor activities. Kurt’s greatest joy and accomplishment in life was being a father to sons Kole and Konner. Together they enjoyed sailing, hiking, playing baseball and camping with the Sequoia Tribe of the YMCA Indian Guides. Kurt will be privately laid to rest at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California. A Celebration of Life Memorial Service with military honors will be held at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on June 13, 2014 at 11:30 am. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to: Kole & Konner Kammerer c/o Wells Fargo Bank 450 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville, NJ 08721. n Please keep the entire Kammerer family in your thoughts and prayers. Our Lady of the Lake College Announces New President n Our Lady of the Lake College announced Tina S. Holland, PhD, as the new President of the private Catholic institution. Holland will lead the four-year college which provides a strong foundation in health sciences, Dr Tina Holland nursing and liberal arts programs. Holland will join Our Lady of the Lake College from Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she serves as the Executive Vice President and Provost and also held the roles of Vice President for Student Affairs, Mathematics Professor, and the Director of the Conditional Acceptance Program. She will assume her position on April 22. Dr. Holland earned her PhD in Higher Education from Indiana State

University and received her MA in International Relations from the University of San Diego. Before attending graduate school, she graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Holland and her husband, Peter, will be coming to Our Lady of the Lake College from northern Indiana, where they raised four children. n Ed Rahme writes in: n I had wanted to provide you an update, and the latest issue of Shipmate finally nudged me to do it. Recently I was nominated and elected as the Chairman of the NATO FORACS Steering Committee. FORACS stands for Naval FORces Sensor and Weapons Accuracy Check Sites. It is a multinational NATO project available to all Alliance nations and consists of three fixed test ranges and deployable capabilities. Its mission is to measure the bearing, range, position and heading accuracy of sensors in surface ships, submarines and maritime aircraft to satisfy national requirements and to meet NATO material readiness standards through dynamic combat system performance evaluation. It provides an essential contribution to naval readiness of the nations and enhances operational readiness, standardization, interoperability and effectiveness of NATO assigned forces in an operational environment. As the Chairman, I am charged with ensuring all participating nations (Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, UK, and US) are executing per the MOA that they agreed to operate under. The term is for two years and fits very well with my ‘regular job’ as the Deputy APM for Warfare Requirements and Test in the VIRGINIA (SSN 774) Class Submarine Program Office (PMS 450). A Class Act, Ed n

As usual, Steve Fischer was the man with the plan and coordinated the event, but he had help in many corners – collecting (and cashing) the checks, gathering security clearances, catering, …. Thanks to all for putting on a great event! Steve writes: n Classmates, First of all, it was fun seeing such a great group of people on Saturday night. I hope everyone had as much fun as my wife and I did. Everything was awesome! (1000 points if you recognize the reference, but like Whose Line is it Anyway… the points don’t matter) Second, if anyone has digital pictures they took and would like to share with the class, please send to Chris Pietras for consideration for use in the Shipmate ( or and to me. If you have a bunch and would prefer to just upload them to Dropbox, I’ll give you access to a folder I’ve specifically set up for this. If you send ‘em, accept that you are sharing them! Third, if anyone has feedback to help improve the next dinner/reception in about a year, let me know. The good nuke in me needs to do the Hotwash so we can improve for the next time. Fourth and finally, we’ll have a lunch or three over the Spring and Summer. The next “planned” event will be a catered tailgater for the first home game at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Details on that aren’t on my radar yet, but anyone who wants to volunteer early for arranging things with the caterer would be accepted. Now, go order those season tickets today, I know they are on sale. GNBA, Steve n Among the attendees were Mike Salvato and Cathy Salvato (Gaul). Mike writes:

Working hard in Bruges

Salvato’s and Coach

In early March DC area classmates gathered for the 2nd annual dinner, this year held at the US Naval Observatory.

n We had a fabulous time Saturday night – thanks again for all the behind the scenes coordination! May-June 2014


83•86 CLASS NEWS Attached is photo of Cathy (20th) and me (16th) with Coach Ken Niumatalolo. Mike n If you are unaware, the US Naval Observatory is where the Vice President resides (the old CNO residence). The VP was traveling and therefore none of us were frisked by secret service before the event started. I heard that all the class flag officers departed the event early so not to be SOPA in case of recon events. Many classmates and spouses/ significant others attended (my sincere apologies if I missed anyone): Charlene and Jeff Huggins, Darma Bennett-Hull and Mike Hull, Lee and John Hults, Lois and Joe Johnson, Mary and Steve Lewia, Diane and Bill Lietzau, Laurie and Tim Matthews, Margaret and Tom McKavitt (and son Sean), Sheri and Barry McKibben, Leslee and Mike Melillo,Vicky and Mike Mundt, Kathy and Kevin Newmeyer, Michiko and Mike Parra, Claudia Lupoletti and Chris Pietras, Christine Langlois-Poirier and Mike Poirier, Dorthe and Ed Rahme, Mike Salvato, Cathy (Gaul) Salvato, Wendy and Rick Schieke, Amanda and Paul Shankland, Bethany and Paul Siegrist, Dorene Haney and Joe Spruill, Diane and Scott Sundt, Diana and Keven Talbert, Ruth and Frank Vernet, Kim and Chip Walter, Don Wogaman and Erica (Ryder) Wogaman, Charlene and Rich Woodford, Priscilla and Steve Zotti, and Kathleen and Kevin Zumbar The USNO PAO Geoff Chester spoke about the history of the Naval Observatory and his ties to the Naval Academy via his ancestors. He showed those attending the evening function the telescopes and we viewed the moon and Jupiter (and 3 of Jupiter’s moons). The other highlight of the evening were remarks from Head Football Coach Ken Niumatalolo, as he spoke about leading young men into adulthood and instilling work ethic and leadership that will stand them in good stead as they become the next generation of leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps. I believe that Sean Buck was the official host for the event. Sean and his family live in one of the flag officer residences on the Naval Observatory grounds – in a word, wow. There is a new doctor in the house. In early April, Kevin Newmeyer successfully defended his PhD dissertation



’83: 16th Company

Shipmate editors’ note: Shipmate inadvertently left out the photo of 16th Co. in the Stewardship-Spring issue. We regret the error. on Jamaican National Cybersecurity Strategy Development. He writes: “Thanks to all of you who have helped and supported me over the past couple of years as I have worked on this. Learning never stops.” I’ll close with a snag from a Facebook post written by Dan Clague. In Dan’s own words, he gives meaning to the word Classmate. n April 6 at 7:37 pm: Twenty minutes ago, I was reminded about what it means to be a Classmate. I’m in Maryland; I get a phone call from Pete Stitt. He tells me he is taking my Mom and brother to dinner in twenty minutes. Not unusual for Travelling Pete to be near classmate hometowns, I am sure. Well, might be a bit out of the ordinary to have driven from his home near Seattle to ski a day on the Idaho Montana (6 hour drive) board then drive 3 hours to take my mother out to dinner in Butte, MT, (35,000 people). Next up after dinner he says he is going to head down to Salt Lake as he makes his way to his in-laws in Phoenix. I sure hope Mom tells him he needs to spend the night at her house. n Pete ... you’re amazing.You sure give me something to reach for as a Classmate. Life is fragile, so please pick up the phone, send an email or knock on a door. Make a commitment to reconnect with your friends, whether they are from the old neighborhood or just around the corner. Do it today. Once a classmate, always a classmate. Got Newz ? send to: 83shipmate@ Chris, Captain, United States Navy – Retired! ’83- A Class Act!



PRES: Warren A. Mazanec E: VICE PRES: James W. Wilhelm E: TREAS: Melanie V. Doherty E: SEC’Y: CAPT Toni Kasprzak, SC, USN (Ret.) 1219 Kings Circle, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 P: 717 525-9622; E: WEBSITE:

I wanted to remind everyone about the schedule for our 30th Reunion. Jim Wilhelm and Warren Mazanec promise a great time will be had by all! Warren asked me to remind the class to log onto to verify/update your contact information.Warren uses this info to send class emails. Many of you have asked me or emailed me wondering when is the reunion.The dates are Thursday, September 25th through Sunday, September 28th 2014.The Loews Hotel Annapolis will serve as reunion headquarters.There is a block of rooms that will be set aside for our class but will be released on August 27. Ask for the “USNA Class of ’84” rate. It is recommended that you book your reservations early. Reservations may be made by calling 800 235-6397. Also, to attend the class tailgate you will need to purchase tickets to the game against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Make sure that you request to be seated in the Class of ’84 section. The class tailgate will be at the USNA Class of ’53 Pavilion. Class of 1984 30th Reunion Tentative Schedule: Thursday, September 25th (0730-1600) Midshipmen Store Hours (0900-1700) Visitor Center Hours (0900-1700) Museum Hours Friday, September 26th (0730-1600) Midshipmen Store Hours (0900-1700) Visitor Center Hours (0900-1700) Museum Hours (1000-1100) Class Memorial (1200-1215) Noon Meal Formation (1300-1330) Class Memorial Columbarium

(1350-1500) Superintendent Briefing and Alumni Association Welcome to all classes (Alumni Hall) (1600-1715) Dress Parade on Worden Field (1915-2030) Jewish Service in Levy Center (1800-2000) Reception and Class Meeting at the Loews Saturday, September 27th (0900-1700) Museum Hours (0900-1700) Visitor Center Hours TBD Tailgate CRNE and 53 Pavilion - NMC Memorial Stadium TBD Navy Vs Western Kentucky Sunday, September 28th (0900-1700) USNAVisitor Center Hours (0900-1000) Catholic Service (Main Chapel) (1100-1700) Museum Hours (1100-1215) Protestant Service (Main Chapel) As most of us non-flag officer mortals have had to retire at the thirty year mark, I have been lucky enough to be able to share the details of some of these commemorations! First, Stu McArthur was kind enough to announce his retirement from the FBI at the end of February 2014 with 23 years of service. Stu wrote that it was a wonderful experience and he felt so privileged to have served with great men and women all over the country.

Also, CAPT Lowell “Crowdaddy” Crow recently retired from the Navy with thirty years of service. Lowell had his retirement/change of command as the Crowdaddy reflects on Commanding his career Officer for Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. Fellow members of the 34th Company, Mike Collins and Melanie Kirby Doherty, were able to attend the ceremony.


Some of his assignments include: Deputy Assistant Director in the Counterterrorism Division in Washington, DC.; Special Agent in Charge of the Springfield Illinois Division; Assistant Special Agent in Charge in the Miami Division; and as Agent and Drug Supervisor in the New York City field office. Stu and his wife, Paula, who has stood by him for the best 20 of his 23 years with the Bureau, are both looking forward to a new phase of life in Kansas City as Director of Security at Honeywell FM&T. Stu says to look them up if you’re ever in the area. The McArthurs will provide the beer and barbecue!


PRES: Bob Smith 4712 Fox Den Court, Louisville, KY 40241 P: 502-432-6185; E: CORR. SEC’Y: Vic Otero E:

86 Lowell receives his shadowbox

Club 34 Reunited

Stu and Paula transition

After transitioning from the Navy, Crowdaddy wants to do something completely different from the military. He is interested in being a city manager. After an assignment at United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), the Crow family fell in love with the Midwest. Lowell is pleased to announce that he was recently hired as the city administrator in Monmouth, Illinois. As we near our 30th reunion, we will be electing class officers. Please consider giving back to the class. Warm regards, Toni Kasprzak Chase and “The Staff ”

I was able to speak with Lowell recently and find out what he is up to. Crowdaddy recently graduated from Old Dominion University with a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a 4.0 GPA! Lowell was the #2 graduate! Wow! Lowell’s, wife, Gwen, is a kindergarten teacher in the Hampton Roads area. His oldest child, Chris, is a senior at Southern Illinois University and was recently awarded an undergraduate research program fellowship. He has an interest in forestry. Their son, Michael, is getting ready to graduate from Hickory High School in Chesapeake,Virginia and to attend Milwaukee School of Engineering and will continue to play volleyball. A funny coincidence is that Lowell and Melanie both had children that competed for their respective high school robotics team. Lowell said that the “Robohawks” are Hickory’s arch rivals.


PRES: CAPT W. Scott Gureck, USN (Ret.) 310 Epping Way, Annapolis, MD 21401 P: 808-227-2576; E: CORR SEC’Y: CDR Kevin J. Delamer, USN E: SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR: CAPT Anne G. Hammond, USN (Ret.) E: P: 410-980-6460 WEBSITE:

The Secretary’s mailbag is been little light this month. That is perhaps to be expected given that we’ve had two quick columns in succession thanks to the Stewardship Issue. The news I have is from official sources. We have new flag and general officers to congratulate. First, we have an announcement that is long overdue. A few weeks ago I noticed an announcement on the website Real Clear Defense that Brigadier General Jerry Glavy, USMC (19th Co) was scheduled to address a public forum on the future of Marine Corps aviation. So belated congratulations are due to Jerry on his promotion. We last heard about Jerry upon completion of a successful command of HMX-1. The big man from Buffalo is still doing good things. Another former member of the Nineteenth Company, CAPT Jim Malloy, USN, has been selected for Rear Admiral (Lower Half). Jim is currently the Assistant Director of Political-Military Affair for Asia on the Joint Staff. CAPT Jesse Wilson (9th Co), currently the EA in the office of the Chief of Naval May-June 2014


87•90 CLASS NEWS Operations has also been selected for his first star. Also preparing to pin on a star are CAPT Jeff Ruth, USN (32nd Co) and CAPT Jim Kilby, USN (35th Co). Jeff is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) while Jim is serving as Deputy for Ballistic Missile Defense, AEGIS Destroyers and Future Surface Combatants at N96F. CAPT Colin Green, USN (20th Co) is currently the Staff Operations and Planning Officer at Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, California, and has also been selected for Rear Admiral (Lower Half). We also have one more Marine pinning on a star. COL Stormin’ Norman Cooling (26th Co) has been selected for Brigadier General.

Kevin Delamer and RADM Chris Tomney at Northern High School.

On the ‘it really is a small world’ front, we have yet another Flag associated with the class. Way back during second class year, a Coast Guard Academy cadet was assigned to 31st Company for a semester. These days, I am running a Navy Junior ROTC Unit Maryland and the mother of one of my cadets works for Rear Admiral Chris Tomney, USCG. He was gracious enough to visit the high school and offer some stories and insights with the NJROTC Cadets and with the cadets from the high school’s criminal justice program. Chris currently serves as the Assistant Commandant of the Coast Guard for Intelligence and Criminal Investigations.



PRES: Jim Matheson E: SHIPMATE COLUMMNIST: Robert Pinataro 8920 Merion Dr, Duluth, GA 30097-6664 E:; P: 860-331-0763 WEBSITE:

Hello ’87, It is with deepest regrets that I share the unfortunate news of the passing of another of our classmates.



n Frederick W. Smith (Fritz) was born on 1 August, 1964 in Hartford, CT. He earned his Eagle Scout award in Virginia while attending Woodson High School, graduating in 1982. He attended Mercersburg Academy and was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with the class of 1987. As president of the debate team, he participated in the World Championships in Dublin, and later received the Jewish War Veterans Debate Prize. He was also awarded the Heflin Award for leadership in the humanities. After nuclear power training, he served aboard the submarine, USS City of Corpus Christi and later served as the Public Affairs Officer for the Submarine Group in Groton, CT. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his service. He left the Navy and enrolled in Purdue University where he graduated with honors with a Master’s Degree in History.While working on his doctorates in American history, he joined C-SPAN archives as an Archivist for almost 16 years. Fritz was instrumental in C-SPAN winning the coveted Peabody Award for excellence in the digital media. He was an accomplished painter and water colorist moving in later years to computer manipulation of photography. Fritz sold a number of paintings and published a book of his work. He was active in the Unitarian Universalist Church of West Lafayette and served as Council President for several years. He is survived by his parents Admiral (ret) William and Sabra Smith, his sister Evangeline Smith Quinn and brother-in-law Kevin Quinn plus numerous cousins. Memorial service will be 2 PM Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Memorial contributions may be made to the Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Meridan St., West Lafayette, IN 47906 or to your local chapter of the American Cancer Society Sign the guest book and leave memories at Published in the Journal & Courier on Mar. 23, 2014 n Enjoy the Spring and please send your news and updates to rob.pinataro@ Host your special event at the newly renovated Ogle Hall — Please contact: Lyn Looft at 410-295-4020 or Wendy Owen at 410-295-4018 or




PRES: James S. Schwab E: W: 972-377-0081; C: 972-489-4061 VICE PRES: Henry Stoever E: W: 202-572-2102; C: 301-787-9700 SEC’Y: Eric Reinhold 300 South Orange Ave., Suite 750 Orlando, FL 32801-3373 P: 407-241-4294; C: 321-356-8612 WEBSITE:

The USNA Legacy continues for several of our classmates as Grace Miller, daughter of Bill Miller, Madisen Grinnell, daughter of Ed Grinnell and Garrett Snyder, son of Chris Snyder will all join the Brigade of Midshipmen on July 1st of this year as members of the Class of 2018! Garrett follows his brothers, Andrew ’14 and Chris Jr ’12. Chris is currently CO of MCTS SA Pendleton. After his change of command in June, he’ll be headed to a tour of duty in Okinawa. Bill Miller and his family were recently on the Yard to attend the ceremony honoring the newest class of USNA Distinguished Graduates, where his dad, RADM Bill Miller ’62 was so honored. Here is a great initiative by our new Class President, Jim Schwab and Vice President, Henry Stoever: n Staying connected as a Class is important and we have a variety of mediums for doing so including Shipmate and Facebook. While each of these channels serves its purpose, neither is both timely and broad enough. To help with class communication and ensure wide dissemination of information in a timely manner, we are compiling an e-mail and mobile phone list for our class. This e-mail list will be used by your class officers only for communicating news about reunions, our Class of 1988 Army-Navy Tailgater, and other relevant information. This is not a spam channel, there will be no solicitations, no political rants, and no opportunity to “reply all” and create discussion threads. Strictly class business. When you have a moment, please send your preferred e-mail and mobile phone number to Henry Stoever at Henry. We’d like to have this complete by the end of June, so if you have a moment, please send your information along at your earliest convenience (Maybe within the next 10 minutes…). n

Thanks, Jim. Sparky Renforth and Paul Rock are the first in our class to achieve flag/General rank and Mary Jackson made Rear Admiral Lower Half – congrats! Jose Escobar’s son, Josh, is graduating from USNA this May and will pursue Naval Aviation. And last but not least, Chris Mosher is CO of NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center in San Diego, CA.

Keith cheering on the hometown Bronco’s in the Superbowl

now that we are empty nesters, so let us know and swing by or drop me a line. We are certain to have a good bottle of wine, a cold beer or a nice scotch on hand. My cell number is 303 476 0353 and my email is Hope to see you on a United flight in the near future. n Recently, I resurrected Gradlinks of Central Florida. If you are in the area and want to participate, look us up on Linkedin. We meet quarterly with the intent purpose of networking among officers of all services who are out of the military and in business. We’ve got over 50 in the group now and it’s open to Veterans of all officer programs, not just the Service Academies. If you have a contact in the Orlando area, let them know about it. Lastly, I’m taking a family vacation to Maine this summer, with brief day trips into Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. If anyone knows of a classmate stationed in Newport, let me know. I wanted to take a nostalgic trip to the new NAPS buildings on base, July 2-3. Thanks, — Eric

89 Keith Goetz with his wife, Sheila, and two sons, Josh and Brandon

Next we have an update from Keith Goetz. n Just a quick note from an ’88er who has worn the uniform (albeit an Air Force uniform) for the last time, as I retired on January 14, 2014 and am now enjoying terminal leave until I return to flying the friendly skies of United Airlines in the near future. My military journey was different than most USNA grads as I found a home in the USAF, ANG and USAFR for the past 25 years. Sheila and I really enjoyed the military lifestyle that afforded us many moves and many friends around the country.We were very fortunate that the last four years of orders in Colorado were just enough to get our active duty retirement. Sheila, my wife of 25 years and our sons; Josh (22), now a senior at Denver University and Brandon (19), a freshman at Colorado University, all enjoy living in Denver, especially this year with the Broncos making it to the Super Bowl for the first time in 15 years. If you live close to Denver or if your travels ever take you to the mile high city we have plenty of room


PRES: Ingar Grev 904 Barbury Pl., Annapolis, MD 21401-6485 P: 410-571-0105;W: 703-243-6613 F: 419-818-7319; E: CORR. SEC’Y: Scott McFadden E: LISTSERV: LISTSERV SUBSCRIPTION: send a blank email to from the address you wish listserv traffic to be sent TO POST A MESSAGE: write your message and send it to UNSUBSCRIBE: send a blank message to WEBMASTER: CDR Dave Klain, USN E:

Howdy, fellow 1989ers! I received a nice update from Mark Springer n I’m doing well, living in Williamsburg, VA with the standard wife, two kids and a dog. I’m the CO for Navy Munitions Command East Division located on Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. In that capacity I own 20 detachments from New Jersey to Texas as well as Rota Spain, Sigonella Sicily, Souda Bay Crete and Bahrain. That makes me a tenant onboard many bases where ’89 is in command. Paul Haebler took command of Weapons Station Yorktown on Feb 6th. The week before that I was in

Greg Pekari’s office who is the CO of Rota and dual hatted as Commander Naval Activities Spain. Back in the Tidewater area I attended Mike Goshgarian’s change of command in June 2013 as he took the reins of Special Warfare Group TEN onboard Little Creek. Fellow 31st Co alums Wayne Jeveli and Clark Nichols were there as well for a great 6-1 reunion. Steve McAlearney is the CO of Key West and while I’ve only had email comms with him, I know he is making the best of being “ordered” to such arduous duty. Finally, Heidi Fleming is the XO for Pax River, a fleet up job where you are XO for 18 mos. before taking command. Looking forward to our reunion and if anyone is on I-64 and doesn’t want to go all the way to Norfolk, give me a shout. n Thanks, Mark! You got in some primo name dropping! Congrats and BZ to the Class of 1989’s first Admiral select, Timothy C. Gallaudet, nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half). Gallaudet is currently serving as superintendent, U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. Our 25th reunion, the weekend of October 24th-25th, keeps getting closer and closer! We’ve set up a blog where you can get the latest and greatest gouge for everything reunion: usna89.blogspot. com. As of this writing, we have all the information you need to book your room in our HQ hotel and get your football tickets in the class block. Beat Army!



PRES: LtCol Dean Ebert, USMC E: VICE: Maj Joe McDonald, USMCR (Ret.) E: OPS: Maj Carter Honesty, USMC (Ret.) E: TREAS: Kelly White E: SEC’Y: CDR Cathy Weiss, SC, USNR E: WEBSITE:

Greetings Classmates, we have a quick column this go round with news coming in of a distinctly International vibe. As I sit here in my home in Germany, writing about Classmates in Indonesia, Japan, and Bahrain, I can’t help but think how our world is small. And how we’ve managed to fling ourselves all over this planet. Here’s hoping all is well in your particular corner.

May-June 2014


90•92 CLASS NEWS So without further ado, our first update comes from CAPT Mark Stacpoole: n I suppose after nigh on 24 years I do owe at least a minor report on my activities. Following graduation I entered the flight program and qualified to fly the H-3, something that I did for almost 10 years until the sad day when the old girl was retired from regular fleet use. During this time I persuaded a lovely young lady to take my hand and we have three wonderful children: a daughter and two sons. It was while completing an “aviation appreciation tour” as Mini Boss on USS WASP, and knowing that I would not be flying again that I applied for and entered the Defense Attaché System. After about 18 months of training I went to Ukraine as the ALUSNA (a cool and archaic term; American Legation United States Naval Attaché). In preparation for my assignment I had studied Russian and Ukrainian and was able to speak passably well. My old Academy Russian professor, Professor Tolstoy, would have died laughing had he known, I being one of the worst students he had attempted to teach. Being an ALUSNA is one of the most rewarding positions available to a naval officer and while in Ukraine I found something that I enjoyed as much as flying. Indeed I so enjoyed attaché work that after a sojourn in Italy, where I transferred to the FAO Community, I returned to Ukraine for a second tour. By 2010 my time in Kyiv had come to an end and I went to the War College first as a student and then as an instructor. While there I was selected to go to Jakarta Indonesia for my third tour as ALUSNA. As I write these words I am sitting at my desk in the Embassy, thinking back over the 27 years that have passed since I Day. It has been one hell of a ride and I hope that my classmates have had as enjoyable a time as I have. I do not, however, intend to leave just yet and it will only be when I reach mandatory retirement age that I get off this wonderful ride we call the Navy. n Thanks, Mark, a great update - we can tell you’re smiling as you write!

PRIVATEGIFTS have an immediate, positive influence on every aspect of midshipman education.

Visit: Make a difference today or call: 410-295-4100 with a contribution to the to show your support.

Naval Academy Foundation Annual Fund.



CAPT Mark Stacpoole, second from right, and ALUSNA representatives

Mike Villegas sent a great photo of his dinner reunion in Bahrain: On my recent Annual Training in Bahrain I had the fortune of running into Glen Leverette, Brendan McLane, and Clement Wong. It was a great opportunity to get together and reminisce about years of past! I was there as a Navy Reservist supporting Glen who serves as Commodore for CTF-53, while Clem is serving a one year tour as a Navy Reservist supporting CTF-50 where Brendan serves as Deputy Commodore.

to reset the clock before we all gather in Annapolis again! Also, if you’d like to be part of the planning team, please contact one of the Class Officers at their email address above. Hotel blocks are already being set up, venues and activities are being discussed, if you’d like to get involved, please step up now! And until then, regardless of where you find yourselves today, remember that at one time we all stood in a freezing cold stadium at the same time and watched a football sail through the uprights with eleven seconds to go.You may or may not have been a football fan, but for one moment in time, the 1000 of us shared that unadulterated joy of having just beat Army for our first time. And thus, we are always somewhat connected. Semper Umbilicus, Cathy


PRES: CDR Rich Brophy, USN 2801 S. Arlington Ridge Rd, Arlington,VA 22202 P: 571-257-7574; C: 719-534-3696 E: SEC’Y: Jack Colletti P: 412-407-7852; E: WEBSITE:


Clem, Mike and Brendan (L-R) enjoying dinner.



PRES: Creighton Armstrong CORR. SEC’Y: CDR Doug Barber, JAGC, USN (Ret.) P: 757-341-4576 E: WEBSITE:

The 10th Company Players – where are they now? David Lillefloren:

CAPT Bichard takes Command, photo by NAVSUP FLCY

Thanks, Mike. And finally, a grab at the headlines as CAPT Ray Bichard took Command of Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka, Japan in a ceremony at Yokosuka Naval Base, Mar. 28th. Ray reported to Yokosuka from Mechanicsburg, PA where he served as the Director of Maritime Operations in Weapons Systems Support. Congratulations, Ray! All right, Classmates we are rapidly approaching the one-year-to-go mark for our 25th reunion. Now is a great time to send in an update – think of it as a chance

n “We lives in Annapolis, MD with my wife of 20 years, Patty and three daughters Mary (19), Anne (17), Kathryn (14). Since graduation, retired in 2011 from the Navy Reserves and work for Exelon Generation as Director, Asset Management. On weekends, I enjoy my kids sports, meeting up with family/friends who visit Annapolis, and watching Navy Football in the Fall. My most memorable moment while at USNA was playing Navy Football and of course the 4 years of Easter Parties!” n From Arnold Galit, n “I spent nine years as a P-3 NFO during which I managed to convince Betsy to marry me. After the Navy, we moved to Atlanta for a job at GE but I soon realized I had entrepreneurial urges I had to satisfy so I spent the next nine years in early stage companies. I then got a grown-up job at a bank but have been plotting my escape back to entrepreneurial life for the

past year. We have two boys, Nate (10) and Eli (8), who love to hear all my navy stories told over and over and over. If anyone is ever in Atlanta, please let me know as we would love to see you. We can reminisce while examining an issue laundry bag (with big pin) and blue/gold issue socks I recently found in a box.” n From Doug Barber: n “I did 5 years as a SWO, last 14 as a JAG. My wife (Kim) and I have been married now for 20 years, our son Peter is finishing up his junior year in high school and looking forward to college! I retired in 2013, currently working as a prosecutor in Chesapeake Virginia.” n From Tom Wagner:

Class of 1992 10th Company

n “After many years in the F-14 community, my family and I have finally settled down in the Annapolis area where I have been assigned as a permanent military professor at the Naval Academy. My wife, Yabi, is the Director of Finance for a Private Equity Company.They have 2 daughters in college; one at the University of Miami, and one at the University of Central Florida.We also have a son who will be a Junior at Severna Park High School.” n From Chris Scott:

’92 10th Company

n “How do you sum up 21 years in a short write up? Left the yard for P-cola for flight school, but bounced TAD to Los Alamos National Laboratory for a summer research assistant internship, where I met my soon to be girlfriend and future wife, Karen; married in July ’95 while finishing up the FRS at HS-1 in Jacksonville, FL. Continued to homestead in Jax for a total of 12 years, deploying twice with HS-11 on the USS America’s last deployment and the GW; transferring to the newly formed HS Wing Weapons Training Unit after completing Rotary Wing Weapons School (RWWS) and becoming a Seahawk Weapons Tactics Instructor, then rolling to CVW-7 and deploying on the JFK for staff time while swinging a sweet permanent one man detachment to stay in Jax and fly with HS-5, where I moved into my Department Head tour deploying on the GW (again), doing some operations in the Philippines and ultimately flying rescue during Hurricane Katrina. All that earned me the CNAF Pilot of Year for 2005. Bucking the system that wanted to sent me to War College, I instead thought that more flying would be better and pulled orders to Naval Strike and Air Warfare May-June 2014


92•96 CLASS NEWS Center (NSAWC) in Fallon, NV as an instructor again, both for Airwing training and for the RWWS, finishing up the RWWS XO. While the family stayed in Fallon, the Navy finally pried me out of the cockpit and I spent a year with NAVCENT/C5F in Bahrain, with follow up orders back to Fallon to finish out as the Range Officer for NSAWC. Retired at 20 in 2012, I’m currently still working Range management as a contractor for General Dynamics and still living in Fallon. Karen runs Too Cute Totes ( designing and producing custom handbags. Somewhere in there we managed to have two beautiful daughters who are proving to be smarter than me; or they have me wrapped around their fingers...” n From Dave Jasso: n “Quick summary...still in the Nav. Pensacola after graduation, NFO training, EA-6Bs. Married an awesome Florida girl—Amy Leigh Waller; celebrating our 20th this year. Tried to get out after the initial committment, 9-11 came along and changed the transition landscape. Blessed with 3 boys, Chad (16), Charlie (10) and Caden (6). Went on to the standard “war college, joint tour in Tampa, IA to the sunny Gulf ” career track. Am currently the XO of NAS Pensacola and working on the “what’s next.” Look us up if in the panhandle.” n From Damien Christopher: n “My wife Supriya and sons Aidan (16), Zach (14) and I moved to San Juan Capistrano, CA after I took a transfer with Gulfstream. I was hired as a Test Pilot following retirement in the Fall of 2012. Supriya and the boys love it out here.The boys are both on their high school surf team and the local sailing team.They are kicking tail in school and looking forward to the college scene in the not-too-distant future.” n From Mike Schoffman: n “After graduation, I went to Pensacola…via Monterey’s Defense Language Institute (waiting for flight school date). I flew P-3 Orions both on east coast with VP-16 in Jacksonville, and west coast with what was the Naval Weapons Test Squadron (now VX-30) in Point Mugu. I left active duty in 2002 but remained in the reserves (VP-65) and stayed in Southern California. After flying private jets for a while on the outside, I changed careers and became a financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner™.



I got the perfect position in 2012 with USAA Wealth Management in Los Angeles, working with USAA members. I retired out of the reserves (IRR) in 2012 and continue to volunteer as a USNA Blue and Gold Officer. My wife, Andi and I have been married 12 years and have two kids, Gabe, 10 and Jojo, 8.We built a small guest house, our “casita” and now we are lucky to see friends often at our place. Repeat guests include: Curt Carroll, Leif Mollo and family, and many others. Coming to LA? Let us know! As this is being written many of the “Men of Ten” (Ken Milano, David Lillefloren, Mike Dowling, Brian Fleisher, Sean Horton, and I) are getting together in Phoenix for a guys weekend… Why? Because we still can! (and want to!) Glad this will go to press before the weekend so there will be no pictures! A big group of Tenth company guys (and other classmates) met in Temecula CA last fall to run the Tough Mudder….we raised money for WWP and had a blast! See photo… Lastly, and big thank you for all my company mates and classmates out there still standing the watch…I appreciate you and your families! Hope to see you at a Navy football game soon.” n From Ken Milano: n “We moved to Phoenix in 2001. Been busy raising two great kids: Kayleigh (16) and Ryan (12); Private Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley following Stanford Business School and a year trekking around Australia. Spend my time with family, travel, coaching football and baseball and playing poker tournaments.” n From Patrick Long: n “We live in Richmond,VA with my wife of 15 years, Maria, and our three kids - Caitlin (12), Charlie (10) and Bennett (7). Since graduation, I served on a destroyer out of San Diego, went to graduate school and has worked on Wall Street. On weekends, I enjoy coaching youth lacrosse, spending time with family and working out. My most memorable (and happiest!) moment while at USNA was Graduation Day.” n From Jim Weyant: n“We live outside Annapolis in Millersville and enjoys trying to keep up with his two teenagers, Theresa (16) and AJ (14). He coaches a variety of youth sports and gets out on the boat whenever possible. He has had the pleasure of working with Chris Long and his dad Jim (‘66) at two technology companies for the past 8 years.

