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8a dB Architects Robbins Residence

Existing: South Elevation

8a dB was a freelance venture I engaged with a old classmate and colleague of mine. My colleague and myself had a client who wanted to modernize an existing summer home in the Hamptons. My colleague had developed the design and I enterred as the project manager involved in producing the working drawings, coordinating with structural engineer, contractor and client. The project never materialialized as the client had personal legal problems. However the project proved to be a succesful expression of a modernism with clean pure geometries and a strong concept where the landscape was being framed by the house. Although lacking in details as a traditional home, the residence exerts itself through it’s form and structure.

Proposed: South Elevation


Site Plan, Existing Elevations

Site Plan

78 Existing North Elevation

Existing West Elevation

Existing East Elevation

First Floor Plans, Existing and Proposed

Existing First Floor

Proposed First Floor

Proposed North Elevation

Proposed West Elevation

Proposed East Elevation


Second Floor Plan, Existing and Proposed


Existing Second Floor


Proposed Second Floor

Roof Plan, Existing and Proposed

Existing Roof Plan

Proposed Roof Plan


Section Through Proposed Master Bedroom


Structural Layout of Rear Framed Views


Exterior Details


Exterior Details


Additional Services: Jacuzzi Layout Schemes

Scheme A

Scheme B


Robbins Residence