Jim has stuck with the navy reserve and deploys in mid April to sunny Afghanistan for a lengthy summer vacation. The most lasting USNA memories were made sweating it out with the 150s guys, and good times with the 10th company brothers.” n From Chris Long: n “After 9.2 years of doing the NFO/P-3 shuffle around the Mideast, Far East and Hawaii, I left the Navy and helped start-up IntelliWare Systems providing engineering and consulting to the Government and healthcare organizations. Tammy and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and we’re having a blast watching our daughter, Kelley (14), and son, Jake (13), grow up. We’re living in Fredericksburg, VA for anyone nearby and hope to do a better job at staying in touch with everyone.” n Next month 11th Company! Thanks everyone, —Doug



PRES: Maj Joe Moreno, USMCR P: 760-444-4721; E: JOE@USNA93.COM VICE PRES: CDR Colleen Salonga, USN TREAS: Efren Mojica CORR. SEC’Y: Maj Shogo Cottrell, USMCR 20902 W 117th St., Olathe, KS 66061 H: 913-782-8149 E: WEBSITE:

Thanks for all the recent submissions! Sometimes I have problems keeping up with my inbox or dealing with spam, so if you have sent something in and haven’t seen it, send me another e-mail or call me and we’ll get it sorted out. This month our first update is from Chris Beaufait: n It has been some time since I have provided an update. I continue to live in China but recently moved from Shanghai to Beijing. I left GE after 16 years and joined Vestas as a Group SVP and the President of their Asia Pacific & China operations in April. I will miss many of my colleagues at GE but am truly looking forward to a new challenge.Vestas is a Danish company, and the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind, for more information see On the personal front, early in 2013, I made a decision to better balance my life. I started eating better, exercising more regularly, and lost 55+ lbs. I also decided to start auto racing and completed the Skip Barber 3-day racing school in August. Since then, I have competed in

18 races and recently received my SCCA (SportsCar Club of America) professional racing license. My first professional races being March 13 and 14 at Sebring, Florida. I regularly update my facebook page with my racing and other adventures. Although it is truly only a hobby, I have decided to make a personal commitment to improve and stretch myself. Bernice, my wife, and I plan to spend many years in Asia and so please do look us up if you plan to be in our corner(s) of the world. My new role has responsibility for Asia in the broadest sense, so please drop me a note if you plan to be in the area. I can be reached at csbeau1969@ All the best, Chris n I love racing and enjoy reading about Chris’ racing through his Facebook posts. Thanks for sharing the update Chris. George L. Korol Jr. sent in this update about Colin Smith: n LtCol Colin Smith married his wife Wendy on the steps of Iwo Jima Memorial 13 Dec 2008, with formal wedding with family and friends 26 Jun 2009. They have two daughters between them, Amber and Shannon, who are 17 and 16 respectively. Amber has been accepted to two Universities so far, still waiting to hear from a couple more before making a decision. Colin is currently the Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (DAC/S) G-4 Logistics and the MEF Engineer for I MEF at Camp Pendleton and is slated to take command of the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion in July, working for former 32nd Company Officer, Captain now Major General Nicholson. Colin spent all of 2012 in Afghanistan with RC(SW) as the Deputy C-7 (Engineers). Prior to arriving in San Diego to deploy, he spent two years in Riga Latvia, where he was the Senior Defense Official and Defense Attache (SDO/DATT). Of note, Colin was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts as the Deputy and Operations officer, C-7, Regional Command (Southwest). Because of the size of the engineer effort in war time, the Engineer staff was broken out to its own staff section, C-7. The C-7 staff coordinated all engineer efforts including construction, base realignment and closures (BRAC), real estate managment, roads and bridges, etc., for the region. Some of their biggest accomplishments were the coordination of over 140 bases closed and/or transferred, as well as the planning, managemnet and oversight of over $500 Million in cons-

’96: Erick Knezek’s wedding

truction projects, to include the largest bridge in Afganistan. n



George, thanks for sendind that in. Next time I’m looking for you to send in something about yourself! Our last item this month is a nice Bravo Zulu for Cheyenne Wilson:

PRES: Bart Phillips 9557 E.Cottage Hill Ct., Baton Rouge, LA 70809 P: 225-448-2606; E: SEC’Y: Tonya (Barz) Bush 4820 Cedar Ridge Circle, Billings, MT 59102 P: 406-534-4906; E:

n On 20 March 2014, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Professionals Foundation presented the Naval Intelligence Professionals Civilian Leadership Award to Mr. Cheyenne Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a graduate of the class of 1993 and joined the Office of Naval Intelligence in 2004 after 11 years service as a Surface Warfare Officer. He is currently the Senior Analyst and Subject Matter Expert in Information Dominance Department. The award is endowed by Captain William Manthorpe USN (Ret.) 1955. n

Greetings, 1996! Wes McCann sends word from San Diego where many ’96ers have taken command of their own ships. On May 31, 2013, some ’96ers attended Luis Alva’s change of command aboard USS VANDERGRIFT (FFG 48).

Thanks for all the updates; please keep them coming in! Carpe Diem! — Shogo



PRES: Jim Keck E:; C: 904-477-2133 VICE PRES: Julie Spencer E: TREAS: Brian Bruggeman E: SEC’Y & CORR. SEC’Y: Maria J. Pallotta P: 410-440-7552 E:



PRES: Kate Dooley C: 202-320-6776, E: VICE PRES: CDR Debbie Fermo, USN C: 757-353-9493; P: 443-458-5110 E: TREAS: CDR Andre Coleman CEC, USN C: 571-344-0336 E: COMMS DIR/WEBMASTER: Ed Galloway E: SEC’Y: CDR Matt “Kaz” Kaslik C: 360-333-4440; E: WEBSITE:

James Harney (XO, USS RUSSELL DDG 59), Joe Gagliano (CO, USS INDEPENDENCE LCS 2 (Blue Crew)), Luis Alva, Ann McCann (CO, USS RUSSELL DDG 59), and Wes McCann

In addition to the busy lives of running her ship,Ann has been helping me as I have been working for the past couple of years to start a brewery. Along with our partners, we recently signed our lease and made our applications to the various government agencies to open Absolution Brewing Company in Torrance, California.We expect to have beer on tap in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas in time for spring. Thanks, Wes! Next, Erick Knezek writes with news of his wedding. n Erick was married to his wife Ashley on April 13, 2013 at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel. His groomsmen included his best man, CDR William Bushman (96), his son Hunter Knezek, CDR Brian Bennett (96), Mr. Robert DeWitt (96), CDR Liam Hulin (96), Matthew Marcy (USMA 89), LT Jack Stewart May-June 2014


96•98 CLASS NEWS USNA 99), LTCOL Brian Koch (96), LCDR William Sprauer. His brother in law, LT Joseph Gilligan (USNA 07) also served as an usher. The wedding had a mini-reunion feel with a large class of ’96 turnout of 14, with a dozen ’96ers came from 16th company. The wedding reception was held across the Severn overlooking USNA at the Severn Inn. Class of ’96ers (in photo from left to right) CDR Brian Bennett, CDR Liam Hulin, CDR William Bushman, Mr. Ray Schlauch, Mrs. Ann Chamberlain Vanleer, LTCOL Brian Koch, Mr. Robert DeWitt, Mr. Rich King, Ms. Alyce Fernebok, CDR Jim Strauss, Mr. Erick Knezek, CDR Kimberly Mckenzie Himmer, Mr. Keith Himmer, and Mr. Andy Person. Erick is Founder & Managing Partner of Truston Technologies, Inc. Truston recently celebrated its ninth year of business. Over that nine years they have successful executed of over $100 Million in specialty ocean construction and marine installation work at locations spanning the globe including North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Truston’s offices span the country in CA, LA, FL,VA, WV, and Annapolis, MD. Erick resides in Lafayette, LA with his wife Ashley and his two teenage children Amber, 16 and Hunter, 14. If you are ever in need of ocean engineering expertise, port security barriers, or mooring work, look us up at n

’96: Erick Knezek’s wedding

Congratulations, Erick! Enjoy a photo of Shelly (Loustaunau) Price and her dad Jeff Loustaunau (’71) with two of Shelly’s daughters at a Navy basketball game. Not pictured are son William (7) and husband Dave Price.

Mikael, Melanie, Marin and Madeline Rockstad

Great news and thanks to all for including us in it!! Until next issue… — Tonya Shelly (Loustaunau) Price, Jeff Loustaunau, and Shelly’s daughters Susanna (10), Catherine (5) and Sarah (3)

Last, CDR Mikael A. Rockstad assumed command of the USS Dewey (DDG-105) on March 7, 2014. He resides in San Diego, CA with his wife Melanie and two daughters Madeline (2.5) and Marin (8 months). Erick & Ashley Knezek

Mikael Rockstad taking command

USNA.COM Erick & Ashley Knezek



Bringing the Alumni Association to you



PRES: Tom Wagner E: Send news to: Maj Aaron Shelley, USMCR 1148 Via Jose, San Jose, CA 95120 C: 619-980-8297; E:

Brian Antonelli was recently appointed as new head wrestling coach at Blair Academy in Blairstown, NJ. Brian has been coaching Navy’s wrestling team the past eight seasons and before that had coached at The Lawrenceville School, one of Blair’s prep school rivals. Brian is a Blair alumnus, having completed a USNA Foundation sponsored post-graduate year there from 1992-1993 and won the state prep wrestling title. In addition to assuming head coaching duties, Brian will also serve as Assistant Athletic Director. Congratulations on the new position and best of luck! John Sagaser sends, n Miles Woodard came to my restaurant this week with his wife and family and we

had a nice time catching up at lunch. I thought it had been since graduation since we had seen each other, but Miles’s wife Robin reminded me that we had met at the five-year reunion. CDR Woodard was recently activated and will be serving a year in Germany with family in tow. We all had a pretty good laugh about how crazy it seems that our shipmates and we are now CDRs and have to be the grown-ups in the room. Kindly, Jonathan n

John Sagaser and Miles Woodard in front of John’s restaurant, Sebastiano’s Italiano, in Toledo, OH

John, thanks for checking in. Finally, I heard through the grapevine that Jason Walker is planning to run an ultra-marathon later this year. Jason confirmed this recently and provided the following details: nThis coming October, I’m doing a 5-day, 250 km footrace called the “Atacama Crossing”, part of the 4 Deserts racing series. Here’s the link: http://www. I got out of the Marines in 2008, after four deployments to places that most of the Marines in ’97 are intimately familiar with. I was a CH-53E pilot with the 15th MEU in 2001-2, then with HMH-361 2002-04, 3rd Battalion/5th Marines in 2004-5 as a JTAC/FAC, then back to HMH-361, and off to Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC) for my last tour. I started my MBA in London while on terminal leave, finished it up in 2010, and then came back to SoCal to work for Activision-Blizzard. It’s a great company to work for, and surprisingly there are a few runners, a few veterans, and a few of us who are both. Back in 2012, one of them suggested I run Atacama in 2014, and at the time it was far enough in the future that I said ok. My older brother, a former Marine, was doing some races for a charity called Phoenix Patriot (link here: http://phoenixpatriot, which is a small but professional operation run by some really dedicated people. I decided to tie the race

to the charity, and raise some money for a good cause. The hitch in this whole thing is me actually running the race, which is 21-47 miles per day in the Atacama desert, for a week, with a pack. To keep me running, it would be great to know that every kilometer means a little more money goes to charity. So, if anyone feels this is a worthwhile cause, please sign up for a $1 per km or more on the Phoenix Patriot website. (Its kind of charity roulette. Maybe you’re on the hook for $250 if I finish, or maybe I tear my ACL again in the first 5 minutes). Unless I get sick or injured, I think I’ll make it.You can also make a lump sum donation. Just let Phoenix Patriot know, or let me know, and I’ll track it. Semper Fi! -Jason n Jason, we appreciate the update. Good luck with the training and completing this very challenging race. Thanks for tuning in everyone. Keep the news coming! —Aaron



PRES: David Forman C: 904-321-6459; E: CORR. SEC’Y: Mark Symmes 529 W. 29th St., Baltimore, MD 21211 E: TEMP CORR SEC’Y: Jeannette Gaudry Haynie E:

Hi everybody, I’m keeping my talking to a minimum this time. The guilt trips from two issues ago (the double issue, if you were paying attention) worked. Plus the combination of two write-ups at once used up all of my big words and sarcasm. Two updates to follow: From Mark Brophy: n “Since I grew-up in a Catholic family it seems that I am not immune to Jeannette’s “guilt them into action” strategy. My mom was a professional at this and I thought that I developed an immunity to it, but here I am…writing an update. By the way, my mom has since changed her strategy from guilt to suspense…she will now call and leave a message saying,“I have the most amazing news to tell you… call me back.” But I don’t think that technique will get more updates. So here goes… After two and a half years of florescent lights and vitamin D deficiency in the basement of the Pentagon we have received orders back to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. For those that don’t know, I fly

the E-6B (TACAMO) which is based out of Tinker AFB. Growing-up in Carmel, CA, when the surf was big enough, I used to lay in bed at night and listen to the waves crash along the beach. I knew Oklahoma was a state and was most likely east of Nevada, but that was about it. I never would have imagined after joining the Navy I would spend almost a decade of my career in Oklahoma. Both of my boys are officially “Okies” having been born in Enid and Oklahoma City. They are now 13 and 11 and love to play rugby for the youth league in Alexandria, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and break my furniture. My 13-year old likes to remind me that he’ll be driving a car in 3-years and even baby-sat for Brandon Roach’s kids at the reunion! I’m starting to feel like my age is finally catching up with my grey hair. It’s been great to see so many friends while here in DC. Two of my three plebe year roommates (John Bachmore and Brian Bradford) live in my neighborhood! John lives right around the corner from me and Brian lives a few streets away (and the crazy thing is we each have 13year old boys who ride their bikes to school together!)…we just need Casey Batchelor to move into the neighborhood and we’ll have the “Killer B’s” back together. Also in the neighborhood is Chris Moylan and Sam Gage ’97 (who just PCSed to Corpus Christi). We’ve also been able to spend a lot of time with Lieutenant-Sergeant First Class-EnsignDoctor Sean Simmons and his awesome family. He and Lauren now have two beautiful boys. We’ve spent time with Dave and Hollis Silverman (who also have two beautiful kids) and Coleman and Bridget Ruiz and their amazing boys (my 11-year old is a big fan of Coleman and Bridget because they let him shoot his .22 rifle on their 10-acres in Maryland…I did mention my son was an “Okie” right?). And my boys love it when Uncle Sumner Lee comes to DC for work. We made Canon-Balls on one of his recent visits…complete with hardsauce, although we could not convince my boys to do a “Canon-Ball run”.We were able to attend Becky (Dowling) Calder’s jersey retirement ceremony and were able to catch-up with Becky, Christina Esposito, Jen (Sequin) Yuchasz, Ashley (McCrazy) Sullivan, Gabby (Bolton) Bolcher, Jenny Thompson, Dave Foreman, Brian and Trisha Summers and Jen (Dowell) Baker. Nicole (my wife) and I also recently attended the wedding of

May-June 2014


98•01 CLASS NEWS Jason Birch ’99 at the USNA chapel. At the reception we got to see Bill Gallagher ’97, Paul Vidal ’99, Beth Regoli ’99, Maurice Uenuma ’99 (who had an awesome toast by the way), Meghan (Filson) Latcovich ’99, Simon Latcovich, and Brent Biniek ’99. For those of you who know my brother, Rich “Snap” Brophy ’91, he and Kara are now back in Lemoore, CA where he is DCAG for CAG-9. His oldest daughter is currently a freshman at UT (Texas) on a Navy ROTC scholarship. Their second daughter currently lives with us in DC so she can complete her senior year at the same high school. She’ll be going to UVA also on a Navy ROTC scholarship. Overall, the Brophi are doing great. If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma over the next three years look me up and I’ll show you my tornado shelter…yup, got one installed! Oh…I almost forgot the most amazing part of my update…give a me call and I’ll tell you all about it…” n I was about to email him to ask what he meant by the last line. Never said I was smart. Broph also sent three pictures. The first is Mark with his wife Nicole. The second is Uncle Sumner and Mark’s son Kurt—he says Uncle Sumner was teaching Kurt how to make cannonballs, and the third is Mark with his sons Kurt and Hunter. Thanks for sending…

Support the Annual Fund. Visit and click Give Online.




Second update is from Derrick Clark: n “Greetings again from Florida. It’s been a little over five years since I commented on “pay me now or pay me later” and since we were living in Maryland I just knew I’d interact more with alumni in the area and make the 15th year reunion; well my last command had other plans. When last I wrote in I was just getting to USSOUTHCOM. Despite the exoticness of Miami, it was a very frustrating threeyear tour of geographic bachelorship, getting bounced around to five positions, and responding to the Haiti earthquake and aftermath. One of our classmates, whose name now escapes me, worked in Operations and Marcus Starks ’96 worked nearby as the Maritime Liaison Office. From Miami we reconsolidated the family for 2.5 years of sea duty at KENNEDY Irregular Warfare Center (KIWC) at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Maryland. I was the N2 Department Deputy while also OIC for a tactical intel support team during training and deployment with ST-4 as Joint Intelligence Support Element Director. Following a short return to the states to R/R, rehat as a Deputy Division Officer, and refresher training I deployed with JSOC as a Deputy N2. I’m sure I’ll never have training or operational experiences like those again in my career. Two days after my last deployment the family and I survived a serious single-car accident. I can graciously say we are extremely blessed and doing well after the entire trauma, one highly successful neck surgery, and follow-ups. KIWC was full of active and civilian alumni during my tenure; Curt Copley ’88, John Sullivan ’96, Shawn Moyer ’97, Nick Panos ’00 (and fellow Cell Block 24 survivor), Dave Savery ’02, Isaac Simerly ’03, Andy Michalowicz ’04, Paul Wood ’04, Jamie Wrona ’04, Jeff Vanak ’05, Kurt Lobaugh ’07, and Lori Simerly ’07. I was back at KIWC for a month before we PCS’d back to USCENTCOM and I hear I’ll be working for Curt Copley ’88 again when he assumes

command of JICCENT. Hopefully we’ll hear good news in May about a promotion, but if not; Carla, Cayla-16, TaNia-13, Jordan-12 and I have each other, a brand new home, sun, and sand to enjoy going forward. The Navy has been very good to us. I’ll close with a “small Navy” story. Before one of my KIWC deployments, I went to the Navy Yard in DC for a POA. I saw a familiar face in a desktop photo but kept quiet about it until the attorney eventually discovered his wife, CAPT Mery Angela Katson, was my former Company Officer. He asked me if she would remember my name, I said, “Maybe, I was one of her repeat offenders.” Then he asks, “did they really call her the Black Widow?” –D. Clark n That. Was. Awesome. (Chris is reading this and nodding his head in agreement) Nothing I can add can make that a better closing to this submission, so on that note… Take care and stay classy, ’98.



PRES: Capt Chris “Buster” O’Brien, USMC E: VICE PRES: Ben Adeyemi TREAS: Jason Mendenhall E: SEC’Y: Minh-tu Nguyen 1123 Gaither Road, Rockville, MD 20850 E: WEBSITE:



PRES: J.V. “Murph” McCarthy VICE PRES: Art Terry TREAS: Nick Lalota SEC’Y: Tim O’Connor 317 N. Pleasant Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 E:

Shippies, Nil in the inbox this month. Chip Kelleher was in town this month, he was without his lady but had the two kids with him. If you would have told me this was legal for him to do when we were Napsters, I would have contested. At the annual Army Navy Wrestling Match, I bumped into Jason Ford who basically said “Hello” to me and then started making fun of my haircut. He did not beat me up or take my lunch money which usually happens when I see Jason. I saw Craig McDermott at the same match and met his wife who is lovely and somehow got into a discussion of firearms and even ammunition with her. I can’t make this up.

Jimmy Karam and John Tobin are back here on the yard these days and Dave Huljack has been for sometime. 2000 is reinforcing as some of us are going to have to move on here in the next year. It is almost summer and I have no orders. I am hoping the Marine Corps forgets I am here and I have been sending small bills in an unmarked envelope to the manpower building in Quantico to help them forget. I mentioned this on facebook but for those of you who have managed to avoid that seemingly necessary evil (facebook itself is the devil) take heed of an outstanding opportunity that is free by going to and clicking on “Support the Academy” and then click “Become a Mentor or Protege”. Once you do this “BAM!” you are in the Alumni Mentoring Program. The Class of 1969 has funded and built this FOR US. Click around in there and answer the questions and be a mentor or a protege, or in my case...sign up for both. There are tons of alumni out there that have offered to be your mentor or are interested in your mentorship. Thinking about getting out? Thinking about going back to school? Thinking about self employment? Click around and see who the AMP thinks would be a good match and link up. I have used this program and it is a priceless resource that takes very little time and effort to get started with. Send me stuff — Murph

Seth Stegmaier also checked in from the Pacific North West:

Gracy Kelley and Amy Kaye



PRES: Mr. Aaron Fielder VICE PRES: LCDR Dave Harrington, USN TREAS: LCDR Andy Henwood, SC, USN SEC’Y: Mrs. Jen Bohr Tyll E:

n “Aught One (clap clap)! Aught One (clap clap)! In the words of one Carl Cringle... ‘So there I was; it was Moustache March and we had a Dining Out...’ The rest is history. I am currently stationed at NAS Whidbey Island (for the second time) and the Stegmaier Family loves the PacNW. Please find us if you ever find yourself in the upper-left part of the country. We have a zip-line in the back yard & everything!” n I most enjoyed the photo you included - you and Leah look fantastic! All our best to Ethan and Salla, too!

Aught-One! Inbox was a little low this edition... Where are all of you overachievers?!?! A big thank you to Sarah Wilson who checked in with an update to let us all know of the birth of her daughter! Sarah and her husband Jeff Kidd welcomed Madison Ashley Kidd on February 11, 2014. USNA soccer material come 2031?!?!


Wilson Family

On Wednesday, April 2, the Class of 1951 graciously offered for our class to join them for a “Spring Fling” at the ArmyNavy Country Club. A big “Thank You!” to the five ’01 representatives who held their own with our link in the chain members - Dave Harrington, Matthew and Beth Ahlers, Brett Lefever, Jay Sebastian, and Loren Morgan. Please keep your eyes open for some more upcoming events between ’51 & ’01. We will do our best to make it on days and times where we can have more of a presence but again, thanks to those who make the effort to get there!

Billy Rodriguez, Stevie Ray Vaugh, John Woods

Jo-Mo, Page-A, Rundleberger, Wilk, O’sh

2001 Group at the Spring Fling with the Class of 1951 May-June 2014




’02: Team Cannonball 2014

02 Matt

Finally, as promised, here is some more information on the free and valuable Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP): AMP is a system of connecting USNA alumni for a greater good. The foundation tool of AMP is a proven e-mentoring on-line platform which adeptly allows protégés and volunteer mentors to pair-off, conduct ongoing dialogue and access other mentoring tools offered on the AMP platform. Protégés obtain objective advice from other Alumni who “have been there and done that.” Protégés and mentors may be from any and all USNA classes. While AMP is the 50th Anniversary gift of the Class of 1969, it is an offering by Alumni for Alumni. AMP activities are private and confidential. It’s simple to join! 1) Go to 2) Click “Support the Academy” 3) Click “Become a Mentor or Protégé” Now go out there and make a difference! (Oh, and send me some pictures and updates, too!) All the best from ME to you! — Jen


PRES: LCDR Josh Welle, USN E: VICE PRES: Patrick McConnell E: SECY: Kate Kranz E: TREAS: Cari Murtagh E: SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: WEBSITE:

Greetings 2002! Lots of news and pictures from some great classmates, so here we go… Congratulations to ’02 couple Megan (Ahr) and Mike Esposito – they welcomed twins Miller Joseph and Mason Daniel on February 4, 2014. Miller and Mason join big brothers Michael (4) and Matthew (2) as part of the happy Esposito family.

The Esposito family

Congratulations also to classmate Megan (Smith) Donnelly and Michael Donnelly (’00) on their new addition – Nora Elizabeth Donnelly was born August 23rd, 2013 in Oak Harbor,Washington.

Megan and Nora

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Mmbr.Serv./Fall ’14 Sept.-Oct.’14 Nov.-Dec. ’14

8 July 2014 4 August 2014 3 October 2014

2014 Shipmate Deadlines to note...



Miller Joseph and Mason Daniel

Classmate Rebecca Smith was married to Matt Sauls on October 12, 2013 in Santa Maria Island, Florida. USNA represented at the wedding, attendees included Rebecca’s grandfather,VADM Al Burkhalter ’51 her father CDR Steve Smith ’79, John Delaroderie ’97, Karen Goff ’00, Melanie (Swords) Joyce ’02, and Lauren (Persico) McCarthy.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sauls!!



PRES: Lincoln Lukich E: VICE PRES: James Brobyn E: TREAS: LT Joseph Zukowsky E: SEC’Y: Andrew Froistad E:

Mr. and Mrs. Sauls

2002 Classmates lead another “Team Cannonball” to success in the Ragnar Relays this April in Southern California

L to R: Paul Koehler, Jamie Fisher ’02 (Soon to be Mrs. Koehler!), Monica Hundt ’02, Erika (Macias) Imhoff ’03, Mary Beth Foley ’02, and Kines Montgomery ’03

Mary Beth says “it’s all fun…until you’ve been awake for 48 hours, run somewhere between a half and a full marathon, haven’t showered and someone took the last baby wipe.”You guys look pretty happy to us!! Hope everything is going well with 2002 around the world!! Don’t forget to log-in to to keep your information current. Contact us if you have questions or issues (katherine.kranz2002@ — Josh, Pat, Kate, Cari, Chad, Charlie & John



PRES: LT Daniel Bailey VICE PRES: LT Dan Emmert TREAS: Noelle Navas SEC’Y: LT Rick Mui E:

’04, Just wanted to give you all a quick update on our class fundraising efforts thus far. As of April 14th, we’ve raised $73,794.68 and are well on our way to our goal of $100,000. As the weather improves and many of your include USNA on your spring/summer travel itinerary, please consider joining the large number of our classmates who’ve already contributed to the our fundraising efforts. Donating to the project only takes a few minutes, and will serve to build the Class of 2004’s legacy of giving back to the Academy. When you are ready to donate please go to and under the “Support the Academy” tab at the top of the page you will be able to click on the “Make a Gift” option. Once you’ve clicked on the link, select ‘2004’ in the Class Year drop-down menu around the middle of the page, and enter your intended donation amount into the two fields listed under the ‘Class Funds’ header. You can choose either a one-time gift, or a pledge over time. It’s up to you, and ’04 receives credit for your gift regardless of your choice. If you have any questions feel free to email Wade Barnes at wade.c.barnes@ or Kevin Sullivan at Thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment to our class legacy of giving. Best Regards, Wade Barnes and Kevin Sullivan



PRES: LT John M. Burger E: VICE PRES: Mr. Jonathan Miller E: TREAS: LT Colleen Vote SEC’Y: Capt. John McLaughlin



PRES: LT Andrew Lukich E: VICE PRES: LT Joshua Campbell TREAS: LT Jeffrey Foulds SEC’Y: LT Jamison Lupo E:

Greetings ’06! Congrats on 8 years removed from our days at USNA! To stay in the loop on everything ’06, update your contact info at the Naval Academy Foundation page (>Stay Connected>My Account> Update your profile) and join our class Facebook page. While the news on the class front has slowed the updates from our classmates keep coming in. Thanks to Matt Washko and Katherine (Dann) Ogden ….sounds like you’re doing great! To the rest of the class, please keep the updates coming (Andrew.m.lukich@! -Andrew Matt Washko writes in: n Hey ’06! I hope all is well and that everyone enjoyed Snow-pocalypse as much as we did down here at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I just wanted to let everyone know that I asked Amanda to The engagment ring marry me and she said “Yes!” We will be getting married at the Chapel on August 2nd at 1400, so if anyone is going to be around Annapolis that time of year, please let us know. We look forward to celebrating with you all as we officially start our life together and we will see everyone else at some football games this fall! Guarding Freedom and Fixing Ships, Matt Washko USNA Class of 2006 Engineering Duty Officer Norfolk Naval Shipyard n

Congratulations! CLASS OF 2014 Fair Winds and Following Seas from your Alumni Association

Matt and Amanda

May-June 2014



’06: John Stockdill ’06, Jim Hinds ’06, Susan Mogck ’06, Jack Treptow ’05, Gordon McDonald ’06, John Boykin ’05, Dave New ’06, John Coombs ’05, Katherine Ogden ’06, Wes Ogden ’05, Sarah (Atwood) Shellock ’05, Matt Shellock ’01, Scott Crawford ’05, Rob Merin ’06, Ashley Pelzek ’06, Kilton Kingsman ’06, Peter Dorn ’06, Beck Islin ’07, A.J. Edwards ’06, Ryan Ellison ’06 and Will Dann ’07.

Katherine (Dann) Ogden writes in: n Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well in whatever part of the world your Navy/USMC/ civilian careers have Wes, Katherine and taken you. I have Liam. enjoyed reading updates from you guys and figured I would write one too! After being in Atsugi, Japan for 3 years with HSL-51, I came back to Pensacola, FL for flight instructor duty. Wes Ogden (’05) and I were married on April 20, 2013 in Chattanooga, TN, surrounded by a few amazing USNA alumni. We love being stationed together (Wes is instructing at VT-6 and I’m at HT-8), and we just celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary on Easter. We were also blessed with our favorite “wedding present,” our son Liam, on January 16, 2014 (USNA ’36?). Please let us know if you are ever in the Pensacola area- we have a great group of classmates down here who are always looking for an excuse to have “minireunions.” For those of you on deployment, thank you and stay safe! -Katherine (Dann) Ogden n


PRES: LT Brady Beauchamp VICE PRES: Capt Benjamin Tuck E: TREAS: Capt Jennifer Rounds Tucker SEC’Y: Capt Julie Jordan Naughton Send Articles to:

Classmates, Summer is upon us and unless you’ve transitioned to being a grade school teacher the summers find us busier than ever.Whether you are still active duty fighting the good fight, have transitioned to a Fortune 500 making six figures, or are staying home with the kids raising the future of America, we all sometimes lose the motivation to stay healthy.What happened to my 20s when I could hit up DTA until midnight and still wake up at 6am to run six miles? This month we want to challenge you to stay or get healthy. Find some local races and map out a training plan through the summer.You’ll feel better and looking good on the beach doesn’t hurt either. Sticking with the theme of being fit, we want to congratulate Christine Taranto, Marine Corps Female Athlete of the Year. In February, Christine was recognized for being a swim, bike and running (especially the running) stud while still holding down her active duty job as the OpsO of MWSS-272 at New River, NC. At the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon she finished in 3:05:09 and at the Armed Forces Triathlon Championship she finished 6th with 2:12:49. So if you see Christine, be sure to congratulate her.

For questions, comments or to make submissions for the next Shipmate, check out our Facebook page (USNA Class of 2007) or send us an e-mail at Beat Everybody, Jen Tucker, Class Treasurer



PRES: Donald H. Horner III VICE PRES: LT Gerald Brooks TREAS: LT Daniel E. Foose SEC’Y: LT Dianna Dietrich E:

Our five-year reunion was a success, regardless of the unusually high temperatures and scorching sun! We had over 300 people attend our events throughout the weekend and we beat Air Force! 2008 is now 5-0 against USAFA! The class officers (past and present), would like to thank all of our classmates, friends, and family that came in town for the weekend; you all truly made it memorable. Also, a big thank you goes to the Alumni Association for all of their support, planning help, and most of all for being an amazing host to our class throughout the weekend. Let’s make 2018 even better!!

A few classmates reuniting in DTA with their sponsors... From L-R, Emily (Knight) Cona, Jessica (Troska) Goodwin, Rob Goodwin, Brett Leach, Sarah Kuehl, and Gen Studer

Baby Liam.




or both! If you are interested in taking part in this awesome initiative, you can learn more and submit your information at the following website: http://www.

Enjoying the Friday reception at the Alumni House…L-R, Anthony Florez, Rachel (Gray) Jenkins, and Dianna Dietrich

Andrew Knudson

22nd Company Reunion at the tailgate party! From L-R, Zack Buzzato, Erv Mercado, Vic Schaefer, Carleigh Gregory, and Jeff Turner



PRES: LT Andrew Poulin E: VICE PRES: LT Arthur Eugene Griffin TREAS: LT Cody Robert Forsythe SEC’Y: LT Michael Albert Matus E:

Class of 2009, Hope you are all doing well as we celebrate five years since graduation! A few things to keep on your radar: 1) Our 5-year reunion is 19-21 September! Here is a tentative schedule for the weekend: a) Friday September 19th: -Golf Outing -Class Meeting -Alumni Meeting/Supt’s Call -Parade -Welcome Reception at Ogle House b) Saturday September 20th: -Memorial Service at Trident Light -Tailgate -Navy beats Rutgers! c) Sunday September 21st: -Free day to sleep off the tailgate fun, go to brunch, go to church, or enjoy Annapolis on your own schedule! d) More information will be sent out soon about how to register online, booking a hotel room, and getting football tickets. 2) Our class has done an excellent job so far with the Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP). Thank you to the 29 that have already signed up to be a mentor or protégé,

3) We must give a shout out to the last person to be commissioned from our class that we know of: For those who aren’t aware, when looking into medical or dental schools, if you want to have the navy pay for it, you can be a reservist on the HPSP program or senior enlisted on active duty with the HSCP program. Andrew Knudson opted shortly before graduating to defer his commission to be on the HSCP program, electing to be commissioned after finishing dental school.This decision almost ended his career in the navy as he suffered a mid-gut volvulus which led to a pseudo-aneurysm, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and a myriad of other health conditions the last year of dental school which rendered him “uncommissionable.” A year-long medical review board was initiated to determine that he was indeed, fit for duty, and despite having been dead twice on the operating table, he was commissioned on April 3rd. It only took 8 ¾ years of officer candidacy, but he finally made it! Congrats Andrew, welcome to the club! 4) A few pics from our graduation, we were so young!

As always, please continue to pass along any updates you have and let us know if you have any questions. -’09 Class Officers



PRES: LTJG Robert Battle E: VICE PRES: LTJG Garth Thomas SEC’Y: LTJG Margaret Boyle E: Send Articles to:

11 PRES: 2ndLt Michael E. Orzetti VICE PRES: ENS Ricky Dobbs TREAS: ENS Matthew Pierson SEC’Y: ENS Natalie Woodward E:

12 PRES: 2nd Lt Ian Cameron VICE PRES: ENS Nicholas DeMasters TREAS: ENS Nicolas Woods SEC’Y: 2nd Lt Austin Madden Send Articles to:

13 PRES: ENS John-Rex Spivey E: VICE PRES: ENS Daniel Murphy TREAS: 2nd Lt Ted Baumgardner SEC’Y: ENS Hannah Yun Send Articles to:

14 PRES: MIDN William R. Roberts VICE PRES: MIDN Conor J. Kearney TREAS: MIDN Emily L. Kreyenhagen SEC’Y: MIDN Elizabeth J. Hoerner Send Articles to:

May-June 2014



CLASS OF 2009 FIVE YEAR REUNION 19-21st September 2014

FRIDAY 19 SEPTEMBER Golf Tournament – USNA Golf Course Alumni Association Welcome – Mahan Hall Superintendent’s Call – Mahan Hall Dress Parade – Worden Field Welcome Party – Ogle House

SATURDAY 20 SEPTEMBER Memorial Service – Trident Light Tailgate Party- Navy-Marine Corps Stadium Navy v. Rutgers

SUNDAY 21 SEPTEMBER Memorial Service – Weather Alternate Location TBA Denominational Services – Main Chapel

HOTEL INFORMATION AND REUNION REGISTRATION Registration Website to follow Reunion Committee Chair Ryan Bieshaar





Alabama BGO Area Coordinator:William Cook ’88 P: 256-726-0418; E:

Alabama Chapter Pres: Ed Berko ’79

Alabama Chapter on respective sides. Many of our Alabama MIDN carry these coins throughout their four years at the Academy as a reminder of the support, admiration and love of their friends and families in Alabama.

P: 212-969-8120 E:

in 1998. He entered private practice in Vestavia Hills in 1987 and was recently awarded fellowship in the prestigious International College of Dentists. In the absence CDR Smith, Jennifer Kate Smith graciously accepted the honor for her father.

Vice Pres: David Patton ’92 P: 831-917-7750; E:

Treas: Dennis Read ’59 P: 205-879-6617; E:

Exec. Assist: Laurie S. Swenson (Larry ’65) 466 Golson Road, Prattville, AL 36067 P: 334-365-3146; E:

GO NAVY LUNCH The “firsties” did it! They beat out the “youngsters” in the lunch attendance challenge, proving again their claim to being members of the “last real Plebe year”. The winners included CAPT Jim McVoy ’49, RADM Jack Natter ’62, CAPT Dennis Read ’59, Larry Swenson ’65 and wife, Laurie (behind the camera), CAPT George Wilson ’65 and his wife, Linda. The “youngsters” were CAPT Kristin Bakkagard ’88, LCDR David Patton ’92 and Kevin Patton ’85.

The Chapter’s ANNUAL SPRING DINNER On Saturday, April 26, seven young men from Alabama, who have accepted appointments to the Academy, were our special guests at Vestavia Country Club in Birmingham. They and their families enjoyed mingling with parents of current Midshipmen, becoming acquainted with their future classmates and meeting alumni. Each Candidate Midshipman was presented with a commemorative coin imprinted with the seals of the Naval Academy and the

Joshua Martin, Todd Miller Bethea, Jackson S. Cotney, Austin S. Davis, 1/C MIDN Currie ’14, David A. Sessamen, Timothy J. Smith, Harrison J. Yosten and BGO Area Coordinator, William G. Cook ’88

This dinner is also the setting for presenting the LEADERSHIP AWARD to the graduating MIDN from Alabama who has received the Highest Order of Merit – given in honor of a Chapter member. This year’s Leadership Award was presented to 1/C MIDN Jean-Luc Currie ’14 of Mobile. MIDN Currie was Brigade Commander in the fall of his senior year and will commission as a 2nd LT in the USMC as ground intelligence or infantry officer; his future plans include post-graduate work in Public Policy at King’s College in Cambridge, UK. The Leadership Award recipient is presented with an Officer’s Dress Sword; this year it was a Mamaluke, the USMC Officer’s Dress Sword, representative of MIDN Currie’s service selection. The names of the honoree and recipient are engraved on the sword. The Leadership Award honored CDR Roy A. Smith III ’73 U.S.N.R (Ret), a former chapter president and a current Trustee. Dr. Smith was graduated from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry in 1979, serving on the faculty following graduation. He served in the Alabama National Guard and later in the Naval Reserve as Dental Corps Office, retiring

Sec’y Column Deadlines (send columns to

Next deadline: Membership Services issue 8 July

CDR Brian A. Campbell ’94, BGO of 1/C MIDN Currie and president of the South Alabama Chapter; 1/C MIDN Jean-Luc Currie ’14; Jennifer Kate Smith; T. Morris Hackney ’53, Chapter Trustee Emeritus.

NEW OFFICERS elected at the Spring Dinner include Ed Berko ’79 president; LCDR David Patton ’92 vice president; CAPT Dennis Read ’59 treasurer; Nathan Langmack ’98 assistant treasurer. South Alabama Chapter Pres: Brian Campbell ’94 E:

Sec’y: Ruth Lichtenfeld P: 251-343-6264; E:

Arizona BGO Area Coordinator: Col Joseph Maguire ’88, USMCR P: 480-634-1772; E:

Arizona Chapter Pres: Capt David M. English ’86, USMCR E:

Sec’y: Steven W. Ranes ’02 E:


Sec’y Column Deadlines (send columns to



Mmbr.Serv./Fall ’14 Sept.-Oct.’14 Nov.-Dec. ’14

8 July 2014 4 August 2014 3 October 2014

2014 Shipmate Deadlines to note...

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS the Viscount Suites Hotel in Tucson on Friday 26 September 2014. Respectfully submitted, Norman Mims ’60, Secretary

Arkansas Arkansas Chapter Pres: CAPT Scott Pursley ’79, USN 7 Hillsborough Ct., Little Rock, AR 72212 P: 501-954-9612; E:

Southern Arizona Chapter meeting

Vice Pres: Rebecca Aten ’98 E:

Southern Arizona Chapter Pres: Art Weidner '63 975 W Calle Excelso, Green Valley, AZ 85614 P: 520-838-0774; E:

Sec’y: John Massie '71 E:


On Friday 28 March 2014 the Chapter held its monthly meeting at Viscount Suites Hotel in downtown Tucson. There were 22 graduates, friends and spouses in attendance. These were: Jack Binns ’56, Len Eaton ’63, Herb and Sue Fauth ’67, Don Flood ’56, Bud Gaston ’65, Frank and Sue Hayes ’60, Andy and Diane Kish ’65, Marshall Magruder ’62, John McCarthy ’76, Fred and Julie March ’59, Norman and Liz Mims ’60 and Norman’s sister Anne Moye, Ed Palanek ’57, Jack Richter ’47, Clark Rook ’57, John Truesdell ’63, and Art Weidner ’63. President Frank Hayes introduced the guest speaker our Treasurer John Truesdell. John spoke on “The Importance of Diversification” and identified the drivers of investment performance and how to use that knowledge to create a diversified portfolio. He brought us up to date on the current 401(k) environment including 401(k) basics, ROTH versus traditional platforms and what the industry has done to make investing choices simpler. The talk prompted several questions and was well received by the attendees. President Frank Hayes then presented a commemorative Chapter coin to John as a token of our thanks for his presentation. The next meeting will be at the Viscount Suites Hotel in Tucson on Friday 25 April 2014. On Friday 25 April 2014 the Chapter held its monthly meeting at Viscount Suites Hotel in downtown Tucson. There were 38 graduates, friends and spouses in attendance. These were: Brad Beaver ’67, Ed Biggers ’57, Bart and Jann Dalla Mura ’54, George Dolan ’57, Herb and Sue Fauth ’67, Don Flood ’56, Joe Hayden ’80, Frank and Sue Hayes ’60, Andy Kish ’65, Dan Lambert ’77,



Dennis and Diane Lawrence ’64, John Massie ’71, John McCarthy ’76, Norman and Liz Mims ’60, George Monthan ’46 and Eloise Perry, Dennis Nemura ’65, Ed Palanek ’57, Jack Richter ‘47, Clark and Deane Rook ’57, Don Tarquin ‘58, Bob and Mimi Tims ’57, Bob Walhfeld ’65, Art and Karen Weidner ’63, and Hod Wells ‘59. Guests were Russ and Avalon Hill, Pat Kujawa, Dr. Carter, and Mary Newton of Halbert Hargrove Fiduciary Investment Management. Art Weidner introduced our guest speaker Mr. Russ Hill a noted financial investment counsellor. His presentation “The Dog and the Frisbee” offered some simple, but effective, tools of financial management to help us navigate our financial portfolio “ship” to a correct and safe harbor. The presentation was well received and prompted some probing questions. President Frank Hayes then presented a commemorative Chapter coin to Mr. Hill as a token of our thanks for his presentation. Andy Kish provided the result of the election for the Board of Directors held during the meeting. Herb Fauth ’67 and Don Flood ’56 were elected for two years terms. Geoff Miller ’01, Ed Biggers ’57, and Dennis Nemura ’65 were reelected for two year terms.

Sec’y-Treas: Ian Hadden ’91 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Pursley ’79, USN (Ret.) P: 501-954-9612; E:

Alum Todd Vaupel ’88 (Jonesboro) & parent Cindy Biggers (Sully ’16) speaking with prospective 1st district candidate during Congressman Crawford’s event

In February, the Arkansas 1st and 2nd and 4th Congressional Districts (NE, Central & Southern Arkansas) had their service academy information events in Monticello, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Ozark and Hot Springs. Several alums and parents were on hand to help answer questions. T


Los Angeles Chapter Pres: Brett Potts ’95 19912 Cato Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 P: 310 920 2153; E:

Corr Sec’y: Tom Lavino ’03 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: (LA County) CAPT Richard Estrada, USNR (Ret.) P: 323-340-8084; E:

BGO Area Coordinator:(Orange/East LA County) CDR Nick Madigan ’81, USNR (Ret.) P: 949-852-0117x22; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: (Riverside/San Bernardino County) CAPT Stephen Andres ’67, USNR P: 858-454-6755; E:

Vice President Dennis Nemura presented outgoing President Frank Hayes with a USMC medallion and key fob as a token of the Chapter’s appreciation for his service as Chapter President for the last three years. The Chapter Social will be at the Skyline Country Club on Friday 16 May 2014. The next regular meeting will be at

The San Gabriel Valley contingent of the Los Angeles Chapter met for lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Monrovia on 27 February 2014.The attendees were Frank Taylor ’37 Jim Carmack ’49, Lloyd Hoover ’49, Bob Rogers ’54, Joe Koch ’57, Glenn Shindler ’64, Pete Tamny ’65,

Monterey Bay Chapter Pres: Ethan Blankenship ’06 E:

Corr Sec’y: Steve Tackett ’87 E

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Perkins ’75, USN (Ret.) P: 925-423-0580; E:

Sacramento Chapter Pres: Dennis P. Joyce ’61 Los Angeles Chapter: L to R: Lloyd Hoover ’49, Pete Tamny ’65, Bob Musselman ’72, John Pigott (author), Joe Koch ’57, Jim Carmack ’49, Bob Rogers ’54, Glenn Shindler ’64, Frank Taylor ’37, Mitch Marich ’71, Valerie Marich. Photo courtesy of Lloyd Hoover ’49.

P: 916-996-1333;

Vice Pres: Dr.Terry Brown ’67 P: 530-676-0327; E:

Sec’y: Bob Bartron ’73 E:

Treas: Jim D’Orso ’52 P: 916-771-8950; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Perkins ’75, USN (Ret.) P: 925-423-0580; E:

Los Angeles Chapter: Naval Academy Glee Club

Mitch and Valerie Marich ’71, and Bob Musselman ’72. Our special guest was John Pigott,Yale ’42, retired attorney, and author of DestroyerMan. John’s gunnery officer assignments during WW II took him back and forth between the following campaigns—Guadalcanal, Normandy, Okinawa and the surrender in Tokyo Bay. He accomplished much in his three years in the Navy and then upon leaving the Navy he went to law school at Yale. The Mimi’s group meets the third Thursday of most months. Please contact gshindler64@ for more information. USNA Men’s Glee Club Comes to Long Beach On March 14th the USNA Men’s Glee Club performed at the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, CA to spread awareness of USNA in southern California. A special thanks goes to LT Angelique Clark of the USNA Admissions Office who coordinated the event. The highlight of the night was when local alum joined the Glee Club to sing “Navy Blue and Gold”. Ventura County Luncheon The Valley Shipmates set a new attendance record at their luncheon on 27 March 2014 at the Wood Ranch BBQ in Agoura Hills. The following 27 Shipmates and friends attended- Art Major44, John Marshall ’52, Bob Gorman ’53, Nils Rueckert ’58, Richard Harper ’60, Larry DeSha ’61, Dave Timm ’61, Peter Greenwood ’61, Dan Lavery ’64, Ken Robinson ’69 ,

Roger Sager ’70, Gary Mann ’72, Jim Bullock ’74, Marv King ’78, Brad Drummond ’84, Jon Hartman ’84, Jim Waugh ’84, Chuck Smith ’85, Jim Dwyer ’86, Andre Stokes ’88, Tom Hare ’89, Buzz Park ’90, Mark Hurvitz ’91, Dan Goldenberg ’92, Michael Schoffman ’92, Jon Smith ’04. Our time together went by very quickly and there were many enthusiastic discussions taking place around the table. We welcomed guests Ken Robinson, USNA Dad and local Blue and Gold Officer, along with Zack Frangos, USCG Academy Class of 77, and Dave Timm ’61 visiting from Chesapeake VA. We are in the early stages of planning for a very exciting luncheon event at the Reagan Library on Saturday, August 16, 2014. So mark your calendars now for a BBQ luncheon under the wings of Air Force One, followed by a tour of the Library. Friends and family will be invited along with members of both the Santa Barbara and LA/OC alumni chapters. Our next luncheon is scheduled for May 22, 2014 (1:00pm), once again at the Wood Ranch BBQ in Agoura Hills. Beat Army! Tom Lavino ’03

DonateOnline Support the Annual Fund, visit and click Give Online

As usual on the first Thursday of the month, the Sacramento Chapter gathered at the China Buffet on Sunrise Blvd for a luncheon meeting. In attendance on May 1, 2014 were Jim D’orso ’52, Al More ’62, Neil Schwertman ’64, Al Struck ’64, Jim Jennings ’64, Jack Everett ’64, Greg Marshall ’67, Arthur McLaughlin ’68 and Bob Bartron ’73. Also in attendance was an always welcomed guest, Larry Smith, USMA Class of ’62.

Members of ‘64 gathered at Sacramento meeting: Jack Everett, Jim Jennings, Neil Schwertman, Al Struck

Four members of the Class of 1964 were present as they held a “mini-pre-50 year reunion” over lunch. It was a good opportunity to celebrate their 50 years of service to the nation and to catch up on what they have done for the past half-century. Neil Schwertman was commissioned in the Navy and went to submarine school and then served in diesel boats for five years while on active duty. He then entered the University of Kentucky grad school to earn advance degrees in statistics. He moved to California and taught mathematics at California State University, Chico for 28 years and then he returned to teaching for another 12 years as a professor emeritus.

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Jim Jennings earned his pilot wings after graduation and then flew E-1Bs for a full tour before transitioning to the black shoe Navy to serve on destroyers. He left active duty after nine years to accept a position with the City of Reno where he worked in the communications department for the next 24 years. He retired from the City payroll in 2002 and then moved to Oroville, CA after his wife had a stroke and needed assisted living beginning in 2005. He remains connected through his HAM radio networking and acts as an officer with the HAM Radio Relay League. Al Struck qualified as an E-1 NFO after graduation and then transferred to the AEDO community. He served at various depot and rework level maintenance facilities, to include such arduous duty stations as North Island! After being medically retired, Al joined his classmate Neil teaching mathematics at California State University, Chico, retiring in 2005. Jack Everett completed the submarine nuclear training pipeline after graduation and served onboard submarines based at Pearl Harbor. At the eight year point of his service he was medically discharged and then went into the Certified Financial Planner field where he had a successful business that also included a Tax practice. He sold his business, but remains as a consultant in the tax practice. He is in his 46th year of officiating high school wrestling matches and he remains an avid fan of Navy wrestling. Business at the meeting included a discussion of preparations for the Plebe Dinner to be hosted with the local parents club in June. All local northern California alumni are invited to join us for our next meeting on June 5 and every first Thursday of the month at 1130. San Diego Chapter Pres: Alan Lerchbacker ’74 E:

Corr Sec’y: Barbette Lowndes ’80 858-560-8045; W: 858-535-8515 E:

The San Diego Chapter completed elections in April. New board members include: Treasurer – Chris Newcomb ’87; VP for Membership – Nick Norris ’03; Board of Directors with terms expiring in 2016 – Chris Cisek ’02, Myron Fleming ’62, Don Hinderliter ’83, and Craig Smith ’82. All other previously elected Board Members will continue to serve until expiration of term. We celebrated the Dark Ages in style with a Vegas-themed Casino Night at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Over 130 alumni and guests turned out for this exciting event featuring professional card tables, craps and a roulette wheel. Winners had an opportunity to participate in a raffle which included many wonderful prizes such as a four-night stay at a Condo in Mammoth. Several attendees took advantage of a free lesson in Texas Hold’em given by Richard Lederer, a Mensa member in his own right, but also the father of two World Series of Poker champions. Mr Lederer auctioned off his time and talents as a linguist and poker player. The proceeds of the auction support local engagement with alumni, Midshipmen and candidates.

Craig Smith, Craig Hardin, John Vance, & Bob Rubin at the Class of ’82 sponsored Blackjack Table.

April brought opening day for major league baseball and our third annual Take Me Out To The Ballgame event. Over 80 alumni and guests watched our beloved Padres as they lost to the Dodgers, but the weather, the hotdogs, beer and friends more than made up for the score.


Our calendar continues to overflow with opportunities for our Alumni to gather, share sea stories and help each other out. As always, you can become a member of the San Diego Chapter and stay current on our events at our Chapter website: San Francisco Chapter Pres: Liam Lane ’02 E:

Vice Pres: Eric Shangle ’97 E:

Sec’y: Cheriene Griffith ’02 E:

Treas: Mark Lundstrom ’86 E:

Webmaster: Steve Hall ’75



CAPT Pat Rabun ’84 was our guest speaker at our luncheon in April. CAPT Rabun is Commanding Officer of NROTC San Diego. He talked about the value of ROTC programs and how consortiums of regional schools with ROTC students work together under one ROTC program. CPAT Rabun also talked about his experience as Chief of Staff Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay Cuba. We were pleased by the diversity of attendance ranging from the Class of 1952 to 2007.

Four men and a woman - Johnson Fox ’52, Bob Morris ’52, Richard Dietz ’52, Earl Chinn ’52, and Rebecca Phelps ’07

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Michael McVay ’77, USN (Ret.)

What a great time to be a member of the USNA Alumni Association, especially the San Diego Chapter. We’re ranked as the largest, and some would say the most active, Chapter in the Association according to the recent review of membership. There is always room for more members, so come out and join us.

Oldest and youngest attendees - Dick Dietz ’52 and Sophie Sopko, infant daughter or Mike Sopko ’87


Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Scott Perkins ’75, USN (Ret.) P: 925-423-0580; E:

Scoreboard from Petco Park welcoming USNA Alumni Association San Diego

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! It is now early summer and all of the Midshipmen back in Annapolis are gearing

up to start their careers in the Navy or Marine Corps or scatter all over the world on their summer assignments. Or stay on campus because they were an academic rock star that needed summer school like me. Regardless, we wish them all well as they progress in their military development. Do any of you have any fresh young minds in your life who would be interested in Summer Seminar or the STEM program? If so visit Admissions/Programs/index.php or contact myself or Liam Lane ’02. We hope everyone that joined enjoyed the All Academy Giants Tailgater on May 25th. It is very exciting to pair up with all the local service academy chapters and our very own San Francisco Giants for a great social. Next month, on July 12th we are planning to have a “Round Two” Northern California Happy Hour event at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma CA. I hope to see you there and hopefully hear more fascinating and hilarious stories from the infamous “MIDN GRAYMATTER” also known as Aaron Gray ’83. Who is one of the few who have told ADM Rickover ’22 “No” Aaron Gray at Lagunitas Brewery July 2013 and lived to tell the tale. This year I look forward to introducing you all to Baby Aurora who was “MIDN In Training” at the last event. Since then she has been born and looking forward to meeting you.

get the top 9 in the next 3 years! If you have not already done so please “Like” us and follow us on Facebook @ https:// for up to date information.You may also email any of the Chapter leadership if you have any questions or suggestions for Bay Area Alumni future events. We look forward to hearing from you! GO NAVY BEAT ARMY! ~ Cheriene Griffith ’02, Sec’y Santa Barbara Chapter Pres: CAPT Homer F. Smith II ’63, USN (Ret.) P: 805-695-0033; E:

Sec’y: Mr. Larry B. Coleman Jr., USNA ’99 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Derek Roberts ’83, USN

Colorado Colorado Chapter Pres (Interim): CAPT John (JJ) Mackin ’68, USN (Ret.) 2137 Night Sky Ln., Lafayette, CO 80026 P: 303-665-9579; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dick Eason ’84, USN (Ret.) (Denver) P: 720-747-4615; E:

Colorado Springs Chapter Pres: John Sledgianowski ’87, USN (Ret.) 714 Pioneer Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 P: 719-287-2187; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Ross Schmidt ’74 P: 303-989-5281; E:

Our long time President, CAPT Daniel Branch Jr. ’59 passed away last October. The board is in the process of adopting a set of bylaws and will be holding elections in the near future.”

Connecticut P: 860-376-5775; E:

Vice Pres:Tom Hodgson ’83 P: 203-318-8870; E:

Sec’y: Eric Irwin ’86 P: 860-857-8748; E:

Comms Dir: David Candler ’67 P: 860-823-0862; E:

As always, please be sure to visit our website to have the most up to date information on events and socials. Please check your email junk folders for anything from may also sign up or renew your membership from the website. We came very close to being one of the countries 9 largest chapters for the 2014 triennial chapter count. Let’s

Costa Rica Chapter Pres: Claudio A. Pacheco ’64 Apt. 4307-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica H: 506-2224-4325; W: 506-2225-4239 C: 506-8876-1394; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Sue Loustaunau P: 207-326-0574; E:

Delaware Delaware Chapter Pres:Ted Fischer ’71 33695 Baylis Drive, Lewes, DE 19958 C: 302-841-9812; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR William Soer ’78, USN (Ret.) P: 302-383-6611; E:

Connecticut Chapter Pres: Alan Weigel ’79

Possible Midshipmen Class of ’35 in Training??

Costa Rica

Meeting Chairman:VACANT Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Raymond Boyd ’73 P: 203-453-9493; E:

Congratulations! CLASS OF 2014 Fair Winds and Following Seas from your Alumni Association

Florida BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) E:

Gainesville Chapter Pres: CAPT J. Michael Smith ’61, USNR (Ret.) P: 352-450-9758; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Steve Swift ’87, USNR E:

The United States Service Academies Alumni Club of Gainesville held a monthly luncheon meeting Thursday, March 20, 2014. Naval Academy Alumni in attendance were Mase Wells ’47, Hart Stringfellow ’48, Rick Childress ’54, Art Nussel ’55, Bob Christensen ’58 and wife Vera, Russell Henderson ’58, Peter McCall ’59, Walter Wynn ’59 and wife Carol, Jerry Kennedy ’61, Mickey Smith ’61, Sam Mutch ’71, Tony Ross ’76, Hansford Tyler ’76, and Charles Baker ’87. Attending from the Military Academy were Charles Hall ’46, Jack Martin ’51 and Jim Gleason ’66. Attending from the Merchant Marine Academy was Walt Visniski ’56. Our speaker was member Charles Baker in his role as Wealth Management Advisor/Portfolio Manager at Merrill Lynch in Gainesville. He focused on the question “How much do you need to live comfortably until death?” Charles provided statistics about the sad state of savings and investments in much of our society. He provided methodology to examine what we now have and realistically what we need to receive to keep a comfortable cushion. A useful investment concept presented were various “Buckets” of types of investments for discretionary and non-discretionary strategies. May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Finally, Charles talked about “A Time of Confusion;” a time when your or yours is no longer able to act for themselves due to physical or mental capacity or death. Classic was being organized enough to create a trust but neglecting to transfer assets to it. I was motivated enough to name a beneficiary for my frequent flyer miles. Our meetings are held at Gainesville Country Club, 7300 SW 35th Way, 11:30 AM, the third Thursday of each month. Meetings last about an hour. Alumni and their families, current and future midshipmen and cadets invited to attend. Especially invited as our guests are military academy graduates currently attending the University of Florida. * * * * The United States Service Academies Alumni Club of Gainesville held a monthly luncheon meeting Thursday, April 17, 2014. Naval Academy Alumni in attendance were Mase Wells ’47, Hart Stringfellow ’48, Rick Childress ’54, Art Nussel ’55, Frank Graham ’56, Russell Henderson ’58, Phil Meurer ’58 and guest, Walter Wynn ’59 and wife Carol, Tim Austin ’60, Ken Dixner ’61, Jerry Kennedy ’61, Mickey Smith ’61, Sam Mutch ’71, Hansford Tyler ’76, and Charles Baker ’87. Attending from the Military Academy were Charles Hall ’46, Jack Martin ’51 and Jim Gleason ’66. Attending from the Merchant Marine Academy was Walt Visniski ’56. Our speaker was University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance PhD candidate and researcher Paloma Sardina. Ms. Sardina is investigating the techniques and equipment currently used on individuals with angina, heart failure or cardiomyopathy to diminish their symptoms. Treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes with this same equipment has resulted in a marked short-term decrease in blood sugar levels as well as the expected improved arterial function. The equipment used is Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), a pneumatic compression therapy system which involves three pressure bladders wrapped around a patient’s calf, medial thigh, and buttocks. As the equipment was described, “Like a G-suit” was heard from the audience. Upon triggering, the EECP cuffs rapidly inflate with air from calf to thigh to buttocks resulting in increased blood flow to heart and limbs. The triggering is a function of resting heartbeat and the sequential pressure is only slightly more than that of a typical blood pressure cuff.



Ms. Sardina’s research starts with 35 one-hour patient treatments, followed by periodic evaluative laboratory tests over the following six months. While the preliminary treatment results are quite promising, the data set is still small and few patients have reached the six-month threshold. One of our group is participating in the study and others appear interested in volunteering. There are currently ten heart-disease treatment EECP locations within commuting distance of us in Gainesville Our meetings are held at Gainesville Country Club, 7300 SW 35th Way, 11:30 AM, the third Thursday of each month. Meetings last about an hour. Alumni and their families, current and future midshipmen and cadets invited to attend. Especially invited as our guests are military academy graduates currently attending the University of Florida.

Our next fun event is the Annual (cannot be duplicated by any other USNA Alumni Chapter anywhere) Stiltsville Picnic, which is currently in planning. Be on the lookout for the email announcement with the date; plus periodically check the Chapter’s website and Facebook page – links to both are in the header. On March 1st, the Naval Academy Bagpipe Band was featured at the annual South Florida Scottish Festival; and as is their usual, put on a performance to delight all who attended. Keeping with this column’s traditional methodology (plus lazy secretary), I’ll let the photos tell the story

Jacksonville Chapter Pres: CAPT Michael O. Borns ’70, USN (Ret.) 1185 Salt Marsh Cir. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082-2543 H: 904-273-4714; W: 904-285-3400, ext. 356 E:

Comms: CDR John C. Snyder ’83, USN

USNA Grade 5 Trophy

H: 904-307-0818; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Vickie Leisy DiGiovanni E:

Greater Miami Chapter Pres: CDR Mel J. Meinhardt ’80, USNR (Ret.) 3075 Virgina St., Miami, FL 33133-4534 P: 212. 470. 4181; E:

Sec’y: Sergei Kowalchik ’67 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Bill Ogden E:

Website: Facebook: USNAMiami

Greetings from Miami, By the time you’re reading this, our Annual Maryland Fresh Crab Feast will have happened on May 17th. Will have coverage and photos in the next issue.

USNA Piper of the Day

Turning to the Chapter’s continued efforts in support of our Miami Dade STEM programs and teachers; I now would like to share some of feedback and recognition these efforts have been receiving. Back on February 8th, USNA alumni had the largest (and only) presence from a college who participated as judges (and

Miami Chapter: USNA Bagpipe Band at Annual South Florida Scottish Festival

handed out awards) at the Miami-Dade STEM Expo “Going at Full STEAM” Science Fair. Recognition came from no less than Alberto M Carvalho Superintendent of Schools, Miami-Dade County; the fourth largest school district in the United States – via a letter to the Chapter; rather than interpret, I’ll let Superintendent Carvalho speak for himself with some excerpts. n “Dear Miami-Dade STEM Expo Judges and Volunteers: Thank you for your involvement in the Miami-Dade STEM Expo, Going at Full STEAM.As a result of your contribution, we achieved our goal of organizing a world-class Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fair showcasing the explorations and artistic creativity of elementary, middle, and senior high school students throughout the community… …for moving forward as we focus on the rigorous science curriculum required… and as we strive to prepare our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who are meaningfully involved in the hands-on, interactive science inquiry process.Your hard work and dedication played an integral role in ensuring the success of Florida’s largest combined STEM Expo of competitions. M-DCPS, through the Department of Mathematics and Science, looks forward to your participation in another fantastic STEM Expo in 2015 and working with you to catapult our students further into the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics Sincerely,

an eye opener in the sense that I learn how best to help our community’s best kids have the ability or opportunity to serve our country and at the same time climb the ladder of opportunity if they are prepared to serve our country ethically and morally. … Now if it wasn’t for you to somehow allow me to go in the first place, I would not have had the opportunity to know what I know now and be an active promoter and “filter” our best in South Florida, for this I thank you on behalf of my students and any future Midshipmen that may come out of our area. I do remain at your service and very willingly welcome on a frequent basis any Midshipmen/Officer to come out and talk or do STEM activities with my students and if possible coordinate with other after school programs in town” Thanks a lot!! n It is always great to get positive feedback… and with that I’ll close. Till the next one, Sergei Naples-Fort Myers Chapter Pres: Bruce Needham ’68 E:

Sec’y: James Mintun ’59 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) E:

Orlando Chapter Pres: Kirk Michealson ’79, USN (Ret.) 1324 Belleaire Cir, Orlando, FL 32804 C: 407-375-3440; E:

Sec’y: Dave Shikada ’79 E:

Webmaster: Lynne Brewer (wife of Russ ’78) E: brewer2@gmailcom

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Vickie Leisy DiGiovanni E:

Alberto M Carvalho Superintendent of Schools” n The second came from a Robotics Teacher at Miami Beach Senior High, who attended COI Week in Annapolis and took the time to write our Chapter President an email about his experience. Some excerpts follow: n “I attended the COI week in Annapolis this past week, I must say, it was an excellent opportunity for me to learn a lot more about what the USNA and people like you are doing, the whole experience was

The Orlando Chapter has started the year with some great activities. This article will provide overviews on our two March events, and future articles will describe our May and June activities. The Chapter hosted a very interesting Monday March 10th event; with elements of quick planning challenges as well as last minute guest changes. Originally the event was placed on the calendar with short notice to accommodate a visit to the Orlando area by David Davis (Capt USN ret) class of ’67, and Admiral Mike Mullen class of ’68 and former CNO and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Unfortunately late on

Sunday night March 9th the Admiral was called into a “must attend” Board of Director meeting for a major US firm scheduled for Monday evening…the Chapter scrambled Monday morning and quickly re-advertised that the “speakers” would be David Davis and Glenn Gotchaulk (Capt USN ret) class of ’68. Not counting the speakers, 27 attended the event including 13 alumni and their families: Walt Marquardt ’49, Joyce & Larry Hays ’59, Larry Vogt ’59, Sandy & Ray Jones ’60, Thomas Burke ’62, Jackie & John Kaiser ’79, Dave Shikada ’79, AJ Josiah ’80, Milt Stretton ’81, In Ha ’94, Carter Honesty ’90, Jason Waldron ’97, and Joshua Crouse ’99. Also in attendance were USNA Central Florida Parents’ Club Past Presidents Jim & Vickie DiGiovanni and Larry Salazar. The dinner and speaking event turned out to be a night to remember. David Davis who is USNA’s Associate Athletic Director spoke in depth about Navy football 2014 and the impending move into the American Athletic Conference in 2015. He also answered questions about recruitment and incoming Plebe stats. Glenn is USNA’s Director of Institutional Research. Basically his responsibility is to track ALL midshipmen through their stay at Navy, through their Navy careers, and six years after leaving the service. The Academy uses this data to profile cost benefit analysis and compare it to other institutions. His talk was fascinating, and showed that still USNA is hands over dollars more cost effective to tax payers than any other commissioning source. Together they basically gave us a great historical and current picture of incoming classes, how they have performed, and how they progress into the fleet and beyond! The evening was well spent; while we missed Admiral Mullen, his “fill-ins” did a fantastic job. Gradlinks of Central Florida is up and running. The USNA Alumni Orlando Chapter has taken the lead in organizing quarterly meetings to bring together veterans of all services and officer programs for the purpose of business networking and it was our first joint event with our local West Point Society Chapter. Eric Reinhold ’88, our Business Networking Committee Chair, is heading up the effort with IT help from Andy Martin USMA ’87. Andy has created our LinkedIn Group – Gradlinks of Central Florida – please join. Our first

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS meeting had 15 in attendance with another 25 responding that they are interested in coming to our future events. Mike Jensen USMA ’92 sponsored the event at the University Club in downtown Orlando. Others in attendance from the Naval Academy were John Kaiser ’79, Kirk Michealson ’79, Dave Lopez ’88, Al Corchuelo ’89, Jason Waldron ’97, Joshua Crouse ’99, and Colin Myers ’06. From West Point, in addition to Andy Martin and Mike Jensen, those attending were Greg Howard ’75, Jim Pappafotis ’78 (Chapter Vice President), Jim Wartski ’82 (Chapter President), and Caleb Brown. Additionally, Craig Gile, a Navy F14 Pilot and Vanderbilt Graduate, joined us. Craig’s son has been accepted to the USNA Summer Seminar Program this summer. If you are moving to the Central Florida area, you can contact us on our LinkedIn group for the latest updates. In May we held another chapter meeting with a guest speaker and in June the Orlando Chapter Board supported the Central Florida Parents’ Club attending their picnic for the new plebes and their families. In July we are planning a no-host social and in August we are planning another chapter meeting with a speaker plus football season starts with Navy playing Ohio State on August 30th! We look forward to you attending our future events. Please go to our chapter event upcoming events page for information ( ing.html).We still have open Board positions: Management Committee Chair, Outreach Committee Chair, and the Communications Coordinator. If you have any questions or interested in helping, please let me know. GO NAVY! Thanks, Kirk Michealson ’79 Palm Beach Chapter Pres: Col Walter J. Breede III ’63, USMC (Ret.) P: 561-493-8470; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Dennis R. Neutze ’65, JAGC USN (Ret.) E:

Pensacola Chapter Pres: Butch Hansen ’75 E:

Sec’y: Pete Perez ’82 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Joan Platz ’81, USN (Ret.) P: 850-304-1626; E:

The Pensacola Chapter held our Blue and Gold Dinner on March 19th at the Pensacola Yacht Club. This annual event,



also known as the “Dark Ages Dinner” in remembrance of the late winter doldrums at USNA, is always well attended in part due to the interesting guest speakers. This year was no exception, with John O’Leary ’83,VP for Engineering at Airbus America as guest speaker addressing a crowd of 102 alumni and guests on the potential impacts on Pensacola of the Airbus manufacturing expansion into Mobile area. It was a great evening of comradeship and socializing enjoyed by all. Pensacola Chapter Board Members were pleased to be invited by Elizabeth Beedenbender, coordinator for USNAAA Engagement Operations- Parent Clubs and Parents, to a dinner at local favorite dining venue “McGuire’s Irish Pub” on March 26th. Elizabeth, Joe Fagan ’89 and Craig Washington ’89 were in the area doing some advance work for next season’s Navy/South Alabama football game in Mobile, AL and took the opportunity to visit with local Parent’s Club Chapter and Alumni Association Chapter leadership. In attendance from the local area were Chapter President Butch Hansen ’75 with his wife Lee, Parent’s Club President Dave Moran’76 and wife Laura, area Blue and Gold Coordinator Joan Platz ’81 and her husband (and past Parent’s Club President) Tim, and Chapter Secretary Pete Perez ’82 and his wife Frankie Ann. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss the many exciting events and activities ahead in our local area as well as in the broader surrounding area. Shannon Nickinson was our guest speaker for our April luncheon at the Pensacola Yacht Club held on April 9th. Shannon formerly worked for the Pensacola News Journal and is now the Editor-inchief of Progress Plus Promise, a multimedia news outlet intended to explore, discuss, and investigate issues facing the Pensacola area. Shannon provided a very informative and thought provoking talk to the 43 alumni and guests in attendance. We are approaching the end of our Chapter’s activity year again, with new officers elected (or old officers reconfirmed) for next year’s Board at our May luncheon meeting. Closing out the year is our annual Midshipman Send-Off Picnic scheduled for 14 June, which marks the end of our activities until the start of the football season in early September. This year we will once again have our picnic out at Whiting Park and hope to have good attendance by the young men and women from the local area selected for

next year’s USNA Plebe class or for a preparatory school and their proud families. It is always an honor and a privilege to meet this next generation of Midshipmen, and add another “link in the chain.” We hope they you can join us to recognize their accomplishments while enjoying a barbecue. For information on this and any of our other chapter activities, please check our website. Space Coast Chapter Pres: CAPT Pete Peterson ’56, USN (Ret.) 401 Third Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 P: 321-952-2066; E:

Sec’y: Lt. Col.Tom Schwartz P: 321 255-5452 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Vickie Leisy DiGiovanni P: 407-380-5386; E:

Suncoast Chapter Pres: Clifford P. Bermann ’45 3240 Lake Pointe Blvd #324, Sarasota, FL 34231 E:

BGO Area Coordinator:CDR Steve Swift ’87, USNR E:

Tampa Bay Chapter Pres: CAPT John Kamen ’77, USN (Ret.) 1105 Culbreath Isle Dr., Tampa, FL 33629 H: 813-288-9548; C: 8134-385-6972 E:

Sec’y/Communications: Perry Dempsey ’72 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Steve Swift ’87, USNR E:



Atlanta Chapter Pres: Angus McLean ’84 H: (404) 851-1832; W: (404) 210-1972 E:

Sec’y: Steve Newell ’89 H: (770) 864-9948; C: (678) 357-6941 E:

Website: http://WWW.USNAAAA.COM BGO Area Coordinator: Ned Hunter ’81 P: 770-826-1985; E:

Spring has finally come to Atlanta after an eventful winter of paralyzing snow. As the foliage reveals the colors of spring, our chapter continues to flourish. During the most recent membership drive we added nearly 60 members to our rolls and now have almost 300 members, making Atlanta a top 10 Chapter. Since our last update, we have moved our luncheons to the 57th Fighter Group near Peachtree DeKalb airport. The food is fantastic and the venue in keeping with the camaraderie that we endeavor to provide our members. In March we hosted our first luncheon there, and were

fortunate to have Shaun Bradley ’78 as our inaugural speaker. For those that don’t know Shaun, he cofounded Bradley Morris, the preeminent corporate recruiter of former military members. Shaun knows networking, and we were pleased that he shared some of his life’s work with us. We wish him well as he aspires to leverage his experiences in his new endeavor as a Vistage Chair.

during the 5 day war, keeping the US Embassy operational, when every other embassy evacuated the country! We are looking forward to the 40th Lobsterfest on June 7th. All Alumni and guests in the southeast are invited (and anyone else looking for an excuse to come to Atlanta for a beautiful late spring day.) This year’s Lobsterfest looks to outshine all previous fests, with great fresh lobsters, tastier mussels, and more aspiring midshipmen than ever before. Look to to see more details on the Atlanta’s Chapter Lighthouse event for the year. T


Guam Chapter Pres: CAPT Noel M. Enriquez ’84, USNR Scott Evans ’88 and Parker Shelato ’08

PO Box 26849, GMF, Barrigada, GU 96921-6849 H: 671-472-9629; F: 671-472-1966 C: 671-777-9629; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: RADM Alma Grocki ’81, USN P: 808-781-1339; E:

Hawaii Honolulu Chapter Pres:Tom Marzec ’87 P: 808-261-9430; E:

Vice Pres: Ben Peet ’88 E:

Steve Frederick ’72 and Dennis Tate ’84

In April, our luncheon speaker was BGEN CJ Nutter, whose military experiences over 30 years wove in an out of central Asia. CJ was on the ground soon after the Taliban fell in Afghanistan, and recounted his experiences working between the military and state department has Commander of Coalition Joint Civil Military Task Force. While a career highlight, his endeavors in the Republic of Georgia as part of the Georgia to Georgia Partnership, and later as a leader in the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s efforts to remove weapons of mass destruction were equally interesting. His insights on Putin’s recent “acquisition” of Crimea were most prescient, as CJ was in Georgia when Russian forces were fighting Georgian forces in South Osetia. He recalled an incident where Russian forces stole Humvees, that were in the process of being shipped to Georgia (USA), from the Georgia National Guard who were training with Republic of Georgia soldiers (that were then rotating into Afghanistan). The Humvees were looted because they said ‘Georgia’ on the trucks and the Russian Troops just didn’t know any better. CJ and his wife held tight

Sec’y: Lindsay Robinson ’06 Shipmate Scribe:CDR Matt“Kaz”Kaslik ’95,USN E:;W: 808-472-0219

Treas: Doug Gainer ’98 E:

Parent’s Club Pres: Brian O’Brien E:

Hawaii B&G Officer: RADM Alma Grocki ’81, USN E:

Website: Facebook: honolulu.usnachapter

Aloha Shipmates, We are blessed to have Rear Admiral Alma Lau Grocki ’81 as the USNA Blue & Gold officer (BGO) and the BGO Area Coordinator for Hawaii and the Western Pacific. Being born and raised in Honolulu, the first woman from Hawaii appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy and now the first female flag officer from Hawaii gives her a uniquely qualified perspective and background to ensure the best candidates are selected to be midshipmen. Alma epitomizes dedication and service and her promotion ceremony onboard USS Missouri (BB-63) on October 4, 2013 was inspiring. Her Navy family includes son Dan who is USNA ’16, Nick who will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on a

NROTC scholarship this fall, and husband Russ ’81. Mahalo for all you do Admiral Grocki! Me ke aloha pumehana, Ho’omaika’i ‘ana!

Nick & Dan ’16, pinning on her shoulder boards here

Now, this is a call to get and stay connected! We have numerous upcoming alumni events on Oahu and need to get the word out. We have over 700 known USNAAA members in Hawaii but only about 500 emails. This doesn’t include the many alumni in Hawaii that we don’t know about. If you have a Hawaii zip code but no email listed at your USNAAA profile, we’ll be calling to let you know and asking that you update your email on the website. As we plan events or USNA items of interest develop, our most timely method of communication with you is by email via the USNAAA database. In order to get Honolulu Chapter emails on current events, alumni and members need to have a Hawaii zip code and a working email at their USNAAA profile. Please encourage all of our shipmates, from recent arrivals to established old-timers, to keep this information updated so everyone can stay connected. If any assistance is required to update your profile, please email us for help. Another way to stay in touch for current events is find us on FaceBook: usnachapter or the discussion Group (United States Naval Academy Alumni Association HONOLULU CHAPTER) here: 468438983169222/ The U.S. Naval Academy Parents Club Hawaii Page is here: US-Naval-Academy-Parents-ClubHawaii/102603956496224 Don’t have the link? — google the main words in the titles! Let us know about happenings with local alumni and events of interest so we can pass along the gouge to everyone.

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Idaho Northwest Chapter Pres: Col Kenneth W. Moore ’66, USMC (Ret.) 31048 E. Hayden Lake Rd., PO Box 2020, Hayden, ID 83835-7059; P: 208-772-7494 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CMDR Roy Ledesma ’87, USN (Ret.) P: 208-954-3379; E:

Illinois BGO Area Coordinator: (Southern) CDR Michael Carnes ’74, USN (Ret.) E:

Louisiana Chapter: USNA Gospel Choir at New Orleans’ St. Louis Cathedral. Photo by Janet Nagelin, wife of CAPT Tom Nagelin, USN (Ret) ‘74.

Chicago Chapter CDR Fredrick W. Weber ’75, USNR (Ret.)


2134 Evert Ct., Northbrook, IL 60062-6612 H: 847-559-9381; W: 312-845-3444 E:

Louisiana Chapter Pres: Kirk R. Benson ’87



BGO Area Coordinator: (Northern, IL incl Chicago) Mr. Robert Falardeau

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Skip Paul P: 225-769-4019; E:

P: 847-359-2990; E:

Indiana BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Timothy Naville ’76, USNR (Ret.) P: 812-944-4833; E:

Indianapolis Chapter CDR Lynn Thomas ’83 H: 317-329-1773; E:

Michiana Chapter Pres: Ryan Marcott ’01, USNR 23042 Greenleaf Blvd.,Elkhart, IN 46514

Vice Pres: CDR John (Chris) Haizlip ’72, USN (Ret.) 15246 Longford Dr, Granger, IN 46530 P: 574-273-2939; E:

Treas: John Ross ’94 E:

Sec’y: Dale Furman '61

Several members of the South Bend/ Michiana Chapter met for the monthly chapter luncheon. Our chapter meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Bar Louie Restaurant at University Park Mall. The hot topic lately has been the Notre Dame Women’s basketball team and their incredible season leading to the NCAA championship game with Connecticut. Unfortunately, they lost but what a great season: 37-1. Along with the NCAA basketball tournament pool, another pool was started for the last day of any snow remains from the parking lot snow piles. we had an inch of snow on Mar 15 to add to the snow piles, but hopefully the parking lots will be clear by the end of April!



Recent luncheon attendees have included: John Strauss, ’69; Gene Denehert ’63; Paul Bradfield, ’53; John Herman, ’89, Dale Furman, ’61; Chuck Wirth, ’87; & Chris Haizlip, ’72.

Kentucky (see also Ohio) Louisville/Southern Indiana Chapter Pres: CAPT Gregory Reinhardt ’79, USNR (Ret.)

Louisiana welcomed the USNA Gospel Choir on Veterans Day, March 11, 2014, at the renown St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. The choir was superb and was treated to a Cajun dinner, sponsored by the USNA Louisiana Parent’s Club following the concert. Well done!! Check the Chapter web site for a joint event this summer with the Jefferson Performing Arts Society.The documentary MURPH: The Protector is a featurelength documentary based on LT Michael Murpy’s entire life of honor, courage, and commitment, as told by his friends, family, and teammates. Michael was raised in Patchogue, New York, attended Penn State University and then joined the U.S. Navy to serve in the SEAL teams. He gave his life for his men in 2005 and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 2007. Mr. Jeff Widenhofer ’97, a Chapter member, composed and performed the music for this documentary.

712 Talon Place, Louisville, KY 40223 P: 502-244-7707; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Gregory Reinhardt ’79, USN (Ret.) P: 502-244-7707; E:

Japan Tokyo Bay Chapter Pres: Brett English ’00 PSC 473 Box 5, FPO AP 96349 P: 01181 046-816-8034 (Japan), E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Sue Loustaunau P: 207-326-0574; E:

GET INVOLVED… 1 June - 30 July 2014 Accepting applications for Other Chapter Representation for Board of Trustees

DON’T FORGET ! See for more details

featured the “about to be graduated” midshipmen and their families. It is always a spirited and “feel good” occasion. (And we alumni always remark that “Jeez, we’d never even be considered, these mids are all super stars.)

Maine Portland Chapter Pres: Jeffrey Peters ’85 7 Sumac Dr., Brunswick ME 04011 C: 207-650-1744; W: 207-442-4703 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: LT Jen BohrTyll ’01 USNR


P: 207-829-8159; E:


Tim Wood ’54 (SOPA, Senior Class present Ashore), Pam Dunkin/Bill Dunkin’78, Ann Wilde/Bob Wilde ’77

Annapolis Chapter Pres: LCDR Mark Hakun ’88, USNR (Ret.)

Boston Chapter Pres: James Kras ’69 112 Beach Street, Unit 4, Boston, MA 02111 P: 617-645-1032; E:

Shipmate contact: Capt. Pete Seibert ’65


Vice Pres: Ken Barausky ’67

P: 781-235-5909; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Reid Oslin


Sec’y-Shipmate Contact:Tim Hallihan ’72 E:

P: 781-738-0777; E:

Treas: Christopher Landon ’00 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Davis ’85, USNR (Ret.) P: 410-544-6286; E:

Baltimore Chapter Pres: Jason Hardebeck ’87 P: 443-269-1599; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Davis ’85, USNR (Ret.) P: 410-544-6286; E:

Eastern Shore Chapter Pres: Mr. Michael Epprecht ’65 E:

Vice Pres: Dennis Jones ’65 E:

Sec’y/Treas: CDR Rob Calhoun ’87 E:

Treas: Mike Bracy ’63 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Davis ’85, USNR (Ret.) P: 410-544-6286; E:

Greater Southern Maryland Chapter Pres: Michael DeManns ’73 Briscoe Cove, PO Box 277, Compton, MD 20627 P: 301-475-7028

Corr Sec’y: Stuart Fitrell ’62 P: 301-373-8087; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator:Patti Thumm P: 301-737-1629; E:

Annual Dinner Forty-six goats and – uh – goatesses?? met at the Paul Hall Center for the Annual Dark Ages Dinner on February 7. It was great fun, but the weather was cold (which, of course, was one of the criteria for being called “Dark Ages”. ) There was little speechmaking, mostly consisting of the announcement of the new directors for the year were made. The range of classes attending was from 1954 to 1992.

On “Special Assignment” i.e. abandoned by wives: Dave Culbertson ’82, Scott Sanders ’80, Jim Sandberg ’69, Scott Bruce ’79.

Leadership Luncheon The annual Spring Leadership Luncheon was held at “Pax Landing” on NAS Patuxent River, MD. The speaker was Tom Burbage ’69 and he focused on the current trends in fighter aircraft design using the F-35 as an example. Early on he showed a photo of two babies (grandkids of his) playing with his I-Phone and he remarked that he cannot imagine the cockpit these babies will occupy a couple decades from today. He pointed out that currently the “Human” aspect is a significant factor in aircraft design. In previous designs, the pilot was able to cope with more “g” forces than could the aircraft aerodynamically and structurally. Now, the aircraft seems tougher than the pilot!. Tim Wood ’54 represented the oldest class in attendance and proudly announced that he was the only submariner in on board. Jared Angus ’05 represented the junior class, and Jared received an award for dedicated service to the alumni association. Upcoming Events: The monthly Board of Directors meetings are held at the Lexington Restaurant (formerly, in antiquity, “Rue’s Roost”) at 5:00 PM in Lexington Park. They are held on the second Tuesday of each month. It is open to all and you are invited to visit and see how the BOD works. There will not be any “Press Gang” attempting to induce new volunteers. Be prepared to sing Blue and Gold! Midshipman Recognition lunch May 9 Once again, was held at The Rivers Edge Club on NAS Patuxent River MD. It

The Boston Area Service Academy Business Networking (SABN) Chapter’s monthly luncheon’s featured speaker on 20 March in downtown Boston was our own Jim Matheson ’87. Jim is currently the President and CEO of Oasys Water. He is a respected clean technology visionary and leader. As a General Partner at Flagship Ventures he spearheaded their sustainability practice, helping to build it into a leader in the venture capital industry. At Flagship, Jim started, financed and served on the Board of Directors of several new ventures including Mascoma, Midori and Novomer and served as the Chairman of the Board for Oasys Water. Jim is a decorated Navy F-14 and FA-18 pilot. His duties included flying over 200 combat missions, serving as a TOPGUN instructor and leading the Navy’s Adversary Program. He retired in 2008 as a Commander in the Navy Reserves. He also earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School. The meeting had 36 total attendees, 21 of whom were fellow grads. The talk was followed by much interest, many questions, and great dialogue. At the request of several members, the Boston Chapter has reinstated our monthly no-host Business Networking after work meetings at the same location as was held in the past, the Green Dragon Tavern in downtown Boston next to the Union Oyster House. The next two meetings will be (were) held on Wednesday, 7 May and Wednesday, 11 June at 1800. Contact info at Meetings will not be held in July or August but will resume in September. Peter K. Seibert ’65

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Michigan Detroit Chapter Pres: Arthur W. Bryant ’66 1811 Hollywood; Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1311 H: 313-885-2174; C: 313-590-0301 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Michael Bennett P: 586-468-7490; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Doug Bishop ’69, USN (Ret.) P: 231-946-4100 x103 E:

On March 8, Karen and Jim Fleming ’66 along with my wife Lynne and I attended the West Point Society of Michigan Founders Day Dinner at The Forest Lake Country Club that they hold each year. It is fun to go and not have to say a word about football. They do all the talking... and explaining...and planning...and making excuses...and how next year will be different...and how they now have our old offensive coordinator...and they will win back THE PICKLE BARREL... finally. We all just nodded our heads, and they started over again...”No, really we will this year.” And we just nodded again. IT’S FUN!! On April 7 several of us from our chapter attended a very amazing talk at University Liggett High School in Grosse Pointe Woods by Commander Christopher J. Cassidy ’93. A native of Maine, Chris served on a SEAL team after graduating and spent time in Afghanistan. Deciding he needed more adventure in his life he then became an astronaut. He has completed six spacewalks and accumulated 182 days in space. Needless to say his talk was very highly received by the students that day. Art Bryant ’66

Minnesota Upper Midwest Chapter Pres: LtCol Alex Plechash ’75, USMC (Ret.)

Congratulations Upper Midwest Chapter!! Every three years the USNA Alumni Association verifies membership in local chapters. The largest ones have seats on the Board of Trustees. With our increased membership we grew to sufficient size to earn a seat. That is remarkable, considering that we are 1,000 miles from a salt water port, and we compete with chapters from DC, Norfolk, San Diego, etc. Bravo Zulu to each chapter member and our leaders on our Chapter Board of Trustees. Visit our new Chapter website www. and “Like us” on Facebook at We will keep our members up to date on what’s happening in the region. The Tri-Service Employment Hub helps local service academy graduates find jobs, advance their careers, and start new business ventures. Register to connect with fellow graduates and corporate contacts: http://triservicehub. com/register/. The website includes links to job opportunities, recruiting contacts at local employers, links to recruiting agencies and other job-hunting networking resources. Jim Coulson, ’77 never expected to return to USNA during the “Dark Ages.” (Remember the exams AFTER Christmas and the gloom of winter in the Yard?) “Our daughter Deidre Coulson (USNA ’11) married Andrew Tucker (USNA ’08) on 18 JAN 2014.” The large wedding group enjoyed a break in the winter gloom - temperatures in the 50’s the week before the wedding. They experienced a more seasonal low30’s on the wedding day. “We managed to get everyone out of town just before the major snowstorm that gridlocked the place the following Tuesday.”

Sec’y: Harry J. Rucker E:


BGO Area Coordinator: Maj Jeremy Vanderloo ’94 USMCR

Website: Facebook: BGO Area Coordinator:CAPT Mark Salmen ’73, USN (Ret.)



P: 651-271-6690; E:


Mississippi PO Box 1792, Gautier, MS 39553 P: 228-497-5050; E:

Shipmate Contact:Richard F. Elliott ’68


Dick Elliott with students on top of the Great Wall

South Mississippi Chapter Pres: CDR E. Spencer Garrett IV ’88, USNR

475 Highcroft Rd, Wayzata, MN 55391 P: 952-473-0011; M: 612-801-8222 E:

Monthly All Service Academy breakfasts: * West side - first Friday - Kip’s Authentic Irish Pub, Marriott West, I-394 & US 169 * East side - second Friday - The Machine Shed, I-94 & Inwood Ave., Lake Elmo.

The wedding had a narrow time window due to Andy’s work up and deployment schedule. An E-2 Hawkeye pilot with VAW-124 “Bear Aces” aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), he was deploying in February. Dee was moving in March from San Diego to join HS-11 (SH-60F’s) in Jacksonville. The new Tucker couple is a typical service family...always moving or going to and returning from a deployment. Andy gets back late fall, 2014. Deidre deploys in March 2015 on an around-the-world cruise with USS Teddy Roosevelt (CVN71), changing home ports from the East Coast to West. They plan to live in Norfolk when Deidre transitions to the SH-60 Sierra model at the end of 2015, contingent on the budget, sequester, and needs of the Navy. In March Dick Elliott ’68 led twenty of his students from University of Northwestern to China to visit the China operations of US business in Beijing and Shanghai, including GE, Cargill, Pentair, and Price-Waterhouse-Coopers. Students enjoyed key cultural attractions and learned much about the Chinese culture and business practices. The food was great, and the students became quite proficient with chopsticks.

Three generations of Navy officers in the CoulsonTucker union. (Left to Right) LT Andrew Tucker (USNA ’08), LT j.g. Deidre Coulson (Tucker) (USNA ’11), CAPT Jim Coulson, USN ret.(USNA ’77), and grandfather of the bride, CDR Carlyle W. “Bud” Fay, USNR ret. (V-12 and U of WI NROTC, Madison ’46) Jim flew EA-6B “Prowlers.” Bud served on diesel submarines and then on USS Renshaw (DDE-499) during his Korean War recall.

Greater Kansas City Metro Chapter Pres: Ron Wisdom ’98 P: 816-750-4300; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Jeff Kran ’74, USN (Ret.) P: 913-707-4860; E:

St. Louis Chapter Pres: Matt McCroaey ’91 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Michael Carnes ’74, USN (Ret.) E:



BGO Area Coordinator: Capt Melville Walters ’68 USN (Ret.) P: 406-777-2421; E:

Nebraska Omaha Chapter Pres: Ray Foran ’00 P: 402-312-4917; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR David Weaver ’83, USNR (Ret.) P: 402-330-9554; E:

Nevada Southern Nevada Chapter Pres:Tessa Carlson ’91 P: 702-809-6827; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Stephen Schumacher ’74 P: 775-851-3409; E:

New Jersey New Jersey Chapter Pres: Mike Lupton ’86 P: 973-763-6379; E:

Vice Pres:William Kramer ’78 E:

Sec’y: Bob Moran ’83 P: 732-369-6389; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: (North NJ) CDR William Squires ’75, USNR (Ret.) P: 201-951-2867; E:

Our new Chapter President John Kennard ’93 plans to attend the International Chapter Officers’ Forum in Annapolis at the end of April. Our next scheduled social event will be our annual Chapter picnic at 1300 on June 1st held at the Elena Gallegos picnic area in the foothills east of Albuquerque. Joseph “Joe” R. McGuire, Jr. ’68

New York Capital District Chapter Pres: Frank Hughes ’80

Alumni, family, friends, USNA parents, and others with an interest in the Naval Academy are welcome to join the Chapter for lunch and at all Chapter functions. Call (315-655-5949) or e-mail Bob Fegan to let us know if you plan to attend a function. Additional Chapter activities in 2014 will be addressed as they are planned. Periodically check the Chapter’s website to keep current with Chapter functions. Metro New York Chapter (NAANY) Pres: Tom Williams ’88

P: 518-432-9193; E:

P: 212-255-3387; E: HotLine: 1-800-234-USNA (8732)

Sec’y: Gordon Lattey 40 First Street, Troy, NY 12180 P: 518-274-4989; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR William deVries

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LT Tim Parlatore ’02, USNR P: 732-904-6391; E:


Central New York Chapter Pres: Steve Erb ’68

Western New York Chapter Pres: LCDR Joseph A. Vaccarella ’92 USNR 17 Shannon Cres, Spencerport, NY 14559-9758 P: 585-478-9946; E:


Sec’y: Bob Fegan Jr. ’64 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR William deVries E:

A couple of Chapter functions will have happened by the time you are reading this article. The annual presentation of commemorative desk clocks will have been made to those CNY midshipmen graduating with the Class of 2014. Details of the presentation will be in the next Shipmate. The Chapter’s lunch at Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango will have occurred. Details about the lunch will be in the next Shipmate.

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Dick Kievit ’61 P: 585-385-4314; E:


North Carolina

BGO Area Coordinator:Trey Alexander ’90 P: 980-329-6193; E:

Cape Fear Chapter Pres: CAPT Walter N. Flippin III ’75, USNR (Ret.) 132 King Arthur Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 P: 910-256-6289; E:

Sec’y: Dr. John Crisp ’70 629 Woodland Forest Court, Wilmington, NC 28403 P: 910-256-7242; E:

Shipmate contact: Mr. James Welch ’52 1160 Arboretum Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405 P: 910-256-5489; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: (South NJ) William DePue P: 856-546-9094; E:

New Mexico New Mexico Chapter Pres: John D. Kennard ’93 E:

Sec’y: Joseph McGuire ’68 P: 505-857-9679; E:

NM Parents’ Club Pres: Helen Romero Johnson P: 505-867-3570; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Keith Jones E:

On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Chapter Vice President Scott Kraus ’73 hosted a meeting of the Chapter’s new Officers and Board of Directors at his home in Albuquerque. The board considered Chapter website issues, upcoming social events, and fall football game bar meets.

Standing L-R are New Mexico Chapter Board members Herb Richter ’59, Mike Blackledge ’63, John Kennard ’93 (President), Christine Hoaglund ’97, Barry Howard ’58, & Scott Kraus ’73 (Vice President). Seated L-R are Joe McGuire ’68 (Secretary), Keith (Casey) Jones (‘60), & Ken Fladager ’78 (Treasurer)

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Charlotte Chapter Pres: Kimberly (Crooks) Church ’01 E:

Sec’y: Jeff Searcy ’62 P: 704-341-2255; E:


Eastern North Carolina Chapter Pres: Rob Skrotsky ’67 PO Box 778, New Bern, NC 28562 H: 252-514-0299; E:

Vice Pres: Rick Kunkel ’67 P: 910-455-6280; E:

Sec’y:Tim Marvin ’59 PO Box 731, Kure Beach, NC 28449-0731 E:

Piedmont Chapter Pres: Paul Timmins E:

Vice Pres: CAPT Claude Lumpkin ’65, USNR (Ret.) E:

Sec’y:Tom Cornejo E:

North Carolina Triangle Chapter Pres: Pete Turner ’87 Sec’y: LT Anthony Ardito ’07, USN P 919.660.3706; E:

Website: usnatriangle/

Treas: Dennis Doyle ’66 215 Ticino Ct., New Bern, NC 28562 P: 252-638-2377; E:


The April meeting convened at the Officer Club, MCB, Camp Lejeune, NC, at 1200 on 16 April 2014 with four members were present. Dennis Doyle, ’66, Treasurer, reported the bank balance. Jim Kraft, ’64, the Blue and Gold Officer for Carteret County and surrounding counties, was not present but sent the following report. There is one direct admission each from two high schools in the New Bern area for the Class of 2018. A student will be going to NAPS from Croatan High School, for the Class of 2019. There is one more student awaiting final admission to NAPS for the Class of 2019. Rick Kunkel, ’67, chapter vice-president talked about a recent visit to Annapolis for a funeral at the Columbarium near Hospital Point. He was impressed with how well organized the ceremony was. He then discussed some of the history of the Columbarium, having been dedicated in 2009. Details on how a funeral can be arranged can be found at a website www. cemetery at USNA is principally for flag officers and for the staff who die while assigned to USNA. More details are contained from the Memorial Affairs Coordinator and Cemetery Administrator, c/o the Chaplain’s Center, 101 Cooper Road, Annapolis, MD, 214025027. A phone number is 401 293 1101. A brief discussion ensued about the Columbarium as well as veterans cemeteries. There being no further business, Mr. Skrotsky announced that the next meeting will be on Thursday, 15 May 2014 at the Taberna Country Club, just east of New Bern on US70. A tour of the Civil War Battlefield nearby is being arranged. The meeting adjourned at 1330. Tim Marvin, ’59, Secretary

North Dakota LCDR Tritch discusses F/A-18 operations with Peter Turner ’87 seated

Upper Midwest Chapter

The RTP Chapter gathered for a luncheon with guest speaker LCDR Kevin Tritch, USNR. Kevin graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and served as an F/A-18 pilot in the U.S. Navy. He deployed on the USS Nimitz and USS Lincoln in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom while assigned to Strike Fighter Squadrons 94 and 137. Kevin also graduated from TOPGUN and was an instructor pilot at Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific. He currently attends Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. After spring graduation, he and his wife, Katie, will relocate to Redmond, WA where he’ll begin employment with Microsoft. 35 in attendance, including: Jeff Truitt ’93, Pete Turner ’87, Chris Perrien ’74, Matthew Cox ’08, Phil Suchyta ’05, James Durand ’86, Noah White ’04, Paul Espinosa ’87, Chuck Adams ’67, JD Cunningham ’84, and Gerard Lew ’60

BGO Area Coordinator: Susan Canham


See Minnesota

P: 701-226-2204; E:

Ohio Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter Pres: R.Thomas Schram ’69 6870 Indian Hill Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45227 P:513-871-7266; E:

Sec’y: Todd Barrett ’00 7612 Tepperwood Drive,West Chester, OH 45069 P: 513-846-0363; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Kevin Queen E:

Cleveland Chapter Pres: CAPT FredW. Bergman ’75, USNR (Ret.) P: 440-570-3564; E:

Sec’y: John Blackburn ’82 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Thomas Hartline ’81, USNR (Ret.) P: 216-433-5298; E:

Columbus and Central Ohio Chapter Pres: CDR James H. Cowardin ’66, USNR (Ret.) P: 614-488-3873; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT D. Michael Crites ’70, USNR (Ret.) P: 614-327-1061; E:

Toledo Chapter Pres: David B. Puckett ’63 5051 Chatham Valley, Rd., Toledo, OH 43615-1107 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT David Chilson, USNR (Ret.) P: 419-308-6464; E:

Chris Perrien ’74 presents Josh Cribbs ’96 with specialized USNAAA RTP mug


The Chapter’s April Luncheon speaker was Special Agent Josh Cribbs ’96 of the FBI’s Raleigh office. He discussed how his Academy and Marine Corps experiences prepared him for his current responsibilities and the ever-evolving role of the FBI in maintaining our nation’s security. Joining the luncheon were: Chris Mendez ’96, Wesley May ’58, Jenifer Clement ’81, John Glaeser ’84, Chuck Adams ’68, Maggie and Bill Gautier ’67, Becky and Josh Cribbs ’96, Liz Hallinan ’80, Gerard Lew ’60, and Noah White ’04. Recently, Matt Cox ’08 and Chris Perrien ’74 launched AnchorRTP for the explicit purpose of helping Academy graduates conduct successful career transitions within our region. For more information, email Matt and Chris at

Oklahoma BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Harry Rouse ’77, USN (Ret.) E:

Oklahoma City Chapter Pres: CDR James M. Novak ’91, USN (Ret.) P: 405-524-1006; E:

Tulsa Chapter Pres: CDR Harry V. Rouse IV ’77, USN (Ret.) 2623 East 33 Pl., Tulsa, OK 74105-2334 P: 419-308-6464; E:

Oregon Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter Pres: Ray Kutch ’63 E:

Sec’y: Frank Swientek ’66 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT “Butch” Bewick ’62, USNR (Ret.) P: 503-319-4563; E:

On Monday March 10th, several members of the Oregon & Southwest Washington Chapter and our local USNA Parents Club, including Chapter President Ray Kutch ’63, Past President Tim Myers ’64, and Parents’ Club Secretary Pam Tallman (Connor ’17) and parents Larry & Gwen Bruss (Robert ’13) welcomed nine midshipmen (& an instructor) upon their arrival at Portland’s International Airport as they commenced a week of volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity in east Portland. The USNA contingent (Midshipmen Action Group (MAG)) was made up of Midshipmen Kim Bernardy ’14, Alexandra Chan ’14, John Chapman ’14, Mark Colby ’14, Clayton Cottrell ’14, Caleb Drogowski ’14, Marshall Liu ’14, Taylor Yust ’14, Dylan Prenda ’17, and faculty advisor EMCS Steve Jolly USN. After they settled in,Tim Myers ’64, Parent’s Club President Juli Valeske (Jared ’16) & Major Juan Svenningsen ’99, USMC, joined them for dinner, at McMenimins Edgefield. Juan (who incidentally had participated in a community assistance MAG when he was a midshipman and now stationed in Portland (6th Engineer Support Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group)), served as the Alumni & parents point-of-contact/liaison with the local Habitat for Humanity, arranging billeting at a local church and helped organize the events of the week.

Chapter hosts Mids at Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

On Tuesday March 11th our local USNA Parents’ Club led by President Juli Valeske & VP Jennifer Oswald (Morgan ’15) hosted the MAG and other local midshipmen and alumni to an evening social & dinner at the Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House. On Wednesday March 12th, our chapter met for our monthly meeting at Portland’s Old Spaghetti Factory in the evening to host our future alumni after a long day of labor. Following our Pledge of Allegiance and grace by Dave Lutes ’63, Chapter President Ray Kutch ’63 welcomed the membership & guests as we celebrated an early “St. Patrick’s Day” and lauded the midshipmen on their generosity in giving up their spring break to fly out to Portland. Of note, none of these young men & women were from our area. Additionally, Ray recognized Major Juan Svenningsen USMC ’99, past president Tim Myers ’64, Parents’ Club president Juli Valeske, and EMCS Steve Jolly the 5th Battalion senior enlisted advisor, for orchestrating the activities for our visitors. The theme of the unique fraternity amongst all USNA alumni and in particular, the “Link in the Chain’ between his class and the ‘soon to graduate‘ class of 2014 (eight being present) was addressed by Tim. All midshipmen next introduced themselves to the gathering; and for the first classmen, each provided us with his/her service selection upon commissioning in May. Past chapter president Mark Cooksey ’71 (& wife Susan) presented all MAG members with “Made in Oregon” gift mementos including a ‘Chief ’s coffee cup’ to Senior Chief Jolly who will be retiring this summer, Upon their departure from Portland March 17, the MAG will have completed framing the last five units of an 18 unit cul-de-sac. Of note, just prior to our meeting our midshipmen volunteers’ efforts were featured in a human interest story by KOIN TV6 cadets-build-7-houses-ne-portland/. USNA alumni (and honorary alumni) in attendance were: Jim Unger ’53; Lisa Voelker–daughter of Donald

Chase Voelker ’53; Don Beatty ’57; ‘Jake’ McMichael ’58 (& wife Dianne); John Morris ’61 (& wife Brenda); Ray Kutch ’63 (& wife Judy); Bruce Bowman ’64; Tim Myers ’64 (& wife Mary); Bill Bailey ’65; Don Haslett ’66; Frank Swientek ’66 (& wife Diane); Doug Bomarito ’68 (& wife Jean); Pete Crystal ’70; Mark Cooksey ’71 (& wife Susan); ‘Skip’ Phipps ’73 (& wife Rebecca); Michael Seiwald ’73; Bruce Thompson ’73 (& guest Margaret); Mike Rabideau ’75; Mark Norman ’80; Susan Mead ’90 (& husband Brett Baumann); and Dave Robinson ’92. Additionally, Oregon/SW Washington USNA Parents Club members & friends celebrating with our chapter included Sue Abel; Larry & Gwen Bruss; Kendra Madrid (Michael ’14), Jerry & Ann North; Cindy Sawyer; Pam Tallman; and Mark & JuliValeske. During dessert Ray also provided the membership with a preview of future meeting topics including our area Blue & Gold Candidate Recruiting presentation and the welcoming of the Class of 2018 appointees & parents in May.We ended our meeting with singing “Navy Blue & Gold.” On Sunday March 17th, the MAG departed Portland for Annapolis. Prior to their departure, the MAG was still able to visit Portland sites including our Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Zoo, and a trip to the Oregon coast that included a visit to the Tillamook Naval Air Museum & Cape Lookout. * * * * On Wednesday April 9th, our chapter met for our monthly luncheon meeting at Portland’s Old Spaghetti Factory. Following our Pledge of Allegiance and grace (& a moment of silence for recently deceased local alumnus Richard Sullivan ’43 and Midshipmen Hans Loewen ’16 & Will McKamey ’17), Chapter Vice President Frank Swientek ’66 welcomed the membership & guests. He extended a hearty Bravo Zulu to Juan Svenningsen ’99 and past presidents Tim Myers ’64 & Mark Cooksey ’71 for making the Habitat for Humanity Midshipmen visit in March an outstanding example of selfless generosity, coordinated team play, and seamless operational flexibility. We did our chapter, our parents, and USNA proud. Frank reminded the membership of our May 14th meeting — our annual event when we welcome locally the entering USNA/NAPS class for the academic year 2014-2015, recognizing May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS these select young men & women (and their parents). As a change of pace, our chapter did not host a guest speaker, but instead adopted the theme “SEA STORIES or A funny thing happened after I stepped off the brow”. Frank reminded the more senior membership of yesteryear (especially the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s) that late winter & early spring @ USNA were dubbed the “dark ages”.Thank goodness, we had some relief delivered via both the bi-weekly Log and bi-monthly Trident magazines and in particular, by the tales of “Mother Bancroft” residents (including battalion & company officers) related to us by an ‘ace investigative’ reporter named “Salty Sam”. Some of the anecdotes were often hard to believe, but we often were able to corroborate their accuracy & veracity with time. And often after we joined the fleet, other “hard to believe” stories and experiences crossed our paths. Accordingly, the “mike” was passed about the dining room — inviting alumni & guests to share at least one humorous experience aka “sea story”. We heard tales not only from the Navy & Marine Corps, but also from West Point & the war in the Pacific. A great time was had by all. Running concurrently – but not competing with our “yarns”, ‘Tex’ Harkins ’67 provided a video slide show record of the chapter’s activities since 1999. Other USNA alumni (and honorary alumni) in attendance included: Jim Unger ’53; Terry Connell (USMA) ’58; Tim Myers ’64; Bill Bailey, Jack Kohl, & Glen Weeks ’65; Tom Burns, ‘Ike’ Eisenbach, ‘Tex’ Harkins, Ed Hepp, & Dan Mulligan ’67; Doug Bomarito ’68; Mark Cooksey, Jim Kratochvil, & Ray Miller ’71; Dan Edelstein ’72; Michael Seiwald ’73; Doug Ballard ’74; David Robinson ’92; and Janette Sandberg ’96. Additionally, WWII vets Ted Wilhite (USMC) & Bob Carney (USN) joined us. We ended our meeting by singing “Navy Blue & Gold.”

PRIVATEGIFTS have an immediate, positive influence on every aspect of midshipman education.

Visit: Make a difference today or call: 410-295-4100 with a contribution to the to show your support.

Naval Academy Foundation Annual Fund.



Pennsylvania Philadelphia Chapter Pres: Kerr Smith ’72 1209 Morgan Ave., Drexel Hill, PA 19026-3330 P: 610-449-8055; E:;;;

Website: Shipmate News Input: Gregg Hamelin ’72 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR James Lare, ’77, USNR (Ret.) P: 610-222-4695; E:

Pittsburgh Chapter Pres: William E. Otto ’71 4105 Tartan Ct., Murrysville, PA 15668-1045 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT David Gates ’77, USN (Ret.) P: 724-632-6621; E:

Susquehanna Valley Chapter Pres: Paul Kurisky ’87 65 Magnolia Dr., Leola, PA 17540 P: 717-519-4961; E:

Vice Pres: Chris Nigon E:

Sec’y: Jeff Knauer ’78 525 White Oak Rd, New Holland, PA 17557 E:

Treas: Bob Abel ’90 2126 Waterford Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601 E:

Below is the list of events on the calendar for 2014. Please mark your schedules and plan to attend as many as possible. We are actively soliciting input from anyone interested in sponsoring a Chapter event. That can be a trip, a social event, a gamewatching party, etc. Being a sponsor generally takes little cost or effort. If you have an idea and would like the Chapter to promote it, contact any of the Chapter Officers. Events Listing 5/14/14 - Board meeting - location TBD (Chapter members only) 6/18/14 - Third Annual All Hands Chapter meeting – Berkshire Country Club, Reading, Pa. This event will include a guest speaker (Open to – Chapter members, spouses, and guests; interested alumni; other supporters of USNA) 7/16/14 - Board meeting - location TBD (Chapter members only) 9/6/14 - Navy Football at Temple University, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA (Open to – Chapter members, spouses, and guests; interested alumni; other supporters of USNA) Open to–Chapter members, spouses, and guests; interested alumni; other supporters of USNA) 10/4/14 - Chapter picnic/Navy-Air Force viewing party – noon, Home of Gary

LaBuda, Marietta, PA (Open to – Chapter members, spouses, and guests; interested alumni; other supporters of USNA) 12/13/14 - Army-Navy party - 2PM, Lancaster Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA (Open to – Chapter members, spouses, and guests; interested alumni; other supporters of USNA) NOTE – The Chapter Officers and Board are actively seeking Chapter members interested in sponsoring an event in your area. This could be a social event, happy hour, golf outing, ArmyNavy sports viewing party, speaking engagement, or networking event, etc. The sponsor is not obligated to cover any costs, unless you wish. The Chapter will actively promote these events. Chapter Dues payment due Payment for 2014/15 Chapter dues is currently due. Annual dues are only $10. To become a lifetime member, $100. Make your check payable to “Susquehanna Valley Chapter USNAAA” and mail to Rod Messick at 1402 Clayton Rd. Lancaster, Pa. 17603. Log on to and update contact information. The national USNA Alumni Association Chapter has put out an urgent plea for everyone to visit and update their contact information. On average they estimate that 15% of the information becomes obsolete every year. The Susquehanna Valley Chapter uses our own email database to circulate messages like the current one, however, the national Chapter often sends out information to the entire alumni membership group. Name Tags The Chapter is taking orders for permanent name tags with magnetic backs. Purchased from a fellow alum, they will show first and last name, class year, and USNA/ Chapter info. If you are interested in a name tag, send a $8.50 check written to “Susquehanna Valley Chapter USNA Alumni Association”; mail to Chapter Treasurer Rod Messick at 1402 Clayton Rd, Lancaster, PA, 17603. Include information as follows: 1) Preferred first name to show on badge, 2) Last name, 3) class year. Note: Lifetime members will receive a free name tag, but must mail/email ( Rod with name tag information. If you would like to take this opportunity to convert an annual $10 membership to a $100 lifetime membership at this time, please mail your $100 check to Rod, along with your name tag information.

Navy Temple Football game The Susquehanna Valley Chapter has arranged group seating for our members, families and friends for the Navy vs.Temple game scheduled for September 6, 2014 at Lincoln Financial Field. Rob Mansis, General Manager Temple Athletics, has extended a rate to our Chapter of $15.00 per ticket if we have at least a party of 20 people. The seats will be grouped together right beside the Navy allocated seats located in the end zone. Tickets may be order directly from Temple by contacting Rob Mansis at (215) 204-7925 or at Robert.mansis@ Identify yourself as part of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the USNA Alumni Association. Tickets may be purchased up until May 30, 2014.

Philippines Philippines Chapter Pres: Jose “Roy” Roilo Golez ’70 63 A. Zobel St BF Homes, Parañaque City E:; Website:

Sec’y:Vincent Sibala ’93 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Sue Loustaunau P: 207-326-0574; E:

Recreational Vehicle American Chapter Pres: Jay Williams ’67 E:

Sec’y: Gary Polansky ’69 E:

Treas: Glenn Shindler ’64 4530 Lasheart Dr., La Canada, CA 91011 E:

Shipmate inputs to: Susan Norton E:


The picture pretty much says it all; it was a small comearound, but everyone had a fine time! The third annual Louisiana Country Comearound kicked off on March 31st on the tree farm owned by Bobbye and Dick Meaux ’57. Attending were Glenn Shindler ’64 and John Martin ’60, as well as special guests

Judy and John Dinsmore USAFA ’62. Given the fact that the distaff side was small in number, the ladies decided to spend most of their time in Lafayette; they did join in for the kick-off and the ending suppers. Other than that, the comearound was a stag event. The routine planned for this year was to be slightly different than in the past, as prior attendees had requested a focus on local cuisine as well as cooking classes. Naturally, these plans had to be modified once it was realized that feminine participation would be limited. Even so, the firsties provided all the meals: red beans and rice the first night, T-bones the second, spareribs the third, and crawfish etouffee on the final night. Coffee, juice, and pastries for breakfast, and muffalatta sandwiches or boudin for lunch rounded out the menus. Happily, everything was consumed and there were no complaints! On day one, the four guys hopped in the Red Rover, a recently acquired ATV four-seater, and toured the tree farm. They were also able to visit a site where a major logging event, a clear-cut, was taking place. The efficiency and professionalism of the operators who manipulated the massive machinery required to handle full grown trees as if they were sticks was impressive. In the afternoon, focus shifted to a team assembly of a new Weber grill; it was used later to prepare steaks and ribs and it performed admirably. The morning of day two was devoted to viewing an extensive firearms display. A home defense shotgun, a rifle, and various pistols were exercised and a few hundred rounds were expended. In the afternoon, we indulged in an in-depth immerson into rural geography and culture, touring east central Beauregard Parish in the firsties’ van. We looked at three historic dog-trot cabins that are of the type constructed in areas settled by upland south people; it was the design used by Bobbye and Dick when building a second cabin on the farm. We circled Bundicks Lake and toured the local camps on both sides of the lake. Along the way, we came across a local aficionado who had many purple martin houses on display and in use; thus we were able to glean detailed information on these birds. Day three, and we decided to hang around the farm. The regular chapter meeting was chaired by treasurer Glen Shindler. After a few discussions and reports, the meeting ended with the usual two verses of Blue and Gold. Then it was

back into Red Rover for a tour of the Farm home site.The horses and Bobbye’s burro were piped (Dick uses a bosun pipe to call them to the barn) and fed after they galloped in from the field. We then visited the orchard where the trees are fruiting, circled the pond and stopped to note that three blue bird boxes had nests and one already had four eggs. After such an exhausting morning, we lunched, readied for departure the next morning, and rested while waiting for the ladies to join us for our final supper. In review, it was a small but active group. Lots of stories, good fellowship and camaraderie. Just what a comearound is meant to be! Coming up next: the National Comearound at Ft. Meade, Maryland (highlighted by the Blue Angels!) in midMay. The annual summer hiatus will be followed by Watts Bar Dam, Tennessee, from October 15-19, can’t wait! Hope to see you all there!

Rhode Island Newport Chapter

Pres: ADM James R. Hogg ’56, USN (Ret.) 2556 West Main Rd., Portsmouth, RI 02871 P: 401-841-2625

Corr Sec’y: Ben Katz ’57 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Stuart Craig ’86, USN E:

South Carolina BGO Area Coordinator: Eve Dallas E:

Central Savannah Chapter (Aiken, SC; Augusta, GA; and surrounding areas) Pres: CAPT J. Frederick Dohse ’72, USN (Ret.) E:


Charleston Chapter Pres: CDR Rick Stein ’82, USNR (Ret.) 784 Preservation Place, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 P: 843-856-6591 W: 843-557-7021 E:


Low Country Chapter Pres: Doug Ogden ’67 424 B.B. Sams Drive, Dataw Island, SC 29920 P-843-838-0077;

Sec’y: Mr.Thomas M. Anderson ’60 P: 843-987-0121; E:


Palmetto Chapter Pres: Capt Matthew J. Felt ’88, USN P: 864-297-6398; E:

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS South Carolina Midlands Chapter Pres: CAPT Mike Kehoe ’71 1270 Polo Rd Apt 321, Columbia, SC 29223 P: 803-865-8664; E:;

Sec’y: Katie Hirsch E:


Tennessee Chattanooga Chapter Pres: Rick Ector ’71

We held our March meeting on the 27th at Taste of China. Guest speaker was our own Will Morris ’82 who used the occasion to speak to us about tax planning especially as it pertains to IRAs, 401Ks, and ROTH plans. Given the ‘advanced’ age of our group, there was a vigorous Q& A. Will works for First Command and they can be proud of his ability to connect with his audience. He was forthright and candid in his responses.


BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.) P: 865-966-4677; E:

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Chapter Pres: Joe Solymossy ’68

Austin Chapter Pres: John Rogers ’70

P: 865-274-3362; E:


Vice Pres: Duane Beck ’60

Corr Sec’y: Liz Leonard ’00


Sec’y-Treas: CAPT Mark Kohring ’73, USNR (Ret.) BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.) P: 865-966-4677; E:

Memphis Chapter Pres: Judd F. Osten ’64 P: 901-527-2313; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Paul Schuhlein ’85, USN (Ret.) P: 901-751-2225; E:

Nashville Chapter Pres: CDR John F. Ohlinger ’69, USN (Ret.) 880 Lakemont Dr., Nashville, TN 37220-2124 H: 615-370-1441; W: 615-594-7628 E:

BGO Area Coordinator:Thomas Forsythe ’79 E:

Texas Alamo Chapter Pres: CAPT Ron A. Sandoval ’81, USN 18010 Keystone Blf, San Antonio, TX 78258-3436

Please send Shipmate Submissions and all correspondences to: Sec’y: Dave Driskell ’63


Eric Challain ’69’; Apr., speaker Steven Schauer and chapter programs coordinator Bill Penn ’63

On April 17th we held our first meeting at Jimmy’s Egg at the corner of LockhillSelma and West Ave. Little Italy summarily canceled their commitment to us for that date for a ‘better deal’ which forced us to seek another location. It appears that Jimmy’s Egg may be a better choice for us going forward. Our guest speaker was Steven Schauer, Manager of External Communications, San Antonio River Authority. Steven briefed us on the recently completed extension of the river’s improvement project and the importance of the river to flood control for the downtown area. With the improvements one can now walk/run/jog the entire 15 mile length without a break (if you are up to it of course).

PO Box 461564, San Antonio, TX 78246-1564 E:

Website: FACEBOOK: Alamo Chapter NAAA BGO Area Coordinator: Maj. Bruce Davis ’85, USMCR P: 210-877-1612; E:

RADM Farrell ’42 and VP Eric Challain at ADM’s 96th birthday

Ron Sandoval, March speaker Will Morris, Bill Penn, Eric Challain, Tom Colbourn at Alamo Chapter March meeting



Superintendent’s dinner in conjunction with the Navy- Texas State football weekend on September 12-13. The dinner will be Friday, September 12 with a location TBD. We are looking into the area north of San Marcos due to the fact that the team and the official party is staying in the Austin environs.Your ideas are welcome. Contact anyone listed in this column with your thoughts. GO NAVY !! Respectfully Submitted, Dave Driskell ’63 Secretary, Alamo Chapter, NAAA

April 17 was the 96th birthday of Chapter member RADM Eugene Farrell ’42 who chose to celebrate it with us.VP Eric Challian’s ’69 wife Irma baked a cake and the attendees sang a rousing ‘Happy Birthday’. Heads Up to the Chapter: Alamo Chapter will be the host for the

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Maj Bruce Davis ’85, USMCR P: 210-877-1612; E:

Austin chapter meetings are held at 11:30 am on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Marie Callender’s, 9503 Research Blvd. #400 in Austin. All USNA graduates and their spouses in the Austin area are invited to participate. Reservations are not required. Attendance was low in February courtesy of a winter storm which swept through the area. However, a number of members braved the elements to hear the speaker, who had been a popular guest before. Dr. Jeff Kerr is an Austin physician who has also become a recognized expert on the history of the Texas Capital City. His new book: Seat Of Empire:The Embattled Birth of Austin,Texas, tells the many stories of the political and other battles which allowed the Central Texas city to become the Capital of a nation, then a state. Attending in March were: Pete Baker ’57, Chip Buerger ’58, George Denny ’58, Mike Neely ’58, Bob Granger ’59, Ted Langworthy ’61, Bob Jones ’64, Jack Johnson ’70, John Rogers ’70, Mike Paczan ’74, Gary Lundeen ’75, Brian Minzenmayer ‘85, Kevin Windbigler ’86, Liz Leonard ’00, and Brad Holbrook ’06. Our speaker was Michael Barrett who holds a PhD. in Education from the University of Texas. He presented facts and ideas about higher education in the United States. We learned that the overall undergraduate graduation rate is 60 percent, and that this rate varies depending on the ethnic groups. He discussed steps that the education

system can take to better prepare students for the business world, such as placing more emphasis on teaching grammar and teaching students to write for their intended audience. Finally, Mr. Barrett talked about the role of the teacher in measuring academic performance. He said it seems like a good idea to place more emphasis on teaching teachers how to write tests that can accurately access a student’s level of progress. Attending in April were: Leighton Palmerton ’50, Pete Baker ’57, Chip Buerger ’58, George Denny ’58, Mike Neely ’58, Joe Wright ’59, Arnie Allen ’61, Ted Langworthy ’61, Gary Chapel ’61, Bill Heine ’62, Don McAlister ’63, Al Gaboric ’64, Bob McClure ’64, Bob Perch ’70, John Rogers ’70, Chuck Trahan ’73, Gary Lundeen ’75 and wife Beth, Ken Crain ’76, Kevin Windbigler ’86, Butch Neuenschwander ’90, and Daniel Hanley ’10. Others attending were Matt Friedlanger ’94, Mike Flynn, Terrance March, Jack Johnson, Bob Powell, Mark Fury, Joan Astorino and Bria Minzenmayer. President John Rogers ’70 said the Chapter has agreed to host the tailgate party in San Marcos when Navy plays Texas State University in September. We are seeking sponsors to help support the costs. Information on participating in the tailgate will be passed along to alumni in the next few weeks. Speaker for the meeting was CDR. Gerry Astorino, USN Ret. A 1958 graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, the speaker was commissioned in the Navy and spent a long career in a variety of duties. He was at the meeting to talk about his command, the USS MYLES C. FOX (DD 829), in 1972 as they participated in Operation Pocket Money. The action was an attack on Haiphong Harbor in North Vietnam to clear the way for the aircraft which would mine the harbor for the first time. Both the CO and the XO had been relieved at nearly the same time, he said, which was unusual. However, Astorino said, they had an outstanding crew which was able to innovate and perform at a high level. A typical day consisted of shooting on the gunline all day, racing out into the Tonkin Gulf at night to refuel, rearm and replenish, then racing back to the gunline.

The day of the operation, he said, was perfect and beautiful. The ship was given three targets: 1) AA batteries in the city; 2) Communication Facilities; and 3) Coastal Defense batteries. Astorino said the ship and the others in the operation hit all their targets and were retiring. He said he was chasing the fall of shot to avoid being hit on the way out of the harbor when Mount 51 jammed with a hot shot. The XO was sent into the mount with the crew. In a few minutes, he and the mount captain came out with the shell and threw it overboard. After that, the planes came and completely blocked the harbor with mines. North Texas Chapter Pres: Matthew P. Elias ’78 1102 Westminster Ln, Duncanville, TX 75137-2044 H: 972-283-2261; E:

Sec’y: Carrie Busch Murdock, ’99 E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Thomas Kaprurch ’75, USN (Ret.) E:

Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Pres: John Augusto ’02

Vice Pres: Michael Vlachakis ’02: E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: Richard A. Mawdsley (“Rick”) P: 832-326-1685; E:

March 7 Luncheon Jeff Kerr spoke about his book Seat of Empire:The Embattled Birth of Austin,Texas, which concerns the founding of Austin as the capital of the Republic of Texas. The city of Houston plays a major role in the story, as does the fellow the city is named after. April 4 Luncheon CDR Anthony B Spinler ’91, former Commanding Officer, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 15, spoke about his most recent deployment to Afghanistan, in which he detailed the operations that took place as well as a ground level perspective about the condition of coalition forces and the overall war effort. The event was a great success and we encourage all those able to participate in future events to refer to our website. Upcoming Events In an effort to expand the reach of the Texas Gulf Coast Alumni Association, we will be hosting events that are aimed at strengthening the alumni association in areas outside of Houston. Areas such as

Katy, the Woodlands, and Corpus Cristi have not seen as many events as the Houston area and we look to change this. As an example of this, the alumni association recently held a Happy Hour on April 16th North of Houston. We do encourage any member from these surrounding areas to contact the Texas Gulf Coast Alumni Association if they would like to host an event, so that we can aid in marketing. On July 12th this year, the Texas Gulf Coast Alumni Association will be putting on a TOPGUN themed party at the Crowbar. This is to benefit veterans’ related charities, including Team Red White and Blue. If you are in the area, we encourage you to attend, as there will be two beach volleyball courts and plenty of other activities. Upcoming Chapter luncheon dates are May 2, & Aug 29 (none in June or July). The chapter website transmits email announcements for each luncheon, with embedded links to the web site, to order/buy lunch tickets ONLINE. For additional information, visit our website or email us at Chapter Communications Visit our website, http://www.usnaaa-txgc. com. If you have not yet registered on the website, please do so by following directions in the website’s upper left corner; press “New user, registration is FREE”. Once you are registered, you may choose to pay your annual chapter dues online. Postal mail-outs are no longer utilized by the chapter. The website, with its outbound emails, is our single method of communicating about chapter events. Outgoing email announcements from the website will be sent to you from “USNA Alumni Association, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter”,“” Please add “” to your email address book to bypass your spam filter. Scott McCord ’02

United Kingdom United Kingdom Chapter Pres:Tim Fox ’97 E:

Sec’y:Wes Turbeville E:;

Board of Directors: Susanne Saalau Bethell ’85 E:

Kelly Mayer ’85 E:

BGO Area Coordinator: Sue Loustaunau P: 20-326-0574; E:

May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS Utah Intermountain NA Alumni Chapter Pres: Robert Allen ’67 E:

Sec’y: Alexis Baggett (Kinney) ’05

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT Robert Beer ’62 USN (Ret.)

“Alumni at the Park” Upcoming in August is the third annual summer picnic. It will be another Salt Lake Bees minor league baseball game, the best team in town. Keep your ears open, the date and time will be announced when final arrangements are made. Let’s Play Ball! “Alumni Spotlight” Alexis Baggett (Kinney) ’05 Alexis’s first tour was as Gunnery Officer onboard USS MOMSEN (DDG-92). She attended Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC, and Prototype in Ballston Spa, NY. Her second tour was as Electrical Division Officer and then Assistant Reactor Training Officer on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71). There she qualified as Nuclear Engineering Officer. After active duty, Alexis attended the College of William and Mary, receiving a Master’s degree in Education to teach Physics and Math. She taught for one year in Richmond,VA and now is a math teacher in Highland, UT. Alexis married Brandon Baggett May 19th, 2012 at the Bountiful, UT LDS temple.They currently reside in Pleasant Grove, Utah with their dog Abbey. Alexis is currently serving as the Intermountain Chapter Secretary

Willis S Whittlesey ’59 The oldest of 4 children Bill was born in Torrington, CT in 1936 growing up in West Hartford. He attended Phillips



Academy in Andover, MA, graduated from USNA class of 1959. Bill suffered serious back injuries while catcher for NAVY baseball and received an unwanted medical discharge. Bill worked a variety of mechanical, instrumentation, and process control engineering positions for 52 years retiring at age 74. His career found him working in South Africa, Rhodesia, Russia, Germany, Canada, and throughout the US on projects in the mining, water treatment and petrochemical industries. Bill overcame disability, completing 45 full marathons, 5 in excess of 30 miles, the longest (56 miles) at the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, and played 4 years on the Rhodesian National Baseball team until age 40. He played baseball, squash, ice hockey and golf long enough to have five vertebrae fused, right shoulder and both knees surgically repaired, no components replaced, but a couple of posts and ten screws added to his original equipment. Bill and Judy were married in 1959, living in Connecticut (59-66), New Hampshire (66-71), southern Africa (71-79) and in Utah since. Fifty-five years of marriage with 4 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and 2 due in July. Those who know him are well aware of how much sympathy is due Judy for all those years. Retirement activities are centered around family history, fly tying and fly fishing, with some golf interspersed. As members of the LDS Faith they have many volunteer activities to help fulfill their lives.

Bill continues to serve on the chapter board of directors. Please report news to the Chapter Secretary. Thanks! Alexis Baggett ’05

Virginia Central Virginia Chapter Pres: Alan Swinger ’66 3205 Blandemar Drive; Charlottesville,VA 22903 P: 434-975-6237; E:

Treas: Bill Murray ’83 1058 Blackburn Bluff, Charlottesville,VA 22901 P: 434-962-7856;

BGO Area Coordinator: Stephanie Barnes ’04 E:

Hampton Roads Chapter Pres: CDR Mark Rupprecht ’76 USN (Ret.) P: 757-282-5546 x 3150; C: 757-285-5310 E:

Corr Sec’y: CAPT Dick Enderly ’71 USN (Ret.) Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.) P: 757-423-8603; E:

The Hampton Roads Chapter had not held an afternoon luncheon for several years but given the resounding success of the event held on 20 March at the Naval Station Norfolk Sewell’s Point Golf Course Clubhouse it is fair to say such gatherings in the future are a distinct possibility. The luncheon was spearheaded by Chapter President Mark Rupprecht ’76 and Events Coordinator LCDR Jennifer Lorio ’00 and over 50 Chapter members and interested others were privileged to meet and hear our honored guest,Vietnam War POW CDR Paul Galanti ’62, USN (ret). Also present were several of CDR Galanti’s USNA companymates and a dozen Vietnam War veterans including: Mike O’Hearn ’67, Perry Miles ’63, Tom Batzel ’63 Jim Eilertsen ’60, Bruce Kastel ’64, Pete Taylor ’64, Butch Christie ’64, Chuck Scherck ’67, Fred Muniz ’68, Robert Dundervill ’57, Tyler Brown ’57, and Pat Grillo (Associate Chapter member). A private but nevertheless very special moment also took place during the event as Emily Plank, wife of Dennis Plank ’69, proudly presented CDR Galanti with the POW bracelet bearing his name that she has kept all these years. It was indeed a moment that will be remembered and cherished by both of them and subsequent to the luncheon Emily received a personal note of gratitude from CDR Galanti!

Hampton Roads Chapter Vietnam Veterans Mike O’Hearn ’67, Perry Miles ’63, Tom Batzel ’63, Pat Grillo (Associate Member), Jim Eilertsen ’60, Bruce Kastel ’64, Pete Taylor ’64, Paul Galanti ’62, Butch Christie ’64, Chuck Scherck ’67, Fred Muniz ’68, Robert Dundervill ’57, and Tyler Brown ’57 at the 20 March luncheon.

Emily Plank presents CDR Paul Galanti ’62 with her POW bracelet on which his name is engraved that she kept for over 40 years.

USNA companymates Bruce Kastel ’64, Pete Taylor ’64, Paul Galanti ’62, and Butch Christie ’64 reunited at USNAAA HRC luncheon.

On 19 March Dr. Wood Selig, Director of Athletics for Old Dominion University, spoke at our Joint Service Academy Businesspersons’ Networking Breakfast. Little did we know when he agreed to join us that the Navy women’s basketball squad would be coming to town the next night to take on the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs in a first-round game of the WNIT. Dr. Selig was not only an outstanding speaker but he came bearing gifts, specifically 50 “comp” tickets to the game! Needless to say they were put to good use and although the Navy women lost by a score of 68-60 they had some faithful fans cheering them on!

At the 16 April breakfast Scott Phillpott ’83 enlightened us on Cyber Security for Consumers and Small Business Owners. And on 21 May Dr. Timothy Orr, Assistant Professor of History at Old Dominion University, enthralled us with his ongoing research on the Battle of Midway including the story of Jack “Dusty” Kleiss, USNA Class of ’38, a dive bomber pilot in World War II that served with Scouting Squadron Six at the Battles of Pearl Harbor and Midway, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Navy Cross. On 29 March Dick Enderly ’71 organized “an afternoon at Harbor Park” at which over 100 Chapter baseball fans braved the rainy weather to watch the hometown Norfolk Tides took on the Baltimore Orioles in a pre-season exhibition game. Our Spring Golf Outing conducted on 15 May and our annual Plebe Recognition Dinner on 29 May will be reported on in the next issue. As always news on upcoming events will be promulgated on our website (Webmaster Brian Stephens ’00) and announced via “Chapter Blaster” emails. Dick Enderly ’71 Quantico Area Chapter Pres: Bob Sonnenberg ’70, LtCol USMC (Ret.) E:

Vice Pres: Andy Wehrle ’72 E:

Sec’y: John Brown ’74, LtCol USMC (Ret.) E:

Treas: Jeff Falcone ’91, LtCol USMC (Ret.) E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT James H. Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.) P: 703-533-3566; E:

Website: The Quantico Area Chapter convened for our monthly breakfast on March 7, 2014, at the Holiday Inn in Dumfries,VA.

Mr. Mike MacLean, Deputy Assistant Director (acting) of the Operational Support Directorate of Intelligence and Information Sharing, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Mr. Mike McLean, (NCIS}, was our NCIS, Addressing featured speaker for QAC Members the event. He was accompanied by LCDR Roland Sasaki and LT Sean MacDougall ’05. Mike gave an excellent and well-received briefing on the current operations within NCIS, followed by LCDR Sasaki and LT MacDougall providing their backgrounds and a discussion of their NCIS duties. This was an interesting and informative briefing for us, and the questions asked confirmed that members were engaged. Some 34 members attended, including Deke Forbes ’50, Herb Tiede ’53, Bob Dulin ’61,Tom Taylor ’63, Fred Crawford ’64, Chuck Wilde ’64, Ray Tenanty ’64, Ed Burrow ’65, RADM Pierce Johnson ’66, Dennis Lister ’67. Walt Giraldi ’69, Geoff Pomroy ’69, Mike Novak ’70. Larry Cleghorn ’70, Andy Wehrle ’72, Ken Marr ’74, John Brown ’74, AJ Cetel ’75, Spike Souders ’77, Mark Worrilow ’77, Bill Hession ’78, Tom Sudbeck ’78, Sean Cate ’79, Phil Salinas ’82, Mike Hull ’83, Tom Connaly ’83, Erica Wogaman ’83, CAPT Don Schmieley ’84, Bob Cooper ’88, Gus Cata ’88, Ron Starzel ’88, Joe Bartoldi ’90, Jeff Falcone ’91, and J.D. Baker Honorary Member of ’05. On April 4, we convened again for our “First Friday” breakfast event. We were pleased to welcome Col Paul Montanus ’89, USMC, the Senior Marine on the Yard at USNA. Col Montanus gave a Col Paul Montanus ’89, very well-received USMC, Addressing briefing on the current QAC Members selection process for midshipmen who desire to enter any of the warfare specialties. He concentrated on the Marine Corps process for selecting new 2nd Lieutenants, and we were impressed to hear that the Class of 2014 has 270 members who will be offered Marine Corps commissions. May-June 2014


CHAPTER NEWS We thank Col Montanus for making the trip to Quantico at an early hour, and for informing of us the many changes that have occurred at USNA over the years since most of us graduated. Attendees included Deke Forbes ’50, Herb Tiede ’53, Bob Dulin ’61, Fred Crawford ’64, Ray Tenanty ’64, Ed Burrow ’65, Thornton Wilt ’68, Chris Bennett ’71, Mike Swords ’71, Andy Wehrle ’72, Ken Marr ’74, Frank Wysocki ’76, Sean Cate ’79, Tim Hewitt ’79, Phil Salinas ’82, Steve Culpepper ’83, Jim Duran ’83, Mike Hull ’83, Jose Esparza ’87, Col Jim Gfrerer ’87, Col David Maxwell ’88, Jeff Falcone ’91, Sean Quiqley ’93 and JD Baker ’05.

Brook Schurman ’83, Bill Ruch ’68, Midshipman Candidate Dan Patrick (accompanied by his mother Julie), Jim Wilson ’80, Allen Worley ’74, John Maurer ’94, Bob Lawrence ’68, Bob and Elsie Adler ’51, John King ’62, Dave Denson ’68, Mike Metzger ’89, Chuck Beale ’74, Corky Gardner, Gordon Thompson ’82, Jay and Lizzie Crabtree ’89, Tom Elmore ’77, Doug Hanson ’87, Bruce Woodruff ’64, and Rob Casey ’73.Thanks for a fantastic alumni luncheon. As we start to plan for the Fall Luncheon, we could use some help. If you’re interested in coordinating and/or hosting this event, please let us know!

Richmond Chapter Pres: Michael Metzger ’89 E:

P: 540-662-6142

P: 703-533-3566; E:

We had a great turnout for the Richmond Chapter Spring Luncheon on April 23rd at the Boathouse at Rocketts Landing. Our guest speaker, Dave Lannetti ’81, the southeastern Virginia Blue and Gold Area Coordinator, provided a fantastic update on the current environment at USNA and the ins and outs of today’s admissions process. THANK YOU, DAVE! We were also fortunate to have Joe Fagan ’89, the new Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement join us from Annapolis. Also in attendance were Peggy Feldman ’80, Mac Bullock ’95, Bob and Ruth Partlow ’61, Dave Bailey ’65, Dave Sanders ’90, Matt O’Connell ’72, Melanie Doherty ’84, Larry Valade ’52,



Washington BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Jason Woodward ’99, USNR E:

Hanford/Tri-Cities Chapter Pres: CAPT Edward Schwier ’69, USNA (Ret.) 1196 Brentwood Ave., Richland, WA 99352-8540 H: 509-627-7288; W: 509-372-0176 E:;;

Corr Sec’y: CDR Peter Stit '83, USN (Ret.) 7219 64th St SE, Snohomish, WA 98290

P: 757-423-8603; E:

BGO Area Coordinator: CAPT James H. Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.)

P: 757-423-8603; E:

24007 76th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98026 P: 206-719-2952; E:

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.)

P: 540-514-4204 E:

P: 757-253-0250, E:

BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR David Lannetti ’81, USN (Ret.)

Puget Sound Chapter Pres: RADM Bill Center ’68 USN (Ret.)

Sec’y: Mac Bullock ’95

Sec’y: LCDR Grayson Redford ’63, (Ret.)

P: 757-564-3088; E:

Sec’y:Tom Wishart ’60, CDR., USN (Ret.)



Shenandoah Valley Chapter Pres: CAPT Thomas W. Southworth ’67, USNR (Ret.)

Williamsburg Chapter Pres: Bob Osmon ’60, USNR SC (Ret.)

Website: Mike Metzger ’89 thanks guest speaker Dave Lannetti ’81 at Spring Luncheon.

As a reminder, our Chapter recently conducted an election for Chapter Officers. Our new structure effective 01APR14 is as follows: • Mike Metzger ’89 – President • Dave Sanders ’90 – VP/Treasurer • Mac Bullock ’95 – Secretary • Rob Casey ’73 – At Large • Gregg Nivala ’80 – At Large Finally, the Chapter was saddened to lose a long-time, and very active member, Phyllis Galanti, wife of Paul Galanti ’62. Phyllis was a true American patriot, a mainstay of the Richmond community, and will be sorely missed. GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY! Mac Bullock ’95

Washington, DC Area Greater Washington Chapter Pres: CAPT Paul Normand ’74 E:

Secretary: Jamie Fleischhacker ’00

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: LCDR Barry Schildknecht ’92, USN E:

BGO Area Coordinator: (Northern VA) CAPT James Czerwonky ’63, USN (Ret.) P: 703-533-3566; E:

Wisconsin Wisconsin Chapter Pres: CDR Rob Grasse ’88, USN (Ret.) P: 262-424-9029; E:

Vice Pres & Treas: Chris Adams ’75 3448 N Humboldt Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53212-1702 P: 414-967-9249

Sec’y: Jennifer Mellone ’00 16965 Ruby Lane, Brookfield, WI 53005 E:; P: 414-336-4436

Website: BGO Area Coordinator: CDR Craig Walker ’83, USNR (Ret.) P: 262-502-9124; E:

LASTCALL “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” —Laurence Binyon, 1914 CLEGG, DAVID CARDON ’37 25 March 2014

LIPPERT, WAYNE RICHARD ’47* 19 April 2013

MENDOZA, DARWIN JACK ’42 16 July 2013


PITTMAN, CHARLES WESLEY JR. ’42 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 25 February 2014


GEORGE, CECIL LLOYD ’43 20 April 2014

HUMPHREY, HARVEY RANDOLPH ’48* CDR, USN (Ret.) 29 March 2014

LOBDELL, JOHN HENRY ’43* CAPT, USN (Ret.) 1 May 2014 BAILEY, JOHN JOSEPH JR. ’44 LT, USNR (Ret.) 7 April 2014

WEGNER, WILLIAM ’48* CDR, USNR (Ret.) 19 April 2014 BARROW, JOHN FRANKLIN ’49 22 March 2014

EIMSTAD, HENRY ARTHUR ’44* CDR, USN (Ret.) 20 March 2014

BENSON, FRANCIS WYSE JR. ’49 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 21 April 2014




JENKS, SHEPHERD MARTIN ’49* CAPT, USN (Ret.) 26 March 2014

HASELWOOD, SCOTTY ’45 28 April 2014 NUSCHKE, PAUL LOUIS ’45 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 21 April 2014 STEELE, ROBERT DACHE ’45* CAPT, USN (Ret.) 17 April 2014 FIELD, FRANCIS EDWARD ’46* CAPT, USN (Ret.) 28 October 2013 DENTON, JEREMIAH ANDREW JR. ’47* RADM, USN (Ret.) 28 March 2014 ELMER, JOSEPH STOKES ’47 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 2 May 2014 FLETCHER, ROBERT POULSON III ’47* 21 March 2014 HARRIS, WILLIAM LAWRENCE JR. ’47* RADM, USN (Ret.) 3 April 2014

KOACH, JOHN HENRY ’49 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 23 March 2014 RICE, DAVID REAGAN ’49 CDR, USNR (Ret.) 15 April 2014 BINNION, ROBERT CHARLES JR. ’50* 11 April 2014 JEFFERSON, ROBERT RAY ’50 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 1 March 2014 JEFFRIES, CLAUDE EDWARD ’50* CDR, USN (Ret.) 6 March 2014 ANDERSON, STANLEY JOSEPH ’51 RADM, USN (Ret.) 2 May 2014 CARL, WILLIAM THOMAS ’52* CDR, USN (Ret.) 18 April 2014 CONOVER, JOHN CEDRIC ’52* Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) 26 April 2014

KOSMELA, WALTER THEODORE ’52 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 14 March 2014 SEVERS, GEORGE EDWARD ’52 13 April 2014 TONSETH, THOMAS HENRICK III ’52 22 February 2014 DONOVAN, DANIEL DANA JR. ’53 29 April 2014 O’CONNELL, PATRICK JOHN ’53 LtCol, USMC (Ret.) 10 May 2014 STROHECKER, FRANKLIN MARTIN ’53 1 May 2014 DORSEY, FRANK JAMES ’54 31 March 2014 KILTY, LAWRENCE RAYMOND ’54 CDR, USN (Ret.) 21 March 2014 TRENHAM, HERBERT DELOS ’54 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 29 April 2014 OLLERMAN, RICHARD CARTER ’55 16 April 2014 SMITH, ROBERT LOUIS ’55* CDR, USN (Ret.) 9 April 2014 STEVENS, JAMES REGINALD ’55* CDR, USN (Ret.) 9 April 2014 SULLIVAN, JOHN RIPLEY ’55 Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) 15 February 2014 MOTHERWAY, ROBERT TIMOTHY ’56 Maj, USMC (Ret.) 1 May 2014 REED, ALLEN EUGENE JR. ’56 31 March 2014 WATKINS, ROBERT LEWIS ’56 CDR, USN (Ret.) 26 April 2014 BAER, JOHN HENRY ’57 10 January 2014 LASALLE, RENE ROBERT CAVALIER ’57 10 April 2014

May-June 2014





HALL, HOWARD LYNN ’58 Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) 25 March 2014

NARDONE, CARL FRANK ’62 LCDR, USNR (Ret.) 19 March 2014


WEITFLE, PAUL LEROY JR. ’58 CAPT, USNR (Ret.) 7 April 2014

POPP, ARVEL JERALD ’62 CDR, USN (Ret.) 31 March 2014

LEE, RAYMOND CONNER ’79 20 April 2014

DAGAMPAT, RICHARD MANUOLA ’59 Maj, USAF (Ret.) 1 April 2014

ERICSSON, HOLGER GUSTAV JR. ’63 10 September 2013

DONOVAN, FRANCIS RAYMOND ’59 VADM, USN (Ret.) 4 May 2014 VOLGENAU, DOUGLAS ’59* RADM, USN (Ret.) 25 March 2014 RAMSEY, JAMES BURNLEY ’60 LCDR, USN (Ret.) 31 March 2014 EMERSON, NORMAN PERRY ’62 CAPT, USN (Ret.) 28 March 2014

LEDERHAAS, JOSEPH ’63 CAPT, USNR (Ret.) 3 April 2014 LENZ, BRUCE BEATTY ’63* 9 April 2014 BURGESS, RODNEY KEALIIMAHIA II ’64 10 March 2014 MURRAY, THOMAS OSBORNE ’64 LCDR, USNR (Ret.) 3 May 2014 FARRELL, RICHARD STEPHEN ’65 CDR, USN (Ret.) 31 March 2014

WILLIS RAYMOND DENEKAS ’38 Commander Willis R. Denekas, USN (Ret.), died peacefully of Alzheimer’s disease on 17 January 2014. He was a resident of Oak Trace in Downers Grove, IL, and had formerly lived for more than 40 years in Hinsdale, IL. He was born in Dempster, SD, on 3 April 1915. He graduated from Pekin High School, in Pekin, IL, and went to Bradley University, in Peoria, IL, for a year in order to gain weight before he was accepted into the Naval Academy. Willis graduated from the Naval Academy with the Class of 1938. After graduation, he served on DETROIT (CL-8), LITCHFIELD (DD-336), CAPPS (DD-550), MARBLEHEAD (CL-12) and PENSACOLA (CA-24) before his first shore duty in ONI, Washington, DC. He then commanded HUGH PURVIS (DD-709) before shore duty again in OpNav. He then served as XO, Naval Station, Bermuda, for two years and as XO, Naval Examining Center, Great Lakes Naval Station, for three years, during which time he earned a master’s degree in educational administration. After retiring from the Navy in 1960, he worked at the Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago, where he was a scientific administrator in the Solid State Science Division until 1979. He was active in the Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout and loved traveling. After 1979, he worked part time as a travel agent, visited Africa twice, Europe at least four times, Scandinavia twice,



KAMMERER, KURT JAMES ’83* 25 March 2014 SMITH, FREDERICK WILLIAM ’87 18 March 2014 READ, RYAN STEPHEN ’01 28 March 2014 YOUNG, LAURA PATRICIA ’08 ENS, USN 26 April 2014 LOEWEN, HANS PAUL ’16 MIDN, USN 29 March 2014 MCKAMEY, WILLIAM DEAN ’17 MIDN, USN 25 March 2014 * obituary appears in this issue

Alaska, China and Hawaii. Besides traveling, he enjoyed flying, received a pilot’s license for flying small single engine airplanes and earned his commercial certificate and instrument rating. Willis also enjoyed playing in and taking care of his yard. Willis was preceded in death by his wife of 67 years, Nancy Zell Denekas. He is survived by his three sons, Walter Denekas (Susan) of Idaho, Mark Denekas (Katie) of Colorado and David Denekas (Mike) of Maryland; daughter, Margaret J. Denekas of Lombard, IL; three grandchildren; several nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. A memorial service was held on Saturday, 1 March 2014, at Oak Trace in Downers Grove, IL. Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, 8430 West Bryn Mawr, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60631; or the National Alzheimer’s Association, 225 N. Michigan Avenue F17, Chicago, IL 60601. CHARLES JOHN MERDINGER ’41 Captain Charles J. Merdinger, CEC, USN (Ret.), passed away on 13 December 2013 at home in Cupertino, CA. Born in Chicago on 20 April 1918, he was raised in Milwaukee, attended Marquette University and graduated from USNA in 1941. He earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from RPI and a

Doctor of Philosophy degree from Brasenose College, Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. During World War II, he was a line officer—initially aboard NEVADA when it was sunk at Pearl Harbor—then aboard ALABAMA in the North Atlantic and the South Pacific. After graduating from RPI, he transferred to the CEC and embarked on a series of public works and construction assignments in Panama, the Aleutian Islands, Japan and the U.S. He was in charge of building the Navy’s first master jet air station at Miramar and headed the Navy’s largest public works department, headquartered in DaNang,Vietnam. He was director of the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory at Port Hueneme and head of the English, History and Government Department at USNA. He concluded his military career as CO of the Western Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command, retiring from the Navy in 1970. In his civilian career, Dr. Merdinger served as president of Washington College, vice-president of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, deputy director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and as director of AVCO Corporation. He was an active member of the Ocean Research Foundation, DRI Research Foundation, University of Nevada Reno Foundation and the Sierra Nevada College Board. He was secretary for the Rhodes Scholarships in Nevada and a commissioner on the NW Association Commission on Colleges. His honorary and professional affiliations included Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Professional Engineers, Military Engineers and the Explorers Club. Dr. Merdinger authored the book, Civil Engineering Through the Ages, and numerous articles, including an entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He was a Papal Knight Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, a “Distinguished Eagle Scout,” a varsity football, basketball, soccer and All-American lacrosse player, and honoree in the Athletic Hall of Fame at RPI. He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Mary; four daughters, Anne, Joan, Susan and Jane; and eight grandchildren. A memorial Mass was held at Maryknoll Chapel in Cupertino. Burial services with full military honors were held at Miramar Veterans Cemetery. The Merdinger Family JOHN HENRY LOBDELL ’43 Captain John H. Lobdell, USN (Ret.), a 30-year veteran, died on 1 May 2014 in Portland, OR. Born in Tacoma, WA, on 12 May 1920, John entered the U.S. Naval Academy on 14 June 1939. He was active on the Academy tennis team and graduated #35 in his class of 615 on 19 June 1942. (Class of 1943) He was assistant main battery control officer on ZEILIN during the invasion of Guadalcanal-Tulagi on 7 August 1942, and on CUMMINGS (DD-365) for nearly two years as gunnery officer in task force operations (Pacific and Indian oceans.) In May 1945, he received his Wings at Pensacola. Following training in PBMs at Banana River NAS, he rejoined the fleet at

Ebeye Island, Kwajalein Atoll in VP-MS-6. There, he flew radiological reconnaissance on the first two atomic bomb detonations at Bikini Atoll. Then, in Tanapag, Saipan, he flew throughout the Western Pacific. In a second squadron (VP-HL-10), he flew PB4Y-2 aircraft out of the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA. In 1948, he entered a three-year aeronautical engineering course, both at the Naval Postgraduate School and the California Institute of Technology. Further duty included flag secretary/aide to Commander Fleet Air Alameda, then as XO/CO of Fighter Squadron One Fifty-Four in F9F aircraft. Shore duty in the Aircraft Division, Bureau of Aeronautics, Washington, DC, involved overseeing the cockpits of all Navy aircraft. He returned to the Fleet as CO of VA-22 flying FJ-4B aircraft off MIDWAY with a nuclear mission, capable of delivering almost all air weapons.This was followed by duty as air operations officer of Carrier Division Seventeen. He spent four years at the Pacific Missile Range. His last duty was at the office of the Secretary of Defense in Space Technology, responding to the White House, the National Space Council and Congress. In retirement, John taught 14 years on the full-time business administration faculty at a large community college in Oregon. For 11 subsequent years, he participated in the political-legal world as a ringleader in recovering $400+ million in illegally collected taxes for Federal retirees from the State of Oregon. John is survived by his wife of 70 years, Lois; daughter, Marilyn; and two grandchildren, Benjamin and Darci. He was predeceased by his son, Dr. John E. Lobdell. A memorial service was held at Willamette View Retirement Community, followed by interment in Willamette National Cemetery. HENRY ARTHUR EIMSTAD JR. ’44 Commander “Hank” Eimstad Jr., USN (Ret.), passed away on 20 March 2014 in San Diego, CA. He was born on 18 July 1920 to Henry and Barbara Eimstad in Butte, MT. Spending most of his early years in Portland, OR, he joined the Boy Scouts and achieved their highest honor of Eagle Scout, before graduating from Lincoln High School in 1938. He enlisted in the Navy and served on CALIFORNIA before receiving a congressional appointment to attend the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1944. Early in his naval career, he served on INDIANAPOLIS, before her sinking during World War II. He went on to naval flight school in Corpus Christi, TX, where he met his future wife, Dorothy Marie Goodenough. They were married in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in 1946. Hank went around the world on the aircraft carrier VALLEY FORGE. After his time as an aviator, flying torpedo bombers, he attended the Naval Academy Postgraduate School in Annapolis before transferring to the surface Navy, where he rose to the rank May-June 2014


LASTCALL of commander, serving as captain of RICHARD B. ANDERSON (DD-786), whose homeport was San Diego. During his years of military service, Hank received six Stars for service in Navy campaigns in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater during World War II, including the battles of Tarawa, Kwajalein and Saipan; the American Defense Service Medal; the American Theater Medal; the World War II Victory Medal, the China Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal. He also served on MIDWAY, CORAL SEA and was executive officer on STICKELL (DD-888) Hank retired from the Navy in 1963, and attended graduate school at Stanford University, before going to work in the aerospace industry for Pan American in the Cape Kennedy, FL, area and Philco-Ford Electronics in the San Francisco Bay area. He permanently retired in 1981 and moved to the San Diego area. Hank was an avid hiker, back packer, cross country skier and walker. He loved the outdoors and Yosemite National Park, in particular. His wife, Dorothy, passed away in 2005. Hank is survived by his two sons, Henry and his wife, Barbara of San Diego, CA, and Eric and his partner, Michael of Miami, FL. Arrangements are being made for funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Hank’s memory to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (http:// One last time: Beat Army! WILTON LEE ATKINSON ’45 Captain Wilton L. Atkinson, USN (Ret.), reported to his final duty station on 1 June 2013, culminating a full and vibrant life marked by his 35-year naval career, his loving family and friends and his desire to put a smile on the face of everyone he met. He was 90 years old. “Tiny” was born in Richmond,VA, on 19 June 1922. As a boy, he excelled in sports and academics, lettering in football at Thomas Jefferson High. He enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserves and entered Bullis Prep in hopes of entering the Naval Academy. He was accepted to the Naval Academy, reporting with the Class of 1945. Upon graduation, Tiny joined the war effort in the Pacific. During his 31 years of active duty, he served aboard YOUNG (DD-580), FRANK KNOX (DDR-742), ADAMS (DM-27), WISCONSIN (BB-64) and FRED T. BERRY (DD-858); and commanded PELICAN (AMS-32), JOHN R. PERRY (DE-1034), BUCHANAN (DDG-14) and REEVES (DLG-24). His shore assignments included the Naval Academy, ComOpDevFor, Office of the CNO, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Naval Material Command and U.S. Defense Attaché, Tokyo, where he was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service. Tiny also earned an M.B.A. degree in 1963 from The George Washington University. Tiny retired in 1974 and settled with his wife, Anna, in a new house in rural El Cajon, CA, where they could add their signature touches to their new lifestyle. They landscaped their ¾-acre lot



with lush vegetation and a bountiful vegetable garden. Both Tiny and Anna became active in their new community. Tiny chartered the homeowners association for their new neighborhood, acting as the first president. They both became active in a tennis league and could often be found on the courts playing mixed doubles. Furthering their love of music and the arts, they both became active in the Grossmont Community Concert Association, promoting concert series in El Cajon and supporting scholarship needs of deserving musicians in the area. With all this focus on his community, Tiny still found time to water his roots in the San Diego naval community, serving as a civilian advisor to the 32nd Street Naval Commissary. Tiny is survived by his wife of 65 years, Anna; four children, Stanley, Connie, Leland ’71 and Patricia; four grandchildren, Aya, Alan, Eric and Jon; and a great-granddaughter, Aubrey. JOHN DOBSON KIDD ’45 Captain John D. Kidd, USN (Ret.), died on 28 August 2013 in Woodstock, GA. He was 90 years old. A native of Newton, MA, John enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve in order to compete for an appointment to Annapolis. He earned his appointment and graduated with the Naval Academy Class of 1945 in June 1944. John then served on PITTSBURGH (CA-72) in the Pacific Theater during the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns. Memorable moments of that first sea tour included PITTSBURGH towing FRANKLIN (CV-13) off Kyushu under attack after it had been hit by Japanese aircraft in March 1945 and, in June 1945, PITTSBURGH losing over 100 feet of its bow in a typhoon off Okinawa. Following his first sea tour, John transitioned to naval aviation, earning his Wings in February 1947. His first aviation assignment was with “Fighting One Love” (VF-1L), a 36-plane fighter squadron in the SAIPAN (CVL-48) air group. This squadron later became part of VX-3 at NAS Atlantic City. Jet transition in VF-52 followed along with a tour in the Basic Training Command as the student personnel officer. Sea duty tours included assistant operations officer, Fleet Air Command, Jacksonville, FL; operations officer,VA-12; commanding officer VA-172; and operations officer, OKINAWA (LPH-3). Shore tours included OpNav; BuPers; NavAirSysCom; Chairman, JCS Studies Group; ComNavPhil/CinCPacRepPhil as ACOS Plans and plans officer for the Philippine-U.S. Mutual Defense Board. He retired following his tour as director, Boston Branch Office, Office of Naval Research. John is survived by his wife of 69 years, Muriel; daughter, Kimberly; and son, Kevin. His first son, John Jr., predeceased him. He is also survived by nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Burial took place on 28 January 2014 at Arlington National Cemetery.

ROBERT DACHE STEELE ’45 Captain Robert D. “Navy Bob” Steele, USN (Ret.), of Home Port, Bohannon, VA, died on 17 April 2014 in his home. He was 92 years old. Born in Riverside, CA, on 10 March 1922, he was the son of the late Carl E. Steele and Margaret Reeves Steele. He attended public schools in California and New York. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy as a member of the Class of 1945 and graduated in June 1944 (wartime shortened course) as a member of the 15th Company. His naval service included Submarine School, Deep Sea Diving School, Command and Staff Course and duty in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (Op-312C). He served in O-8 (S-69), where he qualified in submarines, BERGALL (SS-320), SPIKEFISH (SS-404), commanded SUNBIRD (ASR-15), commanded SABLEFISH (SS-303), staff ComASWForLant, staff of Submarine Squadron Twelve, commanded Submarine Division 121, staff of CinCUSNavEur, commanded HOLLAND (AS-32), commanded U.S. Naval Station Annapolis, MD, and served as chief of staff of ComFive and Naval Base Norfolk,VA. He was a founding member of the U.S. Navy Sailing Association in 1961 in Norfolk,VA. Captain Steele retired in 1974 after 30 years of commissioned service. After retiring, he taught sailing for 25 years from his home on the East River in Mathews County,VA. He was a member of Oriental Lodge #20 AF&AM. He ran the Red Cross Learn to Swim program for 28 years and operated a custom frame and crafts shop in Bohannon,VA. He was predeceased by his wife of 54 years, Betty Lou; brother, Wayne E. Steele; and granddaughter, Jennifer Carlile Foley. He is survived by his son, Robert Steele Jr. (Judith); daughters, Pamela Steele (Judith Tanzola) and Susan Steele Carlile (Gary ’73); four grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. A memorial service was held at Grace-Providence United Methodist Church in Mobjack,VA, on 17 May 2014. Inurnment took place at the Naval Academy Columbarium on 11 June 2014. ARTHUR HOWARD CUMMINGS JR. ’46 Captain A.H. “Jim” Cummings Jr., USN (Ret.), died on 30 January 2014 of natural causes. He was born 21 January 1924 in Manila, Philippines. His father was a naval officer assigned to the Asiatic Fleet, accompanying dependents then being permitted. After a childhood in many Navy towns, he graduated from Western High School in Washington, DC, then attended the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with the Class of 1946 in June 1945. Following two years’ service in a cruiser, he entered flight training and received his Navy Wings in July 1948. He completed several carrier squadron tours including assignments as commanding officer and air group commander. Other fleet assignments included duty as commanding officer of an

ammunition ship and of a helicopter carrier. His shore duty assignments included project pilot at NOTS China Lake, Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. His staff assignments included the Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy, and Assistant Secretary for Research & Development. He retired from the service in April 1974 in order to accept an executive position with Computer Sciences Corporation in Tehran, Iran. After the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, he continued working for CSC for eight years in Saudi Arabia, plus shorter assignments in Kuwait and other mid-east countries, retiring from the company in 1991. He and his wife, Eva, then moved to Sarasota, FL, but continued to spend summers in their long-time second home in Rome, Italy. He and Eva moved to The Fairfax, at Ft. Belvoir,VA, in 2013, where they resided when he passed away. In addition to his wife, Jim is survived by sons, John F. and A. Howard Cummings; daughter, Monica Gottfried; stepchildren, Michael and Daniela Dixon; and six grandchildren. Services were held at the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery on 7 April 2014, where he was interred adjacent to his mother, Vedah L. Melson and stepfather,Vice Admiral Charles L. Melson ’27, USN (Ret.). John F. Cummings (son) & AHC Jr. ’46 FRANCIS EDWARD FIELD ’46 Captain Francis E. Field, USN (Ret.), died on Monday, 28 October 2013, at Westward Heights Care Center in Lander, WY. “Ed” was born in Casper, WY, on 20 November 1923, the son of Persis Belle St. John and Jesse Harold Field. He grew up in Lander and attended the University of Wyoming for one year before accepting an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1945 with the Class of 1946. During 30 years of active duty, Ed held many posts and commands around the world, including Hawaii, Japan and Greece. He attended the Naval War College 1958. His career included serving as flag secretary of Seventh Fleet (1958-1960); commanding officer, SOUTHERLAND (DDR-743) (1961-1963); head of operations, USNA (1963-1965); commander, Destroyer Division 262 (1965-1967); chief of staff, Cruiser Destroyer Flotilla Four (1967-1969); executive assistant to the Chief of Naval Materiel (1969-1970); commanding officer, BELKNAP (DLG-26) (1971-1972); and chief of staff, Carrier Task Force 502 (1972-1973) as well as Carrier Task Force 60 (1973-1974). During his naval career, he earned a master’s degree in international affairs from The George Washington University in 1965, and graduated from Harvard’s Advanced Management Program in 1970. After retiring, Ed was associated for 15 years with The George Washington University. He received certification as a master graphoanalyst in 1980. From 1982 to 1990, Ed was a project officer with the National Science Foundation. Besides his extensive professional accomplishments, Ed was a member of Wyoming’s Masonic Lodge No. 2, AF & AM; the May-June 2014


LASTCALL Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; the Korein Shrine Center, Rawlins, WY; and the Order of Eastern Star. He generously gave volunteer hours to elementary schools, public libraries, the local food bank and the Methodist church. He served as president of the Fremont County Pioneer Association from 1997 to 1998, and was a trustee of the Fremont County Museums Board from 1998 to 2003. He was also a member of VFW Post 954 and the American Legion Don Stough Post No. 33. For his commitment to volunteerism, Ed was recognized and inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame, FCVHS / LVHS in 2010. Ed was a man of strong values, few words and a source of strength for his family and friends, always supportive, kind and loving. He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Margaret “Peggy” O’Bryan Field; and their three children, Gregory Field, Christopher Field ’75 and Sheridan Kalletta. JOSEPH LOUIS ADELMAN ’47 Captain Joseph L. Adelman, USN (Ret.) died 15 December 2013 at Akron, OH, after a brief illness. A native of Akron, he graduated from St.Vincent High School in that city, then enlisted in the Navy and served at sea as a fire controlman during the early days of World War II until qualifying for the Naval Academy. He graduated with the Fourth Company, married Kay McCaskey and served in FRESNO (CLAA-121) and GREENWOOD (DE-679) before entering Sub School. Over his 35 years of duty, he served in nine ships, was XO of three subs and commanded two: COD (SS-224) and CATFISH (SS-339). He served with CinCLant/CinCLantFlt in ASW and with the Naval Oceanographic Office, and graduated from the Command and Staff Course of the Naval War College. He also served in numerous USN and NATO commands, specializing in undersea warfare. He earned two master’s degrees and after retirement, lived in Great Britain and earned a doctorate in history from King’s College at the University of London. He received the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his service at CinCLant and the Meritorious Service Medal for his work with SacLant. In 2000, he married the former Mavis June Bond in London. It was after their return to live in Akron that he instigated the replacement of the famous “CIS” brick in Tecumseh Court, where it remains today, puzzling those who are not privy to its history. He is survived by his wife, Mavis; his former wife, Katherine McCaskey, their five children, 12 grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. One of his sons is witness to the fact that Joe’s final words were, “All engines ahead full on both shafts! Diesel boats forever!” A Mass of Christian burial was celebrated at St.Vincent’s Church in Akron, on 18 December 2013. Interment followed at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman. Chet Shaddeau ’47



JEREMIAH ANDREW DENTON JR. ’47 Rear Admiral Jeremiah A. Denton, USN (Ret.), died peacefully on 28 March 2014 at Virginia Beach,VA. “Jerry” Denton was born on 15 July 1924 in Mobile, AL, and was educated there at Spring Hill College and at the McGill Institute. He graduated from the Naval Academy with the 24th Company and served in VALLEY FORGE (CV-45) until entering flight training. He married Jane Maury of Mobile in June 1946, and served in deployed squadrons, on the staff of ComSixthFlt, as a student at the Armed Forces Staff College and at the Naval War College. In 1965, he was shot down while leading a bombing raid over North Vietnam after launching from INDEPENDENCE (CVA-62). He was subsequently imprisoned and tortured in Vietnamese prisons for seven and a half years. The story of his defiant faithbased leadership in prison is now widely-known, including his use of Morse code eye-blinking to spell out “torture” while being televised, and his triumphant eventual return. He became commandant of the Armed Forces Staff College at Norfolk and retired from active duty in 1977 to fish and play golf at Mobile. He returned to public service in 1981 as a Republican Senator from Alabama, and when he failed by a fractional percentage to retain the seat, redirected his efforts toward faith-based efforts at personal strengthening of family links nationwide. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his leadership as a POW, and the POW Survival School at New Brunswick, ME, was named after him. A devout Roman Catholic, he was a Knight of the Solemn Military Order of Malta. His wife, Jane, passed away in 2007 and he subsequently married Mary Belle Bordone, widow of a former squadron mate. He is survived by his wife, Mary Belle; his seven children and their spouses; and 22 grandchildren and great-grandchildren; as well as by his brother, Leo, of Mobile. A memorial service was held at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Virginia Beach,VA, and a funeral Mass and interment with full military honors is planned for 22 July 2014 in Arlington National Cemetery. Chet Shaddeau ’47 ROBERT POULSON FLETCHER III ’47 Robert P. Fletcher III died on 21 March 2014 at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community in Asheville, NC. He was 88 years old. “Bob” was born on 31 August 1925 in Wilmington, DE, to Robert Poulson Fletcher Jr. and Elizabeth Hastings Fletcher. Eight years later, the family moved to the Chicago suburb of Glencoe, IL. Bob was in the Class of 1947 at the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1946. His naval service included duty as the electronics officer aboard MILLER (DD-535), flagship of the first squadron to

circumnavigate the globe since the Great White Fleet of 1907. He married Nancy Jamison on 9 September 1950. In 1954, he earned an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He began a manufacturing career in Chicago, then in 1972 purchased Terry Enterprises and moved his family to Asheville. He operated that textile company for 23 years, until selling it at the time of his retirement. Bob enjoyed sailing on Lake Michigan and later on Lake Julian, tennis with the “Retired Racqueteers,” and the sport of curling. He loved to play the piano—especially Mozart and ragtime. He previously scheduled the Meals on Wheels Program for the Asheville Civitan Club and was a member of Arden Presbyterian Church. Bob is survived by Nancy, his wife of 63 years; their three married sons, John Jamison Fletcher (Barbara) of Nashville, TN, David Northrop Fletcher (Kathryn) of Asheville, NC, and Thomas Hastings Fletcher (Stephanie) of Boston, MA; seven grandchildren, John, Kathleen, Elizabeth, Christopher, Amelia, Robertson and Kathryn (Matthew Blackmon); and great-grandson, Hunter Blackmon. He is also survived by his brother, James Corbin Fletcher (Barbara). Bob was predeceased by his parents and his brother, Daniel Hastings Fletcher. A memorial service was held on 5 April 2014 in St. Giles Chapel at Deerfield. In lieu of flowers, donations in Bob’s memory may be made to CarePartners Services, 68 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville NC 28803, or to the charity of your choice. excerpts from the Asheville Citizen-Times WILLIAM LAWRENCE HARRIS JR. ’47 Rear Admiral William L. Harris Jr., USN (Ret.), passed away on Thursday, 3 April 2014, in Los Altos, CA. He was 90 years old. Born in 1924 to Elizabeth May and William Harris, “Bill” was raised in Kansas City, MO, and entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1943. He graduated in June 1946 and served aboard PRINCETON (CV-37). In 1949, he qualified as a naval aviator and joined the “Sunday Punchers” of VA-75, flying the A-1. While at Quonset Point, Bill met the former Jean Odence and they were married on 27 October 1951. With VA-75, Bill flew 53 combat missions over Korea from BON HOMME RICHARD (CV-31). He completed special weapons training at the Naval Postgraduate School, graduating in 1956 with a BS in aeronautical and MS in electrical engineering. Bill’s career continued as XO,VA-34 aboard ENTERPRISE (CVAN-65) in 1962; CO,VA-75 commanding the fleet’s first A-6 squadron in 1963; naval nuclear power training in Maryland and Idaho in 1964-1965; operations officer aboard ENTERPRISE 19651966; CO, ALAMO (LSD-33) in 1968-1969; force readiness officer, ComNavAirPac in 1970; and CO, MIDWAY (CVA-41) in 1971.

As flag officer in 1972, Bill served one year as Deputy, Naval War College before attaining two CarDiv commands. In 1975, Bill was Commander, CarGru-7, leading operations in support of evacuations from Cambodia and South Vietnam. In 1975-1976, Bill commanded all carriers in the Western Pacific as Commander, CTF-77. Bill then returned to Washington for a year before his final assignment as Commander, NWC in China Lake, CA. He retired in 1979 and worked for Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA, until 1989. Bill believed the greatest honor was to serve one’s country, especially in war time. His most unforgettable military experience was supporting the evacuation of Saigon in April 1975 as Commander, CarGru-7 aboard MIDWAY. Bill was very active in retirement, enjoying tennis, lawn bowling, theater, the San Francisco Giants, Fellowship Forum, Sons in Retirement, reunions, travel with his wife Jean and extensive gatherings with his family, to whom he was steadfastly devoted. Bill is survived by his wife of 63 years, Jean; five children, Elizabeth (John Coppinger), William (Karen), Maureen, Ken and Mary Senatori (Paul); six grandchildren; and his brother, Ken. A memorial service will be held in Los Altos, CA. Inurnment will be at the Naval Academy on 28 August 2014. Bill was a loving and generous husband, father and grandfather. He will be profoundly missed, but never forgotten. WAYNE RICHARD LIPPERT ’47 Wayne R. Lippert of Ferndale, WA, died there on 9 April 2013. Born in Kenosha,WI, on 1 December 1924, Wayne is remembered principally by Classmates in the 15th and 6th Companies as a skilled and devoted sailor, which resulted in his designation as Midshipman Sailing Master of the staysail ketch VAMARIE during First Class Year. (VAMARIE was later lost in a hurricane in 1954). Upon graduation with the 6th Company, he served in destroyers in Alaska and in Korea before returning to civilian life, and became a certified public accountant. His customers, in the Burbank/Hollywood area, included numerous “names” well-known to the public and he was able to take many of them with him when in the 1970s he relocated to his home area in the Northwest and back to lots of sailing, as well! He served, while in Los Angeles, as a reserve deputy sheriff, and authored a well-received handbook entitled, Stay Alive! How to Street Fight With a Pistol. His first marriage having ended, he remarried in 1974 and is survived by his wife, Madaleine; and his children from the first marriage: daughters, Carol Burrows and Lauren Branch and their spouses; son, Burke Franklin; as well as two grandsons,Tyler and Alex. He was laid to rest on 15 April 2013 at Greenacres Memorial Park in Ferndale, WA. Chet Shaddeau ’47

All moments are key moments and life itself is grace.

~Frederick Buechner May-June 2014


LASTCALL ROBERT BURROUGHS MCNATT ’47 Robert B. McNatt died on 17 March 2014 at Port Orange, FL. “Bob” was born in the State of Washington and was raised in Clinton, MO. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy in June of 1946 with the 11th Company, he was commissioned in the line and served in ASTORIA (CL-90) and for a year in an LSM based at Pearl Harbor, before returning briefly to civilian life. He married Katherine “Kit” Ridout of Annapolis, and they had four children, Mary, Sally, Tobin and Jim (who subsequently predeceased him.) Called up for Korea, he served as a CIC instructor at NAS Glenview, IL. Following Kit’s death, Bob married Frances Allen Isabella and embraced her three children, Terri, Tom and Chris Isabella. Also surviving are a total of 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. After retiring from a career as CEO of a Baltimore manufacturing company, he and Fran moved to Florida, taking up residence at Spruce Creek Fly-In, where they spent 15 fun years involved in golf, community affairs and politics. Following a move to Indigo Lakes, he spent 11 great years with family and neighbors. At the age of 80, Bob, together with Fran, earned his real estate license, and for several years they served the community through Sundance Century 21’s Pelican Bay office. After enjoying a life well lived, he was surrounded by family when he succumbed to pneumonia at Halifax Hospice in Port Orange. A service will be held at a later time with family in Maryland. The McNatt Family WALTER MURPHREE MEGINNISS ’47 Commander Walter M. Meginniss, USN (Ret.), died on 31 December 2013 at Tallahassee, FL. Walter was a native of Tallahassee— his father was its mayor in the late 1920s, and Walt was a graduate of Leon High. He graduated from the Naval Academy with the 16th Company, and over the years, served in HUNTINGTON (CL-107), LSM-455 and LSM-462, as an instructor in navigation at USNA, in RENSHAW (DD-499) in Korea, on the staff of LST Squadron One, as XO of O’BRIEN (DE-421), as a student at the Naval War College, and in several NATO staff positions, as well as in command of CLAUD JONES (DE-1033) and BENJAMIN STODDERT (DDG-22). He earned a juris doctor from George Washington University Law School in 1954. He married Patricia Thomas of Tallahassee in 1946. He retired from the Navy in 1968 and returned to Florida to practice law, first in Stuart, then with the office of the Florida State Attorney General in Tallahassee. He was predeceased by his wife of 67 years and his eldest child, Lyndi. He is survived by his son, Terry of Brooklyn, NY; daughter, Trish Rouse of Memphis, TN; and four grandchildren.



Walter had a great love for his family, the Navy, the law and Tallahassee. He was a lifelong parishioner and supporter of St. John’s Episcopal Church, where funeral services were held on 11 January 2014. Chet Shaddeau ’47 RILEY SLOAN RAINWATER JR. ’47 Sloan “Chief ” Rainwater, 89, died on 9 January 2014 at his home in Jonesboro,AR. Born on 13 June 1924 at Imboden, AR, he attended Sloan-Hendrix College in Conway before graduating from the Naval Academy. For those who don’t already know, he walked into his first Plebe Summer room, and when asked his name by his summer roommates, answered “Rainwater.” Roommate Hexter Williams immediately greeted him with, “How, Chief!” And so it was, to all Classmates throughout his life. He graduated with the 17th Company, but was physically disqualified for a commission by eyesight. He was honorably discharged, operated a family filling station jointly with his brother, engaged in cotton ginning and cattle-raising, and worked as a math instructor at Southern Methodist University; as a bank cashier for many years; and as a chemistry instructor at the University of Arkansas. Sloan married Sylvia Susan “Sig” Spikes of Walnut Ridge in 1950. He earned his law degree from Arkansas Law School in 1961, became Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in two counties and engaged in the general practice of law at Walnut Ridge. He earned a master’s in history at Little Rock University and a master’s in the same field from Arkansas State in 1969. He was a member of both the Arkansas and U.S. Supreme Court bars. He was an investor in farmland and in the hotel business; a successful breeder of purebred Angus cattle and of Tennessee Walking Horses; was active in Kiwanis; was a past president of the Arkansas Bankers’ Association; and belonged to numerous other civic and business organizations. He was predeceased by his wife in 1992 and by his brother, William, in 2013. He is survived by many nieces and nephews and their spouses. Funeral services and a celebration of his life were held on 13 January, and burial was private. Chet Shaddeau ’47 HARRY LEE WARREN JR. ’47 Harry L. Warren died on 10 February 2014 at Catonsville, MD. “Rick,” born on 13 July 1924 in Camden, NJ, was appointed from New York, graduated with the Naval Academy Class of 1947’s 22nd Company, and was commissioned in the line. He served first in MISSOURI (BB-63), then in CALOOSAHATCHEE (AO-98) before returning to civilian life.

He spent several years as an electrical contractor, and in the 1960s, formed his own electrical construction firm in Bay Shore, NY, with which he remained involved until retirement. In 1954, he married Jean Drake, a widow with three children. They added four daughters to the mix while the firm prospered. They lived in Long Island and spent as much time as possible at their beach home in Amagansett, which had earlier become briefly famous as it was “their” beach where a German submarine secretly put down seven spies during World War II. (All were captured!) Rick enjoyed big band music, political discussion and ocean swimming. He was skilled with tools and could fix almost anything. He was predeceased by his wife, Jean; his parents; and his special companion of latter years, Helen “Bunny” Sisson. He is survived by his brother, William; a niece in Vaduz, Liechtenstein; seven children, Sally, Larry, Michael, Kim, Nancy, Jill and Kristin; and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. His ashes were interred at St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery in Bay Shore, NY. A private memorial service is planned for the family at a later date. Chet Shaddeau ’47 HARVEY RANDOLPH HUMPHREY ’48 Commander Harvey R. Humphrey, USN (Ret.), passed away on 29 March 2014 in San Diego, CA. He was 12 days short of his 89th birthday. A Washington, DC, native, “Jack” attended McKinley Tech High School and Bullis Prep School before entering the United States Naval Academy. He married his high school sweetheart, Jane Marie Clatterbuck on 5 June 1948, the day after graduation. He then served in the Supply Corps, with tours of duty in Key West, FL; the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD; San Juan, Puerto Rico; University of North Carolina ROTC in Chapel Hill, NC; Norfolk,VA; Washington, DC; and finally San Diego, CA, where he was supply officer and ran retail operations at Naval Training Center and more, from 1964 to 1969. He made his home with his family in San Diego for 50 years. After his Navy retirement, he taught math and business, and was ASB advisor at Granite Hills High School in El Cajon. Jack is survived by his wife of nearly 66 years, Jane; four daughters, Linda Commons, Sheryl Chandler, Clare Marsala and Judi Glathe; eight grandchildren (and eight great-grandchildren), Sarah Commons (Emily and Ethan), Becky Peppers (Ian and Evan), Zachary Malone, Melissa Bowen (Trey and Hayden), Jessica Latham (Isaac Harvey), Nick Marsala (Emma Jane), Steven Marsala and Allison Glathe. He also has a younger surviving sister, Joan, in Maryland, and a host of nieces and nephews on the East Coast. Lovingly known as PopPop and Great Pop, he was respected greatly and will be sorely missed. A memorial service was held on 5 May 2014 at Fort Rosecrans in San Diego. The Humphrey Family

WILLIAM WEGNER ’48 Commander William Wegner, USNR (Ret.), died on 18 April 2014 in Fredericksburg,VA. He was 87 years old. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1948. After graduation, he served on a light cruiser and an aircraft carrier. He then received an MS in naval architecture and marine engineering from Webb Institute. In 1956, Admiral Rickover selected him for the Navy’s nuclear program, and he was sent to MIT, where he received his MS in nuclear engineering. After several field positions, including nuclear power superintendent at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, he served for 16 years as Admiral Rickover’s deputy director. He received Distinguished Service Awards from both the Defense Department and the Atomic Energy Commission. In 1979, Wegner retired from government service and formed Basic Energy Technology Associates with three fellow naval reactor retirees. They provided technical services to over 25 nuclear utilities and to other commercial and governmental organizations. From 1989 to 1992, he provided technical assistance on nuclear matters to Admiral James Watkins, Secretary of Energy. Wegner served on the Detroit Edison board of directors from 1990 to 1999. He also served on the NASA review group that performed an independent assessment of the Agency’s “Return to Flight” efforts, following the Columbia accident. Wegner was a devoted family man throughout his life. He was also an artist. The original artwork he etched for his Christmas cards is displayed in the homes of many family members and friends. He also assisted his sons in launching a successful bronze art foundry business in Fredericksburg,VA. He enjoyed fishing on the Chesapeake from his 32’ Pacemaker yacht in the 1970s. In the decades that followed, he enjoyed spending time with his family at his beach house on Mattox Creek in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Wegner was married to the late Jane Rory Wegner for 59 years. He is survived by four sons, Michael, Paul, Steven and Stewart; daughter, Barbara McConnell; 17 grandchildren; and numerous great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his son, Mark, in 2007. A private memorial service was held in Fredericksburg,VA, followed by interment in the U.S. Naval Academy Columbarium on 27 May 2014. The Wegner Family SHEPHERD MARTIN JENKS ’49 On Wednesday, 26 March 2014, Reverend Shepherd M. Jenks, Captain, USN (Ret.), passed quietly from this world from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease at the VA hospital in Martinez, CA. “Shep” was born in 1926—son of Christopher Martin Jenks and Frances Phillips Jenks. He was a person of great

May-June 2014


LASTCALL congeniality and humanity who dedicated his life to the service of others. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1949 then served on BAYFIELD in the Korean War. In 1951, he attended Submarine School and qualified on BLACKFIN. In 1954, he received nuclear power training and served on NAUTILUS. In 1958, Shepherd was the navigator on NAUTILUS when it made history as the first submarine to reach the North Pole. He masterfully navigated the nuclear powered NAUTILUS from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic via the North Pole, travelling over 1,800 miles under the ice pack without benefit of celestial, visual or other external aids to navigation. That year, he was selected by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of the country’s top ten young men. He was the commissioning engineering officer of GEORGE WASHINGTON and was aboard during the first Polaris missile firing from a submarine and the first Polaris patrol. He served as commander of SKIPJACK (then the world’s fastest submarine), commander of the Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit in West Milton, NY, commander of ABRAHAM LINCOLN and FULTON. In 1971, he retired and moved to California to work for Bechtel Corporation. He was generous with his time and knowledge, speaking to innumerable veterans groups and other civic groups. Always active in the Episcopal Church, Shep was ordained as a deacon in 1981. He served at several churches ministered to the homeless and was active on several boards. From 1954 to 1982, he was married to Barbara Hayes Jenks. She predeceased him in 2003. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Nancy Luard Jenks; daughter, Deborah Jenks Reichhold; son, Shepherd Jenks Jr.; stepsons, Jim, Steve, Peter and Sam Wallis; grandchildren, Chris Reichhold, Perry Jenks and Zosia Jenks; and step-grandson, Julien Bittel. Services were held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Benicia, CA, on 2 May 2014. His ashes will be scattered at sea. ROBERT CHARLES BINNION JR. ’50 Robert C. Binnion Jr. died on 11 April 2014. He was 86 years old. Born on 20 October 1927 in San Marcos, TX, he was the son of Robert C. and Evelyn Schutts Binnion, and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Schutts of Forth Worth, TX. Mr. Binnion, a graduate of R.L. Paschal High School in Fort Worth, studied engineering at North Texas Agricultural College before receiving an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he graduated with the Class of 1950. Upon graduation, he married his hometown sweetheart, Janie Cotten, and was assigned to destroyer duty aboard BAUSELL (DD-845). He saw action during the Korean War and was subsequently assigned to the staff of Vice Admiral Frank G. Fahrion, Commander Amphibious Forces Atlantic Fleet. Mr. Binnion left the Navy in 1954 and joined The Trane Company, of La Crosse, WI, manufacturing engineers of heating, air conditioning and special heat transfer equipment, serving first in sales in Dallas and later in the home office. In 1960, he left



Trane’s employment to establish Binnion Trane Associates in Philadelphia, representing Trane in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Binnion Trane was purchased by the Trane Company in 1983 and the Binnions relocated to Banner Elk, NC, and La Romana, Dominican Republic. In 1990, they relocated permanently to Vero Beach, FL. Mr. Binnion was active in business and civic affairs serving on the executive committee of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and various boards. He was a member of The Union League, the American Society of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers, and a past president of Waynesboro Country Club. Mr. Binnion served as chairman of the board of trustees of Grandfather Home for Children, North Carolina and was a charter member of Quail Valley Golf Club in Vero Beach. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Janie; daughters, Alexa MacPherson (Frank) of Hohenschaeftlarn, Germany, and Anne Binnion Farbstein of Phoenixville, PA; grandsons, Ian of Charlotte, NC, Jesse and Max of Phoenixville, PA; and granddaughters, Jennifer of Hohenschaeftlarn, Germany, and Leah and Marlee of Phoenixville, PA. In lieu of flowers, donations in Robert’s honor may be made to Grandfather Home for Children, P.O. Box 98, Banner Elk, NC 28604; or VNA Hospice House, 1110 35th Lane,Vero Beach, FL 32960. Memorial service details will be announced at a later date. An online guestbook is available at: PAISLEY BONEY III ’50 “Pete” Boney passed away peacefully on 3 February 2014 in Jacksonville, FL, from a ruptured aneurysm surrounded by his loving family. Born in Goldsboro, NC, on 14 July 1927, he was the son of Paisley Boney Jr. and Allie Hill Boney, and grew up in Wallace, NC, and later Greensboro, NC. Paisley graduated from Woodberry Forest School in Orange,VA, in 1945, where he was senior prefect and winner of the Archer Christian Memorial Medal for character, athletics, and leadership. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1950 after serving one year in the Navy V-12 program at the University of Miami. He was captain of the baseball team at the Academy and attained the rank of Battalion Commander. After serving in the Navy during the Korean War aboard MISSOURI, he received an M.B.A. from Harvard University in 1956. Paisley was a senior vice president at Stockton,Whatley and Davin & Co. and marketing manager with The Haskell Company. He was active in the community, serving on the vestry at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, the board of The United Way, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Bartram School, American Red Cross, Jacksonville University, Committee of 100 of the Chamber, Gator Bowl Association, the Meninak Club of Jacksonville and The Help Center. He was also a past king and captain of Ye Mystic Revelers. He was also a founder and vestry member of Holy Trinity Anglican Church. He loved his family, church, sports and children. He coached many years in Little League, Boys Scouts (he was an Eagle Scout), and taught Sunday school at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for 30 years.

He was predeceased by his first wife, Sheldon Baldwin Boney. He is survived by his wife, Katherine Rickman Boney; children, Shelley Forte, Paisley Boney IV (Mary Claire), Roland Boney (Missy) and Lisa Strickland (Hank); grandchildren, Paisley V (Susan), Connor (Jamie), Kenzie, Mary,Virginia, Frances, Cynnie and Mac; great-grandchildren, Paisley and Mary; stepchildren, Katherine, James and Meghan; step-grandchildren, Andrew, Mallory, Sarah, Margaret and Charles; brother-in-law, Delavan Baldwin; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. A celebration of his life was held in Jacksonville, FL, on 8 February. In lieu of flowers, please direct memorials to the Sheldon Boney Endowment at Wolfson’s Children Hospital (https://; Rockfish Presbyterian Church Cemetery Fund, ATTN Robert Salmon P.O. Box 247, Wallace, NC 28466; or Mission Chattanooga, 1426 Williams St., Chattanooga, TN 37408. CLAUDE EDWARD JEFFRIES ’50 Commander Claude E. Jeffries, USN (Ret.), died peacefully at his home in Reston,VA, on Wednesday, 6 March 2014. He was 89 years old. “Jeff ” was born on 12 July 1924 in Toledo, OH, to Claude Jeffries and Laura (Kelley) Jeffries. As a boy, he enjoyed art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art, and was active in Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts. He graduated from DeVilbiss High School in Toledo, where he was active in the chess club and joined the plebe class at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946, 23rd Company. He was designated a naval aviator for heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air in 1952. Following his graduation and commissioning as an ensign in June 1950, he and Marjorie Hope Couch were married in Troy, PA, on 16 September 1950. As a Navy wife, “Mudgie” accompanied him to duty stations as their family grew: Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, NJ, where their son, Bruce Douglas, was born; Naval Air Station Weeksville, Elizabeth City, NC, where their son, Craig Scott, was born; and Naval Air Station Bermuda, where their daughter, Catherine Kimberly, was born. Following duty at the Defense Communications Agency, DOD, Jeff retired from the Navy on 1 January 1969. He then pursued a financial services career, including with MANNA Financial Services. His wife, Mudgie, predeceased him in 1999. Survivors include their daughter, Catherine Jeffries Phillips (Richard Dwight) of Reston,VA; sons, Bruce Douglas Jeffries (Muge Cummings) of Jacksonville, FL, and Craig Scott Jeffries (Paige Brown), of Asheville, NC; and three grandsons, Alexander, Taylor and Chasen. Burial with full military honors will take place at Arlington National Cemetery on 18 July 2014. The Jeffries Family

GEORGE ANTHONY ZETKOV ’50 George A. Zetkov, 86, of Old Bethpage, NY, passed away peacefully on 14 March 2014. George was born on 11 April 1927 in Manhattan, NY, to Thomas C. and Phyllis (Marin) Zetkov. In 1929, the family moved to Ossining, NY, where George graduated from high school in 1945, earning the math and science medal and the history award. In August 1945, George was drafted into the U.S. Marine Corps and reported to Basic Training at Parris Island, SC. While there, he learned of his appointment to the Naval Academy and was honorably discharged from the Marines. At Annapolis, he was in the Sixth Company and played violin in the orchestra in a musical production. On 2 June 1950, he graduated With Distinction, received a BS in general science and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. After completing pilot training at Randolph AFB, TX, and Vance AFB, OK, George was awarded his pilot rating. He served in the Air Training Command at Mather AFB, CA, piloting the T-29 trainer (June 1951-June 1953), followed by the Strategic Air Command at Bergstrom AFB, TX, where he piloted the KB-29 refueling tanker (June 1953-November 1954). He resigned from active service as a first lieutenant. George received an MS in electrical engineering from Columbia University in June 1956. He then worked for Sperry Gyroscope in Lake Success, NY (1956-1959). As a flight controls engineer, he performed analog computer simulation analyses and conducted hardware tests. In February 1959, he started work at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage, NY, working on the Navy A-6 Intruder, contributing to the design of the automatic flight control system. From 1959 to 1961, he worked on the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory, sponsored by NASA Goddard. He developed mathematical models for the telescope pointing control systems, and an analog-digital (hybrid) computer simulation program for the coarse pointing system. He also performed analyses of the system and did assessments using telemetered flight data. On contracts for NASA Houston and NASA Langley, he was responsible for developing attitude control systems for rotating space stations. In 1972-1973, he worked on the Navy F-14A Tomcat project during attitude flight control testing. Following retirement from Grumman in 1987, he enjoyed composing music and documenting his family genealogy. George is survived by his wife of 56 years,Viola; their daughters, Julie and Lisa; and grandchildren, Jennifer, Anne and Michael.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. ~Aldous Huxley May-June 2014


LASTCALL WILLIAM DAVID SHAUGHNESSY ’51 Captain William D. Shaughnessy, USN (Ret.), died of Parkinson’s disease on 21 January 2014 at his home in Silver Spring, MD. “Bill” was born on 15 May 1928 in Tulsa, OK, to William A. and Cecile B. Shaughnessy. He attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, for two years and received a congressional appointment from Massachusetts to the Naval Academy. He entered in 1947, graduated as Third Company commander and stood first in the Class of 1951. His first assignment was HAYNSWORTH (DD-700), where he served as communications and ASW officer and finally as acting operations officer during the Korean War. Bill attended Submarine School at New London in 1953 and was assigned to HARDHEAD (SS-365) in 1954. After a year of staff duty, he entered the Fletcher School at Tufts University, where he received two degrees—a master of arts and subsequently a master of arts in international law and diplomacy. Having served as both third officer and XO on TROUT (SS-566), Bill went to OpNav at the Pentagon. After a tour on Guam with the staff of ComSubRon 15, Bill took command of PICKEREL (SS-524). In 1968, he returned to Washington and was appointed a strategic planner with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He then attended the Air War College and took command of MILWAUKEE (AOR-2). Bill returned to Washington and became an instructor at the National War College, did a tour to OpNav at the Pentagon and retired in 1981 following a tour on the international affairs staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His medals include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Navy Commendation and Vietnam Service medals. He was a life member of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and The Naval Institute. Bill was active in St. Philip the Apostle Church in Camp Springs, MD, where he served on the parish council, sang in the choir and lectored. Captain Shaughnessy is survived by his wife of 59 years, the former Patricia Crandall of Annapolis, MD; son, William Jr.; daughters, Ann, Susan, Mary and Kathryn; 16 grandchildren (including Matthew Baglini ’13); and one great-grandchild. He is also survived by his twin brother, Captain John Shaughnessy, USN (Ret.); and sisters, Mary Sharp and Margaret Shaughnessy. He was predeceased by his daughter, Dr. Maureen Shaughnessy, Lieutenant, MC, USN. A funeral service was held on 25 January 2014 and interment followed at Arlington National Cemetery on 20 May.

Life is the sacred mystery singing to itself, dancing to its drum, telling tales, improvising, playing… ~Manitonquat 190


WILLIAM THOMAS CARL SR. ’52 Commander William T. Carl Sr., USN (Ret.), of Wernersville, PA, passed away on 18 April 2014 in his residence. He was 85 years old. Born in Reading, PA, he was a son of the late William F. Carl and Elizabeth (Smith) Carl-Keffer. He was a 1947 graduate of Reading High School and a 1952 graduate in the 12th Company of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He retired in 1978 after 31 years of service from the U.S. Navy, retiring as a commander, and having served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. He was the husband of the late Mary Jane (Tregea) Carl, who died on 24 December 2012. He is survived by two sons, William T. Carl Jr. of Wernersville, PA, and Paul A. Carl of Bowie, MD; a daughter, Patricia L. “CiCi,” wife of James Donnelly of California, MD; two sisters, Margaret Daniels of West Lawn, PA, and Elizabeth Shuman of Mt. Penn, PA; and four grandchildren, Kate, Colin, Taylor and Jack Donnelly. Interment took place on 7 May 2014 at the Naval Academy Columbarium, followed by a Celebration of Life on 20 May. His will be tough shoes to fill. In lieu of flowers, in memory of William, memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, 498 E. Bellevue Ave., Reading, PA 19605. Online condolences may be made at JOHN CEDRIC CONOVER ’52 Lieutenant Colonel John C. Conover, USAF (Ret.), passed away on 26 April 2014. “Ced” was born on 24 August 1929, in Lincoln, NE. He attended the Naval Academy, graduated with the Ninth Company and joined the Air Force. During his 26-year military career, he was a jet fighter pilot, stationed in Okinawa and Seoul, Korea; worked at the Pentagon; and served on the Inspector General’s team. He attended the War College and earned a master’s degree in electronics at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Ced married his first wife, Rose Marie Miles, in 1955, and raised three children in Alexandria,VA. They later divorced. In 1987, he married the love of his life, Carol Calcaterra, and they lived together in Bozeman, MT, and Sierra Vista, AZ, with a two-year stint traveling the country in an RV. He taught gliding and had a business towing gliders, called Drag N Fly. He was very active in Big Brothers and Sisters and tutored for the CAP program. Ced loved life and learning was very much a part of the richness of life for him. His passions were an ever-increasing variety of intellectual and physical pursuits, from geology and astronomy, to windsurfing and paragliding. Ced was a master sailor and his love for travel took him all over the world. Despite his exceptional accomplishments, he was a humble man who preferred to listen to others than talk about himself. He had a gentle, loving way

with everyone he met. Ced especially enjoyed children and had a magical way with them. He was a genuinely “good person” with a strong moral compass and lived his life as a man of high integrity. Folks who knew Ced say it was an honor to know him. He had an infectious smile and no one was ever a stranger. Ced was predeceased by his son, Tim. He is survived by his wife, Carol; brothers, Robert and Richard; son, Michael; daughter, Shari Rosenberg; stepsons, Steve, Richard, Ted and Tony; and four granddaughters, Hannah, Isobel, Sydney, and Ave Calcaterra. Memorial services were held on 17 May 2014 at Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church in Belgrade, MT. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the National Parkinson’s Research Foundation, Gift Processing Center, P.O. Box 5018, Hagerstown, MD 21741. Please reference: “In memory of John C. Conover.” Ced was an awesome husband, brother, dad and grandfather. He will be deeply missed. CLARENCE LOUIS JOHNSON ’52 Clarence L. “Deacon” Johnson, 86, died on 12 January 2014 in New Albany, IN. He was 86 years old. “Deac” served in the U.S. Navy from 1946 to 1948 as a seaman first class. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1952, with a degree in engineering. He proudly served his country during the Korean War in the Navy and Air Force. He also served in the U.S. Air Force as a captain from 1952 until 1956. He was an engineer with General Electric Co. from 1956 until 1976, and retired from the American Sterilizer Co. in 1992. Johnny was an active member of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Southeast Christian Church. Survivors include his wife, Nancy L. Johnson; and three sons (and their wives), Steven L. Johnson (Dona), Daniel L. Johnson (Lucy) and David L. Johnson (Denise). Also surviving are seven grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and a brother, Frederick Johnson. Services were held on 15 January 2014 in New Albany, IN, with full military honors. His funeral was held on 16 June 2014 at Arlington National Cemetery. Memorials, in lieu of flowers, may be sent to: International Missions Attn: Haiti Medical, Southeast Christian Church, 920 Blankenbaker Parkway, Louisville, KY 40243-1845; or Harvest House, 4004 Woodcliffe Ave., Dayton, OH 45420; or Choices for Women Resource Center, 2656 Charlestown Rd., New Albany, IN 47150.

Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. ~Steve Maraboli

RONALD GLENN SHAW ’52 Colonel Ronald G. Shaw, USAF (Ret.), went to be with the Lord and his beloved wife, Dorothy, on 4 January 2014. “Ron” was born in Annapolis, MD, on 7 March 1930. He attended Annapolis High School, Severn Preparatory School and George Washington College. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1948, graduated with a BS degree in the 12th Company with the Class of 1952 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. During his illustrious 27 years in the military, he held many management and command positions at duty stations all over the world. He retired from active duty in 1975. His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service, Commendation Medal Air Force Commendation Medal, Korean and Vietnam Service Medal, UN Medals and many others. A brilliant man, he was fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. He was a graduate of the Air and Staff College, and earned a master of science degree in public administration from The George Washington University. After retirement, he remained active by teaching at Our Lady of the Lake University, and had been on the adjunct faculty of San Antonio College for the past 25 years. He also held positions in the chemical distribution business and opened “first mover” operation for a Mexican surfactant producer in the U.S. Additionally, he had his own business as a chemical consultant. Ron’s hobbies included classical piano, reading and gardening. He is survived by, and will be forever missed by, his children, Karen Marie Hicks, Cynthia Anne Wantland (Michael), Linda Jean Shaw, Michael Joseph Shaw (Diane) and Stephen Paul Shaw; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and his sister, Sharon Cyrus of Annapolis, MD. Interment, with full military honors, took place at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. JOHN HUNTLY BOYD JR. ’53 Captain John H. Boyd Jr., USN (Ret.), died on 25 February 2014 in Fairfax,VA, from mesothelioma. “Huntly” was born on 12 December 1931 in Wyandotte, MI, to Dr. John H. Boyd and Pauline Kyte Boyd. A member of the Naval Academy Class of 1953, he was a swimmer and a member of the 11th Company staff. On 28 January 1956, he married Mary E. “Libby” Hogan. After serving on GAINARD and JOHN S. MCCAIN, he earned a master’s degree in naval architecture and marine engineering and the degree of naval engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his naval career, he performed duty at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, the naval ship repair facility in Guam and with the staffs of Commander Service Group Three and Commander Service Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. He had a May-June 2014


LASTCALL subspecialty of diving and salvage and served as officer in charge, Navy Experimental Diving Unit, and as Director of Ocean Engineering and Supervisor of Salvage, Naval Sea Systems Command. In this capacity, he was responsible for clearing wrecks from the Suez Canal in 1974, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. He was also awarded four Navy Commendation Medals. In 1966, he received the Gold Medal Award of the American Society of Naval Engineers in recognition of his salvage work following Hurricane Karen in Guam, the salvage of CARD in Saigon, and the salvage of FRANK KNOX on Pratas Reef in the South China Sea. This operation, performed during a tropical storm, was an engineering milestone in the use of foam-in-salvage. He served as Planning Officer, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and as Commander, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and retired as a captain in 1981. He subsequently consulted in marine and Navy-related projects. After his naval retirement, Huntly and Libby returned to their long-time home in Alexandria. They moved to The Woodlands in Fairfax in 2008. He is survived by sons, John (Debbie), David (Terri), and Adam; daughters, Sarah Blair (Hunt) and Amy Crawford (Neil); and eight grandchildren. He is also survived by a brother, Dr. Paul K. Boyd (Phyllis); and a sister, Brenda Boyd Camou. Huntly was predeceased by his wife, Libby, and his brother, David F. Boyd. LAWRENCE STUART COLWELL ’54 Captain Lawrence S. Colwell, USNR (Ret.), died on 10 March 2014 of congestive heart failure. Born in Auburn, NY, “Larry” was the son of Paul F. Colwell and Blanche Daniels Colwell. He graduated from Auburn East High School, where he was on the basketball and tennis teams, the marching band and orchestra, theater, Arrow staff and honor society. He was president of De Molay and was an Eagle Scout. He received appointments to both the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy. He chose the Naval Academy. At Annapolis, he was in the marching band, tennis and sailing teams and was a brigade officer. He sailed in the Bermuda races for USNA and was on the rowing team that participated in the Olympics. He graduated as an ensign with a BS in engineering in 1954. He served on STORMES (DD-780), on the staff of Destroyer Div 362 and SEA POACHER (SS-406). In 1959, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Advanced Nuclear Power Program, joining a fleet and ballistic missile submarine, JOHN MARSHALL (SSBN-611), as engineering officer. Following this tour, he became commanding officer of various Reserve units in Binghamton, NY, Groton, CT, and Brooklyn, NY. After leaving the Navy, he earned an M.B.A. in marketing and held several positions in aerospace firms. He continued to serve the Navy for 43 years as a Blue & Gold officer for the Naval Academy, interviewing high school students interested in the Naval Academy and advising them on their options. In 1993, Larry moved to Washington, NC, and helped form the Pamlico Sail and Power Squadron. He served as its treasurer,



education officer and commander. He attained the highest educational ranking and became assistant and then district education officer, overseeing the activities of local officers throughout the state. He was a member of the Washington Racquet Club, the Washington Yacht and Country Club, the Washington Rowing Club and was an avid sail and power boater. He also enjoyed tennis and golf. He leaves his wife, Joyce; children, Diane A. Colwell and Mark S. Colwell from a previous marriage; and a sister, Virginia Read. Larry’s final request was that his ashes were to be scattered over the water. Memorials may be sent to the Colwell Education Fund, c/o Commander Edie Miller, Pamlico Sail and Power Squadron, 133 Fairway Drive, Washington, NC 27889. WAYNE THOMAS FRYE ’54 Colonel Wayne T. Frye, USAF (Ret.), died on 26 February 2014 of myocardial infarction at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. Wayne was born in Trinity, KY, on 6 November 1930 to the late Clive and Jane (Tully) Frye. After graduating from Manchester High School in 1948, he joined the Marines, where he was given the opportunity to attend the Naval Academy Prep School. He entered the Naval Academy and was in the 16th Company. While at Annapolis, he was a member of the famous “Great Eight” that won the 1952 Olympic gold medal in Men’s Coxed Eights rowing crew. Wayne graduated With Honors in 1954, and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Force, where he became a fighter pilot. After serving at Niagara Falls and Andrews Air Force bases, he attended MIT, where he earned an MS. He then taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In 1964, he attended and then became an instructor at the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School. In 1968, Wayne served in Vietnam, where he commanded the 555th Fighter Squadron, called the “Triple Nickel.” During that time, he flew 266 combat missions, shot down a MIG-19, was awarded two Silver Stars, five Distinguished Flying Crosses, 15 Air Medals and a Purple Heart. He retired in 1974 with 22 years of active duty. He was a former employee of Sundstrand, Continental Airlines, Leach Corp, and taught at the Maysville Community College. He was inducted into the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame in 2012. He was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and belonged to the Bentonville Community Church. He is survived by his wife, Glenda (Lawrence) Frye of Manchester, OH; children, Jeff Frye (Shari) of Long Beach, CA, Jon Frye of Oceanside, CA, Julie Haynie (Greg) of Corona, CA, and Wayne T. “Chip” Frye Jr. of Costa Mesa, CA; stepchildren, Michael Tracy (Rosa) of Maysville, KY, Julie Allen (Danny) of Maysville, KY, and Brad Johnson of San Francisco, CA; 11 grandchildren; and a great-grandson.

Funeral services were held on 1 March 2014 at the Manchester High School in Manchester, OH. Burial followed at the Manchester Cemetery with military honors provided by the Adams County Honor Guard. Memorials may be made to the Manchester Community Care Center, P.O. Box 493, Manchester, OH 45144-0493. Semper Fidelis, Wayne T. Ed Tipshus ’54 VINCENT DEPAUL KANE JR. ’55 Vincent D. Kane Jr. of Birmingham, AL, 80, was called home by his Lord and Savior on 2 August 2013. “Vince” was born on 4 December 1932, in Tenafly, NJ, to Vincent DePaul and Marion Pinera Kane. Following a year at Columbian Prep, he was appointed to the Naval Academy. He graduated with the Class of 1955 as a member of the 14th Company. He was the source of humor known as “Salty Sam.” After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, he moved to Charleston, SC, where, in 1957, he met and married Legare Coker, and was employed by Westvaco. Over the years, he held various financial and property management positions in Florida until his retirement in 1987. Vince was an avid sailor and published several articles on the subject. He and his wife enjoyed an active life of sailing and lived aboard their boat for several years until settling in Niceville, FL, in 1993. In 2006, they moved to Birmingham, AL. Mr. Kane and his wife were long time members of the Presbyterian Church of America and had a passion for world missions. He was an elder at First Presbyterian PCA of Niceville, FL, and helped establish the missions’ ministry there. As a member of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, he was involved in many small groups and led a home bible study. He enjoyed designing boats and homes and pursued a great breadth and depth of reading. He was a talented painter and writer and his writing often reflected his dry and joyful wit. He loved bringing encouragement and humor to those all around him. He will be missed by many! Vince is survived by his wife of nearly 56 years, Legare Coker Kane; daughter, Laurie Legare Flayhart (Bob); son, Brian O’Neill Kane; sister, Pamela Kane DiMarino (William); grandchildren, Joshua James Flayhart (Kara), Hannah Legare Flayhart, Michael Robert Flayhart, Nathan O’Neill Kane and Savanna Taylor Kane; cousin, Harry Lister (Erika); brother-in-law, Stephen Coker (Martha); nephew, Clark Coker (Aimee); nieces, Christa Calamas, Helen Berenyi (Tony) and Anne Wallace; and numerous grand-nephews and grand-nieces. A celebration memorial service for Vince was held at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church on Saturday, 10 August 2013. Inurnment of ashes took place on 14 June 2014 at St. James Church in Charleston, SC. Memorial gifts may be made to the Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church Global Missions Fund, 5080 Cahaba Valley Trace, Birmingham, AL 35242-5080.

JAMES MARVIN PERRYMAN JR. ’55 Colonel James M. Perryman Jr., USMC (Ret.), passed away on 31 December 2013. He was 80 years old. A native of Washington, DC, “Jim” received a Marine Reserve appointment to the Naval Academy and graduated with the Class of 1955 as a member of the 19th Company. Upon graduation, he served with the First Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA, as a weapons platoon commander and CO of a bridge company. He graduated from Flight School in 1958 and served in Marine helicopter squadrons in Santa Ana, CA, deploying in 1961 with the first Marine helicopter squadron to see combat in Vietnam. Following a tour as OinC of the helicopter SAR unit in Yuma, AZ, Jim deployed with Marine Observation Squadron Six for his second combat tour in Vietnam as a Huey gunship pilot. On 16 June 1966, under heavy fire from hostile forces, then-Captain Perryman made three trips, landing in the midst of enemy forces to rescue wounded and dead Marines and actively oppose enemy forces. For his conspicuous gallantry, he was awarded the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. Following graduation from Amphibious Warfare School in the fall of 1966, Jim served in Marine Helicopter One, where his duties included White House liaison officer and presidential helicopter aircraft commander. In 1970, he returned to Vietnam serving as XO and CO of helicopter squadrons earning a Bronze Star and his 61st Air Medal. In 1971, he again reported for duty with Marine Helicopter One, serving for three years as presidential command pilot, transporting President Nixon, the vice president and numerous foreign heads-of-state. Following graduation with honors from the College of Naval Warfare in 1975, Jim served in NavAir as program manager for the acquisition of Navy and Marine helicopters until his retirement from active duty in 1981. He then joined Advanced Technology Inc in Arlington,VA, and as a program director provided acquisition engineering support to DOD. Jim is survived by his wife of 58 years, Frances I. “Fran” Perryman; two sons, Jeffrey W. Perryman and Glenn A. Perryman; two daughters-in-law; a granddaughter; a grandson; and two great-granddaughters. A graveside service with military honors was held on 9 January 2014 at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia. The family requests that memorial gifts be made to the Wounded Warriors Fund in his name at: www.wounded

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May-June 2014


LASTCALL ROBERT LOUIS SMITH ’55 Commander Robert L. Smith, USN (Ret.), died from complications due to pancreatic cancer in Maitland, FL, on 9 April 2014. He was 80 years old. Following a year at Rutgers University, “Bob” was appointed to the Naval Academy from the state of New Jersey. He graduated with the Class of 1955 as a member of the 16th Company. Following graduation, Bob served in WARRINGTON (DD-843), completed Submarine School and served in POMPON (SSR-267) and TENCH (SS-417). He then served as communications officer on the staff of Commander Submarine Squadron Six. In 1962, he transferred ashore to the staff of Commander Fleet Air Wings, Atlantic, and served two years as submarine liaison officer to Task Group Delta, working on the development and evaluation of airborne antisubmarine tactics. After a tour in SEA CAT (SS-399), he served two years as XO of QUILLBACK (SS-424). In July 1967, he returned ashore serving as the Director ProSubmarine Training, Fleet Sonar School, Key West, FL. Promoted to commander in November 1969, he reported to the staff of Commander Naval Forces,Vietnam, and completed a one-year in-country tour as Director, Naval Operations Center. Following an assignment to the staff of Commander Amphibious Group Two as group training and readiness officer, Bob earned an MS in management at the Naval Postgraduate School. He then served three years on the staff of the Chief of Naval Technical Training in Millington, TN, as Director, Human Resources Management Training. In October 1976, he was ordered to the Naval Training Center, Orlando, FL as Executive Officer, Naval Administrative Command. He retired from active duty in February 1980. His decorations include the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal and various campaign and service medals, including two from the Republic of Vietnam. Following retirement, Bob worked as an instructional developer of computer based training for Eagle Technology, and later for Carley Corporation, both in Orlando, FL. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Maralynn; son, Robert and his family from Gainesville, FL; daughter, Alissa and her family in Conway, SC; four grandchildren; one greatgranddaughter; and a brother, H.Victor Smith Jr. of Edgewater Park, NJ. A memorial service was held at the Winter Park Presbyterian Church in Winter Park, FL, on 27 April 2014. Inurnment at Arlington Cemetery was scheduled for a later date.

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JAMES REGINALD STEVENS SR. ’55 Commander James R. Stevens Sr., USN (Ret.), of Cheboygan, MI, died at his winter home in Washington, IN, on 9 April 2014. He was 82 years old. A native of Illinois, “Jim” joined the Navy after graduation from Maine Township High School in Des Plaines, IL. Following Officers Training School, he attended the U.S. Naval Academy, earning a BS in electrical engineering. Upon graduation in 1955, he served aboard JENKINS (DDE-447) in Hawaii from 1955 to 1957. He then attended Submarine School in New London, CT, (1957-1959). Stevens served aboard BARRACUDA (1959-1961), followed by the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, BSEE (electrical engineering) in 1963. He served on CORPORAL (SS-346) from 1963 to 1965. He then served as NATO English instructor at the German Naval Academy, Flensburg, Germany (1965-1967). He served aboard TUSK (SS-421), New London (1967-1969). In Newport, RI, he was an instructor at the Naval War College (1969-1971). From 1971 to 1974, he worked at Crystal City in Washington, DC, and attended The George Washington University, 1971 MSIA (international affairs). His final billet was as Naval MLO at the U.S. Embassy, Quito, Ecuador (1973-1977). He retired in 1977 from Crane, IN. In 1977, Jim began his career as a teacher, first as NJROTC instructor and then as math/physics teacher at Washington High School (Washington, IN), retiring in 1989. Jim was a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church and choir, associate member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, The Retired Officers Association, The Navy League, Kiwanis and American Legion. He was founder of Gemutlishkeit, a German oompa band and played trumpet in the Straits Area Concert Band, Mackinaw, MI. His passions included playing music and sailing his boat, ABER SCHON. Jim is survived by his wife of 58 years, the former Lois Gehring of Bloomfield, NJ; daughters, Holly Stevens and Heather Clymer (Ron); and granddaughters, Ashley, Brandy and Valerie Clymer. His son, James R. Stevens Jr., preceded him in death. Christian memorial services were conducted in Washington, IN, on 19 April 2014, with interment at Sugarland Memorial Gardens with full military honors provided by the American Legion Post 121 and VFW honor guard Post 3321. The Stevens Family ARTHUR CRANWELL BOENSCH ’56 Arthur C. Boensch, Esquire, died peacefully at his home in Walterboro, SC, on 6 February 2014 due to heart failure. Born on 9 November 1933 in Charleston, SC, “Cranny” attended Moultrie High School in Mount Pleasant, SC, where he was class and student body president. A star athlete, he led his undefeated football team to the state championship in 1950 and set a record 32 touchdowns and

10 extra points, an individual record that lasted for 34 years. He attended Bullis Prep and received the award as Best Overall Student. At Annapolis, Cranny was a member of the 20th Company. Disappointingly, a knee injury Third Class Year ended his football days. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy in 1956, Cranny served as assistant navigator of a heavy cruiser, attended Submarine School, and subsequently served on a diesel submarine and as commissioning weapons officer on HENRY CLAY (SSBN-625). He resigned his commission in 1967 to attend law school at the University of South Carolina. While there, he was elected president of his law school fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. Cranny practiced law in Walterboro and was the municipal judge for five years. Highly respected, he was listed in Who’s Who of American Law. Cranny was active in many local and state organizations and his church. He served the Boy Scouts of America as scoutmaster for 18 years and in other leadership roles, including the governing board of the Coastal Carolina Council. He was awarded the Silver Beaver Award, the highest recognition an adult scouter can receive. In the Episcopal Church, Cranny served on the vestry of his local parish and on the standing committee of the Diocese of South Carolina. He was an active participant in the Faith Alive Movement and served as vice chairman of its national governing board. He also served as chairman of the governing board for the Colleton County (SC) commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Cranny was an avid sailor and won numerous sailing trophies in local regattas, using every excuse necessary to get out on the water. Cranny had an unusually warm and loving relationship with his family. He is survived by his wife, Annelle; three children; three stepchildren; 17 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; and his brother, Dr. Frank Boensch IV. He was predeceased by two daughters and a stepson. Cranny was buried in Live Oak Cemetery in Walterboro, SC, with military honors. Charles Pollak ’52 & The Boensch Family NORMAN LEA HUTCHINGS FRITH II ’56 Norman L.H. Frith, passed away on 24 August 2013 in Cleveland, OH, at the age of 81. The son of Norman L.H. Frith and Edna Hackney, “Norm” was born on 30 January 1932 in Bermuda, where he spent his teen years. He attended La Salle Military Academy in New York and the Asheville School in North Carolina. Somewhat diminutive in size and nicknamed “The Flea,” he was a colorful member of the Third Company and was always proud of his association with the Naval Academy. For 15 years after graduation from USNA, he served in the Air Force, specializing in electronic warfare. In Southeast Asia in 1966-1967, he flew 100 combat missions over North Vietnam as a crew member in the F-105 Wild Weasel. These challenging flights were among the most dangerous missions of the war. For his courage and skill, he was awarded the Silver Star, two

Distinguished Flying Crosses and 11 Air Medals. His flight commander described him as, “cool and decisive in combat” and a man who displayed “initiative, enthusiasm and loyalty.” After leaving the Air Force as a major, he joined Varian Associates Inc. and later, Motorola, where he used his electronic background to further improve the nation’s war fighting abilities. He was a member of the Association of Old Crows and was vice commander of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association, the “River Rats,” where he helped sponsor an extensive scholarship program called the Air Warrior Courage Foundation. His love for Bermuda persisted throughout his life, and he and his wife, Sarita, divided their time between their home in Cleveland and Bermuda. In retirement, they enjoyed an active social life in Cleveland, where he was a member of the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club and the Kirtland Country Club. In Bermuda, he belonged to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Coral Beach Club, Mid-Ocean Club and Riddles Bay Golf Club. He was an avid golfer who took the game quite seriously, and his hobby of needlepoint work produced remarkably beautiful results. He is survived by his wife, Sarita B. Frith; sons, Norman and Martin; daughters, Leah and Joanna; stepdaughters, Tanya, Sally, Laurie, Jane and Sarita; two grandsons; and one great-grandson. His son, Scott, and stepdaughter, Sabrina, preceded him in death. Norm overcame many obstacles in his life with an enormous and generous heart. He will be missed. ROBERT FRANK ARNOLD ’57 “Bob” Arnold died of a heart attack on 13 November 2013 in Lakewood, CO. He was 78 years old. A native of Saratoga Springs, NY, he was born on 24 December 1934. Bob grew up in Saratoga Springs with his parents, Leita and Frank Arnold and his sister, Janet, and graduated from Saratoga High School in 1952. After high school, Bob attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In 1953, he was admitted as a midshipman to the United States Naval Academy, where he was in the 13th Company. Upon graduation in 1957, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and was awarded a degree of bachelor of science in electrical engineering. After graduating from Annapolis, he went on to serve in the United States Air Force. He was stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA, where, as a first lieutenant base engineer, he was responsible for air base construction and maintenance in California and Turkey. He left the full-time service of the Air Force in October of 1960, but continued to serve the Air Force Reserve as a captain until June of 1964. Bob had an exciting civilian career working as an engineer for Pacific Gas and Electric in California; project engineer for an Arabian American oil company in Saudi Arabia; project engineer for Amerada Hess Oil Corporation on an island in the Persian Gulf; project engineer for Solar Energy Research Institute; electrical engineer for the U.S. Department of the Interior; electrical engineer for public works at the Naval Postgraduate School; electrical project manager for the General Services Administration; May-June 2014


LASTCALL and senior quality assurance representative for Oilfield Materials Consultants, Inc. in Lakewood, CO. Bob also obtained his real estate license and became an investment broker. Bob will probably be best remembered for his sense of humor and his ability to make friends wherever he went. He is survived by his son, Eric Arnold (Heidi); daughter, Patricia Conklin (Chris); sister, Janet Ahola (Richard); and four grandchildren, Leita Conklin, Hannah Arnold, Jake Arnold and Isabelle Conklin. Memorial services were conducted on 4 April 2014 at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, CO. The Arnold Family DAVID JON STILLER ’57 David Stiller, a longtime resident of Costa Mesa, CA, passed away of natural causes on 9 March 2014. “Dave” was born on 17 October 1935 in Pittsburgh, PA, to Caroline Leichliter Stiller and Paul F. Stiller. He graduated from Cleveland Heights High School (Ohio) in 1953. At the Naval Academy, he was a member of the 3rd and 23rd companies and graduated with the Class of 1957. He served for two years aboard PHILIPPINE SEA (CVS-47), (where, among other duties, he coached the softball team), TICONDEROGA (CVA-14), HELENA (CA-75) and GURKE (DD-783). He was assigned as communications officer at NavComSta in Rota, Spain, where again, his love of baseball and softball played out. Dave resigned his commission in 1965 and relocated to the Cleveland area, as a purchasing agent for the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. He married Montreal native, Clarisse Neiderer, a U.S. Air Force surgical nurse. He completed two years at Cleveland Marshall Law School. Clarisse and David had two sons, Eric (1967) and Braden (1968). In 1969, Dave became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch. In 1971, the family moved to Costa Mesa, CA. In 1973, Dave started a 23-year career as an investigator and litigation specialist with Allstate Insurance. David loved attending Cleveland Orchestra concerts and he and Clarisse attended many Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Pacific Symphony concerts. He also spent many hours as a volunteer helping Public Radio Station KUSC (classical) during pledge drives. Upon retirement, David invested countless hours, up until his death, helping locate “missing” members of the Class of 1957, their spouses and children. He was very proud of his ability to find almost anyone. The class will miss these services. David greatly mourned the loss of Clarisse in 2007. He continued to serve and lead in the city of Costa Mesa, which he began as a Transportation Commissioner (1991). Dave also served with Parks and Recreation, Finance Advisory, Fairview Park Citizen’s Advisory, the local senior center, and a local Presbyterian church. He was so active and well-respected in the community, that his passing warranted a front-page article in the local newspaper. Dave was predeceased by his son from his first marriage, Jon Paul Stiller (4/11/1960—11/21/1992). He is survived by his sons, Eric and Braden; and brothers, Paul ’58 and Roger.



A memorial service took place on 30 May 2014 at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Costa Mesa. His ashes will be scattered at sea. JAMES LEO FITZGERALD JR. ’58 Commander James L. Fitzgerald Jr., USN (Ret.), passed away on 30 March 2014 at home in Aiea, HI. He was known as “Rick” to his family,“Fitz” to his classmates and “Jim” to others. He was born in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY, to James L. and Grace (Doyle) Fitzgerald on 18 July 1935. They moved to Syracuse, NY, when he was three. He graduated with the Christian Brothers Academy class of 1953, where he was an All-City football player. He was very proud when his senior year CBA football team was inducted into the 2012 Lasallian Athletic Hall of Fame. He next attended Bullis School, class of 1954, where he played baseball and football. The “Little Admirals” met the greatest University of Maryland freshman football team since 1947 and defeated them 26-7 in the first annual Silver Bowl Charity game. Fitz then brought his red head of hair and athletic ability to the Naval Academy, where his talents at a number of activities soon became evident, particularly his play with the football squad. He graduated and was commissioned with the Class of 1958, a member of Third Company (the Brigade’s Color Company, 1957-1958). Fitz loved sea duty. A Surface Warfare Officer, he served aboard BORDELON (DDR-881); ComDesDiv 262; XO, CLAUD JONES (DE-1033); XO, VOGELGESANG (DD-862); aide/executive assistant ComSixthFlt. Shore duty included: the Naval Postgraduate School, MS degree in operations analysis; Strategic Analysis Support Group, Washington, DC; Bureau of Naval Personnel; XO, Data Processing Service Center Pacific; CO, Navy Regional Data Automation Center, Pearl Harbor, HI. He retired from active duty on 1 July 1983. Jim had two private sector jobs before retiring in 1990. The first as Director, Pacific Region with Systems Management America Corporation and the second as Manager, Pacific Region with Bolt Beranek and Newman Communications Corporation. Rick was predeceased by his parents and younger brother, Michael. He is survived by his loving wife, Rebecca Fitzgerald; daughter, Karen Marrero (Frank), who brought him great pride and joy; beloved grandson, Frankie; sister, JoAn Feyerabend (William), with whom he shared a close bond; and many dear nieces and nephews. He worked hard, he played hard. He enjoyed sharing good meals, wine and laughter with family and friends. He loved and was loved in return. Jim’s ashes will be scattered at sea with a committal ceremony performed aboard a deployed U.S. Navy ship.

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DOUGLAS VOLGENAU ’59 Rear Admiral Douglas Volgenau, USN (Ret.), succumbed on 25 March 2014 as a result of complications associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He was 76 years old. Admiral Volgenau was raised in Clarence, NY, a small town outside of Buffalo. He attended a one room school through the sixth grade, Amherst Central High School and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with the Class of 1959. At sea, he served on a destroyer and four submarines, commanding BILLFISH (SSN-676), a STURGEON-class fast attack submarine, for three years. Ashore, Admiral Volgenau commanded the Naval Nuclear Power School at Mare Island, CA; served as senior member of the Pacific Fleet Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board; commanded Submarine Squadron 10 in New London, CT; and then served as commander of the Naval Underwater Systems Center (NUSC), including the laboratory in Newport, RI, and the Underwater Sound Laboratory in New London, CT. As a flag officer, he served as the director of Submarine Combat and Weapons System in the Naval Sea Systems Command and then as the first program executive officer, Submarine Combat and Weapons Systems. He retired in 1991, after 32 years of service. Following retirement from the Navy, Admiral Volgenau became a consultant for the Defense and Department of Energy agencies and their support contractors. He spent 20 years as an outside expert for the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. In this capacity, he assisted the board staff in the oversight of the Department of Energy’s extensive nuclear weapons facilities complex. Admiral Volgenau is survived by his beloved wife of 53 years, Sue, whom he had chosen to be the 1959 USNA Color Girl. They have three children, Gigi Bruce (Scott), Douglas Jr. ’85 and Andrea Beach (John ’85); eight loving grandchildren, Sarah, Andrew and Gillian Bruce, Zayisha and Xavier Volgenau, John Jr., and Kevin and Kelly Beach; and his surviving siblings, Coleman Volgenau, Gretchen V. McMaster, Dorothy V. Foote and Ernst Volgenau ’55. A memorial service was held on 28 March 2014 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the ALS Association DC/MD/VA Chapter, 7507 Standish Place, Rockville, MD 20855; or The Dorothy Coleman Volgenau Scholarship Fund, Amherst Central High School, 4301 Main Street, Amherst, NY 14226. JOHN JOSEPH REILLY ’60 “Jack” Reilly of Skillman, NJ, passed away at Foothill Acres Nursing Home in Hillsborough, NJ, on 30 January 2014. He was 76 years old. Born in Brooklyn, NY, to John and Marion (Sahm) Reilly, Jack graduated high school from St. Francis Prep in Brooklyn, NY. He was a proud graduate of the Naval Academy Class of 1960. During his time as a midshipman, Jack displayed an unfailingly clever

sense of humor, as well as being a tenacious competitor and very active participant in various intramural sports. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne,WY. For four years, he served as a deputy missile combat crew commander on an Atlas “E” operational intercontinental missile crew as part of the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command. He was on duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Jack’s military career ended in 1964, when he was honorably discharged from the Air Force. Jack balanced a successful career as a corporate executive, along with doing the things he loved most in his life: spending time with his family, playing golf, coaching Little League, leading the Boy Scouts, running school booster clubs and volunteering for many charitable organizations, especially Catholic Charities. Most of all, Jack treasured the many years he spent with his beloved wife, Dorothy, travelling to over 37 countries and making everlasting memories with his dear family and friends. In addition to his wife, Dorothy (Wargo) Reilly, Jack is survived by his sons, John (fiancée, Gina) and Steven (wife, Sandy); daughter, Lori Schaefer (husband, Frank); sister, Christine Almskog (husband, Douglas); brothers-in-law, Albert Wargo (wife, Patricia) and John Wargo (wife, Linda); seven grandchildren, Joshua, Jessica (fiancé, J.R.), Benjamin, Erin, Julia, Jae and Jack; and two great-grandsons, Damon and Avery. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, 5 February 2014 in Princeton, NJ. After a private cremation, Jack’s remains were placed in the Naval Academy Columbarium. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial donations be made to an organization dear to Jack’s heart, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton. Please mail donations to Nancy Tompkins, Development Director, 383 West State St., Trenton, NJ 08618. BRUCE BEATTY LENZ ’63 Bruce B. Lenz died in Oklahoma City, OK, on 9 April 2014 with family at his side after a courageous, but brief struggle with cancer. He was 73. Born in Evanston, IL, in 1941 to Lois and Donald Lenz, Bruce grew up in Chicago, then upstate New York. A star athlete and student president at Skaneateles High School, he graduated with honors and joined the Naval Academy Class of 1963. By graduation, as a member of 20th Company, Bruce had earned a reputation for friendship, camaraderie and intellect. Academics came easy to him and he readily shared his savvy with classmates. He fit well into John Paul Jones’ definition of a gentleman, the kind of guy you wanted with you on liberty, an athletic field, or a tough engineering problem. Bruce was chosen for submarine service and qualified in submarines out of New London, where he met his perfect match, Sally Ames, then finishing Wellesley College. They married in February 1965 and their only son, Mike, was born in 1968, two years before Bruce left active duty. The young family moved to Oklahoma City, Sally’s birthplace, and Bruce began a long and notable career with Kerr-McGee and later, executive positions with companies in nuclear industries. Bruce flourished as a marketer May-June 2014


LASTCALL and engineer, dabbling in computers and model trains as well. He maintained his connection with the sea through sailing, the Oklahoma City Boat Club, Navy League, U.S. Submarine Veterans and the OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723) Commissioning Committee. He was a longtime civic supporter and member of the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. Devotion to family, lasting friendships and business integrity will mark Bruce’s life. He loved and energized family vacations, explorations and reaching out to new social and business relationships. He was truly a man for all seasons and will be sorely missed by classmates and others far beyond his family and local admirers. His greatest joy was spending time with them. Bruce is survived by the love of his life, Sally Lenz of Edmond, OK; son, Michael, daughter-in-law, Christine, and grandchildren, Sophie and Daniel, of Los Altos, CA; brothers, Donald Lenz Jr. of Rio de Janeiro and Robert Dean Lenz of Denver and their families. Inurnment will be at the Naval Academy Columbarium at a later date. The family requests that any donations be made to the USNA Foundation or the Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence. Tom Robertson ’63 & The Lenz Family JOHN GORDON BROWN HOWLAND ’64 John G.B. Howland, 71, of Glenview, IL, passed away peacefully on 17 March 2014 after an extended battle with melanoma. John was born in Portsmouth,VA, to Captain John B. Howland ’39, USN, and his wife, Diana. Like his father and greatgrandfather, Charles H. Howland 1882, John attended the Naval Academy, where he was a member of the Seventh Company, rowed crew and was on the Superintendent’s List. Graduating in 1964, he spent five years in the conventional and nuclear submarine fleet. In later years, John served on the USNA Board of Trustees, reviewed USNA candidates for congressmen and created USNA-At-Large, an online news service for USNA graduates and friends. John met Karen Chastain, his future wife, an “Army brat,” shortly after graduating while both awaited Space A flights to different European destinations. Changing plans, John got the next flight to Karen’s destnation and unexpectedly appeared at her parents’ Orleans, France, home. They were married at the Academy Chapel on 17 February 1968. John enjoyed a 40-year civilian career as a commercial banker, corporate financial officer, magazine publisher and entrepreneur. In NYC, he worked for Citicorp while earning an M.B.A. in corporate finance from NYU. Later, in Chicago, John worked for American Hospital Supply and SKIL Corporation, before leaving to found CASHFLOW Magazine, a leader in the corporate financial management field for over 15 years. John also founded Money Minds, pioneering online financial services for thousands of clients. In semi-retirement, John managed H&R Block offices. John was active in his Glenview community for over 40 years, serving on the high school board; as a Rotary president; founder of the Glenview American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO); and member of the National AYSO board of directors. He lived his philosophy, “Do Something for Somebody,” every day of his life.



A competitive 5K runner, master swimmer, world traveler, proud American and true conservative, John enthusiastically engaged in lively debates with his many liberal friends. John is survived by his wife, Karen; sons (and daughters-in-law), Jack (Sue) and Nick (Malou); four grandsons; brother, David; and sister, Cate. USNA classmates, other alumni and friends attended a memorial service on 5 April at the Glenview Community Church, where John’s contributions to his nation, community and family were remembered and honored. Interment will be at the USNA Columbarium on 19 September 2014 during the Class of 1964’s 50th Reunion. Memorial donations may be made to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. GORDON RAY CHUBBUCK ’65 Gordon R. Chubbuck of Manchester, MO, died on 24 October 2013 at age 70, after battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The son of Dorris and Floyd Chubbuck, Gordon was from Nebraska and entered the Naval Academy directly from high school, where he had excelled in football. He graduated in the 14th Company and did much to help his Classmates with their academics and also enjoyed many games of contract bridge. After graduation, Gordon was assigned to MONROVIA (APA-31) and served his country honorably during the Vietnam War. Following his naval service, he worked in the private sector and eventually retired from the Chrysler Corporation, where he had been a systems analyst. Gordon enjoyed model railroading and was an avid collector. He is survived by his loving wife of almost 35 years, Marianne “Mickey” (nee Antal) Chubbuck; mother, Dorris Chubbuck; sisters, Sondra Schmitt (Don) and Virginia Connor (David); brother,William Chubbuck (Gail); sister-in-law, Barbara Koprivica (Larry); as well as an aunt, and several nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Funeral services were held on 1 November 2013 in Manchester, MO, and interment was at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Mickey offered Gordon’s class ring to our class and it was gratefully received by one of our Classmates who had previously lost his. Mrs. Mickey Chubbuck & Bill Zuna ’65 JOHN WALLIS LEONARD ’67 Commander John W. Leonard, USNR (Ret.), of Herndon,VA, died unexpectedly on 23 December 2013 at age 68. “Wally” was born in Norfolk,VA, on 16 November 1945, son of Rear Admiral William N. Leonard ’38, USN, and Mary Louise Leonard. He grew up on or near naval air stations on both coasts and received his appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1963.

Wally graduated with the Class of 1967 as a proud member of the 31st Company. After commissioning, he earned his naval flight officer Wings. He served several operational tours as a bombardier/navigator in Navy attack squadrons flying the A-6 Intruder, including deployment to the Gulf of Tonkin aboard CORAL SEA (CVA-43) during the height of the Vietnam conflict. Wally attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, earning a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering in 1973. Among other assignments, he also was on the commissioning crew of NIMITZ (CVN-68). He left active duty in 1977, but remained in the Reserves, retiring as a commander in 1989. Wally was not a person to be intimidated by complexity, risk or ambiguity; in his civilian pursuits, he worked for and with a variety of companies in the IT and defense contracting industries, where he enthusiastically tackled diverse opportunities to apply his passion for aeronautics and understanding of weapons systems in addressing business challenges involving systems integration and delivery of command and control solutions to DoD customers. In his personal life, Wally greatly enjoyed keeping in touch with his classmates and friends. He was a frequent attendee at alumni functions, including Navy football games and the recent 50th reunion of his high school class. Wry and fun loving, Wally was always up for a good time, and could somehow manage to find humor in practically any situation. He will surely be missed. Wally is survived by his daughters, Megan E. Leonard and Sarah M. Leonard, both of Los Angeles, CA; and son, John W. Leonard Jr. of Fairfax,VA. Family also includes his sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Louise; brothers,William ’66 and Richard; as well as an aunt; five nieces; a great-niece; and many cousins. Interment took place at the Naval Academy Columbarium on 4 June 2014. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, 1750 Radford Blvd, Suite B, NAS Pensacola, FL 32508; 1-800-327-5002. Bill Leonard ’66 KURT JAMES KAMMERER ’83 Kurt J. Kammerer entered into rest on 25 March 2014 at the age of 53 years in San Diego, CA. Born in in 1960, Kurt grew up in Willingboro, NJ, and graduated from Willingboro High School in 1979. He was appointed to the Naval Academy that same year, joining the Class of 1983. As one of the 23rd Company “Wildmen,” Kurt brought along a ready smile, a mischievous spirit and a big heart. He was a great classmate, leader and, most importantly, friend. His rallying spirit gained him the respect of his friends and colleagues throughout his life. With a love for the water, Kurt was a naval architecture major and an avid sailor. He captained the Academy’s Intercollegiate Sailing Team, sailing 420s all year round, no matter the temperature. Kurt switched to sailing big boats on the offshore team his First Class Year. Following the Naval Academy, Kurt completed Nuclear Power School and was assigned to PARCHE (SSN-683) and subsequently

attained the rank of commander in the Naval Reserves. Kurt settled in the San Diego area, where for the past 26 years, he pursued a second career first running the San Diego Regional Energy Office and then serving a wide variety of clients as an energy consultant. Kurt continued to sail with both the San Diego and Mission Beach yacht clubs, but a visit to his Facebook page would tell you that Kurt’s greatest joy and accomplishment in life was being a father to his sons, Kole and Konner, to whom he was deeply devoted. Together, they enjoyed sailing, hiking, playing baseball and camping with the Sequoia Tribe of the YMCA Indian Guides. In addition to his sons, Kole and Konner (both of San Diego), Kurt is survived by his parents, Allan and Doris Kammerer; his three brothers (and sisters-in-law), Kevin (Lorraine), Keith (Brenda) and Kris Kammerer (Joan); a niece; five nephews; and his extended family and friends. Kurt was laid to rest in a private ceremony at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA. A celebration of Kurt’s life and memorial service with military honors took place at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on 13 June 2014. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Kole and Konner Kammerer, c/o Wells Fargo Bank, 450 Atlantic City Blvd., Bayville, NJ 08721. Mark Watson ’83,Timothy Rebhorn ’83 & Richard Hans ’83 MICHAEL SCOTT MELTON ’85 “Scott” Melton passed away on 6 March 2014 in Anderson, SC, after a brave battle with cancer, surrounded by family and friends. He was 51 years old. Scott claimed this verse as his own: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7. Scott was born in York, AL, son of Wendell Melton and the late Gloria Langham Melton. He attended Coral Springs High School in Coral Springs, FL, and entered the Naval Academy in 1981. Scott was a member of the 14th Company and graduated with the Class of 1985 with a degree in oceanography. He served in the Navy for five years as a Surface Warfare officer and afterwards, worked for Michelin for 24 years, where he was a strategic account manager. Scott was a loving husband, father, grandpa, son, brother, uncle and friend. He is survived by his loving and devoted wife of 27 years, Lisa M. Melton; son and daughter-in-law, Colin and Elyse; son, Caleb; daughter, Rachel; granddaughter, Ella Riley Melton; father, Wendell Melton; brothers, Dr. David Melton, Ph.D. and Commander Corey Melton ’88, USN (Ret.); and numerous nephews, nieces and cousins. A memorial service was held on 9 March 2014 at Mt. Airy Baptist Church in Easley, SC. Burial at Sea will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Hospice of the Upstate, 1835 Rogers Road, Anderson, SC, 29621; the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK 73123; or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Donor Services, P.O. Box 4072, Pittsfield, MA 01202.

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A Fitting Tribute: How to Write an Obituary By Chet Shaddeau ’47 First of all, be aware of the prevailing length limit (presently 400 words). I generally begin the obit with a flat statement, including full name and title, of the time, place, and cause (if available) of death. I then proceed to place of birth, date of birth, age, early schooling and parents, as available and appropriate, followed by the source and type of appointment to the Academy. The description of the Midshipman career is usually very short, but may well expand if he was an All American, a six-striper, Rhodes Scholar, or whatever, and I try to include clubs and sports as available. I always indicate which Company he (or she) graduated with, as it is invariably asked for by Classmates. If married, I try to include wife’s maiden name, home, and date of marriage. If there has been more than one spouse—for whatever reason—be as accurate as possible—these can be dangerous rocks and shoals! I generally follow with his (or her) service career, in as much detail as possible, but keeping it concise. I ignore routine “meritorious” and “attendance” medals, but highlight decorations for valor ships, stations, and aircraft squadrons. I attempt to pinpoint as fully as possible, but exact dates are not usually included—they are too hard to get right. Civilian careers should be covered in similar detail, and include honors, fraternities, and civic distinctions as appropriate. Advanced education and degrees are important in both civil and military careers. Fit them in where they occurred. In retirement, hobbies, charities, and clearly interesting activities should be included. Use judgment about detail in listing survivors—if there are only a few, detail is possible, but if he had 14 grandchildren, don’t try to name them all. Occasional mild humor is not out of place—but pick your subjects carefully! Finish off with known details about place, date, and manner of final disposal of remains and services. It is probably best to avoid matters regarding memorial donations unless specifically requested by family. Remember that the family will be extremely attuned to details, so be cautious about making any assumptions as to relationships. Avoid them if unsure. Try to talk with a member of the family other than the widow, in most cases, who will be able to give details without inflicting further pain. I refer here to divorces, estranged family, live-in girlfriends, deceased or disabled children, etc., but it refers equally to all details. Try to get an obit from the local paper—it usually has much of what you want, but remember that unlike the local Daily Bugle, you are writing for a specialized audience of Academy Alumni, who are probably interested in some things that the paper (and the family!) simply do not understand. References by



hometown papers—and widows—to “steering battleships” when he was a DD skipper are not uncommon! Correcting that is your job. Navy acronyms (like COMSUBORDDEVDET) probably should be avoided if their meaning is not obvious. If you write the obit, sign it. If the family writes it, credit them, even if you edit. Keep in mind that the family will probably clip and retain the obit, and it will be a keepsake for them. They deserve good work. And for God’s sake, try to get all the names spelled correctly! The following is a fictionalized example, but you may find other useful ones in previous and subsequent issues of Shipmate: WATER TIGHT DOOR ’47 Water T. Door died of a stroke at Nowhere, NE, on 31 June 200X. He was 75 years old. A native of Nowhere, “Leaky” attended Enormous State University prior to receiving his congressional appointment to the Academy from Connecticut. He was a varsity fencer, was Fourth Battalion Commander, and graduated with the Class in June of 1946 as a member of the 15th Company. Upon graduation, he served briefly in JONES (BB-96), and decommissioned her, then operated from the Philippines for a year in PCE-871 and another year out of Kwajalein in PC-1186. He served thereafter in NEVERSINK (DD-999) until his resignation in 1949. In 1949 he began his engineering career with Acme Widget Corp. where he was to spend his entire civilian working life. He served as plant superintendent of two widget-producing plants; superintendent of production; assistant chief engineer, then chief engineer; executive vice-president, president in 1970, president and CEO in 1971, then chairman and CEO from 1984 to 1989, when he retired as chairman emeritus. He served on the boards of numerous corporations, as well as on the Robert E. Lee Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Multiple Numbness Society, the Boards of Trustees of Beauregard College and of Agnes Trundleberg Seminary, was a past president of the Nowhere Chamber of Commerce, and of the Amos Glotz Society of America. He held membership in numerous professional, business, and technical societies, was a member of Sigma Chi and of Rotary, and was particularly active in working to make Nowhere the host city for the 1960 International Widgeting Competition. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, the former Mary Ann McCarthy of Clam Beach, CA; sons,Water Jr. and Airtight; ten grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Memorial services were conducted on 4 August 20XX at the Nowhere Memorial Church, with interment at Serenity Memorial Gardens in Nowhere, and military honors were provided by the American Legion, Nowhere Post 246. —Chet Shaddeau ’47





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Director: Kristen Pironis................................................................................410-295-4072 Associate Director, Publications: Jackie Furton ......................................410-295-4073 Assistant Director, Development Communications: Courtney Jolley......410-295-4075 Communications Manager: Elizabeth Wrightson ....................................410-295-4071 Web Communications Manager: Anne Sharpe ......................................410-295-4078 Communications Specialist: Maria O’Shea ................................................410-295-4074 Communications Specialist: Sandra Stansbury-Spadaro ........................410-295-4076 Communications Specialist: Samantha Richer ........................................410-295-4027 Communications Coordinator: Tonya White ......................................................410-295-4066

Engagement Operations Director: Craig Washington ’89 ..................................................................410-295-4089 Assistant Director, Alumni Chapters: Joe Fagan ’89 ..............................410-295-4035 Assistant Director, Alumni Special Projects: Noreen Frenaye ............410-295-4016 Class Reunion Manager: Holly Powers ....................................................410-295-4017 Engagement Ops, Parent Clubs/Parents: Elizabeth Beedenbender ......410-295-4166

Director, Planned Giving: Mike Mundt ’83 ................................................410-295-4041 Coordinator, Planned Giving: Keisha Outen ............................................410-295-4186

Development Operations Director, Development Operations: Rusty Yeiser ’74 ..............................410-295-4174

Annual Giving Programs Associate Director, President’s Circle: Elizabeth Gross ..........................410-295-4160 Associate Director, Class Legacy Gift Programs: Rich Goldsby ’72 ......410-295-4167 Coordinator, Class Giving Program: Nicolle Williams ..........................410-295-4188 Associate Director, Annual Giving Programs: Kaitlyn Sands ..................410-295-4147 Special Gift Officer:Tripp Matteo ................................................................410-295-4161 Special Gift Officer: Megan Boyd ’07 ........................................................410-295-4159 Administrative Assistant: Tracey Cook ......................................................410-295-4164

Development Services

Events and Protocol Director, Protocol and Events: Shannon Spillane....................................410-295-4175 Assistant Director: Lyn Looft........................................................................410-295-4020 Events Coordinator: Wendy Owen..............................................................410-295-4018

Director, Development Services: ..............................................................410-295-4110 Assistant Director, Research & Stewardship: Carolyn McCollum ......410-295-4111 Research Analyst: Dana Pauley..................................................................410-295-4112

Programs and Services

Gift Processing

Director: Dave Church ’67 ............................................................................410-295-4013 Manager, Career Programs: Michelle Mazanec ....................................410-295-4021

Director, Gift Processing: Dawn Beach ....................................................410-295-4115 Coordinator, Gift Processing: Elvira Reyes ..............................................410-295-4116 Gift Processor: Jennifer Barrett ..................................................................410-295-4118 Gift Processor: Frieda Gureck ....................................................................410-295-4117 Gift Processor: Anne Zolkower ..................................................................410-295-4119

TREASURY/HR/INFORMATION SERVICES CFO and Treasurer; Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration: Hank Sanford........................................................................................410-295-4040 Executive Assistant to CFO: Joanne Rennie ............................................410-295-4043 Comptroller: Gerrie Farmer ..........................................................................410-295-4050 Director, Treasury Operations: Lisa Strobel ..............................................410-295-4051 Human Resource Manager: Diana Vickerman ........................................410-295-4042 Director of Investments: Mike Mundt ’83 ..................................................410-295-4041 Investment Accountant: Janet Douglas ....................................................410-295-4057 Staff Accountant: Angela Berteaux ..........................................................410-295-4053 Accounts Payable Coordinator: Jenny Bolton ........................................410-295-4055 Accounts Payable Clerk: Linda Reyes ......................................................410-295-4056

Corporate and Foundation Relations Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations: John Rudder ’78 ..................410-295-4189 Assistant Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations: Natalie Brianas ..............................................410-295-4190

FOUNDATION ATHLETIC AND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS Executive Director: Ed Wallace ’72 .............................................................410-295-4096 Office Manager and Administrative Assistant: Chris Knott ...................410-295-4097 Administrative Assistant: Susanne Mons..................................................410-295-4098

Information and Technology Services Director, Information Services: Ken Kurz ’99 ............................................410-295-4080 Computer Network Engineer: Jawan Rich ..............................................410-295-4081 Computer Network Engineer: Richard Thomas ......................................410-295-4082 Sr. Database Administrator: Larry Rogers ................................................410-295-4084 Database Administrator: Denise Clark ......................................................410-295-4079 Web Developer: Joel Baker ........................................................................410-295-4068 Online Membership Services Coordinator: Paige Fuller ........................410-295-4026 Systems Analyst: Derrick Planz ..................................................................410-295-4067 Executive Vice President: Dick Johnson ..................................................410-295-4101 Executive Administrator: Abby Repko ......................................................410-295-4103

QUICK REFERENCE Death; 410-295-4064 Class Ring Register of Address/ Donate...............................................................................................................410-295-4100 Alumni Registration/Corrections .................................................................410-295-4026 U.S. Naval Academy Main Phone .................................................................410-293-1000 U.S. Naval Academy Athletics ......................................................................410-293-2700

CONTACT US U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association 247 King George Street, Annapolis, MD 21402-1306 • Main Phone: 410-295-4000 • Faxes: Ogle Hall: 410-295-4001 / 49 House: 410-295-4004 / Cottage: 410-295-4003 Foundation Development 291 Wood Road, Beach Hall, Annapolis, MD 21402-5001 • Main Phone: 410-295-4100 • Fax: 410-295-4107 Foundation Athletic and Scholarship Programs 25 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401 • Main Phone: 410-295-4095 • Fax: 410-280-5534 To send an email, please visit the “Contact Us” section at



1-10 JULY 2014

2014 May-June Shipmate  

2014 May-June Shipmate Alumni Association Magazine

2014 May-June Shipmate  

2014 May-June Shipmate Alumni Association Magazine